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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, March 07, 1855, Image 4

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ta the mellow bincK weather.
From m dlslantl and,
Cm aa aged pilgrim weary.
Through the yellow forest dreary.
Palm a&d ataff ta hand.
raw Iti si., la wtne-like firmeaU,
And with sandals brown;
Wearing, intertwined torelher.
Crisp learns and faded heather,
lor a kingly ero.a-
Aut kit cheek waa like the sunaet, .
Glowing ripe and red ; '
Aad hia brew ta ateeped in (lory.
Like some saints is ancient store.
Kites from the dtad.
l-gift bring he many alao
ram tnat stranger land.
Tat It eceajeth whea he leaves us.
He af something loved bereaved as.
With his withered baud.
And we wist not where hCgoeth
Bat when sickle t $4 ere erer.
And the awadows sweet with clorer.
tyinf heaped and i
Taen his footprints froa the forest.
Are forever fled.
Sot U!oa the winter bedes,
Leeveth be the scarlet edges
Of his mantle red.
Jl Tejcpkrancr Stobt. One erenbg
list week we took our place at the sup
per Uble of a Cincinnati and Louisville
packet Supper and conversation had
progressed some before we were seated.
An animated discussion was going on
between an old gentleman, and an ex
ceedingly sober faced lady, no less than
thirty years old, on the subject of tem
perance. 'Oh!' exclaimed she, with horror de
picted on her thin lips, 'I do despise
the whiskey drinker.'
The gentleman dropped his knife and
fork, seized her hand and girirg it a
hearty shake, we thought tears were go
ing to drop from his twinkling eyes.
Madam,' said he, 'I respect your sen
timent and the heart that dictated them.
I permit no person to go beyond me in
despising the whiskey drinker. I hare
been disgusted on this very boat, and I
ay it now, before our worthy Captain's
face. What, I ask you, can be more
disgusting than to see well dressed, aye,
rirtuojs looking young men, whose moth
ers are probably eren now praying that
the tender instruction by which their
youth was illuminated, may bring forth
p reck us fruit in their maturity. I say,
to ee younf men step up to the bar of
this boat, and without fear of observing
eyea, or the condemnation of enlight
ened opinion, brazenly ask Tor old Bjur
bou or Eye, or Mononahela whiskey,
when in that bar they know there is the
5stof old Cognac Brandy?'
' A goad joke is related ol John P.
Hale, in connection with Senator West
cott of Florida, and whom Morton super
ceded. Westcott is diminutive and un
prepossessing in his exterior by no means
a creditable sample of the genus homo.
Shortly after Morton arrived in Washing
ton to take his aeat, Hale approached him
aa he was talking with Wetscott, and said
to the latter in his off-hand way : "YVest
eott, give mean introduc;ion to your suc
cessor." West cott complied at once.
Gen. Morton," said he, "this is Mr. Hale,
f New Hamshire, a good fellow enough,
but you must keep your eye on him for
be is a violent Abolitionist, and may steal
your nigger." Hale never fails to return
a Roland f jr an Oliver ; and so, after a
few common place remarks, he said :
"Gen. Morton, since you are to take West,
cott'a place, he will of course, be of no
farther use here, and I have been think
ing what to do with him, I have pretty
much made up my mind that the best use
to put him to is to take hirn to the North
this summer and exhibit him as a sample
of the effects of slavery in the South on the
free population.
Mothers Mads Thankful. The Lo
cal Editor of the Buffalo Republic has
made himself one of the immortals by
the publication of a discovery which he
has recently made, of great importance to
mothers. It is an infallible means of
keeping babies, from two to ten months
old, perfectly quist for liouis. The tno
dut operandi is as foil ws : "As soon as
the equallsr awakes, set it up, propped by
pillows, if it canntt sit alone, and smear
its fingers with thick molasses. Then
put half a dozen feathers into his hands,
end the young one will sit and pick the
leathers from one hand to the other, un
til it drops asleep. As soon as it wakes,
more molasses and more feathers, and in
the place of nerve-astiiinding yells, there
will be ailenue and enjoy aunt unspeaka
ble!" OCT Swipes landlady caught a mouse
in a China cream pitcher the other day.
Swipes advised her to send it to the coun
ty Fair for exhibition.
How would it be classed V brea-h-lessJy
ioquireJ the worthy hostess.
"Cotcb in China, of course," waa the
A model return upon a writ was
recently made by a deputy shei ifTin Mor
'jran county, Ijdiana. It was Sirved
the within, but was fit with brick-bats by
be woman si that I coul ln't sirve it."
S3r" don't believe it's any use to
Vaccinate for smill pox," sa d a back
wood Kentuckian, "for I had a chilJ vac
cinated, and he ft 1 1 out of a window and
was killed in less than a week after."
As editor who never thinks twice be
fore he speaks, says that the first dress
worn by our primitive ancestors in the
Garden of Eden, was bare (bear) skins.
A won ah in Wisconsin, who was late
ly attacked by a bear in the woods so
abused the poor animal with her tongue,
that he died at her fee.t
It is stated that Fanny Fern has re.
ceived 15,000 dollars, as her share of the
profit on "Ruth Hall," and her publish
ers abont the sam- amount.
War are the very strongest part of a
wall us weak as a woman's hair ? Be
atrice they are b it'resses (but tresses.)
TlltliE is a firm in Si. Louis, bearing
(he euphonious name of (iai.s.vaaj Dak
azTT 1
TiaH are caught in Puget Bay, Oregon,
wtich, when dried and lit by the tap,
bar 'ilea candle!
: -J3
CifUrlirij ficsiniss.
J In M'arnT. J Ewci.it 7, fx. t Coop. etc., Cerner
f Smtperimr Street and Pukltc Synre, Cleveland, O.
KGIER HOUSE, Cleveland. Ohic
1 V R. P. AXOIF.R Proprietor. a-?g3
lishers, Wholsale and Retail Dealers in Music
and Musical Instruments, No. 1UU superior Street.Cleve
land.Uhio. Sole agents for the eelehraleil STODART
FIA.NO. majlT, 19S4 am
j. at. cchmituk. ox. .naarLsas.
M. CUMMINGS A CO., Wholes - lc
el Grocers and Commission Merchants, Healers ii
Foreien Wines and Liquors, Kails, Glass. Salt, Drugs
etc, Nos. lf3 at IdS Elver Su. 97 96 on the Dock.
Msy 17. leity.
wars and Lithographers, Herald Block, Cleveland
PATENT OFFICE AGENCY, No. 4, Herald Building
Cleveland, Ohio,
w. a. ecaaiosa-. Jan 1 lyj jimc bkunabd.
Corner Public Square, CleTeland. Ohio.
THE OLD COLLEGE has removed to
X new and ipleniid Rooms, urpastinf In beauty
and coDTeoieuca UuMe of any titular iustitntioua in
the State.
X. 6. FOLSOM, A. Principal, Profeasur ol
Science of Account.
W. a. BROL'OllTOS and W. 110LLI5TEK, Assiat&ul
Professor in the Book Keeping DrjtartraerU.
A. J. PHELPS and JOSEPH BEATT1E, Profeisori
of Practical and Ornamental Penmanship.
R. F. Ill MtsTUN, Leciarer on Commercial History
and Art of Computation.
JOHN B. WARING. Lectnreron Mercantile Customs
Baukinsr. Exchange. Ax.
PALMER, Lerturers on Commercial Law.
Rer. J. A. THOME, Lecturer on Commercial Ethics
For the Mercantile Course, time unlimited, 940 Ml
For separate in Penmanship, Flouriahinf ,
Arx a icr arreement.
The design of the Institution la to afford at food ad
vantages as can be had in any similaroue in the Union,
to young men about to assume the responsible duties
of the Counting Room. and rarions mercantile pursuits.
SCIENCE OF ACCOUNTS Book Keeping will be
explained from a new stand point, exhibiting the true
nature and relation of account- ; and the course will
embrace tome of the best practical forms of modern ac
countants. This science is often taught as if it were a
species of conjecture, in which multiplicity of forms
are substituted for principles, arbitrary ruiei for rea
sons, and reneraMe precedents for genuine philosophy,
making the a hole field of the science a complete "terra
incognita.1 To produce good practical accountants,
the understanding, and not the memory simply, should
be atHressed.
DAILY LECTURES, !fec. One or more lectures will
be given daily, on the following subjects accounts.
Penmanship. Mercantile Customs, Banking. Exchange,
Calculations, Correspondence. Cosumercial Law, Polit
ical Economy, Commercial Ethics. Railroading, Ve
Besides the usual lectures on Law, dec, in Colleges ol
this kind, there will be others by practical men
thoroughly conversant with the routine of business, t
instruct on points allied to the course of study, ana one
expressly on calculation.
This department wilt be under the super in ten dance of
two of the best penmen of the day. Business writipg
will he taught upon the new method ef Folsom's Chir
liyihmograpby, executing to the beat of an instrument,
and producing the popular commercial hand in macta
lest than the usual time.
N. B. For particulars, send for Circulars, Cata
logues, ozc-e and address the Principal.
TA large library will he connected with the Col
lege, containing Uie various works on Book Keeping,
Mercantile Law, dec, to which the students will have
nor 1J, .
0LBR00K & LONG, Music Pub-
JLJL Ushers and Wholesale and Betail Pcalcrs in
Moaic and Musical lntnirBiiis of every description
No. tJand lifii Supprinr Su. Clevelan l.Ohio.
1.1st oi 1 1 a noi for sale at the great fiano-rnrte n we
The celebrated 5T0DART PIANO, un- f3
Mmalled for its rich and pure tones, e las- 1 1 Zi 1 J
ticity of touch and aswwAt.i'w.
Light, Newton Ac Bradbnry'V BILVEK rTKlMiRU
PIANO, for which a uolb medal waa awarded at the
Chrystai Palace Fair ; also, at the Fair of the American
Institute, New York.
Emerson's BOSTON PREMIUM PIANOS, the lea
manufactured in Boston, Hass.
n addition to their splendid stock of Pianos kept
constantly on hand, H. at L. oner to the public the best
AMERICAN MADE GL' I TARS, and also imported Gui
tars, of the best Siianish and French patterns, together
with low priced German Guitars
Haled Music Paper of IS, 14, Jo lines, etc., constantly
on hand and mamfactured to order.
VIOLINS and VIOLINCKLLOS, in every variety .
Strings for Violin, Violineello, Tenor Viol, Double Bass,
Guitar and Bat: jo. Violin Bows and Cases, Bow Hair,
Bridges, Pegs, Tail Pieces, t inger Boards, Mutes, Ros
in, etc., etc.
Reeds, Drums, Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammera, Tuning Pipes.
r Dealers aud Heads of seminaries supplied at the
lowest wholesale prices, with every article in the Music
line. HOLfiKOOK a LONG.
May 17, lM54-om
K. CRITTENDEN'S, 29 Superior Su Cleveland. The
oldest and most extensive establishment west of New
York, established in lt26. The stock is always ken
complete. Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold Watches,
endless variety, from 0-5 to -250. A large stock of
got up expressly for Rail Road use. Also, Clocks made
expressly for Stations. Sujerintndants please call
and examine. Clocks at wholesale. Parlor, Sitting
Room, Bank and Office Clocks. Silver Spoons, Forks,
Cups, Goblets, ate Silver equal to coin, and patterns
new and handsome.
Fancy Goods in endless variety. Shears, Scissors,
Pocket Cutlery. Razors and shaving tools in general :
Gold, Silver, Steel, Plated and German Silver Specta
cles, to fit any age ; Gold Pens, the best ever made :
Communion Ware, Willow Ware, Doable and Single
Guns and Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing Tackle, Drafting Instruments ; a large stock.
A large stock or atenmaker s tools ana materials.
My facilities and long experience ih business enable
me to offer inducements to those in want of Goods in
my line, rarcely found. Watchmakers, Jewelers, Ped
lars and Dealers in general, will find at wholesale a
large stock to select from, and prices warranted aa low
aa can be found in any of the Eastern markets.
TrPRemmington's Rifle Barrels, and Gunsmith's ma
terials, imported in large quantities. ap 26, 'M-om
viKEcroas :
Don. J. R. Oiddings, M. C. J'res. C. G. Finney,
II. Uriswold.
Lor in Andrews.
Kenlien II itch cock,
" H. D. Clark.
N. 8. lownshend,
W. F. Otis,
W. J. Gordon.
Prof. Samuel Su John,
" P. R. Spencer,
E. E. Gaylord,
Cyras Prentiss,
Henry H ick.
n. B. Bryant. Professor of the Science of Accounts
H. Dwight Stratum. Associate Prof. In the sereral De
J.WashinetonLnsk,) -lesson i of the Spenceriat
P. R. Spencer, f,y'Um Pn'''P "I
t Commercial Correspondei.ee.
Sarah L. Spencer, instructress in the Ladies' Writine
. . liHrder. Assistant Prof, in the Book-Kecnin
Hons. Judge Starkweather and IL. Clark. Lecturers
on Commercial Law.
President Asa Uahan, Lecturer o Political Economy.
Emerson E. White, Lecturer on Commercial Geoa-
raphy. reaixs
Fur a full Course in Double Entry Book-Keeping
anu outer ireparunent?, - f4U on
or full Course in Ladies' Department, - - 30 00
For separate Course of Instruction in Spencer ian
Penmanship, .... 5 00
Far various styles in Ornamental Penmanship as
aereei unon.
The Principals of this Institutions desitm makine it
ene of the best mediums in the United States for impart
ing a thorough and practical knowledge of the active
duties of the Counting-Room, and business pursuits in
general. Book-Keeping in all its departments, as used
by the most accomplished modern Accountants, will be
taught in a thorough and successful manner
Thisdepartment is under the personal sunerintendance
of one of the lest Accountant in the United States. No
Mercantile College in the west possesses suierior. if
equal advaiitares, for imparting a practical knowledge
Mr. J. A. kduiton,an accomplished and emerif need
Accountant in various branches of Commerce and Trade,
is associated in Ltij Department, and will attend to
writing up books, adjusting long standing and com
plicated accounts, tkc in a correct and confidents!
Crotnivcial Geography is aa important and interest
tng branch, which has never until the present time been
eonnected with Mercantile Schools.
The S pence rian System of Penmaashipin all Its forms,
will be tauut by its author, P. R. Spencer, and J. W,
Lask. No Institution in America offers superior facili
ties to this for imparting a fluent and systematic hand
writing. The Ladies IV part men Is entirely separate from the
gentlemeirs, and is fitted up in a most magnificent man
ner a:id convenient style.
Business men can e supplied with the most reliable
Aeeonr.tnnts by application to this College.
The Principals of thia Institutionscan render efficient
aid to the rranuates in securing ged situations.
10Bend for a Circular by mail. jan 19 M y
RCOWLiSJS. (late Cowle & A tv rt-
b 49 Weddell House. Cleveland, respectfullj
Invite tha attention of the citixens of Warren and the
surrounding county, to his ansortment of fine Watches,
Silverware, Jewelry, House Keeping and Fancy Uuoda.
Their price will be uniform and as low as any kmueet
tradesman can a?ord. Every article aold with be truth
fully described and warranted as represented. Repair
inc In all its branches carefully and promptly done.
May IT, f4 ly
'.'FOR THE WHOLESALE TRADE. Just received i
packet. E-rth-trare of my own importation lireel j
Toa tne English PoUeries. making one of the lareeal
faocssm ;he .lirk-t r-.mt.ria.ne. in part. White iran- i
te Flo wi fir Vnii-ry. Flowinir Blue, Lipht Blr.e, Plain '
a-3'c tr Alo an extensive assortment ol 1
' v U!i- r'-r;. cc In the trade, enables me to Ter te
aun;rv u better lac il uie. than urchasing
i-r - tr r '. a-ttern cities. Mrrchanbt are rtiect-
"utlr n.riTr i. .iimrif n;y aare and price. ahi-h will
.r-tv tw i t any Jo- bing IIi'se in tli.n eitr- '
t.trrk Ohinji Pit-br. No. YM Superior St.
Olere.ni. ay 31. l34-y A. S. OARDNER. I
' II! f ih mi.l w eK r. llsu Bntter. lelircred
ia:V.t !h- K.mp:r-St.re. I
arrM. May U. I-T.4. I UHIXOg at MORIIArt. i
Sa a'naerier S'rstr, i ltctlmmd. Oki;
IUtc recently made large additions to their stock ef
Standard School and Miscellaneous Rooks, Blank
Work and Stationery, and are prepared to otter induce
Bents to Dealers unsurpassed by any establishment in
the West.
By Seial arrangements with nearly all the leading
Publishers or New York and Boston, we shall hemfter
receive their Latest end most Popular Works atsial
'sareas with pmkticmtivn. and can supply in quantities
at lowest wholesale prices.
Among other new and eahiahle Works, we are West
ern Ar-i:ts for the followinr. rii:
and coutileutly expected ta furnish millions of oar
land an instructive and entertaining, substitute for the
"Gamine Cards' now used to so stnrtlinr sn extent.
I'y Mrs. Lim'Olk I uei.rs. the well known author of
Linc3ns lu-ui-y." M e can earnestly commend this
work as one of the most interesting and instructive ol
the season.
IDA .'dAY y Mrs. Stowe tupptstl to be.
THE NEWSBOY t.y Mrs. Ouu SxiTB eaeswai.
1DLKWILD (t N. P. Wilus.
1 bousand.
THE Rt 1 1 BL1CAN COURT 1 he most m.niflcenl
National Illustrated Work ever published in America.
r.Iw-tled hoon
Barnum's Latest "WORK !"
Wiuhineton Irvine's New Book.
Also Rl Til HALL A Romance, by the world re
nowned "FiKST Fkm.m
We expect a large sale for those last mentioned--froa
the Press of Alison Brothers. dec 13-tf
HOUSE, 156, SWer Strrtt, Clcveimmd. O.
SoKKCBORii EttoTHKRs are now receiving the must
splendid stock of CLOTHING ever before exhibited in
Cleveland, or in any City in the Union, which has all
been gutten up m it.lt rticuUr care, for this City and
the surrounding country trade, and which cannot pos
sibly le Kuritasaed )y the .rent merchant tailor, and at
only nNt-Htir Tits mo bet that is charged in getting
them made to order.
$.1,0 only is wanted for a Cloth and Cass i mere double
Over-Coat ; the finest .lk Velvet Yeats eer seen or
made in any Clothing Store.
Panta of the latest style and best make, of one thou
sand different patterns.
KLILNISIiING GOODS of every description and va
riety, and the best made or imirted ; and, as we are
bound to keep YOLNO AMEKICA AHEAD of every
thing in the Clothing line, the prices shall be full SO
per cent, less than elsewhere ; aud as particular atten
tion will lve paid to all who may "drop in,1 the above
facta will be satisfactorily proven by
U ISAACS' CLOTHING Auaiust th Would !
Pave You Dollars and but tocr CLOTHING at
ISjfJtC Jt OiJiJiCS Vmimm Hail, C live 1mm d, Q.
The Public are invited to an inspection of the superb
exhibition at this magnificent estahliihment, which in
extent, variety, sueriority of Workmanship, and
Fashion, to wither aith iowness of price, cannot be
beat by any other Clothing House in Ohio.
Is tat s has just returned from the East, where he has
received such 1 argains in Cloths and materials for
manufacturing, that he has it now tn his power and is
determined to knock all the Eastern Slop concerns
into a "eveied asf !' and be will commence by selling
the bet Over-Coat in the City for Folk Dollars ! aud
Under-Coats, Pant and Vests of all descriptions in
proportion. ut for fun ! and come along every
body who wants to be clothed, he can fit all sices, from
men aa large aa the Gimmts that areas at hi eWra, to
little wee fellows three years old. and as his Mammoth
Building is filled with Clothing of all dualities, he Is
sure of being able to suit everybody Recollect that
tie does not wish to numLug the peoide with East sea
Slop Work for 50 per cent, less than any one else, as
he does not keep ek trmsk; l ot he will furnish his
customers with the best Clothing in the City, for less
money tlian they can purchase the same kind of Goods
for in any other houfe in the V in ted States.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount made to
Wholesale customers who buy for Cash.
Clothing made to order at the shortest notice
and on the most reasonable tor ml at
I7r Ijmll, cerTtee Smptrimr ana (at aw Street,
Clertlmnd. Okie.
fnov 25-ly
entitle men are dVly bringing to light new Inven
tions, nd the march of progress is onward ; persona
Bald, or becoming so. mill be pleased to learn, that sci
ence and long research combined, have brought before
the greatest Wonder the Age. In the article of EM
cure for Baldness and to prevent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be had of agent. Price $1,00 in large
bottles. Sold by . E. Hoyt Ac Co and Geo. 4 dams,
Warren ; J. Manning, Youngstown , Prentice at Ed
wax is. Can field.
C. E. FISnER Jt Co., Proprietors,
march t No. 57, Superior street, Cleveland, O.
CLEVELAND. Chartered January SI, 185.
Olhoe, No. 52, Anp.rr House, Rank Street
John M. Hughes. C. W. Seymour, Jos i ah Fogg,
Josiah Stephenson, A. W. Fairbanks, Robert Reilly,
H.L.Crowell, S. B. Shaw, 8. H. Fob,
Franklin Chase, iL Cnamlerlin, J. Fin lay son,
Benjamin Stevens.
Jonw HreBES, President. S. B. Shaw. Secretary.
C. W. SxTMora, Vice Frcat. Framrum Cm ass. Treas
urer. Thia Company insures against loss or damage by Fire,
and the perils of navigation.
Policies issued by J F. AS PER, Agent.
Warren, June 7, lP54-y
ll GOODS. J. R. Albtrtsov. formerly of the firm
Cow Lies at Albertsow, has just opened a new Store in
the New Block a f Carver Superior Street and
the Pmkiie Sywar, Clevelend, OAte, where may be
found an entire ew Mock of
SILVER-WARE of all kinda, H errmnted Pure Cain.
In short, everything that Is Kew an Desirable In
this line, may be found cheaper than can be bought
JTP STRANGERS should not fail to visit us before
Cleveland, Dec. 13, 1854-y
joflK p. ira.
DaVIB h camducss.
T1CK fe M'CANDLESS, Successors
M HL.kJ.B. Wick, Wholesale Grocers. Forward
ing and Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Ka!ls,
Glass, Cotton Yarns and Pittsburgh Manufactures sen.
erally. Corner of Wood and X aler streets, Pittsburgh.
Pa. oct 43
JB. CAN FIELD, Comnission and
. Forwarding Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer in
Western Reserre Cheese, Butter, Lanl, Pork, Bacon,
Pot and Pearl Ashes, Saleratns, Linseed and Lard Oil,
Dried Fruit, and Produce generally, Itoe. 14 and 143
Front Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. feb 23 tf
Pittsburgh, Pa. Established in 1S40 Incorpora
ted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, with perpetual
Charter. boas or tribtkes:
lion. James Buchanan, j lion. Walter TT. Lowrie,
Wm. Wilkina, I 44 Chi-rlea Nay lor,
Hoses Hampton, Gen. J. K. Moorhea.1.
P. Dcrr, author of the "North American Accountant,1
Professor of Book-Keeping. and Commercial Sciences
John D. Williams, the I est on -hand Penman in the
Uuited States, Professor of Commercial and Ornamen
tal Penmanship
X. B. Hat , Esq., of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor
of Mercantile Law and Political Economy.
P. llAvnicx, Principal of the Mathematical Depart
ment, Professor of Mathematics, cc.
Mr. J. D. Williams 1 a permanently joined the Fac
ulty, and it will ite seen that, during his late profess
ional engagements in the East, be was there regarded
as the best Penman in the country. This Inrtitut.on
ths rdcre, presents attractiona to students offered hy
no other of the kind in the United States. The course
of training comprises upwards ot 400 real transactions,
in six dine rent methods of Double Entry Book Keep
ing. 30U practical f usiness calculations, covering the
whole field of inland and foreign commerce. Commer
cial Penmanship, with every modern improvement in
I the Art. Business letters and business forms of every
description. Daily lectures on Coiumercial Law, Com
I mercial Sciences, the Th-ry of Profits, dec. Dud's
j Book-Keeping, Harper1 Edition, thc most compr
bensire in the languact $1 .Ml.
Duff's Western Sieanter'a Accountant, a perfect
system for such accounts 81
JJj Send for a Circular by mail. nov 22-y
PcaasTLVAMia Wuitv Lead Works,
Pittxbcro. June, r4. (
The attention of consumers of White Lead la called
to the fact that a large portion of that article ground in
oil ia now ut up in krps purporting to coi.tain 5 and
Hi Iba. each, whereas there is no allowance made for the
weight of the kees, and the consumer is defrauded to
Uiat amount. The deception can easily be detected by
weighing the diUerent manufacturera brands offered
for sale.
During the past year we have made extensive addi
tions to our buildings, machinery and stock, for the
manufacture of large quantities of tl hite head, to ena
ble us to supply the demand for our articles. We
guarantee all lead bearing our brand tone ttrtctif yur
and entirely free from any adulteration whatever, and
not excelled for fiueueaa and whiteness, by any made in
Die United Suites.
Our lead, ground in oil, is put op in handsome iron
bound kegs, of So, Vi, luu. U,3(HJ and 50U pounds
each, and every keg containing the (quantity of lead
which it purports accurate tare being alaays allowed
for the packages.
It is a well known fact, that the various qualities o(
lead branded "Extra," No. 1 and IS a. 2, are largely
adulterated with substitutes which are not calculated
to auawer the same puroe. And there are manufac
turers, claiming respectability for themselves, and
public confidence in their article, who brand their kegs
with their own names, "Pre White Lemd" although
they never turn out a single keg without a considerble
adulteration of Barytrs.
Aug.9-&a B. A. FAIINENSTOCK at Co.
Water Is rendered poisonous by paasiug through
any material subject to decay and dissolution, auca aa
pipes of wood, iron and lead. Prof. J. P. Kirtland aud
other distinguished chemists, go ao far as to cumicmn
the practice of pupplying animals with mater throurn
these snitatances. and earnestly recommend the bTONE
The nndersigne,! is extensively engaged at Newton
Falls. O., in manufacturing said articles, mcludinr also
Stoneware, having a factory driven by steam power,
and Is prepared to ftM. or lere at wholesale or retail oa
liberal terms. The Water Pipe isatraira: ly a taiHed to
carrying fluids of all sorts, draining cellars, irrigating
lands, ace. Jt is also for sale by the Hoy ts, at W arren,
Also for sale, a valuable WATER POWER, with aoaae
8 acres of land, Fatury Buildings. Dwelling, etc., etc
about two miles nelow Lowell, Mahoning Co., O.
May 17.JHi4-tfw J. O. CaLKNDKR.
I30RT F0L!0S, a very superior
sortnicnt just received at . BALDWINS
JAyTeRES'S new wortTllin
JL raklKr cajlaiwl e.n at ADAM.
.L v Rut a plain, true ileclaration of farts, which any
body can ascertain by calling at the Old Head Quarters
By J. Goldstein, (successor to Morganstern ox Broth
er.) Oak Frou t Big No. 15, Main street. Warren, 0.
1 have just received, and am now opening, my Fall
and Winter stock of Keady-Made Clothing. Cloths,
Casstmeres; Testings, etc., together with every variety
of Furnishing Guods. I would simply remark thai
from the extremely low ft m res of woolen goods East, I
have been induced tn purchase
And those that are acquainted with my mode of doing
business, are well aware that I will
I do not have my Clothing made up by any establish
ment in the east, nor did I come from there myself.
But I i ir j tort my own Goods, and by purchasing from
first hands, am enabled to furnish all strides in my
line at New-York prices ! I am not in the habit ol
running down any body, nor do I notice any such per
sonal attacks when maile on me I take my revenge in
Which, from my superior facilities in buying, I am
abundantly able to do.
As quoting prices seems to be fashionable, I will in
troduce the following programme, to be run during the
season, or until the small dealers about town come
down to my fi cures via: Full suit cf Clothes, Coat,
Pants and Vest, for $5 and upwards. A good Over Coat
By the cord, consist'iig of Coats for $1.50. and Pants
for 75 cents ! Hats and Caps of every style and variety,
eheaier than the cheapest- Collars, Cravat, Ties.
Scarfs. Undershirts and Drawers. Shirts, both white and
colored. In short, a complete assortment of everything
in my line, and all I ask Is an inseetiun of my goods
and prices before buying elsewhere. I am now the
nldost Clothing Establishment In Trumbull Co., and
have increased my business every year. I have stood
all the shocks that have been brought to bear against
me, and have lived to see many ot my competitors
shut up" and leave town, and feel proud to remember
that by aiming at one object, I have succeeded In
bringing down and keeping down the price of my goods
to the lowest figure at which a good article can be
ManuNctnred by tip-top workmen, and warranted to
At ! To ore and all I extend the invitation to visit Big
No. 15. Oak Front, when you come to town to purchase
clothing. I am bound to sell lower
Come and see ! Remember the place Big Xo. 15,
Oak Front, first Clothing Store sooth of the Post Office,
west side of Main street. Warren, 0.
Oct. lf, '54. J. GOLDSTEIN.
VtriM Strret, fterrem. Oktm.
The subscribers would inform the customers and the
public in general, that we have now en hands, and are
constantly manufacturing a full and complete stock of
Fall and Winter Clothing for Men and Boys wear,
which, owing to the recent decline In prices will and
are bonnd to be sold a tittle Cheaper than the Cheap
est. We will not h UNDERSOLD by any.
We have on hand a lartre stock of Over-Coats.
Dress and Business Coats of all kinds ; Pants and
Vests of every quality, style and color now in nse ;
Rubber Over Costa, Under-shirts. Drawers. Fine White
Shirts. Collars, Cravats, and in fact everything kept in
an Establishment of the kind.
We also have on hand a large stock of Cloths. Cast
mere s. Vesting. 4tc., to sell or make np to order on
the shortest notee.
Warranted to fit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all, yon are respectfully Invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. You will save in oner by doing.
Warren, Nov. 1, 154.
CAPS, ate. It has been clearly demonstrated to a
generous and discerning public that Joint L. Weeks 4c.
Co.. 14 Market stu, is the legitimate place to purchase
Fall and Winter Clothing, lints. Caps, and in short,
all kinds of Gentlemen's wearing apparel at prices
that throw all babbling competitors in the shade.
Having said this we now beg leave to announce to
the citizens of Warren and surround in r conntry, that
we are receiving onr WINTER STOCK, and are
'cpared to snpply all who wish articles in onr line on
the times will allow. We have a great variety of
Ready Made Clothing of all qualities and styles, and
ft Is a common talk about Town that our stock oh
Cloths, Caimeres. and Goods generally, for our rusf
torn trade far outshines anythinr in the market, whic
we cut and make up at short notice, in a ityle superior
to anythinr done in this section of country.
A!o. HATS and CAPS in creat varieties. And we
would particularly call attention to our fine Silk Hats
and Silk Plush Caps, which in neatness and style, are
an equaled. JO3 So call, examine and iodge for
yourselves. JOHN L. WEEKS at. Co..
Warren. Nov. 1. ISM. 14. Market Street.
The American Artists Union would respectfully
announce to the citizens of the United States and the
Can adas. that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for
the fine arts throuyVtnt the country, and with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed of a gallery
of Engravings,
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
sale for their Engravings, and thus not only to give
employment to a large number of artists and others,
but inspire among or countrymen a taste for works of
art, to present to tne purchasers of their engravings,
when 350,000 of which are sold.
Each purchaser of aOne Dollar Engraving, therefore
receives not only an engraving richly worth the money
but also a ticket which entitles him to one of the Gifts
when they are distributed.
For Fivr Dollars, a high'v finished Engraving,
beautifully PAINTED in OIL. and FIVE GIFT TICK
ETS, will be sent; or Five Dollars worth of splended
Engravings can be selected from the Catalogue, and
tent iy return man or express.
A copy of the Catalogue, together with a specimen of
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the omce of this
For each Dollar sent, tnnpFa
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will
For each Dollar rtat, an EnRravint actually worth
immediately be for-
The Committee believing that the success of this
Great National Undertaking will be materially promo
ted by the energy and enterprise of iutelligept and
persevering A genu, have resolved to treat with such
on the most liberal terms.
Ans person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
fiKst paid.) 81, will receive by return of mail, a One
Dollar Engraving, a "Gift Ticket, a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the Gifts will be
Disced in the hands of a Committee of the Pcrcmamrs
be distributed, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United States and the Canadas.
100 Marble Busts of Washington, at
s. oou
100 - - nay, - -
100 " Wei str,
100 " C'aitaoun.
SO elegant Oil Paintings, in splendid)
h It frames, size 3x4 ft- each, (
100 elemntOil Painting. 3x3 ft. each.
steel plate Kuffrarings, brilliantly)
colored in oil. rich gilt frames
S4x30 inches each, )
10,000 elegant steel plate EntTaTings.t
colored in oil, of the Washington A 40,001)
Monument, 3Ux2 inches each, )
37,000 steel plate Kugravings, from
100 dillerent plates, now in posses
sion of and owned ly the Artists' 41,0011
Union, of the market value of from
50 cents to $1 each.
I first -class Dwelling. In 31st St- S. T. City, 12.000
82 Building Lots in liiOand 101st su..) . oo m,i
S. . City, each 63x100 ft. deep, 1,uuu ,uul
100 Tills Sites, containing each 10,000
sq. ft. in the sul urbs of N. V. City,
and commanding a magnificent 500 50,0011
view of the Hudson Hirer and
Long Island Poand. at
20 pei-petual loans of cash, without) 5 0011
interest or securir, of $-50 each, '
SO " " 100 5.000
100 " 50 5.0011
250 i0 " 5,0011
8,000 " " 5 " 10.000
Reference in regard to the Real Estate, F. J. Yisaf nr.,
Co.. Real Estate Brokers. New York. Orders, (poll
paidj witfi money enclosed, to le addressed,
J. W. JlOLRKOt'KE, Secy,
505 Broadway. N. Y.
II r The Engravings in the Catalogue are now reads
for delivery. loot 15, '54-6mj
stitution will open on Jlouday,the 11th day of Septem-
dct nest.
Elementary branches, including C. 8. History,
Watta on the Alind, etc, per quarter of 11
Academic course. ......
Music Piano or Melcdeon, 24 lessons -L'se
of Instrument, -Drawinr
or Fainting in Water Colors, per qr
Painting, ier qr .....
$1 00
5 00
S 00
I u0
3 00 .
0 00 I
3 00 i
Irene n.
In order to meet the expressed wants of the comma-
nity lor larger accommoioitious and to adapt the course .
instrucliuu more penectly to tne age and attainments :
the pupils.
has been constituted, for which a convenient room has
been secured adjacent to those now occupied, aud is
successful operation. The tuition charges in this de
partment will be Three Dollars.
Parents or guardians and other friends of education
respectful);- invited to visit the Institution at any
hour during the daily sessions which may suit their
XT7 Pupils are specially requested aa they would
make satisfactory progress in their studies, to be pres
ent on the first day of the term.
Hudson, April L&t.
Having had some opjiortunity to become acquainted
with the present Prineij! and assistant in the Young
Ladies' Seminary of Hudson, and their succeasfnl labors
commencing and conducting it thus far, we take
pleasure ill confidently recommending the Institution
the patronage of the community as ona in which may
secured the benefit of a thorough, elevated and re
fined education for young ladies in a suierior derree.
congratulate the people of Hudson and the vicinity
iipon Hie establishment f such a Seminary under so
nappy auspices w e are nappy to Know Uiat it is in
tended to provide iu this Institution the means and fa
cilities of an education of the highest order.
REV. G. E. PIERCE. Pres. W. J. W. SMITH,
Hudson. April to, lRVI-y
The Patrons of this iiojHilar aud Inahiouable Saloon,
hare all repudiated the ertutt s stem, and are paying
cash Ur their refreshments. They say, "Green has
enough to do to keep everything in order snd serve his
cusuimers without making tickets, cnargiug oysters and
other refreshments, drawing off accounts, and shinning
about town for money that has liecn ticketed for a
"Jay or so," and run one or two and three years, and
getting anything don't pay, and they won't let hia
so any more. Gentlemen, your arrangement suits
Stick to the text; pay as yon go, and all my tme
including that portion of it which has heretofore len
anect in fruitless efforts to collect money-shatl be de
voted to your comfort. My house ahall be set in order
now, for tne liecter accotumodstion'of my cash eua
Comers. "Excelsior," shall b. my r.oUo.
Warren. March 7. 1.-54. WM. OEEEX, Agt.
EN TISTRYDb. J. c7BcRRoucns
would resTectfulIy announce to the citixens of
Warren, aud to the public, that he will still be found at
Jtoom over fresco llati. where he will perform any
nperation Uiat may le required of the Dental profession
an 'elegant and durauie manner, lie returns his
(hanks for past favors, and aska for a continuation of
aame. All operations performed by hw. B. will he
warranted to be what thaf should be, in erery snse of
word. . . C BURROUGHS,
ftmrck 16. !VJ4-tf.
ll subscriler having purchased Mr. J. Marvin's
stock, takes this method of informing the citizens ef
Warren aud TrumiuU county, that in addition ta the
stock on hand, he ia receiving and now ope i. ing, a
Stationary and Fancv Goods as can be foui d la the
West- His stock of Books comprises Histories, Trav
els, Romances. Encyclopedias, Biographies, Works en
Elocution, Architecture. Agriculture, Theolory. Geolo
gy, Philosophy, Physiology, Phrenology, Works on
Siiiritualisiu, Mystic Orders, Annuals and Albums.
Aim, all the new Publications worthy of note, piles of
School Books, both old and new, now in use in the sev
eral -ichool districts. Bibles from 50 cts. to ft 10, Prayer
and Hymn Books for all denominations.
la great variety. Letter Writers, 8ong and Dream
Books, Astrologers' Books and Cards.
In this department are offered every description ef
Goods. French. American Laid, Wove, Cap, Bill. Let
ter and Note Paper of he best quality, and Envelopes
to match.
Comprising Ledgers. Journals, Record, Cash, Invoice,
Time, Log, Note, Receipt and Memorandum Books.
Also, Copy Books tor schools.
Li Olographic Prints. Maps, Chessmen and Board.
Dominoes. Dice and Cups, Playing and Printing Cards.
Paper Weights. Calendars, Letter Clips and Billbolders,
Address Cards, Plain, Gilt, Embossed and Illumined,
Card Cases. Pearl, Ivory and Illumined.
Drawing Books, Cards. Paper and Drawing materi
als. Inks. Writing Fluids. Pens and Lead Pencils.
Leaves, Wire, Paper, etc., for Artificial Flowers, and
a large assortment of English, French, German and
American Toys, Weekly Papers from Boston, New
York and Philadelphia, Periodicals. Harpers Putnam's,
Graham's. Godeys and Methodist National Magazines,
Leslie's Book of Fashions and Yankee Notions.
The purchasing community will find always on hand
a large stock from which to make their selections, at
extremely low prices for cash only, at the New York
Book Store. No. 23, Main street, a few doors south of
ihe Post Othce.
Warren O.. Oct., 1th. 1854. R, A. A. BALDWIN
Building, opposite the Democrat Office, Mai a Street,
Warren, Ohio.
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and best
lot of CLOTHING, at Wholesale and Retail, ever
brought to this market, comprising Dress, Frock and
Business Coats, Overcoats, Pants and Vests, of every
variety and style conceivable. To test the truth of our
assertion we will give yoa prices and you eaa come
and examine for yourselves.
A FULL SUIT, Coat. Pawts and Vest. ftflO, with
an Overcoat to match for $4. Also, a rich stock ef
Roys' Clothing; Coats for $2, with Pants to match for
SI. Also, a complete stock of HATS and CAPS, com
prising every style and quality. We have also a full
stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, and a large
stock of Broadcloths. C as si meres and Vestings. rich
and rare, and of the latest and most fashionable styles
CARD. The Proprieters here take occasion tore
turn their sincere thanks to the people of Warren ard
the surrounding country, for the generous patronage
which they have hitherto awarded them, and rerfiect
fully ask its continuance, fueling certain that their
goods, for style, quality and cheapness, cannot be
equalled In this section of country. Our goods are all
warranted to he of grod material, well made, and to
give good service We have hut one price for our
goods, and that a just one. believing It a oor policy
and worse principle to plunder from one person te
secure the loss on another. P. T. BART LETT, i
Warren, Oct. 7, 1S54. G. W. BROWN
hers to the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL or tws VTholi
Worlo, published simultaneously in the three cities of
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, as soon as
34,C0U subscriptions are obtained ; and having al
ready an actual circulation of about 300.000, it is now
certain tha a'isrisatsa mill ... iei 7aes.
Among the extraordinary itsr or aim, (being en,
for every ticket issued.) are
Prof. Ilart's Elegant Country Seat, valued at
A Magnificent City Residence M "
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest
or security......... ......................
Building Lots. Elegant Piano Fortes, Melo
rieons. Gold Watches, Bracelets, Rings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New
World, hy Prof. Hart : Real Estate, sVc,
it., fcc. in all numbering 300,000 Oifls,
valued at
Every simile remittance of tl. secures one year's
sabscription sn the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity of a Oift Ticket, which entitles the holder to
one share In the 300.UW (lifts. Thna every person in
vesting in this stupendous Enterprise receives the
full worth of his or her money, in subscription to a
first class journal, (the greatest and most interesting
Pictorial of the age.) besides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove an immense fortune to the
Por complete List of Gifts, and full and explicit par
ticulars in regard to the great Enterprise, Distribu
tion. At e., see a copy of Tne Who ls Woai.o, which
will he promptly sent, free of charge, where desired by
letter, post-paid.
Tbk Wholu Woslb may also be sees at the offices ef
all papers containing this advertisement, where infor
mation may be obtained in regard to the paper and
Agents. Postmasters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel .mplovment, should
not fail to. see a copy of Tub Wbolb Would, which
contains hy far the most liberal inducements erer of
fered to agents in the way of immense cash premiuma,
gifts, commissions, dec, whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make $1,000 and upwards,
per year ; to which fact the agents we already have
can certify. Secure the Pictorial, and become wise,
rich, and happy.
Corresnendents must write their address Name,
Post Office, County, and State. aia and dittimct. or it
will be their own fault u they mil to get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all returns will be promptly sent
wherever desired, in any part of the world.
JTP If any orders are received after the 300,000
subscribers are obtained, the money will be promptly
returned, post-paid, to the persons sending it.
JTyAll letters and remittances for the Pictorial.
with Gift TlrKrra. must invariably be addressed,
post paid, to Paor. J. WOODMAN HART, WoaLD's
HaLL, Broadway, New York, there being the '
office for the tiift Enterprise.
But remitiances for the Pictorial vnniorT Oift Tick
eta. may be sent to Prof. J. WOODMAN HART. Hm'i
Bi'ild.kus, Chestnnt Street. Philadelphia, Pa , there
being the principal editorial and publication office.
Oct, 1 l-6m.
v t ry, etc. The subscrilers have just re
ceived a Urge stock of Goods in their line, which.
with their former stock, makea a very desirable assort
ment ; among which are Gold and Silver Watches . Sil
ver, Silver Plated and Bnttania Spoons ; Breast Pins ;
Finger Rings ; Ear Rings ; Gold and Silver Pencil
Cases ; Watch Chains. Seals and Keys : Scissors :
Shears ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Knives ; Knives and
Porks ; Raxurs ; Percussion Caps and Pills ; Silver
Plated, Briltania, Glass, and Common Candlesticks;
Lamps ; Lamp Globes, and Chimneys ; Tea Trays : Tea
and Collee Pots ; Communion Ware ; Castors ; Cloth,
Shoe, Hair, Flesh. Tooth and Sharing Brashes ; Melo-
deons ; Guitars ; Banjos ; Violins ; Flutes ; Fifes ; Ac
cord eons ; Flageoletts and Tasrborines ; Hair Pins and
Combs; vi aist Mines ant untitles ; rurses ; rocxet
Books and Wallets ; Powder Flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, and a great variety of Toys and Fancy Good a.
The public are respectfully invited to call and exam
ine the goods.
All kinds of Clocks and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to perform well, at a reasonable expense.
To our old customers we tender our thanks for the
patronage the establishment has received for the lart
thirty-six years. WALTKR KING sx SON,
Dec. 1&1. No. 9, Main Su, Warren, 0.
JULES VAUTR0T, Wholesale and
Retail Dealer in Clotks. WaTrnra. JrwiLST, 8il-
vca-WasE. and Fancy Goods, warren, Ohio,
llarmr iust returned from the Eastern Man
ufactories, I brought with me a very large
assortment of extra-Due English Lever Watch
es, in gold, hunting and plain cases. Also, a sniierinr
quality of Duplex Watches, with independent seconds,
just the thing for timing horses. Also, English Lever
Railroad Time Keepers, in Silver Hanging Cases; and
a larger stock of Detached Lever and Lepine Watches
than was ever before offered in this place. My assort
ment of Jewelry, 1 flatter myself, is a better selection
than 1 have ever befoie made, having purchased a
much larger stock and o' finer quality, than has here-
tofore been brought to this place; such as I can fully
recommend. Every) ody is invited to call and exam
ine my slock. Pedlars, and others, purchasing t J sell
again, will Aud a Urge assortment, and prices lliat will
compete with Eastern Cities, aa 1 purchase my goods
directly from the manufacturers, and will senior aa
small ..-ofits as auy other establishment in the country.
A few fine Douole Time Centre Seconds Wstcltrs, will
be sold very low. Now is the time for securing a goad
I bsrca-i. Call soon and see for yourselves.
Watches. Jewelry, ate., carefully repaired ana war
ranted. JT7 Engraving neatly done.
Oct. T, 1854.
it Co. are consuntly making additions to their
large and well selected stock of Stove ratterns, se tnat
they are now aide to furnish customers with the sua
desirable patterns for kitchen or parlor use. Among
their assortment are the following ;
The Clinton Air Tight Cook Stove, No. S.
do lmnraved do do do do
This Stove is trulr the Fanner's Stove, for after aa i
unprecedented tun of nte years, tne uemana lor tnem is
still increasing.
The Wouuaas' Rights Cook Stove, So. 1, for wood or cat.
do do do do No. 9, do
do do do do No. 4. for wood.
This is a new pattern of Coal Store, just got out by
us, with elevated oven. No. 1 is intended for a dining
room Stove, having two boiler holes and a large capa
cious oven for baking or keeping meats warm. No.
has four 8 inch holes for boiling.and is adapted to small
families. No. 4 has 4 inch holes for boiling, and a
very large oven, and is adapted to large families.
The " Bang l"p" Cook Stove, No. .
do Western Queen do do
do Queen of Prairies do do
C, Great Western do do for coal.
These Stoves have four 9 inch boiler holes and capa
cious ovens below the nre enamDer. ror oeauty,
strength, durability and economy in fuel, these Stoves
are unsurpassed. 1 ney are penect oaaers.
The following are some of their Parlor Stoves :
The Cottage Franklin Coal Store, No. t.
do do do do No. 3.
These are the celebrated Sliding Doer Stoves, which
took the premium at the late State Fair. For beauty and
convenience, they challenge competition, aa the exua-
ordinarv sales this rear abundantly testify.
The Cottage Stove, No. 3, for wood,
do do do No. S. do
The Jewett It Root Store. Folding Doors, for wood.
Besides a general assortment of Cannon, Coal, Box,
and lairy More,.
All kinds of machinery made to order. Stove Foua
drv east of Tavler's Warehouse. 00 the canal. Machine
Founder, east side of Liberty street, en the canal. Tin
Shop four doors west of the Bank, Market street. War
ren, Ohio. Jan 19
i EAGLE HOTEL. The subscriber wonld uks this
opportunity of informing; the cittaens of Warren, and
the f.uMic cenerally. that he has purchased the Esuls
Ho-nti., formerly kett by Mr. Camp, where hereafter he
would he if lad to see his friends, and all who choose to
give him a call. TUi best arraneements will be made te
snake his house a pleaaant place to atop, and no effort
ill be spared to those wno call vi.ee to stop again . Te
the old customers of the Earls be would say, da at
condemn a change as for the worse, because jroa wore
so well suited with your eld landlord, ui giw the oe
administration a trial before yon decina.
Warren. Aug. 17. lt-63. GEO. T. HULL.
IV RI I ING INKS, tko Arnold's nd
Mavnard 4k Nore," e!eirat4 Writing Inks.
Also. Ink Powder, Caruiin? Ink. Indelible Ink, fee
marking linens, Writing isand. Ink Bottles, etc.. etc.
for sals hy sr'l A. SMITH Co.
to Crotchet aj.d fancy Knitting. A few copies
received at APAalS' Bookstore,
Also, several aw popular weeks. Drop ia whea
y V t'tne- nor ffi!)
White Lead a large supply sonstanly oa hand
and forasleah, lowest cash prices, hy
Ang t. T, A EMITH k Co.
aSTHMA, KIUHI til lis. I'ussiiirTiu.i. a.m us ;
a m rs'i'Tiiwa ni th r r ikst a n n lithium. '
These Wafers operate like a charm producing almost j
ini-inTanTfl T r"" A mj m ubk, wto hii ;
and irritation in the throat, which gives rise to backing 1
and coughing, and finally result, if not arrested, in a 1
disease of fatal type. I
Por Bronchi tis.SJ fearfully prevalent !n this climate, '
these Wafers stand perfectly unrivalled. No Public
Speaker should attempt to address an audience without j
supply of j
In his pecket. They lubricate the throat and facilitate
delivery to a most aatonisniug aegree. i-roiessiouaj
singers, and all members of Church Choirs will expe- '
rieace immense benefit from their magie effects. All
who nse them cheerfully testify to their wonderful elh
eaey. There is lint one opinion of their matchless vir
tues, in all complaints for which they are recommended.
One box will satisfy yoa that we cannot apeak to.
highly in their favor.
Hon. SAMl'EL RICHARD!OX, late Mayor of Roch
ester. N. .; Dr. James McCarthy, of Medical H ill,
Dublin: S. Pearsall, Vicar, Lichfield Cathedral; E. Pres
ton, Coal Merchant, of Hull England ; and thousands
ef others have volunteered their testimony ia favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'd great diieoaery. A single trial will
convince the most sceptical that no medicine ap
proaches this in the absolute control it exerts ever all
lhat fatal class of diseases which we here enumerated.
Bold by all Medicine Dealers generally.
Oct. 4. lr-4 4m
nr. j iiin bull.
The stout p-.wtTfi.il Kinr on the lVe of the clooa now
rrixriss supruutr in the X uierVm n l.epublic The power
ef the cruwrn-d bends of bumpa -ink into lm ni'iranra
when coQipnrvd to ur Ami rin King.
fcuroptran kiii: emp.rty tha power vested In them ts
incrsase the rivhrs f the rirfa and lordly, and to rednce
to greater misery snd Uegratlatina. the poor and depend
ant, ilur Amrriean Kinkttes forth with eual will.ua
wees to the trdlT atansion aid the hem We oabin, ready
alike to aUniieifftrr rvlWC and to oiler health and bappi
mmm tn lire lofty and lowly, tha rich and the pocr
la the T.vrai Woaiaa cr tmi Wtmuk, and the seateat
Mesalng rmr offered to a IK k ted humanity: to the sof
erin? miliioisa the lortT ran ut. reiirf ta at toot eoa
aund. Yr have only V est this niacal raaedT. All
Ibrtwe whn still sufTi-r, and iii not aept the preferred
Baltn. dtwrre ih1 the pity of ttieir families.
This wcnJrful inrdtcine, during tha brief period since
Its iutrodm tktt.. his carried nappiuess to the hearts of
thoosauda. and made MU a fharo to many who harate.
lure regarded it ouly as a sojaful and iniaacahie ealaa
ttte. Te th winds with all Liniments. RmlToeatlona, Pais
Killers, aud fain st&tractorv and let millions of glad
lsnfttes pretiui tha mrits of iba treat Aakrieaa
tUn; vf l ain. ' a preparation cewposrt solely of
tabic a 11 ruU, pndiMd ty America's owa rich an4
vanteens m it.
Viemt ul l mk th 1.,mcs. who are always eevpetarai
indtr- nf Lat i and v l-it i n.ta TaluaMe Ctaaily aaad
Icina, to dr u a spm-ial favor hy firior tha K ids:
a so?l trial, and If mtu'sctsT. eiert thlr inflwawoa
ia its bclvilf rertetnir.Fnd iu pfaLt well and oftaa of it,
and ace that It is saed ) their atflicted sei-hbors. The
LstwarraayarharitaUe. and whan tby ioduae thair
BtsnVrin? friends tw use tub rwaiiy valeahl aaadteine,
thay wiU ha dutnx an at f rapntrrolenee that they eaa)
weli tw pnmd nt lh is a powerful and truly-auifeal
eatmerty fr all externa. ui--a-- suras, swelllnivw, huraa,
Ax,and f r vuinv intrriul fllt-tWos. it is a cvrta.n enre,
yet It fa prrfftlV h.iruilexo. and ineapabla of prodoetaf
the least 1'ijuriou rift, ta in the uuat delicate eaaea or
the Weakest ri'OntitottOr;.
It ia vutir-ly ueiP tf fallow tha old and wortt-ewt
lystcia wf putit4iiiii tu lh uuUlte tLousanda of osrtiaV
satea f arutlera prtirtRd y this saavlirina. It eosta
hut tTtiav-l. rrnu tu try iL aud br. Hail stahea bta
wall-ram. ti tvf ut-ttruit mi tla kiug of lala Doinf ail
and aivLtfe lUau he claim fr it.
h.ie tva the Khaumatisni orGont;
these are a 4 plramnt enoipaniooa and wa kajnw thai
foa wul. il.a lt drire thcui away an auaaj aa ajosribsa,
UmB Oxr
-l:l XL'S h!N0 Of PAIX"
Waottl (ou Is ruri slnMiat iia mediately ef Itowel
Ooaipt-iinu 1 auntr . miner CoinpUiutLolara Moe
sws. irantp t'ln-lif. Ilnd Ahe, Twtb or any other ache
ar pain, the Tameujr i attupla and the sure certain,
Would roa hare yar .irea. tweHtr.. Cnts,
giHi ItruiAaivor any othtr wound healed, wa
st, ear tha
Would roo he cured ef tvwM Head. Stiff Jo Iota, fere
nrroaU NaurUia. Sr tJrr.iL l.umisvo- Tetter or Kina
V, arm, 5alt r.M-u:n. -;U-f l"i-i-oin us Inareta. Chappad
HanTis. aud all etrr -ituer Dry or Runnin. we
tnj aaia and aaiii. iota avxautT is Lr. JoIib Hall a
- hi Mi ir pa:x ."
Wnnld yoa he ru-cd f Kin-'s KiU. Cauct-r. Taanora,
Krupti'na, 'r any d.-ra M the Ss-n rmuimd by impure
bloc-l. tb-tri ua lr. Jhn Hull barparilla interaaWly.
and the Kin: of fain externally. n.tniax eaa be saore
tartaia tlian a paeay and adarlual cure-
Tit is tti.dl -tia. f-.an ud aon-riiitx; to UraetioaVt
srill euro, a iUMut l-ii
or hits.; a '.til,
Cani-wr. jupti- ns
of the .mln hrjfip-l
Tuntora Omnic JKra r.yaa,
Bln Ucrm or Tttra. ald linad.
llbenmatUa.. (,lr in the Uonaa or
Joints, ild S-rrs anu I leers. SctfHins of
tbauL-in ls. !r-jliilia Ivjepftm. bait I ttenaa.
lisra-esi f Um kitlacx. l.tet- fi-ia froa the
nar of Merritry. Ia f ApLpcli.a. rait iu tlx-4r nd
Shoulders Ci-eerai i-i ilitv. J.uMntfu. u -h. Co Ida,
Urofaty, Jaan Ji.-a. Cistivcni). t-ro.H-bilL, ttoakuaasof
Cheat, Tli ma l- ruliniu:r nr. i- lK.i.s andail other
Diinaafs tending t prvi mr'J lMlnltn. IJvarCoaa
plaietx. rVtaalc lriavuiar.t .ud t.ouiUinta. Low
tptrita. iei an l ntr oia 1 I -arlte. N lit Sweata,
Kapivtwrea. or Impru-jVoea in Cbruic Coa
stitutioe.U li,-aa-s. and .a a ?yriu and
cumiuer iirink. and (.-neral tiotc Ar the
by steOL aud a tleutie rad l'lraail
har-atie, it fa supxriitr to bine
UdL and Iwurre-e Vtaiar.
fialta U.tla
i"ow tiers.
It b a remarkalle tVt, that aix or the hnndreda of
ssninant ph .si-ians wh iaa exantiiei the rectps by
which bull's anapai)la i prepared, not one has eoa
dasanetJ it, but all appror it. and eouiaiend it in the
hicfaeat terras. JUnr ph - sfc-itna exprrsa tbentsrlTOB
atrtwocl' in the lsrllaf that it ta dreiJedly the t pp-pa-ratiou
of &arptril.a that iu aer lean placed lef-.re
tha Boblie. Altfeu:h th-r .-rs nwny phvaieiuia who
asei a reitrUtitohavi..t ti ir nanea apbruded V the
lawiiiiiiisiilstii n of any p-tr.i uLir rrnu ly. notwith
etaodini; tbwry way approee f It in tlie ii;heat dnajimi
tvhereara others a Ik- fruk! ? tcld thrir up-rt In tat or
of a remedy whb tliev laivw w ti;h1 i-of ih-iiij ao
aaucfa o"d in an aiT i- te. -uiu-r.anity. As an fauce.
reavd th f jitowio-.: from ol s tud rrjwtj: i.r ptiyw iana,
afhih rt-iOtiUj Iu taxuiuuiiy i wbt-b they live
stTetiiit)ny lika th- t K--i? r-J- r uf-r( o.ns
all ourametiUon thv:i-a,- f Knli aria,risA ln-a
1T. L. I. anWl i rofew-'r ol" heuiitrt i:i the l-nuia-ellle
Madlaal t olleue : i hu. - itu:t-d vvt lh tixt uf in
frodianU oniu Job1 l-uil twibmnd i.tr-t of
iWsaparttsA ai:d liar do L.wUtlB in int that thay
flona a safe nuip.und. and . ueltmt (r.Kiiuu.x, mill ii
anrooie diaatn, to w Ui. h u b apph 1-.
u . v..ur.i.u M.D.
LovnaTtixc. June 6. lt.
What Tr. Pvles, physi li hy ppl -taient to th
CaaisTiUe Ma iue litaapiul. aays i f uull a .'armuarilla
IyTKTILUL V-r- h 3). 149.
1 hare aavamined the pr-.-rintit)n f r the pn-jvartissa
af John Ituli a Simpiriila. and 1 teltaa tl a ortl ina
Uoai to he an exeall'it !:. and w-.l ralrulated t pro
an alteratie I uprns-i n the -(em. I hare
sued it hrth In pnHivand private prarti.-e. and tLiuk
a. as the bast articl of :Nkrpri.li t-- in
V. PVI.KS. M. D.
RwOident Ihyrkbin L-i'rill. Marine lloxpitiL
Better trstie.' on v tlun aTr lTerfl in fcior of any
aaadteine. . K- W. ?ton I -- trenfn :
, riM-iLL Ia J th. 149.
Wa hava ed M Un Vnil arwpiril!a. aut bar
knowa it to 1 uswl with entir-asti-fi-tia: and we
have no h iutk n m st.tii. -mr i- li f tint it k a safe
nnd ralufl 'e uadi.'al : o-j:.a. and cal- oUlni t. wro-veBiv-h
sod n.i rvliwx- nio.-h tvj'f-.-rinj: aad tnare
fcre wowldehaurfull.. and rmllT rinan-ad it
fee the aiilictad.
We would eaw-atW in. IV all pr-who are saffer
Inc with aar of tha ills tiai :-h U hrlr to to call oa
John BuH aa.-ant. and tet a ""pr . f t:iH s tawily
Jmrnal itratia : and fur tr- f of h urnai Ity wa hope
hat a aincle indiaiia.iJ ai.l vot U rund unwillinx to
aira Bull a SarsaoAriJa a trwl sO-r-readin and r-ro.
f-ftlnp- at tha same Uute. that it is in-r- i; h- the
lectnr to poHliih tha tenth part of th- nomer of osr
fcifrpat aataanndinr ear pera riwed ht hi .Straspa
fllaa. The snm-tef traXlmnny .oiuntarily rh-werl
em Dr. Bull's fraraaparH). fn.ro Wfll kioTn and .latha.
nashed indiTMuala. Inth ta public and pri.aw )i(,haa
tajrt mat fcu tit ti u '
jrTpr. John Bull a Hnrtcipal AVe. tVeat 5Ue rUtM
I door below Main, uuiaTuie, iy.
principal orriCRJ.
roa avtx rx
VnTISD , ,v !
TUB webr IMJ.KSa
sd he A. SMITH ot C.Drug:isU !fo. S Maia St. ;
sr , ;
UENT No. 0 Main Street.
J. MeConnell . Co No. SO, Main
Itreet, Warren. Ohio, hav, the pleas
are of announcing to the citiseus of
v - l i .ml ik. mthlie in
general that they are receiving and manufacturing the
Unrest, cheapest and best aasortment of BOOTS and '
ISSIUEEL "wToieaTr"'
Ihateaanot fail to suit pa-ehaaera. on the eaah
loady-ray systeii. mcir saoca "
Honswajido:' lrrcZcll,i;r.
aat ar : Anf Braeans: 1
Calf Pegs do; " Kip and Calf at sgans;
'r tA xi Z. i r.if n.u.r..- j
-"""irnTr: s' department. j
t ji Jennv Lind Boots. Buskins and Tie: Ladle' ;
. .. .1, . n 1 1 .
.. : . . . .. n ... '
u . . ' .nd Peered 6 altera aad a haps, el ail
ki -Is; Children s snoes. ace.
Xorocco. Calf Skin and Upper Leather, and every. I
thing usually kept In our line, which will be sold fori
re. lawer. tasm caa o Fawoaai-wriw--. 1 u ll
..il 14. IHW.
f I
J at. ;
VI .
t rsm !
.k. u ' a. ,.mk,iD,cuiniHn.iTimuiiw.
to all persons oral) aresand conditions, as a certain
and t-ife shield against those fearful diseases. Cm-
sumption. Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs .Colds and ether
amictionsof the Lung which arise from the exposed
stale of the chest, according to fashion, and the eontin
a aal changes of our climate.
"The Protector." is simply a chemically prei ared
fur. lined with silk and padded, which, suspended from
Dattat SlUiiriats.
'rilE CHEST. Sir AstJey Cooper.',
-L Bart- X. D.. tha eminent Uadlcai Practitioner.
aas iei a vaiuame legacy w tne worm la ria unsAT ;
rKiTisiiiiisiiisLuxs .srri in us a.ftib.i.
cure for Pulmonary Disease., wrraocr Tne rsa.v aaav
tne neca, covers tne cnest in so agreeable a manner,
that, once worn, it becomes a necessity snd a comfor
-l ne rroieetor, although but recently introduced la
to America, is making rapid progress throoti lha
United States 'he Canada. South America, aa I est
Indies. It bs for a long time been a staple ailicle
In England and on the continent of Europe, while it
has grn in many countries to the position of aa arti
cle of dress.
To demonstrate these fact, enquire of any English
resident in your vicinity of his k- nwledge of the ben
eneial effect of wearing the Prolector, vriTBocr ax
cocasc T, DoiTORiN. of any kind. The cost of wear
ing these article, is a mere trifle, and one will last
some years. No one who values the health of himself
or his family will be without them. The Hospitals ia
this country are not alone recommending them, but
rapidly introducing them. Ilarcourt, Bradley 4c Co.,
of Londin, anu siancnester, England, were originally
entrusted with the manufacture of the Protectora. by
the bunented Dr. Cooper, and continue to manufacture
according t- "his original" instructions, and therefore
recommend those who wonld wear "The Protectors,"
M SW MM UICH 1 -IT 4 II )(cmitlie.
Remember this is a staple article, and a. Patent
Gent's ?ite, . . . 1 50 sack.
Ladies do. - - 1 00 do.
Boya'and Missdo. 75 do.
38 Ann Street dt lOi Nassau Street, New York.
Principal Warehouse. 102 Wood Street, Cheapsid.
London. Manufactory, 44 Market Street, Manches
ter, England.
II. B. dt Co. are establishing Depots for the sale of
"The Protector" in all parts of America. Physicians,
Surgeons. Dru-rzists, Clothiers, Dry Goods Merchants,
Hatters and Milliners, also Gentlemen's Furnishing
Store Keepers are entrusted with the wholesale and
retail distribution of them, and to whom most liberal
terms are offered for their enterprise, and a splendid
opportunity opens to them for safe and profitable busi
3d Ana Street, New To-ik.
Sept. 20, 1854 3m.
It snds pre-eminent for iu curative sowers ia all
diseases for which it is recommended, usually called
Of these are Prolapsus Cteri. or Falling of the Womb ;
riour Alous, or n nites; Chronic lnnamation and Ul
ceration of the Womb; Incidental Hemorrhage, sa
Flooding;: Painful, Suppressed and Irregular Menstrua
tion; Ac, with all their accompanying evils, (Cane
excepted no matter how severe, or how long standing.
The Catholicon far surpasses other remedies, ia being
more certain, less expensive, and leaving the system
in a better condition. Let all interested call and obtair
a pamphlet (free) containing ample proof, from the
most respectable sources, of the beneficial results of its
use; together with letters froa highly experienced Phy
sicians, who nave used it in their practice, aad speaa
irom uieir own observations.
P. B. Pxrxaaa, M. D irtiea, S. T.
L. D. Ft-iains, M. D.. Rochester If. T
M. H Milds, M. D-, Rochester. N. T
D. V. Foots, M. D-, Syracuse, Si. T.
Prof. Dt nsaa, M. 1)., Baltimore, Md.
J. C. OeK a, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
W. W Raasx, M. D., New-York City.
W. PsamoTT. M. D . Concord, N. U.
J. P. Niwuss, M. I lica. ti. V.
Rev. C. 8. Biajto, eieoa Springs, 3. C.
Phamplets to he had gratis at the Store of X. A. SMITH
at Co., Agents, Druggists, Warren, O. Also sold by L.
W. Mears, North Bloomneld, James K. Sexton. Toungs
own, aad by most of tha leading Druggists ia the ess
oining eountiee.
TfjpLtltrr wUrtMiti tt Ikt care mf Mr. Cwrtit
Hatch, Agrmt mt stsmaaa, Oaie.
To Da. Maairnst : I hare heea tea years troubled
with Female Complaints' prolapsus uteri, aad all the
attending difficulties: at times rendering my life moa
miserable. 1 have had the attendance of some ef the
best physicians, with but little success; the most they
could do was to relieve a cure was out ef the sjuestioa.
For five months before commencing with your medicine
1 had not been able to perform any labor, could walk
but a few steps at a time, and scarcely went out ef doors
in short, 1 was completely prostrated, both La mind
aad body, and expected to drag out the rest of my days
in suffering and misery. But, reading your advertise
ment, I was induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Catholicon, as the last resort, lhad not
used it a week before I felt like another woman. By the
use or three bottles I was enabled to perform a! the La
bor for six ia the family with ease, and could walk any-
wnere in tne neighborhood without Injury, nothing
but a sense of my duty to yoa and to the atflicted. has
induced me to state my case to the public. I eaa safely
recommend the preparation to all those suffering like
myself. (Signed.) Maa. 8aa Aaa Btauor.
Freedom, Portage Co., Ohio.
OM. B. MARCUISI at Co., Proprietors, Centra
Depot, Bit Broadway. New lor.
Warren. June 31. 1854-y
-Vat a Pmrtielt tf Mtrnrt ta if.
Lrr tms Arruerxa Rxaa ana Ponnaal
Aa Infallible Remedy for Scrofula. King's Erit, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Kruptions, Pimples or
Postule on the Face, Blotches, Boils, Ago and Fe
ver, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints,
Stubborn I leers byphilitie Disorders, Lumbago,
Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising from aa
injudicious l.'se of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, r
Impurity of the Blood.
JXZr This great alterative medicine and Purifier mt
Blood is now used by thousands or grateful patients
from all parts of the United States, who testify daily to
the remarkable cures performed by the greatest of
Medicines, "CasrrEu's Sraaua Muttx. Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions of the Skin, Liver
Disease, Fevers, Ulcers. Old Sores, Affections of the
Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female Complain ta.
Pains and Aching of the Bones andJoinu, are speedily
put to flight by using this great aad Laestimabl rem
edy. For all diseases of the Blood, aothing has yet beea
fonnd to compare with ft. It cleanses the system of
all impurities, acts gently and efficiently ou the Liver
and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to
the Stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and re
stores the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or broken
down hy the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and
For the Ladies, it is incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few doses of Can-rca's Sraav
tan Mix-rrai will remove all sallow-nee ef complexion,
bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give elasticity
to the step, and improve the general health in a re
auarkablc deg-ee, beyond all the medicines erer heard
The large Dumber of certificate, which we have re
ceived from persons from all parts of the United State
ia the best evidence that there is a Humbug about it.
The press, hotel keepers, magistrate, physicians, and
publicm.-u, well known so the community, all add their
leatimony to the wonderful effects ml this OREAl
Call on the Asm and get a Circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful cure thia truly greatest af ail
Medicines has performed.
None genuine unless signed BanirrTT oe Baxma, Pro
prietors, No. 3, Pearl street, Richmond, Va, to whom
all orders for supplies and agencies must be addressed.
For sale by K. A. Smith at Co, Warren ; J. Camp
bell, Niwtou Falls ; B- Brown. Otalton ; tie.. Haalett,
Gaatavua , S. W. Mears, Bloomfield, and by Dealers ia
Medicines everywhere. no, 8&-y
Jaundice, Chronic or Nervous Nebility, Disease
of the Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from a Disor
dered Liver or Stomach ; such aa Constipation, iaward
Piles, Fullness, or Blood to the head. Acidity f th
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for Food, Full
ness er Weight in the Stomach. Sour Rructtaiona, Sink-
ing or Fluttering at the fit of the Stomach, swimming
of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, F hitter -;
ing at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensation
when ia a lying posture. Dimness of Vision. Dots oe
Webs before the sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the
nead, deficiency of Perspiration, Tellowness of the
Skin snd Eyes, Pain in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
Ice. Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning ia the Flesh,
Constant Imaginine, of Evil, and Great Depression of
8pirits can be effectually cured by
Dr. flooflanifi Celebrated Germio Bitters,
Prepared by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, No. lie Arch street.
Their power over the above diseases is aot excelled,
if equalled, by any other preparation ia the United
States, as the cures attest, in many easea after akillfal
physicians hail failed. These Bitters are worthy the
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtues in tn
rectification of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands.
exercising the most searching powers in weakness and
al'ectious of the digestive organs, tney are, wttnal
safe, certain aud pleasant.
Joan norma. Jeromesville, Ohio. May 21th. 1853
said : "I write to stale for your satisfaction, and also
for that of others, that your German Bitters is what yoa
recommend it to be. a highly valuable ssedieine, which
I know from having used it la my wa family t my
entire satisfaction. All who havs used it give the sam
Srarns, A. MraLV. Canton. Chi. May 11. IMS,
says: "Having heard your Oermaa Bitters highly
recommended Irom sources ia which I placed much
confidence, I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
of them I gave to my daughter who has derived great
benefit frum it ; two ol tne outers a soiu unmeauueiy
and I would like vou to send me a supply of it to sell."
Joan CLaax, Brunswick, Ohio, May 26, 1K4. says:
Yoor German Bitters have proved successful ia every
ease that has come to my knowledge, aad ha opened
for itself a rreat demand."
Taoaas La-n-urosa, Covington, Ohio. Dee. 27th,
lSo3.says: -My wile has boeu aSected with the Liver
complatntand Dyspepsia for a number of years, during
which time I have spent a great deal for doctoring- but
she received very little beaefit therefrom, and finally
the doctors said she could not be cured. Last spring
she concluded to try your Bitters; she took two bettlee
aud ever smce taking them she has beea able to attend
to h?r business, until very lately she had a new attack
but has strain commenced the Bitters. 1 have sold
quite a nnmltcr of bottles through her recommendatioa,
and as far as I can learn, it has given satisfaction to
D. Assott, Anstiahnrgh, AsVahaht county. Oliio
Decemher 5th, lei3, says "Permit me to ber testJ
moay to the remarkahi. elEcKy of your ssedieine ia
nn of LiTer Complaint, for years previoa to
takiai your Bitters. I waa severely afflicted with laser
Complaint : so much so Uiat I did aot expect to live:
hut hy a free use of your medicine, thanks to a kind
These Bitters are mirtlf mfttthlt and free frosn
a,M ; j. Caroiell Newton Palls, and hy. Dealers ia
Medicine everywhere. (nor S, H-54-y
A fERCUANT'S Gargling Oil. in S5ct.
XT s suet, and BW Bottles, lor ' ""
ar retail, hy
r A. SMITH at CO.
Marcu 1C. 'Jt.
QLOAN'S Ointment ani
kl r . m l- W-
at owner, .r .-j
mar IS
II.. , a , k.
J.- just rcceivcu aou j
E. A. STdlTn m C.
TTOOFLADS tierman Biters, a cei-
1 ebraled remcly for the cure of Liver Complaint.
jMUdiae, larajievsi. and ail disease arising from a
utsordM-ed liver ar summca. soio oy
starch 15.
Alcoholic stimulant-and all injurious lagreuieni. mis.
ia their eperalion, they strengthen the system, aevar
prostrate iu
For sale hy I. A. Smith 4k Co, aad Pwrter k. C
. n ti..i.t, r.n.t.,.s :"J. S. Hears. Bloom-
ll tootlaa efthe PabLeaatb.
rertiftcatp. aMi.a s-l.
sideratlea which
. . :rl
rranknesa deserves.
Men in each stations as many
voluntarily bear witness to
emcacy and value ec Caaaar
PacToaaL. d. not wanton) trine
with, or distort facts, nor overstate their eoavletieaa.
Judge then, whether this Is not the saediein. tw teas
be. yoa moat have relief for the throat ar ianga; judge
.nether every family ought not to bar. tt by thesa
a safeguard against the every where arweai)iag ene
wnicn steam with fatal freooeacy apaa ala
Sock aad carries esT the iamb frees many a as.
iny a aemsi
Jackson. C. n. Jaetua Cltrmi.kh!l.wI8St.
J. C.Atm.
Sir The CnaaiT Par-roaai la mark Inquired after.
Several of oor best Physicians bare need it, thre, mt
thesa in their owa easea and always with the nappies, -effects.
The nameroas patent medicines always barer
them, lead to incredulity in regard to every new remedy,
it ia only after anduobted evidenee of value ia any
article, that auything like a general natndeoee cast ae -excited.
The unrivalled excellence of this combination af
agents, (i a the C men, Pm-roatAL) proved beyond cavil
repeated trial under their owa observation, aas com
pelled medical men to proclaimed abroad k'a usefully
It is beyond all doubt th best ssaeisi n.nli
have for the Pulmonary Affection of thia elissaae.
the aame time sedative and expectorant a raw, tti
Binauon el properties.
Ia the hope that it will prove Its wa reward, I sub
scribe myself. Respectfully your obt. servt.
JA3. 11. C. MILLER. M. 9.
Allegaa. Mich, 10th Jan, li3,
Dear Sir 2fo ne. no not one man. woman, a child
caa be found to deny that lb Casaxt Fxc-roaaa ts all
tnat u claims to be. There is marsh ased ia this vicinity
although not knowa until recently. Th eoaauvsaitf
should know it's virtues. Tears truly.
J0H5 B. XELLOOO, It. 0.
Let gentlemen of the Legal Frofeston mark this eaa.
Wllliamabure. L. I Bet. 1 HB9.
Da. J. C. Arm.
Dear Sir Over application for the past three rears aa '
duties as an advocate brought on some eight month
ago a severe irritation of the broncal tabes, which wa
constant annoyance to me. and fast beeomiag a soar,
great apprrheaaioa. Every remedy tried, failed va-
reueve me, till 1 used your Chixxt ranrnas. This
has not only relieved me, but a I trust, wholly eases!
me. I care nothing for tha repatatioa mt ml swuai lag
Patent Medicines, aad thia is st your service. I shall
recommend it to members ef the bar and ether, waoaa
may meet, laboring under similar Indisposition.
lours truly. R. F. JONES.
South Paris. Me.. Aug. 18, 18MX
I hare o hesitation in saying, that I regard Arias '
CuaanT Pac-roaiaL as decidedly th best remedy witmat
my knowledge for the cure Wchrvnic breaclutia, owagha
aad ail diseases of the lungs.
M. A. RUST. M. D.
Montgomery, Ala Oct- 4, 13.
Da. J. C. Area. Sin 1 have need your admirable
compound extensively in my practice, aad Aad fc. :
surpass, by far, any etbes- rsmnly w aav. for esxriaf;
diseases upon th lungs. Tour ec. servaas, -
R. B. JONES, M. D.
What yet remains to eon-vine, the most ncreduhraw
that the Cherry Pectoral is all that it purports to b.
vix: sn anequcUed remedial agent for all disease af
the Throat and Lungs. The experience mt years, ha "
proven it to be suck, and we submit H to the people 1
beviug that it's virtues will fully maintain it's repattv '
Prepared by JAMES C. ATER, Practical snd Ana- -lytical
Chemist, Lowell, aiass.
Bold by F. a xsrn wjr., Cincinnati ; S. A. Seirw a
Co, Warren: J. CawrsiLL, Newtoa Falls; H. W Cot
Mesopotomia: and by all aealers la Mediela)
lifBeware of counterfeits snd worthies pieuaia- '
none attempted to be palmed off ander a similarity mt
(Fe-y M aj.-'l)
ST aorat unrn fitsk-t.
Manufactured by HARCOCRT, BRADLET Co, 40
Market Street, Mancheeter. Principal Warekoane, 1S4
Wood St, Cheapaide, Loads. England. Asserts, '
EstsJilishsaents, 3S Ana otreet and log a nasal Str, .
NewTork. The Hydromagen is a valuable discovery tor prats e, ,
ing the feet from damp er cold, and therefore a pre
ventative of many Lnng diseases, without any aatos
Ing whatever. The Hydroasagea ia La th form ef -sole,
aad worn inside the boot r shoe. It auuliiialsfi -character
ia a powerful preventative to disease.
For Gentlemen it will b found a7eab4, earn aad
healthy, to wear ia th coldest er raiaiest weather, a '
the foot cannot become wet if the Hydraaaagea is ins
ted. Ladle, may wear tb, lightest- soled boots mt thtm
ia th most incleasent wvauher with impanity ; whal
Consumption, a prevalent among th yoaag mt Mar
country, amy b thwarted hy their general adsatisa.
They entirely sapeneed er.rshoes, as th latter sums
th feet to perspire in a very unhealthy manner; aaei.
besides, are aot dangeroa to wear for neeVestriaa ia
ley weather, like India rubbers. Whil th Isrtsig
cause the feet to appear extremely large, ta II j ill nsss
gen, being a mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiar
ly placed inside, doe not increase the su ef th boot,
or cause the foot to appear antidy. To child re they
are extremely valuable, aa they may engage ia ailuis
with comfort and healthy effect. Their expeaa is sa
slight a to scarce need mention; besides, thoea wn
patronise them will tad their yearly doctor bills asuca, -r
diminished thereby.
As the Hydrecaegea h beeomiag more known. It
sale fat increasing to aa almost iacredible extent. Last j
year ia London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpewl,
6taagow, Leeds. Dublin, Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg aad ..
Berlin, our sale reached 1,721.460 pairs of Cork Sola.
This year the Bomber will far sarpass that. .
Ask the Faculty their opinion of their rahre as .
preventative for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, tslhma
and Consumption.
Men's Sise, per pair. 35 cents; Ladies do. per pais
30 cents; Boys' aad Misses' do. per pair, 25 cents.
None. Froa the Retail Prices we Brake a very lib
eral allowance to Jobbers and wholesalers, s that aay
storekeeper may make a fine profit oa their sale, whiia j
they are aa article that may be kept ia any stars,
among any class of Goods.
For terma, apply to
38 Ana Street. New lork.
Sept. 80. lPM-3m
ST0BK- Noa, 11 a. 13 Main Street. .-
Sprtna: has cobm f And so aas the lartrest. . , I
beat and cheapest stock of Boots ad Shoes are. f Ijf j
roaght on the Western svesexre. t
D. H. WARREN, in ajuioaswing this tact to aia y-i- '
rons, and the 9 Kid a large, inr.tea then, one aad all.
to cone and see for tuemaa.Tes, for he feels csulidemt hs)
can suit them with any kind of good Boot or fltu thej w
Parchaainf hia atoek of tha Manafirtnrera for Cash, '
enables him to offer such indoeeaoenia to bujora aa can
not be fonnd elsewhere
Ladies 1 yoa like to bars a pretty Gaiter or Shoe, and
I have taken especial care to please yoa by selecting tabs
moat fashionable, prettiest and most eenteel stock for -t
bailies' wear, that could be found ia ISew York; so ail
that like the ornasaentaJ as well as naefol, will call and
see and bay, before guuif elsewhere.
Gents ! I hare the best assortment for yoor nse the
greatest rariety of matvriaJ, and the latest tasbiens, eniy " 1
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enaaaelied ttajtera.
Children I come, and I can fit yom with any kind e
Skoe or Gaiter yosur taste may select.
D. H. W. aaaia ltnrns isavaks te past patrosaafe, ectl
solicits its eonuawanee.
H. B. Bootsand 8hoesmdete erderaiid aaiiauied
to fit. 1. H. WARREN. -
P. 8. Ponnfoithe He. 11 at 13 Main St. Warrew
tld,0hio. The subscriber lakes - J
thia method to inform the ctMrost aoblic, that he still
carries on the abore basineas, ia ail iu rarioos braMhes,
and will make to oroer, any thins; that a man may wsat
tn his line. UaTura; a aarfe stock of new nmtenal ai
ways oa hand, and the beat of workmen te do it ap km-r
style that cannot be awpassed by any establish meat is.
the country, those who wish to purchase Carriages er
fiarjriea ready-made, caa always ond a larre aaaortment
at my shop, of all qualities, and at ail prices, and I am ,
not araid of ram petition, from any qnarter, aspeclaJiy
north. I wonld just any to all who wish te get a good '
article, they wonld do well to call oa thia eetablisfeamens
before purchasing elsewhere, for oar work ia at the aaet "
ona I it j, and all warranted
rii.niu ana 1 aijuiliu hsm ot lian noocsu
Particular attention paid to repairing.
NEW BUGiilKd in exchange tor eMoaieav 4il kind
of Lnmber taken in eacbjtnge for work. t
The snbaenber Batters himself that by strict attention.
of himself and haada to mutness, be can hares rea
able share of public fmtmnage. Thankfnl for ail foi
fa tots, he will be still more tiutnkfQi for new ones.
Canfield. May 2ft. 13-r at. SWjLSX. "
informing the farming public, that still twrntinain; Xm
maaiifacture Fanning Mills, they have as far improTOtl
the aame aa to be able, not only to take oat teml see en
from Urain, better and taster than any ether mill noe? i
in nse, bat also to perfectly separate, er taJts eat, tkm
rat dirt that aaay be lodged ia the same.
They eaa alao take Timothy, Clover nad PI as sard n
the chaff, and by once mnning it throngh, eaa aaake is
perfectly mereantaile. Their Flaxseed and rat dirt
cleaners are their ova inrentions, deduced from mwch ,
rtady and experimenting the past winter, and are socle
are not to be fonnd in any other mill extant. Thay
inrite all who need mi Ha to call and examine theus
before pojrchasing elsewhere; and as their mills are .
always warranted, they can ran no risk of being inr 1
posed upon with a poor mill.
Farmington. JaJy 19. W. CUITIS dt SONS, t
undersigned. In connection with their Printing
Office and Beokstor, aav estaotisaea a
BIN DKRT, where Book-Biadiag ia every t
variety and style, will be don oa short
notice. Their Bindery has on f
Blank Books ruled to order; Periodicals bound; eld
Books re-honnd: aad every branch oi ta busines as
tended to in the best manner, nnd aa reasons k. terma.
This establishment employs the best tt workmen, aas!
eoanparisoB with work turned Mt from ether Bind
eries in regard to style, durability, finish aad prim, a
fearlessly challenged.
BVMk and orders may he left at ADAMS Beokilmi
Warren, who is sathorisrd to receive aad forward th.
HALL, ilUKaMia wjurnusru.
Aug. 16, 1854-6ai Baeeaaa, Portage Cow 0.
M. D PsrrsAraTaio aa Bwrajne PirTwiaa- jra
Sraoso.,, would respectfully inform the Pun lie gener-
allr. that he has located aimsesT at Aewtoa Faiu.
where he will attend to all calls ia his profession, at
Office or at private dw.lllnga. '
Dr. M. will pay particular attention to all kinda af
old Chronic disease, each a Dyspepaia, Liver
Complaints, diseases ot th Langs, Kadney. baaav,
Bronchitis, Artamatis Aulicuoaa, aau ass suns iss
arising from a impure state of the bleed. Ala all
diseases peculiar to the Female sex.
te. Morton's remedies are purely mtftitilt and th ,
discarding poisons ef every kind, bta ,
mineral, veeetable aad animal. U will als. keep .a
id all kinds of Botanic Medicine. Iwth simple ana .
compound ; Tux tares. Syrups, aUUers, unuacats, u. . ,
ate. for sale. .
Kewtoa Falla, Sov. I. nsa. inov o-..
TED STATBS. hy Benson J. Leasing. Author f
Pictorial Field Book, RcrcmUrn. eC lilusirsren oy
than sj xqulsitely ftniahed w ngravig.
drawa chiefly from eti final raintinga aad inteaded to
seour accural deliaeaiioa tl sews aad ejiaractexa.
nrice nt) CO
Rev'sed and Rnlarged Brfitioa mt BrsmsiTlt Drawtag
Book. In eouseqaene. af th rapidly increasing
maud for th. valuable work, a- iwoeatly be,
thoroughly revised l.y the autbof, ami. the present vol
ume cci. tains a mrge addition tt entirely ew d r
matter-ilrustmred by ITS elegant fta ' ,
edition the sublect of Lasnsr.ra Ss-rrwa Is el
ahontely treated, thereby aoonring asure gu.de to tha
11 la semiring aa accurate kn.wledg f th mrt-
publishers feel satisfied that they now MfcT to th.
puMic. whether for Schoed.w private t.suwcvlo., lbs
Elementary Treatise, .a this suede that ha reef
r.M.aai. rrie., C-W1.T A ; . .

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