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la this country and are worth looking
after. We will do our part and look
after clothes, beginning with the little
tots, furnishing suits of heavy crash and
linen of all sorts and colors for ages 1 to
8, at 50 cents to $1.00.
Then comes the cassimeres and worst
eds for the same ages; little FauntUroy
and reefer suits. The styles of these are
varied -and include many pretty designs
in both two-piece and vested suits. Prices
range from $1.00 to $3.50.
Another and verypmportant line is the
knee-pant suits, ages from eight to fifteen
years.g These are worn during the boy's
earlier school years, when a suit should
both look and wear w:dl. Our aim has
been to obtain suits with both of these
qualifications, and that we have beeu suc
cessful is evidenced by the exceptionally
large demand we have tor them. The
prices are 95 cents to $5.00, and the assort
ment is is complete. We want especially
to show you these for it is Hearing school
time again and you will soon want them.
Remember also that we are headquarters
for boys stout hose, the "Buckskin Leath
er" and "Iron Clad," that wear equal to
their name. Bring in the boy and let us
riff him out for less than the material
would cost you and save the making.
Most truly yours,
E. E.
Mrs. Jnliii Duvis, (it Chicago, is visit
ing her parents, A. W. Lake and family.
Quite a number attended the Welling
ton fair last week.
Rev. V. W. Wargar filled a pulpit in
Cleveland Sunday.
Ella Fulton will return this week to
her lioine in Twinsliorough, Portage
county. Her mother will go with her.
They will make it their home for some
Mott Billinge and wife, of LaGrange,
will move in with Robert Fulton to care
for his father in his old age.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weinle, of Graf
ton, spent Sunday with her parents.
E. E. Cole and wife spent Sunday with
Luke Chapman and family in Hunting
ton. A company of fourteen from LaGrange
all relatives of Mrs. William Avery, were
guests of the latter last Friday.
The funeral services of Mrs. Gardner
Sherburne were held last Saturday, Rev.
Wagar, officiating, assisted by Rev.
Daines. A large number of relatives
and friends assembled at her late home
at 1 o'clock. From there they proceed to
the M. E. church where the services were
held. The casket wa9 covered with floral
offerings brought by her many friends.
The grandchildren brought a pillow of
flowers with the word "Grandma" in the
center. Her four sons, Dr. Frank,
Arthur, Marshall and William Sher
burne, and son-in-law, Dr. D. M. Calvert,
acted as pallbearers.
Jane E. Worcester Sherburne was born
in Sudbury, Rutland county, Vermont,
January 12, 1817; died August 18, 1898.
She married Gardner Sherburne Decem
ber 2, 1840. In 1844 they moved to Pitts
field where she has ever since been a resi
dent. Seven children came to bless this
union of which only fonr are living.
Her husband preceded her to the other
shore in 18G7; Charley died In the army
at the age of 19; Sarah at the age of 27;
Eliza Sherburne Calvert at the age of 4u
Those living are, Dr. F. B. Sherburne,
of Houghton, Kan.; Marshall, of Oberlin;
Arthur and William, of Pittsfield.
Those present from a distance were,
Dr. F. B. Sherburne, of Kansas; Dr,
Sheldon and mother, of Norwalk; Dr. D.
M. Calvert, of South Bend, Ind. ; Fernan
do Stone and wife, of Fitchville, and
Mrs. Nancy Smith, of Elyria.
School will soon begin, and we have
made special effort to procure the best
school suits on the market. Try us and
you will not regret It D. B. Goodaell.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Phelps spent a few
days at Lin wood last week.
Elmer Simmons returned to Cleveland
W. E. Crandall and family, of Brown
helm, visited their parents, W. Phelps
and wife and M. Crandall and wife.
Mrs. McMillen returned with her son,
Arthur, to LaCrosse, Wis., Monday. She
visited her brother, H. C. Conchy while in
this place.
Miss Mary Felton returned to her home
in Cleveland Monday morning accom
panied by Miss Mary Noble of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Pond, ot Ridgeville,
were in town Saturday and Sunday call
ing on friends.
Misses Nellie Murray and Julia Coats
took a pleasure trip on their wheels
last week, visiting friends in Elyria and
Oberlin Saturday and Sunday.
Web Bissell and wife, of New London,
visited Mrs. J. Bissell, Sunday.
E. Sherman's family returned from
Big Rapids last week accompanied by
Mr. A. Smith.
The ice-cream social at Mr. John
Garris's Saturday evening was a success
both socially und financially.
Mrs. Kennedy and children, of Rock
port, Ind., are visiting Mrs. Kennedy's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Tennant.
Mrs. Bonney, of South Dakota, is here
to care for her sister, Mrs. II. Williams,
whose health is very poor.
Mr. and Mrs. Olin Rosa with their son
and daughter attended the Rosa reunion
at Linwood last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hill entertained
the Epworth League social last Friday
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Whitney spent two
days in Clarksfleld last week.
Mrs. E. S. Prentice and Grace started
for Topeka, Kan., last Wednesday morn'
Mrs. M. E. Perkins spent Sunday with
her father and mother Perkins.
8. A. Hardy was home a few days last
week. He goes to Columbus the fore
part of the week. He travels for the
Piano Manufacturing Company.
Mr. Clapp has the mumps.
Mrs. Jano Teuant went to Cleveland
last week. She expects to attend the
Mosher reunion before she returns.
Mrs. B. F. Breckenridge is very sick
with a complication of diseases.
Misses Stella and Blanche Williams,. of
Elyria, were in town Sunday calling on
there friends.
Fred Perkins was home over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sheffield and Mrs. Robin
son spent last Friday with Mr. and Mrs,
Eddy in Wellington.
Crushed fruit with ice-cream soda 5c
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burrell, of Cleve
land, are visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Burrell.
Rev. Edwin Myers, of Monroeville,
with his bride, visited his brother and
wife, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Myers, over
Sunday. '
Mrs. Barchard, of Grafton, is visiting
her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lucia El wood and
Miss May Rush is visiting friends in
Miss Blanche Boone, of Rochester, is
visiting her brother, Bert Boone and
The young people of the Baptist
Church will give a social Friday evening
at their church parlors. They will serve
peaches and cream.
Miss ZolaSkees visited in Rochester
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, pf Elyria,
spent Friday night with her brother,
Wm. Short and family.
Misses Myrtle and Feme Coats spent
last week in Oberlin.
Mrs. Anna Gannott, of Wellington, is
with her sister, Mrs. J. 0. West.
Messrs. J. 0. and John West with their
wives attended the golden wedding of
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Carpenter, at
Olmstead, Tuesday, August 18.
Court of Common 1'leas.
S. E. Wurst vs. Simon Riley.
and attachment.
August Straus vs. Louis Swift.
Isabella H. Snow vs. Frank G,
Emery R)t vs. Susie I. Root
, Divorce
E. Lord,
and custody of child.
Eliab W. Metcalf vs. Addison
sheriff of Lorain county et al.
ing and equitable relief.
Frank F. Williams vs. the Supreme
Tent of the Knights of Maccabees of the
World. Money, foreclosure, lien, and
equitable relief.
Elizur G. Johnson, a taxpayer, on be
half of the city of Elyria, O., vs. the city
of Elyria, M. II. Levagootl, mayor, and
Wm. H. Park, clerk. Injunction and
equitable relief.
Food, undigested, is poison. Digested,
it is life and strength. Millions of i s
suffer from indigestion, but we often
don't know it. We think it is something
els.. Fv.'ii doctors often mistake ti e
symptoms. Pale, thin people who are
overworked, who need strength, whoseem
in want of proper food, should take Sha
ker Digestive Cordial. ,It is astonishing
what food will do when properly digest
ed. It will make y m strong, revive you,
refresh you. sustain yon, make you fat,
restore your color, make, muscle, brain
fibre, courage,1 endurance, energy; in
crease your power to throw off disease,
and keep yon healthy and happy. Indi
gestion does just the opposite, but indi
gestion can be cured and prevented with
Shaker Digestive Cordial. Sold by drug
gists. Trial bottle. 10c.
Heal Kslale Transfers,
Carl Albrecht to George Dute, lot 14,
Mineral Springs addition to Lorain, $1,050
Robert E. Miller to Emily Mathews,
ot 41, Lorain, $1,000.
Emily Mathews to Robert E. Mills, lot
14, block li), Lorain, 1,000.
Auua C. Start to Patrick Judge, lot 4,
block in, Lorain, $500,
Maie L. Mead to C. E, Daniels, lot 2!).
in the Devonian Mineral Springs addition
to Lorain, SI.UOO.
Fredrick Hodder to Lucy A. Brown, lot
1, block !, Lorain, $1,700.
Geo. F. Hodder to Henry J. Hodder,
four acres of land in Ridgeville, $150.
E. E Foster to Elizabeth James, lot 82
Ira, Adkins' addition to North ' Amherst,
William F. Lord to Allen W. Gilder,
lot 11, Ridgeville, $350.
A Cure for Nervous Headache.
For eight years I suffered from consti
pation and severe nervous headache, the
heudache usually lasting three days at a
time. Headache powders relieved me
temporarily, but left too bad an effect.
Since I began taking Celery King I have
greauy improved in neaitn, seldom or
never have headache, have gained in flesh
and feel decidedly well. Mrs. E. S. Hatch,
Temple, N. H. Celery King for the
nerves, liver, and kidneys is sold iu 50c
and 25 packages by E. W. Adams, Well
ington; Firestone & Sweet, Spencer.
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been made
and that too, by a lady in this country.
"Disease fastened its clutches upon her,
and for seven years she withstood its se
vere tests; but her vital organs were un
dermined, and death seemed imminent
For three months, she coughed incessant
ly, and could not sleep. She finally dis
covered a way to recover, by purchasing
of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discover?
for consumption, and was so much relieved
on taking her first dose that she slept all
night; and with two bottles has been ab
solntely cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther
Lutz." Thus writes W.C. Hamnick&Co,
of Shelby, N. C. Trial bottles free at W. F.
Near & Co's. drug store. Regular size
50c and $1. Every bottle guaranteed.
When You Take Your Vacation
the most necessary article to have with
you, (after your pocketbook), is a bottle
of Foley's Colic Cure. It is an absolute
prevention or cure of all derangements
of the bowels caused by a change of wat
er. You are likely to need it. W. U.
Tlssot & Co.
Hoiuesee Iters' Excunlont,
On the first and third Tuesdays in
August, September and October, 1898,
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way will sell round-trip excursion tick
ets (good 21 days) from Chicago, Milwau
kee and other points on its line, to a
ereat many points in South and North
Dakota and other western and south'
western states at about one fare. Take
a trip west ami see the wonderful crops
and what an amount of good land can be
Durchased for a little money. Further
information as to rates, routes, prices of
farm lands, etc., can be obtained on ap
plication to any coupon ticket agent or
by addressing the following named per
sons: W. E. Powell, general immigra
tion agent, 410 Old Colong bldg., Chica
go: H. F. Hunter, imniiirration agt., for
South Dakota, 291 Dearborn-st Chicago,
or Geo. H. Heafford, G. P. A., Chicago.
Oberlin Business College Items.
Miss Jessie A. Griswold, stenographer
0. S. House of Representatives, has been
given a position in the Treasury Depart
ment at $100 per month during the in
termission of Congress. She, will of
course take up her work again at the
Capitol as soon as Congress convenes.
She completed her course at the Oberlin
Business College a few years since and
is one of America's best stenographers.
President Henderson called upon her at
the office of official reporters when in
Washington recently.
Mr. 0. F. Guy ton, who spent a year in
theO. B. C. several years ago, taking
both the business and shorthand courses,
has a fine position with the Westing
house Air Brake Co. of Pittsburg, where
he receives a salary of $150 per month.
George W. Jacobs completed both the
business and shorthand courses in Jan
uary 1898 and immediately secured a
position with The Elwell.Parker Electric
Co., Cleveland, Ohio. As an apprecia
tion of his efficient services they raised
his wages last month to $155 per mouth.
All the above use the Electric system
of shorthand which U conceded to be the
easiest system to learn as well as one of
the best iu use.
If any of our readers think.of securing
a business education why not enter this
college which prepares its students for
the best paying positions in the country.
The Fall term will begin Monday, Sept
ember 5, 1898.
Will Vote on the Saloon (Juration,
At the meeting of the village council
last Tuesday evening, a petition signed
by 211 voters was presented to the coun
cil asking them to provide for a local
option election. The council fixed upon
Tuesday, October 4, next, as the time
for holding the election. Medina
To CoDHiuiipMveH.
As an honest remedy, Foley's Honey
and Tar dues not hold out false hopes in
advanced stages, but truthfully claims to
give comfort and relief in the very worst
cases, and in the early stages to effect a
cure. W.H.Tissot&Co.
10,000 llevrulta Wauled
The following poster could be
hanging upon the walls of the Big
depot last week:
KUHX) recruits wanted for infantry.
cavalry, light artillery, heavy artillery,
and hospital corps. Apply at 57 Public
square, Cleveland.
Elyria ltunlness College IteuiH.
The fall term opens September 5.
New divisions in all departments. This
will be the last chance to enter the
Shorthand department this year, as no
more divisions will be started until Jan
The following have secured positions
since July 1: Misses Editha Wilson, Nel
lie Fitzerald, Agnes McGuire, Fanny
Church, Ivan Curtiss, Ray McDonald,
and C. A. Balcomb.
Many young men and women from
the surrounding country and towns will
be enrolled this fall and winter. A
number have arranged to begin Septem
ber 5. This is without doubt the best
place in the county to obtain a business
Education. Our facilities for placing
competent students are as good as any.
For proof of these facts, read the testi
monials from former pupils, which will
be mailed upon addressing,
The Elyria Business College
Elyria, Ohio.
Do not wait until a tornado destroys
your property, but take a policy to-day
with R. N. Goodwin, the old reliable In
surance agent.
When you call for De Witt's Witch-haz
el Salve, the great pile core, dont accept
anything else. Don't be talked into ac
cepting a substitute, for piles, for sores,
for burns. J. W. Houghton.
Truth wears well. People have learned
that DeWitt's Little Early Risers are re
liable little pills for regulating the bow
els, curing contipation and sick head
ache. They don't gripe. J. W. Houghton
For Sale Horses,
One mare, with foal, 8 years; 1 3-year-
old colt; 1 lifyear-old colt. Three
miles west of town.
Harvey Stottler.
Estate of Ira Carpenter, deceased.
The undersigned has been appointed
and qualified as administrator of the
Estate of Ira Carpenter, late of Welling
ton, deceased.
Dated this 10th., day of August, A. D.,
1898. Fred V. Edwards, Admr.
We wish to remind
you that we are
headquarters for
Lime, Cement,
Plaster Paris,
Plastering Hair,
Hard Wall Plaster,
at the lowest
market priees,
For a line flavored Tea I can L'lve you a bet
ter article lor the money than any other
house iu town and I know whereof I speak.
Breakfast Is spoiled with a poor gup ol
Coffee. You will not be troubled In that way
If you buy your coffee at T. S, Tucker's,
If you like a sweet uncolored Japan Tea, 1
can give you one that will please you.
also the best FLOUR In the market.
A fine line of cakes and crackers.
Can Roods and Staple and fancy groceries.
You are Invited to call.
You can get In any quantity at any time
Pure Animal Matter
at the warehouse of W. II. Kirk, Wellington, 0.
Prices bused strictly upon analysis
of goods, and guaranteed to be lower
than uny agent's prices.
Copies of the State Board of Agricul
ture's Report on all Commercial Fer
tilizers sold in Ohio, furnished free to
all who desire it.
Call and. be convinced that it pays to
buy of a dealer.
i. A. K. KiK Hiiipmeut.
The 32il annual encampment of the G.
A. R., to be held in Cincinnati this year-
from September 5th to 10th, will bo the
grandest encampment ever held.
Cincinnati has earned a reputation for
open-handed hospitality, and her people
are determined that her record in this
respect shall not suffer on this occasion.
They hare entered into the preparation
for this event with a vim and vigor that
presages the most successful reunion in
the history of the Grand Army of the
The active preparation that haabeen
going on since October 1st last is about
Chester park, one of Cincinnati's fam
ous pleasure resorts, located on the lines
of the Big Four, has been selected for the
camp-ground, and will he -known as
Camp Sherman.
On Monday, September 5th. the follow
ing program will be carried out: 10 a.
m. tamp Sherman will be dedicated.
8 a. m Flagship will be placed in com
mission at public landing. 8 p. m.
Camp-fire at Music hall. Receptions.
Illnminatiqns. Chester park entertain
ment. Zoological garden concert. Lud
low lagoon entertainment. Sham battle,
representing Dewey's victory at Manilla.
Art museum and Rookwood. Baseball-
two games Cincinnati vs. Cleveland,
Theaters open in the evening.
ruriuuauu ueiauea information re
garding encampment, also rates, routes
and tickets, call on agents of the Big
Four route.
ltucklin's Arnica Salve.
The best Salve in the world for Cute,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and skin Eruplons,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. It la guaranteed to give per-
ieci saiiBiacuon or money refunded.
race 23 cents per box. For sale by
w. x . in ear &. uo., druggists.
The Most Fatal Disease.
It Is not generally known that more
adults die of kidney trouble than any
other trouble. When the first symptoms
of this disease appear, no time should be
lost In taking Foloy's Kidney Cure, which
Is guaranteed or money refunded. W. H,
Tlssot & Co.
The Leading Specialists ofAmer'ca
250,000 Cured.
Thousands of young- and middle-aged
men are troubled with this disease many
unconsciously. They may havo a smart
ing sunsatiun, email, twisting stream,
sharp cutting pains at times, slight dis
charge, difficulty in cominenolng, weak
organs, emissions, and all tho symptoms
of nervous debility thoy havo STR1U
'i'UKK. Don't lot iloctorHoxporlinen ton
you, by cutting, stretching, or tearing
you. This will iintouroynu.asitwillre
MENT absorbs tlio stricture tissue)
henco removes the strict uro permanently.
It can never return. Mo pain, no suffer
ing, no detention from businoss by our
method. Thosoxualorgansarestrength
cneri. Tho nerves are invigorated, and
the MIbs of manhood returns.
Thousands of young and middle-aged I
men are having their foxnnl vigor and
vitality continually samxxl hy this dis
ease. They aro frequently unconscious
of the cauo of those symptoms. Uenornl
Weakness, Unnatural Discharges, Fail
ing Manhood, Nervousness, Poor Mem
ory, Irritability, at times Smarting Sen
sation, Sunken Eyes, with dark circles.
Weak Duck, Uoneral Depression, Lack
of Ainhition, Varicocele, Shrunken
l'arts, etc. GLEET and HTRICTURE
may bo tho cause. Don't consult family
doctors, us they have no experience in
these special diseases don't allow
Quacks to experiment on yon. Consult
hpecialists, who havo made a life study of
Diseases of Men and Women. OurNEW
tively euro you. Ono thousand dollars
for a case we accent fur treatment and
cannot cure. Termamodoratoforacure.
We treat and cure: EMISSIONS,
ES, KTDNEY and BLADDER Diseases.
FREE. If unable to call, write for
Kennedy Kfpgan
m - 1
Made a
We!! Man
A. of Me.
produces tlio ucnvc results In SO days. It
acts powerfully and qulolily. Cures when all others
fall. Young men will retrain their lost vigor, and
old men will recover thetr youthful power br nslnt
KEVIVO. It quickly and surely cures Merr
ousuess, Lost Vltalityjrapotoncy, lost Power, Fail
ing Memory, WastlnR Diseases, and all effects or
excess and Indiscretions, which unfits ono for study,
business or marriairc. It not only cures by starting
at tho tost of disease, but Is a groat nerve tonl
Md blood bullilnr, bringinx back the pink glow
to pule cheeks and restoring the Are of ynwtk.
It wards off Insanity and Consumption. Insist on
buving tcHVI., tio.itucr. It tan becarrlodln
V !st t'0ket. Kv mail Ml.itO pir package, or sis
for I3 .M, with n pnkltlve wrlllrn Kiisrna
t to care or refund the money. Clreul
m phjrslRlun f.dvlse rree. Address-
Royal Medicine Co., WmSE '-
For fMihi In WHliiiifton, Olilu,
Ity W F. Ni:.K & ;.. UruKifixts. .
J. H. BELL & CO.'S
Fine Tea and Coffee
Try our banner coffee;
once tried always bought.
A tine linn of fresh Cakes and
Cookies; Pickles, Sweet and
Sour; Canned Meats,. Corn,
Pens, Fish.
Home-made Bread, lOcts.
Anything in Fancy and
Staple Groceries. All goods
delivered promptly and care
fully. WM. CROSIER.
Successor to- C E. Su-myr.
Hard and Soft Coal
Coke and Wood
Draying and Moving of house hold
goods or pianos and teaming of all kinds
promptly attended to.
Price and quality guaranteed on til
coal orders.
Bailed Hay and Straw sold and delir-
Office Phone 48. Office West Main Street
Residence phone 88.
THE "Si&&
Bill "i -CP
All kinds of Brick for sale
at reasonable prices. Also
different sizes of tile. Foun
dation blocks. Can furnish
on short notice

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