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ircutetf on,
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ned tfouoleoiir Pastoffice as Second
Clou Matter.
I Pi b'lsttd emy Thnndyr Morning-
Cfflce Northwest Building, Washington St.
EXoTwio. - GAL.B.O.WIO
li. li. ORWIG & SON.
Ter Yar In Advance j
T.STid nnle t the option of the publisher.
Job Printing of every Description nettlj
Ana cneapiy cu'
Am't of Space. U week
i :
One Inch..
1 50
1 mo. S mo. mo.
(1800 88 00 $50 00
1 s 60 . 0f 26 60
8 SO 7 60 14 00
1 00 I 00 8 Oo
1 yer
k ii KniiBnu IA...1. in.ArtMl smonff trare read'
og mattttr, 10 ceuta per line for flrst Insertion
and 6 oenta per Hoe Tor cacti aamnoDai mseruuu
Buaineaa locale, when Inserted under the head
of Basinet uroa la, o cenw per uuo im
portion. '
will please observe that cbildern may
nse Century Catarrh Cure with per
fect saftey, as in no case does it pro
duce the slightest ill effect. For all
stoppages and colds in the head
? l. . . U! llt1.. nnoa it
will be found the pleasantest and
surest of prescriptions and infinitely
the easiest to administer. For sale
by Saur & Balsley. lm
Examination Notice.
There will be no eouuty examina
tion held on the third Saturday or
this month. Attention is called to
other changes in our notice to teacn
ers. W. M. WARD,
C. E. Reynolds,
Mrs. Welstkd, .
Tour Good Luck.
It is your good luck to be
situated conveniently near
such a large and choice stock
of goods as can be found at
Saur & Balsleysj to have at
your command a generous
and carefully selected assort
ment lacking m none of its
d etails and representing the
most advanced ideas in quali
ty. This fact runs through
their mammoth stock,' which
is perhaps the largest to be
found in Northwestern Ohio.
Reas oning people say, who
have investigated the subject,
who have traded here, there
and ever.?.ere, who know by
experience just what they are
talking about, say that Saur &
Balsley beats all their com
petitors as to quality, variety
and 'prices of goods.
Having been encouraged by
a grand success in business in
Henry county for the past
quarter of a century and over,
Saur & Balsley have exerted
themselves more than ever
this season to please their
large trade, and especially
those looking up goods for the
' holidavs. Therefore this holi
day etock will be more attrac
tive than ever, giving one an
opportunity to buy holiday
presents, both useful and or
namental, at exceedingly low
Besides an endless variety
of books and fancy stationery,
pen holders, gold pens, etc.,
they have a large assortment of
combs and brush trays, collar
and cuff boxes, manicure trays,
cut glass bottles, fancy china
vases, shaving sets, fancy hand
mirrors, albums, photo boxes,
handkerchief and glove boxes;
in fact everything in the lat
est celluloid novelties to make
desirable sifts .. for Christmas
and New Year. . .. .
' ' 'i.
Saur & Balsley are making
great preparations for the hoi
iday business, and Napoleon's
greatest store offers unheard
of inducements for your trade.
Their goods have been marked
at such alluring prices and at
so great a saving of money to
the public as has never been
attempte d in Henry county,
Their stock of paints, oils
and brushes is always thelarg
. est. and their wall paper de
partment is always kept up on
the latest styles of paper and
decorations. Come in and ex
'amine their styles and pric
. Pure druses and medicines
are always found at this house
l Prescriptions carefully com-
pounded with care by compe
tent pharamacists; ' '.
Birthday Anniversary.
Lust. Thankserivlnff day occured
the fiOth birthday anniversary of
Mra V. V. Shoner and a eala crowd
of the immediate relatives and
fn'pnrU from NaDoleon and abroad
ealhered at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. snoner on uunton street iu
celebrate the event. A sumptuous
Thanksgiving dinner was eaten, and
those present will long remember
the day that Mrs. Shoner passed
her half century mile stone as one of
their most Tpleasant Thanksgivings.
For Books and Papers.
You will please go to Saur & Bals
ley's Drug and Book Store for every
thing in the line of books and pa
pers. They have just received and
placed on sale the most complete
gtock ever shown in Napoleon. Many
of their holiday goods naye aiso
riAn rncnived and altoether they
will have a very attractive store for
the next 30 days. JLook out mat,
you go early to make your selections.
Romamher that those who seo early.
will have the entire stock from which
to make their selections and that
the goods are very fine and suitable
for holiday guts.
For Kent.
Pardee has a fine new residence
for rent.
For Sale.
A double-barreled, 13 guage New
Baker shot gun. Been shot 8 times.
Enquire at this office. 2t
Died. "
Edwards. In Liberty township,
Henry county, Ohio, November 19th,
1895, of cancer of the face, Royal Ed
wards, aged 03 years, 6 months and 3
days. Funeral services were held at
the brick church in Liberty Twp.,
conducted by Rev. Miller. The re
mains were interred in Forest Hill
A False Diagnosis.
La Grippe is confounded by many
person with a severe attack of catarrh,
which in some respect resembles
the former. These individuals suffer
severely with pain about the fore
head, eyes and ears, with soreness in
throat and stoppage of the nasal pas
sage, and in fact, are incapacitated
forwork of any kind fordaysatatime.
These are catarrhal sufferers. Ely's
Cream Balm has been used with the
best resu.lt in such cases. The remedy
win gave instant renei.
, A Coincidence.
Our old Democratic citizen, D. J.
Humphrey, has in his possession an
old Spanish silver pieoe, which bears
the date 1776. The piece of money was
dug up from the canal bank by Mr.
McCabe, a few miles down the river,
on May 10th, 1870, when it was just
one hundred years old, the date be
ins: the same day upon which the
. . . . i ni i . .i .. i
Centennial was opened at rnnnuei
phia, and at about the same hour in
the day the coin was found, 10 o'clock
a. m. Mr. H. came in possession of
the piece on a bet made in 1876, that
Tilden would carry New York. He
values the piece quite highly.
Have We Footpads in Our Midst.
Mr. J. R. Sayers reports that upon
A Heart Bloom.
Four little roeee oat la the now -
Over the lea.
Foot little Stare, that, twloalog, glow '
Masque Ball.
Tim Timannfl dance sriven by the
Yoiincr- America Hook and Ladder
flomnanv last Thursday evening,
went far ahead of any other masquer
ade ball ever given inthis city. The
Rink vhh crowded and half of the
rtanninir floor was eiven up to spec
tators. The Hook and Ladder boys
r.lPBrpl In the neighborhood ot suo,
The nrizes awarded were as fol-
ir.wa . Mra. .T. W. Frankfather,
flower girl, finest lady costume; Paul
Plpnnpl. Santa (Jlaus. nnest genwe-
man nnatnme: F.nmia Jeakle. Topsy,
most comical ladv costume: and Tom
Warner, double headed man, mos
nnminn.1 (rent's costume. N
$10,000 Damage Suit.
Knit, lias been commenced in the
Court of Common Pleas by Herman
ftnalrlA. of Hainler. azainst .Drs. J.
n. Archer and Lewis J. Ciser. ui
Hnlo-nte. for malDractice. xne plain
tiff in bis netition claims that by iin
proper treatment he was not only
unaDie to aitena 10 m uumu iui
eight months, but that his right leg
had to be amputated just below the
lr nan
Pop this he claims a damage of
ltm.000 and asks iudarnient for that
t M. Donnellv and J as. P.
Ragan have been retained Dy tne
plaintiff. The case will be tried at
at the January term of Court.
Serious Accident.
Early Monday morning Conrad
Miller went to the Infirmary to hire
a man to help him store some hay
into the mow. and engaged the ser
vices of Jules Chappius. After the
hay was all put away Mr. Chappius
started down iroin ine mow auu iu
someway fell out of the door onto
an upturned pitch fork, two of the
tines of which pierced him in the
right side, one into the lungs and tne
ntW in the arm Dit. Dr. Bloomfield
was summoned ano; oressea me
wounds which are of a very serious
character. Mr. Chappius has been
very unfortunate of late as not long
ago he had a leg Dronen ior me sec
ond time.
Gilbert Clocks very cheap at Fisk
& Co., opposite Bitzer Block. 2t
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
mercurv will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaoe. Such
articles snouid never oe usea exeepi
prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will
do is ten fold to the good you can
possibly derive then. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney
& UO Toledo, u., contain no mer
cury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surface of the system. ,In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure De sure you get tne gen
uine, it is tasen inter naiiy ana
made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. (Jhen
ev & Co. Testimonials free.
C3"Sold by druggist, price 75c. per
bottle. "u
The best grade of woolen hose are
found at Shoemaker Bros. -
Farmers' Ice House.
If the farmer would have any of
the luxuries that are possible to
those who live in cities, there is
nothing . that will - insure them so
cheaply as a good ice house. A
suitable building for holding ice may
be built wholely above ground or
partly below and partly above, but
in either case it should have a good
drainage, -and tight rootling, and
amnio arransement fof ventilation.
There should be a space of from
eighteen to twenty-four -inches be
tween the walls, and the cubes of
ice. This soaoe' is best filled with
sawdust, or in the absence of this
with fresh leaves or chopped straw.
The ooening should be on the North
side of the building, and it is best if
the building is not - exposed to "the
sun or winds. -
Tuesday evening of last week he was
waylaid by lootpads, in tne neign
borhood of the old distillery, while
driving to his home in this city from
Liberty township. He reports the
hour of the robery at about 8 o'clock
in the evening, and tnat wnueone oi
the robbers took hold of his team
another poked a revolver into his
face and demandd his money, which
he shelled out to him to the extent
of $40. Sheriff Pender and Marshal
Burns were notified of the holdup,
and they immediately repaired to
the scene, but could find no trace of
the rascals. Mr. S. is a poor man and
the loss falls heavily upon him.
Holiday Mail.
As the holiday season is approach
ing the postoffice department is send
ing out notices all over the country
giving instructions, the observance of
which will save trouble, both to those
using the mails and authorites.
The necessity of plaoing enough
postage on packages is impressed up
on the public. Inquire always if in
doubt,' thereby saving money and
preventing delay. Inasmuch as many
articles of merchandise are prohibit
ed from the mails, it is advised that
people find out what is maiiaDie De
fore sending. If you are sending
Christmas presents to Canada or
Mexico, the package must be open
for inspection. Merchandise sent to
other foreign countries is liable to
customs duties and in some cases con
aver K me. ,
Pale were the bine of theemnnereMee
By the leader gleam l tboer plyfirl ejrl,
Ilareh, harsh the golden oriole', crite,
Bj mj darllnga' b'jiateroae (lee.
Four little feet that harry along
Two tiny throata In a croaking aosg,
At every eare
Aye, on and on in roar liermieaa play.
In the early houra of the annlll day ;
Bloom, blcon, oh, flwera nf mine, alway.
With beunt aa frteh and fair 1
Harry C. Hague and Miss Sada
Hartman, both from Napoleon's best
young people, ' were united in mar
riage at the home of the bride in this
city on Tuesday at 3 o'clock p. in.,
Kev. Williams performing tne cere
mony. Only the immediate friends
and the relatives of the bride a;d
groom were present as guests. John
H. Frease and Marie Cary acted as
attendants to the young couple dur
ing the wedding ceremony. Mr. and
Mrs. Hague- left-on the evening
train for a short wedding trip and
will be at home to their friends in
this city arter Deo. 15th.
The groom has been but lately
been admitted to the state bar and
is one of our young men of sterling
worth, while his estimable bride is a
worthv companion for him in the
hours of happiness and trials of the
future. '
Rev. Williams favored us with a
write-up of the occasion, but too late
for this issue. .- '
Council Meeting.
The city council held a regular
meeting Monday evening with Mayor
Meekison in the chair and Counoil
menlCahill, Brownell, Shoemaker
and VanHyning and Clerk Rohrs
present, CouncilmeqHannaandLud
wig being absent.
The .waterworks trustees presented
their report for the months of Octo
ber and November which was accept- been much less than yesterday and
Epworth League Entertainment.
An entertainment consisting of Greek
posing, Delsartean and ting pantcminer,
reading and music, will be giTen at the Rick
Opera House, Deo. ICth, at 8 p. m. The
Marble Dream,: a beautiful Greek legicn
oombining reoital and tableau, will be giv
en by Miss Leoti Fudge, a fine eloentionist.
of Eaton. O., who will assist the League in
giving the people of Napoleon a delightful
evening, De 16th, at 8 p. m.
General admission, 15o, reserved seats,
2oo, children, lOo.
For Sale.
A good coal stove Radiant Home.
Enquire of F. J. Beck. tf
How and Why It ICains.
Rain is an accumulation of the tiny
particles of the vapor of the atmo
sphere into drops. These drops,
first small of size, attract others of
their kind and become drops of such
magnitude that they fall to the earth
because of their weight. There isa lim
it to the quantity ot water which the
air is capable of absorbing and re
tain as invisible vapor. Warm air is
able to hold more than cold air.
Hence; when the air which is saturat
ed with moisture becomes cold for
any reason whatever, it can no longer
retain its moisture. A portion must,
under such condition, accumulate
into drops. These fall to the earth
in the shape of rain.
Toledo Grain Market.
ToiiBDO, Deo. 3. Our receipts of
wheat to-day equal 7,900 bushels. In
1894 the receipts were 29,544 bushels,
and we have 6 cars of it on track this
morning. The cars on track this
morning at Minneapolis and Duluth
are 232 more than on last Tuesday.
and 471 more than in 1894, and re
ceipts of wheat up there are 380,597
du, more tnan in xae receipts
or wneaitu, seven western points are
517,014 bu,.more than in 1894. The ex
ports of wheat and flour yesterday
were very light, aggregate 191.000
bushels, of which 54,323 bushels was
in wheat. Exports of corn, 274,846
bushels. Trade" has been dull in our
market and prices have been weak.
The dealings in wheat future have
Highest of aU in Leavening Powers-Latest U. a Govt Report
ed. The Trustees also asked tor an
appropriation of $10,000 for the water
works and electric light plant. Ac
tion on this was deferred until next
Monday evening.'
The following bills were allowed
Fred Buhlard, stone $ 35 28
Thos. Burns, Marshals salary. 4S ou
H. F. Rohrs, Clerks salary 80 00
Ulrich & Sons, merchandise.,. . 5 10
Theo. Walker, freight.... 3 18
C. Drewes, night watch.......... 15 00
Geo. Krabill,. repairing scraper 85
8. M. Cameron, Bt. com.- sal... na 48
E. E. Decker, lumber.;, .3 50
Surprise Party.
A real 'surprise party occurred on
the evening of Dec. 2nd at the home
of Christ Zahrend io honor of her
thirty-third birthday,! which she had
forgotten until sne saw tne neign
bors and friends come in with well
filled baskets. They preseted her a
lovely album, jumping jack and doll
baby, and looking glass. There
were abnut fifty invited guests pres
ent. A grand supper was served at
ten o'clock and the rest of evening
was spent in pedro games and pleas
ant chats, after whioh everybody re
turned home wishing Jslrs. Zahrend
many more such happy birthdays.
The Y. P. S. of the Presbyterian
church will give an entertainment at
the residence of Mrs. L. L. Orwig
Friday evening, I)ec. Oth. Refresh
ments will be served from 5:30 until
8 o'clock, after which time a very in
teresting program will be given, con
sisting of songs, recitations, and ins
trumental music.
Vinlin anln Helen Nelson
Song, "TheDntoh Doll". ...Jean Rummell
Rnnitntinn. " The Red Jacket" . . Hermie Cuff
Song, "Daddy" Roth Vanhyning
Violin solo Helen Uanna
Vocal solo, Coritine Orwig
Reoitation. "Little Joe" Nellie Chafin
In connection with this entertain
ment will be an Art Exhibition,
where will be seen some oi the nnest
exhibits of the American talent,
50 new fine
mals heads.
Commissioner Halm and the
Fraternal Organization.
Elm Logs Wanted.
, Napolbox, O., Oct. 8, '95.
We, the undersigned, will pay $
to $10 for good Elm Logs, until furth
er notice. . Call and get lengths.
tf A, Brckkr & Son. k
- Cigarettes
Store. (
at Humphrey's
great many of which
tne worta b rair.
were seen at
French Stray. At the Presby
terian Parsonage by Rev. M. L,
Donahev. on Nov. 27th. 1895, Mr,
Leonard French and Miss Frieda
Stray, all of Napoleon.
If you want to save money buy
your underwear ot Henry jsieyer,
He keeps the best made. ti
Almost everybody takes some laxative
medicine to cleanse the system and keep the
blood pure. Those who take SIMMONS
Liver REGULATOR (liquid or powder)
get all the benefits of a mild and pleasant
laxative ana ionic mat purines tnu piuuu
and strensrthens the whole system. And
more than this: SIMMONS LIVER REGU
LATOR regulates the Liver, keeps it active
and healthv. and when the Liver is in
good condition you find yourself free from
Malaria. Biliousness. Indigestion, Sick-
Headache and Constipation, and rid of
that worn out and debilitated feeling.
These are all caused bv a sluggish Liver.
Good digestion and freedom from stomach
troubles will onlv be had when the liver
Is property at work. If troubled with any
of these complaints, try SIMMONS LIVER
REGULATOR. ' me King oi Liver meui
dnes, and Better than nils.
Has the Z Stamp in. red on wrapper.
J. H. Zeuiu & Co., rhila., Pa.
the tone of dealers presents a wide
contrast from then. On the regular
board the opening trades were quite
up to yesterday's closing, but prices
soon began to yield and continued
weak to the close, when May. Decem
ber and cash wheat were Jo lower.
On the call, May sold at 68o. After
the call, December sold at 05c, closing
atG4Jo; May at 68 closing at 67i
Did ana t$7$ o sellers.
Cash wheat The demand and
sales were-light as usual. No. 2 soft
sold at 65c closing, at 64Jc: No. 8 soft
at 63c. . .
Corn On the call May. sold at 29ca
29Jo. ; After the call, No. 2 28o; De
cember at 28c; Ho..3 at 27c; No. 4 at
26 H closing with sellers at 26c; No. 8
yellow at 28e.
Oats--Ho. 2. at 19c; May at 21.
Rye No. 2. 38c: No 3 at 35c.
Dressed Hosts Licht at $4.50 and
heavy at $4.75.
Call on Billy Sheffield. Deshler. if
you want your horseshoine and work
done by a practical worker in iron, tf
Director of the Mint Preston He
ports on the Coinage ami Coin
Holdings of the World.
The Direotor of the Mint has submitted
his report to the Seorotary of the Treasury.
The v laeof gold deposited at the mints aud
aosay offioes during the fiaeal year was $87,
482,082, of whioh M,l(il,007 were originel
deposits and $22,321,022 were redepositfu
The classification of the original deposits of
gold was: Doroestio bullion, $44,371,949,
worn, nnourreat and mutilated ooin, gold,
$188,258: foreign bnilioo and coin &1G.387..
l4'J; plate, jewelry, &o,-, $3,213,809.
i he value or the silver deposited was $15,
714,305, of whi. h $15,231,700 were original
deposits aud $47605 redeposits.
The average London price of silver bullion
duriug the year wa? 29penoe, equivalent to
63.8 oeoU. The hi cheat prioe of silver dur
ing the year was S cents, and the lowest
prioe 59.8 oents. At the average prioe of
silver bullion during the Ami year, the ratio
of gold to silver was 1 to 32.5, and the bul
lion valne of a doited States silver dollar
was $0.49,1158.
The ooinage by the mints was: Gold, $43,
933,475; silver dollars. $3,956,011; subsidiary
f ilver ooins, $5,U3v469; minor ooins. $712..
594; a total ooinage of $53,715,549. In addi
tion to this ooinage, gold bars of the value
of $43,153,370 and silver bars of the value of
$10,341,545 were manufactured;
The total earnings of the mints and assay
officers were $2,086,372 and the total expendi
tures $1,185,435, ebowing the net earnings
from all sources to have been $902,936.
The value of the gold and silver estimated
to nave oeeu nseu in tne industrial arts dar
ing the calendar year 1894 was approximate
ly $51,541,652, of whioh $10,658,604 was gold
and $10,883,048 was silver. The estimated
metatlijstookiu the United States on July
1, 1895, was. gold, $636,229,825; si ver, $625,
853.919; a t jtal of $1,262,084,774.
The estimated product of gold and silver
in the United States dnnng the calendar
year 1894 was, gold, $39,500,000; silver, $49,--500,000
fine ounces, of the oommeroial valne
of $31,422,000, and ooinage valne of $64,000,
000. The estimated produotion of the world
for the calendar year wa. gold. $180,626,100;
silver ooining value S216,ti92,00; oommer
oial value, $106,522,900.
The ooinage of gold and Bilver by the vari
ous ooontries of the world, so far as this in
formation has been received, for the calen
dar year 1894, was, gold, $227,921,032; silver,
In his report Mr. Preslon gives an esti
mate of the approximate stock of money in
the prinoipal ooontries of the world. He
places the stook of gold at $4,086,000,000 the
stook of full legal tender silver at $3,439.-
300,000 stock of limited tender silver at $631,-
zuu, maaing a total silver stook in tne world
of $4,070,500,000; the nncovered noteB are
piaoeu at 2,4u,5muuu.
In his report the Direotor says that there
suit oi the currency legislation of the United
States (or over a hundred years has been
snoh as- ta leave an inooherent monetary
system aa inconsistent, illogical and expen
sive as can well be im gined, that inspires
littleoonfldenoeathomeandis not conduc
tive to oar credit abroad, and its reform is
one of the most important and nrgent poliU
ical and financial questions of the hour.
Equestrian tights, $1.75 a pair, at
Shoemaker Bros.
, Provision Market.
N a polio. O., Dm1 4, 1895,
Corrected Weekly by A. Bradley.
Apples, green perbn $ 25
Apple,dried per lb
Butter,. ,
Eggs per doz
Honey.,,. ,
Onio. s per bosliel
Potatoes, ,
Beans per bo
Salt, Coarse Bock, per bbl
Salt, common-pr bbl....
Salt. Fine Tabie per sack.
100(31 50
1 60
1 00
. 6, 1025
Meat aoid Poultry 3Irket.
Corrected weekly by Frank Beck.
Pickled pork. . 10
Smoked baoon.. 12K
Smoked shoulders... 10
Smoked hams..... 15
Beef, front quarter 4
Beef, hind quarter. 5
Chicks, live spring , 66
Cnrkeys, live...... 6
Ducks p. r lb. spring... 6(38
Geese .- 4050
Veal calvesi. 4 M04X
Sheep, per head 2'W3 00
Hides, green..... 4
Sheep pelts 1525
Corn beef per lb... , 8
Dressed hogs.... 4 0C4K
Floucr Feland Grate.
rCorreoted weekly by J. Eoller JkOo.
Wheat No. 2, Ked . ..
Corn Now, per owt.. ,
Oats ;
Roller's No. 1 floor per saok ,
No. 2 flour ,
Roller's No. 3 flour per saok
Rye flour per saok
Boalted Meal per sack
Corn and oats ohopa per owt ,
Br nd per owt..
Salt per bbl...
White lime....... .,
Water lime
Kalsene plaster
Plaster hair per ba....
Bnokwheat per saok
boas this week ani-
Shoemakeb Bros.
Select your Holiday sroods before
the stock has been picked over.
John H. Frease. jeweler, is jrettinsF
in daily new novelties in the jewelry
and crockery line, but the catchey
ana miesi oi tnem are going fast. '4t
The World's Fair Te&ts
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
ening power as the RojraL
Corrected weekly by H
Wheat No. 3:.
Corn, New per ewt
Rye and-Oats.
Napoleon Mills Gem, per saok
Napoleon Mills uem, per DDI.
Rye Floor per sack
Floor pet saok, low grade
Boalted Meal per atoi
Bran per owt
Oats and ooru ohop per owt
SoreeningB, chop perewt:
Miohigad salt per bbl
Bnokwheat flour per saok
1 00
1 00
1 12
2 50
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It is ruled by the postal authorities
that any reduction in the size of the
postal card by clipping, rounding off
the corners or otherwise, will subject
the receiver of the card to a charge
of one cent on delivery. This makes
a postal card equivalent to letter
postage. Many people enclose pos
tal cards to correspondents in e nvel
opes too small, believing a little
clipping will not make any differ
ence. Others round off the corners
for ornamental purposes or conveni
ence in handling. Don't do it again.
Commissioner Hahn's ruling affect
ing the secret societies having insur
ance features practically goes into
effect today, says the Cincinnati Com-
merical Gazette. The action of the
societies, in view of the fact that they
will hereafter be required to take out
license and hie an annual report,
the same as tha old line companies,
will be watcher? with considerable in
terest. Some time ago there appear
ed a news item from Columbus indi
cating that the commissioner had
singled out the National Fraternal
Union ana a few otner organizations
of that ilk in giving instances of such
as would come unaer tne ruling.
A call was made on supreme Ac
countant S. L. Miner, of the order
named, Saturday. Mr. Miner said his
organization had already complied,
that a license had been taken out in
.Tnl v last and the reDort filed. A. T.
Koever, . M. W. of A. O. U. W.,isof
the opinion that the superintendent
may make a ruling, out may nna tne
enforcement or it entirely dinerent
thing. He savs there will no doubt
be a number of organizations wnion
will resist. A few figures are given
that will show some intresting facts
in this connection. The statistics
are taken from the last report of the
.National Federal congress, a union
of all the leading benevolent orders
having an insurance feature, at the
close of 1893.
There were, according to this re
nort. 1.814.966 members of these or
conizations, with a total amount of
protection in force of $3,611,000,000.
A few of the largest loilow:
Anoient Order United Workmen 328,775
Royal Arcanum .148,251
Maccabees 130,427
Kniehts of Honor 123,354
Modern Woodmen 88,223
Knight and Ladies of Honor 7,516
American .Legion or Honor .......... WJ.uu
Inl. Order of Foresters 64,484
The same statistics show that the
old life line conpanies paid out in one
vear $2,748,367 for taxes aud license
fees, which, of course, the benefit
orders escaped.
Dunne the same period it was
shown that twenty-five old line com
panies had In force $3,213,431,147,
against $2,611,162,035, in the fraternal
f "I
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Says So."
Simmered right down to the truth, that's the creed of most of the
fashionably dressed men. They believe they can't get better over
coats for less money anywhere than they can of Hahn.
Because Hahn Says So L
We'll not ask for an easier task of converting more men to our
' way of doing business if they'll only give us a chance to show
them our fashionable
They'll buy. Why ?
Because Hahn Says So
goods and pur way of
There are two reasonable things
which everybody should do: take
good care of one's health; and if lost,
regain it quickly, and to this every
body will agree. And there are a
great multitude of people whpiare.
agreed that for both purposes ' Sim
mons Liver Regulator is the 4est
helper. ''I am tronbled with torpid
liver and nothing gives relief so quick
like Simmons Liver. Regulator." -R.
R. Strange, Lake. Cit$ Fla.
WE'LL SHOW THEM FOR A Beaver Overcoat in four colors, Black, Blue Slate or
rU- f Tan' witn silk veIvet collar and finest of linings, whioh they
, , JpiL, vJL. . nfiver expected to see as good for the money, ''The others"
- have the same grade of coat but they sell it for $15.00.
WE'LL SHOW THEM FOR A flne ImPorted Kersey or Melton Overcoat cut after
fashion's latest decree, with raw edges, finest trimming which
CI 'I O "Y thev can,t duplicate to save their lives at the other clothing
t DXiJJf . stores for a cent less than $15.00, and the chances are ten to
' one they'll be asked $18.00.
WE'LL SHOW THEM FOR A flne Blaok or Blue Kersey, the yoke silk lined and bot-
. ' torn with an All Wool Clay Worsted, the exact same coat put
fT "r in the window of one of the other clothing stores with a price
. . . CDJLO.VV. , . card on, marked $20.00. We're weighing our words well
when we say this, and we mean every word of it.
WE'LL SHOW THEM FOR The finegt Ker8ev 0r Melton, including the good honest
CUOn OH CarF Melton,8 eitller the long or short cut, satin lined through
. . . tP4w. VyVj. out, raw edge, cut and made as fine as if they were made
here in our own shop.
ALSO A BIG LINE AT if you're an unbeliever at least be broad minded and fair
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C oti & CP et Dce it D 0

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