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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, February 14, 1855, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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aMasrsad Proprietor. '.' . ' '
: m. bishop, i
etily Cirtalitiaa Cm !100 Ceplfi, .
sud constantly InereaeiBe;.
TarRMSfrse TXn.t ewa Fi-rv Ceva-rs in e-rveeee.
Tw. tnun K paTmiit Is delayed tin after the ex-
ptrstla ot three month. - - -
WfNe paper dlee.artlmre1. -until all nl(fllff
4, xccit tilt iinsrtharbUilMr. -
llnee, er les, one ta.rtl, - :
-: t M
4 as
. 8 M
t M
"three" - - '
v-. (rk a-Mttieael Issiiil is. -.
Tmn line, er less, tierce men
. .-., twelve
TVoBty-awr One. ttree Bswv.ehe,
twelv " T .. ' SO
gix ' ' J i - . . T : . IX W
tnln. - -MM
A4e-ertuing over this aaseat,et theresae
Anes IK eeluma.
Aaetoaa Card, Inserted I for the year, et IHp Bate.
SUTHg awefl avtoeted aoeuilms.il of "
.ewriei ww are iwemered to execute aa the aery beet
bukt all kMt W fdal aa fancy Book ana Job
PrintiBg. ; ' ' 11 '' ' ' V
. .. el- ewt Book. Bill Heeds,
Tausinee Card.
r , uuki. Lauren' Bleak.
Ileadhills. rumtHU,
- ' eaeer Bum,- r Certificate,. .
BiNe. i Beak Checks, .
aieaks lUMWa.- 8wre Bills. - BUM or aaaing.
kt..t - Saul Trktu. Maaifesta. etc
l . fr .icn Uar4oaaiataaaaaaf FrintiBf.at
-i. iSa k4 I. .h, a. a. U. aht
al aMoitawat of CanU a Stttiaaarj, Iraa allies
ataawW "tMtttaaaalett.
Jaatloea' ConatMrf Bluk
araaoaa, biocctipiw, crii - ,
TV r.iuMIi n ku4 tad hraia. ' t 1
.Xh- Weather, i -
W htve fcad tame of the coldest weatb
r withi'a the last 10 dayt eVer known in
thaeaxyioo tcoantrjr.":Tneday,
Fekrnry 6th, tW thermometer stood at
23 flegreas below-Eero enough to make
Mplaielar ahivar, or remind a Green-
leader 'of-all - his fu ra. , There i nrneh
orsplajnt on they art of farmeps'of lh
wupeft j tf 4bdder for. atock. and we are
tollW cattJe 'are actually aufiering in
manj plaoea, and even, dying. We are
fe.epinioalhat:the protrMtM oow
aooXTwatheria'not to be looked npon
inrarrble to tha farming interest,
but n Vlhi 'fsoauirj it'Ss'Jietter for. the
wlieai'jerop. than. open weather and bare
4jtonnl,.'4nd' makes 'an earlj and genial
pring more likely to follow. "
n&iutiGiHiro! tar. winter ia about as
. peovtiar m last twatrner was ;-in a much
pUaamnterv way, however. , The steady
jott : weather ? and smooth sleighing so
taaig' uninterruptetf, Is quite a rarity in
thia latUade- A few days id the fore part
of last week would have done honor to . a
Caaadtao winter, and must have been a
mHy fair sample of what Dr. Kane cud
Eia i brave fellows ar enduring,' ia their
poriloua'ciplorailoos among the ice-he rg
aailjrear? snow-wastes of the Arctic
SaNaWtILTheU :DraVery irr deliberBtey fa
UBg such irostaVAnd worse ones, through
. (a almost jear-long polar wiater, for the
awkr of seeking -some trace nt toe last
Toy agrij'and of adding something to the
Wealth of science, Devec aeenasd a grand
WbrW - Hurnsa hearts are atot all selian
and liu'e, and as' we gather round our
ajUaefu! res whilst Boreas rages without,
we may weltsayGod protect those no
ble sailors.-1 v f r.'i ...k ,
t Bid the bells jingling in .our ears, tell
a)f a riUrrier kind of sleighing than that of
tha northern .explorer, though the boand.
iag'.Psquiinaai fldog, or the swrft reia
aleer make ap bis team, and his path be
lightadTby thV brightest flashings of -the
aWoralJ5,1f,"Thee is' glory and exekement
in that j ."bnl Jor enjoyment k can't com
Hare with. a sleigh-ride by moonlight
Wben-lhe big sled is filled with as many
Jolly lad and lasses as can nestle among
tha fresh at raw-and warm buffalo .roba,
ad a lively re-onion is in prospect at the
nd of the ridel- There are no " half-way
louses " in " the Arctic' regions where
"Baioa host" keeps the Louse ' aglow with
rousing firry arid cires s i wasra wl-
a we -a m ata to ta floor. ;vre
Jbana 3ecided "advantage there! ;
jroism mi ti i i 1 1 i i 11
,.ljrn-SLATXBT Mbbti!is. Soon after
the nreeting was called tor last Fridsy
Xjhtpcipeamstaocea induced - a change
a -the1 pian of the meeting and no ur
otber vtaMtoe- was rirea tiaa that which
aippanrrd in a part of last weekJa edition.
JL prelimuiary rneeting'waav however,
MdaUabe.aftMuUed time, and arrange--waeats,
were, m aula J for a. meetlnir1act
-Afigat, to take into- consideraXloa, not cnly
'-ihe Aohle stand taken by Wiuconsin in re
sisting the tyranny of the fugitire act, but
avian ta prepare petition to Coogresa up
on the Slavery extension rnestioo in ac
. .eMrdance with" what 'has' been" done "In
a awatry of the' Northern" States, and parts
rf our own 'State.5' , We are unable to
- .git- a tuu. . account cl fhe jneeting this
Z.VrtJortjwtj" soeoid last
weekrhat'ouf town dock froze np, and
natood stark, stiff nd motionless ior several
;'1sys. i'Ji'i 3pttir sed to k, however,
J'nd is work again. 1 v -.
ll'tjF -Twh-ol legal aotiees liave
jrewded oar paper witb 'u'sbuuI
avmomnt cdvefUicunent,r They will
b reduced again soon. ,., . . . .. -
oft .
Aouij at nwti -m - ia ocuajwtu. ,
eTa We Tejoiee to announce the election of
ttis ciuien oi Mass., to the JJ. a. bea-t-asasv
His majority ia the lower House
, was 94, int$epper, one. The Bos
- toman,of the eld schools of parties, bate
- the "man, and labored to defeat him. -All
.the pre-slsvery Know Jqthings,
backed by the CrttMUtcr,' united with
tlMse Hankers, and plied every art and
every power to foil the new man. In
KTBisU' The rural distneut were resolved
pon his election aad earned him though.
On the 30th the Senate elected him tri
arapbantly." We are sore where kt&saa
ehasetts will stand' no" in the United
;.SUtes Senate. Leader. .
r Tmx Ttibmmt ef Wednesday says :
The Key.' Mr. Uoodwia, the Know
-Tvlhwg-candidate, was elected State
erday in tbe XJUUXsh Dis-
Berly represented by Gov. Clark.
twin is a Maine Law Hard ShelL
r uaer ngnree are not eomptete, but - tbe
Majority" looks like t,60tX t - -
Thx Weekly New York TVaoatiienow
aaa circulation of over 1 J3.000 copies.
.his ii. truly, en?nnous.- "It is still in
esrea&ing. 1 1 u-.
to rn ciiT0B0r tub statb oronio.
f HartfonU Cnun a Ura ItU Juiiqr. IMS. (far
nihed bf tc AgCAU of laid ConpaUT o Chr Slate f
Ohio,) ia comiiliance vith th rHBircmiiU of the Act
i akc LiMun of the dtwc of 01-io. comic t An
Aet M rcuUie the areocie of Innnice Componies
M acarMim:e.l hjr the liloU of Oliia," iokxI Maj 1,
Naick op Tm Coap&or:' Th Conacticat Votaol
Hi laomrAnca Comjiojir
laoiiT or m Ctitu. Brarst 5one, betar a Ma
ev, , A88BTI : . " "
Caoa oa kaoi, ' $3JH,l
Buodo. iiartfurd nd ProrMence BMro-!,
ai'trtgaLfeJ, at 7 pr. ct. pr. anouo t.'O.OOO -
lraa lUilroad, aMrtvafed, at 7 per CU
r aaaaax i5,000 ' '
CoiamUa. Puioa Indiana Batl-
road, aiart(ad. at 7 pr. ct. pr. an., 13,000
Hartford City Kailroad, awrtzafeiL,
at prr caut. per aaoaat, if.
Boad and Mortgage Loan oa Keal Batata,
boaae aa Bank stock Secnrit;. .9i 00
" to Car of Utrtord and other
Corporatiooa, 3S3t,7S
Stock. " City Bank, of
Martord, 10,7SJ
Heri aaau' Bank, of 5cW
Uarea, . 3.an0
PVcnix Baak. af nartforil. 1.6SB
CaarV Oak Bank, of Hartford. L0M
Uartfud and Kea Uarea
Bailroad, S.flOS
Caaaacticnt Blrer Bailroad. S.UW
rroaainni Sotea oflBrared Mem-
bcra. bearinf pr, ct. inUreat, lJ099,R-7jrt
AjBoaat auc lraa Amenta,
Aatoanl T LlaMHtiea due and act daa ta Banka ant
ather creditor of tb Coatpan j non. ;
Amount af Losaea adjoated and daa, S.SSS
. " . " " andaotdc,73,W '
w aaadjotted mm. : a
..:., i at B aaspena, vait- -tar
farcker proof. 7400 -
' - - B87JBO.O0
An ataor im atataat ana ceainanr : - -
Ihrideaaa appaHt. aot daa, coatinfeat aiaa
the caauaaaace af taa rancMa to vaica - -
they are crcditea. - - 06 on.OO
. ." a--.. -. ttm.1.00
The rreatcat aaMant iararad In anr ona riak, Si,0UQ.
Taa amount allotrad to be Inaared ta aaj ona tj.
t town ar Tillaae valUaitcd. ,
Omra Co. Brreit Lraa Iaa. Ca, - Soarotara.
Haa-maw. danaary w, asaa. . -
- Haraford Ooaatr. - I - x3rd.laa.
reraoaallT amaarad. Var B. Pheipa. gacrctarr af taa
Coaaactfcot Matoal Lifa Inaarance Conwanj. and
aaada oata, that tha foregoing StateaMat, by him nb-
acriaed,u lraa, to taa beat oi ait xsooiadre and belief.
wnn at, . .... ututui.uit.i, .
....... Jm(k mj tkc rtmct.
Orraca or an Caaa. Moroaa-Iira Iaa. 0a
Hutfou. Jaaaarr Sard. lsU.
I aarabT oartlrr. that taa aarea-einc iaa traaaopraf
taa mat aacaraa ia taaomeo of tbo Aoditor.of tha
atataaf uoia. anaat, -. ttiLrniL
Orlriaal Cortifteata af Aataoritr. aa axpira aa the Slat
oar at dar, uua.
: - Kill ur UUIU, )
Auditor or Stxtx' Omca,
vCaacaaca. rebraanr 1. 185S. 1
Waaraar .The Oonaecticttt Mutoal Ufa Inaarance Coat
pany lecaiad at Uartford, ia the Slaw af Connect! cuuhaa
aiad ia tlua omca a avara atatement ar tti aoodiboa
aa repaired ay tha Brat aarUoa of tha "Act ta regalate
taa Ageaciea of lAsaraBce Comnanira not iacorpora
tad br the Btata of Ohio,1 paaaed Mar 1, 18M : -
JKd veeraar , Said Companjr hat farnUhed the an
dereisnad, aatiafactory endenca that it il peoaesaed of
at lean aaa handred thouand dollar! of actual capital
in rooted ia ataoka at at ieaat par ralna. ar ia bond or
mertaagea of anincambarad aeal eatata worth doable
the aawtnt Corwatch the aama la mongared :
' ad maaraar. Said Company baa filed ia thia office a
wrutea laetraoent, aader ata corporated aeal, aigned
ty the President aad Secretary thereof, nominating
a ad appointing THOMAS J. McLAIN W Warreiw u
Agent for the transaction af the baaineaa of Life In
auranoe.ind fully and anreaerredly authoriaittg him ta
acknowledge aarricc of proceaa for and an behalf of
eaid ompanjr, cooaantin g that aemee or proceai apoa
him, tha eaid Agent, ihall be taken and held to be aa
ralid aa if aerred .apoa the Company, according to the
lawa of thia State, or of any other State, and wairinr all
claim af error by reason of aoch aerrice :
-Are, taarcora, la pursuance OI the erst section of
ia "Act to regulate the Axenele or Insurance Com-
paaiea a at incorporated by the Bute of Ohio," pejscd-
May 1, L8M. I, WILLIAM D. MORGAN, Auditor of
amid state, no aaaaat cxa-nrr, that the laid THOMAS
McLAIN, ia authorized aa aa Agent for the aaid
Company, to transact the bnaineaa of Lifa Insurance,
la thia State, until tha thirty-firat day of July, in
the year ana thousand eight hundred and fifty fire, so
far ha may aa legally empowered ao to do ay bia letter
af appointment, and the instructions which may be
(iron to him by the aaid Company.
Zn wrraaap wuneaor,. 1 hare hereto ubecrTbed ary
man and caused the aeal of my office to be affixede
thia let day of February in the year af our bora on,
thousand eight hundred and Sfty-tre.
Jeo y 7, loa-aw. w. p. MuKBta, Auditor.
"fkJOTICE, is hereby given ;
JLl cxpeee to aale an the premises a
that I shall
at publie vendue
aa tha Uth day of March 18M, aetweea the hours af 1
A. M. and 4 r. H. on deferred parmenta two years.
the foilocrtnf described ferae, and real estate aftaate ia
tha township of Veiaen, TraanbaU aeunty, Ohio, under
aa order af sale isaasd toase aa goardien af Timothy
Thomas eai.br the Pro Hate Court of aaid Coaatr.-
ime aeaee at tana tying aaarn uau a auto aona at
t&aoaatere seta towaeaip aaa aaemaaa as louewa: -
Beataaiacate poiaaeuthe Berth and Booth canter
Hi rb war. la aaid Vernea.at the fiawth-Saat eorner of
studs ar asteuca neisoma, ana running menee aosnn
aasof aaid Higearcy eaoeaw rods to the North-Bust ear
ar af ianda af Tin am A. Thampooa ; thence West
along the North line of aaid iaadaaf Thamea A. Thorn
eon, throe hamared aad thirty-Are rods ta a stake and
. eraer OI aaut Tiaiothy IL
north on the east line of land
kaowa as tunas of Ism swnpd by Orauger, aaa an the
vast lie af ataaa af aaid Timothy it. I o-uapsoa.se r
aoty rods as aha saalh Una af lauds fur-nerty owned by
ferry Sheldon, aad aew aelengiagas said Lucius Hal-
tie r east aioug too aouth ana af said
muda af Miliums 2a roda to toe alaoo of beginning,
eaarmiuiaa; wishiu aaid bauadariaa, one aaadrad and
forty-three acres ana lorty-nre rorts, anowa aa the
hoa-tavead aarm af seed Timothy K. Thempaon. .
Alaaaae araatuf aval attuate aaoat eae mile west of
Vomoa. hounded as folloo-s : harim-
atag at a aoiot oa aaa Bigaway smdinglrom the center
af Vereoa to the euater ml johasoa. at tha sou th-eaat
majas aad rnuniug
hno of aaid Joao B. Thoma-
land ta the aorta east eorner theiosf about one
hundred aad eis-iuda. theucs west aioug tha aorta.
maeaf amid Joaa B. Tneaaueon'e hud about aerenty
aode as the lot Hue; theuee aorta, afcwg the tot line
i at forty roos tc the aorta west earner of aatd tract;
theaea oast aloag aha aaath hae af lands owned by
Th esnae . A. rhamaaen about oae aaudrod and twenty
rode to the north-east corner of aaid track la a stake
asaua the west line of lands
swuedwy Htram Sal so, aad etude-earned by Daniel J.
ay gslsa tiara to taa aaid
htraway: ah sun weaa alooc the eaid highway to the
place af eexiusn-M. eootainina within aaid boundaries
eighty-fire and one-fourth acres of laud. Said tract of
lead will oo sola enure ar ia parcels aa may oeat suit
Cesrslsa af Timor hy K. Thomneon.
Bygtrrmr at Tqttu. Atty'a. . 1ti 1 8-w
.eha Brntherwick, '
aa. ' Suit la
ChrietUa Back -' - ; -'
AtwT instance aa order of attnrhmi nl was issued an
Ike nth day of Jaaaarr A. D. aw Jeeepe H. Wet-
cott, justiceof the peace ia Farmlagtou township, Trum
aaU county Ohio, acaiaat aha goods, chattels, rights,
credits, stocks and imereats ia stocks, monies aad ef
fects af said defendant Christian Beck, who ia a non
resident af aaid eouaty, for the sum of 863.43. Said
suit stands far hearing oa the first day of March next,
ona o'clock F. M. Joua BuTuxwicx, Pl'sT
wurmingtou. Bob. 7, S-w. . -
tVSi s Okim rarwur, la. S3, 18541
stjibolu rom logaji a tetmbtjll cornmsa.
Cuaataa Baowa. ef Berth BUoutfield. Trumbur
aoanty. has juet puraheaed awe ef (he BeSetks which we
adwertisod in the farmer a sow end a boar. The boar
a thorough bred from BtieUneye importation, aad
taa eow was purchased, Isuiteummer, of Coi. L. O. Men
em, ef Ma ant furdaea, Westchester aeunty, N. Y-, aad
aow far rone ia rtc. -They are a pair af aa pure
hloodauaaaa he fouvl la the United otatet, and are
rood specimens ef tnut popamr breed-. Tha r armors
of Trumbull, who desire access as this papular bread of
hogs, caa aaw be accommodated- tree. i,4
-- '- oax aesjtTBB ar a anuass consul
1.,. CTTHABJL. :
JJ puhlieatioa of the "Dulcimer" to the Issuing of
the "Cl'THU-C one quarter million copies of Mr.
Woodbury's books have beea sold. Such is the ac
knowledged exeelenee ef the Dulcimer, both In kind
and quality, that H hue beea made the asudtl but every
ftipular Music Book published aiaee ate appearaace.
or It's equally eeteumed suoceeeor. the Cythara, enthu
s tastlc praises teach aa firem all auartere of tha cesa-
la aow reedy, la which the few slight errors which es
caped aotice ia tiie first twenty thousand are corrected.
Pebliebod by I-J. Hrmso-ros, New Xork.
Jaa -84 aS. Kl NO ct COMPAST. Cleveland. O.
STATE OF OHIO Trumbull County,
8. 8. ta Court ef Probate.
IiIbbmi I. Borneo, Xx'r, of Moses Casbmaa Dee'd.
Richard Barris, James Burris and John Cnshmsn's
heiro'via. Russel, Darid, Squire, Mary, Jane, and Cel
en'aCeltaaa.et al. .. .. . .
'The aaid defendants are notified that the aaid Xxeca
asr. aaa filed his Petitioa ia aaid Court, to ebtaio aa
order toeell icmtala Lands, ef eaid Deceased via. about
113 acraa af laud, situated ia Hubbard, Trumbull Co.
Ohio, i
Thia cause win he tor hearing ea lath day ef Feb'y.
A.A.1855. ..
e -. a .- v BDMCND T. BTBNXTT.
i - Xx'r of Moses Cushman Dee'd.
v JaaM "Si.4w. ;, Bx Allxb 0. rtataa, his Atty.
SWANS' TREATISE. A new Edition
an the Law re suing te the powers, and duties ef
Justices af the Peace, and Coasrables la the State ef
Ohio, with practical forme, at the
iaa 84 NBW YOBX B00K8T0RB.
by Richard Ssilor Shell, M. P. AH ef oar legal
gentlemea should read this work, t vet cloth, price
BH.m.at tree, ij
and Oreely. at aa 34 BALDWIN'S.
Feb 71
for -1855, at
KA -for 1855 ag - .' J .'
Also flu man Abrisnace by the gross.
I would revpectfalty Inform my friends, and tbe
s-uaerally ahat I hare easply aspplied myself by
securing one of the richest, acutest, aad elegant eeiee
tsona of Valeutiaea, which for aewness ef stile and Tar
ietv eeanet be surpassed, gsv eale ia mrge er email
caiaabuos. at feb'y 7- BALDWIN'S Maia Bt.
V As
St. alsnti ne s day ta nearly uooa ue. our
Meade arm riimenmir- that a moot ek-gant variety of
Taleatiaea aaa be had at Aaaus' Bookstore. We have
mrge oaaatitiee ef Comic aad Chexp ones, designing to
euppiy country si arse, as well al4 as aiga priced ones
bck ei ue . " T
Th btire eattahlbhaigiit tifl cnrio4M In w
cftfiil rtion. u4 l - out to commence apoa H
ttetiu treaterl ml ti- MtatiihatMiit th paMt fcr, anf
the Urff mH-r of ri HToctrJ i&4ac tlM eWbocrl
r to baHitvr that phc lTot1 tipchar SrdvMUpes,
ftr tratraiil. Th ahore MtrthtyeBt U lnct(l ia
Mew Lymw A4htA la Caacix-.Oliio. TtfM tnm sis
! ftrht oto'lmj-B er week. ccri(mc io room takes
mtvl atterBii f ireiie -portable veeklj ItTTorioUlw. For
rxamioasiltn. and advice fnr ta4a thai 4o Dot vtajr at
Iheeare 9- ; for enu Dation and wnten precript.o.t
for tiotae tfa-atraent f i. P. RCB AL D. rropietir.
net iw,.u lik,-3a"
COMMUNITY. We would respectfully call their
attention to a eptended lot of Gear'e Osrreaa. warrant
ed to St any kind of a foot; which aaaat he aula, ar
given awar, call eeoa and examine. - .
jsalT ii. - JAB MdCONBBL t CO.
CARDS. The Pate Lea-res form a system af eoefa
games inten-led for Parlor Amur omenta and Bdacatioa
al Incentiree, ar regular School Instruction.
"It ia beiiered that they possees all the social ooali
tlee ef Oamiug Cards without that utter waste of tines,
aad tenden'ey to dtseiiertion. They inspire the com
pany with mirth and furnish subjects for couvereatloa;
prerofce aad exc;te Inquiry and research, aad firs
systematic arranjremenu ta ideas and hesM." Bach
offer eiiy jfasrracau.
-The work has cost mneh Mbor. and merits the appru-
betioa of all thooe who would combine friendly enjoy
ment with intenectual impraremeut. They may be used
in the school, the family er social circle." iDeaeres
"From a careful cxaminstleu ef these Laswua, we
are of opinion that Mr. Brewster has furnished a ral-
aebJe and entertain tng subsume lor games OI less in
terest and questionable saorallty" Bare Arw Ymrktr.
Testimonials from Clergymen, Principals of Acade
mies, and names well known ard identified with the
cause of education, hare beea girea an earnest com
mendation of this new inatractire ta mental aad serial
imoroeement-- -
Tua Cards, 60 la number . are pat ap la elegant
boxes, each accompanied wita a aooa, ginng run in
structions for the rarieua emmea. rhtc. 60c per box.
or for sale in nuaiitities iy Bs.Laoriu. at tne
' S3, Main St. Warren, Ohio.
Bphraim Thomee Adm'r
ef Mary Andcraoa dee'd
Probata Court,
Fetaioa ta sell land.
James a Anderson,
finley 8. Anderson
and ethers.
The said James B. Anderson and Finley B. Anderaoa
heirs ef the aaid Mary Anderson, are hereby informed
that on the 16th, day ef January 1H&3, aaid administra
tor filed his petition in the Prooate Court of Trumbull
County Ohio, the ebjectand prayer of which petition
is to obtain an order oa the twenty-rourta day of ren
ruary.A. P. leoS. for the aale af the following real Be
tate, to wit; situated ia Liberty township No. Seecend
range of Townships, im the Connecticut West era Be
serreln the State ef Me, ra tbe County ef Trumbull,
knows by being part ef let No. SO, ia aaid township ef
Liberty and bounded aa fellows: Beginning at tbe
south -east comer ef eaid section Be. SO, thence north
X Dee. westeu the east line ef eeldeectioa to the south
rise of John Loys land theaea westerly ea eaid Loy'a
line, so far that a line drawn eertlel with the first men
tioned line running to the Sooth Hue ef eaid section.
No. SS, arid contain twenty acres of load. Alee, anoth
er lot of band si tasted In said township ef Libia If,
aforesaid knows by pert ef lot Bo. 13, in eaid township
end bounded as follows :
Beginning at a point In the west Bna ef eaid tat, at
tbe aouth-west corner of land owned by Isaac Wages
which ia twenty chains and forty links north from the
Bouth-woetaeruer of eaid lot So- 18, thence east along
tha South line ef eaid Wages land thirty-four chains
and forv-oewea tints, thence aouth so far that a line
drawn parallel with the last asentioned line, er South
line ef said Wegea' laud ta the west Una at said- lot,
tail contain seren acres of stea.
BPHJLAIM THOMAS. Adm'r of Mary Anderson, dec.
...... , . Bt Puiie B. Buao, his All.
The State of Ohio ) In Petition for Parti Uau
Trumbull County B. B. in the Court of Commoa
. . . ) tlmt Trumbull Cow O.
By virtue ef an order ef sale to me directed aad de
livered, wherein, Stephen Prudea, and Phaba Prodoe
are Plaintiffs, and Lyman Thompson, Joaathaa Theesu-
son. Silas Thompson, Hiram T. Thomneeo, James
Thompson, Seta Thompson. Cathertae Thempaon, Ai wi
W illiams. Joan ate Clare, lacy ale rare, jeaa
Law. Sally Law, Samuel Pond and Manila Bond, are
defendants, I shall expose ta public aale at tha door ef
the Court House, in w arren, in said county, oa Satur
day the 3d 'day of March, A. D. 1855, between the hours
10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day. the
lands and tenements described in the said petition, to
wit: situate in Vienna Township. No. 4 In xd Kan re
Townships In the Connecticut Western Beserve, in
tbe State of Ohio, which is also in the county of Trum
bull, aad ia known by being parts of lot No. 18, and ia
aouadea aa follows ; Beginning at the north-east cor
Beret the farm purchased by B. O. dk C. K. Booth, of Da
vid -aad Bather Acheaou, (and is better known as the
farm erigineily owned by Nathan B. Dawson) and from
thence running soutn along tne west line of Aoel Ty
ler's Barm, to the east aad west center road, thence run.
ing west aj ear amid Center Boad te the south-east comer
ave acraa at tana leranuiy oeeuea to said James
Thompson, by U. K. Booth, and from thence north
along aaid Thompson's five acre lot, to its north-east
comer, thence running west along the north line of
aaid five acre tract to the lands or Hiram Burnett, thence
north along the east line af said Burnett's land, to land
owned by aanmel Squires (deceased) thence running
east along said squire s aoutn line to tne piece er Be
ginning, and te eontuia twenty acres ef land, be the
same esore er less, said twenty acres ef lead appraised
fietaV - -
Also the following aescnoea lands ana tenements in
said petition also aeecnoea. to vh; situate in said
Vienna Township, being Township No. 4, in aaid conn'
of Trambull, known by part of lot IS aad la bounded
folio vs : Beginning at the south-east corner ef lends
articled hy tliram Burnett ea the east and west high
way 17 roos. thence aorta along james Tnomsoa'e, jr.
west line far enough to contain five acres ef land,
thence west te eaid Burnett's Mad. thence south along
said suaruett'seeea una to tne place ot Beginning, aad
eootain firs acres ef hud deeded by U. K. Booth to
James Taompeou. Ben- April 13th. 1850, Becorded in
TrambaH county Beoord Book, te, page 300, said five (5) J
acres or ana appruisou as iw -
One-third or toe purchase asouer to ae paid aa the
of sale, one-third ia eoe- year thereafter, and one
third ia twe years frosa eaid day of aale, aad, Interest
thereon until pain, witaapproreo security. t.
' it. st. it Annua, anena.
Sheriff! Office, Warren, January itth iw.
The President, Directors and
Company of the western uea
erveBank s,
ra -
P. MeCoratiek, Jacob Bobieoa,
Joha Battles aad Joeiah Baa
bins. Jr. -
Court ef Common
Pleas af Trumbull
'County, Ohio,
Civil lotion
P. McOermlak.a aea resident ef tha State of Ohio, la
hereby notified that the plaintiffs filed their pen uau la
Court, arainet the defeadanta ea the iOth day of
January 1855, asking judgement against teem ea twe
promisery aotee ssade by P. McOormiak, payable to tea
order er Bohwoa at Battles, aaa enaorssa by teem and
Josiah Bobbina Jr. to she plaintiffs ; said aotee dated
Novrist 1854, one payable atxty days after date, for
0750. and the other payable seventy days after date, for
S830, with interest oa aaid aotee from the time they
became One, and costs of protest Sx,75 t
Aa order of Attachment was issued, aeaieot the prop
of P. McCormiek. The plaintiffs, will take judg
ment by default against aaid 1. McCormlcuvanless he
answer by the 31st- day of March. 1855. -
ULiCttias a UUBT1BS.
jaa 4 '35. (w. AUys (or PirTs.
. -i. a
s Ijauhew X. Mackey.
AdssiBistrator af Ahijaa
lyrraU Dee'd .
. ve. -
Oashom Turnaer, Mary A.
Taraaer. Bobertsoa Tarn nor,
Naomi TyrriB, Menvilla Tyr
. -tilVHoTtTyrriaBoaweU
- TyrriB,
Itaomi Sillimaa, AMjah BIIU
aas, Lorirtea Bartholomew,
Atrial Bartholomew, Celeste
Mackey, and Mary A. Prindlc .
la the Court ef Com
mon Pleaa for Traav
baUl Couatv, Ohio..,
' - rr 1-
The said Hoyt TyrrllL and Boswen Tyrrlll. are aoti
that the said Matthew B. Mackey has filed a petitioa
Administrator asaforesaid, againstthe parties afore
said, mad detoemaate to recover ef said truaaom ana
Beberteoa Twj uner. the earn ef eiz handred aad swea
dollars, and imtroet tbereoa. being Ihe amount af
seven legacies by the said Abijah Tyrrill, dee'd to the
Hoyt Tyrrill, BoswcU TyrriU, Naomi SiUiman,
Mary A. Tarnner, Lorinda Bertholumrw, Celeste Mack
ey, and Mary A Prindle respectively and of the expeasee
aaid Administration, aad the aale therefor ef certain
lands ef eaid Abijah Tymu, dee'd devised by aaid Abi
Tyrrill, to aaid Gushom and Bnhrtoea Tanner
subject ta the payasents aforesaid. Tha said Iloyt
TyrriiW sod Boswell Tyrrill must answer aaid petitioa
the 24th day ef March 1855, er Judgement will be ren
dered against them by defentt-
SUTLUr at TLTTLB, Attys. for PaTs.
"jan t 1855, Ov. -
SWANS' MANUAL. Fourth Edition
Just published, new and revised, and adapted to the
present practice. A complete guide for Xxi aiders, and
Administrators, Just rceived by express e Urge supply,
the jaa t4 KEW TOBK BOOKfiTORB.
Aa expose of the origin, history, theology aad
philosophy of ereatioe, alleged ssmmnninalitaa from
spirit world by means of spirit rspping, miuliimis
writing, physical demonstrations, etc-, with Uaaatrar
tions, by Bcr.H. Mattiaon, A.Mat -
Jaa-rr ..... sTALPWUfBa
THE H0ISERY Department Pavrtic
akar atteation ia paid to this part af oar business.
Ladies and genUemen, boys and girls, can find almoet
anything they want In this line of Trade. Bilk. Black
Fancy Colore, Cashmere. Slate Brown; Black; aad
White Cotton Hose, Fancy Striped and Mixed mail
lioee, and a large quantity for children. -
aprxu : a. a. nu i r at w
FOR" SALE A House and Lot7n
the Tillage of Warren, la aa eUlgible situ all on.
Washingtoa Avenue. Lot is medium site, Boaee
eommodions. containing 5 Booms. Price. $500. '
inquire or . , j. w. aSi'BJa, Att y at Law
SAIN. The three story Btlck Buikline. 1 i11.
know a as tbe "City HaU," is offered tor aaJe.es JLwliiL
terma. aa I wish to leave thia Beck of the woodsee
ia aa peas rote. jaa i -aa, -. al. atcMAJlua
TYPES OF MANKIND, or Ethtiolog
leal researches based upon the ancient mono
mente, Psinttngs, seulptera aad Crania of aaeea,nd
the r natural. Geographical, Philological, Biblical
history ay J. c sou ana bee. JL. tiiidden. Price
B5JM. A few copies just res 'dot ADAMS.
JOB IT J. ' - ' . . ,
JOHN DOWLING'S History of Ro
aisnism. M'e doctrines and cenaaoaics, it's politi
cal and religious machinery, it's popes end euuceie,
intolerate Spirit and aturdcreaa practices, from It's
rigia to the present day at. BALDWIN S
Burning flaid, for sals hy
jan x4 as.
B. A. ShHTH a Oa.
f Y COURTSHIP aad it's eonae-
ejueneea. by Wickoff, Just ree'd at
jaa 4 ii, .
SWAN'S MANUEL, 4th and last
edition tor Executors aad Administrators, at
jaa 34 'S3. ... ADAMS.
-- ix- wBaptn, a Bctr Mppgr aa
T: I
r the
Leaguee of the Irequie, by Lewie B. -Morgaa,
corrispandiug member of tbe New Tort lliaterical
Society, of the American Ethnological Society die, Aa
elegant book of 500 nagesaud beauUful sasps. tor sale
ADAMS' bOOKaTOKE. . As wsU as a few mors of
Cause aheap, family kielea. - - , JabSf'iJ, '
JL TWBLTB YKAKS i There has been a treat desl
ef puffin. eteamiua roinr eu ia the town papers,
a Ihmgl ncrer was in the ua'it of doing. I only lake
this simple method af iof.irmitig my old customers, and
the puMie in general. Out I hare rommeared keeping a
sesell Oracery and Beer IUH.ee Ms a street, a a. 41.
tac Oeraaau Sign.) whore you eua find such grocery
articles usually kept ia such a store. I else keep keep
aa mad e first rate article of ALB and BCuM, and in
eite all of those wlie ere friends of the name. The nail
is kept open ererr day. Suedaya excepted- .
arreu, Jan. 31st, leSS. . D. B1MJ0P.
h-reHy rirpu,that the suSeeriber has been ap
pointed Kxteutor on the estate of Anna Bre Trueodale,
lata of Llherty. deceased. All persons baring elaima
against said estate, will present them witain oae year,
legailr authenticated, ta me. at Liberrr : aad all per-
eooe indeiUed to said estate, are requested to make im-
nminnlf payment. IIKBI BAH.t insula
Jan. SI, lii. . Kxeetar.
are preparing te pohlish as saon as is comuatiUc with
accuracy, a aew and coatplete map of Trumbull coun
ty, entirely from actual surveys. The snrveys will ell
e made by experienced Engineers. All the puhlic
roads and locations of dwelhngs. idacea of Warship,
Post Offices. School Houses, Coonty Stores. Hotels, Mills,
fee, are to be shown, snd the names of owners of prop
erty will also he inserted in their places iu the style of
Maps of Erie. Ontario. Livingston, oeneoecaaa vswe
go Counties dec. te., la Hew fork by Ike aama pab
liebera. Maps of the principal wilares In tha county will be
Inserted In tbe margin. The whole will be plotted to
the seals of 1 W Inches to the mile ae as to make a
large and ornamental map to be engraved aad deliver
e-i, handsomely colored and mounted et five dollars per
copy. uiiibini ainuss - s vt.
Ke f7Mlnoa St. rtlladelphaSnd Story. Jaa.31 'aa
Successor to James 0. Brooks, dealer iu Haanwana,
CcTLxur, laoa. Naita and ttLasa, when at all times
caa be foand a large and varied assortment ef House
Trimmings, carpenter s Tools, ate.
Received this day and now opening
S doe. White's Cast Steel A-.es. '
4 - Beaver's " ,
1 . " Hay Knives, --good."
5 - Pittsburgh Gun-barreU-S
u Remington's '
30 Tone Pittsburgh Iron, assorted sixes.
SS Bundles beat Norway Kail Bods.
Warren, Sot. 1, A. L. M0RLBT
Hartag this day sold my entire Stock of Hard wars
to A- L. iloat.IT, who will conUnne the business at the
eld stand, I take this method of informing my old
friends and former patrons that 1 snail remain wita
Mr. MoaLxr, where I shall he happy to see them i
usual. - J. O. BB00KS.
Oct. 30. 1854. now. 15
David llaynee at Bdward B. Drake,)
Bascutort of William Knight Dec'. I la Trumbull
vs. - County Com-
Thomas M. Wolfe. Jehu Wolfe, a boo Pleas.
Alios Ttark. Defendants. - 1
The eaid Thomas M. Wolfe ok Giles Clark are notified
that the aaid nlaintiSs oa the 28th of November, lb54
. filled in eaid Court their petition setting forth among
. other things that certain tanas of tne eaia ionn ana
Thomee M. Welle, have beea soil iu certain proceed
logs by the eaid Giles Clark In the said Court against
ths aaid Thomas M. aad John Wolfe to satisfy a decree
therein had against them and that after satisfaction
thereof, there remainsta the hands of the Sheriff a
surplus of meaey, belonging to them jointly ef m
than (our hundred dollars, and that the plaintiffs In
' taia proceedings against said Thomee M. Wolfe, com
' meneed in said Court by attachment on eaid lands, duly
' recovered a judgement against him at the October term
, of said Court in 1X54 for the asm ef one hundred aad
' eighty eeven dollars and sixty twe cents (S UJ i) and
, costs ef suit te be taxed, aad seeks the application of so
mach of aaid surplus aa amy be aeceasary, to satisfy
' aaid jadgment,The said I bourns M. Wolfe and ttilea
l Clark, must answer said petition, by the 31et day of
March 1855, ar judgement will he rendered against taeta
. by default. eUTLlrs at iurittB, Atty. lor iiu a.
Jan. 31 TJJww
KJ Tramlmrl County Ohio.
William McFarlane "t ;
' Guardian of Angelina !
. S-McParlane. IpetlUeaferPartmoB '
Asahel W. Porter and j -
Charles 8. Porter. - I -
The aaid Asahel W. Porter aa Charles 8. Porter ere
hereby notified that said William MePariane, Suardiaa
ef Angeline 8. McFarlane. o the 13th. day of January
A. D. 1655, filed hit petition in said court against them.
and which It still pending therein, praying for tne par
tition of thirty-four acres and sixty-five rods ef mnd in
lot No. 20 in Howland Trumbull County. Ohio, and be
ing the land set off to Angelina Porter, lata Angeline
McFarlane, deceased by Frederick Kinsman and Joha
RatliU under the will of James Scott deceased. Awe
praying for tbe partition ef ten acres ef mnd ia War
ren Trumbull County. Ohio, being part of section Ne.
38, and the same land s parted and set off ia tha win of
James Scott deceased, to Angelina Porter, late Angelina
McFarhuie deceased.
The petitioner asks that one third ef said made be
set te said Anreiine 8. McFarmneend oae third each te
aaid Asahel W. and Charles S. Porter.
Said petitioa will be for hearing at the next term ef
eaid Court, to be holdea ia Warns la sale eouaty an
the 13th, day of March next.
- H 0TC H IN 8 & CDBTI8S.
Janl7!33-w.- Attrs-for Petitioner.
CHANDLER SHOP. The subscri
bar announces to the eitixens et Warren, and tha
publia in general, that he has established a Chandler
Shop, where he intends to manufacture Candles, Soap,
aad superb article ef sausages, which will always be
en hand at Wholesale aad Retail prices.
0The Proprietor aaa at all times he found da
Market Street, one door west of Yautrot' Jewelry
Store. Warren. Ohio.
TTr The highest price, la Cash, will be paid tot
Tallow aad Lard. -. ;d 13) A. L. C. PAY. Agent.
The subscribers would respectfully Inform the
eitltena of Warrea and adjoining Towns, that they
have opened a Shop oa Liberty between Market
and South, where all who are in want of Light Farm
Wagons or Light durable and Fashionable Carriages,
can be accommodated without the risk or being shaved.
Having worked nearly twenty years ia tbe best shops
la New England and tha Middle States, we feel confi
dent that we caa give all who amy call upon as perfect
satisfaction as to Price, Quality and Durability of work.
We have have jieen patronised einoe we commenced
with ahat liberality that has tar exceeded our expecta
tion ; aad judging from the rest we feel confident oj
urere auoceas.
Wo would return ear sincere thanks for the patronage
re have received, and will endeavor In future to do
such work aa will merit a continuance of the same.
Done apoa the moot rtassashle terma. We would In
vite all who ere ha want of anything ia ear line to cell
before purchasing elsewhere.
Worres, Her. 13, 1854.. . -
T?XTENSIVE Millinery Exhibition.
JLJ The subscribers aeg to inform tne tauiee a air
la, that they have received a splendid sasortmeat ef
Bonnets, Ribbons, Silks, Lawns, French Flowers, Dress
and Mantilla Trimmings, etc, etc.. which we ere pre
pared to sell -very cheep. Those who wiU favor as with
a call, win, ve trust, be amply repaid for their trouble.
apr2e ' B. E.HOYTmCQ
for any quantity af Scrap Iron, at the Stove aad
Tin Warehouse ot B- P. JAMESON dt Co.
: April 19, '54. -
TT0RSE CARDS, Curry and Manel
- arusuca, uin anu saucy sraue r,per(
(ly-nets. Door Matta, Allcant Matts, cM at - '
Carbonate Soda, by X- A. SMITH Co.
XI. LIQUORS for Medicinal purposes, and said to be
the best in town, at may 31 PORTER a Co. 's.
100 0Z- 0F QUININE, just recei-
A VJyJ ved and for aale at low figures, at - -May
31. FOSTER a Co. "a.
E HAVE FOR SALE on com mis-
aion, eae of Xmery dc Co. f two-horse power
Ihreahmg Machines. T. 11. mublk I at ue,
July i.
COLE LEATHER. A prime article
KJ for sale at X. X. 110 Y T Ce'a. Some of that GOOD
TEA, Java and Rio Coffee. Seedless Raiaius, Bice, etc-I
past ree'e ete.Nl. Maia street- M
ONE HUNDRED Boxes Herring;
50 Quintals Codfish ; U) Gross Lyon's Katharien;
M bels. aad half bbls. Mackerel, just received at
(new 81 DUN LAP fc STEWART'S-
'FATE LEAVES." This beautiful
nistorical aad BeHrleus same ia selling at
ADAMS, as predicted. Also, "Ida May," -Ida Nor
man," "The News Boy," and all the aew works of the
day. (d 13
WM. a WEST, Proprietor f New
tea Fall's NURSERY, has jnst returned from
the Upper Lakes with a variety of Evergreen Trees,
which he offers for sale on reasonable terms.
Theee who with tor Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees,
Grape Vines er Shrubbery, are respectfully requested
to call for them before the ground becomes f rot en, ar
early lathe Spring, as he intends to visit the Upper
.Lakes again as early as the middle of AprlL
Newton Falls. Nov. 22, 1854-tf. ' '
CARD. H. PECK of Warren and
llilmsilres tor ether under the name of Pack and Bed
araLa,forthe purpose ef carrying en the Mercantile
aaaiacse. Bespectfally announce to the people of War
rea and vlnciaily that they hare bought the entire
stock of Merchandise belonging to a H. Pxca, of "War
reo Dry good store," and will continue the bnsiness on
ths same as heretofore. We respectfuly solicit, as we
la toad to eserit, a liberal share ef public patronage.
Pats If Bcbwbu.
- Having aeld my entire stock of Merchandise In "The
Warren Dry rood Sure, "to It. Pecs and A. S.BcaurxLL, I
ask epeeaare iaeocomincnding teem tomyfriends and pat
reneandwould solicit forth em the same liberal patronage
that has beea extended to myself. S. H. Pscx.
Jaa. 3d. '
The evidence caa be had ia the prices ef Cloths,
Black aad Fancy Caastmeres. SattneUe. Tweeds, Bed,
Orange, White aad Printed Fmnneie. A superior qual
ity of 10 qs. heavy twilled do. Blankets, and a variety
af ether Woolen goods, et the
FOR SALE. A very desirable 4
House aad Lot oa Prospect Street, in the
aerthera part of the village er warrea. lloase new.
Apply eooa at this Office.' '
Warren, Nov. 8, 154-tf.
ghty aerea af Wood Lead, situated ia Dane
Township. Cltntoa Co., Michigan.
Inqnire at the
- jaa n so.
easkill Uease tWleoa.
The Furniture and Fixtures of the Gasklll House
For particulars inuuire on the premises. -
jaa 17 '55. . M. McMANUB.
NOTICE. A'l persons indebted to
me, by note or book account, wilt confer a favor
bv calling at the Oaskill House, and "suuariiut an."
ae after the I5tk of Fearuary, ail Botes eod accounts
will be left furoollectioa. hLMrMANCB. .
rw jJUJr'o AJJJJKtS, delivered
before the General Assembly ef the Free Church
ef Scotland, at Edinburg.upon his return from his v. sit
to the tailed States. Also, BBDIM and Dr. DL'FI
eeotrastel, by Kerwsn, for sals nt
17 . -r- -BALDWIN'S.
a GUITAR. Whole
sale and Retail dealer
in Piano-Fortes, Melodeona. Guitars. Violins, Aecor
deons. Sheet Music, Instruction Books for different
instrumcats, English and Italian Guitar and Violin
firings, and all descriptions of Musical Merchandise.
Piano-Fortes, Melodeons and Accordeons tuned and
reiatired, and all work warranted. Second-hand Pianos
and Xelodeens taken In exchange for new ones. All
Instruments sold will be delivered free of charge, kept
in order for one year, and warranted for any length
ef time. Granite Block. Liberty St Warren. Ohio.
March 16, 1854.
MELODEONS. A new lot jnt rc
eeived Carhart's best all sites. Four new
Pianos just received, aad as many more will be opened
in a few days. I have sow an elegant assortment ol
old and new Pianos, Mclookoss, Ac. ae.
Call and hear, at - - 8. T. rOMKKOY'S.
Sept. JO. ' "
V A fine toned. Mabogony cased Organ well
adapted for a small Church or the Parlor, is now for
sale at a rery low price, at POMKBOTS'S
Sep. SO. Music Store.
DBON STOOLS, just received at
Sept. 80. POMEBOY'S.
SEVERAL very superior new Pianos
jutt opened at ' POMEBOY'S
Sept- 20. " Music 8tore.
now ea hand, 8. T. F0UER0Y-
PIANO FORTES. The following
comprises In part the stock of Piano Fortes bow
in my Ware-Boom: Prices.
Three Oct. Rooewoed, ease plain tables, each 85
- " " " - 31)0
Two - " - fancy " " 345
One " " " " extra finish 335
" Slf - " plain 258
" V " " round comer 25
- - extra large scale 2T3
Twe 7 plain tables, round cor. 350
" 7 " carved Rose tables, each 425
Nothing can aurpeaa the richness at tone, beauty
and finish of the two last-named.
One second hand good tone ... 1 150
. . -- ..................... iw
The above have all been recently selected by myself
at the Manufactories, and are in every respect superior
Instruments. -
A liberal disc aunt will he made from theee prieas for
All Fisnee delivered aad guaranteed to suit.
Warrea, Nov. S, 1SS4. 8. T. POME ROT.
PRESENTS. Those who are intending to mske
their friends a real eaewtaatief and valuable present
during the coming Gift season, cannot fail to nuke a
nice ana setlafactery selection tor tnat purpose, u toey
will take the trouble to call and examine my large
easortment of eu peri or Pianos and Melodeona, and
ascertain the lew figures at which a really vai sable aad
fine toned Instrument can be obtained.
Pianoe from 10 to S5U0. Melodeons from 815 to
$200. - : 8. T. POME ROY.
Warrea, Ker. IS, 1854. .
Just received at POMBBOY'8. Aug. 2.
8TRUCT0B a new supply at POMEBOY'S.
Aug. 2.
V DE0N, rery good tone, can Im boai,bt far , at
. Any, x. rujiEiwi b.
"D ASS VIOLS, Guitars, Claronetts and
JF Vloline a large supply jnst received by
August 2. P0MEB0T.
SOME more of those
Pianos, just received at -
Second Hand
August 2.
THE GUITAR. We publish the fol
-L lowing from Wm. Ball It Son's advertisement in
the Miuicml WtrU aad rimes .' "With the great and
Increased attention now given to the study of music, the
present dexexnd for this beautiful and graceful Instru
ment should not be a matter of surprise. A few years
aga it woe quite a novelty to hear a Lady or Gentleman
play tha Guitar, but the popularity of the instrument
has so greatly increased, that there is now scarcely a
family ef any musical preteatiea, but at least one of its
Bkembera number among their accomplishments that ef
playing the uaitar." William Hall a Bona are making
a very superior article ia that line, and their instru
ments are warranted to stand any climate. We have
those of their make, aad also, the German and Spanish
uuitar, from o to bju eaca. Also strings or the very
best quality. . ...... 8. T. POYLEKOi .
warren, July is.
Kj MEL0DE0N INSTRUCTOR ! Thit fa aa Inraltt-
ahle work to those learning to play tbe M clod eon. It ia
a lftrre, neatly bound work, presenting a aeries of near
ly Situ studies being a complete and progressive method
of Instrncttoa for tike Melodeon or any reed iastrameat.
To this is added a very valuable assoient of Songs,
Daetts, and Tries, rvalues, naixnea, ijiucfc Btcps. fol-
kas, alec.; among which are the following :
Coquette Polka. Elfin Walt, Vest Mja-xh, Oertrmde't
lream Walts, Gipsy Polka, Iron Boots Quick Step, 111
pray for Thee, lUratoga Polka, 8pirit Walts, Chorus
from William Tell, Thoa Hast Iearned to Lova jlnoth
jjUlly laie Soas: aad Qnartette. Jamie s on the
Stormr Sea, etuanie Iaawrte. faouly Bible, tko all
choice Piecea. -
Tbere are nearly 100 rood pieces of afasie In the
Book. Price $ 1,00. It will be sent by mail to any on
sending 91,00 and 4 postage stamp. .
narrate, April ix. uv. a. x. rx.xtiui.
METRONOMES, or time-keepers,
with aa4 vithont a belL for marklnc off Brcavs-
ares, for sale at P0.U.&0ar&. jSrery Masic Teacher
shoid have eae. . May 31.
AfUSIC BOOKS just received at
lTL POMBBOY'8. The Halle Injah, Cythara, Chime,
Young Folks' Glee Book; Dod worth's Brass Band
school; Amatner Organist; Johnson's Bystem of Har
mony, etc., ate, ail valuable works.
Warren, November 1, 1854.
A large supply just received. Thle ie Just the
Book that little cmbe of Violinists and Flutists want,
and we are happy to say they are beginning to find it
out ia this section as they have already done In the
Eaetera Statea. We are prepared to furnish them as we
do everything else at the New Xork retail price, 81.00.
Orders hy mail promptly filled. . 8. T. P0MEBOY.
May 3. '54.
best Bead Instruments la the world. A fresh sup
ply just receired at P0MER0Y'8.
GUITARS. A very respectable arti
cle can saw be bough tat POMKJtOY'S for 83 30.
May 31.
PIANO STOOLS. Plush and Hair
Cloth Stools, a fine assortment; also cheap Cans
Seat do., at may 31 J POMEBOY'S.
PORTABLE Music Stands, at
may 31 POMEBOY'S.
TIPPED FLUTES, with a box, caa be bought at
POMEBOY'S Music Store for S2 12), others in propor
tion. June .
Zundel's Melodeon Instructor;
Baker's Piano-Forte ditto ;
Burgmuller's ditto
' ' Bertim's Complete and Abridged ditto : at
Jnne 7. . POMEBOY'S.
THE Seminary Class Book ; a capital
Singing Book for Schools and Private Classes.
Jane 7. 8. T. FOMEUOY.
iOottaqb Glex8, a new supply, at
TOY DRUMS Fiddles an-1 Trutn
peta, at ' T0MEB0Y'8.
Dodworth'b Bbass Band School ; a
splendid thing, for sale by POME ROY.
A LOT of elegaut Flutinas, from 38
to 8 35, just ree'dat Jua7 .POMEBOY'S. ,
K 000 MUSICAL TERMS, a com
pi etc Dictionary, tor aale by
June 7.
runs hut.
TUNER'S GUIDE. A complete trea
tise on tunlngand repairtng Pianos and Melefeona.
Price 50 cts., at POMEBOY'S.
May 3, '54. -
It-L May J, "54. -
BEST Silver Violin Strings, at
May 3, "34- ' - : POME
a OLD Violin G Strings, at
. May 3, 54. P01
PRIVATE SALE of a valuable little
JL property In Lordstowa Trumbull County Ohio,
eeaftaining aioxt 7b , acres ef land, of which 14 acraa)
la woodland and tbo rest is arable land in a hig-h stats
of en) tore. The improvementa consists of 3 conveni
ent Dwelling Houses, and a targand well boilt Barn,
aad oUter otu-btulaings, 1 walls of excellent water w-tli
steae pomps, titers is aUe a yooas; Orchard of cheica
fruit. This property is worthy the attention of any ona
wishing a a tee and ceforCabl home, it is Insight of
fas plank-rtjatl, aad 4 miles south west of Warren, an t
adjoining taada ef Mr. Heslip, Mr. Uainselmaja aad
Delivers. jIdv tsersoa wi shine te view the property
Will be cjaveerfoliy shown the ssma by calling on the
subscriber reeMiiiig ea toe pnsviaea.
Joseph G. netarpsoa. "
Silas IXAdaam, l Cwa AcUob.
William Oochenanr, j
' The Uefsndant la thia actios ia hereby aotiAed thai
ea tbe eleventh day of January A. D. 1S55, we rsessil
an o-.ier of Attachment to be issued against him Ihe
said W illiam Gashnaur, by Samuel Pansier a Justice of
the Peace of Bristol Township, In the County et Trum
bull and State ef Ohio, for the sum ef 8171.02 and coda
which said Order has been duly sewed aad returned aad
aaid ease adjourned for trial, to tbe 1st day of March,
A. D. 1S55 one o'clock P. M- er said day.
Feb 14 "33. at
a most attractive hook containing W0 i-STes,
handsomely bound with 9u0 engravings, and we ofei
them at such a low price, that evenrtody buys them
almost without exception. ft' have received a large
iuterBB4 rB rtrnub uen. to bt son a rata at ths
publisher's lowest price by the 1U0 copies, at
Jaa 17 wviv - ADAMs' Book Store
We have made arrangements wlthtbe DuOnesoae
Cracker Factory, by which we are constantly receiving
their celebrated Crackers. and which we offer la Dealers
er at retail, at the lowest rales. Warranted the best
and Cheapest in tbe market.
DC N LAP A 8TKWABT. 4 43 Market Bt.
jaall-ii; ...
subscriber has aow oa bind, and will at
all times keen a larre lot of CAB-
Bl AGES. BUGGIES and WAGONS oa hand, of every
description, style and grade of prices.
His experience In business, aad the extra! of his shop
enables him t furnish any deeeriptioa ef work ia his
line, on the s bo nest possible notice, whether it be the
putting up ot a splendid BABOUCIIB, or the eommoa
BUIiGy, the materials for which ere stall times kept ea
Ilia WORKMEs are anampsmel Hy any la Ihe coun
try, end his work ahail equal if aot surpass any eastern
BiaBufaetnrers. -
Buvviee and farrleree ready for ase, will be ex
changed for Luaw.CountryProduuuseryoMg Harass,
second-hand Bucgiee token ia exchange for new ones.
CARRIAGE TBIMMINUB el we aa head, aad for
Bale at the lawest pricee.
Those wishing any work In my line ef business, are
invited to call a my BBop aaa eaaasiae my wore aaa
pricee. and they cannot fail to be pleased in regard to
both. My ehep having h seems a permanent eae, I am
determined te supply aad sail all who like riding ia an
elegant and easy Carriage, eg tha farssc woe desires a
substantial farm or roea wages er can..
w,i.i,n, .n.l Trinuuiae done en short notice.
Tfr'All work manufactured at aiy shop io warranted.
, kdj imv.. ii r RVl.nKV
i. arreu. siarcii , -
-m tt IfTIPPf T f..-f..l-
r J' IV. ISfLJ-lU MHUUIlKlU-ei,
J rer ef Carriages, Buggies aad twj
Waroas. West side of the Mshonlng riv- JaaC
er. Warren, Ohio, keeps ea rand a larre assortment ia
his line, ef the latest and stoat improved eastern styles,
among which may be found a large let ef splendid Boek
awaya, ef various patterns, with one, tw. er three seats;
a good supply of sliding-seat Carriages, several of which
are on a new and improved plan, having extenaioB tope.
being different and far superior te auyiuiBg ever aaauar
faeturad in this section of country. Ala. a good assort.
ment or one-horse Carriagee. Buggies, aad two-boras
Wagons, all of which will be sold as low as at any ether
shop on the Western Reserve. By keeping aoae but
the best of workmen, and prof eoe ing to perfectly under
stand the business himself, and working aoae eat the
best material that eaa be procured, he feels eenfideat
that he can render entire sell slack!. a ae iwgarue style,
quality or pr'ee, to every perse a who amy taveg him
Mosi kinds ef country arodeeo. good Lumber,
second hand buggies taken in exchange for finished
N. B. PAINTING) and TSIMMINO dona la good
style, at fair prices, and with punctuality-and dispatch.
A reasonable credit will be given to all res soasiole per
sona who may desire R. ' All were aoae et am
ton ie warranted.
Remember tbe place West side ef the Maaamisa; riv
er, directly west ef the aew nrtage, w arrow, wnio.
April 22. 153. XLIK.W18ELL.
. J Morgan are .peeing ebetr large Stock of Spriag
Goods, which comprises aa assortment ef every style
of Staple aad fancy Dry Goods. Btraw Seeds. Par
asols. Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Crockery, Groce
ries, etc-, etc
- Thee would call attention aartiealarly to their extern
slve variety ef Ladies' Dress Goods. Bonnets snd Bonnet
Ribbons, Embroideries, Shawls, Mantillas, et, iu all
the latest and aaost fashionable styles. Also, to their
assortment ot very superior Table LlnenevLmen Bheet--tnM.
Pillow Case Linens. Shirting Linens. Ac.
They intend to keep their stock full at all times, ef
the beat makes ana most tasniouanie vtyica ana to sen
their Goods remtlarlv. at ths lowest prices in the mar
ket, not allowing themselves to be aadersefd as long as
they remain in the trade.
Warrea, April 12.
WARREN SASH. Blind and Door
f V Partorv. Market Street, Bast ef the Bank, war
rea, O. The undersigned, having entered Into copart
nership In the ssanaracaare ef SASH. BLlh'DS aad
DOORS, will hereafter keep a mrge stock of Sash, both
Pine and Poplar, of all sisee la aee, and at the heat
quality, which they will aell ea reasonable terms.
We will continue the manufacture of VBNITIAN
BLINDS, In all ita branches, which we will aeU very
low and of aa improved quality, surpass tag aay herete
' tore offered to the public.
We will also continue the mtnafactare ef PANEL
DOORS, of the latest styles, and ef n superior quality.
All work made at our establishment will he warranted,
as we use nothing but the beet quality of Lumber, and
employ none but the first class workmen. Ia our eu
deavors to serve our customers, we will keep pace with
all improvements la ear business, aad conversant with
-all late Styles OI von ia we sueia viMe. -
We -Won Id invite all wishing to purchase the above er
tides, to call at our elfiee, where we will be found at all
hours of the day, ror we snail give our constant per
aonal superintendence to tha details of our business.
- B. SPE AR a SON,
jaa 19. 1853. Successors to Bdward Spear. .
V. subcribers havieg been driven
from their aid quarters oa Market
St., by the recent fire, would inform
the paelie that they are to be found
' aa Main 8u, in the room formerly
ecojnied bv Mr. Mllliken, two doors
from amitha a McCombs, where they are just receiving
a large and complete stock of NBW GOODS in their
We are also constantly nannfaetartag all kinds af
which they can recommend to customers as both good
and chean.
Our large stock of New Goods ef Gents' Fme French
Calf and Morocco soots; vine congress and other style
of Gaiters ; Patent Leather Shoes ; Slippers ; Dancing
Pamue, etc
Fine French Gaiters of various colors aad new and
beautiful styles ; Morocco and Patent Leather Bootes
and Shoes, Buskins, and in short, every variety of this
kind of goods which could be desired. Alee a complete
stock of Misses' Gaiters, Bootes, Buskins and Slippers
ot various style and colors, together with a fa 1 1 assort
ment of Boys' and Youths' Shoes, both fine and coarse,
and all kinds of Chlldrens' Shoes.
Particular attention ia called to the fact that ear stock
el Leather, Fialings and Shoemakers' Tools, has been
recently largely increased, consisting of Sole Leather,
French Calf. American ditto. Enameled Leather, Kip,
Maroccoe,Dla, Rubber Cloths. Linings, Bindings and
Findings generally, iwlading Hammers, Pinchers, Shoe
Knives. Wheels, Irons, Pegs, Shoe-Nalls, Zine Nails,
Hungarian Nails, Shoe and Saddlers' Thread, Bristles,
I as is a large lot. Boot Trees, aad a geaeral assortmCBt
ef all things pertainiag-to the trade.
Remember the place. No. t. Main St., and yon ail) aot
regret giving us a call, W. et B. OBAN ASK.
Warren, May 17 'Si. - . -
PLOWS, PLOWS. We are now ma
king and keep constantly aa hand tha following
popular Plows : r
.. . Long'r No. 1, Cora Plow. v'..
do V'No- 3, Sward do
' ' .7 da ANo. 4, do , do X m -
Star, do , do da. - "S'''
Buckeye, -. do do
" Michigan Doable, da
Boad, , da ,- . -Sub
Soil, " do ' -.
Cultivators with Cast Iron and Steel Teeth. Plows
repaired on short notice.
Jaa. 19.. ' T.H. MOBLXYACe.
EA. SMITH fc CO., (Late Hoyt.
Bro. at CeM) NO. 5, MA IX 8TBBBT, WAB&E1,
0. Dealers In Drugs, Medicines and Cbemieals, Faar
aaaceutical preparations. Perfumery, ske A Lao, a full
asaortment of Paints, Oils, Window Glass, VafnUisea,
Brushes, Itc. Sole afrents In the place for the aale of
Jaynes family Medicines, Ayer's CaMrry Pectoral and
other popular remedies direct from the proprietors.
Family Medicines and Physiciaa'o preecxipueas ae
euxatcly and prtxaptly pot up."
KINO OF 8T0TKS, for aale by B. P. Jamem tt
Co-, with a new and elevated uvea) the largest Cook
Stove, Genesee Valley, elevated oven, Clinton, elevated
oven. Premium, elevated evaa, Ohio Praainxu. aad
Woeaan's Etghts fctove.
P. JAMESON k CO., eontinne to
manufacture Cheese Vats, of a hew and unproved
pattern, with heavy copper heaters.
Eave-troughs pat ap on short notice, and wail anted
or good material; also, all kinds ef JOB work dene ta
good style
Warren. March 29. 1834.'
We are aow making this celebrated Plow. Those
who hare tried it, say It surpassess any ether kind af
plow ia nse. several premiums have beea awarded tt
at State and County Fairs. T. H- M0RLEY tt Co.
Jaa. 19, 1854.
FARMERS 1 WHEAT ia worth One
Dollar add Fifty Cents per busbel. Will you use
a poor Plow, when at Morley's Foundry they keep a
good article, and warrant them.
March S, ltJM! ' - - -
rPHE STAR PLOW.-Mannfactured by
A T. H. M0BLEY a Co, will do bettor work thaa
any ether Plow ia the State of Ohio, except the Michigan
Double Plow. - mar. 5, '54
Shoe on Market Sareet. Those who wish to
purchase things in his line are invited to call at
the shop of B. O H0LLING8 WORTH, at Cranage's eld
stand. 3 doors below Kmpire Hall, Market St.. where
they will find a large assortment of Stoves, Tinware,
Japanned ware, Britannia-ware, Copper Kettles, Brass
Kettles, and Hollow ware of all kind, Cataar and Goos.
Call at llolliagswerth'a before you buy. Job-work
and repairing doae oa reasonable terms and with de
Warrea. October 13. fX
THE GREATEST Side-Splitter of the
Axe The Chronicle of PlneviBe This Book em
braces sketches of antnsiag scenes, incidents, and
characters of Georgia and AUbaxna, by the author ol
Maxor Jones Courtship, at
, dec 30) " V BALDWIN'S.
PAINE. M. D Has returned
II from his visit to the KaeUra Heepitam.aad
-WIS reams his practice as Physic iaa aad Sargooa. Of
fice aad reside oca ea foravrty, ea High street, Warrea,
i.i. T. an K.
.few- a.
WASH BALLS, Brown Windsor and Traasparen.
Soap in cakes and bars, aad Colgate's Chemical Olive
Soap, for eaia at .
May 31. . " PORTER a Ce.'s
-A Mew eelllng for S cents per yard, et the
ABBOTT, at the
(jaaJJ NEW YORK Book Store.
FANNY FEREN'S new work is selUng
rapidly can and get aaa at ADAMS.
a WOKKS on Liberty St.. a few rode south ef tbe
hank. The citisens of Warrea an I vicinity are re
uuested to give ue a call and examine our stock of Ital
ian and Vermont Marble, aa we have eae of the largest
stocks ia this country. All sorts of Marble Monuments.
Tomb Stones. Spires and everything in the Marble Line
Biay be found at our shop. Shops in the country can
be furnished with Italian Marble from 3 to 8 inches
thick, at prices as low at they can get It Baat with trans-Bort-uioa
a Ue 1. All person wishing anything ia the
above line will do well to give ns e calL
N . B. A great variety of Fancy Job for ehiMrea
kept as hand. L- F. OAtlKR.
Jaa. 3. lfit ly - J. K. WARREN,
BOUT CRIMP The undersigned are sole agents
for the Couaty .f Trambull. It is warranted to crimp
the toughest ii of Leather la a asiaeces. which it
frequently tikes an hour or mire to do the same piece
af work. It steads without a rival We would reeect
felly call the attention ef ear frien I of the craft te
the aubjeet. Do aot terg st the piece. Ne. 20, Maia at,
Warrea. O. I 13) . JAJ. M CON.IEI.L at Co.
"PHE CHIME The great Singing
L Book of the season, a aotice ee which wU be
seta ia another column, has just been peeelval ia mrge
quantity, al A.AM' B'JiiKSTOHB, Bad Is selling
rapidly- "i
' " . . a
ITHE PREMIUM at the late Fair for
t X 'the unvwwt. iraaa.1 it Bad beet select! stock af
eautsniLB anu limits tturiujve
ia the County, waa awarded to Dcnaap as err ACT, who
have just received the aanet complete limleii l ever
offered to the people ef Old TrumnulL Farcassis aiaee
the great deetiae ia pricee, which eaebleo them to offer
the fulls w lag n ngi smms of "s'r'-'-T Drlnaehlee. Wear
alles and Fancyblecat rates which will astonish poll
ticiaas. Know Nothings, etc all of whom with the rest
of "humaa critters." are Invited to attead the show,
I raw gratis for -nothing, ehiMrea half price, aad laspan
the etoek. eoasisting ia part ef
lm Boxes Raieins. SO Bags Bio Coffee. V
50 - Reeia Sseme , , M Paoaets Java do.
5e " assorted kinds. c Cheats Tea, all pricee.
no daa. Lyoa't Katharioa. 59 Bars Pepper,
a Bxs Long Nose Pipes. 100 Mats Cassia. -2S
Bags Altpiee. 50 doe. Bcotch Alo
is doe. Jars Pleklea. M - London Porter.
50 Bxs Soda Biscuit. 300 M Cigars, all grades.
50 bom. Butter Crackers- M kola. C 0 Sugar.
It " Water do. 10 Powdered da.
IS - Bug,, do. - ,, Crueead dm.
10 hhds. B.a Sugar. S0 fro. Matchea.
bbls. Molaasea. 30 Batta So m 8s Yoemoea.
10 B U Syrup. SO - Faacy Braads.de.
50 doe. Germaa Mi mi ha ems - Chocolate : Coco. ;
Ground Pepper and Cinnamon; M boxea mere ef ahat
Fountain Starch, the Bieeot thing eat ; Cora Starch.
Taploeea. Farina. Ac, for Puddings : 50 Boxes Slearia
Candles : 50 Boxes Tallow Caudles ; B grees Flat aad
H Pint Flasks ; t gross Wicker Flasks; Alsaoade;
Brest I Nats. Filbevte; Pereses ; English Walimta;
Pea Nats : Citron : Baete Cmrraate : Pruaea, Sssdlsea
Raisins; Cot and Dry Chewiag aad Smehiag Toe.
B readies : Wines : Bum : Gin aad Whisky, by ths
rei. A complete sseortment ef Yaakae Neliene. Bta
lieaery. Blank Books, Mi isirsmlsms, etc.. all et which
is offered to the Jabbing Trade at e email advance from
Hew York Bvteee. We have aot the time ee apaee te
enumerate our stock ia tall, bat teat ear plea oa the
hope that "YOU" will caaa, sua, BCV. aad finally, la
the secoad place, eeveateenlhty, we beg wave to swer
ecribe oarselwee - "Truly Years," v -
4 i Jfariat Alraef.
Warrea, Her. I, 1854. ,
8 penis. Musketeer; by Ueefi. Murray.
The Naval Officer ; - -- "...
" Bed Bevaager, Pirate King et tha Florida. . .
" Black Aveorer of Ihe ftpaniak Main.
- " White Rover, er the Lovely Maid af asalilsaa
" Ocean Martyr, er Hunter Spy.
Iraa the Serf Talc of Russia .
Rosalette, Ftower tairl et Pane.
Angelo, or the Convent of Santa Clara. - ,
Hildehrand. the BaotBiilirr Cardinal.
The Rival Brothers ; by H. P. Chorrer.
Russian Guardsmen ; by Bea Perly Foore.
Fanny CampbcH, the Female Pirate.
AT.. 23, jkfeia Sir, at, ssm daere Seal a the J
OJUs, fyarrsa, Oaio.
Oc. Is, 1654.
TAISSOLUtiONrTbe partnershiji
a-r heretofore existing Bctacem taa saaeciiiieia aa
der the name and style of 8. C. Mover ie this day dis
solved by mutual cooseat. The ami aad are earns el
the late firm, are la the hands ef Samuel Moeer fas
settlement. SAMUEL MOB BR.
Warrea, July tt, 1854. " COBNBLICB MOBXB.
CO-PARTNERS niP, The usdersirnad, ef the hus
firm of S a C MOSXR,bee this dayaasowiatod with hi
Michael Moaer, for the purpose of eootinetug the Mer
cantile business at the old stand, under the asms aad
style of C. M. Moeer. They reepeetfaliy isrvito a
continuance of tha patronage so liberally extended ta
the hue arm. vunutBaii.s rnvsaa.
Warren. July 5. 1834.
'T'HE SPACIOUS Sales Rooms of H
X. X. H0TT a Ce, We. I. Mala street, offers great
harvainl in Broad Cloth, Baliaeta. Kentucky Jeaaa.
Summer Goods. (Prints of the yseeia kiad,) Sheetiage,
Bleached and Brawn, Irish Line as, and seaae very aice
Muslin Collars. aarSS
A Inr auite a earn ef saoaer and papers, which the
owner caa hare by calling at the New York Book Store,
proving property end paying tor this advertisement.
Warrea, Boa. 22, ls54- B. A. A. BALDWIN.
CARPETING. Royal Wilton, Brus.
eels. Three Fly, Ingrain, vottos aaa nenrp, ana
Venetian, at the
aprta WBW-TOBK ajTQBSj.
T7RENCH MERIN0ES, the largest
MJ and aaoat complete ef colors la toura. Also Ce-
burga, all wool Gala Plaids and DeLains, Muslin d a
Berges aad other Dress Goods by the piece er yard, a
the NBW YORK 8T0HS, .
Oct. 4.
PINE SHINGLES on hand (most of
the time.) PACKARD dt BARN CM.
Oct. 25. 1854.
IDDINGS k MORGAN are now re
eetvlng their FALL STOCK OF GOODS, embraeiag
a very large assortment la all the departments of their
trade The good have beea bought at the lowest
prices of the depressed market with the special refer
ence to the s-rkisocircT of times, aad will be sole ae
cordingly. For Goods at low prices inquire et the
loct 2Vij smrtjus DfUak.
500 Light 7x Xxtrs Quality, at . - - 3
. 5m 10 " 8x10 " " " - . . 3Xe
. luuo 0x12 " ' ' ... 48
luua - luxis - - - . . . jije
other stsea in proporttoa- orders tor Bunds aad
Doors punctually attended to. All work warranted
equal to the best. F AUBAMD at BABNCM, Ag U.
warrea, Ohio, pee, St.
and square Bsscha aad Bay State Shawls, sold
cheap, at tha
jan I Wlaau aiBI ttUUIM SZUBB.
m el
Blow eaisto-Batra, and all ethers eeiar ue
mvtmey past due, -are respectfully infer me d thai tltey
t pay us. we sell our eeeaia at eeaa uneea. sm
expect cash for toem aoaxetime. A word to tbe witM
is suinetent. loct wi raCamA.tLF ac rabnuh
The sueeerieers are now reeeivtBg a fare aad
desirable Stack of FALL AND VIUT1B GOODS, to
which they invite the attention of tha public generally,
Their Goods will be offered at prices that will defy all
competition for reaa-py, ar In exchange for Prodtiaoe,
Approve, credit on short time will be riven.
" A.1 1Q 1.(1 . W Wi-aeB BSa
M Jl 1st Farmer. Neighbor, what Plow do yes aaa T
sad yermsr. well. I have J. Loot "a He a. am
several ether kinds, but morley's Star Plow beats them
1st Farmsr. I mast go te Warrea and get e Star
Plow. (Goes te Warrea and returns la averse af the
See! Farmer. Hallo, Neighbor, what have yem got
1st Termer. One af Morley s Doable Plow. Be Bays
It beats the star Flow, and no mistake.
tad Ftrmtr. Cant be possible I but t It eoea, I
Bill bay ene. (Exit set A Fmrmtn. end trs Ie ?.)
The Double Plow proves to be ths best ; in fact it does
better work than any single flow can do. tbis we guar
tce, or ao sale. T. H. M0BLBY k Co.
April 3, I5C4. '
you who wish te sow any Spotter Wheat, caa be
supplied with this valuable aad aew spectre ef grata
by calling eoea at tha Monroe House Wiatas Barley
lor seed only, can also ae aaa.
Warrea, kept 20, 1854. - AUGUSTUS 6RABTI B.
T ACES and Embroideries,. Honitoa
-A Collars, etc, te which the attention of the Ladles
is lOTUed, at tae -(aprss) BEW-IUBK BI0BAV,
t AA PIECES Fast Color Prints, foi
JJJ eale cheaper thaa the cheapest, at the
aprtfi N I W-TORK 8 TORE
PABK8 ek WBNTX, are aow receiving their
usual mil stock ef Faaa and Win-rra wmuo, bought
since the hue DECLINE IN PaUC Bs, to which they
invite the ettantiea af their frieada, former aatraaa
aad tb public, mmply resaarkiaf that they era axvss
TO aa cansasOLB. I era. xi.l
Q ILK BONNETS. 8 cases Silk bon
KJ acta, which are worthy tha attention ef the mdlee.
That big lot" has this day arrived.
Oct. 4. rAC&ARD k BARNUM.
00TS SHOES, and Leather at the
A CARD. We do not mean to offend
any body, hot we mast have ear Note and Ac
counts settled, or we will be obliged le leave them at
the aquiree umce ror collection.
Warren, Nov. 1, "54. JA9. McCQNNXLL.
LUMBER. I V. IK. IX and 3 Inches thick.
suitable ror saan, nanus ana ioors, ror sale ay
Oct 23, 1854. PACKARD dt BARNUM.
A' TAB. Cobarge. Mohair, Lustre. Alpaeeaa and
realms! iss. Belling at reduced prices, at the
jaa a - wAautaui l at wuuam stum.
SILKS I 6ILKS ! A large quantity
and variety, comprising high Lattred Black, Plaid,
stripea and Chaageahle. Also, a variety af Bonnet
Silks and Satins, cheaper than ever, at the
BLACK and Colored Cloaking Cloths ;
a superior quality ef yard wide Black Silk Velvet,
for Cloak, Mantillas, Ac, at the .
SPANISH MOSS by the bale orlb.
Alcove Bags, Silver Terretts, Full Plate Ct seises
Harness Trimmings, beat quality Spurs, aad Iteming
Cords at
Lew aad Trace Chains, Breeching Loop, Brass
and Silver Gag Beiaa aad Chain. Carriage Knobs
Japaaaed, Silver ataase aad patent, at ,
jaumB PATC1J aAW-'SOS 8.
Flaw of oar Union,
The Amertcaa Crusader.
Goldea Bull.
Gunvsoo's PietoriaL
Scieatiftc lairican.
Te he had at
Or V. I54-Sm.
Waverly Magaslae.
8TOBX- The proprietors ot this establishment
take pleasure ia announcing to the public, thai aotwtth
etaadiag the late fire which destroyed a large portion el
oar Goods, we are agaia opea aad ia full eperatiea, at
No. 3, Market St, Warrea, C where we are dairy re
eeiring Fresh Drug direct from New York aad Phi la
delphia, which we are eneriaf for Caa. at pricee that
sennet fail giving mliafactiou. . .
May 34, lc54. '
A from the Chimney Corner, elegantly llhsatrstad
emplete la 1 ToL 131. price (IIM. A few copies just
Jecelved at AilAMa.
IV 8TET EN IT Complete wuieO to Croeeaet aad Fa.
cy KnltUag. suitable ter Uolkday Olfta. (dee SB
ef yiajs ased for aale by
0 I, IPDINOB ek MOR0!.
81 tee Ointment, jam ree'd aad for sal. at
Jaata'A I. A. islTHaCe's.
Proprietor, east side Pabtle I eaars. Warrea. O.
EAGLE HOUSE, by George T. Hofl,
Market street. Warrea, 0. Ftflh deer east of the
Bank.-- - mar,
- j . t i
D0CT. J. DAVIS. EoaJicTic Phtb
anas aw Sraeaew Omee ha Mlikili" Ba teare,
Maia street, Warrea, Obtuv
' avlectie rbysariaos wdl rmta foM asset ef Btleslts
MeSaeloe. toe aais y DecV Davie as rki asn ylsem
. awv 22-y :
WM. M. EAMES, M. D. Physician,
;l aBygen. aear safatta, Wlaalhaaa. Feeeaa Ce. t.
eel 25-81 - . . . . - . -
JAMES JACKSON. Phyaieiaa and
1 arris.. ecVe ea Bouth side ef Market sties. (e
stairs.) four doors Bast the Bank, Warrea. f. eov SB
DR. S. LESLIE, Ecleetie Pbysieiaa
aad Surgeon, BloomfiaMTrwmbaHCe a -
EW. T0WNSEND, M. D, Homee)
. pathl Fyelema,0mcera 8wtll81wtok Base,
aear the Amerlcaa Hotel, Warren. O. aaw iy
Pbyeieians aad Berg tsas, eeaaa North Maw ef aaa
Public Square. Warren, IX acttSy
i. raassxa, u. a. t. w. raiaxu, s. B.
Jb T. W. FARRELL, Physicians and
e Burgeena. Office aad resldeaee ea I Ihmly fit,
aouth et the Episcopal Church, Warvea, tX mar ley
PAINE, M. D Physician and
s Baistea. Fartleamr aftsatlia gives to thai
treatment ef Caaesr. gmiesla smd leaaf Jitsat m Of
fice aad reeiiieaee ou High atreea. mar t
ALBERT PERRY, Attorney at Law.
Special atamtioa stvea to aalleetiem, aad the
yiusstaiisB af Psaetoa aad Beauty lead ehume.
Warrea 0. - jaa 1 '551y 83.
PHIL0 E. REED, Attorney at Law.
Warren, Ohio, Oalce otox New York Here.
mar la. ad-of
ATlLEN 0. FULLER, AUorney at Law
Office ever Smith ek McCcewbe Store. Coraer
Block. Warrea. f. Jaa. tot UVa. iy
JF. ASPER, Attorney at Law, aad
e Solicitor ba Outncery, Warren, TrmabuD Cew8.
dTbELDEN, Attorney aad Con-
e sellor at Law, ever Smith MeCeam'a Storu;
eeraaw Maia aad Market Stitoia, Warren, O, aev Wy
JOHNM. STULL, Attorney at Law,
and General Collector of Home and foreign CM I ate
Ofllce ever Smiths McCoaabo' Store, Warrea, 0. mart
- s. 9. wervwaa. -- a. wJSta-navr. ,
at Law. Ofllce ea Liberty Bt-, Waiiea. Oepao-
mte the Court Unnee ect Jef
- w ttssnr, a.
LEGGETT "k COX, Attorney ud
Counsellors a taw. Office awar Moeur's Store, ,
Market street, Warrea, 0. e rS-at
aoaa wc-rraf a.
at Law. Office aa North Maia street. Bear tha
rooidence of Joha Hutchina, Warrea, O. sag I af
it-row avruvT.
SUTLIFF St TUTTLE, Attorneys ti
Law, aad Solicitor la Chancery, Warrea, Tvraa
hall county, 0, stin eoutiuue their kaslnsss at their aid
office, ea High street, twe doors vest ef tha Amerieaav
House. - - W",j
BP. JAMESON k Co.. Dealers ia"1
. Steves, Copper snd Sheet lraa Ware, Tie,
- Cheese Vata, etc.. No. W Main ga. Warren, O. mar SS
E SPEAR k SON, Manufacturers af
e Saab, Doors sad Wiadow Bliade. Factory ea
. Market Street, Bast ot the Bank, Warrea. 0. - jaa say
F ELL0WS k MORLEY, Manufactu-
rers of Pkrwa, CuUi Tatars, Ac I hop seat af lay-
. ler's W arehouse, oa the Ceoal. Warrea, O. asp sOef
JOHN J. GUNNING, Carriaga anal
Waea3hop,eaPiaestreBaidwaybsrwisa fiewth
aad Market ts, Warrea, O. mar
' L. MORLEY. (snceassor of 7. Gv.s
Le Baaaaa.) Wheleeaie and BataUDesJer U Mare.
ware. Cutlery, eke. Warvea. Ohio.
i i .
E0. T. T0WNSEND, Cabinet aad
n.1. kf-V OiaaawL w 111 fa Ou flialil
Bwade aad auUvered ea the ehorteet astlea, faamsm
aoesded wttayoutextreehawgufcrBeerae. . . aaajaif.,;
H. MORLEY tk C., Manitlaeta-
. . rers af Saws. Hollow Ware, aad Caetlags geaav
rally. Foemdry aa tha Canal, east ef Taylor's Wsie
house. Tia Shop foeu dears sastefUtoauwm, Warrea.
Ohio. . sep xe af
Dealers la Stwvee, Tia Wars, J sen ased Were.
Brluaaia Ware, Copper Kettlee, Brae Kettlee, aad Bee
low Wares of all kinds, at Cre sage's eat staad, 3 As si
below Empire HaH, Market street, Warrea, O. Bar 8
R A. A, BALDWIN, Wnolesala
and Retail Bookseller. t3 Mala Street, a kaat
doers aeuth at she Foes Omee, Warrea, O. aevl
JULIUS VAUTROT, Maniiiactam,
aad Dealer la Clocks. Wslchse, Jewelry. Sil
ver Ware, aad Fancy Gooda, Market street. Empire -Block,
Warrea, 0. Watches carefully repaired aad
warranted. ' - Jua. Ti
PATCH tk ALLISON, Dealers in Sad- ;
dlerr llardwara. Cairmse Trimmlnrs. and Maaer
mctarera et baud lee. Bridles. Hsrnres, TraaaayVsilissi
Warrea, w.
IDDINGS tk MORGAN, Dealers in ,
Staple aad Fancy Dry Ossiis. Groceries, Crockery,
Hardware, Carpeting, Boa I ssjsar. A-, at the flgaef
the A'atyirs 8tere, W arren, O. '
k M. M0SER, Dealers ia Foreign. 1
' . aad Deeaeetie Dry Good, Hardware. Oisiaiios.
Qeeasware, Boot. Shoos. Hals, Caps, Beady Mad.
Clothing, Ac, Market Street, Warrea, 0, sag 8
PARKS tk WENTZ, Dealers la Fer-r
eigu aad laimnlls Dry Ooeds, Croeksry, Bsess.
Bbeea aad Leather, Carpeting, Paper Baagiaga, Wia
dow Shade, Beady Made Cieiaiug. avesiBaFS sawau.
lag ready pay at the Bew-Yerk Store. t
'ALTER KING tk SON, Dealer ia'
Watches. Clocks. Jewelry. Hirer Tili ea
Brittenia fiH. laana. Vancv Aemda. Ata.. Be.,. Maia
street, Warrea, O. All kinds ef Clock asm WsaseW
earefairy repauad sad warranted- - mar 8
sor la Warrea PackardJ Waslesele aad Betail
Dealers la Foreign aad American laarwwar, Irwav
Paiata, and Carriage Zlimmlngs, at tha "laii artea."
Warren, 0. i " 1 .as aaaaa
MB. TAYLEB. Forwarding aad
. Commlssioa Morchaa, sad daa'eg IV Turn,
Bait, Fb fleeter, aeWerreaOoie. . j
E. LEFFIN G WELL," Forwarding'
aad Ceemuiastoa Morchaas, ami dealer Is FVrar,
Bait, Fish, Plaster, Ae, Ave, WarrenyO. star 31 if
QTEVENS k Co., Commission Mer-
O chant. Dealers ha Butter. Cheese, Sale rates, Flahv
F re it, aad rroduce guaesaily. Boa. Id aad I Beoa4
Street, eetweea Maia and Sycamore, Ciaeiaaatl. O,
RenBssi BS.- Dlol eon. Bigws dt Co.; Wilaaire, Brav
sol. Ate.; Joha Swaaey A Co.; Swaeey A Wise ; BarrV
sea es Hooper j aeuaea m amuiwy . aou aaiaaau r"
wp " jr
Bishop A Child's Melodeoae. Mr. Baueldiae)
keeps ccaataatly aa hand the best Meledceae, whieh h
will furrlah at awtaafactorer's prices, at yermlngtam,
TrumbaH county, 0. lastroetloris give gratia to pay
shssue Repairing aad tuning done with amis mi aad
mo w
Produce Commieetoa Merehaata, Bs. 83 Wast ha
rnmbas St, Cincinnati, O. (Customers ea the I nrve
are referred to J. M. Browa. North Blsom ieat aaw ay
BROOKS dr THOMAS. Fashionable
Tailors, room ever Nichols' Bat Store. Mala 3V.
Warrea. Oata. Irtaeamr attsatlsa paid ta euttlas.
aad warranted to fit It proaerly aaade ap. fab t y
CATTLE POWDER J-Breining, Frea.
field A Ce.'s Celebrated Vsswmbla Cattle Pewear
aeeuNaatly ea hand aad for saw is large er let a 11 eawae
esby tha aahactihers, whs are aale Agwuu tag aha.
Beetle a, ...
N. B. None are renalao an lees eracurvd of "
March 18, ib52 tf C. A M. MOSBB. Agls.
tractors, Carpeoeero and Balldme. We aaa fereish
you with Panel Doors of all styms, a great deal ikugir
thaa you can make thsas by hand, (aad ae good M ae)
Better.) Call aad examine our work aad ai toot; yea
will be suited with beta. A liberal discount to waeh
aaiewaear. M PstAJ A BOB,,
January 24.
MXDICINKS, Ayer's CWry Psaterai. SM Os
good's India CheiBfogue, for sale hy
May 31. - POBTH A 0a,
FOR SALE. Tie Dwelling iioiiaa
snd Lot, situated oa south side at Mixk arotgaa4
east side of the oa aew eocupie by Br. Waa. Value.
For aarticlara apply ta
s)ar arwcKBca
-1 Toaa rood Pittsburgh Heree shoe Bar.
. , t - lierwegiaa Kail Boa.
7, Bars Sx)i Sweedee Iroa.
is - " Jaaiatta nimmmml da.
5S " Sleigh Shoe SteeL
100 Setts Baggy Springs, asserted.
80 - Commoa aad Patent Axis. '
Call aa usual, at tne tersest sad eeseat Hardware
Store ia the Weak d27 PACKABB BABBTM.
COCHINEAL. Cudbear, Muriate tti
Tie. Cbemie tsr OeMvVac Orwea,aad dy aaX .f
svery eeseriwtloa. Per eale tow by
May 3. POBTBB A fa.
. A er pic ta roe of PaleeUae, Asia Bier, Sicily, aad
Bvala. Bayard Taylor's last were, tea coatee Juet
rwswirad at Jaa K 'X. ADAM,

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