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Business House
In Humphrey's Block,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
Blank :-: Books,
39" These goods arereliab'eaud will be
Banking House
j. i mi & go.,
Foreign and Domeitio Exohange Bought and Bold
at lowes tonrrent rates, and Collcotionton
1! point, made promptly.
). MEEK1S0K,
Zanksvillk has put in a bid for
the Democratic State Convention.
If the new woman, when she comes
into her kingdom, as she threatens
to do, persists in wearing the present
low cat evening dress, she will show
a good deal of backbone.
Gkn. Coxey'9 new paper, Sound
Money, has found its way to our sano
tuin. It is neatly printed, and the
most it contains is the name of Cox
ey, which appears something like 303
times. . ;
Thb July Popular Science Monthly
will have an article on Climate and
Health, by Dr. , Charles F. Taylor,
who shows that there is more to cli
mate than the height of the thermome
ter, and that groat discrimination
should be exercised by physicians In !
gepding patients away from home.
The Cincinnati nqM!rtr epfeaks a
whole volume of wisdom in reference
to the Ohio campaign when it says:
"All the Democrats have to do is to
get together and act with sense. If
they do not do that they do not de
serve to win. Let the. "ins" quarrel.
There is no sense in the "outs" being
at logger heads among themselves.
Thb Reed law, abolishing boards of
infirmary directors, has been declar
ed unconstitutional by the supreme
court. The law was enacted by the
last legislature and was meant for
Erie and Huron counties. The county
boards ousted in these counties will
now go back to their offices. The case
was hard fought on both sides.
This is the comment of the Minne
apolis Journal, one of the greatest
Republican newspapers of the west,
on the Zanesville convention: '
"Tis Poraker so ornery,
"Has eat the Ohio canary;
"With a smack of his chops
"He ate it joblots,
"While McKinley pranced 'round
the prairie."
The honest money convention in
session at Memphis last week is said
to be the largest meeting ever held
in this country for the discussion of
a single economic question. It is an
outpouring of men of all classes from
the tiller of the soil to representatives
in congress and the United States
Senate, without regard to politics,
catered together to demand free sil
ver coinage and the return of honest
money as it existed prior to 1873.
Gold papers keep "falsely asserting
that the free coinage of silver will
drive all the gold out of the country
and bring us to a silver basis. The
facts of history are all against this
claim as everybody knows full well.
Whenever there has been coinage of
silver in this country gold has flown
in upon us, and whenever stopped
eold has eone abroad. There was less
than $200,000,000 gold all told in this
country in 1878 when the coinage of
silver was commenced under the
Bland act, but when the law was
chanered in 1890 there was over $700,-
000,000. . Since stopping the coinage
of silver gold has left the country so
rapidly that great sacrifice has been
made to get it back and already the
$700,000,000 has dwindled down to
about $300,000,000. Gold men will
find that the people are studying the
financial question and are fast getting
at the truth. Cheboygan Democrat.
Thb Siffnal, Instead of answering,
or trying to answer what we said in
our criticUiw of "Veteran" U). for
the argument was unanswerable,
palmed off a lot of rot In fulsome
praise of Itself for publishing a col
umn or two of dead and stale matter
concerning Decoration day exercises,
which we will venture to say not one
reader in a hundred read or even
gave a second thonght. Self praise
is characteristic of the Signal. 1. alk
is cheap, but when it comes to giving
the old soldiers substantial praise and
aid the Northwkst has done and is
doing more for them than the Signal
would If it lives to be a hundred years
Thk Prohibitionists held their State
Convention on Wednesday last and
nominated the following State ticket:
Governor Seth H. Ellis, of Mar
ion county.
Lieutenant Governor J. W. Sharp,
of Richland county.
Attorney-General W. C. Bates, of
Franklin county.
Auditor tf State-A. S. Caton, of
Coshocton county.
Treasurer of State J. W. Hawk
ins. of Jefferson county.
Supreme Judge John T. Moore,
of Jackson county.
Supreme Court Clerk David T,
Spicer, of Union county.
Board of Public Works James
Benjamin of Muskingum county.
The Act of Congress of March 23,
1893, provided that on the first of
July, 1895, two very important pro
visions should go into effect. One of
these makes it unlawful after July 1st
for any interstate railway to use a
car which is not provided "with
secure grabirons or handholds in the
ends and sides of each car for great
er security to men in coupling and
uncoupling cars;" and the second re
quires after July 1st the use of freight
cars which comply with the standard
hight of drawbar, which was required
to be fixed by the American Railway
Association within ninety days from
the passage of the act. The bights
of the drawbar were fixed at thirty
four and a half inches for empty cars
and thirtv-one and a half inches for
loaded cars. On and after January
1st, 1898, it will become obligatory for
all cars to be provided with automat
ic couplers.
Soldiers and Pensions.
The Jackson Herald says it would
seem that a fuir understanding would
end much complaint among our Sol
dier friends. There has been much
talk about pensions been taken away
and others reduced, and this has been
used by designing men for party ef
fect to an extent that is a little short
of a disgrace.
Let us be fair and honest about
this matter as we should about any
other matter in life. '
The money that pays pensions,
comes from our people, as any other
taxes do. Thisbeing true, the people
should not be called upon to pay one
dollar of pensions that is unjust, any
more than they should be called upon
to pay more than is just for any oth
er purpose, either in government, or
in the daily transaction of life. But
on the other hand they should be
called upon to pay every dollar that
is just, and when this has been done,
and ovlZ ffir? and. .another lesai
than ha expected, who has a just
right of complaint? And who that is
content when he gets his own can
So muoh for that then. Now how
is Justice found in the pension depart
ment? Just exactly as it is in any
court of our land. It is a court, act-1
ing under a law, and is controlled
by the same rules as any other court
is. That is to say, Congress passes
pension laws, as state Legislatures
pass other laws. The pension depart
ment, grants or refuses to grant,
changes or alters, or alters, increases
or decreases, the amount of each per
son's penBon, on the evidence pro
duced, just as courts grant judgments
on the evidence before them, and oth
er courts, change their judgment by
increasing or decreasing or by throw
ing them out entire As new evidence
is produced, or evidence is found
to be wrong, or other evidence pro
duced that makes the case stronger
or weaker.
There is this essential difference be
tween pension suits and other suits in
civil courts, that is, that a pension is
based upon the pensioners right to
recover, and the amount of it depends
upon the degree of injury. So it is
possible for a pensioner- to be draw
ing a pension of one amount to-day,
based upon a state of facts that one
year from to-day did not exist at all.
If so the cause for his drawing a pen
sion would have cleared, and under
the law his pension Vould have to
cease. But on the other hand, if it
were found at the end of the year
that his complaint had grown much
worse, than on examination, and
these facts proven, his pension of a
year before would be inadequate, and
the law would increase it, just as our
State laws will increase or decrease
alimony to fit the changing circum
stances of cases.
' Now one thing more. This being
true, and it is true, then when any
soldier accuses any person of doing
him any injustice he forgets himself,
This can no more be done in the pen
sion department, under any adminis
tration, than it can be done in our
courts of Common Pleas or Circuit,
without exposure. '. Why? Because
the pension department is a court,
Its every act Is of reoord, and open
to the world, just as our courts are.
It is even safer than our courts are,
for its acts are all based on written
evidence, that must be there on file,
also open to the world, while courts
of states often render judgments on
oral evidence, and 'all there is on the
record Is the finding of the court and
the pleadings, but the evidence in
support is absent. Not so of the pen
sion department. It is all there, open
to anybody. Now we ask how could
any person be unjustly dealt with as
we hear so often claimed, when any
person at any time can go in there
and from the records expose the
whole thing to the world? Would
not Republicans or Democrats do
this if it was there, for political pur
poses. Now we have written this
statement for the benefit of soldiers,
either Democrats or Uepublicans,that
they may see how they are imposed
upon by any party, either Democratic
or Republican when they are stuffed
with these stories of pensions being
granted one and not another. If the
action is taken on the case, It is there
for the world to see, and there is the
law, and if an error has been com
mitted it can be opened up any day,
by any lawyer, or. agent sent, or by
the soldier himself. The faots are,
if your pension is increased or de
creased it is because of the law and
the evidence, and these only under
any administration. . -
The Atlieas Man Elected De
partment Commander. Offl
cers Elected by the W. It. C. -
At Thursday's session of the G. A.
R. department Ohio, at Sandusky, the
following officers were elected and
installed for the ensuing year:
Department commander, A. Town
send, of Athens; senior vice command
er, Henry Kissinger.of Dayton;junior
vice commander, W. W. Weber,, of
Columbus; medical director, Dr.
Reefy, of Elyria; chaplain, Rev.
Horace Place, of plymouth; delegate
at large to national encampment, T.
B. Marshall, of Sidney.
At an open meeting following the
election of officers, addresses were
made by Corporal Tanner, Gen. A,
P. Burchfield, senior vice command'
er of the national G. A. R., and Com
mander Semple of Pennsylvania,
Columbus was selected as the place
for holding the next encampment.
The Woman's Relief Corps elected
the following officers: Department
President, Mrs. Lena Springsteen, of
Toledo; Senior Vice Commander, Mrs,
Moxom of Gallipolis.
A camp-fire was held in the even
ing at the Soldiers' Home at which
Corporal Tanner delivered a stirring
Great Damage at Hartford and
Sheffield, Kan. .
Swept Everything in Its Path at the
First-Named Town Loss, 830,000.
Stella, Neb., Suffers Considerably, bat
No Lives Are Lout Heaviest Rain For
.. Years in Arkansas Does Damage.
Kansas City, June 18. A cyclone is
reported to have killed two . persons and
demolished a score of dwellings at Hart
ford, near Emporia, Kan. The samo
storm reached Kansas City 6hortl'"ifter.
ward agj ffiffifcated -;I t'he arf. ,
xue streets were flooded to the
depth of half a foot and considerable
damage was done to basoinents.
Four miles west of here, near Qtunda-
ro, two boys, Joseph and Thomas But
tsrweck, aged 19 and 15 respective
ly, were struck by . lightning while
working in a field and were instantly
killed. 2io other fatalities are known.
Several May Dlo.
Habtpokd, Kan., June 18.-" About 5
o'clock last evoning a cyclone struck this
place coming from the southwest and
swept every thing in its path, which
was clean cut and about 100 feet in
width. Several porsons were injured so
badly they are not expected to live. No
one so far as mown was killed outright.
About a do.en houses wero destroyed
as well as ninny barns and outhouses.
Several other houses were more or less
damaged. The total loss is estimated at
In Oklahoma.
El Rhino, O. T., June 18. The late
rains in western Oklahoma have caused
the rivers to.oyerflow badly. The North
Canadian , is overflowing the bottoms
and rising rapidly. The Indians, who
prophesied a flood, are leaving the low
lauds, and insist that a flood is surely
coming. The South Canadian is a rag
ing torrent, i way out of its banks, and
is putting the gold huntors to much
Arkansas Flood.
Little Rock, Juno 18. The heaviest
rainfall seon here in years occurred Sun
day and Sunday night and considerable
damage is reported.
Victims of a Storm.
Kansas City, June 18. Several per
sons are reported injured during last
night's storm at Sheffield, an outlying
town. . ;
Nobody Killed.
Omaha, June 18. A cyclone at Stella,
Neb., did great damage but no lives were
Highest Honors World's Pair.
k pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. ' Free
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Tapped lor Filty Thousand to
Down McKinley.
Hon. Jane A. Norton Has Some
Advice to the Democracy.
Mora of Pilgrim Progress McKinley '
' Pious Hypocrisy.
Democrats Will Not Be Deceived by
Repmblican Fairy Tales.
Colukbos, Ohio, Jan 17th.
Hod. Thomas A. Cowgill, an ex senator
of the state of Ohio, and Republican, high
in the confidence of the McKinley admini
stration was a nailer at the capital the other
day. The Senator comes from Champaign
oonnty and thongh a genial gentleman is
radical in bis party allegianoe. He explains
the spontaneous nomination of Bnshnell at
Zanesville by saying that it oost the Spring
field millionaire manufacturer more money
than it is supposed to cost him in getting
the election. An estimate of ihe expense
attaohedto working op the Foraker guillo
tine in Ohio, which so nicely decapilated
McKinley the other week puts the amount
at .
dollars, the bill being footed by Boshnell
all the time. While be was signing ohecks
he was being almost daily interviewed and
each time be declared he was not a candi
date. The other Republican candidates wl o
were spending a couple of thousand dollars
each of hard earned money were simply
steered np against a bnnoo game by Buefw
neli's managers who did the dirty work while
Boshnell himself paid the bills. It is said
here in knowing political ciroles that Gen.
Bushnell will back the state committee with
another f 50,000 making the expense of bis
campaign reach f 100,000-a very clever sum
to be paid for the privilege of leading a
ticket fore doomed to defeat. Among a
great many other distinguished Ohio Demo
orate who visit Columbus almost weekly was
of Seneca oonnty. No man has stood higher
in party counoils than Dr. . Norton and his
views are always intelligent and interesting.
To' your correspondent the Doctor said:
"The Democratic state convention will do
a wise thing by handling the silver question
ina fair and intelligent manner. When sil
ver was demonitized in 1873 every Demo
crat in the United States denounced it as
a orime and every Republican from Presi
dent Grant to Charley Foster rpologized
for it. Now then after the lapse of more
than twenty years what has traaspired to
sanotify that orime and to justify so many
Democrats doing now just what they de
nounced twenty years ago. My opinion is
that the state convention should reaffirm the
platforms prior to 1873 demand the resto
ration of silver to its constitutional preroga
tives of that period when it was a unit of
value. On snch'a platform I am satisfied
all Democrats oonld stand. Yes, lam friend
ly to Mr. Brice though I notice some oppo
sition to him which suepect grows out of
failure to get official recognition, Mr. Brice
no doubt, acted wisely and an
in his effort to secure a tariff reform bill
which would raise enough revenue and at
the Bame time meet with the approval of big
Notice to Non-Resident
land Owners, et, al.
To all lot and land owners, and mu
nicipal and private corporations,
that will be affected by the. ditch
improvement herein designated.
Auditor's Ones, Hesbt Cocxtt, 1
Napoleos.O., may 3i6t, 1895. j
In the matter of County Ditch Improvement,
OtO No petitioned for by"J
' . Peter Schuller.
To John Cunningham, M. C, Henry, Chan. E.
uunn, t. JO. LiOomiB, u . b. reenter, x v.
Donovan, W. W. Edwaida, et. al., L. A . Culver.
Von inn each of ven are hereby notified that on
the 31st day oiMay A. D., 1895, Peter Schuller
filed a petition wltn tne Auditor 01 aaia cotimy,
the substance and prayer of which raid petition
la that there exists a necessity for tbe location and
ennstrnr.tion of adltcb. and Drays for the makioR
of such Improvement on the following route and
termlnito wit: ,. .
' Commencing abont eighty rods sonth and abont
fort ro ta west of the' north Quarter post of Sec
tion 25. Town 3 North, Bangs 8 East, Henry coun
ty, Ohio, in the channel of Connty Ditch No..... ..
thence ronninff north through Section 25 and 24,
to the half section line road running east and west
through Beetlon 24, I hence east aooul iu rods
where it will intersect Brush Creek..thence follow
ing said creek through Sections 24. 18 11 and
Fleasam luwuanip, ana oecuune i, o nuu o oimsiuu
township, and 32 nd 81, Monroe Township,
Benry county, Ohio, nutll it intersects Lost Creek,
and there to terminate.
That said netltlon is now pending, and that said
nrnceedinia have been duly and legally bad, that
the Board of Commissioners have been presented
with a copy of said petition aa required by law,
thereby notifying them of the filing of the same,
and that aa such A minor of said county the
undersigned has fixed the '
28th day of June, A. D., 1895, at 10
. o'clocK, a. m., .
at the starting point of said proposed improvement
in section ztnneasant 'lownsnip, uenry county
Ohio, for the hearing of said matter and proceed
? J. II. KES1I,
' V. 1 -'Auditor Benry Co., Ohio.
-: Practical Plumber :
Sanitary: Engineer.;
The lowest rates given on the whole job of
pipe laying. Estimates cheerfully
' famished on application. .
"Employed, and all work guaranteed.
Complete stock of Hose, Sprinklers, and all
Plumbing1 Material alway on band.
party. We had over edoeaUd the people on
the tariff and many of them were dip-ed
to overlook tbe oeeeMitie of reveoae en
tirely. There staa'd be no foolishness tol
erated at the convention. "Harmony is the
great eeseutiat now. A man named Mc
Kinley vbo is supposed to be governor of
Ohio delivers himself of an interview at
Chicago to which he ayi the people have
become thoroughly alarmed at Democratic
role and will this year roll np big majority
for BoabnelL The -ame paper prints a Pitta
berg dispatch in which the blanks of that
city show that the pay roll of all concerns
employing labor ahow an inerea-e of 25 per
oent over the last year the McKinley law
was in force. The bad role of the Democ
racy is not so apparent in Ohio where a
bgulatnre sandbagged every vulnerable cor
poration and then wound np with a clean,
cooleteelof $30,000 out of a treasury into
which McKinley lees than a year ago dumped
$."jOO,000 of borrowed money. McKinley
says nothing of the moral orookedaina of
those bjnds held by bis friend Hanna, being
exempted from taxation by a special act of
this abominable legislature. The people are
getting tired of soch a howlinjr calamity
frand aa McKinley whose jaanta over the
oonnlry as the guest of millions
ration and entrenched wealth do not fit him
ror tne favorite of the poor and the laboring
element. One of the
of the Republican Dress theaa n ...
aggers te the alleged difference of Demo-
craia in trie varions conntim in thai.
conventions. An ordinary reader would be
ieu w Deneve that the masses of the party
hate each other with a r1li k.. --a
that they are only waiting to shoot on eight.
iue mere objection of a delegate to thU or
that proposed plan in a Democratic conven
tion is taken np and exaggerated into a
in which a mob takes possession of the stage,
inrowa toe ohairman out tbe window and
murders in cold blood those who differ. Th
Republican party is ao accustomed to obey
ing the dictations Of thai nnKliA.! .1
drivers and swallowing anything the bosiws
v. Uwu uuwn weir tnroat that they are amaz
ed at Democrats who meet in convention,
to agree on a plan 0f action and polioy.
The Democralio idea has always been to
together and agree upon what coarse is best
to pursue. The republican plan ia for one
or two men to get together in some dark,
out of the way spot where the son never
shines, agpee upon what they want and then
permit a few others to get together and
ratify what they have deoided upon. Demo
crats who are daily regtiled with extrava
gant accounts pt Demooratio county con
vention riots here and there must take
them with a grain of salt.
In order to hide the unpopularity of Ihe
Forsker-Cox ticket the skin cane, fire
alarmists have sent afloat a story to the effect
w,"nt J " acent in this vlcinitv for
Pft'e Of Clflrb'sl Pari Pvv-to. M... t XI ww. .
Seltzer, Salve. Salts. Etc. Liberal inrt.ni.r'
Big Kaplda Mineral Water Co. junel9 1r.,o "
Probate Nnri
NOTICE la hereby ien, that Jamca A. Wilson
..,. afatlran of John H. Andrews, haB flied a
71 k uis Kuinuanenip, nmcn will be
for hearing and settlement July 15th, 1895.
' J. V.CTJFF, Probate Jndge.
Probate Not ice.
N0'AIE,I,.hcrb!, RTCD' that H- Fauver as
Administrator of the estate ol Walter
fanver.has filed a fifth aeconnl of his adminls.
JulyToth lmMU be'orhe,rln "I settlement
. J. V. CUFF, Probate Jndge.
During the
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that on or two gentlemen have met in
New York City and nominated Paul J. Sorg
for governor. This is ail moonshine. When
the Ohio Democrats get ready to hold a eon
venention they will hold it is Ohio and some
two or three thousand Demotrata will be
present in shaping a platform of principle
and candidates to stand thereon. Tbe Bv
pnblioans are reporting to all kind of dis
repouble tactics to throw odium on leading
Demoerats and to make Democralio meth
ods unpopular bnt no good Democrat wi.l
ailiw hioraeK to be deceived by the fanciful
tale of tbe enemy.
rr. V7nde' Queer Wilt
By the terms of tbe will of one Dr.
Wilde of St. Ives parish, Huntingdon
shire, England, hi trustees were direct
ed to expend o0 in the purchase of a
piece of land iu St Ives, the annual rent
of which was to be set aside for the pur
chase of six Bibles at a cost of T shil
lings each. To decide who shall have
them he requested his tru&ees to "pre
pare a cancer with throe dice npon tbe
altar table of the parish church and let
the Bibles be raffled for. "
Mary Jane Why does the man in the
middle o' the diamond stand and hold
the ball so long and make faces at the
man with the bat?
Abner Can't yon see? Wants to
make him so mad he can't hit it
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
'Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Yonr
Life Away."
Thet ruthfnl, startling titleof a book abont
Vrv-tn V.. j k. Al 1. I . t .
... vujjr iiniiuiBMi vuurunura lo
baoOO habit core. If yon want to quit and
"n il use - .no-io-oao." urace np mooti-
u.i . on, oiiiuiusum moouxie poisons,
make weak men gain strength, weight and
iicur. funiiive oarebor money reianded.
DMit.lilMMl.i. : i j . ...
- w.KtfiBM.. ur uiaiieu tree. Aaaree
The Sterling Bemedy Co., Chicago, 45 tan-
oot4 94 lyr
TVOTICE Is hereby fjiven that
the time for the collection of
the June taxes M ill be extended
to July 20th, 1895.
2t County Treasurer.
The Great Mountain Chautaqua,
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This ia an excellent opportunity for ladies' to ob
tain a beantifnl Dinner Set or Bed Room Set free.
We make this offer to Introdnce onr teas and Bak
ing Powder to the readers ofthisnaper. For full
particulars, write or call on A. BEESCH, Import
er of Teas, 713 Summit St., Toledo. References,
all Toledo. jnne 20, SS-tan.
Balance of June
Especially the Light Fine Grades are
among the most popular summer
dress goods. We have 23 pieoes of the
real genuine , ,
Scotch-Make !
Always sold at 25c, and now for two
weeks they goat ....Hooper yd
thirty-two inches wide, too.
There are also a number of pieces of
French Ginghams
In the Little Dainty Checks ard
: Stripes for the children, prices cot
to....r 21 oenls
The e hot days call for light, cool
Underwear !
We have Rome great specialties for
both sexes. For ladies 100 doz. vests at
Fire Cents Each.
And they are real good elastio articles.
. - But yon should see the two kinds we
are selling at
Fifteen Cents Each,
, They are daisies en re,
do not sell a shoe of any price that we do not warrant to be
The Only
Great and thoroughly re.
liable building-up medicine,
nerve tonic, vitalizer and
Before the people today, and
which stands preeminently
above all other medicines, is
It has won its hold upon the
hearts of the people by its
own absolute intrinsic merit.
It is not what we say, but
what Hood's Sarsaparilla
does that tells the story
Hood's Cures
Even when all other prepar
ations and prescriptions fail:
."My wife had scrofula lamp on;
, both side ot her neck. Finally we'
were persuaded to try Hood' Baraa-J
parfila aid before the first bottle waa
- finished w saw an Improvement. 'She
' t continued taking Hood's Sarsaparilla'
' and k now nearly eared." L.B. MB
TVl, 1448 Pearl St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Hnnd's Dill a are tasteless, mild, effee.
I1UUU rlll tive. All dme-nsts. at.
Is quickly ab
sorbed. Clean
ses the Nasal
Passage. Ai.
lays Pain and
Inflammatio n.
Heal the Sm
Protects the
from Addition
al Cold. Re
stn rear tin
Senses of Taste
ana Smell.
IT WILL CURE nni n im tup uran
A Dartiolft la nnnllAH inln nanh nnct . J
and is agreeable. Price 50 cents at Drug-
ELY BROTHERS. 66 Warren Street. N. T.
Absolutely Pure
Recommended and en
Physicians & Chemists
as THB finest STIMU
USE. . . j
Lungs it 19 tjneqtjaied
For Salb By
Son. sole agents for Napo-
,- i liU ..
leon. . -
and up to
We have tbe reputation of selling the
best Fitting and Wearing Shirt Waist
in the city. Onr brand ia "Trogan"
and every one is perfect. Stock is
very low and no more insight.
Ladies Skirts.
We have about fifty Ltdies Separate
Skirts made in the nowest fashion, of
best serge and fincy weave Blaok
Goods. For ihe next two weeks the
following cat prices go: .
" $6.00 Brad? for $4 89
9.00 grade for 6.39
10.00 grade for 7.39
i mi ri-.r .
ii.li XUU3C Allies
You can not buy the material.
Two Hundred
. Ladies Best Grade Percale Wrappers
with full Big Sleeves - '
. . . . only 89 cents eaoh
Thirteen Fine Capes
Left, and they can be bought at less
-. than their usual half prioe.

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