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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, February 14, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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S here1 aa d to elbtriak Bad deceiving. a
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Arer-ey.xa-twww-iredtng dimpl,,
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That lover indeed MM be liny I
- Wuiiia Cupid aet arrow t we;, ..
T kulla let limit ur fancies. " . . . -
- And lov by the tapi wa xpkrl . "
M'no tell in umlaut . ,
. , What fate willhe our when wwwdr ' -;. .
heart hat ne passion within ' - - ...
- Ttaa oMBcisnd oa the aV .-.
te8tf &Mtta4i4fhatM- ! .,
With Jaa mmi I aanoot tell haw '
Tvas not till the eve of alliance - -' '
I aautat tha 8rsl glimpse uf. JMr brow; . -.OacsaasTT
finely expanding.
V1 Me largest I happea'd to see:' .-, . ..- v .
Bach ei tuiuenl.tar too coniraanding, - -.
Nairn imarTl,andch teatJin
1 A mild d angel apnea-; - v
I yeataed. the weet litsie ererI
t ' To ts .ea peep oyw her r; . : ,
-P'uikix iiiuiM. terrlUte omon' J -j ,V .
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vfTawuwh pernan, ii to common invoaxea,
. Aim! bort mj bJi Hie iMtror') ..
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":tbrh fort tr iBUBoy - s
Tml tumtd T fBTj to Morr 4
Site vow'd sbe iored Btthivit iMlt n!
Bo too look and tbc index could Taryl
oooghtbox uu-wn aid 1 eo-
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gpofro oeh pfodtlrt bib for twicg, , ...
Thoorht I, WII bt eror mx hornet
-OftDBM BO OW IB U (OTChtod,
, v I km- ommi imlenf mind;- rT r, T .T
WhiUotaen kwd all that wmi horrid ' '
urrtate m-Blliagi Behind I
A1 InarUt twas my lac to dlseonr
The ne?t of ohulls, I bslimw,, r .; . .
YrJeaaertoauaalealoer, ---
That Bparshaun or Gall could eoneelTti
Plwou id take a whole are to decipher
The haaapt trpoo Emilj's head;
.rfia I Bud, i will settle for life hero. ' '
Aadstody them after weVe wed.
J f.- "? . - - - T' , - ,.- ,
BBssiaJfcri?FBOM. Among the lirn
-itatjons of Russian . serfdom in which it
is dperenceJTrorri the chattel slavery of ?
rue utirwrtj oiaico w i ,
Jyyhenastc r , cpnot sell . the ae t
without the lend onvliich the serf livesy
2. Families caonot be separated ; and
fha nnimrriMl children.-dlfter ihe . deatTl'J
tua-anmanM..cniluren, Alter u
of iarentstdh'StitUte ttimlr. w
Ol apaJtuiia wiiauiuic 7 ,-- - . .
3-Tkr CMlSter's power over the body
v ' -
serf extends ! not o maiming bri
- - j- . t g
4The" rhaster. cannot require the serf
,to marry cwotrarj to his own choice and
ffiStlWala'm.' at-'aT.:'',' ''TV
itFTe is entitled ta the labor of only
three days in a peek; MfJ aripot requiie
labor onthe gabbath, r on high festivals. J
'ckpnoxW' helcj exce'pt y thtfa
nobility- and certain pnviiegea, classes
. tt TheycirDotT)e neriTcxcept in proi
porfJbwWthe' mister's property , larrdr
.theri Tbefrirf reauired for each eerf tho A
possession by the master of twenty acres.
4wto Bubn CoAL-V-Graham's Mag- '
aziae Ms, an aftids on poaJ buying and
hn"rtm;fromT which 'wv select -the- fol J
nrOch coaly as if it were woodg
' tbVgTeateMlaiuly' ihe greater the ;
ifflM-Ui roncIT coal , is .applied,, the
coSiJostiqn' ufrtiecessarilyi imperfect, Oe-1
c5SB"flie firer is"cholced op,'. lhe'"rfraft .'
destfojhxL and thft elements of the -coaT
esrping'from It'pasa .to, le hirhn'e Jj
nnoonsucBcd, or JHft-JiisenilDaied In tV
rrwag&oui'- the-d-oooi.lVherea9 i
tbe strata of coalt.lifXionly moderate, a
!airierwpi playaround the interior of -
liaMyJieat rt secored. ' Ont ton- at
eoiHWereRrfl' byihoTOUghVcombustionr
Wli-ofteo eeura.moEe" teat, aid a health- '
ieratfmospere, "tnan twb tons secured in
tnoTdinary.t-v:ayxnd Jhistsra fact.
clurj iall,,!;"" dempnsirated." : It
w4U be very important, this winter -espe-
cfallVVtoave'arWwWfiaid to th.'ijl
.A-,.,.t ,- - , , i. n , I
CosrTDKNCE.-Yousay yon have coo- .
fideTCeTB'the plainWMr. gmilEl.'' i
yeSj-siriB.., a -: .i l"t .J
7'ikaetolbe J3quri,. IT ;joa please,
wbitl QrUft(l this feeiipg of coufidencej'
""JVhfryou see, sir, there' aiiera.
tf&fii bour eatin -house tneo, and 1 1161
to kinder ihuik"-- ; - .
,.-fNeiw nwo4 wkaj joa thought, tell u
sir, one day I goes down to :
eookeoV an' sez to thS waitert-f
VFaUerVeajt give 'if a weal pift." WelrJ,
Ijithfii Mr "Cook'ncome9 : up, j and,'
ex heriHow",doSinitht":Vhal are "ye
going to Tie v? Weal 'pie sez I.'Gjod,'
ivfk, hern have -one Its;' so ne ts
dawn, an eats one of. JiisowQ weal pies,
'DidT,tTrat oaase1 yttur confidence dif
' " r ;
;iev.t,e3r?rj5'neD an ,,e4t'?V
(loiisc leeper spts down afore his costonw
JLS an deliberately eat one of his own
Jre..l pies,bo man can refuse to feel corh
fidence it shows him to be an honest
L'awTet .XuBStri Ca"HeENrE. Tbe
tlawyer who filed a bill, shaved a notej
iuiuv acquaintance, '8plit',r,a nair, made
ittileDtry, raised a haul; got 'tip an "tkn
juaTntaiice,. .fratned ani .indictment, em-
ejftwieled a. jory- piiif. tbeln'-'in ' a bo,
aauel a-f witness, - hammered' a jadge(
a client, and bored a whole court
atfnorWBa has since laid d(i
fe tew" -end tamed carpenter.jirinp
Hild Republican. - f. "J
Bj i , i ' i r i
aKi'tlB BuffalaXiciacracy i resfwjnsibjB
u When a young lady pfTers to hem:
XafiiSffc liandkeT'etiief for a rich bachelor,
flroiriearr" t': sow1 in order" that she tfiay
lasa, a
u . n e.is- ..a..'. ).; . r-T ....
jsf f?Ttiar!f erf that parting scene
bttwefif 4wo feshbtiabie laiiiea, aflr:-
rTVtlpRlI. re.iviii'i pneof ," Mych Adieu
lJZ.Z ijr.i .... uU i
fti-luiii.... '- .- : u v J .i.
1!1 SJ.-J J . , 1 J - 1 ' - " !f '
.ftdST RirosT- SaiJ a purse proud
iiiaB jus' jfjertf irg inttf htWarria!;e: w;i-h
lil"wis aaei tjaaltier, itouDl in ji io Velvet
aad. farm, to a poor 'Jaborer. 'woo. was
Aelihejeotl'itJto his. vaijit :;. ; ! r
" jroc,ifi(Tju,Jial not drrV mm, you
vrti V mtnr !isHrs Ii., 'V-i 4i n-r in mw Mr.
riage for liothini tlsc eouli hare pre- j
wl f...-'flL'.' .. ' ' ! i
rTjjgrt-Ttlgt.P'.w- 8pl;r n;pl
HrVH1. f '4ra,jr.,r,ti, VsliJ Milci
3-'f ;Pl Vh-wJifl (:il c 4.U-'
'"!-'--" 1 . ""r S
ii y . s;.-r .ui.-.t. a- Cflnit-r
TJIat ,jrp'
. -
' j
. -The
J In T
Vatthmi. Jiw.it. Fiinr 6on. fce- Crr
SMrir Strttt Put lit Bfmormt ClereUaU 0.
XGIER .HOUSE. ClereLnd. Of ic
I V K. t. ASOIER rVopriotor. , -, MM
! J. r. BOLBKOnC. fcOBO).
liihera, Whotoal Bad Retail Dealer in Mul
sad Musical In9tnUBento,Ka.l066anerior Stroet.Clere
land, Ohio, oole inlll far tha celebrated STODART
PIANO. .. : may it, 1954m
JM. CUilMIXGS 4 CO., Wholes .lo
Oroem aad Commtatloa Merchants, Dealera Ir
Fordm Winn and Ltatwra. Kllla. OUua. Salt. Dm ft
ote.,iioKV IUBir8wn 96 on the Dock.
My IT. lbMy. r ,
vent am Utbpniara,ilerald Block, Cieraland.
Ohio.- - - t . - . , 4
PATKKT OFFICI AQEXCT, No. 4. nerald BoUdinc
ClevelaviB. Oh. . -
n 11.1 . BMWM.....m
Conser Pnbllc Sqniare, CleTflaad, Oblo.
rpHE. OLD COLLEGE hasremoTed to
mtrv IK so r Data ivooms, lurpuiiDc in ncmaiT
Aod emrtniaio UMtM-of augr luniUr lostitatloiui im
FacnltT. .- .
S. G. F0180M, A. B Friacipal. Profesaor ol
Science of -Aeoounte. -
Profesrs4a the Book Keeping Department.
A. 1. FHELl'S and JObKPH BSATTIB, Professors
of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship.
R. w. IllUIsTON, Lectarera tMeamcrciat History
and Art of Computation. - -
JOHN B. WAKltt. Lecturer ob Marcantue customs,
Basking. Exchanre. dr. - . ,
Hon. J011N CKOVELU TB08. H. OAT and P.B
PALMES, Lectnrert ea Commercial Law. -
Mer.1. A. xhoiiz, Aiectarer ea uaunercuu cuues
For the Mercantile Course, time unlimited, (40 at
For separate in Penmanship, Flourishing,
ace., as per agreement. - -
The deaien ol the Institution it to afford as good ad
rantages a eaa be had la any similar one in the Cnlon,
to young mea about to assume tha responsible duties
of the Counting Room. and rarious mercantile pursuits.
BCIKNCH OF ACCOU3TS Book Keeping will ne
explaiaed from a aew stand point, exhibiting the trne
nature and relation of accounts ; and the course will
emi-tace esme of toe best practical forma af modern ac
eanutaaM. This aoience is often tanght as if it were a
speciea of conjeclare. in which multiplicity of forms
are eababtatod for principles, arbitrary rules for rea
eoBCandvenerafale precedents for ge&ainr philosophy.
king the whole aeki or the science a evanpjete -terra
iacornita.' To prod oca good pracr!ai accountants.
fche understanding, and not the memory simply, should
DAILT-LECTCTIKS, dVe 3aa or more lectures will
Mt, ne following subjects Accounts,
Pemnanshin. Mercaatiw Customs, Banking. Exchange,
Calculations, CnrrssBendeace. Commercial Law, Polit-
ieal Eoonomy, Cammcrcmi Bthica. Railroading, ore
Besides the njmal lectures on Law. dec in ColleeeS of
this" kind, there will he "others by practical men
thoraurhlr oonrersant with the routine of business, to
instruct on poinu allied to the eoorse of study, and one
expresmy on calculation. - -PESMASSIIIP.
This denartment win be under the snrwintrndanee of
two of the best penmen of the day. Business wrttipg
will ne taocht upon toe new memoa et roisom s Lnir-
hythmography, executing to the neater an instrument,
andaaodaciag tha popular commercial hand in much
less than the nftual time.
N. B. Foe aarticnlarai send for Circulars, Cata
loriiei. rl... aud addnet the Principal.'
TTTA hu-ee library will e connected with the Col
lege, containing the various works on Book Keeping,
Mencanule xaw, &C-, to wmcn ue stunents win nave
. t uot la, e
XX tiihers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
'i J . PIANO-FORTES, : i -
Music and Musical Instruments of erery description
100 and KiS Superior St., Cleveland, Obio.
List f Piaaos far sale at the great Piano-Torte Www
Tbe celebrated 6 TOD ART PIANO, no
equalled far ita rich and pure tones, elas
ticits af touch and aarasiv.
Light, Kewtoa Ac Bradbury's SILVER ETKISUED
FIAAO. for which a aql aanai. was awarded at the
ChrystalPalaceFair ; also, at the Fair of the American
Inmate, aew 1 ork.
Kmersoa's BOSTOX PKEMJIK FIAI.OS, the bes
anafactnred in noston, Hul. . :
In addition to .their splendid stork of Pianos kept
constantly on hand, H. A L. offer to the puMie the best
AMRICAN MADE GUITARS, and also imported Owi
tars, of the best Spanish and French patterns, together
low priced (iennan trultars -Xuled
Music PIer of IS, 14. 18 lines, ctoconttaatlj
hand and manufactured to order.- 1 -VIOLHf
3 and TI0LI5CELLO8, in erery variety
Strineafor Vioiia.Tiolinoello. Tenor VIoU Dottlile Baas.
Guitar and Banjo. Violin Bows and Oases, Bow Hair.
Bridget, Pegs, lau rteces, ringer noarus, mutes, stoa
tB.tcte. - - ' '
Reeds, Drums, Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammers, Tuning Pines.
l Dealers and Heads of Seminaries supplied at tbe
lowest wholesale prices, with arery article in the Music
. - .- . . U0LBROOB..4- LOB.I
May K.IKH-Cq. ? 1 ... . '
f UTtVKR WAKE. FiKCY GOODS, etc., at U.J
B.CTITTEDE38.29 Superior Bt-, CltreiwiDd. Tbe I
otdeM and wm,ixtmtkre, tttoMthmDt wmt af KewJ
Xoi.eftldailiiJitra in iCDe me nocK. is iwyt kcv
Mmptate. Lire and Geatlfroi' GoldWatchet,
endless Tarietj, from $25 to 9250. A larpe stock of '"
np erprcMly for lRail Koa4 use. Also, Clocks saarje
expressly fur Htationa. aperirjt-ntlnU please call
exaauae. CloclaS at wholes le. Parlor, 81ttin
Rooai, Bus and Office Clocks. Silrer Spoons, Forks,
Caps, Goblets, Jtc SUtct equal to coin, and patterns
anrl imadsosnek. t ' - i
Taney Goods i ezxileM Taxiety. Sbears, Scissors.
Poeket CWdVtrySaxors and aUaTing tools in general ;
Silrer, Steel, Plated and German Bilrer Specta
elea. so- fit any aire-r Goid Pens, the best erer made ;
Cosasatwioa Ware. Willow Ware, Itoohle and Single
i aad Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing aakie. Drafting Instrue-ents ; a large stack.
larce stock of Watchmaker's tools and materiavlf .
Mj iwCilUar and long cxierieBr in basiness enable
to offer inducements to those in want of Goods la
Uae rareely foaad. . Watchmakers, Jewelers, Pedi
aad Dealers is srenerai, will ind at wboleaale a
stock to select froso, and prices warranted as low
can be feand in anj of tbe Kastera mark eta.
yrpftecwiDfrtoa1! Rifle Barrels, and Gunsmith's ma
serials, imported in large qnantitiea. ap 26, Sv4-6m
! .VJ ' -i '-2'
Don. J. K. Glddings, fd.C
- Prem.'C. S. Finney,-
- M - Lorin Andreas, .
; Pref. Sasnaei at. Joha,
- " P. B- Spenear,
B. F. Gaylord,
Crsaa Prentiss. -
ii. wiswoia. .
Rrwbea Hitchcock,
H. D.Clark,
'- F. 8. Tewashend. .
W. F.Otis.- .- t:
.W. .wordon.
Henry Wick. : t r
: . :a. dwight stratton. .
- i.j .sacri.Tr: . .
TT. B. Bryant, Professor of the Science of Accounts
Uwiatat dtxattoa. Associate Fret, in the several: De
partmenu. , ..... r a t
.-Washlngsn task,) Professors of the Bpenceriar
P.B.Sincer. T,U" ' Penmanship and
' r I Commercial Correspondence.
Sarah L. Spaaeer.lnstractreaa la tha Ladies' Writiag
DjpartmenU - - s .
W. W. Harder, Assistant Prof, ia the Book-Keeping
Bepartaeat. : M . . i
.Uona. Judge. Starkweather and H. Clark, Lectnrert
Commercial Law. ' -
President Asa MahanlLcctnreronPolitlcal Economy.
met sua E. White, Lecturer oa Commercial Geog
raphy. . . " tsbms.
a fall Conrse in Doc hie Entry Book-Keeping
and other Departments, - - - ' .- $ 40 0(1
fall Course in Ladies' Department, - 30 00
separate Course of Instruction in apeneertan
Penmanship. ' - - - . - : 5 00
various styles in Oma mental Penmanship as
agrren upon
The Priacipahi ef this Tnstitatioas design amkingit
of the beet mediuaia ia the United States far anears.
a thorough and nractieal kaowledge of thd active
of the Connting-Room, and business pursuits in
general- Boofe-Kacpina iaajl-lta drpartmeata. as nsed
the BMistaocomjilisued modcra Accountants, will he
saugut ia a taoroun ana aucceasiru manner
i ll.r;ci.- - - ....
- , . . - . . . . ,
mt rfSTS a J?,2?J?"J r'"S TkD,U.nl'a?e
iw?-T?J? 8Ut ble
mercantile College in -the west posaeaaes aoperior, 11 !
adwutages, for imparting a practical knowledge
Mr.J. A.Redlngton,an aeeoKpiirhed and experienced
cconntant in various branches of Commence and Trade,
asffoeinted in this Department, and will attend to
Writing up books, adjusting long standinr and eom-
wHcaard areonwa, 4x, in a correct, and eoafldetual
aaaar-. VI . j . . f
trmmcial Geography is aa important and iniereat
.iig branch, which h-is never urtil the present time been
connected with Alercsmttie Schools.
The pencerian system of Pecmanship in all Its forms,
be tan ?! is bv ita aathor. P. it. Kmsmt. anil J. U'.
' No inrtimtion in America offers snnerior ascili.
to this for imparting a Saeot aad syatesaatic Jtaad
writing.- --l -' .--.-..' i i -. .
The Ladies Deparrmeit' Is enttrefr separata from the
JgehtlemenV, aad ia fitted up in a most magnificent man.
and convenient style.
Busineataea eaa be supplied' with die mast reTlatU
Arenuntants l.y appheatiou to tliil College. - 1
J'riacipals of this lanitutions caa reader eflcienl
to the rrailaistrt ia aeenring g'Hid aitaatinns.
TrTBad fira Circular by mail. .janl54y
-COWLcw. (late Co ie dt
rmm 49 W4.le4l Roaae. Chrreland, r
A b ft-
respectfully j
die aiarntioa of tho citiaens af Warrer awl slit
snrr'iunilng Ciuntr.to hit as-rtment of fine Wsteaea,
Silverware, Jewelry, Tlnosc-Keepip and Fancy Goods.
ThrirpHces will Ke unifVirra ai-d at low as any aaseaf
tradesman can nfff-l. Fvery article toi.i with Let ruth
deacrliien'and warranted as represents. Repair
in all its Inncbes carefully and wotcptly doue.
Mayr7,lM ly - - ' . - - . t i.
' FOR THE WUOLF.SALB TRAD.-l-jtree'ived
xmckaaes Erth.uwar. Af -.... in-... i
tne Kcrli'h -Perles. making one of the larrew
ral4fc t rowinM Blue. Vebt Wte. li.ir 1
f rfttj-pAf H r AN at extn:r nriii-tnt ni '
' . A S S W A R . '
r jji '
t rifv,
Jt. H-UAUr-Nri.. i
Aiit.i'..AJLifc itj . I lifll;
.iirari i- l-l'vr ee: r. r. tr-utei Iflfivcee.! e
'"JvTrriJ ?,1i5rl',',re't!fef!OI C XOtfjOf.
i libd-rui
Hons io our tmiiainn, aiacniocrT ana block, ror uie
"nirftur. of targe qukntiue. of White Bead, to ena
itZZXi us to rur1ly the demaad for our articles.. We
. h.:.. r
' .1 nOCR, 1S, riar Srr, CUrtl mmi, O.
SoifircBmijr Bnmni are Bov reiTin; the bmi
tpleadid rtock of CIXTfIINO erer beforo exhihited lit
Ctereland, or in any City In tha raioa. which has all
been gotten op with particular care, for this City an!
tho anmnndinir country trade, and which cannot wos
siMy be snrpasBrd by the beet aiarehanl tailor, and at
aly wi mu TTfK Mom that is charted in (euiag
then made to order.
tifi only la wanted for a Cloth and Cawiaitw aonble
Orer-Coat; the nneav Bilk Velret Veou nersoea a,
arte In any Clothing "tore.
Panti of the latest style and best make, of aac than-.
and different rattrrn. '
FfRNISHlNO 600M of trrery dearrirtlan and va
riety, and the best made or lnTrted : and, as weara
bound to keep TOCS AHEKICA AHEAD of erory
thing In the Clothing line, the ariees shall be full SO
per cent, less than eiaewhere and at aarticoiar atten
tion will be paid to aH who may "drop is," the above
lacu wi II he sMitfaetorlly reoTen he -
(nor SS-dmj 80.tNSBOII5 BROTnKRS.
1 J ISAACS CfATIiniO Aoaisst tits Wmi.1 !
in Tots iMuim us in iocs CLOTI11.NO it
IS.1AC A. JSjUCS". Caaa BaU. Cl'ielmmd, O.
The loMic are inrited to an iatpectioo of the wiperb
stock af FALL A D WINTER CL0TIII5O now on
exhihitioa at this aaagniSceat eatahlithment, which In
extent, warietg, annerioritj of Workman ship, and
Fashion, together with lowness of price, cannot be
heat by an? ether Clothing Uoase in Ohio.
Is.ars has jost retnrned from the East, where he has
reeeired each largains la Cloths and materials for
manafaetariag, that be has It bow in his power and is
determined to knock all the Eastern Slop concerns
Into a "caesarf kmt I" and ho will commence bj selling
the heat Orer-Coat in the City for Foes Douin I and
Under-Coats. Pants and Vests of all -descriptions In
proaerhSoB. se Umk wraeaa ! and come along ererg
body who wants ta he clothed, he caa fit all sixes, from
men as large aa tbe Giawft fast staad at A's dears, to
little wee fellows thre years old. and aa his Mammoth
Building is filled with Clothing of all qualities, he is
anreaf being a Me to salt everybody- Recollect that
he does not wish to bnmbog tbe people with Iinut
Slop Wowc for M per cent, leas than any one else, as '
he does aot keep sacA trasA t hat he will furniih his
rastomers with the best Clothin ia the City, for less
money lhaa they can perchase the same kind of Goods
for in any other boare In the Tnited states.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount niade to
Wholesale customers who bny for Cssh.
Jl r" Clothing amde ta ardor at the shortest notice
and aa the most reaaoaahleterma at
t7nta Brnll, ttrnmr mf BepeWar aad raiwa Streats,
Cfaes'cad. OA. . .
fnor -ly
-59 Saam'er Strttt. Crvssad. OAte.-
TfaTe recently made large additions to their Stock af
Standard School and Miacellaneooa Books, Blank
Work and Stationery, and are prepared to offer induce
ments to Dealers unsurpassed by any establishment In -the
West. . .
By special arrangementt with nearly all the leading
Publishers of New York and Borten. we shall hereafter
reeeire their Latest and moat Popular Works efaref
f aaeems with pBStcatan, and caa supply ia quantities
'at lowest wholesale prices.
Among other new and Tamable Works, aa are West.'
ern Agents for the following, sis : ...
and confidently expected to furnish millions of our
land an instructive and entertainiag eohetitnte for tha
"Gaming Cards" new need io as startling an extent.
by Mrs. LiwrOL pBrtre. the weS-knawa author of
Llae9n,s Botany." We can earnestly commend this
work at one af the asost Interesting and instructive of
the season.
IDA MAT vTffra. Siuwg- tawaered to be.
-THE SKWUBOY bv Mrs. Giaxa SanTV-mapMai.
: IDLE WILD by . P. Willis.
Tenth Thousand. - - - -
batakd taylor's new works of central'
Africa and lands of thb saracex.
THE REPCBLICAN COURT Tbe most magnificenl
National Illustrated Work erer published la America. -
Exrrti foon.-. . .
Parnttm Latett "WORK f"
Waahington Irrlng't New Book.
Alto RUTH HALL A Romance, by the world-re-aewned
Fn"rr Fraw.
Editor." - j
We expect -a large sale for those last mentioned-
from the Press of Maeoa Brothers. - dec 13-U
ll GOODS; J. R. ALaxa-nioa. formerly of the firm
Cowi.rs Jt ALBsarraoic. has jnst opened a new Store in '
the New Block ea CAc Corner Svprrimr Strttt end
As Pmtlie Srasee, C'ewtead, OAi'e, where may be
foaad an eatire New Stock of
SILVER WARE of all kinds, IFerraated Pwrt Ceta.
Ta short, everything that Is New and Derirable ia
this line, may be foaad cheaper tbaa can be bought
elsewhere. ...
vTf STRANGERS should not fail ta rialt as before
Cleveland, nee. is, i9-w
entitle men are daily bringing ta tight hew Inven
tions, and the anarch of progress is onward ; persons
Bald, ar becoming so. will be pleased to learn, that sci
ence and long research combined, have brought before
the greatest Wrnitr tf tit Art, In the article ef EM
care for Baldness and to prevent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be had of agents. Price SI. OS in large '
bottles. EoldbyX.i. Hoyt At Co., and Geo. Idams,
Warren ; J. Hanaine, Yotinjritown ; Prentica at Ed-
ar-U, Canficld.
C. X. FISHER St Co- ProprlHore. -march
S . . . No. ST, Superior street, Cleveland, 0
pttslrarc gnsintss.
U Pii
ittabarsh. Pav Established ia 1840 Incorpora
by tbe Legislature of Pennsylvania, with perpetual
Charter. aoaaa ar tbcbtos :
Boa. James ", I Hon. Walter II. Lowrie. -
- Was. Wilkina, .1 " Charles Nay lor,
Moses Hampton, Geo. 1. K. Moor brad. ' '
P. Drrv,eutborof tbe "North American AecounUnt,
Professor ef Bsok-Keepiag. aad Commercial Sciences.'
Joan D. William, the Lest ofi-hand Penman ia the
United States. Professor ef Coauaercial and Ornamen
ml Penmanship
N. B. HATca, Bsa. of the Pittshargh Bar, Professor
lloreaatile Law and Political Economy.
P. Harass, Principal of tha Mathematical Depart,
aaent, Professor of Msthematica, Ate.
Mr. J. D. Williaaat bat permanently joined the Fac
ulty, aad it will be seen that, daring his late profess
ional engagements la the East, be was there regarded
the best Penman -in the country. This Institution
ret ore, presents attractions ta etadents o acred ny
ae other af tbe kind la the United States. - Tbe coarse
training comprises upwards ol aim real traasactioaa,
six dificrent methods af Doable Katry Book Beep
ing. 300 practical l-nsiness calculations, covering the
whole field af Inland aad foreiga commerce. Commer
cial Peamanthiu, with every modera improvement la
Art. Businesr letters aad business forms of every
descrtptiea.- Daily lectures on Commercial Law, Com-'
mercial feci races, tbe Theory of Profits, die. Duff's
Book-Keeping, Harper's Edition, "the mast compre
hensive in the language $1 SO. -
DuU's -"Western cteamer's Accountant," a perfect
system fcr such accounts $ CO. . - - - r ; .
VTf Send for a Circular by mall.' ' Jfaar St-yJ"
jT B.. CANF1ELD, Cornnission and
Forwarding; Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer ia
Wcetera Reserve Cheese, Butter. Lard, Pork, Bacon,
Poland Pearl Ashes, Saleratua, Linseed and Lard Oil,
Dried Frnit,and Produce generally, hoe. 141 and 145
Front Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. - ' -fes W tf
IJERRY HOTEL, Corner of Hancock
street and Durroesne Way, Pittsbwgh, Pa.
Paoraisrrou: M. H. Markle, late 01' Xat. Telegraph
Office, Pitlirrnrgh ; John McMaaters, Ji Art-, fonuerly
gle Jfotel, Piutrrsurgh. JTjkcgUn lteservepeo
are invited ta gire oa a call. f . . snar 1(
jomt i. vncm.
ts.eT a ra.wLna.
WICK& M'CANDLESS, Successors
f f to I.. St. J. D. Wick, Wholeaale Grwcera. lonrard-fa-g
and Coaia.issioa Mefrhanta, dealers in Iron, Kails,
Olass, Cc-ttaa arns and I'ituhnrgh Manufactures gen
eralljw Corner of Wood and -Vatcr streets, Pittsborgh,
: ' , act 23
.- PsjatsTt,Tania Warra Lasa Woe as,
PiTnatnia. June. m54. . . -
The attention eeonsaaaers of White Lead U called
the fact that a large portion of that article groand in
is bow pot ap in kegs purporting to contain S5 and
lbs. each, where there is no allowance nude for she
weight of tnckege,and the eonsnnier is defraa.ed to
that amount. Tbe deception can easilr be detected ty
weigh in j the different aiannfactarers brands offered
sale. '
Doriuf the past rear we hare made extenslre addh
entirely free flam any adulteration whatever, aad
excelled -for fiaezteaa aad whltcaees, by any ataxia in
United Slates.
Our lead, groand in oil. Is pat ap in handsome iron,
bound kegs, ef Si, 40, 100, vta), 300 and sue poo mil
each, and every keg containing the quantity of lead
which it purports accurate tare being always allowed
the packages. - . .. .
It is a well known fart, that the various eualttiea ef
lead branded "Extra," No. I and No. 3, are largely
adulterated with substitutes which are not calculated
answer the same purpose. And there are manniae
lurers. claiming respectability for themselves-aad
public confidence ia their article, who brand their kecs
with-their own names, "Per tftiit Ld," although
they never sum oat a single keg without a eoasiderble
adulteration of Barytes. I
JLUj. 9 am ... B. A. FAirNENSTOCK St Co.'
CLEVELAND. Chartered January SI, IKS I.
Oflice. No. 52, Angier House, Hank Street '
. . capital eauobO!
1. nnriea,., C. . Seymour. Joaiah Fngg.i
osiaii atephesison,. A- n . rairianka, t:otert Keiiy9
UCroa-eli. .
S.B.Slusw. . .. 8. II. Fob.
Fraualia Chase,
it. Cbmberlla, - J, Fia layson.
lleivamiB rtevens.
Jona lit cars, Preaitleiit. 8. B. Soaw, Secretary.
W.inaoi a. Vice I rcs'u Fsjutaua Cnasa, Treas
urer. ........ .
Thia Company insures against lota or damage !y Fire,
the peri laof aavigatiuu.
Piic-es ismed ty, . J T. ASPEK, Agent-.
WarrivJuae. T. A-y , " , ' . ,
Ui4- ta rendered poteonoos h paasinx thi uurV
fcitterfe) -oct t decmj and iH-SHclutrotiiSnc as
P1!' amd, iu- ard Ua K . Vio?. r. KtrttKid ainl
dlrtnigirfhed cbetaists. ;rt ja far es to" coinijn;n
praciiee of snrp,J,IlK ar.;niat whh wtrtr thrmirh
-"."reare, hxr-r; a tjrirrr d:iv iteaia )owcr.
i-rai. The Wjtt-r Tire ti.iu:in trai-at te ! Ui
ini:tnarv M ail tiaru, itraicire; Ct-ILnA, trrtstifg
.!. V.v. l l .Ueii LU( aU. A.J UiQ JIOJ IS, at MTCD,
Al.fcrv,a txlualileW.
ecic-w iku. r.i,- ,i:ui e. nc-iTig, etceic..
lehnr liWWWHf
j .
I X But a put a, true declaration of facta, which any
-'r ,.j ..inu m me uiii ucm ifuareers
By i. Ool.latein, (snccessor to M organstcra dt Broth
er.) Oak Froo t.Big No. U. Mala street. Warren. 0.
I have just received, and am now openlnc. mv Fall
and Winter stock of Beady-Made Clothing, Clothe,
i.vHMica, . citings, ctc togctner wun every variety
of Farniabing Goods. I would simply remark that
from the extremely low figures of woolen goods East, J
hare been induced to purchase
And those that are acquainted with my mode of doing
business, are well aware that I will
I do not have my Clothing made up by any establish
ment in the east, nor did I come from there myself.
But I import my own Goods, and by purchasing from
first hands, am enabled ta furnish all atrirles ia my
line at New-York prices ! I am not ia the habit of
running down any body, nor do I notice any each per.
soual attacks when made on me I take my revenge la
Which, from my superior facilities in baying, I am
abundantly able to do.
- As quoting prices teems te be fashionable. I will ia
arodoce the following programme, ta be ran daring the
season, or until the small dealers abont town come
down to my figures via: Full suit f Clothes, Cost,
Panta and Vest, for $i and upwards. A good Over Coal
for $3,50. - . j
BOYS' CLOTniNG ' ' .
By the cord, consisting of Coats for SI JO. and Pants
for -"Scents I HaU aad Caps of every style and variety,
cheaper than the cheaneat. Collars. Cravats, Ties.
Scarfs, Undershirts and Drawers. Shine, both white and
colored. Ia short.a complete assortment of everything
ia my line, and ail I atk h an inspection of my goods
and prices before baying elsewhere. I am now the
eldost Clothing Establishment la Trumbull Co-and
have increased my business every year. I have stood
all the shocks that have been brought to bear against
me, and have lived to see many 01 my competitors
shut up and leave town, aad feel proud to remember
that by aiming at one object, I have succeeded in
bringing down and keeping down tbe price of my goods
to the lowest figure at which a good article caa be
Manufactured by tin-ton workmen, and warranted to
fit ! To one and all I extend the invitation to visit Bie
No, 15. Oak Front, when voa come to towa ta nnrchaae
clothing. I am bound to sell lower
Come and see I Bemember I He tlee Ri. Vn 14.
Oak Front, flrst Clothing Store south of the Post Omce,
-a use aims street, vtarrea, o.
Oct. If, . 1. GOLDSTEIN.
onio ctorniNO store, jve. rrrf-
Mmin Strret, Wmrren. 0i.
The suhacrihers would Inform the eastomeraand the
public in general, that we have now on hands, and ara
constantly nuaufactnHng a full and complete stock of
ram aoo r inter vioining ror neo and Boy s wear,
which, owing to the recent decline fa nrices will and
are bound to be sold a tittl Cpr (Aaa tA CAveew
ssf. We will not be UNDERSOLD by anv.
We have oa hand a larre stock OtmIb
vrcvm inn .msiness fjoais of an Kinds ; Facta and
ens or every ouaiitv. atvte im color bow in
Rubber Over Coats, Under-shirts, Drawers, Flae White
renins, sonars, cravata,and fa tact everything kept la
We also have on hand a large stock of Cloths. Cast'
meres. Testings, dee., to sell or make np ia order aa
tne snortest notice.
V y Warranted to fit or no sale. - i
Gentlemen, one and all. you are rcsiwtlfuHv invited
to call and examine our -Soods aad rrtcos before pur-
cum m g citcwucrc. mom witi save money ny so fining.
-f. fats as aya
1, 1P54. -
Warren, Kov.
CAPS, tec. It hat been dearlv demonstrated to t
generons and discerning rmblic that Jrv L. Wun At
Co., H Market at., is the legitimate place to pore base
Fall and Winter Clothing, Bats, Caps, and in short,
all kinds or Gentlemen's wearing apparel at prices'
that throw all babbling competitors in the shade. '
Having said this we now her leave to announce to
the cltlsens of Warren and rnrrmmdinr country, that
we are just receiving our 1J IX STUCK, and are
prepared to snpplr all who wish articles in onr line oa
the times will allow. We have a great variety of
neaag mane wiouung or all onalities aad stylet, and
it ia a common talk abont Towa that onr stock oh
Cloths. Csssimeres. and Goods generally, for onr ensf
torn trade far outshines anything in the market, whic
we cat and make np at short notice, ia a style superior
w.iijuiiiie iiuue in tin. section Ol country.
Also, mats and CAPS In great varieties. And we
would particularly call attention te our fine Silk Bate
aad Silk Pltrth Caps, which in neatness and stvle.are
aaeqtmled. JJr go call, examine aad ledge for
yourselves. juhh l. SKfi5 m Co.,
Warren, Nor. I. 1854. H. Marktt Strttt,
X a. The American Artists Union would resnectfullv
enounce to the citieens of the United States and the
Canada, that tor the purpose of caltivati ng a taste for
the nne arts Uirenrnrtit the country, and with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed of a gallery
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
ssle for their Engravings, and thus not only to give
employment to a large anm-rer of artists and others.
but inspire among our countrymen a taste for works of
art, to present to tne purchasers of their enrraviags.
wacii uu,wivoi iiiCsi are IVIQ,
Each purchaser of a fine DollarXngraving, therefore
receives aot only an engravingrichly worth the asoney'
but alto a ticket which entitles bim to one of the Gifts
hen they are dittribnted.
For Five Dollabs. a hirhlv finished Bnirravlne.
beautifully PAINTED In OIL. and FIVE GIFT TICK
ETS, will he sentr or Five DoHai. worth of .pleaded
Engravings can he selected from the catalogue, aad
Beat by return mail or express.
A copy of the Cstalogue, together with a specimen ef
one 01 tne engravings, can ne seen at tne omca of this
paper. -
For. each Dollar sent, aa r.nrnrrirr actual Vy worth
that rum, ana a tirt Ticket, will Immedialely be for
warded..... .....
AGENTS:- . . ;
The Committee believing that the success af this
Great National Undertaking will be materially prom,
ted by the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
persevering Agentaniave resolved to treat with such
on the most liberal term.. v i - - .
Any person wishing ta reeeese an Agent, or Bending
fpost paid.) SI, will receive by return ef ataii, a -One
Dollar Engraving, a -Gift Ticket," a Prasptclnt, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On tbe final completion af the sate, the iiifta will b.
placed la the hands of a Cowmjttxe of the PrBraaaras
to be distributed, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United State aad the Csntriat
Ins Marble Butts of Washington, at - tlf
- t.000
luu - - uiay,
lta a. - a. Weljterv
100 " Calhoun.
SO elegant Oil Paintings, la splendid I
gilt frames, site 3x4 ft. each. t
. so
100 elegant Oil Paintings, 2x3 fb each.
S00 steel plate Engravings, brilliantly)
colored in oil, rtcft gift lrajaes
T4x30 laches each.
10,000 elegant steel plate Engravings.)
colored in oil. or the Washington) - 4
Monument, 90x96 i dc bes each, - )
837.0UO steel plate Engravings from"!
juu atnerent puuea, now in pewr i
Ion of aad award by the Artists'
Union, of the market value of from I
SO cents to S 1 each, J
1 first-class Dwelling, la 31st U, H. T. City,
' i
SS Building Lou in loOand 101st ita.. .
N. Y. City, each 95x100 ft. deep, i
100 Tills Sites, containing each lUjUOO'l
aq. ft. in the suharbs or H. I. City, I
and eommaadiag a magnificent S00
riew of the Ho. I son .Biver aod
Long Island Bound, at - - I
SO perpetual loans of cash, withoutl
interest or security, of SvSOeach,!
SO !-'
100 " - SO .
S50 - SO "
9.000 - . - : -i
Beterenee in regard to the Real Estate, T. J. Tuacsnta
4c Co.. Beat Estate Brokers, New York. Orders, (post
paid,) with m.ney enclosed, to be addressed,
- ' J.W. U0LBKO0KK,Sec, i
' SOS Broadway. N. T.
71 rl'he Engravings Id the Catalogue are now ready
for delivery -- -. aov IS. S4-om
stitation will opea ea Monday, the 11th day of Septem
ber next, j ,
Elementary branches, including fu. 8. History,
Watts on the Alind, etc-, per auarter eg 11-
weekt, - " - - B4 00
Academic coarse. - - - .i S 00
Music Tiano or Mclwieou, 24 lessons - 8 00
Use of Instrument, - - - - - :9 00
Drawing or Painting ia Water Colors, per arn 3 t
Oil Painting, per qr - - ... S 00
French, - - - - 0
- In .rder to meet the expressed wants of the comrau
aity tiw larger accommodations and to adapt the course
of tnttrectiea snore perfectly to the age and attainments
of tha pupils, a ' - ,
has been constituted, for which a convenient roam has
been secured adjacent to those now occupied, aad is
in successful operation. The taition charges in this de
partment will be Three Dollars. - r f
iParenu or guardians and other friends of educatian
are respectfully invited to visit the Institution at any
hour during tha daily aessioas which -aiay Bail their
coBreniencc -
Jr Pupils are specially requested as they would
make satisfactory progress in their studies, to be pres
ent on the first day of the term. . . r .
Iludson, April 4, 1854. : ' ' -
Baring had some opportar.lty to harem, acqualatad
with the present Principal aad assistant ia tbe Vonag
Ladies' Seminary of Hudson, aad then-Barer tafal labors
commencing and eondacting it thus far, we atke
pleasure in confidently recommending the Institution
the patronage ef the eoauaaaity as sat ia which may
secured the benefit of a thorough, elevated and re
fined education for young ladies ta a superior desree,
and congratulate the people of liadaoa and the vicinity
upon the establishment of such a Seminary aoaer aa
hannv nu voices ' M e are happy to know that it ia in
tended to provide in this Institntian tha mean, and fiv
cilitiea of an e lucatioa Of tne aignest order. . .
KKv.w. K. I I tltCB. fres. w. J. M.hMlTH,
i'HOK. II. Si. DAY. (B. Col. M. II. SESSIONS.
I)K. O. P.ASIIMl -t.
lludsoa. April 9fi,1K4-y
The Patroatrf thi. popular and f..K.naMe Saloon,
have all reiaaliated tbe credit system, and are paying
tor their refraphments. Tbcy say, "Jreeu has
enough lav do to k everj-Uiuig in order and serve hi
customers without making tickets. charging oysters and
other refreshments, drawing ott accounts, and alunntr-.g
ahotavtown for money tht haa been ticketed for a
or so." aad run one or two and three years, and
aot getting anything don't pay. and they won't let bim
dotoanytnore." (lent lessen. yir arrangement au.Ua
m ek to tbe text: nav as yoa ro. ana all mr lime
incliaiing UuU rt:i.n ..f it .l ich has heretofore len I
trn.t.ess romi to tiii muuey imii - v ne- t
froud to your cos fort. My house sbnll l.r ret In order
now, for t.1e letter accomnjo.-rarjon-ni my catn' cus
tomer, "hiceisior. si :iii ipc o-y motto
Warren, iarch ST. 14.
WM. GBrTCN. Agt.
DENTISTRY. Db. J. C. Bcrbocchs
J would re., artfully announce to the rit'rea. nf
arrcu. Aatiu u ic n'-i 1111 ne win st.hi ne iwvmm
.1 .1 . . 1 1 .a -1 . - -a
hi. K.U.U.. over Freico lir.ll. werc he will peif..r-a.y .
ll-.r km t,e rei.nired
olthe Dental profeMion
km eeant aa:l TuraMe mnnrer.- He return hi '
tlutnks for iit faT't.ai:il nrlrs f-r a continuation or
thestine. All o. ertijj.. rerfcrme.1 by Dr. B. will b '
!v.r.aiiteit.i!-4U.tthy ahaoid J v, ' IMC '.'''
ftk.a...: e5?mariolfl?. ,
Marrh BS. ItW-lr. j
" Slisrcllawmis.
nock, take this soetbod of informing the ctttaens of
War re a and Trntnlrntl coo My. tuat ia addittoa to tha
stock on hand, he is reeefrinc aad now opei.ing.a.
Stationary and saoe- Oeodo aa eaa be fowr d la the
West. His stock of Books comprises Jlimtiee. Trav
els, aVomancea. Encyclopedias, Biojrnrrhies, Works on
Klocntion, Archhectwre. Agnenlutre, Thealofur. Geolo
gy, Philosophy, Phriologrf tVhrenology, Horks an
Spiritaalissa, My sue Orders, Aaonala and Al horns.
Also, all the new Publications worthy of aote. piles af
School Books, both old and new. now ia use ia the sev
eral srhoal diatricts. Bibles from AO ets. to ft 10, Prajrer
and liyaaa Books foe all denominations.
In rrest variety. Letter Writers, Song and Dream
Books, Astrologers Books and Cards.
In this department are offered erery description of
Goods. French, American Laid, ore. Cap, Bill, Let
ter and Note Paper of he best oaalHr, and Envelopes
to match.
Comprising Ledgers, Journals, Beeard, Cash. Invoice,
Time, Log, Note, Receipt aad Memorandum Books.
Also. Coty Books for schools.
Lithographio Prints, Maps, Chessmen and Boards.
DosDinoea. Dice anw Caps, flaying aaa rrtnting uaras.
Paper Weights. Calendars. Letter Clips and Billholders,
Address Cards, Plain, Gilt, Embossed aad Illumined,
Card Cases. PearL, Ivory aad Illamined.
Drawing Books, Cards, Paper and Drawing materi
ale. Inks. Writing Fluids, Pens and Lead Pencils.
Leaves, Wire, Paper, etc., for Artificial Flowers, and
a large assortment of English, Preach, German and
American Toys,. Weekly Papers from Bnstoa, New
York and Philadelphia, Periodicals. Harpers Putnam's,
Graham "s.uodey'sand Metbotllst national Magazines,
Leslie's Book of Fashions aud Yankee Notions.
Tbe noraaasing community will find always on ha nd
a large stock from which to make their selections, at
extremely low prices for cash only, at the hew York
Book Store. No. 33. Main street, a few doers sooth of
ihe Post Office.
Warren 0 Oct., 1th. 1854, B. A. A. BALDWIX.
Building, opposite the Democrat Office, JUsta ftraet.
Warren, Ohio. -
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and best
lot of CLOTHINU. at Wholesale and Ketall, ever
brought to this market, comprising Dress, Frock aad
Busiaess Coats, Overooats, Panta and Testa, of every
variety and style conceivable. Te test the truth of ear
assertion we will give yoa price and yea caa come
and examine ror yourselves.
A FULL SUIT, Cost, Past, and Test. tfiO, with
aa Overcoat to match for $4. Also, a rich stock al
Boys' Clothing; Coats for $3, with Pants to match for
$1. Also, a complete stock of HATS and CAPS, com
prising every style and qaality. We have also a fail
nock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, and a large
stock of Broadcloths. Catsimeres and Testings, rich
and rare, and of tbe latest and most fashionable style.
CARD. The Proprieters here take occasion to re
turn their sincere thanks to the people ef Warren ard
the sttrroanding country, for the -generous patronage
which they have hitherto awarded them, aad respeee
fnlly ask Its continuance, feeling certain that tbehr
goods, for style, quality and cheapness, eaaaat be
equalled in this section of country. Onr goods are all
warranted ta be of good material, well made, and ta
give good service We hare but cms Brie. -far oar
goods, and that a Just one, believing it a f anr policy
and worse principle to plunder from me person te
secure the loss on another.
Warren, Oct. 7, 1854.
t-IOOm WORTH OF GIFTS, for the subscri
bers to the MAUalOTH PICTORIAL ar tbb Wwout
Woblb, published simultaneously in tha three cities of
New Tork, Philadelphia aod Baltimore, as soon as
3l. 00. subscriptions are obtaiaed ; and having al
ready an actual eircuuttioa of alat 900.000, it is now
certain tkt atatrt'eafiea mi sswa ieAs plmct.
Among the extraordinary ttsr af aim, (being one
for every ticket issued.) are
frvt. Hart's Elegant Country Beat,ralued at $-25,000
A Magnificent City Residence 17,000
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest .'
or security........ 10,000
Building Lots, Elegant Piano Fortes, Melo
- deons, Oold Watches, Bracelets, Rings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New . . t
World, by Prof. Hart-; Real Estate, e,
' etc., Ac, la all numbering 300,000 Gilts,
' rained at ... 8300400
Every single remittance of SI. secures one year's
eabscription w the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity af a Uilt Ticket, which entitiea tne Holder to
one share ia the 300 JAM) Gifts- Thua erery person in-
Testing la this stupendous Enterprise receives the
run worm or nis or her amney, la subscription to a
first elaaa journal, (the greatest and most interesting
Pictorial ef the age.) besides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove aa immense fortune to tag
receiver. .
For complete List af Gifts, aad foil and explicit par
ticulars ia regard ta tbe great Enterprise, Distri ho
lloa, Ac, are a copy of Tub Wbolb Woblb, which
will be promptly seal, free of charge, where desired by
letter, post-paid.
Tax atu ttoaaa may also be sees at tne omcea ol
all papers containing this advertisement, where Inior-
mattoa may be obtained ia regard ta the paper ana
Enterprise. -
Areata. Fostausters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel mployment. should
aot fitil to area copy ef Tbb Wbolb Woblb, which
contains ay far tha asost liberal inducements ever of
fered t. areata ia the way of Immense cash premiums,
gifts, eaaaaistioBt, die., whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make $1,000 and upwards,
per year ; to which faet the . gents we already have
can certify. Secure the Pictorial, and become wise,
rich, and happy. -
Correspendents must write their address Raase,
Port Office, County, and State, pfsne sad diatiaat, or it
will be their own fault tf they fail ta get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all returns will be promptly seat
wherever desired, ia any part of the world. -
Jl f If any orders are received after Ihe 300,000
subser liters are abtaiaed, the money will be promptly
returned, post-paid, to the persons sending it.
If r All letter and remittance, lor the rinonai.
with Gtrr Tickets, most invariably be addressed',
post-paid, Io Pits. J. WOODMAN HART, Woslb's
uiu, Broadway, hew York, there being the esus
office for the Gift Enterprise. ...
But remittances for the Pictorial without din Tick
ets. may be sent te Prof. J. WOODMAN HART, Hut's
Brum sea. Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Fa. there
being the principal editorial and publication omca. . .
uct. i i-em. ...
f ry. Ate. Toe subscriber have-lust re
ceived a large stock of Goods la their liae, which.
with their foraser stock, makes a very desirahte assort.
ment ; among which are Gold and Silver Watches ; Sil
rer, silver I'latol and Brittanta ppoons ; Breast nil r
Finger Rings ; ar Rings ; Gold and Silver Pencil
Cases : Watch Chains, lean and Key ; Scissors :
Shear ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Knives ; Knives aad
Forks ; Razors ; Percussion Cap, aad Pill : Silver
Plated, Brittania, Glass, and Common Candlestick;
Lamps ; Lamp Globes, aad Chimney ; Tea Tray ; Tea
and Coffee Pots : Communion Ware ! Castors ; Chsth,
Shoe, 11 air. Flesh. Tooth and Sharing Brashes ; Mela-
deont ; Guitar ; Banjos : Tioliat ; flute ; Fife. ; Ae-ri
eoraeons : r iageoietts ana Taa-borine ; Ilair fin and
Camb: Waist Slide and Buckles; Purses ; Pocket
Beak and Wallets ; Powder flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, and a great variety of Toy and Fancy Good.
The pabiic are respectluiir invited ta call and enm-
ine the goods. .
All kinds ef Clocks and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to perform well, at a reasonable expense.
To-Onr eld caste mers we tender our thanks for the
naareaage the establishment has received for the last
thirty-ail year. -.. WALTER KINO a SON,
Dec tc-fcl. aa y, maia bu, warren, r.
I ULES VAUTROT, Wholesale and
tj Retail Dealer In Clocks. WaTcaas, Jew star, Sit-
TEa-Wasx, and FancT (ioons, Warren, Ohio.
Having last retnrned from the Eastern Man
afactoriea, I brought with aw a very large
assortment of extra-Bne English Lever Watch
es, in gold, hunting and plain ease. Also., superior
quality of Duplex Waichea. with iadewendetH second.
just th thing ror timing hones. Alto, English Lever
Railroad Time Keepera, la silver slanging t-ases; aaa
larger (tack of Detached Lever and Lepine Watcke
thaa was ever before offered ia thi place. If y assort
ment of Jewelry, I flatter myself, ts a better selection
thaa 1 have ever before made, having purchased a
stuck larger stock and ef finer quality, than haa here
tofore been, brought to thi place; such as I can fully
recommend, everybody ta invited to call and exam
ine m stock. Pedlars, and other, purchasing to seal
again, will flnda largs assortment. and prices that will
compete with Kastern Cities, as I purchase my goods
directly from the manufacturers, and will tell for a
Sana!! aveula aa any other establishment In the country.
few Sne Double Tune Centre Seconds Wstchea. will
void rcry low. : Vow is tbe time for seen ring a goad
bargain. Call soon and see for yours.lv e.
la.WenrhesJewelry, etc, carefully repaired and war
ranted, u r angrannf neatly aone. . . .
Oct. 7. If 54. . .
At Co. are constantly making addition to their
large and well selected stock of Stove ratterna, . that
ther are now able to furnish customers with the most
desirable pattern for kitchen or parlor use- Jummf
their assortment are Use following ; - j
- The Clinton Air Tight Cook Stove, ho. a. . , .
- da Improved do do do - do
Thi Stove ia truly the Farmer' Stove, for after an
unprecedented tun of Use year, the demaad for them ia
still inereaainr. ' : --. i f '
Ihe Woman' Right Cook Stove, No. 1, for wood or coal,
do do do do No.!, do
do da . do " do No. 4, for wood.
Thi is a new pattern of Coal Stove, Just got out by
with elevated oven. No. 1 is intended for a dining
room Store, having two boiler bolet and a large capa
cious area for baking or keeping meat warm. No. t
haa four S inch hole for boiling, and it adapted to (mall
families. No. 4 has 4 9 inch holes for boiling, and a
very large oven, aad ia adapted to large families,
c. Th. "Biiag ra'Caok Stove, So. 4.
do Western Queen do do 1 .
""'do Queen of Prairie da - de ' ' - -'
do Great Western do do fereaal.
TheM. Stores have four 9 inch boiler hole aad
clou, nvrna below th Br chamber. For b.
strength, durability nd economy in fuel, these Stoves
unsurpassed. They are perfect bakers. 1
The following are tome of their Psrlor Stoves:
The Cottage Franklin Coal Stove, No. .
' de do" do" do " N. .
These are the celebrated Sliding Door Stove, which
took the premium at the late State Fair. For beauty aad
convenience, they challenge competition, a the extra
ordinary sales this year abundantly testify. -
The Cottage Stove, No. 3, for mawd. '
'do do do No.. do
The Jewrtt Boot Stove. Folding Deer, for weed..
Besides a general assortment ef Cannon, Coal, Bos,
Barry Stove. .
All kinds of machinery made to order. Stove Foun
dry east ef Tayler't Wareboaaa,oa the canal. Machine
Foundry, east side of Liberty street, ea th. canaL Tia
Shop four door west af the Bank, market street. War
ren.OMo. . ' 19
.XEW AUKAJMUtMH i& ttne5t5:
"OTBL ,. Tr rabterlbw would take mit
. . . ..
.'h b h.. v'.r;
blic generally, that He haa pure based the Eaeta
Hotel, formerly kept by Mr. Camp, where hereafter be
would le glad to see hit friends, and all who ehoose-to
give him a call. The best airaiurements will b. marie to
make his house a pleasant place to atop, and no effort
will he spared to those who esil once to atop again. To
obi customers of the Bag1 B would any. do aot
condemn a chance as for th worse, keeaase yoa were
-e -7.'". ..:,
w""""' - ' -
Warren, Aug. 17. leaj.
l' i u vrVCTOrir i. rir, r
A . I AHA Otii Oo. a I UTC
rd f
-Whit Lead a Ivze supply eotutunls aa hand
and for salsa ha io west cash nnreby .
Ang . ' B. A. BnTU at.Co.
RI J ING INKS. Ac Arnold's find
1443. im rOWUIT. V-BtJ aaj 1 a eVfAa?., auutuvw aaava in
Q . .a. D.i L
''. ;-'" "" rll f
--- ' : ml T . I
- iiyr ' t t nTr?5' PUMPi TP.TT! fjnilTE
I "- . ;
X taCretciet aad Faae KtJtUng. A few cpie
eeceived at - A;AMS,I
lAlaSfc4aaaBI eV rofttttr Wurkl tkt
j ooo-V'verr-a
hK time.
);itntt SltiitiiuSe
rr.it!.FORTfiBrvRit or oorwt, coughs.
These Wafers operate like a ehmi a prodacingalmoat
saatantaneocs relief. They allay at eaee, the ttekling
and irritation in the throat, which gtvws rise to hacking
and eoughfng. and anally result, if not arrested, ia a
disease of fatal type. -
For Bronehitis.se fearfully prevalent la thisclimate,
theaa Wafers stand perfectly- an ii railed. Ma Vuhlic
Speaker should attempt to sxldress an audience without
a supply of
In his preset. They mbrieato the threat and facilitate
delivery to a most astonistitng degree. Professional
singers, and all members of Chorea Choirs will expe
rience immense benefit from their magic effects. AH
who use them cheerfully testify to their wonderful era
eacy. Therv Is aot eae opinion of tfaerr aaatchleaa vir
tue , in all complaints for which they arc reeommeoded.
One ooz will satisfy you, Ukat we cannot speak, too
highly in their faror.
Hon. SAMUEL EICHARDSOX, late Mayor of Roch
ester, N. Y.; Dr. James McCarthy, of Medical 11-r.lt.
Dublin; S. Prarsall, Vicar. Lichfield Cathedral; E. Pres
ton, Coal Merchant, of Hull England ; and thousands
of tHh?rt hire volunteered their testimony la favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'S great diicoaery. A single trial will
convince the most sceptical that no medicine ap
proaches this ia the absolute control it exerts over all
that ratal class of diseases which we have enumerated.
Sold by all Medicine Dealers generally.
VO. JiillN BULL.
I The swat pe-eerf ul King cm the fast of ttwgloo aaw
r-Hifos unrwo- In too iswrkst Rapablic Taa aowar
af the ee,.wM- bits of karoo sink hate Inslgnlfinanea
wbt-a c-Mnpnr-N tocwr Anscrieaa king. -
Bavop-MB ktnea emph-y the aswiw vested ia them te
haci-sM ta. ri. be nf ta nrh aad lordly, aad to rsdaea
to greats miaarv aod ftt-gradataoa. the aoor aad doaae
nt. Uur ABMrrk-aa hiuggoas Kwth with equal willing.
aeas a tha lordlv maashu and the hanval. cabia, ready
alike to administer roiiet aad t oflsc health aad happs.
aem a Mm iofior and lowly, tua rich aad. th aoos
' DIt. JOHN BULL'S -.!
: I the Turta Wosm es ttix World, an4 tbe fatosa;
-r blvisintf rmr oC-rc4 to aAicted humanity; to the satf
smc j uillioii. the Dorp ean say. reHcf is at your earn
. maud. Xeu hare only to use this aiagieal remody. Ail
those who still suAVr, and will trrt ace-rat tha are tarred
,z balm, desarv not th pity of their mmllies.
This wondrful medicine, during the brief period slam
, Its iiitroductiou, has carried happinem to tho haartaof
. tbouaao'ls. and made HI a eharm to many who Imrsss '
lore Krardod U only as a palafui and missrable exmV
To the winds with all TJnlmeata rmbrrratlons, Pala
. EUJvra, and l-ain xtrators, and Wt mUiiona of glad
, tonguse proeiatm tho merits of the gnat MAmorioaa. '
King of rain.1' a prcparmtioo. ovtnpeead solely of vesjs
- sabliaawd imota. produced by Amaprioa s own riehaad
aeuateom acU.
we would ask the Ltarsn, who are always osmsetenft
Sagas af wlutissndwaat is awta vaiuable C-mily med
ae, to do ua a wirai m-or by givlug tho King of Pala
a single trial, aad if ntufiwCterv, exert thir Influonos
ia its bsbail Rsomtcoad t, speak wall and oftan of it,
and ato that it Is used by their afflicted neighbors. The
adVfeearaaJaruraehw and when they indues their
svilartfif srienUa to- use this really valuable afredicina,
they will li4iuig an act of lnvoWnce that they caw
well be proud xt IhH m power till and trulT-magtesi
toatedy r ail asternal diyatra seres, swellings, bar as,
, ae-, and many internal alii tcUoua, It is a eartaia euro.
t yet It U perfortiy luarmtcM, and Incapable of produetaf
, the least aojurious clferU in the must delicate cases of
the weakest constitution.
It la outtreijr useless to MIaw the old sad mmm sua
system ef puMiAhing Wthe publir thousands of certifi
cates of wond-rs performed by this medlHna. I costs
hut twenty-five 4ent to try It, And Dr. Bull stakes his
vela-earn- repnUtiB on the King of Pala extias; aid
and more than be claims for it. '
We would ask hare you the Kbemmatlsm orOowtt
' thsse are mt afrMuit paniwa. and wo kaow toot
vouwould like to drive them away aa sow aa aasmbs
Vsuld you. be cured almost Immedistely ef Bevel
Compiaint, DyaenUi. summer Cooi plaiQ t. Ctiolsra Mor
was, Cramp CholK, ilead Ache, Tooth or any other aefce
ar paia, the Tsmedy is simpie and the sure osrtaia.
oald yoa have your Sores, aartHnge, Cats,
she lis, Bruises, or any other wounds hesied. we
Is. ass the
WeM yoa be cured of reald Ilead, SUIT Joints, Sore
Tbiuat, Keniaiiria. eore Bmmu Lambago, Tetter or Rinw
Ware Salt Ititeum. hiteaof lbonrra Iniiecta, Chapped
Basics, aad ail other Sores, either Iry or Running, we
nay agaia and sio, r auiruT is Dr. Joha Bull s
i - . -. IN4 or pAiaS,' , . .
Would you be cured of King's Kra, Cam we. Taasuea.
Brhptious, or snj disssne ef the tkn esssssd ay msaewa
brood, then ass Dr. Joha Ball's tmimpartiia totorvmfaiiy,
atM tbe King of raia ntertiajly. aethiwsatt be saeca
earrtaia than a speedy aad elteetaal care.
.-.- DR. J0H2T' BULL'S .
Ba rsaparill a.
Thi sasdldoa, whea sad according to dlnillsaa,
aiU can, without fail: . ,
or King" RviL V I
' ' "' Caaeera, kiurthia 5 ...
' ' af tho akia. axy.eaiaa
1 ' Tamer, Chronic bor Ryes,
- Bhg Worm or TKtm Scald Heaa,
Bheamatima, raiaa in ta. Boas, ar
Mate, Old Sona and Uleava, Swelling of
Lb. Gumda, SvpbiHa. Brsftpim rait II In am. -.
TMsismof th kidneys, lliasoses arssiag froa tha
aaaofitereurv Xom t ApasUte. Paia ia ta eideaad
faouVera. C saiarai Imldlitv. Uaabaco. Coughs, Colds,
Dvwasy. JaaUKtiea, Cuaaivoasisa, lonciiltis, Weakaeas of
. Oust, Sore Thsoat, fnlmossaiy amietsn,aad ail thar
Dmsaaa tead-ag to BTodtteeC.oaiimptsa. Livtr Coa
alasata. Fmaai Irieguiaritiasaad Comalainta, Loss
Saint. Skat aad aersea liead-ache, N ight Swatta,
JUanaaraa, or Imprudeno ia Ufa. Chrooie Coa- .
atltatioaal this.! . and aa a Spring aad
; Bammai Drmk, and unaral Tonic for th. .
. Systssa, aad a Uentw nd.PleaaaaA
. Pargatlta, it le superior to Blaa
Lie, and Coatfrea Water,
aalta eeidltts
'f - . Powders. - j
It a nauraabl fact, that among the kundasdaof
aminont phrskian who have eiaolaed thtfreeiaeby.
whioh Bull SarmparUla is prepared, not on ha eaa
dnanil it, but all approve it. aad eotameod H ra asav
hlghact terms. Man phrsleiaws einrea Ikimlilie
treugly la th. belief that It U decidedly tha- bant prepa
latioa of sanaparilla that ha ver bos. placed Mora
' th public. Although ther. ar assay BhyaBtmn wh
sbal a raluctanca t having their naaawappeaded I tit
aniiBBian Itllim ef any forttewmr fesaady, awtwlta-
ataadiag they mar approved It In the highest degrae;
, Usmaaraotnarswhofranklr yield their support la mvar
: af a ratnedy which they kaow le eaaabla of doua) aa
mncb good ia aa afflicted sosem unity. Aaaaevklsaaa,
read tbe mllowtng from at asm mpsimtue pnysscmna,
af high n-M"g ta th in nilr ta waiah taaj lira
' ' ar"-Tertiiwmy II. th. gsnowfng radars snparnuea
aB oommenU on tbaeflleaey of Bull s darsaparilla. Frsea
. Dr L. P. Taadell. Prufsssnr of Cmnalstry la th. Loom
TUUMdwalODlle: I hare mekedevar th. net of an.
STKiiuits eosnprwi.f Joha DuU s Ooaksowad Kitrastaf.
oaraaparUla and has ao bssitstloa la aaylag that thy
arm a maeamaswadi aad on. that arnmita waB lf
earonJe daiasfs, to waioh It maapUoable.
LonaviLUL Juae , 14.
What Dr. rM phvidrlaa by tppolntasw to tha
' taaatvUle Mafia. Kospital, mys ft IRrll rmgrllla
LstirriuB, If arch 30, 1S4U. -I
have examined the Breerriptisa for th preaaratMa
at Joha Bull Sarsaparilla,and I believe the nsmkina
Hob to be an ioall.at .n. and wU calculated to pre
dasa aa alterative rmprssseoa oa tha ystaa. 1 bar.
aaad It bcth la aabUe aad prlvaU araetiaa, aad thin
at m ta. lsjuci.if barsapari-i i
t , .... - al. piles, ild. ,
' Isstrtsnl Fbysiiaii LoubniH. Marias horpltaL
TAsttar aeatl mooy than waa ever offered la mverofaay
assillflai Be. B. W. Sehon Rev. B.neveasa: .
. T - - Locumtta. May 21'th, lwa.'',
- - Wa mtra aaad Jeha Bail's tSarsaparilla, aad have
. kawwa It ta be amd, with entire satisfaction ; and w.
,1m no hoaitatioa in etatiag our bell.f. that it bj a tarn
aad varna .m medical sum pound, and calculated te pro.
gamaaah goad and relieve mach suffenag: and there.
awe would cheerfully aad moat earaettly recommend a)
-j: TSigaad) . ii J. FTKYgJiSOlf
i W. would saraertly Invito all perron who in snSar
., awith aay of the ill that Seab is heir to, t call oai
Br jona BuB'ageat. and get a eopy of BuH family
Jowraal gratia; and mr th aaa. of humanity we bop
aha a single individual will not he found unwilling a
rlv Bull SarmparUla a trial aftar.reading, aad raeai.
hmHma. at th am tlma. that H is hneossille roe tha
Boator to publish th. tenth part of the number af atr
HcmtM of astounding cures permrmed by hi nSnapa,
rlUa. Th amount of testimony voluntarily that'll sa
aa Dr. Bull' Sarmparilra. from wrtl kaow. aad dbnaa.
niatied lndltl duals, both m public and prtvaSS Ufa,
atea aavmetly overwbming.
. . jga-Dv. Joha Bulla ITincipal ofgra, Tf eat Sid FiAk
(rat anorBNOw stain, awm r. ;
... .MKW luRK.
1 1 fifth STRrr.
','.'.u.i THB WEST ISDI3L .
And by B. A. SMITH at Ca.Druggiu No. S Main St.
Ne. 20, Main Street. ,.
J. McConueU At Co, No. 50, Main
Street. Warrea. Ohio, have the plea
r of announcing to th citiaens of,
. i. a. . n.l ,k. nulilie la '
general, that they are receiving and manufacturing the
targe, cheapest and best aasortmeat at BOtTs and
SHOhS ever brought to Ihe Westera market, which
they now offer lor sale, at wholesale or retail, at uriee
thai cannot fail ta suit purchasers, oa the eawh aad
ran dr -pay system. Their stock consist, of , , - ,
v.n'. rn Bootsr Men Calf Peg'd Imitation Bt-:
II inguriaa do: " French CiU tt'd, meis'ks;
hi---- --do; . Brogaiit;
" ' Clf Peg ;-'- '' Kip aad Calf Biagaas;
Boys' Beet and drogans. all kln-ls. - . . i
. Tulle' Jenny Ltnd Boots, Buskins and Ties; ladle
Pate I Leather Btmlrias anil Ties, and Morocco Boots;
Nse' Seaed and Pegged tUiter and Shoes, af ail
kinds; Children' Shoes. Ate. .
l ..wi. i'lf Akin and Uuuer leather, and everr-
Ihiig (taajly kept, in oVr line, which will b el l, for
U0, lr trfca b rBBl5iJa r
A.ril 14. lew. J. UilOMEU a tu. 1
rpH , CHEST- Sir Astley , Cooper.!
X Bert,. D,tb. eminent Medical Practitioner. !
has left a valuable leraey to the world ta his OREAT'
care for Pulmonary Diseases. wrraocTma rag or Ban- i
tctaa. Sir A. C Bart., invented and ail vised the use of '
so an poraona oi an ages ana conditions, as a certaia I
aad safe shield against those tearful diseases. Con- (
sumption. Bronchitis, Asthma, Cong ba, Colds aad other
Bifiictkms ef the Lnnga, which arise from the exposed
state oi sac cnen, according ta raahion. and tbe conna
aal changes of our climate.
-The Protector," is simply a chemically pre and
fur, Haed with ailk and padded, which, easpended from
tne neca, covert ue cnest ia s. agreeable . manner,
that, once worn, it bocomes a aecessity and a comfort
"The Protector," although but reeentlylntrodavodia
to America, I making rapid profres thronk the
CBitedStatea the Canadaa. South America, ant AT.-st
Indie. It ba for a long time been a staple article
la England aad aa the continent of Europe, while It
has growa ia atany countries to the position of aa arti
cle of dress.
To demonstrate the, fact eom I re of any Enrlltk
resident in your vicinity ef hit krowtedge of the bea
tfjeiel effects of wearing the Prolector, errsnri ta
eras ts aocToaina of any kind. The coat ef wear
ing these article is a mere trills, and on will hut
some years. No one who values the health of himself
or bis family will be without tbem. .The Hospitals la
this country are Bet a loo. recommending them, hut
rapidly introducing them. Uarcourt, Bradley at Co.,'
ef London, and Manchester, England, were originally
entrusted with the saanafacture of tbe Protectors, by
th. lamented Dr. Cooper, and continue ta manufacture
according te 'hie original'' instructions, and therefore
recommend those who would, wear "The Protect. IS,"
Io sea to their being genaiae.
itemeawer uu is a staple article, aad BO Patent
Gent's Sisa, - . . . $1 M each.
Ladies' do. - - - 1 00 do.
Boys' and Misses do. 7J do.
38 Aaa Street at 109 Nsssaa Street, Hew Tork.
Principal Warehouse. 10 Wood Street, Cheansid.
Londoa. Manufactory, 44 market Street, Manches
ter, Bngland.
H. B- Co. are establishing Depots for the tela af
"TH rroteetor" la all parts eg America, rhyslctane,
Surgeoa. Druggist, Clothiers, Dry Good Marchaata,
Hatter and. hUlliaera, als Gentlemea'a Furnishing
store Keepers are taiiaetia wiut taa wn.lratlo aad
retail distribathn .1 them, aad ta whea most liberal
term are offered far -their aaerarise, aad a splendid
opportunity .pen to them for safe and profitable busi
ness - HABC0URT, BRADLEY at CO.,
3d Aaa Street, Hew Ye.
Ser4.,stU4-3BV ........ .
. It aada pre-emiBeat few It curative power la all
diteases for which it 1 ri mmi adim. aswaily smiled
Of these are Prolapsua Uteri, or Falling of th. Womb ;
Floar Albus, or White; Chronic TiiflimalliiB aad UI
ceratioa of the Womb; Incidental Hi men lure, ea
Flooding; Painful, Suppressed and Irregular hUuttraa
tioa; dtc with all their accompanying evila, (Cane
excepted,) aa matter how severe, ar aaw loxar ataading.
The Cathetleoa far arpeaa other reaseuiea, ia being
awre certain, les expensive, aod tearing to. sj ilia
in a better condition- Lea all iaaersstod oall aad .btatr
a pamphlet (free)' containing ampl proof, frosa tha
most respectable sources, of the beneficial results of it
aae; together with letters free highly experieaeed Phy
sicians, wb. Bave-aewd It ia their prrlevajid tptek
from Uwir owa observatioa. .-. -
P. B. Parsaaa, M. Ttlea, IT. T.
. L. D. PLiuisa, M. D Rochester N. T
M. H. Milbs, M. D, Rochester. T. T ---
D.T. Foots, M. D-, gyreue, N.T; - "" -
.' Prof. DcsBAJt, M. D., Baltimore, Md- ' ' '
J. C. Oaaicg, . D., Baltimore, Md.
W. W Reek, M. D., New-York City. '
W. PgracoTT. M. D . Concord, N. H.' "y " 1
" J. P. Stvuii, M. D-, Utlea, N. T. ' : ; -.
Ber. C. 8. Baajta, Glenn Springs, 8. 0. '
PhampleU to be had rratis at the Store of t. A. SMITH
At Co, Agent, Druggists, Warren, O. Alas so hi by 7k
W. alears. North Btoomfleld, James K. Sextwa; Toung.
own, and by most of th leading Druggist ia the ad-
cr tf JwV. Carri
Bttk. jtrnt at ceeaae, Ok
To Da. jjAgrmst : I have been tea year ttdnblsd
with Female Complaint prolapsus uteri, aad art lb
attending aimcuittea; at tune rendering my use mo
miserable. I have had the attendance ef some of the
best physicians, with but little success; the moat they
could do was to relieve a cure wa out ef the questieB.
For Are month before commencing with your ediein
1 aad aot been able to perform any labor, could walk
but a few steps at a time, and scarcely west oat of door
In short, I wa completely prostrated, both ra mind
aad body, and expected to drag out the rest of my day
in suffering and misery. But, reading your advert tee-
mem, t waainouceu to try your lnvaraanie medietae
called Uterine Cathollcon, aa the last resort, ' lhad not
nsed it a week before I felt like another woman. By the
ae of three bottle I waa enabled te perform al she la
bor for six la the family with ease, and could walk any
where ia the neighborhood without rntury. Nothing
but a sea ef my duty ts yoa and t th afflicted, has
indue ao mc to state my esse to the public I can aafeiy
recommend the preparatloa to alt those nffering Itk,
myseu. (signeu alas, BaaaB ABB nuuror.
Freedom, Portage Co, Ohio. - -
TOM. B. MARCHISI at Co Proprietors, Centra
Depot, 304 Broadway, Nw Taraw . . i-i-.!-
Wrrea.JunS1.1854-y '. f
- - Mt a WrssM Mtnmrf ta it. . '.T ' .
' Lrr Tarn arfucru Baa aaa Poancal
Aa Infallible Remedy fur Beratula. Kiag't Bvil, Rhea
matism, Obatinaa Cataaauaa Bruptieaa, Pimples r
Postule ea th Face, Blotehee. Boil. A so. and F-
Ver, Chronic Sore Byee, Bin Worm e lesser, geald
Head, Bnmrgtment end Paiaaf th. Boa and Jaitua,
Btabbora liieer Bypbilitl Iriaosdsja. Lambago,
Spinal Complaints, and aH Disss arising froa a
Injudicious Us. of Mercury, Imcsradeace ia lata,-.
Impurity af flip BhsedV
U7Thi great alterative medtcla. and Pariaerat
Blood Is now weed by Ibnaaiaila af graurui patisam
from all part ef tha CnMed litatss. wh matsfy daily M
the remarkable care peifeimeel by tha grtaital eg
Medicine, aaTua' Spaatsa MixToaa.' hsuralsoa,
Btteaasatits, Scrofula, aVuptaan af aba Shia. Ltveg
Disease, Fever, C leers. Old 8 ore a, AJecUeaa af Ih
Kidneys, Disease ef la. Thi .at, rnas Compiaint.
Pain and Aching af the Baaa aad Joints, ara smaaaily
pot to flight by uaiag Ihi great aad iamameblesman
edy. 1 - 1 - --- -. - ...
For all disease f th. Blood, awtana tan pat beea
fonad to compare with fev It ebranoea she system
all Imparitiea, act gently and eeVmatsw. aa-ta. Liver
and Kidney, atreagthens ta Digest) om, gire taa. la
the stomach, makes the ekia lar aad as II ay. aaB re
stores th Coastiaatloa, aafblcd by dmaaa ar baha
down by the saeosss mt yeath, s Ita pnatuse rigor and
trength. " - j ...
For the Ladle, It I haoemaarably better thaa all la
cosmetic erer aatd. - A ar do of GaaTtaa'a Sraav
um MitTca wiM swaswr atl as 1 loam eaa af eempieaioa,
bring the rear maatlrag ta- Bs ssat, grre eiaattaitg
to the step, aad tnrar.v. th. gwaerai aaalth ian
markable deg-ee, beyaod all th iIImbu ever baas
vf - - ......
Th large- auavber of irrliAcmt which w bar re
ceived from ptrsoatrrai all aartaar taa Laised itain
I the beat endeaee that ahesw la aa Isunbeg a mil St.
The pre, hotel keeper, magi strati s smymciaaa. aad
public men. well know to the ewaimaaity. all add ta.tr
testimony to the eeodarrai eaves af thi GBJLAX
BLOOD FUBIFimt. - .j- ......
Call oa the Aosirv and ret a Circular and A Bat net,
and read th woaaerrai carat laay My greatest ef all
Medicines has performed. ' -.-- ', - ---,-
None genaiae antes signed Bx-Vtrrr at Bexbs, Ptw
prietora. No. 3, Pearl tra, Richmoad, fa-, t weoat
all order for auppli aad ageaciea muat be addi us sad.
- Far ale by B. A. Smith At Co-, Warrea ; J. Camp
bell, Newtoa Fall ; B. Brown, Ohltaa ; Ga. Haalett,
Oastavaa, a. W. Meara. Sip.mfieid. and by Deal la
Medieiae .sty .bar. . - . ot Se y. '
Jaundice. ChroBle or !f ervou Nobility, Pitt
of the Kidneys, and all Disease ariarar from a anaar
dered Liver or Stomach ; anch a Constipation, .award
Pile, Full est, or Blood to the head. Acidity ef the
Stomach, nausea. Heartburn,. Disgust for rood, rail
ar Weight ta the Stomach. Sour Bracttaioae. Sink
inarar Fmttoring at taa Pttf th jitsaaaeh. Swimming
af ta Head. Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flutter
ing at th Heart, Choking or Suffocating Bsnislianl
whea ia a bring neetnr, Dimaea ed Tlstoaw Dot eg
Web bcOire the sight. Fever aad) Ball Paia ia she
Head, deneieney af rvrsptrawom. iauws al ta.
Skin aad Bye, Pahs to th Bid. Bach. Chest, Limb,
Ate, Sudden Flushes af Ileal, Baraiag im aha Fleah,
Constant Imarininr t Bvil, and us as I ataareasiaa of
Spirits can b effeccaally cared by - .... ,
Dr. EoadaniTi Cclebrttcd Cermat Bitten,
Prepared by Dr. C. BL JACKaOB.N. law Arch atrwet.
Pbtladelpbia. - - - . r . . . . - .
Their power over the above disease, is aot excel led.
if euwajlert. by any atnwr preparslitar ta th. Uaited
State, a th cure atiaat, ia many taut after ekillfai
physician had (sited. Tba Bitter are worthy the
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtue ia tbe
reniuesaura af disease of taaiiiver and leaser gtaad. a,
exerciaiag the mot searching iiotaars ia weaka aad
affaction ef the digestive organ, they ara, withal
safe, certain aad pleasant. ' -
Jon HomtaaL JrmvUl. Ohio. May 30th. 153
tsM 1 rrit-t mat lar year aatiflfacuoo, and also
for that af tbrs. that y Mr warmaa Bitten is what pat
iti nmaiiiad it to ba, a aighiy ralaahi medicina, which
1 know from having esed it ia my owa family to my
entire satisfaction. All who have used it air ta
BTErstx A. Mgair, Canton, Ohio, Play n, irQj,
says : "Having heard your German Bitten highly
racmmanded tret sources la which I placed mach
cooadcaee, I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
af them I gave to mr daughter, wh. aa derived great
benefit from it ; two of the otnen t sola immediately,
and I would like you to tend m a (apply of it to sell.
JousrCLaax. Brunswick, Ohio, May 9S, 18S4. aay ;
Tour German Bitten hav proved successful ia every
case that has come to my Knowledges and aa eaeBed
for ItsehT a great aemana.-- - -i . . -e .
Thomas Lmaro, Covington, OWw,' Bee 7th,
IS3,aya: "My wife has been ageeted with the Livtr
complaintand Dyspepsia for a aumber of yean, daring
which time I have spent a great deal fee joctarlag. bat
she received very little benefit laonfiuas, aad finally
tr, doctors saiu ine eon in not a cured. Lt spring
the concluded to try your Bitten! she took rw bottlee
and ever since taking them she ha beea able te attend
ta her hasine, until very lately th had a aew attack
hut haa arara commenced tha R i t ler. I have Mbt
aa.te a number ef boale through her rremwdatioJ.
aad a far a I caa laarn. it aa girea aatisfacuoa to j
II." j . .
D. AaaaTT, Aestinburth, Ababala oouuty, Ohio
Bn ibi ii ita. iHi, aay. "-Permit m to beer task)
atony to Ihe remark hie cAVeaey of your medicine ia
the euro af Liawr C imp la int. For yean previous to
lakiai your Bitten, I wa severely micaed with Liver
Complain ; as much that I did mat expect to live :
bat by a fre. use of year meUeiac. thank to a kind
Providence. I and myself aatirely rcrtvred. to health.
aad able restuxte my employment. ,
These Bitten are isnraf wfi aaa mv irom
Akehali stiuiaauit'and all injurious togaeaieataimild
their eperatiea, they atrangtbea the ayslem-Bevar
prostrate it. '
ror aie by B. - A. anta at w ana rwrtar m t ...
Harna; O. HatleU, Gusuvns 8. Mean. Btoom-
fiel.l ; J. Campbell Newton; Falls, and by Deaien la
Ml lei everywhere. . (novlr34-y
MERCHANT'S Gargling Oil. in
5Urt- aad (1,00 bottle, for sale by tb.eantity
retail, by j. , ,
March Id, 34.
. A. I allU At CO.
CLOAN'S OiBtment-anj Condition
1 fowlers, for tale by
war IS
-Ff. A. FITW at CO.
Jnst received and for Bale rr , :
,.9. 'L 8WT'?
OOFLAD'S GennaB Bit era. a et?l-
Ang. 9.
brated remedv for the CUT at LWeT C.mplaintS,
L,bd:c1.ibapyi. 'Lv,dJee ritBS mm
frf UvcV or rteaOacW asljby,. .1 ' . . tL
il- dee arratng mas
mareaiw. -
wv aov t irniM rtTSirr.
1" sarira ivti rnvjrwsrtrs i
V'lii, Ja I i'Q d
- .' It IV SU IC.o I
Maauraeoared by 4LABCOCBT, BBADLKT Co 44
"arket Street. Manchester. Friacipai Warehoase, U
- -. xissnw. a-iiEiaau. '
OTnaiiltshments, 3b Ana Street and M Saasaa ati aat, T
Bew Tork.
Th. Hydrosaagea I a ralaabla diacorery for anttsb
nag use mes iiwm aamai ar so Mi, aad therefore a pre.
wentativ af man. B J1- : . i .. Annm
lag whatever. The Uydromagea is ia the form of
sole, aMwseaaswwe the boat or aao. It saaJIcat
character I a pawarfal proves tali,, to disease. '
ror uenoemea it will . louad agreeable, war aa
healthy, te wear la the ooidest or raiaieat weather, aa
L foeacaanot beoom. ot if the iljuxosaaeen vaoser-ed-
Ladies laay wear to lnhe solsd boota r( t&oe
la the stest lacleaMnt weatha wuh impunity ; watsa
ConsompUoa. aa avala t g ta. yeaag ef ear
country, amy be thrarted, ay their general adoption. ""
They entirely tnptneul overshoes, a th batter caaaa
the feet m peevpira in a very anheaJUly maaner; aA, "
beside, ara aot dangerou ta wear for stiiuuUiis ia
ley weather, like India rwbbere. Whil. tha l n.r
eaaae th feet a aanear xtreaa.lv l.r k. u.amms. '
gen, being a mere thin sliceof mirk prepared, peculiar. "
ly placed inside, dees aot iaereas th sis of the be4,
ar eaa the foot ta appear antidy. Ia children they
are easrwmety tlaaalaaathy may engage la exercise "
wita eemion ana eeaitny enect. Their expen I a
I'.gh aa ta scsrss seed meatioo; beside, tho wb
patrenis them will find their yearly doctor hill asaaa
dimiaisbed thereby.
Aa the Uydromagea la becomiaff mar. kawwa. Ha
ante I Increasing to aa ahanm larmlihlutu Lt
year ia London, Maneaeawr, f aglmm. adwarpaolj
Glasgow, Leeds. Bubtia, Psria, Antwerp, ilaaiaurg and
Berlin, ear sale, reached l,;3x,45 pain af Crk So lea,
Thi year the aumber will tar tin pan that.
'Ask the Faculty their miwiaf their vaia aa
preventative for Coagaa, Calda, 111 a tail it atlliim
aad Consumption. '
Men's Shte, per pair. SS ceatM aadies' do. per pairsT
cents; Boys' and Misses' do. per pair, U cents.
Nortra. From the Retail rrieee we make a eery IfV-
era! allowance to Jebben aad) wheleaaler,a that any
storekeeper may make a tat proa an tbew aala. whil.
they ar aa article chat amy aa kept ta jtmj toca-'
among any ems of eUoda. , - . v
For terms, apply t .
' - Aaa atrat. Sew lark.
Sept. W lyxa-Sr vn iHa-.,.-,,,! .
XI STORJL Boa. i At 13 Main Street.
Smnsaj hl gioml-And so has the larreat, 1
neat ana cneapest tocE or aoeteaaa saecs
hroagnt oa the Western Reserve. -
D. U. WARKEN. lis aanouscing Kirs tact to hi pat
rons, and thw arid at large. Invite them, aa aad all.
to come and see for Uiemseivea, for he frtai tialldtBt aa
caa mua usem wita anji aiasi m aooa, a?J ar saoe laey
Purchasing H stock. fth. Wtnanii latin forCarB
enables him to ffer such ludoremcnta ta aayen a caa
at be found else. here
Ladle 1 voa lik to have a nretrr Gaiter or 8haa. and "
I have taken especial care ta pie yoa by mtt ilia tha
atoet fashionable, prettiest aad moat genteel mock for
muier wear, tna ceuhl a. toon m .New lovkrswait
that like th ornamental a well aa aseful, wilt cail aad
at and bny, before roin gel se where. - v.
Ssaul 1 oar. the best aaaortment for your use tha
greatest variety of material, and ta latest rtshltan.aaiy
call aad seamy Cloth, Kid and tnamelled Qaitera. ,
Childrea I com, and I can fit yoa with aay kind f
She r Gait your taa t may select. . ,
D. H. W. again returus thanks to past patreaag. aa
asiiei itnminanvwr. . , . '
N. B. Boou and rihoej mad ta order ad wsrTarrTi
to it. - - , . . D. H. WARRBN. .
P. 8. Don't forget th No. 11 A 13 Maia St. Warrea.
Caarleld, vhi. Th uhacriber take .
thi method to inform th geneiou aatiBu. (hat aa ma
earrws on the above busiaess. in all its various braochea.
anu wiu rnaae ia oruer, any tnmg that a am maawdl
ia hi lias. Having a large stock of aew material al-
way oa hand, and th best f workmen to da avap ia
MylAbatcaoJiot bscurpaased by any establishment ra
te country, tho who wish to purchase CsrrurM or
Baggie ready-mad o, can always and a large ssa.rti.ert
at my ba, of all qualities, aad at all pneea, aad tam.l
not afraid of compeuuoa, from aay auarter, especially
aorta. I would just any to all wh wish to get a good
article, they would do well to call oa this establishment
before poxetoesm. elsewhere, lor se aula, laf tehask
aoality, and all warranted
PAiyTihdxrM THIVaTNOauts aachaat acriira-
Farticular attention paid to repairing. v
A a v tit tta ta scnanr. tor M aaa. AilaasstoT
of Lumber taken in eae nance Cor work.
Tbe so been her tatters imehVhat by
ef himself and band to bus i Bees. S can hare a
able soar of public mtronare-" TlamrfatfaraUyfoi
t . - k . I ! a.i 1 1 Bu. . , . I .
CauAeld. Mar 5m. Iir ' . BWANK." it
MILLS f b-Tbar- aadenigaeeT Okk this met had ef
informing tne rarmtng public, that .ui' continuing ta
manufacture Faaniag Miila, they haw. aa far lmpmerr
th came a to be able, aot only to tak cut foal edw
from Grain, better aad faster thaa aay ether matt nea
ia aae, but am. to perfectly separate, or tak eat. th.
rt dart that may be lodged la In. asm. ' 1 no4
Taey ean aisetakt Timothy, Clover and Flaxseed la
the chatr, aad by one running If through, eaa Batdta
perfeotly mercantabie.. Thair Ft nerd aad. rat dirt-,
cleaners an their owa Inventions, deduced from meh
nady aad experimenting the past winter, and an such
a n aot to be found in any other TAill ext. at. : they3
iavito-aJl waa need mill ta eaU aad exaaxine their.
befon pare basing elsewhere; and a their mill ara
ahvayt warranted, they eaa. ran aa riak of aatac ta)
posed upon with a poor mill. " v -J
Farmingtoa.Jiy 1.-. W.CTBTIS 80NS.
Baderaigned, ta oaaactta with their PrinttnEt
Ottc and Bookstore, bar established a
BlhDKRZ, wheraBooa-Biading ia every Z,' '
variety and style, will be don. oa fthort Wj.'.-'-m
anils. Their Btndwry has oca of , y ,
Blank Book ruled U arder; Periodlcai bound'; aid
Book re-boaad; aad Try branch of th btuiBas as.
Bwded.to ia ta bete Btanner, and ea reaonable teaxoa.
Thia etbliahmeat eaaploya th beet af-wrkma, aa
A torn par i ton with work turned ut from -other Bind
eries in regard t sty la, durability, Balsa aad prtcw, by
iaarieealy oaaUeafea. ... , . . ,
Book and orders may be left a Bookstov.
WtaTwa.wa. 1 authorised to receive aad forward that
Auajlrx4-a--! ; jsavaaxi, jfisrtagj to-.U- t
M. IX. PayaaraTEic oa BoTAaroPwvwsrtta ana
&i Boaoa, would respeetfnlry Inform the Pub he generw
aity. that he baa Vacated- aiaustlf at. Newtoa Fall.
when b will attend to ail call ta at praautom, aw
hi OfiVe rat private dwaUiag, , ... ...
Dr. M. will pay particular atteatloa to alt kinds of
af aha Chaoaic diiiasu, such a Syppsla Lives;
Complaints, diseases ef the Luge, Kidney, Ski,
BnaehAia, artflsaatio Agicaitae, aaw akt.di
arising from aa impan Mat f the blood- Ala alb
dltsaft see liar to the lemaie asag
Dr. Morton's remedies an owr.lv Sftttl and tha
aalii tr. atteardiag potaaa nf every kind, aata)
mineral, vegetable and animal, at will ame Eep oa
hand aU winde at Betaai Medieiaa. bath almpie u4
compound : Tinctures, Syraps, Bitter, Liniment, ana.
Ate, forteW. - " . . "r-4
Herein Falls, Not. , 1834.
a.TS-tf.1 1
"JL TED STATB8, by Benson J. Loaaing, Aataar af
-Pictorial Field Book. Rvhitlni,"ct. lilutlilttd By
men lhaa S00 exquisitely finished vsowd acgravi.gs.
drawa chiefly from original palatiag aad moadad a
secure accural delineations at (aaa aaa caaraatera,
prica Bl.tui v ' ' - i --v
Beriaed and EnlargW Zditioa of Bramard's Orawinf
Bawk. Ia cansrnrienc af the aaaidly iaanaiia d
mand for thia valuabl work, it aa neenliy beea
tharaaghly nviaed by the wtha. aanaa; prir Tar
m contain large addition of entirely new and ri g
iaai matter lltumraleal by 173 legaMeaararABB. Xa
thia editioa tbe subicct of LanBacara SxarrrnB is el
aborately treated, heroky afonflae-a sar setosha
pupil in acquiring aa accurate knowledg. ef th. art.
The nubnsben reel aaatsBea taaiinay Mrwaneua
public, whether for School, or private Instruction, ta
best kiementary Trtotne, oa this aahjaat that haa yg
beea aubUched. Price, 38e. ...
- KING at C0MPANT Tjwaad aU
acatniaEE!! LaOSARII SCUTT at CO, Sew Tork.
continue to re-publish the foihrsriag Britlah Prt.dt
ala,m: t . -i , . ;
1. THB L0NDCN QCARTBRLT (ConsesvaiiTo).
a TUI WKSTMIN8TBB BBVIBW iLtberail. - r--.
Th r resent critical rtat ef Barepeaa affaire "will
render the. pwMcatioa a aaa fry tatereatiDg eariag
Ihe forthcoming year. They will occupy a middle
ground betBee th hastily arrltua aews-ileam, era
speculationa, and flying rumors of the daily Journal,
aad she ponderoa torn of ta fuaura kialorlaa-written
after the living interest aad azcileamnt, f the
great political event of th time abeli aaa remit
away. II 1 to these Periodical that readers muat look
fcxr ta aaly real by iatcUigibi aad. niiaale history of
urrent events, and a uch, ia addition to their well
(tabliehoo. IHerary, eieatiAc, aad thaologicai char
acter, w urge theta upon the consideration of tha
reading pubis, r r r ; ' ' :-
TrP Arrangement re nr. r permannrny made for
(he raaatpt of awf tttrtt tram lb Britlah Iruhlmh
ere, by which w an enabled to place mil mr Xegriat
ia th band f aubwriber, abou sa they aaa
be furnished with th foreiga aopie. Although thia
Involve a very large outlay ea Mr part, we shall eew
timMtofartushth FariodieaU al taa amatwwratoa
aa heretofore, together with the following Premium la
aew aubscrlbera ; 4 i t; w-r3
4 V
I list tf Prsatiam rsam 'J
rer aan.
For any en th foor Reviews and en Pre, vol. B3 0
For any three - , . " '''.. " 22
For all four tf the Rawlewa. J " Aw T 8 OB
For Blackwaod' Magaxine " . n , J
Far Blackwood and 4 Berlew, threa . "'
Far Blackwood aad 4 Bewew." "Urea " . . 100B
Waymral le bt i all tttt ia da. JTta
rycarr.ai fa A tau Ar ita wis hs rtttrnt at
The Premium consist of th. fbtVrwlng -wwrki, back
vwhimeaof wk ek will be given bs aew buhtwrtawr ae-
carding la th aaatber f pcriods-ala
sxnlaincd; '
oroerc, aa aoovw
aiplained; -
i . ...sir Toimti ., .
. rssai - , . -
- Toaaioa lir.aTsax Keview (aa. year.)
" Btinwoos's Maaaaiaa (via maaih-) .- --J
, ;- Losaoa Iti-aa-rxaLV Bevibw (on year J j
Enniocoa Bsview (on year.) "
' afsTMroarraa Maaaaisaala mtab);T
. VnTMisinvs Baviavr foneyear-A-
Consecutive Premium volume eaano, U alt eaawb
rural shea, rxmat -at the Foreiga Quarvrrly Review.
To nrereut rUaappoinlmer.t therf ir. where that work 1
not alme-wanted, saberihenwiBplr4awaasaBy
diSerenl works for- premium then ar roiumea la
which they may b entilled. " """ ""
- - - -CirBBTNeK -' '--' c.'
A discount of twsnty five peg cost, from (ha, abwv
price will he allowed to Chtix ordering four at mora
eopir af any one or more of lb akeve work. Thaa;
FourotoasTrMdvaattoaiw wtilbt
to .a address for $9 ; foer copies at th Reviews aad
Bmckwood fot 8-.ml oo. e 'i"
premium will be gjven when the abor. allow
ance, la mad Io Chrb. aar will prcmiamt ia aay at
be furnished, anlese the sabarriptiea maney P"
fullt the Fuhlttberi without reour-t. aa agant.
Money enrrcnt in the gtate rbera I I wiAbaneeir-
d at par. :, s 2 , i ;,. :.t.'.'U .iti '
''ia 'altthe pHnepal CKie aa IJaAa-amrk
will be delivered, tanug Agent Faa ar PBTaae.
Whea sent by mill, the Postage t any pan of th.
United States will be but TwaarT-roc Cxwra a year
fur Backrood.- aad ask Funaiaaa Cxar year for
each of ta Bviw. , ... . .
Bemittanca aad oanBanieauoa shea 141 ajwrawa be
Imtdr-wourpo- scio. t
34 ttoai SirHcaLtarj.

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