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A fltmpk Package (4 to 7 doses) el
Dr. Pierce's.
Pleasant Pellets
To any one sending name end address to
ms on a postal card.
Hence, our object in sending them out
sa. OAT TRIAL. m.
They absolutely cure Sick Headache, Bil
iousness, Constipation, Coated Tongue, Poor
Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred derange
ments of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels.
Don't accept some substitute said to be
"just as good."
The substitute costs the dealer less.
It costs you ABOUT the same.
HIS profit is in the "just as good."
Address for Freb Saupije,
World's Dispensary Medical Association.
Ho. 663 Main Si, BUFFALO, Ji K
Democratic Northwest.
"Little Bii.lee'' Chandler would
be amusing if he were not so imperti
nent. Chicago has a beer trust, but it
wasn't organized to sell beer on trust.
Not on your life.
Perhaps it was the slim attendance
at his lectures that made ex-Senator
Ingalls sick.
Tom Reed concluded to throw over
board all superfluous articles, includ
ing that comical moustache, before
the storm begins.
From A FiutHay Mother.
"Having used Dr. Hand's Colio Care for
my baby, I can folly recommend it. I have
used a great many raediolnes for baby ool-o,
and none have flobe so much good. I will
hereafter nse no other remedy for oonoirv
babies. Mrs. L. Tanner, Findlay, Ohio. '
Dr. Hand's Colio Cure, Dr. Hand's Teeth
ing Lotion and all of Dr. Hand's Remedies
lor Children sold by all druggists lor 2fio
Senator Sherman will never be
satisfied until he has killed off a few
more Republican candidates by tell
ing the truth about them.
Eugene Debs should beware of the
talking habit, or people will be ex
pressing regret that he was let out of
Anything that is novel goes in
New York City. Its latest fad is a
ten-year negro girl evangelist.
John Sherman sticks to it that he
wrote the truth, and rubs it in by
saying he is g'ad he wrote it.
Strange to say the same thing that
gets President Cleveland the most
abuse is also his most admired trait
his strong will; obstinacy, if you
According to a recent Spanish roy
al decree, American syndicates engag
ed in mining in Cuba are to pay no
taxes for 20 years.
The French say "it is the impos
sible that happens." This has prov
ed to be the case with the Mount
Lebanon Shakers. The whole scien
tific world has been laboring to cure
dyspepsia, but every effort seems to
meet with defeat. The suffering from
stomach trouble has become almost
universal. Mulitu.les have no desire
for food and that which they do eat
casues them pain and distress. Sleep
less nights are the rule and not the
exception, and thousands of suffers
have become discouraged.
The Shakers of Mount Lebanon re
cently came to the front with their
new Digestive Cordial, which con
tains not only a food already digest
ed, but is a digester of food.
It promply relieves nearly all forms
of indigestion. Ask your druggist
for one of their books.
Laxol, the new Castor Oil, is being
used in hospitals. It Is sweet as
Jamer G. Blaine;
Also, of Maine;
Twice sat in the Speaker's chair,
But the Presidency he never
got there.
The report that Sarah Bernhardt
has been offered a fabulous sum by a
publisher for her autobiography is
probably a theatrical lie. If truth
fully written the book could not be
publicly sold.
The annual report of the director
of the U. S. Mint states the case
strongly, but truthfully when it says
that our present money system is "as
inconsistent, illogical, and expensive
as can well be imagined," but as it is
a Republican system this Congress
isn't likely to better it.
Hon. John Wanamaker has again
called atttention to his liberality as a
campaign contributor, which not only
seems to advertise the profitable na
ture of his private business but gives
notice of his willingness to buy fur
ther political honors.
Therb are Republicans who think
Mr. Ben Harrison might pat in bit
time booming foreign missions more
satisfactorily than io chasing another
The shrewdest spiritualistic fakir
is no match for the New York IleraU
when it comes to uncovering frauds
conducted in the name of spiritualism,
but it takes a jail sentence to convince
some of them.
The report of the Commission sent
by Congress to investigate the Nica
ragua canal may prove a death blow
to that scheme, as it declares the dig
ging of the canal to be impracticable-
The arrival of Japanese drummers
in the United States is no joke. Tbey
are soliciting orders for many sorts
of manufactured goods at unheard of
Mit. Ben Harrison has organized
a double-end fighting machine one
end will fight to get the nomination
for him, and the other to keep it
away from Reed or McKinley.
If the Assistant Postmaster Gen
erals ought to be made permanent of
ficials, by being put under the civil
service rules, why not the Postmaster
General and also the President? No,
Mr. Wilson, we do not agree with
you. There has been too much civil
service rules and not enough rotation
iu office, under the present adminis
tration; and that's one of the reasons
Democratic voters stayed at home
and the Republicans are again partial-
ly on top.
Experiments In Cattle Feeding.
Newipsi. Bollet'n No. 158
Bulletin 60 of the Ohio Experiment
Station gives the result of the experi
ments in feeding steers, made during
the late winter and spring months of
1894 and 1895, in which 47 three-
year old cattle were fed a period of
five months, being finally finished on
grass and sold in the Pittsburg
These cattle were grade steers of
mixed breeding, and would rank as
quite ordinary feeding cattle. The
average increase during five months
Was a little less than two pounds per
day and the cost of this increase was
about eight cents per pound, but this
cost would have been considerably
more than covered by an advance in
price of one cent per pound on the
original line weight, an advance con
siderably smaller than the average to
be expected from the statistics of past
The bulletin contains a chapter on
the chemistry of cattle feeding, with
tables and formulae for the calcula
tion of rations, and a discussion of the
value of the manure obtained in feed
ing with tables showing the relative
manurial and feeding value of the
feeding stuffs in ordinary use.
Tnese experiments indicated a con
siderable advantage in feeding gulten
meal, rather than linseed oil meal at
the prices for the two feeding stuffs
then prevailing; gulten meal giving,
apparently, as good results, pound for
pound, as old process oil meal, and
being considerably lower in price.
The finishing of beeves on grass,
when this finishing period did not ex
tend beyond six weeks, was attended
with considerable loss, the cattle kept
in the barn and barnyard until the
10th or middle of June making a bet
ter gain than those which were turn
ed on grass the first of May, although
the grazing steers were still fed all
grain they would consume, which
amounted to nearly as much as that
eaten by the steers kept at the barn.
The result shows a wide range in
the productiveness of different cattle,
the 11 poorer', steers requiring 50 per
cent more food for a pound of increase
than the 11 best ones. Even the poor
est steers yielded a handsome profit,
however, it the manure made is valu
ed at the market price of its fertiliz
ing constituents, as such constituents
Oval Bottle. Green Isabel.
Sold Everywhere.
Made only by
The Royal Remedy k Extract Co., I
y fllfGrf
of Good tobacco
B urns
Please Pay particular attention to
these few lines they may . interest you.
Pond's Extract is so universal a remedy
that you know of it and its uses well,
but so many crude imitations are on the
market, that a warning against the use
of anything but the genuine Pond's
Extract is necessary. Pond's Extract is
absolutely pure, antiseptic and anodyne,
and may be used with safety and efficacy,
externally or internally. Accept nothing
but the genuine with buff wrapper and
yellow label.
are sold in Ohio in the form of com
mercial fertilizers.
Cure far Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of Headache
Electrio Bitters has proved to be the very
beat. It effects a permanent cure and the
most dreaded habitual eick headaobes yield
to its influence. We urge all who are afflict
ed to procure a bottle, and dive this remedy
a f alrtrial. In case of habitual constipation
Eieotrio Bitterg cures by. giving the needed
tone to the bowels, and few oases long resist
the nse of this m dioine. Try it onoe.
Large bottles only Fifty cents at D. J. Hum
phrey's Drug Store Napoleon, Ohio.
The crickets In the comer sing.
O'er farm and field the shadows creep,
Their homeward way the bwrUows wing,
The Bun is setting in the deep,
The squirrels seb their leafy hold,
The fox is in his hollow tree,
And, hnddled in their silent fold.
The downy lambkins sleeping bo,
The little bird within his nest
Eath hid his little head in rest, .
And soon, oh, soon
The dreamy moon
Will sail along the fleecy west.
The day is done,
The night begun ;
To sleep, my drowsy little one.
Bnt when at break of day we see
The spider weaving at his loom,
The soaring lark above the lea,
f , The bee amid the clover bloom,
When frisking baby squirrels wake
And sip the leaves of morning dew,
When baby foxes from the brake
Do prowl the thorny hedges through, '
When on the meadow sweet with hay
The white and early lambkins play.
And, Bweot and cool,
O'er plain and pool,
Bloweth the breeze of coming day,
Thon, too, shalt rise
To sunny skies,
And open wide thy baby eyes.
Rowan Stevens 4n Youth's Companion.'
The Old Lady Had a Dinner That Sur
prised the Knowing Gamblers.
The old lady entered a restaurant
which, rightly or wrongly, is known as
the resort of the gay and careless. She
was typically countrified in appearance,
her spectacles resting on the bridge of
her nose, her hat being old fashioned
and her gait and general attitude those
of one fresh from the little farmhouse.
Without, however, any sign of halt
ing confidence that was to be expected
of a stranger to city ways, she sat down
at the most conspicuous table in the
room. A snrly looking short card play
er, who, although it was 0 o'clock in
the afternoon, was just getting his break
fast, stared at her with curiosity. Two
dejected turf gamblers, prevented from
attending the races on that day by bad
luck on the day before, .who were solac
ing themselves with strong waters and
who hadn't Broken to each other for
When Baby was tick, we gave her Castoria.
When the vai a Child, she cried f er Gastorla,
When she became Hiss, she clung to Castorla,
When she had Children, she gave them Castorla
76 Fifth Av&. New Vork,
naif ail' nour, observed her with slight
"Weil, now," saw one, "that s a
fnnny old girl to see in here. I remem
ber seeing her kind in country towns
when I was in the show business. I'll
gamble on what she'll order. ' She'll
have gooseberry pie and milk, and she'll
eat the pie with her knife. They don t
have no forks where she comes from. "
Bnt the other wonld not bet... He said
merely and not unkindly, "She doesn't
seem to fit this place.
They could not hear what she ordered,
but they conld see that there was noth
ing flippant in the attitude of the wait
er who went to her. She ate with delib
eration aud then departed. One of the
two unsuccessful patrons of the turf
called the waiter and asked, "What did
that old lady order?"
"Why, le's see," answered the wait
er, "I think she had pigeon and a pint
of fizz. She s very fond of both. "
The gamblers looked surprised.
"Who is she!" asked one.
"Why, don't you know her?" queried
the waiter. "That's Mile. Lanconi, the
head dancer in this new burlesque at
the Jupiter theater. ' ' New York World.
Home Thrust.
It is said that the saying, "Much may
be done with a Scotchman if he be
caught young," which has passed into a
historical witticism, was first spoken by
Dr. Johnson in reference to Lord Mans
field. An amusing little incident is said
to have given rise to the remark.
Lord Mansfield, having received his
education entirely in England, always
considered himself an Englishman, but
the faot that he was born in Scotland
was once referred to with great effect
General Sabine, governor of Gibraltar
at the time, having failed in his at
tempts to extort money from a Jew,
sent him buck by foroe to Tetuan, in
Morocco, from whence he had come to
Gibraltar. The Jew afterward went to
England and sued the governor for
Lord Mansfield, who was then known
as Mr. Murray, was counsel for the gov
ernor. In the course of his defense be
fore the jury he said : .
"True, the Jew was banished. Bnt
where? Why, to the place of his na
tivityl Where is the cruelty, where the
hardship, where the injustice of banish
ing a man to his own country?"
Mr. Nowell, counsel for the Jew, . re
torted : "Since my learned friend thinks
so lightly of the matter, I ask him to
suppose the case his own. Wonld he like
to be banished to his native land?"
The court rang with peals of laugh
ter, in which Murray himself joined
with a right good will Youth's Com
panion. -
"Pa, what is a trip hammer?"
"It's the hammer, mv son. that vntir
ma leaves on the carpet when she hangs
OB a picture. 'Detroit Free Press.
Children Cry for
Whea Senator Blank Wasted Anything
From Secretary Chandler, He Wanted
It Bad How the Tons; If aa Was Let
Dowa Easy and Remained.
Back in the seventies, when Zach
Chandler was at the head of the interior
department, a young man from one of
the western states came to Washington
to try clerical life in on of the depart
ments. He had been quite a ward poli
tician in his western home and imagined
both the senators from his state would
be glad to do him a favor. He spent
several days taking in the sights of the
capital, then went up to the senate one
afternoon and sent in his card to Sena
tor Blank. The senator responded
promptly, had the visitor shown into
the marble room, and for some time
they sat on a sofa together, talking of
home news and the home crops. Then
the young man broke the ice by inform
ing the senator just what kind of a place
he wanted didn t care much what de
partment it was in.
"Well, I don't know," said the sena
tor. "Such places are not to be found
every day, and there are hundreds here
from about every state in the Union
looking for almost anything in the shape
of an appointment.
"Come np to my house about 8
o'clock tonight," said the senator, "and
we'll talk the matter over."
Promptly at the appointed time he
pulled the doorbell and was ushered in
to the library, where he foundthe sen
ator pnfSng a cigar and looking over
The Evening Star. ,
"Ah, good evening, Mr. I I was
just thinking of yon," said Senator
Blank. "I have written a strong letter
to Secretary Chandler, requesting him
to give you a position in the interior
department" picking up an unsealed
letter from his desk and handing it to
the young office seeker "and I wonld
suggest that you call at his office and
present it abont 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning. I have also mailed the secre
tary a little personal note, letting him
know that when I want anything in his
office I want it bad." .
The young westerner was bowed out
of the room with smiles and a hearty
handshake. At his hotel he sat down to
think over his good luok. Then he
thought of the senator's letter, and pull
ed it ont of his pocket and read :
Dear Chandler Some time tomorrow
morning a young citizen of my great and glo
rious Btate win call on you wltb a strong In
dorsement from me for a clerkship. I have no
earthly Interest in him, so I turn him over to
your tender mercy. uei him down easy.
noun, BLANK.
The young man dropped the letter, and
a big sigh struggled up from under his
watch pocket "I wonder what he said
in the little note he mailed to the secre
tary?" thought the 'young candidate.
Then he realized that the senator had
given him the wrong letter, and he at
once determined to call at the interior
department the next morning and see
What the nest chapter would bring forth.
About 10 o'clock the next forenoon
the colored messenger showed a young
man into Secretary Chandler's office.
"Senator Blank told me lust night he
had written you and advised me to call
on you this morning, " said the young
"Ah, yes," smiled the secretary good
naturedly, picking np from his desk an
open letter and glancing over it "The
senator speaks of you in the highest
terms, and is very urgent in his request
for your appointment. Wait a moment'
And touching a bell he sent his messen
ger for the chief clerk. After a mo
ment's conversation with the ohief clerk
the secretary said :
" You are fortunate. There is a $ 1 , 200
clerkship made vacant by resignation
this morning, and I have ordered your
appointment to the place.
A month later Senator Blank was
walking through the patent office, and
in the corridor met the new clerk in his
office coat. The senator was surprised
and a trifle disconcerted, but he shook
hands with his young friend and said he
was glad to see him there.
"Well, I'm glad to be here," respond
ed the clerk. "And, senator," putting
his hand inside his vest and looking
squarely in the other's eye, "right in
my inside pocket I keep that little per
sonal note you thought you mailed to
Secretary Chandler, telling him when
you wanted a thing you wanted it bad. '
Explanations were unnecessary. The
senator went out of public life and died
long ago, bnt the clerk manages to
squeeze along through the hard times on
his $1,800 a year. Washington Star.
The Bint X-esson of an Arab Boy.
The very first lesson which an Arab
baby learns when he begins to talk is
to keep facts to himself. It does not
sound very friendly put in that way,
bnt it saves a deal of trouble. Foreign
ers do not understand Arabs. They ask
them pointed questions and receive pe
culiar answers. They oonstrue the an
swers to please themselves, and come
away to tell the world that the Arabs
are a nation of liars. They are not a na
tion of liars. Perhaps if they should tell
the foreigners to mind their own affairs
and let them and theirs alone the for
eigners would understand them better.
"Yamoud," by Henry Willard French,
in St Nicholas.
' Blenheim.
Blenheim is one of the biggest and
most beautiful places of the kind in
England, and the expenses of keeping
it np are enormous. The late Duke of
Marlborough used to say that it cost
800 a year in pntty, and this may be
true, since there is a great deal of glass
abont the place. London Tit-Bits.
Neutrality is no favorite with Provi
dence, for we are so formed that it is
scarcely possible for us to stand nenter
in our hearts, although we may deem it
prudent to appear so in our actions.
- When They Drank to Excess.
Sir Gilbert Elliot, wrltlns tn til. nlfa In
1787. savs: "Men nf nil nana drink nhnml.
nably. Fox drinks what I should cull a
Great deal. Sheridan AxnAHtilvpIv imd Km
(Lord Eowiok) more than any of them.
Pitt I am told, drinks as much as any
one." In fact all through the last century
leadinir statesmen, tnnn of lnttoro. Iiiitaaa
divinos and other persons of high postion
naunuaiiy urans to excess, ana nobody
thoiltrht much of It. What, than
use of trying to check the common people?
National Beview. " . ' . , ,
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla
ST. JACOBS OIL. tsfiis
Professor IVainbroao's Experlenoes la Tula
Field of Medical Bosearen.
I arrived in Paris in 1861, a boy, with
my bead full of philology and compara
tive physiology. I soon saw that the most
serious lack in this science waa that of
anatomical and anthropological knowl
edge. They wore studying Insanity In
general without studying individual luna
tics. I insisted that we should study luna
tics as we would a special variety of the
human race, noting the skin, the form,
the skull and particularly the funotlons,
sensibility, etc. Myeolleago.es laughed at
me and oalled me the "doctor of the steel
yard." Little by little the idea prevailed,
and now they soom almost to have forgot
ten who it was that Introduced the new
somatlo school.
I had a strong desire to study the mor
ally insano who have since boon shown to
be the born oriminals. It was a principle
of mine to deny everything which I did
not see, and as there were none of these in
our ollnio I was inclined to deny their ex
istence. Nevertheless, to make sure of the
facts, I commenced to occupy myself with
oriminals, to frequent prisons and careful
ly to gather skulls and brains of prisoners.
One evening there died in one of the pris
ons of the city a celebrated brigand, rob
ber and incendiary, who had often escaped
by means of his great agility.
Upon the death of this man, who was a
true type of the born criminal and morally
Insane, I examined his skull. It presented
an enormous median occipital fossa in place
of the occipital median spine which ooours
in the interior of the skull This is a
oharocterlstio wanting in the Superior apes
and existing in all other vertebrates. I
made the autopsy in the yard of the prison
In the early hours of the morning. The
day was very foggy, in the winter of 1884.
The weather and the place did not permit
me to make a thorough autopsy, but I rec
ollect how, at that moment the whole
Idea of my future work rose before me
like a picture. I instantly perceived that
the criminal must be a survival of the
primitive man and the carnivorous ani
mals. The idea, though yet embryonic, was
perfeoted a few days later, when I waa
called as an expert by the tribunal of Ber
gamo In the case of a sort of Jaok th.
Kipper one YerzentL This young peas
ant, with cross eyos and enormous jaws,
was possessed with a desire to disembowel,
chew and eat morsels of women, young
and old, who happened to cross his path.
He afterward confided to me in secret the
great erotic pleasure which he experienced
in this. Professor Lorn hrosn in Forum.
Anxlotfji For Criticism.
Scribbler I always make it a point to
submit my poems to friends, for sugges
tions and criticism, before, publication,
and I have brought some pages for you to
look over.
Blbblor TJm yes, of course. But why
not take it to Nibblerr
Soribbler Huh ! He's a born idiot I
The last time I showed him a poem ho
found fault with it New York Woekly.
With 30,000 fresh Spanish troops
on their way to Cuba the revolution -
sta cert ainly need all the sympathy
they can get; a little ammunition
would also be thankfully received.
The Baby's Colic Cure.
TJppeb Sandcskt, O. "Our little bov when
three weeks old was troubled with severe at
tacks of wind colio. Onr druggists recom
mended Dr. Hand's Colio Cure. We used it
until baby was eight months old. The effect
from the a artwas magical, giving instant
relief and no bad effects. I recommend it
with p'easure to every mother in the land.
Mrs. O. W. Crame." Dr. Hand's Remedies
for children sold by all druggists for 25c
Trade Mark Dr. A Owe.
The latest and only solentlflo and practical
Electric Belt made, for general use, producing
a genuine current of Bleotriclty, for the cure
of disease, that can be readily felt and regu
lated both In quantity and power, and applied
to any part of the body. It can be worn at any
time during working hours or sleep, and
Elefttrltftv. nronflrlv ItfmllMt la faat tablna
tne place of drugs for all Nervous. Rheumatic,
Kidney and Urinal Troubles, and will effect
cures in seemingly hopeless cases where every
other known means has failed.
Any sluggish, weak or diseased organ may
by this means be roused to healthy activity
Leading medical men use and recommend the
Owen Beit iu their practice.
Contains fnllent InformaHnn MMraaritne. tfih .nm
of acute, chronio and nervous diseases, prices,
and how to order, in English, German, Swedish,
and Norwegian languages, will be mailed, upon
application, to any address for 6 cents postage.
The Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co.
xaix omc asd osix iuctout,
Die Owtn Electrio Belt Bldg., 201 to 211 Stats Street,
the Largest Electrio Ball Establishment In the WorM
V LiI Her corset J
J rl&m&iZ&TFt. e'tner makes I
f KyPR,vA or mars a l
1 ov'lpvj J ( woman's fig- I
f JFAx Ure '""ha10" l
V h tapering and
I gracefully
J . wear the ' f
I Every inch of It fits. I
f Gives strength and stylish bearing. - J
Aurora Corset Co., Aurora, 111. (
first acuta twlni cf
Twiwara auv
No Healthy Liver,
No Active Kidneys,
Are to be looked for when the
Stomach falls to perform its duties.
Every organ, every tissue of the body
depends upon the proper assimila
tion of food.
All the
Nerve Forces
Depend upon the vital currents that
find their strength in perfect diges
tion. LYON'S
Seven Wonders
Cures Indlgestlon,Dyspep8ia,
all Stomach Troubles, and
thus cures all diseases that arise
from faulty or impaired digestion.
Lyon's Seven Wonders, only
$i.oo a box (6o doses). Sold by all
Druggists, or address
IfjaPWe guarantee this remedy to eure
Wai er money refunded.
For Sale by Saur & Balsley.
TTOTICE is hereby given that in aeeord
JlN acoe with the provisions of the Bebee
Law the Henry county Board of Examiners
will hold examinations for teachers in the
basement of the Court House in Napoleon,
Ohio, on the following date, to-wit:
1st and 3rd Satnrdaya of September
do do do do October
do do do af'lo November
do do do do March
First Saturday in - December
1st and 3rd Satnrdaya of February
do do do do March
do do do do April
do do do do May
do do do do Jane
Third Saturday in" . - August
Examination will commence st 9
o'olook a. m.
Evidence of good moral characters will
be required of all candidates; that evidence
to be a personal knowledge of the Examin
ers concerning, the applicant, or certificate
of good moral character from some relia
ble sonroe.
CHA8. E. REYNOLDS, V Examiners.
W. M. WARD, i
Shattered Nerves !
Of youth or age, from
any cause, can be quickly cur
ed unless the insanity stage is
reached, by Neurovine Tab
lets. Costs you nothing if it
don't help you. Write for free
Neurovine Tablet Co.,
Oberlin, Ohio.
For sale by all druggists-
Made a
la Day. MMMJ)totst Wen MM
istAiHy. $ of Me.
- THE GREAT 80th
Produces the above results iu 30 DAYS. It acts
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others
fail. Young men and old men will recover their
youthful vigor by using REVIVO. It quickly
and surely restores from effects of self-abuse or
excess and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lost -Vitality,
hnpotency, Nightly Emissions. Lost
Power of either sex, Failing Memory, Wasting
Diseases, Insomnia, Nervousness, which unfits
one ior study, business or marriage. It not only
cures by starting at the seat Of disease, but is a
Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Builder
and restores both vitality and strength to the
muscular and nervous system, bringing back
the pink glow to pale cheeks and restoring the
Ore of youth. It wards off Insanity and Con
sumption. Accept no substitute. Insist on hav
ing REVIVO, no other. It can be carried iq vest
pocket. By mail, fi.oo per package, in plain
wrapper, or six for $5.00, with a positive writ
tea guarantee to cure or refund the money in
every package. For free circular address
For Sale at Napoleon, O., by D.
J. Humphrey, Druggist. . .
Take the Northwest, only $1.
Pitcher's Ccctcrbi

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