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taa Part STa-a.
Cart af Obm Flaaa,
Sidney 8. Warner v. James Sheldon
The plaintiff says his course of action
against the defendent it founded opon
an Mcoant together with all credit
thereupon which T. D. Fhelnn, the
duly appointed trustee of Laundon,
Windeeker A Co., sold, assigned and
transferred to the plaintiff. The
plaintiff state that there is due him
from the defendent on the account the
am of (389.96, for wbieh sum together
with interest from July 1, 1895, be asks
Judgement. J. T. Haskell is attorney
for plaintiff.
Daniel M. Adams has filed suit
against the Big Four railroad company
for t300. He states in his petition
that on September 3, 1899, a fire was
started by sparks from a passing loc
omotive, which destroyed about 8 ac
ne of timber, belonging to the plain
tiff, together with 3 cords of furnace
wood. He charges in his petition that
the railroad company waa guilty of
negligence and that the locomotive
had no spark arrester or if there was
one on the engine it was out of repair.
Lee St roup is attorney for plaintiff.
F. M. Stevens, as eity solicitor and a
tax payer, has commenced suit against
the Lake Shore to compel the removal
of their abutment from West River
s treat. The abutments were erected
when the grade crossing was changed
to an overhead crossing in 1890. The
crossing was so constructed by an
agreement with the eity, but this ar
rangement is alleged to be an abuse of
corporate power and derogative to the
rights of the public.
Thomas n. Folger, an Elyria Demo
eratio candidate for real estate
assessor at the last election has filed a
notice of appeal from the decision of
the board composed of the auditor.
probate Judge and clerk, who declared
Chas. Sudro, the Republican candi
date elected.
Katherine Bauer has commenced
suit fnrd:vrce afrainat Charles Bauer.
rncv were married in Cleveland in
1865 and have four gr.wn-up children
Katherine accuses Charles of drunk
enness, crualtv and neglect.
Frances Bozetta Gott vs. Warren L.
Gott. Alimony, injunction and equit
able relief. Alimony in the sum of
$25 allowed plaintiff.
H. B. Martindale vs. John Wagoner,
Jr. et al, as the Avon Milling Co.
Honey only. Judgment for plaintiff
for S249.E4.
A. B. Webber, et al, vs. Loren Green
etaL Money only. Default judge
ment for )180.73.
H. W. Ingersoll, treasurer, vs. Lew
is Wellert, et al Money, foreclosure
of mortgage and eqoatable relief.
Oliver Mills vs. V. Shields, Money
only. (Appeal,) Dismissed at plain
tiff's eosts for want of prosecution.
Adora Hoover wants a divorce from
Gerorge H. Hoover. They were mar
ried In Elyria in 1888. She accuses
him of extreme eroalty and neglect of
The J. McLain Co. of Canton, 0.,
wants a judgment against the Lorain
8team AHot Water Heating Co. for
436 for merchandise.
August Shneider, 28 years, and Mary
Beiner, 21 years, Lorain.
Joseph Stern, 31 years, Cleveland,
and Katie Donner, 34 years, Lorain.
Wm. Meyers, 26 years, and Lena
Peters, 35 years, Elyria.
Clarence J. Betts, 22 years, and Stel
la Broder, 18 years, Kipton.
Bert Squire, 21 years and Mina El-
dred, 20 years, Elyria.
Monroe Burkepile, 21 years, Knox
Co. and Gertie Pitman, 19 years,
Probata Coarft.
The will of John Stang late of Lorain
has been probated.
M. A. Stearns has been appointed
guardian of Loyd Cheesman, of Eidge-
John Dudley, of Oberlin, has been
appointed guardian of Ruth C. Doone,
of Oberlin.
An application has been filed for a
guardian for John J. Shephard, an al'
leged Imbecile of Wellington.
The will of Margaret Radciiffe, late
of Wellington has been filed for pro
W. B. Thomson, trustee, to Alfred J.
Maurton, lot 26, W. B Thomson's ad-
dition. Lorain, $175.
Elixa E. Amnion to E. R. Gaston,
part of lot 3, Elyria, $1,200.
E. W. Metcalf to the Board of trur-
tea's of Oberlin college, part lot 95,
Oberlin. $5,090.
Bert L. Crosby to E. A. Braum, lot P,
block 6, G. E. BrowneU's addition,
Lorain. $32-1
Lyman W. Edwards to Elizabeth
Ives, lot 94, Boasia twp. $1,900.
The Sheffield end (o. to E. A.
Braun, lot 107, ShrffleU Land Co.'s
sddition, Lorain, $1,000.
Chaa. MeCottor to Wm. Perkins, part
of lot IS, tract 11, Camden twp 570.
Orren P. Chapman and others lu 1 al
so D. Phelon, part of lot 3, tract 5
Huntington twp. 10.
Kate and Geo. Bishop to E. F. Kan-
een, lot 8, bloc 5, Geo. E. BrowneU's
addition to Lorain, S50.
E. D. Kamery to Cora D. Miller,
part lot 3, block 12, W. A. Braman's
adkition to Lorain (200.
Wm. A. Cobban to Lntberius S.
Boice. part of lot 13, tract 2, Hunting
ton township, $1,000.
Thomas A, Shirts to Joseph Desoto,
part of lot 35, Lorain, $S0O.
Peter J. Denham to Joseph F. 5or-
eskae, lot 1 Grafton, (725.
H. W. Blakeslee to Minnie A. Ward,
part of lot 10 Cornells addition, Lo
rain, $450.
John Pfaff to Roea'J. Broad well, lots
48,50, 51 and 52, Kelson A Fuller's
sub-division, Carlisle twp., $800.
Rjdolph Barbkuecht to Fred Barb-
keucht, part lot 510, Elyria, ."X).
Alice B. Coffinberry to Jacob L.
Smith, lot 96 Oakland addition, Lo
rain, $100.
A aa.aaeam.at
To accommodate those who are par
tial to the use of atomizers in apply
ing liquids into the nasal passages for
catarrhal troubles, the proprietors
prepare Cream Balm in liquid form,
which will be known as Ely's Liquid
Cream Balm. Price including spraying
tube is 75 eta. Druggists or by mail.
The liquid form emliodies the medical
properties of the solid preparation.
Cream Balm is q'lickly absorbed by
the membrane and does not dry up the
secretions but change them to a nat
ural and healthy character. Ely Broth
er?, 56 Warren St.. V Y.
The Weary Srarra far 11 faith.
One of the most pathetic sights in
life is the despondent hunt of the in-
valide for relief. He turns from rem
edy to remedy in the vain hope of end
ing his torture. And one of the most
pU-asant sights is to see that search
rewarded, and to witness the tint glow
of health illumining the pallid cheek.
Far be it from us to encourage any
sufferer in a vain qnest. We know
whereof we speak. We know that
Ath-lo-plio-ros will cure any ease of
Kheumtiain or Neuralgia, no matter
bow severe. Thuuean'is of grateful
letters and rapidly increasing sales
prove this statement to be true. Send
for free Treatise.
Lima, Ohio, March 21, 1898.
Gentlemen: I was laid up with
Rheumatism for about eight weeks.
and in that time tried about every
thing I could bear of, and there wasn't
anything that gave me relief until a
friend recommended Ath-Io-pho-ros to
me, which I tried, and after using two
bottles was permanently cured.
Ma. O. F. Holmes,
1397 West North St.
For sale at Druggists.
The Ath-lo-pho-ros Co.,
New Haven, Conn.
Bodge inem
Did you ever try to dodge the
rain-drops? Did net succeed
very well, did yon? It's just
as useless to try to escape from
the germs of consumption. You
can't do it. They are about us
on every band and we are con
stantfy taking them into our
Then why don't we a!l have
this disease? Simply because
these germs cannot gain a foot
hold in a strong throat and
lungs. It's when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be well supplied
with fat, The danger comes
when the Mood is poor and the
body is thin. If your cough does
not yield, and your throat and
lungs feel raw and sore, you
should not delay another day,
of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo phos
phites at once. It will heal the
inflamed membranes and greatly
strengthen them as welL The
digestion becomes stronger, the
appetite better and the weight
increases. The whole body be
comes well fortified and the
germs of consumption cannot
gain a foothold.
It's this nourishing, sustain
ing and strengthening, power
has made it of such value in
all wasting and exhausting
J-u.ia iJuii.MUSiiaMmi.Mi.iii.iii.iaj
There has Just eosne in another good
wei: ai I.-1!-. Ni.-. 4. rhi well being oa
the Law farm. It is mod for furty
barrels Also Cadiz has another gush
er, ti e Brirkrr farm giving np a sixty
barr-l gopher. Wooster Journal.
C. 3. Sheldon, a prominent farmer of
Pittfirld, has announced himself as a
ear. lid i te fur theeffice of county re
corder subject to the next county re
publican convention. Mr. Sheldon is
well knows in this purt of I he county
and has many friends who would glad
ly support him for the office Oberlin
The traveling picture dealers have
(truck town and our citizens would do
well to be ore'ul about patronizrag
ihem, especially as we have home deal-
en ho do good work. The peddlers
were taken before the mayor by police
man Rice Monday evening, when in de
fense they cited the interstate act as a
protection. The mayor is determined
to fight them, however, under the town
ordinances. Ashland Press.
Stone road building is ended in Me
dina county for this year. The lime
tone crushers stopped work at Bluff
ton Tuesday. Liverpool has all its
stone on 'the groand. Medina town
ship finished its work on the Wey
mouth road, and'Speneer finished op
Medina Village got partly left, as did
Montville because stone could not be
bad. Medina Gazette.
The Hon. L. C. Laylin of Norwalk
made a strenuous effort to secure the
appointment of C. S. District Attorney,
but he was defeated, Senator Sullivan.
of (Tarren.Ohio, secured the plum, savs
the New London Record. In its disap
pointment over Laylirs failure the Re
flector is stricken with a ease of blind
stpggers as the following indicates:
lie has simply met the inevitable fate
of Huron county aspirants for any of
fice of more than local importance
Huron county is all right for sore re
publican majorities, bat Huron eoantj
republicans who modestly ask for a
small share of the frnits of republican
victory are given the cold shoulder
every time.'
Word comes from Elyria that Hon
E. G. Johnson will be a candidate for
eongrers, to sowed Congressman W.
3. Kerr. Mr. Johnson s appearance
'.bus early on the ootedge of the bat
tlefield in sores a lively time in Lo
rain polities tor some time to
come. Medina Gazette.
A tusk of a mastodon was exhumed
on the farm of B. C French in Brown
helm, one day last week. Mr. French's
farm is located three-fourths of a mile
west of Brownhelm station. A part of
his land is very swampy, and a county
ditch runs through (hat section. It is
in this swampy land that a camber of
bones which are undoubtedly those of
a mastodon have been found, and this
tusk is the latest discovery. The task
is described as being 10 feet in length
and 7'j inches in diameter at the base.
It is in a fair state of preservation
though by reason of its being in the
ground for such a great length of time
it is of coarse somewhat discolored. It
is curved and the surface ia rather
rough. It was found at a depth of
about three feet below the surface of
the swamp. Elyria Reporter.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ledgyard arc
visiting their daughter in Cireieville,
L.JE. Stanley was in Oveland last
John Gordon is home from Toongs-
town for a few days.
Mrs. Cora Bissell moved her house
hold goods to Toledo Monday.
Several of the young people
panied by the orchestra spent Sa tar-
evening with Miss Josie Marshall.
Harry Campbell bad the mufbrtase
while scuffling wuh Wm. Craho to get
his leg broken, one day last week.
The literarr entertainment of the
Rochester school will be held at tie
town hall next Friday evening. Dee.
21, instead of Saturday.
Dinner was served to 85 rwsta at
the Ladies Aid Society last T&nrsday
at the Baptist pa-sooage. After the ex
ercises Rev. and Mrs. Lash were pre
sented with a beautiful set of stiver
knives and forks. All had an enjoya
ble time.
The K. and L. O. T. M. will give aa
entertainment at the town hall, Satur
day evening, December 30.
Caoa ay Brlttea SmUitn la afrteaw
Capt. C. G. Dennisoo is well known
all over Africa as commander of the
forces that eeptored the famous rebel
Galishe. Coder date of Not. 4, 157.
from Vrjburg, Bechoanaland, he
writes: "Before starting on the last
campaign I bought a quantity of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, which I used myself when
troubled with bowel complaint, and
had given to my men, and in every
ease it proved most beaefieiaL' For
sale by Near A Wei..
J. Tddj has Ofcacd a jeisdry reoair
sbon ia the Eswrsao kviUUnz. and is
Dtnand to da all aiads of clock a
watch repairing H-U
The Kind To nave Always
la use for rver SO years,
. oaal
fJ' Allow
AH Cotutcrfeits, Imitations and " Jort-n-good are bat
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
lafawta and ChOdrei &pesee against Experiment
Ostoria is a harmless sabrtitote tor Castor OO, Faro
gorie, Drops and Sootitins; Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other XarcoUo
substance. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and. allays Fererishaeas. It esxres Diarrhoea and Wind
Cotie. It relieves Teething Troubles, cares Comtti potion
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food regulates the
Stomach and Bowels gfriBg healthy and natural sleep
The Cbfldren's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind Yon Me Always Bongni
In Use For Over 30 Years.
F YOU I The Leading Republican I IF YOU i
I yob need i i is it yon I
io etber iTHE CLEVELAND! need no
1 paper to r--.pD other paper
kee? posted L-aiAUtll-ri I ,cr thB
irrtant ALL THE "J,, TIWE1 icovits
affairs. r-. .n wf tieia.
-THE- i -THE- i -THE-
IScniay liEto! Ita&Herald I Yesk?y LeaCer
I CONTAINS FROU I THE BEST wj be lent till
H 32 to 36 Fs2 ard "lr? 1 JANUARY FIRST, 1901 1
lEir P!i fUSSS F0R0NED0UAB.1
Matter than acy (her z mm vita ta : Twelve pages cr more
Papers Ohio. z i n imr
W41 I Jsr tifcUMlafa) -J I r a-i s
aj whh sjy, j rutt iva isj
76 YEARS II 8118.
s j
253,c:o tim
ftl rWH BiOstaint. at, IM Uamnt flat I V
9 -4 Urn "ajciir km. 1 W aR
ftM tfMTm awifuwisi urn, a faatosj f
Tl hiU a mam Uw titi-j. iutxA fr.
C htm axfiii - 1 Bsaaiit'Wr a ui3?s-r a
nrns snnasJ Las srsmf VW-SI ss ssaunlk J
Altai WUMVfr-KU 1 'J . ojf I J
5w cUassi lftafiawn viJ ttutfimi hi
m m . .mm . m mr . . .
tfl Kakfeir. pHaamilHlsc E)rihH
2 kscr LMiws mmr kt vtane r-4. R
wtlMMn- Via rut u ml
rl Iwf MamXmm M ?aS, fl
t'A a1 aiicpti; wrm, irrttsati a cx- fT
Um ami ihmwm a-mn
l HLiLi.Mi-.VT
Iisfja ie
mil unr inraisil ttm-2m 2ii htmt lix
Utatae IAm LIJ
tjirria f I
mm imM
ti armanu rjaaw mpttin vetyv iiirr;
. 1 mM awa anauma awaUonMSa
mmmv isil ncara. tinmen mi 1 1 A
V am ami nt rr-H!LlJ-. i
5Li.ET. IVL-r-i'.-X-. 1YtSIK 2
Ffihi ki .ivr; MM
1L IfvtSi lUM'tl iMI kill J I
fi-SX. rJE ft Hi. CHAk.L-rt
t-.r a J-'TIM bLAZi. aw OiiHS. llj
KlsNedy Kergaj. &
For Insurance that
Insures, apply to R. X.
Goodwin, the old reliable
in-irnce agent
Fa- oc at H. W. 5E.Ule-S Bark-
fcer Snap. Wnrfculi I far as
Bonght, and which has bee
has borne the signature of
has been made notler bis ter
sapcTTirfosi since its infancy.
no one to derive, rnn in this.
Signature cf
ioc n,n, every week.
Publishers, Cleveland, O.
A Good Dinner.
Oysters and
Mansfield Crackers
J the thing for breakfast on ta
Kirn laps.
llattis KlteM's Cora Flour,
GlBdoie Pancaif Floor,
Glendale Backwhea
For Sale by
T. F. Rod house
& Son.
Oak Garland
Heating Stove,
The Born
Steel Range,
Oil Cloth, .
! 10 to 12 a. m.
I Ut t p. m.
7 to p. m.
Horses always look sleek and fed
ros4 Vbea tte OLD RELIABLE
Is kept la the stable.
A pare, powerful tonic and ren
crai conditioner. Used by tbe
best bortcmeo everywhere.
" When Wcarc'M tnlU,
it'm time to wap."
. a-VM rovfer vtn mtuetmxlly rtS a km
On and After December 1 the Cen
tral Union Telephone Company
Will Put Into Effect a New
Schedule of Rates Be
tween the Hours of
6 p. m. and 6
a. m.
The American Telephone &
Telegraph Co., Known as thA'l
Long Distance Telephone Co.,lf
Lately Put Into Effect a Three-
Minute Schedule to Point West
of Pittsburg, Taking Place of the
ronner rive-Aimute acneauie.
Night Rates at Half Price From
6 p. m. to 8 a. m. "This Greatly
Reduces Cost of Loner Distance
Appointments Made During
the Day for Evening Without
Extra Charge. :
inquire of Central Office for
Residence Rates 50c.
EITmT T'C vrm ktMH la
I 1LLXJ O ubwilljliic to Ihk BuRne
Tlrtd Mamic Sovvmlr
T A T If C Fund. Sabwrlbr n sawaDt
rllrflN.i SubwrltHloM tow
S ViiiWd? :usi 'ilirnilile Sor la
A 67 AA BjBt1' liiJe Tolun.
( UU jiriwh'iS.d."? " mt s
vr Icml4- of lahvrrfpcjoa lo
Kl II I K Jtund. Hnrk eont&tn irtft-
DUUfl liiuoof Kifid tbm ud mm
. . . -rrprmt.'1re vorks ad a
THE Book of lire rrir (nrdrllrrrr.
enworr. Hjsd- Hill Uir 11k ixMe matrl
wmelj IIlo,ir.i- boiloa of Uk world s mtm
ntnl bf itilrtr- miiu lh! bk mold r
twuoftbf worM", haT. maosfacMnHI far
trMft vtlatM. ,kw than s hi.
'- Th- fond (miff ! SWM-
d oqaillr oftvera the fm 1 1 of the late Euren!
r iria ana um riM tot w mmungof a monamnii
ad- rn. i riiiTii.wi .it miiiir i
(AIM at Book HtoR)iS naarat St., Calcar.
If roa ao wlk to aead postage enclose IS cu.
Offlee over Near & Wells'.
- i ni i and tianliai Ibe beat.
' ' t Ynmmm lftxamM irowth.
, , Serer Fail, to fieatoi. Orarr
,a"-J . -i" Bale U Ite Toothful Color.
i OiM P d-aa hctf talW
For aala.
Farm of 163 acres; good buildings
and other improvements ; situated one
mile south and two miles west of Spen
cer; known as (he Jack Koutson farm.
Inquire ot Vt. M. Smith, Centertrn,
Ohio. 45-6J
Money to loan on real estate, mort
gage teeurity. J. T. V SIC ELL.
A nrsixixo auctioneer, O. W.IIr.vus,
Pittslield. You can reach me by 'phone.
All sales promptly attended to. 4ft-3m
r.r Saia.
A good, six octave, Estey organ, in
first-class condition at bargain. In
quire at this office. tf
Far Sato.
The house and lot on Middle street
owned by Mrs. H. L. Bush is offered
for a bargain if sold soon. Address
G. C. Bush, West Side, Elyria, 0.
Try Grandma's Magic Tar Cough
Syrup. Docton recommend it. Sold
by Near A Wells.
Girl to do general housework. In
quire of Mrs. M. M. Joyce. 60
Far Sala.
Pure bronze turkeys, Chester White
pigs, a few pair of bolt sled runners.
Terms reasonable. Inquire of J. N.
Cowlea. 80-61-62
raatas For Caifetaaaa.
Are always appreciated provided
they are good portraits and well finish
ed. Our reputation is for furnishing
nothing but the best; so you take no
chances if you order them of us.
Come in and see the work we are '
doing and have a sitting now. Studio
over Bowlliy t Hall's. -
C. 8. Baham, photographer.
Kine prizes tor superiority of work

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