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emocratic Northwest
Sircu(aion, 5,300.
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Watt Matter.
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Office Narthweit Building, Washington St,
L.L.Ucwiu. GAUB.Oawie
Fhone. Office 50. Residence so.
Xiro. of 3iitecrlptio. :
PerTurln dvaure 1100
SiimoulliHluidnnce... 50
If not paid in dvanoo,ljion 51. SO will bcbarged.
tST'So piper will be rliscoutlnued until all arrcar
ageaareaitd aale" at lha option of thepablieher.
Job PrlntlnS of every neacrlptlon neatlj
and cheaply executed .
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The age of progress which
started nearly a century ago,
instead of being dimmed at the
close of the 19 th century as
was predicted, is still in evi
dence, and its wonderful and
awe-inspiring results are year.
Jy advancing onward and up
ward. New things that a few
years ago were of the unknown
are to day accepted with scarce
a thought of their long rest in
the grave of time, More things
will come which are at present
"unheard of and unsung."
We offer as illustrations, that
in a few years we will establish
a communication with the in
habitants -of Mars; we will be
conducted afely and conveni
ently through space at such
a speed that the Atlantic
ocean will be but a few hours
distant; hcrses will only be seen
, in circus menageries and
zoological gardens as relics of
olden times.
With these marches of pro
gress the old drug store of
Saur & Balsley, the store of
the Golden Mortar, will keep
pace in the future as it has in
the past. Compare us now
with what we were 15 years
ago. Where we could a few
years ago mention our stock
in a few words, to day we han
dle practically everything in
our line of business. We are
at that point where we can
forsee no chance of improve
ment but in another year
chances will present themselves
and we will be."larger than ev
er before."
Coming to solid facts our
latest advancement has been
in the way of low prices. No
longer does a man have to ' be
well fixed in order to be able
to purchase our line of goods.
We can sell to everybody now
where a few years ago our cus
tomers were limited.
; In two of our departments
especially, we have made such
rapid advancement that if you
stop to think it will surprise
you as much as if the much
talked of air ship would fall in
your front yard. We refer to
our paint and wall paper de-
pariments. Where we were
practically nothing, now we
are everything. We can pa
per you on the inside and paint
you on the outside house,
barn, shed, chicken coop, pig
pen and all for money that
you consider change.
Other departments have also
'been changed with the times.
"The facilities for filling pre
scriptions ate not surpassed by
any drug house in northwest
ern Ohio. If in doubt as to
what to give as a present to
a friend, Saur & Balsley can
quickly dispose of the doubt
and can fit you out with as
fine and desirable a present as
could be seen,--and ;with a
low, hard time price, too.
Remember' the ' place and
look out for the,Gtiderr Mpr
tar. i
Napoleon ICaces.
The results of the races at the Fair
Ground track Tuesday and yesterday
were as follows:
8:00 trot : mirfta i :ta
All KiBht.
Senator, 1 b
Gold standard, bf. ....
Biiiyuoter, bjr ........
La fuller, b
1 1 1
4 2 2
2 4 4
3 3 3
i 6dB
m 'lime. 2:ai;, 2:27 '. 2:27 '4.
2:1 rwtce: mirfi inn.
Tar Tartar, b
Milton K. br It
David linylps, he
Russell Wilkes, bh
Irftdy AniWaoa ".. .
LIi-kB, b it
Time. i:UU. 3:16'. i.lH'l
.. 1 1
... 3 S
..4 3
2 2
.. ti 4
2:18, 2:1'
4 4 1
6 2 2
2 3dr
3 dr
.', 2:20 U'.
1 1 1
2 2 2
4 3 3
3 4 4
6 6 6
2:25 trot; purse, $.t00.
KiiieDeil. be . .
Money Jlaker.b h
liucle, b b -
Henry V, biles
Gim. blk m -
Time. 2:23j,S:!2,i.2:2T.
2:o race. Turse, $250.
W. B
.lane. br. m -
Konator Briee, b. K -
Tom TaicKHrt, b.
Time 2:24 '4.
2:10 Tacc. Purse $300.
Sir Arnold, eh. s
Deck Wriitht, eh. a
Hollen P., b. in
Efllie Powers, b. m
Ntitt Hall. b.
Time 2:16,'., 2:lC.'i. 2:17,';.
1 1 1
3 2 2
4 3 3
2 4 dr
1 1 1
2 2 4
6 3 2
3 4 H
4 dr
Miss Grace Y eager of Fulton coun
ty is a guest at the home of Jas.
Mrs. T. G. Barnhill and Mrs. Cra
mer of Findlay are guests at the
heme of Dr. Barnhill.
Friends assisted Prof. Weisbacgh
to celebrate his birthday anniversa
ry on Monday night last.
Bruce Myers of the Tiffin Advertiser
is in the city taking In the races. Mr.
Myers is Secretary of the Tiffin Driv
ing Park Association.
The Royal Arcanum gave a delight
ful reception at K. P. Hall last night.
A fine musical program was rendered
by Prof. Walther and wife, of Tole
do, which showed the Prof, to be a
fine performer on the piano and his
wife a singer of large scope. They
entertained the large audience hand
somely. The refreshments were serv
ed by the ladies of the Episcopal con
gregation in their usual happy man
ner. Taken all in all the reception
was a decided success.
There Is Nothing so Good.
There is nothing just as good as
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, so de
mand it and do not permit the dealer
to sell you some substitute. He will
not claim there is anything better,
but in order to make more profit he
may claim something else to be just
as good. You want Dr. King's New
Discovery because you know it to be
safe and reliable,-and guaranteed to
do good or money refunded. For
Coughs, Colds, Consumption and for
all affections of Throat, Chest and
Lungs, there is nothing so good as is
Dr. King's New Discovery. Trial bot
tle free at D. J. Huini hrey's, Drug
Store. Regular size OOo and $1.00.
Fourth of July Excursion Kates,
Via Detroit & Lima Northern
Ticket agents of the Detroit & Li
ma Northern Railway will sell low
rate excursion tickets July 3d, 4th,
and 5th, good returning until July
6th to any point within a radius of
200 miles from selling station. See D.
& L. N. ticket agents for further par
Teachers Hired.
The following is a list of teachers
hired by the board of education of
Harrison township :
Dist. No. 1 Golda Snyder
2 Myrtle Hollopeter
" 2 Rush Croninger
" 3 Katharine Stemin
" 4 Ote Barnes
" 5 Daniel Huddle
" A Samuel Nestleroad
" 7 George Kryder
" 8 C. J. Hartman
This "Will Interest You,
Especially the progressive farmer
nun iiiuse wuo nave uie care 01 Har
ness. tO ktlOW that, nftor nixinflnul
tests of the different kinds of oils
tnat are used for greasing harness
that Neatsfnnt. nil has ha an atifiurri Yivr
actual tests to be the favorite oil for
tbat purpose. It softens the leather
and makes it more pliable than any
other known hurnuaa nil Vnn. haw.
ness, too, will last nearly twice as
long Dy uBing ine nest quality of
Npatfifonr. nil. Knnr Ar TtnlelnTr liutta
just received a iarrel of the finest
Tvr.x . ,, . SB. . , , , ,
neaisiuui on ootainaoie wnicn tney
will sell to you at a very low price.
Saur & Balsley, druggists.
New Colonel for the 16th Kegi
. incut.
At the election holil nn Prtrlnir loot
Capt. McMaken of Toledo was al
most unanimously selected as Colo
nel of the 10th Regiment. The vote
stood as follows:
McMaken. Lemmon.
Co. A, Toledo 40
Co. O. Toledo art
Co. H, Toledo 40
Co. D, Fostoria... 41
Co. B, Sandusky. 39 1
Co. B, Bryan 41
Co. F, Napoleon. 42
Co. G, Wauseon. 37
Co. I, Clyde , 49
382 1
Sunday Excusion Train.
Beginning at once and continuing
until further notice the Wabash R.
R., will run a Sunday exoursion train.
Leaves Napoleon at 8:03 a. m. Re
turning train leaves Toledo at 7:30 p.
ni. arriving at Napoleon 8:84 p. in.
Seventy-flve cents for the round trip
on this- train returning on the same
day. . tf
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen' Font. Tenia noo.,. 41
It ooren painful, swollen, smarting feet and
juo.auuj msoB urn nmg oo or eorns and
bnnions. It's the greatest comfort dis-
nnvAnnf th..n. 1 11 .... ' 1?. 1
tight fitting or new shoes feel easy. It is
our nam cureior sweating, eatiooB and hot,
tired anhino fof H c.i j 1
druggiste and hoes Mores. By mail for 25c
in stamps. Trial package FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, LeKoy, N. Y. ' laHMm
A portrait free, come and seel
tf Gardner's.
Some Things People Don't Think
"Just why it is that children at the
breakfast table will beg for a little
coffee day after day, I am unable to
say, except that they have a deeply
rooted desire to have what their par
ents do in the way of food and drink,
then I believe they naturally like
something hot to sip with a spoon:
at any ratf, the demand is there and
and I'm blest if it is'nt hard to get
over, when one has three or four
in the family, but we can't give ou r
young folks coffee to drink. Everyone
knows its effect ou children and it
seem almost criminal to set before
the innocents something we know
will harm them."
So speaks a thoughtful mother and
to such the graiu coffee, Postum.
comes as a bleesing to solve the vexed
Dr. H. W. Pierson, "Medical Ad
vance," 0351 Stewart Ave., Chicago,
says, We know of your Postum and
are very much pleased with it. De
cidedly opposed to the use of both
tea and coffee."
Postum will pass for coffee to nine
out of ten people if they are not
warned in advance. It has the deep
seal brown of old Java and chances
to the rich golden brown of thick
Mocha when cream is added. It is
made wholly and entirely of pure
grains of the field, wheat, etc., such
as are intended by the Creator for
man's use in this latitude. Postum,
the health coffee can be drank as
freely as water with out any of the
ill effects of coffee, and in a week or
ten days' time, the old coffee user
will note a marked change in his feel
ings and flesh. It makes red blood
in the natural way and agrees with
babies or grown people. Made by the
Postum Cereal Co., Lim., of Battle
Creek, Mich.
Beware of fraudulent imitations of
the original Postum Cereal grain cof
lee. insist on Postum.
Au Inheritance Waiting for a
Missing Heiress in Texas.
The following letter from James B.
Goff & Son' proprietors of the Texan
State Journal, of Austin, Tex., fully
explains itself. We give it publica
tion, hoping that it may meet the
eyes of some one acquainted the lady
Austin, Tex., June 5th, 1897.
Ed. Northwest. -This item may
be of interest. George M. Kanson
died in 1895, leaving an estate valued
at over $100,000 which awaits claim
of his unknown heirs. Mr. Kasson
was married in St. Louis in 1845, to
Mary Hayden, by whom he had a
daughter, born March 15, 1852, who
is still living, and whose name is sup
posed to be Mary Mann, a widow.
She is small and of dark complexion;
has black eyes and black hair. She
has a child now 7 years old named
Alma Green. She must assert her
rights soon or it will be too late.
Robert Morleand Green and John
Lafayette, who both died in Texas
over forty years ago, were relatives
of Alma Green's father, and their
heirs are wanted also. Will give
further information on request.
Austin, iexas.
The Gas Fields Giving Out.
The report of the state geologist of
Indiana lor the past year has just
been published, and it forbodes the
failure of the natural gas fields at no
distant day. The territory now pro
dueeing natural gas includes a region
of about 2,500 squares miles, and no
new discoveries have been made or
are now likely to be made. A de
crease in the pressure was first no
ticeable in 1895, and it is still dimin
ishing. It would not be surprising
therefore that if within a year or two
the supply would be so much dimin
ished that the general use of the gas
would have to be abandoned. Such
was the case with the gas fields of
Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and
8l;ch will probably be the fate of the
Indian ueia.
It will uC remembered that iU
Pennsylvania --liC'ds. though long
known, or at least suspected, were
not extensively opened until 1878,
and it was not until 1881 tli.at the gas
was piped to Pittsburg. Then it was
that the smoky city became smoke
less, but this did not last long. A
few years and the wells became ex
hausted and smoke once more
reigned supreme in the city of iron,
steel and coal.
Tie gas fields of Indiana were dis
covered in 1889, and now after ten
years they too will become a thing of
the past. Nature seems to have no
continuing gas manufacturing. Af
ter having made a supply and de
posited it in pockets she broke the
retorti and gave up the business.
Arm Broken.
While picking cherries for John
Utz Tuesday morning, Arthur
Christy, a 12 year old boy. met with
a serious accident. The limb on
which he was standing broke under
ui weigui mm ne was tnrown to the
ground striking on a picket fence in
the fall. His richt. nrm una kinl.n
- -n . ' ufa , . uncii
ftt the wrist and elbow, the bone in
ootn places sticking through the
flesh, and his shoulder thrown out nf
Deafness Cannot be Cured
bv local annlications ns rViotr onni
- i ( . ,- J vuuj l.llUUU
Teach the disenspii rmrr.iin nfth.ik..
There is only one way to cure deaf
ness, iuiu mar, is Dy constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition nt tha
. w iii uwua
lining of the EustaohianTube. When
V.tM . 1- 1 1 j, . ,
wiiB tuue is iuuaiiteu you nave rumb
ling sounds or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entire! v nlnsort ituufno..
is the result,and unless the inflani
niauoncan De taken out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearincr will b deatrnv-.i
nine oases out of ten are caused bv
voiaiiu, wuiuu is uotning dui an in
flamed condition of rha
We will giye One Hundred Dollars
catarrh; that cannot be cared by
Hall's Catarrh O.nra r.h fn. i-
- - v. u.uu vy -
culars; free. . ...
B CHENEY & CO.", Toledo, O.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Ilatuler Burglars Caught.
The thieves who have been going
through the hardware 6tore of J. L.
Arnold at Hauler have finally been
...... V. . 1 1 -i . 1 . ( ..
"ufiui auu nr Hu?eu m jail, rney
were cAntnrwt in Finriljiv In. a Aat..
tive and .brought back to Hamler
wuere iney nai ineir nearing before
Mayor A. A. Krv.
Rav Ttirnin wi fnnnrl n-niltt
breaking into the aforesaid store on
. 1 . . a.l J . . r , ......
m out utiy oi ill are ri, .jay,, and was
bound over to Common Pleas Court
under a bail of 11500. whii-h wn n
furnished. Turpin is the man who
whs uuuuecieu witu ine- i mon House
last winter.
Chas. Watson was brought up to-
io uie cnarge ci Dreaktng-
imu iub siore on JMOveuiDer lutn,
1890, but his hearing was continued
until to-morrow.
"Texas Aid Society" a Social
A year or two ago a number of the
leading families of the town formed
the above named society. Its object
is to assist in maintain-? a Sunday
School the entire year through. It
assists in buying supplies for the
Sunday school, and also aids in keep
ing up the incidental expenses of the
church. The society is not denomi
national and has in the past contri
buted equally to the support of the
M. E. and M. P. ministers. Now
that there is but one regularly ap
pointed minister, the Aid endeavors
to give him social and material assist
ance. The leading thought of the
society is, that Texas and communi
ty must have church and Sunday
school services, and that these must
also have financial support. This is
not a society of women only. The
fathers, sons and brothers of the fair
sex are in the host. In some instances,
whole families belong, which re
minds us of what we read of the old
patriarchs and their families.
The fathers and mothers could see
no good coming to their children
playing about the streets on the
Lord's day, so their efforts in this
commendable work. During the past
year the Sunday school was conduct
ep through the whole year, a thing
which had not been done for several
years before.
The society raises its money by
quarterly d ues, collections and socials.
Saturday night, June 12th, an ice
oream and strawberry festival was
decided upon for the following
Thursday night. This event proved
a rousing success. The committees
had not the least trouble in getting
all the material for the tables free of
cost; they had more than they could
use. Everywhere the committee
went the people seemed hearty in
their response. About 125 to 150 were
present. A number of the young
ladies and gentlemen sung some stir
ring gospel hymns, and old and
young enjoyed a "feast of love and
now of soul". The refreshments were
superb, and all around, everybody
had reasons to eay "go thou and do
likewise" again. We would like to
mention several who labored like
Trojans to make the social a success,
but because nearly the whole society
had a hand in it, we will have to re
frain. Suffice it to say the Aid
knows its hustlers. The neat sum of
$11.25 was cleared and immediately
handed over to the pastor. Rev. J.
D. Trumbo. The next number on
the Aid's program will likely be an
entertainment. Let the good work
ro on, Timothy,
Parasols and sun umbrellas, in
black and the newest colorings, at
the most satisfactory prices can be
found at Wilson's. Children's para
sols from 25c to 1.75.
Farmers, Attention.
The Henry County Farmers'
Mutual Insurance Company is now
carrying its member's insurance in
full force. Any owner of farm prop
erty wishing same insured will be
called on by solicitors in your locality
on notice to any director of the com
pany or to the secretary, who will be
found at the companv's office in north .
east room of basement of court b.ous;
ou ouituruays.
A. C. Skntkr,
rw portraits at Gardner's of your:
aii ur tiuy ui your iainny. u
Fourth of July Excursion Races,
V ia the Baltimore & Ohio R, It.
On J uly 3, 4 and 5 the Baltimore !"
Ohio Railroad will aplloriiil1omn
ets to and from all stations within a
raaius oi auo miles from starting point,
at rate of one fare for the round trip.
Tickets will be good for return until
July 6, 1897.
For further Information call on or
address anv B. & O. tinker.
B. N. Austin, rtfln'l !
Chicago, 111. 2t '
Surprise Party.
Grelton, O., June 14th, '97.
The friends nf Mr onri r 143 iSannia
Clark to the number of ti ft V t'fll'O til nro
a surnrise narr.v nn tha vnin
Saturday, the 13th. A verv enjoyable
ft,,, a ..... ... 1 J . . 1 "
faowu uuring me evening,
discussing the contents of the
well-filled baskets and ham
pers that had been taken along.
tunny ui iue gentlemen naa a good
time playing ye olden game called
two old cat, while the ladies were
filling the table with goods things to
satisfy that fearful appetite that the
game of ball had aroused, while some
of the young ladies were enjoying
the grateful rest of the hammock.
All look back nn tha ocaninc no nn a
that had solid enjoyment in it.
Tired, Nervous, Sleepless
Men and women how gratefully they
write about HnnrTo ranno i i 1 1 a
Once heloless and! H
Ing lost all faith in medicines, now in
good health and "able to do my own
work," because Hood's Sarsaparilla
has power to enrichen and purify the
blood and make the weak strong
this is experience of a host of people.
Hood's nills ara tha had rn'mlln nm
thartio and liver medicine. Gentle,
reliable, sure. ... , ,
At various clubs In ' France lists of
eligible girls backed by glittering batik
rolls are to befonndi ' ! -" ,
' . ... i '. . . ifi V-
Of late years srjort has, baconi'a Utid
of i&ttimfr- Stfsays the London Meta-
ouisc limes.
Questions for Teachers.
The following is a narrinl list ni
questions given last week at the ex
amination ior teachers for the Napo-
ieuu union ocnoois:
1. Whnf Is Pci7fthlrtr.'J 1t'Ki.
j r . , ? viiunig j i mini are me
methods of studying it?
2. Wlmt are the natures onercies of self?
Outline them briefly.
a. vvnat is perception? Conception? In-:uitlve-powers?
d. Whnt is thrt Hi(TApanA .
and a concept.'
6. ymt is observation? Name and define
the different kinds.
6. What is memory? Association? Kinds
of association?
. 7. What are the thought powers? How are
judgments formed?
What are emotions? Name and define
the different kinds,
Q Whnt- ara fl. wtllrtm-l Trv . .
the steps m the process of willing?
iu. yiiini is uiipercepiionr consciousness?
Subconsciousness? Ego? Non-ego?
1. What is methnrl? A rW.l..-,9 A
of education? "couo
2. Name and define the rIt rrnnami meth
ods of instruction?
3. Uive some ot the ohmerj nf Infr,ininn
nature studies into schools.
4. What are some ot the advantages of the
phonic method of teaching reading
5. Arrange the following in the order In
which tliey shall be mesented to tho i
primary reading; printed symbol; wri'ten
symbol; idea; sound symbol, uivo the reas-
6. blate two atlvunrno-ns In nrim.n, n,tn.
jui uuwei.
ber work, of teaching the reverse of a funuu
mentai operation iu connection with that op
eration. '
7. Take the snhiA(?t nnmoi.a" n,i n,,itA
an ideal language lesson from it.
o. tiouiuyou teaen the mu t n Mention bv
means of memory or reason? Wiiyt
. iWtuotho advantages and disadvantages
Of concert recitation.
10. Unon what is everv so rntlfl ,mf!i,i
based? iixpluiu,
1. Whfl MU xmn u..t
. jvii ntfcj ui IJ1U SCUOOIS UIlll
education ot the Hindoos and what system
has forever put a cheek rein upon them?
T,r u;.luw ciiiei leatures. oi tno spartan
:t. U hilt (III! TH-H.nn-.,,1 ,i ... .i
Utve his works.
4. lime thn.o Ramnn ...t t !.... I -P..-.
ors and give their works.
6.. Give tnoetrcet of Christianity upon edu
cation. Givesomo of thu effects ana events.
iescnbe t!io munastic schools of the
middlo ages as to organization, aims, ourse
. .' Diiellyoomparetheschools of tho Jesu
its and Port iioyalists as to character of wyrk,
extent and influence, ....... nv.
8. Uive the-...'rV ..r. i -i
lllll , -rtiuauiug oi iteuasbaiucu. uive
cause ii u ro3uitof sanm.
. picetcn tne uie of Uomenius.
10. Mention some characteristics of the edu-
mitlcitin 1 wnrta f A u.. i..t
v.... v. n.o .-xouimiii, uucuii, jiouiaigue,
!?Auri?.'I'i0.ke'.ltosseau' Mulcasterand Mann.
11. What is the "new education"? Who is
the father of It? Why?
14. What is tho meaning of History of Edu
cation? Trivium?
1. Give throe purposes of recitations.
'J. W'll V (ill HllltlA llimild hauittil in pu ,t !n rr"i
How overcome?
3. vvnat is tne meaning of labratory and
academic methods"?
4. Give meaning of abstract and concrete
arithmetic, l'roportion of each in class work.
K Whnt faiilfieo nf .1,. l.ii.l .. .I-..- .1.
vffi PCl1'' How stimulated?
What are proper incentives to study?
Tii.irfoi. er incentives?
7 Whw 18 attention? Kinds?
k Whnt are 8Om0 o( t,le oiilef causes of
disorder M lJe 8Chool room?
9 Whv n5t K udy nothing but arithmetic
on Monday. aviSO11 P 'l'"osduy, and geog-
TuPhvTatHelUc'lrrs do you take
and read? What pittt ivu"-uvlB uu lur l"B"
1. Find tho initial i n it. . i .
duces 5300 a year, allowing intereat at 6 nor
1 WhHtlii,,r.,K.f r..-
sects., slbs.ateucts., lsfts.at M eta., ami
:l. X Imnt'tn rprln n -.. . ,
ft go? current 300 yds. ; how fardid
4. v hat is tho cost of a bill of exchange on
R'fa-i Kxchaugo Sat
o. now many melios in a metor? How
many quarts in a liter?
rt. If ill! Jirtit'lw onita in r.n. i it..
per cent, gain would have been' 15 uiore;
7. Write a note for Jion due in five years,
with jntorost at 8 per cent, payable annually.
i,? ii tn "thiuK wus paid on abovo note un
til the expiration of tho 5 years, tlnd the
amount due at that time.
9. A man and a boys can do a piece of work
in 4 days ; how long will it take the man alone,
if he works equal to 3 boys?
10. Extract the cube root of 13824.
1. Name and denn.-the three distinct sys
tems of local government found in the sever
al states.
2. Name and define briefly the powers or
branches of the gov't.
3. Is it In the power of Congress to enact
any law it chooses? Why?
t,4- What powers may be exercised br the
U. o. Gov t. ?
8. What powers may be exercised by the
state gov 1. 1
. What Is the writ of Habeas Corpus and
Its purpose!
7. How is the president chosen?
8. Where does the treaty making power
. How can you compel a city or county ton
10. What Is the veto power of the President :
of the Governor of Ohio, and how overcome?
"Gentlmen of the jury," said the
lawyer "there were 36 hogs Please
remember the fact just three times
as many as in the jury box, gentle
men." It is needless to say the other
side got the jury's verdict.
mis k Mrs.
Gen. Grosvernor, the mouth piece
of the administration, said at Toledo
on Tuesday that the farmers had no
need of complaint, as they are te
4j.'ving 25 per cent, more for their
xrCv!.' now tnan they were a year
?Uriitlf. tb credlt tot advance to
the Republic .idm,tm,str?V h
(, fosvernor aeiiw " IIZ
L tuts that nonstruotion upon the
'tion nf th e times and prices at
. the ii..,r ne vear a" 1,1,8
presen. . . was quoted in
date far.1"' produce . for- wheat.
Napoleon market at J8o . ' iq0 for
20c for rye, i ,c fr corn, ant. on
Oats. To-riftv ine rmntMttrm
these article.1" are, wheat 72c, rye
corn33e, and oats 14o. Wheat fa)
I'liuc .i.v, ti csnii
time because of the I'oreiirn fli
little stifT in rrl..a At t in
and failure of crop in localities last
year, wntcli the repubi.'can adminis
tration has tls control over Rut
the Renuhlican Hilminiuf ratinn or.rl
policy is responjiible for the gen-
erat Htasrnation or nr nci now. ft r
Which Cilllditinn tllfV olTur nn roliaf
outside of hiirh tarilT ! The neonln
taxing themselves to better their
condition ! Whoever liearit nf Biif.li
a thing?
Thrt fnllntrini? rnnrerantinn vrbinli
occurred iu olio of tho citv Mrlcnt nffiwa
a few days ago, is a sample of thet
picasani occurrences wmcn a ticket
seiicr experiences in tne course oi bis
"Give me a time table." snirl a. short
man with a straight, hanging beard to
ine cicrK.
" Where do you wish to go?"
"None of vour business. " xrna thn
curt renlv. A conv of the time tnhle tvna
passed to tho man, and he took his leave.
"That's one of theso fellows who
Wnnld PCimttliiin nf n rnnHnntni. if l,r.
failed to. say 'Please' when asking for a
ticket," remarked the clerk. True
Try Grain-O ! Try Grain-O !
Ask vmir Qmnav ti.l ,i t 1,
you a package of GRAIN-O, the new
fnnH 1 1 rin 1 that tulra. . 1, 1 .. ..
coffee. The children may drink it
... ; . i i t . . i . ,,
iu:um tujiiiy u n'eii us tne aauit.
All wlin ti-ir it Ub it Ml 41HO
. - - j . . , ...... . u. .... -una
that rich seal brown of Mocha or
Java, out ic in uiaaeirom pure grains,
n nrl tho tnMif A aliou ctn... n V.
ceives it without distress. $ the prioe
oi couee. ioc. ana srocts. per package.
Sold by all grocers. . uiyG-ly
kit. ,
' ii. ,Ai.lJ.lJiJLU,lfel
ailu-jt,i,.nH r..,.a.iffg,LyiVi,i!!lP'li iim HH- JjSr
f We are now
1 Making a
Great Hurrah
2 About Our
rti -in
In Sacks
nd Frocks
Heavy Weight; Fast Color and AH oo1'
Boys Suits of SaiT16
nMI? 'DDTril? nr nmrTTTnn .
luwa uuuxmiJijKo AND TATLORS. V
"UBUiuwi) .f
Celebrated for its grt Assnre.
i '"g"i aiia aeaicniuineSA.
-www "ficiuot aiuui ana sii jw
of adulteration oommon to the 6&sw
An organization to be known as
the Northwestern Ohio Band Asso
ciation has been organized at Fos
toria. The first meeting of the dele
gates Will hw holH in r?t :.. iL .
frst wek in September.
Rev. Father P,nnn.n i
of this city, but for the past two
years assistant paetor in 8t. Cotum
ba schuTch, Youngatown, O., received
a letter from Bishop Horstmann, ot
Cleveland last week, placing him' in
charge of St. Edwanl's church ia
Cleveland. He left Monday for his
new charge and carries with him the
best wishes of future success front a
host of Napoleon friends.
Mr. ft. A. Stillson, a merchant of
?v ? ,I"-!?tM' AuU8t 10tv
1891. "Foley's Kidney Cure is meet
ing with wonderful ssiccess. It haa
cured some cases here tbat physicians
pronounced incurable. I myself ant
able to testify to its merits. My face
to-day is a living picture of health,
and Foley's Kidney Cure has made
t SUCh. I hail snfTerait
years with the disease, and to-day I
feel ten years younger than I did one
year ago. I can obtain some wonder
ful certificates of its medical
qualities." C. F. Clai, Napoleon
Ohio. i ,ii '
No Dirt,
No Insects,
No Bother.
It will pay you to investigate this
money-saving device. Always ready
for use, nothing about it to get out
of order, and will last for many
years. Every kitchen should contain
one of these flour bins. '
Fifty Pounds of Flour
can be placed In it at one time. There
is no chance to spill the Hour while
using a small amount, and it is per
fectly secure from the ravages of
mice or rats and will save its cost in
a single year.
PRICE, - $150
IV 7

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