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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, January 24, 1855, Image 2

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Cliroiiid anb (Transcript.
J. D. COX. : :
: : : : Editor akd PRoPRiarwit.
: : : : AwortA-nt Editor.
Warren, "Wednesday, Jan. 24.
- - frg. as the ar
inies at lnkem anii f.iund out. When
the Democrat Cutis out that there is a
Republican arty in existence, there
may lc some chance of its shots hitting.
In the reply attempted hy our neighbor,
to cur article of last w eek, the following
wonderful assertions ore found. 1st.
There was a national Whig party in 1 S.VJ;
2nd.., there was at the same time a Free
Soil par y ; 3d, the writer of our article
last week Ixl njred to one of these ; 4:h,
his.cc-editor bclorjred to the other; and
finally, there must therefore be some ter
rible incr risistency in our present position,
and the Democratic party ought, ly all
legitimate rules of warfare, to be tri
umphant instead of biing annihilated in
the free States.
When our neighbor has pushed his re
searches into history far enough to dis
cover the organization of the Republican
movement, ami that it has a pla'finnof
its own; that his party has been pretty
thoroughly beaten by that organization
once, and is (Loomed to a still worse de
feat next fall ; when he has discovered
that to revile Know Nothings and crow
over the election of Mott in Pennsylvania
in the same breath are hart'ly cnrs:!-i.t ;
when he perceives that hatred of seen t
political societies does not agree very
well with the organization of the Sag
Stents; he may then begin to talk " to
the point " in regard to the present state
of affairs.
For the present then, we leave the
Democrat to pursue its studies. We on
ly fear that it will continue to make a
practical application of the old maxim,
that ' when ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly
to be wise." C.
r : f
But little important business has been
done by Congress during the past week.
Id the Senate, the joint resolution pro
posing a new Arctic expedition "for the
relief of Dr. Kane, was finally passed.
Mr.- Seward presented a petition in re
lation to offering the mediation of the
United Slates in the European question.
Mr.-' Fessenden presented a memorial
frorri Maine praying for a repeal of the
Fugitive Slave Law.
In the House proceedings have been
enlivened by occasional debates on Know
Nothingtsm. Mr. Benton spoke upon
the 'Pacific Rail Road, and advocated
leaving its construction to private enter
prise. He attacked and ridiculed all
roufrs but the middle one, his own pet.
The most important item of intelli
gence from the Capital is the resignation
of Mr. Soule our filibuster Diplomat in
Spain, and the appointment of Mr. J. C.
Breckenridge of Kentucky in h:s place.
This change is said to be a part of a new
system of policy; the Administration
finding that filibustering does not pay,
and ha vinff determined to give up the at
tempt at annexing Cuba, as a bad job.
The; Sandwich Island treaty also hangs
fire, and it has become exceedingly doubt
ful whether it will amount to anything.
The zeal for expansion which h-is pos
sessed the Administration so far, seems
to have cooled off rtmarkaLly under
their rebuffs abroad aud their whippings
at home.
j the
stt -ckholdi
British Quarterlies and Blackwood.
We call particular attention to the ad
vertisement of the publisheis of these ad
mirable reprints, which will be found ; pon
the next page. We are within Lounds
when we say that the expendi ure often
dollars for tliis series of periodicals, will
secure more valuable reading upon the
the topics of mental, and moral, philoso
phy, h.story, travels, poetry, the fine arts,
science and lel'e httret in general, than
can he obtained in s ny other way for
double the money. In fact we know of
no other means of keeping posted as
to current literature in all depart jients,
which can be compared with this.
The extra inducements which Messrs.
Scott & Co. offer, speak for th m-elves:
the books themselves should be induce
ment enough for all.
New volun es commence with North
British for November, 1854, and the oth
er review s and Blackwood foi Jan. 1855.
j nothing
; hv
is the
The Czar of Russia.
connected with the history
of jhis most wonderful man and mon
arch possesses extraordinary interest.
This Emperor Nicholas is now in the
fifty-ninth year of his age. He came to
the throne Deceinbtr, 1825, and was
crowned ut Moscow, September 3, 12G.
He" succeeded his elder brother, Alex
'under I., who administered the govern
ment of Russia, nearly a quarter of a
century. It was the good fortune of
Alexander to reign in a period when the
empire was prepared for noble improve,
ments, and it pleased him to direct his
ambition accord iiigly. His t ndeavois to
elevate the condition of the boors, and
ihe general tendency of his policy lo in
troduce the principles and manners of
Western Europe, offended lhec.li Mus
covite nobility, and towards the c inclu
sion of his reign, in spite of the vigilance
of the police, a fearful and widely-spread
conspiracy was formed against hi:n, tiie
discivery and p'liiishm'nt of which, was
reserved for his successor. S uie suspi
cions were whispered at the time :!,:it his
death was t ho result of violence ; hut it
turQed-out that he died at Pagaurx-h, of
a b:ilious fever, in the arms of his wile.
Jy that rvent Russia lost a ;reat be::e-fit-jtor.
Ti lings of his death had hardlv
reached Petersburg before his hro:her
Cjilstantine then in Warsaw, w.is pro
claimed Emperor, and all tilt: civil olli
eers ail guards tojk the oath cf allegi
ance to him. I5:it C n-taiitino w ould
not accept the eriwa, h iving reiii:i'iis'ic I
his claim to iho suaccssir in a formal
document ad I rosed to his reigning br.iih
er sjih thrive years previous. On open.
i:iL'lho V'iH of Alt xan.'rr, ihe document
containing his resignati in was found, to
cither wi'.ii lnmiie.sio f the Emperor,
declaring-his eeoud.lr.iiher, Niulteias,
to be hi- sucevs-ior. C nisi.-.iitiue W;,s
pres-ut at J:"s r-Jionation, and a fl w y us
fer"r ."tircJ'f.fj In his olH iul pos.'lir-n ui
War j'ff.
of the
I Kn.'in
j such
: noted,
j lore
i ion.
j upon
I ner.
I w h
i land,
, this
but so
h.l it.
i erinir
I. ct,
i the a-ikle-j
t-j ha-'o
j asli -s
I llii-y
j ::.e
.. : t
" "
iio lies
A Discovery.
vi .i- i 4ii t
I hat sterling pa,r, the Albany Jour-
Ual, ol the l.llli, comes to u printed on
paper made entirely from B-lsswood.-
All hail to the discoverer ! Mr. jkoR(;e
W. Beardslee, its inventor, will live as
one of the men of our age; for he has
done a work for it, the beneficial effects
of which it would be difficult to measure,
Describing the paper, which U stout
and white, the Journal says :
The pa-t r is made from Pulp produced
from Dasswood shuvings. of a p eulia.
form, thrown oil" by M'. BenrcMce's
planing machine, which has been im
proved to troduc;' this result. It contains
n mixtuie of rags, t,r o:her mileri.il
wliattver, nor sizing. It is from thr
pure wood alone. The paper ft:rnilr-d
us was m ule at Siter-ett's mill, Little
Phils, ii'i-ler ii!i!avo!-l I c:rciims!anees.
sttj.-.U td' I'uip was-..i sma'
the mill I a 1 to be served l.y Iii.ihS i is'ead
of bv "au-:e I'unips, the eons out nee of
which was, such irregular feeding as to
produce slightlv irregular thicknesses of
paper. The Paper has also been used,
it-!:', T...rCf.t L-iuiixci: lit Mr fitavit T.r
transferring fine lln;; engravings a rt - j
st.lt w hich eainy.it be attained by any i
other ordinary newspaper. j
Cruel. Uitezel utterly refuses to
'cut ns down." He says we m:iy hang
in our suspense. We did not think he
would be so cruel. Our shot went home,
and he has been in a peifxt flutter ever
since. Last week's Democrat -ems un
conscious of everything but our squib
We endeavored to count tin the references
,i, nh.:,i. ,nn..r rTr ..,t ..-
Inda't digits enough, and our aritVetic !
w;,s at fault. We hope Ritezel wo, t Ik- j
hard upon our fcnorance, hut we must
confess he puzzles us whenever he talks ior
our " ledizzenhg the eye of our rea-
rs." We were t ntirelv unconscious of
any attempt at ornamenting our subscri
bers' eyes, either ui;h spangles or paint,
we can't make out what he means.
shall look into Mrs. Partington as soon
we get leisure, and perhaps shall find
From the Cleveland Herald.
Cleveland and Mahoning Rail Road
The fecond annual reports of the Di
rectors and Chit f Engineer of the above
Road nre before us.
It was hoped and expected hy the man
agers of this Road that the same would
before 'his have been opened from this
to Warren, Trumbull County. This
could have been done had not a wise and
business-like policy, which has peculiar! y
distinguished the management of this
enterprise from its inception, dictated a
different course. Contracts were au
thorized and made for a portion of ti e
rails and equipments nectssaiy to
carry out the first plan of opening these
seven miles. Previous to July last,
(however, a markrd charge came over
condition of our country. The ma r
i for all classes of securitits altered
rapidly and decidedly, and the Hoard of
Directors in July, wuli a foresight and
sagiicity which places them in admir: ble
contrast with almost every other like en
terprise, lot ked the financial doubt and
distrust square in the face, and prrpantl
ship for the si ock. At a time h n
financiers, s-killed in thiir art, gaih
tred all their energies to r'efy the storm,
desperately determined not to shot ten
lut ride down the blast, the Di
rectors tif this Road husbaudtd their re-ar-urcrsavd
rtsolvtdto l;tnd to the blast,
rather than to sacrifice the menty of the
rs tr jeopardize the ultimate
success of their enterprise. The icsiilt
be most gratifying to all concerned.
work has bet n di laved, hut that is
Financially, the Company stands
uiiliarmt d, ni;d no sacrifice has been
by mistaken notions of policy, or
undue impatience to have the Road in
running order.
The time for opening of the Road was
oned, no tquipmi nl w;is brought on.
such i:S was absolutely necessary
construction, and but five hundred
of iron is now on hand, of which to
hundred tons have liern laid in ihe ro.-ol
for use in cons' motion. Tin Lark
was taken nntUr most aim r. hi
iiiull.'iio meiit and with-. it loss to t'e ("oiii
p.ii y. A p:ir! of i;ie -a lie policy was a
in the fire- of m n en-ieed up.
the line, ami l: is lo was ac-.-iioj lisii, d
damage, to cj a. tractors, and by a
judicious completion of those contrails,
work under which might deteriora'e
being left in an unfinished state. To
a home lv cxptcssion, and one perhaps
known in the ruiliond vocabulary,
w as It ft so ns to in jure or sj oii
kcomnjT. lne woik is now uml. r t.'ie
control of the Company, and tan
graduated and prosecuted just to suit
state of monetary affairs. The only
which really suffers by this delav
immense business along the line ol
Road which impatiently waits the lay
ing down of the rails.
compensate for the f;reat disappoint
ment which the friends of ihe Road feel
this delay, it is we'l to note that the
in iron will make a ditli-reuce in fa
f the Road ol at least 8:2,000 per
i .i -i
ana a luriner consitieraoie saving
be made in the letting of the residue
prospects for business upon this I cent.,
. ... - .i
tiiivr 4. vei-r.lerl II144 imwl s:t r mi 1 i,t I 1 l
s ........... t-..,s uu.
expectaiions and in prosecuting the work, I .
statistics have been gather, d and j nla"
as will exceed the esmiate heiett-'
presented, and it really, in our opin- j ere
will turn out advantaireouslv to ihe ' ..
It. j
masteriy repirt of Edward War-
Chief Eugii,e.:r, nontains much val- j
information, not only to Uailroad evening
I ..... .1 . it
1. 111 10 nie i-tiuiiiiv generally, iisi.... ;
ing the coal aud othei immense re
of the soctio:i which wiil he open
led the Lakes and lo I'hiladclphia bv
c shall follow up llus suh.ee 111 a few
... . .1 .
by extracts from these reKirts, mid I
p; every man interested in Ch v.-I olli'
and iu the general development id ! widow
great State wiil read them carefully. 1 pension
bodies have bei-n found in a gruw- Thixgs,
near Oei inauiow n in a state of pi Iri j
. l ... . I ..i. ii , i.
H.iyton Empire reports ihnt scv-j
i. .Mrs. L'v h;id b.-en burietl tuen- i
Vf ars. Tiie t-ufTiii
heavy that it
.Not a vestiire.it shroud or env-
rem liiK'.l hut the hd Jv Was er
j save the rij;ht leg from the knee t.i
iint, w hen; the Ih-.sh s.-eine.l
va.,t i l au ay, and lay nt the hot
j oftlsp coffin iu a substance icvmblinjj
mi d m ith si:i,!. With this c x-
of tieeay, the bxiy and liuihsex
j the sumo nc-rieciuess el' exterior
tli I nist i. life and an'iiii.tiou wi r in
bo:iv. J; was stnne ef a dr -,! ci.l
ti. :
wits iH-riet t. ' t .
,.,.,- . . I am
i.Muiitu rsl.4 (ilt-i. I ,
i .
an .
If any
ri ; illl::lov
.1 :t i . r i i '
. in' " ":l r "'"7 11 "r leyes
u.... ii... u , ii,'..iniT, ii4II,.
,0' . - i . r- .1,1 'lure
n as e.;tiiiiiie.J. alitt loll id to lie m
.sti.n-, and in p i r: .!. c v .1. dtij. r patronage
exhibited pu :..-.l stuti; o! pciri- j dont
ii desctt-s
News Items.
TlIE 0j,:0 KiVcr jg aH
! , , . . ...
j b' ",Uul' it has not far to fall.
A resolution has been offered in the
j Buffalo Coiiiincn Coun-.il forbiddin-r the
j ,.,....,- ,,,., ,ip ,wo , , .
that citv
Boston, Jar. 1. Tin? large cottoii
miil in Dorchest r, Moi ging to ihe Hin
du stcr Manufacturing Cm p " y, wj s tu
tally destroyed by fire last night. Tii.
ejs.'ern gable e:;d fell outward, and many
firemen marvel usly , seaped death. L-ss
. : . 1 . -.-.. r... i .
i staiiattu at ?inuuuu, ami illsiirM in
Kjston fur S'0,000.
Private lelt -rs ic-rived here s-iv the
screw propeller Canadian, advertised to
leave Liverpool on the iih hist. fir Port,
land, had be. u taken up by the Gover
meiit for the Crimea.
1 1 : e J tional Era is ut w" h a new an J
beautiful head, and a dress. It is well
t,UsIillnL'1 "- varanous dcj.arlments.
A corr spondent of the N. Y. Eetning
Jxt savs ,,R.re ;s no ,reatv vt-x ;ie
Sandwiclvlslands, an I there will be none
for annexation, the Prince will unite in
no negotiat ons for a chang of sover
eignty. This puts a new face to ihe ub- 1-0
The LegiIature t.f Connectieu: h;
abolished the law requi ing notices of
(rom the pulnit. The Tow
MUS a '"ir!l,'Cit,e afu'r ,,'t Pn" 1 av-'
mVhvd will, the requir. ments of the
,:IW' en aD.v ordainedMinister, Judge
JUMlce OI 1 cace m7 l"C Knot.
A1,,s ,s nsiDie.
It is said the English Government is
matiimonia! intentions to b
' nublishe I i
' , , .
.n Clerk is-
rejoiced a' the supposed p ospect of the
withdrawal of the Collins line of steam-!
ers. asit would give them the monol-
oiy in mat dusii.css. ltiey are saia to , in
be ready to put on two new steamers fori'
fn rv one ot ihe American boats that are!
A census of T ledo just taken, shows a
population ef 11,473. The census of
loaj gave a total ot -,41U, maktn? a
gain in one ye r of 3 C63, or over 36 per
cent. TI e Republican esjiect a still
more r- pid increase in future.
New York by a fashionable lady r siding !
4 h street. She issued 5( 0 rds of i
1 lie most novel expedient lor assisting j
po r has recently been devised in !
tation for a calico dress ball, rotify
irtg the guest that e: ch lady was expect
ed to appear in a cal co dress, which
desired lo send the next day as a do
ion to t! e Five Points Mission. The
rartv rsme off. nnd so did the li t- ml- ! in
Capt. Ethan A. Allen, form- rly ;
the U. S. Artilltiy, d td at Lis r si- j in
ence'n Norfolk County, Va., on the t th '. sl
, .1 r-.i ri . j
st., in the G. ih ye.-r fins age. Capt.!
b 1 , .
Ail...... v : y- , ..i ..
U 9 LOlll 111 f 1II111..I1., flS rUULl
at est Point, and served in the ar
until its reduction in 1 C51. His bro-i
Capt. Hannibal Allen, died while in '
1 t , v 1 v ( ,, 1
command of FortNelson Norfalk lar-.r.
" j his
- v
about the year J814 They were!
e o' ly fens of Gtn. Ethan All. n, of! Hi
Revolutionary fame.
a-wia i
the I incmnati Ltmniercwl oftl e 11th . ninl
says th. re have been three v dims hini
Spirtualism brought t.. the Ham. coun. j to
Lunatic Assylum, within the past
, ' 1 1 l.iud
A lead" of gold has been struck bv last
:.. v -,..i. 11:11 i nltw
1J Ufll l& VVIl.'n.l , 111 l.CH S 41 & A.l-I.
Nevada coun y, C lifomia of marvelous ,
, 1 , .. , . , , :
nchness. In a drift. 20 feel below ihe (ak;
surface of the ground, the t omp ny came
the "lead" and t ey took out ' to
auriferous quarts worth 8 10,t00 in two
rri . r .i . -'-.. rear.
liuuiM. juic jl.uk. 'i t i until ? uut'y
a i i .
Tdegr.ph, v l.o v.MU-d the tuniul, says
the roof and sides of the drift nre all cap
glitter wuh the candle-light , to
William Smith (extra Billy,) formeily
Governor of Viiginin, and now a demo
member of Congress frcm that
Las con erdfd lo be put in nomi
1 1 . 1 , r
ns an ni i-rer.tier.t esnnulate fun
... 1 da
. . . . . . . ..... . . 4 1 : ., .
, linn
ernor, in opposit on to Air. Wise. 1
Tue death ot Miss Bacon of Cir,c:n-
, ' .
who ccmn.itttd .wen e ly taking; .
a a.4llllf.
by lu-anity
laudanum, was caused
tight on by the loss cf I cf little all init
was deposited in the hands of one ', ,,vo
failing private bankers ol Cincinnati. ,' tli
The Xt-w Yolk Sun, one - the largest ;
da ly in the world, has I ten cut . guishe
bv the hard times, until it looks 0,;
i mi
much l.ke suflc.ng a ta.al eel pe. , tiRl
Rests in San Franc sco have fallen 35 js
percent., wages 4 J, and salaries odpcr-iicr
.nii real estaic is pjsitivcly unsalea-1 vor-
w : . 11! . 1. i-r
00 wines in nie niL'eni aiiior-
. . : cures
l ,,,e Intd "Jencer- ' iiu
t''E Voun children at Newton I,. I., 1 produce
suffocated in bed. ow n.. u, the i - li:t'.v
-. , . r. .
: A
j burg,
inu c.ii.u.uu o. mr. .u. , 01 1,.
Danbury, Ct., were placed in bed atjjr.ir
and a pan of burnin" chaicoal ' tin-o
- a ! .
... , . ... , -. .. I II--
and ihe t h.ldrer were nearly dead !
the tfTtcts of the i hurco.-l funics.
v- . r -p . ri 1 v
liiEcsiryof Iruiiiy Church, N.:w
J .
"'',8 Volwl lu 'Mrs' "ainw right.
of tiie late Provisional Bishop, a
of -S-OUO a yenr.
prt si
sorts of nicei hiighi
are being sold at Aikek it Coons j uuitiuuc
at the most tempting prices, j '"ng-r.
Jweluv and All
(!, u.
Oi II.
. ii i . i -i !
i n irimeni as w n ue s-cen uv ine
, ... , ", !
tiiiHuiciit .u ctnoti.ei u iuuiu . iirre i
1 . . ! e . t . . 1
ne au:-an iy lesuiy tnai is n, cnuicc.
one goes to ClevtlanJ for the j.ur
pose ol buy.ng such things beautiful hiiJ
nnd fails to visit Aikiv it Coons,
miss it.
I t!t-Ki.'.w
spe. t
I5ook Stoue. Wc called on j
Messis.Kl.NUit CoMPiNVCicve'anJ.a few ;
since and found tiieir '.ne s!oie much J
ecenllv, and trlaJJencd our
with the attractive array of lite, a
.i , . ....
upon their she ves. 1 l;t-v
dost i ve
and they gel v. liy llie l.y
forgel the OrTiiARA, usical frienJr
all t' at i s f;ie;;dscl im f rif.
in thcl
is ii,
Practical, but Cool.
The Kanzat Pi Mcr, published in li e
city of Kickxr-oo, in said territory, cm.
tlins the proceedings of n public meeting,
an I of the p. Ojile ew r illy thereabouts,
which is alxmt the bst x-it inn n f c 1
impudence we have witnessed tor some
The s (tiers, from some cause, did not
like tile lippMMtmt'iits ol G ivernor 11 -a-der
; so lh.-y calh d a public int cling, and
'.nicly resolved, 1st. that the s:iil a,
jKiiiiiuieiits wi-ri- oSnuxiou.s ; -!!. ih.ii i:
vas tin- rii;lit of t! e ..iiij-l.- i,i -lit-t s-.ch
pi rs nis as lis- v s..w fir. ami it uas lh
duly o! the (iov eii.ur to issue cenniiisinns
to litem; and .11, ilial liiey would hold an
l'-e;i'iu f.ir this purp-.se the n. xt di.y.
Aec ednj-lv. a f rt of eld-lion was liehl.
- . . , , I
..nd persons f .r juslic-of ti.e peaee. en-
'- v, r.v- Sl"te Journal.
staO'e. t.Ve., were clios-'ll, an
en. or ilulv notified th- n'of.
We h.ive not heard whether the exec
siw will recognize this i'i-w- liii k in lie
!;re:!t d.M-!rile of popul; r sovereignitv.
and i-isitr. tli- eomnii-Jsions as direc'.ed lv
'he Kiel-a shi squatters-. But, whv not
Why ii vi- this apiohitnii power to the
liov. m )f, when the people ar" there to
exercise it for themselves? Wli.it nn
sw er can he muk them ? Is not the
very r seiiee of tliis Governor an o:igsl
them a gross violation of fV 0(
sipiaiier rights ? This movement is ti
new aiililicition or:he 'heorv. It is also
The Inquisition.
,""v'' w i'.-1 ;l" i'l'i'iisite.ria' vowc-r.
Uoj'V llie fill wir.it purl of their pr
, ,i . r. .. .. ' 1
I'mler thp i dl'i. nee of t!n United
?es Jm.'jr,. j,t M I wm ki-,tln Graed Jiir
meiit to l lie- Lourt
We have regretted to see that two
I iilv li 'pers published "n this citv, the
free Democrat and Sentinel, defend those
wiio r. sirt ihe due prosecution of the pro
ciss and have contained threats and abu
sive misreprt sentatinns of the dull, its
offit: rs and jurors. We have no disnosi-
j"'"" lo interfere w"t'i the lilw rty of ihe
',r',ss- wl,,VI: Vi ',riz' f 7 :'" ' " ".
we. respecttullv and sincen-Iv repiesi nl
,,. ri,k.a.io ,s j lh(,s., p.,,, n,Cj
our opinion, prejudicial to the adminis-
aim of justice, and submit that if per-
5,is,, ;1 the Hist licl Attorney should in-
stitute proceedings against their pnh'.isli-
The pr.pers named speak out tin ir sen
ium ms; that is their error. Thev tell
jus! w! at they think about the Fugitive
Act. anil t:ie Rescue C.ise, what officials
are I u-v in the latter, and how they have
aiiairi d or are managing to carry the
day fir the Government this is their
crime. And will the Grand Jiirv of M!l
'" '' how to brave or brand Judicial !
"su,l a,,on' an'1 ! ,f,' w !1 '! They j
aukie f, iter or frighten these Journals ? dj
Their C'i'ors are men of pluck, and know i
i o! lo be silenced. N0 iunuisi'ion
muzzle lt:e Dress, or nimish it. i.
, 4- i
""er- j an.
A Pki o.veR AT Sebast pol The 'I
day I was in thelrencl.es, whi e a
li"rht skiimish was ''oiniron in front, and
covered way I nut one of our rifle
anil a Russiar. riih men w alking
slowly together. As I came neater, I
that the Russian ws limping along
J'ain, resting his hands on our fellow's
ou di r' wi:h. lw0 riflos und r .,,is
arm, and a pipe in his mouth, was walking
..' , t , . .
si v ur.rl . ool v n omr evidenllv nv nir
- . . J " .- . o
relisl t d for not being understood. ;
" Mngiibaity of tht-ir an-!
peaiance, 1 waited ti l they approached, ;
. ., .., , V . i.:..:.i...
asntu li e 1 iiien an im ne gvi ins 1 n.,:
wounded oppcnenfsonie good a" vice, i so
hieli I have no doubt was Til the better,
pr..ncr? "Is ii v ..tie did 1 get hini,; 'i
?" said he with an cct nt o iudinant ; in
surprise, "laith I shot him with my own! lain
hands." -When did you shoot ;
9" j inquired. "Wien? I shot ;
down there of course," said he. poin-1
the "ovens." where ihcre had been a j
tlree:s"S'l,'ni'- He was down there be- lion
a wall, Sir, taking aim: with only j av
leirs out. when I hit liim with my ! her
rtund in the knee : and I've sr. this
ir and IV.. .n.t Vii hflivii Sir
"fs, s.., u..u . , ,
r"d,a 1 1,WHnt n"w Is 1,is b,,0tSL and, Vm yt
leading him to the hosp lal, when 1 can
e Hff , hjm colnfo,rlauit.. Uav;n,
tliis niueh with a droll ernestness
which no v ords can do jusiice, he i rt
quic.ly resumed his wa towards the Ood
asMsunir anu iui )inr nis i.oor
, . . ,
woundVd pnonT, w ho uunnir tiie wiioie
in hand frtni one lo the other, as if
implore ur mercy ai u protecii. n.
REl'IiriAMZ.iTIOS OF TiiE ArMV. Gen.
is now in t. is city, in pur-uancc of
summons t f the conimi tee on military
aflairs of Ihe House o. Kepresenta ives,
. 1 . .. ..1 1 w ...
iiesiic.i two nours vesteruav 1 ucuuts-
.1. J.
y) before the committee n. cxplana-
' ... 4
of the wants of the military service,
; musl
' et',Jcd in his opinion as to the ne-
,'ccssitvof a proper organization of the
T K,Jn., ,.: t.
4 1. 41147 IIUL1. I 11 V. 4.111 IV! 4UV I
rcoriraniza ion of the Army was r com-1
cd, w ith the understanding that the
com mi U. s of Congress would have
lriit of the veter..n's advice on the
General Jesup, an I all others distin
penny 1 ofheersof the Army, will also
summouu i before the committees.
. I . I . ' . f C?
l,le1 lltmes for hich Mr lidjsi Mr.
laboriii" in the Senate, and Mr. Faulk- I clerks
in the House, will meet with fa-! of
1 iiat portion of th-bill w
hich pro-' with
s for an inciease of the Am y, se-: named
. . . .
almost universalconcuirence. the : nings,
reasc of pay and the retired list may :
some difference of opinion, but, charge
e, ' lo bu dependent propositions, j lady,
lutdhmucer. tut
Vknki.abi.e Razo.i. Mr. S:ea..i-
hail t r. ss. r, urn er the Mailhoro'
.,,; is jn .U1:S o( a
d hv
tertdicate frwu
i. r ihut it was biongU over ,i,
... . . , .. . . .
Muvrtoicer. alierwards mhcrileil b
liit liiiiiilv, us. d hv the lather ol
lh- t
i,t owner receixcd it lliirlv yiars
If ibis history be true, the Rizor
t u in aciiv.- s-rvice gt'O years, no
can It II how t. uch longer. Il is slil!
i n I keen, and looks as it it might
ig roils at h ast 'S.iO yVuis
(jatts dining Ins l.le, inherited l. i
Out. S, aim l l.llstanl.V Used hv llllll 1
he died, and ufl. rw ar.ls f. 1. into ihe . u
of Horatio Cases, Esq., of O'al-1 wllil
(). (now living, ) of whom tlif stiH
Wit.injt S::nn. ?h ii.Ut nf Co-ijrress
Virginia the man u ho whendnv.
Va., urid the f.n.-iiile e.jiiilsi..ii ol
nenrm s I'liiin Virginia, j.u I is an
ln w Notliin"
I'li.lav in f.or
Nihin"s, and is ll c candi
Iur liiivernt r in o-ition to Wise.
llli.jareli. hi;,(,e a
i. :ii th,- Ih iise on
(iid;in.s and Co ;.I.n'. .Shelnian's
;;mv wl 11 ni.-ii had a b!o..dv fil.t
ihe Indians !.l I. mf- lliev killeti
vtiiiin-ii ii 17 lii ii.nis. T . . fijjhl oc.
X-v. .";!ii. T'!;e Iri ii'i, r is in u
against the Aihiiinislia i'.u, f,ir i.
ol tV. .itticr inter. sN.
i:.eleae ot the N. V. Tribune
n ous its issues nuinlier now t;if
fd nnd rfti nfll tSouson'l !
lo llie
in the
his pi;
i i
[Correspondence the Phil
Letter from Washington.
Letter from Washington. Defeat of the Homestead and of the Land
Graduation Bill—The Causes which led
to that Catastrophe—Know Nothing Opposition
to both Measures—Recoveay of
Sen tor Norris.
The Ilnint tcHu hi 1. 't r a most spirit-
d ai:d i nerg' tie effort on the part of
Mi D.-'.Vs of l'i n.'s Iv.illia, to lack it
!.-. tli- L nl irail;.'ti.'il ti!l of Mr. Cobb,
was ti:-day t! r wn out by a im j i'y o
J1 vo'es. Tliis w us c 'rtairily mi xpn;
I ltd iif.t r the atiie ergumenis (n tie- su!
j ject made t' c other day, by the author of
the biil. there uere, however, too many
:..t..r..:u Iiii. I'd ior-iint IT. Ill the
lilt. 1 1 . "u - ...
... ,..,... w.s kllowII ,,f. Adinin-
is! rati, n w..s not in favor of t
the hill,
tl o iL'h it iijow-d f ,r a while, its suppoit
luring ihe last ses.-i n. Then the friends
of Mr. Hunter's bill wi nl, of course,
a-'ainst it, a nil aiili-Suthi in Measure;
lii -n the R iilnad men went against it
because it i.iterf-n d with their railroad
sth. m "s. The lii. n U of Mr. lienneti's
mil were also aaii;s! it for similar rea-
si.n-i and last, no; least, the Know Noth
ings in C ingress wi nt against it because
itmteht stimulate emigration. The
change produced bj- the Know Nothing
o e l r ike the back of the h i!. 4
Mr. Dawson's Homestead amendment
heinj thus thrown out, the Land Gradua
tion bill itsi If, lo w hich the llomeslead
had been moved as an iini- ndment, was
slain bv a majority of -10 or thereabouts.
What i'rli;t e l the defeat of the bill it
self, was a chins entitling all peisuis,
citizens of the United Slates, and all aliens
bavin,' filed tiieir preliminary declaration
to btcome citi.-ns of the United Stales, to
its U iielits. Now, the fact is, that the
bill which has just been vot-d down was
a supplementary bill, to prevent the
frauds committed under the bill which
passed last session. It in fact restricts
that bill, and the very clause which
caus d its deft at is a restricting clause ;
die bill w hich passed last session entitling
eveivlhulv to its U nefits win wishes to
avail himself of that privilege, whether
he be iorein or native born, a ciliZ'-n or
not. and not even requiring ine prelimin
ary declaration, which was looked upon
ith so much disfavor in the II us- to-day.
Ida May.
We have rt ad this book. Would that
all would go and do l.kewise. We did
not need to read, in or h r to deepen our
hatred if slavery, for the d testation in
which we hold that develish system of
robbery is so intense tlwtt we fan scarcely
iih calmness. Hut
iv Iit.s nut n lr.,11
e((. , ,mf"t;iC k, en. ss of our hale. The
r(.ci.,, o u ft.u. CV( nts "Adual and Pos-
u ; fa.-tl i
,i'M r'r!i i .
hr the workings of Southern
, . .- i . n .1 ... i.i
ooniniirc, nas surieo an ine oiu i.' , no. 15
w,' touched the feelings, blunli d. as.
ey must be, by the fn quencv and f; -last
n.inai ity ol the horrors oi tiu s su ni. v.nl
maile us neaiu vi?.palhie wuh t!;.- t in-
use cvpn s-'.eii id that veli r.ti: i'ii.:iton.
it. I
Northern men can so readily work our.
Ives ii to a f. v, r ,.f sv mpatl y wh .In-
oppressed II111 ganan, .he exiled 1 ole,
.1. u.i v. ...!;,.,,, ihr. ,.b,..,l
e jji .- 4. , ,
st. J. IJ. G;i! !i:i'.s. v ho said he woi
rather see his hearthstone sli ked in ti.e
IiIikkI of his uiie und c! Udr. 11, t!i?.i to
i.ave .-.noiii. i hi:man heii g sui reli,icit d to
South- rn la k-mastt r." We are
astoi'.islied at cms If, radical anti shivery
we air. to find 'hat we have, kfit-r nil,
linle Ii'( lii g in i' gnrd to the "pi culiar
institution." II.- tan it be that wn
urk. and yet not have our b'ood eunlle
our vcii.s at the n fli dioii thai tr n;ain
in our own ttumry a despotism 111-
finiti U worse ll an any other, a oomlaoe
nunc crutl than any other the sun cv. r
shm.- cpen.
When will tie conscience of tins na-
he ur..us,uf 1 .w .aig wn. ine
ngmg jusiice if the Almighty slum-
Read ' Ida May," if you would know
wh.ila linle of American slavery is ; if
. .
w,.nl ' l U t A i 7
huinuiiil, and outvies the devil m w ick-
Young man, grow ing up to the
resjiousihilitit s of an American citizen,
al this book, then go, and swear U-fore
a l;fe-l-,ng t rmi;y lo slavery; prom-
.ikhhw ' ,
j ns
to ti e hilt." May Hod forgive the
dough-faces of ti c Norih, those slet k,
craveii-hearted divines and sneaking pol
iticians, and thoughtless freemen, who
so long allowed this inonsteriniimily
stand. For ourself, we glory in being
al,lili( nist, " Republican, " any thing
which will indicate our hatred of the
aUiminahle insti u:ion, and we prny that
11, av not die till we have seen it swept
away, peaceably if it maj, violently if it
We welcome any such book as " Ida
May," for tt will contribute to that regen
nati, r .f.,..,
C1UIIUI. Ol lll.Jllt. O, lllllllt.114 IIIVU
precede ihe final victory of freedom.
I n
i .
I llit
i 1
1 it
! ,-
i the
- ---
A ..n . w ir. n w-ls.T ni.avl.t
c,,al.Ies 0rrnsiey, one of the head
in the National Telegraph office
this city, visited some of the hotels
go and buy the book. It has many
excellencies besides its ar.ti-slavery
sentiments, but we car.; less for those.
great lesson of the book is what we
and it is well taught. Ye.iiiout
the objccl of finding a young man
lhomas Jennings, son of M Jen-
. . . -i . n. .
mvicnani lauor on ma n sirect,
alleging that he had reported a villainous
against the character of a young
who refused the attention of Mr. J.,
as sunsce.uc.ui) cngageu ami ni.tr-
j a
I right
j know
to Mr. 0. About 3 o'clock, learing
Jennings was in the National Thea
tre, Mr. O. went in and called him cut,
went about live feet i ut of the door,
a demand, i: !.i i-.-i.l r.-jior'.cd as
ai'n'je.l, . nd on aiiswe ing ;!..ti h had,
O. pulled tr. a six si: I'iing n vn-ver
fired one load direct iu h s inc.-, hi.-
purhaps, but a step off ; the ball
. ur ... ... .1!ril r-nilni.r ihe lili iin.l
j;lw lwo Mr. J. fell backwards
firce) s(riking his head on the sloue
f il,e main enirance of the Theatr-,
! Is
, on
: case
i ruling
1 K
i ri-'lit
r. rut.
presented a ghastly night. Deputy
(iray, being close by, a:r, sted
O., who gave himself up, saying '!
the man ; I shot him :" and being
why he did il, said, "he seduce I
wife." iioih arc young nun, about
vers old. The prisoner was taken
slat'ou house, and the unf .rtunalc
who was sho: v iaken to a r om
Woodrutl iiuua i.j.posite, where,
the night, he was attended by Dr.
ball had not beep, ound after an
examination by Drs.Muzzy and VV ood,
morning. Doubts arc enter
tained if the wound; d man will survive.
preliminary examination will take
uud iy afietnoon, the wounded
was removed Irom ihe Hotel to h:s
residence, where he is some
Cincinnati Gazette.
.vii -n
I.et 11
j nt
RkMovkii. Clililwli Young, lv-q., I'ost
at ll.r.im, h .s been reinovt d, ;.:i;l
L'dall, lis.., lias been sj.pointcd ill
cc. A tce l:cmo-rot.
to his
j ii- n::h,
J nude,
' Let
I will
i cannot
I .Mr.
j f
' M
( ion
Trial by Jury'
A crowded am! Ijril!i ;nt ninliei.ee lis
tened to ilie I,ee!uiv of I !.;. J i!:i P.
Il.leo. T ursli-v evening of 1,.-: w- ek,
t the T.i m nt I . inple, on tln oi.l S ix ui
rig!.: of T.i.,1 by J:i!y, and wer, car-
ra d uv ;t !o a iiig i pitcli of rnih ..;.isi:i,
,i , i , i i . i i
Hie a!M'itii.-e iei;i ' !rt ou. ut ai.d i':nve:s.:
Mr. Il.di i!f.( r luei.aled to bett.r
vantage, ;,n l III ll .11 lllllg his stiiij i.-:, il
bro!!nt i; to bear illi ci niiiieii.'uh e oo'tl-n-'ss
i.nd direc::ies up m tin: i; t c dar
ing arraignment ,.f I'lie,; lore l'i ker.
( eow of 'oiidell Phill.ps, al.-o, ) and
all cone rt.ed lli'-rci:i, fioin J:i;ie Curtis
!.. i.. it...,; .:., i.' :i. " i k. .
of speech is not vet a cr,,.- in the old
Li iy htate, nor is the ngi.l to u. ".ouiici
a horribly wicked i uai tin-lit to be wrest-t-d
avav bv j liciiil usui-imtii n. Aft-r
i vilnr ;i Iiii-li i vi , F .in Ariii.n ..it.
if- ..sw - ....
urn np. of I llli'V l-iil itt i. ti.lli I
and the -iloiious, siiusriilc.s winrebv the
jurors are in nil cases allow- d lo j'udg.
of the law us well i;s tiie fact, Mr. llule
concludtHl as follows :
The I'raiiii rs of ; h.-- lV-di r.,1 Constitu
tion made provision to secure to the ac
cused a sneedv t:i tl hv -in iiiinai'.ial iurv.
This S.ipremt Cnirt s,.u alter decided !
that pints hail a ri"ht lo iu lire of tin
law USW tli as O. the. tact. L-ii.tnet lioi
,- r . - . ....
..,, j . 4., .it- ii niiiiiici m
cision ; the Supremo Court ot Massa
chusetts has dt tided ihe s. ine. It was
the co oiooil law in N-w ilampshiie, in
Vermont, and iu M.iine ; and it may b -
:.l :i .i. : i . . i .
saio, ii mi n- i, any ,iociiiiie in inn
Which vas Settle I, it was this. itllt
,i i i . i i
there has a change come over us, and he i
pr.iHed U so. ak id it. lie should speak j
thetiuih, and w.is not hr;! to compli- i
meiit any one.
The liist inlVingenient of this right he
said, was made at the ti-ee the pubiic
mind was first agitated in regard to ihe
right or lawfulness of inflicting ihe death
penalty fur murder. The courts saw the
tendency in the public mind which led
jurors lo hesita'e before rendering a v r
diet which involved tin life of the crim
inal, remedying. the evil, hy propounding
the question to every j u r man, w hether
he had such opinions r specting capital j
punisiim. nts woaiu preciuue ins mining a
verdict, if the case was proved; and
r i i i .i . . -i
ii ne nun, me iinor ns ,a -i Mur.
P.y and by the license law- c up, j
and every body s tid it was a gre;,t thing j
lo put down thu runis: ili rs an.l shut up ;
rumshops. No matter if the trial:
hv jury does go with them. The ju-ltres !
- ' . .." , , '
saw the trouble, and proposed a l lesllou !
which iticiiect said, we will a.I ,w no ;
man to") on the jury wno win not i
such a verdict a-s wt- die- -
promise to tz.ve
late: and then be"an that infamous course :
bv which, b-dire a fru man who was re-1
turned to s't in a case between i!:e S ale
and his It llo.vmaii could take his place,
he must b: iinesti iiiei
an l 11 his answer
is not satisf'.ctoi v 1,1 the court, is told
to stand aside. The convict'; n i f t(:e
rum sellers he ti,o,,g!,t was purchased at 1
to ureal a price. lien, tc obtain it. the,
WIS sum liCCr. ti. It :
- . i
wit L,v aiDiirary iu -l'
u:ar cause.
llefi? was:! prieeden', and hd iu.-iees
are .-i aeions of" j'i'i te.h nts. 'i'l. - aholi.
tioiiisis tame in) 111 M, uiid a qui st,-i w us
i'rtuci !iir ti.e jurors iu sue!, cases
hi ther they hail doubts or scruples 11s
the constit'iii' nality of !h Punitive
nuhl Ol J ll V
"" ' . '' 1..-.I '" i
ll u;is c n:uet' d Whll ail tuir., ,- !
Itjave Law, which would prevent their
Illiliiilg a Vermel of gl'.ll', ai;:i It thev ,
lei.i i!-. v iv. ii- e -l isid,. A ,T.,..,i."r !
ll.lO, ll.tj Wile S-lasiai. .. gtdtl I ,
insult, the si e; k( r -said, was u er
fern! to a Massachusetts man, at'd it 011
OI- '
have Im-cii r
iM.Hlse. 1 He V
isted 011 ti e s;
is Ri 11 vs a I.e
.r A p.
'LP IH.il),
. i' .... 1. . 1 ... 1 . 1 t . 1... .1 r.. 1. .
1 v i" - lit i,i. 11:11 ir- i.i.ii-i 11 in .si;iii ...
... 1 ... I
i,s:l;o:i, he s'h tild sav lo the 1111 he, 1 ,
,, -,. ,i J.,,B ', U
A lie ijuesnoii is ail insult, aiei 1 win re- 1
.' . ;
iv,- .. no . r .... ... . -r , . o .u.ig
litre in our thence to ihe law uoes not ail-
. . . ., ,r . . I
ii'i'4r juu iii.-i, 111. 4. 1111. o.s j
;s(rvs. Appl.iiis--.
I t-vasivelv,
..... .1 I,
..i.is.-iaciiiiseiis tu'in ine iiisuii lis i. ue-
u..t i... I I :. f
le.iirtiis, i.e iiiues, niiuci cuiiiinii ...r i
I J r ,
ri : vioo. : ii'J siiouki 1 4.,
sU h a charge
. . . . , ... . -
versy, and s tile It riht. ,lr have,
- .... ... mtr
niiu, (,r:.tl 1li n.-r.-i. :,m li'rmr! -i eii I sr.trif I
' .
contempt ol court
like 10 be i.npri.-o :t d en
that, as that would hasten ;hi- C'liitro-
! by
i . i i . . i
nicii nave ciiuie iniw n io us irom our
. ,lr, , . . . . , '
.liners. What a gro I thing ii wou Id :
,r . .. the
h.ivt? bet-n lor 1 he fritist. jio'.ermnent, if, -
... r. . ,'
y coui.l have .rn! a griiinl jorv to have I
, , .., i i- J r ;
id a hid id mu.ctui.nl against James '
, ., . , . . ,. i
litis and Samuel Adams t. r iu.i k id i a ' ..
. . -, ii ,1. r. . . i you
speech in r .ii.ii. nil lit : Apiiausc.l ,
.... .. L ' J
hev tried it, hut c.u Id not "et I, ill. . .
, .- , ' . . ,- , ,
It wo have a right ol trial hv r.irv.
. , . f , ., - " J ' si,
is the same r.ghl brought to tl.isc iuiitrv
. s, . j
our fathers. .Mr. 11a e then spoke of
.. . r ... ,. , ., . ,
disregard of this right by Ihe Union-
- s .
saving measures ot looU, by which,
while th- jury trial wus restrved to a
... :.. M 1 .. ..1 .; .... ..
must., ... .iiass.icuuseiis, ci.tiuicii uv a 1
-- . ,
lutherner, it is s,.cnliccd so l.tr as it
reh.tes to the e-lnd man, thoogh he be : &
husband and hither. He spku of this i
being infringed in Boston, in sight : if
under the shadow of Bunker Hill, . ti
'where, he said, a judge had sat and
1 1 - .1 1 . i- . .'
trampled 111 the dust this sacTed perogatlV titn
freemen. A voice ' &!mine ! !
iVj.plaus-. No! not shame. The judges!
it becaus'j tiiey knew ihe peopl- would j
bhame 'on the people! Loud &l-.
Applause. J : on
f his question, he said, ha I not been
ried to the Supreme Court. We all
w hat the ihcision wiil be- if it go s
i-e. If Tliivulor Parker is. f tind 10
igmitvof the charge now pending against ;
"a-.d the in,! '., eiiiir... s ihe iurv 'hat
they are only to li nl ihe fact that he vill(1
speak in Fiiiu uil H ill, leaving the j
mr tiu: Court, tliis ruling will b; i
ail right, it a S itillit-rtt liilihcsier
If,. ..I n,f I lr!.,:llw 1,11 I 14 . fl : ! It tu
"... V ' i i '
Ihe . .urge oi uv: judge, that the jury j Pjlnii
IO j ldge both law Ulld fact, and t ie Losu,
is c n'.-ietl to llie biiprrine Couit. that i
wi 1 oe found right. j
i rn. is ivuiiit'-', and tint is i.ol with!
C'jurt. h is with the p. oj.i. . Ti.e 1
is W- the people. There is lint aj
dear aud i.ieslim tble to th- ci:i.en. !
... l"t it'-
I s no! count cted illi lnr pi i s -I va- . the
Ot ll.;s rigUt. I Ills r.-llle:. V IS Will, j
people. Let L-V -ry ...ail SCtln- 111 Ills hi.
,...l.d ttha. is ...s o tt J. ..U , re-
and du.y , and .he r.gnt and pe-
llg.il.Ve Slild litlly Ol ev. ry L I11Z, 11 ; ..lid f f..
t . ....
tiie ulteiupi is inalo to i.np-isc re-
.' , . 1 , ; llmi
StIKtlOIIS Oil lllOaf ri"lits, US lliev h.lVC ! f.m..r.
- . . !. . ..t.
IllJiio 111 t :s citv, ut llie I JiVlllin ;
tnai bv jury ;
lllti insult ail
renifinlicr his a:ic-stry ; I, t hini r-m in
! that for tiie tin- bt-ing is coi.iniifed
guardianship custody tiie right
i-.-l iii.ti Stan I fimi, and
;tn i tiie insula r oil the
as lie would il he met hini elst
Applause. if olji-ctious be
d il.'l stand aside. l-t tilt? pris
' and hiscoiinsil assi-rl lh if rights.
the judg j iinpiis in, it I.e id ; n
only hasten the grand issue, uiid it
come t'X) so m.
I lule closed by repeating the uor.is
John Litbunrs address lo his jury :
iy the gracious spinl ot Aluiignly
aid suet, cause as wiil be fur iiu
of the rfi.de and hisoii glury !"
Tinee cher rs wele given fi r lr. Ilal, ,
the audience retired. Liberator.
witlow ol Gen. Harrison is s.utih
recovering Iio n her late ljii"i-roits ilines.-.
Jut. S.
aa J
411. 1 has
M iR.
iatr L.
Trial by Jury' Home Affairs.
! ULV tKT istieliverina course
j of evening lectures t-xteniling thro gh
j u.c week. Subjects, his views of
, . . . . ,
1 s.iiiiiiij , snon nr m ere ii lie agrees
. ' 3
I an.l iliir..- r, .1 ..c
...an. , j ll will I HIT COlIl ill I Fll It t 3 MX VI-
thodex christians.
! c U l f,,r a '" "'c h? hli slcc'5Un!
Game out West. We acknowledge
the receipt tf the dollar from our friend
at Cherry Grove, Illinois, and have no!
had our Nimrodian pro cnsiiics so ex-
. . -
ilrnve of from tin-.... i. l,.n in fiftefn
i n,ln
'''' prosecuting our correspondent
for ' cruelty to animals " for lalkinir
e . i t i
oi me aounaance ol ga i e
' diggin
I plenty
I, . , .
oe mis, oi ueer u;cre aie
iem. I can iox.ut and start
tes. Chickens are also plenty. We
such stuff to an editor who can find no
t nie to lake Ion,' huntm?; t xeursions.
however ; it will do to think of.
We shall bear t'-at invitation in mind.
Gam itlNO On Thursday evening of'
L1'1' yj" inursuay ttmng ui
l.,c, uo.l- P...i.,l,l.. w:m: .l.....,...l i
sv wucmuic i ui .oil uciciacu I
tn , s s . , aml.i;., it,,.;,
. . , ? . , . 3 , . j
money, ruiuinir ineir nauiis, anu leac l-
J ' j
'"o l"Km lu O'Jiam cnangc irora incir
parents by dishonest means. The Con-
party engaged in gambl n- in the bar-1
. f n .. ? ,- - ,
Oer Slllip Ol Lt. Jscott on Mai I St. It lias
, . . .
been suspected tor some time that Scott,
has been in the habit of decoying boys'
into IllS Shop and gambling away their
the shop which is in the second story of
the building, whilst lie Limstlf entered at
. .1. 1 . 4
n iiftr npr KiMtn i- ia tihhi ii nrtun
- -"'a -" V iu vbA
stable placed per ons at of one the doors of
the building, whilst he himself entered at
the door the lights were blown out and
the negro bolted out of the opposite door, I
knocked over the person standing there,
and leaped the whole fl'ght of stairs at
one bound, dashed down Main Street
to the Canal, where he managed to dodge
,is pursuers and has not since turned up.
, -,, , , . , ,
e hope no pains will be spared to break
- - - .
P such dens, for Scott was not alone ,n !
in s ousmcss. mere nr .- a numuer oi .
places into which the boys and young I
of our v;Hage are decoyed, and !
... i, ii-t i i
taught tO gamble and llr Ilk, and Unless
supprcssea wesii..H reap a tear-;
ful harvest ol crime and deralation bye
-ei... i t... .
xncot imous papers, ;
in giving the r port of the 8lll of Jan.
1 it.i r m, 1
Lonvcniun, placeu4the name Of Iheodore ;
r- r .1! e t u -1 , ' i"
t. Jj littles, Ot IrUmDUll, among tbOSe 1
lor : of
who were mentioned as candidate
the nomination to the State Auditorship. I
e were
lillle T11177I il rur il,w f..i-
puZZl U Dy UUS, lor
ll,,,,,.,!, - I il.ot f..,.l tf..,l
w va i a n v S4 1 a v i a, r vuil JIWU apUUUl
. ., '
did not supp se that they were all ob
liged to take their God-father':
when they went to Columbus.
for ihe whole Trumbull Demo r 11 y, we
i:l , .1 .t i"ir.i
liged to take their Ciod-father s name -
)e,i,rr'.r,.nort r. Kpi ix ik ' v Jm.l
... . " - S
tint Theodore K Webb our nr.-sent
mat ilieouore C. lUDU Our prtseni
Couny Auditor w .s the person meant.
Joel had evidently made so irreat an '
J 0
impression Upon the R porter that "they
, d'
, , .- ,. ,. .., 0 r T
iuuiu 11. mi. 01 no uiuer name irom irura- .
Excitement in Boston.
Char!? L-vi WiKHlbnrr, l. S. Slave
. - . ....
Commissioner, issued a warrant on 1 nurs- I
, ,. .111 , '.
.y lor the arri st of a colored man named
1 1 1 r
John Jacks n, a fugitive Irom (jeori'ia. :
Th.. s,r(. wJ,u.ss ,e n Tl) bafi,.d
., - r . 1 I
Ills pursuers, and the Vlglli.nce of " the Cake
eommitle'? ' rut him out of their reach.
ckson was met b'
where he lived :
"in Camhridjieiiort." Wednes
P.. ...... I. i i
. - .. . . ... .... u i. iu.i im anu
ask. tl him " w here he lived :" he replied ;
... 7 . i
., .1 4,.. 1 .. . .1 1, 1
(I.iv In.- i ave l.a'i-h, r wms nt Iho Mrnl-rp
N. , .a
nnirml 'PI,., n , , i .- I f . A till I , . . I
ut.tu. ,m. . 1 . 4 . . . 1 u... U 4111 1.4IC7 111'
, .. .. 1 .1 . 1 r. .1 : . 1 I
itiiciiuuii. itiiti inei. leu ineir wiiien D
day I'ght, and a xve of officers, I
near by in a 0 doon.
- , - .
1 he same morning a note was left in
i ., - , i ? i i
business place of a colored man, say-
. . , -
ui", "that the Nave hounds were in
. -. r . . , ,, .
pur.-uu of Jolui Jackson. A ii.eetini:
... , . . , .
was held. Jacksou was told, "do as
t -i- ,, ,
please; it you remain, you shall be
e ,J , .
defended ; make up your mind to see
. ' .. ' J , .
blood flow; if you conclude to go, sav
i .. -.i .r . .. 3
and we will ser.j you otf lnslantly.
J , . r ... ,
i;e iHxir leiiow inougiii oi oims anu
. 1 , , ... u i
liurns, and sal I, "I will leave."
rn , , r .L
. ,u m fipnrn liiL e:ii inr tnp n:i ssn rrp
a personal liberty bill" forthwith,
declaring that Massachusetts should no
1 .u 1 1 r 1
Monger be the hunting ground for human
, 00
game !
The new Gjvernor of Utiaware thinks
ignorant foreigners are allowed to tes
I y iu courts of justice, the interests of
Community 1 quail v demand that the tes-
r , 1 r It , tun,,
ny Ot colored persons OI f OO 1 char- I
sliould be admitled. Why not?
Habmosial Lectires. Joel Tiffany
will deliver a course of Lec'ures
the Harmonial Pi.ilosophy and S(ir-
itualismat Empire HallIii Warren, com
icu mencing Saturday evening the 27th of
January 18o5, and continuing fromnighi
night till closed. All those who are
willing to hear all things and hold fast
which is good are resiectfullv in-
to attend.
B. F. IIoFrM..n.
j ry-
Married in W arren. on the l"t!i instant, I.jr JeJerson
Jlr Wll.lA3, tELLj f Ml.cci, u Ml S,RAU
of Warren.
.Heparted this life outlie 1.-th of IKtc, lM, Uorai k
.f "''.'.
.. . :.. 4...... I... I. lu-. .
m n( u . . ..'11 tu, . u .. . . . . . . ... . . J . h M 1
MuieM of a lar, fau.il- at.U left au orphan at j
;Z'Z Luke V,,u. who ha,, mrie:l o-e uf "ei
l,ler istn.ai! t.roiiKlit lo Ohio in Uic si.riu ..f I
.arr -uSh,e, of Ca,l ,
,.c r..i,i.. i .M7.uitrt ..th the M. !
Church at,U Us ever ,.ceu a trae ana Utlttiui uieta- j I'.'i
1 lln
4 n
a tliTuteil huV.ai.ii, a Liu, I an.l alTectmnate I
a pimui fn. u.i. an.l a Briti oelieyer kal,.
..... I....-,. . , : l- .. ... 1 '
, . ...... I jani4-5i,
r.-Lit.vea an ui.fa,lin ru tn:i,u:ce uf hi vir
a...t a sorrow iiuin- t. ,.i cau tnai '
,ea4-e with the u ,.ri,l. Iiinselt an,! his Creator.!
4.r.t Knew no fear, a.i l hah i(oue triuuioliaiitly to i
ito gave it ! j
in Mecca, Janu t.y ttr.oe M. oitl aon of i
and in C. Anu., i;.a I jear ami 11 monUia. J
in Orweli on T!iura.!:iy Jau I Ith. Tows- j
s,u off. S. aa-l Marttia s. Saiith, aeJ 10 miit!ts ;
twent--ftve il;ty.
tione froai Love' en-leare,! nrtrction;
H.intstieJ from our ,iarkene.i tloiue;
Wttiie the rv ul ties ..f a-I..-ctiou
Bleeu', oh can we helj. '. ut uiourn J
Yt-t in nt.ittriitttg we furft not
Atii,-,-l clrl itti tt thou art given.
To th-itctime V-re toie. set not
lu Ui-- biiaaful 5kiei,.f hetivon.
We f.,r.-t not; e re.'i-.-t not:
Tltou ha.l vanishe.l to Ihe Kies; '
Vet the ry.-j were cl 1 th.it wept not
tn-rc our te u.i. r tlarlin; I.e.
Bii.t)l on th; II in. Mr. Join Mnli.NV.aj l i
The ilrce ise l s-i.nc t i ht ile.,;ti from injuries
l.y failiiii a tree. II-.- w:u an ttive of Irelati.l
left six or, iti chil lr.-u ta mourn hi. losj.
Saturday, J t:i. i' ill
A., if.- of J.se(.i
KiV.e. E
I -tid,
tv dii.lur:,
j sVveu
j M.ury
j of f.iiiJ
i l:i tfls
u ij'ft
i l,v -'4:
in Marrvn.uf Coumift'too j
.Saort. UTl l uaUht-T of Ihu !
?" ys Jr5. l
IJfitt Sfrlistincnts.
1 9 Sl...tr.a OiLimcEt, just rvcM anil fr n' al
jmii -4 ".Vi,
E. A. S.M1TII A Co.
f 'AMi'llINE OK riSE OIL, and
Hurmiii; ituA, far sIly
j..n i-ii, E.A. SMITUCo.
Tt!'v?T,ATKS' """r- J Loiwiiii. Aulh.,r
I Clonal t"-H Book. Re..tuiniv..t. lilurat-,l 1,
..-ft llwu t.,u,:fj, Q,M,rt o.l tnsnxiugi.
lr..i. thief!, fr. m ciiU-vuh! , aim,,,,., aI1, ii.le.i t.
r.iiriie ucliiieuliuus acfim iuU cliuract -ra.
rict- I . I'll.
Ivitr-i ai..l Enlarge.! E liti.m of Bramar.r Dnwin
:. In r"l.sciu-iice of m.tdij incrcitsint ile
aiuid IV.r thu ,,IMe ,rk. ,t hs, ncMj lven
uuie rwntuli l r l.iit... - '
;. ............. L.ulra I. . I. .. II W
....... .,. .-!?Ri:niiixa la vi
- "-' jr '.r!in-1 ,.ure cuidf to the
' '" W-rii al t.ir..tr kiu..v!,.,., f th. art
i"!'"1' !' fi p.,i..i.i u.at thr n,-ovr to th.
.1- . . j uiirf iu
!Mtt -"r-t-TS TrMi: on tun u ,jett that hucrci
Ikcm jji hilici. Price. 3-c.
KlXUot COMPANY. ci-TeUcil, O.
13 Y I. 15. WOODBURY. Since the
1 ':;.! "f the "IhilciiiM-r" to ttie issuinr
I; ' " Jl!:'
k!...wl.!-..,l rxcrh-iiee of tlia Imlcimer. I.oth iu liin.l
ami ,ualit. tli.it it bl .eu tua.ir the mod.1 f .r
U"''ar lus;r 1,,ok "' ''' n if irmice.
ir , e,,u;liij mu,,! ,,,,,! , elllh
itic uraiics reach us from ail uuarter of th. r. ......
Pr"" pwtce. A complete guile for Executor, and
". j, rccn i,- ,n-i,i irce ii,,iy
at the ljan- .tw vokri BooksToRE.
sicond elitios of twenty thousaxd
Is now ri.ly. in mhicli the few sl fU errorjwhichea-
'!' notice in the Hrst iweutylliotiaand are Corrected
Pnl,:sin-l I y It. J. II, t,i.-ios. Sm Xorlt.
jani-i king & commnv. cieveiami. o.
SWANS' MAN U A L. Fourth Edition
Jut ' a l'.-neJ,uewj:.I rcviAeit.and a.lal,tel toth
JJ WANS' TREATISE. A new Edition
t.. , , r i ' uutira ot
at the
NEW RK bookstore.
.... i ....... --.
iiliiijllll r 1 1 IT t. ltd hiai-hDixr if"- . l "
. . . . " K'H ins cunnctu,
I OHX DOWLING'S History ef Ro-
I U' doctrine an.! eeremouiej. it'j politi
rii ii ami rvliiciMits niachiiierv. it's tM,tM. ....
V anil tireelj, at jan " BALDWIN'S.
unences, bj Wickoff, just rec'J at
jan 24 'ii.
IRAN'S MANUEL, 4th and last
Kj eilition for Executors and A'lminiitratnn
n for Executors aud A'lminiatratora at
TTl'MiytTV IV tuc riTTv V,
m ADAils.
T T O-D E-NO-S A W N EE o rt h
Lf at b, Lewi, n. Morgan,
UeiH' '.If f" "I tU.S'w Iork "
, 1 -' 1wmricaa LthnoloKical Society Aa
elegant hook of jitaL-ejanil iiuulul maps' for aa's
.si"S- " ?- f
jail 4 'oi.
.so ram T GOODS.
rpIIE SUBSCRIBKRS rpsntf.,11.
present thia ratilo.-ue of their assortment or
he. Jewelry, Silver W are tnd FanrT llc,l, which
n fjund uextensire as that of any establishment
"e country, and h.11 heeu mi.le up with the knol-
eilge aciuireil hy expriei.,-e of more than twenty tear
uevotea to the liusiocu. Tenderiug as an expression
our thanks to the numerous customers who have fa..
,,,',,nil":",0t '"U ul auausortmenl as the de
llllie mon.ls ol the various sections of the country require.
nato x-'ll our goods at the LoKe.it Price.
n.an.v, mliu,
sol d letal aud ol the hiirhest Unish.
aud Tea
Guaranteed pure
Tai.le Desert, aud
nam inreail. wasuiutou, 31.iyflower. Beaded.
Bwk-t. ivsnce Aiurt. trench PiTtterns: .uTrTr
ti.e.l. New jvttterus a.i-le.1 as t!tey .iope:tr. Tarleaud
liesert Forks to match, butb-r Knives. Sotn, Laiilrs.
. tster r..rks. O, ster Ladles. Mustard
spoons. I rum!' knives. K:a
rks to match, buttt-r Knives. Soup- Laities.
.rk-s. tfister Lailles. JIusurd
sh Slicers, l.ravt S noons. Pie
late Knives. I.e Cream Knives. Preserve
Son3. Sujar Sh..veU. IK-sert Knives. Snsar Baskets.
'll' "'i? $nfZ ai J,'-'r
itoxes, suirar Sifters, t ar I Baskets, rone Mon&ies-
c?? '' lr-.if ciors, Mour.i ct.
Tliestock of si Ivtr comprises nearly every article de-
.aimlfor ornaaient or -ul.ty. and eann.it for le:iuty or
'Kn- 'lual.ty an I norituiauship be surpacd by any
othvr store iu the country.
Our extensive sttH:k ofttVutxis in th..teputmentneet
tt t-e rrn tin.l ejtui inci to lc apprvutateil. H e
uuw a Ur:;e astoruacut of the ricliest .lescription
PUtf-l niirt-s.aiid are aimosi Uailr aMtuir tu our
pev.nlud ld"llutef"
rorns. ues
siustard s
1100.0. 1'n.s, suh! Tray.
Baur 'oolers. s.nt Cellers. iiikin Kids, Beer Muga
and Bread Trays, Toast Hacks.
Tea SiKHiiis. TaMe 8poous. Table Fork. Dessert
Forks, llesserc Smhus. Hotter Knives, S-mp Lalles,
iioons. s-tlt HHns. Tea an.l Cortee Sts,
rorKS iu sets.
'jri'1 J Dessert Kniveawith frenci,
pattern Forks.
Fine Ivory Talde and Dessert Knives without Forka.
Tlvoryand Buck Uan.lle.1 Beef Slicers.
Faslry Forks. Kitctaeu Carvers and Steels.
Knife Renovators, Ciiiidreu's Knives and Forks. an4
iar;c slots oi x.ug nsu aim Aniericau rocket cutlery.
We ask l.urchascrs to examine our stock of
.......... u ... . . ..
. - ' ' -. ' . . " .. -
Tea and Coffee fots.L'ream Juirs, Sucar and Slom
.. :.. .....
rani-y raueru., .ntivnnra.iu .tijiii.iu.iKii
graduated, liree and round link nalern ; lient'euien'a
BwU, iu ets or ini:lr.
Tea aui Tl 2iou, Tea acJ Coffee I'rns.
l'autileticks, Molaise Cup, Water Pitcher.
Mui l"or Cbtl'treD, Castor frame with Bottles.
Couiiiiiuiion Waie, Tarkanls, Cupa. Plates, Bo Id,
We are repare'l tu oder -reat iuiuceme'Jta io
IncIuJinv; all of tne best makers in Lonilen, Liver
pool ami (leueva. Tu assortment consists iu uart of
following makers
B Adams At Sou's, T. F. Cooper :
J. Toiiias, Jos'h Johnson ;
James stuxlari, II. F. CiwJeroy, Roskell ;
. C Ur.iee)ril;e, Hanson :
Jaiues UoUdeil, DaviU Taylor. R. Stanton, Cart
Thos. D. Tinloc, V. B. AJains A Son's, Jules Jur gen
sen. (The last three warranted to perform the same in aa
extreme of 40 Agrees.)
Mantandon, Perreaux, Matlle;
French, Otrooii, jaxiiin, John Manin, and Tarioas
good rankers.
uoalfl add th;it ont of ho ml reds who hare used, -our
James Brind.e W atches, we know not of one dissat
isfied or who finds fault witti them. Particular atten
tion paid to adjusting Watches for Kail Roads.
have as good a stock of Watches as can be found
the western country, and all warranted to perform
and we respecimlly solicite atrial from those who
may be in want of a Gold W atch. W'e have an exten
sive assortment of
Consisting of Watch Chains, iiohl (.uard Curb. Fancy
Fancy Patterns, Vest Curbs, all weights, chased
Box and Glass Pins for the hair and Daguerreo-
Diamond, Pearl. Garnet, Kuy, Crystal, Coral. Mos
aic, Cameo. Gold, all sixes, various kinds; Chatelaine.
and Chains, Lockets, Bracelets, ar Kings, Ear
Ear Wires. Bosom Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Snaps
and Scarf Pins, Cham Slides, Eye Glasses. Gold
.pectac!e. GW Pencils, Crosses, Thimbles, Armlets,
Fob Key, Guard Keys, Cuff Buttons, Chain by ther
Gold Swivels, and every description of line Jcwei-
AM articles i;uiranieea ns represented.
also oiler a rich and well selected stock of
Comprising a variety of Porte Mouaies, Reticules,
t Boxes, Fai-s. Cou9 of all kinds ;
and Tooth Brushes, Coruelian and Jet Goorls ;
iKiuinos, Chess me u, Checker-ukeo, Ojera Glasses;
Toi;tcco Boxes. Cor.l B.ads, Tberutotueters ;
Psintinirs. Bronzed Mantle Ornaments;
BirtH. Crad Cases, Purses:
M ah.jntuic:! instruments ;
Beads, Soao.-, Periumery, Lupin's Extracts, fine
O.b, together with a great variety of elegant gootia
Irving a pmctic:ii kiioaledijeo onr tusiness, tnd of
a:id t;u-.es of the cumun:ty. we are warrant
suymj; tlat ;re m suit any buyers visitmjr our
v ho w iali to and a Lartce and Fresh:
of Goods. AIKLN V CUO.N,
Kw. 47 Weddell House, Cleveland. O.
STATE OF OHIO Trumbull County,
3. S. In e,.o.-t of Prw'-at-.
iltlaiunrl P. Kuru-U. bx'r, uf Mses Cualtmau Dec'J.
Kic!iar,l lltirris. James llu.Tis an J John Cuhmans
Ital. ti.v.,1, ,ui. Jan.. a..a Cel.
u.-.liai.iii. el al.
, ,.. ,h ,,... , .
nai.i w:ll be fur hearing ou the ICth tla Bel v.
-.... ..,,
,. .fcB"V . I , ,
C . of ..."i-S t U.HtlUtll. DCC .1.
4w It uuu. ittja, his Aiu.
In ttie Court of Com
mon Pieas for Truiu-
l.ulU County, Ohio.
EiiAL XOTlCi:.
M:ittlie Ii, ia key.
Trrt.ll ltrci
I.ahoiu Turuiir. M:iry A.
itihdii Turunor,
'i'yrr.ll, Mcuvilk T.r-
U-'yt Tyr. il!. K wU
T fnil,
Sil.i:i:.iti, A'tj ill Silli
ntiiii, l..ritila. Birtii.'U!r.
U.irthi'huiw. rt-loif
,cW..iiil Mw A. triutlle .
ll-t T.rr ll, rut'l Rv.r-I! Tyrriil. are n.ttl
fif.l tfic irii'l V.it.tiiw K. !M it-k-y h rtl-d ift.iin
AluiiOistr;U-r a- uhr ;tiii, auui.st t!tv parties aJ.'re-
Bimif i! lr::i!-int- ti rrvnvrr vt anl (.iirioBi ncl
T:irnnr. the s;;m of s;x h;.n-lrrt arnl -Mt:H-j
ami ict-ret ttirrc-n. i in? the amount of
.rfr.tce ly thr A ,i; ili TrriU, le.-M xi.e
yt Tmll. lio-wH l.srrill, .N.Mn:i iHtrrun,
A. Tunnurr, Lriinla U irtliotuuifur, eloU' M.u:k-
M.wry A I'r.n Us-resp.-rtivt-.y ami of the rxenyt-s
A'irji:iiHtrati'i, anl llie Si.ie tiiwur of cert-iiu
oi ai;l Ai-ij;.!i Tyrrtll, IceM ilvtsnl 1 y i Al-i-
TyrriH, to sant (iuhni ami Ko!ertauu Turnner
t t In i);.ymlitH ;ift-fS.i; I. The lii II. ij. l
IKani Uo&jre!l Tyrriil niu-t answer s.ntl ixriiiiou
U .) iv i.f M'.rrh 1 .-." nr iiiilfn:ri.L wiil t.e rcti
,trLtiiij:.msittn.-ui hy iff;;ult.
SLTLli r i
. Tl TTLK, Artys. for PIJ'i.

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