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t-n Just Im Vanning- tlx leaaoa of life.
To aad, sad kn of koring,
And all of la powere fcr pleasure or pals
Bm aiowly and aadly proving.
And all that' left of the brighv bright draaaa.
With ita thooaaod brilliant phaaea,
la a handful of dost la a eoffia aid,
A coffin nailer the dataiaa.
The aoAUtlfil, beautiful daisies,
Aad thai Corewer throaghoat thia wide worM
la love Borrow proving;
Than ara etill many aorrowfnl thing, is Ufa,
But tha saddest of all la loving.
The lire of worn la worse than death,
For fata a high wall oft mlsna,
And far better than Ufa with two heart es
tranged la a low grave etarrM with Galatea,
) The beautiful, beautiful daiaiea.
Harrtaoa HUlard la Philadelphia Tlmaa.
Ned ChattBrton wai good deal of a
mother's boythat is to any, to oh a
warm affection existed between mother
and ton that It 'waa remarkable in thia
day of Attal laxity.
So when H became known that Ad'
elaida Weatoott waa engaged to him.
her many friends grew solicitous in
warning her aa to the oonrse she should
pnrsve in regard to her future mother
"When a mother baa always had tuoh
complete ascendency over a son,, it is
always a hard matter to make her rec
ognise a wife's right, and if this is to
be 'done, positive measures must be em
ployed from 'the first." So her friends
said, and her own mother gave her some
good advice in the same line, while her
sister Nell deplored the necessity of
having mothers-in-law and reviewed all
the traditions in regard to those very
undeairable personages.
lWith so much instruction Adelaide
'became also imbued with very positive
notions on the subject Of course, he
was an only son and his mother a wid-
' ow, but' she could never consent to live
In the same house with the elder worn-
It all waa to go well, she was to
begin right Of oonrse, Ned loved bis
mother, but matrimony would put him
under new obligations. At her first op
portunity she explained it all to him
and insisted that they should keep
separate' establishment -
, Ned looked pained, but he said :
' "I shall do as you say in the matter.
Adelaide,' though I had looked forward
to a very happy companion ship between
you and my little mother. She is suit
' hard to get along with, I know, and
. she could have helped you so much with
her advice and counsel in the household
But Adelaide showed him how
mother-in-law, by her very love and
preference for her son, might cause dis
sension between husband and wife.
Perhaps he was not convinced, but be
yielded the point and they were mar
ried. All of Adelaide's friends congratu
lated her upon her good sense, and be
hind his back praised Ned for hie con
aideration in sparing his wife the pres
ence of a mother-in-law. But be gave
himself the satisfaction of setting up
housekeeping within a block of the
mother he loved.
Sometimes at night, when he and
Adelaide sat lonely by the fire, he
thought of his mother and wished that
she might be with them, but on the
whole they were happy and no morbid
thoughts entered his brain, for he be
lieved that in time Adelaide'sown good
sense would triumph over the prejudices
aroused by officious friends. But this
was his mother's wisdom.
There were times when the elder Mrs.
Chatterton wept a little that she was
denied the daily vision of her son's joy,
but she said nothing and kept her tears
to herself. Ned waa very faithful and
dutiful, but she did not go often to the
house, because her presence always
seemed to put Adelaide in a mood of
defense almost bordering on aggression.
The young woman meant to be under
stood, and plainly understood, that she
would tolerate the interference in her
. affairs of no mother-in-law.
And so the months passed.
In the first glow of connubial joy Ned
: had neglected his club, but aa time
went on and the household i began to
: move in the accustomed routine he be-
; gan occasionally to drop in and spend a
- social hour with his man friends. At
first it was but once in two or three
weeks and only an honr or two then.
Then he went more frequently and
i staid later.
Some evenings Adelaide was very
lonesome, and after awhile, when he
i staid late, would cry to herself, but
: she always tried to welcome his return
with an unclouded face. She believed
i that it was only . thoughtlessness, and
i that after awhile,- when he came to re
, alize how very lonely she was, hewonld
, not stay away from her aoilong.
But he did not seem to realize.
Once, when she was very lonesome,
. Mrs. Chatterton came in ;and sat with
-her. They talked together .and busied
- themselves with some needlework, and
the hours did not seem so long. And
when Ned came that night they walked
j home with his mother and all were
lipht hearted and happy.
but other evenings passed when no
'bouy oame in, or when her mother or
Nell dropped in to find iher alone, and
hinted that Ned was neglecting her.
They would look at her strangely, as if
they pitied her,; and wondered if she
-were happy. Somehow this pained her.
Ned was good. She loved.him and knew
tthat he .loved her ; he was only thought
less. She said this. over and over to her
self, and she could not bear to see in
the eyes of her relatives the look that
, accused bim.
One eight when he had (been later
than usual and when her Iheart was
overfull she .tried to tell him how he
was paining her, tout broke down and
burst into tears.
Bis face waa flashed and he answered
. ber impatiently
"Nonsense, Addy; don't net like a
baby; you must remember that yon are
a woman. You oughtn't to expect a
man to stick in the house all the time. "
It wasn't so much what he said, but
the tone in which ha said it, that hurt
her and made her sob silently until she
fell asleep.
There was somethiag restrained and
shamefaoed in his manner as he kissed
her goodby the next morning and went
down town, but in the. evenin3.he re
Wbea Bat? was sick, wa gave her ChaWrav
When the waa a Child,-sh arted far Gastaria. ""
. When the became Was, aha clung to Caatorla,
Whan aha had fyilMii. aha .i.tl. rttf-rrti
turnee early, anal alter amner cs oia
not go out Be was restless and nervous
and didn't seam to be reading toe paper
which ha held ap before him. Between
husband and wife there was an embar-
raasinK silence. There seemed to be no
common tbeme for them to talk about
They retired early, and again Adelaide's
pillow was wet with tears.
It m a very easy matter to feu wnea
a man stays in the house out of a sense of
duty. That is what Ned did for several
nights, but it brought AdAaide no hap
piness and him no own fort
Ber heart was overfall and sue want
ed sympathy and counsel. To whom
should she torn? Would, not her father
tell her that she was foolish? Would
not her mother be angry and blame Ned?
Would not Nell pity her? No; she could
not go to none of these. Then suddenly
she thought of Mrs. Chatterton. She
understood Ned. She loved him. Would
she not also understand the situation
and be able to advise her? , When she
had gained courage enough, she went
down to ber mother-in-law's and sobbed
out the whole story to ber. The old lady
took ber in ber arms as she would have
a tired child.
"You poor, little girl," she said.
Ned has been very bad to you, and
You didn't know how to manage him.
Bow should you? But be patient; we
shall bring the young man around all
right" Mrs. Chatterton bent down and
kissed the girl, who lay sobbing in her
arms, and hope sprang up in the young
Wife's heart
It was a matter of some doubt whether
Ned was more pleased or surprised
when, on the following night, Adelaide
said to him:
"Would you mind going to the club
tonight Ned? Mother and I ore going
out for a little while, and I am afraid
you will be lonesome. "
"Certainly not," be replied, "but
thought your mother was out of the
"I mean Mother Chatterton your
mother," she said, faltering and Mesh.
"Oh," he said tenderly, and he waa
slow in getting his bat and ha kissed
Mr twioe before going out
Be came home early that -evening,
and his mother was just about to leave
as he entered. She paused only long
enough to say: "I'll be ovor tomorrow
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Delaney are
coming with the hope of beating you
and Addy a few games of cards. I'll
have to come and make a welsh rabbit
for you, I suppose. "
"That will be just the thing," said
Ned. "I'll show Ton Delaney whether
be can beat us at cards or not. Do come,
mother. Wait a minute, and Addy and
I will walk home with you. Won't we,
dear?" But his wile was already throw
ing on her cape.
Next night Mr. and Mrs. Delaney
came and Ned and Adelaide were beat
en, but Mrs. Chatterton made the Welsh
rabbit she had 'never made a better
one and there were jokes and stories
and bright conversation all through the
short evening. '
Delaney proposed that the three Chat
tertona come over to his house on the
next evening and get their revenge, ac
they went There were more jokes at
bright talk, and, best of all, this time
Ned won.
"Bow pleasant these evenings are,"
be said to Adelaide, as with her on one
arm and his mother on the other he
wended hia homeward way, "and how
foolish I have been to have been wast
ing them at the club. We must keep
them up, eh, little girl?" They were
just at Mrs. Chatterton'B gate, but Ade
laide put her hand on the old lady's
arm., "Yon are going home with us to
spend the night, she said.
"And there is to be no demur, little
mother," added Ned, sweeping heron
past the gate. She could not but con
sent Far into the night, after Mrs. Chat
terton had gone to bed, Ned and Ade
laide talked. They made plans for fu
ture pleasure, and their nthful joy
seemed the revival of W. -uueymoon en
thusiasm. "We shall have such giorious times,"
said Ned. "Mother is right here near
: "She must be nearer, Ned," said Ad
eluide. "I want her to live right here
with us.
"But Adelaide"
"Ned, I desire it Don't say no. I've
got over some foolish notions of mine
and I just begin to find how much I
need a mother-in-law. "
Ber friends eay ; "It is strange that
after starting out so well she would let
him bring that mother-in-law in on her.
but I suppose be compelled her; that's
the waywith men. " St. Louis Repub
Captive Wild Animal a.
"It is a curious thing how animals
are affected by conditions which one
would think were immaterial," said
Chief Keeper Manley of the zoological
garden. "Take an American wildcat
for example. If we put one of these ani
mals into a large cage where it can
jump about and have comparative free
dom, it will sicken and die of heart dis
ease, whereas if we pen them up in a
little cage where they can hardly turn
around, tbey will live and be healthy.
It is something that is hard to account
for. Almost all the American animals
are hard to keep. We can t keep a moose
here, and we have to be very careful
with mountain sheep. ".Philadelphia
Wall Enough Informed.
"You," said the disgusted gambler,
"don't know enough to come in when it
"Perhaps not," said the man who
had been there with a wan smile,, "but
I do know enough to stay out on a pat
flush, " Indianapolis Journal
. Taetotai, '..:,.
It is said that the late Rev. Joel Jew
ell originated the word "teetotal " The
story goes that at a public temperance
meeting in Hector, N. Y., in 1828, he
introduced into the pledge the letters
"O. P." for "old pledge," which
pledged against distilled liquors, and
"T" for "total," including both dis
tilled and fermented liquors. When
names were being taken, a young man
in the gallery said, "Add my name and
a 'T,' for I am a 'T-totoler. " Mr.
Jewell adopted the word in speeches
and writings. Some four years later an
Englishman' named Dick Turner em
ployed the word, and its origin has been
ascribed to him. Mr. Jewell was born
in Dunham, Greene county, N. Y.? Feb.
11. 1803, and became a revivalist and
temperance worker at an early age. For
over 60 years he was an active Presby
terian clergyman, although not ordained
until be wm 4a Now York Tribune,
Oatee Trae am Staaeh Tilaada Maw Gaae
Save you ever wondered what has
become cf the thousands of old solid
tire wheels that were in mlth universal
use before pneumatics revolutionised
things? A reporter put the question to a
dealer the other day.
A few were converted iulo pneu
matics and cushions and nre still on the
streets," he said, "and. some were taken
by tho dealers aa part payment on new
machines, and are sou stowed away in
their shops, there being no sale far solid
tires. The secondhand dealers and re-
pairers bought a great many of them up,
dissected them, so to speak, and are now
utilizing the parte in repair work. The
balls, hubs, spokes, axles, bolts and nuts
are all useful, and at the last the old
frames and rims can be broken up and
W"&mTbaver,ne to the country, and
Josh Bayseed maybe seen complaoently
pedaling down to the mill for a bag of
oorn. .Machinists use tnem lor making
models, occasionally a pushcart will be
seen mounted on , two rusty old wheels,
and even the boyB on the street take the
small wheels for the making of express
wagons. And the balance, I suppose,
you'll find stowed away in the cellars
and wood sheds of their possessors. Once
true and stanch friends, they are now of
no use in tjhe worldj Abandoned to oob-
webs and ashes, with no company Dut
rats and mioe, they dream away their
few remaining days. Once again they
stand in full suit of glittering nickel,
admired, caressed and praised by all be'
holders. Again they are on the road,
bearing their masters in safety down
long rough hills and through sand and
mud. Once again they see the smooth,
hard track respond to the efforts of the
riders as they throw every ounce of ef
fort into the last sprint and hear the
shouts of the excited crowds as they
whia across the tape. Abandoned and
alone, eating out their hearts with rust
they gradually drop to pieces, too proud
of their vanished prestige to give one
thought of envy to the modern pneu
matic. "Washington Star.
Ha Got tha Heange.
An experienced telegraph operator can
from listening to the sounds under
stand a message on one kind of telegraph
Instrument without seeing it at alL
One day an inspector walked into an
office and began to question the clerk in
charge. Suddenly a message began to
arrive, and the clerk sat down to write
it The message was as follows ;
"Look out for squalls. The inspector
is somewhere on the line and will be
poking his nose ia everywhere."
The inspector smiled as he listened
to the messaee, while the poor clerk
looked quite helpless. Bis superior,
however, went to the instrument and
sent back the answer : "Too late. Be
has already poked his nose in here. "
Pearson's Weekly.
bVoxmmI-v Bfcfla Soap mm Iawala.
able Antleeptle.
A clean soap is as necessary to health
as clean clothes. S-a-n-a-d-o-r Skin
Soan is madsof pure vegetable oils and
is wholly free from all irritating ingre
dients. The antiseptic property it con
tains is a reoent discovery. It is abso
lutely purely vegetable and destroys
all disease germs that infest the skin.
While admirable for the complexion,
for the toilet and bath, its rare medici
nal properties make it a positive cure
for Eczema, and all skin eruptions.
Price 25 oenta a cake. Prepared by
S-a-n-a-d-o-r Medical Co., 10 and 12
Vandewator St, Sem York Uity.
Saur &JBalsley.
Farmers Attention.
IjROM Ootober 281 b. 1885. 1 hive beesmann.
J? factoring and selling a Powder for the cure I
ox nog unoiera. say tnecess in coring sic nogs i
has been eo Mtisfactory Ibat I have been com-
celled to Increase my manufacturing capscity to I
more tban'donbla what it was before. Tbeonre
of bog cholera la no longer an experiment but a
substantial raot that my powders will core the
cholera in hags. As time is ralnsble 1 will not
impose on yon a lengthy statement of Us merits,
but will submit for yonr oaref nl consideration tba
testimony of prominent farmers In thia community
whose hogs have been cured by the nse of my
medicines: t law
We. the nndersisned itarmere and awineRmw-
otw ui iirii i j i,uuul, miiu, w ucrrujr kvsmij uibi
we bad slok bogs which were considered beyond
oure, and after wo pnrohased and need A.J Pen
nock's New Hog Cholera Cure we are pleased to
state that his New Remedy restored them toper
feel bealib, and we cheerfully recommend his
New Bog Cholera Oure to all swine raisers as a
posture preventative and sure cure 11 used aa di
rected. For lUrtner information pleaae write to
the following named farmer. :
Henry Honien, Henry Bockelman, Napoleon;
Angus! Olson, Grellon; H. C. Stockman, Christ
Kline, Fred . Badenhope, Tal. Singer. B. K. Soott,
jr, Hike rnncheon. Napoleon. John Bunts,
Holgste;Carl Myere, OkoloD;Jas. Brown, New
11. . T w I.. XI 1 . VI U(1
a ' . v. : l .1...
ua.BiJ. u ii am u u ruiuc i , i,,niimii, m, wu-
booa, LlbertyCenter, and scores of others will tes
tily to its morns si yonr request.
Headquarters for this Remedy Is
t saur and Balsley'i Drag Store,
napoleon, onto. jan Z3-im
Importer, of and Whota.lt DfvJtrs in iH kinds of
.Toledo's &lefi!ataa'
$T r; '
irA iLakatUtrwf
,w anm
it A nwMwiOa
TfSSi-e-" VJ!
TLchwitt0 8f WiKofoa
Full Informstlon ralativa to rates, time of trains, tta
will ba ehasrfully fumilhsd by any Agent of tho
Ohio Carnal Unat,
811.818,816,817 East 9thSt.New York.
the food
for resisting disease thin people, nerveless, delicate .
The f OQ fof jjj sucjj men womeri, or children IS ScOTT's
r vt,,V mKm with th- nil
cbulsiua. a uc i.junvui ...... . "
will tone up the system, give the blood new life, improve
appetite anl help digestion. The sign of new life will
be a fattening and reddening, which brings with it strength,
comfort and fTOod-nature.
St mrt yn tt Scttfl EmuUUa yen
Scott & Bowne, New York.
"Gems of
By Rev. T. PeWitt Talmage.
Talmaga needs no introduction to readers In any land. Ee Is loved by tha
millions whose hearts he hoi touohod by bli sympathetic words and stirring ser
mons and writings, which have been published and scattered broadcast over the
entire world. In this volumo there ore the best things from his best effort, and
these moke a boob Of Intense Interest and greatest value. Many write: "It is worth
Its weight in gold." There ip not a dry page in it It Is a work which Is welcome
In every borne, and It Is worth many timet its price.
Wa ffivA twtinw r few mmniM nf ronorta Hhnwtntr the areat success of our Aflrents
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and every family desires it:
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oanvaaa. Ton know I have sold within the last
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Mb. I'll a war N. Ha kimniyVa,, writes : -I
have but little trouble In nulling this new book
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me the entire county. I believe I can sell 400
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my outfit 10 dayaago and have already orders
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J. B.TWTTTT. CattararnsCo.. N.T.. writes:
"I send yon check to pay for 87 copies of 'Gems
ur Aengioue lnongot. ii ia a great nook.
Everyone eeems to want tbla Talmage book.
Xt Is gotten op in splendid style."
Special (fa
i any one wbo
m excellent opportunity ior a
f trTT Q I of these Organs. A lion
w MMMJ to any S100 wheel in the m
who will aell SO copies In two months. Or
one wno win sen ou copies in one montn. Tuis premium ia in auuition to mo
regular commission. Complete outfit, 85 cents. Freight paid, credit given. Write
immediately. We also want more Agents for
"Talks to Children about Jesus."
Tne Greatest Selling Book of the kind published in ten years. Over 150,000
eoptea .old. Same terms and conditions as on "tiemi of Bellgioug Thought."
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R. H. Woodward Company, Baltimore, Md.
ana Diooa
j i j jii rm .a . wm mm
Moris. bwUbTOfsrweatorrUldiftKUYM
liiT. auUAS. IMkKAE
Ifor sale t a n apoieoa. ouio. oy
II. iiiiniiiH
Is the only positive Cure known to the Medical Profession for
the Cure of Acute and Chronic Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica
Neuralgia, Ovarian Meuralgia, Dismenorrhcea. Psoriasis, Scrofula.liver
and Kidney Diseases. A positive Cure effected in from 6 to 13 days.
For Sale by D. J .
THB GREATEST BOON ever given tosnfter
lng man. It enres IMPOTENCY
COCELEas if by magic. Afteruslng it one
yon will shout Eureka, for all trouble vanishes
Immediately and you are a at an again. It doubles
Seznal POWER &Dd Increase, else of rails. I
Isnots drug or vacuum pump, but a wonderful,
andeclentiacappliaoeediecoverrd oy a physician
himself a sufferer, and alter be had nearly ruined
himself with poisonous drugs. Avoid DRUCS
If you ever expect to recover. Itis bannleesand
at once relieves the disease.
Honey returned where euro la not effected.
ONE package warranted to oure any ease . Sent
In plain, well sealed package with fulllnetruotloDB.
Prioet8.00. Address,
Omaha Building, Chloago, 111.
Eto.aniokly obtained. No Atty's fee unless al
lowed. Bend full description and sketches or
model,and we examine and report as to patentabil
ity wltcoutcharire. Book and advioafree. Terms
lowerthan others; all correspondence confiden
tial. Mention this paper. Address.
COLLAMEBtOO.,101ii F St., Washington J. C,
TRADsI aaaaa'Bl.
war inrorraatlon ana free Handbook write to
HUNN a: CO., 8U BaouiwiT, Naw Your.
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4 8cIentIfio Amerlotn
ry Aflenoy fora.
for all such.
How many pale folk
there are! People who
have the will, but no power
to bring out their vitality;
people who swing like
a pendulum between
strength and weakness
so that one day's work
causes six days' sickness 1
People who have no life
wax it nd it a tuMiluU.
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there is a great demand for tula book,
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r a cnurcn or society to secure one
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Humphrey, Napoleon, 0.
Notice of Appointment
Estate of Jeremia Garveriok, Deo1
THB undersigned has been appointed and quail
fled as administrator of the Estate of Jere
miah Garverlck.late of Henry Coun y, Ohio, de
Dated this 27th day of January. A. D ., IBM .
JO aN 8 . SELL,
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Newwander and Packard,
THE undersigned has been appointed and
rfiualihedae Asslanee for the benefit of credi
tors 01 tha estate of Newswander and Packard of I
Henry County, O hlo
Sated this slsl day of December. 1895.
JOHN A . HMITH. Assignee,
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of
Catharine W.
mflB nndersisned haa been annotated and
A. qualified as administrator of tbe estate of I
Catharine W, Bordner, late of Henry Oounty,
Onto, aeoeaaea.
Dated tbia 27th day of January, 1890.
Farm for Sale.
EIGHTY AOBE8 In Liberty townblp. two
m llee west ol Liberty Center, Oblo, good barn
honae, wella,etu.,goodsolland thorongh drain
ed. Longtlmeanagoodterme. Addresa
nach7-t Liberty Center, 0.
EBirminghamSteel Strings
lor Violin, Gullar, Mandolin, Banjo
f-r Finest Mde. Extra Pitted.
BBaiA aUIIC Warranted not to rust. Send for Catlg
Impwter, llanufactura' ant Wholemlt Dealtr1
- 811, 818, 815, 817 E. 9th St, N..Y.
siilmsfMlT-ir'-T-'-'' --"
Wollm, auibwB, Banjos. Mandoline, Accordeona,
Harmonicas. Ac. all kinds ol Slrinos stc.atc
fill. 812. 818. 817 East 9th SUNewYork.
XTOTICB la harter i1n. that B. W. Chill
i.v ha. hive eppolated Bnrtm of lb. fits
Oea. w. bum at Co.. aad that ell paraaaa ow-
aid Sna vlll aall onoa Ihe Batrtwraae art-
a. aad ail peneaa bavins rlalaw amlaat the
Srrn of Geo. w. BIIm Oo., will praaaat Ihaaaau
tha Beodnr for ptrmenu
a. w. tamii
Probate Notice.
OTICI la herrhy rlna, that John C. MeOlain,
a. n.rdlaa of Juua A. aad JoanC. Bowl-
nd.ha. Sled a aroad aeneaot of his tn.iv1l.B-
thip, which will be for bearing aad Mitlemeat
rebreari 10, law.
a. v. tirr, rTODwe.uaga.
Probate Not Ice.
TkTOTICEI. berahr riven, that JnMa a.Snanff-
IN Isr, aannardlaaor Heorj E..CImrnt, Blanche
If .and Maude J.SpenilerbeallledaAnteoeonnt
ofheranudlanthlp, which will be tor hewing
and anllementFeb.ieib, miM.
J. V. CUFF. Probate Judge
Probate Notice.
"VTOTIO K le herenv eiven. that T. 1. Conway,
IN aa administrator of Ihe eetata of Wyait
Barrle. ha. Sld a Anal account of bii .dminuir.
on, wtilcb win be for bearing and eeuiemeni
Feb. 10th, 18H.
4 . v.turr, rrooaiejnafie.
Probate Notice.
'OT1CE Is hereby eiven that T. I. Ingle, as
Guardian of Klhert inale. baa Aled a second
account of hla Guardienehlp, wblrh will as lor
hearing and settlement reornary lutn. luxe.
j. v.uurjr.rrooeieriuago.
Probate Notice.
NOTICE la hereby given, that George E.
Strubleee Administrator of tha Estate of
George titrable, has filed a drat account ol hie ad
ministration onion will oe lor Bearing ana eeiue-
ment February WIS, 1HW. -
i. v. ourr, Frooaiej noge.
Probate Notice.
NOTICE to hero by given, that 8 . P. Murray
aa Administrator of the Estate of Judaon
Emerv. hss Sled a final account of hla adminis
tration wh rh will ba forbearing and settlement
February Mtb, 1898.
j. v.ourF.rrooaie.uuge
Probate Notice.
XTOTICE is herebv alven. Ibat Edward Elng.
1 gnaidlanof John u. Mara, has filed a Anal
acconutofbls guardianship, wblrh wltl be for
Bearing ana acttltment renrwary ma, imn.
J. v.uurir, rronaiejuage.
No . 45, Toledo St.LoulsEx. ...... :09 a m
1 41, ' A Eaneas Olty Ex...ll:Sl . m
t87, " m Defiance Ex 8:57 p. in
48, a St.LonliEx......... 8:1 p
tTl, " 4 Ft. Wayne Looal.:30 a m
Ho. 4S.St.Louls AToledo Ex t:Sl a.m
88, Dcflanec A Toledo Ex 7 :0S a .m
,t 48, KansasCltj Toledo Ex.... 8:10 p.m.
44, St Louis A Toledo Ex.... 8:81 p.m.
" 1 70,rt,WayneToledoLocal....l!:S6p.m.
i Dsllyexcept Sunday. Dally.
Toledo, Columbu8,i. Athens, Pomeroy
With Direct Connections for al! Points
Nobth, East, South and West.
Pullman Sleepers Between Columtma and
Chicago every night In the year. Lowest Rates,
Quickest Time. For Tickets, Sleeping and Par
lor Car Reservations, Time of Trains and Da
tailed Informat'n inquire agta. C. H.V. & T. Ry
w. a. runiB, om. rmt. a rat. Ait, ms a
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
WIN EFFECT NOV. Nth, 1899.
Lv Chicago
" Deflanee.......
Lv. Sandusky..,.
Lv. Mansfield....
Lv. Newark
" Zanesville....
Ar. Wheeling-.
" PltUbnrgh...
" Washington ,
7 10
t 8 06
i8 00
ft 41
1 00
8 88
t4 0S
8 38
a as
8 50
7 45
11 Ml
0 43
7 80
8 28
1 12
1 15
8 81
7 15
P u
8 85
8 05
8 08
10 40
18 00
1 08
' Philadelphia
IS 88 1
" Bewlork
STATIONS. , 6 ( 111
7 186 3108 A 17 15
Lv.Denaooe..... 816 6 16 7 40 11 00 1 26
Ar. Chloago..... 1001100 8 40 7 40
Cblcaso and Cnlcaeo Junction. Trains Mos.
(14-46) and 47.
Ohloago and Pittsburg, Trains Nos. 5, 6, 14 and
i.mcBifoanu uirve ana. irniu. no, i. anu ia
Obloago and Columbus and Wheeling. Trains
Nos 14. (15-47).
Chicago and wnoeung, Trains nos. 7. 8. 46,
unicago ana oaitimorc, rraius no., o, n, t ana o.
Chicago ana rnnaaeiphia, Trains, no. 7 and 8.
Chimin) and New fork. Trains Nos. 7 snd 8.
Colnmbua and Baltimore. Trains Nos. 7 and 8.
Pittsburg and Cincinnati, Trains Nos. 108, 104,
105 annum.
! Trains one hour late Sundays. 'Trains run
rimU : IStononalanal.S Will waitlOmin.for con
nection t Daily oxoeptSunday. H Stop onSlgnal
Forfutber Information eal! onB.AO. Ticket
Agent, or addresa b. S. Allen, Assistant General
Paaaenger Agent, Chioago. 111.
Geu'l Snpt.
Sen Pass. Agt.
Take tbe Northwest, only f 1.
Notice to Non-Residen
Land Owners, et. aL
To all lot and land owners, and mu
nicipal and private corporations,
that will be) affected by the ditch
improvement herein designated.
AuriiroB'aOmcs, Hbmkt Gotott, I
OLSO,0., J.a. lath, ISM. f
li tba natter f Trl-County Ditch ia.
proveaeit (Wood, Pstnt" aid Heary
count leg), No. ....... Potitioaed for by
Joha Ftrquhirjoa et al.
Wm Ballea.
Harry L. Mitchell.
R. J. Reed.
John H. George.
Lorena Ca.te.1.
Daniel Hsrtnert.
Penj O Mowlaa .
W. tt . Eaoeka.
John Alexander.
R. B. Hlnton.
Louisa D. Saeater.
Lirxle D, kfaione.
P. H. Short,
Cbsa. D. Falconer.
Stephen H. Laekey.
Frank Falconer,
A. 1m Don.way.
Jaa. W.MoGlll.
I Christian P. Bebrena. Viorlea Olaoqna
N. H . BrlnkerHoff,
B A O a C By Co.
A. W. Lea.
L. Baomgardner.
Jaa. Carroll.
Henry Bucbsnnan.
Osllle Seward.
E. Rowland.
Wm, Ranke.
J. H.and F. H. Holm
J. A. Bolmes.
Wm . A. Crory.
Wm. R, Brvsn,
B. O Oswald.
Orin Gate.
J. S. Hemmlngcr.
P.O. BuiMn.
E. M, Galenror.
P. M. Condi t.
Nettle E. Shell.
Henry T. Vosa.
Rnth E. Dean.
George N. Meranda.
Mrs M . Stevens.
Edwin Reed.
T. J Campbell.
Hahla Lsptnau.
J . Mahan.
S. D. Slearn
Joseph Durllst,
E. Oingetick.
M. B.Meeker.
Prndenoe Downa.
Washington Onyer.
Tarlev 0. frttoh.
Johi Moodv.
Helen M. Thompson.
J. W . Boaton .
Copaland A Hhaw .
John J. Strall.
Tboa. Geffty.
E . E. Thrapp.
Levi Wood.
Moses Carver.
Jerry Lemming.
B. R . Hawthorn .
O. T. Chsnmsn,
Herman Bull.
Cbsa, Keckler,
George W . Howe.
Wm. B. LaSua.
Peter Rota .
D. B. Guilds.
David Seward.
B.B. Wlselv.
Mary Despert.
F . A . RoblnsoB.
E. M.Burt.
Thomas Cohen.
George Long,
J. Durllat.
Sarah Simmon,
O H AU By Co.
Alvtra Eaton c al.
M. Bacr.
Marv M Glanqne.
H. Willi.me.
L.8. Holmea.
Lnetnda Miller.
James O'Hara.
H. C. Froth.
J.M. Oswald.
Semuel 1). Myers.
Wm. Bill.
Sutherland, IneaCo.
C. Falser.
Jas. D. Beaver.
Efne Super.
J. N. Lambert.
Levi Harmon.
Ruth K. Shoemaker.
B. 8. Baveratock.
O. R. Morse.
O. F. Wood,
MaryC. Wurat.
wm vierung,
W. H. Mltohe.1.
John Poarver.
Jonas Ttirnbell,
w. w . Meexer.
Peter Rots.
James Mc Crack n,
Jason Young.
G. E. Aiilnger.
Abnhtm Tbomnson.
Clsrk McDonald.
Bmmon Gtngler.
A. A. Benton.
Andereon .
D. P. Washburn.
T. W. Elslon.
George W. Cole.
Alfred B, Longstreet.
Eden Busseii.
A. L. Burkhart,
A. H. Balsley.
wm . pcnuseer.
JamraT. James.
Jasper N . Loveridge.
F. H. tsoucnion.
Singer & Henderson
M. U'Brlen .
Green, Main 4 Co.
Barbara H . lion .
8 M.Stewart.
M.O. O'Brien.
Commodore Osborn .
Mrron Bice.
J, W. Bennett.
H. Gatlbratb.
Ton and each of ynu are hereby notified that on
tba 18b day of Jan., A. D. 1806, John Fameharson
lard others, filed a petition with the Auditors nf
said wood, rutnam ana nenry roomies, usaav
tbe substance or whloh said petition Is, thsl theroi
exists a necessity for tbe widening, deepening audi
straightening or a aitcB, ana ssta laiiiiouero.
pray for tna making or suua improvement oo,
I the folowiog route and termini, to-wit:
Commenclna about eichlT f80 rods north and
twenty (M) feet west of tbe southeast comer of
section thirteen (13), towu nnmbvrrwo (2) norths
range number seven (7) eaat, Putt m county, O.,.
In Ihe Moot, ditch; ibence In said Moots ditch or
Brush Greek through sections eighteen eight
(8). five (5) and lour (4), town number two 9
north, range eight (8) east, VanBnren township,.
Putunni uount y, Ohio , snd through section s thir
ty three (38). twenty eight (28), twenty seven (47),.
twenty six (2U), twenty lour (.) ana tnttieeu tiav
Bartlow township, Henry county, Ol to, and'
through sections eighleen (18), soventten (17),.
eiirhUS) and nine (9), Jsokson tnnnshlp, Wood
county, Ohio, to the Jackson cut-off ditch, and!
there to terminate.
Also a branch commenolnff where Brush creek;
orosses tbe oounty line between Wood and Henry
counties, Obio, thenco north along the west side
of the oounty line road to tbe ditch on the sontbi
side of tbo road running east and west between
Motions twenty four (24) and twenty five (45), In
townsbln number four 14) nortn, range nitmner
I eight east, Rlobfleld township, Henry county, 0.5
thence west along the south sldeol said road to
intersect Hammer creek and there to terminate.
That said Detltlon Is now nendlng, and that said
pnoeedlnRa have been duly and leually tad, that
the Board of Commisslnnura of said Wood, Put
nam and Henry counties have been presented with
a copy ol raid petition as required by law, thereby
notlMng tbem of the filing of the Mine, and that
aa such Andltora of said counties tho undersigned
have axed the
10th day of February, A. D., 1890, at
10 o'clock A. M.,
al the starting point of aald proposed Improve
ment In section 18, (thirteen,) town number tw
(2) north, range number seven (7) eaat. Liberty
township, Putnam county, O when and whore the
oommissloners nf said counties will meet for
tbe hoaring of aald petition and for the purpose of
hearing any ana an proof onerea oy any or me
parties .ffeoted by said ditch Improvement,
whether Ihe aald ditch will be conducive to tbe
public healtn, convenience and welfare, and
whether the route deseribrd ia tbe best route and
any and U objections to said proposed oitcb im
provement. Any application for oompenaatlos
or damage or lor any change of route must be Id
writing ana niea witn tne oemnmeio-iers on or
before tbe dar set for hearlnu. Mo litrtber notloe
of any proceeding in this matter will be given.
Auditor of Putnam oounty, Ohio.
Auditor of Wood county, Ohio.
Auditorof HenryCouBty, Ohio .
Administrator's Sale of Kea
John W . Long, Administrator of the Estate o.
Frederic u, uimnaroy, ueeeasea, rtt n .v
Fyllnde Lombardy, et. al., Defendants .
In the Probate Court of Henry County, Ohio.
IN pursuance of an order of tbe Probate Court of
Henry Connly, Oblo, I will offer for aate at pub
lic anotion, on Saturday, reDruary Bin, A. u , lhna.
st t o'clock p, m., at tbe door of the Court
Bouse, In napoleon, Ohio, the followlm describ
ed real estate, free of tho dower and homestead of
P)llnda Lombardy, widow of Frederick O. Lom
bsrdv. deceased, situate lu tbe County of Henry
and State of Ohio, to-wit: The north-east quarter
(1-4) of the north-aet quarter (141 of Heatlon
Thirty-one 181), Township Four (4), north of
HangeBix to) Jtaai, in nenry vonnty, umo. con
taining Thirty-seven (37) sores of land more op
Appraised at 82150.00.
Tenna of Sale: One-third oash In hand on da
of sale; one-third in one year and one-third in,
two years irotn aay or aaie wit a interest, me pay
menta to be secured by mortgage on the premise
Administrator of Frederick O. Lombardy, dao'd.
uaniu e LFonovan, any a ior n in . .
December 81st, 1885. td
Legal Notice.
Elizabeth A. Weavor, AdmiBlstratrlx,
Albert Follett and Emma t. FolMt,
Albert Follett ,.nd Emma J. Fullett. residing at
Lanelng, Mich., will tare notice that, on the
7th dav of January, A. D. 18S, Kllaanetb A Weav
er, Administratrix of the ealate of Washington O.
Weaver, oeceaeea, meaner petition In th Oommoa,
Pleae Court, Henry county, Ohio, in caae No.
4440, against the above named parties, praying for
the fori'Oloenre of a mortgage made by Albert Pol
lett to Washington O. Weaver on the north half of
the northwest quarter of tbe northeast quarter of-
seeiion innxeeu io;, wwueuip .ix t) nonn, range
seveu (7) eaat, oounty of Henry and. state of Oblo,,
containing twenty acres of land more or lesa. given
totecuroibe purobsse money for said lands on
which a balance of $247,25 Is due, with Interest on
f47 25 from March 9tb, 1894, and on $200 from
September 10, 1891, payable annually, and of a tar
Hen amounting to J15.89 on aald land, paid by
pi.tuiin. auu ifraruiir, aiao, mat aata lands Be-
Follett, and all other interests that the aaid 1
J. f ollett may navein and to said landa.
Bald parties are required to answer on or before,
the 21st day of March, A. D. 1898, or Judgment may
be take agaiuat them.
Administratrix ot the aetata of. Washington OV
Weaver, deceased. . juit ft

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