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trems pensitiYeness te. thtJ'louch "and --id
the air 8 !fT be throw) into spasms by a
touch Jjforcur i tiit of wind, I should con
aider the sj in it on is those of poisonous ac
tion. In esses of poi-oa the spasmodic
action U very rarely known to last over
two or two and a half hours. I n tetanus
it lasts much longer, but without the ex
treme tensitirerresa to impression from the
air. - r . . T , -
Dr. Stevart T-1 reside an Bror.kfield ;
h ave prctici d nit dicine there 16 years ;
I"was McilledTipcn Wasslst In "the" post
mortem examination of Elsie A.Leet; I
concur in what has nlteady been said;
the general description of tht dissection
the tame as (cat already given ; ) I did
Bot discoverany indicatiou ol disease fur
ther than lias been stated; Irom the ex
amination He made, und the sxmptoms
as narrated to n-e, I suppose her death to
"be the effect cf poison. The appearance
-indicated the poisonous effect of strych
nine more than any thing else I know of.
k - Earner M. Leet. Elsie came home cn
the evening of her death, a short lime be
' fore 'sun doWu ; she hud been sway; it
was a very cold, blustering day, end sle
complained much of cold, andmaniTesttd
some ioipatiet ce because 1 did not come
out aud tbke the horse ; just as she was
about to sit down to supper, she said she
wished her tpp ti.e was be tter, and 1 sug
gested that .!it should take some of Hoof
land's Biuern as I had know n it and used
.it; for years; she n.acle: no objection,
though she was usually in a habit of ob
jecting Jo nit dicine; site lock a portion
from the bottle in a spoon ; a table spoon,
rather- under the usual size, not quite
.lull j the usUfcl dese marked oo the la
bel is a spoonful; I tliink she took the
.spoon .in hercwulsnd; i then took the
spoon aain, and it ok the lit'le there was
'-left in it; not half a tea-t-poonful; she
sat dow n at the table, and alter a minute
.or two uttered .some exclamation, such
as, "father, what have you given me!"
"I think she said something atout taking
'sotn lea tr something else, but soon
'manifested lightness. ot head and spoke
Jnoohertntly ; I w- sc ninhing . serious
rwas the matter; there was a tub of
" sne w ai.d water U hind her, and she asked
me to put some cf that on her head;' I
'did to ; She sot n had a spasm, straight n
.ing Lerself out and slipping down out cf
.the chair ; I sat beliind her on the floor,
and ke pt epplj ing the snow water to her
rl ead,1 and btocrning alarmed, sent the
flittle girl for a neighbor ; I had not
taken out of that botxie recently ; after I
.came home from my brother's, I used it
" for a little while ; w hen the frosty i a her
came cn,'.I thought my old symptoms
"were returning from the 10th cf Octo
lier'l tive no recollection of taking Irom
that boule but once; 1 had no knowledge
. af any pcison being in it, nor any suspi
cion until alter her death; 1 cannot tell
at what time' she died; it was alout dark,
"or not far from that when she sat down
-to the table; I should think it was about
! an hour and a quarter or an hour and a
. half from the time she was attacked, that
the doctor gave up ihat she was dead; I
do not know that Rollin ever poisoned
any; rats; early: in the tummer I pro
cured a box of phosphoric poison for rats,
and have some jet; 1 do not know that
any difficulty existed as to his visiting at
Mr. Shannon's; I may have con plained
of has running out at nights, but he had
viaited tbejre very little before my eick--Mas;
I do not know tbat I ever said to
.bun particularly, that 1 did not wish him
to go there, for 1 had not known much
about his going; during my sickness 1
heard more about it, and said more to him
about it than at any time before; I was
-impatient and weak; at the time I bailed
him, I -could not say t hat lie made any
.positive promises; I enjoined it upon him
that he should not go there again; I do
"not know that Rollin is married, but by
reporter never have' seen lim at Mr.
-Shannon's but once ; ' some five weeks
.ago be was there, sick, and 1 weut there
to see bim;.- it was. not often during my
'sickness, that I had conversations with
Rollin about going there; it-may have
'been two -or tim e times, perhaps not but
once; on the- evening nf Eisiu's death
;lhere were inquiries made for the bottle,
and gave it to Dr. Moore; it was about
'one-third full. ' 1 have, including a saw.
tniiryard,"lt)2- acres of land, and in this
is 20 acres ot which my wife took the
-deed;. fee sa-nLl M n toy part.
- Cross Examination. I had been sub
ject to indigestion ver since I was old
enough to do business for myself; ;the at-,
lacks occurred after over working", or ex'-'
posure to cold or wet, or overloading the
stomach; the' symptoms were torpor of
the. stomach, and languor, but never vom
iting; .before, the 29.h July, I felt that I
was sinking; uot feeling well on that d.iy,
I went to Dr. Moore to ask him to pre
scribe' something' for' me; there -was that
flay a dull, h avy, uncomfortable filing
and slight dizziness, and pressure on my
head like what 1 had fell , in 1441, after
an attack of inflammation of I he lungs; I
felt'lbis slightly -while at' Dr." Moore's,
aud mentioned it to him; I think I had
ncvpecultar symptoms in my. limbs till
the next day, end do not know Uiat my
attention was directed to them till that
time'.' ' :' '
'Direct returned. The 1 next day I had
the first spasm I eye had; 1 think it was
the 29; b July:, it was the 23th I callel on
Dr. -Moore; before I called on Dr. Moore
I had a general feeliug of bnu ir and
debility, besides a sensation in my head
such -U I have mentioned; ' the next day
1-had the rpasms; I rose early '. in the
morning; i was firs', affected in my lower
limbs; 1 do not know that I can describe
the sensations; my daughter assisted me
Immediately, and called in the neighbors;
they pod red water on my head, which
was the remedy moat resorted to in my
attacks; I was attacked while passing
through, the -middle of the room; the
spasms did not continue many hours; I
had" several afterward; oni was much
mire violent than-the rest, and nearly
prove 1 fatal; 1 1 iese spasms were piecedrd
generally by symptom. .which warned
mpof their approach after the first, an.!
I'fuinTfbT months afterward that any
Jt'ifltl 6f bard or indigestible" food would
bring urtme of these symptoms,- and 1
kyo-l ;fti;unnt upon bran and water , for
&jn into afterward; i had very uneom
fjrtable tarns after I went up north.
-i , Crot Examination renewed On the
d if oir which the Srsf attack ocfiurred, I
f'oulJum rate tafcen f.fhef fx-d or medi '
tiai-t tut op Bffdfa itny one rl anrl
1ittd tiflt eaten ntjytliing or iaken Sy Mieil.
jcinfj I hsd no niedicine but some pilis
buX tt'j b'r 'hat Dr, Mgore had b-fi
Oihl water and I rarefy drink thut bejore
breakfast; the . most violent attack was
the second or third, and came on about
six o'clock in the evenng; I could not
say whether I had been taking medicine
or not; I attributed it at the time to eat
ing freely of squirrel broth which my
brother's wife had prepared, and of which
I had taken very freely; I never had any
reason to attribute these spasms to any
particular cause tilt the time 1 have re
ferred to. ,.
" Direct resumed.Tt was one or two
o'clock at night before the attack subsided
I was nearly unconscious; Rollin was
at home when I had this violent attack ;
part of the time ! was unconscious; my
mind w as very much confused; I do not
know that I can describe the feelings
w hen it first came on; 1 told them to send
for the Doctor; I was alarmed and urged
sending for the Doctor; the feelings com
menced in my lower limbs and feel; the
worst convulsion was brought on by mov
ing my head off the bed to pour on wa
ter; I had been mther comlortable after
the first attaik; I felt ill and hail a good
deal of fever; the sra-ms subsided in the
most violent attack before they left off
'heir efforts; I lock chloroform, and was
told that I was bled; after I returned from
my brother's I frequently felt premonitory
symptoms of stub attack if exposed to
cold; the spasms did not actually occur,
but I had all the feelings that usually
i receded such attacks.
Isaac Woodford. I reside in Vienna ;
Mr. Led married my sister; I live about
10 rods from him; I was called thrre the
night of Elsie Ltei's death; I had been
out that day it was very cold; 1 was
sitting by the i e drying my feet 'ad
not yet eaten an) thing, when some one
suddenly enme against my dcor with
great force; I If arned what was the mat
ter, and ran as hard as I could to Mr.
Leet's; I was hurried by the messenger;
thelitil'' girl went inlo the houe just be
fore me; Elsie was lying on the floor and
Mr.'Leet was behind her supporting her;
a chair was just behind, as if she hail
fallen out of it; I felt of her pulse it ap
pcared natural although she looktd as if
she were almost gone; 1 pn posed send
ing at once fo' a Doctor; Mr. Leet halt d
to tiave me go, but as it was necessary to
have one as soon as possible, I went my
self; by his diiectit.ns I went to Dr. Mil
ton Mooie; I got him there as soon as I
could, end stepped on the way for my
brother-in-law Squires; when 1 got back
they had her u a bed which lay cn the
fix or before the stove; she died about
half past 8 o'clock; on the day of the
post mortem examination I had a little
conversation with Rollin, I was in the
room with him and Mr. Leet, tnd some
how we got to talking about that bottle
oi niedicine; Rollin said it was curious
that the medicine in that bottle should
hurt her, for he had taken some out of it
himstlf the Saturday previous.
Edward A. Smith. I reside 'in War
ren; .am a druggist; on the 26th July I
sold Rollin Leet a. bottle of strychnine
and several other articles; I sold liini
ot an avoirdupois ounce; Isold turn none
myself after that. ' ' - '
Cross Examination. The bottle was
put up as articles ol that kind ordinarily
are; in small bottles, the mouths sealed
with sealing wax.' ' . . ,
"' William Bartholomew, Sr. live some
fifty rods Irom Homer M.- Leet; Rollin
came to my house the evening after his
sister's d-ath; I think it was a few min
utes before nine o'clock, not far from tune
o'clock any way; he asked me whether
they were full ut his' father's; I said 1
didn't kno; that he could stay there if
lie liked; he hud stayed there beiore with
my son when be was at home; this win
ter my son was in Ashtabula county; my
son was not at home that night; there
was no one at the house but me and my
Cross Examination. My son was t wen.
years old last November, or Oc
tober; Rollin went home the next morn
ing as soon as begot up.
William Squirts.! ret-ide half a mile
south of the center 'of Vienna in this
county, about half a milo from Mr. Leet;
my wife and Mrs. Leet were sisters; I
was at Mr. Leet's part of the evening of
Lisie s death; I saw Hollin Leet at Mr.
Shannon's house after his sister's death;
found him there; I called at Mr. Shan
non's shop first; he is a tailor by trade; . 1
inquired il Rollin was at his house; I
found him at Mr. Shannons house; alter
being there some;iine Rollin slept ou fo
door step, and i followed after him
communicated the intelligence I hud;
told him thut Elsie was dead; he seemed
shocked and started, considerably; "she
ut" I think he said; I tol l him she w as;
turned and went into the house; I fol
lowed; afterwards he said to me in the
house, "i'ou are deceiving me; she aint
dead;" I said "You don't think I would
come here to tell you what is not so;"
he seemed satisfied; he aled what
ailed her; I told l.im I didn't kuow; I af
terwards told, when he inquired again,
that she had died in a fit; on the road
home Dr. Mojie conversed as he has re
lated; Rollin said, '-It is not thought that
medicine poisoned her, is it?'1" Dr.
Moorf says to him, "1 suppose Mr. Squires
to: d you ot Elsie's death;" and he
assented to it; be then asked of. the Doc
tor similar queto is to those he had put
me; I cannot say what was Dr. Moore's
reply : something had - 'been said about
Uoutlond's bttters, -"I believe your fath
er gave her soin of lloofland's bitter"
the Doctor, and then followed the re
mark 1 have mentioned; Rollin rode in
cutter with me and helped me unhitch
horse, I went to the' barn with my
horse, and told him to go into the house,
he did not go; he started toward my
door, but I did uot find hint in the house
when I got back; I went to his father's,
see if he had returned home, o ice or
twice; but he had not g'jt there; I walked
Mr. Leet's about 10 o'clock; .between
and 1 o'clock. .1 ."was there again; I
found l:i:n there neither time. .
CVo Examination. When I called
upon him 1 loid him I did not know what
was the matter w ith his sister, and that
was supposed to have died in a fit;
had Marled on our road home, and had
driven from one to two miles before Dr.
Moore said anything to him; we sat in
scat, and he sat before us; the conver
satinn was commenced by Df. Moore;
vim thing was snid about his fathrr liav
ptveH her some of llooflartd's Bittern:
inmk tne Doctor's answer was nirnilttr
mine wlion Rollin asked what niled his
sister I think it was that he did not
know; ihis was after the mention of II of
UfH'a ftnwrsf I am on ttr fhnl the!
terms Mo;fiund' Bitters were used, but
I think (hey were; I sliould think Rollin's
reply was "li'is not thought that the
medicine poisoned her?" I do not think
there was anything else said as to the
ranse of her death, unless it was that she
died in a fit; he miuht have 6a id that;
"It is not supposed that lhe medicine
killed her was" R"llins language " as
nearly as I can recollect; he put it as an
inquiry; I invited him to stay over night
at our house; Jie said before that . that he
thought he had better go home; I aid
they would be in a turmoil at home and
that he hud better stay with me.
Job Holliduy. My w ife is a cousin of
tiie defendant; I live about 60 rods south
of Mr. Leet's; I was there the evening
Elsie died; I went . in next after Mr.
Woodford; she was lying on the floor
and Mr. Leet was behind her rubbing
her; I sat down also and went to rubbirg
her arm; I went for the Doctor and when
I came back they could not bundle her,
for she would go inlo one of those Sj a-ms;
1 was with Mr. Leet when he had those
spasms last summer, as often as one
j night in the week some weeks as often
oa tu insula; ltoinu was sometimes
there and sometimes he was not; some
times he was absent when he was need
ed; he was generally at heme when his
father was taken with the spasms; they
usually occurred in the day time some
times in the morning and sometimes in
the afternoon; I was sent for every time
he had one of them; Rollin was gener
ally absent after his futher got better he
was also absent nights; w hen I w as there,
we would hear him come in about two or
three o'e'eck at night; I knew that Rollin
and his father did not get along very
well together; I cnte went after him to
get him home; I found h'm at Mr.' Shan
non's; 1 started to go for Dr. Bet be; I
told Rollin he was wanted at home he
said he was just going; 1 have seen him
there at other times saw him generally
hcn I went to the Pest office; this was
duiii g Mr. Leet's sickntss; Rollin gen
erally went after the Doctor when his
father was tukt n with the spasms.
Cross Examination I cant tell how
often I weut to Mr. Leet's when he had
the t-pa-ms; they generally sent word
that he had another of his poor spells and
I would go up; I was there perhaps a
dor.cn times; I was there at the first spasm
he had; it was in July; I cannot be cer
tain that Rollin went for the physician
the first time; Mr.. Leet had the spasms
about once a wee k; I cannot swear tin t
RoUin went for the physician the sece nd
time, but I know I have seen him go for
the phjsician; one time in particular I
I remember he went for Dr. MiltmMtx.re
and not finding him at home, he went
down past my house after him; one night
when I was silting up with Mr. Leet
with Mr. Hull, we heard Rollin come. in
at two or three o'clock in the morning; I
heard seine one come in and go to bed up.
stairs, and I do not know who cl.-e it
could be; they sent me w ord once or
twice that Rollin was away and that they
had no wood, and .once I went up and
chopped some. .
Mrs. Holliday. I urn the wife of Job
Hollidiy ; I was at Mr. Leets part of the
time .during his sickness last summer;
I was there w hen he had his worst spasm ;
there was a twitching of the limbs, and
at one time he stopped breathing four or
five minutes I should thir.k,jperhaps Ion
ger ; I did not observe any frothing at the
mouth. I was there w hen Elsie died ; as
1 went jn she lay on the floor with hi r
feet toward the stove ; she was parly sit
ting up ; there was much twitching in her
body ; soon her feet could not be touched
without throwing her into a spasm then
her hands, until she could not be touched
at all ; they were rubbing her arms when
I went in ; I did not have any care of Mr.
Leet whe n he wns sick.
Cross examination. I do not rrm-mher
at what lime I first went to Mr. Leet's
last summer ; I tliink he had one at ack
before my husband went up ; he was there
more than I was, and had some care of
him ; he was there more than ono night
and watched with him ; he was there more
than twice and perhaps more than five
times may be not ten times.
Mary Scouill. I lived about forty rods
from Mr. Shannon's when he lived in
Vienna ; I saw Rollin there sometimes;
I was once there and asked where Rollin
was, and the girl said he had gone tr
Cleveland ; 1 have seen him there quite
frequently; I don't rememlier just what
time Mr. Shannon moved to Hartford it was
some time in the latter part of the winter.
Mrs. Elmira Tuttle. Rollin Leet came
to my house aud said he understood I
had heard some things about a smelling
bottle ; I said I was willing t tell him
what I had heard ; I told him I had heard
that Elsie Leet, Julia Leet and another
girl had found Elsie's sin- King bottle af
ter she had missed it for sometime ; that
that they all smelled of it, and it affected
them all and made their throats sore.
Lie said, things have come to a pretty
pass; that his folks must not ransack his
ranks ; he sai I foUs talked of his giving
it to Susannah Shannon bnt they must be
great fools to think that, for it was Strych
nine, a deadly poison, and that what could
be tuken on the point of a pen knife would
kill a person ; he said if his folks didu't
leave his trunk ttluiie they , would get
something wors than sore threats; that
they was slandering bim and thai they
had better leave him alone and not go ran
sacking his trunks- '..'i
i Cross examination.-At the trial at Vi
enna I said the same things about its be
ing a deadly poin ; 1 said also that he
rept ated that his folks had turned against
and slr.nle r d him," and if they did not
st it tVy mi'nt find out to their sorrow
what il was got for; this was after telling
about their getting sore throats ; this was
the 2tt September ; I cannot say at what
time Elsie hi.d the Strychnine ; I never
saw Strychnine that I know of; this was
the first'time Rollin spoke tn rr.e about it
he c-inm to our boose again afterward ;
know the fust conversation was the 21st
September bectu.-c it was the day Mrs.
B.iruhise 1 had her sale. lie said he had
heard it wis sniJ he was going to give it
to Susannah Shannon ; he did not ray the
giils said so. ; '
Dr. 1). B.t Woods. i have practised
medicine about 15 years in this place ; i
have no knowledge of the efit Cts of strych
nine tip-in the system when taken in fatal
d.Mfft, xcepf ns I have procured it from
books, i have seen its fatal effrets st-ned
in books and hare nsod it as n medicine
as far an l thought il safe. Tne rflecls ol
Strychnine are of two sorts-;' On- is it
irritant effects.or auch as might arise from
tTwiTrt Hr tttch nnlaow; irriiicm of
the stomach, nausea, tongue brown coat
ed, pointed, red at the eyes, constriction
of the thro it; in order to these results,
it is given in doses of one sixteenth grain
three times a day for several days ; I
once increased the dose to one grain ta
ken three, times a day, aud yet no par
ticular symptoms were noticeable ; I
nas'afiaid to go beyon3 this ;' in this
case the disease was palsy. of the lower
limb ; 1 applied Dr. Periera's.tct of tap
ping or sinking the patient ou the-side
not afflicted by palsy, to determine wheth
er the system was saturated ; i tapped
him with my finger, and spasms in that
limb were produced ; during the day he
had drawing of the muscles of the face,
producing contortion of the fiice and flow
ing of tears; no effect was produced by
by tapping the palsied side ; I have read
of one and one half grain being given
three times a day; I have seen spusms
produced by much smaller doses ; st me
persons cannot bear it nearly as well as
others; stryc hnine is soluble in water, one
part to CGG7 at 50 deg. Fahrenheit, or
about one grain to 11 ounces of wate r
I Know r.oiutng ot xioonana s u rman
Bitters ; ir vou throw stiychnine into wa
ter, it would muke the water bitter, but
no bad effects might result from a dose
if however the mixture were shaken ui
the stiychnine would become dangerous,
and when once, taken into the stomach
would easily dissolve in the acids foun
there ; arsenic has a elide rent effect ; there
is an abscence of spasms ; the s'.omacli
symptoms are ofien similar! that organ
appears corroded in post mortem exi.mtn
alien; in arsenic poisoning the spasms and
very peculiar sensitiveness are both ' ab
sent ; Prussic acid would probably ki
more quickly than strychnine ; but the
sen.-itiveness Wt uld be wanting, and the
dark livid color ol the skin would not be
noticed, I think. ' ''
Cross Examination. Strychnine belongs
to what I would call the class of c rebru-
Kplnal irritant poisons ; I donot think any
narcotic effect eoulJ be attributed to it; if
a person should take au orer dune, the firnt
i-eiisuimn would he that of ex'reme bitter
ness; f o .n there would be a dryness, and
eonr-trictitin or hindine in the throat an
faucet ; this miht reouli from the irritating
Bret upon the mucous tut nibrane, or from
the sparuinoio effect upon tb niuiele :
would not produce tho same effects as cc-rn
sire nuiiiini-ite : not so coni-lrictire, iw
burning lu the throat and stomach ; several
poieens are much more acrid than utrych
nine ; 1 should tbink if a person should tak
a dose of it upon his fund he would notiue
the Litttro' ss, even u the quantity was n
greater tiian a "quarter of a grain ; after
sirvchniiie it taktn into the stomach it it)
Ht.sorbed and exeriH a peculiar action upon
the rpinal cord, which will result in a iften
tig of tbe cord, it tie patient lives lone
eiiouun ; tbe reilrtess el the tongue implies
Some gHHtric lnHammt'ion, and so far as l
is concerned it may a rise from other irritants:
in tbe ease where the dose wa increased to
grain. I noticed no very maiked effect for
4 or a days; the secretions i f tbe kidney
were influenced, a sort of Bliation wa no
ticed, and a spitting of frothy mucous from
the mouth ; 1 have seen a peculiar sensi
tivents to the touch in ciiees of cerebro
spinal iaSammatiou.it is one of ibe diagnos
tics ef ouch iiiBimmatioD ; . 1 bare seen it
also in hysterical cae-i ; ia these cases you
could not sponge or hndie a patient wuh
out causing great pain., but tbe sensitive-
Dens never became so great that a touch
would cause a spasm, except in eases
strychnine; we hae convulsions in epilepsy,
in hys-.eri:i., and in apoplexy: in children
and sometime-) in adults we have spasms
lio.n various causes which we cannot point
nut ; sometimes, in cuses of children, from
the lodgment of some indigestible substance
nice an apple core in tbe stomicn, convul
sious will arire; I will relate a Cine; 1 knew
a female who took a long wtlk in July, ate
Miiue cherries upon an empty t mach. Came
home, cooked and ate some lettuce, then
cuino more cbemes; she was taken witu
hysterical convulsions, but relief was iio
mediate upon tatting an emetic. In deter
mining the cause of cunvuUions there are a
great many things a physician would run
over in his mind id a few seconds ; the Con
ditiun and previous health of the patient,
the food and drink which bad been used
what n.ediome hai been taken, 4-.; I have
seen some hrsteiiual convulsions which
would intermit for a fw moments and tben
come cn again ; thu intermission is also no
ticed in cases of strychnine, but in a more
marked manner, and there is also a dark
livid appearaucs which I have nevi-r seen
in hysteria; again hysteria is never fital
thai I know of; in a last resort we might be
ohuged to analyse the contents ot tbe stoin
aoh, bat usually tbe symptoms I have no
ticed an enough to determine the cause
Ui Hum UulcJtins. I reside ia Vienna.
and a:n acquainted with Itollio Let; I have
kuown bim a good many years; 1 have been
in his C"Ojpa iy considerably; 1 had Some
cunvcrsati n with him one day about going
to .Mr. S ianuon'fi; I told bim be thould not
be cutting up that way that his father
would a'ten I to him; be replied tbat he
would "t-h .w old Homer a thing or two
yet ; this was s-mie lime lo September,
ab ut the last of the month ; it wa after
tne sickness uf Mr. Lset ; t.iU conversation
oceurred at the center of Vienna; Shannon's
folk were 1 1 vine; at the center.
Cross Exuiniiialiuii 1 live near 21 miles
from 11 illin Leet ; I h ive seen bim frequent
ly at the center ; there was a party ac Mr
toyat Kogor a little teiora tbe eon valuation ,
and I can bx the tim? by tbat; I commenced
joking him about g'ug to Mr. Shannon's ;
referred Ij that when I spoke about bis
cutting up;" I hare beard different people
say be was waiuug - n Miss Shannon ; I
tbink 1 beard Jlr lingers say so.
Lucius Hall. I am acquainted with ft 1
lin Le-t; 1 bare heard R illiu aud his fath
er in word between themselves while I lived
there ; the worst that I beard wr.s om
three years since ;' I heaid a little lust fall
l was w rkiug there aud whea t was
cahed to suppe-r 1 beard Mr. Leet conipliio
in J at K'dlia fur something, the words I car,
not recollect ; at another time last fall I
beard some conversation about driving up
some sheep ; 1 was going to .Mr. ll .liiJaj m,
and Mr Leet stopped me and wanted me
to kill a edict p fir him; I went into the
mill yaid ;o keep thetdicep fro.ii going bick
into the lot; Rollin- was driving them up
and Mr. L--H.-1 was helping hiai; Rullin called
out to bis father to let doo more bars, be
spoke out twice or perhaps three times, and
then said, "Damn you, let down th bars,
or 1 will let them g.i back;" that was the
amount ut what be fau at that time
beard same conversation between them that
evening about Itolim'i going to Mr. Shan
nun's I cinnot give tne words; I tbink
this was the second day of December; it
was the Saturday before Elsie's death ; Uol
Iio, Elsie and Louisa mads up Mr. Leaf's
family a' thi-i time; I should think Louisa
was about 11 years old : Kisie bad charsu
the housekeeping she was a young
Jleniy S hanuun Rollin A. Leet ' was
psying his addresses to my daughter last
iummr; be is married to tar; tbey were
married on the Cist uf January in Pennjl
rants ; I omtiot (ay what Ruiliu's rte is ;
my daughter wis sixteen la-1 April; J can
not ai; ert.e-.hftr R Jim is over or under
twenty one yean of age.
Dr. Julian Ilannun I am a practicing
(Rysioirtn ha-ve fMtftsoed en-jdiSints aM'MM
six years; I am somewhat aequaintod With
the operations of atrvchulne upon the sv
tern; its action is sappo.-ed to lx directed lo
tbe cerebrospinal portion of the nervous
system ; in moderate doses it acts as a tomo
aud diuretic; in increased doses it produces
moderate spasms, twitching and prickings
all the bodily senses are greatly iucreased
in power ; a tingling sensation is produced
like slight cases uf paby: when the doses
are increased, the effect becomes greater till
strong spae ins aia produced ; at brt in the
neck, tben in the arms, chest ie., and wbeu
it is taken 1n "large ' quantities the""bo1e
muscular system voluntary as well as invol
untary, is affected by the spasmodic a:ti n;
tbe muscles are put into a state uf great
rigidity ; the face and 'kin become of a
livid red, sometimes the pupil of the eve is
a little elongated and contracted ; if the
muscles of tbe eye are not equally affeeted.
it will be turned out of it position, and dis-
torted. The U. S. Dispensatory. Beck's med-
ical Jurisprudence, W'ex d's treatise, Taylor
on roisons. ana vt aison a treatise, are amimg
the rtandard medical authorities who sup
pert those positions ; I am not acquainted
with Iloiiflund's Bitters ; I ouee merely
tasted that medicine ; it has a dark brown
Color, slightly bitter taste. InQammat ry
diseases id the brain and spine, and some
affections of the bowels and stomach might
produce spasms to sutue extent;' they would,
however, fie easily distinguished from those
of strychnine ; in strychnine cases the ef
fect ia so strongly ninrktd, that when no
organic affection is present to produce tetanic
convulsions, a physician wouu have no great
difficulty in distinguishing ; so far as the
mere spasm its It is concerned, taken en
tirely apart Irom the history of the case, it
is similar to that produced in some other
eases such as Hydrophobia, Hysteria, Epi
lepsy te.
Jeruxha Woodford. I was acquainted
ftiih Elsie Leet; 1 wat. there on the night
her death; 1 went in alx.ut seven o'clock
tifter ehe was taken sick; Elsie said ''Father j
you have pnisoDed me o d-ath "
Mrs. llollidaij recalled. Elsie's middle
name was Amelia; t-be wrote it Elsie A.
Leet ; I cannot ti li her age about 24 1
should tbink; 1 slit uld ibibk Rollin is about
20 years old.
Dr. Milton Jtoor reealhd. We mnde
tbe examination of Mi . Leet's spine during
hissiikuess; the queatiou was raised wheth
er there wus nut some cerebral or Spinal
d fOeulty hicb woul I 'produce these con
vuiMons, and we endeavored carefully to
examine the whole lengtb nf the spinal col
umn tiom tbe base to the braiu, and we
were unanimous that there was nothing
there to cause his convulsions; when 1 say
unanimous, I tike into account aiso another
examination which my brother and Dr.
Beetie had when I was not present; Mr.
Leet did have some difficulty in bis neck ;
he was at one time sitting in bis chair witb
one foot over the other, when he said in a
manner characteristic of him, "There, there
is a pricking, right thsrel Tlieiel them's
another there I 1 um g in to have a spasm
Doctor! you mut lot me have some chloro
form. There ! my neck is stiff, right ther!"
He often compluined of a heavy and stiff
feeling iu the back of his neck; we exam
ined his neck carefully, and also examined
his liver, stomach and bowels, to had what
ailed him ; we tried to attribute th. si symp
toms to something else than poison; while
he was under my brother's care 1 was in two
or three times to see him in bis spasms; ai
the worst one my brother bled him; I went
in shortly after he was bled ; he lay on the
bed witb his head drawn off a l.ttle; and
they were putting cold water on it; 1 rained
the bed clothes and put in my hand to feel
of bis feet; 1 found them warm, but there
were hot bricks near them which accounted
for that; he exclaimed "Doctor! Dictor!
don't touch me ; you mustn't touch me!''
My touching his leet threw him into a spasm;
his pulse was about 80 not quite so lull as
it should be ; hie neck seemed shortened
and thickened, his eyes dilated, and he was
very t-eusime; bis face was a good deal
flushed ; bis tongue rrd and swollen ; his
muscles remained rigid after tbe "spasms
were off, but he was not held ia a convulsed
state more than a quarter nf a minute ; the
rigidity was more in t-e muscles of the face
nd neck. .
Cioss Examination I said it was about
four years since 1 began to practice medi
cine ; 1 began to read medicine sumo four
teen years ago ; 1 first read thoroughly the
Botanic syst in ; then I procrued the stand
ard works of the EK-ciic school ; I claim
the privilege of using whatever I think beet
for a patient in a given case ; my brother is
a regular Alopattno physician; 1 never saw
Elsie have a bottle of anything I called an
timony ; aa evcuing or too alter Mr. Leet
had gone from my house north to bis broth
er's, 1 saw her h ive a Is.ttle; I told her it
was pjison; it is my opinion now that there
was strychnine in it ; it was a bottle I bad
filled with ammonia tor her; 1 told her the
ammonia had been removed and puis in pi t
in it ; atatuotiu could not be mistaken toy
Direct resumed. She handed me the b ti
tle saying Here, Doctor, is my smelling
bottle which I got Vou lo fill witb ainmoniit.
and I have been smelling of it and it made
ma sick ; I want yuu to tell what is the
matter with n; 1 asked how it made her
ber feel ; she sni I it made ber throat sore.
and made her a little sick ; I took it and
shook it, holding it to tbe light, aud saw
that it had no ammonia in it; I said t'Jjlsie!
there w something wrong about this; I think
is poison ; I railed there for the
ttle tba next day. but could not ob
tain it; a week after 1 saw it there; Lisia
showed it to me ; there was nothing iu it
tben. ...
Francis A". Wooilford. I am tbe 8n of
saao YVoOilor i ol Vieoua ; wa are among
tbe nearest neighbors t Mr. L-1; I had a
conversation with iollin about putting
trycbnine in. tlsie s bottle; he said the
strychnine bottle cork was loose, Jand he
a v her bottle, ami thought nuthm was in
it, so he took it down lo tha-barn, and emp
tied the strythniue into it; l.e said he was
Iraid the cork wouot get out, and it might
poison somebody ; 1 trunk this conversation
was after Elsie's death, and after tho trial
t Vienna.
Jvseiih Tuttle. I am acqu lintnd some lit
lie wuh K 'Mm Leet; 1 once came lu m- to
supper about five o'clock, and foun I him at
my house, and had some conver-uttii n with
lui; he was talking ith .ny wife when I
came in, and I toek but liit e int-rivt in i,
and caanot tell just what they said; when
was ready to ait down to suptwr K..l.pi
was HtanJing at the do. r with a little cane
n his hand ; he asked my wife about what
Mrs. Burnet had 1. 11 lum in regard to a
nelling bo Ui ; 1 told l.lui he w.isou a bad
errand following up such reports, and that
be wished to know the troth be bad bet
ter go to Elsio and the Doctor and his aunt
.eel ; he raid be was going to them ; he said
Ui tbat the ret tree were de laj.iog from
ia character and that he was ii-iured : he
1 he did not Linois us, tbat no reports had
tarted from our house ; he said he did n, t
feel a if he eouhl put up with wba had
been said ; he said if they ware not very
careful what they said they would find it a
sore job before ihey got through with it.
Cross Examination The stori-nt he re-
fetrred to were about Some medicine he was
said to be giving to Miss bhauno ; he
p. k -f its being a 'evre job' after talking
statu- the report ; 1 cannot say what was
hi- heart, or who in particular he referred
in nts threat.
Ji"' Sherman LeetX reside two miles
I h of the center nl Vienna ; Mr. Leet
d my husband are brothers; I wa - at
fr M. Leet s turee a unrein nine- wnea
. . . . ., tr wan in, intt i 1 p !& ill iin I
. . ... v t
i c.
I ev-Mi
I nine
! the
! Mrs
T r
spasms coming on suddenly and disappear
of ing suddenly ; I have never seen a fatal
rasa e.f strychnine in a human patient, but
-Spii-mii. r ; it was in August hn ha I tf.
Sperm, I t r p r:d i he squirrel in oth wbicl
'.e look; it Wa siuiplj ptnpared tbe squir
rels boiled most of Ibe day ; he took some
three or four times in tbe day ; a few sp in
I'uls at a time; Elsie and Rollin and the
bile girl were at home and do one else; it
was Some two hours af er he took the broth
the last time that. be bad. .the spasm il d'.
u-t know whether he took medicine tha
-lay ; 1 think he had some 1 1 take but can
not tell who gave it to him.
Cnss Examination. Elsie may havejir
ri hltii the medicine? the squirrels" wer
not eaten; I ate some of the broth mjsel:
a, h time I gava it to bim ; I trok perhapr
a spoonful to see if it was reasoned right;
it tasted like squirrel br th.
Dr. D. B. Wood retail!. (Q .esti'u.
by the Prosecutor. ) Suppose ji u were
called to a patient who Should be fflicte
with cramping in tbe neck, pricking in tUr
limbs, jerking of the muscles, short spsni
in which tba system becomes exceedincl
rigid, face contorted and livid, bead drawl
back, eyes dilated, tongue red edged and
pointed, such sust eptihility, that a slight
touch or a gust of wind would produce s
spasm, how would yuu account f.T tbe
I have seen enough cf strychnine t make
me inquire in such a case whether strych
nine had been taken ; I should inquire into
the history of the ease ; there are but one
or two cases in which similar symptoms
could occur; if I knew that a patient had
received a wound, and been exposed several
days, and then similar symptoms should oc
our i should consider it lets mis, but if suob
a history could not be found, I should not
think it tetanus ; in tetanus such symptoms
arti remittent tbe tpasmodio action dues
not subside entirely ; ia strychnine there
would be an intermission ; that is, the ef
fect would be entirely gono for a time ; the
I suppose the spasms would become more
eereie, and the patient would die in a epasra
which would leave the body rigid after
death ; in tetanus the patient dues out
usually die under twenty four hours.
Cross Examination. (Question by L. C
Jones.) Suppose you are called to a pa
tient whom from the history of the cai-e
you find to be a confirmed dyspeptic, so
much so as to be hypochondriac, and who
bad been laboring under dy-pepsia for
twenty years; and when railed von find
slight spasmodic action nf the muscles of
tbe neck, extending from the neck down
ward, tongue red at tip and edges, slight
vertigo, peculiar susceptibility to touch and
noise, and the spasmodic action intern-itteot:
what would be your diagnosis in that Case?
1 could i ot make out a full one on that
statement; I have frequently seeu confirmed
dyspeptics have spasms but there was
this important difference ; unless the spinal
centers were sffecied by inflammation we
do not see this extreme susceptibility to
touch; ia no such case of dxsoetisia, oi
hysteiU do we find the livid countenance,
nor Can you in such cases excite spusms ty
the touch ; in cases ut inaaiuination of th.
spinal cord there are spasms, but none of
such a nature that they could be brought
O i by a mere touch ; it sometimes becomes
very painful tu the patient to be touched,
and sometime a clap of thunder or a bard
slam of a door might cause a Fpasm, but
you could not cause thjtn at will by touch
ing bim ; 1 cannot conceive tbat hvidity
of countenance would occur in any of these
cases ; apoplexy would produeo it, but ia
ap plrxy other sa mptum would be different;
there are many kinds nf convulsions; they
are a diagnostic of inflanmation t.f the
brain and spinal cord, but they are remit
tent and not intermittent as in cases of
strychnine ; we attach very different mean
ing tu these wovls; intermission means an
entire cessation of the symptoms; remission
means a letting up, improvement, but n jt
absolute cessation.
Direct resumed Ao intelligent physician
hating a bedside view and examiuation for
sevcial days would be betier qualified to
judgu than we could from any hypothetical
Dr. William Paine I reside in AVarrcn;
hare practiced nit dicine fourteen years,; am
uot very familiar with the effects uf stryeb-
rl.ie upon the human system; I never saw
case uf fa al poi-onir.g from strychnine; 1
saw a young lady one- who had been taking
it for paralysis, and it produced poisonou
effects upon her syst. m; ihe was 10 or 12
years old; she ha I j ara y-is of tbe lower
extremities; th-i pty-iciaa eid she was ta
king s.rychnine; it produced leunic spasms
of the iinilis aid J tws; she felt const;! n.
twite' in ucd jerking of the muscles as if
oonstani shocks of electricity ueD pmsing
through tiiem; she was soon relieved Irom
these and the paralysis continued; a varie'y
of disease assimilate to the effects of etryeh
nine; tetanus, dvspep.-ia and hysteria have
similar rtteets 1 have bad several cises ol
similar kind; one in particular Mr.
of Fowler; in tha latter p-vrt of ber sickness,
which was some 3 month in duration, she
became so sensitive that a fly lighting upon
ber face woul 1 throw ber into these couvul-
Isions. and they would la-tlOor 15 minute.-;
rubbing her feet woul i ihr-w her into them,
and when in them s1 e would pull out lock
of her hair; they would sometimes lst f r a
mir.u e an 1 sometimes tor three hours; id
her case there was an entire intrruiirSoui ot
the paroxysms; tb bad m rigidity of the
muscles alter sbe was rt I eieit; camphor
wouid be sufficient to relieve l.er for a lime,
'and afterward stronger anti-spssm idies h: d
be used: I have seen another case of a
young lady attacked by tits; they called
them epilepiic fits; but they ere caused by
worrn; she became so sul ject to them thai
tbey were ca..rd by drinking eo!d water.
by 8 allowu.g sny thing; b.-r eyes wouil
roll up aid
in fir.ll In- I ... . I... .I.w.xnn I..H.I . . V. .
irotn-u ai tne moutn s one; we gut p-.sed she
had spitiul afft c'i"ii; she became ,o nervous
that pointing a & g- T at her would cause a
n u s'o i; fiiietiu:es she roiie.l v r up .u
the II.h r; svoiet.m? she straight, nsd out;
some i i.e bad a r light crump of the
stotaaci.; foreign substmico introduced in o
tbe stoin.ich will produce c nyuN:ima. and
tetanus; Mrs. ..f Fowler said that
h'ti li e d c r opened, it i-a-toed to go thru'
l.er like eleciricitv, and iu many ( articular
j was like Css.-s of taking strychnine tbat 1
have relene.1 to; Uie c-ounu nsriee become
livid vrheneter there is an i'lfu-ioa ef b Ood
into the mu-cles of the face; it Would follow
cases of eh-nrraetion of the respiratory
uirevles no matter from what cause.
Crass Ex iminalion, belong to the ec
lectic sell ol of mccioinr; I have seen cise
tetanus; i say the spasusodic aetii n in
auch oases is siuiiltr to pasn.B tnm stryoh
nine; trtanus may or may n t b continu
ous; Ijtauos is iH-nasioned by a variety nf
causes; sometimes it eomee from lntiigestion;
hare never known it to ba prodaced by
taking rquirrel broth; in the absence of the
koowlediie of the adm nistrttion of strych
nine, I should think there would be a great
difficulty in distingui-lnnir between letauus
stiychnine sra!n"': f ' " ra w,tn 'Ps"
tieot three or four k observing' him, I
jshoold think there would still be great dif
i ficulty in determining -nhat the patient was
under; in the absence of the cause
tetanus, I suppose I should tLink atrych
r some tetanic medicine tu be tbe
pr.bs.ble cause; t tan us has been known
pro.iuee death ire 15 minutes, and also in
lapse .f line? iuoiiiIo-; ihs authorities
two kinds e.f tetanus the tonic and tbe
ohronic where ' the spnsms of tetanus are
intermittent and where tbey a not; tbe
" . to nhiim 1 referred, was some 7
. biiuo iiic iuuuiiv ui ii' w - rv ku. wi -
p.u. .a. e. m -
,cpiatbai aileetlor; that was her disease
primarily; tba -girl in Bracerills that I
.aiinted my fiuger at, was s;ek about a year
aitb worms; aa doubt tbat was what eaus
e l har tu roll over.
Dr. Samuel fpencer, rf liazetti.Uui
practiced medicine 10 or 12 years; am ac
quainted witb H .merM Leet; lived near
bim. m 1840;. Me jraa then lhiuustdafond
mg man 1 ever knew, to perform maou d la
bor; be w t always brooding over bis trou
bles and I oieing upon the dark' side of
th ng. j,e e cojeguLate, bi diet
very carelullv V, lire at ail; I have no doubt
be was a confirmed dyspeptic at that lime;
ne t. Id me that be was obliged to walk bis
oom two nigfus together so that by the third
night his system ..would be suflitjitotly e'x
uausted to permit him to sleep; 2 years ago
I t tall be spent a evening witb me, -and
bis difficulty seemed about the same; in
taes of confirmed dji-peisia, or clironio
uastricia tbe tongue is red at the edges, and
toe point perhaps somen h it contracted;. I
saw a Uiy die with tetanus aheiut a month
g; D.. Powers was a tendieg him; wben
I got ihere there wa ro pub-e and be waa
quito cold; be waa in a perfect collapse and
n spasms part of the time; his spasms
would last a uiinu e it two and then let go,
and be would be as lira pee y sa a rag; iu tbe
spasms tho head was thrown back; the ri
gidity seemed to be more of tbe back aDd
spine than of Ibe limbs; he was somewhat
seosi'ire but 1 could nut say that a touek
would pro-luce spafms. . . -,
Cross Examination. The boy lived some
5 or six hours alter 1 saw bim. .
William Barlhmomew I live in Vienna
about of a mile irom Rollin's borne; Rol
liu got some strychnine last summer about
July; it was got lu kill dogs with; it was got
for Albert Woodfurd, Lucius Gleason, Julia
Barth ilomew, John Trueadale, Rollin, and
myself; we all agreed to take a share of if;
there were three or four of us boys that
spoke to get it, and afterward agreed with
others to take a share of it. KoIIin got it and
gave it me I think on Sunday; I d nt know
what day of toe week be got it; I think it
was in Ju'y; it was when we were haying;
the bottle was seal! e,ver with wax;' it bad
not been opened when it came into ay
b -nds; I was going tu return it to Rullia
Leet, but did not 't bim and gave it to Al
bert Woodford; it was never divided ; I only
kept it till Monday evening after it was
give n to me, and tben gar- it to Albei t Wood
ford with tbe real unbroken; Lucius G lea
son was going to get it at YoungMown. belt
did not; tbe one who went brd to town waa
t get it.
Crow Examination. I thick it waa in
July tbat the strychnine was got; wben Kos
lin gave me the strychnine he said here was
that battie of strychnine ; I said nothing
als.ut tiring it tack; he did not say any
thing about dividing it; I never paid lor my
share; 1 dont know as the rest paid auything;
I said at the trial at Vienna that it was got
for tw. b ys and s. ne others; 1 -Jont kvow
that I told Albert M ood ford to- do aeyihtog
witb it; it was labelled stiychnine; I did
not take out ibe stopple; I gae ii to Albe.t
Monday evening at church; 1 dont know
that any more waa by when I gave it to AU
hert: I expecred bim lo give it to Leet; he?
ww nut present wLen Leet gve it me; I
may Lave snid here is tha stiychnine Lee t
got for us; I do r ot know thai I said at Vi
enna th.t I told Albert to give it to Leet ;
Rollin never spoke to me about the stryeb-
nine till the day uf the trial; he then aakedi
me if I knew about the time the bottle waa
got; I dont know that Rollin get a bottle nf
strychnine after that; at the time w spoke
of getting tbe strychnine we were hoeing,
corn and we went to haying next week; L
heard Rollin say be tbouid not have gone to
Shanooa's so much if bis frie-B Is bad Bo
said so much about it.
Direct Resumeti.l got a little of that
strychn.ne afterward: I dont know much
nor bow long afterward; it was not the for
part of July it was tbe latter part; I cac-,
nut be sure it was July.
Lorenzo Bartholomew I saw my buy bavv
a bottle of trychnine along the last ol July,;
on a Sjodny ; I am the father of tbe last
witness; I don't kuow bow long be had tha
buttle in bia possession ; I know it was July
by several circumstances; one was, there waa,
a dog poisoned near our house a tout that
time ; I am not positive whether it was July
ur August; I know it waa ia baying, and
that it waa un Sunday.
Cross Examination. On M r;day ur Tues
day after the examinatn-n at Vienna I was
at th-e GirarJ mill, and R liiu amein;.I
spoke to him aud said, " Rollin, they say
you g it several bottles of ttryebnice ;" I e
said ' h guessed not. tbat tbera was but
one ;" he said be took tbe strychnine out
of the bottle and put it into Euic's smelling,
bottle, and after sbe made a fuss about it.
he took it out of that and pat it into another
bottle, and put that eiber one away iu the
Direct resumed. When I saw the bottler
in ibe bands ot tu; son, it was sealed anttt
looked very smooth and oice, as if it bad
not been nnsealed. ''.
Albert WooOfari. Will 'mm Barthnlomewt
save me a bottle uf strychnin ou aSjutlav;
I shouM think I kept it about a week ; I
could n it tell the day of the month I got it ;
it was in July, aiong in haying; I bare ne
certain knowledge of the lime ; I cannot say
whether it was at tbe cramem eu.ent or
along at the f.t'er part of hayingl
C'tws Examination gate it te Rollin
L-et; Win. Banl.olnniew said something
about giving it to R d'in ; I kept it in my
vest pocket; I don't rtniemhrr showing it
to any one ; I bfj R Win when I give il to
him, that that - as tbe ottle of strychnine I
et i f William ; I sunpi.se.l it Lelufg-tt tu
L-et ; I did not t pen it nor use any i f it j I
did not make any bargnin for th strychnine;
we were all tn pay some when it wsis eJivi
ded ; I iltd not gt any : I never enlbd o
R illin fr any ; 1 awR dim the next S.ii
Usy at tbe Outre ; I do nor know as there
w-8 any one pres.-'.t when I gate if tn l.im,
I dnii'r knw that 1 sail anything at Vienna
ab ut R -1 1 i n having m i. re than one bottle ;
we had a conversation sb ut the strychnir.i-:
caiinot remember whetnerhe sai. I anxthii g
nlartit what I knew of more tbao one bottle
nt aat hut one bottie.
U. K. llnoth I heard M's. Tut lie's tf 9
'iniony. ti'th here and in V.fne.a ; I think
ol sernd ere or to kddi'ioi.al orcum-.
stances mentioned here I might, however,,
be mistaken ; one thing I thought waa not
spoken of befx-re me, wae atool th strych-'
nine upon the point of a knife being enough,
to kill ; the other was Rollin' saying "that
they did not look out they would find out
tl eir sorrow what the strychnine was go
Cross Examination. la other particulars
think sl e told the story precisely as ber':'
ay recnl'ection is not pontiles a to whether..
tits word strychnine wa tis-d.
jtfis3 Vosia Squire. 1 lived at Mr. L -et'"
last siiintner; Mr. Let and Rol.ia Wt-rr-pn -
K.d term while 1 tan there, mi farat;
Cross Examination: I - waa there two'
weeks while Mr Lat wsaskk; I am nt
sure of the t m ; I nerer saw Rilliu at
Shanin n's ; he was away f-i tu home s. ior;
Wss gone iw ngH'; I ilo'ti! know at
what time be came h. ne whan out at night :
nn Uier w H- h -ts si.-tcr. ml
Xehon A Wio-lf rd.l have lived in Mr. '
Lett's lamily rnvl worked fix hint; I never'
saw but tbat Mr. L et snd R liiu were on
g.Hal terms; it ia nearly three ye.rs since I
wts livitgat hishnuse; 1 have seen hint 1
frequently since nearly every day except -in
winter; I knew of no difference between,
hint anJ lo fnher. . ,
t'rvv xa-ntni'tv n.- I 1 y 'he kJ
is '
at'.er con. i I. in ot him
ut ou a
m a . us n . t K. I .

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