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Rev.Dr.Talmasre Designates Them
Out-and-Out Infidels.
the World' Bent Progress, Ho Declare!
Hit" Come Through Christianity
Revelation sod Evolution t'oiu-pared-Ood
the First Cans,
of Everything,
In the following sermon, the ques
tion of human origin, so prominent
In religious circles to-day, is discussed
by Dr. Talmage in his characteristic
and forcible style. The text is Tim
othy 6: 20: "O Timothy, keep that
which is committed to thy trust, avoid
ing oppositions of science falsely so
There is no contest between genuine
science and revelation. The same Clod
who by the hand of prophet wrote on
parchment, by the hand of the storm
wrote on the rock. Tne best tele
scopes and microscopes and electric
batteries and nhilosonhical apparatus
belong to Christin universities. Who
gave us mugnetic telegraphy? Pro
fessor Morse, a Christian. Who swung
the lightnings under the sea, cabling
the continents together? Cyrus W.
Field, the Christian. Who discovered
the anesthetical properties of chloro
form, doing more for the relief of hu
man pain than any man that ever
lived, driving back nine-tenths of the
horrors of surgery; James Y. Simpson,
of Edinburgh, as eminent for piety as
for science; on week days in the uni
versity lecturing on profoundest sci
entific subjects, and on Sabbaths
preaching the tiospel of Jesus Christ
to the masses of Edinburgh. I saw the
universities of that city draped in
mourning for his death, and I heard
his eulogy pronounced by the desti
tute populations of the Cowgate. Sci
ence and revelation are the bass and
soprano of the same tune. The whole
world will yet acknowledge the com
plete harmony. But between what my
text describes as science falsely so
called, and revelation, there is an un
compromising vvar, and one or the
other must go under.
At the present time the air is filled
with social and platform and pulpit
talk about evolution, and it is high
time that the people who have not
time to make investigation for them
selves understand that evolution in
the first place, is up anu down, out-
and-out infidelity; in the second place
it is contrary to the facts of science,
and in the third place, that it is bru
talizing in its tendencies. I do not
argue that this is a genuine book, I
do not say the Bible is worthy of any
kind of credence those are subjects
for other Sabbaths but I want you to
understand that Thomas Paine and
Hume and Voltaire no more thorough
ly disbelieved the Hc!y Scriptures than
do all the leading scientists who be
lieve in evolution. And when I say
scientists, of course, I do not mean
literary men or theologians who in
essay or in sermon, and without giving
their life to scientific investigation,
look at the subject on this side or that.
By scientists I mean those who have
a specialty in mat direction, ana wno,
through zoological garden and aquar
ium and astronomical observatory,
give their life to the study of the
physical earth, its plants and its ani
mals, and the regions beyond so far
as optical instruments b:.ve explored
I put upon the witness stand living
and dead the leading evolutionists
Ernst Heckel, John Stuart Mill, Hux
ley, Tyndall, Darwin, Spencer. On the
witness stand, ye men of science, liv
ing' and dead, answer these questions:
Do you believe the Holy Scriptures?
No. And so they say all. Do you be
lieve the Bible story of Adam and
Eve in the Garden of Eden? No. And
so they say all. Do you believe the
miracles of the Old and New Testa
ment? No. And so they say all. Do
you believe that Jesus Christ died to
save the nations? o. And so they
say all. Do you believe in the regen
erating power of the Holy Ghost? No.
And so they say all. Do you believe
that human supplication directed
Heavenward ever makes any differ
ence? No." And so they say all.
Now, I put opposite to each other, to
show that evolution is infidelity, the
Bible account of how the human race
started, and the evolutionist account
of how the human race started. Bible
account: "God said, let us make man
in 0 r image. God created man in his
own image; male and female created
he them." He breathed into them, the
breath of life, the whole story setting
forth the idea that it was not a perfect
kangaroo, or a perfect orang outang,
but a perfect man. That is the Bible
account. Away back in the ages there
were four or .five primal germs, or
seminal spores from which all the liv
ing creatures have evolved. Go away
back, and there you will nnd a vege
table stuff that might be called
mushroom. This mushroom by
. innate force . develops a tad
pole, the tadpole by innate force
develops a polywog, the polywog de
. velops a fish, the fish by natural force
ilaiulAnfl intn u rpntilp tha nn a Hi.
velops into a quadruped, the quadru
ped develops into a baboon, the baboon
develops into a man.
Darwin says that the human hand is
only a nsn s nn acveiopeu. lie says
that the human lungs are only a swim
bladder showing that we once floated
; or were amphibious. He says the hu
man ear could once have been moved
. Dy xorce oi win just as a norse nits
its ear at a frightful object. He says
the human race were originally web-
; footed. From primal germ to tadpole
from tadpole to fish, from fish to rep
tile, from reptile to wolf, from wolf to
chimpanzee, and from chimpanzee to
man. , Now If anybody says that the
Bible account of the starting of the
1 human race and the evolutionist ac
count of tne starting of the human
race are the same accounts, he makes
an appalling misrepresentation. - (
Prefer if you will Darwin's "Origin
of the Species" to the Book of Genesis,
but know you axe an infidel. A for
myself, as Herbert Spencer was not
present at the creation and the Lord
Almighty was present, I prefer to take
the divine account as to what really
occurred on that occasion. To show
that this evolution is only an attempt
to eject God and to postpone him and
to put him clear out of reach, I ask
a question or two. The baboon made
the man, and the wolf made the ba
boon, and the reptile made the quadru
ped, and the fish made the reptile, and
the tadpole made the fish, and the
primal germ made the tadpole. Who
made the primal germ? Most of the
evolutionists say: "We don't know."
Others say it made itself. Others say
it was spontaneous generation., There
is not one of them who will fairly and
openly and frankly and emphatically
say: "God made it."
To show you that evolution is infi
del, I place the Bible account of how
the brute creation was started oppo
site to the evolutionist's account of the
way the brute creation was started.
Bible account: You know that the
Bible tells how that the birds were
made at one time, and the cattle made
at another time, and the fish made at
another time, and that each brought
forth after its kind. Evolutionist's
account: From four or five primal
germs or seminal spores all the living
creatures evolved. Hundreds of thou
sands of species of insects, or reptiles,
or beasts, of fish, from four germs
a statement flatly contradicted not
only in the Bible, but the very A B
C of science. A species never develops
into anything but its own species. In
all the ages and in all the world there
has never been an exception to it. The
shark never comes of a whale, nor the
pigeon of the vulture, nor the butter
fly of a wasp. Species never cross
over. II tnere be an attempt at it it is
hybrid, and the hybrid is always ster
ile and has no descendants.
To show that evolution is infidel I
place also the Bible account of how
worlds were made opposite the evolu
tionist's account of how worlds were
made. Bible account: God made two
great lights the one to rule the day;
the other to rule the night; he made
the stars also. Evolutionist account:
Away back in the ages there was a fire
mist or star dust, and this fire mist
cooled off into granite, and then this
granite by earthquake and by storm
and by light was shaped into
mountains and valleys and seas, and
so what was originally fire mist be
came what we call the earth.
Who made the first mist? Who set
the fire mist to world-making? Who
cooled off the first mist into granite?
Agassiz says: "The manner in which
the evolution theory in zoology is
treated would lead those who are not
special zoologists to suppose that ob
servations have been made by which
it can be inferred that there is in na
ture such a thing as change among
organized beings actually taking
place. There is no such thing on rec
ord. It is shifting the ground of ob
servation from one field of obser
vation to another to make this
statement, and when the assertions
go so far as to exclude from the do
main of science those who will not be
dragged into this mire of mere asser
tion then it is time to protest."
With equal vehemence against the
doctrine of evolution Hugh Miller,
Farraday, Brewster, Dana, Dawson,
and hundreds of scientists in this
country and other countries have
made protest. I know that the few
men who have adopted the theory
make more noise than the thousands
who have rejected it. The Bothnia, of
the Cunard line, took five hundred
passengers safely from New York to
Liverpool. Not one of the five hun
dred made any excitement. But after
we had been four days out, one morn
ing we found on deck a man's hat and
coat and vest and boots, implying that
some one had jumped overboard.
Forthwith we all began to talk about
that one man. There was more talk
about that one man overboard than all
the five hundred passengers that rode
cn in safety.
Here is the glorious and magnificent
theory that God by his omnipotent
power made man, and by his omnipo
tent power made the brute creation,
and by his omnipotent power made all
worlds, and five hundred scientists
have taken passage on board that mag
nificent theory, but ten or fifteen hove
jumped overboard. They make more
talk than all the five hundred that did
not jump. I am politely asked to jump
with them. Thank you, gentleman, I
am very much obliged to you. I think
I shall stick to the old Cunarder. If
you want to jump overboard, jump,
and test for yourselves whether your
hand was really a fish's fin, and
whether you were web-footed origin
ally, and whether your lungs are a
swim bladder. And as in every experi
ment there must be a division of labor,
some who experiment and some who
observe, you make the experiment and
I will observe!
There Is one tenet of evolution
which it is demanded we adopt, that
which Darwin calls "Natural Selec
tion," and that which Wallace calls
the "Survival of the Fittest." By this
they mean that the human race and
the brute creation are all the time im
proving because the weak die and the
strong live. Those who do not survive
because1 they are the fittest. They say
the breed of Rheep and cattle and dogs
and men is all the time improving, na
turally improvirg. No need of God, or
any Bible, or any religion, but just
natural progress.
You see the race started with "spon
taneous generation," and then it goes
right oil until Darwin can take us up
with his "natural selection," and Wal
lace with his "survival of the fittest,"
and so we go right on up forever. Beau
tiful! But do the fittest survive? Gar
field died in September Guiteau sur
viving until the following June. "Sur
vival of the fittest?" Ah! no. The
martyrs, religious and political, dying
for their principles, tiielr bloody per
secutors living on to old age. "Sur
vival of the fittest?" Five hundred
thousand brave Northern men march
ing out to meet five hundred thousand
brave Southern men, and die on the
battlefield for a principle. Hundfedi
of thousands of them went down into
the grave trenches. We stayed at
home in comfortable quarters. Did
they die because they were not as
fit to live as we who survived? Ah!
no; not the "survival of tha fittest."
How lias It been In the families of
the world? How was it with the child
physically the strongest, intell actually
the brightest, in disposition tie kind
est? Did that child die because it was
not as fit to live as those of your fam
ily that survived? Not "the survival
of the fittest." In all communities
some of the noblest, grandest men
dying in youth, or in mid-life, while
some of the meanest and most con
temptible live on to old age. Not "the
survival of the fittest."
But to show you that this doctrine
is antagonistic to the Bible and to
common sense I have only to prove to
you that there has been no natural
progress. Vast improvement from
another source, but mind you, no nat
ural progress. Where is the fine horse
in any of our parks whose picture of
eye and mane and nostril and neck
and haunches is worthy of being com
pared to Job's picture of a horse as he
thousands of years ago heard it paw
and neigh and champ its bit for the
battle? Pigeons of to-day not so wise
as the carrier pigeons of 500 years ago
pigeons that carried the mails from
army to army and from city to city;
one of them flung into the sky at
Borne or Venice landing without ship
or railtrain in London. Look at the
great animals that walked the earth in
olden times animals compared with
which in size pur elephant is a cat
monsters of olden times that swam
the deep, compared with which our
whale ' is a minnow. Conies have
learned nothing about climbing and
the hounds nothing about hunting,
and the ostrich nothing about hatch
ing, and the condor nothing about fly
ing, and the owl nothing about music
al cadences for six thousand years,
Not a particle of progress.
And as to the human race, so far as
mere natural progress is concerned,
once there were men ten feet high;
now the average is about five feet six
inches. It started with men living two
hundred, four hundred, eight hun
dred, nine hundred years, and now
thirty years is more than the average
of human life. Mighty progress we
have made, haven't we? I went into
the cathedral at York, England, and
the best artists in England had just
been painting a window in that ca
thedral, and right beside it was a win
dow painted four hundred years ago,
and there is not a man on earth but
would say that the modern painting of
the window by the best artists of
England is not worthy of being com
pared with the painting four hundred
years ago right beside it. Vast im
provement, as I shall show you in
minute or two, but no natural evo
What is remarkable about this thing
is, it is all the time developing its dis
honesty. In our day it is ascribing
this evolution to Herbert Spencer and
Charles Darwin. It is a dishonesty,
Evolution was known and advocated
hundreds of years before these gentle
men began to be evolved. The Phoe
nicians thousands of years ago de
clared that the human race wobbled
out of the mud. Democritus, who lived
4G0 years before Christ remember
that knew this doctrine of evolution
when he said: "Everything is com
posed of atoms, or infinitely small ele
ments, each with a definite quality,
form, and movement, whose inevitable
union and separation shape all differ
ent things and forms, laws and efforts,
and dissolve them again for new com
binations. The gods themselves and
the human mind originated from such
atoms. There are no casualties. Every
thing is necessary and determined by
the nature of the atoms which have
certain mutual affinities, attractions,
and repulsions." Anoximander cen
turies ago declared that the human
race started at the place where the sea
saturated the earth.
I am not a pessimist but an op
timist. I do not believe everything is
going to destruction: I believe every
thing is going on to redemption. But
it will not be through the infidel doc
trine of evolution, but through our
glorious Christianity which has ef
fected all the good that has ever been
wrought and which is yet to recon
struct all the nations.
What is that in the offing? A ship
gone on the rocks at Cape Hatteras,
The hulk is breaking up, crew and
passengers are drowning. The storm
is in full blast and the barometer is
still sinking. What does that ship
want? Development. Develop her
broken masts. Develop her broken
rudder. Develop her drowning crew,
Develop her freezing passengers. De
velop the whole ship? That 1b all it
wants. Development. Oh, I make
mistake. What that ship wants is
life-boat from the shore. Leap into it,
you men of the life station. Pull
away to the wreck. Steady there!
Bring the women and children first to
the shore. Now the stout men. Wrap
them up in flannels, and between their
chattering teeth you can pour resto
Well, my friends, our world is on
the rocks. God launched it well
enough, but through mispilotage and
the storms of six thousand years
It has gone into the breakers. What
does this old ship of the world want?
Development? There is enough old
evolution in the hulk to evolve another
mast and another rudder and to evolve
all the passengers and evolve the ship
out of the breakers. Development?
Ah! no, my friends, what this old ship
wreck of a world wants is a lifeboat
from the shore. And it is coming,
Cheer, my lads, cheer. It is coming
from the shining shore of Heaven, tak
ing the crests of ten waves with one
sweep of the shining paddles. Christ is
In the lifeboat. Many wounds on hands
and feet and side and brow, showing
he has been long engaged in the work
of rescue, but yet mighty to save to
save ne, to save all, to save forever.
My Lord and my God, get us Into tha
lifeboat! Away with your rotten, de
ceptive, infidel, and blasphemous evolu
tion, and give us the Bible, salvation
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Am Extemporised Affair Which Aa-
were aa Well as the Most
Costly Contrivance.
Many farmers fail to make hk nl
that great labor-saver, the hay fork,
because their barns, they think, are
not properly arranced to aeeomino-
dale the usual hayfork rigging. Many
old barns have the timbers framed in
way to cause some difficulty in thiif
respect. Still there r.re many barni
now without this help that with a little
planning might make use of the fork.
The cut shows a plan for using an ex
temporized rigging between the
"bents" having crosswise timbers. A
pulley is located above the mow to be
filled. The rope from it (A) has the
fork at its end. The hay is lifted
straight up from the load because held
by the rope and pulley (B), operated
by the man on the load. When the
forkful will clear the edge of the mow,
the rope (B) is put out as required
either to drop the forkful at the front,
the middle or the rear of the mow
The rope (A), after passing over the
pulley above the mow, is carried down
as directly as possible to the horse
which draws it out. The direction may,
of course, have to be changed by a pul
ley in the barn below. The cut is guen
as a suggestion, to be modified as cir
cumstances demand. Orange Judd
Farmer .
Corn smut will not Injure cattle un
less they eat too much of it.
Hogs will fatten on alfalfa, but
should be finished oft with some grain
Infuse some new blood into the
swine herd and you will find that it
At night in hot weather animals
should be kept out of doors as much as
Is the animal panting and no shade
or water to partially relieve the dis
tress? Bad, very bad.
The idiot who says thai a horse
should never be shod is abroad again
and writing for the papers.
If the pig is overfed and does not get
sufficient exercise, it may have thumps
Reduce the feed and compel exercise.
The mule is more healthy than the
horse, eats less, requires less care, will
do as much work and some mules are
good drivers.
Flies do not like kerosene oil, and
just touching the hair of the animal
with sponge .saturated with the oil
will help keep the files off.
The country butcher is an advantage
to the farmer because he will buy ani
animal occasionally and furnish fresh
meat for the farmer s table.
Oxen are not much used in the west.
but you will sometimes see them in tha
far west. They are not profitable for
team service, but the bull could be
worked with profit.
An alarming report from swine
breeders is that there is not much buy
ing of pure bred swine. This is a detri
ment to the farm breeders, we fear
Keep the standard high, and that can
only be done by an occasional intrr
Auction of new blood. Western Plow
Guinea Fowls on Farms.
Every farmer ought to have a few
guinea fowls to add to the variety of
feathered life on the farm. They are
also a good protection against such
depredators as hawks and other ene
mle8 of young chickens, their loud
cries on the approach of any such in
truders giving signal to the weaker
fowl to make its escape. Guineas are
a rather wild fowl and will not bear
lonfinement well. It Is not best to.
keep them umcss there is good range
The hens are great layers, but will
mostly steal their nests, and will bring
off very large broods. The young
guinea fowl are very hardy, and not
so subject to disease as are other
Live Stock Onr Salvation.
Henry Wallace sayi a correct theory
of farming requires that the fertility
of the land be maintained. This is the
Farmer's capital, not the land itself,
but the valuable fertility of the land
The exhaustion of this is the exhaus
tion of the farmer s capital stock. In
wiling grain we simply sell our land
by picemeal, not the profits, but the
land itself. , the correct theory, there
tore, tt farming involves pot merely
grain production, but meat produc
tion, and meat production primarily
because In producing It we are selling
our grain to the best market and can
(hereby keep up the fertility of the
J- 1 V
ill mi inlnilili mn uiii WTT"W"""" ' ' ' "I'WW'"1' '
Zor Inanti and cnudreu
Rear J
Ws'aKsHP'" 'a
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the manner specified. The subjects are:
American Wild Ducks, American Pheasant,
English Quail, English Snipe.
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Plaque is bordered with a band of gold.
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an All-Important Fact.
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Pinkham, But It Is Revolting
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to Any Man.
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ills to a woman a woman whose experience in treating woman's
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' 1 -
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1 i.j .1 mi l.i. ...... .... ci. ..ii.:., .'. MhiM .
Knowledge Uiai Will IlCip yuuf i3C out aans uumiug 111 iuiu
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SO scats a Hot
WAtnirftnlM titilllSlV
fever and Asm la boarai a no box Malarial
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t" Fcr
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bound and a
Utoaaly illmtrated rtw ),. to BBybody snMru.
Kro anoaal autworlu.lon at 11 ah u tb Ufnuu4
oMhlf.aaJI I KjUICIoCO. buapl. Ovarian a

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