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Sine weaaui Is blind.
' Whs. her lore! before kcr.
Here's ft peep at the mind
- f her ardent adorer. .
"Iui tckle. I en,
- a7e,iatbeBa:kt,tkperUieM;
" But Che ftektr. ere known
Te be very fastiiaes :
Though I vent the diviae,
I will rtoop te the hsaaaa.
And win briefly define -What
I uk in a woanaa r
Eae must always be eeen
A I (m did behold her ;
Bbe M mow at eighteen.
And aaast eeaac te grow elder I
0he auut never coquet
With young frivolous fellows ;
If I tin. she ur fret.
But assist Bever be jealous I
be ssast dress te a pin.
are wew caps in rofaa.oa :
Bat ao bill nnitcoBK in,
Te destroy the iUosion ;
be SHSt aarse me when 111
Bo her health must he splendid ;
Could she stoop to a pill.
All rosaance would be ended :
Whea I storm, she must soothe
Who can bear contradiction I
Be as honest as truth,
. - And as lively as Action ;
Sven then, la Inclined
Te suspect she woald here sue ;
- But I should not saind
If I let bar adore me."
If you wish to cultivate jour mind and
ruccwed in the pursuit of knowledge, ob
serve the following rules :
1. Take care of your leisure moments
as you would of gold.
t. Do not spend more time then is nec
essary in sleep.
3. Withdraw from all idle and silly
. 4. See that you hare always some good
reading on hand.
. 6. Read not novels, but history, biog
raphy, and works of science.
6. Always think, always observe and
always 6eek to learn.
7. Think of the pleasure of knowledge
and the disgrace of ignorance.
, 8. Take as your mo'.to, what has been
done can be done again.
' 9. If at first you don't succeed, try
10. Remember the old maxim : Hcn
eatj is the best policy.
Follow these rules and there is no such
word as faiL
Be sure you fellow (hem.
Railroad Case in Lake County.
At the recent term in Lake county
Frank Stone, by his next friend, Roswell
Stone, . C. P. & A. R. R. Co. recovered
a verdict of 85,500. The Telegraph
ways the ease was this:
The cars as they stop at the Painesville
Station usually 'so stop that the Engine
may be directly opposite one of the two
Water Tanks. On a certain day last year
as they came in from the east, a gravel
train was found upon the. track, so (hat
the Engine could not get quite up to the
watering place. The train stopped in front
of the platform, which runt some distance
both east and west of the Station house. 1
They remained some minutes, passengers
leaving and taking the cars. A man with
his wile and two little children, came np
to eater one of the cars, when he was told
by one of the officials, that he must de
posit a small trunk he was carrying
nnder his arm, in the baggage ear.-
While absent on this errand the mother
put a little boy between three and four
years of age upon the platform of a car,
and as she turned for the other child, the
train, without any tignal whatever, started
on to the water station, a yard or two
ahead the little boy falling off, and
the wheels crushing both his legs in
such a manner that amputation became
necessary. The suit was for damages susn
tained by the boy. The Jury awarded
a verdict for $3,500. Let the engineers
remember that they may not start their
trains without giving warning.
'.. To Ladles A we wabbly Sitcatkd.
The editor of the English Woman's Do
mestic Magazine, warrants the efficacy
of either of (he following methods of
replying to gentlemen when they pop the
? question: ;
1. Especially recommended to blondes.
Pause, sigh very softly, then open your
eyea with a great deal of wonder, ( of
course you have been trying to make it
out and can't,) look your loser in the
face, and say "What what can you
mean, dear Alfred?'' If the last words
are .spoken with a little trembling so
much the Letter. . .
I. Very suitable to brunettes. Give
start, flash a glance at the questioner,
turn aside and be unable to speak your
emotion ; one hanJ pressed high upon
your bosom will express this effectually.
Safj iii the hand of everbody, and
generally con-idered a clincher. Burst
into tears, covering your face with your
hands. If you can't ery, droop your
bead upon the inquisitor's shoulder, and
.murmur, "Ob Wi liam!"
A man recently applied at a printing
office in the West, for employment for
his dauglUer. He wished her to learn
to "set types standing'," He enquired
what wages would be given her; and
how she sbou'd work ; and was answer
did that for a time she would be employ
ed by the week, and when she had
learned to '.et the little joker" pretty
well,, she would be paid according to
the number of m's she 6et. He prefer
red that shesl ould work by the week, as
he did Bot know much about the business,
or how much a man could set; but that
lie had heard something of tett;ng m's,
and he arid vis wife had counted th-; type
trtit in two coinrttns cf .1 newspaper and
iny found s t S)mV, He th -ug .t
TA William Hall.
I, )
as. Salt la Attachment.
Tbe defendant, whs is a non-resident of Trumbull
eeanty, will take notice that at my iastance, aa order
ia Attachment was leased arainst the coeds, chattels,
credits, monies, and effecta of said defendant, by Mil-
ton Graham, a Janice of the peace, of Vernon, in said
county, on the 13th day U March. IMS : for the sum of
Said case stands for trial on the 4th day of May,
UsSS, at 11th o'clock A. M. of said dsy.
FOR SALE, Oil Meal and Oats, By
the quantity or in small lots.by theanbseiber one
mile south of tiarard, Ohio. JOBS MOSER Jr.
Mar. S3. '55 t(.
One hundred Barrels of Soap, a splendid article.
Also Fifty boxes of Candles. By A L. C.DAY, Mar
ket 81, one door west of Empire Block, Warrea. O.
N. B. Candles and Soap delivered to any part of
the Town, by applying as above directed. Also per
sons wishing to exchange asbes and greaae for soap,
can be accommodated- Please ears your ashes.
Mar. 88-1. A. L. C. BAT
VT0TICE, is hereby given that I shall
iA expose to sale en the premises at pohlic vendue
on the !9th dsy of April WS3. between the hours of 10
A. M. and 4 P. M. on deferred payments of two years,
the followingdescribed farms, and real eatate situate in
the township of Vernon, Trumbull county. Ohio, under
an order of sale issued tome ss guardien of Timothy K.
Thompson, by the Proimte Court of said County.
One peiee of land lying about half a mile Jiorth of
the center of said township and bounded as follows:
Beginning at a point on the North and South center
Highway, in said Veroou, atthe Bouto-Kaet corner of
leads of Lucius Uolcomb, and running thence South
along said Highway aereaty rods to the Sorth-Kast cor
ner of lands of Thomas A. Thompson ; thence West
along the North line of said lands of Thomas A. Thom
son, three hundred and thirty-Are reds to a stake and
stones, at the south-west corner of said Timothy K.
Thompsons lands; thence north on the east line of landa
known as landa of late owned by Granger, and on the
west line of landa of said Timothy K. Thompson, sev
enty rods to the south line of lands formerly oamed by
Perry Sheldon, ana now neionging to bu .wi
:omh; thence running east alongthe south line of said
hnh of Hnleomh 38a rods to the place of beginning.
containing within said boundaries, one hundred and
forty-three acres and forty fire rods, knows as the
hasuestead farm of said Timothy K. Thompson. Said
tract oftland will be sold entire or in parcela as may
best suit purchasers. THOMAS A. THOMPSON,
Guardian of Timothy K. Thompson.
By grn.rrr fc Tctti.s. Arty's. Mar. S3 4.w
J The exsminination or teachers for Trumbull Co
will he held this Spring as follows :
At Bloomnrld, April 6th.
At Newton Falls, April 11th.
At Warren, en every Saturday during the month of
April, except Saturday the 14th.
The following principles adopted by the State Con
Tention of School examiners held in Cincinnati in De
cember last, will be strictly adhered to by this Board of
1st. That Private Examinations are plainly contrary
to the spirit and letter of the law.
id. That testimonials of good moral character, satis
factory to the Board of Examiners, or a majority of them,
aooold in all esses be required, as indispensable to the
attainment of a certificate
3.1 Thkt nrnfui arinf. intemperance or diahon-
eaty In a candidate, should everywhere be regarded as
an evidence that such character is wanting, all certifl-
cates to the contrary notwithstanding.
4th. That time snoukt be given I or a iuii am paucn
examination of everv candidate, in the various branch
es designated by law ; and that to omit any one of
them, because it may not have been taught, or is not
desired to be taught, in particular district, is a direct
violation of the law applicable to the case.
5th. That each board of examiners should adopt and
carry out such regular system, by which all parties con
cerned may understand, by the certificate granted, the
true relative merits of those who hold them.
6th. That certificates should not be renewed, whether
by the board that originally granted them, or any other
excepting aa the result of a new examination.
7th. That the attainment and actual possesion of a
certificate, should constitute no claim on anr board to
grant another, where the result of such examination
does not indicate progress in knowledge, and in all
thatbelonga to the teacher's profession ; bat, on the
contrary, that want of such indications should ba re
garded as sufficient grounds for denying a renewal of
such certificat. where no other serious disqualification
may be manifested.
Hth. No certificate sill be granted, to cover any time
previous to the examination at which the certificata
granted. By order of the Board, il. C RAN NET.
" See of Board sfFx
Warren, Mar 23-4w.
By virtue of a Fi. Fa' leaned out of the Court of
Common Pleas, of Trumbbll county, Ohio, against John
Ernst, in favor or Edward E. Hoyt, to me directed and
delivered, I have levied on and shall expose to public
sale, at the door of the Court House, in Warren, in said
County, on Saturday, the 31st day of April, A. D. 155.
between the hours of 10 o'clock. A- M., and 4 o'clock P.
M-, of said day. t tracts or lots of land , the first of
which is described as follows, to wit :
Situate in Warren, or townahip No.- 4. In the 4th
Range of Townships, in the Connecticut Western Re
serve, in the State of Ohio, and which ia also In the
County of Trumbull, and is known by being middle part
of lot No. 38, and is bounded as follows, to wit : on the
north bv the north line of said lot No. 38, on the east
by 54 and eighteen huudreth acres of land, deeded by
John Fusselman, to Geo. Fuaaelmsn. in trust for Lydia
Brooks, by deed bearing date March 2-d, 1643, and oa the
south by the original lot line, and aa tnewest by lands
belonging to John Li ba, suppose to contaia arty-four
and eighteen handreth acres of land be the same more
or less; aptmised at twenty-eight dollar per acre. The
second of which being the following described Real Es
tate to wit; sit jate in Warren Township,No 4. in the 4tb
slangs of Township in the Connecticut Western Re
serve, in the State of Ohio, and which is also in the
coanty of Trumbull, and is known by being lot No. 25,
ia Block No. 1, of the south survey of Warren, be the
asm am or less-appraisedat Wiii.
U.K. HARMON, Sheriff.
SheriTs office. Mar. 31. 1855 '13-3.b7
Joshua Bascom.;
Eliiha Weaver.
Suit in Attachment.
At my instance, an order of Atttchment was issued
on the eth day of March, 1855. by John A. Coleman, a
Justice of the Peace, in Green Township. Trumbull
County, Ohio, against the goods chattels, rights, cred
its, stocks and interest in stocks, moneys, and effects
of said defendant, Eliiha Weaver, who ia a non-mi-dent
of said county, for the sum of (83,30) twenty
three dollars and thirty cenU Said Suit stands ad
journed for hearing, to the S3d dsy of April next, at
ten o'cloch A. M. JOSHUA BASCOM.
Green Mar. 14, 'II.
Notice is hereby given that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as executor, on the estate
of Joseph Cox, hue of Bristol, Trumbull County, Ohio,
deceased. MAfHEW LAIRD.
Mesopotamia, Mar. 14. 11.
DEON Good toned and in good order, can be
bought for Si5. at POMEROV'S Music Store.
ceived a large lot of choice, fresh Garden Seeds,
from Rochester, N. put up by L. P. Fogg ec Co.
Also a variety of Flower Seeds, among which are
many new and beautiful kinds
at E. A. SMITH A Co's- No. 5. Main at.
STAND FOR SALE, in the village of Kinsman, 0.,
with an excellent trade and ao opposition. Terms ea
sy. If not sold by private sale, it will be offered at
Auction, together with Household Furniture, Saddlery.
c, on Tuesday, April 3d I5S, between twelve and
four P. M. Apply post paid to
JAMES THOMPSON, Kinsman, Trumbull Co., 0
Mar. 14. S5 !
OATS, a auperior article, for sale by the subscri
Newton Falls. Mar. 18th "55. '13
plete In six volumes, full bound, price 10.00
Mar. 14, '55. At ADAMS'.
Warren, Mar. 14, '55-tf.
L Any persons wishing to take Children to raise
can ie accommoaatea by calling at the Trumbull Coaa
by Infirmary. Mar. 14, '55 4w
LAND WARRANTS The undersign
ed will attend to the prosecution of BOUNTY
LAND CLAIMS, under the "Old Soldiers, Bill," pafs -d
iot.m -n, vriucc torec uoors nelow the trxsktll
House. W arren, Ohio. H. C. RAN Y
Mar. 14,'iVtf.
acwauppiyat (Mar. 14. -55.) ADAMS'
.a. DICTIONARY.Octavo. Price 1,00. A few eon
Pi" (Mar. 14, '55.) ADAMS'.
it GLIDDON. Price 5.0u. A few coppiea at
fi.ro,M. ADAM'S.
T30EMS BY Wm. C. BRYANT, with
X numerous elegant engravings on Copper, by
Leutse. Price a4,UU. A few copies at. ADAMS'.
Feb. 99, 55.
Poema by TENNT8CX, Complete. Just received at
Feb. 2, '55. ADAM'S.
prising spring DeLaines, of the latest style also
a large assortment of fins French wrought collars and
Budersleevea, just received and for sale at the
Mar. 7. '55.
J ON SPIRITUALISM Just received at.
Feet 21. "Si. . BALDWIN'S.
NEW SUPPLY of Swan's Manual",
j'-t received (last edition) at
1 irHoa'a Uonllsr. at
t re.nW. -djto'wrsl
subscriber has now on hand, and will at
all tinea keen a larsre lot of CAB-
aUAtiBS. BCOGIES and WAGONS on hand, of even
description, style and grade of prices.
His exDerience in husiness.and the extent of his shop
enables him to furnish any description of work in bia
line, on the ehortest possible notice, whether It be the
putting up of a splendid BAROUCHE, or the common
BUOtiV , the materials for which are at all times kept on
His WORKXEX are unsurpassed by any in the coun
try, and his work shall equal if not surpass any eastern
Buggies and Carriages ready for use, will be ex
changed for Lamher, Country Produce, or young Horses.
Second-hand Barries taken in exchange for new ones.
CARRIAGE TRIMM15G8 alwa on hand, and for
sale at the lowest prices.
Those wishing any work in my line of business, are
invited to call at my shop and examine my work and
prices, and they cannot fail to be pleased in regard te
both. My shop baring become a permanent one, I am
determined to supply and suit sll who like riding In aa
elegant and easy Carriage, or the farmer who desires a
substantial farm or road wagon or cart.
Painting and Trimming done on short notice.
TT7AI1 work manufactured at my shop is warranted.
Warren, March S3, 1BS2 j U. C. BELDBN.
TATE, by order of Court.
On Saturday, the 31st day of March, A. D. 18S5, be
tween the hours of ten A. M. and two P. M., la the
Township of Brookfleld, Trumbull county, Ohio, on
the premises, will be sold to the highest bidder, the
following real estate, as the property of George Leet,
dee'd: Situated in Brookfleld township, county of
Trumbnll, State of Ohio, and is known by being all of
lot number (83) twenty-three, as mid out and described
in the recorded town plot of said Brookneld, and snn
posed to contain One Hundred and twelre rods (118)
of land more or leea, with the appurtenances thereun
to belonging, subject to the dower of Jane Smith in said
land. Terms of sals made known on the premises on
the day of sale. ALLISON CHEW.
Guardian of Amelia and Lemira Leet.
By Jnws Hrrrniss, Atty. for Guardian.
March 7, M. '10
i. 1 The Steckaold' rs of the Mahoning Plank Road
Company, are requested to saeet at the Court house, in
the town of Canfleki. Maboninr countr. Ohio, on the
Sfth day of March, A. D. 1855, at elren o'clock A. M..
for the purpose of electing the requisite number of Di
rectors of said road for the ensuing year, and for trans
acting such ether buaineaa as may come before them.
No toll will be charged to said Stockholders on said
day By order of the Board of Directors.
Teh. 19. '9
BOUNTY LANDS. Congress having
passed a law giving 160 acres o' land to each sol
dier who has served in the armies of the United States
since A. D. 179U, for a period of fourteen days at least.
and to the minor children of those deceased, ana to
widows in certain eases, I propose to act as an agent
in procuring warrants for those who will employ me.
I will do the business on as favorable terms ss sny one.
I may be found st the Cronicle office from 8 to 18 A, M.
and from 1 to 5 P. M. THOMAS D. WEBB.
Warren. Mar. 7, '55 MS. .
K. W1SELL Manufactu
rer of Carriaees, Buggies and
Wagons. West side of the Mahoning rir-
er. Warren, Ohio, keeps on hand a large assortment in
his line, of the latest and most improved eastern styles,
umb whieh m hefrmnd a laree lot ofanlenilid Rock -
aways. of various patterns, with one, two or three seats;
a good supply of sliding-sestCarriages.several of which
are on a new ana improvea piau, naving eatenaiou tops.
being different and far superior to anything ever manu
factured in this section of country. Also a gor d assort'
ment of one-horse Carriages, Buggiee, and two-herse
Wagons, all of which will be sold as low as at any other
shop on the Western Reserve. By keeping none but
the best of workmen. and professing to perfectly under
stand the business himself, and working none hut the
best material that can be procured, he feela confident
that he can render entire satisfaction as regards style,
quality or price, to every person who may favor him
with a call.
Most kinda of country produce, good Lamher, and
second-hand buggies taken in exchange for finished
N. B. PAINTING and TRIMMING done in good
style, at fair prices, and with punctuality and dispatch.
A reasonable credit will be given to all responsible per
sons who may desire it. All work done at his manufac
tory Is warranted.
Remember the place West side of the Mahoning riv
er, directly west of the new bridge, Warren, Ohio.
April 22. lc3. ELI K. WISELL.
Morgan are opening their large Stock of Spring
Bowls, which comprises an assortment ef every style
of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Straw Goods, Par
asols, Carpeting, Paper Hangings, Crockery, Groce
ries, Ac, fcc.
They would call attention particularly to their exten
sive variety of Ladies' Dr -as Goods, Bonnets snd Bonnet
Kibbons, Embroideries, Shawls, Mantillas, Ac, in all
the latest and most fashionable styles. Also, to their
assortment of very superior Table Linens, Linen Sheet
lugs. Pillow Case Lhiens, Shirting Linens, Ac
They intend to keep their stock full at all times, of
the best makes and most fashionable styles, and to sell
their Goods regularly, at the lowest prices in the mar
ket, not allowing themselves to be sadsrseM as long as
Ihey remain in the trade.
Warren, April 18.
JARREN SASH, Blind and Door
Factory. Market Street, East of the Bank, War-
ren. O. TbemaUcl'aiaaed, harina entered into copart
nership in the manufacture of SASH. BLINDS and
DOORS, wiil hereafter keep a large stock of Sash, both
Pine and Poplar, of all sixes in use, and of the bet
quality, which they will sell on reasonable terms.
We will continue the manufacture of VEMTIAN
BLINDS, in all its branches, which we will sell very
low and of aa improved quality, surpassing any hereto,
fore offered to the public
We will also continue the manufacture of PANEL
DOORS, of the latest styles, and of a superior quality.
All work made at our establishment will he warranted,
ss we use nothing hut the best quality of Lumber, and
tmploy none but the first class workmen. In our en
deavors to serve our customers, we will keep pace with
111 improvements in our business, and conversant with
til late styles of work in the Eastern Cities.
Ws would in rite all wishing to purchase the above ar
licles. to call at our office, where we will be found at all
hours of the day, for we shall give oar constant per
fonal superintendance to the details of our business.
jan 19, 153. Successors to Edward Spear.
subcrihers having been driven
from tikeir old quarters on Market
by the recent fire, would Inform
the public that they are to be found
aa Main St., in the room formerly
sccunied by Mr. Mllliken, two doers
from Smiths dt McCombs, where they are just receiving
a large and complete stock of NEW GOODS in their
We are alao constantly manufacturing all kinds of
shich they can recommend to customers as both good
and cheap.
Our larjre stock of New Goods of Gents' Fine French
Calf and Morocco Boots ; Fine Congress and other style
of Gaiters ; Patent Leather Shoes Slippers ; Dancing
rumps, etc
Fine French Gaiters of various colors and new and
beautiful styles ; Morocco and Patent Leather Bootes
and shoes. Buskins, and IB short, every variety of this
kind of roods which could be desired. Also a complete
stock of Misses' Gaiters. Bootes, Buskins and Slinners
of various style and colors, together with a full assort
ment of Boys' and Youths' Shoes, both fine and coarse,
ana au xinas oi inuarens- nnoes.
Particular attention is called to the fact that our stock
of Leather, Fiadings and Shoemakers' Tools, has been
recently largely increased, consisting of Sole Leather,
French Calf, American ditto. Enameled Leather, Kip,
aioroeeos,miaa, nuoDerijiotns. tunings, fundings and
Findings generally, including Hammers, Pinchers. Shoe
Knives, Wheels, Irons, Pegs, Shoe-Nsils, Zinc Nails,
Hungarian Nails, Shoe and Saddlers' Thread, Bristles,
Lasts a large lot. Boot Trees, and a general assortment
01 all things pertaining to the trade.
ttememnerthe place, ao.o, slain Ht..and you will not
egret giving ua a call. . w.et B.CKANAOE.
Barren. may 1 v4.
OLOWS. PLOWS. We are now ma
L kioc tvad keep constantly on hand the follow in r
jropujar flows :
Loot;' No. 1, Corn Plow,
do So. 3, Sward do
do No. 4. do do
8tar, do do do
Buckeyo, do do
Michigan DooLle, do
Boad, do
Bub Soil, do
CalUvatora with Cast Iron and Steel Teeth. Plows
epaired on snort notice.
Jan. 19. T.n. MORLET A Co.
A. SMITH & CO., (Late Hoyt,
Dealers in Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals Phar
maceutical preparationa. Perfumery, Ac. Also, a full
assortment of Paints, Oils, Window titass. Varnishes.
Brushes, Ac. Sole a rents in the place for the ale of
iayne s Family Medicines, Ayer s Cherry Fectora land
other pojmlar remedies direct irom the proprietors.
Family Medicines and Physician's prescriptions ac
eurately and promptly put up.
KIQ OF BlUtKS, lor aare iy . C. Jameson A
Co., with a new and elevated oven the largest Cook
Store, Oeneses Valley, elevated oven, Clinton, elettted
even. Premium, elevated oven, Ohio Premium, and
Woman's Rights stove.
BP. JAMESON fc CO., continue to
manufacture Cheese Vats, of a new and Improved
pattern, with heavy copper heaters.
Eave-troughs put up on short notiee, and warranted
good material; also, all kinds of Job Work done in
good style.
Warren. March 89. 14.
We have made arrangements with th: Duttuesone
Cracker Factory. Iiy which we are constantly receiving
their celebrated Crackers, and which we offer to Dealers
at retail, atthe lowest rates. Warranted the best
and Cheapest in the market.
DCS LAP ot STEWART. 4 45 Market St.
jan 17 '55
COMMUNITY. Wa wouM respectfully call their
attention to a splendcd Jot or Ocsrr a Uarreas, warrant
ed tn-H any kind af a foot; which must be sold, or
grrca away, e.tll swos and examine.
Ia it a. jao aicvvjsisnij er vtt.
LAXDS. TIMOTHY SEED. The undersigned are
now in receipt 01 a lare in 01 1 unuuiy oceu grown in
LMl Vt. II. TUBUS, Au-ilyUc Physician, will be at his
Tvoni, Warren, t.-ikil) Hote, Friday, April 13.
OawTKLL, 11 r. K&ton'a, Saturday afternoon, April 14tb
R.rcM., Frentiaa liooae. Saturday and Montlay,
April. 7th and 9th.
Those afflicted with Chronic difeaaes of the liver.
Lunfra, Kidoeys or spleen Inflamationa. IUietwia.iaai,
Asthma, Shortness af hrcath or difficult; of Breathing.
!yspepsia. Dropsy. Weakness or Nervous debility.
HesUcssness,Loss of Appetite. Constipation, Derange
ment of the Stomacen, Billions Affecttor-a, Gravel.
. White Swellings, or an long standing disease, are in
riled to call
ao cmafton roa comcLT.noa !
Dr. Tubbs neither bleeds nor blister, nor Is he s
Borneo pathivt; he never uses Mercury. Antimooy, Ar
senic, or any othec Minerals, as ssowical agents; nor Is
he a Tbompsonian he neither steams mxr gi res emetics.
His theory of disease differs from all others that have
bean adopted, but not more so than does his system ol
treatment, lie does not macs sice to mass mtU, not
(asr dsw ( build aa araia ; nor allay Irritation by
patching up with ndfns.
Patients should mark well the dates given above.
Our entire time being p re-en gaged, attendance Bust
accord strictly with published announcements.
An unbiased opinion as to the probabitity of a care
is always given subjecting the patient te no expense
without a reasonable prospect of success.
The attention ef Invalids is called to the following.
Sir. Cask's health remains excellent.
N01W4LK, February. 154.
Da. Tea as Sir : Believing that my life has been pro
longed by your treatment, and desiring that others may
profit by your experience, I send yoa the following
statement for publication. In Central America, Mar.
14, iHii, I was attacked with Bilious Kemitting Fever;
several leading physicians attended me while there,
and oa my return passage Fever left me weak with pro
fuse cokl sweats at night, which continued until after I
saw you. Liver became enlarged, stomach and ahdv
men much bloated, and bowels so constipated, that lit
tle or no movement occurred for ten or twelve days la
succession, unless forced by cathartics, which. In turn,
seemed to aggravate rather than relieve. A cough set
in which became incessant and with constant torturing
run, I could find no rest in any position da) or night,
slept bnt little. Expectorations were incredibly large.
Tequentiy exceeaing a quart or ropy substance auriog
the night. Countenance was sallow and death-like. I
. hvd been at home nine months before consulting you.
If either the change of climate nor the skill of our phy
sicians helped me. On the contrary, I grew worse and
worse, until phj sieians thought treatment of little avail,
and neighbors, as wel as myself, regarded death inev
itable, and near at hand. I received year first pre
scription early in March mat, and was under treatment
until the first of August, at wbica time I eowaaence.
labor. Since then I have had no sough or expectora
tion, no night sweats, indigestion or costrreness. I
now feel perfectly well, as well as ever In my bfc.
We the under! cned, citisecs of Norwalk, Huron Co.
0., have carefully examined the statement of Mr. Case
to Dr. H. Tubbs, in relation to the disease which he eon
traded while in Central America, and from our person
al acquaintance with Mr. Case, and frequent observa
tion or the condition or his health, we have no hesitm
tion in saying that we believe his statement strictly
A. O. Sutton. Senator of Ohio : Chaa. B. Sticknev.
Pro hate Judge, llnron eountv I M. B. Baily. Justice of
toe reace; ai. neinie, .notary rub uc. Mar. 14, U-m
The undersigned zuardians of A sir Briaht. Elis
abeth Bright, Margaret Bright, and James Franklin
Bright, minor children of Josiah Bright deceased : in
pursuance of an order of sale made bv the Probate
Court, of Trumbnll County, will, on the 91st day of
April, A. V. at tne premises hereinafter mention
ed, sell at Public auction, to the highest bidder, four
undivided seventh part of the following described
premises subject to the life estate therein of Amy Bright
widow of said Josiah Bright, deceased, vis : a parcel of
land sitnated in NewWm in this county, beings part of
lot o. a, in section Ao. J4,and bounded south west ly
partly by the highway running from Warren to Price's
Mills, in Milton, and south partly by the lot line, and
west on the original lot line, north by lands owned by
Leonard Miller, and east by lands of John Miller, sup
posed to contain seventy-six acres and a half more or
less except one acre sold to tieo. lon gen burgher by
Josiah Bright in his life time.
Also four undivided sevenths part of the following
premise subject to the life estate of said Amy Bright,
widow, therein, and also to a lif- estate or Stephen Bald
win and Rebecca Baldwin, in fifteen acres of the parcel
hereinafter described to wit: situate In said Newton
and bounded on the north-by lands of Jesse Allen, and
the highway leading from .Newton Falls to Duck Creek,
on the east by Unds lately1 owned by Williaun Uilmore,
now deceased, on the south by lands of said Gilmore
deceased, and Israel Cook deceased, and on the west
by lands of John Shearer and Augustus fuevens. Said
interest are appraised at the sum of $ 1540,1?. Terms
of sale made known at the time of the ering afore
said. JOSEPH W.COOK. ( -
Mar. 9119.
MAN AC, and American Manual.
To give an idea of the character of the work we sub
join a partial list of its contents.
A history of the American Party and its principles
from the days of Washington np to the present time.
America for Americans 160 Acres of Land for every
American Man, Woman and Child.
Roman Mysteries exposed.
Principles of the Jesuits.
Opinion of Eminent men. .
Washington a "Know Nothing.
Jefferson a Know Nothing."
Welstef a "Know Nothing.
Secret instructions of the Jesuits.
Influence of Bomish Priest at Elections.
Count Raimond's Degradation (with woodcut.)
Police Statistics.
Interesting Items.
Massacre of Americans by the Irish Catholics, la
Death of Shiffler.
The American Flag desecrated and destroyed by pa
pal Irishmen.
Convents exposed Miss Bank ley and the Emmetts
burg Nunnery. Her escape, kc.
The Jesuits and the Widows.
The Romish,Curse the Bishop's oath, and the Jesuit's
The Leopold Foundation (By Professor Morse.)
A me 1 ican books destroyed by Catholic Teachers.
Morality of Romanism.
Masons Proscribed.
Romanism inimical to Republicanism.
Influence and power of Foreigners.
With fine engravings Just received at
Mar. 14. 'tt. ADAM'S BOOKSTORE
Meisrs. E. L. GIBBS k CO., are adopting this
system in their business at Windsor, Asbtaimla Co., O.
where they are selling more goods, and at lower prices
tha. any establishment in their vicinity. That is so
come and try them! They wage war on high prices.
They have bought their goods low, and are seeing how
cheap they can sell them and live. Their motto is
"quick sales and small profits a nimble sixpence is
better than a slow hillip.M
Call and see them, and they will sell you goods lower
tnan you can buy tnem eisewnere and charge nothing
for their trouble. They are clever fellows and delight
in showing goods at ail times give them a call
Fely 14 ly.
Countr. aa. Court of Cosamoa Pleas.
Margaret Bockfeller.t
rs. Petition for Dirorce.
Darid Kockfeller.
The defenaaot. Darid Kockfeller, will take notice,
that the said Mafaret Roekfeller, on the twentieth daj
of February A. 1. IKii, filed her petition in said court,
asking fcra dirorce, and alleging as a cause: 1st,
wilTul aKsence for more than three y ear j Sd. gross nec
seetoftiutr. And that said cause will He for hearing
at the June term of said Court, A. D. Inii. .
C. W. eHHil, AU. for PllT.
Feb.SI, "S5-'ia
STATE OF OHIO, Trumbull Cj., ss
Court of Common Pleas
Ruthacna Harmon
vs Action for divorce Summons.
Benjamin Ilarmon.)
The defendant Benjamin Harmon, will take notice
that be is required to appear and answer to a netition
filed this tth day of Fettruary !Hi5, in said Court of
Common fleas, ity tne put n tiff Kuthanna Ilarmon.
The petition asks a decree of divorce on the follow
ing grounds ; 1st, habitual drunkeness for more than
three years, Snd, gross neclect of duty, 3d. ad u I try.
LUGETT A. COX, AUy's for Pill's.
Feb. 14 1855.
on Market Street, at the east end of J. L. Van
Go nirr's Brick Block, where mar be found a choice as
sortment of Italian and Vermont Marble. Tomb Stones,
Monuments, Spires and ererr thing in the Marble line
of the lest quality and finish, in the bestof stjle.
All persons that are in want of anything in
the aliore line, will find it to their adrantage to gire
me a call and examine stock and prices befofe purchas
ing elsewhere. Call and see. L. F. 6AUEB.
Mar. 14. 'jj. l y.
G""u67TxeW t6"t"h"e"6ld"soi7
DIER9 ! Every soldier who served fourteen
days in any war since i'DO, or has been in battle, is en
titled to ItiOacres of land. If deceased, widows and
minor children are entitled to the bounty. Widows of
Revolutionary soldiers are also entitled; also Volun
teers at Plattaltnrgh and Lewistown, in lfli, IH14. and
Chaplains, Teamsters and all connected with
the service, are included in the law.
The experience and success of the undersigned, in
iue prosecaiioo oi omny imu uni otner Claims, in
duces him to oder his services to the soldier, snd oth
era interested in the prosecution of this claim I think
I can gire satisfaction, and warrant success to all the
soldiers wb. may spply to me. I will be found at my
Oauce, over ouiuu at ncvonwi store.
i. F. ASfSR, AUj at Law.
Warren, Mar. 7. '53. 3m.
V David Fuaaelman.k
vs. Suit in Attachment.
John C. Tylce. )
At my instance, an order In attachment waa Issued
on the 16th day of February, A. I. IriS, by John Cra
mer, a Justice of the Peace, in Hubbard township,
Trumbull county, Ohio, acain.t the foods, chattels,
rights, credits, stocks and ail interest in stocks, mon
ies, and elects of Slid defendant, John C. Ty lee. who
is a non-resident of said county, for the sum of five
dollars and fiftv cents. Said suit stands for hearine en
the Sth day of Airil next, at ten o'clock A.M.
nnbbard. starch 7, 'ii D9
Every Carpenter his own Master, embracing
Plana, Klevatioue. 8ecincations, Framing-, Ac for
Private ii oases. Classic Dwellings, and Churches, to
which is added the new system of stair huilding. II-lustrate-l
with sixty-five eneravinrs. By Edward 8haw.
f or sale for the first time in a Book-store, at
. fehar- BALDWIN'S.
1 All persons indelited hy note or hook account to
the late firm of 3 dt C. Moass, are hereby notified to
BAMUBb M 0811 ft.
81 .0 000 DASHALL & Co. b
FRISK. CosecBUTioa) CetTils ! Sstcjttt Tnocsaus
Tii arrs ALKEaor sold t
Only PO.UUu to I disposed of! distribution of gifts to
come off without tail, March 10, Inii. or sooner, if the
tickets are all sold. CASUAL A CO. beg to assure
their friends that under no circumstances will the dis
trihntion postponed beyond the above mentioned date,
and they hope, by energy and the eo operation of their
patroaa, to bring the enmrpriss to a coaemstca at aa
earlier period, la which case due notice wiil be given.
150.000 Presents to be given to the purchasers of the
large and elegant engraving of the "Inauguration of
Seorge Washington, President of Ihe United states,"
from the celebrated painting of David Paul Laurens
Price of engraving (jl) One Dollar, which includes a
gift-ticket, entitling the hosier to a chance intue fol
lowing list of aaagnificent gifts.
The value of the presents, as appraised by a Commit
ee chosen for the purpose, is S lt,(KJ. as follows :
A splendid farm en the Hudson stiver com
pletely stocked, houses, Ac..... $iO.00Q
Stone rrenl Dwelling and Lot on Firth Avenue,
N. Y 13,000
A magnificent gold Tea Service, property of the
late O. Van Denton
Silver Wine eervice... - 1.OU0
The Race Horse "White Raven" e.UUO
Coach. Harness, and Horses, a ssagnificent es
30 Shares Central Rail-road Stock
200 Pine Watches, 1 100 each
lO.WIOOold Seals and Chains
10,000 Gold Pens and Silver Holders
100 Boxes best Cigars.
Hal Gold Guard Chains.
A Splendid Buggy
A Horse, Harness, and Buggy, splendid affair, .
Aa elegant dor, St. Bernard
Splendid Fast-sailing Yatcn, "Spirit of the
The fast and trim pleasure latch, "Eveniog
A loan for SS years
8 ,0I0
44 1.0U0
(All without interest.)
I Rosewood Pis oo ... M0
3 Mohogany Pianoa 1
A Farm in Ohio 4.000
A Farm in Kentucky..... 3,otw
A Farm in Pennsylvania .'
A Farm in Massachusetts 10.0UO
es.UKJ Vols. Poem 11.000
Statue of "Cigar Girl,"hy Reeves I.0OB
Also over luo.ww Paintings, Statues. Medals, Charts,
Albums, YaluaMe Bonks, and Portfolios of Engravings,
maxing in all lau.uuo ruts, which will be disoihuteu iy
a committee appointed by the Shareholders, and for
warded free of charge by the Pui lic's obedient ser
vants, VASIIALLaiV.,
4r Broadway, Mew York.
Orders for Eogravinis and Tickets in this great en
terprise are daily arnvins from all parts of the United
States and Canada, which warrant ns in promising a
very early day for the distribution. Applications
should be made immediately, as only a certain number
af Tickets can be sold. Letters, with the money en
closed, to be pre-paid, and the Engraving and Tick
will be rorwanled free. DASHALL CO.
Feb' 14 '33-' 14 sr-o Broadway, Sea York.
CTATE OF OHIO Trumbull County,
is- ss. loon oi tomrnon rieas.
Patrick Mangan 4t Co., )
vs. ( Civil Action.
JSritton, Peck, Ororer A Co. 8. k. Summons.
C. Moser, 5x B. E. lioyt s. Co. I
The defendants Britton, Peck, G rover st Co.. will
take notice that they are required to appear and answer
on or before the lUth day of March next to a petition
filed this lOthdayof February lt55, in said Court of
Common Pleas, by the plaintiffs Patrick Manftaa Co.
The petition asks judjrment for $aK, against said
defendants Britton Peck, Ororer cc Conpon a con
tract for work and labor in constructing sections 47,4$
and 49 of the Cleveland, fc Mahoning Kail Koad, and
also for an eunttaMe adjustment of the claims of the de
fendants S. St C. Moser. and 8. B. Uoyt fc Co., against
the plaintiffs and said Britton, Peck, Ororer k Co.
An attachment of property is also sought, and the
Cleveland k. Mahoning Kail Bead Company served
with ooitce as Garnisheer.
LKGtiliTT at COX, Atty's for PltTs.
Feb. 14 '5a. -9
NOTICE. The copartnership of John
L. Weeks A Co., is this diy by mutual consent
dissolved. All persons indebted to the same firm are
requested to call immediately and settle. Those by
book account, pay to John I. Weeks, and those hy note,
pay to A. Wenta. JOHN L. Wk.K3.
Feb. 14th A. WENTZ.
Notice. The subscriler will continue the bns'ness
as heretofore at the old stand. A good stock of cloths
and ready made clothing, and also a good assortment
of hats, and caps, constantly on band.
Feb. 31, '55. JOHN L. WEEKS.
BY I. B. WOODBURY. Since the
publication of the 'Dulcimer to the issuing of
the "CYTHAKA," one quarter million copies of Mr.
Wood'tury's books have been sold. Such is the ac
knowledged excelence of the Dulcimer, both In kind
and quality, that it has been made the model for every
popular Music Book published since it's appearance.
For it's equally esteemed successor, the Cythara, enthu
siastic praises reach uf from all quarters of the coun
Is now ready, in which the few slight errors which es
caped notice In the first twenty thousand are corrected.
Published by F. J. HrwrirfOTOw, New Xork.
jan 24 '55. KINO m COMPANY, Cleveland. 0.
BOOT CRIMP. The undersigned are sole aeeot
for the County of Trumbull. It is warranted to crimp
Ihe toughest p.ece of Leather in tw mtut$s, which it
frequently takes an hour or more to do the same piece
of work. It stands without a rival We would respect
fully cat! the attention of our friends of the craft to
the subject. Do not forget the place. No. SO. Main 8C.
Warren, O. d 13 J Ad. M CON NELL tfc Co.
H0-DE-N0-SAW-NEEt or the
Leagues of the Irquis, by Lewis II. Morgan,
corrtsponding member of the New York Historical
Society, of the American Ethnological Society (he. Aa
elejrant book of ikaJ nairesand beautiful maps, for sale
at ADAMS' BOOK STORK. As well as a few more of
those cheap family bibles. jan 24 55,
SWANS' MANUAL. Fourth Edition
just published, new and revised, and adapted to the
present practice. A complete guide for Executors, and
Adn.iuistrators.just rceiveil ny express a large supply,
An expose of theoiigin, history, theology and
philosophy of creation, alleged communications from
the spirit world by means of spirit rapping, mediums
writing, physical demonstrations, etc., sritn illustra
tions, hy Kev. U. MaUison, A M at
Jan. 17 BALDWIN'S.
THE H0ISERY Department. Panic
nlar attention is paid to this part of our business.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, can find almost
anythinr they want in this line of Trade. Silk. Black
and Fancy Colors, Cashmere, Slate Brown, Black and
White Cotton ilose, raoer Striped and Mixed Hall
Hose, and a large quantity for children,
aprjti B. B. UOYT CO.
The Life and beauties of Eanny Bern, a new
book just published.
We give btluw a partial view of the contents :
Genius in Panteletta
Fanny at school.
The Husband's death.
The Second Marriage.
Fanny at Church.
Fanny in Broadway.
A Key te) "Kuth Hall.',
A word about N. P. Willis.
AH about Satan.
Family Jars.
Private history of Didamus Daisy, Esq.
The Wedding Dress.
Mrs. Farrington on Matrimony.
A whisper to romantic Young Ladies.
The other side.
Single blessedness.
Petticoat Parliament.
F.inny on widowers.
Othordox testimony.
The mistake of a lifetime.
A wife s deTotion.
Interesting to bashful men.
A Chapter on Clergymen, Ac. Ac. Ac.
A quantity just received at ADAMS BOOKSTORE.
Price one dollar. Feb. tt, '55
kj uits In our homes. A novel. By Helen Dtir. In
one elegant 14 volume of 4 10 pages. Artistically Illus
trated with tine tinted Engravings; beautifully bound
in Embossed Muslin.
This thrillingly interesting romance has created a
profound sensation throughout this free land. It has
thrown the Dolitical psrliea of the United States into aa
unwouted agitation; it has already been the theme of
discussion in many legislative noiiies. l ne remarkable
exposition of the manner in which public opinion is
made in this country, to secure mc crcsatation or in
triraine demagogues, at the expense of those institu
tions beiMieathed by our forefathers, will astonish
thousands. It will illuminate the American mind with
f ntliful History of the Kise, Progress. Intrigues, and
Crimes of the deadly system of Jesuitism and Priest
craft.which ispoisining our homes, and corrupting our
politics snd instituti.na. Its startling revelatioua of
American society should he read iy every friend of the
great movement now in progress, which is to release
our Keiatfllic irom tne oouuaac ui mi.. uiTsoui lis.
feb.S4 for Sileat BALDWIN'S.
ii GAIN. The three atory Biick Building.
known aa the"City Halt," ia offered for sale.on
easy terms, as I wish to leave thia neck of the woods ai
soon as possible. jau IT '45, M. McMA.MJS.
TYPES OF MANKIND, or Eihnolos-
I leal researches based upon the ancient monu
ments. Paintings. Sculptors and Crania of races, and
upon tbe'r Natural. Geographical, Philological, Biblical
history ny . . t;. .-sou aim ueo. jl. uuuaoa. rrice
j.UUl A few copies just ree'd at ADAMS.
jaa 17 .
JOHN DOWLING'S History of Ro
manism, it's doctrines and ceremonies, it's politi
calami religious machinery. It's popes and counceh.
intlentie Spirit and murderous practices, from it's
begin i. tae present aay as. sjxue ia
(turning Fluid, for sale hy
jan St 'iS. E. A. SMITH A Co.
tar TaylarlsJasaiwark. Tea 'H1S
a nt jan it to, ai'ats.
Corner of Superior and Union Streets Cleveland, Ohio
This is the Largest and Most Magnificent
in the whole Western Country, and la tiled with the
Largest and Beat assortment of
Rrady-Made Clothing, and Famishing
of all descriptions, of our own Manufacture, and which
is warraated, ta be Better Cut, Better Made, and better
mlapted to the wants of the Community, and is sold a
at lowir rucia than any other Clothing la the
Strangers visiting Cleveland, will find it to their ad
vantage to call at
Cnlen Hall, corner of Supe-iiorand Union Streets.
J- TWELVE TEARS .'There has been a great deal
uf puffing and steaming going oa in the town papers,
a thing 1 never was in the habit of doing. I only take
this simt le method of informing my old customers, and
the public in general, that 1 have commenced keeping a
assail Grocery and Beer UalLoa Main street. No. 41.
(the German Sim.) where sou can find such grocery
articles usually kept in such a store. I also keep keep
en hand a first rate article of ALE snd Bcr.K. and in
vite all of those w!m arc frieade of the same. The Hall
ia kept open every day, Sundays excepted.
Warren, Jan. 31st, less. . BISnoP.
are preparing to pnhliah aa soon as Is compatible with
accuracy, a new and complete mapoi Trumnuu tons'
tv. entirelv from actual survevs. The surveys will al)
'tm made by experienced Engineers. All the pnhlir
rn.il and locations of dwellings, nbsres of Worship,
Post 0mces.8chool Houses, County Stores. Hotels, Mills,
Ac. are to be shown, and the names of owners or ptop-
ertv will also be inserted in their places ia the style of
Maps of Erie, Ontario. Livingston, Genesee. and vswe
go Counties eke. Ac., in New York by the same pub
lishers. Msps of the principal vilages in the county win be
inserted in the margin. The whole will be plotted to
the scale of 1 inches to the mile so as to mase a
large and ornamental atap to be eagrared and deBver-
e 1, handsomely colored and mounted at fire dollars per
copy. (jiLLtutasiiusiisatD.
tie l7Minoa St. Phihwlelpha9nd Story. Jan.3l "&J
Successor to James G. Brooks, dealer in nalDWaaa,
CiTLaar, Iao. Naits and Glass, where at all times
can he found a large and varied assortment oi iiouar
Trimmings. Carpenter s Tools, etc.
Pceived this day and now opening
6 dos. White's Cast Steel Axes.
4 " Beaver's " "
1 Hay Knives, "good."
5 Pittsburgh Gun-barrels.
2 M Remington's
30 Tons Pittsburgh Iron, assorted sixes.
. 59 Bundles best Norway Nail Rods.
Warren, Nov. 1, le44. A. L. M0RLEY
Having this day sold my entire Stock of Hard wart
SO A- SJ. MOtltli SOS Will CUU1IUK .lie ipm.i.i.j. - --
old stand, l taxe tnis metnoo o, imurmi 'r
friends and former patrons that I shall remain with
U I. I -h.il k k.n., IA . lh,M U
usual. J- O- BROOKS.
Oct. 30, 18S4. nov. IS
CI HANDLER SHOP. The subscri
) ber announces to the citisens of Warren, and the
public in general, that he has established a Chandler
Shop, where he intends to manufacture Candles, Soap,
and snperh article of Sausages, which will always be
on hand at Wholesale and Retail prices.
fTr" The Proprietor can at all times be found en
Market Street, one door west of Vautrot's Jewelry
Store. Warren. Ohio. -
TT7 The highest price, in Cash, will he paid for
Tallow and Lard. Id 13 A. L. C. DAY. Agent.
I?XTEN31VE Millinery Exhibition.
Juf The subscribers beg to inform the ladies of War
ren, that they have received a splendid assortment of
Bonnets, Ril-bons, Silks. Lawns, French Flowers, Dress
and Mantilla Trimmings, Ac, Ac. which we are pre
pared to sell very cheap. Those who will favor us with
a call, will, we trust, be amply repaid for their trouble.
apr Stl B.E. HOYT A CO
for any quantity of Scrap Iron, at the Stove and
Tin Warehouse of B. P. JAMESON A Co.
April 19. '54.
HORSE CARDS, Curry and Mane
Combs. Brushes, Gilt anil Fancy Trunk Paper,
Fly-nets. Door Matte, Alicant Matts, Ac. at
Carbonate Soda, by E. A. SMITH 4 Co.
il LIQUORS for Medicinal
al pui
urposes, and said to be
the best in town, at
may 311 POKTKR A Co.'s.
0Z. OF QUININE, ju-t rece-
red and for sale at low figures, at
May 31. PORTER A Co.'s.
ITTE HAVE FOR SALE cm com mis-
T T sion. one of Emory At Co. s two-hnrse power
Threshing Machines. T. II. MORLEY ek Co.
July i.
SOLE LEATHER. A prime article
for sale at E. E. HOYT A Co's. Hosse of that GOOD
TEA, Java and Rio Coffee, Seedless Raisins, Rica, Ac,
iust rec d at o. M. Main Street.
ONE HUNDRED Boxes Herring;
SO Quintals Codfish ; 10 Gross Lyon's Katharion;
10 bbls. and naif bbla. Maekertl, just received at
"TVATL LEAVES." Thi7be"autiful
J Historical and Religions game ellinr it
ADAMS', aa predicted. AUo, teIda Jtlay, Ida Nor
nan," "The Neva Boy, and all the new works of the
day. d 131
7M. S. WEST, Proprietor of New-
U ton Fall NURSERY, hat jort returned from
the Upper Lakes with a rarieW of Krergrecn Trees,
which be offers for sale on reasonable terms.
Those who wish for Krergreeo Trees, fruit Trees,
Grape Vines or Shrubbery, are respectfully requested
to call for them before the ground becomes frozen, or
early in the Spring, as he intends to visit the I'pper
Lakes a rain as early as the middle of April.
Newton rails. Nor. :, 1654-tI.
The evidence can he had In the prices ef Cloths,
Buck and rancy vassuneres, oatineua. Tweeds, Ked.
Orange, White and Printed Flannels. A superior qual
ity of 10 qs. heavy twilled do. Blankets, aud a variety
of other Woolen goods, at the
FOR SALE. A rery desirable
House and Lot on Prospect Street, in the1"
northern part of the village of Warren. House aew.
Apply soon to H. B. REEVES at the Empire Store.
Warren, Nov. 8, lr5-tf.
Eichty acres of Wood Land, situated in Dane
township, Clinton Co.. Michigan. Inquire atthe
jan 17 '55, Gaskill Homte gwtoon.
The Furniture and Fixtures f the Uajk.il! Bouse
Saloon. For particulars inuuire on the premises,
jan 17 'ii, M. McMAXl'S.
"VOTIC;:. A!l persons indebted to
-a. v me. by not; or book account, will confer a favor
by calling at the (iaskill House, and "squaring up,
as after the 13th of February, ail notes aud account!
will be left fur collection. . M. M MANL3,
DR. DUFF'S ADDRESS, delivered
before the General Assembly of the Free Church
of Scotland, at Kdinburg.upon his return from hts vm
to the United States. Also; BEDIM and Dr. DCff
contrasted, by Kern an, fur sale nt
Jan. 17 BALDWIN'S..
DISSOLUTION. The partnershij
heretofore existing between) the subscribers un
der the name and style of S. A C. Moser is this day dis
solved by mutual consent. The notes and accounts ei
the late firm, are in the hands of S;unuel Moser foi
settlement. B.V.Ml'KL MOrER.
Warren, July 31, 185. CORNELIUS MOSEI
CO-PARTNERSHIP. The undersign!. of the lal.
Bros of S A C MOSER, has this day associated with him
Michael Moser. for the purpose of continuing the Mer
cantile buainess at the old stand, under the name and
style of C. A M. Moser. They respectfully invite s
continuance of the patronage so itneniny exienueu it
the late firm. COKNELIL'S MOSER.
Warren. July 28. Iri4.
rPHE SPACIOUS Sales Rooms of E
L E. UOYT A Co, No. 1. Main street, offers great
bargains in Broad Cloths. Satiuets, Kentucky Jems,
Summer Goods, (Prints of the ! tiad.) Sheetings,
Bleached and Brown, Irish Linens, aud some very nice
Muslin Collars. i'.rr
VX for IMS at ADAMS.
Also Uerman Almanacs by the Oros. Feb j
O by Richard Sailor Sheil, M. P. All of our legal
rentlemen should read this work. 3 voL cloth, price
!,, Feb.: AUXMS.
Karnes' Elements.
Bryants Poems. Complete.
Longfellowa Poema Complete.
Mrs Hemaus
All beautifully bound and elligantly illustrated. New
Editions of these works, hy the Harpers, just reeeiv-
at Feb, 14th ADAMS.
Fes. Hth 'SS
VLL the New Works of tha time
can as usual he found at
fFeh'l ADAMS' Boogsiost
0USES TO LET. Two dwellim;
houses will be to let hy the Proprietor, aitaated
en Franklin Alley. Enquire ef the auitacriber an the
r-r " tbauher op .
PfnH u atetaii dealer - at a
u - " - - ""ieons. Miliars. Violins, aceot-
""f''"1 Instruction Books (or difereat '
StSrTjri nilU' M1 io
Pu-JS1i.''feipio,, "' Merebandis.
Mlodeons and Aeeordeone tuned and
lTwT? ' Work Second-tan. raws
anetedeona taken la exchange for new ones. All
instruments sold wiil k. rf.n..-s ..w .
S.i'n0' "d warranted for My leapA
or tiaae. Granite Rwi i .k. . ... ,.- .
March IS, leSi ' ' "
BOOK I en nt -i i ... . .
nuhlilwl . "J me unesi songs .vex;
,0."!h,,: nir the. are the followinr:
H i 1 1- nn ' DoaaaSone; A Cot Beside the '
Sai rTir " "H- ',1 Wanche Abn: By th.
fZlJlr w Chiw' ""; D. They Miss He;
HolU." W"n",l"'n: Crave of Bonaparte? Hearts and
oeauT.-' i?PJ Had fieTihee ia th,
,L ! r09" were a boy again; I've
iT rl,"1. KrW1: Luli I. cat dirlinf
AivlS11' Dr: L Mary .f
m co"': home. Mother; Mountain-n7.i.;-Ya
1 ? Mor,: 0h wo"ld I rere ahoyaaain;
0n' Ci Mary; Oh! home
my Childhood; Pauper'. Funeral; Sengs of Mher daya;
fi!-I . y We a,s. thee; Where are the
friends of say youth; Thy name was once a magic spell;
, , V'"".'? : We saet hy chance; Sonea
flove, es. I have loved before; Tea. 'tis true thy
f.W ' 'inr. "he's only gone before; Why da
I weep for thee; Yet, I have loved"
The above songs are finely harasoniaed, and alaae
any one of them is worth the pries ef the Book. It
containa over 10 of the best soars extant, whieh
would cost in sheet nnsie at least tiS. The Book ia
aeatly bound, and ia sold at the low price of tJ0B. A
new supply just received at Pomeroy's Music Store.'
Copies promptly seat by mall en the receipt V 1A.
PIANO FORTES The following
comprises in part the stock of Piana Fortes now
in ary Ware Room: Prices.
Three i Oct. Koswwood. case plaia tahlea, each
8', - - - - "
Two " fancy - JiS
One " " " exwa finish 33
'' - plain 258
" V " " round corner SS
" extra large seate STS
Two 7 " " plaia tahlea, rwand cor. 330
7 " " carved Rose tahlea, each ta
Nothing ean rarpass the richness af tone, beauty
aad finish of the rsss laat namrd
One second-hand good tone... ...9150
" iea
The above have all been recently selected by myself
at the Manufactories, and are ia every respect superiev
A liberal discount will ba made from these price, far
All Pianos delivered aad guaranteed to suit.
Warren. Sov. S3, WU. 8. T. POME ROT. '
THE GUITAR. We publish the tA
lowing from Wa Hall k. Son's advertisement In
the wtsstcf WrU mnd Tim : "With the (treat and
increased attention now fhven to the study of music, tbs
present demand for this hvautiftil and graceful Instrn
ment should not be a matter of surprise. A few years
afro it was quite a novelty to hear a Lady or tientlemaa
play the Quitar. bnt the popularity of the Instrument
has so greatly increased, that there is now scarcely a
amity of any musical pretention, but at least one of its)
m embers number among their accomplishments that W
playing the Guitar." William Hall It a4oas are making
a very superior article in that line, and their instru
ments are warranted to stand any climate. We hare
those of their make, and also, the Oermaa and Spanish
Guitar, from 93 to $30 each Also serines of the very
best quality. 8. T- POMEROl. -
Warren, July 19.
able work to those learning to play the Melodeon. It ta
a large, neatly bound wore, presenting a series of near
ly SUO studies being a complete and progressive method
of instruction for the Melodeoa or any reed instrument.
To thia is added a very valuable assortment af Songs.
Duetts, and Trios. W a rises, Marches, Quick Steps, Pol
kas, Ac.; among which are the following :
Coquette Polka. Klftn Waits. Pest March, Ocitrude'a
Dream Walts, tiipsy Polka, Iron boots Quick Step, I'll
pray for Thee, Saratoga Polka, Spirit Waltz, Chorus
from William Tell, Thou Hast Learned to Lov Anoth
er, Lilly Dale Song and Quartette, Jamie's oa toe
Stormy Sea, Annie Lawrie, Family Bible, Ac., all
choice Pieces. '
There are nearly 100 good pieces af Music ia tha
Book. Price fl.lw. It will be sent hy snail to any one
sending Sl,nU and 4 postage stamps.
Warren, April 19. 1B44. 8. T. P0MXK0T. .
MEL0DE0NS. A new lot just re
eeived Carhart's best all sites. Four new
Pianos just received, and as aaany snore will be openest
in a few days. 1 have bow aa elegant assortment af
old and new Pianos, Melodeons, Ac. Ae.
Call and hear, at 8. T. POMEROY'S.
Sept. a).
J. A line toned. Mahogany cased Organ well
adapted for a small Church or the Parlor, is now for
sale at a very low price, at POME ROYS'S
Sept. go. Music Store.
DE0S STOOLS, Just received at
SepciO. POMBROrg.
SEVERAL rerj superior new Pianos
just opened at FOMIROT'3
Sept. 40. Musis Store.
now oa hand, 8. T. POM E ROY-
Sept.t. -
Just received at POMEROY'S. ;Au;. J.
structor a new supply at POMEROY'S.
DK0X, very goad tone, eaa be bought for , at
Aug. i. POMEROY'S.
BASS VIOLS, Guit irs, Chronetts and
Violins a large supply just received by
August ! POJtEROY.
SOME more of those Seconl Hand
Pianos, just received at POMEROY'S.
August if.
AfETRONOMES, or time-keepers,
JL with and without a belL for Burkina off meaa-
ares. for sale at POMEROY'S. "very Music Teacher
anouia nave one. LMay
USICBOKS Tjust received at
POMKft0TS. The llalleliijah, Cythara, Chime,
Yount; folks Glee Book; Dodworth's Brass Band
School; Amatuer Orranist; Johnson's System of Uar
mony, Ac all raiaabie works.
Warren November, 1&54.
A larfe supply just received. This is jost the
Book that little clubs of Violinists and Flutists want,
and we are happy to say they arc beginning to ftnd it
out in this section as they have already done in the
Bastern State. We are prepared to furnish them as wo
doeverythins;else at the New 1 ork retail price, 9s,6n.
Orders by mail promptly tilled. S. I. POM K HOY.
May 3, 4.
heat Reed Inatntments in the world. A fresh sup-
plyjust receiveil at POMEROY'S.
GUITARS. A very respec ab.'e rti
cle can now he bought at POMEKOY. for 3 60.
May 31.
PIANO STOCLS Plush and Hair
Cloth Stools, a One assortment: also cheap Caaa
Beat do., at may 31 POMEROY'S.
PORTABLE Music Stands, at
may 31 J POMEROY'S.
TIPPED FLUTES, with a box, can he bought at
PuMEUuX'S Music Store for $i 1. ethers in propor
tion. June i .
Zumdel's Melodeom Instructor ;
Baker's Piane-Forte ditto ;
Burgmuller's M ditto
Bertini's Complete and Abridged ditto ; at
HHE S -miri try Cl isi B.k ; a cap'tal
-I Singing Book for Schools and Private Classes.
June 7. S. T. POMEROY.
Cottage Glees, a nt w
upplv, at
, -
TOY DRUMS Fildl s ant Trum
pets, at ; POMEROY'S.
DoowoRTn's Brass Band School ; a
splendid thing, for sale hy POM ER0Y.
,4 LOT or flegant Flutinas, from 98
ii to 3S, Just ree'd at jun POMEROY'S.
mJVJVJ J plete Dictionary, for sale by
June 7. POMEROY.
TUNER'S GUIDE. A complete trea
tise on tuning and repairing Pianos and Melc leona.
Price So cuu, at POMEROY'S.
May 3, 'St.
May J, "St.
EST Silver Violin Strings, at
May X '34. POMEROY'S.
Q OLD Violin G Strinirs, at
May 3, St. POMKBOY'S
stoat attraativa book containing BM pages.
uadasavgr IkhukI with SUV sanmviafs.aj.i w. esTer
hem at suvh a low price, that ereryltedy buys tbem,
itaaoet without exeention. M'e hare reeaived a tare,
umber and can fornix them, to ba aoM agaia at the)
tlisbrt'sdo-ee t1a w the IWeoptef.an
n,f 4C1.W1' 9v UTif.

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