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Do You Want
Something to Eat
Of course you do ai d you want it fresh
and pure, the best the market affords,
.and at a reasonable price. T. Fi
RODHOUSE has just that kind of
goods, and yin furnish you with what
will be sure to please.' so that If you
give him a trial once, you will he sure
to come again.
Frseh Ovsters in bulk. Sal
mon. Clams, Sardines and a
good assortment of Staple
and Fancy Groceries. Bak
ing Powder, purest of the
pure, Christmas Fruits, ui
Ives and Pickles.
A cboise selection of Teas.
Japan, Englisb BreaKtast
Gun Powder, Young Hyson,
Oolong, English Blends,
India, Ceylon.
Coffee cant be beat, either quality
or price. Crackers, Candies, etc.
Pan Cako Flour, Buckwheat, Aunt
Jemima, Cheese, Bacon,' Hams, Salt
Pork, Lard, Butter; Eggs, Vegtables,
Grocery Provision Store
East side North Main Street.
500 Cords Hard Maple
Bolts, 8 inches and up in di
ameter, 37 inches long at $4
per cord, delivered.
For full specifications caH
at the office of . . .
The Wellington Saw Mill Co.
Of RmI Km late and Personal Property.
1 will offer at public sale on the
premises, on Saturday the 5th day of
February, 1898, my farm, known as the
Henry Sprague farm, situated W miles
south of the Village of Wellington and
con-isting of 155 acres on the west side
of the highway with good buildings
and acres on the east side of the
highway, also at same time and place.
5 Work horses,
3 Farm Wagons,
2 Sets Heavy Double Harness,
1 Set Light Double harness,
1 Champion Binder,
1 Mowing Machine,
1 Grain Drill,
1 Hay Ilake,
1 Hay Tedder,
1 Set Bob Sleds,
IDisk Harrow and other farming
tools too numerous to mention.
Perms of sale of real estate, M- cash
balance in five equal annual payments
deferred payments to be with interest
from date of sale at 6 , payable an
nually and secured by mortgage on the
premises sold.
Terms of sale of personal property
all sums $5.00 or under; cash. All Bums
over $5.00, 8 months time with interest
and approved security. .
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m
Hbnry R. Sfbagub. 3t3
It is easy to catch a cold and just as
easy to get rid of it if you commence
early to use One Minute Cough Cure.
It cures coughs, colds, bronchitis,
pneumonia and all throat and lung
troubles. It is pleasant to take, safe
to use and sure to cure. J. W. Hough'
The Standard Grand
Is the Only Perfect Drop Head
Machine on the Market.
Handsome Woodwork, i
Artistic Proportions,
Perfect Mechanism
All that Is required is to throw bach
the leaf of the table, and the work of
raising the head is automatically done,
The Standard was invented Dy wr,
W. A. Mack, the inventor of the Do
mestic, which is a good guarantee that
tha Standard Rotarv Shuttle is the
most nerfect machine in the world
Runs 25 fHster, easier and quieter
than anv other machine.
Samples of these machines can be
seen at E. Wells & Soirs harness shop,
and at my residence, corner of East
Main Street and Courtland Avenue.
Eepairing neutly and promply done.
Needles, Oil and Supplies carried in
Mrs. Mary Bird, Harrisburg, Pa.,
says; My child is worm millions
to me ; yet I would have lost her by
croup had I not invested twenty-five
cents in a bottle of One Minute Cough
Cure.' It cures coughs, colds and all
throat and lung troubles. J. W
To get your money back if you want
We make the assertion and can
prove the truth of it, "Chappelear's
Bronchini The Great Cough Cure" is
the only cough remedy ever known
that will always give relief instantly
Bronchini never fails, it will cure
cold, it will prevent and cure croup,
always relieves irritation in the
throat, it is the. best family medicine
for any throat or lung disease evjr
known and if it don't do just what wa
claim for it you can get your money
refunded. Sold at 25 and 50 cents,
For sale by E, W. Adam.
Are You
If so, you will
need a '
Red Cross
Is sufficient time to prove to an intelll
gent mind whether or not an article
haa merit. Chappelear's Bronchini
The Great Cough Cure has been sold
on a guarantee more than a quarter
of a century without ever having
bottle returned. Is not this sufficient
proof of its merit. It haa saved the
lives of many children as well older
people. Children will never have croup
if P onchini is given on retiring and
wi. the croupy cough first appears,
as hroat and lung remedy its equal
ever round, uuaranteea
is time. Price 25 and 50 cents,
oi nle by E. W. Adams.
3 SHOE the World.
For' 14 years this ihoe, by merit
done, has dlitsnced all competitor..
. L. Douglas fta.SO. 84. OO and S&.OO
bona are the productions of skilled workmen,
from the best material possible at these prices.
Also ws.sv ana vs.ww snoes ror men, s.iv,
.uv auu B)l.1o tor ooys ana jmuia.
W. L. Douglas shoes are Indorsed
by over 1,(1 O.UUJ wearer as the best
In style, St and durability ot any
shoe ever offered at the prices.
They are made In all the latest,
shapes and styles, and of every vari
ety of leather.
If dealer cannot flim.T you. write for eataV
JgguetoW.I. Souglas. Urooktoo, Haas. Sold by
4 Red Astrachan Reefers, sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, worth $4.50
Fill a bottle or common glaaa with
urine and let It stand twenty-iour
hours; a sedimen or settling indicates
diseased condition of the kidneys.
When urine stains linen it is positive
evidence of kidney trouble. Too fre
quent desire to urinate or pain in the
back, is also convincing proof that
the kidneys and bladder are out of
There is comfort in the knowledge
so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
fulfills every wish in relieving pain
in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every part of the urinary passag
es. It corrects inability to hold urine
and scalding pain in passing it, or
bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that un
pleasant necessity of being compelled
to get up many times during the night
to urinate. The mild and the extraor
dinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for Us
wonderful cures of the most distress'
Ing cases. If you need a medicine you
should have the best. Sold by drug.
gists price fifty cents and one dollar,
For a sample bottle and pamphlet,
l)oth sent free by moih mention The
Enterprise and send your full post-
office address to Dr. Kilmer A Co,
Rincrhamton. N. Y. The proprieters
of this paper guarantee the genuine
ness of this offer.
will close the following lots of Children's Overcoats:
Blue Chinchilla Reefers, sizes 3 and 4, worth $2.50,
$1 50
11 Fine Satinet Coats, with Cape, sizes - 3, 6, 7, 9,
worth $3.00, now -
2 00
1 5
Hive kidney and bladder troubles.
Often it is a tired muscle ache, some
times its seriousness is not appreciated.
Take warning, for results may mean -
years of guttering, or death. Utan
Kidney Beam will remove the tired
out feeling, cramps and pains so com
mon to women. They relieve conges
tion and soothe the irritated parts,
give a healthy action to the bladder,
and tones up the urinary organs. Utah
Kidney Beans, Discovered and Perfect
ed by The Turners of Philadelphia.
TARZINA The 111 , ointment for skin
troubles. Curttt files.
A very small pill. Turns your liver.
E. W. ADAMS, Druggist.
7 Satinet Coats, sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, worth $1.00, now 50
4 Chinchilla Ulsters, sizes 5, 6, 8, 13, worth $5.00,
now' 3
1 Black Satinet Ulster, size n, worth $4.00, now...
1 Gray Melton Overcoat, size 14, worth $5.00 now.. 3 00
1 Brown Cassimere Ulster, size 6, worth $5.00, now 1 50
1 Brown Plaid Cassimere Cape Coat, size 7, worth
$6.00, now 3 00
1 Brown Plaid Cassimere Cape Coat, size 12, worth
. $c.oo, now 1 5
1 Blue Chinchilla Overcoat, size 8, worth $3.00, now 1 50
i-,. ,,r . 1 T it. d .
4 rine worsted uvercoais, size iz, 13, worm .w,
now 2 50
These, with many others are special attractions at the
Goodrich Clothing House. .
Declaring Thr Necessity or issniMn
Bonds for Electric Lights and Water
works fob the Village or Wellington,
He it resolved by the'council of tlrt incorpora
ted village of Wellington, Ohio, two-thirds of
all the members concuring therein, that it is
necessary to issue and sell bonds of said vil
lage iu the sum of $.40,000 for the nurnoan of
constructing a aystem of Electric Lights and
waterworks, to oe operated and owned by the
said village of Wellington, Ohio, and that the
question of the issuing and sale of said bonds
De suDmutea to tne qualified electors of said
village at a special election to be held in said
village on tne autn dav of January A. D.. mon.
at the regular voting place or places in said
vuiage oeiween me nours oro aoa.m.andft :80p.m.
(central standard time) of said day, and that
the Mayor of said village is hereby authorized
and directed to issue a proclamation culling
for such Bpecial election, and the Mavor be
directed to give notice of the submission of
sucn question lor nitoen (15) days in one or
more news-papers printed and of general
circulation in said village of Wellington
Oh lo once a week for two ( 2) consecutive weeks,
stating the amount of bonds to be issued andtbe
time ana place lor boldlng the election; and
the clerk be directed to certify a true and
certified copy of this resolution to the State
supervisors of elections of Lorain county,
Ohio, to the end that ballots shall be prepared
ml necessary arrangements made for tha
submission of such question to the qualified
euiurs ui earn village.
Those votluir in favor of the nrnnnaltlnn
shall have written or printed on their ballots
me woras -ior tne issue oi bonds," and thoss
who vote against the same shall have written
or printed on their ballots the words. 'against
bllU U8UV ui uunas.
This resolution shall take effect and he t n
force from and after its adoption and legal
Aaoptea January, loth, 1898.
George L, Couch, Mayor.
A. Chapman, Clerk.
Yes, 'tis true:
Foley s Honey and Tar
is the best cough medicine,
You can save money
by examing our stock.
W. E.
Successor to C. E. Sutlikk.
Chestnut Hard Coal,
Egg " "
Grate ' "
Massillon Lump Soft Coal,
Nut " "
Jackson Lump ' "
Cannel " " "
Smithing Coal, Coke,
Stove Wood,
Chunk "
Round "
What It Means.
When wa advertise that we will
guarantee Dr. King's New Discovery
Electric Bitters, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, or Dr. King's New Lilfe Pills, it
means that we are authorized by the
proprietors to sell thpso remedies on
positive guarantee, that if purchaser
not satisfied with results, we will re
fund the purchase price. These ined
icines have been sold on this guaran
tee for many years and there could be
no more conclusive evidence of their
great merit. Ask about them and
give them a trial. Sold at W. F. Near
& Co's. drug Btore.
Glad Tidings.
The snefic for dvsnensia. liver com
plaint, rheumatism, costiveness, gen
eral debility, etc., is Bacon's Celery
King for the nerves. This great herbal
tonic stimulates the digestive organ.
regulates the liver and restores the
system to vigorous health and energies.
.am pies free. Lare packages 50c. and
25c. Sold only by E. W. Adams, Wel
lington ; and Firestone & Sweet, Spencer.
For Constipation take Karl's Cloer
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier.
Cures Headache, Nervousness, Erup
tions on the face, and makes tha head
clear aa a bell. Sold by E. W. Adams.
Leave orders at once for any of the
abova and receive prompt attentions
and courteous treatment.
Draying and moving attended to
with dispatch by experienced and care
ful men.
Phone 48 Office West Malu Street
a splendid December trade, we
mean to keep things hustling right
along and make the next two months
busy ones cleaning up.
Begining this week, we will offer
good goods from every department at
prices which must convert them into
cash at once.
1 Lot Boy's club skates, now 25c.
1 Lot Ladies club skates, now 70c
Onlv a few more of those flanneleti
wrappers extra values at 05c.
Calico wrappers weli made, extra
wide. 75e.
Do not fail to get our p ices.
Visitors always welcome.
The Wellington Novelty Store.
Corrected every Wednesday morning.
Hay per ton 5 00 8 0
Cfover seed per bu 3 00 4 80
Corn in ear 14 " 80
Corn shelled, 56 His
Oats perbu
Rye per bu
New Wheat perbu
Butter, dairy, per lb
Butter, creamery, lb
Eggs per doz
Honey " lb
Lard " lt
Potatoes per bu
Flour per stick of liltbs
Corn Heal per cwt
Chop " "
Middlings " "
Bran " "
Oil Meal " "
Billing Prices Monday's Sales.
Ohio State Flats He
" Family Sc
Creamery Butter...... 'JO c
1 85
1 3.1
We offer the following papers in con
nection with the Enterprise at the
prices opposite each periodical :
Detroit Free Press, twice a week $1 75
Ohio State Journal " " . 1 90
New York Tribune, weekly 1,25
Cleveland Leader, " 1 75
Ohio Farmer, " 1 75
Chicago Inter Ocean, " 1 35
Cleveland Plain Dealer" ....... 1 75
Cleveland World, daily 2 00
McCluro's, monthly 1 CO
Munsey'g, " 1 80
Ladie's Home Journal 1 75
1 25
1 25
2 50
2 25
2 10
2 40
2 50
2 00
Mayor's Office, Village of Wellington, Ohio.
In pursuance of a resolution passed by tha
onncil Jan. 10th. Vm. the Qualified nlnntoni nf
the Villageof Wellington, Ohio, will take notice
mat a special election will be held at the
usual voting place In said Village, on Satur
day the twenty-ninth day of January, 1898 be
tween the hours of 5:30 o'clock a. m and 6:80
o'clock p. mM central standard time, for the
purpose oi voting upon the question of Issu
ing the bonds of said village In an amount
not to exceed thirty-thousand dollars (WKK))
w cuusiract acomDinea Aiectnc Light ana
Waterworks system to be ownud and nr.eritt.ftd
by said village, and to furnish the inhabitant
tnereoi with light and water.
Those Toling in favor of the proposition,
shall have written or primed on their ballots
the words "For the Issue of bonds," and those
voting against the proposition shall have
written, or printed on their ballots, "Against
the issue of bonds."
G. h. Couch, Mayor.
THE undersigned, trustee, in truBtforthe
benefit of the creditors of Laundon, Win-
decker at (Jo, will sell at public auction at the
Towa Hall, at Welllugton.Ohlo, on the 81th day
of January, 1898, the following claims belong
ing to said estate. Claims against
W. B. Kollansbee . . A. ; . . .$3f7.85
James Sheldon ......", 8(i97
Chas.Klng 10000.
T. R. Kawson A Co m 76
F. Muckelberry ifiox) :
I. Everson 17tUX
Hemenway Brick & Tile Co 5O0.0O
L.Meacham 150.00
W. B. Follansbee l.541
8. K. Laundon & W. B. Follansbee. . . .130M1
and a large number of other claims.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m,
- .,. . T. D. PHKLON, Trustee.
Wellington, Ohio, Jan. 15, 1898.
Ladie's Home Ideal, monthly . . .
Corn Bell, monthly
Ohio Farmer and Clev. World . . .
Cin. Inquirer. .
Cin. Gazette. . .
Plain Dealer...
N. Y. World . : .
N. Y. Tribune .
Mrs. Stark, Pleasant Ridge, 0.. says:
After two doctors gave up my boy to
die, I saved him from croup by using
One Minute Cough Cure." It is the
quickest and most certain remedy for
coughs, colds and all throat and lung
troubles. J. W. Houghton.
Buffalo, N. Y. Gents: From my
personal knowledge, gained In observ
ing the effect of your Sa lion's cure in
cases of advanced consumption. I am
prepared to say it is the most remark
able Remedy that naa ever Deen
bro ijht to my attention. It haa cer
tainly saved many from Consumption
Sold by E. W. Adams. a
Fancy Stock Big Values.
Prunes, 4 lbs 25c.
Seedless Raisins 3 lbs 25c.
Apricots 2 lbs 25c.
PenelieK. Crawford 12c.
Pencil-, Muir ,i. 13c.
Seeded liaiiiim, Looxe Muscatels,
English Currants, ':
A complete line of Maple and Fancy
dish prices cheap as any.
For Sale.
House and lot on Pleasant street
with good barn, three cisterns, young
fruit trees. A very desirable properly.
For tei-ms of sale call on Mrs. Leet at
ihe residence, or upon J. T. Haskell.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved in six hours by the
"New Great South American Kidney
Cure." This new remedy is a great
surprise on account of its exceeding
promptness In relieving pain in the
bladder, .kidneys, back and every
part of the urinary passages in male
or female. It relieves, retention of
water and pain in passing it almost
Immediately. If you want quick re
lief and cure this Is your remedy.
Soli by E. W. Adams, druggist, Well
ington, Ohio.
J. A. Perkins' of Antiquity, O., was
for thirty years needlessly tortured by
physicians for the cure of eczema. He
was quickly cured by using DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, the famous heal
inc salve for piles and skin diseases.
J. W. Houghton.
Itch on human, mange on horses,
doffs and all stock, cured In 30 min'
utes by Woolfords Sanitary Lotion.
This never falls. Sold by E. W .dani
'lruggist, Wellington. Ohio.
Two Well Known Stutesineut
talked for monlhs from a front porch
and the rear end of a car. Pefliapsihe
use of Foley's Honey and Tar will ex
plain why they could do this without
injury to their vocal organs. It is
largely used by speakers and singers.
W. H. Tissot & Co., drugi'ists,
Another Good Mun Gmitt Wrong.
He failed to use Foley's Kiduej Curt'
for his kidney complaint.
It II ,n
l li It
l It 14.
it I. II
IC . . - , 1 A .1-
inner you nave iuuKt-u ui, uie y
contents of our front window,
dui come in
9 J ' . . il .! I
v aim see it stureiui ui uniia
C suitable for Xmas presents. 1
1 Solid Silver Spoons i
were never bo cheap as now. c
f All new patterns. .. S
How about a Kodak?
have all kinds. 1
j $3.oo35.oo.
l Wight & Sons j
Miss Allie Hughes, Norfolk. Va.,
frightfully burned on the face
neck. Pain was instantly relieved by
DeWitt'a Witch Hazel Salve, which
li.ni d the injury without leaving a
xcur. It is the famous pile remedy.
J. W. Houohton. 1
IN pursuance of an order of the Probate
Court of Loral u county, O., I will offer for
H.tlp At mil. Mr. mwilnn m, U'adtiuo... .1... ,...u
, . J. , ; U v" uuiivBunj,niijiii
day of February, A.D., 18U8, between the hours of
10 and 11 o'clock a. m. on the premises, the fol
lowing described real estate, Bltuate In the
county of Loriiiu, and described as follows, to
wit: First Parcel. Situate In nrlirhml lni v ,
(one) In Wellington township, Lorain countv,
state of Ohio, mid described as follows: coin
nieiicliiB at a Btone monument In the south
east corner of said lot and township, and run-
uiuk uii;ui;b i uu tne souin line or said lot '
No. 1, fifteen t; chains to the lands of one
Hradley, thence north parallel with the east
line of said lot twenty-eight (2X) chains and
alxty-alx and two-thirds (tam..) links; thence
east parallel with the south line, fifteen (1ft)
chains to the east Hue of said lot, thence south
in said east line twenty-eight chains and
sixty-three and two-thirds (KM.,) links to the .
place of beginning, containing forty. three
(i:i) acres of land more or less, also
Second Parcel, being a part of original lot
No. one (1) situated in the township of Wel
lington, county of Lorain and state of Ohio.
and described as follows, to wit: commencing
at a point iu the east line of said lot distant
thirty-eight (S8 chains and fifty-four (54)
links north from a stone monument at the
south east corner of said lot and township,
running thence west parallel with the south
Hue of said lot fifteen (15) chains to the land
of one Hradley, thence north parallel with th
east line of said lot eighteen (18) chain to the
north line of said lot, thenco east In the north
line of said lot fifteen (15) chillis to the north
east corner ot said lot, thence south In the
east line to the place of beginning, containing
tweuty seven (17) acres of land more or less,
Third Parcel, situate in the towbshln of
Huntington, countv of Lnmtii ..H f
Ohio, and known as part of brlginal lot No
one (1) iu tract No. seventeen (17), bounded on
the north and east by lot lines, aud ou the
south and west by lands belonging tn Uietm-
imeuiv. n. nun-, uuceasea, ana containing
thirty (:) acres oi laud more or less, ,
Said above described parcels of laud are ap
praised as follows:
rarcci no. i, at $11(11.00
Parcel No. , at
Parcel No. &, at t , 810.00
Terms of sale, cash in hand, or muutkit
cah In hand, one-third In one year, and one-
vin.u in vnujeurn irom aay or sale, with lu
terest, the payments to be secured by mo-rt-gages
upon tha premises sold. Hald real ..
invo cauuui u sum ior less i lion two-thirds' of
the appraisal. I
HASKELL, Assignee,
January H, 189a Estate of Marcus ft Howk
ETTA Clark, wife of George Clark, aud Tracy
Clark and Treva Clark, helm nf
George Clark and Etta Clark, who reside at
.ui.iuiKb..u, luBuuiii cuumv, Micnigan, will
takeuoilcethatj. T. Haskell, ainiiilstrator
with the will annexed of the ewtntt. of Sheldon
Clark, deceased ontheHOth dav of December i
A. D. 1807, filed his petition in the Probata
Court within and for the county of Lorain and
"Vl,e Pi ,h'0, tH, 'he personul estate
ui ram iie.-e.imn is lusiinicient to pav Ills
debts and the charge of administering his
estate. That he died seized iu fee simple of
the following described real estate situated In
the township of Brighton, countv of Lorsln
and state of Ohio, and known as being a nart
of the Connecticut Western Reserve, in lot
No. 7, in tract No. 7, hounded and described as
follows: On the north by lands of H, Herbert
and hy lands of . Squires; On the east iiv
lands of li.Hiilrus.by M. Peet, bv Andy Gill
and by lands formerly owned by j", P, Wlilimle
On the south by the center of the highway
and pn the west by lands owned by the estate'
of Theodore Clark, deceased and contahilmi
about "5, 118-100 acres of land,
i ne prayer oi sam petition Is for a sale of
a premises ior ine payment ot the debts
d charges aforesaid.
The uersons first above miitl,u,i ...in .......
notice that they have been made parties de
fendant to said petltlou aud that they are re
quired to answer the same on or before the
lath.davof March.A. n. ixux tlie
T. Haskkw, Administrator as nforcsutd.

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