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NO. 37
1 1
School has Commanced.
And most of the boys
are in need of new Suits
Suits that will wear!
have a large stock of them
in all sizes and will sell them
ehean. Brinp; the bov in
,, T mt - v
and we will fit him.
The Free Baptist society held their
quarterly meeting in their church here
Saturday and S'mday. Delegates from
Spencer and Rochester were in attendance.
The Lorain County S. & S. will hold
their annual reunion in thia place Sep
tember 8. Bring your baskets.
Jlrs. Lindsley and three children re
turned to their home in Norwalk, Satur
day, after spending two weeks with
friends in town.
Mrs. Charlotte Morgan is in Fairfield
the guest of her friend, Miss Truxell.
Mr. McCrady had a slight stroke of
paralysis last Monday.
Wm. Priner met with a painful acci
dent one night List week. While bath
ing his limbs with liniment it became ig
nited and he was severely burned. Dr.
Pomeroy dressed the wounds.
Nathan Calkins was born in Stuben, N.
Y., Auer. 25, 1819. He moved t3 Hunting
ton when, the place was a wilderness and
from there .removed to Camden in 18151
where he peaMiilly passed away .August
25, 1897. Soihlus the life of an honest,
UDricht christian man. He leaves a
widow, five sons and five grand chil
dren to mourn his loss, besides a host of
Our Goods
Are Always Fresh
"We do our best to cater to the tastes of our cus
tomers in buying our goods. We buy only the best,
and always try to sell at a reasonable profit. We
never sell below cost; nor doea any other store.
Sometimes merchants, sell an inferior article below the
cost of a good one, but we don't do business that way.
We want trade and expect to , give fair and honest
treatment in return. (Home and try us.
M. R,
Mrs. Wm. Handley and children, of
Wellington, visited her mother, Mrs.
Lura Rogers and family the 'past week.
Mr. West Smith, Mrs, Tobias, of Red
Hawk; Miss Ida Mathew, of PolRjtMiBses
Bertha Smith and Mary Shocking, of
Findley, visited Mr. Henry Smith's fam
ily last Sunday, August 29.
Mr. A. D. Eglin and family, of Well
ington, visited T. D. Phelon's family last
Mr. and Mrs W. H. Worthstimes, of
Nova, and Mrs. Bert, of Pennsylvania,
visited Mr. Long's family Sunday,
The following ladies attended the con
vention of the Foreign Missionary So
ciety held at Elyria last Wednesday,
Mrs. John Hockinsmith, Mrs. Geo. Hoi
land, Mrs. L. E. Walker, Mrs. D. P,
Wells, Mrs. Luke Chapman, Mrs.
Smith and Mrs. J. B. Pratt.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin June, of
wich and Mr. John Whittou, of
man visited Milo and Wm. June's
lies over Sunday.
Miss Mary Sprague, of Wellington
spent Sunday with Milton Haulk'
Misses Eflie Mann and Treva Couch
of Wellington, spent Sunday with their
friend, Miss Litta Phelon.
Mr. McClure and Mrs. Doane, of Cleve
land, visited Mr. Carl Roger's family last
Miss Litta Phelon spent a few days in
Sullivan with relatives last week.
Mr. Edward Russell and family -spent
last Saturday in Ashland, v
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Cummins and son
of Rochester, spent the Sabbath iu town.
Mr, and Mrs. Clifton Chapman, of
Cleveland, are spending their vacation
with his father Mr Mr. E. F. Chapman.
Misses Kilgur and Myers, of Akron, are
visiting Mr. John Fenwick's family.
Mrs. John Hockensmith and children
spent Sunday in Wellington.
The junior league will give a social at
theM.E. church parlors Friday even
ing, September 17, to which everyone is
invited. Lot us give the juniors a good
Married, September 5, 1897, at the res
idence of Mr. and Mrs. Tyler D.
Park, Miss Bertha L. Park of Sull
ivan, to Mr. Mark A. Grissinger of
Spencer, Rev. J. A. Findley, officiating.
Miss Grace Grissinger of Spencer, was
bridesmaid, and Mr. Earnest Hubler of
New London, best man. Immediately
after the ceremony the bridal party and
relatives and guests partook of the wed
ding supper, after which they attended
church. The bride carried a boquet of
white Egyptian lilies presented by her
great aunt Mrs. J. C. Palmer. Should
the old adage. "Blessed be the bride on
whom the sun doth shine," be of any
value, then' this couple should be happy
and prosperous. Congratulations came
from all parts of the country.
Mrs. D. S. Houseman lost a black satin
cape lined with blue china silk, last Sun
day while on the way to church. The
one who picked it up will confer a great
favor on the owner by returning it, or
leaving it At J. B. McAdoo's store.
Mr. Victor Streator came down from
Oberlin on his wheel Saturday afternoon
in an hour and thirty minutes.
The most of our citizens went to Ash
land Saturday to "see the elephant."
Hon. Geo. L. Blime threshed 488.
bushels o? wheat on his farm in Sullivan.
'art of it he sold at the highesi market
price the balance he will hold for $1.00
per bushelf
Mrs. Mary Long and daughters, Villa
and Maud, return! to their name in Ak
ron last Thursday. Miss Dora will
remain witTr- her aunt, Mrs. Marie Dir
laneuntil her health improves.
Judson Burt met with a painful acci
dent last Monday. While driving in the
yard with a wood rack loaded with Z
cords of wood, the wood slid out of the
rack taking Jud with it. He struck the
ground beneath the horses feet, and the
wheel struck his arm, bruising it very
badly. Had he been driving a fractious
team, he would not have escaped so eas
ily. But he called "Whoaf to his team
and they "Whoaed," just as the wheel
was going to commence dissecting him.
School began Monday. No school in
primary as usual, as Miss Swartz was
The accompanying cut represents the only genuine
Mark Humphrey and family of Cleve
land, visited with hia mother, Mrs. C,
Huni phryUst week.
Mesdames Ease and Myer, of Licking
countv, are visiting their mother, Mrs,
R. Coats of thta place.
Mrs. C. Briggs returned Monday of
last week from Indianapolis, Ind., with
her mother, Mrs. Graham Law.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Crandall visited
with relations in Wooster last week.
Mrs. Geo. Yacum and two sons of Wil
loughby, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
William Cropo, last week.
Mrs. John Moore, of Topeka, Kan., is
visiting with relatives and friends of this
Dr. J. C. Dagnan visited with hia sister
in Columbus last week.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Baptist
church will meet with Mrs. Annie Ket
chnm, on the "Battles road," Thursday,
September 9. All are cordially invited.
Miss Presley of Wyckliffe is visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ashcroft.
Mrs. Bradley and son, Warren of Cleve
land, visited at the home of Mrs. C. H.
Felton last week.
m n rn m frrK m jar sFIk jk"JM n SI
You will observe that every genuine Round Ook Stove
i has the name "Rouud Oak" on the legs. This stove is so
well-known and deservedly popular that it needs no special
,.nmnared with anv other make. , We handle these stovesin
all sizes, and our prices are as cheap as possible.
Died, at 6:56 West Madison Avenue,
Cleveland, 0., August 26, 1887, Olive B.
Rupp, aged two mouths and fifteen days;
burial at LaGrange, 0., the day follow
ing at 1:30 p. m. Little Olive was the
only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Rupp,
who reside in Cleveland. Mrs. Rupp
came to LaGrange to visit with her
mother when her child was four weeks
old. The little one was taken ill while
here and after four weeka of suffering
without visible improvement the mother
returned with the child to her home in
Cleveland, where tshe died one week
later. -The buiiul casket was profusely
decorated with beautiful flowers and in
their midst was laid a lovely wreath of
..... ....
snow white mossoms; out lanvr, purer
and sweeter thau tKey, was liie lovely
flutter of ciiiV.hu.iJ tuhr.ly n-ijoainir in
the long slwp of death.
!!t,L pall L'.'.yi't:::; v; r. AiYir C'aulhld,
Frank Forbes, fiuy and . Willie
WevtOl. TilO nr; ;;:!l V.;m ei'nil'tl to the
cnivo !iy '!;-' ?...iU:t. M .r Vm Imriul the
bereaved parents departed fur their home
in Ciuveiitiiu. They desire to express
sincere thanks to all those who so kindly
asoi.itj 'i V.xm. ia their great trouble.
No baby ever rested In the soothing arms of
mat Iiiiu loi'iiiHU more iwumift or sorrow,
wiMi llslUlltt IliUhm breath,
And no (mii.Tiil nvcr ull.'ituuod with more
sympathy profound,
Thiiii whs in the vliiiln of teardrop tbat
eneiHspea uiose mourners round.
Edncnto Your i;wfl .Yttli CaicareM.
Cnncly CnthnrUc, euro cormUpatlon forever.
lOo. 86c U C. 0. 0. taUt druggUU refund money.
Hlxhop SIcCabe, of New York, on Dr.
Jamen' Headache Powders.
''With regard to Dr. James' Headache
Powders, I have no hesitation in com
mending them to suffers from headache.
They relieve pain speedily, and I have
never known anyone to be harmed by
their use. I have been a great Buffer
from headache in my life, but have
almost gotten rid of it by the constant
use of hot water and fruit, and by doing
without coffee. The Dr. James' Head
ache Powders have, however, greatly re
lievedmeat times, and I never allow
mvselfto be without them, and have
recommended them to others freely.
C. C. McCABE."
For sale by J. W. Houghton.
What Dr. A.' E. Salter Say.
Buffalo, N. Y.- Gents: From my
personal knowledge, gained in observ
ing the effect of your Shiloh's Cure In
cases of advanced consumption. I am
prepared to say it is the most remark
nble Remedy that has ever been
brought to my attention. It has cer
tainly saved many from Consumption
Sold by E. W. Adams. a
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures
where others fail. . It is the leading
Cough Cure, and no home should bo
without it. Pleasant to take and foes
riuht to the snot. So!2 by E. W.
Adams. b
For Constipation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier,
Cures Headache, Nervousness, Erup
tions on the face, and makes the head
clear as a bell. Sold by E. W. Adams,
Comfort in the Home
Desired by Everybody.
Nothing lends a more comfortable and homelike
l' appearance to a sitting room or bed room than a few
easy rocking chairs scattered about in convenient
I have a choice assortment of rockers at differ
ent prices to suit a long or shrt purse, and the price
vu ctiiu io iuw aa 10 tuuoistcub Willi JJUUU lUalciiUi
and workmanship. For a limited time only, I will
sell your choice from this stock of chairs at 10 per
cent discount from the regular price. They are
beauties ; come and see them.
I also have a handsome line of Couches, Bed
lounges and Lounges ; all at low prices. They will
please you if you see them.
Undertaker and Funeral Director,
Successor to
XXXX White Cedar Shingles.
Our Hemlock Shingles Clear.
$3.00 PER SQUARE laid on roof will last your life-time.
CLEAR BUTT CEDARS are next; good stock, too.
Try them, "We have 16-inch and 18-inch. ' "
Corner Prospect andBailroad St.
Home Flour For Home Use
Stop that Cough 1 Take warning.
It may lead to Consumption. A 25o,
bottle of Shiloh's Cure may save your
life. Sold by E. W. Adams. d
Who Dare Miss The Orrville Fair?
Next weekSept. 14 to 17.
A Special Train leaves on W. fe L. E. Thursday and Fri
day mornings, returning leaves Orrville at 7:30 P. M.
Positively the best program for amusement ever offered
at any fair.
The Great Real Baby Show in the Infant's Casino.
The Wonderful Nevada he who ascends a spiral tower in ,
" an iron ball.
The Marvellous Bicketts The world's greatest acrialist.
Wednesday, Bicycle Day The best races in Ohio this Vear.
Thursday and Friday Fastest Trotting And Pacing Races
ever on our grounds and for largest purses.
Pools and Books sold. See the Oriental Dancing Girls and
Kincaid's Novelty Show.
. I Will t
jiav, mew
When in doutit wh.it to use for
Nervous Lebiiity. Loss o l'ower,
Impottncy.Atrophy.Varicoccie and
other weaknesses, lrom any cause,,
use Sesine Pills. Drains checked
"uirl full viijor quickly resiorcd.
T' Vf iMtnl, noh ithMm rculi r.l.llf.
Mailtu(or$l.U0;6boxes$5.00. With,
$3.00 onlcvs wc Rive a Kiiaraniee 10
nire or rrf unrt the money. AddTe1;
PtAL KEDICINE CO.. Ucvekud; O.

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