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- Ws comment the following additional verse of thl
swpomr song t Mr. DuffieM, of the St. Charles theatre,
who, by the way, ing it very well :
Oeh, Widow llachree. wiiej cowld weather cornea on,
Oeh hone. Widow Maehree ;
It Isn't myself will he linging this socg,
Och hone. W idow Maehree;
' Tor. sure aa lire, this bo.ly I'll give
To the fUhes that swim wtr -n in the sea ;
Aaa the sprat and the h-rriu shall tone to my berrin,
Och hone. Widow Maehree.
Och, Widow Mcbree. wtwn you hear of my fate,
Och hooe. Widow Maehree :
The big tears may roll down, hut 'twill then be too hue,
Och hone. Widow Maehree ;
Tor even the whale at the tight will look rale.
As, with a heart fall of pity, be glares upon me ;
la the salt briny ware he will die my cowld grave,
Och hone. Widow Maehree
Och, Widow Maehree, when yon marry O'Flyn,
Och bone. Wiilow Maehree ;
And sit by the fireside looking at him,
Och hone. Widow Maehree ;
With a tear in your eye, and perhaps with a sigh,
TouH rememr er that I kTed yon better than he ;
But the merirsids. poor man, will be ailin' me then,
Och hone. Widow Maehree.
Och, Widow Maehree, donl be snoring so load,
Och hone. Widow Jlaehrre ;
Tla awake you should be. and a makin' my shroud,
Och hone. Widcw Macbree ;
Hav pity I pray, and only jist say
That at some future day you will smile upon ate,
And bad lueV to the fish that will make me his dish,
Och hone. Widow Maehree.
Herein the hamor of the rririral ballad is very
amusingly carried A O. Pie fame.
Lesson tor the Obstinate. Joseph
-Gtrttdford was for many years the trav
eling companion of Mr. "Wesley, for
whom he would have sacnl.ee;. health
and eren life, but to whom his will would
nerer bend, except in meekness.
"Joseph," said Mr. Wesley one day to
him, telte these letters to the post."
" I will take them," said Bradford, "af
ter the preaching, wr." W. " Take
them now, Joseph." B. " I wish to
Bear you preach, sir; and there will be
sufficient time for the post after fervice."
W. "I insist upon your going now,
Joseph." B. "I wi'l not go at pres
ent" W. "You won't?" B. "No.
sir." W. "Then you und Imuftpart."
B, "Very good, sir." The good man
dept oyer it. Wesley confessed to him
self that he was wronjr. He did more,
he confessed to his Msker that he had
been hasty, and erred. He met Mr.
Bradford shortly after four o'clock in the
nvornin?,. and accosting him, said, "Jo
seph, hare you considered what I said
that we must part ?" B. "Yes, sir.
W. "And must we part ?"' B. "Please
yourself, sir." W. "Will you afk my
pardon, Joseph V B. " No, sir." W.
"You won't?" B. No, sir." W.
" Then I will ask yours, Joseph.1' Wes
ley did so. He confessed hia error.
Poor Joseph was instantly melted, smit
ten as by the rod of Moses, when forth
gushed the tears, like the water from the
reck. Higher than erer from that day
stood Wesley in the estimation and affec
tion' of the good Joseph Bradford.
Mbb. Partington ok Mareiage. "If
ever I'm married," said Ike, looking up
from the book he was reading and kick
ing the stove door to energetically " If
ever I'ra married" " Don't speak of
marriage, Isaac, till you are old enough
to understand the bond that binds con
genial souls. People must'nt speak of
marriage with impurity. It is ihe first
thing that children think of now-a-days,
and young boys in pinafores, and young
girls with their heads fricaseed into spit
toon curls, and full of love-sick stories,
are talking of marriage before they get
into their teens. Think of such ones
getting married I Yet there's Mr.Spaid,
he heaven took his wife away, went
right to a young lady's cemetery and got
another, no more fit to be the head of a
family than I am to be the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen." She tapped the
new box that her friend, the Colonel,
.had given her,- with her eyes resting
upon, the gold heart inlaid in the centre
of the lid, as if hearts were trumps in
her mind at the time, while Ike, without
finishing his sentence, kept on with his
reading, accompanying himself with a
pedal performance on the stove door, and
a clatter upon the round of his chair with
the handle of a fork in his left hand.
Pott. '
The Poetrt or Chess. Somebody
haa' lately written, and somebody else
has'even published, but wc should think
that nobody can have read, a Poem on
Chess. Perhaps, however, the theme
may not be a very bad cne, as the
ground work is chequered, and the char
acters are various. Church and state
are represented in the King and Bishops,
chivalry are present in the knights and
castles, while the pawn is suggestive of
the difficulties of every day life. It
must however require a high degree oi
poetical art to invest a set of chess men
with the interest that belongs to the ac
tions of men of a different material. The
only mode of treatment that occurs to us
is to describe the adventures of a king
having lost his queen, and being ulti
mately ruined by another mate. Lon
don Punch. .
Sippikgs from Punch. The Danger
of Dogmatism A Bishop should be
thankful that his charge is not a charge
of cavalry, but he should nevertheless
remember that he stands some chance of
being cut up.
On dit in Ike City If we received a
check at Balkaiava, it has been duly
A Hint What if there should appear
in the next European Family Recipe
.Book, (lie vised in ixnuon ana rans, a
direction How to take Greece out of
Maps ?
Economy of War Political Economy
says that supply should be proportioned
to demand. If the same principle is ob
served in Military Economy with respect
to reinforcements for the Crimea, it will
be found the best economy in the end.
On day Henderson, the ac'or, met
Dr. Johnson in Bol: court, and being in
troduced to him, the conversation turned
on dramatic subjects. Henderson asked
th Doctor's opinion of Mr. Reed's
" Dido," and of its author. " Sir,"
said Johnson, " I never did the man any
Injury yet h$ would read hit Uagcdy to
m: - ' - .......
A bot three years of age was asked
who made hiffl. VVith lis little hand
levelled a foot alxve tine flwr, he art
lessly replied, " fiod made me a little
baby, and I Sre tle reit'"
Cleveland Business.
in W.Trnra, JurusT, F' t Goods. Ac, Ctrter
ef Sef trier Street emi Puttie Settre, Cleveland, O.
NGIER HOUSE, Cleveland, Ohic
AKP. ANGIER Proprietor.
j. r. noi bbook. J- i-oao.
A. L lishers, Wholsale and Retail Dealers in Musi
and Musical Instruments. No. 1"0 Superior Street.Cleve
land, Ohio. Sole agents for the celebrated STODAKT
jTn. ccumikus. "..
I M. CUMMINGS & CO., Wholesale
I Grocers and Commission Merchants, Dealers in
Foreign M ines and Liquors, Nails, Glass. Salt, Drugs
etc.. Nos. M at lt5 River Su. 97 It ye" on the Dock.
Hay 17, lriljr.
Ten and Lithographers, Ueraid Block, Cleveland,
PATENT OFFICE AGENCY, No. 4, Herald Building
Cleveland. Ohio.
m. arsmone. Ijan 1 lyj ram saiao.
Corner Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio.
THE OLD COLLLUh has removed to
new and splendid Rooms, surpassing in beauty
and convenience those of any similar institutions in
the State.
K. G. FOLSOM, A. B., Principal, Professor of
Science of Arcounts.
W. H. BROl'tillTON and W. HOLLISTER, Assistant
Professors in the Book Keeping Department.
A.J. PHELl'S and JOSEPH BEATTIE, Professors
of Practical and Ornamental l'eninauship.
R. F. Hi JllSTON, Lecturer on commercial iinwrj
and Art of Computation.
JOHN B. WAKINU. Lecturer on Mercantile ,usvoma,
Banking. Exchange, die.
PALMER, Lecturers on Commercial Law.
Key. J. A. THOAllt. LeC.urer on commercial iuJiti
For the Mercantile n urse. time unlimited, t0 IH
For separate in Penmanship, Flourishing,
etc.. as per agreement.
tk. HGicn nf the lnstiuition is to afford as good ad
vantages as can lie had in any similar one in the Union,
m n.nn, men about to assume the responsible duties
of the Counting Room. and various mercantile pursuits.
SCIENCE OF ACCOUNTS Book Keeping will bs
explained from a new staud point, exhibiting the trne
nature and relation of accounts ; and the course will
embrace some of the best practical forms of modern ac
countants. This science is often taught as if it were a
species of conjecture, in which multiplicity of forma
r Knbrut-il for nrinciiilcs. arbitrary rules for rea-
sons. and venerable precedents for genuine philosophy,
- .'. , . ,
making the whole field of the er.ce a om ''r
incognita." To produce pood practical accoununts,
the understanding, and not Ih. memory simply, should
oe aimrrssoi. i,. m
DAILY LECTURES, &c -Oneor more
be g,ve da.lv on the following "'J-"nnn"'
Penmanship. Mercantile Customs. Banking. Exchange,
thoroughly conversant with Oie routine of bnsiness to
instruct on points allied to the course of study, and on
exrresslv on calculation.
This department will be nnder the superintendence of
two of the best penmen of the day. Business writing
will be tanpht upon the new method of Folsom's Chir
hvthmograpliy, executing to the beat of an instrument,
and producing the popular commercial hand in much
less than the usual time.
K. B. For particulars, send for Circulars, Cata
locues. Ac. and address the Principal.
TJA large library will be connected with the Col.
lege, containing the various works on Book Keeping,
Mercantile Law, dec. to which the students will hav,
access. o 15, 'is
H0LBR00K & LONG, Music Pub
lishers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Music and Mnsieal Instruments of every description.
Ko.IOOand 1"2 SnperiorSu.Clevelnnd.Ohio.
List of Ftaaos for sale at tue great riano-r nn- -jt
The celebrated STOP ART PIANO, un
equalled for its rich and pure tones, elaa
tieitv of touch and imratilitt.
Licht, Newton kx Bradbnry'f ElLtEH Mnuuta
PIANO, for which a sou ncnaL was awarded at the
Chrystal Palace Fair ; also, at the Fair of the American
Institute. New York.
Emerson's BOSTON TREM1UM PIANOS, the bes
manufactured in Boston. Mass.
In addition to their splendid stock of Piano kept
contantlv on hard, H.tl. offer to the public the best
AMERICAN MADE GUITARS.andalso imported Gui
tars, of the best Spanish and French patterns, together
with low priced German Guitars
Ruled Music Paper of 12, 14. 16 lines, etc., constantly
on hsnd and manufactured to order.
VIOLINS and YIOLINCELLOS, in every variety .
Strings for Violin, Violincello. Tenor Viol. Double Bass,
Guitar and Banio. Violin Bows and Cases. Bow Hair,
Bridges, Pegs, Tail Pieces, Finger Boards, Mutes, Ros
in, etc- etc.
Reeds, Drums. Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammers, Tuning Pipe.
UTrDcalers and Heads of Seminaries supplied at the
lowest wholesale prices, with every article in the Music
May 17, lrS4-m.
JC. CRITTENDEN'S, 29 Superior St- Cleveland. The
oldest and mot extensive establishment west of New
York, established in 1. The stock is always kep
complete. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Gold Watches,
endless varictv, from $-5 to S'-'-W. A larce stock of
got up expressly for Rail Road use. Also, Clocks made
expressly for Stations. Superintendants please call
and examine. Clocks at wholesale. Parlor, Sitting
Room. Bank and Office Clocks. Silver Spoons, Forks,
Cups. Goblets, Ac Silver equal to coin, and patterns
new and handsome. I
Fancy Goods in endless variety. Shears, Scissors,
Pocket Cutlery. Razors and shaving tools in general ;
Gold, Silver, Steel, Plated and German Silver Siiecta
cles, to fit anv age ; Gold Pens, the best ever made :
Commuuion Ware. Willow Ware, Double and Single
Guns and Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing Tackle, Drafting Instruments ; a Uirire stock.
A large stock of Watchmaker's tools and materials.
My facilities and long experience in business enable
me to oiler inducement to those in want of Gooiis in
my line, rareely found. Watchmakers, Jewelers, Ped
lars ar.d Dealers in general, will nnd at wholesale a
large stock to select from, and price warranted as low
can be found in any of the Eastern market.
irpRemmiugton's Kifle Barrels, and bunsmitn s ma
terial, imported in large (iuantit.es. ap 2G, '54-tim
piitETToas :
non. J. R. Giddings, M- C. Pres. C. G. Finney,
" H. Griswold, " Lorin Andrews,
" Reuben Hitchcock, Prof. Samuel St. John,
" 11. D. Clark, " P. R. Spencer,
" N. 8. Townshend, E. F. Gut lord,
W. F. Otis. Cyrus Prentiss,
W. J. Gordon, Henry Wick.
n. B. Bryant. Professor of the Science of Account
11. Dwight Stratton. Associate Prof, in the aeveral uc
v s..i,i.i..i,1 rroiessors Ol tne pencenau
pl tST 1 of Penmanship and
r. it- .-pencer. ) Commercial Correspondence.
Sarah L. Spencer, Instructress in the Ladies Writing
W. Y. Harder, Assistant Prof, la the Book Keeping
lions. Judtre Starkweather and H. Clark, Lecturers
on Commercial Law.
. President Ana M:ihaii. Lecturer on Political Economy.
Emerson . White, Lecturer on Commercial Geog
raphy. TERMM .
For a full Coume in DouMe Entry Book-Keeping
and other Department?. - $40 00
For full Course in Ladies Department, - - 30 (XI
For separate Course of Instruction in Spenccrlan
Penmanship, .... - 5 00
For rarious styles in Ornamental Penmanship as
agreed upon.
The Principals of this Institutions desifrn making it
one of the best mediums in the United States for impart
ing a thorough and practical knowledge of the act ire
duties of the Conntinp-Koom. and business pursuits in
general. Rook-Keepin? in all its departments, as used
by the most accomplished modern Accountants, will bo
tautrht in a thorough and successful manner
This department is under the personal snperintendanee
of one of the lest Accountants in the United States, ho
Mercantile College in the west possesses superior, if
equal advantages, for inaparting a practical knowledge
of Commercial Science.
Mr.J.A.lledinrjn,an accomplished and experienced
Accountant in -.arious branches of Commerce and Trade,
is asftnciv.ed in this Department, and will attend to
riling up books, adjusting Ion? standing and com
plicated -.ccounts, fee, in a correct and conhdental
Cowni-fcial Grormphr is an important and i merest
!i.g lirrnch, which has nerer until the present time been
connected with Mercantile Schools.
The Spencrrian System of Penmanship in all its forms,
will be tauArht by its author. P. R. Sjencer. and J. W.
Lusk. No Institution in America oilers superior facili
ties to this for imparting a fluent and systematic hand
writing. The Ladies Departmen is entirely separate from the
gentlemen's, and is fitted up in a most magnificent man
ner and convenient style.
Business men can be supplied with the most reliable
Accountants by application to this Collesre.
The Princials of this Institutions can render efficient
aid to the graduates in securing pood situations.
ITCrSend for a Circular by mail. jan 19 54 y
I) COWLiS, (late Coe-i & A brrt
V. son,, 49 Weddell House. Cleveland, respectfully
Invite the attention of the citizens of Warren and the
surrounding county, to his assortment of fine Watches,
Silverware, Jewelry, House Keeping and Fancy Good.
Their prices will be "uniform and as low aa any ktnest
tradesman can afford. Every article sold with be truth
fully descrilied and warranted as rci. resented. Repair
ing in all its branches carefully and promptly done.
May 17, 1854-ly .
230 packages Earthenware of my own importation direct
from the English Potteries, making one of the largest
stocVs in the Market : comprising, in part. White Gran
ite. Flowing Mulberry. Flowing Blue. Light Blue, Plain
and Common Ware. AIo an extensive assortment ol
by the package.
Mv lour exuerienrein the trade, era' les me to offer to
Country Merchants better facilities than purchasing
j ;n
miiy inviteu u examine mv.a.n.,0..-..
always he as low as any Jo' bing llnein this citr.
Sin of the Chint Pitcher, No. 134 superior M.
Cleveland, Miy31, l51-y A. S. GAK'iNER.
Sash. cash; butter, butter!
KJ All cash paid fo- sweet yellow Butter, delivered
in ni! at the Empire Uire. '-e
Warrsn, My 54. f:u. IDflSGI NORnAS.
r fti ltmriL t orreioniierce. iiiiirrcii a, . mh-
ieal Economy. Commerc al Ethics. Railroading. c j
nesiues Ilie usual Kxiutrs vii , r "V "
thi. kind. I her. will be others by practical men
Cleveland Business. Cleveland.
iP4"$okmas .
bv Mrs I.ivroiir Phvi
r.?:?...1 I' Z
X IIOrPE, 156, Smptrier Street. Clertlani. O.
SosntroRW Brotuf-- are now rcceirinp tli mort
npienaia itocic of CLOTHl Ter before exhibited in
ClereUDrt, or in any City in the Union, which hat all
een gutten oi with articuUr care, for this City and
the arroanlinj coautry trade, and which cannot po
ibly he sor)used bj the best merchant tailor, and tt
only oic HLr mt mohct that U charged in geuing
them made to order.
$5.0 only ii wanted for m Cloth and Cfcstimere doable
Ovcr-CoHt ; the finest Silk Velret ests ei er seen or
nude in any Clothinc Store.
Tants of the latest style and best make, of one thou
sand different tvttterns.
FURNISHING 4JOOPS of eTery description and ra
riety, and the bert made or Imi-orted ; and, as we are
bound to keep YOUNG AMKKICA AHEAD of every
thing in the Clnthine: line, the prices shall be full 50
per cent, less than elsewhere ; and as particular atten
tion will be paid to all who may "drop in the ahore
facts will be satisfactorily pi-otpo br
J ISAACS' CLOTHING Aastmrr th Woild !
Siva YoMt Iu. an ct Tot CLOTHING ax
ISAAC A. ISAACS'. Vtitm , Clrrelmmd, O.
The Public are invited to an inspection of the superb
stock of FALL .AND WIN'TKR CLOTHING now on
exhibition at this ir.anitiernt esta'lishnient. which in
extent, vari-ty. superiority of Workmanship, and
Fashion, together with lowness of price, cannot be
bent by any other Clothing House in Ohio.
Isaai lias just returned from the East, where he has
received such bargains in Cloths and materials for
manufacturing, that he has it now in his power and is
determined to knock all the Eastern Slop concerns
into a 'etekem' kat !" and he will commence by selling
the best Over-Coat in the City for Font DnLMas ! and
Vnder-Coats. Pants and Vesta of all descriptions in
proportion. less oaieraa ! and come alone every
body who wants to be clothed, he can fit all sizes, from
men as large as the Oicmls Hat tlemd at kit litre, to
little wee ffllowa three years old. and as his Mammoth
Building is tilled with Clothing of all qualities, be is
sure of being able to suit everybody. Recollect that
he does not wish to humbug the people with Emus
Slop Woas for SO per cent, less than any one else, as
he does not keen eeek troth : but he will furnish his
customers with the best Clothing in the City, for less
money than they can purchase the same kind or ttoorts
for in anv other house in the I'nited StMs.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount made to
Wholesale customers who buy for Cash.
JTP Clothing made to order at the shortest notice
and on the most reasonable terms at
Utitn Hall, etrmer tf Seperitr tnd Unien Streets,
Clerrltui. OHl.
nov Sg-ly
59 Sumeritr Street, Clettleti, Okit.
Have recently made larre additions to their Stock of
Standard School and Miscellaneous Books, Blank
Work and Stationery, and are prepared to offer indncc
ments to Dealers unsurpassed by any establishment in
the West.
By siecial arrangements with nearly all the leading
Publishers of New York and Boston, we shall hereafter
mrne turn iimi -ntl niusi iu viar nuiaa
tt.etms ,.(,.. and can supply in quantities
owMt whnf le ic.
Am ,,, nlulhe WorkI we e Welt.
era Acents 'or the follnwirr. vtr :
and confidents expected to furnish millions of our
in,lrncti.. Vnd entertaininr substitute for the
ps, the well-known author of
, s Interesting and instructive of
the season.
IIA MAY bv Mrs. Srowg tuppttei to be.
THE NEWSBOY by Mrs. Osgxs Smitb eupptsei.
IPLKWILP bv S. P. Wu lis.
Tenth Thousand.
THE REPUBLICAN COURT The most magnificent
National Illustrated Work ever published in America.
Bamnm's Latest "WORK !"
Washington lrvings New Book.
Also HUTU HALL A Romance, by the world-renowned
We expect a laree sale for those last mentioned
f rom the Press of Mason Brothers. dec 1J-UJ
J.N GOODS. J. R. Ai.srSTsoK. formerly of the firm
Cnwi.xs kz. Albertpow. has iust opened a new Store in
the New Block tile Center tf Siperitr Street tnd
tie Ptklic Sexare. Clerrltni, Okit, where may be
louno an entire sew biock 01
SILVER WARE of all kinds, fromvted Pars Ct
In short, everythipr that is New and De iraMe in
this line, may re found cheaper than can be bought
JET STRANGERS shook! not fail to Tisit ns before
Cleveland, Dec. 13,
entitle men are daily bringing to light new Inren
ttons, nd the march of progress is onward ; persons
Bald, or becoming so. will be pleased to learn, that sci
ence and lone research combined, hare brourht before
the greatest Wonder mf Ike Age, in the article of EM
cure for Baldness and to preTent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be had of agents. Price 81.00 in larre
bottles. Sold by E. E. Hoyt h. Co., and Geo. 4dams,
Warren ; J. Manning, Youngstown i Prentica 4c Ed
war is. Can fie Id.
C. E. FISIIER Jt Co.. Proprietors,
march S No. 57, Superior street, Cleveland, O-
pttslmrfilj aste.
Pituhurph, Pa. Estahlished in 1S40 Incorpora
ted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, with perpetual
Charter. bo or Tat'sTKca :
Hon. James Buchanan, I Hon. Walter II. Lowrie.
IV m. Wilkins, I " Chsrles Naylor,
" Moses Hampton. I Gen. i. K. Moorhead.
P. Drrr, author of the "North American Accountant,"
Professor cf Book -Keepinft. and Commercial Sciences.
Johs D. Willisiis. the best oil hand Penman in the
United Slates, Professor of Commercial and Ornamen
tal Penmanship
N. B. Hatch, Esq- of the Pittshurjrh Bar, Professor
of Mercantile Law and Political Economy.
P. lUvncK. Principal of the Mathematical Depart
ment, Professor of Mathematics. Ac.
f Mr. J. D. Williams has permanently joined the Fac
ulty, and it will l.e seen thst, during bis late profess
ional encasements in the East, he was there regarded
aa the best Penman in the country. This Institution
th. refore, presents attractions to students offered ny
no other of the kind iu the L nited States. The course
of training comprises upwards of 400 real transaction,
in six dillerent methods of Double Entry Book-Keeping.
300 practical tusine?s calculations, covering the
whole field of inland and foreign commerce. Commer
cial Penmanship, with every modern improvement in
the Art. Businesr letters and business forms of every
description. Daily lectures on Commercial Law, Com
mercial Sciences, the Theory of Profits, &c Dun's
Book Keeping. Harper's Emtion, The most compre
hensive in the language" $1 50.
Dufi's Western Steamer's Accountant," a perfect
ystem for such accounts 1 HI.
'JQ Send for Circular by mail. nov S2-y
JB. CANF1ELD, Commission and
Forwarding Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer in
Western Reserve Cheese, Butter, Larcl, Pork, Bacon,
Poland Pearl Ashes, Saleratus, Linseed and Lard Oil,
Dried Frnit, and Produce generally. No. HI and 145
Front Street, Pittsburgh. Pa. feh 83 tf
JERRY HOTEL, Corner of Hancock
street and Duquesne Way, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Paorrrcroas : M. 11. Markle, late oi Nat. Telegraph
Office, Pittsburgh ; John McMasters. Ji Aft-, formerly
of Egie Hotel, Pittsburgh. JTyWestcrn Beserve peo
ple are invited to give us a call. mar 16 y
jnnir p. vrirg. psvtn M cahols.
71CK& M'CAXDLESS, Successors
to L. At J. D. Wick. Wholesale Grocers. Forward
ing and Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Nails,
Glasi, Cotton Yams snd Pittsburgh Manufactures gen
erally. Curner of Wood and Water streets, Piuslmrgh,
Vi. o -3
Pesstlvxia Wurrc Lrn Wosxs.l
Prrrsacgo. Jnne, l-54. (
The attention of consumers of White Lead is called
to the fact that a large portion of that article ground in
oil is now put up in kegs purporting to contain 25 and
SO lbs. each, whereas there is no allowance made for the
weight of the kegs, and the consumer is defrauded to
that amount. The deception can easily be detected by
weighing tbe diaerent manufacturers' brand offered
for ale.
During the past year we have made extensive addi
tions to our buildings, machinery and stock, for the
manufacture of large quantities of White head, to ena
ble us to supply the demand for our article. Wc
guarantee all lead 1 .earing our brand to be ttrietlt mere
and entirely free from any adulteration whatever, and
not excelled for fineness and whiteness, by any made in
the United States.
Our lead, ground in oil. is put up in handsome iron
bound kegs, of 35, 50, 1UI, SIX), 3n0 and 5110 pounds
each, snd every keg containing the quantity of lead
which it purports accurate taie being always allowed
for the barkaccs.
It is a well known fact, that the various qualities of
lead branded "Extra," No. 1 and No. 2, are largely
adulterated with substitutes which are not calculated
to answer the same purpose. And there are manufac
turers, claiming resiectahility for themselves, and
public confidence in their article, who brand their kegs
with their own names, "Tart H'kite Lead," although
they never turn out a single keg without a eonsiderble
adulteration of Bari'tes.
Au. 91m B. A. FAHNENSTOCK fc Co.
CLEVELAND. Chartered January SI, 1654.
Ofiice, No. 5i, Angier House, Bank Street
BiRBtToaa :
John M. Hughes. C. W. Seymour. Josiah Fogg,
JosUh Stephenson, A. W. Fairbanks,- llobert Rcilly,
H.L.Crowrll, S. B. Shaw, S. H. Fob.
Fnkln Chase, U. Chamherlin, J. Finlaj son,
Benjamin Steven.
Jon Ilcsnxa, President. S. B. Shaw, Secretary.
C. W. Srraora, Vice Pres't. Fit.iJi Chsse, Iras
This Company insures against loiswr damage by Fire,
and the perils of navigation.
Policies issued by 1 J. ASPER, Agent.
Warren, June 7, 154-y
X. Waier ts rendered poisonous by passing througb
any material ubjeet to decay and disssolution.snca as
pipe of wood, iron aud lead. Prof. J- P. Rutland and
other distinguished chemists, go so far as to condemn
the practice of supplying animals with water through
these substances, ami earnestly recommend the STONE
The undersigned is extensively engaged at SewtoB
JUfcO, in manufacturing
jueffirc tut, Tin a factory driven by steam power,
i, ,. ,' ,T orrf, wholesale or retail on
Iiieral terms. The Water Pine is admirably adapted to
cirryingOuiils of ail sorts, draining cellar, irrigating
lands. Ac. It is also for sole by the Hoy u, at Warren,
Ako. f..r s:ile. a valuable WATER POWER, with souis
acres of Innd, Fsclorj Pnil-lirrs. Dwelling, etc., etc
aboutti.-n m les felow Loaell, Mahoning Co.. -
M.y 17. 154 tf J. 6. CALENDER.
Cleveland Business. Cleveland. Clothing.
But a plain, true declaration of facti. which anv
body can ascertain by railing at the Old Head Quarters
lor ItEsAUX -tlAVB, CiAJI Ill.Uf
By J. Goldstein. (succes5or to Uurfranitern 4c Broth
er.) Oak Front, Big No. 15, Main street. Warren, 0.
I hare just received, and am now opening, my Fall
and Winter stock of Ready-Marie Clothing, Cloths,
Caimrres; Testings, etc., together with every variety
f Furnishing Goods. I would simply remark that
from tbe extremely low figures of woolen goods East, 1
bare b-en induced to purchase
And those that are acquainted with my mods of doing,
business, are well aware that I will
I do not have my Clothing made up by any establish
ment in the east, nor did I come from there myself.
But I import my own Goods, and by purchasing from
first hands, am enabled to furnish all strides in my
line at New-York prices ! I am not in the habit of
running down any body, nor do I notice any such per
sonal attacks when mads on me I take my revence in
Which, from my superior facilities in buying, I am
abundantly able to do.
As quotinr prices seems to be fashionable, I will In
troduce the following procramrae. to be run during the
season, or until the small dealers about town come
down to my figures rit : Full suit rf Clr.hes, Coat,
Hants and Vest, for $5 and upwards. A rood Over Coat
for $1.50.
By the cord, consisting of Coats for 91.50. and Pants
for 75 cents ! Hats and Caps of every style and rariety,
cheafrer than the chea,est. Collars, Cravats, Ties,
Scarfs, Undershirts and Drawers, Shirts, both white and
colored. In tfhorl.. a complete assortment of everything
in my line, and all I ask Is an inspection of mv mods
and prices before buying elsewhere. I am now the
oldest nothing JusUblishmeut id Trumbull Co.. and
have increased my bnsiness everv rear. I ham tiMl
all the shocks that have been brourht to bear against
ror. anu nave urea o see many oi my competitors
shut up and leare town, and feel proud to remember
that by aiming atone object. I have succeeded in
bringing down and keeping down the price of my goods
to the lowest figure at which a good article can b
Manufactured by tip-top workmen, and warranted to
fit ! Tit one and all I extend the invitation to visit Big
No, 15, Oak Front, when you come to town to nurchass
clothing. I am bound to sell lower
Come and see! Remember the nlace Bi No. IS.
Oak Front, first Clothing Store south of tbe Post Office,
west siae or Main street, Warren, O.
Oct. It?, '54. J. GOLDSTEIN.
The subscribers would inform the customers and the
public in general, that we have now on hands, and are
constantly manufacturing a full and complete stock of
Fall and Winter Clothing for Men and Boy's wear,
which, owing to the recent decline in prices will and
sre bound to be sold a little Cheaper tkmn the Ckemp
est. We will not be UNDERSOLD by any.
We have on hand a Iarse stock of Over-Coats,
Dress and Business Coats of all kinds ; Pants and
Vests of every quality, style and color now in use ;
Rubber Over Coats, Under-shirts. Drawers, Fine White
Shirts. Collars, Cravats, andin fact everything kept in
an Establishment of the kind.
We also have on hand a targe stock of Cloths, Cast
meres, Testings. tcM to sell or make up to order on
the shortest notice.
Jt r Warranted to fit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all. yoa are respectfully Invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. You will save monv by so doing.
J. FITE 4k 0N.
Warren, Not. 1, 1154.
CAPS, Ac. It has been clearly demonstrated to a
renerou and discerning public that Johx L. Weeks fe
Co 14 Market St.. is the leeUimste place to purchase
Fall and Winter Clothing, Hats. Caps, and in short,
sll kinds of Gentlrmen's wearing apparel at prices
that throw all babbling competitors in the shade.
Having said this we now beg leave to announce to
the citizens of Warren and snrronndinr conntry. that
we are just receiving our WINTER STOCK, and are
prepared to snpplv sll who w(h articles in our line on
the times will allow. We have a great variety of
Ready Made Clothing of all natalities and styles, and
it is a common talk about Town that our stock oh
Cloths. Csimeres. and Goods generally, for our cusf
torn trade far outshines anything in the market, whic
we cut and mske op st short notice, in a style superior
to anything done in this section of country.
Also, HATS and CATS in great varieties. And wo
would particularly call attention to our fine Silk Hats
and Silk Plush Caps, which In neatness and style, are
nnequaled. Uj3 f o call, examine and judge for
yourselves. JOHN L. WEEKS fc Co.,
Warren, Nov. 1. 1F54. 14. Market Street.
i The American Artists' Union would respectfully
announce to the citizens of the United States and the
Canadas. that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for
the fine arts through ut the country, and with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed of a gallery
of Engravings.
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
sale for their Engravings, and thus not only to gire
employment to a large number of artists and others,
but inspire among our countrymen a taste for works of
art, to present to tne purchasers of their engravings,
when 350,rX)of which are sold,
250.000 GIFTS, OF THE ACTUAL COST OP $150,000
Each purchaser of a One Dollar Engraving, therefore
receives rot only an engraving richly worth the money
but also a ticket which entitles him to one of the Gifts
when they are distributed.
For Five Dot. (.sirs, a highly finished Engraving,
beautifully PAINTED in OIL. and FIVE GIFT TICK
ETS, will be sent; or Five Dollars worth of splended
Engravings can )e selected from the Catalogue, and
sent by return mail or express.
A copy of the Catalogue, together with a specimen f
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the office of nis
For each Dollar sent, an Engraving actually worth
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will immediately be for
warded. AGENTS:
The Committee believing that the success of this.
Great National Undertaking will be materially promo
ted by the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
persevering Agents, have resolved to treat with such
on the most liberal terms.
Any person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
(post paid.) $1, will receive by return of mail, a Oue
Dollar Engraving, a "Gift Ticket.1 a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the Girts win te
placed in the hands of a Coxxittkk of the PrxciusiRS
to be distributed, doe notice of which will be given
throughout the United States and the Canadas.
100 Marble Busts of Washington, at - - 9100
100 " " Clay, 100
100 Webster,
11W u M Calhoun,
50 elegant Oil Paintings, in splendid)
gilt frames, size 3x4 ft. each, (
100 elegant Oil Paintings, x3 ft. each.
500 steel plate Engravings, brilliantly)
colored in oil, rich gut iramca
54x30 inches each, )
10,000 elegant steel plate Engrarlngs.i
colored in ol. of the Vasbingtou
Monument. J0x26 inches each,
337,mjO steel plate Engravings, from
lUu dinereiit puaes, now in posses
sion of and owned by tbe Artists
Union, of the market value of from
50 cents to 91 each.
1 first-class Dwelling, in 31st st., N. Y.City
Building Lots tn Kand If 1st its.,
N. Y. City, each 25x100 ft. deep.
100 Villa Sites, containing each lO.OCO
so. ft. in the sunurbs of A. 1. Citr.
and commanding a magnificent 500 50,000
view of the Hudson luver and
Long Inland Sound, at
SO perpetual loans of cash, without 5 000
interest or security, of 9-'-0each,) 1
50 1U0 " 5,000
100 44 50 5,000
250 44 " 20 5,000
2,000 5 10,000
Reference in regard to the Real Estate, r. J. iss ur.s.
6z Co., Real Estate Brokers. New York. Orders, (post
paid,) with money enclosed, to be addressed,
5b5 Broadway. N. T.
J "J he Engravings in the Catalogue are now ready
for delivery. nov 15, 54-6m
stitution will open on Monday, the Ilia day of Septem
ber next.
Elementary branches, including U. S. History,
Watts on the Mind, etc., per quarter of 11
weeks, 94 00
Academic course. - 500
Music Piano or Melodeon, 24 lessons - 8 00
Use of Instrument, ..... 4 00
Drawing or Painting in Water Colors, per qr 3 00
Oil Painting, per qr., 6 00
French, 44 3 00
In order to meet the expressed wants of the commu
nity for larger accommodations and to adapt the course
of instruction more perfectly to the age and attainments
of the pupils, a
has been constituted, for which a convenient room has
been secured adjacent to those now occupied, and is
in successful operation. The tuition charges iu this de
partment will be Three Dollars.
,v Parents or guardians and other friends of education
are respectfully invited to visit the Institution at any
hour during tbe daily sessions which may suit their
JTj-Pupils are specially requested as they would
make satisfactory progress in their studies, to be pres
ent on the first day of the term.
Hudson, April 4, lrM.
Having had some opportunity to become acquainted
with the present Principal and assistant in the Young
Ladies Seminary of Hudson, nnd their successful labors
in commencing and conducting it thus far, we take
pleasure in confidently recommending the Institution
to the patronage of tbe community as one in which may
be secured the benefit of a thorough, elevated and re
fined education for young ladies in a superior degree,
and congratulate the people of Hudson and the vicinity
upon the establishment of such a Seminary under so
happy auspices We are happy to know that it is in
tended to provide in this Institution the means and fa
cilities of an education of the highest order.
REV. 44. E. PIERCE, Pres. W. J. W. SMITH,
Hudson, April 26, lS54-y
The Patrons of this popular aud fashionable Saloon,
have all repudiated the credit svjicm, and are paying
.nsh fur their refreshments. They say, Oreen has
enough to do to keep everything in order and serve his
customers without making tickeu. charging oysters and
other tvfreshxneiits, draw ir.g off accounts, and shinning
it about town for money that has been ticketed for a
4day or so, and run one or two and three years, and
not getting anything dou't pay, and they won't let him
do so any more. Gentlemen, your arrangement suits
me. Stick to the text; pay as yoa go, and ail my time
including thai portion of it which has heretofore been
Sent in fruitless efforts to collect money shall be de
voted to your omfurt. My house shall be set in order
now, for the better accommodation of my cash cus
tomers. Excelsior, shall be my tuotto.
Warren, March 27. It54. W M. GREEN, Agt.
DENTISTRY. Dr. J. C. Burroughs
WVJ would respectfully announce to the citterns of
Warren, and to tbe public, that he will cull i found at
his lvoni over Frcco Hall, where he will perform any
out-ration that may le required of the Dei.ti profession
in au eleifant and dura'.le manner. He returns his
thanks for past favors, and asks for a continuation of
tbesasce. All operations performed by Dr. B. will be
warranted to be what they should be, in erery sence of
the word. J. C. BV RKOUliUS
March If, 1854 tf.
subscriber having purchased Mr. J Marvin's
stock, takes this method of informing the cittsens of
Warren and Trumbull county, that iu addition to the
stock on hand, he Is receiving and now opei.ing.a
Stationary and Fancy Goods as can be fuui j in the
West. His stock of Books comprises Ilistoiirs, Trav
els, Romances. Encyclocdias, Biographies, Works on
Elocution, Architecture. A cn culture. Theology. Geolo
gy, Philosophy, Physiology, Phrenology, Wcrks on
Spiritualism, Mystic Orders, Annuals and Al'ums.
Also, all the new Publications worthy of note, piles of
School Books, both old and new, now in use in ihe sev
eral school districts. Bibles from 50 cts. to $ IU, Trayer
and Hymn Books for all denominations.
In great variety Letter Writers, Song and Dream
Books, Astrologers Books and Cards.
In this department are offered every description of
Goods, French, American Laid, Wove. Cap, Bill. Let
ter and Note Paper of he best quality, and Envelopes
to match.
Comprising Ledgers. Journals, Rcord, Cash, Invoice,
Time, Log, Note, Receipt and Memorandum Books.
Also, Copy Books for schools.
Lithoeraphic Prints. Maps, Chessmen and Board.
Domiuues. Dice and Cups, Playing and Printing Cards.
Paper Weights. Calendars, Letter Clips and Bilihobtrrs,
Address Cards, Plain, Gilt, Embossed aud Illumined,
Card Cases, Pearl, Ivory and Illumined.
Drawing Books, Cards, Paper and Drawing materi
als. Inks. Writing Fluids, Pens and Lead Pencils.
Leaves, Wire, Paper, etc., for Artificial Flowers, and
a larpe assortment of English, French, German and
American Toys, Weekly Papers from Boston, New
York and Philadelphia, Periodicals, Harpers Putnam's,
Graham's, Godey's and Methodist National Magasinea,
Le5 lie's Book of Fashions and Yankee Notions.
Tbe purchasing community will nnd always on hand
a large stock from which to make their selections, at
extremely low prices for cash only, at the New York
Book Store. No. S3, Main street, a few doors south of
he Post Office.
Warren O., Oct., 1th, 1854. R. A. A. BALDWIN.
Building, opposite the Democrat Office, Mt Street,
Warren, Ohio.
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and best
lot of CLOTHING, at Wholesale and Retail, ever
brought to this market, comprising Dress, Frock and
Business Coats. Overcoats, Pan ts and Vests, of every
variety and style conceivable. To test the truth of our
assertion we will give you prices and yon can come
and examine for yourselves.
A FULL SUIT, Cost, Patts and Vest. 9,50, with
an Overcoat to match for 94. Also, a rich stock ol
Boys Clothing; Coats for 9, with Pants to match for
91. Also, a complete stock of HATS and CAPS, com
prising every style and quality. We have also a full
stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, and a large
stock of Broadcloths, Cassimeres and Vesting, rich
and rare, and of the latest and most fashionable styles
CARD. The Proprieters here take occasion to re
turn their sincere thanks to the people of Warren ard
the surrounding country, for the generous patronage
which they have hitherto awarded thtm, and respect
fully ask its continuance, feeling certain that their
goods, for style, quality and cheapness, cannot be
equalled in this section of country Our goods are all
warranted to be of good material, well made, and to
give good service We have but one price for our
goods, and that a just one, believing it a i oor policy
and worse principle to plunder from one person to
secure the loss on another. P- T. BAR! LETT,
Warren, Oct. 7, 1854. G. W. BROWN
JL 9300,000 WORTII OF GIFTS, for the subscri
bers to the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL or the Whole
Woat.D. published simultaneously in the three cities of
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, as soon as
300.0C0 subscriptions are obtained ; and baring al
ready an actual circulation of about 200.000, it is now
certain the distribution ai7ra lake .
Among the extraordinary 14 rr or eirrs, (being one
for every ticket issued.) are
Prof. Hart's Elegant Country Scat, valued at 925.000
A Magnificent City Residence 44 17,000
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest
or security,
Building Lots, Elegant Piano Fortes, Melo
deon s. Gold Watches, Bracelets. Rings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New
World, by Prof. Hart ; Real Estate, se
lc. fcc. in all numbering 300,000 Gifts,
valued at.
.... 9300:000
Every single remittance of 91. secures one year's
sahscription o the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity of a Gift Ticket, which entitles the holder to
one share in the 300,000 Gifts. Thus every person in
vesting in this stupendous Enterprise receives the
full worth of his or her money, in subscription to a
first class journal, (the greatest and most interesting
Pictorial of the age.) besides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove an immense fortune to tha
For complete List of Gifts, and full and explicit par
ticulars in regard to the great Enterprise, Distribu
tion, tc, see a copy of The Whole Worlo, which
will be promptly sent, free of charge, where desired by
letter, post paid.
The Thole World may also be seen at the offices of
all papers containing this advertisement, where infor
mation may be obtained in regard to the paper aud
Agents, Postmasters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel mployment, should
not fail to see a copy of The Whold World, which
contains by far the most liberal inducements ever of
fered to agents tn the way of immense cash premiums,
gifts, commissions, dec, whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make 91,000 and upwards,
per year ; to which fact the agents we already have
can certify. Secure the Pictorial, and become wise,
rich, and happy.
Correspendents must write their address Name,
Post Office. County, and State. plain and distinct, or it
willbetheir own fault if they fail to get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all returns will be promptly sent
wherever desired, in any part of the world.
JLjr If any orders are received after the 300,000
subscribers are obtained, the money will be promptly
returned, post-paid, to the persons sending it,
JTT All letters and remittances for the Pictorial.
with Gift Tickets, must invariably he addressed,
postpaid, to pRor. J. WOODMAN HART, World's
Hall. Broadwar. New York, there being the ay
office for the Gift Enterprise.
But remittances for the Pictorial vttthoct Gift Tick
ets. may be sent to Prof. J. WOODMAN HART. Hurt's
BriLDiKOs, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa , there
being the princial editorial and publication office.
Oct. 11 -6 m.
ry, ate. The subscribers have just re-K
eei ved a large stock of Goods in their line, which. V
with their former stock, makes a very desirable assort
ment ; among which are Gold and Silver Watches , Sil
ver, Silver Plated and Brittania S)Kons ; Breast Pins ;
Finger Rings; Ear Rings; Gold and Silver Pencil
Cases ; Watch Chains, Seals and Keys ; Scissors ;
Shears ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Knives ; Knives and
Forks ; Razors ; Percussion Caps and Pills ; Silver
Plate!, Brittania, Glass, and Common Candlesticks;
Lamps ; Lamp Globes, and Chimneys ; Tea Trays ; Tea
snd Coffee Pots ; Communion Ware ; Castors ; Cloth,
Shoe, Hair, Flesh, Tooth and Shaving Brushes ; Melo
deous ; Guitars ; Banjos ; Violins ; Flutes ; Ftfes ; Ac
eordeons; Flageoletts and Tamborines; Hair Pins and
Uonibs; Waist Slides and Buckles; Purses; Pocket
Books and Wallets ; Powder Flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, and a grmt variety of Toys and Fancy Goods.
Tbe public are respectfully invited to call and exam
ine the goods.
All kinds or Clocks and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to perform well, at a reasonable expense.
To our old custemers we tender our ti tanks for the
patronage the establishment has received for the last
thirty-six years. WALTER KING fc SON,
Dec. 152. No. 9, Main Su, Warren, 0.
TULES VAUTROT, Wholesale and
l Retail Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Sib-
vxr-V are. and Fancy Goods, n arren, Ohio.
Having just returned fnm the Eastern Man
ufactor.es, I brought with me a very large
assortment of extra-nne English Lever Watch
ea, in gold, hunting and plain cases. Also, a suerior
quality of Duplex Watches, with independent seconds,
just the thing for timing horses. Also, English Lever
Railroad Time Keepers, in Silver Hanging Cases; and
a larger stock of Detached Lever and Lepine Watches
than was ever before offered in this place. Sly assort
ment of Jewelry, I flatter myself, is a better selection
than 1 have ever before made, having purchased a
much larger stock and of finer quality, than has here
tofore been brought to this place; such as I can fully
recommend. Everybody is invited to call ind exam
ine my stock. Pedlars, and others, purchasing tj sell
again, will find a large assortment, and prices that will
compete with Eastern Cities, as I purchase my goods
directly from the manufacturers, and will sell for as
small p.ofits as any other establishment in the country.
A few fine Double Time Centre Seconds Watches, will
be sold very low. Now is the time for securing a good
bargain. Call soon and see for yourselves.
W atehes. Jewelry, fcc, carefully repaired and war
ranted. JTT Engraving neatly done.
Oct. 7, 1S54.
Xl & Co. are constantly making additions to their
large and well selected stock of Stove Patterns, so that
they are now ahle to furnish customers with the most
desirable patterns for kitchen or parlor use. Among
their assortment are tbe following ;
The Clinton Air Tight Cook Stove, No. 5.
do Improved do do do do
This Store is truly the Farmer's Stove, for after an
unprecedented ion of five years, the demand fcr them is
still increasing.
The Womaus Rights Cook Stove, No. 1 , for wood or eoal.
do do do do No. 2, do
do do do do No. 4, for wood.
This is a new pattern of Coal Stove, just got out by
us, with elevated oven. No. 1 is intended for a dining
room Stove, having two boiler holes and a large capa
cious oven for baking or keeping meats warm. No. 2
has four 8 inch holes for boiling.and isadaptedio small
families. No. 4 has 4 9 inch holes for boiling, and a
very large oven, and is adapted to large families.
The 44 Bang Up" Cook Siove, No. 4.
do Western Queen do do
do Queen of Prairies do do
do Great Western do do for coal.
These Stoves have four 9 inch boiler holes and capa
cious ovens below the fire chamber. For beauty,
strength, durability and economy in fuel, these Stores
are unsurpassed. They are perfect bakers.
The following are some of their Parlor Stoves :
The Cottage Franklin Coal Stove, No. 2.
do do do do No. 3.
These are the celebrated Sliding Door Stoves, which
took the premium at the late State Fair. For beauty and
convenience, they challenge competition, as the extra
ordinary sales this year abundantly testify.
The Cottage Store, No. 3, for wood,
do do do No. 2, do
The Jewett 4t Root Stove, Folding Doors, for wood.
Besides a general assortment of Cannon, Coal, Box,
and Dairy Stores.
All kinds of machinery made to order. Stove Foun
dry east of Tay If r's Warehouse, on the canal. Machine
Foundry, east side of Liberty street, en the canal. Tin
Shoo four doors west of the Bank, Market street. War
ren, Ohio, jan 19
XI EAGLE HOTEL. The suhscrilr would take Wis
opportunity of informing the citums of Warren, and
tlie public generally, that be has purchased the Eaolr
Hotel, formerly kept by Mr. Camp, where hereafter he
would be glad to see bis friends, and all who choose to
give him a call. The best arrangements will be made to
make his house a pleasant place to stop, and do effort
will be spared to those who call once to stop again. To
the old customers of the Eagle he would say, do not
condemn a change as for the worse, because you were
so well suited with your 01a uiKitcra, nut givo the new
administration a trial before you decide.
Warren, Aug. 17, LC53. GEO. T. HULL.
White t Lead a Urge supply constanly on hand
and fir salea the lowest cash prictty
Aug R. A. 9MTEJI fc Co.
7RITING INKS, Ac. Arnold's and
T r Maynard at Noyes celebrated Writing Inks.
Also, Ink Powder. Caruiiue Ink. Indelible Ink, for
marking linens, H ruing band. Ink Bottles, etc,etc
Kr Mia by I ma v 71 K. A. SIITII 4 Co.
L Crotchet and fancy Knitting. A few copies
received at ADAMS' Bookstore.
Also, several new popular works. Drop in when
yea hare time. fnov
Patent Medicines.
fers, for the cure OF COLDS, COUGHS.
These Wafers oerate like a chartn pruducing almost
Instantaneous relief. They allay at once, the tickling
and irritation in the thnt&t, which gives rise to hacking
and coughing, and finally result , if not arretted, in a
disease of fatal type.
For Bronchitis, so fearfully prevalent in this climate,
these Wafers stand perfectly uu rivalled. No Public
Speaker should altemit to address an audience without
a supply of
In his pecket. They lubricate the throat and facilitate
delivery to a most astonishing degree. Profesiioual
singers, and all memners of C Lurch Choirs will expe
rience immense benefit from their magic effects. All
who use them cheerfully testify to their wonderful etli
eacy. There Is but one opinion of their nuOchless vir
tues, in all complaints fur c hich they are recommended.
Oue box will satisfy you that we cannot speak too
highly in their favor.
Hon. SAMUEL RICHARDSON, late Mayor of Roch
ester, N. V.; Dr. James McCarthy, of Medical II til,
Dublin: S. Pearsall, Vicar, Lichfield Cathedral; K. Pres
ton, Coal Merchant, of Hull England ; and tlionsandi
of others hive volunteered their testimony in favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'S great diicoAery. A single trial will
convince the nust sceptical that no medicine ap
proaches this in the absolute control it exerts over all
that fatal clas of disease which e hare enumerated.
Sold by all Medicine Dealers generally.
Oct. 4, !K4-6ra
The most powerful King on the faes of the globe now
reigns supreme In the American Republic Too power
of the crowned heads of Europe sink into lksJnifioaaoSJ
when compared to our American King.
European kings employ the power vested hi then to
tnerease the riches of tbe rich and lordly, and to eduesj
to greater misery and degradation, the poor and depend
ent. Our American King goes forth with equal wiXLng
bmos to the lordly saanskiu and the humble cabin, resV
alike to administer relief, aad to offer health and bappw
suss so the lofty and lowly, the rich and the poor.
Is th Txiith Woudk or th Wotii, and th. ,?
baassing vr offend to afflicted humanity; to th. anv
siring Bullion, th. Doctor eaa say, nltef i at your eo
asaad. Yoa hav. only to use this magical rwasdy. All
thoss who still suffer, and will not accept aha profimd
lm, deasrv. not th. pity of th.tr Dunfl!.
This wonderful medicine, dmrln; Lhs hrierpsrlod dao
It Introduction, ha carried aapplnea to th. heart of
thousands, and made lif. a charm so many who hsreto
fcn regarded it only as painful and missrihls xk
'. To the wind with all UnlnueC &broatU0B, Psia
Killer, aad Pain itraetors,'and let millton of glad
tongue proclaim the meriu'of th. gnat "Americaa
King of Pain,'' a preparaaion composed solely of veg
table nd root, produced by America' owa rich aad
bounteous soil.
VV would ask th Luna, who an always competent
Judge of what is and what is not a valuable family med
icine, to do us a special favor by giving the King of Pala
single trial, and if satisfactory, exert their intlu.no.
In iu be hall recommend it, speak well and .often of it,
and see that his used by their affl ieted neighbor. Th.
Indies are alway charitable, and when they indue their
ufferint friends to nee this really valuable mediciis,
they will be doing aa act of benevolence that they eaa
well be proud of. Ill is ts a powerful snd truly-magical
remedy tor all external disease, sores, swelling, burns,
4m, and for many internal affliction, it I s certain ear,
yet it Is perfectly harmless, and incapable of produdnf
th least injurious effect la th. must del leal, cases or
th weakest constitution.
.It i entirely useless to fellow the old and worn-out
system of publishing to tha public thousands of eertuV
cUe of wonder performed by this medicine. It- coats
but twenty-av cent to try it, and Dr. Bull stake his
well-earned reputation on th King of Pala dotng all
and more than be claims for it.
We would sk have you the Rheumatism or Gout;
thee are not nleasant eomnanion. and w know that
you w
on would Uk to dm tnem away a soon a passu ne,
Would yoa be rand almost Immediately of Bowel
Complaint, Dysentery, Summer Computet, Cholera Mjo
bus. Cramp Cholic Head Ache, Tooth or any other acts
er psia, th xemedy is simple snd th ear certain,
Would yoa hav your Sore, Swelling, Cut, Barns,
ftjalds. Bruises, or any other wounds healed, w repeat
it, use the
magical ma or pact.
Would yoa be cured of gatld Head, Stiff Joint, Sore
nroat, Neuralgia, Bore Breast, Lumbago, Tetter or Ring
Worm, Salt Rheum. Bites of Poisonous Insects, Chapped
Band, aad all other Sore, either Dry or Running, wa
say agaia aad agaia, Toca sxaror 1 Dr. John Ball'
Would yoa be cured of King's KrO, Cancer, Tumors,
Eruptions, or any disease of the Skin caused by impure
blood, then use Dr. John Bull' Sanaparilla internally,
sad the King of Pala externally, nothing eaa be. more
certain than a speedy and effectual eura.
This medicine, when used accorllnj to directions,
will core, without mil:
or King' KrO,
Cancers, Eruption
of th fkia, Erysipelas s
Tumors, Chronic Sore Eye,
King Worm or Tetters, Scald Head,
Rbeumatuun, Paina In th Bone or
Joints, Old Sores and fleers, Swelling of
th. elands, Senilis, Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum,
Disease of the Kidneys, Diseases arising fron th
uso ofMrcury.Loss of Appetite, Paia in the Side and
Shoulders, General Debility, Lumbago, Coughs, Cold,
Jjropsy, Jaundice, Ccstiventsa, Bronchitis, Weakness of J
Chest, Son Throat, Pulmonary afflictions, and all other
Disease tending to produce Consumption, Liver Cosa
plaiat, Female irregulariti and Complaint, Irfw
Spirit. Sick and nervous Uead-arhe, N ight Sweats,
Kxposnre, or Imprudence in Life, Chronie Cott-
atituUonal D'acase, snd as a Spring cad
Summer Drink, and General Tonic for tha
System, sad a Gentle and f Pleasant
Purcative, it Is superior to Blue
Lick and Centres Water,
Salts. SeidliU
. Powder.
big-nest terms. Many phvsician express themselves
strongly In tbe belief that it ts decidedly the best prepa
ration of ausaparilla that ha ever been placed befbr.
the public. Although then an many physicians who
fast a nluetanee to having their name appended to the
raosmmandatioB of any particular remedy, notwita.
standing they may approve of it la th highest du gsee;
there an others who frankly yield their support m ssvor
of a remedy which they know is capable of doing
much good in an afflicted community. A a evidence,
read th following from old and respectable phyneiaas,
aX high nn"H'"tt la th community la which they lira ,
aTsT-Testlmony Uk th following render errperflnous
all comments oa tbe efficacy of Bull- Sarmaparilla. Iron
Ilr L. P. yandeii. Professor of .Chemistry in tbe Iois
TiUe Medical College: I have looked over the Ustof ia
sjredienu composing John Boll's Compound. Kxtraet of
larsaparilla and hav no hesitation in saying that they
form a f compound, and on that premiss well U
stroai. dimue to which it U
J3zaHLMf June 0, 1849.
What Dr. Pyles, physlcma brr"ttrni "th.
Uuis-Jl Marin Euspital, aayrnll- ewaparilla.
Locarno, ;lreh 20, 1SJ8.
I hav examined the prescription for th preparation
af John Bali's garsaparilla, and I believe tb. con.btna
tJoa to b. aa excellent one, and well calculated to pra
duee aa alterative Impression oa th system, 'has.
used It both in public and private practice, and Jilafcr
kt I th best article of Sarsaparille now jo nae.
Beddent Physician Louisvul Marin Hospital.
Better testimony than wa aver offered la favor of say
.alumna, iter. JL W. Sehon Rev. B. Stevenson : j
nojcina. av. Lorovnoa. May mh, 184. I
W hT used John Bull s BarsaparUU, aad hava
know, it to be used, with entire satisfaction ; and w
Cva ao hesitation In stating our belief, that It is a sam
and valuable medical compound. -and calculated to pro
due much good and relievo much suffering; and there
fore would cheerfully sad most earnestly recommend it
a, to. afflict. w.w.renoy,
(Eigned) K. gTEYEh'doH.
We would earneetly hv.lt ill persons who an offer
ing with ny of tbe ills that flesh is heir to, to eaU oa
Br! John Buffs agent, snd get a -opy of Bull a Kamily
Journal gratis: and for the sue of humanity wo hup.
that s Ungl individual will not b found unwilling to
SviBulUSarmparilla a trial afteMeading. and. recol
King, at the same time, that it is impoaubtel for th.
Doetorto publish the tenth part of the number of cer
tlfioate of astounding cure performed by his farsaBa.
rilla. The amount of testimony voluntarily showered
sa Dr. Bull- SarsapariHa. from well known and distla
gajimed individuals, both in public and private life, has
bsea perfectly overwhelming.
4131),. Joan Boil Principal office. West Sid Tifta
treat, Srst door below Main, looiaville, Ky.
principal oriicxa,
tlENT, No. a. Main Street. 8 " 1
J. McConnell at Co.. .No. SO, Main t
Street. Warren, Ohio, have the 'lras- sjttay s
are of announcing to the c.usens or tk
Tmmhnll roonty and the pu'.I.e in
general, that thrv are rrc-ivinr and aiannfartiTrly the
larrr. cheapest '" ' as"rUnT.t of BOOTS and
BIIOKS ever bronchi to the Wesi.-rn market, which
they no. offer tor sale, at wlmlesale or rrtail. al price
that cannot fail to suit purchaser, on tie wh snd
readv-rov vtem. Thflr stock ronsist of
Men' Co Bouts; Men's Calf Pcj'd Imitation B"ts;
- Hungarian do: " t rench Calf aew'd, steel ks;
Kip do; broRans:
" Calf rVrs do; " Kip and Calf Brogao;
Bovs' Boot ml Broirans. all kinds.
Ladies Jenny Lind Boots, Htiskinsand Ties; Ladies'
atent Leather Buskins and Ties, and Morocco Boots;
issrs' Sewed and I'cjtK-'' Waiter and Shoes, of all
nds: ChiMrn's Shors. etc.
Morocco, Calf Skin and Vpaer L-ithcr. and evcry
tiiir usually kcj in our line, which will le sold for
tk. lower thnn can I founiletwhcre in the eoi-nfy.
April M. H-i3- i. McCO.N.N ELL . CO.
HAIR GLOVES. S.r .ps Bath. G r.vet
k lcsh Brushes, for sule'iy ruETER. h Co7
It Is a remarkable fket, thxtnnr. th anjHh-Js of
smtnent physician who "hT examined tMracip by
which Bull's Sarsaparilla is prepared, not on ha oa
AmmwtA it. but all aDnrov it. aad commend it la tn.
Patent Medicines.
rpiIE CHEST. Sir Astley Cooper,
-I Bart.. M. D.. the eminent Medical Practitioner,
has left a vainaMe lcacj to the world in his GRKAT
cure for Pulmonary Diseases, withoct tuk rss or sis
lei. Sir A. C. B:irt., invented and aiivised the use of
to all persons of all ages ami conditions, a a certain
nd safe shield against those fearful disease. Con
sumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs. Colds and other
afflictions of the Longs, which arise from the exposed
state oi uie enesi, according to lasnioa.and the coutin
l changes of our climate.
Too Protector," la simple a chemicallv nreirl
fur, lined with silk and padded, which, suspended from
the neck, covers the chest in so agreeable a manner.
that, once worn, it becomes a necessity and s comfort.
--1 ne rrotecior, although but recentlyintrodnced in
to America, is making rapid prveres throuch the
I'nited Stales he Canada. South America, and West
Indies. It bd for a long time been a staple article
in England and oa the continent of Europe, while it
naa grown m many countries to the position of aa arti
cle of dress.
To demonstrate these facts enquire of any English
rc.iuc-u. juui vi.-inuy .1 nis srowieuge or me oen
e&cial efftrcu of wearing tbe Prolector, witboit xe
cores T noc-roai.io of any kind. The cost of wear
ing these articles is a mere trifle, ard one will but
torn- years. No oue who values the health of himself
or his family will lie without them. The Hospitals in
this country are not alone recommending them, but
rapidly introducing them. Ilareourt. Bradley dc Co.,
oi uoiMion, ami Manchester, England, were originally
entrusted w h the manufacture of the Protectors, bv
the iamcuteu Dr. Cooper, and continue to manufacture
according tc "Jiis original" instructions, and therefore
recommend those who would wear "The Protecton,1
to see to their being genuine.
Remember this is a staple article, and ao Patent
Gent's Sue, si 50 each.
Ladies' do. - . - 1 Ml do.
Buys' and Misses do. - - 75 do.
38 Ann Street at 102 Nassau Street, New Tork.
Principal Warehouse. 109 Wood Street. Chnnaide
London. Manufactory, 44 Market Street, Manches
ter, Xtngianu.
II. B. dt Co. are establishing Depots for the sale of
"The' Protector" in sll parts of America. Physicians,
Pnrgeon. Draecista, Clothier. Dry Goods Merchants,
natters ana jammers, also uentlenien Pumisbiug
.i"tc ncrpcrs a. cniruBira wita tne WBOIesale anil
retail distribution of them, and to whom most liberal
terms are offered for their enterprise, and a splendid
opportunity opens to themfor safe and profitable busi
er. IIAStULai, SSAULLI CTC lij.,
38 Ana Street, Sew Took.
Sept. SO. TPS4 3m.
It md pre-eminent for iu en rati vc powers in all
disease fur which it is recommended, usually called
Of these sre Prolapsus 1'trri, ar Falling of tha Womb ;
t lour Air. us, or unites; enronic innamauoa and LI
cerstlua ih the Womb; Incidental Memorrhare. e
ri'Ming: rainrai, &uppresed aad lirecussr Menstrua
'on; die, with all their accompanying evils. (Cance
excepted.) no matter how severe, or bow Ion standi nr.
The Catliolicon far surpasses other remedies, ia being
more certain, less expensive, and leaving the system
in a oeuer eomiiuon. l.et all interested call and obtair
pamphlet (free) containing ample proof, from the
most resfiectable sources, of tbe beneficial results of its
use; together with letters from highly experienced Phy
sicians, wno nave useit it in tneir practice, and soeak
from their own observations.
P. B. Petkasii, M. D I tica, N. T.
L. D. Flemiivo, M. IX. Rochester. N. T
W. H. Mi los, M. D., Rochester, N. Y
D. Y. Foots, M. D-, Syracuse, N. Y.
Prof. DrxBAR, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
J. C. Orrh k, M. D Baltimore, Md.
V. W Rxxsk, M. D-, New-York Citv.
W. pREsroTT, M. D , Concord, N. H.
J. P. Niwusd, M. D-. L'ticn, N. Y.
Rev. C. S. Beard, Glenn Springs, S. C.
Phamplets to he had grati s at the Store ef E. A. SMITH
i Co A Rents, Druggists, Warren, O. Also soM by L.
W. Mears, North Bloomfield, James K. Sexton, Youngs
town, and by most of the lending Druggists in the ad
joining counties.
Letter mddrtssed f th cere Mr. Cnrtie
Hatch Jtgemt mt Rmcennm, Okim.
To Dr. Mr nisi : I have been ten years troubled
with Female Complaints prolapsus uteri, and all the
attending difficulties; at times rendering my life mos
miserable. I have had the attendance of tome of the
best physicians, with but little success; the most they
could do was to relieve a cure was out of the Question.
For five months before commencing with your medicine
I had not been able to perforin any labor, could walk
but n few steps at n time, and scarcely went out of doors
in short, I was completely prostrated, both in mind
and body, and expected to'drag out the rest of my days
in suffering and misery. But, reading your advertise
ment, I was induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Cathollcon, as the last resort. I bad not
used it a week before 1 felt like another woman. By the
use of three bottles I was enabled to perform al the la
bor for six in the family with eae, and could walk any
where in the neighborhood without injury. Nothing
bnt n sense of my duty to you and to the affficted. has
induced me to state my case to the public. I can safely
recommend the preparation to all those suffering like
myself. (Signed.) Mrs. S.ulJ. Ann Btsnor.
Freed ore. Portage Co.. Ohio.
TTPJ- B. MAKCI1ISI fc Co Proprietors, Centra
Depot, TmM Broadway, New York.
Warren. June 91. IrM j
Jv m Particle mf Mrmrf in it.
Let tub Afflicted Read and Pokoex!
An Infallible Remedy for Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
Postules en the Face, Blotches. Boils. Ague and Fe
ver, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints,
Stubborn Ulcers Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago,
Spinal Complaints, ami all Diseases arising from an
Injudicious Use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or
Impurity of the Blood.
JXr This great alterative medicine and Purifier
Dlood is now used by thousands of grateful patients
from all parts of the United States, who testify daily to
the remarkable cures performed by the greatest
Medicines, Cartee's Spanish Mixture. Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions of the Skin, Liver
Disease, Fere's. Ulcers, Old Sores, Affections of the
Kidneys. Diseases of the Throat, Female Complaints,
Pains and Aching of the Bones and Joints, are speedily
pat to flight by using this great and inestimable rem
edy. For all diseases ef the Blood, nothing has yet been
fonnd to compare with it. It cleanses the system
all impurities, acts gently ami efficiently on the Liver
and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone
the Stomach, makes tbe skin clear and healthy, and re
stores the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or broken
down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and
For the Ladies, R is incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few doses of Carter s Span
ish Mixture will remove all sai lowness of complexion,
bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give elasticity
to the step, and improve tbe general health in n re
markable deg-ee, beyond ail the medicines ever beard
The large number of certificates which we have re
ceived from persons from all parts of the United States
is the best evidence th.it there ia no 11 am bug about iu
The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and
public men. well known to the community, all add their
testimony to the wonderful effects or tins faUEAI
Call on the AuENT&nd get n Circular and AlBaanac,
and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of ail
Medicines has performed.
. None renuine unless signed Bennett dc Beers, Pro
prietor, No. 3, Pearl street, Richmond, Ya., to whom
all orflSU for supplies and agencies must be addressed.
ForMby E. A. Smith fc Co., Warren ; J. Camp
bell, N ew on FnIIs ; B. Brown, Ohltoo ; Geo. HasleU,
Gastavus , S. W. Mears, Bloomfield, and by Dealers tn
Medicines everywhere. nov SSl-y
-Li Jaundice, Chronic or Nervous Nebility, Disease
of the Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from a Disor
dered Liver or Stomach ; such as Constipation, inward
Files. Fullness, or Blood to the head. Acidity of the
Stomach, Nausea, lieartburn, Piscust lor Food, Full
ness or Weight iu the Stomach. Sour Entcttaions, Sink
insror Flutteriuratthe Fit of the Stomach, Swimming
of tbe llead. liurried and Difficult Breathing. Flutter
ing at tbe Heart, Chokinr or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture. Dimness of Vision. Dots
Webs before the sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes, Fain in tbe Side, Back, Chest, Limns,
.fee Sudden Flushes of Heat. Burnine in the Flesh,
Constant Imatciniiirs of Evil, and Ureal Depression of
Spirits can be effectually cured by
Dr. lloofland' Celebrated German Bitters,
Prepared hj Dr. C. M. JACKSON, So. 120 Arch street.
Philadelphia. .
Their power over the ahove disease i not excelled,
if equalled, hy any other preparation in tha United
States. the cures attest, in many case after skillful
physicians hail failed. These Bitters are worthy tbe
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtue in the
rectification of diseases of tne Liver snd lesser glands,
exercising the most searching powers in weakness and
affections of the digestive organs, they are, withal
safe, certaia aud pleasant.
Joh !Tof ri, Jeroasesville, Ohio. My SJth. 1833
aid : "I write to state for your atisfaction, and also
for that of others, that your German Bitters is what yoa
recommend it to he. a highly valuable medicine, which
I know from having used it in my own family to my
entire satisfaction. All who have used it give the same
STcrMss A. Weslv. Canton, Ohio, May 11, JM3,
say: "Having heard your Uermsn Bitter highly
recommended (rom source in which I placed much
confidence. I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
I of them I gave to my daughter who has derived great
benefit from it ; two of the others I sold immediately,
I mnA I would like von to send m- s supply of it to sell.
Jon Clakk, Brunswick, Ohio. May S6, 1854. ay :
-Your German Bitters have proved successful in every
case that baa come to my knowledge, and ha opened
for itself a great demand."
Tiioaa LrvcaroRn, Covington, Ohio, Dee. 97th,
1833. says : "My wife has been affected with the Liver
complaintand Dyspepsia for a number of years, during
which time 1-nave spent a great deal for doctoring, but
she received very little benefit therefrom, and finally
the doctors said she could not be cured. Last spring
she coucluded to try your Bitters; she took two bottles
and ever since taking them she ha been able to attend
to her business, until very lately she d s new sttack
I but has ai:ain commenced the Bitters. I nave sold
quite a nnmbrr of bottles through her recommendation,
i and as fir as I can learn, it ha given satisfaction to
: all."
I D. AaaoTT, Aostinbargh. Ashtabula county. Ohio.
, December 5th, lKi.1, says "Permit ma to hear testi-
arony to the remarkable efficacy of your medicin ia
th cure of Liver Complain. Ft year previous to
: taking your Bitters. I was vgrt.y slSieted with Liver
Complaint ; so much so that I did not expect to live
I hut by a free use of your medicine. Ihanka to a kind
j Providence. 1 find myself entirely restored to health,
- and able resume my employment."
These Bitter are tntiretf ttrettklt and free from
! Alcoholic stimulant and all injurious mgre.lients.mild
j in their operation, they strengthen the system, never
prostrate it.
I For sale by K. A. ?mith at Co., and Porter at Co.,
"barren ; O. Hailett, Gustaius ; J. 8. Mears. Bloom
; field ; J. Campbell Newton Fails, and by Dealers ia
, Mncineeverywbere. nov 29 lt54-y
M' ERCII ANT'S GarglinS Oil, in.25ct,
50ct- and .1,00 bottle, for ale by the onamity
1 ... V, u M ITU t. I' l
or retai 1, by
March 16. '54.
SLOAN'S Ointment anJ Condition
Powders, for sale by
; mKt ifl 1. A. SMITH fc Cf.
Inst received and for sale by
Aug. 9. E- X. SMITH at Co.
TTOOFLAD'S German Bit ers, eel
I 1 rbratrd rtmsdy for the ear of l.ivrr Complsints.
, Jaundice. Dvsnersis. aud all diseases srisiug from a
! disordered liver or stoniaca. sold by
March 10. X- A. SMITH . Co
Patent Medicines.
"WISDOM shall
T " s-twr down to It. r,ri
the great of the earth, shail kneel
before it,"
Kerereonld this be said with
Bore truth, thai it new anul.e tts
this reuetJy fur alfectioos of the
innmc and Rings. The exaltd
in ivarmng eaa power, icknl
etlse it awpremacy. while both tW I
huie .uid the great era feel its benefits. Tbe libsral- "
nundeu ataong those skilled to core, axe freetoewa
its mastery over distempers which bare baffled their
art. Those of exalted stations are not ashamed to tee-
mij to its virtues, bat deem it a duty and a pleasure te .
thus hold out the lamp of their experience to their
sunVriu; fellow men.
ltness the following translation :
, MMiLuonTiivi., April, 1855.
Hons, le Dr. J. C. Avst : I ha .,r Lxi-. mawt r-a
ftsvent use of yoor Cherry Frttoral Ib my practice,
and am happy to inform yoa that in n case jet kae is
failed me. X have made some sitrnaJ cures of Laxwiie.
itis and Bronchitis with it, and have comuleteW cured
ene case of the Asthma, which had wiihjUood every '
ether medicine I cooM employ.
Accept, air, .the assurances or saw
ujfltinraibed eensiderarlen.
Late Surgeon oi the Royal &1 arise. Trance.
Extract from a letter of nor micti fat th c.nnrt mt
the uM;tne Porte.
Legation of the V. S- CorvsTAri-rinoPLK, Turkey.
Ih-. J. C Ate. Bear Sir: The Cut but Prctorai.
received from you for the Sultan has been delivered to
his pr irate Secretary at the palace, and yen will doubt-
nrs uci it via- . id uoe season, i nat you were so it ma
as to send me has been given to friends, who have 1b
many cases, found it exceedingly useful.
T'surs, respectfully, 6K0. P. MARSH.
Minister Plenipotentiary of the U. ft. A. to Turkey.
Cre.rosV, March 5, 1 S.
irr. L. atcr : i use your iberry pectoral mily
in my practice, and am satisfied ft is a remedy which
most meet in every country the highest approbation.
Resident Court Physician.
Among the eminent Editors who testify to their per
sonal experience and knowledge of the wonderful
cures, and immense usefulness ef the Cheery Pectw
Eal in their tactions, we may mention
Bonchton Ac Co. of federal Union. Milledgwille, 6m.
I. s'atfAn I'KwxaatiaiBa A .1 wvjm, . a. ev. 4 1 1 f
J. R. looeon, American Presbyterian,, tiiesnville
J. B. Samson, "Democrat," McCnneltaborg, Pa.
J. Buss, Jr., ShelbyTille News, Tenn. ' -
Harvey, McKenney A. Co., State tiazetie, Bnrlinrton,
J. KnaMi Co., "Journal." RewUng. Pu
Raymond. Harper Co., New York Times.
S. Cotb, Christian Freeman. Boston. 4
Win. B. Jfteoha. Christian Chronicle, PMI.
Rev. K. Reese, Methodist Protestant, Baltimore. -'.
M. Wighonas., Christian Advocate, Camxifmam
5. C.
J. M. Magennis, True Delta, It. 0. ?
T. M. Donnell. Daily News, Savaniah. 6a.
Geo. D. Prentiss, Louisville Journal, Ky.
Hon Schuyler Colfax, M.C., Sooth Bend Register, Ia.
A. Commings. Christian Mirror, Portland, Me.
M. II. Bartlett ec Co.. Republican, Hartford, Conn.
These gentlemen have not only certified to tnesw
statements in their papers to the public, but have sent
me their personal letters to the effect that they have
found my preparation an article of great public utility.
Space wiH not admit full testimonials here, but the
sanr hatAar a.moil mill (rM.ns.k launma .
iicolarss and indisputable nroof of these statementoT
I nae. gratis, to ail who ask for it, wherein are rail
rrcpareany jaja3 u. A it.!, Practical and Ann-
lytical Chemist, Lowell, ila
bold by F. i iTTtJr-, Cincinnati ; B. A. Swrrast
Co., Warren; J. Cilnui, Newton Fall; H. W. Ck
tas, Mesopotamia; and by all dealer ia KedMins
Uj Beware of counterfeit snd worthless prepara
tions attempted to be palmed off under a similarity of
name. oct 25-3m
Manufactured by HARCOCRT, BRADLEY Co., 44
Market Street, llanchester. Principal Warehouse, lie
Wood St., Cheaps ide, London, Eufrtand. American
E5tabli9hmenUT3S Ann Street and Nassua Street
Sew York.
The Hydromaren is a valuable discovery for protect
ing the feet from damp or cold, nnd therefore n pro
ven tat ive of many hung diseases, witaout any doctor
inr whatever. The Uydronuuren is in tbe form at n
sole, and worn inside the boot or shoe. Its medjeaied
character is a powerful preventative to disease.
For Gentiemen it will be found areeabie, warm n-ztA
healtiiy, to wear in the coldest or rainiest weath., an
the foot cannot become wet if the Hdr?:aren is inser
ted. Ladies may wear the lightest so.ed boots or shoe
in the most inclement weather win impunity ; whilst
Consumption, so prevalent amon.r the young of our
country, may be thwarted by their general adoption.
They entirely superseed overshoes, as the latter cans
the feet to perspire in n very unheal' by manner; and,
besides, are not dangerous to wear fo pedestrians in
icy weather, like indin rubbers. Unile the latter
cause the feet to appear extremely larg., the Uydromn
ren, being n mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiar
ly placed inside, does not increase the sxe cf the boot,
or cause tbe foot to appear untidy. To ehil Iren they?
are extremely valuable, as they may engage ia exercisn
with comfort and beakhy effects. Their expense is so
slight aa to scarce need mention; besides, those whs
patronise them will And their yearly doctor bills much;
djminisived thereby.
As the Ilydromagen is becoming more known, Itn
sale is increasing to an almost incredible extent. Last
year in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool,
Glasgow, Leeds. Dublin, Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg and
Berlin, our sales reached 1,?3,450 pairs of Cork Soles.
This year the number will far surpass that.
Ask the Faculty their opinion of their vara as sj
preventative for Coughs. Colds, Bron -nitis, A struma
and Consumption.
Mea's Sue, per pair. 35 cents; Ladies do. per pair.
30 cents; Boys' and Misses' do. per pair, cents.
Moths. From the Retail Prices we make n very lib
eral allowance to Jobbers and wholesaler, so that any
storekeeper may make a fine profit on their sale, while,
they are nn article that may be kept in any store t
among any class of Goods.
For terms, applr to
3S Ann Street, .New York.
Sept. SO, 3m
11 STORE. Nos. 11 Jt 13 Main Street.
Spring has cornel And so has the largest,!
best and cheapest stock of Boots and Shoes ever I
brourht on tne n estern Heserve.
D. 11. W A RR EN, in announcing this fact to his pat
rons, and tha w r W st large, invites them, one and all,
to come and see for tssemselves, for he feels confident h
can suit them with any kind of good Boot or Shoe they
rurenasing nis stocn or tne -aanvTacia rers lor casts,
enables him to offer such inducements to buyers aa can
not be found elsewhere
Ladies ! yon like to have a pretty Gaiter or Shoe, and
I have taken especial care to please yoa by selecting the
most fashionable, prettiest and most genteel stock for
ladies wear, that cooM be found in New York; so all
that like the ornamental as well aa useful, will call and
see nnd buy, before going elsewhere.
Gents! 1 have the best assortment for your use the?
greatest variety of material, and the latest fashions, only
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enamelled 6aitera.
Children ! some, and I can fit yon with any knd rf
8hoe or Gniter your taste may select.
D. 11. W. again returns in inks to past patronage, and
solicits its continuance.
N. B. Boots and Shoes made to order and warranted
to fit. - D. H. WARREN.
P. S. Dont forget the No. 11 efc 13 Main St. Warren '
Canneld. Ohio. The subscriber takes ,
this method to inform the generous public that he still
carries on the above business, in ail its various branches,
and will make to order, any thing that a man may want
in his line. Having a largo stock of new material al
ways on hand, and the best of workmen to do it up in
style that cannot be surpassed by any establishment in
the country, those who wish to purchase Carriage or
Baggies ready-made, can always find a large assortment
at my shop, of all qualities, and at nil prices, and I am
not afraid of competition, from any onarter, especially
north. I would just say to all who wish to get a good
article, they would do well to call on this establishment
before- purchasing elsewhere, for oor work is of the best
Quality, and all warranted y
PAINTING and TRIMMING done on short notice
Particular attention paid to repairing.
NEW BUGGIES in exchange for old ones. All kinds)
of Lumber taken in ejechaorc tor work.
The subscriber Batters hunselfthat by strict attention
of himself aud hands to business, he can have a reason
able share of public patronage. Thankful for all forme f
favors, he will be still more thankful for new ones.
Canneld. Mtf 26. Ic53-r . M. SWANK.
MILLS ! ! The undersigned take this method of
informing the farming public, that still continuing to
manufacture Fanning Mills, they have so far improved
the same as to be able, not only to take out foul seeda
from Grain, better and faster than any other mill now
in use, hut also to perfectly separate, or take out, the
rat dirt that may be Iodrel In the same.
They can also take Timothy, CIovct and Flaxseed in
the ehalT, and by once rnnning it through, can make it
perfectly mercantable. Their Flaxseed and rat dirt
cleaners are their own Inventions, deduced from mch
study and experimenting the past winter, nnd are sueht
as are not to be found in any other mill extant. They
invite all who need mills to call nnd examine theirs
before purchasing elsewhere; and ns their mills nrs
always warranted, they can run no risk of being ins
nosed apon with a poor mill.
yarmington, July iu. w.tiKiia oe su.s.
X) undersigned, in connection with their Printing:
tmeeanl bookstore, i.re etaJnsni a . -
BINDERY, where Book-Bimliug in every S: 2
variety and style, will be dowe on short '
notice. Their Bindery has one of
Blank Books ruled to order; Periodicals bound; old
Books re-bonnd; and every branch of the business at
tended to in the best manner, and on reasonable terms.
This establishment employs the best of workmen, and
a comparison with work turned out from other Bind
eries in regard to style, durability, finish and price, i
fearlessly challenged.
Books and orders may be left at ADAMS Bookstore,
Warren, who is authorised to receive and forwrird the
Aug. 16, lc54-6m RAvenna, Portage Co., 0.
Scsaro, would respectfully inform the Public gener
ally, that he has located himself at Xewtou Fail,
where he will attend to nil call ia his profession, S4
his Office or at private dwellings.
Dr. X. will pay particular attention to all kinds of
of old Chronic diseases, such as Dyspeiisia, Liver
Complaint, diseases of the Lours. Kidney. Skin,
Bronchitis, Arthnatie Afflictions, snd all diseases
arising from an impure state af the blood. Also all
diseases peculiar, the Female sex.
Ir. Morton' remedies sre purely vtftttklt and th.
wtter-emre, discarding poisons of every kind, coca
mineral, vegetable and animal. 11. will also keep on
hand all kir. of Botanic Medicines, ooth simple and
compound; Tinctures, dyrups. Bitter, Liniments, Ac-,
str.. for sale.
Newton Fall. Nov. 9, 1PM nov S-tf.)
SPECIAL NOTICE to consumers of
Saddlery and Hardware. Faekard O., Who!
sal and Keui) Uardware Kealers at Wst Greenville,
Pan wish to advise tbe reader af the "Chronicle" thai
a vary large stock and full assortment of Goods In tho
ahove line, can at all times he found st their Mammoth
Kstaolfshment, which for quality or cheapness cannot
be excelled in the Country. Harness and Saddle Ma
kers in Ashtalnla and the Northern part of Trumbull
County, can sava time and "mileage" by going ta.
Onr Good an houtrht f Hannfaeturers for cash,
thereby enabling as to offer cash buyer every induce
ssetit. We will obligate ourselves to duplicate ay
bi'.is from Pittsburgh. Cleveland or Buffalo.
A large addition to the stock of Japanned, Brass sad
Stiver Plated Aoods, Patent aud Koamrlled Leather,
I ving for the Fall Trade.
.. ... , . .M MC llUUUI'l'Kl. .tnMC MV, Hi
ll ! will te please.. Jt an
. times to show our Good to all who wish to buy, or r.
Must looking around." WAJULEN l'ACKAJU) st Co.
1 cent- &

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