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"I had lost an
I hop and (one to
I my moot 10 oit,
id Mrs. lloui
EvaKS. of Mcmnd,
Coryell Co., Ttxms.
"i (st nm so a
baby a year aro. the
5th of Inn last,
sbf adds, 4
termed to da wry
well for 8 or 9 days,
ad then I bent to
feel very bad, bit
feet befall to swell
my stomach waa all
wrong and t accmed
to saner with erery
thinf that could be
borne. I waa in bed
5 months and there
waa not a day that it
teemed I could lire.
Wa had the beat
doctora that our
country afforded. I
waa a akeleton.
Every one that aaw
me thoag ht that I
would never pet
well. I had ealDita-
tion and pain in the heart, terrible pain In
tny right aide juat under the ribe, terrible
beadachea all the time ; a bearing down
aenaation ; a distressed feeling in my stom
ach all the time ; could hardly eat anything
and it looked aa if I would atarve. All the
time I would take snch weak trembling
apclla, and it aeemed aa if I could not stand
it There were six doctora treating me
when I commenced taking your medicine.
I had lost all hope and gone to my father's
to die. I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery and his ' Fa
vorite Prescription' together, and I took
them regularly until I felt aa if life was
worth living again."
"I weigh more than I have weighed for
ten yeara. My friends aay that I look better
than they ever aaw me. The first two bot
tles did me more good than all the medicine
I had taken. My stomach haa never hurt
me since. I can eat anything I want and as
much as I want If you want to use this in
favor of your medicine, I am a living wit
ness to testify to it, and will, to anybody
who wants to know further of my case."
Democratic Northwest.
This is said to be effective: When
there is danger of a cold settling on
the lung, make a lotion of one part
peppermint oil and two part of kero
sene oil. Faint the parts where the
pain is located with this lotion. Lay
a fold of flannel over and apply a hot
water bag for JQ or 15 minutes. This
remedy is especially good for psju in
the back of the head and neck, sore
Mm ud tightness of the chest be
tween the shoulders.
Japan is a land without domestic
animals. There are no cows the
Jecwww neither driuls milk nor eat
meat. There are but few horses, and
these are imported mainly for the use
of foreigners. The freight carts in the
streets are pulled and pushed by cool
ies, and the pleasure carriages are
drawn by men. There are but few
dogs, and they are neither used as
watch dogs, beasts of burden nor in
hunting except by foreigners. There
are no sheep in Japan, and wool is
not used in clothing, silk and cotton
being the staples. There are no pigs
pork is an unknown articles of
diet, and lard is not used in cooking.
There are no goats, or mules or don.
keys. Wild animals are there, how
ever, and in particular, bears of
enormous size.
Senator Hill is out against the
women who gather in Washington
city at the meeting of every Congress.
Here is what Bhe says:
. -"I think it would be a mighty
cood thing if the women were packed
away and sent out of Washington
and the men left alone here to attend
to the business that they are sent
here for by the country. The trouble
is there are too many dinners and too
much social dissipation in official
circles at the capital. No man can
go to these fashionable dinners night
after night and sit up until morning
attending to social functions and be
in any condition to grapple with the
knotty problems of finance and af
fairs that are all this time forced up
on the consideration of our public
men. I know that I am called a
crusty old bschlor but if any sane
man will think over what I have said
I believe he will agree with me and
acknowledge that I am right The
criticism applies to members of the
Senate and of the Congress to officials
of the Administration. I attribute a
good many foolish blunders made by
public men of late to just these
things, too much society and not
enough attention to the study of
public affairs.
Submerged Forests.
In various parts of the world there
are forests submerged in lakes. One
of the most remarkable is in Lake
Samamish, in Washington. Here
there are hundreds of trees 100 feet
tall that rise out of the bottom of the
lake and in the dry season reach the
surface. Other similar examples are
Green Lake, near Georgetown, Col.,
and Stump Lake, in North Dakota,
which latter was so named from the
stumps that may be seen on the bot
tom through the clear waters. One
theory is that the earth sank at these
points, making a basin that became a
lake. Another is that a great land
slide took place that carried a great
mass of earth into the lake, and with
it all the trees that grew thereon.
Whatever the cause it must have oper
ated ages ago, for though the trees
are still perfectly preserved, all traces
of convulsion of nature have been ef
faced by time.
Republican Boodlin. In CoInmDas Re
ceives Its De&tn Blow.
NESS. Republican Innocents to be Pro
tected Against the Wiles
of The Wicked Dem
ocrats. How the Republicans are Working
The Oreen Good Trick on
Temperance People.
Coldmbos, O., Jan. 27th.
When Ex-Governor Campbell was
going about the state last year telling
the people what kind of men they
had sent to make laws for them as Re
publicans, the Republican politicians
and newspapers told the pnblio that
there was nothing in the stories at
all. Campbell they explained was
simply an office banter and would
make up almost any kind of a story
to tell the voters so long as be could
get into office and power. Every
body remembers what stories of bri
bery, corruption and wickedness in
high places be told bat the people, or
at least a majority of them did not
seem to want to believe them. They
had been told so many times that a
Republican politician was without
in, that some of them came to be
lieve it and so instead of investigat
ing matters they not only elected
more Republicans but gave them big
srer majorities. This was intended, as
they say in London, for a vote of
confidence. But while the people of
this state were piling up Republican
majorities like Ossa on Pelion the
court machinery of Franklin county
greased with the information that
was given tbem by James JS. Camp
bell, was also engaged in piling up
gometmng too, out it was evidence
that is designed to decrease the num
ber of Republican statesmen who are
now and have been running at large
telling the people what wioked Hare
and oulminators the Demoorats are
and how they would ruin a man's
charaoter it only tnereby tney oould
get into an office. But the way that
Campbell and other Democrats last
fall went about "ruining" the char
acter of Republicans in the legisla
ture and out of it might be consider
ed the very highest and warmest
euiotjlums on their virtue and good
deeds as compared to the way of
criminal Juries of this oounty will
"ruin" their characters At the proper
time and place. Then indignant
eentlemen like Mr. Ohl, of Mahoning
county bursting with honest rage at
the "calumny" and "vile abuse" of
the irresponsible Democrats life
Campbell will not be keeping the
wires "hot" with the burning virtue
and denouncing the Democrats as li
ars and scoundrels.
Heap Big Injuns.
One of the amusing things about
the legislative indictments made and
so far announced oy tne cranium
county Grand Jury at this writing, is
the faot that two Demoorats were On
the list, the balance being Republi
cans, in tne Beventy-nrst uenerai
Assembly there were but five Demo
orats and thirty Republican Senators,
yet from knowledge at hand it seems
that these five Democrats or two of
them rather led astray the Republi
cans who were very good little boys
indeed and had no thought of evil
until they fell in with the two bold,
bad Democrats and were led to sin
ning oontrary to their wish or desire
and clearly against their protest. It
is now suggested that it would be a
good thing for tne present legislature
to provide aerainst future misfortune
befalling Republicans who are sent
to the capital to make laws for the
people and to make it an offense of
the highest and seyerest grade for
any Democrat to lead astray a truly
good and virtuous Republican. A
capital penalty would be by no means
a too Bevere penalty ior two .Demo
cratic Senators breaking into a fold
of Republican sheep and corrupting
the whole flock against their will
with political foot-rot. A Republi
can statesmen sent to Columbus is
entitled to at least some protection
against the evil and hypnotic Demo
crat who lays in hiding, awaiting for
his innocent victim to ensnare mm
into wrong doing in the legislative
byways and hedges of the capital.
This general assembly will sink into
oblivion and contempt if it hesitates
for a single moment to throw the
S roper safe guards about and around
.epublioan statesmanship turned
loose in the capital and exposed to
the machinations and wiles of the
desperately wicked and abandoned
' Throwing Them Down.
Many honest and exceedingly well
meaning people have been in the
capital the past week in the interest
of a temperance measure promised
them by the Republican politicians
last Summer. They are not people
of the world, but rather men whose
lives have been spent in honest toil
and who believe that everybody is
lust as honest as they are themselves.
Nobody knows this fact better than
a Republican politician and none of
them are quicker to take advantage
oi it than one of this same class. So
it was but the most natural thing in
the world that their oampaign. last
fall, should be based on the green
gooas and brown paper plan with an
occasional switch of hand saohels
when the victim was not looking,
The Haskell bill of course was the
good money the victims were playing
for and the brown paper is the ex
planation the Republican statesmen
are now making to those they are
preparing to swindle when it oomes
to fulfilling their agreement. The
writer was present the other day
when a Republican member of the
legislature was disoussing the ques
tion witn an nonest farmer wno was
here attending the Anti-Saloon Con
gress. This was the way he talked
and that is the way the temperance
people of the state who have their
votes to the Republican legislative
candidates are going to be sold out
once more as they have been times
without number by the Republican
party oi tnis state. .
How It's Done,
Said Mr. Statesman to Mr. Anti-Saloon
Leaguer: My dear brother, you
are too impatient in this matter. I
know of my own knowledge that
were it not for the Presidential elec
tion coming off next fall three-fourths
of the Republican members of the
Children Cry for
Pitcher' Castorla
Ymi are niftrnaropn nave
no use for anv
not sense enough to chew
The largest piece. ,of goo'd
tobacco everspld for jq ceofsl
Ihe 5 cent pfece i7rearlb rasi
Dish grades for jo cents
Genuine made only by POND'S EXTRACT CO., 76 Fifth Avenue, New York.
House would be with you on the Has-
kel bill. But they dare not do it now
on account of the danger of losing
the state.
Take Cincinnati for instance and
there we find about 12,000 good, re
spectable citizens who are what is
oalled moderate drinkers. They are
among the best citizens, many of them
coming here from the old country
and brintring their habits with them.
The same is true of other cities and
you know that on the election re
turns of last year it would only re
quire about 4o,UUU votes to turn tne
state over to the Democrats. When
that many are scattered over a state
as big as Ohio it does not require
mucti to onange enougn votes to let
the Demoorats in. There are thous
ands of neonle who would turn
against the Republican party and
give tne state to tne Democrats n we
went ahead and passed this law now.
We have had plenty of experience in
this line and experience is a dear
teacher. When we passed the Scott
law we lost the state. We also lost
the state when we passed the Pond
law and again on the Dow law, so
you see that whenever the Republi
can party attacks the liquor interests
the cry of personal liberty is raised
and thousands of liberal people vote
the Democratic ticket. Then we
must not forget that the Democratic
party is one of the most wonderful
ogranizations that evever existed.
Any other party that has done half
what the Democrats have done would
have been killed long ago but the vi
tality of the Democratic party is un
paralled. So the Ohio Democrats can rest se
rene and await with calm confidence
the disposition of this matter by the
Republicans. When they oome into
the Prohibition clearing house for a
settlement then the fun will jegin in
earnest. The Republicans will then
be found to be long on promises and
very Bbort on fulfillment. The usual
result will follow. The party will go
from the clearing house into a receiv
er's hand and its few assets divided
among the people it defrauded with
glittering propositions and false
promises. The wages of political sin
is political death.
Threw Away Hts Canes. '
Mr. D. Wiley, ex-postmaster, Black
Creek, N. Y., was so badly afflioted
with rheumatism that he was only
able to hobble around with canes,
and even then it caused him great
pain. After using Chamberlain'sfPain
Balm he was so much improved that
he threw away his canes. He says
this liniment did him more good than
all other medicines and treatment
Ent together. For sale at 50 cents per
ottlebyD. .1. Humphrey. lm
A Philosopher.
"Ton haven't made quite as many
speeches as I thought you would have
marked up to your credit," said the wife
of the new congressman.
"No," was the reply, "'I haven't had a
great deal to aay."
"Ton know, when you were elected,
your constituents kind o' thought you
would turn things upside down and re
form the entire system of government."
"Maybe they did. But there's one thing
you oan set down as a great moral truth,
and that is that it's a heap safer to do
Bothln an do It well than It is to do a lot
o things an do 'em wrong," Washington
one that has
the world over
is known at a great family
remedy and reliever of aches
and pains. It it cleansing,
healing, and antiseptic. Raw,
abraded, bruited, and inflamed
surfaces heal with marvelous
rapidity if POND'S EXTRACT
be applied. Invaluable for
Did you ever stop to think what
indigestion really means? It means
simply that your stomach is tired. If
our legs are tired, we ride. The
horse and the steam engine do the
work. Why not give your stomacn
a ride: that is. let something else do
rite work. Foods can be digested out
side of the body. All plants contain
digestive principles which will do
this. The Shaker Digestive Cordial
contains digestive principles and is a
preparation designed to rest the
stomach. The Shakers themselves
have suoh unbounded confidence in
it that thev have nlaced 10 cents
samples bottles on the markets, and
it is said that even so small a quan
tity proyes beneficial in a vast major
ity oi oases. All druggists Keep it.
Laxol is the best medicine for
children. Doctors recommend it in
place of Castor Oil.
He Was Married at 124 and
Died at 128.
McDonough, Ga., Jan. 29 Hiram
Lester, supposed to be the oldest man
on earth, is dead in the Henry county
poirhowe at the age of 128. He was
born at Raleigh, N. C, eight years
before the birth of the republic.
There is no question as to his great
age, as he leaves a son 92 years old,
who is an inmate of the same institU'
tion, and a daughter, who lives
Heard county, and is 95 years old.
"Uncle Hiram," as he was famil
larly known, came from long-lived
ancestry. His father lived to be
hundred and his grandfather to be
one hundred and fifteen. The old
man claimed to have enjoyed the
hospitality of George Washington for
three days, and spoke fluently on the
subject of the official acts of Jefferson,
Madison and Jay. He claimed to
have fought in the war of 1812, but
he never drew a pension. He lost
three sons in the civil war. In 1881
he was obliged to take refuge in the
In 1891 be was married to Mrs.
Mary Mosely, aged 81, the house
keeper of the poorhouse.
Old People.
Old people who require medicine to regu
late the bowels and kidneys will find the
true remedy in Eleotrio Bitters. This medi
cine does not stimulate and contains no
whiskey or other intoxicant, but acta aa a
tonio and alterative. It acts mildly on the
stomaohand bowels, adding strength and
giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding
Harare m the penormance oi the functions.
Eleotrio Bitters is anexoeilent appetizer and
aids digestion. Old people find it jnst exaot-
ly what they need. Price fifty oenta per
bottle at v. 4. Humphrey's Drug Store.
The parchments and papyrus used by
the ancients seem to have had a special
preparation, by virtue of which they ate
atoea tne ink and thus caused the writ-
tag to be almost indelible.
I have heard this about a romantic
young girl who became infatuated
with a certain famous tenor last win
She saw him in a favorite role, and
his dashing appearance and superb
singing made such an impression up
on ner mat sue became 'opera mad,'
as she told her friends, but 'tenor
mad would be near the mark.
All her pin monev she saved and
turned into seats for the different
bhe bought every photograph of
her favorite that she could find and
grew wildly jealous of the sopranos
and contraltos who sang the opposite
roles to him.
Of course she couldn't go on like
this without having a confidant so she
selected a school friend and Uld her
There wasn't much all to it. but the
friend thought it was delightfully ro-
'Has he ever noticed you, Katie?
'No,' replied Katie. 'I don't think
that he has. There was one time that
I thought he was looking at me over
the footlights, and, oh, Laura. I be
came so xaini that 1 was afraid I d
fall off my seat But I think he was
looking at the conductor."
Yes, they look at the conductor a
good deal, dear. I wonder why?"
un, i suppose they're fond of him,
Well they went to three more per
formances, and by this time Katie
was a case of 'clean gone.
'Laura, Dear, if I could just take
his hand and look into his eyes and
ask him for his autograph, I think
I'd be willing to die right there!'
'I don't see any harm in that.'
'In my dyine?'
No, goosie! In your just shaking
hands with him and asking him for
his autograph. You take his best
photograph, and I'll get a fountain
pen, and we'll go, after the matinee
'To the theatre?1
'Why, yes. You couldn't go to
his hotel.'
So this plan was agreed on, and a
nice flurry poor Katie was in.
bhe went and heard the opera the
next day in a kind of dream, and
when it was over rose in a white
heat of excitement
'We must give him time to dress,'
said the practical Laura. 'So we'll go
and have a cup of chocolate.
lbey dawdled over this refresh'
ment for 20 minutes, and then started
for the stage door. A stout, coarse
man barred their passage here, and
'Well, young ladies, what can I
do for your
Katie was simply speechless, so
Laura spoke up.
We wish to see Mr.
'He won't see you. He's gone to
his dinner, anyway. But he's got
no time to see anybody unless you
have an appointment with him.'
Then Laura the brazen told
We have, she said, pining, 'I don t
know how we missed him,
'Well, he's dining at the H
House,' said the doorkeeper. 'He
said some people might call for him
You can go there and send in vour
So this they decided to do, and to
the hotel they went.
They sat all a-tremble in the gayly
decorated reception room after they
had launched their cards, and pros
ently they heard a manly tread.
Nearer, nearer, nearer.
Katie seized Laura by the hand and
shook with emotion,
Then a tall form appeared in the
doorway, and the tenor stood before
A little older looking, not so ro
mantic in appearance, and holding a
napkin in his hand instead of a trun
cheon or a sword but still the tenor.
He advanced courteously and bow
ed as he looked at them and at their
'I do not think I have the pleasure'
he began,
Then Laura burst m with what
they wanted. He frowned a little
and then smiled wearily.
I am at dinner,' he said, 'and l
have friend3 dining with me, but I
will do what you desire.'
So they produced the pictures.
There were four instead of one, and
he signed them in a bold hand.
'Will vou pardon mer he inquired.
But I am pressed for time. I am
glad to have met you.'
The he turned to go, and Katie
found her voice.
'Will you will you 1-et me shake
hands with you? she stammered,
He smiled.
'Certainly,' he said, and he gave
her a strong band clasp,
The poor, silly child bent forward,
kissed his hand and half fell upon her
He raised her instantly and said:
I thank you for this tribue to the
artist. It is not for the man. My
dear young lady, I am 56 years old,
and I have seen too much of the world
to encourage the impulses of young
girls like you, who are often not in
their right minds regarding stage peo
pie. Goodby and good luck to you.
So an ay he went and the two de
votees trailed out into the gloaming.
feeling a little ashamed of themselves
and wondering whether operatic and
theatrical people hadn't found brave
Ponce de Deon s fountain oi perpetu
al youth. Polly Pry in New York
A Suspicions Clntrmstancs.
landlord (to his wife)-Say, Jane, I
don't believe that the student who rents a
room here is a student at all.
Wife Why noM
Landlord He studies too much. Flls-
gende Blatter.
. Canine Cain Balsam
Irate Father-" Raising Cain again, ehf
Well, I guess '111 raise It awhile.'- And ht
did, In the foMt of a walking stick. Bos.
ton Courier. ..." . .-
Skater Any one down there?
Irishman ris, bat ee's dumb and deaf
fur I've bin axing was he down there
ylt fur an hour or more. Troth.
After a Bargain.
It was evident that she waa troubled.
"I think I prefer this," she said, indi
cating a rail of oloth on the counter.
You say It baa been marked down from
IS to 10 oenta a yardr
'Tea, ma'am," replied the olerk.
'It's really what I want," ahe contin
ued, "bat this," and she indicated an
other roll, "has been marked down from
12 H to 10 oenta a yard, as I understand
"Yes, ma'am."
"Then I should think the other ought
to be down to OX oenta."
'That would be oheaper than we oan
afford to sell It, ma'am."
'Bat you have taken 8X oents off the
prioe of the other and only 9 oenta off
thuf" she protested, taking np the first
roll again. "That makes the other the
better bargain."
"As a pure matter of oenta, perhaps
"I'll give you 9H oenta far it"
"We cannot sell it at less than 10 oenta,
'I'd rather have it than the other,
'It's very cheap at 10 oents a yard.
"I suppose it Is, bat it isn't as good a
bargain as the other."
"I can't make it any less."
"Then I suppose I will have to take the
Wi oent goods, bnt it seems a shame
when I wonld rather have the other. You
may give me ten yards." Chicago Poet
At Horns and Abroad.
'Africa and Its Possibilities" was the
title of an address made In St. John's
church by Bishop Turner, who has made
frequent visits to Africa In the Interests
of his churuh. Speaking of the future of
Liberia, he sold:
"There are 5,000,000 people in this
oountry whom we don't want in Africa.
We want self reliant men. we don't want
people who believe it a onrse to be black.
who are ashamed to be black, and who use
straigbtenera to take the curl out of their
hair. You know perfectly well that there
are thousands of black people who do use
straighteners, but I toll you that trying to
get white people's hair is dangerous for
health and life."
Bishop Turner told an experience wbloh
he had on a British ship, where he was
addressed as "your lordship," acoordlng
to the English custom of addressing bish
ops. 'Your lordahlpr" as&ea Bishop Gaines,
with a twinkle in his eye.
'Yes," was Bishop Turner's reply, "I
am a lord as soon as I get out of the Unit
ed States."
"What are you when you are homef" ha
was then asked.
"A black moke or anything." he an
swered, and then oontlnued his address.
Baltimore Sun.
Everything; Still Moving.
A Maine paper contained the following
advertisement the other day:
L Sam'l H , forbid all persons
trusting or harboring my wife, Abbie ,
as I will pay no bills of her oontraotlng
from this date, as she has left my bed and
board between 8 and half past 5 in the
morning while I was gone down to Wis
cosset after clams. But the oars wlU run
just the same. Sam'l a "
Took Him at His Word.
Employer (to new office boy) If any
one calls, James, be sure and remember
that I am not in. (Half an hour later)
Didn't you hear me call, you young ras
cal? James Yes, sir, bnt 1 fought yer
wasn't in. Loudon Tit-Bits.
A Baby's Life Saved.
ArnoA. O.. May 16. 1894. Dr. D.B. Hands
"We owe our ohild's life to Dr. Hand's
Colic oure. When all other remedies and
dootors failed it gave relief in one hours'
time. It is with pleasure that I reoommend
all of Dr. Hand's Remedies for Children.
Any mother asms them oan be eure of set
ting an article that is safe, eff eotive and re
liable. Mrs. O. M. Stotzman." Dr. Hand's
Colic Oure and all of Dr. Hand's Remedies
for Children 26c at all drug stores.
Of the Breast.
Mr. A. H. Crausbv. of is8 Kerr St,
Memphis, Tenn., says that his wife
paid no attention to a small lump which
appeared in her breast, but it soon de
veloped into a cancer of the worst type,
and notwithstanding the treatment of
the best physicians, it continued to
spread and grow rapidly, eating two
boles in ner Dreasr. ine aociora
soon- pronounced
her incurable. A
celebrated New York
specialist then treat
ed her, but she con
tinued to grow worse
and when informed
that both her aunt
and grandmother bad
died from cancer be
gave the case np as
Someone then re
commended ' S.S.S.
and though little hope remained, she
begun it, and an improvement was no
ticed. The cancer commenced to heal and
when she had taken several bottles it
rlisanceared entirelv. and although sev
eral years have elapsed, not a sign of
tne disease has ever return ea.
A Real Blood Remedy.
S.S.S. (guaranteed purely vegetable)
is a real blood remedy, ana never fails
to cure cancer, isczema, Kneumausm
Scrofula, or any other blood disease.
will be mailed
free to any ad
dress. Swift
Specific Co.,
OIL sf jtk
"I do not fl nd an vtMns an nnn,fiUn
strengfheaiog and healing for the throat and
ebest in oww of severs oold. It eared me
of a ease of dry poet-oasU oa tar rah, siren
"Nearly f oar year aso I had the la Grippe
and pneumonia, and it left me weakly. I
oed Oompoopd Oxygen and it pat new Ufa
all over and through me."
itrr. ubo. Bocili,
Elizabeth, Mew Jersey.
If VOU willlMra a . J.-J-l
rPmSdV hlf.h K. a n .nA n ..ml L. 1 .
above described ;sndforbookof200pages
" aaareas.
oisoo, Cal., Toronto, Cicada. oct24 1yr
Nothing has ever been produced to
equal or compare with Humphreys'
Witch Sazel Oil as acuKATrvxand
healingi applicatioh. It has been
used 40 years and always affords relief
and always gives satisfaction.
It Cores Piles or Hemorrhoids, External
or Internal, Blind or Bleeding Itching and
Burning; Cracks or Fissures and Fistulas. ,
Relief immediate cure certain. '
It Cures Burns, Scalds and Ulceration and
Contraction from Burns. Relief instant.
It Cures Torn, Cut and Lacerated
Wounds and Bruises. '
It Cures Boils, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Old
Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald
Head. It is Infallible.
It Cures Inflamed or Cakes Breasts,
and Sore Nipple. It is invaluable.
It Cores Salt Rheum, Tetters, Scurry -Eruptions,
Chapped Hands, Fever Blisters,.
Sore Lips or Nostrils, Corns and Bunions,.
Sore and Chafed Feet, Stings of Insects.
Three Sizes, 25c, 50c. and tixxx
Sold bfDroct1sts,ar at nort-ptidoanMiptaf pries,
narsnunv sis. os., 111 A lis wintaa at,, h. m. .
TTOTICE is hereby given that in aeeord
sail anos with the provisions of the Bebee-,
Law the Henry oonnty Board of Examiners
will hold examinations for teachers in the
basement of the Court House in Napoleon,.
Ohio, on the following date, to-wit:
1st and Srd Saturdays of September
do do do do October
do do do do November
do .. do . do do March
First Saturday in December
1st and Srd Saturdays of February
do do do do March
do do do do April
do do do do May
do do do do June
Third? Saturday la - - Angnst
Examination will commence at 9
o'clock a. m.
Evidence of good moral characters will
be required of all candidates ;that evidence
to be a personal knowledge of the Examin
ers concerning, the applicant or certificate
of good moral ebaracter from same relia
ble sooree.
CHA8. E. REYNOLDS, Examiners.
W. M. WABD, CL, Da I
Shattered Nerves l!
Of youth or age, from.
any cause, can be quickly cur
td unless the insanity stage is.
reached, by Neurovine Tab
lets. Costs you nothing if it:
don't help you. Write" for free,
Neurovine Tablet Co.,
Oberltn, Ohio.
For sale by all druggists.
Made a
istDey. iiibrCj weii Man
15ttDay.,f JM of Me.
Produces the above results in 30 DAYS. It acta
powerfully and quickly. Cores when all others
nUL Young men and old men will recover their
yonthfal vigor by using REVIVO. It quickly
and surely restores from effects of self-abuse or
excess and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lost
Vitality, km potency, Nightly Emissions, Lost
Power of either sex. Failing Memory, Wasting
Diseases, Insomnia, Nervousness, which unfits
one lor study, business or marriage. It not only
cores by starting at the seat of disease, but is a
Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Builder
and restores both vitality and strength to the
muscular and nervous system, bringing back
the pink glow to pale checks and restoring the
Ore of youth. It wards off Insanity and Con.
sumption. Accept no snbstitute. Insist on hay.
ing REVIVO, no other. It can be carried in vest
pocket By mail, $1.00 per package, in plain
wrapper, or six lor Sg.oo, with a positive writ
ten goarantes to cure or refund the money in
every package. For iree circular address
' For Sale at Napoleon, O., by D.
J. D. Hnmpltrey, Druggist.
r s : mtwMi' B:. m tc w
30th Day.

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