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a. year a-s-r lam JniOiy. Bonn li U n
1 never Dearj iiunm i.i-.e t a I a her a soar
word in ths, erld ; Mr. L.-et )uitiin -thought
the young folks. treat more llum
?ary.- -s.-. l
', Cross Examination. I wijmrti-
. Mf.'LflM'a when I stavtiil t.icrV; I un
cousin of Mr. Lev. -
LoHua Lett.- ( Little daughter of H Jf
IsUL) Elsie oleaued up icae vial ami on
had oaethiajt in it, anl eb poured it in,
another vial ; the cleaned twen y or uiim
vial; I dm't remember whether it w at .
ter ffhff was sick; it ti three or fuiu
week" before ahedieJ ; the ,ial were in tUi
battery ; ebo emptied one viaf into another'
threw away what was in eutne, and eai;-tie.
ome into bottle ; the vials were waahi-c
aad given to Dr. Moore; I don't rem-mhe:
wh it wu the eolar of the stuff iu the vi
cbo emptied. " i -- ' -
"CiDS ExamituftioH.l do n t know whci
this was; gne had a general cleaning up.
aad J helped tier otne; h? emptied on
into a square buttle; I don't knu what it
was; tbs bottle were sold to Dr. M -or
the rial was a long rmitid one; there war
bitters in the bottle, or ii was a bitter b -tel.-:
abo thought it was some of the same in tin
rial that Pa bad been carrying ; he h.
carried some in vial in hix vest pocket; i
believe the bottle was a square niw; I d-.m"'
just reo.eml.er; 1 don t know it 1 a n
laa battery half the time when Ei-de wa
cleaning there; I don't remember being i.
tber much of the time she tu in th-re ; 1
know she was rinsing out bottles there, ? ,
; Homer Jlf. Led recalled. I found a stnali
vial with a whitish powder in it, after m
return home, about the 12th-Stjtemrer ; I
shoved it to my daughter; she manifested
od surprise about it ; I laid it away in nt
bed .room ; I afterw&rd came across it and
pat it into tbehre; it must have been with
in a week after my return; I laid it up upon
the partition io my room; the wall were
ceiled up almost to the flwirab ive; it was
not where any Ter-ion could see it or find it,
nlcss they knew where it was; it was a
mall flint ptass rial, a little flittened, and
haJf fail; 1 Jou't know what was io it; I had
beard a fwl deal of talk abiut tha smel
ling botile.aud whether the word strychnin
was mentioned, I don't know; the cams I
first beard wn antimony; whether I heard
it from my daughter or some one else I
don't know; it was spoken of with reference
so Mrss Shannon; I understood it ws the
a&ms as was in ber smelting bottle; I consid
ered it some medicine or poison; was nt
acquainted with strychnine . particularly ;
the Doctor never iaiormed mi that 1 was
taking poison; I never bad it intimated till
afcer my daughter's death. , .. ." .
Crest Examination I found the vial over
a (stairway, oti some ceiling that bad been
partly torn t.ff; I do not recollect that Elsie
aid what h-wai; I 'do not know hat I in
terceded ttiJi the Dr. Moores to influence
Kolha U K to go to Mr. Shannon's, alter I
wis up at my brother's: I never uied anv
strychnine about the bouse; I never knew
it properties.
' Direct retvitud.I bad no knowledge of
the boys getting strychnine for any purpose;
rhero , were io the buttery several bottles
which bad once bad bitters in tbem; they
stood just wi.hin the door; that was the
place I usually kept bitters; at. the time
Elsio jk the spoon fall of bitters, she took
it at my sogestioa; but I am. not sure
wbetaer he brimirht it out of tha tuuerv
or I; I was of the opinion that 1 toifk it dim
nivjwlf. ISut I &m nut n:i nrxittrA sl I va a.
meek a;o; I know I put it into tha spoon, j
and ih-tt t all I an nuw eonfi lent i.f. i
Lmtusm Lt rtcaliri. I think Elsie got the bottle
oat of the buttery, at the time she took the bitters before
fee died. Father asked her if she sroul-t not take some.
8ae said she would, aud she went into die buttery, and
fetchei it out. I was getting supper. I don't mind
whether I was in in the bnuery or at the table. Pa !
turned out the bitters for Elie to take. She took the
spoon into heroara hand and took it down. There was
left and Pa took that. .
.fvurmiiramiaat. , . . . v
:r.-.fr. .vre, recf.-The "bottles wer
showed to me, ready for me to take, about the trst of
October. I asked them to keep them tiii I cool i take
to6oDnceiDcxpcity. i mv b ch ixKUes ae j
unzmtijr mcd for strychoine. I tiuiik there wre none i .
of Uuafland Bitter bottles. j
Jk. TnuJac.Thm is another Jolin TrueJa.e
1b Vienna II boy- I never mde av eonLnvct vitl) I .
William ttarthulomew about jrettmg stryehiiine. JUr- !
Orofoznew spoke to e aoout taking some after it was
aot. i sbouid wiDk n iisuoinue nuJdle f Aniav
Our folks went awaj Tisitiug aoout. the brat of August
and it was two weeks or store after die were goue.
William spoke X me on Sundajr oiarrjiijg, I think as we
were giiv up towards the ceutre. 1 saw Koilio Leet
Bare some strychaine that day. That was the first I
erer knew anythiug avoat it. The bottle was not fall
1 don't know anrthiug about the sealing of the bottle.
I never talked of sendiug to get some at Warren.
. U. D. Meidem.i-4. was preseut in Vienna at the exam
i nation before the magistrate. At that trial Albeit
Wwodford mid be had a talk that evening with Oollin
behind the door, and fioliin aked him if he had ever
seen aim (Roiliii) bare more than cue bottle of stryciv
aim." , ,
? Miirt.i. notes do not differ from
&qpitre Booth's statement ol Mrs. Tuttie's testimony ex
eept as to the word mtrfckmi. In her testimony then
she said Koliia t'said it was a rank poison strych
nine " ... , . - , .
Uriel HiAcki. Mrs. Tattle used the word stryeh
aine in her testimony at Vienna. I am sure of it she
patosae rmptmn upon the word. I have pretty Xuil
. notes f the testimony there.
Defence RcMMwud, 1 '
. 4mae4 timutk. I have vials of strychnine, (several
shown.) The vial sold to Koliin Leet, was oral or
flattened. That siso is usually about S full. -
f As Hr. Smith was handing over the bottles for in-
wpcciroa, uic cora-oi one ui wn leu out wim me seal :
attached mud the strychnine was spilled upon the hands 1
wpectton, the cork of one of them fell out with the seal
lHTsons homing it. Tim readjnees with ahich i
s VrCMi,-ed vial cuaid be opened was thus singularly j
dcaaoastratcd. Tne incident evidently made a great :
thoagh awt legitimate testimony, doubtless went far j
towards overcoming tse positive assertion ol tne young
men who testified that the bottle had not been opened
when they saw it.)
' sriUiuas ttrtkslmeK. I talked with John Traesr
wale twice aoout taking his part of tiie strychnine. I
cannot tell what &uuday it was. I don't Know whether
it was Sunday when I got the bottle. I did not know of
iu being handed otct to Rollin till afterward.
. Crass tUmiatieB4 I think the bun 'lay I spoke to
Trnesdaia was since th lenna trial. I think U Wi
not wn the bunday 1 got it that I spoke to him aoout it. (
We were ging to singing school on the uight 1 spoke 5
kni I
ui uuo mom ii i ouiy wvicu mj niin twice aonL ti
osoewsce tte tral aadooee brfore. I di t know
wuether Koliin was at the centre the night ahea I bad I
the cooversatioa with Truesdxle. J
strvchLine was before tiie trial- Tritesdale dil aotj
. . w " . : v " w--
1 did sot ititend to be understood Uut be asreed
take f tart or it iveXore it was titragut.
Albert Wmedfer. 1 did not see John Traesdale the
fluudaa i prareuackth bottle to liotlib Lecu I gave
ii to stolita anday evening. X got it the Monday evw
nirig prevtoaa.
JLdJ.a was at the centre when I gave it to him I
tiiink we webt to church- that day. 1 do not recollect
whether gave it to htm before or after church. 1 did
not nave it in courcn.
foicaarch. ? t
I must have given it to him be-
Disastrous Gale at Massilon.
' The Sews says: . Aa accident, atti a
dtd with u-sa i,t lile aud desiiua.'ion f
iitf.rviirtv AfWii rr. A i m Muo.Ill.n .an'
evening I. Tliere had been a sionn of j
; lsl. lliere had been a s;or:n of ;
i tio'.ruc during the aftcmcon:., I
akwfive o'clock m txrinordi
1st -struck ih w brick Ibund. rvj
and at eh.
ur.u.A s . .i. ,..i ....:.... ' S
tabliuuent of C. M. Russell & Co., wiili,
svc fu.ee as to th vale ibe roof, at,d tliruw
down ilm uaii:;, thn-e of which frli ia.
the time of tha c-ccurance theie wtTt
seventee-n hamU iu ihe buildiuS zll oi j
whooj i were engaged iu the procca ofiunt''
meLifijr iroii fir cabling purposes. MrJ
Cliar It s bass?l wus also Dresciit. look in r I
on ' Imniediutely upjn 'tie failing
ro9f,.vii:c! as nisun anecusly loilowe t j
Lv waiis, liiose picaeot ran auav to .
aivoid pufjig hurt ; but until p iy, fr one
t'fthem, a wort.maii, nanipJ .'oliu Young
Llood wm rii-luLii iy the falling bricks,
nd ikCarjj tur.e4 by One arni
as l oi ig w.re Ivoiicn, r.n.J I;is 1 reast
scrnshcti it.: b-B iiju.es wtei'so rious
jl unvote M tt e'-t-sehti kWBl iwo
hour !'). x, "A to iijgu wuani. hpvx
llculW.a lad ,h V..i s: mpat19j ;!-. i . j
fJiii itaac of ihe ft rs nei.e, :r, 1 ting'
eifiiuiy t-l tiijlt.'sra, !
. ii
JU avllt-r hi- U
wl iiiJtiiMe.b.et i ad
ttiirt jtas, dunng)
..ee.. iinm b..
' irk.n ;:i mi 1 a .incr,
mull .inn
i i e
nun. lit- resiikd in Kt-nai
leav.-s a wife and four children. . The
fcjss of M"Srs. Ru-tfell & Co., is about
2 5,0 W.e understand the buildinj
will b '.iincdialclv rebuilt. ,
' ; r ' 'd
,. -loxua axvuoM-p ::::::::: -j-OD "A
-aoxaiaaoaj laua : : : :! 'aUVMOH "II
The Trial.
The universal interest exched by'tlie
tial which we report this week, -and the
general desire expressed by those who
could not be present during court, have
iuduced us to devote our sheet this week
o tlut subject exclusively. The notes
laving bt tn taken on the spot, anJ after
wards carefully written out by our legal
naif can be depended upon as cotrect.
The Judge's charge and the sentence
will appunr in cur next. -
Elections in Warren.
The following tickets were elected on
Mind iy, by heavy nmjoriiies:
Trustee - Josiah S ule, Harmon Aus
tin, Chas. Messenger.
Clerk D. B. Gilmore. ....
Treiturer James lloyt.
Assessor Joseph Marvin."
' Constables Ji)hn R. Williams, A. N.
Buturfield, J. B. M. Stobbins.
Mayor- E. W. Wier.
Recorder II. B. Rreves.
Trustees C. M. Patch, El ard Spear,
Jr., Simuel Quinby, Zahnon Fitch, W.
M. Williams. . .'
Treasurer Josiah F. Brown.
Marshal J. C. Johnson.
Police J. R. Williams, W. B. Hall,
Emanuel B iker, Lew-is Long, Josiah,
Prentice, Isaac Long, i !
(fc5Tlie report of the Youngstown e!e
tions are necessarily deferred till next
Financial Affairs in California.
fV.i;rrnia hmi-u annrmnr-pH thai il did nrt
I'AU'Omia noU-e annOUncea IIIW ll am not
afFeCt tht-m, and a l tTjie COHHIlitieof tnrr!
ome , . , . r:. :, ,l.
chaiits examiued us att.-Hn ni).:(i n tlie
i7, i, ult.)itnnounced ii'to be 'eiitirely
, " ' ,, . '
able to meet ul! it-i arrangements at any
time." On the 2d th. firm anou.iced .hut
the injury it thtjir credit compelled then
i .1 j rk.. . tt
tot lose Uipirdoors. i hey say " wecau-
not rjise ..Jo rn oar bills the Coin IS not
- . "r ,7 . , . .
& Cf ' a, w li il
I8! ' 1,ere wa V' "ne ,n Pal,ner
9"k f. -.-MM t Kr, nham. Ol
Ai Surair.ento Read t G, failed and .
their papt-r was s-llii) at -.it;hty per cr:t;
l Mjryvillft G.-o. V. riuirn-; at Nova
At Anilet Davis. A: Auhurn an anuf d
trowd ccropeiLd Adaius Ai Co., to pay'
all. their means were rxhausted.
At S mora, the ae. cy of c Il's, Pmtc
California has beep visited by a finan.
cial hurricane, which has comp. 11 d some
ofitsollest bauking houses to bend Io
the blast. Having no incorporated banks,
its citizens were' compelled to Use the nu
merous private banks or brokers, offices
which sprung up to meet the want of the
community and the co istant temptation
before individual bankers, to use private
deposits for speculation, has been its !e:
trttiin:itp JTetit. " " " ?
, The news of the temporary suspen
sion of the St- Lou'ia house of page, B.c n
& Co" created some excitement. The
Ill COUIltrj; DUl ai.ege lCy are SOI-
vent, and w.li have a lar;e surplus.
This suspension w .tiril.w.-d to one of
tne arUiers, hose connec'ion with the
house vxpired on the lSih, restiriing tole.
pnl prociss to itisure a winding up of i a
T;ie Evenings Xeies of ihn sime day
slaiid. its sseia at 81,75U,()0. bHn
SlU MHlit cash, on hr.nd; 8-tf0,0J a h
Hnee in N.w Yoik un l tn transitu ;
and $-0i).(i00 debts due the firm in Cil
iforuia. lis dpu were estimated at $.)00,
0,10. At a nxeting of creditors, held sulise
quontly, its debts were placed at $S6,
nd'i Uss than its assets. A or a position
was made lo give creditorj certificitt" at
two, four, nix and ciglit Donllis, drawing
one per ctnt a moiuh in;eresi, (guarantied
, , , r O
tT forty OUSIIIS houses Ol &n fia CIS-
j0 n amo'il of a mill o i dollar, and
( r l
received by those llOUSCS at par lOf goods, )
which was acceded lo.
Adamo & Co.s certificates were selling
at rn-'TmouK discounts, (in the 23.1 Mil
1. C. Winds, residtn! parturr, ulilUhed
card stating that the money drawn out
on the previ ;us d.iy rxcce-Jed tlie d posits
m-re th:m 8-K)U,"0t; th-y lwin d il their
Ut V 10 protect dlSi.HH leposllor., ClOSfrf
- . j , .wt A A r l.,i M .nn. In
thrir dtxjrs, and A. A- C-Jien wtw appoin- j
rl rA..icra f-tu f aiirt Tfii-ir si r iCc !
receiver GV UlC Court Itifcir i X T JSS
. , , '
bU-Ii)P. COlltlTIUd HS USl U 11.
We H, frnrne & C - SUspt-ntled Oil the j
Ztjj - ami uenrv m inairi-e wis.D.Trin,
ted re -eiTcr. Thty claim a surp us of
nearly four hundred thousand duliur.s.
Rotinoa & C . foilowel next day also
alleuinn an abilhv to m?et demand.-, ns
svuifts th.:ir assets could e convoru d
into colli
A. S. Wright's Min. rs' Bark, wf.ioh
puifi .-;irlit n per c nt on drM'.s ts, e.osrd
on t!e 23 I, fin iirg il "inipractible to b
tuin c- in on any secu;i:ies wh;Ueve,.,
Lucas, Turner iSc Co., B. Davi lson,
(a,l ,or '.''A?'' Is "!,,s ') DrtSi " . S:lt,'ef
Amis Guy.
U paid all (icmands. At J
Jaim suwu.
ucnario:i i.:
al d.S lp-ard; lie ':
has engajred i:i hu in pdd dust for , ;
Pag Bacon &.coC .but rfceivirgdrn isiia' ;
. , 1 ,!.. 7
about $3!l.0(0, and Pdo. l;aC:in ic Ct.
i . c-j n ,r. r V) -i
oboui 3,0ti0, Air. IL was an o.d rcsider.l
tie Stale, aud has always borne a good
roputauoo; Uon Ins (1.)rtui0 the S:tte' ,
?'as broken and ktif $20 10; nH; hi -.cmr.
'y back iimnce, wIh1- gml himh
ft wm vahinjr to '.obtain S-i.OUti
yhicbhshadondeposite. Pitt. Devoid.'
hP oeisaie 01 inaiana lias passe a it
mtv a jn i -r , .
til,pvtproprjatin2 95.000 per annum, foi . !
.ojoDi ;.at5o t p.;iosed.:-- - "
j and
1 -
Knsa Ejuratioh Ta New Eng
land companies arrf making prep ira1 ions
for tUe immediate r moval of a Urge
number of persons to Kansas; some sixty
left Edston, Pa., about tle 1-4 of Mirch;
about ''ne hundred and fif y 'eft Piu -
burgh by b at d rec ton Saturday, among
ibem Rev. Joseph Banks and f.mily, and
the Cincinnati Columbian says: "Ne
gotiations are now being nnde to procure
a steamboat to convey a large number of
em'gran's from this pi, ice tj as high a
point i s can be r -ached on the Kansas
river, lnis will probably be rort li 1 y
The emigrants wish to start between the
loth and 20th of the pre ent montli.
Among them will be ne hu dred emi
grants from Darke and Pn tie counties,
filly, fiom Bourbon county, Kentucky,
fif y Germans fn m Hamilton countv,
Ohio, and a party from Dayton. C.
Herald. - - '
Removal the Capitol of Iowa.
We gather from the Coun H Bluffs Bu
gle that t;is matter is finally set led. The
next session of the Legislature will prob
assemble at the new captol Fort Des
Moines. Those owning lands in that
portion of the State cannot fail to be gra
tified wi.h the change as i; will doubtless
hasten building of railways and encour
age the early improvement of the fertil
lands which now are was ing their Ttrti i
ity in rich and useless vegetation. .
For. Des Moines, is situated very near
ly in the centre of theSta eof Iowa, and
is in the midst of the riciiest lands of
that State. . . '
Opicm Eating. Amon-'the evil prac
tice abrad in this community, opium
eating deserves to be men.ioned, both on
account ol its eit nt, whii h is much great-
r than is generally snpposed, and i s per
nicious influence. We happened to know,
the other da ,oI a drug store i i a back
s'reet, that had six regular oj.inm cust
meri;and up n further inquiry, we found
I hat n arly iill li.e sec nd cla.-s drug
dealers had m ire or less of this sort of
customer--, who are females, al nost with
out t xception. Al Y. Journal of Com
merce. Few are aware how frequently Pub
lishers are compcled to insert atnoi"
thfir advertisements, stntini nt'v which
they can neither s;inctiim or Ix ln ve.
ple.is.int exwption to this disaroeaMe
iwcr-ssity aro the iidveiteinenU of Dr.
J. C. Atek's Cherry Pt ctoral and Piils,
wbicti will be fou hI in ourcolinnn. We
... . , - , . .
IIHVrt pulHISIIt'd lor IHIII b live, ItriJ al a6
lh. feel III 2 that in SO Ioin ' V ill !, V
- . . o ' ..
wisu i.-i:a ourst ii u uoccive or iiiibieaa
lh: pul.lic, far we have had indisputable
proof that his words ar-strictly true, wish
abundant renson to Lc'ieve that his medi
cines will do all they promise, and all
that can be reasonably expcted frcm anv
me-licine. His Cherry Pectoral - is too
well known in this community to need
any t-omhicndiitioii from us, and bin Pills
sra ore crrdibly inrort,iiiHt ar no'- inferior
to his Pectoral. Providence Mirror, R. I.
Spanish Mixture stands pre-eminent above all others.
Its singularly efficacious action oa the blood ; its
strengthening and vivifying qualities ; Its tonic action
on the liver; iu tendency to drive all humors to the
surface, thereby cleansing the system according to Na
ture own nresciptton ; Us harmless, and at the same
time extraordinary good effects, and the number of
cures testified toby many of the most resiectablec.tl
sens of Richmond, Vaaod elsewhere, must be con
ctasiTe evidence that there is no humbug about it.
The trial of a single btUlo will satUfy the most ske
tical of its henefiU. - w .
See advertisement in another column
It would hardly do for anv one to have the temerity
now-adays to question the excellence of Dr. Iloofiand'i
which prej-red . Dr.c. m. Jack- j
wi-i"" ct cuipiaiui, ana oe-
rangemcut of the digestive oreans. their manr virtnea i
have lone since been made nlaiolv ,u,r,t r, I
IK'rge from the syetem the morbid humor which retards
the natural functions, and bring paleness to the cheek,
and suJeriog to the brow. They banish those clogs
upon the happiness, and restore the system to high
health. See advertisement. . .Apr. 4,1m.
PlTTSsroB, pth Ward,) Feb. 85, 1(50.
Mr. R. E. Skllxss : On the ISth ulu I caught a
very severe col l. The night following, I went to ld
earlier than usual; yet, notwithstanding, I had slept
none the night before, my couth was so severe that ' I
could not sleep, neither eonM those in the room with
me. The person sleeping with me was so much annoyed
my coaching, that he got up and went to a drug store
and houTht a tattle of your Cough Syrup, on dose of
which, to my great astonishment, stopped my coueh as
y magic. I went to work in the morning, and am
now quit well. Yours, arc, - - -.
' J0I1X DBAS. 5
I do Iiereby certify that I am well acqualnteJ with
ahorc circumstances, and that the statement giveu
true A. JOHNSON.
Prepared and sold by R. E. SELLERS Sc. Co., Pitts-lurjb.Pa-
. Apr. 4.1u.
: of
r . A.
In Warren, at the Franklin House, on the 31st iosfv,
y Jeilerson Palm, Esq., Mr. Janrxa B. Sturs.x, of
Uustavus, to Miss Jcliett BjutstM, of Johnston.
In Warren, by the same, on the lTth inat.. M. Bscs-
hat Jmtru, to Sirs. Ehz-bcto HrRfTMAin, both of
In Mecca, on the 2M Ind., by Noble Mason, Esq.,
Mr. D.no Ohl, of Jackson, Mahoning Co lo Miss
Awgclikk BioasT, of Mecca-
tn Mecca, March Sthtu by Rev. 9. D. Bates, Mr.
Kcmsv F. WiLUaxs,of Green, and Miss Jake 6xith,
Mecca. -
s l-oor
In Brace viile, an tiie 6th iasu, of Canker Bath, At-
tKED P. jroungrest son of Ancil and Nancy Bos worth;
sged 4 years, 1 months, and 10 days.. : r
At the residence of the same, on the 26th instu, of the
Congestion of the Longs, Esek only son of Mabcus
Uoswokth, aged 3 years, 3 months, and 9 days,
Id Hartford, Feb. 14 alter a short illness, of Typhoid
ferer, Mr. Willi a a Bates, aped 68.
Mr. Bates was a native of Connecticut. Be was for
many years a resident of flartford, and has been re
1 peeled as a citizen and loved as a friend and neighbor.
Ihiruit; the greater portion of his life he has been a
member ct the Freshyteriao church. His end was
peaceful and triusiphant. lie was also interested in the
benevolent aiiterprises of the age, estiecial1y the Anti
i Slavery cause ; be was a true friend to the oppressed,
kind snl sympathising towards the poor. P.
The Markets.
Warren, Feb. 14.
Tirantliy Seed, 350".4 aurora, in ars- -
i ne
Ifrathers, f lo. - no rnenc... - -
icesr. - y-ats, : - -
i. .... D . i TWi..f Inr.lM .
g 1
iv, Vtim, - - j.- wr tn-iea reaenrs,
10 00
;", vV Bacon fi.iUvrs.
'Batter. - " '' - ' Piles, - -
Tiiiow. - - - : Hams.
p prand. - - M fajar Cnrcd Warns,
t, f barrel. - - Ti ga tilt, t l.. . -.
Warren, Feb. 14. New York. Feb. 14.
r.iur. -'3T a ,. Cora, ft. Mess Pork, 9!i,K
14,00 '
Cleveland, Feb. 14.
flwn, I'M 9 9M- Cnrn. (Wcu. Oats. -nV. But
; tcr Mi 0 locts. Cheese, c. Tallow, 11 silScu.
Corn, -60 BictJ. QtseJe, 10c
Vlnar. li. sales.
"Butter Ei km tic.
nauou of all proiK-rty. sui.ject to laxilion in the coun
Wllll freiJ ; and that mud Us nia, l:e .jlseUrgeU i y
lahor on the road under the directions of tb uruixr su-
Editor and Proprietor. '
JTeekly Circulation Ovtr 2100 Copies,
' anil constantly increasing.
TERM? Oms Doh&s ab Fimr Ccirrs in advance.
Two DoLLin if payment Is di-lnye.1 till artcrthe ex-
yirtion of three months.
It7Jio paper" Hipeonlinned itntit all arrearage are
paid, except at the option of tb Publiahera.
Tirelv lines, or less, one insertion,' - - --
two ' - .
- - three "
each additional insertion.
Twelve lines, or less, three months, - -
" six "
" - twelve
Twenty-fcmr lines, tfcroe months,
" '- sir - -
- - " twelve
Thirty-six lines, three months - - -
six - -
" " " twelve " - -
I 5
1 OS
4 no
g nn
s tw
9 Ul
l i Wl
7 on
19 in
is no
Advertisins ever this amount, at the rate of flftj dol
lars prr column.
Address Cards, inserted fbrtheycar.at ft 00 per line.
Having a well selected assortment of Job Printing
material, we are prepared to execute in the very het
manner all kinds of plain and fancy Book and Job
Address Cards,
Bnsiness Cards,
Blanks Receli-ts,
Check Books. Bill Heads,
Justices Blanks, Lawyers' Blanks, '
Handhi!!s, Pamphlets,
Show Bills, Certificates,
Bills. Bank Checks,
Store Bills. ' Bills of Lading,
Ball Tickets. Manifests, etc.
Colored Printing,
In fart every thing done in the shaiie of Printing, nt
such prices as cannot fail to snit, and on the shortest .
notice. We keep conrtantlr on hand a carefullv sclec
assortment of Cards and fine Stationery, from which
hose in want of Printing can select.
Jnstices' and Constables' Blanks
ummoss, bxkiotios, susroMjis, rrc i.
- GonstantUr on hand and for sale.
pahltr are hereby ontifleJ that this wetl-known bouse is
heing fitted op the proj.riftor, 1JENRY LOU, in
trie which will insure to nil who may cire hire a en It,
ample aerommortmtiuns and notl fare. The fttrnitare
and " fittings up" generally n ill hener, aud of the bt
description. No pat us will he spared in making; it
pleasant awl comfortaMe. Thesittwtion of the huiHin;
being fine, and convenient for persons who come to
town, Mr. L. feels tint, with a determiitation not to.M
outdone in bis etlorts to please, he deserre a Hlterul
share of that psOrunare heretofore Tooxhsafed him hjr
public. GiTetlie AMERICAN a call and joa will
come aain.
'ai,priljlth, 1ca5.-tr
r OST, on ihe 1st day M rch. bs-
U tween the centre of Cole -rook, and the centre of Or
well, a calf skin Wallet coutaininga small amount of
change and notes to the amount of serentl hundred
dollars, and other papers. The notes were most of
them sijrned liy W. A. Wolcott. Any one who will re
turn said Wallet or give infotmati"0 where it m.tv be
found, sliall be amidy rewardeil. D. R. WOLCOTT.
Orwell. Apr. 4. 3w.
!OAD TAX OF 1855.
xi Xutice is hercny given, that tile Board of Com
ELissiuners of Maliomui; Couoty, have Icric-.l a road
t..r I h imrfivHiiMnt of the lloatl- mil Ilielisrava.
s.ui cuutv. of oue-tliinl ol a mill on each tl-jlur val-
pervisor of each road district in the county, at the rate
one dollar per day. J AUK SUA TKLfcaUALK,
, County Auditor.
Aa litr' Office. Csn6eM, Ohio, Mar. 31, 1w.
J Notice is hereby giren that the subscriber has
been duly appointed and qualified as Executor on the
will and testament of Dn ight 11. Stoddard, lata of
Niles Trutuball county, Ohio, deceased.
Niles. March, 30. '! '13.
Notice is hereby given, that the su'-iscriber has
leen aiH.iuted Atlmiuiuator iu the estate of Sarah
McCorcle, late of Bristol, Trumtull Couuty, decease!.
persons having unsettled busiiicsi with said estate
requested to call and settle the time.
Bristol, April 4, MO '13.
Xm. Notice is hereby given that the subscriber has
duly appointed Administrator in the etete of
David Brick ley, late of Bristol, Trumbull Couuty de
ceased. All ersons having unsHtled business with
estate are reuested to call and settle the same im
mediately. . . . - WAilLtL tfA-NSLkK-Br
stl. April 4, LM013-
hfre y given, tluit the subscriter has been ap
pointed Extcutoron the estate of Nathaniel Lane, late
B.-aceville, Trumoull County, Ohio, deceased.
Braccvillc, AprU 4, 'JO '13
"VTOTI'.'E is iiereby mvt a that the an
, nual meeting of the stickhoM?rs of the Trumbull
SlVKrrrr Cf
u.cMuflelil, on Uie Brst Wednesday ur -wav next, oemg
2nd day of the month.
THOMAS D.WEBB, President.
Warren. April 4, 3w.
LOST by the subscr ber, t n the r ve
n.nir of March 3flh, at Warren, or on the road be
tween that place and IViles, a small Wue "Port Monaie.
Steel Clalp, containing $0, mostly ia Kives"
"Xeni," also a $10 -roH ucice, and ftome paper of
value to any one but the owner. A reward of tea
dollars will be paid for the return of tlie aaine and con
tents. f-E.ULTCUI.NS.
Yonujrstown, April 4. 3w. .
THE CITY OP SEW YORK, beln-f an alphabeti
cal arrangement of the names of tue most prominent
Capitalist, where wealth is estimated at one hnntlre-l
thousand dollars and upward, with the sums append
ed to each name, and genealogical and biographical
notice of the principal pervonm. Thirteenth Edition
many improvements and addition; price iScts
Apr. 4. At al.ih i.
TRIAL and Convictinn of Dr. Stephen
T. Bealc, with the letters of Chief Jost'ce Lewis,
and Woe.lwarJ : also letters of Frofessers t'ib
son. Wiltltanks and many others. Fiiee ll.rts.
Mpr. 4.- At BALDWIN"-?.
iir.4. At BALDWIN'S. .
We are now makinr this celebrated Flow. Those
hare tried it, say il snnttiisess any other kind of
in use. Several preuiioms have leen awar.ied li
itate and Couuty Fairs. T. H- M0 it LEY A: Co. .
Jan. 19, 1K4.
FARMERS! WHEAT is worth One
Pollaradd Fifiy CenU per bushel. Will you se
Flow, when at Morley s Foundry they keep a
article, aud warrant them.
Marcii S, lcat. .
THE STAR PLOW, Manufactured by
T. H. MORLEY Co will do letter work than
other Flow in the State of Ohio, except tlie Miehijnn
Douiile Flow. mar. i, '4
Shop on Market Street. Those who with to 5r
thinea in bis line are invited to call at
shop of K. ii HOLLING8 WORTH, at Cranasr's old
3 doors below Empire Hall, Market lt,, where
will find a lareo assortment of Stoves. Tinware,
Japanned-ware. Britannia-ware. Copper Kettles, Brass
Kettles, and Hollow ware of all kin Is, Chcap and tioon.
Call at HoUinesworlh's before you boy. Job-work
repairing done on reasonable trms and with de
imtch. HOLLlNGaWOBtil FITCH.
Warren, October !3. 'oX
rpiIE GREATEST Side Splitter of the
Age The Chronicle of Finev i He This Book em
traces sketches of amnsins; scenes, incidents, and
characters of tJeorria and Alabama, by the author ol
Jones Covrtship, at
doci): BALPWIS'g.
PAINE, M. D Has returned
f from bis visit to the Eastern Hospitals, and
resume bis practice as Physician and .urfteon. Of
and rvsideuceas form rly,on liib Street, Warren,
bee. iT.'S-l.
WASH BALLS, Urown Windsor and Transtoren.
in cakes and bars, and Colgate's Chemical Oliv
For sale at
May 3l. PORTER St Co. V
Xow selling fr 25 cenM per yanl, at the
jan &
rpiIE CHIME The great Singing '
Hook of the seosm, a notice of which will be
In another column, has iut been receive.l io larire "
qnantity, at ADAMS'
B-JOKST0KE, and Is selling
BOOTS SHOES, and Leather at th
Oct. 4 1 NEW YORK 9TORK.
vX prim seed for sale tv
limiNliS A MOROAX.
Jl tfloan's Ointment, fust ree'd and fir nV at
an 34 'ii.
K. A. SMITH 4 Cm',.
au I llreely. at jan BALDH IX'i?. ."
DObrJsTXDlTlVt Views
froor the C'hlmneT Corwer. elej-autl illastntteil
'oinplct-i in 1 vol. lCaio ur.ee $1UU. A fsw sjoii-s last
jeeeired at AUAM9.
V N DAYS LATl-iil FR. 5i
1 - R amors are afloat that a recent attack nt
days aand aterriaccannonailins and constant
that no lives were lost, althoarh ssnv were compelled
aud sorrovini: hearts. The OttlUIN AL J AMK!
friends and customers the -
Ever exhibited to the citizen of old Trumbull: among
.o:w, vaaxrii noTios-., ro s;:av. oo- KaiEs an-t
ever. To Merchants, Pedlars anil rindlords. 1 will
call and examine my stock and prices, to Inteome
of the Teat, No. 3, Hirer Ulock, M. in Street,
kinds of
Which were bouftlit at the recent decline of prices, and
house west of New York. Come one and all and examine
Tweeds, Jeans, Sec, dr ct ,
From Prints to Silk, and all ths necessary fixings, which
Bleached Sheetings and shirtings. Tickings of ail
YANKEE NOTIONS aauugh to supply the Western
Wholesale or Retail.
HOKE CKtlCKKKY than ever was made, and at Whs
enough for all Northern Ohio : boots from SI. IX) to S3.UU
are goins off with a perfect rush.
READY MA1E CLOTIUNU A large stock of all'
Tesu from iu ceuu to t-i.U). Come right along with
you can find the largest stock in Ohio, and the
Kememi-er tbe place, NO. 3, KlVhR BLOCK, WAU11EN,
February 10, 1855 -tf , ' i .
TMIE PREMIUM at the late Fair for
-L the largest. eheaneRtand best electel stck of
In the County, was awarded to Dlxlap 6t iti art, who
have Just receiretl the most complete assortment ever
oiTered to the )ieople of UM Trumiull. Purchased since
the great decline in prices, which enables them to oiler
the following programme of Eatables, Drinkadas, Wear
able and Fancybles,at rates which will astonish poli
ticians, Know-Nothings, die, all of whom with the rest
of ''human critters," are invited to attend the ahow
free-gratis for-nothing, children half price, and inspect
the stock, consisting in part of ... .
100 Boxes Raisins.. " 50 Rags Rio Coffee.
M Rosin Soaps. W Packets Java do.
50 assorted kinds. 60 C bests Tea, all prices.
tM dos. Lyou Katharion. !M Bics Pepper.
30 Bxs Long Nose Piies. 100 Mats Cassia.
30 dirs Aspire. 50 dos. Scotch Ale.-
10 dos. Jars Pickles. .V) " Low ion Porter.
50 Bxs Soda Biscuit. Mi M Cigars, alt grades.
50 bids. Butter Crackers. Sl bbls. C C Suzar.
10 Water do. tO . Powdered do.
10 turar do. 10 M Crashed do.
10 hhds. N.O. Sugar. 500 gro. Slatches.
50 bbls. Molasses. 50 Batu 5s cc 8s Tobacco.
10 - 8 H Syrup. 50 Fancy Brands, do.
50 dot. tiermao M eersc haQms. Chocolate ; Cocoa ;
Ground Pepper and Cinnamon; 10 boxes more of that
Fountain Starch, the nicest thing out ; Corn Starch,
Tapiocca. Farina, fee, for Puddings : 50 Boxen Stearin
Candles ; 50 Boxes Tallow Candles ; SO gross Pint and
,' Pint Flasks ; 3 gross Wicker Flasks; Almonds ;
Bratil Nuts, Filberts; Peccans ; English Waljuts ;
Pea Nuts : Citron ; Znto Currants ; Prunes . Seedless
Raisins; Cut-and-Dry Chewing and Smoking Tolcco;
Brandies ; Wines ; Rum ; Gin and Whisky, ly the bar-
reL. A complete assortment of Yaulcee Notions, Su-j
tionery. Blank Books, Jlemorandums, dec, all of which
is olfere! to the Jobbing Trade at s small advauce from
New York prices. We have not the time or space to
enumerate our stock In full, t ut test our plea on the
hope that YOU will skk, h t. and finally. In
the second place, seventeen :hly, we beg leave to sab
scribe ourselves . Truly Yourn,"
4f 5 Market StrttU
Warren, Nov. 1, 134.
X The aiove establishment still continues in snc
cessful operation, and is alout to commence upon it's
fourth season. The largely increased number of a
tienta treated at tlie estaMishment the past year, and
the larve numiter of cures eilected inluce the subscri
ber to telieve tliat no ptvee alTonis superior advantages
fr treatment. The above ectaMishment is located in
New Lyme. Asbtalrula County, Ohio. Terms from six
to eight dollars per week, according to rooms taken
and attention given, pay aide weekly Invariably. For
examination, and advice for those that do not stay at
the cure SI ! for examination and wnten prescription
for home treatment )--!. P. KEE M. D. Propietr.
New Lyme. Jan 17th, 55 3m
CARPETING. Royal "Wilton, Bru
sels, Three Ply, Ingrain, Cotton and Hempanil
Venetian, at the
FRENCH MF.RIN0ES, the largest
ami most complete of colors in town. Also Co
hurt's, all wool Gala Plaiils and DeLains. Mnslin d f
Beryes and otlter Dress Goods hv the piece or vsrd. a
Oct. 4. '
PINR SHINGLES oq hand (most of
the time.) PACKARD 4 BAJtNLM.
Oct. M. VM.
TDDINGS & MORGAN re now re-
1 ceirlni their FALL 8 TOOK OF OOODft, embracing
a very large assortment in all the department of their
trade. The goods have been bought at the lowest
prices of the depressed market with the special refer
ence to the wntmneN'-Y of times, and will he sold ac
cordingly. For Ooods at low prices inqnire at the
oct '-'. EMPIRB STORE.
L 500 Lighu Tx 9 Extra Quality, at - - - 3 e
5000 xl0 " ... 3ve
1000 " 9x12 - . - - 4c
1000 " 10x14 ' " " "... 5j,c
Othtr sixes in proportion. Orders for Blinds and
Doors punctually .ltn !! to. All work warranted
eunal to the liest. PACKARD fc BARNL'M, Ag'ls.
wen. unio. uec. .
and aqnare Brocha and Bay State Shavla, sold
cheap, at the
jan 3
Slow customers, and all others owing nt
money past due, are respectfully informed that they
must pty os. We sell our goods at cash prices, and
expect cash for them sometime. A word to the wue
is sufficient. oct 18) PACKARD at BARNTM.
The subicriVrs are nw receiving a l.irre and
Jesimble Stock of PALL AND W1XTKP. G001M, to
which thy invite the attention of the paMic je lenllr.
Their Guixl will be orere;l at price that will defy alt
competition for reedy-pay, or in exchance for I'rotlnci.
approved credit on phort time will be ctven.
n arrvn, Uou lt l&H. c. & M aiuku.
1.1 Fars.er.-XeiKhbor, what Plow do you use t
S.rf wni"-Wen. I ha JL Lon"'s L 4 and
javeral other kinds, bat Morley's Star Plow beau them
11 '
IJwsir.-I must go to Warren and a St tr
Plow (Uoes to Warrea 'and return, in cours. of U
r.F.r.rr.-aUo. Neighbor, what hav.
Uf Fm.er.-0ue of Morley s DouMe Plows. He sa: 5
it heats the Star Plow, and no mistake.
o.v r.., r..' u,J;i.it km r i, .in. I
nil buy one. Ezit . Farmtr. mm 4 r He P .Bs.)
The DoaMe Flow urores to be the bei : in fact ii dovs
-.t in fi-( dilik.
better work than any single Flow con do. This we euat
tee, or no sale. T. II. MORLKY Co.
April 5, 15f4.
you who wish to sow any Spelter Whe it, can be
supplied with this valuable aod new sptctta of srain
by callins; soon at tu. slonro Uouse. Wiuter Barley
for seed only, eau also h had.
Warren, bept iu, ie54. AUGUSTUS GHAETEK.
rACES and Embroideries, Honiton '
. .... .....
a Collars, ?lc to which the attention of the Ladies.
is iuvitcd. at the (apri6) SEW-VORK STORE.
PIECES Fast Color Prints, foi
sale cheaper than the cheapest, at the
apritt . NEW-YORK STORE.
PARES & WKN'TZ. are now reeetvfnr their
sua! full stock of Fil l and Wiwtm Ooodi. boarlit :
since the late DKCLINE IS PRICES, to which they '
luvite the attention of their friends, former patrons
and the public, simply remarkiug that they are sivrn
roan i-nDKBsoLS. - - set. j
OItTk ROVKTS-8 cm Silk' bonl!
IO nets, which are worthy th attention of the la li.s.
XJ ' That bir lot
has this dav arrived.
Oct. 4
- -
1 CARD. We do not mean tO offtnd
-- . . , . . . ...
l a any body, but we must have our Notes and Ac
any body, but we must have our Notes and Ac
counts settled, or we will he obliged to leave them at
the Squires' Otbce for collection.
Warren. Nov. I, 'i4. JAS. MrCONNELL. ,
tLfiAK, JJllI.lliMi
t JVVVLCMBER, 1 !, IK sndS inches thick.
fuitaole ror san, nil nets and lioors, for sale iy
Oct 5, lri4. FACKARUdt HKTM.
jj'Ul!.ALll WfcKlAUbS, 1 AI4AMA1-
iri?Vill (L,IJIVAL,U U t I) I k. -I'
1 TAS, Coborws. Mohair, LaHres, Ahaecas and
Ctshmercs, sellinat re lnetrd orices, M the
Oll.rCS! SILKS! A lar nunntilw J
QUHntltV '
tv 1 -ami m .n,nnii In. Klln f.tttwwl Rl-aeL: !(.( f
kV... :.i..i.i.i.i., k.:,i I
hcrives and Ctiasffeale. Alto, a variety of Bonnet
SilkVand litins.cLeai-er than ev-r. at rl.e I
BLACK and Colored Cloakin i Clotlis l
a unerlor quality of yard wlJe BlacV. Silk Teit,
for Cloaks, Mantillas, 4te.. at the
r'lar of oar Cnion.
The American Cruader.
tiolden Hall.
Warerly Mjaiine. :
BALDWIN'S Booki..re
Oicason tMctoriul.
Scieut.nc Auiertcu.
Tti 6e ta.wt at
0,-t Ii. H5-3in.
STORE. The l-rotirletors of this Citahlishaieut .
tikeiileaure in aunouncinc to the iuMic.thalniw :ih
staniinr the late fire which destroyed a tarf e portiuu t
our Uoods. we are again opra and in full oporati.n.ai
ho. 3, Market 8t Warren, 0., where w are daily rw
c:iviug Freh Ilrurs direct front New i ork and Puiia
delj-hta, which we are odcring for Caau at nr:cca thai
canuit fail -ivinz satisfaction.
. Slay l't, Irit.
I V. STEVENS Cota-rlfL? tmide tj Crotchet and Pan
cjr nuiuiUsjtMiiVK iur iiuuua uuu.
(dec -M i
for 1855, at;
(Ken 7J
Pi L ! Sur ende'r of t: i All is f
madenpou that sell fortified ioet, which continued for sever
al discharge of small arms. 1 take pleasure, however, in record
ing to retire from the scene of action with wonnded feel
ilnts is again in command, and takes ploasnra in Serine to his
- . - .
which maybe found an extensive assortment" of nav
iwioas of all kinds all of which will he sold cheaper than
say, I will supply yon at Eastern prices. You need only.
convinced that tit place to boy your roods is at the Old Em
porium Warren, Ohio, where you can find a large stock of all
... . .
will positively be sold 3 per cent, less than by any other
niy stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, Sattinetts,
th Uw requires' all kinds of Domestic, Drown sad
qualities and prices. ' f
Hemisphere, and at prices that cannot fail to pleasa, at
than my former extreme low prices. Boots and Shoes
and all other coods in Dmnortlon. Call soon, as
- -- -
kinds, qnalit.es ami price. Pants from t.OOto SM;
your ea-h and prdoce to the flreal Bmportum or the West,
loeet nrices. - -
. ' -
a The American Artists' Tnlon would respect fuHy
announce to tlie citizens of the Tuited States and the
Canada, that ftr the purpose of mltlvating a tnrte for
the fine arts tlirouirNut the country, and with a view of
ena' ting every family to become possessed of a gallery
tif rrogravinps,
They have determined, in order to create an extensive
sate for their Engravings, ami thus not only to giro
employment to a large number of artists and others,
but inspire among Hir countrymen a taste for works of
art. to present to tne parch sera of their engravings,
when 250,000 of which are sold,
Each purchuter of a One Dollar Engraving, therefore
leceives not only an engraving richly worth the money
bnt also a ticket which entitles hiss to one of the tiitta
when they are distributed. .
For Fivr Dollars, a highly finished Engraving,
beautifully PAINTED in OIL. and FIE GIFT TICK
ETS, will Le sent; or Five Dollars worth of splendcd
Engravings can be selected from tbo Catalogue, and
sent by return mail or express.
A copy of the Cataloguo, together with a specimen of
one of the Engravings, can be seen at the office of this
For each Dollar sent, an Ed craving actually worth
that sum, and a Gift Ticket, will immediately be for
warded. . . t . i . j
The Committee believing that the success of this
Great National Undertaking will be materially pronto
ted by the energy and enterprise of intelligent and
persevering Agents, have resolved to treat with such
on the mot lileral terms.
Any person wishing to become an Agent, by sending
(post paid.) $1, will receive y return of mail, a Oae
Dollar Engraving, a "liift Ticket." a Prospectus, a
Catalogue and all other necessary in format ion.
On the final completion of the sale, the Gifts will be
placed in the hands of a Cowhittck of the PracnaMBS)
to be distributed, due notice of which will be given
throughout the United States and the Canada.
1(41 Marble Baals of Washington, at - -
lim " Clay,
list " " We) ,ter,
list " Calhoun.
50 elegant Oil Paintings, in splendid)
ri It frames, size 3x4 ft. each, I
. 5,0M
' 5,000
inOeleKantOil Paintings, 3x3 ft. each.
500 steel plate Knravings, tri!liantlr)
colored in oil, rich gilt frame
3tx30 inches e.ch. I
lO.utal elegant steel plate Engravings,!
colored in oil. of the Washington?
Monument. 2t-'x-!6 inches each. ' I
237.ISXI steel plate Kngravins, froml
100 ditterent plates, now in posses
sion of and owned liv the Artists
I'nion, of the market value of from 1
. 50eeutsto SI each.
1 first-class Duelling, in 31st st !. T. City,
It! Building Lot in luOand 101st SU..I . nn
. V . C ity, each Six 100 ft. deep, '
I'M Villa Sites, containing each 1",IK1')
sf, ft. in the suourts of N. V. City, I
aud commanding a maj-nillceut 00
view of th Hudson Kiver and J
Long Island i-ound. at J
20 perpetual loans of cash, without!
interest or security, of 30 each, (
JIlO "
Reference in reirird to tlif Real Estate, F. J. Timn:her
At Co., Real EsfcUe Broker. New York. Orders, (poet
paidj with money enclosed, to e addresed,
55 Broadway, h. T.
TrThe EnjrravtiiRS in tlie Catalopne are now ready
for'delivery. nov 15, 54-omJ
stitution will open on Monday, Uw HUtdajof Septem
ber next. -
Elementary branches, ineludtuff L'. S. History.
Watts op th Jsind, etc, per qaarter of 11
weeks, - - - - -
Aewlemtc coarse. -
Music Fiauo or Melodeon, 4 lessons -Tse
of lastrazaect,
Irawinpt or Famttng in Water Colors, per qr..
Oil Painting, per ox., - - -French.
4 00
, 5 00
a oo
a 00
3 00
6 00
3 00
In order to meet the expressed wants of the commu
t ity for tarirer acosamodatious and to adapt the course
of instruction more perfectly to tbo age aud attainments
of the lNipits, a
has been constituted, for which a eonrenlent room aast
been ecu red adjacent to those now occupied, and is
In surcefiful operation. The tuition charges in this de
partment if ill be Three DoHar.
Parents or cuardians and other friends of edocation
are respectfully invited to visit the Institution at any
hour during the daily sessions which may' suit ththr
iTTPiipila are specially requested as they would
make satisfactory prjrei in thsir studies, to be pres
ent on the first day of the term
Hudson, April 4, If 51.
Ilavinf; ha.1 some opportunity to boeotuc acqnainted
with the present Principal and assistant in the Yonng
I julit. .Hminarv of Hudson. and their successful labors
in commeiicinir and couducUnj it Uras far. we tax
P'" in eonB.lemly recomi.ndinK the Institution
th. l-tronaKe of the "nmnn.jy one m wh.eh uay
Va! ae&l ' , thorou?h' e'ated and re-
gned education for young ladies iu a superior derree,
"' -'""""J?'? . ' i'.? ""'li.
.ptce.'" wVarepy to ITcnat'Su
""'."'l Vmi"'1' 'trT'Coi' " ' H"M""ilOVS
l'0f- ..il-w 1 l.v i il.
i w. - .i. 1 1 ... -
J;-3'. ,Zy. vvdi-n
K E V.T. R. f A I RC II 1 LK,
' '
A. A. BKiiWSi'HR.
Hudson. April i. lt54 y
f 00K OUT FOR THEftVj."
Afi. S'rret. Wrnrm. Osi.
The subscribers would Inform the customers and the
puMic in general, that we have now on hands, and are
constantly manufacturing a full and complete stock of
Fall and Winter Cluthius; for Men and Boy's wear,
.Itifh owtn? to the recent decline in nrices wilt
are bound to b sold a . crorr tia ia c--
... ,a- : I . 1 f J til. It Ji.l I. t.
Iff, newtiiuinu. u.vi'biwviji'
We hare on hand a lArwe stock of GverContt.
Dies and Bosiness Costs of sll kinds ; Pants and
Vests of every quality, style and color new in nso ;
Rui'er Over Coats. l'ndr-shirts. Drawers, Fiue White
Shirts. Collars, Cravats, and in fact everything kept in
an Klablihment of the kind.
merm, Vrstiugs, sten to sell or make up to order ou
Uie shortest notice.
TTpWarrantcd to fit or no sale.
Gentlemen, one and all. yon are respectfully invited
to call and examine our Goods and prices before pur
;basing elsewhere. Ton will save money hy t. doing.
. KoT- '
CAPS, ate It hss leen rlrariy deuiou'trat-.l to a
-reuerous and discerning puMic that Jobs L. Wckvs it.
Co., 14 Market St., is tlie Irsitimate place to purclias
Fall and Winter ('lothing. Hats, Caps, aud in short.
all kinds of Gentlemen's wearing apparel at prices
thai throw all bal.Mins competitors in theshade.
Havins; said this w .now be leave to announce to
. . . . . u- . , 1 .
wear just reeeivins; rar WINTER MOCK, aod are
prepared to supply ail who wish articles in our liueon
'h " "" bv rreat variety of
u.i. M..i.ri.l,i-,.of allonaliliea and stvles. and
it is a common talk anoot Town that cr stock oh
Cloths. Cassimeres, and Goods trenerally, for our cusf
torn trail far outshines anythin-r in the market, whte-.
,.,,Tthin dou. in this section of oountrv.
Also, HATS and CAPS in preal varletiea. jh wir
would particularly call attention to our line Silk Hats
and Silk Plush C-s, which in neatness and style, are
anrnunled. II- fo call, examine ann junge lor
sonrs-lves. J0US L. WEEKS St Co
j ourselves.
ft'arrea. Xov. 1. 154. 14. Mmrtet hiree!
, . . - -,. t .1 t 1 iv
QPAMhH MObb by the bnU OT lb.
O Alcove Rutrs. Silver Tem tts. Pull Tlat Crescent-
Ilimess Trimmings,
CTdi at
june 4 '" '- "
be.t quality bpurs, and Seaming,
PATCH sfc ALT.T.iN'ft
ts and Trace Chains. Bn-cMni; Loons. Bras,
and Silvrr Gas? 4-ins and Chaiua, Carriage Knobs
J .nann-d. Silver Brass and lat-nt. at
ynl PATCH at t'JOS 8.
The Patrons of ttii por-nlar and laahi,nahli Saloon,
li,vo nil r.-ituiiatc,l the crta'.l s vtem, and are paying
'"V their refreinmont.. Thry say. '-Green has
" "u' " .k..-.Iin."t.,el. rl-nru,. . u-rs anJ
other refreshments, drawirjt off accoonls, and shinninf
it aiiout town for money H:at fcaa l-e-ni ticketed for a
V!ay or so," and run one or two and tlirr. years, and .
dot uettini aiiythtnr dor.'t ray, aud itu-y won't l kiu
d so any noi-e." Oenllemeui your arranen-cul suits
me. Stick to the text; pay as you po, and all my tin-
-includiai; that portion of il a hich has heretofore been
spent in fruitless eD"s i collect DJiiry suau -e-
voted to your comfort. :y house s'lall i set in rdet
ow. ror ,i,e l.ruer acc"i.a-odauot.,,ol my cash cus
tfeelsior. h-ll no l"J motto.
Warren. March ST, Wt. - tlttr., ARt.
1)UTH HALL. t;i aupjV.5 a-
ri. n t
JL v PT.ortetor, wst sni Pnbti Seanuw, Vfaxren, O.
EAGa.E IIOUSE,by George T. Hull',
Market street, Warren, O. Fifth door east of ths
Bank. ' mart
DOCT. J. DAVIS,- Edicrrc Phys
iciax ad SrgOTO Otfict In liichols Hat Store,
Wain street. Warren, Ohio. ,
Eclectic Physiciaus will fnd a fall ttyk of Eelectie
Medicine for sale by D?ct. Davis at threat) or place,
nov J-y , .....
7M. M. EAMES, M.D., PLysician.
v Surreon and Denti&t- Windham. Portam Co. O.
TAMES JACKSON, Phpician and
f 9 Surtceon. office on ?nth side of slarket street, fns
stairs.) four doors Fast of the Bank, Warren.O. apr in
R. S. LESLIE, Eclectic Physician
and Surgeon, Bleomseld, TnsmnnU C0, O.
EW. T0WNSEND, M. D., Homeo-
pathie Phririan, Office in mlitrs Brick Block,
oear the American Hotel, Warren, O. 7 aprly
f' Physicians and Surgeons, office Sortn side of th
Public aiuare. Warren. O. wet 20 y
4). ranaiLL. a. d. - - T. w. ntuu, M. .
Jfc T. W. FARRELL, Physicians and
Sartreons. Office and residence oa Liberty 3t.,
south f the Episcopal Church, Warren, 0. . .- mar lOy
YTTPAISE, M.Dhysician and
f f Sar;reon. Particnhir attention riren to the
treatment of Cancer. Scrofula and Ludj Diseases. Of
fice and residence on 11 igh siren. max 5
IL. & A.O. FULLER, Attorneys aU
Law, Office over 8miths dt atcCoraes 9tork Car
ner Bloclt, Warren. 0. Jan. 1st H54. Iy
, LBERT PERRY, Attorney aTLaw
J. A. B-ecial attention (iven t collection, and the
prosecution of Pension and Bounty Land claims.
Warren O. jan 10 'H-ly-SX n
PHILO E.REED, Attorney at Law.
Warren, Ohio. Office over Hew York Store.
amy 10, "M "
JF. ASPER, Attorney at Law. and
Solicitor in Chancery, Warram, Ti i linB Caw O. '
DD. BELDEN, Attorney and donn
. sellor at Law. aver Smith Jt McComh's Sure, ;
corner Main and Market Streeta, Warren, O. nov lny '
TOIIN M. STULL. Attorney at Law,
and General Collector of Hrme and rreiifn daims.
ymce orer amitns sc Jiccomos store, warren, u.
. r. sorr n. w. lATUn.
A- A. at Law. Office on Howrty St-, Warren. 0, oppo
site the Court Hons. oct iTts"
. b. i.oor-rr. j. wolsow cox. u
T EGGETT & COX, Attorneys and
W.J Counsellors at Law. Office over Moser'i Store,
Market street. Warren, O. j, 16-Kf
jrn. nr i nisa. n. r. crnTtna.
at Law. Office on North Main street, near thw'
residence of John Hotchins. Warren, 0. ang tf
tr.-row mt-rr.m. .so. si. nrm r
CUTLIFF & TUTTLE, Attoweys af
lO Law. and Solicitor. In Chancery, Warren. Tram
hull countr. 0., still continue their auslnesaat their old
nlBre, on High street, two doors west of the American
Howe. .-. . -.-...j. i.i , t.aarsjf
BP. JAMESON 4 Co.. Dealers in,
Stoves. Copper and Sheet fewa Ware. Tin.
Cheese Tat. Ax, No. 10 Main SL. Warren. O. warW.
SPEAR tfc SON. Manutacturers of-
J. Sish. Doors and Window Rlinda. raetnrv on
tlarket Street. East .f she Bank, Warres, O." Jan t6j
FELLOWS fe MORLEY, Mannfactn--rers
of Plows, Cultivators, e. Shop east of Tay-,
lev' Warehouse, on th Canal, Warren, 0.' ! Sep Jdtt
JOHN J. GUNNING, Carriage and'
f J Watron Shop, am Pi ne street, ssidwa between Ssntbf
and Market ts.. Warren, O. mar 3
i L. MORLEY. (successo? oif Jl G.'
JL V BtKs.) Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hard
ware, Cutlery, die. Warren, Ohio. nov aa
(TEOr T. T0WNSEND, Cabinet and
xTT Chair Maker. Girsnl, Tmmhull, Co, 0. - Coffin
made and delivered on th shortest notice- ; Vaneral
ittended without extra charge for Hearse. aug 6y"
rr'"R. M0RLEY.tr CoTlJanufactu-
-1- rers of stores, llol low Ware, and Castinrs rene-taliy-
Foundry on the Canal, east of Tayler's Ware
house. Tin Shop fotrx doors west of Uie bank. Warren,'
Ohio. .. . sep 30 il
Dealers in Stores. Tin Ware, Japanned Ware,
Rrittanis, Ware, Copper Kettles, Brass Kttlea,and Hol
low Wares of all kind-, at Cranage's old stand, 3 doors
IvClow Empire Hall, Market street. Warren, 0. mar 9
RA. A. BALDWIN. Wlioleaala
and Retail Bookseller. 33 Main Street, a few '
loors ss-uth of th Post Office, Warren. O. - nov II '
T ULIUS VAUTROT, Mannfactnrei
fj and Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Su
rer Ware, and Fancy GikkIj, Slarket street. Empire
Ulock, Warren, O. Watches careiul iy repaired aad
varnuitd. June 7
P ATCH & ALUSON75ealers in Sad"
L dlery lUrdware. Carriage Trimmings, and Mans-
facrnrers of Saddles, Bridles. Harness, T ranks, YaUses.
c.t Main street. Warren, O.
fDDINGS ct MORGAN, Dealers ia'
a Staple and Fancy Dry floods. Groceries. Crockery'
Hard -tare. Carpeting, Sole Leather, A-C-, at the Sifn of
th atir Stmrm, Warren, 0. . . ' ,
C& M. M0SER, Dealers in Foreign
and Domestic Dry Good, Hardware, Groceries,
Qeenware, Bouts. Shoes. Hats. Caps, Beady Had
Clothing, Ate., Uarket Street, Warren, O. - aa(
eign and Domestto Dry Goods, Crockery. Boots
Shoes and Leather, Carvetinfr. Paier Hang inrs. Win
dow Shades, steady Made Clothing. Ate, always cheae.
hr remly pay at the New-York Store.
7 ALTER KING & SON, Dealers" in
1 T Watches, Clocks, Jewelry. 8ilver Plated and
BritUnia Warn, Lamps, fancy Goods, etc. - t, .Mala
street. Warren. O. Ail kinds or Clocks and Watches
eareauliy repaired and warranted. , . . aar ii
i- tors to Warren Packard,) Wholesale and Kstail,
Dealer in Foreign and American Hardware, Iron,"
Paints, and Carriage TruBuungs-i.-' th IaH Brick," .
txsmmissixtii glrrrtanls.
T B. TAYLER, Forwarding and-
J.X Commission Here ban t, and dealer in VUmr.
Salt, Fish, Plaster, c. Warren, Ohio.
CE. LEFFIN G WELL,7 Forwarding
and Commission Merchant, and denier ia Flow,'
Salt, Fish, Plaster, Ate, Ate., Warren, 0. mar 31 tf
STEVENS & Co.. Commission Mer
cjants. Dealers in Butter, Cheese, Saleratua, Fish.
Fruit, and Produce generally. Sos. Id and lu 6mtBA
Btr. t, between M.tia and re:unore, Cincinnati, O.
k iat.u: Dickson, llli-gs At Co.; Wi,shirc Bris
tol, Ate: John Swasey At Co.; Soasey At Wis ; Uarri
s At lioopet ; Kennet At Dudley, aud Merelunu gen
trilly. 'P'!'
t) Bishop At Child's Uelodeon. Mr. Uazeldin.
keeps constantly on hand the nest Melodeona. which he '
will funiMh at manufacturer's price, at Farminctnn,
rrum.-u:l counry. 0. Instructions given gratis to pur
chasers. Repaixinf; au i Inning tiou with neatness and
diipat-b-. , r, marw.
I ro luce Commisin Merchants. No. V5 West Co
I anv m St-, Citeianati, O.. (Custowfers on the fcVwmi
tro referred to J. M. llrown. North LloomfleM.) ajry
7. v. -jroos. " ' " ' crrsTosLsl
HP.OOKS if THOMAS. Fasliiotvable
Tailors, rooms jrer f ichAls Hat Store,, Main St.,,
IVarren, hio. iSrtfnilsjr atteitren psiid to nstir.fv.
Sid warranted Lo la if property nxs.de up. fet V y
CATTLE POWDER'-BrcinijigFrofl,.
BeH k Co.'s Celebrated Vesrtalle Catll Powder
I antty on hand anl f,ir sale iirksrge or awmiWenaa'
1 1 tUy th, niscriiieis Bit' ar sole Agents for thi,
i:tjoa, 1 - ' - -
N. B. Sonear ra,lneunli-sspr-nred of . ,
March If, C. St M. W03KK: Xt'n. '
O0RS, D0ORi, DOORS.-To Cn-
tractors. Carueivters a.d Builders. We can ftiraisk
f 'Xi witb Pauel Pv-ora of ai. ty ies, s great deal caeaier
titan yM can make 'Junta hy band, (and as good if
better.) Call and examine our work and vrite: jnm
will he scitedj wib, boUu A liberal dteruans -to wSore
iMle traders. 6 SPsiXK fid.H.
January 14. . ? j ; L ';
A.Y MKDIC15ES. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, aU 0-,
foed'a Imlia Chulagogue, for sal by t
. Hay 31. PORTER -0.

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