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Mlnard Hendricks, great detective, Jurt
returned from Boston, finds Awaiting him
an unsigned typewritten letter directing
htm to apartments in Palace hotel, where
lie wll find remains of Mr. Weldon Caruth
ers currently reported for past t-wo weeks
to be out of town. Detective seeems to con
nect letter with attempt made on his own
life tome time previous. Ooes with friend,
Dr. Lampkln, to Invesigate. Upon search
of Caruthers' apartments remains of cre
mated body and Jeweled hand of victim
re found In a vase. Hand bears marks of
finger nails manicured to sharp points.
Lampkln recalls reports of a row between
Caruthers and Arthur Glelow, both suitors
for hand of Dorothy Huntington, who Is
, heiress to several millions should she marry
Caruthers, unconditionally In case of Car
uthers' death Late that night Hendricks
and Lampkln call at home of Miss Hunting-
ton. Dorothy shows detective typewritten
letter, which was an invitation for herself
and aunt to occupy with Count Harrtlnnl,
Italian nobleman, his box at horse show,
as he was called out of town by pressing
business. She recalls Olelow had expressed
before murder Intense hatred for Caruthers
and believes him guilty, yet decides to help
him, and with her aunt goes to his studio.
Olelow has tied. His servant, Hvnrl, tells
of overhearing confession to Bantlnnl.
Henri thought his master Insane. Hcn
ricks, concealed In room, hears all this.
Hendricks goes to consult Kola, an Eust
Indian Interested In occult researches who
had helped him In much previous detect
ive work, and located In an old colonial
mansion among the puliaudes. Dr. Lamp
kln Is summoned by Hendricks, who has
been shot. Bullet is removed and detect
Ive warned not to leave his room. Hen
dricks' unknown enemy had tried to chlo
roform htm In his sleep. Detective hud
wnked Just fn time, but was wounded by
pistol shot before he could prevent his as
sailant's escape. Hendricks call for a cre
matory employe, who confirms the sup
position that a.ihes found were thoso of
human body. Miss Huntington receives
letter from Glelow In his own handwriting
postmarked at Charleston, 8. C, telling of
his crime and flight. Noted graphologist
examines handwriting of this letter and
ays It Is genuine. During a call on Scrgt.
Pentium, detective of po'.lce department.
Hendricks comes into porscssicn of cuff
with words written In blood over Oielow's
name to effect that he was Innocent, starv
ing and confined, tolng to Ulf low's studio,
Henri Identities cuff as his master's, lltr.rl
tells of strange influence' Bur.tinnl had
over Olelow. Hendricks comes to conclu
sion Bantlnnl was the murderer, ai.d
through hypnotism made Olelow cor.fs.
both in person to Henri and by Utters tu
others. Hendricks and Lampkln go to
Kola's, retreat. Kola ttlU tlum tJklow
Is dead, and to prove his supernatural
powers claims to go to detective's home In
his astral body and bring back a Bible,
which Is handed to Hendricks amlist a
lot of occult haberdash. Kcla warns de
tective an attempt is to be made on his lift.
Beaching home, Hendricks teams how
nearly Kola deceived him when his mother
.tells of disappearance of BiMe afur one
of Kola's calls during his nhnce In Eos
ton. Coming now to Gielow'.i experiences,
the story goes back to night of murder,
Bantlnnl by his strange power abducted
hit victim. Glelow wakes In narrow cell
1 and realises he Is starving. Bantlnnl teKs
his prisoner he Is In his power, and how
' during three days of unconsciousness he
had been used to write letters to .Miss Hunt
ington and the, police. The Imprisoned art
ist manages to loosen a stem" In aide of cell.
Through this opening h? decides to send a
message to the outsue wor.d.
Oiclow did not flinch as he thrust the
knife blade into his wrist. Compared
, to the agony of his whole being, the
alight pricking sensation was nothing.
Then, when the blood had flowed out
and stood in a big drop on his left wrist,
lie began to write his message with the
knife blade. It was difficult work even
ior a skillful artist, for his hand shook
as if with ague, and his strength was al
most gone. Here in what he wrote,
economizing in words, for his space was
"Innocent. Confined by C. Bantlnnl I
know not where. Send help. Starving.
Take to police. ARTHUR GIELOW."
Thenrolling the cuff tightly and
. tying it with the thread, he hurriedly
pushed it into the crack. He was
afraid the couple would rise and walk
on. According to his calculations the
roil lodged just beyond the reach of his
fingers and then he set about to com
plete his operation.
He tore his handkerchief into shreds
and tying the ends together he made
a long string. Then holding pieces of
straw to his hand he tightly wrapped
them with the strings till he had con
structed a rod of straw nbout four feet
In length. With this, after many fail
ures, he finally pushed the cull through
the crevice, lie. tuw It fall from the
rock, strike something and leap into the
sunlit space. For un instant it was
lost to sight, and then he saw it roll
into the roadway about. 20 feet from the
pair on the bench. They happened to
be gazing into each other's eyes anil did
not see it. Then a carriage, the driver
of which wore a high hat and a blue
coat with brass buttons, whirled past.
The hoofs of the horses knocked the
blood-stained messenger out of (Jielow's
His heart Bank within him. Trem
blingly he took oil his remaining culf,
but the blood drop had become smeared
and dry on his wrist, and his right
hand shook pitifully.
"It's no use," he said, with a groan.
Again he peered through the crevice.
The sun seemed to be going down. The
lovers had risen, and, arm in arm, were
strolling away. For a few moments
Glelow lay motionless on the straw,
then he tried to replace the wedge of
atone to hide the opening from Iltin
tinni. but he was so weak that It fell
from his nerveless fingers.
All at once It grew dark about him.
He felt as If he were being tossed on the
bosom of an angry sea.
Twenty-four hours later there was a
lurried step outside. The door opened
and Count Ilnntinni came in, holding a
lantern over bis head. lie brought pen,
ink, a pad of paper nnd an envelope.
The durkness outside auel the shine of
his lantern prevented his teeing the
crock in the rock.
Putting the lantern down by the ar
tist, he shook him violently.
"Wake up," he said, gruffly. "I want
jfon to write, Write! Write, I say!"
But Glelow did not stir.
The count swore sullenly and lifted
the lantern so that Us rays fell across
the prisoner's face. H thrust his fin
. rjers lnfi the bosom of (Jielow's shirt,
"Breathing, but that Is all!" be mut
tered. "Ah!" as his eyes noted the pen
knife and the bloody wrist, "he wanted
to punctnre a vein and get it over, but
wns too cowardly. Well, you are going
fast enongh, my boy. I can do without
jrour jv-Btnanship." ,
n unlocked the manacles from the
prisoner's wrists and ankle, kicked
them aside and left the cell.
The next morning after the visit to
Kola Hendricks reached his office be
fore his office boy. The first thing he
did was to look through the Herald for
his advertisement.
It was there, word for word as he had
written it. Now he told himself that
there was nothing to do but to hope for
a reply to it. He busied himself writ
ing letters until nine o'clock, ana men
Or. Lampkin hurried In.
"Good morning," he said. "I couldn't
go to work to-day with 11 this uncer
tainty on my mind, so I came right here
to await developments."
"(ilad you came," said nendricks, cor
dially, as he bent aijuin over his desk.
When he had laid his pen aside Lamp
kin said:
"I hardly slept a wink last night. I
coultlin't get that wonderful perform
ance of Kola's out of my head. It is in
adsur.ee o'f miythlng I ever heard of.
Hendricks laughed o?nd recounted
what had occurred between him and
tt is mother on his arrival nt home.
"Ah, a trick, after all!" cried the doc
tor, and then his face hardened under
an nfterthought, "but you certainly
mentioned the Bibb of your own ao
"That's the point that kept me awake
last night," confessed Hendricks, dryly.
For a moment both men were sileut,
then Lampkin said:
"There is only one way In which he
could have done it."
"How is that?" asked Hendricks,
deeply interested.
"Kola hud the llible ready, and when
he told you to select some article at
home I noticed that he gazed steadily
into your eyes. Through telepathy nnd
hypnotism combined he must hnT- Im
pressed the idea of the book on your
"Hut he opposed me in that, he"
"That was only for effect. The whole
thing was most skillfully done. He
suggested the Bible to you hypnotical
ly, and forced you to demand that and
nothing else."
"Can that sort of thing be done?"
"In the c-a:.t it is considered mere
chi'd's play."
Hendricks stared at his friend for a
moment, then he brought his hand
down on his desk with a resounding
"By Jove! that makes three!" he ejac
ulated. "Three what?" asked the doctor.
"Three similarities between Kola and
Count Ilanl inui."
"I don't follow you," said Lampkin,
leanhig forward eagerly.
"J!y Jove! it makes four," cried Hen
dricks, his eves sparkling. "Listen. As
he lay there last night ami grew whiter
and whiter, I remarked a little indenta
tion on each side of his nose, which
must have been made by a pair of pinch-
nose glasses. "ow, as Kola never, to
my knowledge, wore glasses, and as
Bantinni was never secn.without them,
that similarity occurred to me. Next
my glance wandered to his long finger
nails, and their grewsome points, and
Bantinni popped into my head again
Then what should enter my mind but
that it was Kola himself who had often
used that foreign Idiom, odntalncd in
the letter to Miss Huntington. And now
we know that Kola is a hypnotist of rare
ability, and so is Bantinni.
An exclamation of wonder escaped
the doctor's His.
"Do you really think Kola and Ban
tinni are identical?
"Oh, no," laughed the detective. "If
I did I should act at once. The similari
ties are there, but they may mean noth
ing at all."
At this junctuie the door opened, and
Sergt. Denham entered. His whole
manner was that of a man who had sud
denly met with great disappointment,
"Good morning, Capt. Hendricks,"
said he, respectfully, and he made 0
careless sign of greeting to Dr. Lamp
kin. "Oh, it's Capt. Hendricks, eh?" said
the detective, lightly. "What has come
over the spirit of your dream, my boy ?
The sergeant sat down awkwardly.
A flush was rising in his checks. .
"I have come to beg for advice," he
said. "As you are not concerned in the
Caruthers affair, I thought you might
be willing to give me a pointer. You
see, the chief trusted the whole business
to me, and I was so confident of the re
liability of certain Information 1
"in the shape of a letter from (Jie
low?" broke in Hendricks, smiling
"Yes," admitted the sergeant, in as
tonishment. "How did you know?
"A letter that every known expert
declared was no forgery?
"Well, go on. I'm listening."
For a moment the young officer hung
his head in embarrassment, then he
pulled himself together and concluded:
"But in following the letter tjp we met
with nothing but failure. Mr, Hen
dricks, I am at theendotmyrope.andit
really looks as If I am going to be set
back. Capt. ilcltue is furious at me.'
"Ah, that would be 'oo bad!" said
Hendricks, with a touch of genuine sym
pathy In his voice. "Y'ou have the in
gredients of success in your make-up,
and, above all, you have enthusiasm
which, wheh H i well curbed, Is the
main thir.g. Your egotism will rub off,
I see exactly bow the land lies, and1 I
want to help you. In fact, I will, if you
will join me.
"I'll do anything in God's world you
suggest, Mr. Hendricks, said the ser
geant, warmly, a hopeful note coming
into his voice.
Well, just let it be known at head
quarters that you have beoome asso
ciated with me in the case, and together
we will get what we can out of it. I
am no fool, and I know, that for a
young detective to join me will be noi
discredit to him, especially if wes win."
It will be the making of me, said
Denham, beaming aH ovef.. "BuH can't
see what can be done."
"I can," answered Hendricks, with a
glance askance at Lampkin. "Sergeant,
I have been hard at work on this case
since the night the affair was discov- -
ered." ......
"You have!"
"Yes, and never got any substantial
clew till you gave It to me. That's why
I am willing to help you now.
"I gave it to you?" said Denham, hia
brow contracted.
The cuff with the bloody message on
it," exclaimed Hendricks. "It was writ
ten by Gielow, and he is now starring,
if be is not dead, somewhere in confine
ment. Ho is in the power of a certain
Count Ilantlnni you read it 'Buntam'
who was a rival of his for the hand of
MUs Huntington."
Dcnhnm's astonishment was too great
to admit of expression.
Hendricks passed a copy of the Her
ald over to him. "You see," he said, in
dicating with his finger a place among
the personals. "I am trying to find th
man whom you sent away without tak
ing down his address. If we knew where
be picked up that cuff we would be on
the road to success.
Denham crossed his legs and folded
his arms awkwardly. Apparently he
had u struggle with his pride.
'As far as thai is concerned, he said,
sheepishly, "I can help you on that
point. I remember now that my as
sistant, who talked with the fellow,
told me that he said he had picked up
tnc cuff on the new road which hoi
been cut by an old colonial house abovi
Fort Lee, on the lHilisades. I could havj
told you then, but I was an ass. I waj
so full of my own importance that i
simply lied to you."
Hendricks raised his open hani It
the air, all the lingers apart. He was
gazing into Lumpkin's astonished eyes,
"Five! he exclaimed. "Horn ana
Count Bantinni ore one nnd the same.
Gielow is confined somewhere ubout th
old house."
The sergeant was more than mysti
Hendricks sprang up.
"Explain it all to h'.m, doctor," he
said, pointing to Hie officer. "1 must
formulate a plan of immediate action.'
lie stood at tlie window, Ins nanus
locked behind him, while Lampkln was
explaining the matter to Deuhuin, und
just after the doctor had finished, h
whirled into Hie adjoining room, rout
ing (he astonished office boy from i
seat near the telephone.
'We must prepare Ko'.a for our com
ing," he said to Denham. "If he see.
our turn-out approaching he may givt
us the slip. I think lcun tlx him by call
ing him up u moment."
"Good idea," remarked the sergeant
and he and the doctor drew near the
Hendricks rang and in a steady, un
concerned toue asked for the deairec
connection. For a moment he stood
perfectly still, holding the receiver tc
bis ear, then he luughed.
"Hello, Kola! I know your voice. 1
say, my boy, you played me fine last
night. I never closed my eyes once.
Oh, you needn't laugh. There's no fun
iu that sort of thing.
"What? Yes, he's upset too. lie wm
in my office as soon as I was, anxioui
to talk it over. He lost sleep, too, 1
think. But, I s:iy, Kola, I am in a
dilemma about this murder case. 1
wont your advice. When I tell you what
I half way suspect I think you may ad
vise me to go ahead. If you have ii
objections I'll come out with Lamp
kin and give you my views and then 1
you still hold that I ougu: to drop the
matter I will do it.
"What's that? A little louder, please 5
"Oh, yes, a thorough convert at last
I shall never make sport of your phil
osophy again. Then we may come out
at once?"
And then, although the doctor wai
within reach of is hand, Hendricki
raised his voice as if t .leaking to so ml
one in the next room.
"All right, doctor, he suys we maj
come. I'll send down for a cab."
Imposing silence with a ge.ure ol
the hand, the detective led them intc
the other room and closet! the door.
"He's completely oft hl guard, and
tickled to death over my credulity.
He'll be the worst surprised Individual
that ever looked down the barrel of I
six-shooter. Now, to business. We'll
all three take the elevated to One Hun
dred and Twenty-fifth street. I'll tele
phone for a carriage to meet us t'.lere.
Doctor, make out as order for some
restoratives. In case Gielow Is aliw; w
will need thein."
Dr. Lampkln penciled a perseripilon.
and snt the olK-c boy to the nearest
drug store.
"I hope," he remarked to Hendricks,
"that you are jure, of your ground iu be
lieving that olaand Bantinni are iden
tical." "Oh, that's all right," grunted Hen
dricks. "You sec, the count didn't
eunse Gielow to disappear the verj
night 1 got back without a reason. He
must have been keeping n close vmtch
on my movements and knew when I re
turned. My mother tells me thatKolj
called to ask about me every afternoon
during my absence, and h never let a
dny slip during that time without drop
ping in this office. Why, every time he
came he saw his letter to me lyihg un
opened on my desk. Oh, the whole
thing bears the imprint of the Indian,
and I could make it clear to you if I had
time. In his role as psychic adviser to
the rich set he got acquainted with
their ways, and, being desirou of get
ting rich suddenly, he resorti'l to the
Italiun nobleman ruse. He fnlt that 1
knew him better than anyon"! eise In
Xew Y'ork, nnd tried to blow foe out ol
his path. Falling in that, he may have
decided to let me exist awhli longer,
but when he had stained his hrnds with
human blood he became shaky and
made another trial at my whtc.pipe.
His Frond Descent.
' 0'Brien--Aml so Jaykers ll proof) av
hla rk-sciut, is he? ,
McTnrk YIs, he is turribly stuck up
about- It.' ' !
"Well,' begorra, Ol've a bit at a de-
cint mesilf to boast about. 01 deacind-
ed four stories wait whln the ladder
broke and nlver sphilled a brick!"-
Chicago Evening News.
Gathered by Telegraph From All
, Parts of tha Stats. ! ,
Sherman Does Not Want the OfflesM
Cineinnaitl, May . Horry B. Tro
basco, formerly United States district
attorney here and a relative of John
Sherman, has made public itfoe follow
ing letter from the ex-secretary, in ref
erence to the rumors that he would be
a candidate for governor of Ohio: "You
are right in supposing that I have no
thought oj being nominated or elected
governor "of Ohio. . I do not want the
office and could not, accept it in my
present 'condition- ,of health and
strength. No man nt the age of 76
ought to undertake the performance of
the many details of an executive office.
You are authorized. to say that I am,
not a oandidnte for governor."
Jones AsHSHts His (Candidacy;
Toledo,, May 5. Mayor Jones - last
night nnnoura-etl ithatJie will be a" can
didate for governor at the next repub
lican state convention. Reynold Volt,
the mayor's private secretary, has filed
with the board of elections a specimen
ballot to be used at the republican pri
mary, containing a list of 24 delegates
to be voted for to represent Lucas
county at the coming state convention.
The specimen ballot is headed "Jones
for governor" and carries a picture of
the mavor. In the list of names are
several Who were managers in Mayor
Jones' recent campaign. All the men
on the Jones ticket are pledged to sup
port him at the convention.
Gen, Force I Dead,
Snndttskv. Mav 9. Gen. Manning F.
Force, commandant of the Ohio Sol
diers' Home, died at the home near this
citv Monday nfternoon. He entered
the army in 1SG1 ns lieutenant colonel,
was promoted to brigadier general In
isr,3 and was breveted major general in
ISM. He was appointed colonel of the
regulars in 18115 and declined. He
served on the bpnch over 20 years at.
Cincinnati as judge of the superior
court. He was frequently mentioned
for governor, me-mlier of congress and
senator, but declined all.
Is a .Honey itlukln Mold.
Bellnire, May 0. The Jackson Ridge
oil field in Monroe county, a short dis
tance south of Wocdsheld, )., has far
more monev-making wells than the
public has any idea of. The daily pro-
luotion is about 2.000 barrels, and is
on the increase. Half of this produc-
nn U estimated to belong to one oper
ator mimed Bamsdalc and the men In
terested with him. In this field there
?.re 17 producing wells, a few being gas
Out of the Combine,
Cincinnati, May 6. James Levy &
Bro. have refused to accept payment
of S1.S30.II00 for their plant from the
Kentucky Distillers and Warehouse
Co. under what the latter claims to be
an option agreement and this big firm
is now out of the combine. The firm
claimed the right to continue making
and selling whisky after being noti
fied that their option had been accept
ed. A Desperate Vlght at Shelby.
Shelby, May 9. Twenty tramps en
gaged In a drunken fignt near the depot
here last evening and two of them were
badly shot. James O'Brien, who gave
the address of 48 Clark street, Xew
York City, Is shot near the heart and in
the arm and h-g. He says he is a la
borer nnd was once n printer nnd re
porter. Tlu- other man, Gaston Frady,
cf Indianapolis, is shot in the brick.
Argued an Important Case,
Cincinnati, May 9. In the United
Sta'tes district court yesterday, before
Judge Thompson, the hearing of argu
ments begin in the consolidated enses
of the Tinted States against the Ches
apeake & Ohio Fuel Co. and 1" other
companies in the Kanawha valley, West
Virginia, on the charge of having vio
lated the .Sherman anti-trust law.
Adopted a Wage Scale,
Columbus, May 8. The National
Protective Association of Tin I'late
Workers adjourned Friday, having
adopted a scale which is being careful
ly guarded from the public. The asso
ciation selected Klwood, Ind., for per
manent headquarters and decided to
hold the next convention in Pittsburg.
Death of Judge Lawrence.
Rellefontnine. May 9 Judge William
Lawrence, of this city.ex-coniptroller of
the treasury of the United Stutes, presi
dent of the Xationnl Association o)
Wool Growers, and prominent in vari
ous busines-i enterprises ns well as In
polities, died at Kenton Monday. He
was 80 years of age.
Ulce Is Champlou,
Zanesville, May 9. The mounted
broadsword contest between Duncan C.
Ross, of Xew York, and Capt. W. S.
Bice, of Columbus, 0., at the fair
grounds 'here last night, for the cham
pionship of the world was awarded to
To be a Slate Event.
Toledo, May 4. The funeral ol
George B. Meek, the first Ohio soldier
killed in the Spanish war, will be held
at Clyde on the 11th. It will be made
a state event. Senator Foraker will
deliver the address.
Is IVIovlng Out or Toledo,
Toledo, May 8. The Standard Oil
Co. is moving its Toledo business to
South Bend, Ind. It is the ultimate
Intention of the Stair-lard to close the
Toledo office. Ten men have already
been transferred.
Eleetrle Railroad to be Built.
Canal Dover. May 0. An electric
railroad between historic Gnudenhut
ten, south of here, and Uhrichsville Is
assured, and after the arrangement
of a few details the construction work
will begin. The promoters are monied
men from Gnadenhutten, who are as
sisted by some New York capital.
Wages Advanced.
Xenla, Mav 6. The Hoven & Allison
Cordage Co. has announced an increase
of 10 per cent. In the wages of its em
ployes. This affects two of the largest
mills in the country, both located
Died from Lockjaw.
Columbus, May 0. Mrs. I'aulus Dot
ter died Friday of lockjaw, after two
weeks of intense suffering. About twe
weeks ago she accidentally ran a
splinter into her right hand. She paid
no attention to It until last Wednes
day, when she consulted a doctor. She
was then suffering from lockjaw.
Killed by a Cat's Bite.
Cleveland, May 8. Joseph Hackman,
a mason contractor, died at Charity
hospital Friday from lockjaw, the re
sult of being bitten ten days ago by
the family cat. Mr. Hackman waa 119
years of age.
jlDDEN ty tke professional jraeer, ft ha proven a winner
oftener than any In competition. Kidden by the non
professional, by the "acorcher," for business of pleasure, it
has a record second to none. Material used in its construction,
pains-taking: care in manufacturing- details, ease in running, and
handsome, symmetrical design are a few of its claims for superiority.
Reasonable prices, coupled with high values, are characteristics of
the WHITE." Our long established reputation guarantees the
excellence of our product
Models A and B...... ............ $50.00
Model Q (30-ln. wheel).. 60.0O
"Special Racer" 65.0O
Models E and F (chalnless) 75. OO
White Sewing Machine Company,
Fo5a,e "y WEBSTER & CO.
send us OWE DOLLAR
IHPiilltklt ll ilU 111 statX flHLUsl UKtiiX. 1T fr!-! C,
tiMlaftiiM. Voucnoiaml It at your neaint freight utit,
n.Wf ynurtnilit exftrllr re prewn ttl, equal to orgm Unit
r?UtlsU ?6.00 to lOO.OO, thu'ivattvaluo)ouBverawiinfi
farbetUrtbanoriraiuaUTertlsaii by othera at more money, fMiy
the freight aent our upcrlat Hit dujV offer price $3l.5f
jul h nlk.ra hiiola u nOi-P mua tit-VCr ItlUtie llfl'ore.
THE ACME QUEEN Iionoof tlieao.tl). Kill Liu mi BfflHTIfrr
TiiNKO uwruMrta cternuU. Krotn ttie IlluKtratiun uliowti, wtnub
UeiitrrarfU direct I rum a inniojrrapu,yout'aii lurriiBttiinuiuomuiii
brautiTuI apixBarniice. juaue irnm aoiiu qusncr Bun en
lau-at ltr.t at. If. TUB 1 UK Ol KfcS if 8 tct't b Inchea CiD,
iiiiolioioni(,symrliowlda and welu'h" pounm. uon-
laltlltJ OCtavos, II BKpa, aVB Iiuiowb: ivispam, rrtatvriiai,
Caviller. DlaBUuR For! and Toi HtwaBii ll Oetan dHtiilora,
I Tun swell. 1 wua urjta Bireii, bu urmivii iobpsj
Bank, or Corn KichaoKn Nat. Bank, Chicago; or Herman
Hr-JOBitor? VlpeguBlllj lid, l ott oi mi iDroDwrit Hfioai iv run iiWaij-T,.', J g ? 1- -IJl
JUr-da, I ! rs 7 lbarnlriglTliriHaaiLaiMWneW, nn i ; . .";A1.c-. 'TTt - dl I't
4 lll(hMlkHtaoUUIapaMIUdi, t Hrl mt U Ptf aalnB kL , ' VMjl kj S
Brttf-MtaafWaelp. dt. TIIK A( MK Qt KKN ao I P: toZ.iiZA-m I 'V- y&Z'f
util In tlie hlg-liett Rraile liiitruiiientni lilted with Haav nu 51) a V -v g 2
MfJ Conpkra and Toi II o-ana, alno beat liulira felU, W' M " J' -'' IS 'f 1
lMlbett,etP.,ll.owBof the te f ; A'i'jy. I
betlowat-torkand flnodt loatlier tn Talvei. 'IIIE ff . . I
M'MK qi KKN Is furnished with a luil boTeled J-T ;: Is',.' . il iW '
pi to Krench mirror, nickel plaUsd podal frame, fe1 Vi-- u- -y. IR
and every modern ImproTement. Wt fund In haaaV n - .. , .., , Ap
mmm aaatool aad lac IjMltwilaitriictloB book pvblUbaaV W:"' ""' . --i'i t;" .r- ' '.'h
GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. W!"" jN, St- " ' ' fl
Imue a written bhidlnif -ver guftrante. by tits ",7m. t J.'
terms and condition! of which If anj irt glvM out Kirr''- ' 2t
w repair It free frbarge. Try It one month and f lWt"k " tt
we will refund Tour mouejr If you are hot perfectly . J CO J.V-&y Jf.
Mtlined.60uofthCMOrveniwlllheeoldSt4ll.te. f':!1 If OuAJf Jf
tIKIIKR AT OMOK. DON'T DK1.AY. U I ljl-si&-l if
not dealt with u ult your neip hhor shout ui. write ? fft" -ef tetteUt 4 ''
Company in unicaso, we aate aeaauii el eter SIVO.UOO.UV, octuiy enure one OI ine lareea, uu-ium ii--n
Chicago, and employ nearly S.0W1 people In our own building, ns BKU. UKuaAS AT SaS.UO aee epi rlAMlS, SI It-OS
aej att alio everything In muelt-al InitrumenU at lowest
and muster ' Instrument calalo&ue. AUUrets,
8 CARS, ROEBUCK tfc CO. (Inc.), Fulton,
I haws need Blpaaj TabnlM with so ranch satis
IsottOD that 1 eao cbaerfullr raoouunend tbem.
Bars been troubled for about three years with
what I called bilious attacks ooailni on reiularly
once a waek. Was told by dlSersnt physicians
that 11 was oansed by bad teeth, of which I bad
earrrsl I bad tbs teeth eilracted, but the at.
tanks eonUnued. I bad aeea adtertlsemenu of
Mpaaj Tabnlat la all tha papers but had no faith
In then, but about six weeks since a friend In
dooed me to try them. Hare taken but two of the
Small taat boxes of the Tabulee and hate had
no recturwQOS) of the attacks. Bavs never glTsn a
txwtlaaoaJBl for anything before, but tha arret
amtnal of food which I believe has been don on
by Rlpejsl Tabulee laduoes me to add mine to tha
in any lewttaaoalals loa doubtlsss bavs la your
w. v x. intwixT.
I was tsiaforayoa,
la wwra. exf bbrkset
praise, l tha aeaent
I hai slecived from
aisaaa Tabulae. I ass a
profess! naal aares and
la this fMrofessloi. a deal
bead k) always seeded.
Hi peas TatxUee doss II.
After esM 1 say oasea I
ma Sew a. Acting on the
ad vie of mt. Oo. Bow.
er, PV MS Newark
At, ieney aty, I look
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine: Cures the
common every-day
ill of humanity.
graae I
eesaay eras troubled
wlta kearlkura and
sleep) less sss, eautrd by
Indlgeeuoa, for a good
maay rears. One day
the saw larUnioaial
In the paair Indorsing
Rlsess Taeniae, ah
determined ie give tbem
a trial, was greatly
re'Vived ay their ate
aad aster takes the
TaMlea regularly. Sbs keeps a few cartons Ri pans
Tabules In the house and says she will not be with
out them. The heart bora and eleepleesseos have
disappeared with the Indigestion which was
formerly ee great a harden for her. Our whole
famUy lake the Tabalee regularly, especially after
a hearty meal. My mooter Is arty years of ie
and la eajoylag the bestof health and spirits ; also
eats hearty meals, an Impossibility before she
ItaAeUpaemTabolee, - Ajtoj B. Butnrjaj.
Aataestykt peeks! cenuJnlas ra lurairi tasvteTs packed la a paper carton (wfthouiej)U now for sole
e eqese dreg sseise- Ton nvs oxans. This low-prieej sort la lotooded tor the poor aad the eoooottiloal. Oaa
lose at she Iveeenl eortona (IS) tabeirtl eaa ke had by mall by leading ferty-elgal eeau to the rtnaas
CaaaDsaOsaraaT. ft. M Snvnee street. Mew Terk-er a Haile oarton(TS iiacusl) wUI be eesrl for ve eeata,
fwa TsaelJWesaysajeees of some trooers. general stcrekeepsri, news ogeats end as soeas Isenejaaafeg
II , if esses Tey baalskpsia.bdnoe sleep ead erelong Ufe. One gives relief.
wlUle 100 wllssefcsiesfe, we will seel fee UlsTOrSCtWI ST raUUHT CO. O.
41 SJITT TO SISSIRS I KIM, yea ese esawlaa 11 at JW frslghl apt awl If feesS
vtarsiwLi ssTisrscToar, innll is asratsurss, sunL to bcuuiu
fUlT aBT AIL AT sao.es te Slt.00 a THE QRANDEST lAMAIM I0U EVE! AW,
par laesM.14 Heal OUR SPECIAL PWICE
and freight charges, less the ll os sent witn oruer.
nitekar put in 111.00 butfglet. Latott 8tyl For 1609. Wf,
11 iM trorn tbe Beit SarUonM. Wood, jtcar. Hast That Mgner (.'
But I ft lav Sariaf, M Hlo-trmted, or Brawiicr tiaa D&r. Ithl,
llljrh Qndi Bcrwtd Rim starvtn'i PavUnt, Tm Moanca, Lravily
Uutibtr HjtHt Llnod, full awe tuidMcic cirwiina, raamff.uiiarane
tnad qul to mMj 1 1W.00 bugrijwork, Bodr bluk, 0fcrdrk grata
orttta. VmmmiMni, Isinirtti rr
laleew. ss kww Jfeia rewkavek kaket alBlst v ava'a
01 ft SMCIAl MICE h Uf k-tff a-.-, wtiu,
, -r--rlu -.J-ratirariaa-. aiafu. fUARAHTIlD
anrtiB. caraH.
Address, SEARS, ROEBUCK et CO. (Inc.), CHICACO, ILL.
vigor to the whole beinf . All drains
Mailed reaied. ricei per boa; 6 boaea,
mey.lyoa. bd ftorice book.
for Sale by
puru. arup tAOUia M usmi, jj job wedi. um Dee , f s
Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills
TbT are pmnpt, 4wfa b1 erUlB In renlt Tha ttnilw (Dr. Pesri) mrwm iim
SMiAi. geat afirwbfen. L.Ma Mnm mal Hadwub Cw UBTtUatl. O,
For6altiby - -.'' -
y m'
j t -V VL
wn.i " frT:'iW
Exchange Bank. New York
wholesale price. Write for free special oruan. piano
(Seare, aeebaea a t. are taeroafhir esiiaeie. aei.
Djiplaints and Wsiman Sts.. CHICAGO, ILL.
I have been a treat snffersr from eonatrpanoa
for over five years. Nothing give toe any roLtaf.
sty feet and legs and abdomen were bloated so
I onnld not wear shoes on toy feet and only a loose
dress. I saw Ripens Tabules advertised In oiif
dally paper, boug-bt some and took them as direct
ed. Bav taken them about three weeks and there)
Is such a change I I am not constipated any mora
aud I owe It all to Blpans Tubules. Iain thirty
seven years old, bave no occupation, only my
household dntles and nursing my slok husband.
Be baa had the dropsy and 1 am trying Rlfna
Tabules for him. He feels some better bat tt wUI
take some time, he hss been sick so long, Toa
may use my letter and name a you like.
airs. Mast Ooaajji Cuan
I have been suffering from headaches ever
luce I was a little girt. 1 could never ride In a
oar or go Into a orowaea
place without getting a
bead ache and stuk at my
stomach. I heard about
HI pans Tabules from aa
aunt of mine who was
taking tbem for catarrh
of the stomach. Bhe had
found such relief front
their use ihesurrlsed me
to take them too, and I
have been doing so since
last October, aad will
say they have complete
ly onred my headaches.
I am twenty-nine years
old. You are welooma
to use this testimonial,
Mrs, J. BsooutTsb
KyisvsB-ytarld bey
suffered with pains in
his head,- ooaatlpetloa
and eomplalned of his
stomach. Be oonld not
eat like children of his
age do and what be -did
sat did not agree
with him. Reweathla
and of a saffron color.
Beading some of the testimonials In favor of
Blpans Tabules, I tried them. Blpans Tabulae not
only relieved but actually oared my youngster,
the headaches have disappeared, bowels are la
good ooadltlon and he never complains of bis -stomach.
Be Is bow a red, chubby-fooed boy. This
wonderful change I attribute to Rlpans Tabules,
I am satisfied that they wilt beneflt any one (from
the cradle to old age) If taken aooording to dlreo-
. w.rarca.
as, see If feauss
arTw Irt4. fbtl atte m4 fcavaft MHalasj, ttam
TWO YEAR. wiU lut a lirtlm. rswBalMalOll.n sM
MAKE $600.00 TtalB Tetvr SAlllDf O0A
id hiv cured Koikiul of
:tiaei of Nervoui Ditcaac. inch
as Debility, Luiine,SIepltf
neit and Varicocelt.Atrophv.&e-
They clear tbe brain. itrcngtheB
the circulation, make digeitiea
tMrfvict. and iraoart a heatlhf
and losses are checked ptrmmnentty, Unltn padenu
with iroxlari lefil fiisrantee to cure or refund tbe
Address, PEAL MEDICINE CO., Cltvtland. 0.
awsjev MASK
sssslsssll IsSllsss is i Cltei II
jBea ueoda b rel libit, jarathlf, ravvUtinf medieine. On If hamleaf CXa
, W. H. T1880T st CO,
1 1 II In sTf T
Schedule In eleot Not. SO, lass. ,
For Chicago and northwest, vestlbuled llov
Ited. dally. k.Ja. m. Bleeping oar aitsched.
For Chicago and northwest, express limited,
datlr. t:utl p. Ok bleeping car attached fof
Chicago. - . ,4
For Columbus. Cincinnati and St Louis, !l:t
a. m., dally. Chair oar attaohed.
For Columbus. Cincinnati and St Louis, 1:0a
a. in. Dally. Sleeping oars attached.
Aooommodatlun for all stations Cambridge to
Columbus, Inclusive, G;80 a. m. Returning, ar
rives at Cambridge at 7:05 p. m. Dally except
For Wheeling, Grafton. Washington, Balti
more, Philadelphia and New York. veHtlbuled
limited leaves lu p. m. Sleepers attaohed.
For Wheeling and Washington, D.C, express
T:.-1 a. m.
For Pittsburg, Pa., and points beyond, t:lS
a. m. Sleepers attached.
For Pittsburg, Pa., and points beyond, t:0t
p. m. Chair cars attached.
F. 1). UnnsawoOD. O. M.
B. D. MARi-rtf, Manager of Passenger Traate.
11 Fokutcs, Agent, Cambridge. Ohio.
Central Time. 3. e-.f.
I V.
i. m. p. m.la. m.
8 B 00
Cincinnati.... Lv
Columbus Lv
Mt Vernon j v
11 45
It 10
12 4o
1 10
fl 15
12 351
1 001
1 fil......
2 l!
6 On!
ID 10
7 ti
5H s --
8 55
4 45
4 K
f 55
I Ar
' Li
p. m.
3 2:
Akr til
Cu.vahoaa Falls..
Kuclid Avenue..
Clcvuland .... Ar
4 15
4 40
6 15
jew $io 37
6 171
8 30
7 051
10 481
ll n
ll a
6 2rl
5 40
1 IS
7 30
12 04!
12 11)
rt. m
I 114.
urusuvn ui'uiiL-u.
a. m.!
7 Olli Klllbuclt
8 10! Wurxuw
8 55! Cooperdule
a-l'Ar Trinwoy
tlO 15;Ar.... Zanesvlllo... I,v
p. m.
to as
6 W
4 15
3 06
$12 a
p. m.
Runs daily. tDaily except Sunday. (Lunch.
Nog. 2 and 8 carry Parlor Cars between Cleve
Innd and Cincinnati. Faro ffl cents between
Cleveland and Columbus, or Intermediate sta
tions; 60 cents between Cleveland and Cincin
nati, or Intermediate wtutioa iwuti. of Coluin
27 and 28 carry Vftfttlbuled Sleeping Can 4
between Cleveland and Cincinnati.
Mo. ZJ bus a local Vestlbultd Sleeper bev
tween Columbus and Cleveland, and can beoo
cuplcd by passengera aftr k p. m. at tbe weft
end of the Union Station.
No. 2H nas a local Vcstibuled Sleeper between
Cleveland and Columbus. This sleeper arrives
at Columbus 2: 16 a. m. and is net at east end
tin ion depot. Paiisyuger can occupy ti-eda;
berths until 7 a. m.
Nuns- Untit further notice, on Saturday!
Train Na f will leave Cleveland 11 p. ol,
(Sleeper ready for occupancy 9 p. m-), atut
C. A. & C. Stations three hours and forty
minutes later than time shown above, arriving
at Cincinnati tt):ih a. m.
For any information address
C. F. DALY, Uen'l PasseuKer Acrt,
J. . HA-NNKGAN. Asa't Uen'l Pass. Agt..
Cleveland. OV
C. E. WINTERRI VGER. Passenuer At,
Ki North High St. Columbus. (X
of Pittsfield, will attend to all
sales promptly. Reasonable
terms. Dates can be made at
he Enterprise office.
Hard and Soft Goal
Coke, Blossburg
Smithing Coal.
WOOD, $1.50 CORD.
jjegj. 0 Accomodations
at the IQcBarn. ,
Baled Hay and Straw,
Moving Furniture a Specialty.
The chculaiion of The Ei
terprisefor the year of 1896
was 63,274. This main
the average weekly circulation
Nearly , one-half of thest
circulate in the city of Wel
lington; 500 copies go to tkt
surrounding towns. . .
JFe can prove our circula
tion by the invoices of paper
purchased from the tf. y.
Kellogg Newspaper Co., of .
The circulation of The En
terprise will be larger for the
year 1899. Hcmember this,'
Mr. Advertiser, circulation u
what counts,' ' ": .
Schedule In Effect January 2. 18N,
S Central Time. 3. j j3. it 8
fa. m.!p. m.lp. m.l la, m
Cleveland Lv 8 5 7 40 115
i Newhurg ' 8 8 05 SO
Hudson 30 8 40 4 15
W Cuyahoga Falls. 6 43 8 64 4 V
i Akron. 8 07 4 45
m Orrviue.... Lv 10r,;, 10 , 6 45
a Mlllersburg 1131 ll oil a so em
Gambler 12 97 li lulp. m. TOT
W vi. v.- J Ar 12 4" 13 l 7 30
J Mt Vernon Ly ,,,, M jl9 m 7 .a
K Centorburg 1 Ir 1 10 7 st
a Westervlllti. tin I il B 23
Cincinnati I 5 451 6 401 1 1
p. m.a. m.
f 4

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