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U. N. HAPviOOD, i
I D I T 0 R 5 .
Nearly three weeks have now beei
wasted by the Fusoa Congress in incf-
fectual auemps to orgnnze. The coun-!
try has to pay for this family quarrel of
the Fusiouisis at the rate of at least five
thousand dollars. A gloiious reform
party, isn't it ? Very much opposed Jo
extravagance and wasting of the public
fund ! Hew deeply they sympathize
with the oppressed tax payer ! The peo-
pie will remember that the Fusioniss-j
have about two-thirds of all the members
of the present Congress, and that ihe ;
Democrats are iu no wi-e responsible for ,
this delay. Democrat. i
In the first session of the 31st C-onirress, I
1849, that t ody assembled on the the (
3d day cf December, and time, until;
23d of that month was consumed in the!
Tain attempt to elect a Speaker, but fi-
nally Howel Cobb, the Democratic can- !
didaie, was elected. What party had !
the majority then ? Who were responsi-
ble ? The memory of the Deiociat isi
either remarkably shoit, or else the J
Democratic parly were guilty of squan- j
deling valuable time, most awfully. j
But aside from these antecedents, the j
charge that the Republicans are alone;
responsible for the delay, in the organi- j
ation of the House of Congress, is sim- j
ply rediculous. Ii isthe pro-slavery lead i
era of the Demtratic party that have i
brought this crisis'upon us. They have J
had the sole control ol all departments !
of the general government, for the last j
three years, and of the House, (with a'
partial exception of two years) for the :
la&t twelve years. They have steered j
the ship of Slate fimoug breakers, from j
which they cannot extricate it. and the i
people have resolved to commit the helm
to abler bauds.
If the Democratic party are so anxious
Jo put an end to the strife, it is only ne- t
cessary for eight of their members to vote ;
for Mr. Banks, and the thing is done. j
One hundred and thirteen votes only are j
necessary for a choice. Mr. Banks re- j
ceives one hundred and six. Mr. Rich- j
ardson, the Democratic candidate, 75,
and Fuller, 40. Mr. Richardson lias re- j
ceived his highest figure, and why then, j
(to use the very clear logic of the Dem-1
ccral,) does its (.arty waste the t'me in j
ineffectual attempts to organize. It cer- j
tain ly does not expect the. majority to;
tuccumb to the m noiiiy. We hope the I
supporters of Mr. Banks will not yield an !
inch, if no organization takes place till
dooms day.
Now and Then.
The question of popular sovereignty,
as applied (o Kansas and Nebraska, will '
be the leading issue in the approaching
Presidential campaign. Dtmutrat.
Some six months ago, our neigl bor '
was quite distressed because we persist j
ed in declaring that the question of free-'
dom in the territories had swallowed up'
all others, and he affectionately entreated
us to leave f uch a trifling thing as the i
"Kansas and Nebraska act, and discuss j
tome more practical subject, KnowNoth- j
ingism, for instance, i
Well, we nre glad be has come fo his'
senses. Better late than never.
But, now the question is narrowed j
down to the single point of freedom or :
slavery, in all the vast territory belong-!
ing to the United States ; and upon that j
single question, as the Democratic parlj'j
admits, will turn the issue of the next !
Presidential election. Nor is this ali,
ujonthe next Presidential election de-!
pends the question of freedom or slavery i
in the territories. The two questiuns
stand together. They cannot be sepa- ;
rated. The Democratic party has gone j
over, rank and file, body and scul, to the :
slave interest. The Rejublican party;
stand directly opposite to the advance,
of slavery. It now only remais for :
the free voters of the United Stales
to choose, whether the stales, which in
the near future will be formed out of that
territory, shall come into the confedera-1
cy, as free 6tates, and fit homes for free
nun; or whether the withering cuie of
slavery, thall rest upon them, virtually
prohibiting their settlements by free la-
boring men; and whether more weight;
shall be added to the incumbus of slave
power which paralyses the energies of
the whole country, gives the lie to our
charter of equal rights, and disgraces the
came of the United States.
' " The last telegraphic reports, stale that
the pro-slavery maurauders had retired
without appealing to aims. The deter-j
ruination manifested by the real settlers
indicate that the day of submission toj
mob law, and ruffian violence, has pass-
ed, forever. The people of the territory
are calling loudly for the dismissal of
Shannon. The moderate party of set-
tiers from the slave states are as much
disgusted wi'h his supple subserviency
to the dictites of Atchison, Stringfellow
& Co., as are the settlers from ihe tree
If Shannon is removed and an honest,
capable man appointed in his place, ihere
would be hope that the difficulties in
Kansas might be amicably 6cllled.
The Lake Shore Road, from Buffalo
to Cleveland, is constructing a liae of!
telegraph for its owu use, having an office
at every regular siati m. This is Jn ad
mirable arrangement, and will servo lo
relieve she present line of much of us
presMiig business. The line should pass
right. fcl.-.g the fruKi frora Cleveland to
'in?usky, Tj; : : Chicago.
With the arcfrtut facilities lor divorce
ths free l-.ive theory in sheer nonsense,
The Supreme Court of Rhode IshnJJ
atitel thirty six divorces last week.
Taxes in the S.ats of Virginia will
be iucrc-siftd lOJjxr cent, to nuct the'
iilt.je.tS'.-d lih'iit.Ues Wi.'nh h.ve of bite
b-en trefclcd by ihe L-gi-.ia'.me.
Ir is Unncan-td, l'.-r the see or.:! time,
th 1 thc sifcJi-ii'c.T of i'r.-itice and Enfant!
hi adja-trj :hf JiSicu'.sr let Bern Sar
UptoMond;ij, riht. whenourpapcr went
press, no new; ofilic election of Speak-
cr, ha J been received The country looks
ou with astonishment, Ht this farce play-
ed bv lh law makers. At the cloe of
the brilloiin the candidates were the
same as for the la-t ten days ; and the
number of votes received by each varied
but little from former voles. Banks 1
highest vote, 107. Richardson. 75, Ful-!
Ir,40. Many attempts have be n made
in caucus, to bring about a concentm-;
tion of the opposition Torces, but thus far :
to no purpose. The friends of Fuller. ;
seem determined, ullhough in a meagre
.,,. ,...., j
minority, to eieel their man, or ce.e.it i
J . , , tt rni
the organization of the House. The :
friends of Mr. B.tnks, being largely in ,
the majority, and having no confidence
in the anti Nebraska- principles of Mr.
,, .... ., ., . ,
Fuller, still justly adhere to their candi-
i u.... j j
date. The three members from Ohio,
who, alihojgh elected as anti-Nebraska
men, now t fuse to vote for Mr. Banks,
are. Harrison, of Hamilton Co.. Moore,
of Scioto, and Bat', of Muskingum.
These men disgrace their Slate.
n.Jn,nVn- TV rm i
S3 per rear. Putnam's Monlhlv and :
liouhold Words 55. per year." Pub-i
lished bv Dix & Edwards No. 10 Park !
Place N Y.
" .......... j ..u.uu..,,
are: A Slight Depreciation of Currency.
Sentiment and Action in seven Chap -
tcrs. Coats and Trousers. The Rt - fri -
mental Market. The Porcupine Club.
, .... , , , ,
Twelve Miles from the Royal Lxchange.
Hobbies. The Sautais. Asleep. Dec-
iraal Money. Lodgings. Paris Im -
proved. Decimal Measures. CI ip
Decimal Measures. CI ip !
My Garden Library. The Dark Side.
What a Man May not Do in the King
dom of Naples. A Cousin in Need.
Mind vour Manners. The Workman of;
Europe. Chip Wanted some General i
Information. Work for Heaven. A
Russian Singing .Match. Out and Home
Sentiment and Action is excellent, and
the moral one from which much good
may be deduced.
Henrietta Robinson : This book,
just published by Miller, Orton, fc Mal
lagan. of New York, contains a full ac
count of ihe tr al of Ileriietta Robinson,
the veiled murderess. The peculiar cir
cumstances of this trial, the exiraordi
naiy beau'y of the accused ; the perti
nacity with which she insisted upon keep
ing her lace covered with a veil ; her
strange, eccentric, and darng actions
and words while Leforethe court, the cold
blooded character of the murder, the
interest attaching to ihe fact of th crim
inal being a woman, all these combined
to attraci more attention to this trial,
than to any other which bad taken place J
ior yeais. it 1 1.01 strange, inereicie,
that the circumstances of the tiial, to
gether with a biography of her life,
should have been published in bock foim.
to satisfy the curiosity hich the public
bsve felt in her case.
It is a neat volume, bound in cloth,
and for sale at Adams' Book Store.
Affairs at Washington.
We txiact the following from the
Washington correfpoEder.ee of the N. Y.
Courier and Euquirer, cf Dec. 19.h. As
no news has been leceive 1 which changes
the aspect of affairs, this exhibits ihe
present stale of things, as well as ihe
past :
"The monofony of (he struggle cn the
Speakership is unrelieved by even a ru
mor. The Banks men have declared
their independence, ami are rallying (heir
supporlers (o maintain it. 1 fear they will !
be compelled to yeild toa famous ruino j
rity. The quesiion is between onehundred
and seven members, who do prefer Mr.
Banks, to some luuruen Sou: hem mem
bers, who do not. As these latter gen
thrum are evidently refolved to hold out,
it is manifest that they ought to hold
a caucus, ai.d i.t ruinate a candidate fori
Ihe acceptance of the one lundnd and '
seven who have been Handing together 1
for nearly a wtek in the honest endeavor ;
lo organize the House. The fouiteeu
anti-Nebraska opponents of Mr. Banks
are the following: Wdliams, Wheeler, i
Whitney and Havens, of New Yoik ;
Harrison, Edl and Moore, of Ohio;
Dunn and Scoit, of Indiana ; and Edie
and Milliard, of Pennsylvania. If these
genthmen can make a ntmination ac.
c pi&ble 10 amiority, they ou dit (o do
it immedialely;ii (hey cannot, iheyou.dit
tosuppoit the candidate which the ma-
joritv lenders to them. I doubt exceed-
inglvwhethtr th. y could themselves
this "immaculate fourteen agree upon a
man for whom they would vole."
Benefit of Advertising.
The Toledo Blade, gives the following
example of the benefits of advertising.
. ; . . , f.
they deserve the especial attention of ou-
sini ss men : .
Seme ten years since, when Detroit
was very lit le, if any larger than Tole-
do, two young men, strangers, opened a
dry goods store. They were from the
E is', where the true principle of adver-
tising is understood bet;tr than nt the
West. H iin gtaken a store rentially sit-
uated, tht y opened with the determina-
tion of expending their entire protits, ex-
cept rent and clerk hire, forthe first year, .
m advertising and printing. They di.l
so. expending about .yl,40'J. The next
year they set apart half iheir profits for
ti.e same purpose, but long before the
year expired, ihe Senior pai lat-r told (he
wiitcr of lids article thai they could
not expend as much as they had antici-
pated, for the only reason they could find
uo place to use it.
Every paper in the State almort, con-
tamed their business noiices, l.iie ineir
hauJbiils, circulars, and c-trda were scat- :
le ed broadcast. In ihis way they have
gone oil, expending annually about fvur
thousand dotlurs. until their business: has
so increased that ll.ey occupied ten sale
rooms, each 100 le-l ia depth by 25 in
ni l;!i, and giving employment to nearly
one hundred clerks. ( )ne of the partners
told us th:it their bu-ine-.s the r-vst year
i-.niounte J lo a trifle- over a ni:liion and a
.half of dd'.;trs, leaving them ;i net prjtit.
t.ver "il txpenses, of over fifty thousand
The Oh o -t.ite TACiitus' Absocia
yr.ix. This A-'-ocis'ion will hoi 1 a ses
sion at Cidu.'iibus, during l!:e approach
itvf iiolidsvs. comruei-.r-inL' on the IGlii.
Wc are informed that during the session
lecture ill be delivered Li-jW the
a c Fonetic A-sociatioii, by J. D. C-i.y.
E 11 , of Warren, a g ntlcman of marked
Ul-jr.t and abiii'v. Clvdav.l L-oder.
Benefit of Advertising. Lewis D. Campbell.
But i:e i pinion is expressed ua
to bounded ad mi ration as to the min'y
snl generous course pursued by Mr.
Campbell during the present r-xei ing,
and annoying struggle for speaker.
Political foes can but admire and com-
mend him. The Washington Star corn-
plinienis him most highly, and at the
same time administers a rebuke to false
fii.nds which should cu; even to thej
dividing asumh r of the "joints end uiar j
row"' of tho-e anti-Nebraska elected j
members, who factiou.ly prevented I!'!-;
election of Mr. C. as Speaker. The Star '
says : J
There was much -f" f,-i'!::! in tae brie, ;
u .
ad ress cf tlie Hon. L. 1). Campbell. Je t
livtireJ -m lbe UfiVfe jj., yesi.rday.
ih subunce of which was duly tjivtn;
in our r port of the d iy's proceeding.
In tl-e f his profusion of thanks j
to tl.o-e of his fnends who had done the ;
.. , ,i ...: r
tjr ,ntng j.y inj. ii.ffe was a lem of
;i:erni..,s townr.fs tlioe whose t"iienlhip '
had hem 'hat of '.he lip only towards j
the members of the Huse who, profess-
inJf ultra an.i-slavery sentiments, had j
reiraiui-u iruiu voimg lor i.im on iniSj
tlial, or the other frivolous pretext. In j
truth, it siruck us, as he was uttering;
'ew brief, hut really eloquent sen-
't'"ce!l- 1,Hl ,1" heart and mind we. j.
f"51.of t'eahztion of the hollowncss.
f prol'wn pohjicians of the !
jday, for the sludy of which this city ofj
Washington is the point of all points, in j
those Uniled ;!at s ,)f America.
He is a bold, frank, and chivalrous
'man, as his personal conduct during;
many years' service in iho House has;
ora.ed our only r-gret in con-I
nection wnh him is, not that he was not ,
saJjk(I tbt. tring dl3I-es of ,hc j
Speakership of the ihiiiy-fourth Con-I
gress; but that so emphatic and so ge-1
nlal a gentleman as lie is m all his per- j
sonal re.- is, sliouiJ liolJ Lis sentl-i
ments 0:1 slavery question. By this 1
time we fancy those who supported him j
honestly and earnestly have come to!
realize thai r.o one of his pecliar poll-
lie c h" dialed 10 chair. a fact i
apparent io us long before Monday of!
last week, as duly set forth in the St ir. !
The conespomlenl of the New York j
Times thus notes the cool and quiet!
manner in which Lev. is Campbell han-I
dies his political enemy. H; says : j
Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, did a hand-j
some thing in debate this morning. Mr.
Smith of Tennessee, endeavored to draw j
from him some remaiks calculated to i
disiurb the harmony of ihe Auti-Nebras- j
ka force ; but the gentleman from Ohio;
was too sharp a politician to be caught I
in such a trick, and promptly told his :
questioner (in substance) that the pres- j
er.t was tl e time for woik, and nol forj
talk ; that it was the present business of
himself and triends to light the enemy,
and not each other.
Cleveland Awake.
A call for a meeting t-f citizens opjo-
s d to the invasion of Kansas by Mis-
sourians, appeared iu the Cleveland pa-
pers ot r-a'uraay, to be neiu on mat
evf nine. The Lemier of Monday says :
Pursuant to the call which appeared
in the Leudtr of Saturday morning a
meeting was held iu the old Court House
in the evei.ing. lion. John Crow ell wa!
chost'n as chaiiman, and Roland D. No-
ble. Esq., as seneiary. After som-j
preliminary business, a corr.mit'e o;
se-eo was uppoiuU d to present the views
of of the people af Cleveland lo ihtiri
fellow chums elsewhere. The follow-j
irir irtntltmen, con. pose the commit-!
cs o r
tee :
Joel F. Keeler, John A. Foot, Chas.
Bi adburn, C. II. Hiekox, Dudley Ba'd
Win A. l a ler anj 0. .'-!. Oviatt.
The erave impoi (ance of 'he occasion,
and the nectssiiy of deliberate action,;
induced the committee to ask for lime'
for reflection; and it was resolved to.
posipone the report till lo-morrow (Tues-'
dy) evening. Addresses were delivel-
ed by Hon. John A. Foot, Jessie P. Eish-
op, Esq-, J. C. Bishop, and Hon. John
CiiiuhII It was oood lo observe that
wi,ilt n)UYration governed the assembly.
t.4 lv man fi.mness. and there
was no talk about concession.
Movements of German from Texas to
Privale lefcrs from Texas, upon which
Ul' u mcst r-"&,ice m)' ue placed, id-;
!oim us u,al umntrs 01 ueimaa;
seltl-'rs m 1,ie northwestern part of that;
Staie f re I'"ParH,S 10 cr8 t,:e Rl:
GrMit'.e and settle m Corthuila, in Mexi-
co- w!'ere the t-ai1 advantages are ol-;
ft rtd to lllt-m ,,v trovernor Langbur g.
T1-,ls movement is spieading extensively
anK'Dr.r Germans, who inhabit that
Farl Texas, (including the couniies of
Guadaloupe, Bixar, Con al, Medina and
G'llespie, extending to the Llano and;
San Saba rivers,) tormmg a population
ol blwttn leen nd lwen!y thousand
sculs- The continual contention between
thu Ginn n f,nd -American setilers. the
T!'ri:,on of the lormer to Know Nolh
mgism. Slavery, and Prohibilory Liquor
L lW- are lhu l"",nie cu" the ove-
mnt Gov- Langburg. by birth a Dane,
was educated at Goii;iigen, in Germany,
and is a waim supporter of German in
terests. He served for 20 years in the!
Mexican army, the greater part of which
he spent oa the frontiers of Smora and
cLibuH.frndinjj.heeoumry against
lj,e incursions of jhe Indians, for which
services, and for the general dtvolionto1
the public welfare, he was chosen Gov-
ernor of Coahuila. In his letter to the
German colonists in Texas, lately pub-
lished in the S.:u Antouia Zeilang, lie of-;
fers them the most favorable conditions
for setiling in Ids government, and prom -1
is-s them (he most friendly welcome on
ihe part of the people.
Il is very natural that Mexico should
seek to strengthen herself, by in iiiug iu-;
dus.rious r.u.I enlighten settlers (o estab-1
li.-h themselves on her soil, but on thej
other hand it is a sad fact that from the
fan Uioisiii of party spirit and overwhelm-
ing selfishness, Texas, where industrial;
Lilior h.:vi eapifal are so much required,
should In- deprived of even a part of those
sellers, w::o have contributed so largely
to h. r present advancing prosperity.
Co:r. i,fjuirer.
The Speakership.
: this Congress aro now doing their ut
a must 10 prevent the election of a Nonh
S ' in Stn uker. and deiiounce the members!
'fom "li e Free States as "a ctional."
Pin, (btztflc.
A1, ihe orgaizHiumof the lirst Ciingre-s
in 179J, Hun. F. II. Muidenberg, of this
State, was elected Speaker, and from
t!ia' pt-iiod up to 181. the Speaker's'
cl.Hir was ot-cnpieu oy JNorihern men;
Mr. Muhlenberg served two terms, Mr.
Daylon, of New Jersey, two terms. Mr.
Tinmball ol Conntdicut, on;i term, auJ
Mr. Sedgwick, of Mas.-achuselis, o;:e
term. S nee then, a period of 45 yenrs,
II e r.oi Lii i.as liaa oui lour c-peak;ers
'.r Van,'ini. of Mas.-arhu.-rtts. IJr
Tuylor, of New Yolk. Mr. Davis, of
Indian;;, and Mr. Wiuthropol Masachu
sells, the latter t-vo serving but on' term
t-ach. Yet the Southern members of!
Senatorial Committees.
The following named gt ntlenicn h:;ve
been appointed and will compo-e the dif- j
erent committees iu the Senate, fv.rthC
present session.
Committeeon Foreign Relation. Messrs. !
Mason. Uouylas. Ssuuell, L-lay ion, ..ieiier
and 1'lsh
Commit ee on Finance Messrs. hun
ter, Toueey, .Stewart, Bro.idhead and
Commi'lee on Commerce Messrs.
Hamlin. D.xigo, Stewart. SewarJ, Clay
ai!:l B;rj imi.
C mrnni'-e on Agriculture Mes-rs.
Ai'en. ilnnu-r, T!iomjsi.n of Neiv Jer
s: v. IS.irl.tii and Wade.
Military AlTuirs W lkr. Fiizriatricl:
Johnston, Jone-', of Tennessee, I'utt ?nd
Miiilii IIou-ton.D d-e. Btl!. of New
Ilampshire. Thompson olK-ntaoky, and;
r . I
A aval A hairs a.ioty, Fish. Thomp !
son. of New Jef ey. Bell, ot Tennessee, :
an I James A S;: ieil. I
Public L:inds Stewart. Johiiion,
Foote, Clayton. I'ugh and Malh.ry. j
Private Bands Claims Benjamin. !
Bkgs, Thompson ol Ky. Foster, and j
Wilson. j
Indian Affairs Sebastian, Rusk
loom us. blown, lu-iu ana cell.
Claims Uroadhead. Fessenden, Gey
er. Iverson, Yulee and Wnde.
Rt-voluiionaiy Claims Evans, Ried,
Hale, Foster, and Durkee.
Judic'r Butler, Toucey, Bayard,
Gayer, Toombs and Pugh.
Po t Office and Post Roads Rusk.
Col la: 1 er, Adams, Hamlin, Jones, of
Iowa, and Yulee.
Roads and Canals Slidell, Pell, of N.
II., Biggs Durkee, Join s, of Tei.n., and
Pensions Jones, of Iowa, Clay,
Thompson, of N. J., Sewaid and Sum
ner. Dis rict of .Columbia Blown, Allen,
Mason, Pratt and Ried.
Patents James, Evans, Stewart,
Brown, Thompson of Kentucky, .-.nd
Retrenchmen' Adams, Fitxpatrick,
Fish. Biggs and Crittenden.
Territories Douglass, Jones of Iowa,
Collamer, Bell, Sebastian and Biggs.
Contingent Expemes Evans, Wright
and Foote.
Public Iluildings Bayard. Jcnes,
Humer, Thompson, cf N. j., Pratt and
Engrossed Bills Fitzpiitrick, Collamer
and Wade
Library Pearce. Cass and Bayard.
Enrolled Bills Jones, of Iowa, and
The first named gentl men on each
Committfc are elected Chaiiman.
Interfering with the Press.
The verdict rendered on Saiurday last
in the Circuit Court in the case ofDmch
vs Sherru in et id., in which the plaintill
was awarded 15,000 damages, is sug
gestive of mallei for deep ai.d profitable
r flection. The tiansactions out of
which this action grew, took place some
years ago; and before we came to this
ci'y. We state them briefly and upon
information of others. Mr. Dutch was
editor nd proprietor of the Daily Coin-
merc'wl Advertiser; in publishing liis
paper lie renieti certain premises ot some
er all of the defeudanls. While absent
from the city, his paper being in charge
of other persons, the defendants for ren'
in arrear, distrained Ids priming mate
rials, and seizing them, threw or re
moved them from the building ; in so
doing they did not pay much regrrd to
the order in which they performed the
removals; loin is were knocked into pi,
and much damage done, as to render
thai offlce ucfii. for further use.
On the pari ol" the plaintiff, it is urged
that ihe accident of rent in arrear was
one which only required a payment to
remedy, and that it was (aken tt vantage
of duiing . is known absence, not for the
purpose of collet tinir the rent, but to ac
compiisii nnoiner ena, aueger. to oe 01
infinitely more importance 10 the defend
ants, to wit the breaking up of 1 he es
vav lisl ment antl ti e discontinuance of
ihe Advertiner. The plainliif alleges,
and we suppose offered some r of to sus
tain il thai the course of his paper was
obnoxious lo certain political and finan
cial schemes of the defendants ; that his
paper was bold in denunciation of what
ihe editor conceived to be great public
wrcmirs about to De commuted or ac
tually committed bv the defendants ; and
that, to remove this ihorn in theii side
ihey conspired, as we have said, to de
li oy the paper by rendering its material
worthless. The jury on the first trial
fruvi thn 1 ilainliff ?4. 500 rlama'ies - llii
t r . a
upreme Com I reversed the judgment!
ipon some points in ruling below . and
upon some points
cn tliis, ilie M-cond iria!, the verdict h:is
gone up to 615.0C0.
We liiink ihis verdict will havo a
wholesome tCVct ; it will tcaci. nil men
liuit un intlt ih ndont D.'ess cannot be nut
down or ciulied in this comuiuniiy.
i ' i . j r
in llietjeo. our pi uple to admit of lU
Leing ciuslit.il by any combination
Llucugo limes.
Two Magnificent Steamers Burned—Ten
to Twelve Lives Lost—Loss Estimated
at $250,000
r.etwet n tlie hours of 12 ai.d one o'-
clock last mgl.l, our ciiiz-ns weie start-
led by lbe the alarm of tire, which pro
ceededftom the packet George' Collier,
at the lower packet landing.
Capt. Burdelt, who was in command.
left the roof, and went below lo the cab -
in and nvs the alarm. He immediate -
!y wenl into the lad e's cabin io save the
bf'ies, all of whom were a-Uep, and
Iried to get them out fo.ward ; but the
Amies and smuk.' drove tht m buck,
leaving them no chance to escape but
bv a small flight of sti ps near tin; walcr
cfuset at the rear of the boat. By almost
superhuman efforts lie succeeded in sav-
ius: all ot iln ni and getting them off on
tlie whaif boat. The male passengers!
and a porticn of the officeis an.l crew!
had to save themselves by jumping off.
inlo the liver, and other to the'
lower deck of the wharf ! oat.
l ac ucorge innueu on me
n,s,de ot the magmfceen: packet .Jay-
foicer, her bow exunJiug about nmlship
,, , , , ... . .. , , ,
OI Uie MUM, i-r.u '" sienu.r was
ilso enveloped in il trues The flames
also extended to the bow and cabin of
tlie line wharf boat Jlary Hunt, and in
.... . v. . ",0-""'
break of t..e flame li.e tj;ree boats were
one mass of lire, the n t mes tov.eMng
less than 10 minutes iVoiu li.e tira! out-
hi"h above ihe tail chimneys of ci.Le:
The most mournful part of the disas
ter is th' f.ct tiial som ten or twelve
human Ives r.re suppose a io iis,
.. . . r ,t i. ..:r. . i i .... i ..,i
is 111 Ol infill ileitis uunirii nun Hitl
ers bv being drowned jif'er jumping in
to Ihe river. The Gi'-rge Collier i :i
some 4:J cubin pasengrs, lnotof whom
wereasletp in iheir looms, and in the
hurry an.l coniu.m of tlie im men' hard
1 . 1 1. .1. . . 1 v' .
IV Knew vwia' iuev nnc uuim:, ot ie
ra! of lhi!.-e who weresjived are conside
rably injured from jumping oil the boa!.
Muni' of the saved we:e tiikeu to the
G-iyosoin their n;:it cloihet, where they
were k'-ieliy provided for by I lie irn:!e.
m inly proj'ricto! . Memphis Ml'ig, Dct.
On the Cure of Consumption by Medicated
ja (;ie Editors cf TltTchroniele : '
j T.,)u!lj rol ,jius ,,r()!nlc jiscu .. j
))f my jj j nol be;.,ve yoa '
lilt - enlv iircri- il in it f..r Lnu
r V J v Kliun Uii !
when consumjiii."!!, m y raise the voice '
ol l.trneiatiun nnj mourin in your own '
houseliolJ, or over the pallid jemansufl
!sime relative, or dear liiend to awaken
wiii.in your breisl the deepest em'.io:i of t
niijlnn -i oiy iiii.i sorrow.
In t r.is kttir i w sh to direct vour n'.-!
1. All io-::ij iliea!'s, deman I a 1cm'
application o: inedii-iue. If iviili l-icul j
diMr:le Ctiii.i.u ioUal disCii.se Io exist.', i
it demands a corresponding trea!m nt. :
nritii'ii,n w n:i:jl tit r..r-irj rt rnw 1
pri)I,rjl.tv of ttvM-nv, affections or the '
nose, ear. eye, mouth, throat, stomach j
HI1 j n. e.s by a OCil urpicati.ii of med '
icjlle io i1k,1m Suc!l .icr. is strictly j
oriimdox, ::nd is in complete harmony1
wi,i, v;t;ws aiiV;lllctj jD regard to in-!
halation. The occuli-t treats the in-:
g:.nu.. t.Te. by washes hPP ied to it. i
Ti.e aulfst by injections into the ear.
The same principle applies in treating!
,',,..,, slomarli nr.il hnwel Tl.e.;
are all lined by a membrane, which phy- i
siciaus rail ucous. 'J he lungs are lined
by she same in- mbratte. Now, il it be
correct (r aiment and none deny it :
to medicate the eye, ear, stomach, bow -!
els. die, by a locl application of medi ;
cine, it is equally coirecl to Heat the
lungs lined by the same membrane by ;
a local remedy. j
2. Mcdicints inhaled into the iungs, !
not only produce a curative impression'
at ihe seat of disease, but also act through ;
the mediurr. of the circulation, into which
t Iu y are absorbed by (he vessels of the
lungs, and thus act much more efficient-!
ly, and with more certainty, t i.111 when;
given by the stomach. Any person who
has etcr witnessed the inhalation of:
chloroform or sulphuric ether, in surgi j
cal operations, cannot fail to realize the :
truthfulness of this statement. The va-1
por of these articles is absolved inlo the '.
cir'Mila-tion, and deadens all sensibility. ;
A few drops is often sufficient for (his;
purpose, when inhaled into the lungs ; '
and ten times ihe same amount would ;
nol produce the same impression, if ad-1
ministered by the stomach. Who has!
not seen cases of swooning or fainting, i
instantly aroused to consciousness, by j
the inhulation of camphor or ammonia?'
Let the disbeliever go intoan atmosphere, J
charged with noxious matter, or gasse?, !
or into a room where typhus fever, small i
pox or any disease of a contagious na j
lure, is prevailing, and the entire system i
will become allecled and contaminated ;
with it. Upon the o'.hei hand let an in- j
dividual be placed in an atmosphere, im- j
pregnaled with the healing influence of
vegetable balsamic vapors, and i's sana-j
live influence, besides ace: mpiishing a ;
great local curative effect in the lungs ;'
by absorption, passes inlo the cur.-ent of
Ihe circulation, permeating every tis-ue. j
snd imparting tone and strength, and !
vigor 10 every fibre. This is the kind ofj
aln osphere we furnish the lungs for in - j
halations; either by a suitable instru-
' mt-nt, or, by medicaiir.g the patients!
chamber. By inhalation, we can dead
eu sensibility stdale lo the calmest 1
sleep phrenzy the bra'n with wildest
delirium purge, or vomit stimulate or ',
narcoiise soolh or irritate control vas ;
cular exritement, or calm nervous irrita- I
tion. Yet this mode of administering:
1 med cin s is entirely safe in the hands of ;
1 1 iwii l.i,.inr n ffirri'Pt L nAU lwl rc. r.f it I
The youngest in'ant, and feeblest invalid, ;
.... ...0 - - "
may Use the inhalations. !
I wish here, tointroUuce nnoverwhelm-!
in; fact in regard to the inhaled remedies. '
do! only producing a local tffi-rt upon
tlie luns, but no a constitutional im- i
pression. The average amount of blood
: ,n l,!e iuman oo-jy is iwemy ne pounds;
tt n pounds ol tins u jid circulate ll.rougli
the lungs every minute ; the lungs pre- 1
senl an absorbing surface of fifteen hun j
deed square feet ; in two and a hall miu- !
utes, every drop of the blood will have j
passed through the lungs, and in passing .
over this great absorbing surface. mul
be ihoioiighly impregnated with ihe :
medicimd virtues, of the inhaled reme- j
dies. Thus is il demonstrated, that the;
reatment of diseases of the lungs by in- j
halation, is not a "mere local treatment," j
but combines a constitutional impression
I more efficient than the old treatment ;
by the stomach ; because in reaching the
circulation, it first produces a local im-,
r ssion at the seat of disease.
I would perhaps be well, at this stage
of our investigations, to speak of the?
, , . , c, ... . .1 ..:i.i, tt
" oiuiutuiuesu.-cusiuimmu.a. e
Poiut 1 WouIJ 'mark, ihey are all
derived from the veg table kingdom, and '
are fo clasiiicd, that a selection may!
be made calculaled to meet the indica- :
lions in anv particular ca, or any stage
of the oisease. 1 am lrequentlj as-ked, .
' u" lvu cu,u.,u:' -"
' ntiii.siia'.in r v I no vut There is nolh-
. j . .
ing in my opinion and that opinion ;
founded on experience more deinmen- j
lal to consumptives, or those pre-dis-;
posed to the disease, than the adminis-:
tratiou of mercurials. They hasten the j
softening of the tubercular mailer, and
rnnsfiuii nllv thn nrtvress of the disease, i
ytum uo jiue tXpL.rience, in both bos-1
I r,jIai all(i private practice, this cone usion !
, ls foUded ; and I choose rallur to fol-1
j luw t.e jjilt wj,ici, txpenenc,. tlo--
' u,wn n,y pathwpy, than bow allc.i . r
ilo .j,e , iclation of f,reat leaders iu the
:, rofcS,ion. Following Science. I adopt
,1L. use 0( remedies that are sanctioned .
tJV experience, and proven to be good
t,ejr results. This is the only cor-
! rt.ct foundation, upon which lo build a :
! ST!jtni Qf medicine.
! .. , ,
rfieze upon truth where'er its found, j
On Heathen, or on Christian groui.d." i
Yours, &c,
Physician for Diseases f the Lungs, j
Progress of Liberia.
The latest advices from Liberia are up .
il... OO l. ..r ...i..r..lu.i- un.l u'-.ru r. . '
III inc -. 11 "I i.xinciuo-.i, nun " ' - '
. e, . of tr;ulin vesScl
VWJM. A etWr from Hon. & i
A BellOD s;jc!n, of ,i.e rf public, to
. ...,:..- ,..mkr -.f iI.m P.l....is!.li:m i
Socieiy, gives a very flatteiing accouail
of the progress of Ihe country in wealth j
mid retirement. He says that be has. j
during the past season, raiMrtt on Dis
. wa ,,. lhou1HM rouds
()f rlf.Hn . ti,Sw, 8ml strongly urge his
during the oasl season, rai-d on hit
colored bre-hren in America to emigrate
lo the "hind of promise.
Tue sun's journey south has been stop
: .. .1
lie turns about to day to bring u
Iou.'er days. The 2 lit day of Decem
ber is 'lie shortest day in the year ; the ,
21st of June is the longest, and the 21 t j
of March and September the days and
. : rli6 are 0f ,J,e .sarne lerig'n.
Is Chicago, Illinois, ale days ince.
while the Judge of the Recordu's Court
was trying a cae of horse stealing, his
owu horse and buggy were stolen liom
the vicini'v of the cojrt-rocr.i.
The Effects Abroad.
One of the most distinguished clerity )
men of S; Louis, ye terday, handed us a
he had received Irom a friend in
Bal.imore. We make this extract :
'I believe I to.d you we had a ron
resi lens's interest in your stale. In Ralls
county we own about 4.000 acres of
land. I have had serious thoughts of -
mai.ing it mr liorne, tul your people
haxu behaved so much like savages that
vages that
,l'i 11 j
I am scared out of it. I am a
er, but I have no idea of such proceed
in's. How i it that your people are
:o hiinl (o say
rii-ht ? '
nothing of what is ;
Have yoa not in St. Louis and in each
county so!it; few at least, who could be
induced to give utterance (o a rebuke of
(he "borderers" who make such a wan
(on war 011 liberty, and even on decen
Tl. . : 1ti. . j
i .,u 11 is m j-.rtos couiiiy. tiuiei anti
in iliy Honorable and law-ah ding, loses
a c'rizen who is wealthy and intelligent, !
who could develop the country "s re
and be an honor to society, all
because Atchison's and Stringfellow's
in Platte county choose to mob
presses, lar and feaiher citizens and ;
whip preachers. Is it not evident that
the entire State suffers in reputation and
in lo s of money and population, by thej
violence of the western counties ? Thej
has fiom the first pointed
..IT . I I. 1 I
oui iius rt'suu, aim wvu uenouneeu as
X J' I i-o I rr,. i,.--f lion tn-
, ,1... ,.i..,d.. ,.1 v. ; 1.
slaves to d. niagogues. and false, to ihe
of the country 1 1 d ihemselves. St.
On his Track
coruspon.iL'ni 01 uie ios;on jour
nal, wriiin from Xtw York, tells tl.e
following :
"An incident transpired liere last wetk
tli at has mule some talk among ihe par-
ties who have ha'l knowledge ot the mat
ter. A lady from the Si ate of Maine
cam; !o this city last week on her way
twi.i...itw Y"1' T lww ,c
voivers ana a uowie Kniro. liie con-
ducu.r purchased her a ticket in the Cali
forma hteamer and &be leit 111 the Vessel
ot noon. Her siory is this: A short
time since her husband ohiained posses
sion of all he! wealth, converted nil he
rouid turn into gold, aad then deserted
his family, took a shi; and started for
lbe land of gold, round Cape Horn. But
this is not the worst ; he took wi:l hira
a fcnnle not liis wilY. Injured and mad
dened, the wife has staried after her re
creant lord; not from love but from
, .
hate; not to lcover possession f her
absconding husband, but to administei
to him a deserved chastisement ; not to
t:ike him back, but to shoot him and his
companion. Wind, weather and sttam
permitting, ihe !:idy will reach Cal lor
nia somt. lime iu advance of her abscond
ing male. He will no doubt be rather
surprised to meet her ladyship on Ihe
California landing ; and unless si a sick
ness shakes the wrath out of her, the
meeting will not be one of the must coa
jugal lint can be imagined."
Can a Clergyman Marry Himself.
A curious case has jut decided by
the Irish Court of Queen's I'ench, in
which the quesiion arose as to tlie legiti
macy of children of a mariisure where
the fail. er was a clergyman, and Le mar
ried himself.
The Utv. S. S. Reamish was duly or
dained a clergyman of the United
Churches of England and Ireland, and
it appeared that on the 27lh of Novem
ber, 1C31, being then in holy orders, he
went to the hiue of Anne Lyons, in the
city of Cork, and there performed a cere
mony of mariiage between himself and
Isabella Freer. The special verd ct
described the manner in which the cere
mony took place, and the general form
of solemnization was that set out in the
Bock of Common Prayer of the United
Churches of England and Ireland, Mr.
Ramish then declaring th;it he took the
said Isabella Eraser lo be his wedded
wife, she taking him lo be her wedded
husband. The wedding ring was then
placed upon her finger, and Ihe blessing
pronounced. Judge Cramptf n delixered
judgment in favcr of the validity of the
Circumstances Alter Cases.
A strange destiny appears to attend
every member of the Uonaparte family.
Ti.e present Emperor of France is not
the only one who has risen from a (i's
gracelul obscurity to an exalted notorie
ty ; though the rise of all his relatives
may be traced to his rise. A few years
ago, a drunkard and idle fellow, w ho
styled himself 1'rince Murat, lounged on
dirty counters of lo doggeries in Bur
demown, New Jersey. He used to di inK
find smoke, and SWar, and carouse Willi
. I . :i .. ! . 1... 1. .1..
uie i ih-hl ciiaruccra in mc wnu wniic
his paiicnl, but high epiriied wile, kept
it respectable fchool, and his anstocrutic
lookiu' daughter sat in her little cham
ber, or attracted attention at church.
ie.irs passed away, una me worinios
lof-r turned ud at Paris, holdin- the
rank of 1'rince. Near the Tuileries he
has established a miniature court, Where
. . , j it. i
Oe reCt IVeS Uie Homage OI icrowa OI ll.tl-
ian exiles, wl o one day hope to see him
holding the sceptre of Naples. Perhaps
we shall, one of these days, bear of ihe
in.jn..tir.iiiin nf Tvin.r MtirAf. lh St'COnd:
and his black eyed daughter will ihen be
a Princess iu earnest! Ihere are men
in Bordentown who now curse their tar
diness. Cleoe and Leader.
Prayers Needed.
The Washington cernspondent of the.
New Yoik Ilerold, in view of lamenta
ble want of "back bones" at tlie Capkol.
say :
"if the Nori hern States really care any
thing about (lie spread of slavery ; if ihey
are not willing and ready to take kicks
from the S'Utb so long as they can gel
coppers with thenu let the thousand cler
irv men petitioo against tlie iS'ebras-k
the Nebraska
inrj xi e-in . nr,
bi 1, and len thousand more unite in ap
pointing a day of solemn prayer and sup
plication ; and lei them unite in entreat
ing A Imigl ly God that all the children
Lorn hereat'er in Free !sta es may be
born without doughfaces and with good,
sul.-tHiui.il. straight, stiff backbones.
Aud wlu n that thirteen thousand in u
power prayer shall be concluded, lei ihe
whole world and all lhat therchi is,"
cry aloud "Amen ! and Amen ! !"
Cici tL nd He aid.
Plkstt r Df.er. We do not remem
ber a season when deer was pleiitier than
al this time. Large numbers have been
taken bv our sportsmen, and the forests
wen to be ahve wilh them. Onlv the
other dav a beautiful buck, with antlers
r( ct came nishin" UP the back Street
toward our office, and paused and tuok
a calm survey of our ediiorial stlf, ns
much as to say put me down among
your "ditingui.-hed arrivals !" Il was
a noble specimen of the ar.lh-red king of
our northern woods, and we oidy wisiu d
hat we had a rille that we might claim
i closer knowledgeol his fine pr jor;in
Vfier ci lmly ,-urveving us fur a lew mo-
menls, ,e trotted slowly away, to regain
he (astDf of his mountain home.
Clarion Kcjntbltcax.
Great Ocean Steamers.
The ri .-teain-li"p. beloiiinj to the
CunarJ I lie. receirly l.oir.che 1 ri Glss-lett-r
; A lri-uic, hl.min t ihe
Collins line, naJ the New York, l.-elonsj-
in to C. Vaudt rbtt::., no h'i! :ii.g i i
this ci:y, i:i he, wh. n completed the
Urge.-i merchant s!eait;-i 3 in t'e world.
ship. 1 he lorim-r i- much stronger than
ihe l.iCel, and has more capacity lorcar
and g. h jj, belived the Adri-it c has the re
sources iet termed hull forspeed, and (hut it will
be the fastest steamei atloat. Time.how
foilovvers ever, will try them all; their comparative
performance's w ill be of great imporlar.ee
iti the commercial an 1 engineering class
es of all countries. Scieulfc Ameri an.
Emht "chattels" passed through S..11-Jntelliifen-er
; dusky ,.n Thursday evenin on the U.
" -
! Pan7 consisted of four men and four wo
laws ! men, and curat' from the vicinity of Park
Jauis I ersbur'h Va
1 '
burden :
eaeh, and mil nifurd
, ;
aiUL le Ol '! I Uni V
fir piovni' the liuah.V of ear 1 in tl.e
, . r . I ' , , . , - I
contest for .In: in t-tery of the Atlantic.
The hull of the Pershi is of iron, and her i
mItieS to be ih C le-Vtr LlllU.
The Adriatic and New York art, being
b'Jill Ol timber. '1 !. former ij to have t
large oscill tdng engines, ihe latter beam j
1 lie keel of Ihe New 1 ..r is straight,
and so are ail her water lines, and her
, , , - ,. .... , , .
displacement IS anil-llil.lps. llieAdn -
ili'lC hits hollow WHter lilies, mi l has her
, .. . . . I
cen're ol tiHtil.ieemei:: SJ (eet aijast mid- !
j p
C;tnH(!a. They
- !.
parsed over Jordan .sff!y
The com-
Tlwy will b- :',&. 5JJ tor
Florr. .a..V tn O.t 0 pr I I. nucLwVnt Flour. 9f er
r- t. V ., --" ct Tr C.rn in er. -J5 C
ct pr i-U4hel. Unttr. cts er Ih. Chetrw.
j er Ih, Pork, G7 cu per l'u E-i, 15 ct.
rittshargh Market
Flour. 9T.-.r-r f hi.
Euuer, tt'-.'l ct. tt-
W?icat, $1 25$1C0 P bash.
Cleveland Market
7!onr, 5JJ."5 & M Bacl!TThat F!nnr $3JiO 9
(cwt. Corn. Uwl, cti. ? bu.uel.
0u, Lis
3i r pei-u-htL
srMKP in IAK'U m-xt.and rnMinn-d as heretofore.
Th-'y will not t.e supplied hy any one else during his
Pmri Davis' Pik Kii.t EH. This artniimlled prer
ra'.ion is receiving more testimonials or its wouderful
enicacy iu reirovin pa;n, than ary othT metlicrne
ever oiJered to the i-nMic. And thee tAtimoniats
come not alone froni th- k'Tiorant. ul from p-rn of
every ilertr of int-IIitrenc. and every rint of life.
Physicians of the first revert itility. and perfectly con
versant a ith thr nature of diases and remedies, nave
recu&im(-nlcd this ne of the most enectuat In their
line cf rt'imratioDi fur Uie extinction of pain.
Many who have suH-rred for years with Canker. Silt
I Rheum. Krysil:u.Scr..ful;
l r. ulin have tri-.l vnrioiu
j wl,.t roumnenn:ii in to-
uu, an-1 tner simitar Misea
rtinedie without benefit.
Dr. S. A. Wearer's Cank-r
Salt Uliuni Syrun. with the Cerate, to which at
tention is called in an.uhir column. hen failltftilly
useil, it never fail to care.
T"rCTtCE. lis S. SrmoxoV 'cvt BuranYM.
Th proprietors ilepeml h"H- uon ih intrinsic
virtues, the citntivc uwer l inis new Henie.iy. w
I.uiM up its own repa.ution. Every satlerer:ll He
left to ilecitle ror Himself tne reiu-i ttanorrif mm. me
hest rrcoaiir.eiHi-ttoii it enn ncjuire is to t ike it to the
tck ruom. ami there let it speak for itself; let it there
Tend jfj ami neice aroonl tlie pillo-e of sufTrinc
anJ pHin. If it .ill not do tlii?. a thousand eertineittes
wili do l ut l-.ltle t' w.ird eeurti;fr tne eosnftence 01 tne
pui-lie. The testimonials which are mai.-y ail lone
are nMished in a cin-ular. as the linila of an a.lver
ttseoient will not Mrrmit wnich are presenter! more for
the pOMtose of callinir tMe pilie min.l to tnts new rem
edy, which uay l.e f.jnn-1 at all the principal brnggisU
iu the Western Sratts and CHl:for:iia.
If it possesses the extraordinary power which we
claim, it will tare areat popularity wnereTer ntroduc
eU. nd form a great pull;c hlessinir. Ob the other
hand, if it itossesses v real value, the sick will loon
find it oat. and demonstrate it tst humo;, a base
imposition. See advertisement.
By Rev. Wm. Benhur,:h. at bis residence, on the 6th
inst.. Air. Fredcri k W hitt lesst . of Medina, tt 3Irs
lUxKAn CniTTE?r, of Tounlown.
Tn Hnwland. on tNe J(hh inst.. hr John RecTes, Km.,
Mr. Ilea C Fkkkk, to Utm Saltan Maaia Kio,both
of Bazctta.
,n barren, on ,h. 15,h inst.h, J lTern Pulm. Es,..
Mr. Cbahlks n.WnKKLxm, to Miss Jevxie P. UrRLaraT,
all of Warren.
Marriages. Deaths.
Marriages. Deaths. Simple announcements, gratis; notices 25cts, & square,
On the 4th inst-in Keokuk, Iowa, Alice Kkeves
only daughter of Eliza W., wife of the hue Lewis
Itcto btitistnunts.
rT, . . t
Cauul Adverl.-M-mrBtM mnl be paid loi
vi heu bandcil in.
KOAD CO. Stocklioliiera are cctifieil th.it
dividend of ." per cent ou each share of stock lias i-een
declared acd ofCered to I e paid on and after Janaaxy
111. Ir.Vi. JOcLl'U JIAkVI.N. Jr., I"re.
B. '. ll.ri.!. Sec'ry. I e So. S0-3t
Oirit or me t'uvc. Manontaa R. R. Co.)
Cleveland. Iec. 19, triii.
THE Annual Meet ti of tl-e S ockhol
ders will 1 held at the .tUee of the vitii-anj in
tins city, on VVedn-sday. January -J3d. levari o'clock
1. 1. Ily ordci of tiie Board ol Directors.
ueci0-4t CUAKLtS L. KliUIlES, Sec'ry.
OrrtCK of tub Ct.:irro! Lt.ia Railroad Co.
IIu.Uoii,.".. Dec. 1", le5j-
''IIE Stjctliild rs of the Clinton Line
Railroad ConjnanT are lierely notified that the
I Animal 3!eiliui5 for tbe elvi'tion ol uirectora ior me
eusuiie yeir. and miiiction of olHer nnsincs. .ill
I l e beld at the olL-e of the company, iu Hudson, on
"' ;v.thelthday of January next, at lu.'clnck
. . : 1 r ill .14 VIlSK Sw rv
a. ji. .......
THE liberal patronage be-
stowed npon this house I'rMis; the past
0". ximr- had tniTueed us to enlarge ouriicr-
' - ' - ,
- - tiers I v ailditiit handsome aa-Ulion
our ioiu..r room, .u.tii u.i v
fixiures a.)d increase of stork, anna we are now recei-
of liieh we resneitiuily invite Uie attention of our old
. - . . rK
friends ana the pu lie generally, our stock is large,
a:..l of a suwenor character, eoilmcins; every variety
of ..bin. f mey.ai d staple stationery, either for office
or l,.n.l.iir uses. In ailUition. we have adued Church
Music aud Wall Paj er. toKether with all leal t-a.s and
trinkets nscd i your professional ocut.heiievin
as we do th.it we can oiler as mood a .juality of goous
and on as retsouaMe terns as any I ed !!.
ta.ii i i ' i i ii.-iu . ......
t. . . N .1. ..- I. ite ituiitii. u we
eive our constant iersonai superinlcn-ience to i-e e-
tai Is of our husmi-ss.
Warren, I.c. iti, IfS-l.
E1AI.E MASfFACToRY, West side of ihe Ma
honinx. Warren, O.
TIIE PniiTietor wishes to say to hia
cr- fXL i v.i. v..h.u. tint the Oi.a Ren Shop
. kv - r.......i. .n:l .11 ih.ise iu w.ut of a rash-
v.i)ir fiat he h is no3 on han I. and is now ruauufac
tu-mJ sou.e of tiw most splendid Cair.a.es and Bug
eieaeve cot up iu Warr.-n A lare saj'tdy of Slidins;
Seats Uoek iw.iys. "ha-tons. Pr.nce Alberts. J.nny
linds Kouih and Roadies. Trott I llugiies. T.in and
liven llui -ei. S!:U ne and Sn tie Seat Know Nothinirs,
will! maiVy other styles too numerous to met tion, kei
coustanlly on h.nl and f. r sa!e at prices def;. ins cm-
-.-ii.jn lk in - himself a praelica! nieclwiiic. oviii
i. in full ' last. liehaxards nolhine
eu,l.l..ve-I a m' of first cbas workmen ... every
, ...iv,...,.,,,. u.i.r Il hut
Ler.ts;...i warrant, it to Le.
,?n!r ANU taIMS,,S0 on ClCS1"ee!
HKI'lIRiSll vron-.i-tlv attended to. A r aaonaMe
rre-i:t liven on api.rove i paper. No ehire f'ir slios-;
ii.r v.y work. Call and see my ma;niti.-eiit lot of Car
ri.i-res. K- K; ' Tl'..,
N. II. A fetr Drst rate two mr ac-"..
aH f..r;ale. tl 1
T a ut to eniar-e t.y manufactory, a tot of gooj
ru.l.lii..- Ln.iv er :l: te takeu n "'j"':' f'."."7'
A fetr Drst rate two ntrse ac".. .
ees or txa
Warren. I '""-'
il t tai
Ihe dctea Unt. Jaaes II. Iiolcoo. Will tak not.ee
tint th:' V-nve cani earn. on to I e he:trd lrfore Jeiie-
.inli b itv h. K.;q.. Justice the i'eace f -r Warren town-
ship, od S iturd .y. D e '.".M inst.. an.l the said defend-
am not beini served with 1 r.iceis. tlie ciue w.s al-l
jjurned lo Fri.lar. F.nrary 1st. I'M. f.t Ido'ri.-eV.p.m.
VVr.-. c.i- iec. l.-i."..Ct Lttiv:i:TT . 10JL.
Ati y. for PI a.
1 BsUS.or No es from the.li -.ry of aSpeciat Aitent
of the Post oaice D partB.eui,
riih illntiat i ns. l
ri'IIl? nirmrW TCLECT'C 1 rac-,
llti A.llCniUt.i ,., 5,
1 tice of Medicine. y Jones and """ T; ?'
17 ING ."5 AMtKltv A J 1 E. I VI V
IV at
. ,.tiee is i-r-; :.y c:v. n that 'he und.-r.i.v e 1 li-s
l.een appoint' I ' I" aliCd as a Inuii'siritor na t.ie
r tiioi.s Kvi.., hit
.a.eo. ..e-.....,r,ue..,. ......
All lr,"" navin-j cia.uis
( to mu i."w acuieoeiit.
j sitofcr).,lVe,W. .W?t' " - -
... i..n -, ....le le.i nun esiic. ,ic
.. , .i
Stl',ths' coutract.'yet to l eeome due. of about er
lime Ete,0 UUI1jred d..llars, (Sl.Ttm).
u K HARM0X. Sheriff,
sllerij-, OlSce. Warren. Dec. 6, loji-5t-J,13
me directed and delivered, as sheria and receiver, t
:.:.a;ievp.)S topu lie ...le.as uooo eiecut.ouatUw,
I tiw ,( ,.f thr C.rt II.mis in Warren, in i-l couu-
t on S onnlay.tlie Uth day of January A 0
tweet, the hours of ill o'clock A M an I 1 o'clock P M ot
said day. a o:.e hor bu.-y. ml a sorrel bor.c aoout
.BALIi?lii'wxyer.ofa?e. .
TION s;:cv.d v..sl.
ArrirM:i:ts f.r Oi Stv..inl ,r.i ual Cutecttun
this ne-ij tkr.'l I'.Tutir li:yt lui:..u f.r i:.-r ..i..u v.f
Litrr.tartf jnd ir.k.fl sen iuuud 0.c E...t -WdItc
Amuug Ui wri aIr.M 1 r"tr trt. is tl.c f:tf f jt.ct
"oexoa caccirix."
WM orijlanily coH Tto Thnisiinl !!!ars.
la furiMn lb Srr Collection, e.fl ili..'a.i.iT of
ii : in nvrl.inlft-'l. "or.Il;i5i -Hi , h.t Ve lt n
isiue.l l-y cvtr.T of tS-.- m?: .ii-t!:.aib.l .a-.c!:cac Art-
t- , n-'.M, wtlt c.-:ilri,.ute bi- ot taeir fcnc3'. prtMiur-
,..,. th-m r ihr M.rt lr liu. elccuietl
- r the cr-att lltinj rn:lMr-liia ta Mm.
Ge-.ieiK WAStii d roN. the hthtr f h: Cooutry.
hknjamih rttANKUN.u riiii..4:t.ker.
w Sjv. -.mn.
fxl a-i ja lici:! lec'.ior oirf.ivto works of rt,!ottt
of PiintincJ n.l Slatn.i. v be iltre r.tcj fKKK
,he AiMcMM tor ,hi s"I"i
tesms or membership.
.. ;, ,,, A.v:iat.on..i:d ,et.tk. wither
e ' M i---"'1"-3 for j uctct in
t;,e ,li,;rii u: ..n uf thi-S:-to:irjr jr..l lSn:lMie.
tiu-rtfire aul s-i'.rr:ir ...;,! of t!i
:!' .VtMv M.faiine: It 'n'"''. l u'"n.'s.
li - .m'.. ti.-Wj La-'j' l-
Kaickeri.oeln - r. Ulcliu.i liouauti noma, ur-
lrrni3 t Ave ir.einWrji.i -ire er.t tlM w tcy
five uf .h- Ma-ruiiD: fur one jer, anJ to tx tictris 111
t;:e iittril'tioi. The utt proceed ileriTfJ fn.m thw
n:ilrof m.-n: ..-rshipi, are il-vt-l to the rarcbie of
works 'jf Art fr tlie e:tu:ni? year.
!y !ccomtn ; a mftr.Sr of this Awocuuion, re
!a- All urrou9 rtfeeire th full T.tlue of iH-ir snH-
iiri piion at tho start, in Uie liape of sterling Maaxice
il. fcLich nii.-nPr is contriutins towards rmrbasini
choice Works of Art, which are to t.e tlitniiutoi anioi!(
theou lv:, and are at the same tunc encnaruuit; tue
Artists of Uie cvautry, ds ursiiig Uuusanus of dollars
through its mrcpcjr.
Persons in rtmitnmsr Jmm jot mem' c rh:p, vill
p'teame c;e th.:r post midrts iufmll, st:ir;th
m.mth ibey wish the M ij-uine tf eonm tuce, nd hTe
tlit. h-Ucr rtittr;d at the'i-t Office to prevent los ;
od i:s receipt a crtificte of ieiater-iii), b?ether
with ie ui.1-: a:ue deeired,wiU. torvariied to any art
ot ihe cuoiitry.
Thoefcho .urch:ise inij iz-acs at Bookstores, will
oierre thit ty joiif.BK tin Acit!on. they
( .Vujaztmi mmdfrte ticlet imtke Kal distribution
all at the sam price they uow pay f ir the 31i.g,ixiue
i'or Memberships, a ldrs.
O L. IKUBY, Actuary C. A. A.,
At either of the itrinciual Urtw Kriickfri-ockcr
j Mup:iiiie." (tiiirf, 34 Hromlway. New Y-.rtt ; or Vitntr
crit Qic. H'ah" Street, Sauiiusky, Ohio.
tfu-seripi..n received y C. A. Aoji, WarTrn.O
aul L. C. Jont, Ii utfor I, 0., Honorary Secreuries.
DESTROY KR ! This is not the bWertisemert of
a worthless eomimund, t nn some fiaack to le
fnu'l the imhtic.butthe s mj 'e notice of s,new kU-nwly
which lutu ciuirei ai precedi;t-d popularity wherw
evr introduced.
Is a posit're iud ?trfr:) cure fur erery furra of Intr
Dtitont and Rrmittent KcTers. Chill Kerer. Ajroe nd
Fevrr. The most aniple experii nee. soeorttd l y
timoiiy of nun? ol the mo?t distinguish., men in Ohio,
lui( ju!tihes us tn jw.nf tntts coumieniiy 01 iu
Comes nt fromo!sure er-on, scmrcciy known to any
one; neither does it emanate from a 'ticticiuus scarce,
as is ton ott n the cae with qu ick nostrums r ut it is
o eiuiTocal nd osttive tctimuuy, TOluntairly rend
ertr't, of iudiTtdoals of the first standing in society, or
occupying hth uilicial stations and i-rofessiouai dis
tiuctions who hare on their own persons and in their
own fami!e fairly and fullj te ted the tanative Tirtuea
of this true Ferr d"tr.yer.
Attacks the rerr root of the disease, aud its action Is
so ener.-tie th it its curatire effects are plaint mani
fest in ii h 'Urs after it is taken, and the second pack
age frequently produces results which bottle of other
ppu!ar reteediea had failed to acconi'iish.
It will not only destroy the disease, hut abo erad:eat
the molt minute sects of it from the sytem, and re es
LaiUii a healthy action in the vital organs.
There is a Counterfeit on this article, as on almost
allpupular Remeliv-s of the day. Ol serre then, thw
Genuine hns the ntiniiture Portrait and written Signa
ture or SAM'L !TK0X. M. D.. to counterfeit which is
felony. M. STRONG A Co.. Cleveland.
Suie Proprietors ianufdeturers of lr. Sau l Strong's
Fever Destroyer Pills,
To whom all or ers and coromunic;vtions most re ad
dressed. For sale by all respectable BraygisU throuth the
St-aes. Pc i6.y
V Ji ISotire is hereby (riven, that the nndersijrned has
hecn appointed Guardian of Timothy K. Thompson, an
insane person. All persons hviut claims atfainst the
said Timothy K-.will present themimmeiliately fre(
tlement, pri;erlv authenticated. A- M. CLAKK..
Veruon, bee. 6, ii It
-L County. In the Court of Common Pleas.
Nathan h.nr.e, pl'a.
rs. Petition on Land Contract.
Festus Oidding, dert.J
lie-defein.ant, Festas Guldings, resi
dent of Cr wford Co . Pa is hereby notified that
plaintiff h.i this day filed tn satd court bis petition
anin-t him. alieding that on Uie 3d day of August.
A. D. he entere into awntLen contract, signed
by plaint. d and defendant, (a copy of which, wit a en
dorsements titeteon. is filed with, and made p&rt 01 said
petition.) whereby the defendant afreet), for the land
therein described and contracted lo be sold by paintilT
to defendant, beinff part of lot o. a. m K iceman.
I Iy the plaintiff th sum of money therein rutted, io
instalments, with aiiLital interest; to pay the taxes as
therein Drorided. Ave.
j U-j J nmUgrtmm
or. and no taorv; leavins: et due and unpaid to plain-
ti it, for which, with interest and costs, he asks
ju.lpnient. and in default of paymeut i a short day to
be named, he a-i;s order and decree to sell said laud to
prir the Kime, otc.
The defsnd-tot is noticed to answer said petition by
the iifth day of February, A. D. 136. or the petition
will be taken as confed. B. B. BARNES.
Warren, Dec. 19. 155 16-64 Att'y fr Pl'lT.
N THE L0URT of C mmon Pkas of
TrumLnll County. Ohio.
Utthe B. l'ayier, FUmtiff,
i Char!e M. Keed. R. O. Parks and P. H
iiail. nml't tlie firm of Keed, Parks . I
f Co Delendanla.
The defendants K. 9. Parks and P. II. Hall, non res-
'i.leiits of the State of Ohio, are herei.y notine.1 (the d-
, f , . Kj BTinit answered.) that n tlie 21st daw
of November. A D l-i. the ptaiDt'd filed hia netitioa
! in the Court of Common Pleas, setting forth tht tlier.
i is due him from the said defendants, on their aree
' cent or note, the sum of two hundred thirty three dol-
lars snd fourteen cents, with iuterest from 0ctoler29,
lr-V. Said agreement or note, reads unwanlialiy aa
j -$3;5. Due M. B. Tayler three hundred and seven
' ty-fiva iiull:irs.to he iici in river freiiiht between Bea
: ver an'i 'iluuurieh, at customary rates, for Canal Boat
j Telenrai h. . .
Warren, Oct. 28, Km, Pun 4 Oo."
There have heen pav menu made on said note which
reduces ihe amount non due to the sum claimed hy Uie
plaiutiif. The plaintiil sai s that and defendants have
, relused to pay said note in river freight when requested,
' wherel y they hecame lial le ro pay said note in money.
Said defendants areherel y notified thai an order of at
t ichment has heen issueil, and unless they answer said
pet.ticn on or oefore the 9iJ ilay of Kel ruary . A t leo,
Indiiueiit will ne taken airainst said U. 0. Parks and P.
II. lia'l. for said sum of $;33,14,wnli interest from Oct.
J.t I 11. UL It. 11133.
jjeO-ot A'tys for Plaintig.
WrlCUlr t' O
. O By virtue of ar order of sale and Pi Fa., issued
out of the Court of Common Please of Trumliuil coun
ty, Ohio, to mi directed and delivered, l y said court,
and in o eilience W sai l order and Ki. Fi I shall ex-,
pose to sale at public vendue, as the law directs, at th.
door of the Court House, in Warren, in slid county,
on Saturday, the STih lay of January. A. D. Il-io, be
tween the hours of It) o'clock A it aud 4 o'clock P M of
aani nay. uie ioiiowiuk u"wi -.
iL ' . , .... , i.. ii icink. ennrracted
tne eiore uuu.uu - " -... - t
)(J hjIB , Charles and Henry Wuun, sicuaie in me ii-
of una in rumK II c iuntv. froulin-.' on Main
J near upon the Mahonins; river, .n the south hy
. ... 1 ,,.ii k. r a Smith ai Co.. and
h 4djoir,, ,h, ., whirh i, ,v I. rick buil-
:,.: 'j owned l.v B. K. Uort S Co.
. , ia Merriam aiainst
, ., , ., .ii ni3u UO.sul.iect
n J i;v virtue or an oruer 01 saie.ii.sum on, v, um
court ot common ric oi iruw J
deeree niaJi: i y said court, at their Oelo r Term. A
lsoj, 1 have levied on. and snail expose to nnhlic salr.
aa on execution, at the door of the Court House in War
ren, in sai I county, on Saturday. Ihe i'th day of Janu
ary. A l. I?.".6, l- teen tlie hours of IU o'clock. A M
ami 4 o'clock P M of said day, Ihe following described
mortji-'e.! premises, to wii: lyinir in llunard towo-
shin, in said county, bounded as folio: 'Be?inninf
. the north east eornrr of l-.nds helnneine to Jons r.
tu.n.K.ii.r. nd on the east line cf Lt No. 3. in said
townshm. and runninc tlience nortn, on sain 101 line.
: ei?ht ehairs and ufty lii ks to a stake; tlience terly
, in , ,e panilel wilh the north line of said John P.
Swaruweller's 'and, forty one chains and five tanks to
,i:,ie in Ihe vest line of said lot; then, e souther.y
n tl.e Kime. S chains and Si Tnks. (S ch SS I) loth,
north corti-r of said John P. Swartawelier s land,
thenc ran rrlt on the north line or the same, to tn.
,,ace of keiritming. Coiita.ni-.r thirty five acres or
an I, more or les." Aiiira:se.l at tlnrtr dollars ver
,cre. (.T.U.). lo re n. sun o. rv,: us
Mnnre ae:iinst McMurren and fcarley.
' H R I.ARM0N- Sheriff.
gheriiT. Onice, Warren. Iec. S-i. r.v-
M:lo Oardner ) Jmliroent in attachment In
T, S Common I'leas of Trcml ull CO..
Keltion C. Bnrt. O . Oct. Temi. I-i5.
Bv virtue of an order of sale, in the a' ove entitled
directed and delivered, I shJI expose to
; w m( tUmtetl .,, ,.evered, I shJI
i pU-ue sale, as upon exeention. on Satunla;
; b,,,-, lK!rll ,d e-i .11 U i-A -r-t .reel
i Iowin descrisd re.l e-i.:-: . fat la the
.on pjr.oniay, uie -in
boar of
a.v. Alrr.oa
to the fol-
the township
' ofKo-ipr.'iDTrurnl ailconrty.Ohio.anfi which (ison
! a fallows. ': n ih east Kv Hd of Daniel
! t- nn fKr.n(h l.r:t ol Joieph Jone; on
lb- el -y Hi: ert borrow, arrt on the crth
brh r-t ami west rent e nwJ.si.d is stn.io9ril to
contain ciit cm of lna-1. An.l siA citoit.v-le iute-
1.. t'theauitol : il irtnlaT ia the ai ove enti
-in iiM c-i;. i- 5. j
tled can. e. H E II A KMON. Sheriff.
Siier-.d' Offlce. Warren, lec. If j-5t-2..5 .
Wa le Hampton. John A. 1 T .....s-..,!
n Com.
; wii.cn and. -..leca.;...!.. ?l f Tn
Trurn ail
, Qeoriie L. Voo.!forJ. j
v- ( r.. iii.:
fiv . irtue of an order of si I, fin the above entitled
cause.) issued out of said Court of Common Picas, to
ki. K. ll.lttliv, .--irri.. " i....s..
Sherlil'. Oiice. Warien. rKC. -.6. l.-JS-3t-l 3tf
. rpufj
Their Pa-
. , ....., , , Treatment. y
""'..',.,: T ,.,"..,, 4 M M
rirmn. . at. "i . i ... t. j. . . ....... . ........ .-.
, - ..... : . i r .
iWu Medici ct(- ir-iri-
r.,, erf, at S'.T.".I,.

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