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THE ENTERPBlO , tQ tv ke the gtump iahis own behalf.
Th-.o ro pnnaider a very iim" y"" r
I 4. Ul.l "v ' " ,
j. B. SMITH, Prop. sue, in fact J. G. Blaine is tne oniy uo.m-
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T Ottto ct that ever leu nome vo ueieu" "
Wellington, umo. . ,t th t , w be con.
th tlw nosition Is certainly
Entered at tue postoOlce at Wellington a ag 8(M)n M u nnJ i(
oond-ciass matter. McKinley does condescend upon advice ot
Tx-cs. his short sighted friends, we predict that
ji.oo he will have an opportunity to regret, it.
OnTear. iM) .. oava t,mt t!l0 iat() Stephen A,
SJ27ontt;i"""-"-"V. Douglas, in 110, took the stump in his
AdwrtminB nve cents per - own helialt and actually becanio a suu
t.o . Space and Column Kates the
on application. Llmm ni,iao,i Our mlvicn to Win,
imiii -MnvAiow
la tn on to the seashore and not
. ,on. I o - - ... a.
WELLINGTON, 0., JIM i"'- to appear in public again until me
night of November 3.
For President,
of Ohio.
For Vice President,
of New Jersey.
For Secretary of State,
For Judge of Supreme Court,
For Dairy and Food Commission
Member Board of Public Works,
For Congress,
For Circuit Court Judge,
For Common Pleas Judge,
For County Treasurer,
For Probate Judge,
For County Clerk,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director,
For Coroner,
The agitation for the free coinage of
silver has of late acquired an uncommon
ly vehement character, which makes it
appear more powerful and dangerous
than before. To form a clear judgment
it will be profitable to analyze the ele
ments of its strength. The tree coinage
movement is carried on by several classes
of people very different from one another:
1. The silver miners, who care mainly
for the price of their product, and who
expect from free coinage a very large
profit. 2. A small number of theor
ists who have reasoned themselves
into an honest belief that free coin
age will increase the volumn of cur
rency and by this means cure many of
our economic ailments. 3. A large nuni
har of neonle. especially in the south and
west, who are discontented with their
condition, who have been made to look
to the government for some miraculous
contrivance to relieve them of their debts
nnrt to eive them good markets, and who
tliink that the issuing of plenty of
"cheap money" will have this effect.
Of these classes the third is the most im
portant, because it gives the free coinage
movement its numerical stsength.
The coinage of silver upon a just ratio
with gold under the exclusive control of
the government is all right, but the so
called free coinage of it without regard
to its comparative value with gold would
in our judgment bring about a state of
affairs that the people would have cause
for regret.
Rvnn net "of congress of 1"!2 the true
commercial ratio of silver and gold was
fixed at 15 to 1, that is fifteen ounces of
silver were equal in value to one of gold,
and the coinage of the two metals was
authorized on that basis.
The silver dollar contained 3Tl)i and
the gold dollar 2t1i grains, but it was
soon discovered that a mistake had been
made, as the value of the gold dollar was
one cent and one-eight more than a sil
ver (hilar, and the consequence was that
silver drove the gold out of use. In 1837
the value of the gold dollar was changed
to 23.22 grains, and silver about sixteen
to one, which has been the standard ever
since. Therefore, that is what is meant
by sixteen to one.
The standard silver dollar contains
371 VI erains of silver and one-tenth
alloy, and the gold dollar 23.22 grains of
gold, exclusive of alloy. In short a sii
ver dollar is sixteen times the weight of
a gold dollar.
This is the week' for festivities for the
soldiers of the lost cause at Richmond,
Va. Mrs. Jefferson Davis and daughter,
Winnie, were tendered a reception in the
white house of the confederacy, yester
day, and tomorrow tho top stone will be
lowered on the foundation for a monu
ment to the late Jefferson Davis. It
is nxncrted that a committee will be
appointed to arrange for the writing np
and publication of a United States his
tory to be used in the pnblic schools, as
the southern people claim that the one
. now in use waa written by a writer from
the north, hence the statements are
colored, aside from the omission of the
real cause of the controversy.
High rate of taxation is being felt all
over the country, and the question na
turally arises what course will be pur
sued to reduce them. A glance at Uie
levies made for the support of the schools,
comoration, township and county are
about as low a9 can reasonably be ex
pected under the present system pf oper
ating them; therefore, if any retrench-
l w "...
ment is made it will have to bo In the
wav ot reducing the force and leaving
something undone that is now done. The
rate now tald in every incorporated vil
lage, town or city in the Btate amounts
to about half the annual interest we re-
eeive on loans, which make public bene
fits come high. The delinquent list for
the last half for 1805 throughout the
state is likely to be a large one.
When Beniamin Harrison, of Indiana,
was nominated for president in 1888, a
large number of people m the state and
in Illinois appeared to be impressed with
the idea that the nominee for president
on the republican ticket desired their
presence in Indianapolis, consequently
during the month of September about
five days in the week excursion trains
heavily loaded with people from tho
rural districts arrived at Indianapolis.
Mr. Harrison had to make a speech and
then pass through the trying ordeal of
shaking hands with his visitors. We do
not believe It made him one vote, but on
the other hand it was reported that in
the districts where the boomers hailed
from the republican majorities were
greatly reduced.
Hon. Lvman Trumbull. ex-United
States Senator from Illinois, departed
this life at Chicago last Thursday. He
entered the senate March 4, 1855, and
served for three successive terms. He
was an able defender of the union
against secession and during the rebel
lion was an untirintr worker in the in-
terest of the soldier and for a vigorous
prosecution or the war. Men who served
with Wade. Giddimrs. Seward. Sumner.
Chase, and a score of other great minds
in the senate are becoming scarce. His
remains were interred Sunday followed
by a largo concourso of leading men of
the country.
The monev Question in the democratic
ranks is far from being settled. The
supposition is that the free coinage
silver nlank will be inserted at tho con
vention to be held in Chicago next week,
but there a.mears to be a number of
leading lights in the party that claim to
be opposed to it. The bolters at St Louis
will watch the proceedings with care and
if the platform suits they will doubtless
fall into hue and nerhans the nonnhsts
will also, merely for the sake of gaining
a little prestige in case the democrats
should get into power.
Brother Johnson, of the Reporter.
claims that the anti-saloon people are out
of groceries again and are about to pass
the bat to raise funds to obtain a supply.
Two years ago Editor Johnson made
the poor people a specialty in distribut
ing fuel aud provisions to them and we
cannot see why he should discriminate
now in not doing likewise to the antis.
A Weekly Budget of Interesting ew
from the Capital. .
tPiciitvnTOM. Jnne2t5. At the head
quarters of the republican congressional
nnninnicrn committee the bustle of the
..... t D
campaign is already becoming apparent.
Representative Babcock ot Wisconsin,
the efficieut chairman or. me couiunucc
rotnrnori tn Washington this week anu
at once began to map out the plan of
campaign. He has not the Biigntest
doubt about the republicans electing a
majority ot the next house, nor or ine
election of McKinley and Hobart. ne
says the strong declaration of the plat
form against the Independent tree coin
age of silver by the United States will
probably cause the loss ot a lew districts
in what are known as the silver Btatas
which would otherwise have been repub
lican, bnt that he belolves that declara
tion will gain more districts in other
sections of the country than it will lose
in the silver states, especially if the
Chicago convention adopts a straightout
free silver plank, as now seems probaoie.
At the headnuarters of the democratic
congressional commission general apa
thv is in command. Not a wheel will be
turned there until the Chicago conven
tion decides what position the democrats
will take on ;the financial question. A
member of that committee says it tne
Chicago convention adopts a free sil
ver plank the committee will aoanuon
the eastern and middle states and devote
all of its attention to the west and south.
No matter what the Chicago convention
does no well-informed democrat has tne
slightest hope of preventing the republi
cans retaining control of the house, al
though, of course, few ot them will pub
licly admit as much.
It now appears that the rumor wnicn
were prevalent when Fitz Lee was nom
inntarito be council general to Cuba,
about his being sent there for the specific
purpose of making a report that couiu oe
utilized to work up a war scare for ef
fect upon the Chicago convention, had
jrood foundation. But Fitz has bungled
the job by letting the cat out of the bag
before the right time. True, his report
has not been made public, but in a letter
written to an indiscreet relative in
Washington he expressed some opinions
not iutended for publication, but which
tho aforesaid relative allowed to get into
print, that made it easy enough to guess
the tenor of the report, ana to add to tne
certaintv his friend Collector Ryan, of
Richmond, who has just returned from
Cuba, where he went to help litz find
out what was going on, has been talk
ing to newspaper men.
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Hood's Sarsaparilla.
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those intensely trying periods which
demand and consume so much
force those special physical trials we
delicately indicate by merely using tho
.,.,!., fniil Mntlwr. Matron.
nuiua , ... - ;
Like a confidential friend we suggest
ihn iiaf, nf TInofl's Sarsaimrilla. a reli
able blood purifier and tonic; it has
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"I waB in poor health five years, broken
down in strength, and appetite an gone.
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tenslfied my misery. Nervous sick
dizziness, heartburn and pains la my
back made me think I should never De
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HOOd S FlllS rul'y prepared. 24 ceuta.
July 4, 18UI), is the date on which the
new Hag, with forty-five stars, goes into
use in the army and navy, by order of
Secretaries Lamont and Herbert, with
the approval of the president. In tho
new flag the stars are arranged in six
rows of eight and seven, alternating.
We extend a hand of welcome to I tali.
The Riinreme court of Ohio rendered an
important decision Wednesday for the
installment plan people. It holds that
when a company doing business in that
line takes back things sold it must re
fund the amount paid on it. It was ren
dered in the case of tho Singer Machine
Company, of Belmont county.
The enthusiasm that is being mani
fested dallv at the McKinley home id
Canton shows how near the great states
man stands to the people.
Wheat anil Chan Gleaned from our E
teemed Contemporaries.
Persons who claim to know say we are
seeing the dullest times in Wadsworth
this month than for years during the
same period. About every town around
us is makintr the same complaint. Bust
ness in Akron is reported as being dis
tressingly quiet.
Wadsworth will soon have another
saloon. A. Liehtfoot will start up in.
the room soon to be vacated by Al. Wag
ner, as soon as Wagner gets into his own
room ud town. This will give Wads
worth six saloons, or one to every 333 of
population, counting from a basis ot
2000 inhabitants. Wadsworth Banner
Last week the board of education of
Grafton ""township elected Mr. Charles
Williams of Carlisle township to superin
tend the schools ot the township for tho
coming year. Three of the members of
the board voted for the measure and three
acainst it. Mr. I. Root the township
clerk cast the deciding vote, the salary
of the superintendent Is $15 per month
for eight months. He is to visit each
school once every week, conduct teachers
meetings, etc.
J. R. Walton has accepted the appoint
ment of superintendent of the schools at
Westervillo, at an increased salary.
Many regret tho departure of himself and
his estimable family from town. Graf
ton News.
Marriage LIcenfieH.
Clarence H. Brown and Etta 6. Millis
Emma McKisson and Owen Murphey
A. P. Sarcrent and Mary Bates.
Earle A Wuist and Ella M. Hirsching.
Ellis Coven and Lena I the.
Harry Kennar and Lizzie Stoll.
F. II. Geizer and Alta Rice.
Robt. J. Bowman aud Mary E. Stal
Frank Palcen and Lillie Kilmer.
S. B. Bawden and Minnie L. Cotton
Chas. F. Kruth and Alice E. Hartwell
George R. Ilobill and Minnie R. Wag
Ed Lcuener and Lizzie King.
Wm. L. Benton and Elizabeth S. Har
Ernest J. Hadley and Estella Hackett
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Mr. Fred Mille.r.of Irving, 111., writes
time lie nau a severe Kinney irouuiu iui
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nuir rnriH lint, with tin eoort result.
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Knights of tho Maccabees.
Tim crutn pnmiiiumlpr writOS us from
T.lmnln. XhIk. aa follows: "After tl'V-
ing other medicines for what seemed to
be a very obstinate cougti in our two
children we tritid Dr. King's New Dis
covery and at the nd of two d ivs the
cough entirely left them. We will not
bo without it hereafter, as our experi
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remedies fail." Signed F. W. Stevens,
kStnto f'jim Whv nnt. riv this creat
j r r
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Witch -Moth
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"cleaners" it is the best, cleanest and cheapest polisher ever
Ceo. T. Biggs and Co.
The Discinles have called Rev. E. C.
Davis, of Deerfleld, 0 as their pastor
and he has accepted and will begin ins
work in Medina about September 1. Mr.
Davis Is a graduate of Hiram college a
member of the class ot "Jit. lie is a young
man of fine social qualifications aud is
also a fine speaker.
The renort comes that Medina county
was very much in evidence in tho great
demonstration at St. Louis last ween.
Sheriff Well's, the great Medina county
sinyer, was selected a9 the song leader
bvthe Tionecauoe Club, of Cleveland,
and the way he acquitted himself
brought riraiso and applause from tne
crowds at the convention city. Medina
The enthusiasm manifested all over
the country shows how the people appro
ciate the selection made at St. Louis.
Editor Johnson, of tho Reporter, is ndw
advocating a gold basis.
Pure blood Is the safe guard of health
Keep the blood pure with Hood's Sarsa
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town, u. i. ii . iiougmuii.
A perfect support to those
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Drs. Smiths'
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T rrr of if a marital ft is ft scientific in-
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strument and holds securely with less
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thief that stole Aaron Hippensteal'B now
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the thief or thieves that stole V . 8.
Huntley's best young horse, and E. A.
Grill's hlredman'8 new buggy ine next
night (or Wednesday night.) We have
been informed that Chas. Traver also lost
a good halter tho same night. The horse
was Insured, but the other property stol
en was not, and it will be quite a loss to
Carry(the hired man) and Mr. Hlppen
steal. Correspondent from Smith road to
Mediua Sentinel.
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the inflammation can be tanen out ami
i,ia fi.iia raatnroil tn it normal condition
illiO VUfU U.'v.v
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cases out ot ten are cautwu uy cuuuiu,
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