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hi n i 1 Mil vi u i hi i V:-virK , - , ' u . vy 1 1 i I i m Mil Zn, y
VOL. XLI-NO. 48.
Intend at th Naploto P. 0. 01 8tmi-Clai
ilatUT. i;
Pvbllebtd IeryTaraday Ilaralnf .
Office, Northwest Building, Whin jtonSt.
Ij. li. OBWIO,
X-ox a) of Bxtcxlp tlou.:
Per Tnr tn advance . M-O
8li Months In advance.... -.
IF not mid hi klniiu, then SI M wlH bo TTd.
Wo M will bo olMoollnaoi notll ell a r
L an paid, oaltao tt too option of the pabllahw.
Jot Printing ot every deaoriptiou neatly
aadea plyexaontcd. ......
im'l of Space.. 1 weak 1 mo.ma. mo- 1 J8
One Colaamll 4 00 i00 M 00 fMOO WJOO
2 " ..... 1" W 60 1400 J0
One Inta.. 15 1 00 1 00 8 00
All bnalneae loeaU, If loaerted among para reeaV
inn mattar, to conte per Una for first Insertion and
t cente par line for each additional insertion.
Busineas locale, when Inaerted nnder the head
of Buaiaeaa Loo la, a cents per line for each inser
tion. ;
After the Holidays
are Over.
Then's when -we come down
to earth again and begin to
think of the practical things
of life. After the effusion of
sentiment it's a good time ' to
get back to bed rock judgment.
It's a glorious season to buy,
because this is the season when
the knife is in the profits and
you get the goods at 'way
down figures. One might say
it is the midway season be
tween the Holidays and the
opening of spring tradejust
the season for bargains. At
li?a aaaanrt if will TtnV OTlft t.f)
tjixxo aw i t ... r J
buy even goods that are not
required for immediate use
nrices are so low.
Saur & Balsley have many
. -m w . 1
useful and ornamental articles
left over from their bie Holi
day trade which will be given
almost at vour own price, in
order to make room "for goods
which will soon be in season.
Then their assortment of books
is still larere and complete, and
this is just the time to buy
books, good and' standard
books at that, cheap, very
cheap, in ' fact surprisingly
cheap. As nothing aids more
to the comfort of a home than
books, now is the time to take
advantage of this opportunity
to secure them. This sale is
an excellent" chance to replen
ish your "libraries, if you are
so fortunate as to have one,
and if not it is a good time to
commence the foundation of
one, Saur & Balsley are head
quarters for books.
The other departments of
their establishment are com
plete in 'every particular.
Their drugs are always pure
and fresh and their facilities
for compounding prescriptions
are the best. ,In patent medi
cine they take the lead, keep
ing in stock all the old and
new discoveries in this line.
. Their paints and 0U3 have a
standard reputation for purity
and lasting qualities. The
paints sold by them are old and
reliable brands," which have
been before the public for
'years, and have always given
'satisfaction. The wall paper
department is complete and
contains many fine and stylish
patterns. . Improve your
homes by placing upon its
walls and ceilings tasty paper,
it adds to its comforts ten
fold. Here also will be found
an excellent selection of win
dow shades and fixtures. You
can adorn your windows at a
small outlay by selecting pat
terns to be found at Saur &
Balsley's. 1
As spring approaches, house
wives will commence to think
of re-painting and re-papering,
in order to brush up the ap
pearance of the inside of their
homes. Saur & Balsley would
request that all such call in
and see them before making
their selections elsewhere, as
thev nride themselves upon
their stock of paints and wall
papers and decorations, and
can offer prices which are hard
to duplicate.
The das are increasing two minsUi In
length now.
There are now 160 Ufa oouTieta la the
Ohio penitentiary.
Soma of the New Year', resolutions did
not keep om nig jt -
Seven -cent 4-4 bleached muslin for 8 oents
t Horn fc Nor den 'a. 2t
The grip made its first appearance in this
country four years ago.
A nice cotton batten at 7 cents.
2t - Hour A. NoKDEir.
The eider makera of Ohio are holding a
convention In Toledo this week.
For the finest line of f nrnishings go and
see Geo. Hahn. He will eave yon money, tf -
.The county commissioners of the State
are holding a convention at Colombo this
week. '
The report from Fostoria say that Gov.
Foster's estate will not pay over ten oenta
om the dollar.
Forty-three of the eighty-eight coanties of
the State support children's home. Henry
is not one of the forty-three.
The yoong men about town intend giving
a black and white domino dance on the
evening of the 19th of this month.
Will the city dads ot Toledo purchase a
fire tng, so that the newspaper of that city
can get through talking about one?
The total witness fees in the trials of the
Brown murderers at Bryan, was $fi,199.45.
The case all being successful, the stale
fools the bill.,
The wise expenditure of money requires
thinking and planning. Be wise and buy
your clothing and furnishings of Geo. Hahn,
the one price clothier. tf
Important gold discoveries are reported
near West Union, Adams county, Ohio.
The ore is said to assay $2.20 per . ton, and
the lead is to be worked.
Putnam county has trouble with foot
pads. Citizens are attacked at night.robbed
and beaten. A little cold lead is good med
icine for such scoundrels.
Tnrn out next Tuesday and help the Ep-
wortb League along. If 70a don't just par
ticularly like the "Dootaw Driven," from
Boston, give the League a lift, anyway.
An exchange hits it about right when it
says that there is more joy among the g. o. p.
press over one mill or factory that shuts
down than over 90 and 9 that start op again.
' "Gen. A. V. Ripe, of Ottawa, hah been suf
fering severely of late from the stump of
his amputated leg, and was obliged to en
dure an operation two weeks ago in Chica
go. Rep. Meyers ha been placed upon the
following oommittees.in the House: Girls'
Industrial Home; Military Affairs; Sailors'
and Soldiers' Home. Three important com
Friends will be rejoiced to learn that the
wife of Judge Handy, who is now sojourning
in Florida, has improved sine she his been
there. Hopes are extended that she may
fully recover. ,
Alec Bond, of Evansville, an old pioneer of
Defiance, committed suicide on the 4th inst..
by shooting himself with a revolver. Finan
cial trouble and loss of health was the cause
He wag 70 years of age.
Dr. Driver will lecture in the M. E.
Church on the evening of the 16th of this
month, nnder the auspices of the Epworth
League. He will take for his subject: "The
Romance of a Nation's Birth." Tickets
35 cents.
A. B. Smith hasagain taken hold of the
Deshler Flag and fished it ont of the mire
into which it had fallen. He issued a good
paper last week and no doubt he will bring
the f7af op to its pristine glory. Success,
Bro. Smith.
Buy your boots and shoes of as and you
can save 25 to 50 cents on every pair you
buy. Rubber goods worth 20 per cent more.
but we are selling them at the old prices,
Men's Bay State rubber Boots for $2 25 at
Norden & Bruns. 2t
The Association of County School Exam-
mere at its session in Columbus adopted a
request to the legislature- to change the sys
tem of appointing County Examiners, tat
ing the appointing power from the Probate
Judge and providing for the same to be
made by a commission of teachers. The
legislature probably wont do it.
The value of buttermilk is steadily grow
ing in appreciation. A medical writer
olaima that its of e will sometimes cure the
oraviDgs for alcohol, and that it has seemed
to effect a cure in case of Bright' disease.
It is said, also, that it alleviate the depres
sion about the heart from which many old
people suffer, acting at the same time as a
stimulant for the entire system.
One of the daintiest of the New Year oal
endnrs is that issued by the proprietors of
Hood's Sarsaparilla. It will folly satisfy
every expectation as to beauty and ntility,
"Sweet Sixteen" is the head of beautiful
girl, the lovely picture being lithographed
in many delicate colors. The pad har
monize with the exquisite array of oolor
above; while the dates are easily read.
Hood' Calendar may be obtained of yoor
druggist or lending 6 oents in stamps for
one or 10 cent for two, to C. 1. Hood k Co.,
Lowell, Mas.
Superintendent White of the railway pos
tal service ha issued an order the tendency
of whioh is to make every postal clerk his
brother' keeper. From the tenor of the or
der each clerk is constituted a guardian over
the conduct of hi fellow workmen, especi
ally in the matter of drinking, gambling
and other bad social habit. Well, we see
nothing especially wrong in this order; at if
every postal clerk i nnder a watoh over his
fellow he is more likely to be circumspect
in hie own conduct; hence the publio is
likely to hav better service as a whole. :
Ton can boy ladies' wraps at Norden A
Bruns cheaper than any place in the coun
ty.' : 2t
The Loom oounty infirmary ha 211 inmate.
Cotton (citings for 4 cent per yard at
Horn 4 Norden'. 2t
Horse were never o cheap in, Henry
county a jut now.
Mis James, of Mt, Uilead, has taken the
place of Mia Hat tie Bodsoa in the Union
schools, a teacher of the C Grammar de
Good (obstantial and stylish home mad
suit can be had of Geo. Hahn, the popular
on price clothier. tf
A small package of oream of tartar was
left in the Noetbtwxt office last Saturday.
Owner can have the same by calling for it.
Sore-throat and bronchial affection are
speedily relieved and effectually cured by
the ose of that safe and reliable remedy, Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup. It ha stood the test
of half a eentnry.
W. H. Mitchell, formerly of the Deshler
Flag, ha commenced the publication of a
paper, the Toledo Enterprise, at Auburn
dale, a suburb of Toledo. We Hope Bro.
Mitchell will meet with success.
Geo. H. Rohrs fc Bro. are not afraid to
name low prioes on their Dry Goods, Car
pet, Cloaks and Shoes; and more, they al
ways do just as they advertise. - See their
ad. in this paper, it means a big saving to
you. 2t
1 '
The sheet and pillow-case party given by
Harry Tyler last Friday evening was a suc
cess in every sense of the word. It was a
comparatively new departure from the ordi
nary masquerade dance, and some of the
costumes were oniqne as well as comical.
This year's potato orop has been nearly
all marketed in this state. The nearest
place to buy now is in Michigan,, and it is
said that the crop there is entirely in the
hands of the buyer. Potatoes are now sell
ing in some places near here for fl.25 per
bushel. The here price still remains at 75c,
but will likely advance before spring.
You can buy boots and shoes of us for lers
money than any place in town.
2t Norden & Bbtjns.
rwiiliit 1
All flTTflTWi!! 5 "Mena Bys an "Children'
y v vwwtirw. we now
20 Per ct Less
Than regular prioes. The assortment contains many fine Overcoats and Ul
sters, on whioh you can make a saving of one-fifth of former prioes
and get as choice a selection aa at any time during the season. ,
Boys Overcoats Ulsters
Underwear and all Winter Goods
Of all styles, one-fifth less than former prioes. Remember we give fat every
Five Dollar purchase one chance on the following four prizes :
-One f 75. 00 Top jBuggf,:
'One 65.00 "Olds 2 -horse Wagon,
-One 25.00 One "Horse -Cart,
'One j8.00 "Single Bucjcjy Jtiarness.
Also with every $15.00 purchase we give you one of our new CANE WHIPS.
Perry Street. One door South of Spengler's Grocery.
The city of Defiance has a bonded debt of
$128,000. i
Children's all wool hose 15 cents a pair at
Horn & Norden's. 2t
The light and power company of Defi
ance is in the hands of a receiver.
Hello, there! Where did you get that suit?
Why, at Geo. Hahn' of course. tf
Every time yon make a puxphase at the
olothing store of Henry Meyers you save
money. Try it and see if it is not as repre
sented. - . '
The old Flenner homestead at Tiffin was
burned last week. The property was for
merly owned and occupied by the father of
Mr. John Siford of this city.
Dr.C.E.Tupper, formerly superintendent
of the Toledo asylnm for the insane, died at
his home in Ottawa last week. He leaves a
wife, three daughter and two sons.
We have on hand a large assortment of
boys' cape overcoats and ulsters made from
the good durable stuffs the boys ought to
have and cot just like the boys want, Bnt we
need the money invested in them so they
must go. D. Wilson.
' If a fellow come around and want to bet
you $5 that if yon will tell him the last four
figures of a bank note he will tell you the
letter of the note, don't take him up. Yon
offer to bet him the same way. and if you
mooeed in getting him to bet, divide the fig
ure of the note by four. It they don't di
vide even and one remains, the letter is a; if
two remain the letter is b; if three remain
the letter is 0, and If they divide even the
letter is d. If yon know how to divide yon
will win his money. 7
The persistent oough which nsually fol
lows an attack of the grip can be permanent
ly cured by taking Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. W. A. MoOuire of McKay, Ohio,
ays: "La Grippe left me with a severe
cough without relief, I tried Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, whioh effeoted a permanent
core. I have also f oond it to be without an
equal for children, whdn troubled with eolda
of croup. 26 and 60 cent .bottles for sale by
D. J. Humphrey, Napoleon, O. lm
Bed blanket 29 eenU each at Horn &
Norden'. .
Theo. Bohr ia selling his entire (took of
boot and shoes at "rook bottom" prioe.
The Defiance ooanty commissioner nnder
a (peeial low now receiv $1,000 a year sal
ary each.
Overcoat and nits marked down 'way
down to torn them into money at once at
Wilson' "Most Go" Bale.
8. H. Shoemaker, of Hanover settlement,
ha returned from a four week' trip through
Morrow and Crawford counties.
. Have you tried oor 50o teaf It is the best
tea for the price in the market, in fact we
brag on it. tf Co-opbitiv Stobi.
rVini-t Af C Vim monPlaaa convened on Mon
day, with Judge Handy on the bench. The
docket ia auite lame and will occupy the
attention of the court for some weak.
Jerry Belknap of Chics 70 has purohased
the material of the late Xetos office, and it
is reported he will take it to Holgate and
establish it there. We wish J erry success.
All persons knowing themselves indebted
to os most come in and pay as wewantonr
books settled now.
. 2t Gio. H. Rohrs fc Bro.
There has never been anything discover
ed that will equal Dobbin.' Electric Soap
for all household oses. It make paint
look like new, and clothes as white as snow.
Oor wash-woman says it is a pleasure to use
it. Ask your grocer for it.
Here is something for the ladies to try
their skill on. Take a leaf ot a tree or
a Bhrub, place it on a small pieoe o f white
linen soaked in spirit of nitre, and insert
between the leaves of a heavy book with a
piece of paper to reoeive the impression.
Lay the book aside for a few day and then
examine. The leaf will be devoid of color,
which will have been transferred to the pa
per in all the original beauty of tint and out
line of the leaf. 1
Now fn the time to buy your blankets, for
you can get them at about one half their
real value at Wilson's "Most Go" sale.
Stocking yarn 7 cents a skein at Horn &
Norden's. 2t
Congressman Ritchie of of the Toledo dis
trict has in trodnced a bill inCongres which
provides for the government to erect monu
ments npon the historic battle fields of the
Maumee Valley.. The amounts provided in
the bill are:
Put in-Bay $ 2 500
Fort Miami 7 500
" Meigs 30 500
Battle of Fallen Timber 5 000
Fort Defiance 5 000
",. Wayne . 5 000
0 5C0
Thirty cent all wool skirting flannel for
19 cents at Horn & Norden's. 2t
It is reported the Wabash will make a cut
of five per cent on the wages of the em
ployes of the road.
See the big advertisement of Geo. H.
Rohrs A Bro. They are bound to reduce
their big stock of dry goods, oarpets, oloaks,
boots and shoes. It means a big saving to
yoo. 2t
Here is an old conundrum for oor read
er: Smith found a ten-dollar gold piece
lying in the road; he gave it to Brown to set
tle a meat bill. Brown gave it to Jones to
pay a grocery acooont; Jones turned it over
to Baker in payment of a balanoe doe on
Inmber, Baker returned it to Smith in set
tlement of a note; Smith took it to the bank
to deposit it, when the cashier threw it out
as counterfeit. Now, were those varions
debts paid?
To Tra6.
A good business property centrally looated
in Holgate, Ohio, for trade for wild land or
farm property looated in Henry County, O.
For particulars call at the offlse of Cahill 4
Donovan. "l t
Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your
. Life Away
I the truthful, startling titleof a little book
teat tells alt aDout No-toOao tne wonaerrni,
h realties guaranteed tobacco habitenre. The
bat is trifling and the man who want to
oo and can't runs no physical or financial
qa in using "No-Ta-Bao," sold by Saur 4
Book at store, or by mail free, ad-
drss. The Sterling uemedy uo., Indiana
aneral Springs. Ind. jnne 21-ly
Raal Estate Tranelere.
Th following real estate transfer have
been recorded daring the past week:
aiDoxvnx towiship.
Psol UobrtoMaryC. Bear, 40aerer,MC.
25, f350.
Mary C. Bear to Adam Moll, 8C aores.sec.
23, $i,OC0.
yaunox towiship.
Elias Bogart jr.toWm. Metealf.S acre,
Clara E. Lo wry to Sarah Bitter, 3 acre.',
tee. 16, 325.
Sebastian Royal to John Royal, 80 acre,
sees. 33-34, $3,(30.
Henry Dei trick to Dominie Limpacb, 20
acres, sec 88, $1,200.
Anton Brickner to John Smith, 26 acres,
see. 40, $1,350.
John Smith to Alpbonso Kiebel, 40 acre,
sec 26, $2,000.
Wm. Heft, dec, to A. E. Beer, 12
aores, sec 24, $ .
B. Goodell to John Robins, 25 aores, sec.
16. $1,000.
W. MoGiffln to Sarah MoGiffiu, 40 aores,
sec 15, $400.
Annie Bundy to Annie Overly, 40 aores,
sec. 15, $600.
AbnerDenman to Bethnell Goodell, 40
aores, sec 22, $1,200.
Wm. H. Hatcher to Frank Mahler, 3
acres, sec 12, $17.1.
James Laramore to Daniel Angel, 27.71
acres, sec 13, $600.
Mason Baer to Ernest Warden, 15 acres,
see. 13. $1,500.
Martha J. Croninger to George Barney,
lots 79, 80, 81 and 82, J. H. Steam's add,
James Laramore to Daniel Angel, one
half lots 2 and 3, Hill's 1st add., $372.
E. E. Decker, sheriff, to E. O. Fox, lot 2.
sub. div. of lot 9, Lowe's add., $60.
G. W. Thornten to Pauline Zenze, lot 12,
Scott's add., $550.
Sarah Ritter to Sam. E. Brown, lot 2, sob.
div. of ont lot 9, Lowe's add., $150.
J. B. Di ttenhaver to Harry S. Dittenhav
er, lots 8 and 2, Yeager's 1st add., $1,000.
We will give a reduction of 12 per oent on
all dress goods bought of na daring oar
great January sale,
2 Norden fc Bruhb.
In Memorlam,
Mr. Belle Fauver, wife of Jay Fauver, of
Ridgeville, departed this life December
12th, 1893, after a short but painful illness
of about two weeks, being afflicted with
inflammatory rheumatism and heart dis
ease. Her sufferings were terribly heart
rending nntil death brought sweet relief.
Her age was 35 years and 8 months at the
time of her decease, and, she left a hus
band and one child to mourn her un
timely end. Her maiden name was John-
ion, and her father was a soldier of the late
war, dying in the service. Mrs. Fauver was
a woman of christian character, having been
for many years a constant member of the
M. E. Church at Ridgeville Corners, and was
alao a teacher in the Sunday School. Her
funeral services were performed under the
direotion of the Rsv. L. E. Wilson, and
were attended by a large concourse of peo
ple after which her remains were deposited
in Locust Grove Cemetery. The following
memorial poem was read at the funeral:
Another family xronp is sad.
While the angelic boat is glad.
Another voice la hashed on' earth,
A happier one in Heaven has birth.
Another chair Is vacant now,
Another crown apon a brow,
Anotner face la seen no more.
Another shonts, "&ly warfares o'er."
Another huaband sad and lone,
Another wife calls Heaven borne ;
Another child loft motberleaa.
But Jeeuacalled, and he kuowa beat.
Ah! might we nay when death doth come,
To thin the rankfl within onrhome,
a "Thank Gad," the boor le blest,
Thtt take us to eternal reat..
Dear sister Belle, ia free from care.
While we life's burdens still must bear.
Who next may go no one can tell,
If Christ be with us all In well.
Ridgeville Corners, 0., Jan. 8th, '94.
For paina in the chest there is nothing
better than a flannel cloth saturated with
Chamberlain's Fain Balm and bound on
over the seat of paiu. For sale by D, J.
Humphrey, Napoleon, O. lm
Is It Proper.
To ask for two cents stamp, or a two cent
To observe that it is a rather cold day, or
rather a cold day?
To allude to a oertain pernicious doctrine
as anarchism or anarchy?
To speak of a thing as somebody else's,
or somebody's else?
In referring to our country to say the
United States is a republic, or the United
States are a republic?
A large consignment of cotton batton can
be found at the Co-operative store, cheaper
in prioe than can be found at any other
place in town. Try the co-operative, tf
Died, on Jan. 1st, 1894, Mrs. Margaret
Motes, mother of Mrs. J. P. Dunbar ot
Hamler. She passed peacefully away at ber
home in Findlay, and leave 3 daughters and
3 sons, a number of grandchildren and
great-grandohildren to mourn their loss.
Farewell, dear mother, thou art gone.
Thy sufferings all are o're,
Thy friends who knew and loved thee.
Will find theo here no more. XX
How' This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of catarrh that cannot be oared by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A 00.,Propa.,Toledo,0.
We the undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 16 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligation made by their firm.
Wist Tbcax, YYholesald Druggists, To
ledo. Ohio.
Waldino, KiirHAit 4 Mabvim, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Core is taken internally,
aoting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Prioe)75o per bot
tle. Bold by all druggist. Testimonials
' lm
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Order Issued Upon the County
The following orders have been drawn nn
ontheooonty treasury for the week ending
Jan. 9th:
H. Gatliman, erocertea for pauper and Inf.., $58,44
C. If. Stevens, work on ditch 7ST Aim
Jacob Wolf, aaat. rrar. ditch T!,..... 1,25
IlarreT Dlehl. labor at Infirm. r. a. m.
J. AW. Hettlg.M8t.anr. dltca 798 .... 2.50
S . H, Rett!-, aerrloir notloea ditch m 1.J5
wOTia, uennieon a rrlor, bonda Flaa ditch 25 .00
Cbaa. Belaer, wltneaa fees..... l
W. E. Decker, blanks ......... 1500
J. J. Hardy, ferryman fees 31.00
H. L.Shumaker, bridge lumber 112.00
C Brobl, bond coupon no, 8 20. 00
B, P. Wado Co.. euttlonrrv
J . P. Bagan, 0 daya labor aaalating com 80. 00
a. u neuter, ex. farmers Inatltute , jj.fjj
E. S . Decker, redemntlnn ni 1atw9 a ,
H. Rohrs, viewer and marker Hornnng rd. 4 00
. oanr uo., int. on bonda...... .... 580X0
C. Rostetter, coertoona table .... 5.00
T. Lndwlg, ad. pay.achool funds, Nap, tp...I200.0U
K. E. Decker, earring witnesses 9j
J. R. Smith, work ditch 778 .' 42.80
JacoD Htaum, witnesa fees
8. Overmler, wltneas feea grand Jury
Emma Moore, " " -
Fred Moore " ....
J. S . If ohler, "
Jaa. 81atr, - " "
F. Uohlcr, " i
MaryMurdock " "
KaryHlaer, ' " . .
J do. Baer, " u ,
Wm. Baer, ' 11
B. F. Overmler " I
Q. P. Fetterman M "
Toledo Work Houae. boarding prisoner..
2 40
2 40
. . uayes, witness fees grand Jury.
'. II. Rumpel, tx. commissioners report... 128.00
M. Hague,
. 120.00
Jno. Koretetter, petit jury foes
8 Bush, witness fce grand J ury
.' S 8U
4 50
80 00
A.c. Axrbry,
R. A.Dubbs, '
W. Loch,
Daisy KcQulaton
Delia McQuialon '
C. Swartz witness '
J. B. Grlbbca " ..
J). kTeekiBon, bond oouuons
A lot of ladies and Miraea Dnnoni.
and pebble goat shoes worth from $1.50 to
i.uu a pair. How going at $1 at Wilson's
"Must Go" sale.
New Story.
Wecommenoe the publication this week
of a new story. It is one of great interest
and none of our readers should fail perusing
it. No doubt they will watoh for th hor,
tors wi tch will follow next week.
Ladies Fine Beaver and hvint iMr.
the new shades the fnll sleeves and itlrt
the large collar. Worth $10, "Must Go"
Pri0 6. D WrM0Ni
The ladies of tha Napoleon Benevolent
oociety desire n to inform- tha public that
more clothing and wearinn annaral i mn
for than they can supply. They want yon
to hunt op old clothes, shoes, shop-worn
goods and the like and turn them over for
the poor. The ladies also express their
sincere thanks for past favors.
HarrletE Hall, of Waynestown, Ind., says: "I
.j m. w ,u vxroni, sums. American Nervine.
I had been In beed for Ave months from the effects
awwau, luuiHi'nuuu, nervous
prostration and a genera ahattered condition of my
whole system. Had given up all hopes ot getting
.. - - -.n.u,,wwnmgl,,u, UURU(1 xne
ftrafc lintHa irf ih. M...I.. k..i. , .
.,u, v.u u ,UD itciiiu. j.uuiu improved ma so
much that t was ah e to walk about, and a few bot-
...pvuidu mo tiutireiy oeuevu u is tne best
medicine in the world. I cannot recommend It
too highly." bold by D. 1. Humphrey. Napo-
f5f nVFRPflATK 1
v v off U V nil Ii ml i) . nir S
Twenty Per Cent.
j, . Lowrnces.
Our goods are all marked in plain
figures. We have but one price
and this is conceded by all to be
The marked price
and from these prices we give you
twenty per cent, discount.
1 1
J Per Ct. OftV
G 00 as 0C
We would be pleased to have all th nM
subscribers of th Newt, who are not alraad
on oor list, enroll their names for the Nobth-
wist. W will try and make tha paper in.
teresting for yoo, and at th dollar rat
which 1 (till in order, th naner ia th
oheapest ooanty paper for it size in the
State. We send you a paper this week and
will continue to do so unless advised other
wise. Wa have been asked repeatedly, during
the past two or three weeks, whether we in
tended to again make one of our famous
Jannary sales or not, and when it would be
gin. For various reason we had decided
not to do so. 18!)3 has not been the grand
ly successful business year that every one so
fondly anticipated a short year ago. The
stringency in the land has made tha buyer
cautious, and prices (especially in Dry Goods
hav been shoved down lower than ever be
fore, and many businesslhouse will find no
balanoe on the profit side for the entire
year. Another reason was this: We have
been very prudent in buying this year, and
consequently, are not loaded with surplus
stock that will oripple us to carry over nntil
another season. These and other reason
partly decided us to forego this year oor ao
onstomed sale. Bnt since this deoiaion was
reached, we have been besieged from all
parts of the oounty, in person by hundreds,
by mail by the score, to reverse this and
again give the people a months special sale.
So many and so urgent were the requests
that we have been foroed ti" yield and there
fore take extreme pleasure in announcing
that for on whole month we are going to do
business for glory, for one whole month we
are going to be philanthropists, and in our
way do good, for one whole month vie are
going to offer our entire magnificent stock
to the first comers at unheard of low prices,
upon one condition only, and that ia that
every patty who parohasea from na thiar .
month pay us spot tosh for the privileg
This ia not asking too much and will be
strictly adhered to. We expect to lose
many hundred of dollar during this
montS but we do it cheerfully and wish it to
be looked upon as so much donated to char
itable purpose. We do not intend to spend
much money blowing this sale. Please call
in the store to get prioes,
tf Sboimakn Baog.
- W " mm. UIWHI 1U hUO UUUV auu
shoe line, but Theo. Suhr is trying to liven
things up by outdoing alt his former prices.
rnM i .1.1
uiu auu ODD uiui. i
It is requested by the President of the
Henry ooanty Farmers' Institute that all
officer of the inititute, farmers and fruit
growers in particular of this county, meet at
thu Probate Judge's office, on Saturday
January 20th, at 10:30 a. m., for the purpose
of appointing on person in each road dis
trict to see that the law known a "The Black
Knot Law" be striotly enforced.
By order of the Pskhidemt.
Probate Notice,
NOTICE la hereby given, that Fred. Hoarefe, aa
Gnardian of Barman Buenger, Frederick Bnen
ger, Anna Bnengar, Mary Buenjrer, William Buen
ger, John Buenger and Emma Bnenger, has lied
a flrat account of bla Guardianship, which will be
for bearing and settlement Jan. 80th, 1804.
M. DONNELLY, rrobate Judge.
Probate Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby given, that Samuel Williams,
aa Assignee of Vanlue h Son, haa filed a first
account of hia Administration, which will be for
hearing and aettiemens Jan. 80th, 1804.
11, DONNELLY, Probate Jadge.
Off our Already
remains the same,
20. U
Per CL Oil
m Hsc t rtC

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