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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, March 21, 1855, Image 4

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The following extract v to from Mr. Saxe's Pocm
rvad mt the Manchester, Xw Uampsbire Fair, in ItSS.
The dmnhter site in the parlor,
IrW ruk tft ker cut cbiir, ; -
?ia i
Site cWd in her silk and aatlnt, ;
f ' And jeetiart in her hair
She lnk and riff? and limpers,
'" And simpers and pities and wiukt.
And though she talks lat a little,
" ". Tis vastly snore than she thicks,
7.: . . : ' .... . :
' Her Cither foes elad in his nisset, .
And ragged and seedy at that
His coils are all oat at the elbow,
lit wears a snoat sheefcing bad hat.
; Tie's hoardtng and aaring hit shiHlags,
' t? carrfu j day hy day. !
, Vhile the, oa her beaux and poodles,
i : ! throwing them all away - ;
., She lies a -bed in the morning,
! Till nearly the hoax or nooii
Then ooases downnappinf and anarllnf,
Because she sraa caiied so auoo.
f; Her hair Is Mil! in the papers, . :
Ilex cheeks still daisied with paint. - .
Benmtns of her last night's blushes.
Before she intended to faint
She doata oa men vnsharen, .
fe And me a with "flowing hair, - ,,
'She's eluqtient erer sAostaehes, - -
They give mmch a foreign air.
fthe talks of Italian mimic. '
And (alts in lav with the snoao, . ''
. And though if a mouse should meet her.
She sinks away in a swoon
Ber feet are so very Utile,
Her hands are so very ahite,
Ber jewels are so Tery heavy.
And her head u very light :
Her color is made cosmetics, e
Thoogh this she never will own,
t Her body's cnade mostly of cotton,
" Her heart's made wholly of stone.
:. She fain fa lore with a fallow.
Who swells with a foreign air.
lie marries ner ior her mony
j oha marries him for bis hair : . -
s - . .
One of the Tery best of matches
Bath are well mated in life.
She's got a fool for her htuaDd,
He's got a fool for his wife 1
.J J
A breeder of Sbaugbais says that ot:e
- of ikese fowls, when eating corn,-takes
one peck at a time...
Bars faced falsehoods fibs told by
the ladies in the present style cf bonnets.
;-'Vrbto Jou g iQ for the Maine. Liquor
-"-Law ?" '-Why, partly yes and partly no
1 go la for he liquor but not for the
: law." - - - ' - .
.rr'-.A popular w riter speaking ofthepcean
t venders yheil.er the news
uranrmitted throogh the salt wa.tr will
,T)e:fresS: -t ''VV '. "
.; ,:: . . . - - ; ; t
r ;"A,! old lady telling that one of her
sons had a singular j-ropensiry to kill rats,
was told, that accounted for his being so
i3w-iilanimoi:s !
Col. Fcixer, oftheNw Y rk Svenin? f
perpetrates me snowing :
rr-i Why is a christian missionary like a
V"P'S 0,1 tne'spit? Because bath of them
.rJ.are always "going; round dowg good."
j ht isaweaiy nigh! iravelerin Glou
bpgeesu retire lite .the wounded ' soldk-rs tt
Scutari ? Because he is cheired by the
presence of the Nightengale.
'Itt' -tWht w ill England never be in debt to
Russia t . Because whenever charges are
against us, we return them with
interest. '' " - ' "'
Paddy writing from the west, says,
f oik U so plenty .that "every third man
you meet is a log."
0 'HEBK-iii had Him. A well nown
penurious character invited a friend lo
dinner, and provided two mutton chocs.
'On removing the cover, he said, "My
frirnd, you see your dinner;" which his
riend,' imnitdiaidy with his .knife 'and
fork tcok to him st If, remarking, "I on!y
rish I could see yours.'
A friend relates the following : A mile
or iwo irom xown ne met a Doy on norse
k back crying w'th cold. :- "Why dou'tyou
get down and lead him? that's the way to
keep warm." "No," said the boy, "ii's
a b-b-fcor-rowed boss, and I'll ride him if
Mas. Pabtingtoh is aid to hae anx-
iously - asked if Uncle Tom is a better
vina'i than Enoch of : Biblical memory.
6he grounds heT inquiry on the fad that
.she has heard that Uncle Tom has been
translated seven times, while Enoch was
translated but once. -
t-.t.-y-j. i ' . . - 4
Pssetebaxck. A provincial Judge,
S' J ' "f""
Bautru, wisLiug lo se(him. A vallet
-" ' -.-nww v "
t:.annonncea mm. . " leil lum X am in
5521)6(1." .".Sir, be says he will wait until you
are risen." Ttll him lam very ill."'
"He says he will.; prescribe some reme-
dy." ..Tell him I am at the lastexirem-
V-i"He'says' lie wishes to say a lieu
to you." "Tell him l am dead." "He j
says he will -pt inkle you witlr holy,wa-
tli"' "Gonlound him ; let him in." j
Easilt AccooiTKD for. A Turk
wear sa. many Aims in his thirl, that a
ma!Jieaia;icUii -'1.as just demo.istraled
"Ttliat if tiiey 6h uU all jump at once they
"woulJ carry i.im across the B ophorus."
...This tttmo!ogicaI co iditioti of the Turks
wilt ;feaisfaetbri:y; account for their ien-
tjeney to flee before the Russians at Bal-
Rascauit of a Hen. A Spanish hen.
who was a great favorite of her mistress, ,
was accustomed to be fel with a dain'v
every time she laid - an egg.
Chucky soon found this out, and would
yo to her nesr and sit there a few mo-
stents, and then c me forth chuc!. li ig us
as if she lia 1 p 'rfonned a fereat feat.
nd-f.ir ft day or two got the usual re
ward; l.ut, on no eg being Lund on ser
rl occasi ms, h was suspected that Mrs
rty was playing fdlse, an I ter
.41'ttal fer.d bing witiihel J, it was found
r.that fjr two or three times together on
the tame day the wou'd rupeai the d dge
of going and setting for a short time oi
l er'Tiest, and t! cn come lorth chuckling
as 1- ud as she could f.r her exp cted re
w; rd Poultry CUronlie- : ' ; -?
'TJh the currant numb-rof the Wetl
ntimter JtevitvB Mr. Cailylo relates the
tfolhiwiiigkr.eeilote 'of MwtE,' one of the
E'ec ors cf Saxmy, an irnmecs ly 6trong
man ; Walkirg once the streets of Lon
di, h came" into coi.-lon wi;h a dust
man who perhaps had splashed him wiih
'm flnl ' shovfl or the like. ' Dasttnan
wonidieske no apology ; ,w I inuiotiy a
j,i4iud of "Koxing insJcitd. .- ilorilz grasps
lum?S'L1e 1 ty thelaik of ihj breech-
whirl: Iiim nlott is a hrr gonial
"tfV-i p'trlww'-'riirri in hisoun mud cart,
Cleveland Business.
tOSEril R.
J in WaT ucs, Ji
mf Stperimr Street mmd tmmlic Squmre, Cleveland, O.
4 liGIER HOUSE, Cleveland, 01 k
1. n. P. ANOIER Proprietor. eig3
J. r. llfM.HKfMtK. J. I.OKO.
lishers, VVholsale and Retail Dealers In Music
and Kiuical lustrumenta,No. 1W .superior tre-t,Cleve-land.Ohio.
Sole ageitU for the celebrated &T01MKT
PIANO. may IT, U54-6m
j. m. CTMniNflfl. seo. JaKplioma.
1 M. CUMMINGS &. CO., Wi-oles I
J Grocers and Commission Merchants, Dealt. ii
Foreign Wines and Liquors, Nsiis, Olass, Salt, Drugs
etc.. No. 1KI at lbi River Su. at ue on the Iock.
Way 17. lrS4y.
vera and l.ithnrai,hei-A. Herald Block. Cleveland
'I Obi..
PATENT OFFICE AGENCY, No. 4, Uerald Building
Cleveland. O'aio.
v. m. aianinea. jau 1 )y Kite (KaixaKs.
Corner Public Square, t'levrland, Ohio.
THE OLD COLLEGE has removed to
new and splendid Booms, surpassing in beauty
and convenience those of any similar institutions in
the State.
S.O F0L30M, A. Principal, Professor ol
Scierca of Accounts.
H . . jiKOL'GHTOM and W. JIOLLISTER, Assistant
Professors in the Boot Keeping leiartmrtit.
A.J. PHELPS and JO&KIM1 lit ATT IK, Professors
of Practical and (trnamental Penmanship.
R. V. 11 1 M1ST0N, Lecturer on Oommercla History
and Art of Computation.
JOHN B. W AKINti. Lecturer on Mercantile Customs
Banking, Exchange, ec.
iln..iOi(N CK0WKLL,TI10S. n. HAY and P. B
PALMER, Lectnrers on Commercial Law.
Kev. J. A. THOM K, Lecturer on Commerc: il Ethics
Tor the Mercantile Course, time unlimited, $-40 OH
For separate in Pennianahip, Flourishing,
fee, as er agreement,
The design of the Institution is to afford as good ad
vantages as can be had in any similar one in the Union,
to young men about to assume the responsible dntiet
of the Counting Room, and various mercantile pursuits
SCIENCE OF ACCOUNTS Book Keeping will be
explained from a new stand point, exhibiting the true
nature and relation of accounts ; and the course will
embrace some of the best practical forms of modern ac
countants. This science is often taught as tf it were a
species of conjecture, in which multiplicity of forms
are substituted for principles, arbitrary rules for rra-
ons.atrt veneratle precedents ror genuine philosophy,
making the whole field of the science a complete "terra
incognita. To produce good practical accountants,
the understanding, and not the memory simply, should
be addressed.
DAILY LECTURES, e. Cneor more lectures will
be given daily, on the following subjects Account.
Penmanship. Mercantile Customs, Banking, Exchange,
ieal Economy, Commercial Ethics. Railroading, Ac
Calculations, Correspondence. Commercial Law, rolit-
Besides the nraal lectures on Law, dee., in Colleges of
this kind, there will be others by practical men
thoroughly conversant with the routine of business, to
instruct on points allied to the course of study, and one
expresslr on calculation.
This department will be under the super in ten dance of
two of the best penmen of the day. Business writing
will be taught upon the new method of FolsomY Chir-
fayttimtigraptiy, executing to tue beat of an instrument,
and producing the popular commercial hand in much
less tnan the usual time.
B. For particulars, send for Circulars, Cata
logues, Ac, and address the Principal.
TTPA larre library will be connected with the Col
lege, containing the various works on Book Keeping,
Mercantile Law, 6cc to wbtca toe students wilt have
nov la, VI
H0LBR00K & LOXG, Music Pub
lifthers and Wbntesale mnri Retail Dealera in
Masic and Musical Instruments of every descriptioD
ho. 100 and IIS jiqierior Su, Cleveland. Ohio.
List of Piaiaos for sale at tue great Piano-Forte Ww
The eelehrated S TO I) ART PTAX0. nn- rXHvZrS3
equalled for its rich and pore unes,elas-1 J QjU
ticitr of touch and Jmrmbititt. l W u d
Li'rht, Newton tc Bradl nry'r SILVER STRINGED
PIANO, for which a cols nsnaL was awarded at the
Chrystal Palace r'air ; also, at the Fair of the American
Institute, Sew Tork. . "
Emerson's BOSTON PREMIUM PIANOS, the bes
manufactured in Boston, Mass.
la addition to their splendid stock of Pianos kept
constantly on hand, II. 4t L. offer to the public the Iteal
AMERICAN MADE OCITAR8, and also imported Oui
cars, of the best Spanish and French patterns, together
with low priced German Guitars
Jtuled Music Paper of 12, 14, 16 lines, etc., constantly
on hand and manufactured to order.
VIOLINS and T10LINCELL0S. in every variety.
Strinps for Violin, Violiacello. Tenor Viol, Double Itasa,
Guitar and Batijo. Violin Hows and Cases. Bow Hair,
Bridgea, Pen, Tail Pieces, Finger Boards, Mutes, Mos
ul, etc., etc.
Reeds. Drama, Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammers, Tuning Pijies.
Dealers and Heads of Seminaries supplied at the
lowest wholesale prices, with even- article in the Music
Hay 1?, l54-m.
v MUKH n AKtS, fAAtl HJ1S, C.. "nt N.
E.CRlTTKSDEX'S.sa 8nerior JU ClevelMnd. The
oldest nd most extensive enaltlishmnt west of New
York, estahlisbed in I-i. The stock is Klirays kcj
complete. Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold Watches,
endless varietv, from f25 to (50. A Inrtre stock of
pot tip expressly for Rail Road nse. Also, Clocks made
expressly for Stations- SaperiotendanU please call
and examine. Clocks at wholesale. Parlor, Sitting
Room. Bank and Office Clocks. Silver Spoons. Forks.
Cups. Gohlets, Ac. Stiver equal to coin, and pattern
Brew and handsome.
Fancy Goods in endless variety. Shears, Scissors,
Pocket Cutlery Razors and shading tools in general ;
Gold, Silver, Steel, Plated and German Silver Specta
cles, to fit any aire ; Gold Pens, the best ever made.
Communion M are. Willow Ware, Doable and Single
Gnns and Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing Tackle, Drafting Instruments ; a large stock.
A large stock of Watchmaker's tools and materials.
My facilities and long experience in business enable
me to offer inducements to those in want of Goods in
my line, rarcely found. ' Watchmakers, Jewelers, Ped
lars and Dealers in general, will find at wholesale a
large stock to select from, and prices warranted as low
can be found in any of the Eastern markets.
f r'Kemmnigtou s Rifle Barrels, and Gunsmith's ma
terials, imported in large quantities. - ap 2G, 54-6m
F COWLriS. (late Cowles fe Albert
.. 49 Weddell Mouse. Clereland. resnectrnlli
invite tlia attention of the citizens of Warren and the
surrounding county, to his assortment of fine Watches,
Silverware, Jewelry, House Keepin and Fancy Goods.
Their prices will he uniform and as low as any sarl
tradesman can afford. Erery article sold with be truth
fully descri!ed and warranted aa represented. Repair
ice in all its ' ranches carefully and promptly done.
May IT, 1854-ly
masTTou: .
J. R. Oiddinrs. M. C. IYes. C. O. FinneT.
H. Oriswold.
Lorin Andrews.
Keniien Hitchcock,
Prof. Samuel St. John,
" P. R. Spencer,
E. F. Osylord,
Cyrus Prentiss,
11. 1 lark.
' " X- 8. Townshend,
W. F. Otis,
W. J. iiordan.
llenry Wick.
. . raciTLTT :
H. B. Bryant. Professor of the Science of Accounts
II. Dwight tratton. Aaaociate Prof, in the aereral De
fiarUneubt. , ,
9. WashInctonLttsk,f Professors of the Spencerbu
P. K. Spencer rSystem of Penmanship and
' Commercial Correspondef.ce.
Sarah L. Spencer, instructress in the Ladies' Writing
W. W. Harder, Assistant Prof, in the Book-Keeping
Hoaa. Judee Starkweather and II.
Clark, Lecturers
Commercial Law.
President Aea Mahan, Lecturer on Political Eeonomy.
cuicrauH a. niic. iecnirer on commercial Oeog
raphy. tkkm .
For a full Course in Double Entry Book-Keeping
and other Departments. ... fn) 00
full Course in Ladies' Peartinent, - . 30 OU
For separate Course of Instruction in Spencerian
Penmanship, . . - 5 00
For Tarious styles In Ornamental Penmanship as
agreed upon.
the Principals of this Institutions design making it
of the hest mediums in the United States for iiupart
iug a thorough and practical knowledge of the active
duties of the Coonting-Room. and business pursuits in
geueral. Bouk-keepiug in all its drpartmenta, aa used
tLe Bfwt ,rMMilili,hMl mMmi . , . . -. . .
, , 1 iviAimiililllw, Will UC
'111 In a thnrniffk ..J ... ... ri
This deriirtmeiit is under the )ersanal superintendanee
"nc of the best AcrounUuU in the United States. No
Mercantile College in the west sesses superior, il
-".i:t-B, lor icijiarung a pmcucai knowledge
Commercial Science.
Mr.J. A.RMUngton.an aoron-.plished and experienced
Accountant in earious branches of Comn.erceand Tnulc,
associated in thi Department, and will attend to
anting up booka, adjusting Ion; standing and com
plicated accounts, tc in a correct and confidental
Commercial Geography is an Important and interest
lug branch, which has never until the present time beer
connected with Mercantile Schools.
The Seaeerian Syst-m of Penmanship in all its forms,
be tauylit by its author. P. K. Sencer, and J. W,
Lnsk. No luatitution in America oilers superior facili
ties to this for imparting a fluent aud systematic hand
writing. The Ladies' Departmen is entirely separate from the
gentlemen's, and is fitted up in auiust magnificent man
ner and convenient style.
Business men can I supplied with the most reliable
Accountants by application to this College.
The Principals of this Institutions can render efficient
to the graduates in securing good situations.
TJ"Send for a Circular by mail. jan 19 "54 y
packages Earthenware of my owa importation direct
rom :ne Kuglish Potteriea. making one of the largest
stocks in the tisrkn comprising, in part. White (iran
te. Flowing MniKerry. Flowing Blue, Light Blue, Plain
l Courage War Also an extensive assortment ol
., . .. . . LASS WAKK
long -xnene .re in the trade, enables me to offer to
.'ountrr Merclii! is better facilities than nurehasina
jieirware mche astern cities.. Merchants are resnect
nilr invite: meunincmy ware and prices, which will
tiwavf be 4 kw i any Jo'-bing House in thia eitr.
im of me China Pitcher, No. 134 Superior St.
ClereUn ' ay JI, IriM-y A. 8. OA. RON EE.
All e-ssh oak! f.ir sweet yellow Butter, delivered
Warren. Slay . Ifil. 1 DDIXU5 at MOKOAX.
Cleveland Business. Cleveland.
59 Sttmerimr Street. L tevelamH, 0..
Have recently made Urge additions to their Stock of
Standard School and Miscellaneous Hooks, Blank
Work and Stationery, and are prepared to oiler induce
men is to Dealers unaurpasaed by any establishment in
the West.
By special arrangements with nearly all the leading
Puidishers of New York and Boston, we shall hereafter
receive their Latest and most Popular M orks timul
trus witk sfrariea,and can supply in quantities
at lowest wholesale prices.
Among oilier new and valuable Works, we are West
ern Agent, for the following, via :
and con fhl rut l.v exjiected- to furnish millions of our
bind an instructive and entertaining substitute for the
"teaming Cants" now used io so rtnrtlinr an extent.
by Mrs. LiMot I hei.i. the well known author ol
Lincons Ibitjti.y." We can earnestly contniend this
work as one vf the must interesting and instructiic d
the season.
IDA M AY-J.y Mrs. STon a empmaed to be.
THE NKWSIlOY t Mrs. O at Smith smppmseJ.
IDLKU ILI t N. P. U it.Lts.
Tenth Thou nd.
THE l;KTHLICAN COURT The mort n.apiificcnt
National Illustrated Work ever published in America.
i-peot'd loon
Bumnm'j Latest "WORK f
Washington Irving's New Book.
Also RUTH HALL A Romance, by the world-renowned
"Fsv Kraw.
We expect a laige sale for those last ment!nei- -from
the Press of Mason Brothers. dec 13-tf
J HOUSE, IS6, 5Meetr Street, CJevelmmd, O.
SoKNesoRN Drotiikri nre now receiving the avl
splendid stock of CLOTI1INO ever before exhibited in
Cleveland, or in any City in the Union, which has all
been gotten up with i-artirular care, for this City and
the surronndiiig country trade, and which cannot pos
sibly be surpassed by the lest merchant tailor, and at
only oiiiRiLr the mo met that is charged in getting
them made to order.
$.". only is wanted for a Cloth and Cassimere double
Over-Coat ; the finest Silk Velvet Vests eter seen or
made in any Clothing Store.
Pi.nts of the latest style and lest make, of one thou
sand different pattern.
FURNISHING GOODS of every description and va
riety, and the tet made or lmorted ; and, as we are
bound to ket-p YOUNG AMERICA AHEAD of every
thing in the Clothing line, the prices shall be full 50
per cent, less than elsewhere ; and as particular atten
tion will be paid to all who may drop in the above
facts will he satisfactorilr proven by
KJ ISAACS CLOTHING Aoainst -ma Worn. a !
SaVK Yon Dollars a KB bcy vot a CLOTHING at
ISAAC A. JSAACS Vmimm Hall,, CleveUmd, O.
The Puhlic are invited to an insection of the supers
exhibition at this maynificeul establishment, which in
extent, variety, ueriortty of Workmanship, and
Fashion, together aith lowness of price, cannot be
heal by any other Clothing House in Ohio.
Isia s has just returned from lite Eitt, where he has
received such Largains in Cloths and materials for
manufacturing, tliat he has it now in his power and il
determined lo knock all the Eastern Slop concern
into a "fvct.es? aC ! and he will commence by set line
the best Over-Coat in the City for For Dollars ! and
L'nder-Coats, Pants ami Vests of all descriptions in
proportion, efrsa ! and come along every
body who wants to be clothed, he can fit all sixes, from
men as large as the Gfmta that ttmmd mt kit -, to
little wee fellows three years old, and as his Mammoth
Building is filled with Clothing of all qualities, he is
sure of being able to suit ever')ody Recollect that
he doe not wish to hum 1 -tig the people with a5txrm
Slop Wok a for 50 per cent, less titan any one else, as
he does not keep tuck trmah ; bat be will furnih his
customers with the best Clothing in the City, for lest
money than they can purchase the same kind of Goods
for in anr other house in the I'nited Htates.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount made to
Wholesale customers who buy for Cash.
TT Clothing made to order at the shortest notice
and on the most reasonable terms at
fia Hall, earner mf Smperimr mmd Vmimn Street t
C lex el mmd. Okim.
.nov 22-ly
entitle men are dVly bringing to light new Inven
tions, jnd the march of itrogress is onward ; persons
Raid, or becoming so, will l.e pleased to learn, that sci
ence and long research eomliuetl, have brought before
the greatest H omder mf tke Age, in the article of EJJ
cure for Balduesa and to prevent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be had of agents. Price 81,00 in large
otties. Sold by E. E. Ho t At Co., and Geo. idams,
Warren; J. Manning, Voungstown , Prentice it Ed
war la, Canficld.
C. . riMitiK at toH rropneiors.
march 2 No. 57, Superior street, Cleveland, O
WOODS. J. R. Aliutms, fonwrly of the fina
Cowlks i ALBKRTsuif. has Just opened a Dew Store In
the New Block a lae Corntr mf Saperimr Slrerl mmi
fas PmHie Sre. Clnelmi, Oki; where nay It
foaDd aJi entire 'New Stock of
SILVER WAKK of all kin1, llarraafea Put Cfim.
All kimisof l'LATLDaml BRITANNIA WARE.
In short, ever thiol that is New aiwl Derirable in
this line, may be found cheaper than can L, bought
JTV bTRANGERS should not fail to Tiait is before
tlerelaDd, Dec 13, IcX-y
iiltsburfAb usintss.
joHn t. wire. David x 1-ANDi.saa.
71CK & M'CANDLESS, Successors
to L. at J. D. Wick, Wholesale Grocers. Forward-
leg and Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Na'ls,
Ulas, Cotton lams and Pittsburgh Manufactures gen
erally. Corner of Wood and A ater streets, Pittsburgh,
Pa. oet S3
JB. CANFIELD, Commission and
Forwarding Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer in
Western Reserve Cheese, Butter, Lant, Pork, Bacon,
Poland Pearl Ashes, Saleratos, Linseed and Lard Oil,
Dried Fruit, and Produce generally, Nos. 141 and 145
Front Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. feb S3 tf
riUsl.urirh. Pa. EstaldUhed io 1640 Incorpora
by tlio LegUlatoreof Penusylrania, with perpetual
uriartcr. ao.ao or thi btkkr :
tlon..laaies Ractianaii, I Hon. Walter II. Lowrie.
Win. Willi ins, Charles Saylor,
Btloses Hampton, Gen. J. K. Uoorhead.
P. Drrr, author of the "North American Accountant,1
Professor rf fttook-Keepin;. and Commercial Sciences.
John D. Wiluams, the lest off-hand Penman in the
Tnited States, Professor of Commercial and Ornamen
X. B. lUn n, Ksq of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor
Mercantile Lair and Political Economy.
P. Hatdkn. Principal of the Mathematical Depart
ment, Profetior of Mathematics, stc.
Mr. J. D. Williams has permanently joined the Fac
ulty, and it will l e seen that, during his late profess
ional eiipigrHieuU in the Last, be was there regarded
the best Penman in the country. This Inrtiiation
rtlcrev presents attractions to students o tiered tf
other of the kind in the lnitcd State. The course
training comprises upwards ol 400 real transactions,
six di Cerent methods of Double Entry Book-Keei
ing. 3 practical lnsiness calculations, covering the
whole field of inland and foreign commerce. Commer
cial Penmanship, with every mud em improvement in
Art. Bust nesr letters and business forms of every
description. Daily lectures on Commercial Law, Com
mercial Sciences, the Theory of Profits, &c. Dud's
Book-Keeping, Harper's Edition, the most compre
hensive in the language" $1 50.
Duff's 'Western Steamer's Accountant," a perfect
system for such accounts 81 00.
JJf Send fora Circular by mail. nov S2-y
Pi(xstlvaia W hits Lead Wotxs,)
PlTTsBCRu. June, lt-J-l. )
The attention of consumers of White Lead ia called
the fact that a large portion of that article ground in
is now put up in kegs purporting to contain ii and
lbs. each, whereas there is -io allowance made for the
weight of the kegs, and the consnnier is defrauded to
that amount. The deception can easily be detected by
weighing tbe different manufacturers brands ofiered
During the past rear we bare made extensire addi
tions to our buildings, machinery and stock, for the
manufacture of large quantities of White head, to ena
ble ns to supply the demand for our articles. We
guarantee all lead bearing our brand to be ttrierl ftrt
entirely free from any adulteration whatever, and
excelled fur huuiessand whiteness, by any made in
United States.
Our lead, ground in oil, is put np in handsome iron
bound kegs, of S3, 30, 1UU, 2110, 31X1 and KH) pounds
each, and every keg containing the quantity of lead
which it purports accurate tare being always allowed
the packages.
It is a well known fact. Out the various qualities ol
lead branded '-Extra," No. 1 and o. S, are largely
adulterated with substitutes which are not calculated
answer the same purpose. And there are manufac
turers, claiming resctaiiility for themselves, and
public conhdence in tbetr article, who brand their kegs
with their own names. "Pmrt H kilt Lrtd," although
they never turn out a single keg without a considerbie
adulteration of Barytes.
Water is rendered poisonous by passing through
material subject to decay and dissolution, snch at
pi)ies of wood, iron and lead. Prof. J. P. Kirtland and
other distinguished chemists, go so far as to condemn
practice of rupplying animals with water through
these Mihstances. and' earnestly recommend the STONK
Mfand WATER l'H'K.
The undersigned is extensively engaged at Newton
Falls. O., in manufacturing said articles, including alsu
Slvueware. having a factory driven by steam power,
is prepared to fit! orders at wholesale or retail on
liberal terms. The Water Pipe is admirably ada;4ed to
ing fluids of all sorts, draining cellars, irrigating
lands, stc. It is also for sale by the Iloyu.at Warren,
Also for sale, a valuable WATER POWER, with some
acres uf land, Vatory Buildings. Dwelli-ig, etc., etc
about twa miles nelow Lowell. Mahoning 0.
May IT. Iw.W-tfw J. W. CALKNDER.
CLEVELASD. Cliartered January SI, IMt,
Omce. No.52,Angierl!ouse, Hank Street
M. Ilugtet. C. W. Seymour.
Josiah Fogg,
Josiah Stephenson, A. W. Fairltanka,
Robert Reilly,
Franklin Chase, H. Chamlterlin,
8. II. Fob,
J. Finlayson,
Benjamin Stevens.
Jnnw llruncs. Prcsiilent. S. B. Shaw, Secretary.
W. Ka-tuoi a, Vice Pres't. Vali Chask, Treas
urer. Th'sComjiany insures against loss or damage by Fire,
the perils of navigation.
Policies issued by J F. ASPER, Agent.
Warren. June 7. 154-y
)0RT FOLIOS, a very superior as
sortment just received at IIALDWINS
IANNY FERE.WS new work is selling
rapidly can and gel one at ADAMS.
I Ihe
Cleveland Business. Cleveland. Clothing.
But a plain, true decUration of facts, which any
boily can ascertain by Trillin- at the Old UetA Ouarters
By J. Goldstein, (successor to Wfrfaii?trrn ot Broth
er.) Oak r'ron t Big No. 13, Main street. Warren, O.
I hare just received, and am now o)eninjr. my Pall
and Winter stock of Keady-Made Clothing, Cloths,
CaMimere; Yestinjrs, etc., tojivther with every variety
nf Furtiixhirta MnU I tarmil.l i.. -
r. - wifftj rcuari .uai
1 Irom the extremely low figures of woolen goods East, I
j have been iti'luced to i.rchae
Aud those that are acquainted with my mode of doing
business, are well aware that I will
I do not hav; my Cothinff made up by any eiUblinh
ment in the east, nor did I come from there myself.
But I import my own Good, and by purrhasinf'from
first han.is. am enabled to furnish all atricltrs in my
line at New-York prices ! I am nnt in the habit of
running down any holy, nor do I notice any such per
so.ial attacks when nm-le on me I take my revenre io
Blilch, from my superior facilities iu buying, I am
aisoudaiitly alle to do.
As quoting prices seems to e fashionaMe, I will in
Irotlnce the fullon-iny programme, to be run during the
season, or until the smr.il ileaters aNnt town come
down to my fitrure vis: Full suit f Clothes, Coat.
Pants and Vest, for $3 and upwards. A good Over Coal
lor $3,30.
By the cord, consist: np of Coats for 91.50. and Pants
ftr 75 cents ! Hats and Caps of every style and variety,
cheaiHT than the cheaitert. Coll-irs. fnwti. Tien.
i Btrarf. rndrrshirts and Drawers. Shirts, both white and
co It. red. 1 n snort, a complete assortment of every thi n
in my line, and all I ak Is an inspection of my goods
and prices before buying elsewhere. I am now the
nhlost Clothing Establishment in Trumbull Co- and
have increased my business every year. I have stood
all the shocks that have been brought to bear against
me. and have lived lo see many oi my competitors
' skat upM and leave town, and feel proud to remember
that by aiming atone object, I have succeeded in
bringing down and keeplne down the price of my goods
to the lowest figure at which a good article can be
Manufactured by tip-top workmen, and warranted to
(It ! To one and all I extend the invitation to visit Big
No, 15. Oak front, when you come to town to purchase
clothing. I am bound to sell lower -
Come and see! Remember lite place Big No. 15,
Oik Front, first Clothing Store south of the Post Office,
west aide of Main street. Warren, 0.
Oct. Ir '54. J. GOLDSTEIN.
Mat Street, ftmrrem, Omtrn.
The suhscriters would inform tbe customers and the
puli lie in general, that we have now on hands, and are
constantly manufacturing a full and complete stock of
Fall and Winter Clothing for Men and Boy's wear,
which, owing to the recent dee line in prices will and
are bound to be sold a tittle Ckemper tkmn tke Ckemw
met. We will not he UNDERSOLD hy any.
We have on band a large stock of Over-Coats,
Diess and Business Coats of all kinds ; Pants and
Vests of every nnality. style and color Dow in use ;
Rubler Over Coats, L'nder-shirts. Drawers. Fine White
Shirts. Collars, Cravats, and in fact everything kept In
an Establishment of the kind.
We also have on hand a large stock of Cloths, Casi
mere. Vesting., ic- to sell or make on to order on
the shortest notice.
Tr Warranted to tit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all. you are respecifully Invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. You will save mor.r-r by so doing.
Warren, Not. 1. lr54.
CAPS, Slc. It has been clearly demonstrated to a
generons and discerning public that Jphx L. Weeks k.
Co., 14 Market St., is the legitimate place to purchase
Fall and Winter Clothing, Ilats, Caps, and in short,
all kinds of Gentlemen's wearing apparel at price
that throw all babbling competitors in the shade.
Having laid this w .now beg leave to announce to
the citizens of Warren and surrounding conn try, that
we are just receiving onr WINTER STOCK, and are
prepared to supply all who wish articles in onr line on
the timet will allow. We haTe a great variety of
Ready Made Clothing of all oualities and styles, and
it Is a common talk abont Town that our stock oh
Cloths. Casiroeres, and Goods generally, for our ensf
torn trade far outshines anythinc in the market, whic
we cut and make up at short notice, in a style superior
to anyining none in mis section oi country.
Also, mats and l Ai s in great varieties. And we
would particnlarly call attention to onr fine Silk Hats
and Slk Plush Caps, which in neatness and style, are
uneualed. JJj3 So call, examine and Indgs for
oursflves. JOHN L. WEEKS tk Co..
Warren. Not. 1. 1?54. 14. Market Street,
l The American Artists Union would respectfully
announce to the citizens of the United States and the
Canada, that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for
the fine arts throurS ut the country, ami with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed of a gallery
ri engravings,
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
sale for their Engravings, and thus not only to give
employment to a large number of artist and others,
but inspire among "cr countrymen a taste for works ol
art, to present to tne pare ha sera of their engravings,
wnen zjv,vWoi wnicn are aoia.
Each purchaser of a One Dollar Engraving, therefore
lcceires not only an engraving richly worth the money'
hut also a ticket which entitles him to one of the Gift
when they are distributed.
or Mvr Dollars, a htgniy Bnishett Entrravfng,
beautifully PAINTED in OIL, and FIVE GIFT TICK
ETS, will he sent; or Five Dollar worth of spleuded
Engravings can h selected from the Catalogue, and
t ut by return mail or express.
A copy of the Catalogue, together wttn a specimen of
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the office of this
For each Dollar sent, an Engraving actually worth
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will immediately be for
The Committee believing that the success of this
Great National Undertaking will L materially promo
ted by the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
persevering Ageuts, have resolved to treat with such
on tbe most liberal terms.
An person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
(post paid.) $1, will receive by return of mail, a One
Dollar Engraving, a "Gift Ticket," a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the Gifts will he
placed in the hands of a Committee of the Pt ac HASEits :
to be distributed, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United States and the Canada.
100 Marble Busts of Washington, at - - $l0
100 Clay, Ii0
1 0.0(1.
100 44 Wei.ster, I0
100 Calhoun, 100
50 elegant Oil Paintings, in splendid
Kill frames, size 3x4 ft- each. i
100 elegantOil Paintings, 3x3 ft. each.
500 steel plate Engravings, brilliantly)
colored in oil, rich gilt frames
24x30 inches each. )
10,000 elegant steel plate Engraving.;
colored in oil. of the Washington
Monument. 20x26 inches each. )
237.000 steel plate Engravings, from
100 ditlervnt plates, now io posses
sion of and owned by the Artists'
Union, of the market value of from
50 cents to tl each.
I first class Dwelling, in 31st st., 5. Y. City,
22 Building Lots in Uland 101st st., . CaA
N. Y. City, each 25x100 ft. deep, ( ,,wu
100 Villa Site, containing each IU.000'1
q. ft. in the suburbs of N. Y. City,
and commanding a magnificent 500
view of the Hudson River and j
Long Island Sound, at )
20 perpetual loans of cash, without
interest or security, of 230 each,
50 - 100 -
11.0 50
350 44 44 it)
2.000 44 44 44 5 44
Reference in regard to the Real Estate, F. J. Visa nr.
StCo., Iteal Estate Brokers. New York. Orders, (posl
paid with money enclosed, to be addressed,
505 Broadway. N. Y.
TTr'The Engravings in the Catalogue are now re-dj
for delivery. nov 15, 54-bm
stitution will open on Moiiday, the 11th day of Septem
ber next.
Elementary branches, ineluilitic; L. S. n I story.
Watts on the Kind, etc., per quarter of 11
weeks, - 4 on
Academic course, ----- - 300
Music I'isno or Melcdeon, S4 lessons - - 8 00
L'se of Instrument. ..... 2 W
Drawing: or Vaintinc in Water Colors, per ur., 3 OU
Oil Fainting, er qr., ----- IUI
French, " " 3 00
In order to meet the expressed wants of the commu
nity for lareer accommodations and to adapt the course
instruction more perfectly to the age and attainments
the pupils, a
has been constituted, for which a conrenient room has
leen secured adjacent to those now occupied, and is
successful oemtiou. The tuition charges in Uiis de
partment will te Three Dollars.
farents or iruarutaus and otner mends or education
are rrcrtfuily invited to visit the Institution at any j
hour during the daily sessions which may suit their
V r Pupils are specially remested as they would
make satisfactory progress in their sytndies, to be pres
ent on the first day of the term.
Hudson, April 4, 1-J4.
Having had some opportunity to become acquainted i
I.adies' Seminary of Hudson, and their successful labors
commencing and conducting it thus far, we take
pleasure in confidently recommeudiug the Institution
the patronage of the community as one in which may
secured the benefit of a thorough, elevated and re
fined education for young ladies tn a suterior degree,
aud congrauilatc the people of Hudson and the vicinity
uhiu the establishment uf such a Seminary under so
happy auspices We are happy to know that it is in
tended to provide in this Institution the means and fa
cilities of au education of the highest onler.
lK. U. 1". AMIMI , . rir.l.J.U IIAKT.
Hudson. April -X, 1KJ4 y
The Patrons of this pojHiJar and fashionable Saloon,
have all repudiated the credit sytem, and are paiug
.rish for their refreshments. They say, 'Green has
enough to do to keep everything iu order and serve his
customers without making tickets, charging oysters and
other refreshments, drawing off accounts, and shinning
aloui tow o fur money that has been ticketed fur a
'day or so, and run one or two and three years, and
getting anythiug don't pay, and they won, let him j
so any more. Gentlemen, your arrangement suits
Stick to the text; pay as you go, and all my time
including that portion of it which has heretofore been
spent in fruitless efforts to collect money shall be de
voted to your comfort. My house shall lie set in order
now, for the belter accotnmodatiouTof my cash cus
tomers. "Excelsior," sliall be my motto.
Warren, March ST, li-64. WM. GREEN, Act.
rvENTISTRY. Dr. J. C. Burroughs
J w
ould respectfully announce to the citizens of '
Warren, and to the puldie, that he will still be found at I
Rooms over Fresco Hall, where he will perform any
operation that may lie required of the Dental profession I
an vlrgant and durable manner. He returns his '
Ihanka for past favors, and asks for a continuation of '
same. All operations iierformed by Dr. B. will be i
warranted to be .hat they should be. in every sense of
word. J. C. BURROUGHS. I
March l. 1834 tf. J
X. ubscrii'er having tnirchased Mr. J. Marvin's
stock, take this method of informing the citizens of
Warreu and Trumbull county, that iu addition to the
stock on ham!, he is receiving and now opet ing. a
Ptationary and Fancy GoxIs as can be foui i In tha
West. His stock of Books comprises Histoi ies. Trav
els, Romances. Kncycloedia. Biographies, Works on
Elocution, Architecture. Agriculture, Theology. Geolo
gy, Philosophy, Physiology, Phrenology, Works on
spiritualism. Mystic Orders, Annuals and Al'utns.
Also, all the new Publications worthy of note, piles of
School Books, both obi and new, now in use in the sev
eral school di.Lrict, BiMes from 30 ct. to Prayer
aud Hymn Books fur all denomination.
Tn great variety. Letter Writers, Sous; and Dream
Books, Astrologers Books and Cards
ST4T10NKRT. In this department are offered every description of
Goods, French. American Lab. Wore, Cap, Bill. Let
ter and Note Paper of he best quality, and Envelopes
to match.
Comprising lccdgem. Journals, Record, Cash. Invoice,
Time, Log, Ncte, Receipt and Memorandum Books.
Also. Copy Bok for schools.
Lithographic Prints, Mxps, Chessmen and Board.
Dominoes. Dice and Cnis, Playing and Printing Cards.
Paier Weights. Calendars. Letter Clips and Btllholders,
Address Card. Plain, Gilt, Km'-ossed tnd Illumined,
Card Cases. Pearl, Ivory and Illumined.
Drawing Books. Cants, Pajrcr and Drawing materi
als. Inks. Writing Fluids. Pens and Lead Pencils.
Leaves. Wire, Paiier, etc., for Artificial Flowers, and
a large assortment of English, French, German and
American Toys, Weekly Papers from Boston, N-w
York and Philadelphia, Periodicals. Harpers Putnam's,
Graham's. Godey's and Methodist National Magazines,
Leslie's Book of Fashions and Yankee Notions.
The purchasing community will find always on hand
a large stock from which to make their selections, at
extremely low price for cash only, at the New York
Book Store. No. S3, Main street, a few doors south of
jhe Post Office.
Warren 0 Oct., 1th, 1854, R. A. A. BALDWIN.
WAR ON HIGH PRICES ! ! At Baktutt 4
Baowa's BOSTON CLOTHING IIOl'SE, in the New
Building, opposite the Democrat Office, Met Street,
Warren, Ohio.
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and bet
lot of CLOTHING, at Wholesale and Retail, ever
brought to thia market, comprising Dress, Frock and
Business Coats. Overcoats, Pants and Vests, of every
variety and style conceivable. To test the truth of our.
assertion we will give you prices and you can come
and examine for yourselves.
A FI LL Sl'IT. Coat. Pawts and Vtwr. ffiSO, with
an Overcoat to match for 84. Also, a rich stock of
Boys Clothing; Coats for $2, with Pants to match for
81. Also, a complete stock of JJATS and CAPS, com
prising every style and quality. We have also a full
stock of Gentlemen Furnishing Goods, and a larre
stock of Broadcloths, C ass j meres and Vestings. rich
and rare, and of the latest and most fashionable styles
CARD. The Proprietera here take occasion tore
turn their sincere thanks to the people of Warren ard
the surrounding country, for the generous patrons re
which they have hitherto awarded them, and resiect
fully ask its continuance, feeling certain that their
goods, for style, quality and cheapness, cannot h
equalled in this section of country- Our goods rre all
warranted to be of good material, well m-.de, and to
give good service We have but one price for onr
goods, and that a just one. believing it a j oor policy
and worse principle to plunder from one person ta
seenre the loss on another. P. T. BAR! LETT,
Warren, Oct, 7, lr'34.. G. W. BROWN
X $300.a0 WORTH OF GIFTS, for the uscri
berstothe MAMMOTH PICTORIAL or the Whole
World, published simultaneously in the three cities of
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, a soon as
310,000 subscriptions are obtained ; and having al
ready an aclnal circulation of ahout 2CG.CC0, it is now
certain tke diatrimmtimn trill mmn Mke plmee.
Among the extraordinary 1(t op eirrs, (Vein j on
for every ticket issued.) are
Prof. Hart's Elegant Country Seat, valued at
A Magnificent City Residence "
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest
or security,...-
Building Lots, Megant Piano Fortes, Melo
deons. Gold Watches, Bracelets, Rings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New
World,-by Prof. Hart; Real Estate, arc
10 000
kCnkcln all numbering auo.bOO tints,
rained at
Every single remittance of 9 1 . secure one year's
abscription K the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity of a Gift Ticket, which entitles the holder to
one share in the joo.uoo Gilts. Thus every person in
vesting in thia stupendous Enterprise receives the
full worth of his or her money, in subscription to a
first class journal, (the grraiest and most interesting
Pictorial of the age.) Iesides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove an immense fortune to tha
For complete Lit of Gifts, and full and explicit par
ticulars in regard to the great Enterprise, Distribu
tion, see a copy of Tna Whole Wot i d, which
will le promptly sent, free of charge, where desired by
letter. iost-iaid.
Tde Whole World may also be seen at the offices ol
all apers containing this advertisement, where infor
mation may be obtained In rea'd to the paper and
Agents, Postmasters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel mployment, should
not fail to seen copy of The Wholo World, which
contain by far the most liberal inducements ever of
fered to agents lu the way of immense cash premiums,
gifts, commissions, dec, whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make 9 1 ,000 and upwards,
per year ; to which fact the a cents we already have
can certify. Secure the Pictorial, and become wise,
rich, and happy.
Correspendents must write their address Name,
Post Office, County, and State. aia and distinct, or it
willbetheir own fault If they fail to get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all returns will be promptly ent
wherever desired, in any part of the world.
JTTIf ny order are received after the 300,000
subscribers are obtained, the money will he promptly
returned, post-paid, to the persons sending it.
if A" letters aud remittance for the notorial.
with Gift Tickets, niuxt invariably he addressed,
post-paid, to Paor. J. WOODMAN HART, World's
Hall, Broadway. New York, there being the
office for the Gift Enternrise.
But remittances for the Pictorial withoft Otft Tick
ets. may he sent te Prof. J. WOODMAN HART. Hart
Ucildikgs, Chestuut Street, Philadelphia. Pa , there
being the princial editorial and publication otlice.
T ry. Ac. The subscriber have just re
ceived a large stock of Goods in their line, which.
with their former stock, make a very desirable assort
ment ; among which are Gold and Silver Watches , Sil
ver, silver Plated and Bnttama bpoona ; Breast rins ;
Finger King : Ear Rings : Gold and Silver Pencil
Cases; Watch Chain, Seals and Keys; Scissors;
Shears ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Knives ; Knives and
Forks ; Razor ; Percussion Caps and Pills ; Silver
Plated, Brittania, Glass, and Common Candlesticks;
Lamp ; Lamp Glote, and Chimney ; Tea Trays ; Tea
and Coffee Pot ; Communion Ware ; Castors ; Cloth,
Shoe, Hair, Flesh, Tooth and Shaving Brushes ; Melo
deons ; Guitars ; Banjcs ; Violins ; Flutes ; Fife ; Ac
eordeon; Flageolettsand Tairborine ; Hair Pi na and
Combs; Waist Slides and Buckles; Purses; Pocket
Books and Wall. -is ; Powder Flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, aud a great variety of Toys and Fancy Good.
The public are respectfully invited to call and exam
ine the goods.
All kinds of Clock and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to perform well, at a reasonable expense.
To our old custemers we tender oor thanks for the
patronage the establishment has received for the lat
thirty-six vears. WALTER KINO A SOX,
Dec. ltCttf. No. , Main Su, Warren, 0.
FULES VAUTR0T, Wholesale and
ti Retail Denier in Clotw. Watches. Jewelry, Sir.- j
ver-Warr, and Fawt Goods warren. Ohio.
ii-.iw iiit rfinrr.iKl from the Eastern Man-A
ufactones, I brought with me a very large fc VJ j
dCAVwiTiawiiC nf sv in.-line English Lever Watch-fcV 1
es. in rolci. Iini.tiur and plain cases. Also, a suermr i
quality of Duplex M atches, with independent seconds,
just the thins; for timing horses. Also, English Lever ;
Railroad Time Keepers, in Silver Hanging Cases; and
a larger stock of Detached Lever and Lepine Watches ,
than was ever before oliered in this place. Jly assort- j
ment of Jenelry, 1 Batter mself, is a better selection i
than 1 nave ever 'icfore made, having iwrcluu-eil a :
much larger stock and of finer iualily, than hat here- !
tofore been brought to thi- place; such as I can fully
recommend. F.veiybody is invited lo call and exam- ;
ine my stock. Pedlars, and others, purchasing t sell
again, will find a large as-wrtmeiit. ami prices that will .
compete with Eastern Cities, as I purchase my goods
directly from the manufacturers, and will sell for as !
small p.ofiu as any other establishment in the country. J
A few fine Dounle Time Centre Seconds Watches, will j
be sold very low. Now is tbe time for securing a go
bargain. Call soon and see for yourselves.
. Watches, Jewelry, ate- carefully repaired and war
ranted. Engraving neatly done.
Oct. 7, 154. :
X Co. are constantly making additions to their
large and well selected stock of Stove Patterns, so that
they are now aide to furnish customers with the most
desirable patterns fr kitchen or parlor use. Among
their assortment are the following ;
The Clinton Air Tight Cook stove, o. . !
do Improved do do do do i
This Stove is truly the Fanner's Stove, for after an j
unprecedented run of fite years, the demand for them is i
still increasing. I
The Womaas'KightsCnok Stove, No. I.for wood or coal, j
do do do do No. 2, do
do do do do No. 4, for wood. ;
This is a new pattern of Coal Ptove, just got out by
n. with elevated oven. No. 1 is intended for a dining '
room Stove, having two boiler holes and a large capa
cious oven for baking or keeping meats warm. No. S
lM fours inch boles for boiling, and ia adapted to
families. No. 4 has 4 v inch holes lor noning, ana a
very large oven, and is adaied to large families.
The " Bang I'p" Cook Stove, No. 4.
do Western Queen do do
do Queen of Prairies do do
do lireat Western do do for coal.
Thest Stores have four 9 inch boiler holes and eapa-
cwt ovens l-elow the fire chamber. For beauty.
strength, durability and economy in fuel, these Stoves I
are unsun-assed. They are perfect bakers. I
The following are some of their Parlor Moves :
The Cottage Franklin Coal Stove, No. 9. j
do do do do No. 3. I
These are the celebrated Sliding Door Stoves, which
tank the premium at the late State Fair. "or lieauty and ,
convenience, they challenge eom)etition, aa the extia- j
ordinary sales this year abundantly testify. I
The Cottage Stove, No. 3, for wood. -
do do do No. 2. do j
The Jewett At Root Stove, Folding Doors, for wood. !
Besides a general assortment of Cannon, Coal, Box, '
and Dairy Smves.
All kinds of machinery made to onler. Stove Fonn-
IdryeastofTayler's Warehouse, on the canal. Machine
Foundry, east'side of Lilierty street, en tue canal. Tin
hon four doors west of the Bank, Market street. War- j
ren, Ohio J" ' i
EAGLE HOTEL. The subscriber would take tins
otiiHirtunitv of informing the citizens of Warren, and
the public generally, that he has purchased the Kaoi.B
llst-i-v f.krin.rle kei hr Mr. Cimu. where hereafter he
would be glad to see his friends, and ail who choose to I
give him a call. The best arrangements will be made to
make his house a pleasant place to stup, and no effort j
will be spared to those who call once to stop again. To
the old customers of the Eagle be would say, dm not
condemn a chance as for the worse. Ivecause you were
well SUltea wuu your uiu unu:ni. out givv uiv uc
administration a trial before you decide.
Warren, Aug. 1", 153. G E0. T. HULL.
7RH ING INKS, tfec Arnold's and
Mavnard At Noyes celebrated Writing Inks.
Also, Ink Powder, Carmine Ink, Indelible Ink, for
marking linens. Writing Sand, Ink Bottles, etc.. etc.
lorsale hy may Tl R.Jl SMITH Oo.
mni' t 1 nTPCi fiAtmr PTr nnmp
I LAL1 tuiui uniii wiun
to Crotchet and Fancy Knitting. A few copies
received at ADAMS' Bookstore,
Also, several new popular works. Drop in when
you have time. nov 9-2
. . n ,,, vinvoTrtnu 1 1 t
iJ A- AliJN J &1 UCJV K IO. 1 UTe
13. While Lead a large snniilv consUnly on hand
and for sale-he lowest crth prices, hv
Aug 9. B. A. SMITn 4t Co.
Patent Medicines.
liuvuwiv r i u j.u j i. j iii;
l f.K. FOK THE CL KG Or I OLDS. CO! Oil!.
ISTtl VI i UlfJaV aP II IT f-2 I'll V JI'U UV V ft V Ik All
These W afers operate like a chirm nrodueiiiralmnst
ustantaneors relief. They allay at once, the tickliug .
and irritation in the throat, which gives rise to lucking j
Bud coushing. anil finally result, if not arrtste.1, in a ;
disease of fatal type.
For Brouchitis.so fearfully prevalent in this climate,
these Wafers stand perfectly unrivalled. No Public
Speaker should attempt to address an audience without
supply of 1
In his prcket. Tliey lubricate liie throat and facilitate j
wenwerj u . nun astouisntng degree, rroiessionai
singers, ana an memirs of Clturch Choirs will expe
rience immense benefit from their magie effects. All
who nse them cheerfully testify to their wonderful em
eacy. There is but one opinion of their matchless vir
tues, in all complaints for which they are recommended.
One box will satisfy you that we cannot speak too
highly in thivr favor.
Hon. S AMI Kb RICHARDSON, late Myor of Roch
ester, N. V.; Dr. James McCarthy, of Me-lical lltll.
Dublin: S. I'earsall, Viear, l.ichlield Cathedral: B. Pres
ton. Coal Merchant, of Hull Kngiand ; and thousands
of other, h.ive volunteered their testimony In favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'3 great diico.ery. A single trial will
convince the most sceptical that no medicine ap-
roaches this in the absolute control it exerts over all
Ihat fatal class of diseases which we have enumerated.
Cold by all Medicine Dealers generally.
Oct. 4, lfit lim
!'; J .11 ni l
n t: w
Thm mcM m erf u I Kmc on the fees of the rloos- bo
fri-iM. M.pruaie ia tlia 4nM-ri--an I.epuUte. Th powar
9f U.- rr.ned h-aUof tun-pn tink into lnft.nifieaaoa
u-i. i-isui).irl to eur Aari-rrfni King.
huropr.ni kiu'h ri..pi y ne povrf tested In then to
iiM-r-kMi- Oi il hn f the ri-b and lordly, and to redact
lo Krrer uns.rv ai.J ili-t;rt.,ntiiin. the p,T and dypand
t.t. tir An.rri.-nn hln-fooa tnrth itheuaJ wiUing
Ow to tt.e It -ril m.tnsi..ii liie h m b eahin, roaJy
sliK- u Nt.uih.isi-r relief. at:t v ntfer health and happl
am 1. Mm- siifu and i.ly. tbe -irh and the poor
l the T.ni U-Siw i.f .us W'yTLa. and thu cremtest
MesMu -t u.Vri-,1 ;r C ild humanity; to tbe suf
Vriu-' uiillw.iss tt. !. tur on say. reikf ia at your eum-bmu-I,
Vo bjtti- ot.ly U us- tUi vtaacieaJ reutwdy. AU
tb.--o bi -till su'ft-r, and will n-ot n -ecpt the piv&arrad
balm. d-r-r ut. tne iv f ihrtr Cibiiiitm.
1 hi wonie-rful tue l.cuie. during tint Uriel period sine
Its iu trod ii li-ii. bis enrrird u-ipi'iitew to lit hearts of
thcusaudiL ui:d iii.-sle a fb-ir.ii to many wb herto
kr reirar-ik-d it oui. a a paiiif-il aui miairatJa eiiaV
Ta thm wiuds with atl liuitueuta, rmbnwationa, Paia
KilU-rs. and lin Kxtrattorv and 1& millions of glad
tonput-s pnetatui tbe nieriu tf the frreat Aaerkaa
Kins f I'aiit. 'a pr-gir.'tion .oipsed solely of ves
la lb and mo. rn-turvd by AawrKws own rieh and
bi.Utitet'U Ii.
We auM ask the Ltt-m rbo .ire always eampetent
judge if liattiai-d wtiai i nt a valu.il-fV .mily nwd-fr-ine.
U do on a ei ill tir.-r by eirioj tbe Kin? of Pals
a single truil. and if wttista try. exrri th-ir lottuenea
la it Istrtuif rvrroticei-d it. -pr-iK well and nftin of it,
and wee tliat k i ut! y th ir attlicted n-ihcr-t The
lji'iit-f.ar a'j;.if r:.triLIV ard t hen tb-y indiKetbair
salT-sriui frteiitis l uw tlth ivailr TaluaMe atedidne,
they wi'l be di.n.r an art of !iu-vb'n--e-ttat tbty emu
tU lie prut i t l.'iii. t m p- werfui and triily-m.-tal
roinedy f.r all i.ti-rnul uiujr swellitit. barita,
aoaud fir roini iittrrnal at-i-tbn. it U a c-rfw.n cura.
yet it t p-rf-.-tl v bori-ilw, .-t;. J iiimp.ii (e of pnluoius;
Uie Iwtst injitrious ritm-ij in the nmrt dVlicate cases or
th wiaKwt mHituttu.
It b etttir; u- .i k t. f IViw the old and anravooft
Tf U iu f ul-t.h:iit' lu i be pul lie lltousands of certli
satniif aoudtm p.rrl-ir.tie't :w ihi mtfili-in-. It costs
but t-A-utv-; .r rt-i l try IL. and V-f- Muli -ktatces his
vellearit. d r-Lit-tti.u lb Kmof tidu-t! ail
lud tti'tv lit .. u i Li i it.
Viwrwiiuid b.tv v.tu the KhuumatiiOfi orliout;
these so- pUas-int nujPtiov and we know that
tou W4u.-i -i- e - Uri.e tifit: aay as soua as paMubla,
then itx-
-bl Ll.-e K1N- OF WW."
AViu!.i s.m ir rwrv J a.tnf-t iiotn-dLitely wf Ht-wJ"
Oo-iipi.iitiL. I -M-nu-r. . ;auur i cofUiMt- tb.-lt-ra Mor
bus, t t-uup l.ittj. . Hrx.i A. In-. T'Kftb tr any other ache
ar pain, tin uoiy i lmpM and the cur tertaiu,
tK TI1S fi I! r.AT KI-NO tr" PAIN.
TVo.iId yon havevKur -.rw. 5wrll'nifrt Cuts. Burns;
aViI-b- l.rui'-es. or any tl.-T ourni-i b.-il-l. e rgpoat
st. use tbe
M AiU'AL k: ok paix.
Would ytiu N rantt t.f lirai, Stiff -Vdutn. 5or
rVrnat. Nturtl-ria. ' l;r.-ni. I.uuiln. rv. T-tiw r Kin
wVorin. l;bv-u:u -.tbS"f vw.i u luMert. t'hppMd
llaiid-i. anil all f tnr .-sii- i;t..T ,,ry ur jsiibin;. we
n; ptn ind i-tiu. .'i.n t. Xi i-i fas Ur. J.-I-b Hull s
- hlli Or' PAIN.
Would you 1-b riirrd f Kind's K'.il. Can-er. Tumor.
Krup.i-'O't, ur auy it-w i f tuo n eaued by impure
ckMtt. ttieti ue lir. J-..n Hull arciBirill Intemally,
ind the Kin f l'iu et rn.-div. nthiac can be mora
r Ijin than a ppf0y and eifvt-tual cure.
Tl:U medl iitf. nen u.d afv..rlin to Jim-tioBjj
will cur, wituout Cb :
f-rofu la.
or Kiti '...il.
04fr t.ruptiins
of tli- rii. ij-.-aii LlS
Tunn ra. 4'hrH b s-nrm Ml, m
fcmtr Ur.rm rr T.-tt -rs IvsUd Head.
Kbeum.-itifU. Pir io the l--ren or -Joints.
rid wrt-s and I lerrs. Ss-hins of
theuUnda. :j.ilis. lH-etia. nlt i.b-'um.
Ibra-rirf tiir hidxeys. lii-e.jM-t. ariim frott CbS)
aaeof Ierrury.lw d .pvti,a. Pain in thoideand
Sbouldera Uencral li-l l.u:jlaj. Cuuzha. Colds.
roisy. Jaundie. fjiirness. l'n!iabiti. Wealineasof
Cheat, rreThriit.luliui'ii-ir. nl b tiwi.s audail other
liaeami tending t j pr.ui C- sumpli.n. LifCoo
plairta. reuuile IrievUianties and 4 tm-plxinta. bow
bpiriU. J-irk aud ner-o t .lead aehe. Ni.bt 7-woata,
lpi-svrea, or Jmprudr:ie in Lib. t"hnnie i'os
stituiionnl l-iviar. and urn a r-priuie aud
bummer brink, and '.ener.l Ttur ror tn
fcystviu. aud a (senile aud 1'luaant
I'urati.e. it l sup rw to blue
Lb-k and tjoureis . oUir,
alts i l.ila
It Is a remarkable trt. tbat anv-n? th huuihwds of
eminent phxM. i-in bn bav exauiiiiel tbe reripa by
wbb'b Unit s S-irwivirilla prepnn-d. i.t "ne baa eon
detuued it, but all aptro-it and tintimri.il it in the
hiicbejtt terms. Mjiiv -.s. iaiis e.prt;s tbeuiselTea
striMily in tbe l-elief ihnt i: L- b-ci leJI . the l-est prepa
ration of Sarsauaril.a th.ii Las cTt-r l-een pbred lr6r
the publie. Abbuu.h th-re ar UL-tuy pbiciiiis who
feel a Mictanc:b'lai..sr ib--ir iiaiut-j. appjnde-i to the
reoauunaiiatiin rf auy piT"i ul:ir r.-u!-dv. nntwith
ataiidiuir tbev mav appr'e . f it in th? ht:bet detm-a;
there are othiirs lt fi-jiiki-. k ld tbrir supftort in tavur
of a remel bbb the. .uj is s-ap-fU-i. of tuiu; so
much -foixl in au aiVi -tl -i.mmur.ity. As an ktatu-e,
ma-1 the iUJowin-: fr.ni ol i nd r-.-s- ,ta!-t ph. n -iini,
f htb lOauoia-; iu th. -M uUiuuu) ia vbi h Un v li
sTr.tiuioiit Hke th- f 11 oin readers r'iums
allaotainenuiOn the.. .;-.. .-f I'.oH s .-sivatMrii-a. Irum
Dr. L. I". Vandell. I rofe-ai r uf I beiointrr mi the iuia
vill. Mmli.nl t'olle. : i hat. ioi.ci oter tile list of in
gr.dintseouip1inJoliH l'-o!l s t ou.M.uud .xtr-tof
harsaparilla an-l haie no lit.-ili-n in a-in- tlt they
mrm a safe cmpuoiid Ji:-t i-ne tlmt prniiiM v.ii it
snrooic diseaara, to whi,L it i.appll--a:.le.
I P. VAMJM.h, Jl.D.
Locrsvuu. June 6. 1H4S.
What Dr. Pvles. phv.f bia by appnlntu:nt to th.
Leuirril!. Marine Uut-'Ut sn ( f null s .'arwparilla
L iliiu.t Ju-ir. h a. Ii0-
I hae. examined tbe pr- s.-riptin ( r th. preparation
Of John Hull s raripri;!a uj I bvlhne tl:. ioml ina
tlotl to be an excellent .:.. and well rah-ulatrd t. pro
dlK. an alterative iftipr--i n :n the sv.tem. I have
sed it U th in pal ii au i prl te pr tii and think
Ii Is Uw best artn-le of .-ar.ipuriiU luw in us
- M. PV !.h, M. D.
Resident I hyM Ian l-ul"! ii! Marine liOKpilaJ.
Better t-sti'.nn thnn .a-en-r oTered in fiiior of any
afsdieim. l ev. ri. W . .-r-n l ev. I.. Mrirawn:
I. -11-mii.i la J th. 1M9.
W. hsT. ol J hit r ti:I . ."-arNMpari!', a&l hav.
known it t. I u--l :ih .ntiri- ..ti.f i. li -n : and w.
hare no h-.il.iib n in .t-.iincmir i. ii f thit it a safc
and valu.i 'e ine-ii.! e. im.iaud an eab-!!.il Ij pro
rioc nu4 -,!e.. at.. I r.-l.--- t;m -b o tmn;. and tner
Ibre wunlJ i-h,t rfulii .-.nd us- M nr. 'ti. re--.uimnd it
Isl th. aftb-ted.
tri'J L. TI. I.NSV.N.
We would ser-i-Hrtl. I- ,i'. a!! v r- i li-are suffer
ing with anv -f the ills th il ' if 11 is heir to lo rail on
Dr. John Hull s a,ert and -t a -opr . f i.ull s tamily
Journal irratla: and St Hi- of liumavKy we hups
that a single in.tiii-lnal .ii! mt 'ef mil uiiwiliing to
give Bull s ransiparllla a ri il .ft- r n a liiii. and r-cnl-Uxt'uTie.
at the same tl:!i- that il '.' Ir.'p"-i" le r the
Doctor tn pu liah the tenth part .f t'-e numl er of rer
stfieate of ast-iundim: enr-- p.-rf rtne-l bv hi. Strsapa
rilla. The amount of tei-tiu-onr ndni tarily tl-.irTt!l
n Dr. Bull's r-an-ar-sriila. fr nu well kn..-n and -H-lio-gnisned
individuals, l-'.h in publif ami j rirato lifc.ha
been perfretlrorwr.b-lr hi.
-lr. John Bull s ITinclpal offlee. Wept Side Fifth
ttnek, arst door bnlow jlaili, Louis-illc. Ky.
?KKT" .... . . i
Lol IM ILLB, j
roa aiLe sx
Ami by E. A. SMITH dt Co.DruggisU No. i Main St.
Warren. I
r r n V tAV
LMlIjAt VjAOtl Aiiu AV.ci.fXA a -x x. a.
MENT. No. 911, Main Street. T " I
J. MrConoell At Co- So. K Main .
.. . u' - Oki. I.. . ,Km mImu.. 1 . .ssTOSJ ,
ee anneaineine to th eitiaen. of fl
Tramlmll county and the public in
eeneraL tbat they are receiving and manufacturing the
r . . . . . . . iijutfr .j
larrest, eaeapest ana w3,.rMw. .
SUOKS ever brought to Uie Western market, which
they now offer tor sale, at wholesale or retail, at prices
that cannot 'ail to suit purchasers, on the cash aad
ready-pay system. Their stock consist, of - : I
Men's Coese Boots; Men's Calf Pej'd I niution B'u;
Hungarian d: " French CaOf aew'is. steel s ts; i
h;'P ' "ro"""- ,, -
Calf Pegs do; " Rip and Calf BiBgaiui;
HOVS DUUI. Willi (-'. ..II ... .11 K I !!'-. , ,
. - , v LD15:,-K,ARIM--N'T1V. , '
Ladies Jenny Lind Biots, Buskins and Vies; Ladida 1
r tent Leather Buskins and Ties, and Morocco Boots; !
: see' Sewed and Pegged Gaiters and Shoes, of all i
i!S?i,2-7l.wr7-ftJ-a. nvuii.i rTxniii
Morocco. Calf Skin and ipper Leather, and every-1
ISing usually kept in our line, which will he sold for
'. lower man Can h. Pianucisewnere in me rouniy
April It. Ii3.
J. McCONNELI. 4t CO. j
I to
1 but
j in
Patent Medicines.
Klx:. Sir A. C, Bart., itirertetl and alr.sed the use ol
to all persons or all ages and conditions, as a certain
laud s:tfe shield agaiuxl those fearful diseases, Con-
sumption. Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Colds and other
afflictions of the Lungi, which arise from the exposed
stale of the chest, accurding to fashion, and the cumin
a ual changes of our climate.
"Tit- Protector," is simply a chemically pre),red
fur, lined with silk and padded, which, suspended from
a n viil,i?i . r?ir Asun o'pcr, i
Burt.. X. D.. the rm uent Med cal Pi-artitimirr.
his li.fl a v I. s .1.1- I. . .......... . : l.: i a.' a f
Cure for Puluumarv Umwi iitmiivtiii inr irn. i
me neca, covers the chest in so agreeable a aianner,
that, once worn, it becomes a neces.-itv and a eomfoi.
The Protector." altliough but recentlyinfroduccd in
to America, is making rapid prt,:res thronrt -a
I'nite:! states he Canada. South America, an I Wcjt
Indies. It has for a lung time Iteen a stable ar.icle
in Englaud and on the continent of Europe, while It
has grown in many countries to the position of an arti
cle of dress.
To demonstrate these facts enquire of any English
resident in your vicinity of his k .wledge of the in-
cficial effecu of wearing the Prolector, withoi-t kk-
(orsJl to mx-roci-is of any kind. The cost of wear
ing these articles is a mere trifle, and one will last
tome years. No one who values the health of himtelf
or his family will he without them. The Hospitals in
this country are not alone recommending them, but
rapidly introducing them. II ireuurt, Bradley 4 Co ,
of I lOndon, and Manchester, fingland, were originally
entrusted with the manufacture of the Protectors, by
the lamented Dr. Cooper, and continue to manufacture
veording t" his original" instructions, and therefore
recommend those who would wear "The Protectors,"
to see to their being genuine.
Kemem;er this is a staple article, and no Patent
Gent's Site, $1 30 each.
Ladies' do. - . . J no do.
itoys' and Misses do. - 75 o.
3 Ann Street 4 102 Nassau Street. New York.
Principal Warehouse, 102 Wood Street, Cheapside
London. Manufactory, 44 Market Street, Manches
ter, England.
II. B. A Co. are establishing Depots for the sale of
"The Protector" in all parts of America. Physicians,
Sunreons, Dru'iritta, Clothiers. Dry Goods Merchants,
Hatters and Milliners, also Gentlemen's furnishing
r-tore Keepers are entrusted with the wholesale at4
retail distribution of them, and to whom most liberal
terms are offered for their enterprise, and a splendid
opportunity opens tn them for safe and profitable busi
3d Ana Street, New Yo-ik.
Sept. 30, 1P54- 3m.
It spoils pre-eminent for its curative powers in all
disease for which it is recommended, usually called
Of these are Prolapsus Cteri, or Falling of the Womb ;
Flour Ali us, or Whiles; Chronic Inflamation and l"l
eeration of the Womb; Incidental Hemorrhage, ot
Flooding; Painful, itappressed and Irregular Menstrua
tion; die., with all their accompanying evils. (Cance
excepted.) no matter bow severe, or how long standing.
The Catholicon far surpasses other remedies, in beins
more certain, less exitens.re, and leaving the system
in a Itetter condition. Lei all interested call and obtair
a pamphlet (free) containing ample proof, from the
most respectable sources, of the henelicial results of iu
se; together with letters from highly experienced Phy
sicians, who have used il in their practice, and speak
from their own observations.
P. B. Prrina, M. D.. I'tica, X . Y.
L. D. F 1.110, M. D.. Rochester N. T
M. H Milds, il. D., Rochester. 5. Y -
D. Y. Foots, M. D., Syracuse; N. Y.
Prof. Dental, M. D., Baltimore, Md.
J. C. Onan k, M. D-, Baltimore, Md.
W. W Kaxss, M. D., New-York City.
W. Pararo r, i. D , Concord, N. U.
J. P. Nf M. D I'tica, N. Y.
Re S. Bum, Glenn Springs, S. C.
Phamplets to he had gratis at the Store of E. A. SMITH
Co., Agents, Druggists, Warren, O. Also sold by L.
W. Mears, North Bioomfield. James K. Sexton, Yonngs
swn, and by most of the leading Druggists in the ad
oining counties.
TTpLittiT Miirttmtd t (A care Mr. Curl it
Hmlck, Jlgnt mt Xaetmmm, Okim.
To D. Msju Hist : I have keen ten Tears troubled
with Female Complaints prolapsus uteri, and all the
attenuing aimeulttes; at times rendering my life mos
miserable. I have had the attendance of aome of the
best physicians, with but little success: the most the.
could do was to relieve a care was oat of the question.
ear etc ssonuis oeiore commencing with your medicine
I had rot keen able to nerfonn anv labor, eoald walk
hut a few steps at time, and scarcely went out ofdoors
in snort, 1 was completely prostrated, both in mind
ami body, and expected to drag out the rest of my days
in suffering and misery. But. reading- tout advertise
ment. I was induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Catholicon. as the last resort, lb-id not
sed it a week before I felt like another woman. By the
use of three bottles I was enabled to perform al the la
bor for six ia the family with ease, and could walk any
where in the neighborhood without injury. Nothing
but a sense of my duty to you and to the alliicted, has
induced me to stale my case to the public, I can safely
recommend the preparation to all thorn? suffering like
myself. (Signed.) Mrs. Ssjiab Am Buaor. -Freedom,
Portage Co., Ohio.
Kt- B- MAKCHISI Co, Proprietors, Cet. a
Depot, 304 Broadway, New York.
Warren, June 21. 1854-y
A.t Pmrtieit mf Mtrtmrm in it.
Lrr thi irruens Raa aaa Ponaeu .'
An Infallible Remedy for Scrofula. King's Evil, Rheu
matism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pistoles or
Postules on the Face, Blotches, Boils, Ague and Fe
ver, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Tetter. Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints,
-Stubborn Ulcers Syphilitic Disorders, Lumlatgo,
Spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising from aa
Injudicious Use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or
Impurity of the Blood.
ItV This great alterative medicine and Purifier of
Blood is now used by thousands of grateful patients
from all parts of the United States, who testify daily to
the remarkteftle cures performed by the greatest of
Medicines, CsRrm's SraaisB Mixttkk.' Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions of the Skin. Liver
Disease, Fevers, Ulcers, Old Sores, Affections of the
Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female Coatplaints,
Pains and Aching of the Bones and Joints, are speedily
put to flight by using this great and lnestinaable rem
edy. For all diseases ot the Blood, nothing has yet been
foil nil to compare with it. It cleanses the system of
all impurities, acta gently and efficiently 00 the Lirer
and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to
tne Btomacn, makes tne skin clear and healthy, and re
stores the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or broken
down by the excesses of youth, lo its pristine vigor and
For the Ladies, it is ineomparahly better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few doses of CaktbVs Sraw
out MixTt'EE will remove all sallowness of complexion,
bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give elasticity
te the step, and improve the general health in a re
markable degee, beyond all the saediciaes ever heard
The large number of certificates which we hare re
ceived from persons In, all parts of the United States
is the bent evidence that there is bo Humbug about it.
The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and
public ia.-n, well known ta the community, ait add their
testimony to tbe wonderful effects of this GREAT
Call on the AnawT and get a Circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful cures this truly greatest of all
aledicines has performed.
None genuine unless signed Bkxxbtt & Bkxaa, Pro
prietors, No. 3, Ptarl street, Richmond, Ya-, to whom
all orders for supplies and agencies must be addressed.
For sale hy E. A. Smith 4fc Co.. Warren ; J. Camp
bell, Newton Falls ; B. Brown, Oh I ton ; Geo. Uaslett,
Gastavua , S. n . Mears, Bloomfield, and hy Dealers in
Medicines everywhere. now 9-y
Ji Jaundice, Chronic or Nervous Nehility, Disease
of the Kidneys, and all Diseases arising from a Disor
dered Liver or Stomach ; such as Constipation, inward
Pile. Fullness, or Blood to the head. Acidity of the
Stomach. Nausea, Heartbarn, Disgust for Food, Full
ness or Weigiit in the Stomach. Sour Eracttaions, Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming
of the Head, Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flutter
ing at the Heart, Choking er Suffocating Sensations
when in a lying posture. Dimness of Vision. Dots or
Webs before the sight. Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Rack, Chest, Limbs,
Ate, Suddeu Flushes of Heat, Burning in tbe Flc.ii,
Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression of
Spirits can be effectually cured kyv
Dr. floofland's Celebrated German Bitters,
Prepared hy Dr. C. M. JACKSON, No. 120 Arch street.
Their power over the above diseases is aot excelled,
equalled, by any other preparation in the United
States, as the cures attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians had failed. These Bitters are worthy the
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
recti ilcation of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands.
exercising the Boost searching powers in weakness and j
affections of the digestive organs, they are, withal
safe, ceruiu and pleasant.
Jong Horrx.s, Jeromesville, Ohio. May 3-Ah. 1853
said: "I write to .tale for your sansraeuen, and also
that of others, that your Uermaa Bitters is what you ,
recommend it to be. a highly valuable medicine, which t
know from having used it ia my own family to my
entire satiifaction. All who have used it give the same j
recomniendiion c.Dt). Ohio. Mar 11. 1K-.3.
... , 1. , n.,, ,. r; hi. hi.
J. "P'l Tn JnrW. in which I nlaced much f
confidence. I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
them I gave to my daughter who has derived great
benefit from it ; two of tue others I sold immediately. )
and I would like yo to senu me a supply of n to sen.
Jonx Cla, Brunswick. Ohio, Ma S6. l4.says :
German Bitters hav. proved .uccessf.l in every
case Hint has come to my knowledge, and has opened
.. ,; j- ..j t, r
itself a great demand. -
r .... . . ijm-nrn.a i:nvinion. iinio. Dee. rtin. 1
IroJ, says : aiy w lie nas neen anecieu wiua tue btver
couplaiutand Dyspepsia for a number of years, during
which time I have sfient a great deal for doctoring but
received very little beted! therefrom, and finally
doctors said she could not be cured. Last spring
concluded to try your Bitters: she took two bottles
ever since Uking them she has been able to attend
h?r bnsiaers. until very la.ely she had a new attack
ha again commenced the Bitters. I have sold
number of bottles through her recommemUtion, j
as tar as I can learn, it has given satisfaction to
D. Abbott, Anstlnburgh. Asb'ahula county, Ohio
December 5th. If 53. says "Permit me to ber testi
atony to the remarkable efficacy of your meiliciae in
cure of Liver Complaint. For years previous to
taking your Bitters. I was severely afflicted with Liver
Complaint ; so much so that I did Dot exiiect to live ;
bv a free use of your medicine, thanks to a kind
Providence. I find myself entirely restored to health.
able resume my employment-"
These Bitters are mnlirel and I fr. from
Alcoholic slimnlant'aad all injurious ingredients, mi Id !
their operation, they strengthen th system, never j
.Hutnl. it.
For sale by E. A. mith A Co., and Porter At Co.,
"barren; CL Haxlett. Gusta.us:.J. S. Mears. Hloom-
; J. Campbell Newton Fall, and by Dealers in
1 - . 1 nov 1-J w 1
gienicim-. 1 - 1
aT"rT. PPIT AXT'S fianrlj.irr Oil in 2Sct
AIr,KOnAiNl 3 uarglli'g UU, in XOCl.
50ct. and 91 fit bottles, for sale by the quantity
retail, by E. A. SMITH at CO.
March IB, '54.
Ointment an I Condition
mar 1 '
. . i.
E- SMITH st CO. 1
. . I
, , , .
Just received and for salo by
Ang. - "' ' g-'T"
TOOFLAD'S German Bit ers, a eel-
X ebrateil remedy for the cure of Liver ConipiainU,
Jaundice. Dyspepsia, and all disease arising from a
disordered liver or stomach, sold by
Nardil!. E- A. SMITH A. C
l b.
Patent Medicines.
TK INVITE Ibe lll-
tention mf the Pnr.Uc to the
"""tea appended below, ,u4
. '"r """"laicandiil con-
sideration which their
frankness deserves.
Men in snch stations aa uui.
who voluntarily hear witness t.
the efficacy and value of Cbkrrt I
rrTToasL. do not wantonly trine I
with, or distort facta, nor .venule their convictions.
Jmlge then, whether this it not the medicine to trust
when you mast have relief for the throat or lungs; JUil".
too. whether every family aught not to have it ky thru
as a lifeguard again! the every where prevailing ene
my, which steals with fatal frequency upon almost every
Bock and carries off the lamb from many a home
Jackson. C. II. Jackson, City Ohio-.tOth Sot., WK.
Da. J. C. Avea.
Sir TheCuuiY Pcttosal is much inquired after.
Several of our best Physicians hare used H. three of
inem in tneirown cases and always with Ihe happiest
euecu. The numerous patent medicines always befero
them. lead tn incredulity in resranl to every new remedy:
" ' onir fter umlnuMeil evidence of value in any
art-cle, that anything like a general cunftdence can be
The unrivalled excellence of this eom'iination of
agents, (in the Ciicrct Pirromal.) proved beyond cavil
by reeated trial under their own observation, has com
pelled medical men lo proclaimed abroad it's usefully
ess. It is lieyond all donM the l-est general remedy
we have for the Pulmonary Affections of this climate,
at tbe snme time sedative and expectorant a tare com
bination of properties.
in tne nope that it will prove its own reward, I sub
scribe myself. Respectfully your obt. servt.
JAS. H. C.MILLER, 11. D.
Dear Sir No one, ao nut one man. woman, or chi Id
can be found to deny that the Cnrmr Putmui is all
tliat it claims to be. There is muck used lu thia vicinity
although aot known until recently. The community
should know it's virtues. Tours truly.
Let gentlemen of the Legal Frofesion mark this case.
Williamsburg, L. I, Sept. 3,
Dt. J. C. Avra.
bear Sir Over application for th. past three years to
my duties as an advocate brought on some eight months
ago a severe irrigation f tbe broacal tubes, which was
a constant annoyance t. me. aud fast Secomi ng a source
of great apprehension. Every remedy tried, failed to
relieve aw. till I need your CHaaav Pamaaa. This
has aot only relieved me, but as I trust, wholly cured
me, I care nothing for th reputation of advocating
Patent Medicine, and thia is at year service. 1 shall
recommend it to members of the bar and others whom
I atay meet, laboring under similar indispositions.
Yours truly, R. F. JONES.
South Paris, Me., Aug. Je, 1M0.
I have no hesitation in saying, that I regard Ain't
Cmsav PccroKiai, aa decidedly the best remedy within
my knowledge for tbe cure of chronic bronchitis, coughs
and all diseases of the lan gs.
' M. A. RUST, M. .
Montgomery , A!a Oct. -4, 140.
Dr. j. C. Arra. Sir: 1 have used your ailmirahla
compcuad extensively in my practice, and find it to
jurpass, hy far, any other remedy we have for curing
diseases upon the lungs. Your obt. servant,
' R. B. JONES, IL D.
What yet remains t convince the most incredulous
that the Cherry Pretend is all that it purport to be
vix: an Bneuuclled remedial agent for ali diseases of
the Throat and Lungs. The experience of years, baa
proven it to be such, and we (atuuit it to the people be
lieving that it's virtues will fully maintain it's reputa
tion. Prepared by JAMES C. AT ER, Practical and Ana
lytical Chemi.t, Lowell, Mass.
Sold hy F. U XJrrv.ix.Jr., Cincinnati ; E. A. S.rni 4c
Co., Warren; J. Campbell. Newton Falls; H. W Col
ua, Mesopotomia; and by all dealera ia Medicine
JT Beware of counterfeits and worthless prepara
tions attempted to be palmed off under a similarity of
"e- jFeb'y 14 aS.-'M
wv kotal Lrrrras pit-tut.
Manufactured by HARCOURT, BRADLEY Co., 4
Market Street. Manchester. Principal Warehouse, 124
Wood Su, Cheapside, London, Ens-land. American
Establishments, 3e Ana Street and lint Naseua Street.
New York.
Tbe Hydromagen is a -valuable discovery for protect
ing the feet from damp or cold, and therefore a pre
ventative of many Lang diseases, without any doctor
ing whatever. The Hydromagen is in the form of a
sole, and worn Inside tbe boot or shoe. Its medicated
character is a powerful preventative to disease.
For Gentlemen it will be found agreeable, warm and
healthy, to wear in tne coldest or rainiest weather, as
tlie foot cannot become wet if the Hydromagen is inser
ted. Ladies may wear the lightest soled boots er shoe
in tbe most inclement weather with impunity ; while
Consumption, so prevalent among the young ot our
country, may be thwarted by their gerral adoption.
They entirely saperseed overshoes, as the latter cause
the feet to perspire in a very unhealthy manner; and,
besides, are not dangerous to wear for pedestrians in
icy weather, like India rubbers. While the latter
cause the feet to appear extremely large, the Hydroma
gen, being a mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiar
ly placed inside, does not increase the siie of the boot,
or cause the foot to appear untidy. To children they
are extremely valuable, as they may engage in exercise
with comfort and healthy effects. Their expense is s.
slight as to scarce need mention-: besides, those woo
patronise them will find their yearly doctor bills much
As the Hydromagen hi becoming mere knows, iu
sale is increasing to an almost incredible exleiia Last
year in London, Manchester, Birmingham; Liverpool.
Glasgow, Leeds. Dublin, Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg and
Berlin, our sales reached l,;e.43v pairs of Cork Sole.
Thi year the number will far surpass that.
Ask the Faculty their apinioa of their- rabve as a
preventative for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma
and Consumption.
Men's Sixe, per pair, 33 cents; Ladies do. per pair.
30 cents; Boys' and Misses' do. per pair. H cents.
Nonce From th Retail Price we nmke a very lib
eral allowance to Jobbers and wholesalers, so that any
storekeeper may make a fine profit oa their sale, while
they are an article that may be kept ia any stoie,
among any class of Goods.
For terms, apply to
3B Ann Street, New York.
Sept. 20. Itij4-3m
X l STORK. No. 11 Jt 13 Main Street.
Spring ha come I Arm so has the largest, J
oesc ana cneapest stoca: or Hoots and Shoes erer 1
brought on the Western Reserve.
D. U. WARREN, in announcing this fact to hit pat
rons, and therj trld at Urge, invites them, one and all,
to come and see for tuemselves, for he feels confident b
can suit them with any kind of rood Boot er She they
Purchasing his stock of the aaaafactsrer for Cash,
enable aim to offer such inducements to buyers as can
not be found elsewhere -
Ladies 1 yow like to have a pretty Gaiter er Shoe, and
I have tak en especial care to pleaje yow by selecting th
most fashionable, prettiest and awst genteel stock for
ladies' wear, that could be fbnnd in New York; so all
tbat like the ornamental as well as useful, will call and
Bee sod boy, before going elsewhere.
Gents! I have th best assortment for your use the
greatest variety of material, and the latest fashions, only
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enamelled Gaiters.
Children 1 coase, and I can fit yon with any kind of
Shoe or Gaiter your taste may select.
D. U. W. again returns thinks to past patronage, am
solicits its continuance.
N. R. Boots and Shoes made to order and warranted
to fit. - . H. WARREN.
P. S. Donl forget the No. 11 Ai 13 Main St. Warren
Canficld, Ohio. The subscriber lake .
this method to inform the generous public, that he still
carries on the above busi ness, in all iu various branches,
and will make to order, any thing that aataa may want
in his line. Having a large stock f new material al
ways on hand, and the best of workmen to do it up ia
style that cannot be surpassed by any establishment in
the country, those who wish to purchase Carriages or
Buggies ready-made, can always find a large assortment
at my shop, of all qualities, and at all price, and I am
not afraid of competition, from any quarter, especially
north. I would just say to all who wish to get a good
article, they would do well to call oa this establishment
before purchasing elsewhere, for our work is of the best
quality, and all warranted
PAINTING and HUMMING done oa short notice.
Particular attention paid to repairing.
NEW BUGGIES in exchange for old ones. All kinds
of Lumber taken in exchange for work.
The subscriber flatters himself that by strict attention
ef himself and hands to business, be can have a reason
able share ef public patronage. Thankful fcr all former
favors, ae will be still more thankful for new ones.
Canfield. Max 2. leo3-r M. SWANK.
MILLS ! ! The undersigned take this method of
informing the farming public, that still continuing 10
manufacture Fanning Mills, tney have so far improved
the same as to be able, not only to take eat foal seeds
from Grain, better and faster than any ether null now
in use, but auw to perfectly separate, or take oat, th
rmt iirt that amy be lodged in the same. .
They can also take Timothy, Clover and Flaxseed in
the chaff, and by once running It through, can make it
nerfoetlr mercancable. Their Flaxaeed and ra dirt
cleaners are their own inventions, deduced from much
study aud experimenting the past winter, and are such
are not to be found in any other mill extant. They
invito mil who need mills to call and examine theiia
before purehasiug elsewhere; and aa their mill ar
always warranteo, toey can ran na nsn 01 being ui
poseu upon wun a poor null,
Fanaingtoa, July 19.
undersigned, in connection with their Printing
vmce anu uooitature, nave esuvuisoeu
BINDERY, where Book-Binding ia every
nT)et' ? uon brt
I""lce - ThLr Bmdery ha one of
. , . . , , . .
j""? ,eu ,. ord": Periodicals bound; old
fM;'T'u"i " bna'" ot Tif"
to ."? -. '"f
This establishment employs the best of workmea, and
,.mmrin wiIh , . . .k, n;.,.
eries in regard to style, durability , finish and price, ia
fearlessly challenged.
Books and orders may be left at AAMS' Bookstore,
Warren, who is authorised to receive and forward tba
Aug. 16, IKM-on Ravenaa, Portage Cnw. 0.
1 1 -
M. Phtsa pa Tine oa Botaxic PnrsiriASi Axn
wooM respectfully
,n., he has located h
inform the Public gener.
himself st Newton Falls,
where be will attend to all calls in his profession, at
U trice or at pnrate dwtilings.
Dr. M. will pay particular attention to all kinds of
old Chronic diseases, such as Dyspeisia, Lirer
ComplainU. disease of the Lungs, Kidney, Skin.
Bronchitis, Arthmatic Afflictions, and all diseases
arising from an impure state of the blood. Also all
diseases peculiar to the Female sex.
Dr. Morton's re me. lies are purely rf steAfs and tlia
ntrsr-ewr. discarding poisons of every kin,, botk
....... .LI- n.l .niml II. vill .lui knell
.ii'.inii, i iin...:. UMii.n., wh simnb and
. Tinctures, Syrups, Bitters, Liniments, ckc
tor sale.
Newteo Falls. NaT. 3, 1854
V TED STATES, by Benson J. Lossing. Author of
"Pictorial Field Book, RerolutiraVect. llhrstratoil by
than Sfl exquisitely finished wood engravings,
drawn chiefly from original paintings and inteaded to
secure accural delineation of scenes aad characters,
frtftiJ. . rw."l.
Kevised ana aniargeu a.mu. w wmm .
In consequejice of to rapidly increasing ne-
for this valuable work, it has recently been
tk,ui ravised bv the autbot. and the preaesit.vol-
coutains a large addition of entirely new and orig
inal matter illustrated by l'i elegant engraving. In
edition the subject of Lanbotapc Sksnnixu tsel
aiiorateiy boa tal. thereby atlording a sure guioe to the
ia acquiring an accurate knowledge of the art.
publi'kers feel satished that they now offer tothe
jiublie. whether fisr nxnool.r privato instrnesian, the
Elemenury Treatise, on this subject that has evil
published. Trice. 3f.
Rl.NiI a. COMPANY Cleveland 0.

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