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Western Reserve chronicle and weekly transcript of the times. (Warren, Ohio) 1854-1855, March 28, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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' Ceioe la besotifwl dreams, love.
Oh ! come to soe oft,
hen the light wine of sleep
fhi my tiotcn ties af. ;
;0b ! coqbc when the ses
Id the mom gentle light,
feats low oa the oar.
Like the mite of the nfrht
"V ben the sky sod ths vtrt
Wear the loveliest hue.
When the dew's on the flower.
And the stars on the dew, .
Oome to besjrtfdl dreamt. Ion,
Oh ! come and we'll stray
- Vbere the whole year is crowned --r
With Che blossoms of May -r
YVhcre each sound is iwetl
At the coo of the dove,
- txd the pales are at soft
At the breathings of love 1
'' Where the beans kiss the waves.
And the wave kiss the beach.
And our warm lip may catch -I
hesu ect ltons they teach.
4 Come lo beautiful dreams, love.
(. Oh! come and we'll fly
. ' Like two winpeni ?iriu
., Of Lore uirou'h the sky ;
. . Kith hand clasped in hand.
Ottor dream-wiups we'll go,
There the starh'irbt and moonlight
, Aie bkiufr Uit-ir plow ;
And on bright cb.uls we'll linger
n . f purple aud gold.
Till tore's angels envy
i 1 be bliss tv Mold.
An Illustration.
"Wbv do you wish lo prescribe me V
asked an adop d protectant cilizen cf a
- Know Nothing. ... ,
"Ikcaasji I am d termined to keep out
tho-e corrupt and incorrigible rascals,
countrymen of yours, wl:o nave'marte
American - police administrations and
mi.ncipial governments a bye word and
a reproach among nil good men," frank
ly lep'icil the native.
"I admit'lhat wc have all jusl cause of
complaint against onr local governments,
" and that -mj. countrymen, as you call
them, should bear their full bbare. But
are job taking the rght course ?'. said
the other.', .'.'Will y cu let me tell you an
anecdote which will illustrate my mean
A youth of rather exci cable tcmper
ment r came the possessor of a watch,
whicii Lad been warranted tohwn to keep
goorUnie. The hands were poorly fas
tent4knd, ti might be expected, the
w..tc j failed to indicate the right time.
The youth kept regulating it by the reg.
ulatore cf one of our principal watchma
ker" but the regul lion wculd not last
more h an an tour or two.
"Confound the watch," exclaimed our
young friend ' ' I will take it back."
"lie d.d so. When be presented it to
the watchmaker, who examined it, the
Idtur at once .nlormed him that the ma
chinery ; of the watch was all right, And
that the Jiands -were the only deiecti
" part... They' werepropi rly fastened, and
lo and behold, the watch went right."
"And wlat is the : application of this
lory?" asked the Ki.ow Noihirg.
"Tlie application is, (hat inouv politi
cal relations the hands only the lea
ders.! so to speak, are out of order, and
amorJg them, even, Oi.ly a part, bough
the rotten part has ruled us lately.
A mo-ig i hem xhete are foreign born- and
native citizens. Give the watchmaker
the. people that is the whole people,
with oat' pi escribing; enj part a iair,
to weik for ' it, the whole govemn.ent
will work like a clock. Why, in a pop-
ular contest,- deprive yourself of part of
the popular elements?"
. Th, AiiieHTr L'ollak. A black
man orree - cnt to Portland, and atterded '
church. - H went into a good pew, and
the next neighbor -asked the man who
owned Jit ' why he put a nigger into his
pew? '
"Whj, sir, lie's a Haytien."
"Can't help that he'i black.
"Why tir, he's a correspondent of
" mine.", j , .
"Can't help that he's black."
H's worth a million of dollars.,
. "Introduce me."
The Icelanders had a lair for the f re
ven iou tf . pauperism. They excluded
all culpable jaupers from all the lights of
citizenhip and from the assemblies of
the people, depriving those children who
had been brought up bj lagging, of all
cLims lo inherit property, until they had
gained their food for three years by more
honorable means. .
The Iei.-h Potato ano the Potato
Lovi.gTi.I; h -Our rea ders are proba
bly aware that in the South of Ireland,
where Romanism porerns the people with
rod ot iron, the common food of the
people is tie . potato. With that simple
Tegetable they are conk nted. They are '
happj If they receive ones' illingp rday
for th ir labor. In Km rica they obtain
five or six times that sum and are dissat
isfied with, their wages, their food. Jtnd
the institutions of the country. They
work for their priests to destroy the only
asylum on earth that protects them from
the storms.'' ' ' -' ' ' . .
Most men remember ob itions, but
not of en to t; gmteful for them. Tiie
proud 'are made sour by ihe remem
biance, tnd the. vain silenl. W. (7.
Simmd . '
Ths pa;s ns are like tho-e demons
witli which Afrasahiab sailed down the
Orus' - Our only rafety consists in keep
ing them asleep. If they wake we are
loot Goethe.
Men's feelings nrc always purest and
m'o-t glotving in the hour of meeting and
farewell; Yike the glaciers, which are
tmnspaicnt a::d rosy onl j at sunrise and
suiseVbut throughout iLe day gray and
coM'-Jcan Pout
IT " .
Tiiet :cacli u to diince. 0, that they
could' lo icli us to blush, did it cost s
puu&a'gluwt Dtluzjf."
T uch is an imm-TtHl floer; a tiling
llr.t lias iosh".ngto fear (roro t ircurastan
c e, and a po t where dander hai no pow
der. Kodey. ,
Efj -i- ,- r -
Life is common property; but fame be
lo to great souls on j. JSetatiagio.
FoETtTKS is ihe rdd of the weak and
flie s aff ctf the brave J. R. LovStlL
trtrf :
yj'tionftry power of judges Is
if.yrieB liltip bett r than the caprice
, t t r. i- ' -mmT K "119 ,
,. 7 i - - .
'fir.', aWui.i:e ti e paRsi ns kill
h is eftt &.mrrvop J i4wmft
; Luak.
i uer
i 'S
t I
l run
(Llilani gnsinss.
V R. P.
XGIER HOUSE, Cleveland, Oiac
A Stile It I'rt.prietur.
JM. CUMMINGS & CO., Whoksuk
tirocers and CommissioD !ercba.nU, Dealers in
Foreign AVmea nn-1 LtqUor, 'alU, lilns. Salt. Drugi
etc.. N at. 13 A ltu Ki er St 9 It Sf ou the Buck.
Mn.v 17, lrnr.
Ten ud LiUaognpben,lIenid Block, CleveUnd
fATKST OFFICE AQEN'CT, No. 4, UertM Building
Cleveland. Clio.
w. a. Buatiitec jan 1 ly j jeuc taaiMAKD.
Corner Public fqnare. Cleveland, Ohio.
THE OLD L'OLLEGE hiisrt iiioved to
aud fitveijiciicc tliuM: oi aj- simitar iii::tu;:uiis in J
the UK.
E . Q. F0L30M. A. 11., Irinciil, lWcssur ol
Sctci eaaf Accounts.
W. ii. 1HV1 iill lO.N aud V. UOhLlTKU, AsstsUlit
Profurs iu the Book Keeping Ieaiimfm.
A. J.FiiLLlS ajid JOSEPH UK ATT IK, Professors
af Practical and OruomeuUtl Ptnmauhip.
SL . 11L 3I1STON, Jecutrer ou Comiutrcia lliston
and Art of CompuiatioD.
J(Hi. it. WAK1MJ, lccturerou Mercantile Cisterns
Banking, Kxchatipr. Ac.
linn. JOHN CKOWKLL, TOS. n. HAT snd P. D.
PALMKR, Lcctarrrs on Comnitrrrial Lew.
JUr. J. A. THOME, Lrctarrr on CBimert:i tbics
For the Mercantile Coarse, time nulimited, $40 Ml
For separate id renmanstiip, rlounsluui;.
ate, as iter aprecnient.
The desipn of the Institution is to afford as rood ad-
ranUiires as can be bad in any similar ouc in the Union,
ta youii men al'cut to assume the rtiousille dnties
of theCountinr Uuom.atid various mercantile permits
bCI fcXCK OVACCULNTs hook Keeping will lie
explained from a new stand point, exltihiting the true
nature aitd relation of accouuts ; and the course will
embrace some of the best practical forms of modern ac
countants. This science is often taupht as if it ver a
species of conjecture, in which multiplicity of forms
are sutistiuited for principles, arbitrary rules for rea-
ns.and veneraide preceoents for ftenuine pnuosoiihy.
ittktnc the whole field of the science a complete "terra
incognita." To pro luce rood practical accountants,
the understanding, aud not the memory simply, should
be addres-Hii.
DAILY LECTURES, &c. One or more lectures will
he riven daily, on the following subjects accounts, j
renmansnip. xercanuie cusioms, uauKiiir. Axcjumre,
Calculations, Correspondence. ConimrreUI Law, Polit
ical Economy, Commercial Ethics. Hailroadinr, 6?e
Besides the usual lectures on Law, &c, in Colleges ol
this kind, there will he others by practical men
thoroughly conversant with Ue routine of l usiuess, to
Instruct on points allied to ths course of study, and one
exprrssly on calculation.
This department will le under the suiMrriuteudance ot
two of the hest enmen of the da-. Business writing
will He taught uon the new method of Poloms Chir
liTthmorrapby. executing to tlie leat of an instrument.
and producing the popular commercial hand in much
less than tlie usual time.
PN. SL For particulars, send for Circulars, Csta
ocues. ccc. and address the Principal.
JTPA larre library will le couuected with ilie Col-
lere, containing tlie various works on Book Keeping,
Mercantile law, ozc, to waicn ue students will nave
access. lDOT ,
lishers and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
and Musical Instruments of every description
100 and 1U Superior SU, Cleveland, Ohio.
List of Piajios for sale at tike great Piano-Forte Wire-
The celebrated STODART PIANO, ma
equalled for its rich and pare tones, elas
ticity of touch and r4nt.
Lirht, Newton c BradrnryV SILVER STRINGED
PIANO, for which a ools iucdal was awarded at the
Chrystal Palace Fair ; also, at the Fair of the Americas
Institute, New York.
Emerson's BOSTON PREMIUM PIANOS, the bes
manufactured in Boston, Mass.
In addition to their splendid stock of Pianos kept
constantly on hand, II. at L. "offer to the public the tel
AMERICAN MADfc. ULlTAKa, andalso imported Gui
tars, of the best Spanish and French patterns, torsthet
low priced Oerman iruitars j
Music raper of 14, 16 Imes, etc constantls
hand and manufactured to order.
VIOLINS and VIOLINCKLLOS. in every variety.
Snrinrs for Violin, Violincello, Tenor Viol, Double bass.
Guitar and Banjo. Violin Bows and Cases. Bow Hair,
Bridges, Pegs, Tail Pieces, Finger Boards, Mutes, Bos
in, etc.. etc.
Reeds, Drums, Piano-Forte Stools, Tuning Forks,
Tuning Hammers, Tuning Pities.
TrpDealers and Heads of Seminaries supplied at the
lowest wholesale prices, with every article in the Music
May 17, lRVf-Gm.
CRITTENDEN'S, i Superior St., Cleveland. The
oldest ana most extensive establishment west of New
York, established in c6. The stock is always kept
complete. LadieV and tientlemen's Gold Watches,
endless variety, from 5 to 930. A tam-wk
up expressly for Rail Roail use. Also, Clocks made
expressly for Stations. Superintendants please call
examine. Clocks at wholesale. Parlor, Sitting
Room, Bank and Otnce Clocks. Silver Spoons, Forks,
Cups, GoMets, Ac Silver equal to coin, and patterns
and handsome.
Fancy Goods in endless variety. Shears, Scissors,
Pocket Cutlery. Razors and shaving tools in general ;
Gold, Silver, Steel, Plated and German Silver Sjiecta
cles, to fit any age ; Gold Pecs, the beat ever made .
Communion Ware. Willow Ware, Double and Single
and Pistols, and everything in the Sporting line
Fishing Tackle, Drafting Instruments ; a large stock.
A large stock of Watchmaker's tools and materials.
My facilities and long experience in business enable
to oner inducements to those in want of Goods in
line, rarcely found.
Watchmakers, Jewelers, Fed !
and Dealers in general, will find at wholesale a
stock to select from, and prices warranted as low
can be found in any of the Eastern markets.
TTpRemmington's Rifle Barrels, and Gunsmith's ma
crials, imported in large quantities Jap 6, 54-bm
ltshr, Wholsale and Retail Dealers in Mnsie
Musical Instrument, No. 100 Superior Street.C lere
land, Ohio. Sole agents for the celebrated STODART
PIANO. may 17, 1954-6m
in Watches, Jbwelrt, Fancy Gooda, fee, Cmner
Superior Street and Puilie Syluxre, Cleveland, O.
COWLcIS, (Irtte Copies fe Albr rt
V son,, 49 Weddell IIoase.CleTeiand. Rspeetfnllj
tiia attention of tlie citisens of Warren and the
surroondiDf county, to his assortment of fine Watches,
Silvenrare, Jewelry. Il'Hise Keeping and Fancy Goods.
prices vill ie uniform and as low as any
tmdrs:uan can afford. Krenr article sold with hetruth
descri'ied ai:d warranted as represented. Repair
inall its branches carefully and promptly done.
May 17, 18j4-ly
directors :
Hon. I. R. Glddinc, M. C. Pre. C. 0. Finney,
it. unswoia.
" - Keuhen Hitchcock,
44 II. D.Clark,
" N. 8. Tewnthend,
JT. J. Gordon,
Lorin Andrews.
Prof. Samael St. John,
" P. R. Spencer,
K. P. Oaylord,
Cyrus Prentiss,
Henry w ick.
racoLTT :
H. B. Bryant. Professor of the Science of Accounts
Dwight Stratton. Associate Prof, in the several De
Washington Lusk,) Jnrfesw, or the Spenceriat
B. Spencer. t ,tem ?f , Penmanship and
7 Commercial C0rre9poudel.ce.
Sarah L. Sjiencer, instructress in the Ladies' Writing
W. W. Harder, Assistant Prof. In the Book Keepins
iioos. Jude Starkweather and II. Clark, Lecturers
Commercial Law.
President Asa Mahan, Lecturer on Political Economy.
Emerson . White, Lecturer & Commercial Geog
raphy, terms .
a full Course in Douhle Entry Book-Keeping
and other Departments, - ... $40 00
full Course in Ladies' Department, - - 30 00
separate Course of Instruction in Spencerian
retimansnip, - - . 5 no
various styles in Ornamental Penmanship ar (
agreed uion.
The Principals of this Institutions design making it
of the beit mediums in the United States for impart
ing a thorough and practical knowledge of the active
of the Counting-Koom, and lousiness pursuits in
general. Book-Keeping in all its departmenu, as used
the most accomplished modern Accountants, will be
in a uiorougu ana successiiii manner
This department is under tlie persaaal superintendence
one of the !et Accountants in tlie United states. No
Mercantile College in the west osesses superior, if
advantages, for Imparting a practical knowledge
Commercial Science.
Mr.J. A.ttedingt'n,an accon:pI:?hedand experienced!
Aacoantant in varinnsbranches u' Commerce and Trade,
associated in this Department, and will attend to
mriting up books, adjusting long standi n and com
plicated acoxHinuj, Jtc in a correct and contidental
oim?rcial Geo-raphy is an imortant asd interest
hranch, which lias nrTrr until the I'rrseiit tilus Icd J
nected wiUi Mercantile Schools. I
The 8psnceri .il System of I'eiiman.Mp in all its forms, I
be tan;ht tT iu author. P. k Sii,n.P .nrf j w
So Institution in Aisrica oilers surior fjcili- j
to this for uupaitiuf a fluent auil systematic liand- I
writing. .
The Laities' DepsrtJncn is entirely separate from the
and eonrenient stj le.
Bjsiness men can ls supplied with the most reU&hlc
Accountants hy application to this College.
The Principals of this Institutions can render efficient
"Ahf fTS'luat securins food sitnsUons.
106end for a Circular by mail. janWy
t nnn . r. . .. . . i
vcicaces fctrthenware of oy own imports ti jn direct
ii V . i.V. U . 1 : . , .
-p " i r, 1: k -j : ti:e largest
ia the Msrii oitrisir.r. ia fart. White Gran
te. Flowing :ulS.rry, Flowinc R ue, Lift! Slue, Tlsin
Cotaooo War Also an extensive Sisor.cent oi
f leaf eTperie r Ir A res-, enihles ftt H t"T l
Jountrr l.erchai ts inter facilities llsa uurchasin,
ass, i Uw astem cities. Jlrrchsiibtarerediiect-
nifheri to etanieemy ware and prices, which will
o as is any Jo in House in this cltri
n o n,e China Pittir, No, 134 Superior t.
Cieelu:, y3I, lBS-y A. 8. fiAKt'NER.
Alt cash wd for sweet yellow Batter, delivered
i about
i Kj
S9 Superior Street, Clerelknd, OH:
Have recently made Urge additions to their Stork of
Standard hool and Misccllaneons Hooks, lllank
W ork and Stationery, and are pre)iared to oder Induce
metits to Dealers unsurpassed by any establishment su
tlie West.
By Siecial srranc-n.enU with nearly all the leading
Pu:lisuers of New i'ork aud Hoiton.we shall hereaftir
re-eive tlieir Latent nd most Popular Murks sisisf
esse. with pmilicclimm, and eau supply in tiuantities
at lowest wholesale prices.
Anion: other uevr and vahialde Worti, we are West
ern Atreut- fi.r Hie (..lie in-, rii :
and confidently eApeetcd to fitruifh ntillions of our
land an instructive sml entertaining sulisiilute fur the
-Uanilns t':rU" i,oh used to so st irtl'iis an extent.
IDA M'KM.tN, on. 1KIAI.S AND TI1EIK t SLS--t-y
Mrs. L:s:n..s- I'nKLr)1. the well known author ot
Liuc-ju's l.tany. We can eariw;!y commend this
work as oue of the most interesting aud instructive of
the seasou.
1 1A MAY l.y Sirs. Stowe tmpfMei to U
T'lK N KM siiOV i.y Mrs. Oakes Sit enpftcJ.
1D1.KWILD Ly N. P. Willis.
Twenty years ok a. africas ?layer-
Tenth 1'hou'snd.
THE HEITUL1CAN COI RT The most mazliificenl
National Illustrated tork ever pulished in America.
i;xMtfd oon.
Darnum's Latest "WtiRK !"
Wahil!gtin lrvili--s New Book.
Also-KI TH HALL A Jioniauce, l.y the wo.-M rr
uowned 'Karnt Fl;lx.,
Ue exfiect ik Lirce sale for those last mentioned
from the 1'reKS of Mason Brothers. dec 13-tf
X HOUSE, 136, Smptrimr $trett ClerrimnJ. O.
bo!iEaoRM Rso-rnritti ars now recriring the mv?t
splendid stock of CLOTHING ever before exhibited in
C lere land, or in any City in the I'nioD, which has all
been goues up with irticulsr care, for this City and
the surrouodiiag country tnidr, and which cannot pos
sibly be surpassed by the best merchant tailor, and at
only oKE BaLr thk moxkt that is charged in getting
thera made to order.
$.( only is wanted for a Cloth and Cassimere double
Orcr-Coat ; the finest lilk Velvet Vesu ever seen or
maie in any Clothing Store.
Fauts of the Utet style and best make, of one thoa
aand diRen-nt (salterns.
Fl'RMlllNG GHDS of every description and va
riety, and the hen made or imorted : and, as we are
bound to keep YOI NG AMKhlCA AHEAD of every
thing in the Clothing lint, tlie prices shall he lull 50
per cent, less than cUemhere ; and as particular atten
tion will !e paid to all who may "drop in, the above
facts will be satisfscttiritv proven bv
Pavk Yoia Doi.Lrs no iit voi r CLOTHING aT
jjfC Jt ISJtJCli Umimn Halt, Cteeelmud, O.
I he Fu-Hc are invited t nn inrctinn of the superb
exhibition at this msimificent estaMistunent. which in
extent, variety, superiority of Workinauship, and
Fashion, together ith lowness of price, cannot be
beat by any other Clothing House in Ohio.
Is. a s has just returned from the East, where he has
received ut-h largains in Cloths and materials for
manufacturing, ttiat he has it now In his power and is
determined to knock all tlie Eastern Slop concerns
into a "coc'eV km !" and he wit. commence by selling
the best Over-Coat in the City for Foi:s Dollars ! and
Uuder-Co.it, l'aits and Ve.ts f all descrttions in
proportion, a r.f ' ! and come alone every
IhhIv ho vauu to W clotheil, be can At all sixes, from
men as large as the Gimi ikut atmmd at hi drt, to
little wee fcllom s iltree years old, and as his Mamanoth
Building is tillM with Clothing of all qualities, he is
sure of l eing aiJe to suit everybody Recollect that
he does not wish to humbug tlte ieople with KAtrrun
Slop Work for 00 per cent- less than any one else, as
he does not keep r tresk ; but he will furnish his
customers with the best Clothing in the City, for less
money than they can purchase the same kind of Goods
for in any other house in the United States.
scriptions for sale Cheap. A liberal discount made to
Wholesale enstomers who buy for Cash.
JTr Clothing made to order at the shortest notice
and ou the most reasonable terms at
f7ata limit, emrnrr of Superior mud Umimn Street,
Cleveland. Okie.
nov 22-ly
entitle men are daily bringing to light new Inven
tions, Mid the march of progress is onward ; persons
Baid, or becoming so, w ill be pleased to learn, that sci
ence and long research combined, have brought before
the greatest Hamder ej the Age, in tlie article oi r.Ji
cure for Baldness and to prevent Hair from falling.
See circulars to be had of agents. Price f 1,WJ in large
bottles. Sold by E. E. Hoyt st Co., and Geo. Idams,
Warren ; ?. Manning, Youngstown t .Prentice At Ed
war is, Canfield.
C. E. FISHER st Co-, Proprietors,
march S No. 57, Superior street, Cleveland, O.
Cols les A. ALBimsoH. has just opened a new Store in
the New Block rile Crer Smperimr Street mm
tie PnHtc .,re, Clerelmmd, Okie, where aiay be
found an entire New Stock of
SILVER WARE of all kinds, Htmnted ftre Cei.
All kinds of 1'LAlKDand BRITANNIA WARE.
In short, everything that is New and DefirsLle in
this line, may be found cheaper than can be bought
JTT STRANGERS should not fail to visit us befuie
purchasing. - -
Cleveland, Dec 13, lF54-y
jonx p. wire. David m csndlkm.
flCKk M'CANDLESS, Successors
to L. Sl J. D. Wick, Wholesale Grocers. Forward
and Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Nails.
UhLsa. Cotton Yams and Pittsburgh Manufactures cen-
" ,u""'
T B. CANFIELD, ComMission and
J rorwarding Merchant, and Wholesale Dealer in
Western Kesere Cheese, Butter, Lanl, Pork, Bacon,
Poland Pearl Ashes, Saleratus, Linseed and Lard Oil,
Dried Fruit, and Produce generally, No. 141 and 143
Front Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. feh 33 tf
Pittsburgh, Pa. Established in iS40 lncorjora
ted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, with perpetual
Charter. boakp or Tarrrrcs :
Hon. James Buchanan, I lion. Walter II. Lowrie,
Wm, Wilkins, Charles Naylor,
Moses Hampton, Gen. J. K. Moorhead.
P. Di'rr, author of theNorth American Accountant,"
Professor cf Book-Keeping, and Commercial Sciences,
Jons D. Williams, the best oil -baud Penman in the
Unite! States, Professor of Commercial and Ornamen
tal Penmanship
N. B. IUtlu, Esq.. of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor
Mercantile Law and Political Kcouomy.
P. IIatokm, Principal of th Mathematical Depart
ment, Professor of Mathematics, fcc.
Mr. J. D. Williams lias permanently joined the Fac
ulty, and it will be seen that, during his late profess
ional engagements in the East, he was there regarded
the best Penman in the country. This Institution
thtrelcre, preseiits attractions to students o tiered ty
other of the kind iu tlie United States. The course
training comprises upwards ol 4U) real transactions,
six di Ut rent methods of Double Entry Book Keep
ing. 34MI practical business ca leu hit ions, covering the
whole field of inland and foreign commerce. Commer
cial Penmanship, with every modern improvement in
Art. Business letters and business forms of every
description. Daily lectures on Commercial Law, Com
mercial Sciences, tlie Theory of Profits, Ate. Dud's
Book-Keeping, Harper's Kiitiou, "the most compre
hensive in the language" $1 M.
Dq(Ts "Western Steamer's Accountant,' a perfect
system for such accounts $X Wl.
Jjj3 Bend form Circular by mail. nov 22-y
tmportant to consumers of
PiTTMBCKO. June, 154. )
The attention of consumers of White Lead is called
tlie fact that a large Krtioc of that article ground in
is uow put up in kegs pun"rtnig to contain S3 and
lbs. each, whereas there is io allowance nude for the
weight of the kegs, and the consumer is defrauded to
amount. The deception can easily be detected by
weighing the different juunLwturers brands ottered
During the iast year we have made extensive addi
tions to our buildings, machinery and stock, for the
manufacture of large quantities of White Eead, to ena
ble us to supply the demand for our articles. We
guarantee all lead leariug our brand to le etrietfm pure
entirely free from any adulteration whatever, and
excelled for fineness and whiteness, by any made in
United fcutes.
Our lead, rround in oil. Is put up In handsome Iron-
bound kens, of
u, .u, Hw, ruu, jmu ana .kiu ponnus
U . I u.r.. L-. .Ahiulninw tht intil nf IraH
which it purports accurate tare being always allowed
the tiackaires.
It is a well known fact, that the various qualities of
branded "Extra, No. I and No. 2, are largely
'.teratcd with substitutes which are not calculated
answer the same urpoe. And there are manufac
turers, claimiug rcsi-ectability for themselves, and
public couhdence in their article, who brand their kegs
their own names, Mrrr WH Lead," although
never turn out a single keg without a considerate
adulteration of Barytes.
-Wstcr is reiultrrtl pnisonuus ! rsing thronsrli
suaierial uljn l il-cay atHl ilisssolulioti.BDco as
of .t.l, iruu ami teail. l'rof. J. V. kirtland and
ilislingnlshcd clManisls.ru so far mr lo cuiidrna
(iracticr of fnpjl'in? animals wltb wslt-r thronirh
suhftaliecs. ami ernstl reconuueud tlie BlO.NK
Tlie amiersii;tiiNl Is extonsiTely tjreetl at Rewton
Falls. 0 in mim'actn-ii!- said articles, includiiif slso
Slujsnare. havm- a factory driven lr steam tmaer.
i is .reiiart til! oniers at wholesale or r.-tail on
tilwrsl Venus. The Water Pil is ailmiraly adajitul to
c.irryil'K nuius oi n si'its. urauu iritMB,uiiniiiijj
linis. tc. It is alio for sale by the Hoyts,st W arren.
Al-o for asle. a raloaMe WATER I-OWEB, with some
acre3 of !anri, Patory Uuildinirs. Dwellins. etc etc.
two mile lielow Lowell. Mahoniiiff 'o.. O.
Mas IT. lUM-tfw J. 1. ;.ALKXHPR.
tx- ivtlTDlNPfPflXIPAVV rtV
CLEVELAND. Chartered January SI, 1K5L
I'AflTAI. ftlSSljtNJU 1
M. Finches. C. W. Ueymonr. Josiah Fosg.
Josiah 8tri.hsiison. A. W. Fairbanks, Rolrt Reilly,
L Crowell, 8. D. Shaw, S. II. Fob,
FratisJili Ciuute. H. Chucoerlin, J. Fiulayson,
B-ujsoiln fittvens.
Jfinir Ilcnnss, President, gi B. Bmir, rVrretary.
ivi sEVNnrit, ice rrea u tustus iiiaaai xrsas
Thrt Ctntpiny innirFf ajntioA lost or damage hf Tltt,
Uie perils of irigatioui
Policies iasue.1 by J F. AS PER, Agent.
Vi"axrn, June 7, lflM-y
130RT FOLIOS, a very buperior as
sortment just r-ceired at BALDWINS
AXNY FEREX'S new work is selliD-r
rwTffyttrn smU aaj www s
I rav xiiuuL-u : ixu wooau ! :
I J. But a plain, true declaration of facts, which ant
hoily canawerMinh.vciillinssttheOld Jlead Quarters
" ..""u. vivnr,.. .....,3i...rr oroui-
er.)()kFr..i.t.U k -No. 15. Main street. Warren, O.
I,hT5 iM 'eived. aud id now openitiK. my Fall
and Winter stock of Read -&l.ide Cmthinjr. Cloths.
i Casitneres; Votings, tle toc-ther with every variety
of Funiihiu Goo,ls- I would simply remark ttial
from the extremely low fignres of woolen goods East, 1
have neen uiiucefi x urcna!e
HOI BbK 31 V l C l A l AMIM T tFHOP3 !
And those that are aciuainted with my mode of doing
iHiiincs;. lire wni jiwarr uiai twin
I rlo not linvc my Clothing made nn by anv establish-
nrent in the east, nor lii I come from th re myself.
Ittit I imjiort my own fioods. and by purchssipg from
first h4n:s. am ena'-inl to furnish all atricle in my
line at New-York prices ! I am not in tlie habit of
rniititig down ai;y boily. nor do I notice any snrh i-er-
4 soo.il attacks when ii(.ile on me 1 tnke my revenge in
I t .i)r.nr.bL.i:ii tiicm :
VThich. from my suficrior facilities in buying, I am
abuntlantty able to do.
As Uoting prices seems to le fashionable. I will In-
trod ure the followinc programme, to be run during the
season, or until the small dealers aout town come
down to my figure vis: Full suit cf Clothes, Coat,
Panu and Vest, for $5 and upwards. A good Over Coal
for $3...
! Hy the coril, consixtinif of Coats for 1.31. and Pnnig
for cent ! Hats and t'afu of erry style and vari-tv
t cheaper than tbe cheni-est. Collar. Cravats, Ties,
i 6arf. riidershifs and Drawers. Shirts, both whiu and
colored. In h.rt.a ctmipl-t1 aortmei;t of everything
I in my line, ami all I ak Is an inspection of my gnosis
nldost Clothing KU lihment In Tntmbnll Co and
have increased my lna tnes every year. I hare stood
all tbe chocks that have been brought to lear agiiinst
me, and have lived to see many ot my eometitnrs
shut np" and leave town, and feel proud to remember
fliat -y aiming at one ot.jeet, I have sncceeied in
to the lowet Cgure at which a good article can b
afford ed.
Manufactured by tip-top workmen, and warranted to
At ! To one and all I extend the invitation to visit Big
Nn, 15, Oak Front, when you come to town to purchase
clothing. 1 nm bound to sell lower
Come and see! Remember the place Big Xo. 13,
Oak Front, first Clothing Store south of the Post Office,
ert side of Main street. Warren, 0.
f 00K OUT FOR THEfifKsa
Uai Sfrret. H arrca, Oht.
The subscrilers would inform the customers and the
public in reneral. that we hare now on hands, and are
eonstautly manufacturing a full and complete tock of
rait ami h inter tioiinng ior Aicn and Boy a wear,
which, owing to the recent decline In prices wit! and
are found to be sold a little Cheeper then the Ckemp
eeu We will not t e t'NDK KSOLD l y any.
We have on hand a Utrtre stock of Over-Coats,
Dress and Pusine Coats of all kinds ; Pants and
Yests of every uality, style and color now in ose :
Rubber Over Coats, Under-shirts, Drawers, Fine White
Shirts, Collars. Cravats, and in fact everything kept in
an tstabi?hment of the kind
We also have on hand a Urge stock of Cloths, Casi
meres, Y estings. Ac, to sell or make np to order on
tlie shortest notice.
V War ran ted to fit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all, you are respectfully invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
chasing elsewhere. You will save money by so doing.
W arren, Nor. 1, 1H54.
I lrvr.Ai Ul t-xMiNii Uf X AjLJj A-N u
CAPS, fcr. It has been clearly demonstrated to a
generous and discerning public that Jonx L. Wues A
Co., 14 Market St.. is the legitimate place to purcliase
Fall and Winter Clothing, Hats, Caps, and in short,
all kinds of Gentlemen's wearing apparel at prices
that throw all habbling competitors in the shade.
Having said this w now beg leave to announce to
the citizens of Warren and snrronndfng country, that
we are just receiving our WINTER STOCK, and are
prepared to snpplv all who wish articles in our line on
the tims will allow. We have a great variety of
Ready Made Clothing of all qualities and styles, and
it is a common talk about Town that our stock oh
Cloths. Casinieres. and Goods generally, for oar ensf
torn trade far outshines anything in the market, whic
we cut and make np at short notice, in a style superior
to anything done in this section of country.
Also, HATS and CAPS in great varieties. And we
would particularly call attention to our fine 811k Hats
and Silk Plush Caps, which in neatness and style, are
no equaled. JJj3 So call, examine and judge for
yourselves. JOHN L. WEEKS 4c Co.,
Warren, Not. I. Iri4. 14. Market Street.
X The American Artists1 Union would respectfully
announce to the citizens of the United States and the
Canada, that for the purpose of cultivating a taste for
the fine arts throurNut the ecu u try. and with a view of
enabling every family to become possessed of a gallery
of Engravings,
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
sale for their Engravings, and thus not only to give
employment to a large number of artists and others,
but inspire among "cr countrymen a taste for works ol
art, to present to tne purchasers of their engravings,
hen 250,Xa of which are sold,
Each purchaser of a One Dollar Engraving, therefore
receives not only an engraving richly worth the money
but also a ticket which entitles him to one of the Gifts
when they are distributed.
For rivr Dollars, a highly finished Engraving,
beautifully PAINTED in OIL. and FIVE GI FT TICK
ETS, will be seut; or Five Dollars worth of splended
Engravings can be selected from tbe Catalogue, and
sent by return mail or express.
A copy of tlie Catalogue, togetner witn a specimen of
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the office of this
tor eacn vouar sent, an .engraving actual ry worm
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will immediately be for
The Committee believing that the success of this
Great National Undertaking will I e materially promo
ted by the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
persevering Agents, have resolved to treat with such
on the mcst liberal terms.
An person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
(Mist paid,) 91, will receive by return of mail, a Oue
Dollar Engraving, a "Girt Ticket.' a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary information.
On the final completion of the sale, the Gifts will he
placed in the hands of a ConitiTm of the Prat .
to be distributed, due notice of which will be given
tnrougnout the I ntted states ana tne canaaas.
inn Marble Baits of WashingUnrat - -
1IW " " Clay,
list " " Welstrr, .....
llttl " Calhoun. -
50 elrcant Oil Painting, in splendid)
pilt frames, size 3x4 ft. each, (
100 eleirantOil raintin?, 2x3 ft. each,
500 steel plate Engrarings, brilliantly
colored in oil, rich gilt frames
4x30 inches each, )
10,000 elegant steel piste Enfrrarinf s.i
colored in il. of the Washin?tou
two 810.000
ItIO lll.VU)
luo lu.uuu
1U0 5,0011
50 5,000
10 5,0011
4 40,UOU
Monument, r0x-G inches each.
23T.IXSI steel plate Eugravinirs, froml
100 ditierent plates, now in posses-
sfon of aud owned by the Artists
I'nion, of the market Talue of from I
50 cents to 91 ench, J
1 first-class Daellinp. in 31st St., X. T. City,
3 lioil.lii i: Lots in KiOand I0lststs., . iam
N. Y. City, each MxlUO ft. deep, ( '
100 Villa Siti s.ci'nlaiuinjt each 10,0001
sq. ft. in Uie snlurbs of N. Y.City, I
and commanding a magnificent 500
riew of the Hudson Hirer and j
Lone Island Sound, at J
SOperpetnal loans of cash, without)
interest or security, of 9?50 each,)
50 " " " It "
II1 " 511
0311 . m 20 .
zSm " 5 "
lll.lil J
lieff rence in rerard to the Real Estite, F. J. VirvsrHis
& Co.. Real Estate Brokers. New Yoric. Orders, (post
paid,) with money enclosed, to tie addressed,
J. W. IJOLBiluOKE. Ser'y,
505 Broadway. N. Y.
TrThe Engravings in the Catalogue are new readj
for delivery. nor 15, "54-ttoi
stitution will open ou Monday, the 11th day of Septem-
bcr next.
Elementary branches, including L". 8. Ill story.
Watts on tut Mind, etc per quarter of Jl
Academic course.
Music 1'iano or Melcdeon, 2-4 lessons -l.'sc
of Instrument, ....
Drawiug or Faiiitiug in Water Colors, per qr..
8 U0 '
a w 1
3 uo
y.1 aiming, per qr - - - - - oo ;
k. (Ml '
urenco, ..... 3 w i
In order to meet the expressed wanU of the comma-
nity for larger accommodations and to ad, the course
of instruction more perfectly to the age and attainments
of the ratiila. a
has been constituted, for which a convenient room has
been secured adjacent to those now occupied, and is I
in successful operation. The tuition charges in this de- !
partment will be Three Dollars
Parents or guardians and other friends of education ,
are resiectfully invited to visit the Institution at any
3 0U
hour during tbe daily sessions which may suit their
"JTPupils are secially requested as they would
make satisfactury proirress in their studies, to be pres
ent ou the first day of the term.
Hudson, ANTil 4, lrtal.
Having ttad some opportunity to become actfaainted
with the present Principal and assistant in the Young
Ladies1 Seminary of Iludson.and their successful labors
commencing and conducting it thus far, we take
pleasure in confidently recotnmendiug the Institution
the luitrounge of the community as one in which may
le secured the benefit of a thorough, elevated and re
fined education for young ladies in a suierior degree.
and coii'ratulnte the people of Hudson and the vicinity
upon the establishment of such a Seminary under so 1
happy auspices w e are happy to know that it is iu- I
tended to provide in this Institution the mean and fa-
cihtu-B of an education ot Uie oigbeat onler. i
PROP. II. S. DAY, U. Cel. WM. 11. 8fcIOXg,
Hudson. April ifti, 154 ?
!:rV B-AIItCliILD,
Hi. JtAKt fck tOE. ;
The Patrons of thia opttlnr and fashionable Sli;n, '
have all repudiated the credit system, and aro iaing i
for tlieir refreshments. They say, irten Las
euonifh to do to keep everything in order snd serve his t
customers without making tickets, charging oysters and
Hber refreshments, drawing off accounts, and thinning
about town for money that has been ticketed lor a j
"day or so, and run one or two and three years, an J ;
getting anything don't pay, aad they won't let niia .
so any more." ttentiemen, your arrangec-cat suits i
me. buck to toe texi; nay as yoa go, ana an my time :
Including tnai portion or it wnicn aas iieretotore beea
spent in fruit leas efforts to collect money shall be dr
voted to your comfort. My house shall be set in ordrr
now, for the better aceommodntionof icy C&& cu
tdmers. uKxtclsior. -hall be my trnttb.
Warren. March x7, )M4: WMi GRXSK, At
U TouiVruny 7 ri , iVrflTHE
arren, and to the public, that he will still be found at
Rooms over Fresco Hall, where he will perform any '
operation that may be rr-tuired of the Dental profession
an elet.l and Uir.i.'de uiniii'cr. - Ue retnriis his
inaiiKs ior a lav -.r 511 r -r a c.u:: rinon yr
tbesaine. All u,r...:...i. perl'u. u.. 1 ' y iir.'.I.kiii be .
wamiur l to be . hat they sooulil l.e. in es rrv s-me of I
Uie..n. . ft O. BITlf0UU118. 1
WTrWi m. fPrltv. J.
9 I
X to Crotchet and Fancy Knitting. A few copies
received at ADAMS Bookstore,
Als. several new popular Works. Drop la when
yon hive time. nov 92
. VTiiW -1 Vlih. UUUlv SlUUb. The
IN riw hvi.i. i,r.h.. it, j.
,,.);. ukes this method or informing th, citizens of!
I rreu and Trnml:ull connty. tiwt ill addition to Uie
, ito(.K ou hand, he Is reeeivlnir and now opei inr.a
nuiiur;uul Fancy Ools as can I f.i 4 in th
. n;. .inir ..r ii.u.l-. ...... u;.iA. r-.
1 ... Romances. Ene.velope.lias, Hiocmnhies, Wo'rks on
Elocution, Arcbiti-ture, Ajrrlcnllnre, Theolorv. tleolo
rv. Philosophy, Fhysiolotry, Phrenoloey, Works ,n
i Sniritualisin. Myie Orders. Annuals and Al unis.
t Also, all the new Fnhlications worthy of note, piles of
! ci10, Uooks, both ol Utiil new, now In use in the sev-
: era I srhmd districts, Htide from 50 cts. to fit, Prayer
' and llymu lloik f-.r all .leitomination.
! In grent var.et.v. Letter Writers, lioi.g and Dream
Books, Astrologers liooks an:i Lanis.
In tins department are offered every description of
Goods. French. American bai'i, wove. Lap. uiii. Let
ter and Note Taper of he best quality, aud Envelopes
to match.
Comprising tedgers. Journal, Becord. Cash. Invoice,
Time, Log, Note, Keceipt and Xemorandum Books.
Also. Copy Ktiukk for schools.
Lithographic Prints, Maps, Chessmen and BnariN,
liiciiiioes. Dice and Cups, Playing and Printing Cards.
Paper Weights. Calendars, L-'tter Clips and Billholers,
Addre Cinls Plain, (Jilt. Kiol ose! and Illumined,
Card Cae. P.arl, Ivory and Illumined.
Drawing ibHsk. ( strds. Taper and lrawing matrrl-
' als. inks. Wntinr Fluids. Pen and Lead Pencils.
j Laves. VI ire, Pa.er, etc., fr Artilicial Flowers, and
i a large a-t-ortment of Kntflish, French, Oerman and
American Tys. weeKiy rncr irom i.in, rw
York and Philadelphia, Periodical. Harper' Putnam's,
(;raiiaur. Oodey's and Methodist National Magazines,
I-ilie's lbok of Fashions and Yankee Notions.
The purchasing commniiity will And alwars on hand
a lare stock from which to make their selection, at
extremely low prices for cah only, at the New York
Va?reiv o"
Warren Oct., 1th, R. A. A. BALDWIN.
Building, opposite the Democrat Ofltce, Vsia Street,
Warren, Ohio.
We are now exhibiting the richest, cheapest and best
lot of CLOTHING, at Wholesale and Retail, ever
brought to this market, comprising Dress, Frock and
Business Coats, Overcoats, Pants and Tests, of every
variety and style conceivable. To test the truth of our
assertion we will give yea prices and you can corns
aud examine for yourselves.
A ( I'LL SUIT, Coit, Pasts and Test. $6,50, with
an Overcoat to match for $4. Also, a rich stock ol
' P"'' ( lothing; Coats for fri, with Pants to match for
SI Also, a complete stock of HATS and CAP:, coio-
1 pricing every style and ouality. We have also a fuil
stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, and a large
stuck of Broadcloths. Cassimcres and Yestings, rich
and rare, and of the latest and most fashionable styles
CARD. The Proprietors here take occasion tore
tnrn their sincere thanks to the people of Warren ai d
tlie surrounding country, for the generous patronag
which they hare hitherto awarded them, and resitect
fully ask Its continuance, feeling certain that their
r1- r quality and cheapness, cannot b
equalled in this section of country. Our goods are all
warranted to he of gcod material, well made, and to
give good service W have ht one price for onr
goods, and that a just one. believing it a i oor iolicy
and worse principle to plunder from one person te
secure the loss on another. P. T. BAR1 LETT,
Warren, Oct. 7, 1SS4. G. W. BROWN
(trOsi WOKTfl OF GIFTS, for the subscri-
World, publi5hel sinmltaneonftly in the three eitiesof
New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, as soon as
3tMXM suiscripttons nre otained ; and having at-
ready an actual circulation of aoUt StaM'bO, it is now
certain tee dtstnemttmn tttit lke plmee.
Among the extraordinary 1t or eirrm, (being one
Tor every ticket is?uet.,) ire
Prof. Hart's Elegant Country 8 eat, valued at
A Magnificent City Residence "
A Cash Loan for 100 years, without interest
or security..........
Building Lots, Elegant Piano Fortes. Melo
deons. Gold Watches, Bracelets, Kings,
Books of Travels in the Old and New
World, by Prof. Hart : Real Estate. 4d
Ac, Ac, in all numbering 300,000 Gifts,
valued at.
$300 iWO
Every single remittance of $1. secures one year's
sahscriptton o the MAMMOTH PICTORIAL, and the
gratuity of a Gift Ticket, which entitles the holder to
one share in the 300.000 Gifts. Thus every person in
Testing in this stupendous Enterprise receives the
full worth cf his or her money, in subscription to a
first class journal, (tbe greatest and most interesting
Pictorial of the age.) besides a Gift for each subscrip
tion, which may prove an immense fortune to tha
For complete List of Gifts, and full and explicit par
ticulars in regard to the great Enterprise, Distribu
tion, Ac, see a copy of Thk Whole Woeld, which
will l.-e promptly sent, free of charge, where desired by
letter, post-paid.
Tuk Whole Worlv may also be seen at the offices of
all papers containing this advertisement, where Infor
mation may be obtained in regard to the paper and
Agents, Postmasters, and Ladies desirous of lucra
tive, and at the same time, genteel employment, should
not fail to see a copy of The Wholo Woelb, which
contains by far the most liberal inducements eve? of
fered to agents in the way of immense cash premiums,
gifts, commissions, dec, whereby any person, with or
dinary activity, can easily make $1,000 and upwards,
per year ; to which fact the agents we already have
can certify. Secure the Pictorial, and become wise,
rich, and happy.
Corresendeuts most write their address Name,
Post Office, County, and State. plain and distinct, or it
will lie their own fault if they fail to get an answer.
Adhere to this, and all retnrsa will be promptly sent
wherever desired, ia any part of the world.
Jf r If any orders are received --sifter the 300,000
subcrrilKTS are obtained, the money will be promptly
returned, post-paid, to the persons sending it.
JT7- All letters and remittances for the Pictorial,
with Gift Tickets, must invariably be addressed.
nost-paid, to pRor. J. WOODMAN HART, World's
llkLL, Broadway. New York, there being the emtg
office for the Gift Entemrise.
But remittances for the Pictorial wiTnnrT Gift Tick
eta. may I e sent to Prof. J. Y On DM AN HART. II iit'
Blii.din.sh, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa , there
being the principal editorial and publication office.
Oct. JMiin. j
ry, Jcc. The subscribers have just re'
scived a large stock of Goods in their line, which.
with their former stock, makes a very desirable assort
ment ; among which areitold and Silver natcbes , Oli
ver, Silver Plated and Brittania lioons ; Breast Pins ;
Finger Rings : Ear Kings : Gold and Silver Pencil
Cases; Watch 1 Chains, Seals and Keys; Scissors;
Shears ; Pistols ; Pen and Pocket Knives ; Knives and
Forks ; Rasors ; Percussion Caps and Pills ; Silver
Plated, Brittania, lilass, and Common Candlesticks;
Lamps ; Lamp Globes, and Chimneys ; Tea Trays ; Tea
snd Coffee Pots ; Communion Ware ; Castors ; Cloth,
Shoe, Hair, Flesh, Tooth and Shaving Bras bes ; Melo
deons ; Uuitars ; Banjos ; Violins ; Flutes ; Fifes ; Ac
eordeons ; Flageoletts and Tan borines ; Hair Pins and
Combs ; Waist Slides and Ruckles ; Purses ; Pocket
Books and Wallets ; Powder Flasks ; Work Boxes ; Steel
Beads, and a great variety of Toys and Fancy Goods.
The imfcltc are respectful ty invited to call and exam
ine the goods.
All kinds of Clocks and Watches repaired, and war
ranted to perform well, at a reasonable eiiene.
Te car old custenera we tender our thanks for tlie
patronatre the establishment has rcci-ived for th last
thirty-six years. WALTER KING SON,
Dec. IrWI. Jio. , nam r-?., warren, o.
ULES VAUTROT, Wholesale a
vj Retail Dealer in Clock. Wati his, Jewblrt, Sii -
ver-M's.rz. and Kah.t Goods arren, Ohio.
Having just returned from the astern Man
ofactories, I brought with ue a very large
assortment of extra-line uglish Lever Watch
es, In gold, hunting and plain cases. Also, a sueriur
quality of Duplex Watches, with independent seconds,
just the thing fur timing horses. Also, i.nglish Lever
Railroad Time Keepers, in Silver Hanging Cases; and
a larger stock of Detached Lever and Lepine Watches
than a as ever before offered in this place. My assort
ment of Jewelry, 1 flatter myself, is a better selection
than 1 have ever tefore made, having purchased a
much larger stock and of nuer quality, than has nere
1 toiove been brought to this plnce; such as I can fully
recor men.!. K er.I o.lv is invited to call and exam-
Ine uy stock. Pedlar, ard others, purchasing t sell 1
again, will liud a large assortment. and prices that will
compete with Eastern Cities, as I purchase, my goods '
directly from the manufacturers, and will sell lor as -!
small p.-otlts as any other establishment in the eouutry. 1
A few fine !ouble Time Centre Seconds Watches, will !
be sold very low. Now is the time for securing a goad
bargain. Call soon and see for yourselves.
natcbes. Jewelry, Jtc. carefully repairea ana war- '
ranted. J: r ngravtng neatly done.
Oct. T. 154.
I 1 aW r M Mn.ln..tlw n.b-in .rfrlitinna Ir. thoir
,a,Te ana wen seiecieu hwi oi oiufo rtuirrui, um
tliey are vow aMe to furnish customers with the most
desirable patterns for kitchen or parlor use. Among
uieir aasorxuiend arc uir iwimw
- r,:Btoll Air Ti.ht Took Stove. So. S
17 T r . j.
. ado lm,roT7i -f. mm
Th,s .to7 trul-T Jh FanMIi aTaJ u '
nnprecedented run of fire years, the demand for them is
tlU "creasing.
The Romans' Rights Cook Stove, Ko. l.for wood or coal.
do do do do 5u. 2, do
do ao do No. 4, for wood,
jhj. j. new pattern of Coal Stove, just got out Ly
os, with elevated oven. No. 1 is intended for a dining
room Stove, having two boiler boles and s large cap--
ciotw oven fnr baking or keeping meats warm. No. 2
fonr b incn holes for botling.and is adapted to small
families. ISo. 4 has 4 9 inch holes for boiling, and a
very targe oven, and is adapted to large families
The 44 Uaug Up" Cook Stove, No. 4.
l'o Western tjueen do de
do Queen of Prairie do , do
do Great Western do do for coal.
Thes Stores have four 9 inch 1oiler holes and capa
cious ovens ikmow the nre cnamoer. r or beauty,
.trength. durability and economy in fuel, these Stoves
are un surpassed. They are perfect bakers.
The following are some of their Parlor Stoves :
The Cottage Franklin Coal Stove, No. 3.
do do do do No. 3.
These are the celebrated Sliding Door Stoves, wh.c'i
took tlie premium at tlie late State Pair. For beauty and
convenience, they e lis He nee competition, as the extra
ordinary sales this year abundantly testify.
The Cottage Stove, So. 3, for wood,
do do do No.. do
Tbc Jewett t Boot Stove, Folding Doors, for wood.
Hesidcs a aebcral assortment of Cannon, Cual, bVx,
Md dlea.
AH kintis of marhineo matle to order. Store Foun-
Art ent of Tavler's Warehouse, on the canal. Muchme
Foundry, east side of Liberty street, eu the canal. Tin
Shop four doors west of the Bank, Market street. War-
f;ntO!iio jan lJ
Ill EAGLE HOTEL. The subscriber would take this
TJportaniiy of informing Ute citisens of Warren, aud
U.e pul-ii ; fcnerally. Uiat he has purchased th F.xuum
Hotki formerly kpt by Mr. Camp, where hereafter be
would l-e g:al to ue-? his friends, and all who choose to
give him a call. The best arrangements will be made to
make his botue a pleasant place to stop, and no effmt
will he spared to tboje who call once to stop again. To
tte old customers tf tbe Lagle he would say, d not
eon tcran a change as for the worse, lFecauwe yoa were
well su.toi witn your out lanoiorn. Mit give tbe nee
sdmimstrattoa s trial reinre you eecine
Var-tn. Aa. 17, J53.
CKO. T. nfXL.
t7 SITING INKS, &c Arnold's m.d
v T Maynird fc oyes' celebrated Writing Inks.
Ai3. lie Powde-, Carmine Ink, Indelible Ink. for
j linens. Writing Band, Ink Bottles, etcete.
J -t-- f AlUr..MSlUt& IO, S rur?
9 White Lenl a large supply cnnstauly on hand
. . I. . I l-lil'irn fur . . .
and feraaiealle lowest rsL prices, by
Vf : B. A: fWltn tt Ctf.
fc. n
hUU Itiittins.
FF.US.FDH THK t'l'KK OK Oll.DS. rOL'CillS.
These H afirrs oiMrate like a charm uroducios almost
iusuntaneoLS relief. They allay at ouee. tlie tu-kliUjt
and irriutioa iu the throat, which sjives rise lo hacking j
aid eouxhinr. and finally result, il not arrested, in a
disease of faci I ty ie.
For Bronchitis, so fearfully prevatent in thiselimate, I
these Wafers stand perfectly unriralled. So Public
Speaker should atteni to address an audience without j
supply of
In his Orcki t. They luhrictte the throat and facilitate
delivery to a most atouishingr decree. Professional
singers, and all members of Church 1'hoirs will expe- j
rieoce immense benefit from tneir mairie eBeets. All!
who nse them cheerfully testify to their wonderful ell-j
eacy. There is bnt one opinion of Ibeir matchless vir-
tnes, mail eomplaiuts lor witica tney are recommeimeu.
tine box wsV sittsfy you Uiat wo cannH speak too
uijrhly In tnetr tnror.
lion. S AMI'KL RICIIARP'SOV, Hte Mayor of Roch
ester. N. T.: Dr. James McVsrthv. of Medical 11 ill,
Inhlin: a. Hearsall, Vicar, l.ichlleld Cathedral: K. Pres
ton. Coal Merchant, of Hull England ; and thousamls
ofothershaeeTolunteer.il their testimony ia favor of
Dr. LOCOCK'S rreat diieotery. A simile trial will
Convince the most sceptical that no medicine ap
proaches this in the absolute control it exerts over all
lhat fatal class of diseases which w have enumerated.
Sold by all Medicine Dealers generally.
Oct. 4. Iris lira
j !i hfi.L.
m)i i. r ii i n cT
rust p-dr-rful Kir. on tbe firm of the trloo now
: iw'i.Hir. U s- 4rrtert'-SB Kepuhlie. lis power
f -r w-t.i !.m. fij t un p dnk into tcsl;roihcane
i? ti-i-.tr-s to wi Aunnnt Kinn.
r uf i'Mi; la':.: ffirpi-'y tk:e pt"T e!ted in then to
iisarfer ti.fc fi'Itissf tht- ri'-h ansl iorJly. aitsJ to reduf
W r-n.er nn-r f J .i.y..tMion. tlie and d pesi
n.t. Oi-r AP-in bi. -i;c'- fcrth ilhvual ciJUng
Hir fa.r hi LliBM- t, ttn-i til hrjrjl'le raiiiu, ntady
r u- .n i. i-it r !i' f. v.i ; o8r health and happi-
t Ute (lu au4 li, the rlt-b au4 the pour
1K. .JOHN J.'lII.Iti
in tl" T'jt'fl H.rrci.f T; Wikls. ai the sTMltwt
i-sW-04 rfr olrt-ysi lo rTi. te. humanity: to th af-K-riuic
Uitlii'-nn thv Itit-UTraa amy. r-ili f is atrourcnov
saisit. .-u il to a miienl retaoty. AU
ttois h. i:i Vr. aiiJ "HI 1:1 1 a-eept tbe preferred
ti ! d n-1 (.I..- pit i f their fcmilje.
this w.-fi U-fi.l to't.cii'o.ituriii4 thebrvt period atatea
it ii. -' ! 'i ; u n.tft wrwii ip)tiitwa to ti) hiwrtsof
lit uai';.i. .!. n: hm i.iw a rhaiit to rudt wht bereta--
rc.jw-laLi it ouiy a a -ajiful aud uiaeratdo siV
1 tb vtiulf cith H Uniineut. Km)rt-atioiia, Pain
K ult ra, aiitl rt.i r.ktra-tfr. aos let aiilnnof glad
lonv- r ouatit ibe uirril ; f Uie rrt Americaa
hio if 1 ai:t " a j r pnraiirtfs i-ontpivl Mslely of
aMwvanil r - ts. rJari l Arurrieaswa rich aud
houite'u. M it.
it tbuU aiak the It4b. mho an alvav mmp-trat
- jntlttrmnt lutt ivan.i wtui i .-ta rilml-tr thmii' mmV
tiii. ti b. a rtvi:il t .r by iriiii: ths Kiti of lala
Pto-b tr-al. art I If -alrrf. t rr. exert th-ir b.Ho--rc
In its Itebalf fw-stmx.trtid ft. -pt-ak ami nft-a of U,
and mm lUM It b u-l 1-y tbrir atri-b-l ivi-bicr. Yhs
lialBiaaKtiarit.ilsb. niMlnhea tney indue tbw
satTeri.- friiit? t- w hts r-ii jiu.-M inviib-tua.
titT t .k.in- nn atof ie:.evleuse that ther can
m im pr.ui't i f. iJiis u a p-werfol and truly -inatcieal
rouiet f-r mi e .vtrnul ai-fljsw- -re. 5eliu,r buros.
E aid t'r many iLtentai ajai .-tif!K. it i a rx-rtva eur.
ft it b perlertl'. luriiiieftK. JDit itMtpa4e of protM-ug
th i4tt iitjbu uy ''. L m In uul dvitratv eases ti
sUm weakest nu.-sJL at Un.
It U raiM tr-.. rw f.11.. the old anl worn out
yt-an if iUt liui.tf tu thf a lie tr ttrn ud f ertlfi
aates of sOiMi-m p rf-.r:isayi ty thi- uirii- ine. It costs
but t!!l-l.r rvnS u Ir; it ati-I ir. I'.ull stakes bis
WrllMaru. i f . ( ul.ti jU ; tn Kiir of I'ain di'lOfC all
SbU Bi tli.ii. ut --4-sti'M fr tt. - -
; Vi wwli -K h.-ie thf !;hviUlitl!H orOofrt;
Un-we an- lift ibajoat r!t.4iitiiia. ait-t kntiai that
fu wnul l It u- drite liif m away aw fomm a powibla.
-lil HSU P PA IX."
M'cuM . ''N If .-ni-l slioit lirini-Ui-itfly ,.f ftwe4
Ootupl.iitft. i- tcr. uinif iVimv''1''1-"h"';r Mor
bu. i r.in) 'ht-, ihwi Mri-. T.-uib or any otbtr ache
r piu. t.'ie fP-ily bt xiiitpif and the cure eertain,
CtfC Til A i.kKAT KINU or PAIN.
' TCr,iJj yuu liar xme m. eU'i. Cut. Hnrua,
.Idn. Uruie. or uu stt.r wouudi rMAinl, c repeat
tV u-r Itir
Wtxibf ytu he enr-. ,4 imsM lb .-i. tt-f Jdut Sore
rttmaL. Nr.Fdia. .- ltr-t?. I.uia?o. Tsrtt-rnr I hw
Worm. lt i.iwiiua tit. i' hn- ;u In-'tK iliaopii
Haji-is aad nil f-tbrr r- -itbT lrv -.r bunnin. v
ay -sspssia svul aauu. ittK klh;m b I'r. Joi;n bull s
- KfM. fir t.Ai.." "
U'.mM o t eurd f Ki.ij-V K.ii. tnvr. Taiuors.
KruM.K'fs. tauv ti-tec ii:t j-l caused by huoiirr
ble .1 tnro u !r. (hri bt:l) s (Sarap.- rtl la Internally.
;r t'.:- rwii.'-f r.du ril rnlir. uthi:tx caa b ssorw
-r:..ta i!i ! :-r aoJ iin-tOAi cur;.
i)K iO.i'S BUIX'S
B A !. ?s P A L I It LA.
Tl'ij. :.- :! -Ii
KUI .UiV I'm'
acciT'linj to dires-tKDS,
or ma.
Cau.--.-r, ,
of tb
Turn- ra. i i-r. i- rore t.y.
Wnrui r lvtl--ra .-cil-i lltad.
Phetimti)i. fai in tba Kone or
Joints. I'm! .ires and I bvrn. fivstlling of
the uL-iitUa. H-j-tiiiht. l-rpebi Knit 1 h-nai.
IdrM-Mi'f th Ki lueya. !n-e.j-a an-iiit frou th
u&eof ijhv .ir. I.. t AnpruKe. aia in thebeaod
flti.iil.ier. '-"tHrai 11 i;t. isiftntiojco. Cou-hj. Colds,
lror. wNUxIrw t tr.:!Tsiw-s-i. (i-o.iWiiiiji. Urvkneaaof
Cai, .f-rts Thr.at. I'Ltunsu-tr ;di i U-rt.a aid all oilier
liMnsw-s ten-tin t-- pr- C- t uuaili m. I.n-r Ccaa-
pi.lirt. fc'-Ultlw- ,rft'Ul.iriiter:lliii Li-UI:h-'tl!lfk bow
bpL'ilis. b-ii al t.i no t lb-ad aeb. l,Ii awaata,
i.p-ur-- ir inpru i-i.-e iu J-iti t Lrmie t"tu
stituti I n.i as a r hu abd
bum irnrr Iiritik aud iiTiifr.U T'.nl for th
bvisteut. sid a tsetit'.c fiiJ t K-jiiiil
fur.aLtie it i supnr t blua
U.:k aid t'.'fif-ei Water,
talt- Liu
It W a fvinarVahi fn .- tt atnf.n the hun(rct!s of
e.:nert pnit iitti- -.' hiv .-x3L;tnd tire re'ipr hy
wbK-h r-.ii''s .ijr-ip.ri!!j w pra-p-rrd i.ott.ue bos jnu.
Ariili.tl it but .ill ;:i ' n It an-i romi'K-ntl it in tt
hit;tit tri.!. -.Ian? p si-.-iafa -pr- w th -luael.ea
Str.iPiy in tbe relief th :t i' is !-ci ieJi . tne l!it prepa
ration of rarvrii'a tbt la k-w Wen j-l.n-l trsre
the jiil li-. As.lioii.b tn-re nrv m.ny p!iwsinins who
ftcl a relurtiMri t hii i;' th- ir i-nr spurotled t ths
ratiuainaVitJati'ii f av pr:i uinr rvutv. tiotwttie
staiiiiiiig tliey m-v .-tp;ne ..f ii in tne hi het -t-trros:
there are ..thTs wh'friskiv ieidth irpfrt in ta-r
of a rt:inaly abMi tii kuw ts ai!.i? of Vtne m
ntueh (?u d in an a:! to --mtifU'.itT. As an t i leAX.
rea.1 tut IWj fr.iu --I i tva- ti1!- pb .ttirctiis,
9f ni,h H u .iir- in M:.- ro,i.iu in ia tb U.e
TS3TI 1.1 G ii :
r""!-j.i:n:.'-.;. IT- tt.- f- II -ivbir r.TJ.-r .-rivr "wo
all x.ne.:tj--rt thf ,:ct f l id. -ar!'t' ': tr m
In i I piifewst.? -i l bs-sKseilr t'
fiiMr '.: ii ai'i!' : I b.iv Hn.-ni t.n-r - f ii-jrtli-:.''
r n;i'll i I ni: C?;i;p.iit:.f? I..rfs-Sof
aarxn'nt k.-i-I lian i.y 1, ;tiii m it Aivin tht iitey
wtrui a safe r!tU'U.id. -t I -u Lti.Lt prou-iiswa wed u
ahronie dii,ww. to buh it isaptth-uf-.
L. r. ANll.l.L, M.D.
Ut'lviLLtt. June tf. 1MV
What t)r. P-K-a, phTtii-in by nriMflntmfut r lh
Uuiviis Marina t. it.d sa c-f ud ara.tsnrilla
I,au.i.u. .Varf-h Jk IN.
1 haT -x-rrin-J lb- r--ri'tion fi r tbe rrpr.rtb.a
af J.bo Hull Airsapwircls ji.-I I beii tl.a i.ul ina
Uod to U an wxcrlt-nt ti-. and . II raJ to ye
fjuee sc aitf-ra'-i f l"pr--lr- w S'SWm. I havs
wt) it I- th lu pi lb- and pi-'-vfa pra ti- e. und Oiink
11 U tlis rtu.farv.irvxi.U in uae.
V. PVtKN 1.D.
P.inVtat lh4-tau Ixcbniilr Urine iJot-pitaL
p;ter t stl!W'i.v t'mn r i-fere! Ia tSi.or of any
- a-reuidn. bs. 1 W. Sb-n rrv. r.. Me n-c :
I. hmti!.". Var 'ith. 149.
V,'e hav d ! - -hr, Pnil'a rriwri(K. and h.ia
known It to ( ufM. wib fntin- Mtit'v ton; and w
har no h -.patt-'n t t;itisiir our T--?i-sr. tiit it b a mJm
and valu-i"e nt-!i"al e-nn-ond. an ek--Utet tpro
ducsuiurh rrxxl aa-1 r m i ll -urfrinr: ainl tnerw
jhre wouht eh-erfnUy ni.t ;,t earurly ren.eiait.-nd it
to the anlrUd-
Ws wnnld wretK ii.ill per as who are MifT-r-ffng
with an of I. UK Tb.it r.et.h is hir to. to cell oa
r. Jobu Bui! .-i r t and .et -op.-tf Tnlls aniiJy
Journal nTatl: a fT th- .- of tinman iiy vrr h- pe
tfttt a siM-iW bidm-k.! w.il nt e f n I unwll.inw to
riie Bull's trvirp,ill:' ri ti --ft'T rftif - and iwd
tfVtiatf at the -emtlm. ih.4 it H intpfsj-i? le 'r the
rvfr to put lifch th" t--utH art tl uiintUr of eae
ttratf of ajftf-WTf-ii i-nr. pfTf rel b bis S.tr-pa
rilU. The a-ui!t t.f tHuMinv .luit-uily Jvred
Ml Pr. Ball's ".ireiptri.U- fr.'m well kwown and ib-iia-ru'tdM!
in ilTi twiK I" pub-V and private hfe-bat
Wn pe.rfef! merbWidw.
Mm" I". Jf.ha Hsiil s ir:n-ip.J fwe. V--st Ide Fifth
int duurhrksw Mam. L-.ujtil. Ky.
v r i ! c l p a i. ti r r i c v. ?.
NfcW Y-.RK.
sua siu: rv
mHXi$rr: and mrm-hants tiivoi i;ikm t tiis
' Ami by E. A. SMITH oc Co.Drugirists So. i Uala it.
' j
UK XT. So. 2B, Main Street. - g'l !
J. McConnell at Co., Mo. jt). Main .J aa i
treet. Warren, Ohio, have tlie pleas- sj
re of announcing to the citisens of tiv i
Trumbull county and tbe public In tW !
Eeneral, that they are receiving and manufacturing the
irgest, cheapest and beat assortment of BOOTS and
snufts nsr prosigu. m v.. ,
taey now offer tor sale, at wholesale or retail, at prices
mat cannot ran so mi yun.a.mi " " . i
mdv-oav system. Their stock consist of I
lf.n'. Cna Boots: Men's Caif Pec'd luitation Bts:
Hoagaxiaa do: - frwich Can few'd, steei s ks:
i irin dn: " Brocans:
- fcalfPisg. do; -Kip i.nd Calf ftsgaa.,-
Boys' BooU and Hmjrsnv all kinds. ,
Patent Leather Buskins and Ties, and Murocoo Boots;
ki sses' Sewed aad Pvggesl Gaiters and Snoes, of aU
Morocco. Cair Bain and L'ppiT Leather, and every .
IhTi.gnsuilly kei In our line, which will he sold for :
cwsii, SDW-r than caa hw raudelsewhere in th. count. 1
vgHJ It. Mf.
-i MswnniLb 99.
1 or
; :
- 1
1 .
tcise. !ir A. C. Birt.. inv-ru-.l viv- l t)i.n of
THE X KIlU. ATKD H R til K.-T FK'lfi: l'OK.
to all persons of all ap-ea ami condi:ins. as a certain
and safe sliirld ajainst those fearful ilisi-ases. '.n-
sumption, Brouciiius, Asthma, Couehs. Colds aud other
afflictions of tbe Lanrs. which arise fross the exposed
sute of the chest, according to fashion, aud th? comm
it oat change? of oor climate.
"Tne TiotecW is simply a chemically prei are t
mr. Itneil with silk and padded, which, suspended Irons
the nerk, covers th-- cliest in so areeaMe a Buanner,
that. on:e wurn. t l-roairs a aecesvitr and a cooif'ir!
"The rrotcctor,.! (though but recei.tl iniroduv:J iu
to America, is uiakiov r .piil pri.res throu . ;o
t'nile.l Sutcs be t.'aua.!aji. o:illi Aun-rica. au I .Vct
' " E. A. SMITH Cf.
ts " " -
AYER'S cathartic pills,
CHEST Sir AstltV
-Mr Asiit-v Cooper,
- at.,M.D-tlM rminnt Mr.lir.1 l'r-t;ii..-.-
ts l-ft viluaMe I. :.Ticy to the world iu his CKF.AT
FkKVE.NTATIVK FtK CONiLllPIlON sad uiifailius
cure for 1'uimonary liseasei. wiTMorTTns rs or !
I indies, u n lr a long tiuie l-ei-it a stable m
in Enslaud and oa the cottiucnt of hurupe. wuiie it
has er..wu in many countries to llic position of au arti-
ele of dress.
To demonstrate thee facts emiuire of anr Knulish
resident iu your vicinity -f his k owleitjte of the beu
eticial elfects of wearing tho I'mlector, MnBnirss
rorasa to d-htosiio of any kind. The cost of wear
in thee articles is mere trifle, and one will last
some year.'. No one who values the h-altil of himself
or his family will s without them. The ilo.;iuls in
. i.iu. inc iiopiiais IU
this ewntry are not alone recommrndin; them, but
rapidly ii'ti-otlueitie tueni. fia-wsmrt. BrafiU- ot Co.
ot .Lo.t.ioii, ami .-liiiicbester, Kniaml. were oritrinalbj
entrut4?d with the nianuf-cture of the Protectors. by
tlie Umcuted lr. Coofier, and continue to uanuiacture
acconlit.fr tr "his oririnar' instructions, and therefore
recuuiueud those who would wear -The Protectors,"
to see to their being genuine.
Remember this is a sUrde article, and no Patent
Gent's Size, .... $! 50 each.
Ladies' do. - i pit do.
ltoysTan.l Misejdo. - 75 u.
Aon Street de hi Nruaau Street. New Tork.
Princtial Warehouse. 102 Wood Street, C heap id e
Loniion. ilanulavtory, 44 Market Street, Mauchcs
ter, nfrland.
TI. B. de Co. are eahliihini Depots for the sale of
-me j roierior in an parts or America. Phvsiciitns,
Burtreons. DruvTisu, Clothiers, Drv Goods Merchants.
Hatters and Milliners, also Uentleiueo's Furnishin?
store neepera are entrnste! With tlie wholesale and
retail distribution of them, and to whom most liberal
terms are offered for their enterprise, and a splendid
opportunity opens to them for s-,fe and profitable busi
3r Ann Street, Xcw Toole.
Sept, 90, 18 3m.
It stands pre-eminent for its curative powers in all
diseases for which it is recommended, usually called
Of these are Probpmj Uteri, or Falline of tlay Womb ;
Flour Albus, or Whites; Chronic Infiamatiou and l'l
ceratioo of the Womb; Incidental llemorrhaxe, oa
Flooding; Painful, Suppressed and Irreirular Menstrua
tion; ftcc, with all tlieir accomiiaiiyine evils. fCance
exceeded,) no matter how severe, or how lone stand io.
The Catholicon far surpasses other remedies, in being
more certain, less expensive, and leaving the system
in a oeiicr condition. Let all interested call and obtair
a pamphlet (free) containing ample proof, from tbe
moat respectable sources, of the beneficial results of its
use; tcirether with letters from hichlr experienced Phv-
sicians, who have used it ia their practice, and speak
iruia uicir owu ooservauona.
P. B. Pstkaaii, M. D Utiea, N. T.
h. D. Fi.kmiho, M. S Rochester 29. T
Ai. II Milm, M. D., Rochester. N. Y
D. Y. Foots, M. D., Syracuse, 5i. Y.
Prof. Di ubak, M. Dm Ualtimore, Md,
J. C. Oaau k, 31. Bulumore. Md.
W. W lUrjw,M.D., New-York City.
W. PiEst'vTT, if. D , Concord, N. U.
J. P. .N u., M. D., Utica, N. Y.
Rev. C. 8. Baajto, Glenn Springs, 3. 0.
Phamplets to be had gratis at the Store of K. A. SMITH
Co., Agents, Drua-gista, Warren, 0. Also sold by 1.
. xears, ortn tftoomoekl, James K. Sexton, Younrs
wn, and by most of the leading Druggist ia the ad-
oining rounties.
Hy Letter mddreeeed tm the cmre mf Mr. Curtie
Smith, Jiftnt mi Rerennn, Ohim.
To Da. Makchui: I hav been ten veaxs troubled
with Female Complaints prolapsus uteri, and all the
attending difficulties; at time rendering my life mos
miserable. I have had the attendance of some of the
best physicians, with but littlo success; the most they
could Uo was to relieve a cure was out of the uuestion.
For five months before commencing with your medicine
I had not been able to perform any labor, would walk
but a few steps at a time, and scarcely went out of doors
in short, I was completely prostrated, both ia mind
and body, and expected to drag oat the rest of my days
In suffering and misery. But, reading your advertise
ment, I was induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Catholicon, as the last resort. Jhad not
used it a week before I felt like another woman. Ry the
ose of three bottles I was enabled to perform al the la
bor for six In the family with ease, and could walk any
where in the neighlrorbood without iniurv. Nothiuz
but a sense of my duty to yon and to tbe afflicted, has
intiucef me to state my ease to the public I can safely
recommend the preparation to all those suffering like
myseu. isifnedj Alas. SAaaJi Ah a Buuop.
Freedom, Porta re Co., Ohio.
TTTJ. B. MARCUISI d Co., Proprietors, Centra
Depot, 304 Broadway, New York.
Warren. June 21. 18Z4 r
-Vat Pmrtieie mf Mereurf in it.
Lrr tu ArrLWTwa Rcn ana Pot
An Infallible Remedy for Scrofula, King's Evil, Rhea
- malum. Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions. Pimples or
Postules on the Face, Blotches, Boils. Agw and. Fe
ver, Chronic Sore Eyes. Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald
Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints,
Stubborn Ulcers Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago,
spinal Complaints, and all Diseases arising from an
lujudicions Use of Mercury, Imprudence in Life, or
Imparity of the Blood.
ICr3 This great alterative medicine and Parifler of
Blood is now ased by thousands of grateful patients
from all parts of the United States, who testifv dallv to
the remarkable cures performed by Aie greatest of
.vieaicines, -titTtt s sra.vise auxtcek. Neuralgia.
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions of th Skin, Liver
Diseaae, Fevers, Ulcers. Old Sores, Aflections of the
Kidneys, Diseases of the Throat, Female Complaints,
Pains and Aching of the Bones and Joints, are speedily
put to flight by using; this great and inestimable rem
edy. For all diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet been
fonnd to compare with it. It cleanses the system of
all imparities, acts gently and efficiently on the Liver
and Kidneys, strengthens the Digestion, gives tone to
the Stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and re
stores the Constitution, enfeebled by disease or broken
down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and
For the Ladies, it is incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever nsed. A few dose of CiTaV S fam
ish MiiTvaa will remove all sallowness of complexion,
bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give elasticity
to the step, and improve the general health in a re
markable deg-ee, beyond all the medicines ever heard
The large number of certificates which we have re
ceived from persons from all parts of the United States
is the best evidence that there is no Humhug about it.
The press, hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and
puidicm.'n, well knows to the community, all add their
testimonv to the wonderful effects of this URRAT
Call on the AoKwrand get a Circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful curve this truly greatest of all
Medicines has performed.
None genuine unless signed Bin sett dx Bcxaa, Pro
prietors, No. 3, Pearl street, Richmond, Va to whom
all orders for snpplies and agencies must be addressed.
ror sale hy fc. A. smitu -w. to., warren ; J. Camp
hell, Newton Falls ; B. Brown, Oh lion ; Geo. Haalett,
Uastavus , S. W. Alear Bloomneld, and by Dealers in
Medicines everywhercT (nov li-y
Jaundice, Chronic or Nerrons debility, Disease
"f tbe Kidneys, ami all Diseases arising from a Disor
dered Liver or Stomach ; such as Constijxation, inward
Piles, r'ulloess, or Blood to Uie head. Acidity of thf
Stomach. Nausea, Heartburn, lisrust for Food, Full
ness or Weight in the Stomach. Sour Eructtaions, Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Fit of the - Stomach, Swimming
of the Head. Hurried and lliuicult Breathing, Flutter
ing at the Heart, Choking or Sullocating Sensations
when in a lying posture, Dimness of Vision. Dots or
Webs before the sight. Fever and Dull Fain in the
Head, deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the
Skin and Kyes, Pain in tlie Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
etc., Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh,
Constant Imaginings of livil, and Great Depression of
Spirits can be effectually cured by
Br. Hoofland'i feltbratfd German Bitters,;
Prepared by Dr. C. 3J. JACKSON, No. 12U Arch street.
Tueir power over the above diseases is not excelled,
if euualled, by any other preparation In the I'nited
States, as the cures attest, in many cases after skillful
physicians had failed. These Bitters are worthy the
atteution of invalids. Possessing great viruses in the
rectification of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands,
exercising the most searching powers in weakness and
safe, certain and pleasant.
Job. Horrsissf, Jerome sville, Ohio. May 2th. 1823
said : I write to staM fr your satitfactiou, and also
for that of others, that your German Bitters is what yoa
recommend it to be, a highly valuable medicine, which
I know from having used it in my owu family to my
o.itii-as tatifalinti. All whfs hmTe UMtd it irive the aknts
STsrMtt A. 31 salt. Canton, Ohio, May 11, 1P53,
says : "Having heard your Germnn Bitters highly
recommended Irom sources in which I placed much
confidence, I ordered four bottles from Cleveland. One
ef them I gave to my daughter who has derived great
benent irom H ; two or uie outers i aoiu immediately.
and I would like voa to send me s supply of it to setL
Jnnw Class, Brunswick, Ohio. May td, lf-VI. says:
Your German Bitters have proved successful in every
ease that has come to my knowledge, and has opened
for itself great demand.
Thomas LrrrnroKO, Covington, Ohio, Dec. 27th,
1S53, says : "My wife has been affected with the Liver
complaintand Dyspepsia for a number of years, riurine
which time 1 have spent a great del for doctoring- but
she received very little betetit therefrom, and finally
the doctors said she could not he cured. Last spring
she concluded to try your Bitters; she took two bottles
and ever since taking them she has been able to attend
to her business, until very lately she had a new stuck
but has again commenced the Bitters. I have sold
unite a number ef bottles through her recommeafilation.
and as lar as 1 can leaxn, it has given satisfaction to
an. '
D. Abbott, Anstinburgh, Asbabula county, Ohio
Decemier jtb, 1-J. say. "Permit me to her r testi
mony to the reniarkahle efficacy of your medicine in
the cure of Liver Complaint. For years previous to
takin? your Bitters. I was severely a'itlicted with Liver
ConipUiiit ; bo much so tJiat I did not expect to live :
but by a free use of your medicine, tlianks to a kind
These Bitters are tmtirelf er's and free from
Alcoholic stimulant 'and all injurious ingredients, mi Id
their operation, tuey strengthen tiis) system, never
prostrate it.
' sale by E. A. .'mith k Co., and Porter Co.,
'VTarren ; 0. Hailett. .iustaioj S. Mears. Hloom-
field ; J. Campbell Newton Falls, nasi by Dealers In
Medicines everywhere. nov 29 li- jt-yl
MERCHANT'S Gargling Oil, in 25ct.
snci. and 11,00 bottles, for sale by the quantity
retail, by
March 18. 1st.
CjLOAN'S Ointment and
- just
1 received and far sale by
sC. A. 53I1T1I at vo-
Germnn Bit ers, a eel-
A sbrated remesly for the cure of Liver Complaints,
Jaundice. Dyspepsia, aud all diseases arising from a
iisonlered liver Of stomach, sold by
Msfi. -
9. a. isrrn
7E INVITO i ho r.t-
' of the Pu: Kc U!h
. T. r":o" ofth Pu: Kc U!h
""'""J0 !-1sj'!iM llow. and
nf-ipeaa v.T mem th it candid eon-
s...eratioa which iheir honest
irankness oeserves.
Men In such stations as many
who voluntarily la, witness to
tne ejicjr ai..l ralue at Chikkt Li I. i"
'"-"-"o not wantonly winesaTTSaii
, "r'"""7 nor overstate- their cn.Tlrti.ns.
Jiat-a the., whether this is not ih. medicine to trust
when you must have reii.-f for the .hrost or lunrs: jud
too.wh..thereveryfan)ily..,til,no,hhave j, ,
as a sifeswl a-airrt the every where prevailing eue-niv.whiehsu-als
with fatal fre:reDcy O,.ou almost every
llock and carries off the lamb from many a home?
i J"?kJ?lV-City 0hio..itith Sov., ti3.
U2. J. t.Atta.
i.ieiHrasr PHTorai is much ln.mirtl after.
i several tt our l.est PhysirUr.s
I ,!wm lu "'"irowo cws and al
I eliects. Tlie gin,.,... . ,
hsve neit it, three of
always with the Itdppiesl
runs patent akelicibes always befere
t.-m lea I to mrreduUt, in re.r.1 to every i.ew rem.-.fy:
aud it .. only after undoubted ,!, of value in any
.rtirl" ti-ir .V.K:.. 1.1 . . '
article titu anythiii; i,te a g-nerai coufldence
The unnral!e, exeell -r.ee of this combination er
a-entv,(in theCniaei Hlf ToaikL;pre-.rd heyiuid cavil
by repealed trial under their oitn ol,s-rvation, has CD.
j ' . vn d iMisrrrTUiwn, uas com'
l""'" medical men to prorhiime.1 abroad it's usefully
It IS rvorid alt iltMtl.l ri Ksi v..n.l i -
we have for the Pulmonary Affections of this climate,
at tlie same time sedative aud expectorant ss rare com
bination of properties.
In the hop, that it will prove its osrs reward, I sub
scribe myself. Kesrectfully your ol.t. servt.
JAS. 11. C. MII.LtR, M. D.
. Allegan, Slich-Mth JaalSiS.
Dear Sir So oue, no not one - man. woman, r child
can he found to deny that the Cbessi Pmtohsi. is all
that it claims to be. There is much used in this riciuity
altkooira not known until recently. The community
should know it's virtues. Tours tmlv.
Let gentlemen of the Lesal Profeslou mark this eas..
Williamsburg, L. I., Sept. 3, 1852.
Di. J. C. Arts.
Dear S ir Over application for the past three years to
my duties as an advocate brought oa some sight months
a?o a severe irritation of the i.roncal tubes, which wa
a con stau t an noyance to me, and fast becomi ng a sourc.
of great apprehension. Every remedy tried, failed to
relieve me, till I used your Csnn Pm.Toaal This
has But only relieved me, but as I trust, wh.liy cured
me, I care nothing for th reputation of advocating
Patent Medicines, and this is st your service. 1 shall
recomssesMs st t. ssesabers f Ihe bar and ethers whom.
I may meet, laboring under similar indispositions.
Yours truly. K. M. JUNES.
South Pari, Me-, Au. IS, 1K.
I have no hesitation in saying, that I regard Ayss's
Cueist I'b-iosial as decideilly the best remedy within
my knowledgefor the cure of chronic bronchitis, eou-hs
and all diseases of the lungs.
M. A. KCST. M. D.
Montgomery. Ala., Oft. s 18-19.
Da. J. C. Area. Sir: 1 have used your admirable
compenod extensively in my practice, and find it to
surpass, hy far. any other remedy ws have for curing
diseases upon the lungs. Tour .ht. servant.
Wnat yet remains to convince the most Incredulous)
thai the Cherry Pectoral is all that it purports to be
viz: an uneuuelled remedis! agent for all diseases of
the Throat and Langs. Th expsrienc of years, kas
proven it t. be sucb. and we submit it to the people be
Keving that it's virtues will fully maintain It s reputa
tion. Prepared by JAMES C. AT ER, Practical and Ana
lytical Chemist, Lowell, Kass.
Sold by F. Erxs-rEisr Cincinnati ; E. A. inn ft
Co., Warren; J. Cismu, Newton Falls; H. W CoLr
tai, Mesopotamia; and by aU dealers in Mcdicin.
7Tr'l4are of counterfeits and worthless prepara
tions attempted to be palmed otf under a similarity of
name. IFeb'y 14 'Sj.-'14
Manafactored by HABC0CBT, BRADLEY Co-, 40
Market Street, .Manchester. Principal Warehouse, 124
Wood Stu, Cheapside, London, Rnglaad. American
Establishments, 3c Ann Street and liti Nassua Street,
New York.
The Hydromafea is a valuable discovery for protect
tag the feet from damp or cold, and therefore a pre
Tentative of many Lung diseases, without any doctor
lag whatever. The Uydromagen Is in the form of a
sole, and worn inside the boot or shoe, lu medicated
character is a powerful preventative to disease.
For Gentlemen it will be found egreeabl, warm and.
healthy, to wear in the coldest or rainiest weather, a
the foot cannot become wet if the Hydroniagen is inser
ted. Ladies may wear the Ughtest soled boot or shoes
in the most inclement weather with impunity ; while
Consumption, ao prevalent among the young of oar
country, may be thwarted by their general adoption.
They entirely superseed overshoes, as the- tatter cause
the feet to perspire in a very unhealthy manner; and,
beaides. are not dangeroas to wear for pedestrians ia
icy weather, like india rubbers. While the latter
cause the feet to appear extremely large, the Hydrona
gen, being a mere thin slice of cork prepared, peculiar
ly placed inside, does not increase tbe size of the 'root,
or cause the foot to appear untidy. To ehildrca they .
are extremely valuable, as they may enrage in exercise
with comfort and healthy effects. Their expense Is set
slight as to scarce need mention; besides, those who
patronize them will find their yearly doctor bills much
diminished thereby.
As the Hydromaeen is becoming more known, ita
sale is increasing to an abnoat incredible extent. Last
year in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool,
Glasgow, Leeds. Dublin, Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg and,
Berlin, our sales reached l,7&.4t0 pairs of Cork Ik) lea.
This year the number will far surpass that. -
Ask the Faculty their opinion of their value as a
preventative for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis. Asthma
and Consumption.
Men's Size, per pair. 35 cents Ladies' do. per pair.
39 cents; Boys and Misses do. per pair, 25 cents.
Nonce. From the Retail Prices we make a very lib
eral allowance to Jobbers and wholesalers, so that any
storekeeper may make a fine pro tit on their sale, while
they are an artitile that may be kept in any store,
among any elaa of Gooda.
For terms, apply to
30 Ann Street. New York.
Sept. Sft, 1PM 3m
-Ll STORE. Kos. 11 A 13 Main Street. jl, -
Spring has cornel And so has the largest, r I
heat and cheapest stock of Boots and Shoes ever f 5jr
Drought on the Western Reserve. 1"W
D. H. WARREN, in announcing this fact to his pat
rons, and the t: srld at large, invites them, oae and all,
to come and see fortuemselves, for he feels confident he
can suit them with any kind of good Boot or Shoe they
Purchasing hie stock of the Maaufactarers for Cash
enables him to offer such inducements to buyers as can
not be found elsewhere
Ladies ! you like to have a pretty Gaiter er Shoe, and
I have taken especial care to please you by selecting the
most fashionable, prettiest and most genteel stock for
ladies wear, that could be found in IS'ew York; so all
that like the ornamental as well as nsefal, will call and
see and buy, before going eise where.
Gents! I have the best assortment for vour use the
greatest variety of material, and the latest tashiorus, oaiy
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enamelled Gaiters.
Children I come, and I caa fit yoa with any kind of
Shoe or Gaiter your taste may select.
IK 11. W. arain returns (Junks to past patronares, and
solicits its continuance.
N. B. Boots and Shoes made W order and warranted
to fit. D. II. WARREN'.
P. S. Don't forget the No. lift 13 Main St. Warren
Canfield, Ohio. The subscriber takes .
this method te inform the generoas public, that he still
carries on the above boaineas, in all ita various branches,
and will aiake to order, any thing that a-tnan may want
ia nis line. Having a large stock of new material al
ways on aand, and the best of workmen to do it an ia
style that cannot be surpassed by any establishment in
the country, thoec who wish to purchase Caxriares oe
Buggies ready-made, can always find a large aasortment
at my shop, of all finalities, and at all prices, and I am
not afraid of competition, from any quarter, especially
worth. I would just suy to all who wish lo get a rood
article, they would do wall to call on this establishment
before purchasing elsewhere, for oar work is of the beat
quality, and all warranted
PAINTING and TRIMMING done on abort notices
Particular attention paid to repairing.
NEW BUGGIES ia exchange for old ones. All kinds
ol IsOmber taken in exchange for work.
Tbe subscriber natters himself that by strict attention
of himself and hands to business, he can have a reason
able share of public patronage. Thankful for all former
favors, he will be still more thankful for now ones.
Canfield. Max . 16&s M. SWANK.
MILLS i The andersigned take this method of
informing the farming public, that still eontinning to
manufacture Fanning Mills, they have so far improved
the same as to be able, not only to take out foul seeds
from Grain, better and faster than any other millnow
in use, but also so perfectly separate, or take out, the
rmt dirt that may be lodged in the same.
They can also take Timothy, Clover and Flaxseed in
the chatf, and by once running it through, can make it
perfectly mercantalde. Their Flaxseed and rat dirt
cleaners are their owe inventions, deduced from much
study and experimenting the past winter, and are such
as are not to be found iu any other mill extant. They
Invite etil who need mills to call and examine theirs
before purchasing elsewhere; and as their mills are
always warranteO, taey can ma no risk, of being in
posea upon witn a poor aulJ.
Farmington, July 11.
i undersigneil. In connection with their Printing -Office
and Bookstore, have established a
B1NDKKV, where Book-Binding in every sv:-"i
variety ami style, will b. don. on short -4-r
notice. Their Bindery hat one of C1 ' i
Blank Books ruled to order: Periodicals bound; old
Books re-bound; and every branch of the business at- -tended
lo ia tbe best manner, and on reasouafcl. terms.
This establishment employs tbe best of workmen, ami
a comparison with work turned out from other Bind
eries in regard to style, durability, finish and price, i,
fearlessly cballenced.
Books and orders may be left at ADAMS'.Bookstorv,
Warren, who Is authorized to receive and forward th,
Aug. 16, ItvM-bai Ravenna, Portage Co 0.
SmoBosi, would respectfully inform the Public gener
ally, that he baa located himself at Sewtun Falls,
where he will attend to ai calls in his profession, at
his Office or at private dwellings.
Dr. M. will pay particular attention to all kinds of
of old Chronic diseases, such as Dsiepsia, Liver
Complaints, diseases of tbe Langs. Kidney, Skin
Bronchitis. Arthmatic Afflictions, and all diseases
arising from an impure state of the blood. ' Also mil
diseases peculiar to the Fauiale sex.
Dr. Morton's reaiclies are purely rff.e and th
STSrsr-cars, discarding lioisons of .very kind, both '
mineral, vegetable aud aniutaL lie will slso keep on
hand all kinds of Botanic Medicine, both simple and
compound; Tinctures, Syrups, Bitters, Liniments, ore.
Jtc, for sale.
liewton Falls, Sot. J, lPM novS-tf.J
XV TED STATES, by Benson J. Lossing, Author of
"Pi-storial Field Book. Eevohitirn,"ect. Illustrated by
more than StSi .xauisiteiy Hnislml wood engravings.
drawn chiefly from ol igiual raiuuncs and intended la
secure accural, delineations of scenes aad characters,
price tl.cv.
slevised and Enlarced Enition or nramaru s ursvuig
Book. In consequence of the rapidly increasing de-
mand for thia valuable work. sV has recently e
thorouirblv nviosvl by the author. ao.Ohe uresMl vos-
nme cuntains a tarve addition of .ntiry n.w aad us ig.
ml matter lUastrated by lu skgaut engravings, la
this edition the sobjectof Lssosi ari nsic iser
abonitly treated, thereby alt aiding a svire guide to th.
pupil in acquiring an accurate know l-dge of Ihe art..
The pal-lishera feel satisfied that they uow o&Vr t. th.
istblic. m.Mher for Schii.1. or private instruction, th.
beat Elementary Treatises on this subject that has evci
been published. Price, 3s.
sU.4fc GOMTAIfT ClerhTu40,

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