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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, January 24, 1855, Image 4

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f.od help the luariaer!
Over th sea
Cometh ti t w iitrr wind,
llowln? ai:d i.
1, ke the strong maniac
Loosed from ltchln,
1ovii:g all term ly over the main;
Purlins the m -utiUic wave,
V'r-tbiiig io foam.
DrivtLg the mani -t
Leagues fiom ui home!
l.o, it I resthe itouriihij-,
poW Ing aloud,
Oo how sprit and mix en -mast
Hayard and shrood.
Hark i on the fore-stay,
Bbricketh H wild.
A I ihrlefcet!. the young mother.
Torn from her child!
Dippethtbe gallant-hip
Loir in the ware;
Riseth aiihTtr.ed again,
)n a lly hi d b -ae ;
Flingeth the hissiiig spray
Off from the prow.
Straining the martingale
Tender the bow;
Baal line along Her course
Urged by it's ridf-r.
And proud of it's sy-eed ;
Yet doth the freshened gale,
Following fast,
Strain at the Allied sail
And uttering it's moaning wall.
Bending the mast.
Cold doth the sky look.
A nd colder the sun ;
Glad is the helmsmen now.
His watch is ner done;
Slipping his icy feet,
lie gras.eth the wheel;
Numb though his hands are
His grasp is like steel.
"West no west b noth. and
"A-quarter the wind.
And a wake the msslstrom
Is foaming behind.
Slowly the starhoad watch
Come from below.
Warned by the larboard watch
A rough night in tow.
The spraT on the, deck now
Falleth like hail.
And the coats of the sailors
Have frozen to mail !
A few months ago as Deacon Ingalls,
of Sampscott, Illiode Island, was trav 1
ing through the western prt of the
State of New York, he fell in with an
Irishman who had lately arrived in this
country, and who was in quest of a
brother (hat came on befor? him and set
tled in some of the digging in that vi
cinity. Pat was a strong, a'hletic man, a true
Cathol'c, and had never seen the in
teiior of a Protestant Church. It was
a pleasant Sabbath morning, that broth
er Ingalls met Pat, wh inquired the
way to the nearest church.
Ingalls was a good pious man. He
told Pat that he was going to church
himself, and invited h s new made ac
quaintance to keep him company thith
er, bis place of destination being a small
meeting bouse near by. There was a
great revival there at the time, and one
of the deacons (who, by the way, was
very small in stature,) invited brother
IngaHs to take a seat in hU pew. He ac
cepted the invitation, and walked i-i, fol
lowed by Pat who looked in vain to find
the alter, etc. After he w as seated, he
turned to brot'.er Ingalls, and whisper,
which could be beard all around, in
quired :
'.Sure, isn't this a hiritic church ?
"Hush," said Ingalls, "if you speak a
loud word, they will put you out."
"Divil a word will I spe-k, at all, at
all," replied Pat
The meeting was opened with pnjer
by the Paster. Pat was eyeing him
very closely the pew directly in front of
Pat, shouted. "Glory."
"Hist-t-, ye clear divel," rejoined Pat,
with his loud whisper, which was clear
ly heard by the minister, "be dac-.'nt,
and don't make a blackguard of your
self." The parson grew more and more fer
vent in bis devotions. Presently the
deacon uttered en audible grown.
"Hisi-t-, you blackguard, have you
so dacency ; at all, at all ? ' said Pat,
at the same moment given the deacon a
punch in the ribs which caused him near
ly to lose his equilibrium.
"Brethren, we cannot be disturbed in
ibis manner. Will some me put t! at
man out !"
"Yes, your riverence," shouted Pat,
"I will !" and suiting the action to the
word, he collared the deacon, and to the
utter horror and astonishment of the
pastor, brother Ingalls and the whole
congregation, he dragged him thr.iugh
the ailse, and with a tremendous kick
he landed him in the vestibule of the
See what be says. The editor of the
Buffalo Republic says ' We have the
best sleighing, the finest women, the best
water, and the best city in this quarter
of the globe." Fudge; just come to
Boston and see our women, and taste
our CochiluaU.
" Why don't you give us a little Greek
and Latin occasionally ?" asked a coun
try deacon of the new minister.
"Why, do you understand those lan
guages ?" he replied.
"No, but we pay for the best and we
ought to hare it."
A German, employed in one of our
hotels, was sent one or two eve lings since
for a bucket of cistern water. Remain
ing longer than was necessary, the land
lord, whokne him to be pre ty well
filled with lager-beer, went out to -ee
what was the matter, a id found him in
dustriously turning the wheel of a dray,
( which had 'been proppe J up t b :
greased,) with bis bucket placed under
the bub. Mynheer complained that the
water was very low -in der cistern."
Yocxg America. "My son," said a
doting father, who was about taking his
soi into business, "what s'iall be the
style of the firm V "Well, governor,"
said the one-and-twenty youtb, looking
up into the heavens to find an answer,
"I don't know but sup,.ose we b .ve it
John H. Sampling and father." The
old gentleman was str j k at the origi
nality of t' e idea, but wouldn't adapt it.
Put Him to Bed. The Buffalo De
mocracy tells the following good one
about a " smart child" in that town :
"A little shaver of our acqu intance,"
who boasts some nine or ten j ars expe
rience, while looking, tke other-erening,
at a kitten w 1 1 its tail be ween its teeth,
turned to bis brother and re narked
"Gan, that is a provident kitten: he
can make both ends meet !" He was
at once put upon a diet of " Say's Polit
ical Economy. '
j in
J in Watches, Jewelry, Far-r Good. Ate., Cormer
of Siperimr Street and Public Square. Cleveland, 0.
NGIER HOUSE, Cleveland, Ohic
1 V H. P. A V OIK ft Proprietor. ai3
J. I-. !(. rtiook. J. 1.0NO.
Ushers. Wholsale and Retail Dealers in Music
and Musical Instrument, No. 1U0 Superior Street.Cleve
land, Ohio. Sole ageuts for the celebrated STODAK1
PIASO. may 17, 1! 54-6m
I 1
M. CUMMIXGS A CO.. Wholes 1
Grocers anil Commission Merchants. Dealers il
Foreign Wines an'l Liquors, Nails, Glass. Salt, Drugs
iic.Noi. 183 lei Riier St97 9e on Uie Dock.
Msy 17, lcjsy.
vers and Lithographers, Uerald Block, Clerelaiid
PATENT OFFICE AGENCY, No. 4, Herald Building
Clerelacd, Oiio.
w. a. ri'rridoc. jan 1 ly jthc rraimard.
Corner Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio.
THE OLD COLLEGE Ii as removed to
new aod splendid Rooms, surpassing in beauty
and convenience those of any similar institutions in
the State.
E. O. FOLSOM, A. B., Principal, Professor ol
Science of Accounts.
W . G. BKOl'GUTON" and W. IIOLLISTER, Assistant
Professors in the Book Keeping Deiiartment-
A.J. I'HELl'S and JOSEI'll BLATT1E, Professors
of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship.
K. r . Ill ilTO, fcecturer on commercial History
and Art of Cow utation.
JOHN B- V A1UU- Lecturer on Mercantile ruitoms
Banking. Exchange. Ac.
Hon. 'OHN CKOWKLL.THOS. 17. IT AT aod P. B
PALMER, Lecturers on Commercial l.aw.
Kct. J. A. T 110 311, Lecturer on commercial it met
For the Mercantile Course, time unlimited, $1Q INI
For nepanue in Peuaiaiishii. , Flourishing,
&c, as pt r agreement.
The design of the Institution is to afford as rood ad
vantages as can be had in any similar one in the L'uion, I
to voune men tut to assume ine rtioo!inic uuuus
of the Com. tine Kootn and various mercantile criuits.
SCIKNCE Or AtlOl.MS Boole Kerpme will be
explaiued from a new stand point, exhibiting the true
nature and relation of accounts; and the course will
embrace son e of the Inrst practical forms of modern ac
countants. This science is often taught as if it were a
secies of conjecture, in which multiplicity of forms
are substituted for principles, arbitrary ruls fur rea
sons. anil venerable precedents for eer.uine philosophy,
making th whole field of the science a complete "terra
incognita To produce pood practical accountants,
the understanding, and not the memory simply, should
he addressed.
DAILY LECTURES, Ac. One or more lectures will
he given daily, on the following subjects Accounts,
Penmanship. Mercantile Customs, Banking. Exchange,
Calculations. Cnrresponderce. Commercial Law, Polit
ical Economy. Commercial Ethic. lUilroatlint;, Are
Besides the usual lectures on Law, tfcc, in Colleges ol
this kind, there will le others ly practical men
thoroughly conversant with the routine of business, to
instruct on points allied to the course of study, and one
exprsslv on calculation.
This department will l e under the superintendance of
two uf the net peumen of the day. Business writing
will le taught upon the new method of Folsom's Chir
hythmogmphy, executing to the heat of an instrument,
and producing the pular commercial hand in much
less than the usual time.
X. B. For particulars, send for Circulars, Cata
logues. ec, and address the Principal.
TfT'A Urge library will he connected with the Col
leger containing the various works on Book Keeping,
Mercantile Law, dec, to mhich the students will have
access. inov la, 4
Ushers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Music and Musical Instruments of every description
No. 111 and Jo3 Superior St.. Cleveland, Ohio.
List of Pianos for sale at the great Piano-Forte Wire
The celebrated STODART PIANO, un
equalled for its rich and puretonestelas
ticitv of touch and ditrabiiitw.
Light, Newton fc BradbnryV SILVER STRINGED
PIANO, for which a cols medal was awarded at the
Chrystal l'al-ce Fair ; also, at the Fair of the American
Institute, New York.
Emerson's BOSTON FKEM1T3J TIANOS, the bes
mauuiacnirea in uosion, .ass.
In addition to their splendid stock of Pianos kept
constamlv on hand, II. & L. oiler to the puMic the fcesl
AMERICAN MADE G!'ITAR. and aUo imported Gui
tars, of the best Spanish and French patterns, tosuthei
with low priced German Guitars
Ruled Iuic Paper of 1?, 1-1, 16 lines, etc., constantly
on hand and manufactured to order.
VIOLINS and VIOLINCELLOS. in every variety.
Strings for Violin, Violincello. Tenor Viol, DouWe Itass,
Guitar and Banjo. Violin Bows and Cases. Bow Hair,
Brides, Pegs, Tail Pieces, Finger Boards, Mutes, Bos
in, etc etc.
Reeds, Drums, Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammers, Tuning Pipes.
JTTDealers and Heads of Seminaries supplied at tht
lowest wholesale yrices, with every rtic1e in thr Music
Aiay IT, lP-4-6m.
T f SILVER WARE, FANCY GOODS, etc., at '. '
CRITTENDEN'S, 29 Superior St., Cleveland. The
oldest and most extensive establishment west of New
York, established in lr6. The stock is always kep'
complete. Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold Watches,
endless variety, Irom $?5 to $C5(). A lnrre stock of
up expressly for Rait Ruad use. Also, Clocks made
expressly fur Stations. Super intendants please call
and examine. Clocks at wholesale. Parlor, Sitting
Room, Bank and Ofiice Clocks. Silver Spoons, Forks.
Cups, Goldets. 4tc. Silver eual to coin, and patterns
new and handsome.
Fancy Goods in endless variety. Shears, Scissors,
Pocket Cutlery. Razors aud shaving tools ic general ;
Gold, Silver, Steel, Plnted and German Silver Specta
cles, to fit ary age ; Gold Pens, the test ever made.
Communion Ware. Willow Ware, DouUe and Single
Guns and Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing Tackle, Drifting Instruments ; a large stock.
A large stock of Watchmaker's tools and materials.
My facilities and long experience in business euaMe
to offer inducements to those in want of Goods in
line, rarcely found. Watchmakers, Jewelers, Ped
lars and Dealers in general, will find at wholesale a
large stock to select from, and prices warranted as low
can te found in any of the Eastern markets.
TRemmington's Rifle Barrels, and Gunsmith's ma
terials, imported in large quantities. ap 6, 54-6m
Hon. J. R. Girtdings, M. C. Pres. C. 0. Finney,
H. Griswold,
Lorin Andrews.
Reuben Hitchcock,
44 H. D. Clark,
N. S. Townshend,
w. r. Otis,
Prof. Samuel St. John,
" P. R. Spencer,
E. F- Gaylord,
Cyrus Prentiss,
jienry ick.
II. B. Bryant. Professor of the Science of Accounts
II. DwigUt S traiton. Associate Prof, in the several ve
J. Washington Lusk,)
u if u . r
Professors of the Snenceriai
System of Penmanship and
i commercial corresionence.
Sarah L. Spencer, instructress in the Ladies' Writing
W. W. HiirJer, Assistant Prof, in the Book-Keeping
Hons. Judge Starkweather and H. Clark, Lecturers
Commercial Law.
President Asa Malian, Lecturer on Political Economy.
Emerson . White, Lecturer on Commercial Geog
raphy. TEItMtt .
For a ful! Course in Doable Entry Book-Keeping
and other Departments, - 40 00
For full Course in Ladies' Department, 30 00
or separate Coarse of Instruction in Spencerian
Penmanship. .... - 5 CO
For various styles in Ornamental Penmanship as
agreed upon.
The Principals of this Institutions design making it
one of the i.est mediums in the United States for impart
ing a thorough and practical knowledge of the active
.iuties of the Couming-Rot.m. and business pursuits in
general. Book-Keeping in all its department!., as used
y the most accomplished modern Accountants, will be
taught in a thorough and successful manner
This department is under the pers jiihI superintendance
one of the best Accountants in the United States. No i
Mercantile College in the west possesses superior, il
equal advantages, for imparting a practical knowledge !
Commercial Science.
Mr. J. A. Retlington,an acconpl'shed and experienced j
Accountant in various '-ranches of Commerce and Trade, i
asorinted in this D'-partment, and will attend to
ariiing up books, adjusting long standing and com
plicated accounts, fcc, in a correct and coufidental
i .-mniircial Geography is an important and iiuerest
'jii; branch, which iuis never until the present time beer
connected with Vt rcantile Schools.
The Seneerian System of Penmanship in all its forms,
will be taught by its author. P. R. Spencer, and J. W.
Lusk. N-j Institution in America oflers suierior facili
ties to this for imparting a Uucnt and systematic hand
The Ladies' Denartmen is entirely separate from tin
irentlemei.'s, and is fitted up in a must magnificent man
lier and convenient style.
Business men can he supplied with the most reliable
Accountants by application to this College.
The Principals of this Institutions can render efficient
to the graduates in securing good situations.
Tf 'SenH for a Circular -y irsil. inn .9 T4 t
r COWLritt. (late Co!e k A b rt
V fon 9 Weddell House. Cleveland, respectfullj
invite th- attention of the citizens of Warren and tlu
inrroumling countv-to his assortment of fine Watches,
Silverware, Jewelry, House Keeping and Fancy Goods.
Their prices will he uniform and as luw as any honest
tradesman can afford. Every article sold with he truth
fully described and warranted as represented. Rejtair
inT in all its ''ranches carefully and promptly done.
May IT, US4 ly
packages Earthenware of my own importation direct
from the English Potteries, making one of the larpest
stocK in the Mnrket ; comprisinr, in part. White Gran
ite, Flowing Mulberry. Floa ing Blue, Light Blue, Plain
anl Common Ware. Also an extensive assortment ol
the packaare.
My long experience in the trade, enables me to offer to
Country Merchants lietter facilities than purchasing
their ware in the eastern citiei. Merchants are respect
fully invited to examine my ware and prices, which will
always e as low a r.nv Jo' bing Hnnse in this citv.
Si.'n of the China Pitcher. Xo. 134 Superior St.
Cleveland, May 31, ldVI-y A. fi. GARDNER.
All cash TaM for swet yellow Butter, delivered '
raMs at the Empire S;oie, '
.1 HOI SK, 156. Sprrjr Strr-t, ClrrtlamJ. O.
SoNXKKnrn BaoTiiroa are now receirmr the mart
svlen.lid rtuek of CUTIIIXO eTerlefore exhibited in
CleveUnd, or in any City in the I'nion. which has all
heen gotten uu with larticular care, for this City ami
the surrounding country trade, and which cannot nos
aibly I suruaased l.y the best merchant tailor, and at
only oxE-n.ir Tin moxci that is charged in getting
them made to order.
$3.0 only is wanted for a Cloth and Caaiimere doaMe
Orer-Coit ; the finest Silk Velvet Vests eer seen or
made in any nothing Store.
Pants of the latest style and best make, of one thou
sand different nattrrn..
FURXIS1I1XO GOOD3 of every description and ra
ritty. and the best made or imported : and. as we are
l-ound to keep YOISU A.MEhICA AUK AD of everr-
Uimg in the Clothing line, the prices shall he full SO
i-er cei i. irss man elsewhere : and as particular atten
tion will be paid to all who may "drop in," the above
(acts will he sstisfactorilv proven hv
U ISAACS' CLOTIIISO Assist nit World !
Save Tor F)oi.!.n xn ct tun ( LOTIIINO at
IS.1.10 Jl. ISAACS', Union Hall, CUcclmnd, O.
The Pit'-lic are invited to an inspection of the superb
exhibition nt this mtiincent esta lishment. which in
extent, vari'ty. sufieriurity of Workmanship, and
Fashion. tcelher nith lowners of price, cannot be
leal by any other Ciothins House in Ohio.
Is' s hat just returned from the Ea&t. where he has
received such bar-rains in Cloths and materials for
manufacturing, that he has it now in his power and is
determined to knock all the Eastern Slop concerns
into a ciet erf hat I1 and be will commerce by selling
the best Over-Coat in the City for Fora Dollars ! and
Under-Coat!. Pants and Vests of all descriptions in
proportion. toot ontforun ! and come along every
!ody who wants to be clothed, he can fit all sizes, from
men as large as the Ginntt that stand at kis door, to
little wee fellows three years old. and as his Mammoth
Building is filled with Clothing of all qualities, he is
sure of Iteing able to suit everyl ody Recollect that
he does not wish to humbug the people with Eastk&k
Slop Work for 50 per cent, less than any one else, as
he does not keep sura trcsk ; 1 ut he will furnish his
customers with the lest Clothing in the City, for less
money than they can purchase the same kind of Goods
for in anv other houe in the I'nited States.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount made to
Wholesale customers who buy for Cash.
Trp Clothing matte to order at the shortest notice
and on the most reasonable terms at
Union Hail, corner of Superior and Union Strtett,
Cteretand. Okie.
Jno 22-Iy
59 Superior Street, Cleveland. OHo.
ITave recently made large additions to their Stock of
Standard School and Miscellaneons Books. Blank
Work and Stationery, and are prepared to offer induce
ment: to Dealers unsurpassed by any establishment in
the West.
By s-eci.-il arrangements with nearly all the leading
Publishers of New Vork and Bo-ton. we shall herenfter
receive their Latest and most Popular Works nimnl
taneons iritk publication, and can supply in quantities
at lowest wholesale prices.
Among other new ard valuable Works, we are West
ern Ag'-lits for the following, vir. :
and confidently exjiected to furnish millions of our
lard an instructive and entertaining substitute for the
''Gaming Cards" now used io so startling an extent.
by Mrs. Li-trot. I'nrtrs. the well known author of
'Lincon's Botany." We can earnestly commend this
work as one of the most interesting and instructive of
the season.
IDA MAV -v Mrs. Sto-cie onpponed to be.
THE NEWSBOY It Mrs. Osees Smith onppoted.
IDLEWI1.D l v X. P. Willis.
Tenth Thonand.
THE RE-TRLICAX COURT The most magnificent
National Illustrated Work ever published in America.
J pooled r-on.
Pamnm's Latest "WORK f
Wahirctnn Irving's New Book.
Also III'TII HALL A Romance, by the world-renowned
"Fa-int Fksm."
We expect a large sale for those last mentioned
from the Press of Slason Brothers. dec 13-tf
Jl GOODS. J. R. Ai.feritom. formerly of the firm
Cotri.ts & ArnEKTrins. has ust opened a new Ptore In
the New Kloct a the Corner ef Superior Street mnd
the Public Sffiare. Cleveland, Ohio, where may be
tvuuo an entire ew Mock or
SlIWEli TV A IiK of all fcirrtd. Hrrtrd Pr Ci-
vv ivn PiSiiTovim h jvb ii v
In short, everything that Is New and Desirable in
this line, may I e foui.d cheaper than can I e bought
TTF STRANGERS should not fail to visit os before
Cleveland. Dec. 13, IF54-y
entific men are daily bringing to light new Inven
tions. nd the march of prosress is onward : persons
Bald, or becoming so. will be pleased to learn, that sci
ence and lor- research combined, have broucbt before
the created 11 on Her of the Jl?et in the article of EM
cure for Baldness and to prevent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be bad of a genu. Price 1.00 in large
bottles. Sold by E. E. IToyt & Co., and Geo. idams.
Warren : J. Manning, l'oungstowa . Prentice k. Ed-
wis, Canfield.
C. E. FISTIER h. Co.. Proprietor.
inarch 9
No. 57, Superior street, Cleveland,
t4tfstnrrl) 0nsir.rs.
Pitts- urgh. Pa. Established in lfi-H Incorpora
ted ly the Legislature of Pennsylvania, with perpetual
Charter. eoard or tristkes:
Hon. James Buchanan, I Hon. Walter II. Lowrie,
" Wiu-W ilkins, 44 Charles Naylor,
44 Moses Hampton. Gen. J. K. Moor head.
P. Drrr, author of the North American Accountant,
Professor ef Book Keeping, and Commercial Sciences.
JoiiX D. Williams the Lest ofl-hai d Penman in the
United Stctes, Professor of Commercial and Ornamen
tal Penmanship
N. B. H at n. Esq.. of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor
Mcrcatitile Law and Political Economy.
P. Haydes, Princhial of the Mathematical Depart
ment, Professor of Mathematics, ic.
Mr. J. D. Williams has permanently joined the Fac
ulty, and it will I e seen that, during his late profess
ional eiigagi n etts in the East, he was there regarded
the t est Penman in the country- This Institution
relcre, presents attractions to students offered r-y
other of the kind in the United Stales. The course
training comprises upwards ol 400 real transactions,
six dilierent methods of Dout le Entry Book Keep
ing. 3UO practical 1 n sin ess calculations, covering the
whole field of inland aud foreign commerce. Commer
cial Penmanship, with every modern improvement in
the Art. Bustncsr letters aud business forms of every
description. Daily fcrtnres on Commercial Law, Com
mercial Sciences, the Theory of Profits, dzc. DuQ's
Book Keeping, Hanger's Edition, "the most compre
hensive in the language $1 30.
Dutl's "Western Steamer's Accountant," a perfect
system for such accounts SI to.
Jjr Send fora Circular I y mail. fnov -y
TB. CANFIELD, Coraiiiission and
forwarding Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer in
Western Reserve Cheese. Butter, Lard, Pork, Bacon,
Poland Pearl Allies, Saleratus, Linseed and I Ard Oil,
Dried Fruit, and Produce generally, os. 141 and Ml
Front Street, I'ittsiurgli, Pa. feb S3 tf
IJERRY HOTEL, Corner of Hancock
JL street and Duquesnc Way, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pitornticio.ES : M. H. Markle, late oi Nat. Telegraph
(ffiee, Pittsburgh ; John McMastcrs, Ji Apt., formerly
Efgie Hotel, P;t;s: urgh. - j-WesUxn Reserve peo
ple are invited to give us a call. mar 10 y
7ICK& M'CANDLESS, Successors
& J. D. Wick, Wholesale Grocers. Forward-
ir.g and Commission Merchants, d-alers in Iron, Nails,
Glass, C- tton Yarns and Pitt! urgh Manufactures gen
erally. Corner of Wood and Water streets, Pittsburgh,
P. oct ?3
Phtsbcro. June, lr54. S
The attention of consumers of White Lead i called
the fact that a larj-e portit'.. of that article ground in
is now put up iu keys j.crpori.i.g to contain a and
lbs. each, whereas there i - o ullcwance rade for the
weight ol the kegs, and the co iiu.er is ilefraudel tc
tliat amount. The deceit on cai. easily e b-teced 1 y
aeighing the dtcrciit mahufcturers rds ollere-l
During the past year we have made extensive addi
tions to our 1 uildings, machii.erv and stock, for the
manufacture of large quantities of White Lead, to ena-
supply the demand for our articles. We
guarantee all lead bearing our brand to be strictly pure
and entirely fre from any adulteration whatever, and
excelled for Gneuessaud whiteness, by any made in
United States.
fiumi'i in uu, ib 'ui u iu iidiiii!unx iron
bound kegs, of 5, 50, 100. -i(K). 300 and ol) pounds
each, and every keg containing the quantity of lead
which it pm-i"rts accurate tare being always allowed
the packages.
It is a well known fact, that the various qualities of
lead branded "Extra," No. 1 and No. 2, are largely
alu Iterated with su!stitutcs which are not calculate!
answer the same purpose. And there are manufac
turers, claiming respectability for themselves, and
public confidence in their article, vho brand their kegs
with their own i.ames, 4re White Lead." although
thry never turn out a single Leg without a considerate
adulteration of Barytes.
Aug. 9-'m B. A. FAIINENST0CK at Co.
CLEVELAND. Chartered January 21, D-54.
0fl.ee, No. 5, An frier House, Rank Street
John M. llughes, C.W.Seymour. Jos i ah Fogg,
Josiah Stephenson, A.W.Fairbanks, Robert Reilly,
L.Crowell, S. B.Shaw, S. II. Fob,
Fraukliu Chase. rt. Chamherlin, J. f inlay son,
Benjamin Stevens.
Jon IIccnr.s, President. S. B. Shaw, Secretary.
W. Skymoi r. Vice PresU Frakkuk Cuask, Treas
urer. This Company insures against loss or damage hy Fire,
the ;erilB of navigation.
Policies issued by J F. ASPER, Agent.
Warren, June 7,
Waier ts rendered poisonous by passing througL
material subject to dec;ty aud dtssolution,sucn as
pipes of wood, iron and lead. Prof. J. P. Kirtland ajni
other distinguished chemists, go so far as to condemn
practice of supplyinr animals with water ihroncb
these substance, and earnestly recommend the STONE
..irami .VI 1,K riPK.
The undersigueii is extensively engaged at Xewton
Falls, O., in tuaimfacturing said articles, includinr also
SUaieware. having a factory driven by steam power,
is nrciutred to fil! onlers at wholesale or retnil on
lilxal terms. The Water Pipe is admirably adated tc
carrying fluids of all sorts, draining cellars, irrigating
lands, tc. It is also for sale by the lloyts.at Warren,
Also, for sale, a valuable WATER POWER, with somr
acres of Innd, Factory Bui blinds. Dwelliic. ete etc
about tvp mile r-tv I,e nil. Msbonins; 'o., 0.
But a plain, true declaration of facts, which n
body can ascertain by railing at Hie 01 1 Head Quarters
By J. Goldstein, (successor t.i Uorganstern 4 Broth
er.) Oak Front. Big No. 13, Main street. Warren, O.
I have just received, and am now opening, mv Fall
and Winter stock of Rrady-.Uade Clothing. Cloths,
Cassimercs; Vcstings, etc together with every vitritty
of Furnishing Goods. I would simply remark that
from the extremely low fk-llres of woolen goods East, 1
have been induced to purchase
And those that are acquainted with my mode of duinf
business, are well aware that I will
I do not have my Clothing made up by anv establish
ment in the east, nor did I come from there myself.
But I import my own Goods, and by purchasing from
first ban. Is. am enabled to furnish all atriclrs in my
line at N'ew-York prices ! I am not in the habit ol
running down any body, nor do I notice any such per
sona) attacks when made on me I take my revenge in
Which, from my suj-rrior facilities in tuying, I am
abundantly abletooo.
As quoting- prices seems to be fashionable. I will in
troduce Uie fallowing programme, to be run during the
season, or until the small dealers about towu come
down to ray fij-ures viz : Full suit f Clothes. Coat,
Pants and Vest, for ti and upwards. A good Over Coat
for $3,50.
By the cord, consisting of Coats for JIJO, and Pants
for5 cents ! Hats and Caps of every style and variety,
cheaper than the eheanest. Collars. Cravats. Tie's.
Scarfs, Undershirts and Drawers. Shirts, both white and
colored. In short, a compl-te assortment of everything
in my line, and all I ask Is an insj-ection of my'goods
and prices before buying elseahere. I am now the
oldost Clothing Establishment in Trumbull Co., and
have increased my business every year. I have stood
all the shocks that have been I rou-.-ht to bear against
me. and have lived to see many or my competitors
shut up" and leave town, and feel proud to remember
that by aiming at one object, I have succeeded in
bringing down and keeping down the price of my goods
to the lowest figure at which a good article can be
Manufactured by tip top workmen, and warranted to
fit ! To one and all I extend the invitation to visit Big
No. 15, Oak Front, when you come to town to purchase
clothing. I am bound to sell lower
Come and see! Remember the place Big No. 15,
Oak Front, first Clothing Store south of the Post Office,
west aids of Main street. Warren, O.
Oct. I.-. '54. J. GOLDSTEIN.
Main Street. B arren, Ohio.
T II EjS54-3
The snl'scri. ers would inform the customers and the
puMic in ceneral. that we hare now n hands, and are
conrtaiitly manufacturing a fiill and complete stock of
Fall and Winter Clothinjr for Men and Boy's wear,
which, owing to the recent decline in prices will and
are hound to he sold a tittle Cheaper than the Cheap
est. We will not I e UNDERSOLD l y any.
We have on hand a larjre stock of Orer-Coats,
Dress and Dusiness Coats of all kinds ; Pants and
Vests of every quality, style and color now in use ;
Ruhler Or-r Coats. Vnder-shirts. Drawers. Fine White
?nm i oiiars. Cravats, and in fact everything kept in
an F.stiHtshmem of the kind.
We No have on hand a larjrc stork of Cloths, Casi
mrro, Vesttne. fcc., to sell or make up to order on
the shortest untie.
V Warranted to fit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all. you are respectfully invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. You will save monev ty o doing
J. FITJ3 it. SON.
Warren, Noy. 1, f54.
CAPS, fcr. It has heen clearly demonstrated to a
penercus ami discernir jr nuMir that Joim L. Wrrrs &
Co.. 14 Mnrket St.. is the letrit:mnte place to purchase
Fall nyA Winter Olothinir. Hats. Caps, and in short,
all kirds of Gentlemen's wearing apparel at prices
that throw all t al'Minc: competitors in the shade.
Ilae:np said this we now heg leaee to announce to
the citizens of Warren and snrronndinff conntrv, that
we are just receiving our WIXTF.K STOCK, and are
prepared to nrnplr all who wih articles in our line on
the tiroes will allow. We hare a great rariety of
F.eade Made Clothing of all onalHies and styles, and
it is a common talk ahont Town that onr stock oh
Cloths. Ca'simerr. and Goods penerallT, for our ensf
torn trade far outshines anvthine in the market, whic
we cot and make up at short notice, in a style superior
to anything done in this section of countrv.
Also. HATS and CATS in (treat rarieties. And w.
would particularly call attention to our fine Silk Hats
and Silk l'ln?h Caps, which in neatness and style, are
nneooalcd. Fo call, esumine ami intige for
yonrs- Ives. JtlHX L. WEEKS Co..
Warren, Not. 1. Ir54. 14. Market Street.
The American Artists' Union would resjpectfnlly
announce to the citizens of the I'nited States and the
Canada, that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for
the fine arts thrnnchiut the ronntry. and with a view of
enaMins: every family to become possessed of a gallery
of Enravinea.
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
alef'T their Enjrravinrs. and thns not only to eive
employment to a larse nunii er of artists and others,
hut inspire anion? eur countrymen a taste for works ol
art. to present to trie purchasers of their encrarinrs,
when CoO.UO of which are sold.
Each purchaser of aOne Dollar Eneraving. therefore
receives not only an engraving richly worth the money'
but also a ticket which entitles him to one of the Gifts
when they are distril uted.
For Five Dollars, a highly nni-hed Engraving,
beautifully PAINTED in Ol L. and FIVE GIFT TICK
ETS, will be sent: or Five Dollars worth of s pleaded 1
Fnmrinoi ran hi - fmm thm Pt .n,l 1
sent 1 y return mail or express. '
. i
a C'i'j wi mc autiugue. loewer wun a upecimen 01 i
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the office of this
For each Dollar sent, an Engraving actually worth
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will immediately be for
warded. AGENTS:
The Committee believing that the success of this
Great National Undertaking will I e materially promo
ted l y the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
!ersevering Agents, hare resolved to treat with such
on the most liberal terms.
An person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
(post paid.) $1, will receive ly return of mail, a One
Dollar Engraving, a "Gift Ticket, a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the (lifts will be
placed in the hands of a Committee of the Pcrc hamrs
to be distributed, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United States and the Canadas.
100 Marble Busts of Washington, at - 9100 $10,000
iuu - t la v, - - - - -
100 Wcl ster,
100 - Calhoun.
50 elegant Oil Paintings, in splendid
gill frames, size 3x4 ft. each, )
100 elegant Oil Paintings, 2x3 ft. each,
300 steel plate Engravings, brilliantly)
colored in oil, rich gilt frames
24x30 inches ea. h. )
10,000 elegant steel plate Engravings,
colored in oil, of the Washington
Monument, 20x6 inches each, J
23T.0HI steel plate Engravings, from1
100 different plates, now in posses- I
sion of and owned by the Artists
Union, of the market value of from I
Us ... tA I A.M1, l
100 HMNiO
100 10,1MNI
100 10,1UI
100 5,0t0
50 5,000
10 5.0041
4 40,000
1 first-class Dwelling'in 31st st.. N. Y
32 Building Lots in D Oand Iblst Pts..
N. Y. City, each 25x11-0 ft. deep, (
100 Villa Sites, containing each NU'00"
sq. ft. in the sui urbs of N. Y. City,
and commanding a magnificent 200
view of the Hudson River and j
Long Island Sound, at J
20 perpetual rans of cah. without)
interest or security, of $2.50 each,t
50 - Hi) -
250 iiO
1 ''0 5 u
5, OCO
Reference in regard to the Real Estate, F. J. Yisi i.er
A Co.. Real Estate Brokers. New York. Orders, (post
paid,) with money enclosed, to be addressed,
5t5 Broadway. N. Y.
T1 The Engravings in the Catalogue are now readj
for delivery. nuv 15, 54-um
stitutioii wilt open on Monday, the 11th day of Septem
ber next.
Elementary branches, including U. S. History,
Watts op tho Mind, etc., per quarter of 11
weeks, $4 00
Academic course, - 500
Music Piano or Melcdeon, 24 lessons - 8 00
Use of Instrument, 2 00
Drawing or Painting In Water Colors, per qr., 3 00
Oil Puiuting, per qr., - - . 6UI
French, 300
In order to meet the expressed wants of the commu
nity for larger accommodations and to adapt the course
of instruction more perfectly to the age and attainments 1
of the pupils, a
has Iteen constituted, for which a convenient room has
been secured adjacent to those now occupied, and is
in successful operation. The tuition charges in this de
partrceM aill be Three Dollars.
Parents or guanlinns and other friends of education
arc respectfully invited to visit the Ii atitution at any
hour during the daily sessions which uty fcuit their
)Tr Pupils are specially requested as they world
make Siitisfactory progress in thv;r studies, ttt itt pre
ent on Uie first d.iy of the term.
Hudson, April 4, lr54.
Having had some opportunity to become acquainted
with the present Principal and assistanl in the Voiuig
Ladies' Seminary of Hudson, and their successful labors
in commencing and conducting it thus far, we tke
pleasure iu confidently recommending Uie Institution
to the patronage of the community as one in which may
be secured the 1 eneht of a thorough, elevated aud re
fined education for young ladies in a suerior degr;e,
aud congratulate the jteople of Hudson and the vicinity
upon the establishment of such a Seminary ruder so
hai py auspices We are happy to know that it i in
tended to provide in this Institution the meaus and fa
cilities of an education of the highest order.
REV. G. E. PIERCE. Pres. W. J. W. SMITH.
PROP. II. N. DAY, LK. Col.
im. u. r. AMi.Mt .n.
Hudson. April 'JG, 1P54 y
The Patrons of this popular and fashionable Saloon,
have all repudiated the credtt system, and are paying
wish for their refreshment. They say, "Green has
enough to dc to keep everything in order and serve his
customers without making tickets, charging oysters and
other refreshments, drawinz otT accounts, and shinning
about town for money that has l-een ticketed for a
"day or iu," and nm one or two and three years, and
jo! getting anything don't jay, and they won't let him
so any more." Gentlemen, your arrangement suits
me. Stick to the text; pay as you go, and all my time
including that portion of it which hi heretofore leen
spent in fruitless efforts to collect money shall be de
voted to your comfort. My house shall be set in order
now, for the better accouiuiodatiou of nuy cash cus
tomers. "Excelsior, h;.U i.e my motto.
Warren. March lrS4. WM. GREEX, Agt.
ENT1STRY. Dr. J. C. Burkoucihs
wuolt! resitctfullv announce to lli- -itixn. if
tt'arrrn, and tn the poj lie. that hr will still l.r found at
bis Ilwimj over 'rc.-co Hall, where he mill rfmi any
npemtioti that may be required of the Dental proft's-ion
an e!e?ar.t and duralde manner, lie Mun:s his
thanks for jiast farnrs, and asks for a continuation of
the same. All operations performed l-jr Kr. Ii. will he
warranted to he what they ehouM I. in everr s.cs. of
lha word. 1. c, Bl'RKOWHS.
Marrh !. If1
-ul.f!trilt r having purrhmse-i 5Ir. J. Marvin's
stock, takes this method of informing the citizens of
Warren and Trumt.uM county, that in ad lit. on to the
stock on hanil, he i receiving aiH now nfw ing,a
Stntionary and r'aucy Golds as can be fom i In the
West. His stock of Rooks comprises lltstui k-s. Trav
els, Roo.ances. Ei.cyclopetltas, Biographies. Works on
Eiocation, Architecture, Auriculmre, Theuloirv. Ueolo--,
Philosophy, Physiology, Phrenologj-, Works on
Sptritu:tlt:n. Mystic Orders, Annuals and Albums.
Aio, all the new Publications worthy of note, piles of
School Books, both oM and new, now in use in the sev
eral school districts, UiMe.t from 50 eta. to $10, Prayer
aud Hymn Books for all denuuiitiations.
In great variety. Letter Writers, Sons; and Dream
Books, Astrologers' Books ami Cards.
In this dejttrtment are offered every description of
(luorti. treucn, American L.ail, v ove. Cap, Kill. Let
ter an! Note Paper of he best quality, and Envelopes
io maica.
Comprising Ledgers. Journals, Record, Ca-fh, Invoice,
Time, Lt?, Ncte. Receipt and Memorandum Books.
Alio. Copy Book fr schools.
Lithographic Prints, M.ips, Chessmen and Boanls.
Domines. Ihceniid tups, Playttigand Prtntine Cards.
Paper Weights. Calendars, Letter Clips and rMhohlers,
Atldres CanU, Plain, tliit, Em)ossed and Illumined,
car;i cases, reari, ivory ana illumined.
Drawing Hooks, Cards, l':tfter and Drawing materi
als. Inks. Writing Fhiidd. Pens and Lead Pencils.
Leaves, Wire. Pafer. etc., for Artificial Flowers, and
a large assortment of English. French, Oerman and
American Toys, Weekly Papers from Boston. New
York and Philadelphia, Periodicals. Harpers Putnam's,
i.raftain s, t.oiey x .tnn Metno-iMt National Magazines,
Leslie's Book of Fashions and Yankee Notions.
The purchasing community will find always on hand
a large stock from which to make their selections, at
extremely low prices for cash only, at the New York
Book Store. No. S3, Main street, a few doors south of
jne fost mce.
W arren O.. Oct., 1th, 1854, R. A. A. BALDWIN
WAR ON HlOt! PRICES'! At BtRTtrrr 4
Building, opjtosite the Democrat Office, Maim Street.
Warren, Ohio.
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and hest
lot of CLOTHING, at Wholesale and Retail, ever
brought to this market, comprising Dress, Frock and
Business Coat. Overcoats, Pants and Vests, of every
variety and style conceivable. To test the trnth of our
assertion we will give you prices and you can com
and examine for yourselves.
A FI LL SUIT, Cost, Pawts and Ysarr. tflO, with
an Overcoat to match for $4. Also, a ru-h stock ol
Boys Clothing; Coats for $0, with Pants to match for
$1. Also, a complete stock of HATS and CAPS, com
prising every style and quality. We have also a full
stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, and a large
stock of Broadcloths, Cass i meres and Vesting, rich
and rare, and of the latest and most fashionable stylet
CARD. The P.-oprieters here take occasion tore
turn their sincere thanks to the people of Warren ard
the surrounding country fur the generous patronage
which they have hitherto awarded them, and resiecf
fulty ask its continuance, feeling certain that their
goodjf, for style, quality and cheapness, cannot lit
equalled in this section of country. Our goods are all
warranted to he of pood material, well mtde, and to
give good service We have Hit one price for our
goods, and that a just one. believing it a oor policy
and worse principle to plunder from one person to
secure the loss on another. P. T. BAK1 LETT,
Warren, Oct. 7, lei4. G. W. BROWN
hers to the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL or tub Whole
World, published simultaneously in the three cities of
New ork, Philadelphia and Baltimore, as soon as
3t0,(00 subscriptions are obtained ; and having al
ready an actual circulation of about 200.000, it is now
certain the distribution Kill oon lake place.
Among the extraordinary Li-rr or gifts, (being one
for every ticket issued.) are
Prof. Hurt's Elegant Country Seat,valued at $ Jo ,000
A Magnified t City Resilience " 17,000
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest
or security 10,000
Building Lots, Elegant Piano Fortes. Melo
deons. Gold Watches, Bracelets, Rings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New
World, by Prof. Hart ; Real Estate. C
Ac. ice. in all numbering 300,000 Gifts,
valued at 3300,00
Every single remittance of $1. secures one year's
sahscriptiou io the 31 AM MOT II PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity of a Gift Ticket, which entitles the holder to
one slut re in the 300.000 Gifts. Thus every person in
vesting in this stupendous Eaterprise receives the
full worth of his or her money, in subscription to a
first class journal, (the greatest and most interesting
Pictorial of the age.) l-esides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove an immense fortune to tha
For complete List of Gifts, and full and explicit par
ticulars in regard to the great Enterprise, Distribu
tion, Arc, see a copy of Tub Whole World, which
will be promptly sent, free of charge, where desired by
letter, post-paid.
Tuts Whole World may also be seen at the offices of
all papers containing this advertisement, where infor
mation may be obtained in regard to the paper and
Agents, Postmasters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel mployment, should
not fail to see a copy of The Wholo World, which
contains by far the must lil.eral inducements ever of'
fcred to agents in the way of immense cash premiums,
gifts, commissions, cVe., whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make $1,014) and upwards.
per year ; to which fact the ageuts we already have
secure the Pictorial, and become wise.
rich, and happy,
Correipendents must write their address Name,
Post Office, County, and State, plain and distinct, or it
will be their own fault if they fail to get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all returns will be promptly sent
wherever desired, in any irt of the world.
i' 1
JlPIf any orders are received after the 300.000
u,!r,e obtained, the money will be promptly
reinrnetl. post -Paul, to tlie nersons aen.linr it.
Tri in i a t k d- i
with Gift Tickets, must invariably be addressed.
postpaid, to Prop. J. WOODMAN HART, World's
Hall, itrnadway. New i ork, there being the only
office for the Gift Entcmrise.
But remittances for the Pictorial wmtorT Gift Tick
etS.mav 1 sent la Prof. J. WOODM AN II A UT If.-r
BriLDisas, Chestnut Street, Jhiladelphia, Pa , there
oemg tne princijial editorial and Hillication office.
Oct. 11-0 in.
ry, Jr.c. The subscribers hare iust re-
seired a laree stock of Goods in their line, which.
ritu their former stock, makes a very desirable assort
mem ; anion? wnicn are tiold and Silver atches , su
rer. Silver l'lateri ami Rrittania Spoons: Breast Tins;
finjrer Kinps ; Ear Rinps ; Gobi and Silver Pencil
Cases ; Watch Chains, Seals and Keys ; Scissors ;
Shears ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Kuitps ; Knives and
Forks ; Kazors ; Percussion Caps and Pills ; Silver
Plated, Rrittania, Glass, and Common Candlesticks ;
Lamps ; Lamp lilobcs, and Chimneys ; Tea Trays : Tea
nd Coffee Pots ; Communion Ware ; Castors ; Cloth,
Shoe, Hair, Flesh, Tooth and Sliavin- Eiathes ; Slelo
leons ; Guitars ; llanjcs : Violins : Klutes ; Kifes ; Ac
eordeons; Flageolet! and Tamborines : Hair Pins aDd
Combs; Waist Slides and Buckles; Purses; Pocket
Books and Wallet ; Powiler Flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, and a (treat variety of Toys and Fancy Goods.
The public are respectfully invited to call and exam
ine the goods.
All kinds of Clocks and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to erform well, at a reasonable exense.
To our old custeiners we tender onr tlianks for the
patronage the establishment has received for the last
thirty-six years. WALTER KING k. SOX,
Dec. MM. Xo. 9, Main SU W arren, 0.
IULES VAUTROT, Wholesale and
tJ Retail Dealer in Clocks. Wat. bes. Jewxlkt, Sil
ver-,t ark. and hsit Goods, V arren, Ohio. t.
i.aviiirr just rcuirneu irom tne .Eastern Man
ufactories, I Irouv'ht with me a very larger.
assonmeut oi estra-nue bnlisn Lever Watch
es, in pold, huntiiijr and plain cases. Also, a superior
quality of Duplex Watches, with independent seconds,
just the thine; for timing horses. Also, English Lever
Railroad Time Keepers, iu Silver I lane; inc. Cases; and
a larger stock of Detached Lever aud Lcpiue Watches
than was ever before offered in this place. JJy assort
ment of Jewelry, I flatter myself, is a better selection
than 1 have ever before made, having purchased a
much larger stock and of finer quality, than has here
tofore been brought to this place; such as I can fully
recommend. Everybody is invited to call and exam
ine my stock. Pedlars, and others, purchasing t sell
aain, will find a large assortment, and prices that will
concrete with Eastern Cities, as I purchase my poods
directly from the manufacturers, and will sell for as
small profits as any other establishment in the country.
A few fine Double Time Centre Seconds Watch, will
be Sold verv InW. Nnw m tlit time f.r ! ri n rr . ntnH
Larpain. Call soon and see for yourselves.
Watches, Jewelry, Ate, carefully repaired and war- i
rat: ted. JT"?3 Engraving neatly done. j
Oct. 7, 1H54. i
1 Sl Co. are constantly makinp additions to their i
larpe and well selected stock of Stove Patterns, so that
they are now aide to furnish customers witli the most
desirable patterns for kitchen or parlor use. Among
their assortment are the following ;
The Clinton Air Tight Cook Stove, Xo. 5.
do Improved do do do do
This Stve is truly the Farmer's Stove, for after an
nI'Wleiiteil iuu of f e years, the demand for them is
still niereaiti
The Woman' Rights Cook Stove, Xo. 1,for wood or coal,
do do do do Xo. 2, do
do do do do Xo. 4, for wood.
This is a new pattern of Coal Stove, just got out hy
us, with elevate! oven. Xo." 1 is intended for a dining
room &ioe, naving two nouer noies ana a large capa
cious oven for bait in? or keeping meats warm. No. 3
has four S inch holes for boiling, and is adapted to small
families. Xo. 4 has 4 9 it. eh holes for l-oiliug, and a
very large oven, and s a laj tt' tf larire families.
The Bang lp" Coot Stove, No. 4.
!o West ith Jueeti dii lo
di tueei! of Prairies do do
do Ore-it Western i'O do for coal.
These Stuves h:ire four !1 inch " .iler hde ami un
ci or. ovens I elow the tire chain er. For e .nty.
strength, durability and economy in fuel, theje Stoves
are uu.sunassett. They are perfect bakers.
The following arc some of their Parlor Stoves :
The Cottage Frankliu Coal Stove; No. 'i.
do do do do No. 3.
These are the celebrated Sliding Door Stoves, which
took the premium at the late State tair. t or beauty and
convenience, they challenge comtet:tion, as the extra
ordinary sales this year abundantly testify.
The Cottage Stove, No. 3, for wood,
do do d No. 2, do
The Jewctt & Root Stove. Folding Doors, for wood.
Besides a general assortment of Cannon, Coal, Box,
and Dairy Stoves.
All kinds of machinery made to order. Store Foun
dry east of Tayler's Warehouse, on the canal. Machine
Foundry, east side of Liberty street, en the canal. Tin
Shop four dwr west of the Bank, Market street, War
ren, Ohio. jan 19
Xv EAGLE HOTEL. The nf scriber would take this
opportunity of informir? th. c t"i-ns of Warren, and
the i-nblic generally, th.it iie it:t purchased the Eaulx
Hotel, formerly kept by Mr. Camp, where hereafter he
would l-e glad to see his friends, and all who choose to
give him a call. The best arrangements will he made to
make his house a pleasant place to stop, and no effort
will be spared to those who call once to stop again. To
the old customers of the Eagle be would say, do not
condemn a chance as for the worse, because yon were
so well suited with your old landlord, tut give the new
adniiuixtration a trial before you decide.
Warren, Aug. 17, lr53. GEO. T. IIl'LL.
White i Lead a lirg? npply eonstanly on hand
ind for saU-a the lowest cash pricebv
Aug . K. A. SMITH Co.
7 KITING INKS, Ac Arnold's nnd
May n ard t Noyes celebrated Writtnc Inks.
Also, Ink Powder, Carmine Ink. Ind-liMe Ink, for
marking linens. Writing Sand, Ink Bottles, etc., etc.
r.r-Oei.T InrnvT K. A. SMITH i C-.
to Crotchet and Fancy Knlttintr. A few copies
received at ADAMS Bookstore.
Also, several new pnrular works. Drop in when
rmi hrt Stme. 'ie f-T)
Patwt iflciinius.
m i. HH...MIMIJ.-. lTO!l)irnu, A.I LU
These It afvrs operate Ilk .a cliaraj f,ro.luciny almost
Instantaneors relief. TI--y allay at ouce. the lcklinit
and irritation in the Itrj-.l, which sires rise to hacking
and courin. ami finally result, if not arrested, io a
disease of fatal type-
For Rronclntis. so fearfully prerltent in this el'nutte.
these Wafers stand perfectly onriralled. So Public
Speaker should attewitt to Udress an audience without
ft supply or
tn his pecket. They luhricate the throat and facilitate
delivery to a most asiuiiishiti; ii.-rt-e. Professional
infers, and all metnliers of Cti-irch Choirs will expe
rience immense benefit from their magic effects. All
who use them cheerfully testify to their wonderful effi
cacy. There is hut one opinion of their matchless vir
tues, in all complaints for which they are recommended.
One box will satisfy you that we cannot speak too
hiffhly in their favor.
Hon. SAMl ELRICIIARriSOX, late Mayor of Roch
ester. N. Y.; Dr. James .McCarthy, of Medir-xl Hill,
Dublin; S. Pearsall, Vicar. LicliHeld Cathedra! ; K. Pres
ton, Coal Merchant, of Hull England ; and thousands
of others have volunteered their testimony in favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'S jrreat diicotery. A single trial will
convince the most ceptical that no medicine ap
proaches this in the absolute control it exerts over all
that fatal class of diseases which we have enumerated.
Sold hy all .Medicine Iealers generally.
Oct. 4, IP54 Cm
j u nri.i.
SUM i.ri! IXfr
AM) V.Li: A r.1.1:.
1.: w
i Kin- i Tn- e- i.f tt.r i-f tf.w
. 4n .ri.t.r. Ipu 11-. Ti t ptwt
. rr. v u -I :... I , ur 'pt t..k n.i' ii.n,.:iMctU'r
im. .-.i-i'ir i u. ur :ti-ri-uit i
mw -r-Tiii ki .11-;. tle vr- "t iMtn in .). em tp
.-! tlir i li - t r(. :. ;! Ur II;.. ai.ll l. redil-
i-.T'-It'. m r- .-r.r-.a!,--. . tun . tjnd
i-i i..r An.v-i a ti . . forth Hi. tu..i iLi .tf
i iht- ii-r-;. iuii!i'( mtmi th hum re ..r-.r. rt.ji
.1 1 ..n:it iiV- relief, j: ilti- MiVr lii-sit I- uu-J hapi-i
1 It- .fi ait.il- ..l-.i... ti n u t yi?
IK. .Jol.N Kl l.l.iS J
. II.- i mh t.-.jt a. r r.. W .KLI-. an l ti.- .reat-ot
t.i-nM.:i ,,r t;7..rfd w -if i tU huu .- ir t iU -uf
miMii'-.tv .!. in --i- r -. n say n-'i f . jt ti, ,r t- m
tt:mi. I'UI'.f i.s.iv l ..- I .! UiaI' ll T' All
tiit.j.,- 4;I u:-. nl v-t a. t tlj- pr tWred
ILalin. r-trv ti, 1 t.. ..u i-i :ief t.ta.i.
ii n ;-rf. ) i:ir ..iri -t the t.rf peri-t nlttit
it i:'trv.u.t 1.. rri-u tuii.-s t u fi.-AFtknf
ILmtwii. . ji.-i nun- lif? a .!..-. to uiii -W xrisU
t r- rrs ..! 11 o, t as a:iw ta4t oximt
l:ih wh.iiw.it, ;! :.l irunt r.a'rlci pl.
Ki.ioitt. .,!a I Att i .trat'r. '-d ! niilln urn :-i k1
tm-v'- I r . ..uiu li f u "f th ..ra - A.!iri.T
Kitij f-i bill's 1 ; ...r.-tti..i, .oti'--J .-! It f -;
Ut.l-i. r- .-I. i.rt-;n--J I ? A in rim t mo twtk iu
b-'U' t iiv t- 1,.
. ul 1 th h-in who Mfr al4 r i.r:ip tent
jusij.-jt.t . Ii..t i a t Kiui i u-t a .a-u.it U- fhnil'- oh I
iriit- to .1- hi a ul f !-r hv isin- th-h-ir s .f .'aln
u. ir tr-al. .11.1 il fatik&i-t r. . ihir h..-u-r,
111 :t "L.iJ: iiiir.rtn ii.. .pru W smi f.-w ( It
ME;iii il i i4ju-J ht tiirir ail1i--t'a .hi- r. 1
;ti- nr 'ii4 s-i4..nt.t t. u li-ii tiii'": lu'iu-1 thif
u.l-if. Vii;tt t ..- 1 r-aii rstHi'..l n.-li !;.
the. i'i U .iouv 44. a-1 t.f rr .... that t:-y can
l-r i.-i-u-t .f ; i- i (...-rfi! auti frul;. uud
rnirtv f r rtri..l ! r.-. wp.iij-'. l urit.
. . aift f r in.-i- 1.1 i -Ti' t I u.-i- ti n-. :t a rr.. n (-urn.
t i; - j rf ti- n ir- ... ft-i irn-it -.r . f j..-. ui-iu,
the U.if inj.itii.ta-a ril: l5 u. t.t- tl-i..-t tt
tlft ir.lr,fl '-! iLtiL'OH.
Il im 'i ti u I )! th- ou m i "m- ui
;. t - ( . 1 h- jju- h i::Oiiii-i c-rtih
rt--f ii.i.itT fi-ruit i i Thi tt.!i- 'iv.-. t it
hut Iw-tit, -t r . r ii a:-'i ir. I.Uil fMi.-S III-
-It .-ants . r- (.iii.t.- ti : tl.f niu-f . .. j!1
;! u. rr S.i 1. ur- -L- i n.- to It.
Vie -1111 a.-tv ii..ir . a iu- .'.t. -uiiiit,..:i -rtHut.
.'ItrrM- a..' IK I J-L Itl It l Mlfl -kl. tL.lt
H wi.iti-l i u- tliiti a4 a ssit , ! ! -.
tilt!! U-
t.i i.i. r i; rAt.tr
Ht-ul l t . urr t a uu.-! in.m-v'irtflT f IVwi
Coatp Mi.ii it Minr; . -.1: i a r uni !.i:it h r M -r
lu r.-nf ln-.i.- A h. l"i'h -r an othrr ncit
M miu. iiK- "i-.ii.-sn i iitu- an-1 lirv i-iir-. rt.ii n.
I i.C'. 1.K...1 Kl.-.ii i'aIN.
tf 0.1M vi.U have iir rw HMflliTT. 'UU. Parr,
; rui--. r an ti'i' wt-ui Ir har.-i. - rjptl
U UW Ll:r
m vi.U Ai. k:.M. iI r.iv
WoiiM .n l-r cuff t .f rn'. I i -til? J !nti 5r
TT'r-al i-ur..ia. ;or- iir-l i.-iTiii-aji. Ttt.r r Tin.
W ;t,u. . tit 1 li .1 11 hit.- f .i-.;i- : uxn'tr : L.ty
Itan-i'. t-l .' -fir -i'r.- iih- hr- or :;tii:ni i.
tu a,.-.. 1 i4 i i i urSi.-M i.- wr. --iri luU
- KlVi I'AIN
W..11M w.m -j ur-. ' f ii.-.-' Kill. Iii'a-r. Ta'tr-r
hr?t-i'-n. --r .iwa-t -f tin . 'n mu-v-l y ii.ifi
ttht tsi-i: i i'r. I '.a Sar-ai'.;i:l l?:ttrnali.
Dt t:;-'- i.f 'iu r.r.-r i.ii . . uwLiiiiu " u-ia-t
-rui tn-iD a .--rd" aua irrta:l curr.
til JO.ii E-LL3
. .ur. vits.nu: -.i.
r.r .- r. ,v?.
Cnr.rfT , r.Fti. t
.f i . r. , 1
Tun r. I... I .vie ..'.
l ine Wtm .r . -;t r s-nl.i H..l.
I b -u.iuiii.-iu rmi'.n t: :h- .Vrw- t
.'fi'itiv il -m-i-"-. I if, r .-..:. lii: --.f
the !.?: l ills i. --ta "It h'Uuu
!i-ri-t f 'hr i.k !'i r. t . i i.i f r n ib
o of '' -r- ari ,te S f. . it. th- si
5u-'Ul..-.r- tw.n--r-ii I?. t'it i.uui-'-i- tou.n-- i"t!-i,
lro)K.y Jaiiii.lie I 'Slt fliW l'-nii li.tl tt n,nnf
Cll-t .-h n Threat. I"'ilmt-r-:r ?! i ti. tui n.l otit-t
I-w-ii- t liUin l iu r 'j. 1 (iin pi i -n. l.t r i to
pi t;- Is f--ma h rie-tnaril.-a;i4l . iJiint. l-w
tj-irit. k au'i ii-r.i.. h-. Si III -ta,
k-xp sut nr uifTu iPtiip iii liifi. hroiiiv O.-n
n-.Uuti- i'.sl ; an t .i a rrin act
r-mim.fr Urink aini if wr. i'- ui t.r tiw
.Mrtfin. a .rii!!- m. llt.-ts.,t
l ur..iii t. it is i:i-n"r Ui llo
Li a ! t.n.--! Wat.T.
rat(( r t ..its
It U a r-inarl;al hr tv-t. tT'at asi'-ny tht- hutcht of
tmittri.t 'h fi ian who eijmiiwtt then . ".
tis-h hull" .ir-.rtrilU in irr.ir.a. i. t . a' la i-drinu-tt
it I ut all a 10.1- it .tinl romiUfi.J it 111 th
fahrh'Kt t-Tin. Man. y',-i w'-f pr irv -ha
rtri'iiKi.- IU tile l-r lief ih-.t V. i 't'-H twMji fie prr(a-r-.tiou
of Srvip:iril'a thit it nor l--rn i.Lt-t iwt -re
th .u! ii.-- Alttiooh i.r r- ar.! unuy :i 1 'o
fcvl a r'art-inr:Vlia.i. je Hi ir 11 tnir jfu .e ! l th
reoutub . Jati -a i-f any .r i uUr ri-ui-1-.
uimlinthf.v ia.iv j.pr .- f u Ui th- 'uii:t iirr-a:
thervaxe utluirs h tVanK... rtcUth ir u-:rl ii: la. r
of a rtmitnK hi h tlirv kucw .-...:-of Joi-ix m
much in-"! in an at i ti .-m;i.ii' ily. .Ss in . 1 iu e.
rrtl th- fi-.tUtriu ' fro.. ol-l an. r-!ip t.nl It- ih noa.
of uih rtui :! k in ll. uui:uti..ii. i:
l.l :
iJ-Trliii .n' lis. the f II vin; re:. ' r. tnr.T'ni
all idmenU on" th- e'"'H.- f Lull . -ars ir-rrii . r m
lr. Ifc I'. AiMh-ll T"Vr-f i L:ii.:r ii th' ..(
f Uie Medi.-al l dhan : h ' Uiuuixi -r tl- a l in-ltredintso-ini"nicJi.bii
Lull I ..i:pinii.l u'.f vri of
KarmpariiU and ha'e i.o htf.iuitl'li i). k inv tliat they
form a jcift-ei'inji-Miii 1 an i nr loal pr:;- usl ii
stirouie di.-ase.. to wlii; u it i i'i.ii-s I.-
L. r. 1 A Mif. I.I. "4.1.
UimriLic. Juiii ii. !S4S.
What Or. I'-p!i"i ion h a(i.dut.,i.ul to th.
luisri!.ve Mrio llispikil . if iMili Jamj.wl'.is
L'nariu. V.ir.h W.
I Lav. eaam!iird the pris-riptii-n f r llw pr-p jvte.a
..f John Hull s .ars.-iri la sim! I I'., t:.- .. ulii-a-
ti. r: to l an .n-ll..:t I.e. a.vl il l I n
du.v an alti-ra'.i-. pupr i n ".i
u..i it l th ii. p '; ii !- P'l l":",
-m. ' b if
i t ,n l iix.uk
U L. Um. Usl artnle . f ip-in.L. . 11
r.siJ.nt ll.-'i Liu ! ui.ii!!.- Vjrii- llo.pii tl.
Trti. rt stiuxii' thin ae"erd I" fi-r..fuv
mIWn.. i.rv. i'. ..ri-o-i l-t. H.M.WS:
1 l.- .li.l:- - th
V.. hare usrd J.hn fair Ssruipirili an.l have
lino.ii il ne- i"i ' aow
l.a-e no h -lTitp n in sl.ui -or u f Hr t :l i: aailW
ando ui I" iiir U-;.! -...ipt.u i.: an I .-..I ul. i; m n
dure in 11 h t-l i r.0: - . nm hi'rina' ai.illli. n
t.re wi.ul I i-h-i rf'ill a;.-l io- l r-r..t tl.. r n;nluiid it
LiUaMfd. E W.MM.O.
i-''''1' I. .-Ti- i.N.-oX.
We wcnl-!
nc'th an-
TirnTli i-'ir. -r n v if sr. ruir.-r-1
1 tin. tl.M ' i .l i- heir IO to r.n
iJr. .'oho I'lil' a-ent .in I ,rt a o(. . I I I: fair liy
Journal .-r-iti f r I.- t...-s hwma. V
tint a slu.-h- in.ll i ln.d n-t f und nnw.:linc to
i. :oll .-.inaiurllla a iri I a ft. r n-milov al it f..-i-.t
n- at the ?am. H ue Hi -I It i in.p--i l (r tht
r.. t r to pjl lift, the truth pirt of tin- nuoii.r . f .r
li 'rat.. f at- nn.'in.' rur.s p. rf r:n-l bv l i Virsnia.
li'-la TL.- amount i-f -I'nu.my .olui tTil;. h".-rrj
Mi lr Hull farsiearllls fr in well kuo.nan.l .-tin-rilishinl
indi idu il. I- tl. pu!..i an.l n.ale i.te. ha
eu irf-cllr ove'wh,lnii:i.
Hr. J-hn Hull' I rin- ij"l "r.ee. Wt !. I lfth
FUi. trt d.orl- lo Vaiu. !.iii"ille. Ky.
U BARCLAY ?T!lr fT. I 1 UrTII .TnriT.
l- ana n
N.,IP k r rr K CTI A X" T 1?T? A Ti V PIVi
LiIir-AI tiicii j.;-i is a -j. j.
MENT, No. 5!, Main Street. tJ I j
J. McConnell A: Co., No. Slain 1 f , t
Str... Wimn. Ohio, have the pleas- ir-fr vl nm&Q i
ore of announcing to the citizens of aTo f
Trumbull county and the public in ,
general, tliat they are receiving and manufactnniig the
largest, cheapest and best assortment of BOOIS and ;
SHOES ever brought to the Western market, flch ;
ry now ofler tor sale, at wholesale or retail, at prices
that cannot fail to suit purchasers, on the cash and
M..i-.MV rt..TT.. Their stock consists of
' 1 ii V. T la E M EN'S DEPARTMENT
tr. r. Km.ti: Men's Calf Peg'd Imitatl
on Bts;
llunrian do: " French Calf sew'd, stec
Kip do; Rrogam;
Calf Pegs do; Kip and Calf Brogans;
Bovs Boots and nnigan. all it ma.
Ladirs' Jenny Lincl uoota, uussius ana i ies; i-anies' ,
Patent Leather Buskins anil Tics, anil iiorncco Boots; l
MisW.fewe.1 n.l Pejtsed (iaiter aod Shoes, of all
kin.ls: OliiMren's Shoes. 4c. i
Morocco, Calf Skin anil I in.er Leather, ami erery- ;
lllin osuaii iu w Kin p-.i., I
tah, lower than can he fuuuilelsewhere in the county
Arrll 14. lr3. J. UcCO.NX4.LL t CO ,
Ri to PlrtVPC! c . Trtl. P.r. '
A 1 it uLU V fjo, 7ir'P min.U OTet
a. jl. nn urusnes.iovfaie iy rusiEai.
Alcoholic stimulant and all injurious ingredients, mild
in tjiejr operation, they strengthen the system, never
pr0strate it.
For bT E A Pmith k Co., and Porter fc Co.,
barren ; O. Hazlett, Gustaius ; J. S. Mears, Worn-nth
nei, ; j, Campliell Newton Falls, and I v Dealers in
Medicines everywhere. nor 20 lH54-y
rpilE "CIIEST. Sir Asilty Cooper,!
JL B .rU. M. I)., the eminent M - lical PrMtitioner. I
has left a Taltuhie learr to the world In his ORK AT
cure for Pulmonary Diseases, witholttue rsr or id
m-.. sir A. C. Bart., invented and advised the use of
to all persons of all a:es and condition, a a certain
d -.fe shield against those fearful diseases. Coo-
. itPn..ki.i. ...i
aictions' of the Luni,. which arise from th. eaixised
State of th chest, accortling to fashion, ud the coutio
aal ci-.tik-3 oi our rumatc.
The I'rottor," is a imply a chemically prr;-cl
far, linctl with silk ami pathletl. which. sofTit-Diietl Irom
the neck, cuveri the chet iu so areeaile a wiaiitier.
tliat, once worn, it Incomes a nrceiiity and m comfort.
-t ne rrwtector," riittioan i.nt receutljintroduce.l in
to America, is making rapid iirrea thnoh the
I'uitcd StutfS he t'auadaii. Smith America, and West
Indie. It h4 for a lonjr time hcen a Lijle article
in Knsland and on the continent of JEurope, while it
has proa n iu many countries to the positicn of an arti
cle of dress.
To demonstrate thes farts euquire of any English
r4uient in your ricmity or his k'owlpile of the lnn
eficial efTcUof wearing the Frolector, witiioi t ar
comsK to dotorino of any kind. The cost of wear
ing these articles is a mere tritl. and one will hist
some years. No one who values the hralth of him'lf
or his family will he without them. The Hospitals in
this country are not alone recommend in ft them, hut
rapidly introducing them. Harcourt, Bradley & Co.,
of London, aud Mau Chester, Copland, were orieinally
entrusted with the manufacture of the Protector, hy
the lamented Dr. Cooper, and continue to manufacture
according t; "his original" instructions, and therefore
recommend those who would wear The Protectors,
to see to their heing genuine.
Kememher tins is a ataple article, and no Patent
Gent's Size, - - - $1 50 each.
Ladies' do. - - 1 00 do.
Boys and Misses do. 75 Ju
38 Ann Street & UG Nassau Street, New York.
Principal Warehouse, lu Wood Street, Cheapside
London. Manufactory, 44 Market Street, Manches
ter. England.
H. B. & Co. are establishing Depots for the stle of
"The Protector in all part of America. Physicians,
3nr?eons, lru jjits. Clothiers. Dry (Jowls Merchanu,
Hatters and Milliners, also Gentlemen's Furnishing
Store Keepers are entrusted with the whol-rsalc and
retail distribution uf them, and to whom most liberal
terms are offered for their enterprise, and a splendid
opportunity opens to them for p:ife and profitable busi
26 Ann Street, New YoJk.
Scpt-W, 1854 3m.
yf c.v.
It stands pre-eminent for its cumtire powers in all
diseases for which it is recommended, usually called
Of these are Prolapsus Uteri, or Falling of the TTomh ;
tlour A Inn ji, or Whites; ttironic lndamatton aud LI
ceration of the Womb; Incidental Hemorrhage, oi
Flooding; Painful, Suppr. ts :A and Irregular Menstrua
tioo; Ac, with all Uieir accompanying evils, (Cance
excei-ted.) no matter how serere,or how long standing.
The Catholicon far surpasses other remedies, in bein
more certain, less expensive, and leaving the system
in a netRr condition. Let all interested call and obtair
a pamphlet (free) containing ample proof, from the
most respectable sources, of the beneficial results of its
use; together with letters from highly experienced Phy
sictaiifi, who have used it in their practice, and speak
irom uieir owu observations.
P. B. Ptk w, M. D.. Utica, N. T.
L. D. Vt.s.niK.1, M. D.. Rochester. N. Y
M. 11. Mild, M. D., Rochester. N. Y
D. Y. Foots, M. D-, Srracuse, N. Y.
Prof. Di if bar, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
J. C. Onrtira, M. T., Baltimore, Md.
W. W Reese, M. D., New-York Ciir.
W. Pres on-. M. D , Concord. N. U.
J. P. NaivLAWD, M. D., Utica, N. Y.
Rev. C. S. Bcard, Glenn Springs, S. C.
Phamplets to be had gratis at the Store of E. A. SMITH
& Co., Airetits, Druggists, Warren, O. Also sold by L.
YY. Mears, North Bluomheld. James K. Sexton, Youngs-
own, and by most of the leading Druggists in the ad
orning counties.
Try Letter addressed to the tare of Mr. Curtis
Match, Jtpemt at Raeemna Ohio.
To Da. Mari nwi I have been ten years troubled
with Female Complaints-prolapsus uteri, and all the
attending difficulties; at tmes rendering my life mos
miserable. I have had the attendance of some of the
best physicians, with but little success; the most they
could do was to relieve a cure was out of the question.
For fire months before commencing with your medicine
I had not been aide to perform any labor, could walk
but a few steps at a time, and scarcely went out of doors
in short, I was completely prostrated, both in mind
and t-ody. and expected to drag out the rest of my days
in sarteringa.it! misery. But, reading your advertise
ment, I was induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Catholicon, as the last resort. I had not
used it a week before I felt like anotherwoman. By the
use of three bottles I was e ddrd to perform al the la
bor for six in the family r'. .ase, and could walk any
where in the neighborhood without injury. Nothing
hot a sense of my duty to you and to the afflicted, has
induced me to state my case to the public. I can safely
recommend the preparation to all those suffering like
myself. (Signed.) Mas. Saa Akm Bishop.
Freedom, Portaire Co., Ohio.
JTTJ. B. MARCIIISI A Co., Proprietors, Centra
Depot, 304 Broadwav. New York.
Warren. June 21. IrM j
Vot a Particle of JVercnrm in it.
Lrr the Afflicted Read axd Ponder!
An Infallible Remedy for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or
' Postutes on the Face, Blotches. Boils. Ague and Fe
ver, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bonis and joints.
Stubborn Ulcers Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago,
Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising from an
Injudicious Use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or
Impurity of the Bio d.
rV This great alter, tire medicine and Purifier of
I Blood is now used by th usauds of grateful patients
from all parts of the Lmte ' States, who testify daily to
the remarkable cures performed hy the greatest of
Medicines, "Carter's Spas.sh Mutt re. Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions of the Skin. Liver
Disease, Fevers, Ulcers. Old Sores, Affections of the
Kidneys. Diseases of the Throat, Female Complaints,
Pain and Aching of the Bone and Joints, are speedily
put to flight by using this great and inestimable rem
edy. For all diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet been
fonnd to compare with it. It cleanses the system of
all impurities, acts gently and efficiently on the Liver
and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to
the Stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and re
store the Constitution, eufeebled by disease or broken
down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine Tigorand
For the Ladies, it is incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few doses of Carter's Span
ish Mixture will remove all sallowness of complexion,
bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give elasticity
to the step, and improve the general health in a re
markable deg-ee, beyond all the medicines ever heard
The large number of certificates which we have re
ceived from persons from all parts of the United States
is the best evidence that there is no Humbug about it.
The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and
public m n, well known to the community, all add their
testimony to the wonderful effect of this lilt EAT
Call on the Auevt and get a Circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of all
Medicine has performed.
None genuine unless signed Bennett A Beers, Pro
prietors, No. 3, Pearl street, Richmond, Va.. to whom
all orders for supplies and agencies must he addressed.
For sale by K. A. Smith k Co.. Warren ; J. Camp
hell, Newtoa Falls ; B. Brown, Ohlton ; Geo. Hazlett,
Gastavns , S. W. Mears, Bloomfield, and by Dealers in
Medicines every' here nov Sti'-j
Jaundice. Chronic or Xervous Xehility, Disease
of the kidneys, aud all Diseases arising from a Disor
dered Liver or Stomach ; such as Constipation, inward
Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the head, Acidity of the
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Full
ness or Weight in the Stomach. Sour Eructtaions, Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming
of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flutter
ing at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture. Dimness of Vision. Dots or
Webs before the siht. Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
kc.. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression of
Spirits can be effectually cured by
Dr. IlooflanJ'j Celebrated Gcnnfin Biltrrs,
Prepared by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, No. 1) Arch street.
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled,
if equalled, by any other preja ration in the I'nited
State?, as the cures attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians had f.iiled. These Bitters are worthy the
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
rectification of diseases of the Liver aud lesser glands,
cxerrin-inz the most searching powers in weakness and
Aftectioiis of the digvstirc organs, they are, wituat
safe, certain and pleasant.
Jons TTorrJtis, Jeromesville. Ohio, May 3Hh. 1853
said : "I write to state for your satisfaction, and also
for tliat of others, that your German U. tiers is what you
recommend it to be, a highly valuable medicine, which
I know from having used it in my own family to my
entire satif faction. All who nave used it give the same
rron men dat io n -
SreriiLX A. SItalt, Canton, Ohio, May 11, 1853, j
says: -Having nearn your uern.-n tm.ern uigmy
recommended Irom sources in which I placed much
confidence, I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
of them I pave to my daughter wno has derived great
benefit from it; two of the others I sold immediately,
and 1 aouM like you to send me a supply of it to sell.
Jnii Ct-iKK, Brunswick, Ohio, May 1H5-I. says:
Your German B.tters have proved su cessiul in every
ease that lias come to my knowledge, aud has opened
for itself a great demand.
Thomas LcrritroKD, Covington, Ohio, Dec. 97th,
1H53, says : "My wife lias been affected with the Liver
complaintatid Dyspepsia for a number of years, during
which time I have spent a great deal for doctoring but
..l -.s-r lirrlaa u,.,Hi r I, --f-.-. A...11-
the doctors saitl she could not be cured. Last spring
she concluded to try your Bitters; the took two bottles
ami e rr tJiuvc n.m mi uj sue- iu wen 'ie o atiriiu
to her business, until very lately he had a new attack
but has airain commenced the Bitters. I have sold
quite a nnmbrr of bottles through her recommendation,
and as far as I cau learn, it has given satisfaction to
D. Abbott, Austinburgh, A nla county, Ohio
December 5th, 1KVI, say "Permit me to berr teti
moriy to the remarkable eftieacv of v our medicine in
tne cure or Mver lompluii:t
For years previous to
takin- your littters. I wa -Tirely afflicted with Liver
Complaii.t ; so much sn t1: :t 1 : 1 not exi-ect to live :
but by a free use of your n.ciierne, thanks to a kind
Providence. I find myself entirely restored to heal in,
and able resume my employment.
These Bitter, am mtirrt mdttmbe and free fmm
ERCIIANT'S Gar-linff Oil, in 25ct.
5ct. anil -UK) bottirs, fur sale br the qmmliy
or retail, lr K. A. SMITH at CO.
March 16. T4.
IQLOAN'S Ointment nJ
Powilers, Tor sale ly
mar 16 E. A. SM1TII A CO.
V-v T TvrJnT n . tit 1 UTTP Plf 7"
) j,,,, rccei,ed and fur aak- by
Aa 9 K. A- SMITH Co.
TTOOFLUrS finrman Bit pin. a rp!-
J h , miv ftip rir of LfTffr Coinrtain,.
Jaundice. Pvsper.-.ia. and all d:easr arising from a
rti,nr ierMliverorstoiuach.oMhy I
Marrb I. r. A. imiTM 4k rs
Paitn Hlciirinrs.
i" WISDOM shall
f how lnn to it. and
the threat nt the earth, shall kneel
before it."
ever eoulrt this b; aaiil with
more truth, thau it now applies to
this remedy for affections of the
inro.il anu rungs. Tne exalted
in learnin and power, acknowl I
e-ls-e it supremacy, while both th- i
little anil the great can feel it benefits. The liberal
minded anion; those skilled to cure, are free to
iu sa-t ry over distempers which have baffled their
art. Those of exalted stations are not ashamed to tes-
"' " i"es. rot iieem it a dnty and a pleasure t.
Uui hold oat tie lamp ol their experience u thair
suffering fi-llow men.
Witness the following translation :
M , . VaamtuoaviLL. La., April, !S5S.
Hons. 1 Dr. J. c. Avx : I ha of late, mad. fre
quent use of your "ui Prrroaat in my practice,
and am happy to inform yuu that in no case yet has II
failed me. I hav made some signal cores of Laryng
itis and Bronchitis with it. aud hav. -..n.,.i..i ......l
one case of the Asthma, which had withstood .very
other medicine I could employ.
Accept, Sir. the assurance of my
distinguished consideration.
Jl'LLS CLAl'D (iOL'iit'ET,
Late Pnrgeon of the Kyal Marine. France.
Extract from a letter of our Minister at tha Court at
the Sublime Porte.
Legation of the TT. S. A., Cowtisnssrii, Turkey.
Dr J. C Aver. Dear Sir: The lllivaar PnTni.L
received from you for the Sultan has been delivered bs
his private Secretary at the palace, and yon will doubt
less hear from it in due season. That you were so kind
as to send me has been given to friends, who hav in
many easi-s, found it exceedingly useful.
ours, resperuuily, ur.lt. r. MAKSll.
Minister Plenipotentiary of the U. 9. A. to Turkey
Ci'ro4, Ji irch 5, I 8.
Br. J. C. Area : I nse yonr Cherry ttnoni. aily
in my practice, and am satisfied it is a remedy wh.ea
must meet in every e nntry the highest approbation.
C. W. JACK1IKJDK, M. 1..
Resident Court Physician.
Among the eminent Editors who testify to their per
sonal experience and knowledge of the wonderful
cures, and immense usefulness of the Curaar Pecto
ral in their section, we may mention
Bonehton Co. of Federal I'nion. Milledgeville, Ga.
L. Patton, Christian Advocate, Knoxvillc, Tenn.
i. B. bobson, American Presbyterian, Greenvill
J. B. Kamson. "Democrat, McCnnellaburg, Pa.
J. Kuss. Jr.. Shelby ville News. Tenn.
Harvey, McKenney tc Co., State Gazette, Burlington,
J. KnaSh At Co., "Jonrnal." Reading. Pa.
Raymond. Harper & Co., Sew York lime.
P. Cobb, Christian Freeman, Boston.
Win. B. Jacobs. Christian Chronicle, Phil.
Hon. J. Wentworth, M. 0 . Democrat, Chicago, III.
Rev. E. i. Reese, Methodist Protestant, Baltimore.
W. M. Wigutman, Christian Advocate, Charleston.
S. C.
J. M. Magennis, True Delta, S. O.
T. M. Dunnell. Daily News, Savaniah. Ga.
Geo. D. Prentiss, Louisville Journal, Ky.
Hon Srhuyler Colfax, M.C., South Bend Register, Im.
A. Commings. Christian Mirror, Portland, Me.
M. II. Bartiett & Co.. Republican, Hartford, Conn.
These gentlemen have not only certified to these
statements in their papers to the public, but hav sent
me their personal letter to the effect that they hav
found my preparation an article of great public utility.
Space will not admit full testimonials here, bat the
ageuts below named will furnish my Amertcan Alma
nac, gratis, to all who ask for it, wherein are full par
ticulars, and indisputable proof of these statement.
Prepared by JAMES C. AYER, Practical and Ana
lytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass.
Sold by v. K xTEiJr Cincinnati ; E. A. Swith st
Co., Warren: J. Cmphlu Newton Falls: H. W. Cot-
lr, Mesopotomia; and by all dealers in Medicine
31 Beware of counterfeits and worthless prepara
tions attempted to be palmed on under a similarity of
name. oct .'Mm)
Manufactured hy IIARCOVRT, BRADLEY Co., 44
MarLet Street, Manchester. Principal Warehotme, 1U)
Wood Su, Cheapide, London, England. America
Establishments, 3c Ann Street and 1U2 Sassna Street,
Jiew York.
The Hydromngen is a Tuluahle discorery for protect
ing the feet from damp or cold, and therefore a pre
Tentative of many Lnng diseases, without any doctor
ing whatever. The Uydromajren is in the form of a
sole, and worn inside the boot or shoe. Its medicated
character is a powerful preventative to disease.
For Gentlemen it will be found agreeable, warn and
healthy, to wear in the coldest or rainiest weather, as
Uie foot cannot become wet if the Hydroinagen is inser
ted. Ladies may wear the lightest soled boots or shoes
in the most inclement weather with impunity ; whilst
Consumption, so prevalent among the young of our
coon try, atay be thwarted by their general adoption.
They entirely superseed overshoes, as the latter causs
the feet to perspire in a very unhealthy manner; and.
besides, are not dangerous to wear for pedestrians its
icy weather, like india ruhbers. While the latter
cause the feet to appear extremely large, Uie Hydro ma
pen, being a mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiar
ly placed inside, does not increase the size of the book,
or cause the foot to appear untidy. To children they
are extremely valuable, as they may entcace in exerciss
with comfort and healthy effects. Their expense is so
slight as to scarce need mention; besides, those who
patronize them will find their yearly doctor bills muclt
diminished thereby.
As the llydromagen is becoming more known, its
sale is increasing to an almost incredible extent. Last
year in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool,
Glasgow, Leeds. Dublin, Paris. Antwerp, Hamburg ami
Berlin, our sales reached pairs of Cork Soles.
This year the number will far surpass that.
Ak the Faculty their opinion of their value as a
preventative for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma
and Consumption.
Men's Size, per pair, 35 cents; Ladies do. per pair.
30 cents; Boys' and Misses do. per pair, 2- cents.
Nones. From the Retail Prices we make a very lib
eral allowance to Jobbers and wholesalers, so that any
storekeeper may make a fine profit on their sale, whils
they are an article that may be kept in any store t
among any class of Goods.
For terms, apply to
3ti Ann Street, New York.
Sept. go, 1K4 3m
I STORE. Nos. 11 & 13 Main Street.
Spring has come ! And so bas the largest,
nest and cheapest stock of Boots aud Shoes ever I
brought on the Western Reserve.
D. il. WARREN, in announcing this tact to his pat
rons, and the r. rid jt large, invites them, one and all,
to come and see for tuemsel ves, for he feels eon fident ho
can snit them with any kind of good Boot or Shoe they
Purchasing his stock of the Manufacturers for Cash,
enables him to offer such inducements to buyers can
not be found elsew here
Ladies! yon like to have a pretty Gaiter or Shoe. ant
I have taken especial care to please you by selecting the
most fashionable, prettiest and most genteel stock for
ladies wear, that could be found in New York; so all
that like the ornamental as well as useful, will call and
seeand buy, before going elsewhere.
Gents! 1 have the best assortment for yonr use ths
greatest variety of material, and the latest fashions, only
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enamelled Gaiters.
Children I come, and I can fit yon with any kind of
Shoe or Gaiter your taste mav select.
D. II. W. again returns tsunks to past patronage, and
solicits its cont nuance.
N. B. Boots aud Shoes made to order and warranted
to at. D. II. WAR KEN.
P. S. Don't forget the No. 11 A. 13 Main St. Warren
lanheld, Ohio. The subscriber takes .
this method to inform the generous public, that he still
carries on the above business, in ail its various branches,
and will make to order, any thing that a man may want
in his line. Having a large stock of new material al
ways on hand, and the best of workmen to do it up ia
style that canuot be surpassed by any establishment in
.he country, thns- who wish to purchase Carriages or
Buggies ready-made, can always find a large assortment
at my shop, of all qualities, and at all prices, and I am
nocarraiu ot competition, irom any quarter, especially
north. 1 would just any to all who wish to eet a eood
article, they would do well to call on this estlislment
before purchasing elsewhere, for our work is of the best
quality, and all warranted
FAi.Mi.M and lKi.Miii.xj none on snort notice.-
Particular attention paid. to repairing.
NEW BUGGIES in exchange for old ones. All kinds
of Lumber taken la exchange for work.
The subscriber flatters himself that by strict attention
of himself and hands to business, he can hare a reason
able share of public patronage. Thankful for all former
favors, he will be still more Uunklui for new ones.
Canfield. Mar 26. 1&3-T 11. SWANK.
L MILLS ! .'The undersigned take this method of
informing tne farming public, that still continuing to
manufacture Fanning Mills, they have so far improved
the same as to be able, not only to take out foul seeds
from Grain, better and faster than any other mill noar
in use, but also to perfectly separate, or take out, tha
rat dirt tliat may be lodged in the same.
They can also take Timothy. Clover and Flaxseed ia
the chaff, and by once running it through, can make it
perfectly mercantahle. Their Flaxseed and rat dirt
cleaners are their own inventions, deduced from much
study and experimenting the paU winter, and are sucn
as are not to be fonnd in any other mill extant. They
invite alt who need mills to call and examine theiis
before purchasing elsewhere; and as their mills ara
always warranted, they can run no risk of being im
posed upon with a poor mill.
Farmington, July 19. W. CURTIS & SONS.
j undersigned. In connection with their Printina
Office an
nee ani Bookstore, nave estamisncu a
BINDERY, where Book-Binding in every ,c
variety and style, will be done on short
notice. Their Bindery has one of S5?
Blank Books ruled to order; Periodicals bound; old
Books re-bonnd; and every branch of the business at
tended to in the best manner, and on reasonable terms.
This establishment employs the best of workmen, and
a comparison with work turned out from other Bind
eries in regard to style, durability, finish and price, is
fearlessly challenged.
Books and onlers may he left at ADAMS Bookstore,
Warren, who is authorized to receive and forward tha
Aug. 16, lKjsJ-fiin Ravenna, Portage Co., 0.
M. D., PmrsArjiTnit: os Botasic Phtsk ia.i a.ib
Scrgieos, would respectfully inform the Public gener
ally, that he has located himself at Newton Fall a,
where he will attond to w) e.lts in his profession, at
his Othce or at private dwt iliugs.
Dr. 31. will pay particular attention to all kinds of
of old Chronic diseases, such as Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaints, diseases of the Lungs, Kidney, Skin,
Bronchitis, Arthmatic Afflictions, and all diseases
arising from aa impure state of the vlood. Also all
diseases peculiar to the Female sex.
Dr. Morton's remedies are purely vegetable and the
mater-cure discarding poisons of every kind, both
mim ral, vegetable aud animal. He will also keep on
hand all kinds of Botanic Medicines, both simple and
compound; Tinctures, Syrups, Bitters, Liniments, Ax.,
4tc. for sale.
Newton Falls, Not. S, ISM nov 8-tf.l
SPECIAL NOTICE to consumers of
Saddlery and Hardware. Packard at Co.. Whole
sale and Retail Hardware Dealers at West Greenville,
Pa-, wish to advise the readers of the Chronicle th?t
a very large stock snd full assortment of Goods in ths
above line, can at all times be found at their Mammoth
Establishment, which for quality or cheapness cannot
be excelled in the Country. Harness and Saddle Ma
kers in Ashtabula and the Northern part of Trumbull
County, can save time and "mileage" by going ts
Our Goods are bought of 3fanufacturers for cash,
thereby enaMing ns to offer cash buyers every induce
ment. We will obligate ourselves to duplicate an
bilis from Pittsburgh. Clevelatd or Buffalo.
A large addition to the stock of J.ipanned, Brass and
Silver Plated Goods, Pntent and Enamelled Leather,
Saddle Trees, Carriage Trimmings, fcc are now arri-
un: tor ine r:ui ircue. ne win oe p.eascaaiai.
tim-s to show our Goods to nil who wish to buy, or srs
jut looking around." V ARRN PACKARD 4k Co
vt. W lW

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