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Weatern Canada the "Bread-Basket
ol the Empire."
The attention directed to the wheat
' fit lus of western Canada during the past
year has caused thousands of settlers
f rom different parts of the United
States to intake their homes there dur
, icg the past few months. They report
tli at their experience corroborates what
bad been told them of that wonderful
country, and they are sending back to
the-ir friends most favorable reports.
, During the past summer a number of
sconsin and Michigan and Minnesota
editors visited western Canada, and the
following extracts are from a very flat
i tering letter written to the Germania
' of Milwaukee by its able contributor,
I Prof. Sheridan.
I The numerous elevators along the
I line, towering so far above the sur
I rounding country that they may be
; seen for many miles distant, sufficient'
1 j" indicate that the chief industry is
( the growing of wheat. At tihe village of
Indian Head, more than 1,000,000 bush
els of wheat were marketed last year.
This wa3 but a fraction of the amount
of the same product marketed at the
larger cities of Brandon and Regina. At
Indian Head the representative of the
Germania was told bya farmer that he
wa about to harvest his third crop of
wheat from the farm upon one plowing
given it the fall of 1895 j tlhe crops of the
: current year and of last year having
been sown upon the stubble of the pre
ceddng crop. This farmer expected a
yield of not less than 40 bushels to the
acre. The farms are very large. The
absence of hills and rocks contributes
to making farming on a large scale an
1 easy matter. There was an abundance
of evidence that the country surround
ing the cities named above is an exten
' Rive region of fertile lands furnishing
. as great an opportunity for cattle rais
ing and dairying as for the growing of
"We were surprised to find here a rich
growth of nearly every species of cul
tivable plant known in Wisconsin.
Various species of trees were growing,
showing that its soil and its climate are
, favorable to the growth of f oresits. The
writer had never seen a more promis
ing growth of wheat, oats and garden
vegetables than was observed here.
The experimental farm of Wisconsin,
. located at Madison, produces nothing
better." .
"The people along the line of the rail
road, however, assured us that we were
still far distant from the northern limit
of the wheat growing belt, and that SOU
miles farther north, wheat and other
, agricultural products were cultivated
' swijth, success. The inhabitants do not
A depend solely upon the growing of
. wheat, but utilize vast acres in raising
A . cattle. The growing grain and vege
' tables stowed that a plentiful supply
of. rain had fallen during the current
, ?From this city (Calgary) our'party
was taken north 200 miles to Edmon-
Mlon'&rOown of 5,000 people, situated on
the north Saskatchewan river. The
. country at this point is beautiful, pre
' senting very much the appearance of
' many sections in central and southern
, Wisconsin. The people are engaged in
4 mining for gold, and in raising wheat,
s potatoes and cattle. Dairying is also fol-f-
lowed. This valley seems to be favored
I with sufficient rainfall to produce a
luxuriant growth of grain and vege
! tables. The soil is very fertile and tim
5 Iter k abundant. Fields of wheat were
observed that promise a yield of 40
A'ishels per acre. The many good
farmhouses seen from the railway are
evidence of the prosperity of the set-
" tiers. Edmonton is the terminus of the
roud und the place where the overland
expeditions start from for the Yukon,
St being about 800 miles from Dawson
""tity." -I
"The members of the association
made the acquaintance of the Cana
vdians of the northwest and learned
jf something of the vast extent of their
territory and of its great resources,
which are destined to make it our most
formidable commercial competitor in
the world's markets for the sale of ag1
ricultural products. We learned that
the northwest territory of Canada, in
stead of being n barren waste as taught
by our geographies of a quarter of a
century ago, is capable of sustaining a
empire of 50,000,000 people."
Blood. .
The duke was beside himself with rage.
i blood in
I've bled
replied the duchess, the fair
American her mien quite in keeping with
the haughty legend, "Non Cura, Non
Merces. upon the trade-mark of her fa
ther's justly celebrated Combined Hair
Vigor and Stove Polish) -Detroit Journal.
I can recommend l'iso's Cure for Con
sumption to sufferers from Asthma. E. D.
Townsend. Ft. Howard, Wis., May 4, '94.
There Is quite a difference between bonds
t and vagabonds. L. A. W. Bulletin.
1 Lik'sOil Upon Troubled Waters is Hale's
. Honry of Horehound and Tar upon a cold.
. Piie's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
' For everyone who is robbed on the road
00 are in the inn. Spanish Proverb.
' As it certainly cures it, St. Jacobs Oil is
The Master Cure 'or rheumatism. .
t' The politician who cannot lie may as well
j be out ot tb woIu.-r-spanish rroverb.
With a rub 'or two lumbago is often cured
By St. Jacobs Oil.- Small cost, big profits.
He who wants a mule without fault iscit
walk on foot. Spanish Proverb. .
To Care a Cold la One Day
' Take locative Bromo Quinine Tablet,. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
The baby's little game Bawl. Goldea
Days. , '
Sudden cold brings soreness and stiffness,
St. Jacobs Oil brings a cure.
A hypocrite makes more trouble in th
world than a fool. Atchison Globe. t
The proof of it is thousands say St. Ja
eijjOil cured me of neuralgia.
He is a fool who thinks that another doe
not think Spanish Proverb.
At once use St. Jacobs Oil for sprains.
U once it will cure. Athletes know this.
' . i "Your family nave only plebeian
1 i their veins!" hissed his grace.
1 "Weli. you ought to know: you
I -lhem enough."
Grandpa and I are beaus,
Lillian has had hers over a year,
And Harry has got one and calls hsr
And mamma has papa, goodness knows,
So there wasn't any for him and me,
Until he thought It out, you Bee:
"Little love, let us two be beaus,"
, . Says he. , ;
Then In his arms he held me tight
While I smoothed his hair so fine and white,
And sang him a little lullaby song;
And he thought and thought and thought
so long
Till I patted his head
And softly said:
"You mustn't be Ionestom, now we be
long" And then a tear rolled down his nose.
But grandpa and I are the dearest beaus.
-O'Neill Latham, In Brooklyn Life.
How FrnaraHty and Virtue Were He.
warded In the Case of a Young
Kanaaa Farmer.
The story of a Kansas boy contains
food for reflection, and other boys
might profitably follow his example,
Charley Troup is an industrious young
man who lives with his parents on a
farm near Jewell City. Charley's
grandfather is a member of the Troup
family, and the old gentleman exer
cises a great deal of influence over him.
Many times when Charley had lost
money by having a good time with the
boys of the neighborhood he would tell
his grandfather about it. The old gen
tleman worked on Charley several
years before he induced him to change
his habits. Finally the young , man
agreed to hand over to his mother for
her needs all his spare change. He dis
carded his old associates and devoted
his time to work, turning a dollar
wherever he could.
Last week Charley was very much
discouraged. Grandfather Troup made
inquiries as to the cause, and Charley
'told him he had hunted the country
ever for a farm to rent, but had failed.
"If I were you, Charley," said his grand
father, "I would buy a farm instead of
renting." The young man looked at
him with surprise. "You know about
my affairs," said he, "and you know I
haven't any money."
Then the old man stepped into an
other room with $600, which he shoved
over to his grandson and said: "Then:
is the money you gave to your father
and mother, and also the interest it
has earned. Your mother turned every
dollar you gave her over to me and I
caused it to be loaned out for you.
You haven't had quite so many good
clothes a you might have had, nor
had such a sporty time with the boys
as you could have had with more money
to spend, but you showed the kind of
stuff' that was in you when you denied
yourself these things for the sake ot
your father and mother. You may be
sure that wc are all pleased in getting
started, but we are better pleased that
you have this money to help you now
that you have so much real manhdod
and generosity in your character."
Chicago Chronicle.
Mue-Ycar-Old Maine Boy VUlta the
Leather Trade and Sella
Lots of Goods.
Harry Dugan, nine years old, is the
youngest drummer in America. Harry
lives in Bangor, Me., and is the son of
Patrick Dugan, a leather dealer. Since
babyhood Harry has" been fond of stay
ing about the store, where he speedily
became a favorite. It was noticed with
astonishment that the ladi was picking
up a' vast amount of information about
the business. He delighted in investi
gating the most practical details and
rapidly became quite an assistant to
his father.
' Self-reliance is Harry's predominat
ing trait, though he is by no means
pert. After making a number of trips
alone on visits to relatives, it was no
great surprise when Harry undertook
a business trip.
His father had perfect faith that he
would return safe and sound whether
V not he sold any goods.
, . The trip was an immese success. He
returned with, a three-hundredi-dollar
crder for goods', after quite an extensive
trip through the state. Harry is a full
fledged drummer now, and is a decided
favorite with the fraternity. N. Y;
World. '
a a"a aaaa
-'. . Time Told by Taate.
A strange clock waa made during the
last century for a French " nobleman.
The dial wa horizontal, and the figures,
being hollow, were filled with different
sweets or spices. Thus, running hit
finger along the hand, by tasting
the owner could tell the hour without
a light
lie la One of the Host Interesting and
Lively Members of the Great
Insect Family.
I have selected the grasshopper for
this nature-study article because It
represents a class of animals that, in
some particulars, are very much alike.
This class consists in part of locusts,
grasshoppers, ants, dragon flies, bugs,
beetles, fleas, flies, butterflies, bees and
wasps. These all belong to a class
called insects. The word insect comes
from the Latin insectum, which means
cut into or diivide.
The grasshopper is divided into three
parts, head, thorax (chest) and abdo
men. The thorax is composed) of three rings
and on each ring is a pair of legs, mak
ing six legs in all, the hind legs being
adapted for hopping. On the upper
part of the thorax are two pairs of
wings. The four wings are long and
slender and thicker than the hinder,
which are broad and) thin. The hind
wings are the most active in flight, and
when at rest are folded like fans and
tucked under the fore wings, which act
as wing covers. The wings are strength
ened by tubes filled with air. These
tubes are called veins.
On the head, in front of the large com
pound eyes, arc two antennae (feelers).
The antennae are long and round and
serve the double purpose of organs of
touch and of smell. The little pits along
the sides of the antennae serve the pur
pose of a nose. Between the antennae
are the simple eyes.
You see, the grasshopper is well pro
vided with eyes; but he has many ene
mies among birds and beasts yes, and
boys and girls, too and needs to be
constantly on the alert. The "com
pound" eyes consist of many hexagonal
facets, or eyes, which you can see if you
examine carefully.
The mouth of a grasshopper consists
of a lip (marked 5 in the accompanying
picture), two broad jaws (4) adapted
for biting, and two maxillae (6), which
hold and arrange the food to be ground
by the jaws.
One of the most peculiar characer-is-tics
of insects is that they breathe
ty means of a number of tubes. The
air enters the tubes through a row of
breathing holes in the side of the body.
The two large sacks at the base of
the abdomen, just back of. the hind
wings, are the ears. ,
Crickets and grasshoppers produce
sounds by rubbing the base of one wing
cover on the other. Some locusts pro'
duce sounds by rubbing the inner sur
face of the hind legs against the outer
surface of the front wings, and others
by rubbing together the upper surface
of the front edge of the hind wings
ana tne under suriace of tne wing
In walkingthe grasshopper puts dowr
his six legs alternately that is, he
takes the first step by moving forward
legs marked 1, 3, S, in the accompanying
picture, and the next step by moving
forward 2, 4, 6.
The female grasshopper has a tube
at the end of the abdomen by which she
bores holes in wood and earth, whtere
she deposits her eggs.
In proportion to its weight a grass
hopper is much stronger than a horstj,
as it can pull ten times its own weight,
whereas a horse can pull but six
sevenths of its weight. '
Enormous damage is sometimes done
by grasshoppers. In four years the
Rocky mountain locust destroyed $250,
000,000 worth of property. When the
locusts migrate they go in vast clouds,
sometimes obscuring the light of the
sun. When they alight they cover thou
sands of acres and destroy grass and
grain so that the farmer has no grain
to reap nor hay to feed his cattle. The
farmers' greatest aid in fighting tho
locust is coal oil; he is also assisted by
the tachina fly, which destroys vast
number of the locusts' larvae, or
In some parts of thvworld the natives
pound the locusts into powder and out
of the powder make bread. It is said
by some that this bread is very paint
able. Frank K. Gerty, in Chicago
An Odd Restriction;
In the island of New Britain a man
must not speak to his mother-in-law.
Not only is speech forbidden to his rela
tive, but she must be avoided; and if by
chance the lady is met, the scn-ln-law
must hide himself or cover his face.
Should you desire information regarding
rates and through sleeping car routes, first
ilase and tourist, to California address the
undersigned. The Southern Pacific Com
pany's famous Sunset Limited leaves New
Orleans ever Monday and Thursday and
traverses a country where the rigort f our
WinteT and Spring are unknown. W. J.
Berg, T. P. A., 8, P. Co., 220 Ellicott Sq,
Buffalo, N. Y., or W. H. Connor, C. A., 8.
P. Co., Chamber Commerce Bldg., Cincin
nati, Ohio.
Extremely "Fly."
gallant named Cobb met a maiden named
And straightway he sat down beside her,
And quickly proposed in a manner so glib,
That he won her as soon as he spider.
How's" This T
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that can not be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney A. Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
dim perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
put any obligations ni'e by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
- Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per bot
tle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonial
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The wise man always stops to think, but
:- .1 n . r.i. , , s ;
ii a lut rt-Biiy wire one wno min&s witnouc
having to stop. N. Y. Journal.
Holiday Excursions.
Excursion tickets will be sold at all sta
tions on the North-Western line (C. & N.
W. R'y, C. St. P. M. A O. R'y, S. C. & P. R'y
and F. E. & M. V. R. R.) to all other points
on this Bystem and on the Union Pacific
Kailroad. within 200 miles of the sellinit sta
tion, at greatly reduced rates, December 24,
25, 20 and 61, 18US, and January 1 and 2, 18UU,
good until January 4, 1899. Apply to agents
Chicago & North-Western R'y for full par
ticulars. Playwright "My new comedy doesn't
seem to have pleased you specially." Friend
"How so? Didn't I laugh every time I
saw you looking at me?" Fliegende Blaet
ter. Coaching; Leads to Consumption.
Kemp's Balsam will stop the Cough at
once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a
sample bottle free. Large bottles 25 and 50
cents. Go at once; delaytare dangerous. .
Some men even pretend to be well in
formed by pretending to forget what books
they have read. Washington' (la.) Demo
crat. Rheumatism.
Send for information if you are suffering,
to the Rheumatic Treatment Co., Mt. Clem
ens, Michigan, P. O. B. 1002.
He who goes with wolves learns how to
howl. Spanish Proverb.
Manners are largely deceit's own name for
itself. Detroit Journal.
New York. Dec. 12.
FLOUR. t 2 3 85
WHEAT No. 2 red... 74!.a 74
CORN No. 2 40t' W
OATS-No. 2 W?4 80
HYE-No. 2 western t( 0
BEEP Extra mess 8 60 S 00
PORK-Family 10 60 11 00
LARD Western 5 85 45 6 40
BUTTER Western creamery. 14 HO
CHEESE Larue white 10
EGGS-Western to 25
WOOL Domestic fleece 17 22
Texas. 13 H 16
CATTLE Steers. 4 60 ( 5 60
SHEEP..... 00 4 62S4
HOGS. 3 TO to i 75
FLOUR Winter wheat pat's. . 4 15 4 30
Minnesota patents.. 4 OS 1 16
Minnesota bakers.. 8 20 i 3 25
WHEAT No. 2 red 86 67
CORN-ShelHd. No. 2 yellow . . Sfl? S8!4
OATS-No. 2 white, 31 31
BUTTER Creamery, ArstR... 22 . 24S4
CHEESE York state, cream. 10 11
Ohio state 0
EGGS Fresh laid 22 a 24
POTATOES-Per bushel 80 & 40
SEEDS Prime timothy 1 10 & 1 25
Clover. 5 00 625
HAY-Tlmothy fl 50 8 2.
Bulk on market 8 hO & 10 01)
CATTLE Steers, choice 4 85 4 6.5
SHEEP. 2 75 8 60
HOGS-Mediums 3 30 & 835
FLOUR Fancy 8 05 3 20
WHEAT No. t red 67 67tf
CORN No. 2 mixed H3X$ 84
OATS No. 2 mixed '. 28 28
KYE-No. 2 Wt 57
HOGS 2 (10 3 80
WHEAT-No. 2 cash. 67 68
CORN No. 2 mixed HSU 84
OATS-No. 2 mixed 2t)X 27
BEEVES Good cows 3 23 3 65
Veals 8 75 W 7 25 .
SHEEP Mixed 4 15 & 4 80
Best lambs. 5 50 5ft 5 60
HOGS Yorkers and mediums 8 37(2 3 40
Pigs 880 (a) 885
BEEVES Extra 5 10 5 85 .
Good 4 65 a 4 HO
SHEEP Best wethers 4 50 4 60
Choice lambs..' 6 20 m 6 85
HOGS Prime heavy 8 40 8 45
Pigs.... 8 30 3 15
v 4
A perfect type of the
highest order of
, DeliciousNutritious.
Be sor yoo gtt tht senuliw articlt
mad at DorcnasUr, Mm., by
CtTABllftHtD 1TM. ,
WWWWw f?f f WW VVff ff f f v
Cam Ton Solye This Faasle Versef
"A simple g:o-betwen am I,
Without a thoug-ht of pride:
I part the gathered thoughts of men, .
And liberally divide.
I set the soul of Shakespeare free,
To Milton's thoughts give liberty,
Bid Sidney speak with freer speech,
Let Spenser sing and Taylor preach.
Though through all learning swift I glide,
No wisdom doth with me abide."
If you can solve the foregoing, and send
the correct answer to George H. Ilea fiord,
General I'aKsentrer Aaent. Chicago. Milwau
kee & St. Paul Railway, Old Colony Build
ing, Chicago, together with a two-cent
stamp, he will send you what it calls for.
HI Way of 'Advertising.
Charles I don't see how Blank can make
any money out of that tobacconist's busi
ness of his. He's always smoking the best
cigars himself.
Fred Oh, that's his method of advertis
ing. 7'How so?"
"Puffing his goods." Stray Stories.
Go Sooth Thin Winter.
For the present winter season the Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad Company has
improved its already nearly perfect through
service of Pullman Vestibuled Sleeping
Cars and elegant day coaches from Cincin
nati, Louisville, St. Louis and Chicago, to
Mobile, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast,
Thoma'sville, Ga., Pensacola, Jacksonville,
Tampa, Palm Beach and other points in
Florida. Perfect connection will be made
with steamer lines for Cuba, Porto Rico,
Nassau and West Indian ports. Tourist
and Home-Seekers excursion tickets on sale
nt low rates. Write C. P. Atmore, General
Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., for par
ticulars. A Village' Pessimist.
Si I didn't see you follerin' our new band
tnis mornin .
Rube No. I didn't have no gun. In
dianapolis Journal.
To California.
Attention is called to the excellent serv
ice of the North-Western Line to Califor
nia apd the favorable rates which have
been made for single and round-trip tick
ets for this season s travel. Best accom
modations in first-class or tourist sleeping
Lira, which run through every day in the
year, fersonally-conducted tourist car
parties every week to California ad
Oregon. Choice of a large number of
different routes without extra charge.
Particulars cheerfully given upon appli
cation to agents Chicago & North-Western
R y, or connecting lines.
To Be Determined Later.
Reed Ah, I see you are busy. Writing for
Wjgh't I don't know yet. CineinnatJ
Lane's Family Medicine.
Moves the bowels each day. In order to
be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on
the liver and kidneys. Cures sick head
ache. Price 25 and 50c.
The more doctors a man has, the less cer
tain are they what ails him, and the more
certain are other people. Detroit Journal.
For Infant
.crTTiivm vurra tt tti-j
Yoo can do it. The finest agricul
tural land in the world lies West of the
Mississippi River. Prices are low and
farmers are prosperous. You can get
valuable information by reading "Thb
Corn Belt," which is the handsomest
farm paper ever published. It is beau
tifully illustrated and contains exact
and strictly truthful information about
the West. Issued monthly. Send 25c.
for a year's subscription to "Thb Corn
Belt," 209 Adams St., Chicago, Ills.
SO Chirk CfiftC
Mr. M T. Dotal. Old
Church ,Va. I halehrd
In 8 hatchea and naver bufor w an Incubator. W
ppU Ihl nd all other Incubator w make on 80
PAYS TKIAU Send 4e for No. 1 Catalogue,
EUC'ltKYE 1NCUUATOK CO.. Springfield, Ohio.
fl Christinas WMm
Do rou want to earn aomathlnr tnr i:hHitjn..i u
fan put you In the way of making S)14. without in
terfrrlnitwlth rrgnlarooouptlon. Krrn children can
arn 5 between achool hour. Something entirely
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quired, a aval ontllt will he lent on receipt of a-rent
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Top Snap T'
Complete! I
Letter 0
41 8 CI Kf I n H ITU
n Rfl DC vNEWD,SCOVEvilv
lltVril I quick rellal and cure worn
cane. Soud lor book of temlinonlala and 10 da'
trattaMBt i rew. a. M. u. Muavs aoiiii,uiuu,u.
tim t, 1.1
I i Beat Cough Syrup. Taaiee tiood. Bsc f I
I I 3 In time, fluid by dttiralrtJi. I 1
si aUJ LJ
Pe never did: but we bate
seen the clothing at this time
of the year so covered with
dandruff that it looked a if it
bad been out in a regular snow
storm. No need of this no watonn.
As the Bummer sun would
melt the falling snow so will
melt these flakes of dandruff in
the scalp. It goes further than
this: it prevents tneir formation.
It has still other properties:
it will restore color to gray bair
in just ten times out ot every
ten cases.
And it does even more: it
feeds and nourishes the roots
of the bair. Thin hair becomes
thick bair; and short bair be
comes long hair.
We have a book on the Hair
and Scalp. It is yours, for the
Tf vam .In tint nhffitti til tha banftflt
tou expected tram the me of th Vigor,
write tilt doctor (bout it. Probably
thre la tome difficulty with roar gen
eral ijBtem which may be eaally r-
DR. J. C. AXB, loweu, Bat.
and Children
Over Thirty Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
MUNpaV HTr irwwR CITY.
" Vnt.hlru. h. vhA.
faras the are 00a Id reaob
on either side: what yoa
ml(ihl call a aea ot
wheat," wa what a lect
urer apeaklng of Weat-
Cflr!ri3pf J1" 10 "!", country.
fVfHki-r'rVot particulars mats
JdKl.l at - -1 route, railway fare etc.,
: - r appiy 10 lanaawn uor-
rrniuent Agent. Department Interior, Ottawa,
Ctitiada. or to M. V. McLNNEH. Mo. 1 MerriTl
muck. Detroit. Mich.
Allen'a Uleerlne ftavlve Is the only sure cure la
tbe world for Chroale I'leera, Bih Clerre,
erornlona Deere, Varicose I'leera, Walt
Dwelling, Fewer Bare, and all Old lerea it
nerer falls. Drawaoutall poison. Hares expenie and.
suffering. Curesjiermanent. Bost salve for Holla,
t'arbnnelee. File. Halt Rkewaa, Bans. :
and all Freak Woaad. By mall, small. Ho; large,
Sic, Book free. J. a. AI.I.KN MtUIClAiji
att. ratal, MlBB. Bold by Drwexla a.
AassB,$ BYE
A Natural Dlaok with
BucMisgham'o Dye
M eta. of drug ituw R.P.Hall It Co.,Nahua,N.H
All kinds of Books for Horn AmuHcment. Including
I0 Nw Ply Just lud. Charades. Keoltsrs, CbU
?r a Plays, Negro Flays. Dialogues, Mrs. Jarley s
Wx Works, Ki.lry Plats, Vaper fesnsry, Pla) fo
Male Characters onlv, Tableau! ViTnnts, Make-up
Materials. Amateur's Guide to the Stage. Outile to
Selecting Plsys. "How to Mk Up." KAMI FL
rHI.Mll. SO W, OSSd Xew Tor, city.
INVENTORS HELPED. For further rtlr"lara writ.
.. Sigma, Vlmlala e. aaallt HI., Wasklagtsa, B.C.
A. N. K.-C
iae atate that yen saw tbtj Ady rU
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