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AM IaUrslsar VTHk Cm., Mom. Cm
saaa4r at tat Amarioava SalaaUM
Ann 7 A History af Taks WaBdarral
Crrt&alutlaa aad Iu rtudm.
Jfnr York, April 4. There art few bsws
oapec readers who hv not beard of th
, dVmpaign against old "Nick," whic h is beiat;
, carried on by the Balratioa Army on tbe At
T Antic seaboard.. . , .
Toot oumwpuodent aiot recently Geo.
Thomas . Moore, tha commander of tha
American Salvation Army, who talkad freely
ct tha plant and method of their force, from
wUch tha following iu ratberad:
0m mSm
eta. tbomas m. noon.
No ona would suppose to look into tha
pleasant face and mild eyea of Geo. Moora
that ha would be able to cope with tnch a
crafty and treacheroui enemy at hit it aald
' to b. Nevertheless, I question if tha enemy
hat a mora thorough knowledge of the weak
. nesaea of the human family than thit Qen.
s Moore. Hawatfor time an outfitter, or
- something of the kind for tha British army,
I and there he taw bow men would tcramble
for the privilege of enlisting aa toon at tha
prospect of a war became known, and often
' the more hazardous the undertaking appeared
the more eager wee men to risk their Uvea.
Here were men forsaking busineat and home,
, often encouraged by their wives, to fight
.' . England'! Brmsekts battles in the torrid heat
of Africa or among the fevers of Aula.
Moore saw this fondness of man for noise en1
show and excitement and conquest could be
: tnrned to account in Christian warfare.
I ' It It taM that It was Mrs. uootn, tne wui
V TV -On. Booth, of the Salvation Army ia
t V England, who first suggested the idea. 87
tm" Born iaiur.ee, ana nav iwuoessea now
the simple agency of a drum, fife and torch
- light prooeasion, during ona of our poUttcal
. eairpaignt, will become to enthused as to
accept any political doctrine their leaders give
' them. Here was the suggestion for a novel
Christian campaign. Gen. Booth being a
: thorough soldier, atwoU aa a clever business
- ; man, modeled the schema after the plan- of
an army, adopting the tame terms through-
- - act ts being ones with which the masses were
- already familiar. Gen. Moore, the outfitter,
designed the costumes, and- thus was thit
army organized. Mi .v.rj-;f. .' ''' '
Gen. Moor says the "hidea" originated
with the apostles, was taken up by Ignatius
Loyola in the sixteenth century, but revived
in its fullness by William Booth in 1865 in
London, 'V
The army overrun England in fifteen years,
when they undertook the conquest of this
country In 1881 Um Invaders landed on our
ooast and effected s footing In Baltimore. To-
' day they have constructed forts and barracks
. in all the principal cities east of the Missis
sippi, though their skirmish lines extend far
beyond, one outpost having been effected in
Idaho. . ; -
Cart Emma Was. ;', Fttl, Inspecto M.
"StonewaU Jackson." ? 'Kansas Jack."
. Out of some 800 officers stationed in the
WO posts in this country are selected two of
tne typical ones. Capt Westbrook was one
f the first Salvation "lassies" to land on
or shores. She it not poesessed of aTery
liberal education. Grammar and she are
perfect strangers, and though she plays fast
and loose with her fa's she is a worker who
has not ceased shouting since the day she
landed. Field Inspector and Treasurer Mil
ton K. Light, strange to say, is a converted
Mew York drummer. " W jV
,-. Until 1884 the Salvation Army in this coun
ter was under the charge of Gen. Booth of
England, Gen." Moore being simply a com
missioner. - When it became necessary to ac
quire land here, on which to construct forts,
Gen. Moore found it would be impossible for
Gen. Booth, being an alien, to hold the prop
erty in his name as he does all the posses
sions, amounting tot millions, in England. So
be broke off all connection with the English
forces and has had his army incorporated
under the laws of the state of . Hew
York, their, property .being held by five
trustees. He also abandoned many of tha
u dime museum features of the meetings.
. "Ash Barrel Jimmy," "The Converted Seal,"
. and like curiosities are exhibited only by the
American branch of the English army, which
ii also meeting with wonderful success here.
1 When a convert enlists in the Salvation
Army he does so on the condition that he
obey his superior absolutely. He is not to
expect any compensation for his services. He
; must ev,en supply his own uniform, and must
keep himself in condition to fight, not only all
summer but night after night as long as he
llres, on the principle that the enemy never
Bleeps,'., therefore he'cannot., After a long
and severe trial the' recruit or cadet may be
promoted to tho rank of Ken tenant, and
lUerto captain, when be it entitled to draw
pay at the rate of 15 per week from the profit
of the fort's post at which he may be placed.
The arm); funds are derived from collections,
which are an important feature of tha war
fare. - The income from this source is about
fTSjOOO a year.'.r. : iV4'' V F'tr V
When a raid- it contemplated on a new
town, a captain, lieutenant and cadet are
rfletod to advance on It They secure a
" Another horror la reported from New
England, a dozen people havinc been
drowned in their beds like rots in a hole
by the bursting of a nwrvoir, i . -
barracks" m the town, afttr wakh they
parade the streets with a banner and drusaa.
If they are arrested and iockad tp so mock
the better, ft attracts atfeUua. Notoriety
is half the battle won. Wbra the barracks
are reached the crowd follows, and then the
battie begins ta earnest, ending sometimes
after midnight Kext day a rrport it sent to
headquarters of the Bomber of prisoners cap
Ridiculous at all thit soar appear, don't
oar people do just such foot things in easn-
peiga timet! S. U. UOMex.
MjitarlMS AaBaaeaaeat Which la
raeelaattBt; Okls reettltk
Many of our readers will still remember
planchette, the strange little heart-shaped
board with a pencil at its point which used
to walk over yards of paper and write no and
of tenie and nonsense if the finger tips of two
persons touched the upper surface of the
board. .
Planchetts had Ka day, and mostl died
out But the same mysterious force which
used to impel it it moving now another kind
of little board, and setting whole eommuni
Uet of eminently sober and respectable Ohio
people on their heads. ,
You see how it it made. A bit of board,
say 18x30 inches, is lettered, rather large,
with the alphabet, A, B, C, D, etc The
letters are put a small distance apart At
the upper corners of the board are written
the words : "yes" and "no," the "yes" on tha
left, the "no" oa the right On tha left and
right hand lower corners respectively are
written "good evening and "good night
Underneath tha letters of the alphabet are
the figures in a row, the whole arranged like
. :" t'esV " ", no. '-' :
. 1334T8V0 i
' Good-eve.
Hen a tiny table it made with four legs.
It is three or four inches high and very thin
and light Two persons tit opposite each
other and take the board upon their knees at
in the picture. The little four-legged table ia
placed upon the board. The two persons
grasp tightly with the thumb and forefinger
the comers of the table that are next to them.
The two sit down and become quiet, asking
rtioml" After a few minutes the little table
begins to move over the board, It is an In
tel lig nt, or at least, a semi-intelligent force
that guides : the table, for it answers
questions. Bomettmes It talks utter nonsense
and again it will write real information.
The table spells out sentences in this way.
When a question is asked, the table moves
towards the tetters, and the foot stops upon
the first one of the sentence to be written out
Then it passes to the next one and the next
and so on, with more or less rapidity, a
gentleman, who hat experimented with the
thing, says: "Sometime the table will cover
two letters with Its feet and then yon hang
on and ask that the foot be moved from the
wrong letter, which will be done,"
One man who tnougnt nit lamiiy was
spending too much time over the talking ma
chine burned it up. . Then he left noma on a
Journey. When the talking board could not
be found some one made anotner, ana tne
amusement went on. as before. To tho qu
tion what had become of the other board the
answer was given, "Jack burned It up,
which somewhat astonished Jack on his re
turn. .
The questions may be asked mentally, even
by persons sitting in the room several feet
away from the operators, and tha answers
are given Just as readily. Ia some cases re
markable and truthful revelations are said to
have been given about living persons. But it
it not well to girt too much heed to these
Bernard Kaeaulev.
Many an old theatre goer win hear with a
melancholy feeling of the death of this wall
known actor. A man of splendid physique,
be otlght to hare been in his prime,, for be
wasnotas old as Henry Irving or Edwin
Booth. But he early contracted a passion lor
drink, which shortened his days at last Only
for this he viould have reached a high place
amowrintevpreters of the drama. As it was,
he won distinction. : He died of Blight's dis
ease at Sit .Vincent's hospital, New York
Bernard Kaeaulev was born in New York
city in 1837. In 1804. he appeared in that city
as Jkrmaod imval to juatuaa . xurons
Camille. . He was a handsome young man.
with a rich voice and a brilliant eye. He
went west and became a theatre manager.
He had theatres in Cincinnati and Louisville.
In those cities -he was vorv popular, as man.
manager and actor. He played himself the
leading male roles in the stock companies he
managed. He played Macbeth to Charlotte
Cushman's Lady Macbeth at her last appear
ance in Cincinnati before her death, during
the tour she made after the became afflicted
with tha cancer that nut an end to her life.
Macanley did not suffer even in comparison
with Charlotte Cushman.
. Afterwards he fell into difficulties and lost
his property. ' The last play of any note that
ha appeared in was "The Messenger from
Jarvis Section," with which he went on tha
road for several years. Bis wife, who sur
vives him, was Rachel Johnson, herself
talented actress. ,
Gold-bearing quartz has been dis
covered in tho Allegheny mountains,
ten miles east of Corry. It yields fl,
200 to the ton.
fa all Lot ai lane Owsert, t KusUlfitl ail Private Cortrtiec,Utt will he
arretted fry Us Ditca lpnvtn nereis pestgasiea.
ACBfTOB't Omca, err Centv, Ohio, lisnh , ItH.
In the matter of County Ditch No. 51fl, Petitioned for by O. E. Woodburn.
Hot let la land omen ata etacra.
TMudMekarwasnkrttivEotiBelcstra1tt!!kdiybf Jss. I8SS. G. E. Woedbera Sled a
een wit tba Auditor f 14 cobbij, 0obisc si.4 l.isyr l bWsl pr",to ifcs tasrs
ikuiMMlii lor Uw km Ikh us town sen k ol si-usaty dilk,sra inif Inr ikr snsktrs ef such
BBpramssot aa a (ultowlDt tost sod trtmlnl, M il : tcaix-lne six at ISS rrl seaik at Iks
uctk-wast sonMTof srcikia Is, oB six IS) conk, rsstr tlx ) rut. Hairy nasty, Ohio, a4 OB Iks
sHftdtaf tfca road rwDiat bctwttB rsBir sad t b a, tbeacs rsanlsg ta a toalh-oslrrrjr evsne
loiloinr s BMsral wMtr euanwor ) "U1J H lutTrMMrls ih diltk tkt( lh MaoCtld ssd CoWl
rti ied.sadtaraUteniitoM. Tkat astd pstiikai M) ow pmiiBf tsd that tiHh BrscmJists bsts
kMB dsly ssd Ireslty ksd, ikst lbs Board ol lnaiii!ikni I nr H t Mibsl said tapronsM-Bt Is Becea
aary forand wUl ba eendueeita to tbspablie kfalik, ces ! rd arlom, i d Ibst Its Use thema
la aa um beat roavs, sad ikst Um duly appointed auslDear, D. P. Badaoa, baa tWd kla rrport aa rtqntmt
by law sad that aa aurk Asdilor of saldoueiity, Ike BBdt-ntgiiid t tud ika b day of May. A. D.
lsftt.st 10 o'clock A. M. tt Us Andiior'i eSca ia tpolBiOkio, l Ika fearing . said Balttt tad
praraadlm, via:
. . o EstlnaUd Estlna.
OVTHXB'8 5AMZ8. a S DESCBIPTIOK.' Acno. eoat of oo- tedeoatof
S o S ? : troctloa. loeauoa:
' - 3 t ; " ' - "
I Pawn I JU-LA 6j t wkf BB-Mlat pt I is 85 I 1
f Tohba W B iSaaqr MM 8T
KUaa MstbJaa ii bf aptabfo SS 00 18
4 toMbargtirE MassWUsoB t .. H o p m bw sad a pt w bf bw... - AS 45 S OS
I Altbonaa Mar7 .. Ilmsts Um . 44 M - t US
t WoodboraO K. .......... 6 19 a pt csbw sad s plow..... 1 M 9 H
1 LlnUtejJoaB. l a nw- 48 6 , t IT
I KHoa A S24ptWBfDe ., as 65 ' 4 SS
t OtMwcM t O. ..... .. IV iw fl hf -KM06 a ST 4 71
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