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J. D. COX. : :::
: : Xarrun ann lhtarnirrtra.
: rAsaoctaTB Imthl
Warren, "Wednesday, Feb. 21.
In Consequence of a load of paper
being delayed 7 days on the R. R. be
tween Canton and Salem we were forced
to be behind again with our paper. The
circumstance is, to say the least as un
pleasant to us as to onr subscribers, and
much more expensive. To common with
all other publishers we have great dif
ficulty in getting paper ; the scarcity of
(tcck renders its impossible to get it ex
cept in small amounts at a time, which
leaves-hs tSpleasantly bufTinavoidablT:4
,. . . . . . ,.
uujevk to acciuenu " py u way.
Booth and Ryecraft.
It ia sow generally understood that the
Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin,
in settinglhese gentlemen free, in defiance
of thleiaiea before the U. S- Court, aU J
o remits the fine of $1,000 imposed up
on Booth. At all events the thing hangs
now Tipon an issue directly made between
those two Courts, and it is thought best to
defer those measures which were being
entered into here for the purpose of riis
ing funds to pay the fine, till such time as
the matter shall be definitely determined i
whether he has any to payj The whole
country is gladdened by this noble and de
cided action on the part of the Wisconsin .
Court ; and it seems likely to mark a new
era jn the development of state sovereign-
We extract the following pithy remarks J
irorn me in. I. inaeptnaent, one ot the
best papers in this or any other country!; "
They show, op the ridiculous and outra
geous nature of the proceedings by which
Boolh" and'Ryecraft were convicted: ;
The uryin' the case- of Mr. S. M.
Booth; of Milwaukiecharged with aiding"
and abetting the escape of a fugitive, in
that city bare brought in a verdict of ..
gujlty. . But in that very verdict, a por
tion of them stulify themselves by record
ing" fr'"'aF' "fadication of the' act,' for
which they- send him to the 'penitentiary !
Their resolution is in these words : j.
Resolved, That ; while we feel -oar-selves
Jwund by a solemn oath to perform
a rnost painful. duty, in declaring the de-.
fendant guilty of the above -charge,' and .
this making 'Mm liable to the penalties
of a most! cruel and odious law,, yet, at .,
the- same-time, in so doing, we declare
that he performed a most noble, benevolent
ana nttmane act, ana we in us record our
condemnation ot the Fugitive Slave Laww
and earnestly commend aim to the clem
ency. f the CourU'y uv - i ... ,TS. . e , .; t
Mjlkb act; " for w hich, under "a most
cruel and odious law" we find him ffuU
iff Yet we "earnestly commend him to
the clemency of the Court ; and beseech
JWice itself, to.deal very leniently with
a niafl who has, performed an act of trans
cendent .benevolence and humanity ;. an
apt which enrolls' his' name' among the 2
Mnot)fe,':of the land. The Court exetV
cite Ma clemency iy sending Mr. Booth.'
teethe-penetentiaryi.: The panderers to
the slave power exult over this as a tri
umpliof their cause.' Says the Milwau-'
KeJTnrf .-" l "'--' 1 "' ', 'a
"We TejotCeTinJils i eidict,Tiot becauee
uie ueienoant-la made to suffer, but be
oanse ia is calculated to teach men a fact
which they have been too prone to forget,
that we live under a government of law,
thatthe rampant spirit of mob law shall
E&f 4e tolerated with impunity in the free
State of Wisconsin, that the doctrine of a
bigber Jaw ,to justify a disregard of the
aliejgiance: which every citizen owes to
bis countryiTs ,'a . false doctrine, and that
fce'ahd attempts to put it into practical
eperatlorFis taking a straight road and a
snhrtcoe to the peneteotiary". . r.r ; i
a,JPier and John -took the ame short
road to the penetentiary,". saying openly",
MwEetherh is" right' for us to obey God
father thltn Tnan. jddge ye.' ' Polycarp !
took fhe same "shdrtToad'' to the arena,
refusing to deny his Christianity at the
cosnmsnd of Caesar.-.. John Bunyan found
the same "short road to the penetentiary,
dv refusing to. sell his conscience. ' The
Wrftans of "England, the Huguenots of:
'France,' marched .straight to the prison,
-Uie . galloway and ihe stnke, by putting
k'iuto practical operation" the same doo
Irineof of
aJiTgher law." Yet. the' men
'wh'otnild Iheir sepulchres, now persecute
Hhose'5whdwalk' in their steps, and acofl
lat the law of Cod. ?i The Journal of Com
merce adds profanity to its malice, in these
words :
"Not so Ftntirr,1 after all. The
Scripture maxim that the way of the trans
(gressors is he;J,' has not been repealed.
,Th transgressors of the laws of the land
tare beginning 'to find this out, even those
who felt surest of impunity." - ;
'This terrible atheism of our land must
provoke the righteous judgement of God.
As believers in God, and in the doctrine
retribution we tremble in our inmost
ouls-et the impiety which in the pres
arid in the Senate ' chamber, scoffs at his
arhriority, and- tramples his law under
the foot, of any - every human enactment.
(ErThe first number of Elliott's 'True
American' made its debut &st week,' and
its typographical appearance is very cred
itable." ,'ft is of double medium size,Tie
ing the'dimensions'of. the Free Democrat
. our. enlargement. -: The Editor
plants himself upon an "American
' J j i : -
auu ijuiciiva Mini .Aiiiciitius bic
to; administer their
Iwise enough
Government (which' position no one has
ilenied . since George 111., if indeed, he
did,y but this operation does not prove
that' all wisdom and patriotism is in the
heads and hearts of those born this side
n A tTnnlt ' " T T i 'itTcn ' fldvrtXilM m
jjotective-tanlT, to save ourselves from
nniionai uanKruptcy, - ana icices qtinc
fajr position on the' Slavery question,
nui seems 10 mane u a secondary or inci
dental (natter. ' :" ,
- '
c Judge Lowno, the dough-faced Bos- .
jtoaian who linked his iiams in infamy ,
when Commissioner, in the rendition of
fAxTHoar Bear, was nominated as law
teacherin theHarvarl University and was .
rejected by a vote of Sf.0 to 1'0. I The '
jOhio Columbian says : . , . ,
Tl;e election of Wilson to the U.S..
0''8iN:t-," as a triumph over Stale Street
,jrwtocraay, a.d . pow . 01 1 Harvar4 is'
fcljshakn by antirslaerj Jhvriier. Surely
pur cause s inward,
' Surely, so say we. ;
gjr Coge'onal Reports crowded -.ut
ootUiayin them particuJaily tutor,
Senator Wilson On Slavery.
On the 1st insL, Anson Borlingame,
Know-Nothing Member of Congress elect
from Massachusetts, delivered a lecture
on S'arerj in Tremont Temple, Boston.
.Among the leading citizens present
were Got. Gardner and Henry Wilson,
United Statea Senator elect in plaee of
Edward Everett. At the elcse of Mr.
Burlin'game's lecture, there was a gen
eral call for Senator ' Wilson, who came
forward, and spoke as follows:
" Mr. Chairman, Ladiet and Gentlemen
This is not the time nor the place for me
to utter a word. You have listened to the
eloquence of my young friend, and here
to night I indorse ererv sentiment he has
uttered. Ia public or in private life, in
maiontiea or in minorities, at home or
die with
enting hostility to Slavery on
inj lips. 1 make no compromises, any
wliere, at hoe or abroad. I shall ield
nothing of my anti-Slavery sentiments to
advance my own personal interests; t ad
vance party interests, or to the demands
of any State or section of our country. I
hope to be able to maintain on all occa
sions these principles, to comprehend in
ro 7 affections the whole country and the
people of the whole country; .and . when
aay the whple country, I want every
bodyto understand that I include in that
term Massachusetts and the North. This
is not the time for me to detain you. You
have called upon me most unexpectedly.
to say a word, and having done so, I
will retire, thanking you for the honor ol
this, occasion,";; r ; , - .
brL.l jptend o live and to
bitter, unrelenting hostility to 5
Fire at Geneva.
The store of CroweH, Wilcox & Co.,
at Geneva, Ashtabula county, was burn
ed on Monday evening, with all its con
tents, i The Post Office was in the build
ing, and no portion of the mail matter
was aaved. ? The (roods were insured in
the Etna Co., to an amount covering the
loss, tut ugon the building there was no
insurance. - i : i r : : . ,
Westministxr Review. -We have just
received the January number of this able
Quarterly, from Leonard Scott & Co.,
the New-York publishers.' -' The contents
are : "The Anglo French Alliance; Bal
lads of the People; Prussia, and Prussian
policy j The Prinzenraub a glance at
Saxon History ; Poland," her history and
prospects; Cambridge University Reform;
Austria in the Principalities ; Contempo
rary Literature." ' , . " ;" '
The leading article Is an able review
the' relations between England and
France, from the time of the Roman in
vasion, to the present day. It proves that
people of these two countries had more
sympathy fof each other than the rulers
supposed, and more than the rest of man
kind is' willing to allow. ' The present al
liance is'' 'cordially approved.' A glance
this number shows the usual care and
ability, ia its articles. . ' r- '"
fThis series 'of foreign ' magazines is
worthy the patronage of scholars and men
intelligence.' The five, viz : Black
wood, Edinburgh, Worth British, London
Westminister ' Reviewsj' ' for' 'some
years, have been furnished for ten dollars
year. By a notice in the number
before us, we see that ""four entire ' setts,
one address, are now sent for thirty dol
lar; being only seven dollars and fifty
cents to each subscriber. This reduction
should considerably increase their sub
scription. Now is a favorable time to
subscribe. Address Leonard Scott & Co.
New-York ' "' ' ' '
Amxbicax Law Registxr. The Feb
ruary number of ( this able periodical
opens with a critique upon Sherwood's
work on Professional Ethics."
Reports of the decision of the Supreme
Court of Penn-i upon the construction of
" Force Bill" and the law of habeat
eorptu in cases under it ; of the Wiscon
Pennsylvania, and Vermont Courts
the rights and ; legal liabilities, pf
married women; numerous decisions up
points: of practice, Abstracts of En
glish Decisions, &c. fcc,combine to make
current number one of great interest
value to the Bar. , . -
Legislation of Last Winter.—No Criminal.
Court for Cincinnati.
- The following from the State Journal
ahows.the beautiful manner in which the
" friends of the 2ew Constitution " have
provided for the administration of jus
tice in the Buckeye State... . . ...
. A singular state of affairs exists in
Hamilton county. It has been decided
that there is no Court' now in existence
which has jurisdiction5 over minor of
fences. "They cannot be brought to trial
tilt there is some amendment to the Crim
inal Code. The Criminal Court, over
which Judge Flinn presided, had the
charge of this class of offences. - The
jurisdiction exists in neither the Probate
Court, nor the Common Pleas. When
the Lemslature, last winter, abolished
rFlinn's Criminal Court, they forgot to
A xl. . - 1 I
.restore uie, jurisdiction wnicn ne exer
cised, to the other courts. - '
' The investigation "of ' this : question
eame np in the Police Court, on the trial
of the persons : who were arrested on a
charge; of riot, for destroying the liquor
in a doggery at ML Pleasant. The Court,
after stating the legislation' on th sub
ject said: "Under this state of affairs
rogues ean run at large, through the
country, and honest , men, like the pres
ent defendants, engaged in an unlawful
act, might proceed with impunity. They
cannot be brought to trial until there is
some amendment of onr Criminal Code.".
This is. a very pleasant state of affairs
tor the people of Hamilton county. For
twelve months to come, and until a new
legislature convenes," there will be no
Court that has jurisdiction of a numerou
class of offences. Would it not be well
enough, hereafter, for the people to send I ana
competent men to make their laws ?
" The Richmond Enquirer does not like
the attempt of the Ohm l,ocofocos io con
demn Slavery, but says the denuncia
tions of Slavery ar;? ."emasculated by t he
qualifying" tortious of their plat form.
This is no doubt true. It was necessary
to insert a vague generality, to catch hold
of the support - of some of the paty who
lack faith in the divine origin of Slavery;
but it was also reso'v d to make it null
and void by other "resolutions which
should "utterly destroy a'l prospects of
making ' northern fueling : available
against the: Pro-Slavery policy of the
South. If. the Richmond Enquirer has
not Uiken.atrue view of the subject, then, ltoss
let the Statesman' and the otlu r organs j year8
of the Slave Democracy Of Ohio tell . reach
and the rest pf mankind, wbat the re-; ,
l.ilioBoa the fcUvery question, do renlly !
mean ! B'ptt Jwtrnol. on.
News Items.
S. S. Cox. la e editor of the Ohio
Stat man, has been appointed S eretary
of Legation at Peru.
The Buffalo Courier says that the Su
preme Court of that city lately rejected
an entire class of applicants for admis
sion to the bar.
ArtCH numerous ballotings and pro
tracted debates, the election of U.S. Sen
ator in Missouri, has been postponed to
the second of March. -
MiTOR Wood, of New York, has re
voked about 63 licenses of liquor dealers,
and has feireted out, and taken proper
steps for the punishment of some 60 oth
ers who have no licenses. " ; . ;
Gov. Mcdilx has declined to reprieve
or commute the sentence of Arrionrthe-
Cincinnati infernal machine fiend. The
Twxre says Arrison seems resigned to his
TnEpap?rs announce that Gen. Shields
of Illinois, declines to be a candidate for'
Congress, to 11 , the- vacancy occasioned
by the election of Judge Trumbull to the
U. S. Senate. .
Appoiittments. Senator Dodgi of
Iowa, has been appointed Minister to
Spain, in the place if Mr. Brxckknridgi,
ho declined the appointment. - Iowa
has just given Mr. Dodge his discharge
as Senator, and it is meet the- President
also make him " walk Spanish." :
Ma. Phillips, the American who was
arrested and imprisoned in Switserland,
having been mistaken for Maxzini, claims
an indemnity from that Government of
85,000 for arbitrary detention and in
human treatment, and his claim has
been recognized by the American Le
gation."' -! ' 1 !
Tnxr had a grand musical time at
Hudson on the evening of the 8th. - The
Cantanta of Daniel was admirably per
formed by the Mozart Society of Hud
son, and the Bradbury Society of Ra
venna, assisted by performers from Tall'
madge, Cuyahoga Falls and Twinsburgh,
the whole, choir and orchestra numbering
about seventv. .. ." ' -
: Capital or Nebraska. A despatch
from Omaha city to the Cleveland Her-
aid, dated J anuarv 3UtD, says : . " uotii
Houses of the Assembly have passed a
bill locating the capital of Nebraska at
Omaha City, opposite Council Bluffs,'
snd the Governor has signed the bill
This is as it -should be. We are sat
isfied that this is the most eligible point
will now go ahead with great rapidity
Castkigbt Maddock, of : Mahoning
county, obtained $500 of the Portage
County Branch Bank, on a note given
by himself and signed by three others.
When it matured, it was ascertained that
the three names signed to the note had
been forged by Maddock. The Portage
Democrat says, the Bank of Youngstown
was done for bj him in the same amount.
Maddock is absent. .
A yonng man with a ring on his fin
ger, employed in the Boston Post Office,
jumped down from a box and accidentally
caught the ring on a hook, and the whole
weight of his body being suspended by
one finger, the finger was torn from the
hand and fell upon the floor. Tf thai
ring had been in the yonng man's nose,
the calamity - would have been much
worse. -' - -
A sub-marine telegraph ' across the
Black Sea is to be constructed. Morse's
system of telegraph b -to' be used. A
London steamer took wire for the cable
the line between Varna and Balak
lava, a distance of 400 miles, and by
end of February a direct telegraph
communication will be opened between
head-quarters of the Allies in' 'the
Crimea and London and Paris. : ' ' "
Soulx and Masok. The N. Y. Ex
press states that the Ex-Minister to Spain
going to settle down in New York, and
that he is coming heme full of thundct
Pierce and Marcy, and lightning fin
world at large. His correspondence
with the State Department, it is said,
shows great insubordination on the pari
Mr. Soule.
.Mr. Mason's health continues to im
prove. a
He intends to resign the French
Missi on and come home in the spring;
James Russell Lowell, the poet, has
elected to succeed Professor Long
fellow n Harrard College as Professor
Modern Languages and Belles Lettres.
There were five applicants for the place,
Mr. Lowell was not one of them,
his nomination was made without'
. knowledge. Before entering upon
duties, he will spend a year abroad,
Germany and Spaio. He will leave
May ; but, before going abroad, ha
repeat at the West, the lectures on
English Poetry he has just delivered be
fore the Lowell Ins:itute at Boston.
Thb Supreme Court of Ohio closed
business yesterday, and adjourned
tbe first Monday of April, when an
other session will be held. ' There is an
immense docket, more than ean be dis
posed of, unless the term is extended
during the summer. Judge Swan has
his seat, and Judge Warden has
returned to tbe bar. He has discharged
duties of his appointment to the gen
eral satisfaction of the profession. Judge
Kennon retains his seat for another year,
. 1 i 1 1 j t
unm lne V"?1 n" lne TcncJ
up The Court met this morning to ap-
: 815 p mnds nett. It was three
0-d. ' When Summit County pigs
thdiraensi,)nsof oxeB raised else
- . . - , .
h can Suri to nst cn ,,er hon'
Summit Beacon..
the journals, but delivered no
opinions. . -; .
ALargePio Summit Ahead. That
Hudson pig story grew small by degrees,
seemed to lose its marvellous char
acter, entirely, when instead of being the
weight of one pig, it proved to be the '
of three. We are now enabled, '
however, to tell a pig story that will need '
explanation. ' It carries the- palm"
against all competition'. -John Johnston,
of Middlebury, killed a hog a few-
fince, that we'ghed 950 pounds
Republican Meeting.
The adjourned meeting heldonTuea-
day eve, Feb. 13th, was well attended
considering the weather, which was ol
the most unfavorable character, the rain
falling heavily at the hour set for attend
ance, and the slush and water deep in
the deluged streets. Mr. II. R. Harmon
was appointed chairman and J. D. Cox
Secretary. Messrs. Bain, Cox and M.
Sltliff addressed the meeting ably and
eloquently, and were listened to with an
earnest attention which testified the deep
interest felt by all present in the matters
under consideration. "
The Committee on resolutions not be
ing present, the following were brought
forward by E. D. Howard, and after be
ing read, unanimously adopted.
"Jiesolved, That the members of this
meeting have heard of the prosecution and i
conviction ot a. M. Booth . and John
Kyecraft, for the violation of a law,
which is of itself a violation of the nrin
ciples of Liberty, Justice and Humanity.
wnn leeJiogs ol indignation tai regret.
That the act for which he is thus made
Subject to pecuniary loss, and threatened
witli ignoble imprisonment, was one dic
tate J by the jioblest feeling of which the
numan ncart is capable ; and that the
laurel crown has been bestowed for deeds
less worthy and disinterested. That,
wnue our hearts seek to express through
these ' words our hearty sympathy with
him, we doubly execrate and condemn
the hireling judiciary who have set
premium upon rascality, and essayed to
pumsn me love ol Liberty in a free-born
American citizen. ' . . r -
2. Jiesolved, That now, while the hearts
of Freedom's friends all over the land are
roused to vigorous action by the Wiscon
siu omrage, is a nt and proper rime to
can me attention ot Uongress and Ihe na
uon to tne wrong and infamy of the Fugi
uve .oiave Act, and the necessity for
n-jwrui, anu .inai witn this tact in view it
is the voice of this meeting to recommend
me sending or petitions to Congress pray
ing for such Repeal. ' -
3. Resolved, That we consider the Kan-
zas and Nebraska Bill passed by the last
wungiesa was a violation ot the intentions
of the founders of the Republic, an out.
rage upon the spirit of all free institutions
and an act of wrone and insult to every
iNorthern treeman; and that therefore it
is not only proper but incumbent upon us
10 urgently petition Umzress for the na
age ot a bill.which, while it shall annul
the aforesaid bill bv excluding slnvprv
i r . ' . . o . -j
now ana lorever irom the tree territories
of the nation, shall at the same time place
me American masses right before the
world and posterity. '
Jiesolved, That we rejoice in the
action of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin
in setting Booth and Rvecraft free, and in
the evidence which it gives that the iudi
ciary of the Slates are not all sold to pro-
slavery purposes.
The question was then made whether
the fine imposed upon Booth and Ryeeraft
was remitted by the decision of the Wis
coumu . uourc, ana whether measures
should be taken to secure a contribution
of funds for the purpose of naviacr the
a r o
same. After remarks by Messrs. Tattle,
Cox, Asfek, Bain, Sotliff and others, it
was thought that no fine could be collec
ted so long as the matter remained at issue
between, the two Courts ; it being the
sentiment of the speakers at the same
time that this community should and
would bold itelf in readiness to give
i'material aid" if ever the fine shall have
to be paid..
It was then voted that I. N. Dawsom,
Zalmoh Fitch, John Mobley and E. D,
Howard act as a committee to circulate
petitions as recommended by the re sol u
tious. J. D. Cox. Sec'v.
A Sisoclvr Opiration. The Leg
islature of Pennsylvania has appointed
select committee to investigate wheth
bribery and corruption had been used
effect the election of a United States
Senator, The vote was nearly unani
mous In both Houses, only one member
voting in the negative. This will be a
novel proceeding. : No election of Sena'
tcr has yet been held, but the Know
Nothings have nominated Mr. Simos
Oaxeron. The impression seems to
prevail that he is not a saint, and that
has not scrupled to use his money to
accomplish his purpose. We shall not
sorry to hear of his defeat. We do
believe he is the man to represent
Keystone State as it should be, in
Senate of the United States. .
Republican Meeting. Augustus Cæsar Dodge-Presidential
Defiance-Corrupt Policy and Bad
In the palmy days of Democratic pow
er, when " Old Hickory " was its chief,
saying what he meant, and meaning whnt
lie said, it was held unwise, corrupting,
if not corrupt, to put members of Con
gress into place, or reward defenders of
tbe Administration, while conducting
papers, with honors, or othce. ihis
rule is ignored now, and, with fatal
plunge, the Administration has passed to
the opposite extreme. -
When the Nebraska outrage was com
mitted, and the flame of popular excite
ment broke forth, the Washington Union,
in the name of the President of the
United States, pledged a suitable provis
for whoever would stand firm in support
of that outrage, " if they should be re
pelled aiid dishonored by the People."
This pledge, in the case of Augustus
Cicsar Dodge, Gen. Pierce has redeemed. I
The profligate servility of the Iowa
Senator to the Slave-Power is well known.
No one labored harder to perfect the Ne
braska outrage, or has gloried more in
the infamy of covenant breakiug. The
Legislature of Iowa, in consequence,
cashiered him, and the' People thereof
declared him ' a dishonored and a dis
graced man." ' No sooner, however, did
fitting opportunity ouer, than President
Pierce, with bold insolence, gilded the
Senator's perfidy, by appointing him to
the Spanish mission, and, as the wages of
the m qui ty, put nine thousand dollars of
an outfit into bis pocket and secured him
a yearly salary of that amount. The
tool of Power is paid, aud that Power in
suits the People of Iowa in doing it- So
we go !
Of all foreign appointir.enta, bad
though they have been generally. Ibis is
the worst. Augustus drear Dodge has
been faithless to honor and justice at
home, and hecatnotbe faithful t either
abroad.'- ' He has betrayed his tftate,
while set ving her at the Capitol of the
Nation, an 1 he would betray the Repub
lic at Madrid, while affecting to lepreseut
in Spain. We don't think Old Line
Democrats can stand this profligacy, or
that outside of a paid Pi ess, one of them
will defand iU Cev. Leader. .
' Abdel Kader has asked for the corn
man I of troops ia the Crimea.
Affairs in the Crimea-Views of Outsiders
Affairs in the Crimea-Views of Outsiders —A Hope-the Yankee in
China &c &c.
The English papers continue to dis
cuss Lord Raglan, and the condition cf
the British troops before Sevastopol.
Charges are made against the London
Times, issplicating its fairness, and at
tributing its "exaggeiated statements"
to an intense egotism, whetted by anger
and revengH. Its correspondent was dis
missed the campatthe Crimea by, aad Mr.
Layard, M. P., met with ne favor from
Lord Raglan. Soon after the 'Thaiw
derer" thundered, and continues to thun.
der. bo let us hear what ethers
York Tribune's Constant".
nople correspondent, under date froia that
city of Jan 4, writes : Of the sufferings
of the British soldiers, no one at a dis
tance can form any correct view. When
1 tell you that after -4he-battle- of Inker.
mann there were but 12,000 fighting men
left out of some 30,000 ; that, although
iu,wo men nave been added since then,
the number of fighting men still continues
the same; that the British hospital at
Scutari at this moment contains six thou,
sand invalids, and that some two thousand
men are at- Ralaklava- waiting to come
down here to die, you may form some es
limate of the state of things. . Friends of
mine, both English and American, who
have recently visited Sevastopol, tell me
that the miserable condition of the British
camp forms a striking contrast with that
ot the trench.' Lord Raglan ia despised
by his own officers as well as men, to a
degree that almost amounts to insubordi
nation. He is an old and feeble man
L- J II- .
ins own opening in tne camp is a com
fortable house, abundantly supplied with
furniture, and appearing to be the museum
for all the knick-knacks stolen from the
Russian country seats which once stood
on the locality of the camp,' but which
have been burned by the freezing men
ior iuei.' ne is never Known to visit the
troops, nor to look at the trenches ; he
never orders or superintends a review of
them, nor is he ever known to give any
oraer snowing an interest in their destitute
condition and immense sufferings. When
the news ot his elevation to the grade ot
Field Marshal came out from England,
it elicited a universal groan anions all of
the British troops, and even from the offi
cers, at the reckless and unjust manner
in which the Queen's Government had
thrown it away upon an incompetent, un.
worthy object..
The position of the British force is the
more exposed of the two, while their num
bers are too few for the task assigned to
them. There are not enoueh men to af
ford a proper relief tothose in the trenches.
The soil of the Crimea is a mixture of
clay and lime : there is, however, abund
ance of stone in layers, but the soil is
soft, and when wet, becomes extremely
miserable. This is peculiarly the case
in the trenches, where the ground is heavy,
and the water alwavs from one to three
feet deep. Notwithstanding this, they ?
must be occupied to save their own lives
and that of their octogenarian and semi-
imbecile r ield-Jlarshal. Imagine a thou-
sand men standing a long night in wintet
perhaps under a contiuous fall of rain
in these ditches, denied the right to sleep,
and requited to be ready at a moment's
notice to rise, rush forward and repel the
attack of their never-tiring, never-sleeping
foes. How arduous must be this ser
vice, will be seen from the fact, that, in
itio face of certain death, these men often
fall asleep and are bayoneted by the sor
ties, of which you now and then read gar
bled accounts in the papers.
some or miles
from the British camp ; the ascent ia at
first steep, but afterwards the . road ia
rather level, offering no other obstacle
than the want of a good road-bed. The
iiritish commander has foreseen nothing.
and consequently prepared nothing for
winter. Rains have thoroughly soaked
the road, and rendered it perfectly im
practicable lor man or beast. The Com
missariat is managed in a manner quite
incomprehensible, and all of the English
people here - declare that several of its
chiefs should be hung for their utter in
difference and negligence. . Imagine the
tact that the men in the trenches have
no other food than dry biscuit, raw pork.
and unburned coffee, and that hundreds
them are now in the Scutari hospital-
barracks here, with feet mortified from
long and continued exposure to the wet of
the trenches. After weeks of wet, with
change, and without the means'of dry -
ng their shoes or boots, the men give
in utter despair, trom inability any
longer to stand on their feet, and lie down
die, while their comrades, in pulling oil
their soaked boots, pull off their toes in
them ! Incredible as it may appear. I
ave heard that the large steamer Jason
contains a great number of boxes full of
shoes and boots for these same men that
they have been on board for some five
months, and that at each " visit to Balak
the Captain and Purser begged the
English Commissaries to tak them.
give them to the suffering men but
they will not. because it requires an order
from some superior authority.
The London yews and Morning Post
Jan. 19th and 20th confirm these views.
of the forty thousand nine hundred
thirty-two men forming the gross of
Lord Raglan's army on the first day of
year, every third man was in the
hospital ! The total of sick and wounded
thirteen thousand four hundred and
nineteen, leaving only twenty-seven thou,
five hundred and thirteen men in
full, of who:n, on an average, one
hundred a-day fell out of the ranks ill,
fifty died. : - :
Supposing the sickness and mortality
have continued at this rate until now,
numbers in the field vjill have been
reduced by this day to a little over twenty-five
thousand men, leaving one-fourth
the whole in their beds, and one-eighth
their grave. Then, of the twenty-five
thousand who remain, a large proportion
on the verge of breaking down.
Many are oh their last legs, and holding
against nature not ill enough to be
admitted into the hospital, not well enongh
be worth much on duty. . The terrible
ravages of Jiseasu ctnnot be more clearly
comprehended than in the words of the
correspondent : The British lose up
wards of three hunired by death every
so that they bad need receive aa
regiment every fortnight."
The latest leaJ us to hope that the
is over, as the road, that source of
trouble, is now built. Tbero was an
abundance of everything at Bal.iklava,
an impassable country lay between it
the suffering soldiers. This' is the
bright spot in the pictu. Strong
with 'sturdy limbs, unbroken spirits
good' British hearts, who will work
untiring enthusiasm at a taskr oo
completion the very lives of the
whose bravery they here have "
of and admired depend.
Mr. Pero and his men, with everything '
the railway, sd as to ensure its spcsly .
completion, and a safe transit from point
point had arrived by this time at Balak
lava safely. Once gt the line of rails,
or any sufficient roadway, and the rest
will follow in a trice. The huts once up,
the' men regaled with plenty for a faw
days, and blessed with a few hours rest
and then the great blow may be fearlessly
struck, and Sevastopol be ours.
The Liverpool Times of January 20th
declares its belief in the Czar's desire for
peace. With a foe on his soil, he will
make and consent to a reduction of hi
naval force on the Black Sea.
Mr. Cobden asserts the ' same facts.
The Times declares its information to be
from a reliable source. v.
Arrival of the Asia-The British Ministry
Resigned—Eastern Affairs Unchanged.
ehanged. " n : ' - ' :
HALIFAX, Feb 14.
The royal mail steamship Asia, Cap
tain Lotr, arrived here, en route for Bos
ton, at an early hour this morning. She
left Liverporl on Saturday, 3d inst. Her
advices are one week later than those re
ceived by the Atlantic.
. There was a small speculative demand
at Liverpool, for Flour and Wheat, but
prices' had underwent no change ot con
sequence during the week. The outside
quotations for Western Canal Flour was
43s., and lor Ohio and similar brands 45s.
Corn was dull, with a limited demand,
and prices had declined Is. per quarter.
White is quoted at 44s.; and yellow at
43s. ' ; .-'.
Lard was firm, with an improved de
mand at the last quotations. A moderate
business was doing in provisions at steady
At London the Stock market was firm
er, and steady. Consuls closed at BIX.
The bullion in the Bank of England had
increased 192,500.
The political news is of a highly im
portant character. - '
As was predicted, at the. departure of
the Atlantic, the resignation of Lord John
Russell was followed by that of the entire
Aberdeen Ministry, and up to the latest
moment no new cabinet had been con.
structed. '
Lord Derby had been invited by Her
Majesty to form a new ministry, but his
efforts were unsuccessful.
The resignation of the British Ministry
took place on the 30th. They were de
feated by a majority of 157 upon a motion
of Mr. Roebuck of a want of confidence,
and directing an inquiry into the state of
the uritish army. . "
No fighting of importance had taken
place in -the Crimea. Supplies for' the
English and f reach troops were arriving,
and the condition of the troops was im
proving. .
bneland has granted a loan to Sardinia
of one million sterling. " -
1 he Prussian army is placed on a war
The trench force to be detailed to
guard the Austrian territories, amounts to
eighty thousand men, but Prussia refuses
to permit them to march through her ter
ritory. . -.
Mr. Soule is reported dangerously ill.
Umar fasha had sent in his resigns
tion in disgust, but a later dispatch lavs
the matter had been settled.- - '
Ralph Waldo Emerson.
In the lecture delivered by this able
man last week in Boston, he referred to
the current issue of the day.' 'It was
done briefly but pithily. " Thus-wise did
bespeak.- - -; ' " - '
What shall we think of this new move
ment with which all the . world rings 1
Wo fejr -clextr I he oW parties corM not
lead us. . They were plainly bankrupt.
Those political machineries were dis
carded ; we will have none cf them. -
Yes, but shall we therefore .abdicate our
reason ? I employed false guides, and
they misled me. Shall I therefore put
my head iu a bag T
That we should have a revolution in
Massachusetts no man will wonder : at
who sees how far our politics had departed
from the force cf simple right. The
reigning parties had forfeited the" awe-
and reverence which would always at-,
tach to a wise and and honest govern-
ment, and as they inspired no respect,"
found none, but were turned out . by an
immense frolic Yes, but to persist in a
joke like this! I don't like very well(.
joking with edged tools, and there is no
knife as sharp as legislation. (Laughter.)
An Indian Rajah had a poor porter at
bis gate who resembled bim in person.
He one day put his royal robes and
crown on him, seated him on his throne,
and then put on his own head the porter's
cap, and stood at. the gate and laughed
to see his ministers deceived and bowing
down before the porter. . But the porter
said, " who is that fellow laughing at me
in the gate, off with his head !" They
decapitated the Rajah, and- the Porter
reigned in his stead. , ( Laughter and
applause.) - . . .
Officii. Under .this head the ''Metropo
litan Catholic Almanac" for 1855, con-
tains the following list : .
"The Right Rer. Frederick Reze,
Bishop of Detroit, consecrated Oct. 6,
" The Right Rer. Celestine de la Hail-andiere,-second
Bishop 'of Vincennes,
consecrated August 19, 1839.
The Right Rer. Guy Ignatius Chab
rat, late Coadjutor of Louisville Ky., con.
secrated July 20, 1833." '
What has occasioned the retiring of
these Bishops? . If we mistake not, this!
retirement lias been compulsory. Bishop I
: 11 1 - :.. -.: r In
ucze, II is wen tnuwu, u a uumi VI ,
Michigan, and is in Confinement in SOme clear
i r l.i it ..
dungeon in Home. Although the United ' t7T2,
Statrs Conffres has called for his release w
. ... P rr, i, ... to
IS Still liniinsooed. the Old settlers will
.fn.imii who L nevw ihf man hava npti able
UelrOlt, WHO knew ine man, nave pet!. (
tioned in Tain for hlS release. 1 he Fa- than
authorities at Rome hare
turnfd a deaf ear ta all such rpquest,l
tiothor ihev cams from the U. S. renre. I -
ecuaiiva at Rome, or from our citizen,
3". K Tribune.
, I
1 anv
: Feb.
, il
The Cleveland Herald gires the details
xjie testimony before. Commissi mer
Grannis of that city, on . tbe exam-na
tion of Jim. Rrown, and his accomplices
mannfactann bogus coin. Wm.
Beach, of Brandon, Knox county, gare 1
niitorrof his operations with tliepris-r",.fiE,
oners. At several different times he had
hotrua coin of them. He has
been dealing ia counterfeit moner
year. past. Freuklin Beach also'jK
testified lo getting bogus money of Brown i
the Beldens. Tbe derelopmenU j
show that a large number of young men; XX
.a s I - ffeb
mr rwa1 t has IMiui rAoa aTiT tnaL'inn I
CULaL-U IU ijiuvj va "'-"'ol
i- j 1-: rr.
1 1 J-
rendirjr, and circulating counterfeit coin,
Thrs i not a narticle of doubt ' of the
i r nf;nnnH - ryit, . . 0:. frienda
guilt of the prisoners.- The'.Uwimiv M,
sioner required to eire them bond -in.'
'VV , , . ,, c'eloek
3.500 each, for the appearance at the k.,
District Court, in defauil Of which they ' tm
. ., : . . istered
rro COmmiueu to jau. J s.
The orBcers of Gorernment hare struck "
t.l . fl.- ewwl' avlanilaa anj .
drsperate gang of rascal, that crer ex-1 T)
V- n,? i vr i XJ
eu in wuio. . ii c uducihidu mat incj i Feb.
yet oo the irack of some of the op-!
errors. " v . t J
"What did the Doctor say, Jim !"
"He told me to go home and put my
arm into a sling, or a sling i to me, and
I'm blessed if I know which."
"Whenever you doubt, always give
yourself the I cnefit of it."
Jim took the advice and in a few min
utes was inbibinir "a little something
warm," with a slice' of lemon floating
in it. ;
Wn death u at Um door, lb rrmeil j whfcti wooVI
have ut1 life, if wlaiiiiMeml 1b lime, note to late.
Do not triSe with diaeue. Rely epos it, that hn tbe
Momaehe will net dig rood wires faiataeM anal !a
ttade perrade the tyUcm vkeu tbm aleep is diatathed
the appetite fteMe, the Bind letharie, tb nerreaannai
arally aeniithre. and tb heat aoafaaed reljr opoa a
that vhen thM ijaptjau oeenr, tb pavers at ylUlit
ar failing, ami that, sale th mischief i aroaaatl;
cheeked, life will be ahortencd. a well aa reader u a.
arable- Xow we knew that from a aa f teatimon,
greater than wa eaT before accumulate!! .la faror f
a remedy, that HooSaatt's Germaa Bitter, prepared
by Dr. C. M. Jackaoa, Philadelphia, will immediately
abate, and, ia th end, entirely rem ore alt f the dta
ordrn.u nrely.aa a amthematteal prate wtTflT a
problem. Who, then, will endar tb agony, and th
risk cf lit, vita health and safety with! a reach 7 So
adTertlsment. ' Feb'y 7SS. tw
SELLERS' LIVER PILLS. " Th rery beat pill now
in nee." - -
Kiit Cat T Hock, Va., Jan. 4. ISM.
Mr. R. . SLaiaaa : Dear Sir. I will tat that it ii
aiy inioa that yonr Pill is perhaps the eery best Bow
in nse as a Lirer Pill, and is snrpasaed by none as an
anst-biliaaa pill It at vary. highly aataamad in., oar
community as a family Pill, and is fart supplanting al
ethera. I aow sneak from my own experience, and
from tbe experience of many of my friends and custo
mers. Tours respeetfalry, - . ,
P. S. I am permitted to show th original latter, but
not to publish the writer's name.
' The original, only tru and seanine Liecr Pitts are
prepared by a. E. Sellers, and bare his nam ia Mack
wax upon the lid of each box. aad hrs strttarare oa tbe
outsio wrapper aLL aniu au coca-Rawm, or
E. J. SELLERS a C.. Proprietors
And for sale by R, K. Ssllbjis a Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Frt. 14 I m .
Fob BaoxcaiTts, Throat Pi Main. Hacking Couth,
aad the effects of imprudent nse of Mercury, a medi
cine has errr been discorered which baa effected aneh
cures as Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Throat diaeaaes produced by salivation. Hacking
Couch, Branchial Affections, Lirer Disease, Neuralgia
and Rheumatism, baring all been relieved and cured
in a wonderful manner, by tbe great purifier of the blood
Carter's Spanish Mixtare. -
The case of T. H. Ramsey aln should satisfy any
who doubt- Call th Ageat and prcar a pampnlet
containing tne cur wnica will astouna you.
See advertisement.
' In Basetta, on the 15th inst., by Leman Palmer, loq"
Mr. atcaaaw Cot aula, to Mias Pun, ttniuu, all of
Basetta. , ,
. In Champion, Jan. 1 5th, by Rev. Wm. C. Clark, Mr.
Asasa D. RosittsoB, of Hartford, Bad Miss Maa,
daughter of Hon Jacob Ii. Baldwin, ofth former
place. ' ;..-....-. v
In Warren, aa th 14th Inst, by JefTrrsos Pain., San,
Mr. Jxaojii Urn, to Mis Ini Msaia Htu, both af
Hartford. ' ' . - -
Ia YoungstawB, a the 1st luat, by th Ber. Thomas
6uy, Mr. Joh Tin, to Miss Racbcv Mokkss, both of
I a Warren, ea the Bth iastattb reside ne of J. B.
Dunlap, by th Rev. W. C. Clark. Mr, Hkbxb B. Hau-
oii. to Miss Leer M. Wooa, of Bristolville, 0.
Acconrrjanying tb above notice cam a gold dollar
with card marked "To pay the Printer.". No wt
prophesy confidently that wiU b a happy uaioa. Am
enterprise commenced under aneh happy anspiees 4
not but b blest, and while we express our cordial ap
probation of tbe course of Mr. H. in this case and wish
th united couple perpetual happiaass, mor precious
than gold, wa would nasmmmrt t aU young me a, mas-
rimonially Inclined, and who wish to do the thing op
handsome, to ugo and do likewise. Inrros.
X-J Notice is hereby gtren. that th subscriber has
been appointed and enaiifiod as executor a th estate
or Ijucius 1 &ne!don, late ot uustavus, arumtmJl
County, deceased. Dated at Warren, Una Bin its m
day of Pebruary, 185a.
Fob. "I Vi. - . ; VLatita r. pniLwa.
tice i hereby riven, that Ihe subscriber has beea
appointed and qualineri. a administrator oa tit estas
r Bit arconer. ute ol n eatnersBeu. Trumouu to
deceased. Dated at Wum, this sevewtecath day af
PelMwary.lrva. .
PebXlstlW. J4.UBB B-VItrMT.
Notice I hereby riven, that tlx subscriber ha
been appointed and qualified, as administrator n an
stats M Mary M. Waggoner, hue ad Weathersfleld.
Tmmbwll Cc deceased. Dated at Warrea, this seven
leenth day of Pebrvjary, 1ASL
r eo 2 j at w.
NOTICE. The copartnership of John
L. Weeks Ot Co is this way by avmtual eaataewt
dissolved. AU persons Indebted t tbe same firm ar
requested to call immediately and settle. These by
book account, pay to John U. Weeks, and the hy not,
pay to A. WenU. JOHN h. WKIKS. ,
jran. i-ttn aa. , - ; ja. vvsuia.a -
Notico. Th subscriber wiU wanUnae th business
heretofore at the old stand. A good stock ot cloth
and ready avavJ elothiag, aad also a food assortment
hats, and caps, constantly on hand.
f eh. il. 'S5. JOHS L. WIIKS.
1,1 ,! ai.uLSRL'Bii8F."uiiii rius uu juu uw I
Sad Ftrmtr. Well, I have J. Long's Ne. 4. aaJ
several other kiads, bat Morleyi Star Flow beats theej
! '" ,' i
raraurnario. Selrhbor. what havw won -s
mere i
1st frrmrr.-One of Jforlcy i Doubt Plows. He say
U bents th Star Plow, and no mtstake.
sd -ermsr.-Cant be possible I but t ft doe,'
better work thaa lAr licrls Plow can do. Thin
Aaw awe J at it.e. j m-.mssaw .
7""i"'l' I CUtfCVT" YATIPP
-Civil AewnnueruaeBs. '
L. C. Jones,
va. : .
James fowler
At wry Inwrsnrw an order In attachment wa iavaev)
tbe 12th day of February, in this case, by U. C. 6at
lup, Esq., a Justice of the Pone f Trumbull cauarey.
Amoant demanded Tw Hundred Kigbty-Seven Dollar
oixty cents and cats. : J C. JOSR8.
Peb. SI, 'ii trt ' .
1S, tw, u,ake ttair atodenta
and original thlmkera. In order to reduce tb
exnens ef aconirina an educatlou, th .Trustee have
nD suit of commodious room on the first floor
raeatt wtanraff
th Principal
their imidinf, wince, win ie t.at
hoard themselves. As the family of
resid in tbe baildin. these rooms
for ladies. Those wishinr rooms should apply te
0,,11 -ooa, Hj atadem will be entered for ices
half the session. Alt students will be charged
. . JAMBsaBBRa,Pnneipi
-- -
. ... ,r, a.,a tni. -.j th. pj,
rt,t Double Plow proves to be toe best ; m fact ft dov-t
JL BOOK t contains many af th So
published. Among them are the following :
.Annie Laurie! Prima DomaBowg: A Cat
Hill; Burial of Mrs. Jadsonl Blanch Alara; By th
Sea Waves; Child's Wish; Do They Mias M
Grave of Washington; tixars of Bonaparte; Hearts and
Homes; Happy Bayadere: Had I met thee in thy
beauty; Ida May; I would I were a boy again; I've
been roaming; Jamie's on th Stormy Sea; Kaly Dar
liag; Katy did- and Katy didn't; Lata ia our dartiag
pride; Lilly Dale Lilly Dear; Last Serenade: Mary of
Argyle; My father's coming ham. Mother; Mountain
eer's Farewell; Mo More; 0b would I were a boy again;
Ossian's serenade; Ob! Charming Mary; Oh! ham af
Childhood; Panper's Funeral; Songa of other days;
sweetly sleep; We mis the; Where ar tbe
friends ef my youth; Thy natne was once a atagie spell;
There's a sigh in th heart; We mat by chance; Bongs
lore; Yes, I hare loved before; Tes, His true thy
Katy aow it Sleeping; She's only gon before; Why do
weep for thee; Tei, I have loved.
The aoeva songs are encry svaivaoniavna, anu ataaosa
one of them ia worth tbe price of th Book. It
contains over ISO f the best snag extant, whseh
would cost in sheet music at least fii. The Book is
neatlr bound, and as sold at th low anew f S1,W. A
supply just received at Posaeroy's Music Store.
Copies promptly seat by mail on tbe rsoaia ov !,.
? OF PARMISOTOS. The Spring session of this
Institution will open on Monday the. second day of
StLdrats should be nrrsent on the first era r of the ses
as the classes are then formed and a changes
be made for those who come in late. 1
Onr cnamal stud i eaual lo that of any seminary
the eanntrv.and as tborougn; laugna. J is an
LAvDS. TIMOTnT SEED Th andersigned are
in receipt of a large lot of Timothy Seed frown ia
and entirely free from all other Seed.
Fowler, Feb. SI, 5S 3w D. AXDRKWg dt CO.
OS SPIRITUALISM just received si.
SI. 'ii. - . T . : BALDWIS's.
NEW SUPfLY of Swan's Waanal,
Just received (last edition) at
JZ??"" "M "
febsi - : r ago, adams.
CORE of those che d Family Bibles,
have just been opened, at
fill - ADAjI9
CRAFTSMAN Also the Tree-
mason's Monitor, at .
fehxlj- ' ADAMSj
' XA2CB woald resoeetfuflr anaonnee
and the public genrraly. that she has taken
,t u n2.,u, ni. .ker st. wtn ea a
Art of Pemnanahip. Monday Peh.e6th.at two
P-. M. Temfi ju per ifteu lrna.- Spee-
r. h... h..ii.7u the . Tart book-
where thse wishing may has their nam reg
. for the opening elava.
LV an evening class will lmerjenew h ssuavaeou-
ch"''" 'u 'alt "f'i'i:' "
. . . . :
ATE LEAVER the people refill
aarchasing. aVmaad Increasing, to be h4 at)
Hth ii baldwi..
tjqCKET CU I'LERY. the rer? bat
xt f j,. Ht, a, . lAinwtts.
BOARDING Persons wishing to fe
car a god plae la board, with good Aeeomm
datiens and oa reasonable terms, eaa do to by applying
at this omee.
w Court or Coaaw Plea
Enlhanna Harmon
Actio iot d.r
senjamin fiarmou.j -
The defendant fieajamiu' Harmon. wiU tak norte
that he is required to appear and answer t a awtitt
filed this eth day of Feoruary lfM, ia said Cut of
Common Pleas, by the pkuatilf Kalian a Harms.
The petition asks a decree M divorce oa the follow
ing ground : 1st, hanttoal dntakeaess for era re thaa)
three years, Snd. rross Reelect of duty. 3d. adultry.
lEl.li.ETI at COX, Ally's far PUT.
Wtb.HKM. .
ki Messrs. K. L. GIBBS a CO .sre adopting thi
system in their kcainea as Windsor, Ashtabaia Co., O.
where they are aeiting mv goods, and at lower pri
thai any establishment ia tbear vicinity. That ia Be
come and try tbeval They wage war a Wgh price.
Thaw has bengal their goods low. and srw sawing hoar
cheap they eaa sell them and lira. Their aaouo io
"quick sales and email profits a uiml-iz atxpeac i
better thaa a slow abilliag.'
Call and sec them, and they wfll sell yoa goods lower
thaa you can buy Ifaem elsewhere aad cJmrg nothiaa
for their trouble. They ar clever fellow aad delighs
ia showing goods at all times give them a call
PeVy 14 "ii-ly.
QT A I E OF-OHIO IrumbuU.iWty,
J as. court or common rieas.
Patrick Maagaa fit C-. . - )
...- L fjlvit Action.
JBrittoa, Peck, Orvrver er Co. . St f taawasin i
C. Moer,sR. K. Hoyt Co J .
Tb defendants Brittoa, Peck, G rover a Co., will
tak BeUiee that they ar ssimirad to appnas and aaawa-
on os before th 10th day of March Beat to a petiuoa
filed this lOab day f Vehauary lfU.iu said Court
CoesmoB Plea, by the pLaiiulue Patrek Maneaa Co
The petition asks judgment fori 02200, agalnat aaidt
defendant Britton, Peck, Orover di Co.. upon a con
tract for work aad labor la coastivscttef awctWwe H,
and 49 of tb Cleveland, at Mahoning Mail Road, and
also for aa equitable adjustment of the claims of th de
tea dao Is 8. C. Mover, aad a. I. Hoyt at Co., again,
the plaintiff aad said Britsna. Ptk Orover at Co.
Aa attachraeal of proaeray -la aias sought, and tha
Cleveland at Mahoning Rail Kcad Company served
with oAiiea aa Oarnisheer.
LtuGETT 4 COT, Atty"i fcrl
By virtue of an exeewtiow.- rssued out of th Court
of Common Pleas at TtumbaU Cvaary.Ohio, e raw, dt-)
reeled and delivered, aiaiaot Osing La Wbudfai d. ha
favor of Nicholaa. Marpsi asm osbeew, I haw msis
a. and shall expoe te pubH sas. a saw door wf that
Court House in Warren, ra said CevBy.oB SaaaruVay-A
the Hlb, day of March, A. . WS&, biaa h baeauw
of 16 o'clock, A. M. and 4 oVIer. P. at, of said day,
the equitable interest aM Weaaatord, laamd
following described tract, or lot of land, situate in
Hartford Township, No. . la the first Raa o4 Tow
ships, in th Connecticut Western trwrfa, im tb Smew
of Ohio, and which is ale In tb County of Timuisll.
and ia known by being nan of kM No. IS, boandtd as
fouows ; via: BegiBntag at a pel k an worth an of
land owned by R. S.eHlkkey, whtcw Iw IS abate feeW
th east, boundary line f ah aovtb- aad soath Highway
thence east id rods, tlsenee- north SI red, tw th nam
line of th east and west Highway; thene west 7 rods,
thence south rods, thence east rwdavthw u art
roda,twBce west Ml rod, s met, thaa eu lialht no.
then west W reds, to JomV Hue. Ibiaea sowth 1 vuhv
thnc wast 4 rods 4 net. as be haw of who- 8saai
Room lot; thence mMh S7S rod, lavaavvawM snd.-?
to th a. aad a. center U ich way ,th rare suwsh atoa
east line cf said Highay7 rwd. thane oast It rede, to
th place of beriming, and rualsiaa ah sat 17 inn
"at rod a, of land within said bonndarya. bo th sum
nor or leas, subject ta a martgag la ) 4 lahml
Lane, for tba pawment of en bow of anasew Apsaw
1st 1HS&, an aose for (, A aril at!8t,aa) on aaa
for S60. due April lat 1HS7, wish tatares after April ss
kxH. Said KqjaHabl was aaiiiamJ at .. . ;,r.,
- U. K. ARMON,Sava)baWe
flhcrir Otic. Warm, b"y 5 "Si, "07.
Dr. H. TTBB8. AulvlU f iMwm, mm Miw
roofm, warrviiUtuki). Hm, mamim? Miwh, ltt.
- OawftXtV, Mr. BeO Teti--Tllii i I3u
MrwnViVrnm Bom. Tmtimy w) 'liiiilpr
Tito Afflicfks-Nl willi Cfervtkl
Lsnfs, Kido7 r trplea IoBiMtdOU, lUwnfaWriiai,
Attha, 8WtotM of hrxnih m ftcaK mf tnMMiri
Drrjpeptum. Dropsy, Wes mr Wei i i -tMiiity,
R-mlMraMs. hon of Appet4to. CMl4pott-ot Doigo
wml of too 8trna, BUIioTM tt9 GrTtA,
Whit 9f-eltiBg, or ony tf wD-ttt inrw.m ttI
TitOfi to Cla w ; - - M a--v .
so ciiMf roa coiocltitios ! p
Dr. Tvbh aeHhtsr bleeds nor bUsters. aer b i m
I1omK-poAi.it ; ho aoros Mereory . Airtiinap-f, As-
tite, or mnj otMr UisMnle, o midttml feoU; not is
he Thooapoopiio- hi "t t'-it1 r- givsMnaetico...
His theory of dieeuo diifuo Xrooi xl othere thai lie re
beea adopted, bvt m attanetviaaa doe iti ajateta, of
lie aoea JMtV meM c tmM .i. do
tmr damn t kmiid aa aiaaa ; not ail irritkatioa by
paicbinf tip with ttMdyms. n . -
raitenCe .ho aid lark mell the dates fiTea ahore.
Oar estiro bate being pre-cnXfed, uteiid-uioe awot
xord Crictl'f vith pohiisiied anaauaemtwu.
Aa nnbiaMdr opinloa as to the pt-otebititT of a earo
is always giro- sotyectiag the- patieat to ae expeaeo?
withoat a rraaoaabit prospect of saccesa.
Mrs. L. Bbaauira. of Bearer. Pa, cored of Salt Shoaaa
of eifhtor aiae years .rtaDiiigw It was of a awe aaiar
fnl character, covering, the tuure avrface ef the haada,
and portiooe of the arais aad peron First called
aearly foar years ago. la foar axiataa taeaam I
soft aad avMth, resxauas oourcly Iree rroat u
this tiate. The aboeo ease is selected becaase eae ee
the flirst eared ia the West, aad best shows its pnroaa
aeaey. Those who hare beea similarly affected aad.
eared reside ia the Tioiaity of aearly erery appeiae-
it, to whom refereDce can be giren. Aqaai saeeaie.
aOeaded the isreatmeos of Warrm Swmurjswa,
ScaorcLA, Aacxssn and Fivea Sosms, sobm ef which
tiaTV tSfaett llLPti'Lvl'l trO ahi BaWsvuwiwl mavmvaavsmr - Xws tfctfeaWaws
aveat of all such, we rely auiiolj apoa iaterneJ nan
dies that are ealmlated to aetatrallae the aerid sobstasr-
ces eapporting diseases, and by exciting, to heaiahfal
activity the skia aad other secretory er-raas, to tWce
aozioos excremeou to escape by aatural rhaanols.
Ileaee the care is radical withoat det-letioa.aBd tniDaBl
of eodaageriag the Laogs as snperficial heeling of al
ee ra or scarter log of humor inTarfahly does, H see
Tes le pntect aad ftreagthen those Tiul pert. Ovtr
nssedtes are selected exclosirelj froaa the SHaBrcai
Kiagdowa, earefolly rejecting all oareotic sad other wot-
Tney eaa be norne dv toe roa aeucate aaa ie-
ble eoottitatioas, aad a ever iarrease bat as-aaily diwtia-
sh ltabibty to colds. As we do woe Ma.xs Stc To-
Make WsLim,er TsajL Dews to Buils vr Aeaqa.petisnta.
atay remaia at hone sod atteod to thel. ordinary Tea
tiops dariag treavtaient. ' ,' . j Feb'y 14
PR1SB. CoitscniTiow Cxaiais I Scvxirrr Tnacaanm
Itcarr atacaaw sotn
PRISR. Coscatiow
Ttrerra atacaBW seen
Onhr Su.'ajo te be diswised of? distribution of rlfU t
witlKmt fail. March If) l.r sooner, if th
llkiLre ,.5 wlnV-DASIIAa, CO. ber, to asu
tber frienda that under no emcetwill thed,.
tribuuon newrponea neroBa tne anove memioneu ante.
" " 1. LV -"
utiier period, in which case due notice wilL b givn.
oirica, tea BKOAjwaTK,iuwToaK.
150,000 Prtnais as bw fives) to Ihwsunhatn a ef th.
hvrgeand iatBrartB of tb.aaururad. of
Gears Waahinrtoa, President of tba Caited Stales.'
freeatatACCkthraV-.d. paintlnf of David Paul Laarsaa.
Price f enrraving (il) One Dollar, whtch 'Include a
rift -ticket, ealttlinr th adder to n chaac raaa fol
io is f Rst f ataoiHeant gift, a " r; -
She vahsaof the areauta,as appratted1 ky a CoaaMUs
e choeen for th purpoee. is S Uti.WJU, as follawt :
A iplis i 1 farm aa tha Hudson River cjmu-
pietcly stocked, houses, Jtc t?0,00u
Sun frjsai DwaUinf and l(t a Ptflh ATease, -
M. i.. ri,oas
BBtrniSeeot gold Ton Seiric, property of tht
late O. Van Denton......-;. .......... ....4..: ,00a
Silver Wiao Service . . 1 ,eur
The Race Hors "Whit Raven"-....;. SWS
Cosrh. Ilrrnsi and-1 magaiflcopt ea- .
tablishmcnt. 34
Bbares Cealral Rail-road BLock. ....... 3,ura
Vine Watches, 1M each.. tO.OU
lSJatutram Beast aad Chain.. lo.vl
lu.tsa) Gold Pens and Silver Holders.. ..'.... I,0rs
a) hoars beet Clears...- -nr-
Sold Guard Chains. ... IJMk
Biiauhiiill rrBTTT 111,1 n -ii 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 IS
osaa. Taasvrsa.aadi tatazy. snamraM aaT.-
An lefrant dor. St. Bernard ....... lea
SplendM Iaat-aitln atcu, -SptruV of Urn
Wav." " -,m
Th fast and trim pleasure Tatch. Even lax ; -H,rrtn
- 1.00.
hmnforS year. . . .-a... S.0OS
, uvea . etm. .... etfaav . 9,0Ob
(All without interest.) , . . .- . '
Rosewood Pi sdo. ........... BOO
M ohogaay Pianos. . . Ia
f&rva tn le . ............ . . . .J t.utm
Vsrm in Kentucky ... ...... ...... . 3,0k
Parm in Pennsylvania........t......ws. : ow
Parwt ia Massachusetts..... ......... ........ Ml. una
M.ottv Tols. Poems - .v.. ll.ewa
aVtasn! "Cirar Girl,"byRevea.. l.Uw
Also ever luu.OUS Paintintrs, Statnes, XaNIs, Charm,
allium, aluabl Reeks, and Portfolios of Sagrnrinaa.
making ia all 130.000 gins, which win be diaa-ibuted by
committee appoialed by the Shareboldera,aad.far-
wamed tree of charge by tn raniic s oaicot sr
rant,... - DASH ALL as CO.. . -
deS Broadway, New York.
Orders for Sarraviags and Tiwkwkt Irs ukls tTwat aa-
terrtrias are dailyarrivtng from ail parts of the I. sited
Statea and Caaada, which warrant a ha promiautg a
very early day for the distribution. Application
shonM be anade hnmediaaely, a only a striata auasaer
Tickets can be sold. Letters, with tha money en
closed, to be pre paid, and the Snerevins- aad Ticks
a lorwftriiea tree. auisnswi wv. . ,
Peb 14 Zi-'U - Rroadway. New Tor.
' i.oua
: oiosniitiV '
Cerarr of Sooerior and Knfen Streesa eievehsad .-Ohio.
Ibis is th Largest ana ytott jtagaiacent , .,
th whale Wtaascn Conalry, aodt.iw Riled pita Ih.
Largest and Best aasortment at
Rrsty-.ande Oothtrng, an) armraotaa;
m-t ..:.. -i - ijvOOahs :,iki xid ;
ail description, of onr own Manufacture, and which)
warranted, a be Better Cut, Better Made. aaV hutaa
to the wants of tbe Community, and la sokt a
towas nuns than any other CWtaiar. )js sa
Karanrers vtsiting Clevelaad, wfll Bad it m thslr ad
raotage to call at
Vnitn Hall, corner of SapeJioraad I'nion Street.
TryLOOK oct oa thb vlasixji
.il. , .
Xotlee it hereby given that the vsaderwlgnoif, res
ident ia Cotebreos, Ashta'inla, Co., ka, beew-duly a
pointed adminiatrator In th estate of t'xal W. Bower,
of tiroea Trumuai, ("e.. deneased. A II pert ana in-
to said estate are requested to settle th same
Imlhwiih. and aU tanas having claims against said se
ta so present them for settlement. - -Pab
yT II aHa., f .- ' MELTiy ALLIgC.
All persons indebted hy sot or book account ta
rate firm f SVekC. Hdwsa.ar hereby aetMed ta
forthwith and square ap. SAML'RL M0SKR.
FhvM 'Sd-tf. .. .-,.,'Si.
Tner will b sold at Public Vendue, lnXiUsbm
the Canal BridRe. on the Sth ef Mareh next ketween
bnru of IS 'clock A. M. aad 4 P. M. the following
Property; Tbe Canal Boat. "Racine and itavomttara
Batiifj-tw Rxeceuooa, oa in bvar .at panics Map
maker, and on in favor of S. L. Swank.
..:.. A. AU4KIIT; ewwlw.

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