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Blood meant to and health. With pan,
rich, healthy blood, the itomach and di
gestive organitwiU be vigorous, and there
will be no dyspepsia. Bhenmatiam and
Neuralgia will be unknown. Scrofula and
Salt Rheum will disappear. With pure
Tour nerres will be strong, and your
Bleep sound, sweet and refreshing.
Hood's Barsaparilla makes pure blood.
That is why it cures so many diseases.
That is why so many thousands take it
to care disease, retain good health, pre
vent sickness and suffering. Hemember
Is the One True Blood Purifier, ft per bottle.
I ' rt-u cure Uver Ills; easy tc
rlOOU S PUIS take, easy to operate. 850.
A Brief Summary of News
From Wide-awake Cor
resjymdents. ELMWOOD.
Elmwood, Nov. 2nd.
People have nearly finished husk
ing corn.
C. Lantz and wife were at Napoleon
Saturday on business.
Joel Nofzinfter was at Achbold on
business Saturday.
Jno. Fetzer, of Ottokee. spent Sun
day with friends here.
Miss Carrie Lantz took In thesights
at the county capital Saturday.
Fred Kraua, of Pettisville, spent
Sunday with friends In this yicinity.
Miss Mary Linow took a trip to El
inira Sunday.
'Mrs. J. D. Nofzlnger, of Archbold,
ejjentthe past week with her son
JgWBt&' Roth and E. Stuckey, of
Elmira, spent Sunday with friends
Hetary Gerkin and wife took a trip
to Defiance Sunday. ,
Miss Tillie Buehrer and Aaron
Kupp will be married at the residence
of the bride's parents Thursday. Par
ticulars next week. -Fred
Veigel and family, of Napole
on, spent Sunday with friends in Elm-
N. Nofzlnger is at Woodburn, Ind.
Wm. Nagle, Jr., took in the sights
at Archbold Saturday. X. Y. Z.
McCUJRB, Nov. 2nd.
Frank Chroninger, of Liberty Cen
ter, was in town Saturday evening.
Mrs. S. G. Naugle visited her son
at Malmta Friday and Saturday. ';
The creamery man, Mr. Ten, made
a business trip to the county capital
A number of the Weston free silver
ites were here Saturday night.
Alva Sands made1 a flying business
trip to Grand Rapids Saturday.
The cob -web party that was given
at the hotel Saturday evening for the
benefit of the Luthern Church was
largely attended and all report a fine
Mrs. Harmon Laver and son Lester
and Miss Hattie Chroninger attend
ed the funeral of little Leah May, at
Continental Saturday, Oct. 24th.
- Daisy.
v RlDGEYILLK CORS., Nov. 2d.
L. W. Rogers, an old and highly
respected citizen of this village, died
on Tuesday the 27th of heart failure
and dropsy. He was about 75 years
of age. His first wife and all his
children had long preceded him. Mr.
Rogers was a Union soldier of the
late war, and a member of Choate
PosWjt. A. R. The funeral services
Vere performed at the Cong, church
In this village, under the direction of
Rev. W. D. Trover, the Pastor.
Reuben Reisal and wife, of Liberty
Center, .were the guests of friends in
ting place last Sunday.
. The new mercantile building and
1 hall of F. A- Rowe is up and the work
fefrapidly going on to completion.
The hall is a much needed institu
tion, and will easily accommodate
400 people, with ceilings ten and
- twelve feet above the floor. ' ( The
building is to have a galvanized
A. H. Cross, of Toledo will, render
valuable assistance at our S. S. Con
vention on the 10th. . Veritas.
Archbold, Nov. 2nd.
- Carl Mauntey was at Stryker
; ' Thursday on business.
' Mrs." C. S. Gessman was at Bryan
Tuesday on business. ,
F. M. Camp was in Toledo on busi
ness Morday.
John Huffman was at Hudson,
Mich., Thursday on business.
H. F. Heck, of Toledo, was at
Archbold Thursday on business.
Quite a severe storm passed over
1 Arohbold Thursday night.
' Mrs. F. M. Castle spent the week
with relatives.
' '. Henry Atwater, of Cleveland, visit
. ' ed relatives at Arohbold this week.
i F. A, Stumpel and family, of Wau
"' seon, Visted at J. B. Sohnetzler's Sun-X-
day. T
J, F, Dunke and wife, of Wauseon,
-were visitors at C. M. McLaughlin's
; last Sunday,
Hon. J. C. Rorick and J. 8. Brailej,
of Wauseon, were at Archbold Thurs
day on business,
All the enterprises property own
ners in the business portion of Defi
ance street are going to lay stone
sidewalks in front of their places this
Hon. D. D. Donovan, of Deshler,
wai at Archbold Saturday.
Mrs. W. G. Root, of Chicago, sister
of Mrs. G. W. Stone, came to Arch
bold Thursday to attend the funeral
of Geo. M. Stoner.
Henry Hush was at Chicago, 111.,
Monday visiting friends.
J. F. Yeager was at Wauseon Sat
urday on business. A. B. C.
Tubbbvillk, O., Nov. 3rd.
Hog cholera is prevailing con
siderably in this neighborhood.
George Clifton and family visited
Wm. Jones in Defiance last Saturday.
The Thomas boys are hunting deer
in Wisconsin.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baul
ky last Wednesday, a boy.
Mrs. W. A. Richardson's sisters re
turned to their homes in Loraine
county last Saturday.
Adam Mohr and wife visited W. A.
Mohr and wife Sunday.
Mathias Kline brought home a car
load of sheep from Chicago last Tues
day to feed.
The Clifton school commences next
Monday, Miss Clark of Williams Co
teacher. W. C. K.
Deshler, Nov. 2nd.
Judge Meekison, of Napoleon, at
tended the political meeting Friday
L. M. Drown, of Toledo, was a
guest here Sunday.
Miss Ina Tinkham, of Townwood,
was the guest of Lytles' Sunday.'
Misses Eva Reilly and Ella Sims
were at Findlay Saturday.
Rev. A. Shaffer, of Weston, deliv
ered an excellent speech Friday even
ing at the Opera house.
Miss Sites, of McComb, attended
the social Friday evening.
Mrs. E. L. Sawyer and son Frank
were in town Wednesday evening.
Miss Nellie Barton was the guest
of Leipslo relatives Sunday.
Miss Violet Bonham spent Sunday
with S. C. H. Elder and family.
' Miss Anna Lytle commenced her
school at Townwood Monday.
Miss Ma Belle Elder, of Tiffin, spent
Sunday with her parents.
"Doo" Nead drove over to Hamler
Friday. i
Miss Hettie Mundwiler and brother
Harry, of Hoytsville were over here
Wednesday night.
Mrs. E. L. Long was out of the
city over Sunday.
. S. A. Brown will move into his new
property on Keiser Ave. this week,
and D. Lytle will take possesion of
his new home formerly occupied by
Mr. B. on east Elm street.. .
' Dan Wilson is able to be up after a
seige of typhoid fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Young were out
of the city a few days last week.
Miss Riba Jameson was the guest
of her grandma, Mrs. L. Dayringer,
near Hamler Sunday. .
Miss Henry spent Sunday at her
home in Findlay.
H. V. Kunkle is ill at his home in
Cora Kieer, of Hoytsville, was in
town Wednesday evening.
G. E. Garwood, of Toledo, was t
guest at home over Sunday.
Deshler has been blessed with ral
lies, speeches, etc this fall; but oh,
how pleasant it will be after election,
Of course there will be some sad poli
ticians but that's natural. Doc
How a President is Elected.
The exact procedure of a presiden
tial election is Known to compara
tively few people ana a recitation of
tne principal points is always worm
while, says the Times-Star.
The election take-t place on the
first Tuesday after the first Monday
in .November.
The vote is lor electors, the num
ber of whom in each State must
equal the whole number of represen
tatives aud senators from the State in
TJie electors are required by the
constitution to meet in tneir respec
tive States upon the same day, and
Congress has decreed the second Mon-
ua.y ill jtmimry iimuwiiig m election
as tne aaie. .
The electors vote separately for
President and Vice President (one of
whom at least shall not be from the
same State as the elector,) and the
list of votes, after being signed, certi
fled and sealed, is transmitted to
Washington, directed to the Presi
dent of the Senate.
Congress is required to be in session
lor counting tne ballots or tne elec
tors upon the second Wedneday in
the following February, the president
of the State opening the certificates
in the presence of the Senate and
House of Representatives jointly as:
A majority of the eleotoral votes
elects the President and likewise the
Vice President.
If no one has a majority, the elec
tion goes to the House of Renresen
tatives, the three (or two) candidates
having the highest number of the
electoral votes being voted upon by
states each has one vote, there must
be two-thirds. The representation
from each State of the States present
for a quorum and a majority of the
States elect, the President.
If the House of Representatives fails
to choose a President before the next
March 4, the Vice President aots as
The Vice President will have been
elected previously, in all human prob
ability, because if he has not been
named by a majority of electoral
votes at the joint session of Congress.
the Senate is directed to select him
by majority vote from the two high
est numbers on the orignal eleotoral
list, a two-thirds quorum being re
quired for this alone.
Beyona tne provisions oi tne eon-.
stitution, an act of the Forty-ninth
Congress covers ail proceedings in
case of dispute and also fixes the
Presidential succession in the emerg
ency of death, resignation and dis
ability in the following order: Secre
tary of State, Treasury. War, Attor
ney General, Postmaster General,
Secretary of the Navy and Interior.
Bat this acting Persijent must have
been approved by the Senate as Cab
inet officer, and within constitutional
requirements for Presidential eligi
bility. He is compelled to convene
Congress immediately and with
twenty days' notice.
The dates above in the pending
Presidential succession matter falls
as follow:
Election November 8, 1890
Electors vote January 11, 18U7
Congress counts vote Febuary 10, '07
The eleotoral vote 447, of which 224
will constitute a majority.
Uenl Estate Transfers, Marriage
Licenses, Probate Court
News, Ditch Hear
ings, etc., etc.
T. O. Donovan to Elizobeth Moore,
15 acres in section 11, $1000.
Fred. Oelfke to German Lutheran
Church, 1J acres in section 34, (25.
Fidelia Andrix tojas. W. Fickle,
30 acres in section 10, $2200.
J. P. Ragan to Florien Glauque,
part lot 39, $150.
napoleon corporation.
Leander Kerstetter to G. M. Bur
roughs, part lot 8 original plat, 255.
F. Roessing to J. W. Tietjens, lot
155 original plat, $2700.
Deitrich Yoost, an infant by Wm.
Hanna. guardian vs. Frederick
Greenhagen, Damages $10,000.
Alva J. Tanner and Cora E. Swin.
Noah'Bordner and Dora E. King.
Cbas. Pease and Dora Parcher.
E. A. Hanna, stone walk At Infy...$163 83
i. Bloomfleld, med. services and wit
ness fees 3 00
W. Blair, deputy sheriff's fees 21 45
L. Van Fear, witness fees Ofi
T. F. Beneoke, soldiers relief 24 00
J. P. Belknap, printing ballots 73 00
W. U. Hudson, setting grade stakes, i. uu
W. O. Hndson, work between Wood
and Henrv counties 12 00
Geo. Farrisb, bridge lumber 19 60
D. T. Burr, commissioner's salary.. 83 33
P. 0. Printis, telephone to Holgate..- 1 52
J. H. Resh, Auditor's salary 127 67
W. W. Campbell, Pros. Atty. salary. 41 67
L. G. Fellers, briok forlnfy 19 89
D. F. Wildnng, goods for panper 6 00
L. L. Orwig & Son, printing for elec
tion board 83 00
0. M. Overhalse, medserv.to panpers. 21 60
H. 0. Burson, " " ' " ..25 15
J. Townsend. " " " .. 20 10
0. Oearbart fc Co., goods for pauyers. 14 47
L. L. Orwig 4 Son, publishing notioes
and printing CI 60
0. F. Clay, pens 3 00
L. V. Betson, constable fees 11 30
A. Hirseland, janitor's salary , 50 00
H. O. Hague, J. P. fees 10 75
A. E. H. Maerker, med. services to
A. E. H. Maerker, med. serv. and
Rnfas Hill, commissioner's salary...
Chas. Evere. printing and stationery.
8 40
6 00
83 as
78 85
Mrs. Adams, oare of panper 4 50
L. T. Knipp & Co., goods for panper. 11 07
F. 8. Martin, med. services to panper. 4 65
Cbas. Evera, postage stamps 4 82
Geo. Habn, goods for Infy 2 70
Saw the Point Finally. ;
A man said, "When I was a young
chap, I could use coffee and tobacco
without their troubling me, but as 1
get along in years, they both distress
me. I quit tobacco, but only got a
little better: liver, stomach and bow
els kept all out of gear until finally
my old doctor told me that coffee had
the same poisonous alkaloids as to
bacco, but not quite so many, and
advised me to leave it off and give
nature a chance to build up.
didn't take much stock in the old
man's advice, but found out by try
iue: it that he was just right. Still I
missed my hot drink at breakfast and
suppertried chocolate, but that
lacks the taste I like, and tea don't
exactly go to the spot. Lately I have
been drinking Postum Cereal Coffee
and like it better than the old coffee,
It has that pungent taste that fits my
notion of a hot drink and it agrees
with me well enough that I have put
on 10 pounds in a month, it is made
of grains wholly, and brews a deep,
rich color like the finest Mocha.
Wife buys it at the grocery and says
it costs us about one-third what coffee
used to." It come from Battle Creek,
Mich. i
Dr. Henry Venne, 99 Blue Island
Ave., Chicago, says: "The Postum
has been tested and found to be excel
Beware of the fraudulent imita
tions of the original Postum Cereal
Grain coffee. Insist on Postum.
The only new vessels which Con
gress is asked to authorize are two
composite sailing vessels of 1,1 00 tons.
costing $500,000, as practice cruisers
for the Naval Academy, to take the
place of the Banoroft. The reooin
mendation for the construction of
these vessels is not intended to con
flict with the recommendation for
three additional battle Bhips which
Secretary Herbert is expected to
make in his annual report. During
the fiscal year nine vessels the Indi
ana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Maine.
Texas, Terror, Monadnock, Katahdin
and Ericsson were added to the ef
fective force of the navy, and during
tne current year the Brooklyn, Iowa,
Nashville, Wilmington, Helena, Puri
tan, six gunboats, seven torpedo
boats and one tug are to be added.
It appears that the naval stations
and docks at Port Royal, S. C, and
Port Orchard, Wash., cannot be
properly utilized without the erection
of shops, for which authority is ask
ed. , The major part of the report is
devoted to exposing the shortcomings
of the reserve supply system. Brad
street. j. y-
'It is so hot in my town," said the
major, "that we can't get ice enough
to keep the whiskey cool."
A look of ineffable contempt came
into the eyes of the colonel as he said,
witn dignity: .
"Any man who would weaken
whisky with ice, sir, is not true grit.
I venture to say, sir, that there is a
foreien streak in 'your ancestry!"
Alanta Constitution.
a Budget of IiUmUif Items For Each
Day la the Week Taken From the
Great Crash of New and lUeerred
Especially For This Coloma.
Archbishop Ireland Interviewed President
Mi Ethel Ball was killed by a train at
Rushvill. lad.
Ex-Con ereuraaa Charles A. Eldridge of Wis
consin U dead.
Li Hong Chang has been appointed minister
of foreign affairs of China.
The Acme dynamite works near Hulton,
Pa. exploded, killing two men.
The British steamer Worsley Ball, laden
with cotton, took Ore while at sea.
Ex-Pope Tolstoi of the Russian church has
been banished from Ut. Petersburg for era
bracing the Catholio faith
All the leading colleges are Interested In the
will case of Daniel B- Fayerweather, involv
ing the sum of 12,1 40,000 lei t to 2 ) collegia The
codicil seemed to destroy the real purpose of
-the wilt The case is on trial in Now York.
The body of Mrs. Postel.who died at Chester,
Pa. and was buried at Providence, was ex:
huiued and tested for poison
Near Richmond, Kr.. Charles James shot
Jake Garrison for coaxing the former's daugh
ter away from home.
Charles F. Musaey of KanBas City has caused
the arrest of Miss Alice Piatt, a former serv
ant, for poisoning his mother and two children-Wednesday.
Hon. Paul J. 8 org of Ohio has returned from
his European trip.
The supreme court of New York has fca'.d
the Albany polico bill unooBStitutionr'
The Turkish minister at Washington denies
the sultan has imposed a tax on the Mussul
mans. John CI Sbechan of New York arlr ises work-'
men to march in Mchanley parades and then
vote for Bryan.
At Titusville, Pa., a woman discovered rob
bers at work in a bank and frightened them
away with hnr screams.
The property of Horace W. Thurber in New
York has been attached for $18, TM in favor of
the United States Trust company.
O'Donovan Rossa denies P. J. P. Tynan's
statement that he (Tynan) went abroad on a
secret mission connected with the Irish cause.
Chairman Carapau of the Democratio na
tional campaign committee olaims 288 electoral
votes as certain for Bryan, with 83 more rea
sonably certain.
Chairman Butler says he has received Hon.
Thomas hi. Watson's letter of acceptance, but
will not giv e it to the public unless Mr. Wat
sen authorizes at least one Important change
After traveling 8,000 miles In the Yukon val
ley Rev. P. T. Rowe has returned to bitka,
Bertha Robinson of Chicago secured Si 500
from David Wiesenbnrgvr of New York for
failure to marry.
Dr. John A. Duncan of Victoria, B. a. chal
lenged Dr. G. L Milne to duel on account of
political differences. The latter accepted in a
humorous letter, choosing pea shooters and
yringee as weapons.
J. W. Hamberger of Harlem suicided by
drinking carbolio acid.
The rate for call loans in New York lumped
from 10 to 60 per cent
The Populist committee will not give out
the letter of Tom' Watson.
An explosion occurred in a nine at Wilkes
bar re. Pa., killing one person- -
The youths who threw the eggs at the Bryan
parade in Chicago were expelled from the
commercial college.
The Broxton Bridge lynchers were acq ol ted
at Aiken, a C. V'
A subscription to aid Bponlsh soldier
wounded in Cuba has been started In Madrti
It develops that many Italians In New Tor c
have been furnished with fraudulent naturali
zation papers,
Joseph Auburt tms confessed that he and his
mistress, Marguerite Dubois, murdered Emile
Delahoff In Porta ,
The Attorney for James -U.' Gentry,' f
tenced to hang for murderrnjr Madge Yoke,
' wans tea sentence oommuwa.-v 1
Secretary Edgerton of the 'Populist national
committee is vary angry bacause he is accused
of holding Hon. Thomas EX Watson's latter of
acceptance up.
It IB claimed that about the time 3Ira Jessie
Winner and her two children were murdered
at Richmond, Mo., the woman's former hus
band. Jabob Rser of Paulding county, O., was
seen near the bouse.
Friday, I
Four Loatsville oouncilmen are Indicted for
Ex-Congress man John D. Stiles, 75, of Allen
town. Pa., Is dead.
Russia and France are Bald to be plotting
against uermany. '
The canal around the cascades in the Colum
bia river will be open for navigation Nov. 5.
The opinion prevails that there is nothing
in the present financial situation to make the
exorbitant rates for loans in New York.
It is rumored in Bremen that a three-masted
vessel f ouudered off Cape Horn and 27 persons
were lost.
Mrs. Albert Robinson and her 8 year-old
daughter were burned to death in their home
at Jackson, Mich.
The engine ot the Rockport express on the
Boston and Maine road plunged into the San
gus river at Lynn, Mass.
The authorities at Norrlstown, Pa., think a
strange man a.id woman were interested in
the murder of Mrs. Kaiser.
Miss Mathildo Nelson of New York claims
the late Austin Corbin was a frequent visitor
at her apartments and she now olaims toO.GOO
from his estate.
Mrs. Frank Mayo, wife of the actor, is dead.
Chairman Hanna' s ante-election claim was
811 electoral votes for McKinley.
A special train distributing gold standard
literature was mobbed at St. Joseph, Mo.
A nitroglycerin explosion occurred at Gen
eva, Ind., the concussion being felt for miles
At Canton Major McKinley introduced Sen
ator-elect Foraker, who addressed the vast
Notary J. J, Cooney of the Fair pencil will
case has sued for S2UJ,000 damages for malici
ous libel.
While hunting quail with her husband near
Vandal'ia, Ills., Mrs. Armstrong accidentally
Kiiiea mm.
An armed force from the revenue cutter
Wilson boarded the filibuster Dauntless at
Jacksonvlll e. Fla., and the captain at once
dismissed the crew
Jerry Caldwell was killed on a train by John
. Margis near Jackson, Tenn.
The women ef Utah get a vote for the first
Thefousiness portion of Manilla, Ind., was
destroyed by nre.
The Chicago trades assembly has disbanded
as a result of mixing In politics. ;
Barglars entered the nostofflce at Plymouth
Pa., but were scared away by the noise they
The weather bureau predicts fair weather
for today.
The London grand jury is considering the
case of the Castles.
' Over 1,200 acres of land near Ely lake, Du-
lath, will be resurveyed.
Eraaklin B. Knapp, a noted thief, dropped
ueua on tne street in new York.
The only Russian Greek church on the Pa
cific coast hi been dedicated. '
Lambuster Angelo. an Italian, was killed at
Newark, H. X, by jump ing off a streetcar.
Did You Ever
Try Eleotric Bitters as a remedy for your
troubles? If not, get a bottle cow and set
relief. This medicine has been found to b
peouliarly adapted to the relief and cure of
all Female Complaints, exerting a wonder
ful direot influence in divine strength and
tone to the organs. If yon have Lose of Ap
petite, Constipation, Headache, Fainting
Spells, or are Nervous, Sleepless, Excitable,
Melancholy or troubled with Dizzy Bpellp.
Eleetrio Bitters is the medicine yon need,
Health and strength are guaranteed by it,
nee. Large bottles only fifty cents at D. J.
Humphreys Drng Store. . - .
The Northwest only $1 a year.
Sponge Baths For Winter.
A physician advises cool sponge
baths twice a week in winter and of
tener in summer, for the care of the
common "children's catarrh." The
baths should be be given in a warm
room and be followed by friction by
rubbing to produce a glow. If they
are not followed by a chilly feeling
or headache the reaction lias been
prompt and beneficial. The baths
should be begun with warm water,
changing gradually in succeeding
baths to tepid, then cool water. It is
well, too, to begin this treatment in
the spring, summer or early autumn
rather than in midwinter.
To take effect at 4:00 a. iu. Monday
November 2ud, 1890.
20 I IS 3
Wl I Exp
1 I 21
'Exp Vl
Central Da ly Iia'ly
Du'ly.M'xd Dn'iy
Ex I Ex.
Da'lyj 8uil
I bun. Hun
11 15
A. 31.'
7 lift
r. 31.
Ar LvA. SI.' P. 31
P. 31.
5 in
6 25
-IJma...i V 5I 1 411
9 00
8 40
8 22
8 00
7 4(1
7 28
7 12
6 20
8 54
5 37
6 22
5 04
4 54
4 S3
4 00
P. 31.
11 40
1J (kl
7 Mi
fi.il-, ..
9 21I 1 15
9 (! 12 6:i
8 45 M 10
8 '- 11 4C
8 21 11 3:1
8 0 11 l.i
8 1-
8 .15
9 OK
5 40
e 00
S 15
0 25
Col lirov
, Ottawa,!
.Leipsio. I
; Prentiss
blulinta i
l'i 20
l'J 50
1 (H)
i H
9 40
10 on!
O 52'
7 10
7 281
7 45
8 00
7 r. (
10 511
2 10
10 W
10 51
11 OH
11 23
11 41
iXnimle'n 7 3J;
10 in
ii as
0 111
8 tu
8 XI
8 22
7 5.1
7 95
-J 4:
rreuom! 7 u
Wnuse'u: 7 On
3 001
3 17
3 37
3 4
4 1M
.( Itfnl-oo.'
8 17
8 27
8 47
0(ik Mi'd
11 52
t 25
12 12
12 45
0 07
i fix1
9 10
5 43
P. M,
r. 31
Ar ),vA.M.
I A. 31.
Trains 2 and 8 daily. Nos. 1 and 4 dnilyex
ceiit huuilny. One fare lor the round trip
between all ntations on Sundays.
No. 1 mnkes direct eonneetion with the
Ohio Southern fur Bprinirilpid. Columbus,
Dnytnn, Cincinnati, Washington C. H.,
Greenfield, Jackson and all other South
eastern points.
No. 4 makes sure connection for Detroit,
arriving at 11 15 p. in. Upturning, No. 3
makes connection with trains from Detroit
and all Slichigan points. Good connection
at nil Junction points.
For any Information ns to routes, rates,
etc., call on agents oraildress,
E. W. UlNElt. G. I. A..
F. LAJiXEN, T. A Lima, Ohio.
Napoleon. Ohio,
Provision Market.
Napoleon, 0., Nov.
Apples ,green perba
Apples, dried per lb
Eggs per doz
OniOLS perbnshel
Beans par bo
Salt, Coarse Bock, per bbl
Salt, common per bbl
Salt. Fine Table per sack
4, 1896,
$ 20
, 12 to 14
1 60
1 00
Meat and Poultry Market.
I Corrected weekly by Frank Book.
Piokled pork...
Smoked bacon
Smoked shoulders
Smoked hams
Beef, front quarter
Beef, hind qnarter
Chicks, live spring
Duoks Di-r lb. sorins
Geese 4050
Veal calves
Sheep, per head 2 003 00
Hides, green 6(34
Sheep pelts 26(235
i.orn oeei per id
Dressed hogs 4
Flour, Feed and Grain.
1 Corrected weekly by J. Koller & Co.
Wheat No. 2, Bed 78
Kye 31
Corn per owt 2
Oats 12
Buckwheat 35
Roller's No. 1 flour persaok 1 15
No. 2 flour 1 CO
Roller's No. 3 flour per sack 8J
Bye flou r per sack 60
Boalted Meal per sack 15
Corn and oats ohopa per owt 70
Br-ndperewt , 50
Salt per bbl 90
White lime 68
Water lime 1 10
Kalsene plaster 2 25
Plaster hair per bn 25
Baokwheatpei Back 36
f Corrected weeklyby H. H.Vooke &Bro.l
WheatNo.2. old.
1 15
4 CO
Wheat No. 3
Corn per owt
Rye and Oats
Napoleon Mills Gem, per sack..
Napoleon Mills Gem, per bbl...
Rye Flour per saok
Flonrpersaok.low grade '
Boalted Meal per saok
Bran per owt
Oataandcornchop perewt
Sqreeuinga.ohop perewt:
Michigad salt per bbl
Buckwheat flourDersaok
Grain and Stock Quotations for Nov. S.
New York.
. Beef Family, $9 0tl10 00; extra mesa,
17 00 packed, $7 008 00. Cut meats Pickied
bellies, 66Jic; pickled shoulders, 4Ko:
Jickled hams. i9c, Lard Western steam,
4 05. Pork Old mess, (8 609 00; family,
110 5013 60; clear, $3 7541U 50.
Butter Western dairy, 813o, oreamery,
lagilltc; do factory, muc; Elgins, ZOo;
Imitation creamery, DfffllHo. Cheese State
la rue, 7K10Hc; small, 7(101jic; part skims,
; full skiins, 2J4S3o. Eggs State aud
Pennsylvania. lt($20c; western fresh, lo10o.
Wheat 80c. Corn alo. Ky 43(3
8tfc. Oata-22Ho-
Wool Ohio and Pennsylvania XXX. 20o;
XX and above, U(&19c; No. 1, 20(3210.
No. 2, 20'He; fine unwashed, ia14o; un
merchantable, 14'aloo; Ohio oorablntts No. 1,
(g blood, 21o: No. 3, U-blood, Jlo;
Ohio delaine, 20c. Michigan X and above,
16(g)16c; No. 1. I820i No. 3, l(K920o: fins
unwashed, 12o; unmerchantable, 12013c;
Michigan combing No. 1, blood, 2oc;
No. 2. li blood, 20c; Michigan delaine, lie I
Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana: Combing,
blood, WVSa; do, W-blood, 1415o; do
braid, 14rS16o; clothing, blood, I60; do ii
blood, ia14o; do coarse, 16a
Hogs Light, J3:S5(3 60; rough ' packing
and shipping, 13 HP3 a); mixed and butchers,
i& 25(d3 60: heavv Dackini? and shinnino.
ta.luOWl 35.
Cattle Fair to best beeves, 13 8oo 23;
stock irsand feeders, ti tCOa 80: mixed m
and bulls, $1 603 05 Texaus, ti 70033 40;
western, (3 164 10.
Sheep Natives, 2 903 40; western, $3 WM
8 80; Texans, 11 80(2 70. Lambs-14 00(94 45.
Wheat Klc. Corn-240. Oats ld&a
Cattle Prlmo, II 404 53; fair to good
rjuccners , o uj; nulls, oow and stags,
12 00(0,8 80.
Hoes Heavv. 13 33(83 50; medium. 13 ina
8 75; roughs, 12 Wt&l 15.
bheep and Lamhs Choice sheep, 13 40(33 60:
common, 75c(3 2o; choloe lambs. 14 2j(s4 60:
experts, S3 80(4,3 60.
Cattle Market strong.
UnN Vn.lr.H tQ R'.f ) l-ft, . . .
uui;yw ,v, twuifus, vuuiiiiuu
to good, 13 Mm 15: mediums and heavies,
18 40tta 60; pigs, 13 608 li7k.
bheer and Ijam os Extras. 13 OSi innd
prime, 13 83033 76; common 12 M'Sl3 40; choioe
iambs, 13 104 26. Veal calves, 18 8630 40.
Wheat-No. 8 red. 88(B85o. Corn-No. 2
mixed, 26c. Oats No. 8 mixed, 24Wo. Rye
No. 2, 87p. '
Lara M Ualk meats 14 UU Baaon-
15 00. - -
I tHoR-3 80O3 W. Cattle 12 2501 60. Shsep-
'. W; Talado. .. :..
Wheat "ke. Qera No.. 2- mixed. He.
Oats No, I wait. 19a. Rye Ko. Clover
jjaMTiliMII'i f IDiH 1 1 II 1, 1
S Beatatifiil oils
XI. ,
ftS The FrtKt-h loll
Roval Garden Teas
By purchasing goods
you to one ticket, which upon presentation at
Ih Gardner & Sons gallery entitles you to
Cue Tcz. $3 extra Fine Cabinet Photographs f
andfLone $5.00 Enameled Areentie Photo- m
g graph, size 16x20 inches, upon payment of $2.98 at
g the gallery. Highest tterket Price Paid lor Country Prodace. g
Cedarville, O., Nov. 3. W. L. Clem
ens, embezzling cashier of Cedarville
bank, sent word to his wife that he was
coming home to vote. It is rumored
that he has been In hiding here for
several days.
Killed by a Cow.
Bucyrus, O., Oct 29. While Benson
Service was leading a cow with a rope
the animal became frightened and ran.
dragging Service. His neck was bro
ken, skull crushed and body stripped
of clothing.
Administrator's Sale of Eeal
John Fnhrer,
Laura Fahrer, et. at.
In the Probate Court of Henry County,
1 Probate Court of Henry County, Ohio. I
will offer for sale at publlo auction, on the
14th day of November ,;i800,
at 3 o'olook afternoon, at the north door of
the Court House, in Napoleon, Henry Coun
tv. Ohio, the following npsi'rlhpil rfutl ostuta
situate In' the village of Holirato, County
of Henry, and State of Ohio, to-wlt: That
certain parcel or land situate mostly ns the
southerly end of lot O, in said village of Hol
gate, described as follows:
Beginning at the south-east corner of the
north-east quarter of Section Two (9) In
Pleasant Towushln, Henry County. Ohio;
thence north on the soction line between
Sections One (1) and Two (2) of said Town
ship 2.93 chains ; thenoe at right angles West
9.33 chains to the center of the Napoleon and
Kalida Pike; thenoe south-westerly along
the center of said Pike to the east and west
center line of said Section Two (2): thence
east on said center line of said Soction Two
(2) 11.21 chains to place of beginning, less
a strip off tho south side of the above de
scribed parcel of land 11.21 chains, (being
east and west), and 1.39 chains wide (being
north and south), said last described strip
being heretofore conveyed to one Henry
Meyer; the tract hereby convoyed to wild
Catharine Fahrer containing ono aud a half
(l!t) acres of land more or less.
Said property 1b appraised at l,23.i.no and
can not be sold for less than two-thirds of
its appraised value.
Terms of Sale: One-third cash In hand:
one third in one year rihI one-third iu two
years from the day of sale, with interest;
the deferred payments to be secured by
mortgiige 011 the premises sold.
. , , , JOHN FAHTtF.H,
Administrator of the Estato of Cathitrluo
Fahrer. deceased,
S. M. Hagur Attorney.
Napoleon, Ohio, Oct. ath, 18-lt
Legal Notice.
Page, whose respective namesand plac
es of residence are unknown, will take no
tice, that Herman F. March, tiled In Cause
No. 4525, pending in the Court of Common
P eas of Honrv Coantv. Ohio, a ern i.i.H.
Hon alleging among other things that lie is
the owner of and In actual possesson of the
south-west quarter of the south-east mtar
torot Section Nineteen (10), Township Four
(4), North Range (Six (HI East, in Henry Coun
ty. Ohio, and that the unknown heirs of
C'yrillls Page have or claim to Imve kaiha
claim, title, interest or estate in said premi
ses adverse to the estate of said March,
which cross petition prays that the title
and possession of the said March In said
premises may be quieted, and said unknown
heirs of said Cyrillis Page be forever barred
from in any manner claiming any title or in
terest to or in said premises adverse to the
said March, and that said cause upon said
cross petition will be for hearing In said
Court after six (0) weeks publication hereof.
tttiuiAjj . JIAfiCH.
By H. G. Baker, his Attorney,
October Cth, lswi.-tiw
Administrator's Sale of Real
Henry Gehrett, Administrator of tho estate
oi otbuuiui i. uiosou, ueceaseu.
Susanna Gibson, ot al,
In the Probate Court of Henry county, Ohio.
i rruoate (jourtoi Henry t'nunty, -Ohio, I
win ouer ior saio at puoiieauotion on the
28th day of November, 1800,
at 2 o'clock p. m., at the door of the Court
House, in Napoleon, Ohio, the following
described real estate, situate in Houry Coun
ty, umo to-wic:
The south-east quarter (4) of the south
east quarter Ci) of section thirty-one (:il),
town six (01 north of ranee six (ill oust In
Honrv county. Ohio. contrJnint? -toncres mni-ia
or less, but suhjecttothe assignment of dow
er to the said Susanna Gibson, widow
oi saia oamuei a. unison Ueceased.
described as follows; Commencing at the
north-east corner of said abovo described
land, thence running south eighty (so) rods,
thence west sixteen (Hi) rods, thence north
eighty (HOI rods, thence east sixteen (IB) rods
to the place of beginning. Said dower so as
signed containing eight (8) acres of land, in
cluding the builiiings on said eight acres, so
assigned and su bjei.it to said dower, so as
signed to the said Susanna Gibson.
Appraised at l,500.
Terms of sale: One third In hand, ono
third in one year and one-third in two years
from date of sale, with interest, the payments
to be secured by mortgage upon the proniis
Administrator of Samuel N. Gibson, dee'd.
Cablll & Donovan, Attorneys.
Probate Not ice.
' - , . m. nessier, as administrator oi
TTrinn Knhn; nnsnloil a flnnl .MAnni nrKia
administration, which will be for hearing
and settlement Nov. aoth, 1696.
J. V. CUFF, Probate Judge.
1 m I ili ,U Uijilii i,i,m!
Five beautiful dolls, lithographerl on card- 1
board, eight inches high. Can be cut out and i
put together by the children no pasting. jf .
Each doll has two complete suits. Amcri-
can, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, J
Japanese, German, Swiss, Turkish and In- t
dian costumes. All parts being interchange- S
able, many combinations can be made, J
effording endless amusement and instroc- S
tiou. A high-clas9 scries of dolls, patented 2
and manufactured for ns exclusively and sjj
not to be compared with the numerous 3
cheap paper dolls oa the market. j
How To Get Tliein. f
Cut from flveontsltle wrappers of Kon Bach 2
Mlnee Meat the head of the girl holding pie. 3
Sund these with ten rent In ullver wrapped S10
In paper and your full name and niidrcsK, and ?Ht
we will semi the dolls postpaid. :r wo will
send them free for twenty heads of the girl. ji
Scud only the bends to avoid extra postage. ST?
BROS. & CO., I
to the amount of $5 entitles &
Fall Term Opens Monday, Aug, 31.
That Is a good time to enter . If you can not.
may any other time. The past year has boen
"?imlnentlyu8ucoe58,uI-the attendance at
onetime 4S0;been double that of any other
and pot a graduate unemployed. Write for
rtudenU6' Nihtichcfreetoday
Estabwshed 1865.
Absolutely Pure
Recommended and Ei
dorsed by the leading
Physician3 & Chemists
as the finest stimu
Son, sole agents for Napo
Agents Wanted.
Vnll,tnn 111.- li ... . . . ..
. 1 " " '. 'linotning equal to it. I'er
sonal recollections of Gen. Nelson A. Miles,
lil n.inr.f .cinnvn 1 TT U A , i 11
AVr w. i, miw reauy. nar
ratives of Personal Adventures, Wonderful
i-scapas. Fantastic Ghost Donees, Desperate
Indian Braves Scalping of Helpless Settlers,
in all the realms of notion, nothing more
wlerd and fascinating can be found than the
story of the famous Indian campaigns of
u,.... ai.ies. a massive volume sxio inches,
600 pages, 200 illustrations. Hold only through
Olir JlllHlril-t'o.l Ur,nnlD. ..1. i. " .
......... ,,,.-itlc,. tt-vuiiiniva leiruuiy
granted. Book agents for' two years past
have been looking for a fast selling hook and
lit rhlO llAflV n.lll .1.1 Ii , . .
opportunity for. the agent to make money.
Agents who desire choice of territory must
act promptly. Complete outfit only tl.lio
CiWAt., nml territory Address.
StrPilts lliimln . .t" w '.."? "
v..iv,iuuWU) Vlllll,
oct 1 5-2 m
.Choice Styles in.
Fall aodlfterillw,,
406 Summit Street,
oct.wt. TOLEDO, O.
Legal Notice.
In the Court of Common Pleas of Henry
County, Ohio.
In the Matter of the Application by Petition
of the Trustees of the Evangelical As
sociation of Napoleon. Ohio, for leave
to sell Church Property.
Board of Trustees of the above numed
Association on the 7th day of October, A D
vm, .filed their petition In said Court, setting
forth that it is necessary to sell the Church
and real estate of said Association as the
same is unsafe and dangerous to occupy for
re hgious meetings, and ask leave of Court to
sell and convey said real estate.
Said petition will be for hearing on and af-
r, n u-.fyA"0EIjICAiL ASSOCIATION. '
By Cnhill Donovan, its Atty's.
October 7th, I8tw.-4t
Probate Notice.
M R. A . Cablll, as Administrator of Geo.
Sworden has Died a Until account of his ad
ministration, which will be for hearing and
settlement Nov. 2nd, isuii.
J. V. CUFF, Probate Judge.
Probate Notice.
ir,v,i " feS?ft?11, '"'Executor of Clarissa
Harlng, has filed a ninth account of his ad
ministration which will be for hearing and
settlement Nov. nth, lN'.m.
J. V. CUFF, Probate Judgo.
Probate Notice.
fiuiilu. h iii i ' guaruiun oi Mary E
T- t . . ,vyl limn t-ooum.oi ms guar
fcpK?5l..w lll'eiM heariu8 anlaeu
J. Y. CUFF. Probate Judge
. . moo.
We employ experienced
agents on a salary of
r$loo per month; oth
ers at wo. W rite quick
ly, Puritan Publish
ing Company.
36 Broomfleld ist-et,
ISostcn Mass..

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