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H1PJ0.U i 101 3. Proprirlors.
Tnn-e T .liar ail .fty Cents, "o leaner; T
Dollar, if pavaunit U not m e in a ivauce.
So pp?r diaoatinu until nil arr-3.rajes are paid,
except at the njw.ion ir the podnhers.
Twrlye lines, or less, one insertion, -
t.ro -
- " three '
" each I ld'nnal i:.l.niiu.
Twelve line?, or It'-, three ui.ii Uis, -
- . - - Mix
u twelve
Twety-foa-lines, tr?ree scoi-ths. -
. " - six " "
twelve " - -
Thirty-six line, three months
" " six "
I i .-u
4 ll
6 Ml
AdTertis)ng.verta'.sa:imnt,at the rote of Oiiy dol
tars per column-
Harinr a, well select assortment
.,..-.. re in nrenared to exei-ute in the rery lwt
Banner all kinds of plain and fancy Book and Job
Address Cards,
Bnsiness Cards,
Blanks Receipts,
Check BioSs, Bill TIeads.
Justices' Blanks, Lawyers' Blanks,
Handbills, Pawphlets.
Show Bills, Certificates,
Tiiils, - Bank Checks,
lore Bills. Bills of Ladins,
Colored Printinl. Ball Tickrts. MMme.. eic.
IBfrt eery thine done in the ilupe of Printing;, at
nrh pries as cannot fail to suit, and m the shortest
otiee. We keef. constantly on hand a carefully aelee-
Bill Tickets. Uanifei'ts.etc.
ted assortment or unms uv uiir-iuud)..!...-.-
bote is want o.r rrmunr can sueci.
JUHtices' aul CoastableV Blanks
scMMom, nornoss, srarota, axc
Constantly on hand and for sale.
Home Intelligence.
Female Equestrianism.
We are pleased to see that the younr
ladies are out frequently, in the early
mornings and pleasant evenings, enjoy
ing this healthful and invigorating exer
cise. . Xo other combines so many good
qualities. It strengthens the muscles,
braces the nerves, and gives tone to (he
mind. Grace Greenwood says :
When troa'-iled in spirit, when weary of life.
When I faint 'neatu its burdens, and shrink from its
strife, -
Then eome ye not wear me, my sad heart to cheer.
With friendship's soft accents, or sympathy's tear ;
Ko pity I ask, and no counsel I need.
Bat bring me, O I bring me, my jrallant yeans: steed.
With lu oiirh arched neck, and his nostril spead wide;
Ilis eye. fail of lire, and his neck foil of pride ;
As I Srin; on his back, as I seise the strong rein.
The strength to my spirit ret-irnetii again.
Better fax than all the shoulder-braces,
and drug panaceas ever invented, or con
concted, is a wild gallop on a brave free
6teed, for the young, and a gentle amble
on a quiet palfrey, improves the droop
ing invalid more than slops, syrups,
and careful wrapping. In no waits,
scholtish.or polka, ever performed in the
unwholesome press of heated ball-rooms,
is fair woman 60 clothed with grace, as
when, with sorm erect, she'is borne swift
ly onward by a gallant steed. The face
may flush in the stifling atmosphere of
crowded halls, under the glare of lamps,
but to pale again with morning light;
while the roses which bloom on beauty's
cheek in the pure free air of heaven, and
rich warm sunlight, under the exhilara
ting influence of a horseback ride, endure,
and are roses without thorns.
What are the young men about, that
the ladies ride alone ? Are men afraid
of horses ? Have they never learned to
ride ? Poor fellows ! they had better
borrow some gentle old nag, and prac
tice. Don't be afraid ; there is not much
danger, and the ladies will lead your
horses at first.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer says, "we
never had. our sympathy more excited,
than by hearing a poor unfortunate dan
dy remark that he had never fired a gun,
or mounted a horse."
VVe learn from a correspondent in
Vernonin this County, that a young
man named David Kerbt, 21 years old,
was drowned in that township, on Sun
day the 20th inst., while bathing in Py
matuning creek. Three small boys
were with him, but could not render any
assistance. Being unable to swim, he
was cautioned by the boys not to go into
deep water, but he rashly ventured be
yond his depth, and immediately sank.'
A sabbath school was in session within a
short distance, and npon learning the acci
dent, both teachers andscholars repaired to
the scene, and searched tor the body un
til evening without suceess.
The next morning our correspondent,
having read of a similar experiment,
placed two bundles of straw in the water.
One went down stream, but the other
floated diagonally across, and remained ,
turning in a rotary manner over one j
spct This spot was dragged, and the
body found, the water being about fif
teen feet in depth.' The cause of the
straw being attracted by, and remaining
over the body, is a subject for philoso
phical investigation. The fact is certain
ly awarious one, and well authenticated.
Deceased was a wagon-maker, in the
employ of Mr. B. H. Vanness, o Vernon.
Portage County Beaten.
Oar readers will recollect that we pub
lished m our issue of the 23d inst,, a '
statement of the quantity of milk yield
ed in one day by two cows owned bj
Mr. Willis Strickland, of Ravenna, which
was :
Horning, 11 ay Ttb, Old Cow, ...
- Young Cow,
Oil Cow. ...
- Voting Cow,
Total - - 92 24
Mr J. M. Webber cf Kinsman, iu this
County, iuforms us that the yield of one
of his cows was :
llorninjr. Slay 27 th, .
Ereuiug, "
. Ibs91 tSox
30 It,-
51 10
Mr. W. says one-half of the cows in
his dairy are equal to Mr. Strickland's
young cow.-
Was tlii one of the 5000 cows that
starved to death the past winter in this
County ?
Trumbull County' "is second to no
county in the United States in the quan
tity or quality of its dairy products, and j
. it is not easily beaten in the yield from a
single cow.
,.lb21 OSox
.. il IU
-42 13
2i OG
.. 24 u6
19 12
Wool Market.
Wool comes in quite freely, though as
yet, iii small lots. Many of the large
wool growers who refused to 'sell last
season, and wintered it over, are now in
market. The price, here, is from 25 to
33 cents, according to quality. Very
superior lots of full blood Saxony would
bring more. The average pric is about
28 cents. There is a marked improve
ment in the manner in which wool is
washed and put np, over last season.
Western Reserve College.
' A . . I.,t- .. I 1 n.L-.m mtikime
A correspondent at Hud-on. informs
us that tlio PreMJcnt of the College,
Ilc-v. George E. I'iiRCE, lias tenJt-ruJ
Mii resign nion, which has been accept,
ed, and is to lake eli'- ct atthe commence-!
jtneiit, 1st of Julv next. If this event
shall prove the means of scttlhijjj the dif-
firul ks uhicli have existed, an J cf re-
inla:in :!:e College to its former pros
peri y, it v.iil be highly gra'.ilyin to Mr.
i 1
.luce himself, and "to the fiieiids and
P"1""0" ol l!:e College, whether tluy have
' ("avored, or opposed his course.
- TllC Rt'V. lljCMsT
L. Hitchcock,
. . . ,
tjiUillUllS, has pfftl
elected to Cll
j l!is vacancy
This appointment cannot
r,,i u
; lu
gic satislaclion. Mr. 11. is
graduate of Yale College, a sun of he
lale lion. Fkteb. Hitchcock, of this
state, and has resided in Columbus for
the last 20 years, where he has won
golden opinions from all. Some of the
. -
Citizens ol this town, (OUTSelf among tile
I ...
j number.) Were SO fortunate aS to have
j been under his instruction, many years
ago ; and they siill retain a vivid recol
lection of the ripe scholarship, gentle
but firm authority, (rank and kindly
manners, which won both their venera
tion and regard.
It is probable that the Board or Trus
tees will no longer be divided in opinion.
We learn that at a meeting of the Board,
ilay 23d, Joseph Pkrkixs, Esq., (him
self a member) offered a resolution that
the Board resijjn in tolo, which resolution
was not adopted.
llev. Samuel Bissell has resigned,
and Hon. Recbex Hitchcock is his suc
cessor. Let ns hope that those noble buildings,
apparatus and libraries, purchased by
the widows' mite, the churches' brnev-
leuce, and rich men's liberality, will no
longer moulder from disuse, but that all
clouds will be dissipated, and Hudson
College yet become the Yale of the west.
Portable Saw Mill.
In another column will be found the
advertisement of Messrs. White fc
Haight's Portable Saw Mill. It well
deserves the attention of the public gen
erally, and particularly that of Lumber
men, and Saw Mill owners. The facility
with which it can be moved from place
to place, is an improvement which those
only who have experienced the difficulty,
labor and expense which invariably atv
tends the transportation of large-lots of
limber, in the log, can appreciate. . As
Saw Mills ordinarily are built, stationary,
the timber soon becomes scarce in their
immediate neighborhood, and each suc
ceeding year, as the forest recedes, the
distance over which the timber is trans
ported increases, until the expense over
balances the profits, and the mill must
be abandoned, or the machinery taken
out and removed at a very heavy ex
pense. Not so with the Portable Saw
Mill. It can be moved to the timber,
as often as is necessary. The improve
ment of sawing each board entirely oiT,
leaving no stub shot, will be understood
by carpenters, and also by shippers.
The fact that Mr. U. B. White has ta
ken this mill in hand, is very strong evi
dence, (to those who are acquainted
with that gentleman,) of the practicabil
ity and value of the new invention.
We published last week in our local
column, (not in the editorial) an account
of an accident in Bloomfield, from the
premature discbarge of a gun, copied
from the Cleveland Leader. Mr. Amos
Sharp, the sufferer by the accident,
kindly writes us, correcting an error in
the statement in regard to the physician.
He says it is Dr. S. S. Jcdd, of Gusta
vus, in this county, and formerly of this
place, to whom he thinks he is indebted
for the preservation of his hand. Mr. S.
states that his hand was badly mangled
by the ball, and that Dr. Jcdd skillfully
extracted the pieces of fractured bones,
dressed the wound, that the hand is fast
recovering, and that much credit is due
to Dr. Jcdd, for his promptness and
skill in the management of a difficult
case. -
Mrs. Whittlesey.
By a letter received by Edward E.
Hovt, Esq., fio:u Hon. Elisha Whit
tlesey, ou the 4th inst., we learn that
Mrs. W. was supposed to be dying. She
received a paralytic shock on the 24th
olt., at the family residence in Cantield.
Her husband and numerous family, have
been summoned to their old home to re
ceive her parting blessing. Before this
paper goes to press, she will probably be
no more.
. P. S. Since writing the above, a dis
patch was received in town, stating that
Mrs. W. expired on the 4i.li inst., at 2 PM.
Fourth of July.
Preparations are being made to cele brate
the 4th of July on a grand scale,
in this town. Three hundred dollars
has been subscribed for that purpose.
At a meeting of the citizens held Satur
day evening last, a committee was ap
pointed to make all necessary arrange-
ments. The following gentlemen were
appointed as committee :
R. W. Ratliff, H. Harsh, M. Gaskill,
J. F. Asper, B. F. Curtis, J. S. Kibhee,
II. B. Perkins, Wm. Green, F. L. Leroy, !
W. II. Weeks, W. II. Smith, U. H. j
Gaskill IIocse, Warren. We learn
that our townsman, Mr. W. D. Rowell,
the late popular host ol the ' Collins
House " iu this village, goes to Wairen.
Trumbull county, this week, (o take
charge of the fine hotel known as the
"Gaseill House."- Mr. Rowell and his
estimable lady, will, we doubt not, rii e 1
the "(iaskill House an enviable reputa
tion, and make it, deservedly, one of the
most popular hotels in the State. Ha
ccniia Democrat.
Gaskill will lake with Lira, in his
retirement, die
best wisLesof our citi-i
r-llS I l-i lucur.i.C hi.rli sffslir F-.t-
He deserves
. s.7V U I " t V t CUIt UI lllC
... . . . , ,,Ky
en.erpr.se. displayed 111 erectmg a hotel ,
so capacious and couveaient. j
Mr. Rowell is favorably known, as
host, to many of our citizens. He comes i
.. -.t . . 1 j ti- 1
to us with a reputation already estab hth-
. t J
ed, whic), we doubt not, will be more
than maintained. " I
j been 6 dry, that having the renitra
! , brance of iast -ear's druuht still fresli in
j tlu ir min is, farmers were becuming fcar
' fill of another dry season. Day afur
day, as t!ie r-un shone bright and clear,
i fares of nu-u were rluulc 1 wi.h nnxiety ;
I I 1 a u-i.i' iitr t..t" flia riv-
past nion
th has
A. t UtilVI H'l IIIV -. I
i but when the sjuiIi wind blew, and
tclouls daikenijj the heaven, their facts
light d up, and Mioni cheerily. Rain
, commenced fcil.in on Thursday night.
an ! after raining stt aJily till 10 o'cloek
j A M. on l nday, showers were frequent
A JJ. on 1'riday, showers were
until Sabbath noon. Never was sweeter
music than the first
patter of the rain
-Tliere is nanrh! in art Itmnnl
Th.1t can work with such a ep-ll.
In th-.- a;iirit"s .ure lieeji fiiui-laitis.
Whence t'ie h-ly p.usiuus saell.
As thiit melody cf nature
That suVincd, sil'luiiie strain
Wl ieh is p'ayed upon the utiingles
By the patter of t!ie r.iin."
Village Ordinances.
Several important Ordinances, passed
by Village Council, will be found in our
advertising columns this week.
Council proceedings next week.
Ohio Penitentiary.
The Ohio Penitentiary, under the
Warded hip of Mr. Buttles, appears to
be in belter condition than it has been
for some years past. At the present
lime I here are 617 prisoners confined
within its walls. Of this number I0U are
under contract to the State upon the new
Capitol, at 40 cents a day each ; 100 to
llaydeu fc Co. in the saddle-tree, har
ness, and blacksmithing business, at 40
cents a day each ; 100 to the Ohio Tool
Company iu the manufaeiure of planes,
ifcc, at 40 cents a day each ; 100 to
Hall, Brown it Co., in manufacturing
agricultural implements, at 45 cenis a
day each ; 25 to J. Strickler, in stone
cutting at CI ceuts a day each for ap
prentices, and SI a day for expf rienced
hands ; 10 in making cultivators, plows,
harrows, fec, at 45 cents a day each;
and 19 in the manufacture cf wooden
type, at 61 cents aday each ; the balance
being employed as tailors, i-hoeniakers,
washers, cooks, and hall waiters.
Large additions have been made to
the work shops during the present year,
the mechanical work all being done by
the prisoners. A new building, 122 leet
by 38, has been erected for the use of
the Agricultural Tool Company. The
blacksmith shop has been erected 54 feet
in length ; and every department is
crowded with business. A fine large
garden is under cultivation, and it is ex
pected the present year that enough
cabbages and tomatoes will be raised to
supply the prisoners during the season.
Since the scurvy made its appearance
last winter, the necessity for moie vega
table diet became so appaient thai Mr.
Buttles employed some of the most trust
worthy convicts in cultivating a lot out
side the walls, cu the bank of the river,
and we have no doubt that the experi
ment will prove highly beneficial to the
health of the prisoners.
One of the greatest improvements yet
made in the discipline of the Prison, is
the formation of. a school, under the di
rection of the Rev. Mr. Warner, the wor
thy Chaplain. After the performance of
their allotted tasks, the convicts have
the privilege of attending, and many of
them have made considerable progress
in learning. We noticed a little boy.
only twelve years old, upon one of the
benches, who appeared to be very atten
tive to books, and upon inquiry, we
learned that he had been sent here a
few weeks since from Dajton for burgla
ry. How long will it be before Ohio
will have a House of Refuge ?
There are seven women shut up wuhin
these walls, under the care of a Matron.
Biddy Fury, an Irish, woman with red
hair, gray eyes, anil a sharp nose, is one
of them. Biddy Fury was well named.
When excited, her temper is ungoverna
ble, and in one of her tantrums in Tole
do, she stabbed a woman so as to cause
her death, for which offence she was
convicted of tiwimlauytler in April, 1G54,
and sentenced to the Penitentiary for ten
years. Afterbeing shut up four months,
another, little Fury came into the world,
and Biddy, after being allowed to keep
it a year, sent it away to be taken care
of by her parents Jiving in Cincinnati.
Among the seven unibrtnnates, is a mill
er pretty looking little girl about fouiteen
years old, who was convicted in Dayton
and sentenced for one year, for stealing
a silk dress.
The position of the Warden is certainly
an eiduous and responsible one. To
keep 600 men in proper subjection is no
trifling matter, but in our humble opin
ion, his duty is light in comparison with
that of the Matron. We know some men
who cannot govern one woman ; yet this
Matron is expected to manage seven.
Verily she must have a sweet time
Slme Jjurnul.
Rail Roads
The Cleveland and Mahoning Railroad
Co., are making all proper arrangements
to drive that work through to its comple
tion. A large amount of iron has been
received from the works of Reeves, Buck
& Co., near Philadelphia to lay the track
to W an en ; aud Irom that point ample
means are provided to complete it to
Youngstown, leaving all the subscription
obtained east of this latter point, with
o 150,000 of Lawrence county boudd, and
8250,000 of the first mortgage bonds of
the company to continue the work to
.New Castle. So that, however it may
be with other works- of the kind, the
finances of this road are in a healthy
condition ; and the work is under the
directionship of men who w ill use it to
the best advantage.
We understand that the Franklin and
Warren Road, known as the broad guagc
road of Ohiorand which waj to have con
nected at Kinsman with the branch road
runnintr through Meadville to Olean,
there to connect with the N. Y. and
Erie R, R , has abandoned that project,
at least for the present, and has made
an arrangement to connect with the
Cleveland and Mahoning road at War
rtn, adopting, we presume, the guage
of the 1 .iter.
At a meeting of the Directors of the
North-Western Railroad, held recently,
we learn that it was resolved to push for
ward vigorously all the heavy work east
of Butler, leaving the light work for the
present, which can easily be puhcd
through after the other has progressed
to an advanced stage. We look with
confidence to the early completion of this'
important link in the chain connecting
the east and west by direct Railroad com
munication. Xtv Castle Freeman.
pdieruai -rraniiparent received lii.v
doll!U.s bv way of setdement, with which
h was of coarse highly e'aled. One
a'd?'1''' ld "copper-head" is said In
hftVB bu torli .'.ut0 lhe following rhn
i.dy whilt! thinkini? of his little "find-
3 fif, 1 ?i . A 0 ,
6on and the hfiy dollars : O, got-ive ui
uty ddbrs 1 prctly b.,by fine baby
vart Indian vart Enaineer
While the Erie Railroad was beiu
hniU rlsraiKs-hi th,. A Hi.irT.unir P. icupi- I i .11
vuasa. Hi I VU II VIIV i 11V tiv II i ailVlia
an Indian child a wit" sas several of
t!u:nl Wiis l,or"r beariuij
in liibitab'.u
I. . P - ' 1
The dus-
" v V All ai.u;u
. . , . ,
1 -i
Mrs. Atlalinc
j .'..in;, i.i MiddlefielJ. in
ll.i.s county,
t It - i I II M. A Mill, V 4S (oilll-.l
;ii a i II on tin: .:. mises, on
i!ri mil
tin. 7.!i uf Ajrii.
wns 1, 1-1,1, nil, 1 (he
dk't of .-uiciiie by
A Coroiii r s inque.-I
jmy teiunieil a ver
tiiosvniii ulii't! iu a
state of partial d
miff men'." The de-
ce.i-i (I lia.J be n subject to periods
partial deraiigtmt nt lor a number
jears. (. liardtm Don.
A NhW- Voi:k rorrerp ndent of theXa
tional Iiiielligenver ays that Santa Anna
has anticipated the three millions of dol
lars coming tohim from thilioverunient,
on account of ihe Mei!l Valley pur
chase, through an eminent Mexican ban
ker, Seiior EscanJo, and I his gentleman
is at present in Wat iiington, wiih a view,
it is understood, of recovering, if possible,
th.; sai l -53,000,000 in advance oi" the
time stipulated.
II Ur. II. TI'BBS, Analytic Physician, will be at is
room. Warren, liaifcill II. .me, Wednesday. Tth Juue.
Obivxix, .Mr. K it n's. Tours lay, -.'-th June.
lUv:N4, 1'rentiss liuune, Friday and Saturday, id
ami -!tH June.
Th "se alllicted with Chronic diseases of the liver,
Lun-s, Kidneys or spleen IiiSainalious, Rheumatism,
Asthma. Shotmess of bnath or ditiicuit., of Rreathinjr,
Dysiiepsia, Dropsy, W e illness or Nervous dei.ilily.
Restlessness. Loss of Appetite. C insti:tiou, iHrraiMfe
ment of the. Stomach. Uillious AUectiu: s, Gravel,
H liite Swellings, or any long sLin.lin.- disease, are in
rit .d to call.
so f-tuaoK rot rori.TiTio !
Dr. Tu'-.hs neither bleeds nor blisters. nr is I.
llonieopatlust; lie never nis Mercury. Antimony, Ar-
....... . ... ...j JIIUH41-, as Hmim airellls; nor IS
he a Thoinps.inian he neither steams nor circs emetics.
Ilis theory uf diseasediders from all others llvit ko.
oeen aiiopteil. i.ul not more so Ulan does his ivitrm ol
treatment, ilealoes not stale Mick 10 saa'.s ,-.
tear U tmli mm alain : nor allav irritation be
liatchin? np with eaadsars.
I atients s!ioul.l mark well the dales iriven above.
Our eutire tllu.- Iiitie pre-eneaffed. attendance mni
accord strictly with aibl:shed announcements.
An unbiased opinion as to the probability of a cure
is always iciveu subjecting the patient to bo exensr
without a reasonable prospect of success.
CcxaaxrT, Ashta' ula Co.. 1833.
Dr. Tcnic Sir Alter nine years of su.Tertn'. and
lime years of fruitless search for help. I am niosi liau-
y to inform yon that health is once more restor-l
As you u-cre aware, I .vas afflicted with a harsh eoujh
and frequent s,.ittiu of bio d from the luiigs, both of
which were aggravated by crcat seusibility to cold.and
by often taxing coll. My stomach had alsabeen sodis
ordered for some years that I could eat no hearty foo l,
and but little of any kind: cr n mi:l- ,.,iiH ,...
hours of sudernj-. Stran-e retlin;tsand a blindness
came over me at this time, thnt I could not stand for
several minutes, then pass off with a palpi a'.ion aud
faintness. I was thin in llesh and stooped foraanl un
avoidably from weakness of chest and sto.u:ich. I was
under your treatment five months ending last Februa
ry, baritic that time th? cou?h and raisins; both stoi
pel, dii-estion became troo l. and I gained twenty four
pounds in weiiht. Durin- the summer and np to this
time. I retiin bit flesh and strength, and am entirely
free from Iwith lui.r and stomach s. mi. ton s. What oth
er physicians have tried for years to etft ct. eosti ug me
some taro hltndreil dollars, you accomlished in five
months, at au expense of only ten dollars. My resi
dence is seven miles east of this place; in Sr.rin-tlel.1
" S. My brother, Oeorre W. 1!., whom you treated
at the tame time for epileptic fits, to which lie had ien
subject for fifteen years, has not had one since then,
and his general health is likewise better now than it
has lie-n far many yaars before. L. L. G.
tiic Src Sesso. The undersigned takes
pleasure in informing his friends and the punlic gener
ally, tliat he has ajrain placed this delightful retreat in
readiness for the reception of visitors.
Jle Hattets himself that the increased attractions he
is euaoled to present this season, will render it more
popular than ever, as a resort for invalids and others
wishiu- to escape for a lime, from the heat aud dust of
town life.
This retreat now numbers among its attractions, a
good Teu I'm Alley; a Bath House, supplied with pure
spring water, where hot or cold l-slln, in any form, can
c had at all times; a Mineral Spring, universally pro
nounced remarkaMy heatthlul and invigorating; and
last bat not least, aTa'.le, which will lie supplied with
ttiesui.staiitials, as well as luxuries, of the season.
Arranireuielits have been ni'...e with llr U'll.i I 111
BALDlt IX. a skilful Hydropathic Physician, to remain
during the season. Particular attention paid to Chronic
U. seises, and theteraeralure of the batlis given accor
ding to the vital and re-aetive powers of the patient.
The remedial agents used, are. Water, Nutrition, Exer
cise and Moterpatiiy.
Kach patient will he required ti bring three quilts,
one wool.-n sheet, four cotton sheets aud six towels.
Terms for board an.l treatment moderate.
Ilowiacd, May 3d, 'jj 3m K. M. TI iN'Iv.
hers. having purchased the Woolen Factory at WEST
WAUKKN. frumliull Co., O., and having put the same
in good or.ler, for doing Custom Work, Carding, Spin
niug and Manufacturing, are now prepared to receive
Wool, to work on shares or by the yard, on as reasoua-
nie lenns as any otner esta'dishment on the Reserve.
Having had severalyears' experience, they Halter them
selves they will Oi aide to give general satisfaction.
West Warren, May 16, li'io. 3m
or GASTRIC JI ICE. still holds th : first place among
all the various remedies for these painful and destruc
tive complaints. It is Nature's own specific f ir an un
healthy stoaiach. No art of man can e.Ual its curative
powers; and no sufferer from Iudigestion aud Dys;ep
sia should fail to try it.
Sold bv E. A. Smith ei Co.. Warren: V. It.
Can field; Mosgrove 6l Moore, Ursaual 41-ly
All the Officers acd Privates, their snrvivin- wl.
dows or minor children, who served no.ler i'..t J..b
Vanatten. in the year 1C 13. can get I'M acres .if laud by
engaging cie to prosecute their claims. I hv. th.
means of proof in my possession.
iau4 H arrauts bought at high prices.
w arren. May 30, lSaj. 3t Att'y at Law.
A Ti. C. Darliuir. (fttrmrlv Tv. ri'in i. n..
IU tiier.) has removed his Shop to Hie building at
the corner of Liliertv and South street. .1,. b.
is preptired to carry on lliacltsiuithing in ail its bran
ches. Kailroad tools made on short notice, and in
su.oerior style ; Horse-shoes, warranted not to "cut in
the eye," and put ou in tiptop manner. May 30. 'ii.
pASII FOR WOOL. WE will pay
Uie highest market price- for fleece Wool. n
washed and proper. bandied, delivered at our Store.
may , jw. IDDIXGS t WOKQAS.
1 JOLTRNEV through ihe Chinese
V Empire, iu two vols, with maps and illustrations,
- HAI.bWIN's
the late Dr. Magiun. at BALDWIN'S.
LIFE OF CHRIST, conlaiii n an ac
count of his travels aud teaihines. so amind in
the order of their occurrence as to form a complete
Harmony of the Uosiei, by J. Tiuany, of Spiritual no
toriety. One hundred copiesju.treceived iierexpress.
price ten cents, at maySO. BALDWIN'S.
f RACE LEE, By Julia Ka"vana-h,
V M i.v.ai. at BALDWIN'S.
ANALOGY of Ancient Craft. Masonry
t . Nature aud Revealed Kclicion. at
may 3(i. BALDWIN'S.
. may 3d.
may 311,
izy3n. B.i
' " lrice ten cents, may 30. BALDWIN'S.
Captain Priest by the author of a Stray Yau-
in lexas. li lust rat d ly Oarly. at
rs A. II. Warner, author of dollars and dimes.
II.ll.UH 1S.
I)ENNETII, or the Rar Guunl of the
j Urand Army, in paier, at BALDWIN'S.
Scandeulierg, King of Aliiania by Clement C.
Moore, LLD. A few c.rpies just received at Ansas'.
rart of a brick dwellinr house, situated on Onin.
by hill. Inquire of T. li. AlOKLfc oi CO.
arren. May "3.
of Medicine, revised, enlarged and improved,
with corrections, additions, new remedies and im
provemeuta. In 3 vols. imyj ATAD tMS'.
A. Vi miwt elegant work oo this subject ever published;
lare octavo volumes; price $1JW. Just received by
express nt my9j A DA MS'.
-L of a Wasted Life; by a middle aed man: an ele
gant Temperance Story
, true lifs,
Price Ti (,-t-. At
may 9
r AR8H A LL'S CaUrrli and Headache
AT A Suuff. The penuine can tie h id at
t. A. SMITH At C.'s Druj Sture,
A OARKT MAITLAN'D. of Sunny Side, trritten l.y
hcrsvlf, price ?1. Also a great variety of other n-w
irurks ikiu : opened at (aiy S ADAMS'.
The Mav I I-
aer. aud ruttcillaneoas wniintrs bv
Atinuishe.1 huly ju;t ree'd at
l e''s
V dictionary of chroii.iiu.'t', cr historical aud sta-
llisticu register, rruin ihe birth t hrisi to tiie present
tUui.just received at apr.i'j-l AUtMs'.
J- S'.ry, at ma;.0
a Souihern
Jeremiah C. Jeter, cf Uichn,.ind, Vs., at
1 1 IV WT' f KifUrH V ... i reel k l -
I f MAALK.fAA i yji.i i a ntrom, j
a impressions oi the Society and Jlannrr of the, Li
Ru-si.i!i at ilnme. I t a laa-iy teu years rri It-n; in that 1
nin.lrv i t 'n .r r-it . 1 f l s.,,4j! I'll ll'.VISlV I
Tinr A"rn7T-iiTT;,rr :
All blhAilirb. t; arc
i a. cu t.iil- receiving iy express, tiie nrw pui-lica i
io::s oi" t e diy, as th?y cooie 'roa-j tae presii. I
i;f u j. AUA-Jia .
TAT?: OF OHIO, Trumbull
Cuun , I Coanri'iu I'V iiJ.
i.jiil-.iii i'vvi;, A Iti.ii.j-tnt -r om t watatel
.'-..i.i iii.t. i.c'.i. l :.i:-i...,
or.iius i: ,r:. ;: . r-: s 1; J.;... a Iteney, j
-1..1 ..li..A;i ;4 c j ....Vl -l.l. I,. I
I Ttie
; Lfe ol li
in th? 'i!rM-
:i.l.ilt. l;: ert .-1. Il.trl. . t.ou n-slntlit -f the
iu. 14 t,.-rt-':iy itit;ie 1. : -.1 Uiv plll.tili tiled,
. ot the i;icrk of ill-t'-i,rt 01 Couiitt-'ii PU-as,
ou the .:h
if M ty, e. a I'el.tiuii. sc-tii'g furlh,
-i;liMt, Oren. ll-irt, 1 iu-ielled to the
1 lii..: Uic i.
I relate of s
1 li irt. l--cenit-(l. i:i ttie suui ot 3!' ", with
I u lercl Iro.a .'lri h 3. iritt ; th tt s.i.d Ore:ii-s Han lis
i no pr-;'j;i.. . nil 01 jierotiul, ir fa. a ii.cti to force the
1 cuIioctiMii .ji uii iiidl!te:ltie; ili.tt ma I rc-miy be
t luiil an intereM ui n piece of l.md til Bro"kh-H, con-
siatiliof I'J.icn.ji at.,. b.mniK-.leiiutti Uy U11.I4 of llavid
! 'd :ll lolf. fcel 1 y .u,,! uf llu::h .iui:t.;..nwr. uortll by
h'.mls ol J.iire Hi n, v. and cast ! y the nuru. and south
center r.i:i-l m 911,1 1 iwa.li.ii.alii h Witd h i f-r a lot-a;
title stiu-J in the ti'ime uf K.jl-ert S. Hart, who is a son
or said Ore!:", Hart, and iu ali-;tn the foe uf said land
' iiotr r.-stinj; that said OriT.us lUrt ha lived on said
la'id f..r a l iiii i, nil nf e im. and ha alwa scomrolle l
it as lii uAit. iin.i h.ui oivneil the sreatot interest iu
1 tiie same, but t'ie deed aas so t iken 10 cover it up aud
' ke-p it troin tiie creditors 01 til.? ai 1 Or-i.u-; that sume-
t:a:e ifnrit. the ?pr:n:r. (..ninl:tl canm-l t.!te thj exact
, t:ni -.) the Ori-Rut Hart coit-;: .-;-.! to -t li u I laud
to liif-.-w 1 i;r. J.tu s ilem-T ....! hi.ii.ua ll'-n--y,nt the
j rale -f $:ia 1 ,-r arr.-. nt-ikiti J ilic sn-;i of $:. which
t u dune a .tn ti:e col.s M-l f -a:J tt !-Tt S. Hart, on
Hii.rh co: tr..,- the said II -lieyi pa d iu li.-tlid the sum
of :i4and tm.fc Rn article uf said lin.. and azreed
to pav said Oreuns 3U .,i t,n lust day of July, Ifai,
and SW' on the hrt day of So teinlK-r, leii. and bil
ance t-f puirhae money to It.i.rt S. Hart a iio by said
article bound lucist If to niakeadeeilof sai i land loan 1
j II. 1.-.' . : d th said Herei s are now iiniciitt-d o said
j ilrer.u, Han iu i:ic stm, (,( 'gjiit. with interest thereon
I from Olne of u:.ikiug Slid colitrsrt. beinir, with the SlbO
I paid iu hand, lite int-.rest ol said Orelius in said land,
. and balance 01 j urchase luuney kctug interest of said
I Robert S Hart.
I Tli- I'iaintitf asks judgment azainst said Orenns Hart
I for 8 It.tl. a ith iuterer.! from March 3. 1.-43; and that do
1 fenilalits. James ami Roiauiia ll-ney lie ordered 0 pay
I over said sum of owing by t'lem t Orenns Hart,
or so uiucu tr.rreor as will itnf- the plaititiD s 1 bum
and cints of ,ui:; and that they be enjoined from tKiying
said sum. or any part thereof, to said Orenns Hart, or
t K-i!ert S. Hart, or any other person, until the plaiu
ttH can ret a ju.iouenl on his said claim, and have the
saioe fully sat:iied; and alo that said Harts, or either
ol them, be enjutbed from di4-o.ni? of or assluinjr
any -er-jo sultrier.
The said V. d.ert S. Hart is herebv notifie.!. Ihit an
injunction has lieen allowed accordingly by the 1'robate
Judee. arid th it a bond is riven accordi:ii; to law.
The d-fendatit. Robert S. Hart, is also notified to an
swer said petition on the Ist day of Juiy, Ira."..
J- t ASl'EK. Att'y for Plff.
W arren. May 30, iei3.-it-ad'J.I'J
J lH:unoit Wakefield, 1 In Tmrnhull
. Cvmmor. l'k?u. Petition
Naomi Finney, e ml. J for Partition.
The .efiii!iiu will take notice, that Petition was
filed itjririst them on the Cth rtaj uf April, in the
Court of Common Plena for Tmuil-ull County, Ohio. Iy
saifi IvMnuion:! WakefieM.aiMi is nor pending, where
in the lijslamoiia Waiiefielil tlcumn U imrtition
aril dower of the following real et:it-. situate in the
lotradhipof Kimntin, County ami State aforesaid, betnjc
part of l-t No. 14, ami in liounde I, north I r the rjai oa
the uorth line of s-iid lot ; east hr lands of James Lauh-
lin : south I'V lands formerly owned by Lyttle ; west by
a line ninni:ip .ir;iHel to the eat line to the ceutre of
said roA-l contain ins jO acres.
Also, part of lots No. 14 and 13, bounded north tj
linds of Plant Ac Parsons ; south Uj highway ; eat 1-y
lauds ot John Miller; and west by lauds now in the
possession of N a thin Kinney, 2d, containing lOTb-JftO
acres. And that at the next term of said Court, appli
cation trill he mad y the said lesdamon Wnlceneld
for an a3iiimeirt of tv-r dower, and that iartitiou be
made of said premises. By
April JtJ, lj.-m-J-Gt It. ot R. B. BARNES, Auys.
STATE OF OHIO. Trumbull County,
as Court of Common Pleas.
Richard rf. Brooks,)
Alex McConnell
i Chancery.
and others.
i.ne an Known neirs of ?arah Sibley, deceased, an)
hereby notifietl that on the iOth day of Jnly, A- 1. l'OO.
It i chard S. Brooks of Warren, Ohio, filed in the Court
of Coicmoa Plena, of said County, against Uiem ami
others. The object and prayer of which bill is to compel '
the Executor of Jeremiah ttrooks, deceased, to make a
final settlement of said estate, and to distribute thi
funds in the hands of Alexander McConnell. oue of
the executors, imoo; the heirs of said Jeremiah. Th
Bill sutes th.a Sarah St4ey, one or said boirs is dead,
leaving children aud heirs, whose names and pLices of
residence are unknown to the complainant ; and pray i
that they may le ma le parties to said suit. Said un
known heirs are also notified, thnt unless they appear
and answer, a decree will be taken by confession
against them, at the next term uf said court.
ft. P. CL KTI9..
Warren, Slay 9. 155.-6t Sol. for Complainant.
By virtue of an der of sale, issued out of the
Court of Common Pfjas of Trumbull County, llhio, to
me directed aud delivered, and decree made by said
Court, at their March Term, A D l-ai, I shall exKse to
sale, at public outcry, as in execution U)on judgment,
at the door of the C-urt House, in Warren, in said
county, on Saturday, the 23d day of June, A D tfiS. Ie
tween the hours of 10 o'clock A M. aud 4 o'clock P SI,
of said .lay. the following described mortgaged premi.
ses, named in said decree, and described as follows, t
wit: Situate in the township of Greene, io aiii c)inty
of Trumbull, lieing part of lot No.-JJ. and l"ji led as
follows, via: Beginning at the center ' " "s i TJad, run
ning east and west thrm.-h the cent:r ' it'd"reene,
at the south-east corner of Aaron Basco lfila:thence
north lb rods to a ost. to land belonrijr t v dward
Bascomb; thence east 10 rods; thence south Id rods to
the center of the aforesaid road; thence west 111 rods to
the place of beginning; containing one acre of laud
be the sa-ive more or less. Appraised at jm-
To lie sol i at the suit of the Executor of Calvin G.
SutliiT, against Benjamin llitiLrham and others.
II. tt. IIAILMO.N. Sheriff.
SlieriC's Office, May S3, lcii.-pf3,li,'3
Attachment notice "
X Jl Lyman Leonard,
John T. Yeomans.
Before Jiiltoo Graham, a Justice of the P?aee for Ver
non Totw iiship, Truuibull County, State of Ohio. if. at
tachment, litis suit was counueuced by attachment issu
ed May Vih, 1-5o. aud retuaiied May lUth, If .jo. by aod
before .'HI ton Oraham, Justice of the Peace, and was
continued to June 'JnU, lrtj. at one o'clock, P M, for
-trial, liiid suit is brought to recover on a note of hand
made p tya'deto Horatio l).Wolf. now dne, for forty one
du'uir find sixty cents, aud costs of suit.
Hay S3, lo03-3t LYMAN LKOXARD.
County, before L. W. Mears. Justice of the Peace
iu Hlcouihebl tuwushiji. . .
Nelson Piumb,
rs Civil action. Attachment.
J. M. Hubbard, )
The defendant is noti fled that the aloTe nameil plain
til? tins ennsed an order of attachment to he issued by
L. W. lears, Jnstice of the Peace in bloomfield, said
County, on the 1ith day of May, A 1 lr35, araiust the
probity autl etfects of the defendant, for the sum of
4,(eC, due tiie pUintiiT. N ELSON PLUMB.
Bloouitieht, 3iay 30, 'Jo li-3t a 1 1,X)
JL Common Pleas.
Kchccca Kiiigsberry,
ts Petition for Divorce.
John Kinsserry,
The defeud.tnt. John Kkirsbcrry, will tike notice.
that the plaintliT, Itebecca Kicsberry, has this day flted
her (tetitiu in the court aforeduid. praying that she
maybe divorced from the said defendant. Site also
prays for Alimony, and asks the custody of her child.
For cause or divorce, she sets forth and charges ab
sence, for more than three years, last rrat.
May 21, 155 l-Ct-ft.n,73 Attys for Pl'tT.
J- County, ts.
Mary Jl. feiouier.
Iaac toofer.
Petition for DtTorcc
The defendant will take notice that the plaintiff, on
the -3U day of May, A U 1H.VS, tU d in the Clerk's Olhce
of the Court of Common Pie; is of said County, a peti
tion for divorce, apainst sjid defeudut, praying for ft
dissolution of the marriage uiiitatiou between them;
for aliwony and costs herein, on tiie grounds of three
years willul absence, gross ne lrct of dutv, and adul
May 30, '55 ll-6t-adl.75 .Solicitor for Pet.
Notice is hereby iriven thai the subscribers have
been appointed aud quaJihed as executors on the estate
of (ieore Cam, the. I, deceased. AU persons indebted to
said estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those havtiip claims asaiut said estate, will pre
sent them, authenticated, for settlement,
Weatherenekl. iny23-3t ALLKN CAM PBKLL.
J. . Notice is hereby priven that John Edwards, and
Wm. F. Kd wards, liave been apHiuted Adiuiiiistiators,
on the estate uf John Edwards, deceased. All persons
iudebtetl to aid tat ite are rtiuesteI to make immediate
payment ; and all those having claims against said
Ldtate, are notified to preaent the smie for settlement
Weath?rsfleld, Vay 3, 3w
XV x
lieen iluly apuiutc.l Administrator in the estate ol
Silas J. Anderson, late of Liberty. Truiuiiull County,
deceased. All persons h tving uns-ttled business with
said estate are repeated to call and settle the sanie im
mediately, liflill UlLMOlt, Adm'r.
O.rard, 0., May 3d, lrSi ll-3i
&c thl:
kJ KINO OK STOVES, for sale by B.
. JatunAsi A:
Co wiuianew and elevated oven the largest Cook -Stove,
tieuesee Yalley, elevated oven. Clinton, eleiated
oven. Premium, elevated oven, Ohio Premium, and
Woman's K:ghts Stove.
BP. JAMESON fe CO., continue to
manufacture Cheese Vat., of a new and improve !
lattem. with her.vy copper heater.
Kave -troughs put up on short notice, and warranted
of s;od material; also, all kinds of Job Work done in
good style.
Warreu. March 39,
thsr says he would unveil Ui dark desiina, in-
stdions movements and hidden l"I:ci, f the 1'apal
Jii'-rurchy. and at the .tme time Ur to li'ht tlte !n
plicily. crait and tr.ckery practiced in our a i M hy the
orti..r of Jtsii.ts a l.rotiierliood ( pt.us acsasuis, the
vile-.: aud mu-at despicable oi our rac , !r in wery
land as well as our 0x11, are th,? sworn enemies oi' civil
and religious liberty. Trice $1 la). Jut rr'ir,l r.t
B:i.vi AUAliS' tWOKtfrOHE.
ALL PAPER. We have received
a line e-ortruct.t oi Wali laiKX. aui in-r ahlch
nrc si!ut splendid rYencU pajKirs and Lordert. rin-v
are eMuvty iir in this country. We have also tiie E.
l.ur;:.us L'uu.u tuterus at 10 cuis a holt call and .
loo at Uicia al AiuvV BooKifniKr.
X in
ve j.-t rvce.v-,? I t.vj 13101 s tn of Bvaca:" Prac
tice of Me -iK-ine aol urcry, iri U r-ils., t!i. l.:-t edi
tion, ciliary..., rcviseii a:id Impr.-. Prlc Jl.(!,:;t
Ani ts.'ntiitK.
00KS UoL'ISD. We lime nmv on
. over one Irindrvd t.)Iut..s t.f 1 ojs laal
hari- I
cail f
hari- I c.-ii hound i..r cuslo.iK-rs, arid iris'i l!i.-y wroiil-l
caii for thm m erlv -T po.s: -.!, ; Att i?
s greit worg or im-d v. y.vm.r- T .i;Mi-;an. Ii:s
CUuit and 'aciily.Jy th.- a' :.w nvtcl ditin :uih I-riy,
to rH. . i :c-..0-.,at
A VALUABLE LOOK. A practical
treatise on M-.si-.Ss ..r how t et, save, spend.
give, l-.-ud, and he.-pieath m m.-y, it. ,.n in I'l.rr im;
tlic chances of success and causes of tt-tiluxe in !- jsh rf s.
rriiK s
I .
I a:
1 ill.
i T'li
just rece.ro: at
'pKX DAYS LATIvl VlV'll SEBASTOfOL !-Surrender of the Alii
a. I'.ilin.irs are a1o.it tail a recett at; i.-k was l-.s lc- Hhiu tint wed fortified post, which rontino -d for
al :ays amid alerrilic ean;ian i!:ng and c..i:slaiit dischar-re of sr.. ill anus. I Ui.s pleasure, however, in record
ing tint no lives wer !. a la m.-ii en-r eree aielle I to retire fruin ths srene of action with wounded feer
ln and sorrowing iieirts. Tue OiiljLX Al. JAMi is aain in omaiaud, aad t ikes pleasure iu offering to his
friends ami ciiston.ers th?
Ercre.hli.ited to the citizen of old Trum'iull : among which may l e f.Hmd an estensi re assortment or Dai
Biwlri, YUKKlc ii'jt im,CMMMt,usi) aa.ts an I Ujtini ofall kin Is ill nfwhicuw.ll be sold cheaper than
ever. To M .-reh n.ts, Pe liars and I. iu.Hu. .I. , I .v ill s ly. I will supply you ia Eastern prices. Voo need only
call and examine my stoek and prie.-s, to iee ni cuv.oee. 1...4: the pl.i.:e to l.i.y your r- M.is is at the Old Km
IMirima of tii West, N'u. J, Hirer i'.'.M-.-i, M. iu S.ie-.t, Warr.'u. uhio, where you call liud a large stock of all
kiuiis of
Which were bocht at t!ie recent decline of prices, and wili pos.t.vely lie sol I ii iK-rcect. less th in by any other
huuse west of Near V irk. Come oue and ad an.l cla.uiac my stick of Cloths, Lassimeitf., Doeskins. StliaetU,
Tweeds, Jeatis, ke.f kc.
From Prints tn Silk, and all the necessirv fixings, which the law requires- All kinds of Domestic, Brown and
Bi.-i -b.-il Sheelin-rs and Sliirtiti, TiCsiiis of a:l -;ii tidies ar.d prices.
Y ANKKK NOTIONS enaujh to l-pp!; the H eileru Hemispiiere, aud at prices that cannot fail to pieasi, at
Wh.d. si ienr U- ivl.
M.IKK CKU KKKV th in ever was '..i-.le. andat leis than n..i r.irmer extreme to prices. Boots aud Shoe,
enough for all N ir.h.-rn o'lio : l oots from $ l.'.o to Jd.lal and all other gools in proportion. Call soon, as they
are ir liiu o!t" will: a t- -ci rush.
KKAIIV JIADK CLOTIIINU A !ir-stock of a!l kinds.i,nal:ties and prices. Pants from $1,00 to f i.CO ;
Te'ts fr-ini .Vl cents to S i.ls'. Come right a'o"C with your cash and produce to the Great Emporium of the West,
wo-re '.u can unl .ne lar-e, m" 1" --ui... ani mr
K -ti -in tii- place, NO. 3, Kl tU UL-Ji-'S, WAUKES.
Ke''iairy III. I. ii.-if
Host, which eontitin..J f..r inn.
n.nr.t prices.
ttmcctl Friet tor C'as.4.
V. At U. CR1XE,
'o. C, Ui St. Wikhkji, Ohio:
Would r-noniMiiy cn ine u;;-n-tion
of tbeir frit-nds a;rd the jsu'-lir
seneral.y to the fact, tint hey nave
iust reccivird the largest, best, and
most rasnonaiiie s.oca 01 ooois ano
Shoes ever brouirht to this market;
anions wheh will I e found the Srst quality of Lulics
tiaiters. Kid Bootees. Buskins, Sli.Mrrs. kc. Also a
l.irtf assortment of Plain tiaiters, Morocco and Knam
ele.l bootees, Ku-kin. etc.
A ?reat varietv of Misses' Gaiters. Morocco and Kn
ameled Doots. Fancy Buskins and Slipper, and a sen
eral assnrtmeid of boys', youths' and children,' flue
shoes, oi all colors and qualities, together with a jrreat
variety of reutlemens' fine French Calf and SKroccc
Hots. tine Gaiters and Slmes of the latest styles aud
Lest ;iiality.
ALSO, a reneral assortment of leather, sole leather
French Calf skin, patent Calf skin. Moroccos of vari
ous kinds and qualities. Coneress eore for cailers.
clove kid. linings of various color, and quahtiea, shoe
thread, knives, hammers, uails. bristles, shoulder
sticks, 1 tbtes. peg knives. awls, boot web, sand
stones, black buck skins, and every thing usually kept
in oar line of business. A larec stock of lasts of every
K-m-mVcr the place, sign of the Red Boot. No. 6,
Jlain street. Warren. Oh o Apr. H. tf.
Jut lleceived at the
ifniie prinK nn cuuc: .uu w
choicest, nio-41 select, and cheapest atocS of
litKits and Shoes ever Lrou'ht to Warreu, for
. ... , a. I I . W. a -JX
Spring an. I Summer wear.
I. II. WARKfcX. in announcing this f intto his pat
ron, and the world at lar?e, invites th?m, one and all,
to come and see for themselves, for he feels confident he
can suitthem with any kind of good Boot or hoe they
Purchasing his stock of the Manufacturers for Cash,
enables him to offer such inducements to buyers as can
not be found elsewhere.
Ladies ! you like to have a pretty Gaiter or Shoe. and.
I h ive t iken especial care to please you by s?lcting the
mot fashionable, prettiest and most frnteel tcii fur
ladies wear, that couli he found in New York; so all
that like the ornamental as well as useful, will call and
see an.l buy, before going elsewhere.
Ol-du! I have the best assortment for your use the
greatest variety of materia I, and the latest fashions, only
call and see my Cloth, Kid and Enamelled (Waiters.
Children ! come, and I can fit you with any kind ol
Shoe or iiter your taste may lect.
1. li. W. as .ti n returns thinks for past patronage, anil
solicits its continuance.
il. Boots and Shoes mle to order and warranted
to fit. ! 11- W A Kit K.
P. S. Pont forjret the place. No. 3, Market l-trwrt,
next to Smiths and McCoinbs. apr. J, 55,
7E .:re receivini', -I rect fr-m New
York and Rston publishers, our usuil large
Pt-ock of Books and St&tioxkkt for Spring and Samni-ir
trale. I sliall soon have them ou our shelves for the in
spection of inr numerous rrenerous patrons, and kind
friend, and they will continue to find herethr same va
riety of new and popular Irooks as heretofore, as well
as the most choice selections of Hue stationery aud fan
cy goods. We will always like to see yon.
Apr. H.. At A DAM 3.
Y EXPRESS,IIerman Melvill 'sNew
the Author of "Typee," "Omoo,M etc. Bayard Taylor's
Work. New Editions. The most i-oiwlar volmnes of
Travels yet produced in this Country. Central Africa.
Life and Landscapes from E--yptand the Netrro King
doms of the White Nile, with Map and Illustrations.
l'.'uioM $1.30. The Lands of the Saracen, with M:tp
and Illustrations; Sl.'ia. KMonulo: Adventures iu
California, Hmo., !?l.... Views aFofit: Adventures
in Europe, 1'imo. 91,tS Pjems of the Orient, iimo.
75 cents ( Apr. lO At ADAM .
-L ing an inductive exposition of Phonography, in
tended as a shcool book and to aiford comidet; and
t boron zh instruction to those sho have not th as
sistance of an oral tetcher. At BALDWIN'S.
Apr. IH.
1SS0LUTI0N. The partneishih
heretofore existing between! the subscribers un
der the name and style of S. c C. Moser is this day dis
solved by mutual consent- The notes and accounts ol
the Lite firm, are in the hands of S tmuel Mmer ful
settlement. SAM TEL 3IOSER,
W arrxn, July 21, It 34. C011NKLICS MuSKR.
CO-PARTNER?IIIP. The undersigned, of the latt
firm of S & C MOSKR, has this day associated with him
Mich&el Moscr, for the purpose of continuing the Mer
cantile business at the old stand, under tiie name and
siyle of C. -t M. Moser. They rt-spectfully invite a
continuance of the patrona o liirallv extended tn
tlte late firm. COUNKLIL'S MOSER.
WarrenJuly 36, 154.
TUECITYOl? NEW YORK, being an alplwbcti
ral arrangement of the names of the most prominent
Capitalist, where wealth is estimated at one hundred
thousand dollars and upwards, with the sums aprend
ed to each name, and geneoloical and biographical
notice of the principal persons. Thirteenth Edition
with many improvements and additions; price 0."cts
Apr. 4. At BALDWINS.
TRIAL and Conviction of Dr. Stephen
T. Beale, with the letters of Chief Justices Lewis.
Block and Woodward : also letters of Professers tiib
ou. Wiltitanks and many others. Pi ice W-ct.
Apr. -I. . At BALDWIN'S.
-L We are now making this celebrated Plow. Thsi
who liave tried it, s iy it !turiassc4s any other kind ol
plow in use. Several premiums hive been awarded It
it Suite and County Fairs. T. 11. M011LEY St Co.
Jan. le4.
PHE STAR PLOW.MTfctured by
J T. II. M0RLEY sc Co., will do better work than
any other Plow in the State of Ohio, except the Michitno
Double Plow. mar. 5, 'M
LAXDWARlt ANTS The undersign
ed will attend to the prosecution of BOL'NrV
LAND CLAIMS, under the -Old Soldiers, Bill," passl
March 31, leal. O.-tice three doors below the Ci islcill
Uouse. Warren, Ohio. II. C. RAN.NEV.
Mar. H.'ji-tf.
The su--4crilers are now receiving their usual sup
ply of Spring and Summer voods. and are prepared to
oiler great inducements to those who wish to buy goods
cheap. Farmers produce taken as heretofore, for
which cash and goods will be paid.
Warren, apr. S .
9 Hhd's. Sugnr.
m O Si B'ds. Mutates.
- j Haers Co dee, for sale at Cincinnati prices,
ivtling freight, at the NEW YOT& STOKE.
IRESII TEAS Green an.l
5tc 'ic and of superior flavor.
Black at
t the
apr. Sa.
rJ( PIECES PRINTS all graces
vlyV-fV and descriptions, from four cents to a shil
liiiS per yard. apr. NEW VOKK STDKK
L NETS, Ribbons and Flowers. Silk Bmnets,
lares and farasols, the largest stock in the Cnnnty can
found at the fapr. ii.J XEV YlKK STOKE.
pRENCII PRINTS, Ginghams, L:
.L Muslins, Challys, Rtraes. aud oth-r ricl
:h dress
goods cin be found iu great varieu, at the
;oods c 11
apr. .'o.
' Whi
apr.'.'j. NEW VOUK STORE.
te Beaver Hats, of superior qui lit v. at the
apr. -j.
V HATS AXU CAPS. We have opene! a siles
toiui devoted delusively to this lr.i.le, and keep aa
ircea slock as can le found in the county alay:t
cheap and warranted well made, at the
apr. ii. .NEW YOltK ST0UE.
WILTON, BrusseN, three
Ply, Iiijrr.iin and Venitian Carpeting, also Uu.-s,
ltrti.'ets. Mattings. Oil Clotlu azc, Uie lartrst sUx. li.
old f ciim'tull. cau be had at the
apr. 23v. . NEW YORK STORE.
.l and
LAClC'iiiured, C:nm L-on, Pla d
Summer Silks, In great vnrietv at th
"I LOTUS. Casi
J Ihinir ill the line of '
.imeis, S;itineis anJ eve
woolen coo-is at iricrs that de-
comilitlou, at th?
L i.-r and Oil Shinies, at the
a,,r.-Ji. NEW YORK SrOKB.
in six t- ei!it cents, nt th-
. - i. NEW VOKK .-T0 HE.
G!as-Vare, Lookin;;
lafe stock c fi sl-v.ivs ! - t .;?nt
J liUi'.-j.
. Ate. a
Ii;0;:iIE. Silk and Crspu SIkiwI nnd
:irtii:as, at the v yous s ror.x.
lar s.o.'k and ean suit l'i" u.-.t fi!: l:..'is at
fat. NKli l oKK .Till'..':.
a. I f irmer. Ncih'-or, wfrit P'otr Ii you u-e ?
-Jttrf termer. Well, I hive J. No. 4. aid
itvcral o;hcr kinus, l-iit Moriej 's lar 1'tow boats them
le f irmer. J must po to H'arreit an I gt a St it
(si.ts to Wisirrcu ana returns in course of tlt-r
f itrmrr. Hallo, Ncf-Mor, "hit have you (
tt Firmer. (inr of Morley s lmiMe Plows. He sayt
1 : the .lar Plow, and no n.iukL-.
24 fjntr. I'an't 'e po.l.e. wt f it dfs, I
--ry one. Kitt both Ftrinera. m4 trj tie PU-m.)
1 rie Lr.M .le Tlow proves to he ihe h t ; in f:ct it .im
work tf.au any single ri-w can rti. 1 ns we irnar-a-,
or ;. s-..e. T. 11. MOKLEY $ Co.
A, nl lx"l.
EAN SWIFT, Lis Hie and complete
.'Apr 18.
At ADAM' m
One hundred Barrels of Soai, a splendid article.
Also Fifty buxes of Candles. Hy A L. C. DA Y, Mar
ket St., one door west of Empire Block, Warren. O.
V B. Candles and Soap ileliverc I to any part of
the Town, by appiiincras above directed. Also per
sons wishing to exchauire aslies and crease for soap.
L-aii I aecouuioilated. Please save your ashes.
Mar.s:f. A. L. C. PAT.
PLOWS, PLOWS. We are now ma-
. kin? and keep constantly ou hand the following
popular Plows :
Long's Xo. 1. Corn Plow,
do No. 3, Sward do
do Xo. At At do
Star. do do do
Buckeye, da ru
Michigan Doable, do
lload. Ho
Sub Soil, ,.,
Cultivators with Cast Iron and Steel Teeth, riowa
lepaired on short notice.
Jn ,-- T.H. MOKLEV erCo.
r eIvdy PAY SYSTEM FOR li.Vs.
t Melsrs E. L. GIBBS k CO.. are adopting this
system in their business at Windsor. Ashtabula Co.. O.
where they are sellinj more poods. r.d at lower prices
thai any establishment in their vicinity. That is so
come and try them! They wa?e war on high prices.
They hare bouiht their goods low. and are seeing how
cheap they can sell them and live. Their motto is
-ouick sales and smiil proflu a nimble sixpence is
better than a slow ehillin."
Call and see them, and they win sell yon goods lower
than yon ran buy th-tn elsewhere and charge nothing
for their trouble. They are clever fellows and delight
in showing goods at all times give them a call
Feb'y U 'ii-ly.
oa .Market Street, at the east end of J. h. Tan
(ionler s Brick Block, where may b. found a choice as
sortment of Italian and Vermont Marble. Tomb Stones,
Monuments, Spires and every tiling in the Marble line
of the lest '(Oality aad finish, in the hestof style.
All persons that are In want of anything in
the above line, will find H to their advantage to give
m, a call and examine stock and prices lefofe purchas
ing elsewhere. Call and see. L. r. 6AOKR.
Mar. 14, '. l y.
DIRRS ! Every soldier who served fourteen
days in any wiir since I'UO, or has been in tattle, is en
titled to Kill seres of land. If deceased, widows and
minor children are entitled to the bountv. Widows of
Revolutionary soldiers are also entitled: also Volun
teers at Plattshur'h and Lewistown. in ISIS, lHM.anrl
HI5. Chaplains, Teamsters and all connected with,
the service, are included in the law.
The experience an.l success of the nndersigned, in
the prosecution of Bounty Land and ether claims. i
duces him to olfer his services to the soblier, and oth- .
ers interested in ths prosecution of this claim I think;
I can give satisfaction, aud warrant success to all the
soldiers who may apply to me. I will be found al say
oSce, over S.uilhs at MeComhs Store.
. .... J- ASPER, Atty at-Lav.
w arren. Mar- , 55. 3m.
X 1 All persons irrtehfd by note or hook aeeoant tn
th late arm of S C. Most, are heresy notified to
call forthwith and snonre up. SAMUEL MOSKK.
fel- 14 'is-tf.
BOOT CRIMP.The undersiimed are sole aeents
lor the County of Trumbull. It is warranted to crimp
Ihe toughest p.ece of Leather in fa. niaafea, which it
Ireoaiently take, an hour or more to do the same piece
... ... ai.si.ntis wnnoui a rival we woubl respect
fully ea!! tlic attention of our friends of the craft tn
Ihe subject. Do not forget the place, Xo. ill. Main St.,
Warren, O. ldJ3 JIS. MrOOVXELL Co.
VTOTICE The copartnership of John
i. 1 L. Weeks di Co., is this d i v by mutual consent
dissolvetl. All persons inde'ited to the same Arm are
reiniested to call immediately and settle. Those by
book acconrtt. pay to John L. Weeks, and those by note
pay to A. Wenu. JOHX L. WEKKS.
i'ei. Hth '55. A. WKSIZ.
Souee. The subscriber will continue the business
as heretofore at the old stand. A food stock of cloths
and ready made clothinr. and also a good assortment
of hats, and caps, coastautly on hand.
Feb. 41, J55. JOHN L. WEEKS.
JLl The subscribers are now receiving a large and
Jesirible Stock of FALL AND WINTER BOODS, to
hich they invite the attenti on of the pu-dic ieieraily.
Their ods will le o tiered at pric.-s that will defy all
;omretit.on for reuJt'-ptf, or iu exchange for Produce.
4 PI -roved credit on short time wilt be given.
Warren. Ox-t. 1H, lcil. C. c M MOSER.
X STOKE. The proprietors of this establishment
take pleasure in announcing to the public.thatnatwlth
stin.lin? the late fire which destroyed a lare portion of
our Good, we areairain open and in full operation, at
Xo. 3, Market St.. Warren, O., where we are dailv re
ceivin- Fresh Urujts direct from New York aud Phila
delphia. which we are oderintr for CSH at prices that
cannot fail eivinir satisfaction.
May id lead
public are hereby notified tliat this well-known house ia
bein; fitted np by the proprietor, llCNRV LOll, in a
style which will insure to all who may rive bibs call,
ample accommodations and rood fare. The furniture
and ' littic i;s U." centrally a ill lienew.and of the best
descritiuu. Xo pains will be spared in makin? i(
pleasant and comfortable. The situation of the baildin
heitii; due, and convenient for persons who come to
town. Mr. L. feels that, with a determination not to He
outdone in his efforts to please, he deserves a HVral
share of that patronage heretofore vouchsafed him by
the pu'ilic. Give the AMERICAN a call and you will
cuine arain. '
Warren, April dih. lr'ii. tf
SHERIFF'S SALE, in Attachment,
Receiver. By virtue of three orders of sal?, issn
out of th? Court of Coaiunou Pleas of Trumbull countr.
aud Sute of ohii, to ate directed and delivered by said
Court, and in oiiedience to said orders of sal, 1 sliall
expose to s:ile, at public vendue, as the law directs, at
ths Ware-house of M. B. Tayler, in. Warren, in said
County, on Sicurdny the -1th oi May. A. D. 1K5, he
tJreLniUe hours of 10 o'elo:k A.M. and 4 o'clock I . M. 1
said day,5.Hw poun'ls of Bx Iron: 11, i i pounds of
Rod Iron; 634 kes of adrted Nails. To he sold al
the suit of the President, Directors. $ Co.. of the Wes
tern Reserve Hank. aaiust P. McCnrmick and W. F.
Carey, in one of siid smti, azainst P. McCormick and
Robeson aud Battles, in another, and against '. Mc
Cormick, RoSeon, It itts a;d Rs.iibins. in the other.
II. R. 11ARMUN, SherilTaad Receiver.
SherilTs Office, Warren, April L, LSij. ll 'IT.
Slow customers, and alt other owioT ns
uaouey past due, are respectfully informed that they
awt pay us. We sell our "nods at cash prices, and
expec- cash for taern sometime. A word to the wi&e
is sudkieut. oct 1.- fACK AUD k. BAKXt'M.
BLACK and Colored Cloakin- Cloths
a superior finality of yanl wide Black Silk Veltet
lor i ioaks, auutu
'as, tc. ni the
tiee, in three vouunea, price $lS,isy, famished at
Cuming Fluid, for sale by
lauvl'ii. E. A. SMITH Co.
A- ceived a large lot of cho.ee. fresh Garden Seeds,
irom Kocuester, ,... put up ry L. r. sogg ox c.
Also a fanety of r'iuer Seeds, among which arc
raauy new aud 'xautiful kinds
at E. A. .SMITH A Cos No, 5 Main st.
p ARPETING. Roval Wilton," brus.
sels. Three Ply, I u grain. Cotton and Hemp, anI -
i'eueti ui, at the
SOLE LEATHER. A prime article
fvrs.ileat K. E. IIOVT A Co's. S. meof th it GOOD
TEA, Java and Rio Coilee. heedless Bisla, Rice, etc .
us. ree'd at No. I. .Main Sueet.
L Hoi
OR SALE. A very desirable
use and Lt on Prospect Street, in the
northern art of the viltase of Warren. House new.
Apply soou to II. B. U.KKVE6 at the Empire Store.
W;uTen, iov. , lrj4-tf
MIE SPACIOUS Sales Rooms of E
E. HOVT & Co, No. 1. Main street, offers great
laraius in liroad Clotlis. Uiuets, Kentucky Jeans.
Summer ttoU, (Prints of the fsmmtt ktmd,) beetiugs
l.'.ettclieil and lirown, Irish Linens, and some very n.cc
lu!m Collars. apr tin
X ) loan's Oiliunent, just ree'd and for sal- at
jan 2 'id. ti. A. r-M iTH oi Co,.
I3IX!-: SHINGLES on hand (mostol
the tirocj
Vt. i. li-ol.
lJ " That Hi lot
lias this day arrived.
CARD. We do noi mean to offend
a..y rol.-,ltui we ranst li.ive o'lr Notes and Ae-
tc ill oMij
.1 to leave them at
- s.juires" i.;.ce f.r collection.
Warreu. -Nov. I. Vl. JA
M. covm.L.
t)y VJVyLfMnKP., I4. I.'-', Vi and S inch-.-, thick,
suit iii; f'.r Saih, Uan-ls and l-.irs. i'.m- salt I r
C.t ii. Iri-I. PA KKI1 dr IttKM-'!.
t.AUlNA, T:ifiio!:i. Corn Starch, BrO'
A. in i. Cocoa, Chocolate, Acc at th?
HAROLD. A nw and
autuui Ctiltl'll, JU?i lUtll.jhe-.. tU.l gilt. Wlt-I
tuc:.l -five eiiij'i..t iliu-ati st utisoacai j-er, price -J'.'-iv.
re.it book for the young
ncroide. a i;tian
Al AltAM'.s.
ly i'lst reeeivi-1
SCK A I 1LIVX W AaMlaU.-casli p;iia
f .r a. v fiuan:ity of .oral Iri.ii. at the Stove and
fin Wareh..
U. I'. JAjJESON it Co.
April :., 'al. "
Oom'is. Brushes. ii!t an-l Fancy Tru:
ilv-nets. Door ilaus, Aiicant Matt. Jtc at
Jin, 3. PATCH 4k ALJ
A YER'S PILLS. - For .
t. all the parpeses of a Vaju-
There baa lucr existed a nabtie
demand for an etfective purgativw
put which could be relied oa as
sure and perfectly safe in its ope
ration. 1 tu has been prepares!
to meet tnai uvmand, and an ex
ensive trial virtu- s ha con-
ctiwively !t)own wiUi what success it accomplishes the
I ui-poe designed. It is e .sy to saake a physical ptil9
l.ut ut easy to make the htst of all ptlis one which
i should have none of the o'-ietions. rut all the anvan
1 1 aires, of every oth-r. This has tera attempted here,
j aud with what success we would rejpeetfuiiy susmtt to .
( the public decision. It ha teen unfortunate for the
j patient hitherto tliat almost every purgative n.eiicin
.is acrimonious and irritating to the I oweli. This is
j not. M.my of thea produce so much rriplne pain and
I revuliion iu the system as to more than counter- a .a new
I the ood to he derive from them. Tufe pill, f .-dues)
no irritation or pain, unless it arise fiom a previously
existing obstruction or desccrmcnt iu the howets.
; Heiu purely veeiable, no harm can arise from their
j ns in any quantity ; but it is better that any medicine
should be taken judiciously. Minute directions for
; their use in 'he several desttae to which they are ap
I plicahle are iriven ou the bos. Amorv the complaints
j which have bren speedily cured by thrm. we may men
; tion Livr Complaint, in its Tsrious fora.s of Jaundice,
i lBdi-eion. Laoguor aad Loss of Appetite, Listtessr
I ne-s, lrr tariiUty, Bttlious lleadjche. Uillious Fever
i Fever and Acne, Pain iu the Sale and Loins; for, la
I truth, all these are but the consequence f diseased ac
tion in the liver As an aperient, they afford prompt
and sure relief in Costiveness, Piles, Colic, Dysentery,
Humors, Scrofula aad Scurvy, Colds with soreness of
the body. Ulcers and impurity of the blood ; in short
anv and every case where a punrative is required.
They hire also produced some sinfTdarly successful
cures in Rheumatism, trout, Dropsy.Uravt:), Erysipelas,
Palpitation of the Heart, Pairs in the Back: &omact..
Side. They should be freely taken In the spring of the
year, to purify the blood and prepare the system for the
change uf season. An occasional dose stimulates th
stomach ind bowrfe into healthy action, aud restore
the appetite and vizor. Thev wurifv the blood, and. by
th ir stimulant action on the c.rculatory system, reno
1 vate the strentth of the hotly, and restore the wasted or
j diseased energies of the whole oryani?u. Hence an
occasional dose is advantageous, even though) no seri
ous derailments ex.ti ; but unneccssiiry dosing
f should never be carried too far. as every purirative
j medicine reduces the strength, wha take to excess.
J. The thousand cases in which a physic is required can
t not be enumerated here, but they suggest themselves to
! every body ; and it is confidently believed this pill
j will answer a better purpose than anything which has
, hitherto been available to mankind. When their vir
tues are once known, the public will no longer doubt
what remedy to employ witeu ia need of a cathartic
Prepared by JAMES C- ATEK, Practical SxJ Ana
lytical Chemist, Lowell, 3!a-:s.
Sold by F. K' aKTKtiiwa-rM Cincinnati ; B. A. Smith at
Co., Warren; J. CisXrBKt.L, Newton Falls; II. W Col
Lae, Ulesnpotamia; and by ail dealers in iledicuie
Cou;.-h, Colls, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, W hooping
Cotih, Croup, Asthma and Consumption.
This remetly has won for itself such notoriety from
its cares of every variety of pulicorary disease, that it
ia entirely unnecessary to recount the evidence of its
virtues in community where it has bees employed. So
wide is the field of iu usefulness, and so numerous the
cases of its cures, that almost every section of the
country abounds in persona publicly known, who have
been restored from alarming and desperate diseases of
the lunjrs by its use, When once tr.t-d its superiority
over every other medicine of its kind is too apparent to
escape ooservation. and where Ha virtues are known,
the public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
forihedistressin- and dangerous ailectiens of the pul
monary organs which are incident to our climate. And
not only it fsinidable attacks upon the lunrrs, but for
the milder varieties of Coldm, Corona, Hosvrsicness,
dtc. : and for Child it is the pteasantest and safest
medicine tliat can be obtained.
A it has long been in constant use throaghoot this
section, we need not d more than assure the people its
quality is kept up to the best that it ever has been, and
that the genuine article is sold by the same Agents.
May 30, 3.
your Cheap Groceries to be had ? An4 the uc-versal,
spontaneous auswer comes thundering back from the
throats of thousands of our customers, "Oo to DUN LAP,
STEWART It RKED'S, where yon will find a full stock
of everything in the Grocery and Notioa line, for sale
at wholesale or retail, as cheap as the cheapest and
cheaper than at some other places that could be named.
We are now daily receiving our Spring Stock of Goods,
consisting ia part of the following:
90 hhds S.O. Sugar 50 bo-tes No. 1 Hrring
bbl Coffee do 10 bhls Mackerel
20 do Pow'd Ax Crushd f do '
SU do Molasses and lots 25 bhls A. halvesWhiteFiah,
of Syrus iVO boxes Soda Crackers
50 chests Green Tea 50 bhls Butter do
90 do Black Sit) M Cizars II grade
75buUsChewiii)t Tobacco 15 kegs Ginger
30 dos Cut and Dry 0 boxes Peppers
3lM doi do for smoking 10 Longnose Pipes)
0 bbs do do 90 bars Pepper
L. 5 tierces Rice 50 mats Cassia
3 do Codfish 50 bat; Rio Coffee
10 boxes Ground Pepper SO mats Java do '
10 do do . Cinnva 5J boxes No. 1 Nutmegs
50 boxes Rosin Soap 50 boxes Stearine Candles
0 do Variegated do 50 do Star do
SttO dot Transparent dtf 50 do Tallow do .
50 dos do Bars
lu do Sperm do
SnO dnc Scotch Ale
5 boxes Casti le Soap
5 do White do
100 doa London Porter
Aa assortment of Snaring A full assortment of all
So-vs of all qualities
kinds of Nuts
500 doa Blacking
50 dos do Brushes)
10 gross Playing Cards
1 million Gun Caps
Indigo, Atlspio, Starch
Raisins Figs and Prune -Tanioca.
Corn Starch
Farina Ac mtc
Cream Tartar
Sub. Carb. Soda
Salaratus, Salt Ac
Scotch and Maccahoy Snuff
And thousands of articles which cannot e enumerated
in ac advertisement, all of which we are prepared to
sell to merthant. grocers, landlords and families, at
wholesale or retail, at prices and on terms which can
not ful tosive satisfaction. We respectfully request
you" to call and see us. as we don't charge anvthmr
for a sight, and not much for possession.
Warren, May 5, IHjo. 4 and 5 Market Street "
L TWELVE YEARS! There ha been a great deal
of puffing and steaming going on in the town papers,
a thing I never was in the haiit of doing. I only take
uus simple metnod or informing my old customers, and
lhe jnt1 he in general, that I have commenced keeping a
small Grocery and Beer Hail, on Mam street, No. 41
(ihe German Sign.) where yon can find such grocery
articles usually kept in such a stjre. I also keep ke-p
an hand a first rate article of ALE and BEER, and in
vite all of those who are friends of the same. The Hall
is kel open every day, Sundays excepted.
Warreu, Jan. 31st, itii. D. BISHOP.
ber, wishing to go west, would say to those desiring to
buy a farm, that he will sell his well-known old home
stead. It contains two hundred acrts of excellent land,
has water in almost every lot, timber sufficient for oue
hundred years, a house almost new. that cost two thou
sand dollars, and oat-buildings plenty and convenient.
It is located in Uowtand. oa the North and South Centre -road,
and aout one hundred rods north of the Youngs
town and Warren road. It cannot fail to pleas any
one wishing a residence in the countrv.
Hot land. May 4, P-J5. JOHN W. SEELT.
D. R. REED has been admitted as a partner in the
huiincss her tofore carried on by Dun lap At. Stewart, at
Nos. 4 and 5 Market street. Warren. Ohio. The name
and style of the firm to be Dun lap, Stewart at Reed, who
will continue business at the old stand.
N. B- All persons indebted to Pun lap or Stewart will
please call snd pay up imnied lately, and oblige, my S
Shop on Main Street. Those who wish to
purchase things in his line are invited to call at r
tiie shop of ilOLLINGSWORTH Ac FITCH, on Main
st., 4 d'Mn north of Packard's Hardware store, where
they will find a larg assortment of stores. Tinware,
Japannetl-ware, Britannia-ware. Copper Kettle, Bras
Kettles, and Hollow ware of all kinds. Cheap and Goon. -
Call at Hollinirswortirs before you bay. Job-work
ami repairing done on reason-ante terms and with da
npatch. H0LL1N US WORTH & FiTCII.
i Warren. May 30, 55
K-J IC1NE3, prepared by Prof. F. Htunpereys, put up
in cases and adapted to the use of families. The css
cm tain fiiteen boxes each, of diifervnt kinds of medi
cine. Accompanying each ease is a Manual or Practi
cal Treatise for the administrauoR of liomopathic-rem-edies.
For sate by E. A. SMITH t CO.,
Agents for the sals of the Hosnospathic Specific Rem-
dies. my 3
pHAXDLER SHOP. The subscri-
Yj ber announces to the citizens of Warren, and th
mn,i superb article of S-
public in general, that he has established a Chandler
to manuTacture unmes, soap.
superb article of to.iusayes, which will al .rays be
oo hand st holesale and Retail prices.
If rThe Proprietor can at ail times He found oa
Market Street, one door west of Vaatrot'a Jewelry
Store. Warren, Ohio.
Vy Thj hi-rliest price, in Cash, will he paid for
Tallow and Lard. ;d 13 A. L. C BAY. Aent.
tXTENsIVE Millinery Exhibition.
Jk The subscribers beg to inform the ladies of War-
reti, Utit they have received a splen-Ud assortment of
Uonoets, UiMions. auks. Lawns, rreucu r towers, inress
and Mantilla Trimmings, 6tc, Jtc wh.ch we are pre
' poured to soil very cheap. Those who will favor us with
a call. srU, we trust, be amply repaid for their trouble,
apr 6 E. E. U0T h. CO
'PHE HOISERY Department. 117-
JL alar attention is paid to this part of our bnsiness.
La. lira and gentlemen, hoys and girls, can tind almost
anything they waul in this line of Trade. Silk. Elack
aud Fancy Colors, Cashmere. Slate Krown, Black ami
White Cotton llose. Fancy Striped and Mixed liiill
llose. and a large quantity for cuilitren.
apr id H. . II0YT at CO.
REAT BOOK, from tLe pen of Mrs.
TT (Jure, the distinguished authoress of the "Banker",
Wife, -Aliedneeo." "Heir of Seiaoo-l, oic, enpiled
Just laiiilished from aa advance English copy, in oi e
Tolnme, Wmo. I'rice in cloth, $1; aier covers,
This is the latest urodncliua from lhe pen uf Mrs. (jure.
Uand aiany ol' the xinglish press accord it hiiro praise.
r r aa.e at laaajvj jiiunus
L .s) Liiha Tx 9 Extra Quality, at . - - - 3
SiK'il KxlO " - " - - - 3SO
llHal 9xU " " "... 41,0
lixs) " ItlxM " " " - -
0:'nr sires in proportion. Or-!ers for Blinds and
Doors imucUially attend"! to. All worS warranted
Miial to the hest. PACKARD it BArUVL JI, Ag'ls.
Warren, Ohio, Dec. 27.
.hentic IM Jgrapliy of this illustrious Senator. Hero
and rab-uiau. 1 iol.,dl pages, price $1 3. ree'd .
uy ' ADAMS.
X :
majr.:5cent slsiry, by Wm. N orth, price SI, at
AUAJ19 .
rds, from the last London edition, at
cj- 3 ADAMS'.
'PALl'A, or the Chronicles of a Clay
.1. Farm, an airricultural fragment, by C. W. H- at
IJAS.-10NaVL llY--
1. oral JI d!ein
nth ihia I!-----
E, aad natu-
arutonie, of Man

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