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Western Reserve chronicle. (Warren, Ohio) 1855-1921, December 26, 1855, Image 4

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Dust we were, and dast to be.
Dust upon as, dast about as.
Pott on every-thinr; we see,
Dust with is. as, dast without as ;
Saith the preacher, Dast to Dast !M
Let them mingle, for tbcj sanst.
Dast sre raise uvjon the road,
Dast we breathe in dancing hall ;
Dost infests oar home abode.
Dust, a pall, is over all ;
Tis the housewife's daily bread,
Dast, the emblem of the dead !
When the sky above is fair.
And the sun upon as streams.
Floats the dust throng-hoot the air,
Gleaming in its fatten beams ;
Every saote is like a man.
Dancing gaily while he can.
Zre the tempest gathers strong.
Blows at times the warning gust.
O'er the plain it sweeps along.
Tempest's thrall, a cloud of daft,
Every mote is like a man.
Flying from Oppression's van.
Now the swellen clouds grow dark.
Conies the long-expected flood.
Fallen deluge-like and stark ;
Dust is beaten down to mud.
Bo are times when men must grovel.
In the palace as the hovel
Thus we are bat motes of dast.
On the ground and in the air.
Blown by pleasure, fear and lust.
Beaten down to low despair ;
Born of dust, to come to dust.
Let us mingle, for we must-
One certain afternoon, down in the
sunny south, a .landlord cf one of these
little log cabins, which, homely as they
were, promised rest and refreshment to
the weary traveler over the" long rough
roads, now only remembered l-y the ear
liest settlers, stood one afternoon in his
door watching for a customer one came
a dashing Yankee ped.ller, mounted
upon a gaily painted wagon, and driving
a spanking bay liore. Throwing the
reins upon the buck of the latter, he
alighted and accosted the landlord with
"Hallo, stranger, what have you get to
drink ?"
'Oh, anything."
"Then give me a mint julep."
"A what ? I've got brancy, rum, gin,
whiskey ; but a mint julep is something
I never yet heard of."
." Never yet heard of a mint julep !
Why it's the best drink in all creation,"
said the peddler; and easting his eyes on
little cultivated patch near the cabin, he
added "but there's plenty of mint; we.
.can make one in a minute,"
The herb was soon gathered, and the
Yankee mixed a julep for himself and
host, who liked it quite as well as Martin
Chuzzlewit ; indeed so well that the horse
was turned out, and the landlord and his
guest turned in for a ni;ht of it. They
got gloriously drunk, and in the morning
the Yankee, leaving his companion in that
happy state, hitched up his horse and drove
Two years afterwards, happening to be !
on the same road, lie thought he'd stop
and see his old friend. As he approached
the house all was silent, and w hen he en
tered no greeting welcomed him. The
only occupant of the room was a pale
faced bey, w ho sat despondingly in the
u Hollo !" said our traveler, " where's
the old man 1" j
"Gone," said the boy lot king into his!
face with a tcirful eye.
"Gone ! Gooe where."
" Gone dead. Gone under," said the
boy, crying. i
"Deud ! Why, I never saw a heartier
man than he was."
Oh ! yes," said the boy, "dad was hear
ty enough, and was getting along will
enough till a confounded down-eastar
stopped here about two years cge, and
taught him to drink greens :n his liquor;
from that time he rcver did nothing else
but drink greats until he pegged out."
The penalty of remaining single, is
having no one who " cares a button" for
you, as 'is abundantly proved by the state
your shirt.
The penalty cf thin shoes, is a cold.
The penalty of a pretty cook, is an
empty larder.
The penalty of tight boots, is corns.
The pt-nalty of populariiy, is envy.
The penalty of a baby, is sleepless
nights. .
The penally of interfering between man
and wife, is abuse frequently accompa
nied with blows frcm both.
The penalty of kissing a bahy, is twenty-five
cents, (fifty, if you are liberal) to
the nurse.
. The penalty of a legacy, or fortune, is
tlie sudden disci very of a best of poor-
relations you never dreamed of and a
number of debts, you had quite forgot
ten. Queen Carouse axd Uer Chaxplain.
Curoline, wife of George II. attended i
to her toilet and her devotions at the s-aine j
time. While her nymphs were adorning!
her body, the Champlnin, Winston, stood j
at the door preferring prayers fir her;
aoul. Sometimes the nymphs would shut!
the door, and then the chatnp'uin would 1
stop. This nettled the Queen, who in
quired, ''Why do you stop ?" "Because,"
said the Champluit:, "I 'o not choose It
whistle the word of God tiirrugli a kfy
holc. Dr. Doran.
The genliet taskniaker, we tver knew t
of is a blacksiuiift, w ii says vry eve-!
cing to Lis ipprfnticfs; " Cujne Uiysf !
let'j leave oiT wurk AnJ ho to sawing j
wool." He must Le a IroiLer lo t!e!
iarmer cjwxi who, one sensan. when :
he was building a nvw Loust, used to pet.
his men to go out tri.h him, and play at j
"dig cellar by mo.-ml.-lit." '!
A KoncE of a rec?.it &.va.!.bout txj-lo-;
ion ends a fj.'.js: '
. The captain sa;im ashore. !?)
the chambeniinid. Siio. wr-.s insur'. f-r :
S i 5 00i and loeued vwih i rori." A v.'-
u ible vb..:,-rii.a.!f, ilia.
Men -br-tn ! di:ik ;.n 1 ne? r lliii.k
Thit glils at all can tell it,
T " dou J k;;;.j.'OiS womtiri's nose
We" ev:.r r-v.de to sineli i..
Aithols A; Weir,
liavc lust received and are now opcniiie, the Ltrce.t,
most fashionable, and lest sciecte d sti.cit of KEAIiY
3dAlE I Lol'lll.Nti, Piece and s'urnisi.n.;: Oood. ever
brought to this p.ar.ct. rousistil.r in irt of the fol
ltim iii OtMU : Overcoats of every style, uttality. and
price, frotii the finest beaver to tlie coarsest kersey;
Pants and Vests of every style ami quality. -Vo use ti
ull. jut t ome and see. Every I oily says, rive Nich
nl s. tteir the Kit for quality, atyle and price, tlieir
piece roods are of the uewett styles, coiisittin; of
heavy Beaver pilot, plain ami twilled uiotn, plain nun
x Fancy Cassimerrs ; twilled Satinet: : I'lain and Fan
cy Vestirm : a lew rare pattern of Silt ilvet :." lam
and figured Silk ; Satin, Caahsure, Worsted Moluir
e'CRXISniN'OOOODS. Shirt.C.llar.rnierrl.irt5.
Drawers. Su?iemiera. Stocks. Keck tics. Pocket Hard
lterchiels. Siik, Linen. Lawn, -c; Woolen llvte. Fur
Olove. Kid. lined and unlined. CL'th, buckskin all
colors; iluck Mitten; Boys' do ; Umbrella. no
assnrtmet t. t'arpethv. ate.
TAILORING done in Ine Lest style and on short no
tice. Tlie capacity of E. W ME1B. as a practical
Tailor, is too weil known to teq-iire continent, l'artte
ularattcntion rlt n to C'uttir.e.and v.arrantc.1 to lit.
IIAIS AXD CATS. It is a well known fa., that for
eleven y-ar. L. N ICUOLS has kept the laiyest. cheap
est, and roost varied assortment of goods in his line
ever kept in Old Trumbull, mid the new Arm have t
announce that the stock of II TS ASP C APS has been
largely increased ; so all you have to do is to call at
o 19 ?!ain Street, and you will there find acompleta
outfit hoots cacentod for les money than you can
ret the same in Warren. Keraemhcr one thine w
have no old. shelf-worn Clothing, hut aa enure new
stock of fresh and desirahle Goods.
As ras has for a lone time been a very plentiful arti
cle in this community, we would her leave to he ex
cused from uint it in this communication to my old
friends and patrons ; I would make niy best l ow and
return many thanks for the very liberal and lone-continued
patronnre received at their bands. To the new
we would sav. you too are eutitled to the riant hand of
fellowship; so come alone, and me will rive you a
heartv wlcometoall the priTileres.blessinssand ben
efits. of the iarcest. cheai-est, a..d most varied stock of
Clothiur and ILus and Cap ever brought to this mar
Warren. Oct. 3.-3m
PLOWS, PLOWS. We are now ma
kinr and keep constantly on hand the following
popular flows:
Long' No. 1, Corn Plow,
do No. 3, Sward do
do No. 4, do do
Star. do do do
Buckeye. do do
Michiran Doable, do
Road, do
Sul Soil, do
Cultivators with Cast Iron and Steel Teeth. Plows
lepaired on abort notice.
fiep!9 J.E.MOKLET&
L Fanners! rot is the tfme to prepare lnd for
vhf at. Don't forj?t the lesnorm of tlie jtxtt two years.
JiememtuT ttiat early wn wheat peiiemlly escapes the
rant and the mit'e worm, (weevil.) We know aom
fanners who intend to sw all their wheat N-fore the
last of this mouth. August. See to .t also that the land
it deeply plowed and well drained, then the crop will
Ie ready t withstand either a dry or a wet season.
0i Citvm'mr.
how is the time to secure one of J. B. Morley $ Co'i
Michigan Doot le. or tt'-cil Plows, aug Ij-
1 V LIQLOI'.S for 51e.licinril
Sl I
urposes. and said to lie
the test iu town, at
may 31
POKlf ll OL 1-0. .
-L We are now makinr this celebrated Plow. Those
who hare tried it. aay it sanaes any other kind of
p!'i-r iu use- Several premiums have I'rt'n awarded It
at State and County Fairs. J. K- ilOKLEY 1 Co.
Sep l "5
Larre and commodious huildinr pure spring Water
a pk-asant location, deliehtful climate, kind and ca
pable assistant, pleasant rooms, with a large number
of invalids, generally uoing well. For further particu
tars, address P. KKE, M. D.,
July l!4. leoi-Cm New Lyme, O.
J. V. If not, apply to the JEtha Areney. in VTarren
the ohleitt. saffjtt. aud -etft eompnny in the comitry.
with a eash capital of 9 4.(mu. lrompt in business,
and equitahle in adjustlne'Ksses.
Warren, aug 1-tf J. D. WATSOX, Agent.
FENCE PALINGS We tot p on band
a rood stock of Fer.ee Palinps ready for use. whir h
we can sell cheap. - They make the nicest fence for the
least nonev. that is now made Terr fashion aMe too.
Jane 6, lf55. PAR 4k. SON.
TT(e partnership heretofore exiitine between
Charles Messenger and Chancey B. Timmernian. under
the firm of Mej,fer 6z Tidmermtn, is this day dis
solved hy motnal convent. All debts owing by the
firm will l e -uled and paid hy C. Mesnejjjrer. who is
hereby authorixed to receive all dne of the aid firm.
Warren. Oct. 6, 1P55.
N. B. The business will he continued hy Charles
Mefftentrer. at the old stand in West Warren, where b
will ire happy to see his old friends and customers.
The co partnership heretofore exininp under
the name of T. II. JJOKI LY at Co., it this day dissolv
ed ty n.utual consent, T. H. M or ley withdrawing from
the coucarn. The business will hereafter be carried
on under the sly )e and name of JOHN K. -VORLhY 5c
Co., w .o are authorised to settle the business of the
late firm.
All notes ard accounts due the oM firm, of over six
months1 standir.fr, will be placed in the hands of a col
lector, unless rettled immediatfly.
Warren, Aug. 20. Ic55. JSO. K. JJOKLET & Co.
Under the Trumhull
Democrat1' Office, Main
rU, M'arreo, Ohio.
Reader, Uie
1 BL"CK.. e" i the cheapest Clathinr
Mouse in town, iioou bought direct of the manufac
turers, east; of the I -est material, latest sty les of Cut.
Trim and e'inisii. and made in tlie most serviceaide
monner, ahich 1 can seli at prices that are gene ally
paid here for the cloth and Irimniings, to say nothing
au.ct the con of manufacture. When yon wish to buy
anything in the shaie of
I would l.ke to hae yon give me a call, and 1 think I
cannot fail to please in price and quality.
Warrer, October 30. lr.iS.-0in
-A C.
Henry r . Kice. Jidwir. C. French,
Joseph Chaiui-eriain, (li:ce, French
Petition to oK-
; io..j james naru, .m. , I tain rirht of rail
T."-uco v" f a avto coal mines
A. B. Uer (-ame. W aro & Co. ) - ether.neld
J. K. Kuiiu, L. G. Andrews, C. B-tLs,
Lyra (16, (BtUs, LynUs i. Co.) j
The pctitioi.ers hcref y notify Josiah RobMns. Jr.;
the Penua. and Ohio Canal Co.. the heir of Ko' ert 11.
lc Combs, iz: Johu C. WcCombs. M m. S. VcCombs,
Ketrecca Bchltry, wife of Lewis Blachley. Mary Kerr,
wife of Z. Kerr, James . ilcCon.l, ieiexer Mc
Combs, Lurry MrComhs, Eusibor iacCom's. Klla il.
Uard. John C Ward. Ann Kliza Ward, and Thomas
Cor in Wnl; Vm. Purler; heirs of nrael I' hi lips.
Tlx; Jteeph Henry, Harriet Henry, laac, Jaue. Nan
cy, Britieet Ann ad John Philips with Jonathan Dun
lap and C Kmcaid, GuArdians for fur minere; W m.
Brooks heirs uiilviowt:: K. Brooks; PerryCms 4fc Co.;
Niles and Austiiitown Turnpike and Plank Koad Co.;
James White; Itiumis Irr.n; - - Iti.'hwrdu; Polly
and Allen Catrif dl, KxVs of O. Campt-t-U; K. Stewart,
lavid Harris, M.lo McCombs and fiaiauel Burnett,
aod tht; !ulic jct nerniiy
That they IwTe filed with said Commissioners thei
petittun, prayii'R a view aud estatdi hia-nt of a ft earn
railway, from trie iepot grounds 01 the Cleveland and
&iuh:!tintt Kail II ad. u-eir Ntier, in Weathft-vneld. on
J. Koii:ius. Jr. s land, thence across tlie nnTe, across
the slackwater in Mahoning, near mouth of Meander,
thence across lands of heirs of Hubert fcComis. of
heirs of isanfnel Philips, of Wm. Brooks. decM of K.
Brooks, of Perry Croa- it C i-, PUnk Koad, of James
White, T-'Omas Irvine. IUchard, uf lands of Geo.
Campl-ell, K- Stewart and bavid Harris; al-o of M lo
IcCom:s and Smnel Burnett, to coalmines of Kice,
French Ac Co.; James Ward & Co.; Beits. Lynds or Co.,
and Perry Cross 6: Co. Also asicin; appointment of
committee to view said cToands. anil lay oui ril way,
an-i as-ess dimsircs to lanis, canal and roads.
That the Con-iiiitfiocers on the tth of Iecemhcr, A.
D. 1-jj. BipoiHel Jaeoh IT. HaWwin, Franklin .
Store nnd H.imion Aust'.o.a committte to riew. lay
out ril nay and awset-s damases. Said committee are
to meet for that purpose, on the 3d day of Jai u try, A.
D. l'-oT. Thursday, nt Ui- house of Jviah Bo'")inf. Jr
on the premises 1:1 Weather?fU-ld, arid proceed tu fulfil
their ai-poiutmeut, of which ad irou iierff-tc-l are
lat-tified. HUFFMAN & KATLIKF,
Dec. 12, lr"35.-3t Atty's for Petitioners.
U In Petition for rrtition, in
The Ptate of Ohio, Jths Court of Counts n l'leas of
Trou.' ui County, ss. vi'mui'-ull Cunty, Cliiu. j
By Tirie at an ordt-r of aie, to me directed ?nd de- '
lirered, on a decre of said court ma'.e at th-ir Octo
ber Term, A. D wherein 0tia Louira Ltrt, hy
her U.r iwr., il ;crire M. T utile is t'etitioner. and 1U1-
liu A. and lloiuer 1. Leet are defendants, 1 fhaU cxjkisc 1
to sale, at public outciy.ae under executu a uj-on judg- i
oient at law, at tiic poor of the Couit House in W arren, j
in s-iid county, on Saturday, tlie I-th iay of January, i
A 1 Kt-i. between the hours of 10 o'clock A M and 4 !
oVlook 1 M of sail day, the real estaU" descii'.-cd in
said or U.r of saU, to w:U 5tuite in let na townnhip, I
Tninmull County, Ohio, known as beinj; part of lots!
No. ki4 and iu. in said Ui.ms.iip, l.oundtd as fallows: 1
Befi:i;in? at the north east corner of Ui No. , tmo
rods wet of the centre of the north ard uth ctuttr !
h:i;Aay of said Vienna, and on the noru tii e of sa:d i
lot .'4, tiiice run Lint; north aloD the wtt line of said '
hi'.'buray, ;hire-n ro is thence west in said lot-". on !
aline parailei iih the south line of said lot -3, 13!
ro..i to the lot line, ihenre wet on said lot line, t- the
narth ftit com'T of id lot r5, theue soc:h on the
T.e-t line of sa-d lot ;ivA from thjr.c; tit parail-1 '
with the i:orth line of sV.d lot. t the west line f said '
hifhwav, thence imrih on sai-i west line to the plce of '
Leir'iiinir ; tiie naii wniterii line i e.ng of sucli lenvrih,
tlt it the lines afi-rosnid nJui? cont 'n twefdy aer-. t.f
Und. A::;rcied at 3-). 0:s third of th.? ,-'rche
mn'i-'v to -e f.:tid on ue 'lav cf r V."'. uce tii'rsj ia oat;
yfar t!:.;rea;ter ard '3rthir: i:; U y e.irs from ar;d j
aft'-r rt i l:.v of s-ii,ud it.t-r--t ,!'"rT-..ij.iii: .'. ,-o j
Ttl '-a.-ty. II. H. IIAKM.in. r.il.
hrV;i3 V-irren. it-c Vi. I-5.V."ii-4 03 I
U of Ccuru On Stur.i;;-.-, Janinrv I-.'t!i. l-.ifi. if. '
te. u the l v.irs ;t 1 u-: 4 I'. .M..OU i!i-j j-r-iaiso,. wi:
Le ...M to t.i- n;he i.-uer t..c f.,il .v:i.i rc:.l .-j.ite, :
le I r"V.
ov . l'sai-eiln :. t i wit: hi'.nte '
i;- i '.' ertv. Tri::u'-
..i 1 t N i'l. in toi-iij' .. to-itM-ii:. . ti.r. ! j-i-s
of 1..1, T!ore .ir les. T.-m ::.'..l- l-u.-. ;j u;; .Hy ui
ou. ly, lir.nt. st. l ia.' i. a.- l;-.rt
. 1K1 ,
ii.-c. '5. i:;-(t
of V-.-.t.-' .
1 'a N ib herei y "iT-n tin : 'he n i
e t
Aitr".'. iMe ' V.eV.rrsf.e,., ; r-vrt. A.I -r--".
hiv-::-; c; 'ir.s -'rirt d e t;-.ar : ri-uwtc.i It) pre-
-lit laf'r :ajL.vat w;t!..ii o y-r.
llr'y 1
ELL1SM !-:X A M tXED ' v
I l?.Vt.V.. it
; y- pi.iiv!s'e
r. cm
a.'X pist. t'rio .3,00; just rwirl at
I lllfir'j
x .
wn. rlae, !t. !., w. i.wito
PALM! & DAVIS, Physicians and
1 Sur.-o ns. OlP.ce over Nichol's ll.it Store. Main
street, U arren, Ohio. Lidence uf lr. llvis, 3 doors
sait of the Hank.
JAMES J..CKSON. Physician and
ti Surjeon. Office and resi;iencs on South :de uf
:ir'rt t.. 4 d .-.rs eat ojJhB ijrr, Vjwru.O. ap;Iti
7M. M. EAMES, M. I)., Physician,
Bar jcon and Dentist, indhaui. j'ortage Co.. O.
II. S. LESLIE, Eclectic Physician
and Surj.-on. BlmintfleM, Tnini' all Co.. O.
7 W. TOWNSEND, M. D.. Homeo-
pathic rhyiclan. OPiice in ism lilt's KricV. Hlcl:,
Dear the Anvrien ilutel, V nrr. n, O. "I'L
" l'lirsicians and Surgeons, oflicc North side of the
Public square. Warren, O. oct
Wan-n.O., llamor.i.u.
CURTISS tfc DRICilll. Attorneys nt
Law. Oihce of B. K. Cur.iss in the old Clerk's
Office, north of the new C.Mirt House, Warren, O. f
lice of Win. J. Uri-lit, near hi residence, Hartford. O.
''pilEODORE E. WEBB, Attorney at
1 Liw. Office over Smitbs & McConihs' Store, War
ren. Ohio. Prompt attention 111 to collections 111
Trumbull and a-ijoiniiic counties. may!-y
ZOR ABELL, liavin'sj reumed the
practice of Law, will be happy to attend to any
business in his line for his former client and friends
or any body elw in this or any adjoining County. Any
business in liis line will be promptly attended to.
Ibbce over New ork Store. May y. lejj-y
mi.ToaerTi.irr sun. h. ttttie
SUTL1FF & TUTTLE, Atiorneys at
Law. and Solicitor in Chancerj , Warren, Tram
bull county, O. Olbce on Hirli street, two door wes
of the Americsn House. r:r
BF. CURTISS, Attorney at Lnw.
Office nt prcser.t wiih J. Hntcbios. Esq., North
Main street. Warren. Ohio. my r o5
I & U. H. IIUTCITINS, Attorrieyf at
I . Law. Offceon Xorth Main street, near the resi
dence of John Hutchlns, Warren, 0. a;-r?5
f L fe A. O. FULLER, Attorneys at
1 Law. Office over Smith ci McComh Store. Cor
ner Block, Warren. O. Jan. lt 1JM. ly
LIIIL0 E. EEED, Attorney nt Law,
Warren, Ohio. OUice over Sew York Store.
may In, '54-lf
F. ASI'EIl, Attorney at Law. and
Solicitor in Chancery, Warren, Trmnl.ull Co.,0.
I OHN M. STULL, Attorney at Xaw,
f and General Collector of Home and Foreign Claim,
omce over Smiths it McComl ' store. Warren, 0. mart
a. r. Borra. " nsTLtrr
1 IOFFMAN & RATLIFF, Attornevs
LI at Law. OiUceon Liirty St., Warren. Ooppo.
site the Court House. octi.tf
w. o. LrooKTT. " J. noioif cox.
1 EGGETT & COX, Attornevs and
J Counsellor at Law. Oflice over Moter' Store,
Market street, W arren, O.
je 1G-U
East side of the FuLlic Square,
W arren, tmo.
TAGLE HOUSE. bT Geo. T. Hcll.
1 J Market trect, W arren, 0. Fifth poor east of the
Bank. niari
BP. JAMESON & Co., Dealers in
Stove. Copier and Sheet Irn Ware Tin,
I'hfcsc Vats, Ate, So. 10 Main St., Warren, O. mar S!
Sash. Poor and Window ltliuds. Factory on
Market Street, East of the Bank, W arren, O jan SNij
I OHN J. GI NNING, Carriage and
1 1 Wason Shop, on Pine street, midway between S.uth
ir.d Market -.. Warren, O. n.ar 3
'P II. MORLEY & Co., Manufactu-
X rer of Stoves, Hollow War', and Castinr rene
rnllv. Kountlrv on the Canal, east of Tnyler' Ware
house. Tin Shop four door west of the Uauk, W arren,
Ohio. ep3 l !
Dealers in Stoves, Tin Ware, Japanned Ware, i
Hrittania Ware, Copwr Kettle. Bras Kettles, and ilol
low Ware of all kinds, at Cranaee' old stand, 3 doors :
llow tuipire llall. Market street, W arren, O. mar S
C l0iII3Si: VAUTEOT, sSilvtr and
' Bra Plater, ard lianufacturer of Sadd! rjr
Hardware, Jiain street. Warren. 0. je2T
a. b. rs k, a- icehtill, b. rat b.
PECK, BURWELL & CO.. Wholesale
nd Retail dealer in Foreien nd Domestic lry
t.oods Silk and Straw Bi.nnets, Trimmiurs, Varietits.
eco at the sign of the -Wkei Dkt Goods Sioii,
Mcllanua' Block, Warren, Ohio. 35-J
KING & BROTHER, Dealers in
Watches, Clocks. Jewelry, Silver Plated and
u-1 u l .,n.,. P.nv i;n.nls. a-r. No. 9. Main
street. Warren.' U. All kinds of Clock and Watches
carefully repaired and war ran tea. mar -
7 aTaTb A L D W I N , Wholesale
AL. and Ketail Bookseller. S3 Main Street. a few
door south of the lVf. dicc, W arren. O. nov I J
"pATCH di ALLISON, liealers in aU-
1- dlery Hardware, Carriage Trimmings, and Maun
lacttirers of Svldles, liridles. Harness, Irunka, Valises,
.c, Alain street, W arren, O.
L tftapie and Fancy Dry tiooas. Groceries, Crocl.
Harduare,CiiX)eti!ii:, sole ireaUier, Atc at tLt. . i &(
the A.mpirc Store, W arren, O.
8. liTKOKD. riT O ADAMS.
C KAYMOXD k CO., Whoksale
lO lca".trs in Foreign and IK-mestic I'rj' ioois,
Can-ct 0.1 Cloths, ana Wall par, o. ti3 upenr
street, CleveLaid, Ohio. ny
iic M.MOSEIt. Dealer .11 Foreign.
sUlU 'l J WUUs OlMwaii, x a wa.. a w ,
ijecnsaaxe, iitrnts, tihues. 1- .s. Caps, Keady Mad
Clothing, A.C., Market Sir . , VA arri n, U. au; 1
JL eigu and . omestic Irj" Ooods, Crockery, Boots,
?hoe and' ..eather. Carpeting, Paper Uawgings, Win
dow cihi ies, Ke4iy Made Clotiittig, Jtc always cheap
lor rr.i-jr ri' at the New-York Store.
7AUTR0T &. GILLETT, Manufac-
T Hirers and liealers in Clocks, W atches, Jewelry,
tiii.er Ware, and Fancy liuo!, AiarLet street, i-Js.pt re
Uiuck, Warren, t. Hatches careiully reparel ami
rn.iria.Lted. June 1
"pACKAliD'i BARNUM, (Succes-
1 sors to Warren Packard,) Wholesale and KeUi-l
Dealers iu Foreigu .aid AAucrican Hardware, Iron,
Paints, and Carriiifc Iriiiimuica-'' the Tail Brick,
arren, O.
(Lfimmissicii SUrrius.
MB. TAYLER, Forwarding and
Commissiun Merchant, aud dealer in Flout,
salt. Fish, I'iakLer, fcc, Wirreu, Ohio.
( y E. LEI'FIX G WELL, Forwartling
V anJ Coiumissk-u lerclmi.t, aii'l dealer ib Kli.ur,
ialt. '.sii, t-Usur, t.c W arren, 0. mar 31 II
CA." FIELD, Ct muiission and
:orwarjiiJir Siti chant, and V hoiesU Dealer in
"-I'l'sli-rn il. T l'.i.fe P.ittT. l.-rl- Perk. Lacon. !
lot a ml Tcari Ashes, aitmius, Lne.d a:- i Lard 'il,
Uried l-'mit. and Product ,eneraily, Nos. 141 ai.d l-'5 .
tror.t street 1 atts!turfch, Vx le; -j
S TEVENSi Co.rCmmUsioii Mer
?:'.asvts. Dealr In Uutter, Cheese, Salemtus, F-sn,
Frui aini lro.:uce genemlly. os. 14 auu Jfrfeconl
5tre;t, l-erwcen M-iu and pycuiitore, Curcinnati, .
KiEKEXt es: Iiekont lligs At Co.: Wiishire, Bris
tol. Ac; John S nwy Ai Co.; vasy A. W ise ; llarri
o fc iiooper ; Keunet at Dadlcj'.aau Merchaiits pen
sr liy. aprl y
p ATTLE POWDER '-Brcinin, Fron-
y Sel.l at Co.' Celelrateil Veeetsl.lc Cattle Por.di r
sunt antly on haiul an.t for sale in L rre-ur .niall U:in
ty tlie subscribers, a bo are aule Agents fur tint
X. 3. Nunc are cenuiiie unless proen-e-1 f
March If. Jj-tf C. M. iiSKP.. ' ).
i V MKl'ICISES. Ajer's Clierrj l'ectorai, .A 0(-lo-l's
I.-i iia L'LoUgogae, for sale Vy
.-Uv :n. POKTKR ....
WASH BALL, Hrown Windsor and Trans par'ii.
B.mn in etkvsiipn 1-ars, tnd Coljrati''a Cheiutcai yli
H(rp. For n:e :.t
May 31. J'OKTFItsfcCo.N
V . Vour serinn for cer.t j - ;iT'!, at tl.e
jii: 3 WAKi'.tN IfUV i J'-'0$ .-rT'illZ.
oVaXISIFmOSS bvthelr.l or lb
, . .., -
' hn-.. Mirer T t:-. Fin. I r-x-rt
".rss .rtiauti t fu...;..' M.ms. ;nd ttil-.
jU::c "
l ATH; t ".I.LISON'8
( H'l- ' 1 a 1 ItJ MLJ I.-GS
v' IH ,Iv f .ncy . v r 7. Is -e.l 1 n!e
. . -I tii.'l'"., ( 1. V III..
'''Jin- n -L-! .tf.d pi;:iei i.iirc'-s.
1: atlc frr t . :-.lid tit sr.rrr en-
it. I'Ai KAI:IAz U.i(NVM.
t M i !' MUSJC ! A h.rgr var e-ty of
J , , 1 i..t VV.-,;7-". f T...tIsln. Qii !riljM Ac
jut r-c.-ived ui AUA'S IH.HU 4V. JI.1C 8Tti.K.
'E Amcririiii Debater,
iri m S. i.v.al :-.a-.-rs. a:
an.l nil the
i llZ it
was ii'I I-,
.m. wuiimi inr. t.ite-ii
sa:scri'.r na no ci. in:iii,ana an; ate-,. J. r, ?
all time k.-ep a ir,-c lot of CAli kl-ir-
KIAilr.S. aiuGlES and VVAi.ONS on hand. tf every
decriptiou, style and era.Je of prices.
llis eLp:rui.ce in l us-ntss. and the extert of his
Shop, enl.ll Mini ts f:i nih m.y dcri'-ti on of work
iu lii l.ne, on the th..rUi jHiiiMo n t.e-, -.hct-r it
I the puuinjr np of a splei-.tid l; V ROLCllJ-. or the
co-non Ul'GtiV.the niutcrUis for vhih are at alt
times kpt on hind.
liis WnKK.Vi KN are unsuri -ssed ly any iu the,
country, and !,: work shall c ,ual il n. surpass any
E:iHlcru martifacturers.
HuiTiries ai.d Carnages ready for ue, will
chanced for L:im'.er, C.mnUy rnl.-e, l youi.f
Il.irses. ivcond hand iiuv to cxchii.e for
llew one.
KK. Ai.K TKIMMINGS always on iiacd,a:: l for
ale ui ill" l"et (.fifei.
'1 h..- Wisii:n at y ffnit in try lint cf hcs:r.ri. are
in, itml to ".t ivy shop ii:d ek.al.)il.e r y work id
prfcrs and tV- cum.oi 'ail to plea.-d i:i regard to
l"tlh. V.y !ht.p iivit,; i-ecou.e a ;iTir:inM ne. I aw
etern::n ! to s'-j .! an.i uit all ho Pk i i? sr in an
:?iiii and ej.-.v t'.irr 'i re. or the firmer alio desires &
su Uiiitiai it.n.1 or r ui ji or cart.
r-iintii-ir nd Tr.ii.'iiip'T iloi.e on hort notice.
V r work inninif .eaiircd at my sfioj. is irnrnnte'!.
W.irrcn. March4.'-. IfiV-y II. C. UKLIHIX.
I," K. W I SELL JI.inufHctuv,;:?:!-
rer t-f Carriaf s, I.uztfics and I .-7 i'.j
Wsyons, Wet !de o the Mhtminir riv- Jul JtV
it. Warren. Ohio, keeps m hand a I irre a-soruoei.t in
his line, of the Intent anil ciot improved eastern !,
amntitr ahich n ;iy l ef Mind a l.ixjre lot ofplendid K-c!c-aways.
of variou. p tt-rns. witli one, two or thre so-it;
irood supply t.f l!iiuic se:itCarri.ii,.9evenilof a iiich
7 " '.'" i-.....,. ..w v ,
f;ictured in this section of countrr. Also a ent. i a5ort'
uier.t of one-horte Carriaevs, It'iirtries, and two-h:'re
Wagons, all of w U eh will lie sold as lnw as at any other
shup ou the W.-jitern Kesvrve. Ity keepin none ut
lheit of vriiriuen.nni prfessini to perfectly uiidtr
stand tlie husineas haupelf, and working itmie hut the
l est UiaUTial that can l e procureil, he feels confident
that he can render entire smiitlaction as re,r.trds t le,
lily or prce, to every person who way lavor him
with a C-iM.
Must kinls of cantry province, pood Lumber, and
second-hand iiu;ie taken in exclianpe for unished
IS. B. PAINTING and TRIMMING done In pood
stylo, at fair prices, mid with punctuality and dispatch.
A riiiMMiaT'le credit will he civ en t ail re5oiisi!de per-
sons ivho may desire it. All work done at his manufac-
lory is mummied.
llt'inemher tlie lare West side of the Mahoninjt rir
er, directly wet of the new l-ride, U'arren, Ohio.
April JJ. li-siX KLl K. H I s ELL.
ftr 1? priii? and funnier Trade, at iaaaW
liediat-eil Trices, for t'a-Ii.
V. A It. CIiANA(ii:, No. 6 Main
street, W arren. Ohui, a ould respect fully call the atten
tion of their riends and the ul lie evnerally to the
fact, that they hav. just received the larp-st, 1 eit. and
u ot f;thioi.a! lcMiHk f itootsand Shots ever lifmht
to this markei , au.ii:c which will Pe found the first
quality oi Lio.ii': aiUrs. Kid r.ootces, Hu.-kin, Siip-
f T., ttc. AU a lar-re as:rUi;eiit of Plaiu tiailers,
SiisTi'Cco and laiannl-d lo tee. Kuskins. etc.
A .TK :t varie y of Mi?:.."' tiait r j. Morocco and En
a.ncitd lii.ts. Fancy HuskiLS arid Sl-ppers. ai.d a ceu
eial assortment of toys, youths and children fine
shoes of all colors and qualities, together with a pre it
v -ritty of yentleiru-nH line French Calf anu Itr.cco
Boot", line tiaiters and Slioes of the latest a ylea aud
best 'ii:l:ty. t
ALo, a f-encral assortment or leatncr, : ole lentnr,
French Calf Skin. Patent Calf tiiiu. .Moroccos of v iri-
oi.s liluif an.l realities, Coupresi pore for eaiters,
i:l..ve kM.linit.rs of various color, aud oualitii s, shoe
knives, hammers, nails, hristle. shoul.le-
Micis. -r fiote. i.re knives, awls. Loot we!., sand
nones lack 1 uik skins, at d every thinr usual y fcent
111 our li ne of l.uaii.es. A lari;e stock of bist of every
U meral-er the place, sign of the Hed Hoot. Xo. 6,
Blain street. Warren, Ohio. Apr. Id. tf
GEORGE A. DAVIS, Manufacturer
and Wholesale Peiler in
Franklin Buildings, corner of Water and Superior sis.,
Cleveland, Uhio.
W e have not in store and in process of manufacture,
cne of the hinre-t. mist complete, and vari-i stocks of
to he found in the l i.ion.
Onr tock.coi:-'stine of Overcoats. Cloaks. Talmas,
Frock, Dress and Itasincss Coats, Hants and Vests, is
mai.ufactu-ed entirely in this city, from almost every
description of n ati-rial. amonj which we may metitin
the ftdlowirp fa' rirs: Cloths. Ben vers. Pilots, Mohairs.
Kerseys, IVterbhims. Satinetts, Blan vet. Tweeds of all
colors and qualities for Coats. Poet-kins. Cansimers,
Cordun-ys. Sit!i,itti, of every variety, for Pants. Silk
Velvet.. S ttins Silks. Chn.ere, Woolen Plaids.
PJa-hes. Toilenets. Farmer Satins. Codrintrtons. of
every deserii tion ard style, for Vests. Togeihei with
a lanre assortmen . of
F( KNIniXO 000D3,
consiftinp in part ot Shirts. Colhis. Cravats, Stocks
Tndershirts. Draxers. Hosiery, Spenders, Glovs,
Ovetal's. Hickory and Overshirts. Trunks. Trarelltif
Bairf. Valis s, A:c Ac, Slc. Also, India Kuhher
Ooo-'s of every description.
The perfect system to which we have brmijrht every
deiwrtment of our l.usines. after lonp and toilsome
yeart of application and la or. n un convince the in
vest ip tor of the -superior advantape-. e are thus ena
Mel lo offer the Trade in the purchase of their stocks,
whether in srall cr larc unantifes.
Our .nines'. extending Ihr'-nehont th's State, Indi
ar-a. Whipan and Illinois offers unequalled advan
trirs to the yTcharts of these States, from the fact,
th.it onr clothir-p is mat nfae ured to scit their trade,
!n? ytars of intercourse hav: up niade as familiar with
the'r cl" of rnstomers.
We respectfully solicit a call from all merchants de
sirinp to per. hae. felnr confident an examination
of our stock "ill reMiltin theirt satisfactmy r"snner.
Osk ITall Clothinp FmporiumCleveland. 0
Ctevehind. Sept. 26, lr55.-3m
DENTISTRY. Dr. J.C. Bcrbouuus
1 J would res-iectfully announce to the citizens of
Warren. and to the pui.nc, tnat ue win stiu ne louna at
liis Knuuis over Fresco Hall, where he will perform any
tieration tliat may he reuired of the Dental profession
in an eleraut and dural.le manner, lie returns Lis
thanks for pa?t favors, and aks for a continuation of
the same. All operation, performed by Dr. B. will he
warranted to he w hat they should he, in every sense of
the word. J. C. Bl UKOHVllS
Warrh Ifi. ISiM-tf.
ryUE EMPIRE STORE! Iddings &
i Morgan are opening their larpe Stock of Spring
i.onis, ahich con. j:rises an assorUieut of everj' style
of SU le and Fancy Dry Goods, Straw Good-., 1'ar
asols. carpeting, 1'aper liangings. Crockery, Groce
ries, Aic-, &-C.
ll ey mould call attention particularly to their extea
ie variety of Ladit-s1 Dr isti-KHls, Hon nets and Uouuet
ItiU'Kons, fcinhroideries. Sliawls, .Mantilias, AlC in ail
the late&t and nost fashi'ma' Ie styles. Also, to their
assortment of very superior TaMc Linens. Linen Sheet
iu-.-s, If i How Case Liietis, Shirtiup Linens, &e.
They intend to keep their stock full at all times, of
(he i-esi makes ami uiost fa-diiouaide styles, and to sell
Iheir Goh:s rejru.ariy. at tue lowest prices iu the mar
ket, not allow nip themselves to 1 e mnder8ld as long as
lhe remain in the trade.
W arreu, April U.
CUAMJLEK M-10P ! Tlie bubheri
J er annoui.ces to the citizets of Warren, and ttje
)u .tic in penciai.that he hs estai fished a C handier
bhep. where he ii teLds to manufnC ure Candles. Soap,
and a superh article ol Jitut-itpes, which will always uc
on hand at win Usateano retail prices.
jr.- lhe Proj'i u tr cau at all times be found
Market Street, oi e tloor wett of autrots Jcweiij
Stote, V airen. Ohio.
V The highest price, in cash, will b paid for lal
low jnd Lard, d 13J A. L. C. DAV. Agent.
.irsiral.le Slock of s ALL AM) WI.MtK GlMJliS. to
w hick tt.ey in I'ite the at!cl;tiou uf the .U'.Uc le.ier;iily.
Their IttMrtis will l e ollere.l at .rices that will lely all
cuui etitiou f.ir remtli'-paj. or in exchaure for Protlucc.
a..-ruveU credit on s!iurt time will l e ;ireii.
Warren. O-t. lr1, lei. C 4: 11 MOSER.
EXTISTRY.- Ovir Ad;ims' Book
Sire. Dr. H. W. 1 OLLOW AV , havinp sold out
his interest in the 'aimei rectj pe I unities, has taken
roonis over Aiaios Itook.-tore, a here he can 1 e found
at all hours, frnni e o'clock A. - . untillH P. M
The constantly ii ereasii ? ib mand for woik in his
on ti e
ir ifession has n lucei bin to devote his time
to this art.ann ne is muy I reireu io uo iom on u e
shortest notice, in the mo-vt neat and workmanlike
manner, ami on lhe most reisuna.de tern:s. Ur. liul-
Ijway win aure Lis i.umei us patrons, that h.s work
nl. give ti tirr sat)factiP -.ami con.jire favorai ly
with jot d-.r.e ; y the wot-t sk-lfulleren in the Ailant.c
cit:. s. Iton'tbriret the place -over Adams !toor store.
Warren, July 4t: , 1. JI ' iI,jLLoW AV.
" "..iirrti t rr r " n .
1? A. bull ifi & tU., (Late iioyt,
j Hro. A. Co..) NO. 5, MAIN STl'.KLT, WARUKN,
O. liealers iii liru-s Me.licn.es and t'bmicai.i, riwir
n:aet.utical preparation. Perfumery, Ac. Also, a lull
asrtn.ei:t of Patnt. Oils, Vi in-io Ul.tss, Varinsh-n,
Urushes. 4tt. Si-ic agents iu the ph-.ee fur the sale t
JayneV Faiaily Mctiicines, AVer's Cherry I'e.toial nd
ntlier poj.ular renietiies direct from the proprietors.
Fan.i.y iledicii.es and Physician's prescriptions ac
eurateiy and prou t.y put up
lO I'IN LS, prepared 1 y Prof. F. Huniprreys, put up
in t ines ai d adapted to the ue of families. The cases
contain fciteei. boxes each, of dillcrent kinds of medi
cine. Accon.iai.yii p each case is a .Manual or Practi
cal tre;.titortht a miuUtratton of llorr (epathic reia
cdies. lor t: lc y L. A. SMITH 4l CO.,
Apcr.U lor the sal. uf tlie Hon.oiathic Speciiic Kerne
V.i -. my
O Shop on Slain Street Those who ai.-h Iom 5)
purch;ic thinps in our line, are in v. ted to catl Jf
at the saop tf llollii.p-- onh ox Fitch, on Miin str et.
fitur d ors north of lackards Mrr iivnre store, wncre
tney v tl" fuio a I r-.e .Hjortntcnt of Stoves. Tinware.
J:p.inred wrtre. Rr'fciiniia-ware.C'PTer Kettles, ltras
Kettiea. and Ho' low a .n of all kind, cheap and pood.
Ca'l at 'iur Ksta lih. :.t ef.re you i:uy . lo t-work
and repairiu; d.i.e on r n .r-M' tfrn:-. and with de-S.-tteh.
' ARUhN )
T Fiet'r.. , V ark el
ARRKN I'OOR, S:th and EliuJ
. (. Tiie ui dersifi.e. haviitp entered nto cp:irt
..;rp in t :e urmui icinre oi .-.i.-iii, uisi.M am
IH-Ol.r. u iit I" rentier l:e ; a lare stck of S:.sh, yX
Pn.e aud 1:ir, of rvll size, in use, and of the be;l
jin'.l'.t.v, uhich ihey will sell on re:ional-e ti'mis.
tte' will coi.timie the nianuf.uture of VKNITIAN
B'.i.I'S, iu all its br;ii.cln-. ahieh we uill sell verv
b..i a 'id of an iirpr ivt-' U-i.-ty, rurp.issiii,. -iny h ret')
l to ;
Ue nill M-.0 c:'t ."-e rb i.-.ai jf.tct::re of PA .'.!
!-inKS. of trie hriest -:y.t-f. an .' i s:t;r.or '.naluy.
Ail v.i.rk made at ';r si i-hi:,--::i v.i.! c .nrrame-!
l w iiy i-M.h.n-r : ut the t est .,iril 'ly of Liiui'-r. .!!.
.- pt:e I ut lhe tiri Cl :.s -.rr-nr . j a -..-f vtl
lenv rs tis s-Tve ,ir rt-. i;if. we Vill p p..i - viit--.
n.pru-i iii r mir u-ii .. us i f voucr.-i.t t..il:
; I'lie !e -.'f wr ' V .t-rt. C:ti.j.
"e rt'ia'1 i.. v ii k v : v.in .; l- p;"vh t.;'- tne ii ove nr
Iti'l- -. f- eat. nl mr -bee. it:e Ue x;,t !,t- l..ur;d HI al
h...r -.f tlie .Uy, fnr e shai! ive our ion-T:.iii per
lo'.al . iperilitei.d..nc;- tu the iet-.l -if our ui::es.
L. SPKAK k. S,iX,
jnn P.. I SV SncMrrst." Kdwrd pear.
.. Ciist.-L-iers. iivl ail :!.e:s o-v:r r
.i:on-.-. t irr ri"vct;"ui!y M.ionre.1 t!:tih.-
;iy m. W ' -.!! ur :ii. ui r.h prirrs. at J
pi- e.th fiT t'::; s tli.-tiv e. A H t'rl I" !:( W :n
Is ii!h.ieiJt. lJ ACKAltD A. RAllNl"!.
l Th--MV.
cr tin: tons r irculation of It.f.r4i
sl Siec. 1. I-ii. eri r-s-!y tor the ILdii.l.i
Ut iV ufh to a en 1 t f i -i.-. --1 v t i r it rvriMiU-
, :rj rc-;ii'--
t. 1 t .v.:id ill th:
ii'. on cr
i.i:c::. i - i
A. iiALlCVlN.
'S, une-Li.rd of
.on . a-.tf. fjoMjir.
R. A.
AO BAG, by N. i'. Willis,
i t jtrTJ AT BAJ
fu Tliu lad ks.
: I Ml. 'I Liu ALU (.UJil'UUAlJ H.
; I I thutoi'
, , T , I : , r i v
(olltlSU, t 0 tl I i I T V. D (I SflnnDajh.
' rrom 'l'"'inpiihe.l in.livi.lttals. which I think not I .est
P'lhlih.may h seen y callinr at my office. Kl Su
tl.rta.I, ' Tror V1?''-'. ';Ti,-1"'- .. or at my tieneral De)Kit,
' 1,1 Br';,', st-' N- "Jr- "' bT Dealers in Me.licine
! erep where. Agent wanted. SepL-6m.
A sure remedy for the f.tlosin Disease of Feuuile,
vis: Auienorriiei, or Ketnt..ii of lic Uciies ; Hup
j ri .-ti'ii of the leiisei ; Dvimr-iii a, or Excessive i
.Mei.stiaiaiioi.; I'Uior Ah-us, r hite; Vum of Life.-;
l'l.j.tulei ce ; Coisktiition ; l.ru tins of the fiiiu ;
fij sterics, CoiivuNioti!- I'mlapkus I t ri. or Benrins
1I; Irritio e Wostt-: ('hl-.rosn, or tiieen J-ie-ne;
Oyfiucinirrhea, or I'ainfu! Uenstruatiun; Tref
iiaLcy; cier.li.y, Oic. Jlc. dec.
Tr cfnin-t tcfore the pal lie. I do not prnfrs ti enr
rill the iliseas s til it llel: is heir to; only tho-e to which
I have iaid the most p inicuU.r attention, durinft an
extei.,ie practiee -f y.-nrs. often pre-critir-r fr
3il to i' p itienti inadjty.and tha th s:iir:n Fe
m ips of the I'litu-l r-tnl.-s may I e hrntlite.i ard sived
Tr-ia a .refi.a:n(-e tfravt. t i wnrh thousands fiillric
tin. ai.na.iliy lor t.he n aut of proper and timely K-nie
die . rr;utatc (' f;ii-cti.is oi tUr W omn r.d its se
rretinp rraiis. W illi this ie, I have ir.cnrred :real
exei:te in m.tkin? a Compound Kxtract.p.it up in pint
.ttli-s, prepnnl with strict rference t.i vecrtad
eheli istr . from 13 It ilwmic 11' .ts and I'Unt.t. w hich
hve hnii -vu known to the a'HiriiaTiitrs of this country
and n;;my rhysicians lo have a Specifiic T.inic and
Ait rnative action njon the F nia VmI and ilsap
p-ml -.jre. I ft the Compound Kxtrart nl Cohosh, Fond
Lily and Nun.-uairh, 1 cltim for myself an 1 my country
tn 1 e i!ir only preparation of the kind ever prepared,
and the only one ih.it i adapted to the dilerent dieas
es ..f Femula.s of this climate, to hich hundreds can
lhiiie. from one to two tea-spoonfuls In one or two
la1 l--spooi.fu!s of water 3 times a day before mals.
It sht.nl I act upon the hotels rcc or twice a week.
iil t U-Pnrjin l if hunt mi rvira.nJ Ik. ..(ik.
mndn,. Mown on trie bottle, with my written siffna
. tureoneach tel : alo Journal of Kemale diseases
accoa.pauying each bottle. Price, $1,50.
Frmm Cki'f JxMttc K!$on: have been Acquaint
ed with r. Thrall sevrral years, and can cheerfully
l ear teMimony to his jrood private character, and hiith
prni-5sionai aiiaincifiits, ami can cntideutlv recom
! mend him to the p .1 li as a gentleman, in every way
; entill d to their respect and confidence. I trust he
1 may succeed in this change of h professional labors ;
; and am ?ure that he cannot fail, if intefrrity and enter
j prise, lorethcr with a hi eh pro -ssioual taiidin;, re
j ceive their due aud proper rewards.
Hall Coofrerstown. Nor. 3d.
Dr. TncAtr : Dear Sir I have just ht-ard that von
, le:iee the Tillage In the morninir; I shoul.l he rery
, s..rry that you shnuM .lepart. without my rooil wUhes
! ar.l thanks foryoar professional serricee in my fami
I ly ; the Tery seriims in.lii.os.U..n nf Mrs. Cooper, in
Iosjii.e ice torn oi lite, some s or 3 years since, was
the worst aftlietion she ever ha.l ; an.l I imptite under
I'rovi.k-nee hr reeovery to yonr meli ine.
M herever yon po. I wish you success.
Itelieve Eje, liear Sir, Terr truly Yonrs,
I'mrusiTT or Nkiv VoaK Citt 8. T. Frincis. M.
f.: I. J...-1 Trotter. M. D.; Leuian Duhoia, M. D.; Silas
Dyke. M. D.; P. Z. Ura r, M. p.
li.wTos s. Warr.-n, 1. D.; Warner Stevens. M. D.;
Williain oo,l. )I. b.
l'im.,nii.rm S.im'l V. Tarrish, M. D.; X. S Tlor
ner. M. II.; Clvi T. Kherle, l. l.: James Frost. M. D.
Sew Vo-.k Ker.A. K. Camplll; Uer. John Tillany;
Rev T. Ilnrer.
Auh.xt linn. W. L. Marry; Hon L. 3 Chatficld;
Hon. Peter Mann; Hon. Silas Fitch.
r.rmi.o Prof. F. II. liamii.on.
PriLtnn.PHis Hon. Wm. ginith: non.Joel Ilcsmrr;
Hon. J. R. M.Milli-r.
. f n-.my t ertiticates an.l Lett, rs ofcnmuienilation
1855. JULY. 1855.
HARNESS WODS, just received by
PATCH & A LLISOV, Warren, O.
SCO hides Patent Dash. Harness and Welting Leather,
ltai F-nacieled and Oil Top Leather.
50 pieces iM-nask, assorted, some very fine,
30 - Ruckram.
1i Silk Festoon in-.
l(4doz. Silk Frit .pes.
- pieces Precehne. (new artiePi.)
35t pieces I'nauieled Cloth. (Lawrence poods.)
1.' ' I roa-i cloths, assorted colors.
l.'iO setts Top Props.
31 gross Ji-inne 1, Stiver and Brass Knobs.
3U " Sad He and Lining Xails.
7o pieces Carriage Laces. A few pieces finest Silk
Laces ever seen in this market.
Huh and Sand Hands of all descriptions.
4 l-ales of test piality Moss, aud every thing wanted in
the line of Carriage Trimming.
Cai gross Japan Buckles, , 1, 1, 1 , and
"a fcs. Harness Thread.
50 pieces tiirthinp.
50 Line Weh,
D4 dozen Rridle Ititts. assorted.
H0 Ivory and Biass lined Martingale Rings.
ttt'-O Line and Tup Snaps.
50 Real Silver Rosettes and Ornaments.
5H Japan lirass and Silver Self -adjusted Trees.
6 pieces llames, (some fine silver.)
50 doi. Terretts.
?0 Stirrup Irons,
And all other articles wanted in the Trade.
All the anove poods have been purchased of the Fas
tern Manufaetares. and selecte! with mor-h care will
be sold to the Trade at wholesale at a low figure.
We can show one hundred, of all trades, from $1 T5 to
T-"' I some very fine and eutirtly new stales. Also,
Ladies Trunks, with all the extra fix i tips.
5' Saddles of various styhs and prices. cane seen.
A poodassoruneutof Ladies Saddles muchuetter than
We ate manufacturing some very fine styles of Silver
Fl tte Harness, the plate of the lest quality a larpe as
sortment altray on hand many new styles of golds,
just brought out h the manufacturers, can be seen at
our eMat'lishnient. e respectfully solicit tlie patron
ace of a I those that can mak it their interest to do so.
( DOZ. Wl:lPS for sale, wholesale
tfJ a
ndreUil, at Jy 18 PATCH de ALLISON'S.
s Combs aD'l Brushes ; Jlaits ot all descriptions, at
jy in FA1CU at ALLISO.N tj.
CADDLEll'S SILK, of all shades ;
O three cord Thread, white. Hue and black ; Harness
Varnh ; a full stock ot Saddle Tools, at
jy lo PATCH 4c. ALLISON'S.
jLOOR OIL CLOTHS, from 3 4 to
JL 6-4 ; trace chains, spurs, tacks of all sizes, Raw
Hides, fancy russet bridles. Carpet l aps, at
i- a th.it hire I eeii on h ind for a series of years,
which e are anxious to sell to any one that will he so
foclish as to hy them. jylS PA 1 til or ALLISON.
HINES! FARM FOR SALE ! 'The subscri
Iter, wiih tup to po west, wouli say to those desirinp to
buy a farm, that he a ill sell his aell-known old houic
f4. al. ltcoutaiD3to hundred acrvs of excellent kind,
ii.is water iu altuoit every lot, tim'er suilicieut for one
huRilred years, a house almost new, that coat two thou
sand dollars and out-huildinps plenty and convenient.
It is located in Uowland.ou tlie North and Suuih Centre
ro v, ami a-out one hundred rotls north of tlie Vounps
lo jrii and Warren road. It cannot fail to please any
one aishing a rid nee In the country.
Und, May S, J-j1-. JOHN W. gEELT.
O is
cnii be had l y applymp i tir.liately, as I w.li lo fo
W est by the mid He of Mpt mber, to sly a 'ew month.
I nit to sell my huihlinp on the east side of Main st.,
all my Groceries now on hand, and some Guns and Oun
Fixtures. topcthT with Uunttuith ToU. and will oiler
them at a bapain fr the iuke of closing out. Also, a
IhiiMiTip Lt on the West side of slain street, '.li feet
front l y 0 feet deep a pool location for business.
Call s on, and look at said property, if you wish to
Warren, August , lrfS5. JOHN EAT.
: The subscribers have now ou trial, c
at A The sui.scril era have now on trial . n f k'I..
i tiu'cumhiued Mowinp and I-apinp Machines. Th..se
h.terericd cau see how it works,almot any time during i
lhr ,(re,Ci.t harvest. by calliup. We would like to have i
, jarmers vail and iee for themselves, aud should they
wu, lo My a machine, or almost any implement a far
mer llcvu4. ,e would l.ke to sell, as we have the apen- '
! cy of lhe ah any Apricuitural Work, of Albany, N.Y., I
ol'? of tltK mot "tensive e-itahlishmeuu ot the kind,
in tliat State They keep ou hand all kinds of farming
! c- p!ement, Thre.hinp iiachines, Uowinp and Reap- !
: " ' Jiacuines, o:c. auionp iieir Jiowmp ainl Kepuip
ii-hines, may be fuud McCormick's, J'ussev's. Unr- i
reli-, Maiii-i 's and Retchum's. also what is called tiie
N ew ork Reaper, h.cb is said to I e the best Reaper !
now in use. I ut it cannot he arranped for mow nip. '
liotbland, July 3ttt Irjj, Hfc.fc.VKS &, KKl If..
tractors, Canenters and Kuilders. We can furuian j
foil witli Panel Hours ot all styles, a great deal cheaper ;
Uian you can make them by hand, (and as pood if not I
better.) Call and examiue our work and prices you ;
sill e suited with Inith. A larpe supply conitai-t'y on j
hind. A lit eral discount to whole-tale traders j
January t-fi. SPEAR ttON.
-.ysiem in their iHJ-iiness at Windsor, Anbiahuia Co.. 41.
w here they are dellinp more pooils, and at lowrr prices
tla i any esu'di-shment in their vicinity. That is so--come
i.nd try tliem! They wape war on hiph prices
They h..ve boupht their puods low. and are seeing how
ehe.tr they cau sell them and live. Their motto is
"Hiiick sates and sma.l profits a nimble sixpence is
better th.iu a slow rhillinp. I
Call and see tlicm, and they will sell you poods lower
than you can buy them elsewhere and chart nothinp j
tor their trouide. they are clever fellows and deliglU
tn showinp pooils at all times five them a call
Fe.-y 14 io-ly.
O KINO OFST0VKS, for sale by D. P. Jameson 4ft
Co.. with a new and elevated oven the lxrpest Cook
Move, Ocuesee Valley, elevated oven, Clinton, eleiitcd '
.ven. Premium, elevated oven, Ohio Premium, and !
Woman's Kilits store.
I ISS0LUTI0N. The partnerhij-
1 heretofore exNtinp i-etweera the subscribers uu i
.'cr the mime and style of S. t C. Moser is this day dis- j
'uivo.l 1 v n.uta-tl caseiit. toe notes aiui .i-eouiits oi
the ut? Lrui, are in the h;ii ds of Samuel Mostr for
, tt!en ei.t. . SAMfKL M"SK!t.
U.trren, Ju'y '-'t, 151. I'UltNKI.Ii S MOaUR.
C O-P A ! t T N I" i ' S H I" P . Tli ui.d-rsi.ireil.of the late
i.ru "I . &i f M"b,i.lt:i-j tins !av it-s.ciated with hia ;
d:fh:iei iosi;r, f -r the pnrpoJf of uoi:ti tiuinp the Mer- j
rnni'le ;iie.-!i tt the old .T.tad. uii-b-r the na:je and !
.ty'v oi C it M. Moser. They r peetful!y invite a I
eonliauanc'i .f the patronage so li er:ti!y exiend-d to
thr- laie tirni. CORN ELI ITS AlOSKl
V.'iirr. n. J-xly StS, 154. !
i All I'.Ti.H' in.le! ti J.J l
pi-riot' in.le! lz tj no;e or look account to
tit- l-.t tir.u -if S A: O. M.oaa, are L.'r.vT iK.l.tle. to
.!all f. rt'i" it's au.l s .uare p. SAMl tL liSLIL .
r.-(.. 14 '.VT-li. j
HtnjT C11IMP- The undersipned ar? sole apents
bo lite County of Truin till. It i warranted to crimi
the tonn Y.cti p ecv f Leather in tw minutes , which il
frfinu'i'tlj U'kjs an hour or uwr to do til- srtme piece
: .f work. It .t tn 1 vil:.Miit rival. W e would respect
Tiiliy c ill the nitetiti-jn or ; fri-u I s nf the cr tit ti
. -uiject. lo n-ft forget the place. No. Jti. Main St..
, Virrrt:, O. tl 13j JAS. CONN KLL dz Co.
licancat. just red and fr sal at
J jan24'&4.
M. A. I311TH C C .
Jut-l Kni iveil nt the
UTlll'VVft 1 V..JU( CrM,)
Oentle Si-rint, his come! and nis the til
eliotcet, ni.t seh'Ct, and chea et t'H.k ol f ii I
lu. is at.! Sh.tes ever t roug-it to Vk arren, for wa
; ririr at.d Summer wear.
D. Jl. W AKP.tN. in announcing this fact to his pat
rons, and the -.orldat larpe, iuvit-sthem, o.ie aud ail
lo cuilc ai.d see for themselves, f.r he feels con tiaent he
ran suit them with any kind of good Boot orShoe they
PurcVwinp his stock of the Manufacturers forCash.
rnabli him to oiler such inducement toouyersa can
not r f'und eUeahere.
La.lies! you like to hve a pretty tlitteror Shoe, and
I have Liken esisrcial cure to please yun y seiectmp the
most f.tshioua-!e, prettiest and mt penteel Jtock f.-r
ladies' -rear, that cud l e found ia New York; so at)
Itiat like the ornamenut.1 as well as useful, will catl and
ee and buy, before pjinp elsewhere.
tlents! I have the est assortment for your me the
prealest v:tr:ety of mater al,and the latest f tshions.only
call and see my Cbih, Ki t and K.-mairlU d .;uteri.
Childreu! come, and I can fit you with any kind o
Shoe or i.;:ter your tutem:iy s-;l--ct.
D. II. W, airaiu returns thanks for past patronage, and
solicit if continuanec,
N. B. Boots and ahoesmaile to nr lerand warrai.ted
to fit. D. II. WAKI'.KN.
P. S. lont forpet the place. Jio. 3, Market Sr.et.
hejtt to Smiths and McComl s. apr.J3, .
... ., , . . . , .
preiared to do all kio.ls of Circular Sawinr. sncli
as Urackeu, Patterns. Carriage wora, ore, on sl.url
notice. je6 il'EAR t SOX.
1 ' one half mile north of Kinsman Store, on Hip
Meadville Hmd.
The subscrilers havinp boncht the Wool Cardinp ea
tahlishment lately owned by 11. K d-es. forrtr-riy Allen
t Kobes, intend carrymp on l AN L'f'ACTCP.i Ni in
its various nronches. Wool manufactured on the -trn
r l.j the yar.l, into Uoe-Skins. Cassimeres, Satmttia.
Twee-Is. s lannels an.l h-iitucky Jeans.
CAKOIMi ai'l Sl'IN.N'l.Nil .lone on short notic.;.
Also, Wool Cartinc an.l Cloth Drrssiiit;. Wool rar.lril
Into rolls at cents per lb. Carding and Suiuniuif.
1--". cents.
As we are puttiiiii in steam-works. those havinr wool
lo card, hjr comine early iu the day, can hare the rolls
lo take Lack with them.
As we are renins; on the best of Kastern Machinery,
and have had lour experience in the l-usiness, we flatter
oiirselres as neinr aide to do as rood work, and a
r.heap, as at any other esul-lishnielit.
Those harinc wool to manufacture or card, would di
well to cire us a call, as hy strict attention to husines
we hope to get a share of the pir-lie patronage.
Kinsman, o., June 6, If 55 -u
TWELVE YEARS' There busteaarrest de.l
of imllinr and .tean.inr roinr on in the town ,.
thi... I never-wa. in the hahitof doirr. I only uk-
Ihi simple metho.1 of inforniiitr my old customer's. and
ine puouc in reneral, that I have commenced keeping a
small Grocery and Beer Hall, on Main street. No. 41,
.'the German Si?n.) where you can find such rrocery
aitieles usnally kept in such a store. I also keep
on hand a first rate article of ALE and UK tK. an.l in
vile all ofthose alio are friends of the aame. The Hall
is kept open every day. Huudays excepted.
Warren, Jan. 31st. Ir55. is. BISHOP.
K-s entific men are da'ly hrtnj-tn to li-rht new Inveu
lions, and the march of progress is onward : person j
llald, or Wecornin so, alii t,e pleased to learn, that sci
ence and lonjr res-arch combined, have brouirht. . cf-m
lhe rreatest Hornier mf the in the article of EM
cure for Halduess and to prevent Hair from fllin-f.
See circular to be had of agents. Price $1,141 in lare
bottles. Sold by E. K. Hoyt 4k Co., and lieu. K lama,
Warren; J. lanniert;, Yoanstown, Prentice 4k Ed
ar Is, Canticld.
C. E. FISHER 4c Co., Proprietors,
march 3 Jio. 57, Superior street, Cleveland, 0
i. (OtlS. J. K. Alhesivor, furmerly of the firm
CowLKs Sl Albkktson. has just oend a new Store in
the New Bbick the Corner of Superior Street and
the Public Saare. CtereimnU, Ohio, where n-ay be
found an entire New Stock of
SILVER V.HK of all kinds, II mrramted Pure Coi.
In short, everything that is New and De-iraMe In
this line, may be found cheaper than can be bought
Iff STRANGERS should not fail to visit as befor
CjevelIld DtfC 13 WM-j
MENT, No. SJti, Main Street. H I
J. McConnell 4t Co.. N. 30 Main -V J
atreet. Warren, Ohio, have the pleas- 9 Cj S"
ure of announcing to the citizens of Ska
Trumbull county and the public in u
i;eiieral,that they are receivinj- and manufacturing the
1-irpes. cheaest and best Msurtmeut of ROOTS and
SHOKS ever brought to the Western market, which
they now oUer tor sale, at wholesale or retail, at prices
that cannot fail to suit purchasers, on the cash and
ready-pay system. Their stock consist of
Mens Coarse Boots; Wen's Calf Peg'd Imitation B'ts;
liuu-arian do; French Caif sew'd, -steel sks:
Kip do; Brogaus;
Calf Pegs do: Kip and Clf llrogans;
Boys1 Boou and Brogans, Ail kinds.
Ladiei Jer.nj LI ad Boots. Buskins and Ties; Ladles'
Patent Leather Buskins and Ties, and -Morocco Boots;
Misses Sewed and Pegged Gaiters and Shoes, of all
kinds; Children Shoes, dec.
Moiocco. Cilf Skin and Upper Leather, and every
thing usually kept in our line, which will be sold for
. ami. lower than cau be found elsewhere in the county.
April 14, 1.-53- J. McCONNKLL 4t CO.
To DUN LAP, STEWART 4t RE ED'S, and examine their
splendid stock of Goods, which are daily arriving by
the bout load.
Tbr facilities which our firm now possess. Tone of the
firm being constantly in lhe eastern cities, thus bJng
as.ie ro laie advantage or trie market,
;.) are not e.,a, lied
by any bouse in Ohio. He call the
chants and the public generally to the
articles, which, having been purchased befor- the great
r: in price., we are enabled to offer at Xew Vork
rise in prices, we are enabled to offer at Sew York
prices :
30 hhds. P. R. Sugar; EJ bbl. Mackerel;
III H is. Stuart' Kef. do. lisi boxes Herring;
25 " C. C. do do. lts sacas Dairy Salt;
z:. .Molasses;
15 " Syrup:
.il bags Kio Coffee;
3d mats Java dn.
lot! chests Green Tea;
5l) caddie do do
I" chests Black do
'.tl caddie do do
2t4i P. Wrapping Twine;
2. SI lbs Alspice;
.Vsl li.s Penper:
511 lbs Bruil Suts:
5iU Ii En-. Walnuts;
lis t) lbs Hard Almonds;
IIHSJ IbS Soft d
50 butts Chew'g To'acco;
ooxes tlo do
5141 doi. Cut and Dry do.
1IKKI Smok-ng do.
iMi lbs. No. 1 Nutmegs;
2i Sl - Indigo;
S bbl. s. C. Soda;
5 " Cream Tartar;
5C0 Cala Li.xuoric;
5(1 mat Cassia;
21 1.OXCS Ground Pepper;
25 dox. Pepper Since:
5'l six Ib. cans Mustard;
511 do. cans do.
lis) M Cigars, all grades;
liihuils Pea Nuts:
'-"i bsxes Kiusins;
I'll dul Transparent Soap; UK! " Prnnes:
Transparent Bars; 5" hhls Pittsb'g Crackers;
IU) boxes Kosin S..ap; 50 boxes Sotia Biscuit;
10 " Oatiledo. 2INI doi. Ill icking:
20 " Variejate.1 do. 5i BLicking Bntshcs:
An.l the bet assortment of -YANKEE XOTIi'NS"erer
brcu-ht to this n arket which will ie svl.l at prices
which defy competition, we care nt front what quarter
it comes. Merchants particnlariy are invited to give
u a call. Rem. m' er the place.
So. 4 and 5, JUrket su. Warren.
September 29, 155.
AfAUTROT & GILLETT, Wholesale'
T and Ketail Dealer in Ci.htki. Wiu hu Jkvm:lrt,!
Su vfi-Wi.kK, and Va(i t (.imiO-, W irrrn,ihio. -j. -v
Il-iviiis jusl returned from the Kastern Man- V
a factor ic. we hrjuirht vith n a very lrje
atatrtixier.t of extra-tine EneJish lerer Watch Vc? T
es. tn pold. hunting and plain caaet. Aldo.m iuriir
iu-st 1
t y o liup.ex n aides, wuo .n..eIn..eni sevon.i.
the Ih.ng for ti-ning horse. Also, bnglisu Lerer
, . , - . .. . . .
. ' . . ...., . ,1
Bailroad Time Keeier, in SiWer liatieinz Cu-n; mid
a larger stock of Dftache-J Lerer And Lepine Watche
tliau was ever efure odered iu this place. Our aj..rt
friCnt of Jewelry, we e.itttr ourselvea, ia a hetter slec
lion thnn we h;ire ever efore nuule, havinp purch iseda
much Urzer stock and of finer quality, th:in Kas here
t (if are hern hrouht to this plac; such aj we cau fully
ricmmeiid. Kreryt'ody is inviiefl to call and exam
ii.e my stock. Pedlars, and others, punch uinp t sell
a .rain, will tind a Urge a.-ortnient,anl prices that will
compete with Kastern Cities, at we parche oar -cod
directly from the manufacturer!, and will sell for aa
all p.oflts as any other est dishment in the country
A fe-r flr.e Dou-di Time Centre Secnds H'atchen, will
I e sold very lor. Now is the time fur securing a ood
I ar-ain. Call soon and see for yourselves.
Watch Ie-relr', tc c-trefully repaired and war
ranted. T Engraving neatly done.
Oct, 7. i-54.
In the S'ew Bdilding, opposite the Democrtlt Of
fice, faia Street, Warren. Oh'o.
BsKrLrrrcs Baowx have received their Sprinrand
buuuuertl.tftingiudareprepare.ltoexliii itthecheap
est an.l most desira'.le lot of clothing ever o'tered in
Pnks. Pants. Vests. ;c.. of the hiest styles. Aljo.
BOYS' CIATH1 Mi. HATS and C M. and a full stock
tock of Urua.lck.ths, Cassimeres and Vestings, of rich
and durable quality. All who wish to purchase Cloth
ing. made to onier. ar ; respectfully invited to examine!
our gods. and learn the price, berore purchasing, as
we feel eonft.leiit we caunot he beaten iu quality, price,
tvle or enrtmi.il.il.
CAKU. The rYoprietcrs retnrn their sincrre thanks
tn the luwn p nf II ,rr.n ar.l nr nitv f,.r the ..r.mtt.
patronage hitherto awarded thein.and resicifully ask
far a continuance. P. T. BARTI.KTT,
Warren, June-U, 1?55. 0. V. BR-JWS.
V R. C. Ihirline. (ftrmerir Darlinsr 4t Bro-
ther.) has rvmotred his Simp to the huihlin-zat
itie cururr tji ui'M-rLj r.nu lusii .-.it:'..! -
is prepared to enrry on Hlatk-mithiiiir in all its St it
ch e. Kiilrad tools made on aliort untice, mi l io
tiucrior styie ; IIrse-sh.esf warranted not lo ci:t iu
the eye, and put ou in tiptop maimer. Miy 3, S.
t Aii"PiAt -ti . i
iOLL riOlV lhe CoparlPirsIlip
:ier-ttf.. re exiitine ander the m le and "nn
lNirt-r 4l Co., is this d iv dissolvffi l y iiniiu.il c'nnt
Tli- u:rit-s of the lat tirin will he -iijuie.i Iy C. 6
Tort r. ho is authorized to Ht;. th j-.ui.e.
N. 11., an early -jfiin-iueut is res- ecttinl lic;tei.
C. ritKTKlt
Warren, June 9, l-"..
NOTICE The liruz 1 n-tinci-a will ' e continued atte
Oi l tft.iii I recei.tly c -ij 'ed hv I'orter St C. l y thi
su 'i-cri 'uer, v.ho reipctru!ly solicit a coniiruahce l
Ihr !i r-il ptroua,-e heretofore cst'ed up- n th
U'lithiiient. t. 3 1'uKTtlL.
juue I'.i, 54.
AUREX M AKBLE SHOP, situ .te.l
on M--irkt Street, at the eit end of J. L. Ttn
tlnrlT's Hrick Block, rh?re mity '-e f-utiid a choice as
-rtn.eiit of Italian aud Vermont Mar' le,Tira' "-time.
louuments. Spires and erery tinitit in the M-ir le Hue
cf the lest 'daiity and finiau, iu the h!t''f style
All pers-.-ia th-it are in want of anyt.diijc in
thcahoT line, will find it to their mlvaiiUi-e to vriiv
iue a cnll and ex imine stck and prices ht-ftift purch.-i
ine .l'. here. Oail and see. I.. F. G...KK.
Ma. U. 'Xi. 1 y
VEA'Alllv VAUNTISlI--oach and
L Puruiture, warranted extra quality, for sa'e hv
aug -9 A. SMITH et CO.
SALT l:!IbCMSVIU'P. and I F.llATL.
It is an iadis; utahle (act that lbs above rnedicinei
are lhe only i:;f.th le r.u e.i:es i-ir I --.f the u-ite,
f'-r Cuunfi.uj Fruptioni S -li f-h-urj. I'.t , ' Son
Lfps, L leers. O d sever S... es. Seal 1 Kea.t. rJtr'.Llir
fcr.i tiui.s. A(.. 4:c.
Cases th:t the mostem'.nf r t niy;tr have .K'i'3:r I
1 of reli-fvitip. imcieti lately y iehie.l t j their rui :t: ve '
fxisert.aud :
d 'ii ave.-nhu ce w ith t:e printed I
dtrert its. ah. eft ac
and Cerate . ri.r.
I'ea'-. s, and leive'
The :i.v,;cine ure t.
'-n. n y e-li !.(. lhe Srup
, '-:xtirjte .ti y ' th-.- it ovc r.ittt.eil
.he stitlerer . ilit'Ut x th ta-l.h.
o ael known ,o n-t .it re anyth.r.p
more ttt;in a pi .n t
feiit of f.ets. 1 l.e jovfui M:lel
h;rr.cr is rcK-liii:? us u vi:;. tr..in i:a,t. H'til. Sorlh ar..l
lf 1,e ..:'..i.-rf. rurrs th.-y rr f r.'.m.intf.
tth.i Lis evrrtri.rt t:ira. ..n.lrrfu rea;e liis au.l I rcn
tr.-. Kciio ti.st.. r?. V hi.'
S.-r whit i sai l l y t:...-. who hare OJ.-.1 th-s mcli
cin. s. Thelt. v.1.iu-l!I.-i.rj. of l-aimrr. Mas..ar
-thfj havr .I.,r- n. .rr i ,t,:.r, m U..-othr n. ii
c:::rt I Live -.vr u-..,l f- Krysiptias.
'! WiliialB Vail, of the Aeanrri'.ran'K ?tate.tar
th.y tavctun-.! n litt: - .lau-.'ht-r of ait K!:. iik ar..l
.-ca: i iiea.ini i. jrs' stm.ln.r Sh.
ns litr-riallv t
11 niw tericct!j curetl I y the use
of the Syrun nn.i Ceraf.
lr. A.J. J.lu-son. of North W-n-Ni orn. A":., -tts
Scr.-fnlou di.eaie of the hip jn.M. and S.-sl i II "ml In
the i-nine chihl, h ive been curel hy the Syrup an I Ce
K-v. Aii?uin Uolles rwys It has cured the Sail
Rhen:n in n y .- j."
J 11 -ifit! I r rater, Ksq., Editor of the imeretWbic.
S.nnTvib:-. N. J., avs i:v m.tiir ha i-ren c-r.p!ete
!y r? 'T'; of.Tl '"' c th"
tne skill of th. lest t'liysiriai.t.'
tl..,. i : r . , . .
c.n.pi.-tfly eure.1 of Krysipclas in ity I. C. after a coan
Cil of The Lest phrsic-atis in tl:, county ha.l pronounce.!
the .lisease inenmi le. f it csy ae, which aas lerenty
eiirl't years.; tut U'taier'a Syrui. an.l l'er..te rti.l Uie
work t onre.'
Elias Latham. Eso.. of Orient. I...oe Ttn.l V. T .
says "I hanlly kn.. how to eaj.ress my intLtn.le to
yroi ai"l yonr aie.licines. I hare Leen atllicte.t f-r more
man triirty years with Sail Uhenni iu its wur-t form. I
tr;e.l toBn.l rel.ef fr..m various tr.e.lieii.es. I trie.! see.
y poysiciai.s in New York. Brooklyn. and i:reenTK.rt
' "aT 1 'kvn T"nr Ke.l)cir.esot.e year.aii.t :m now al.lc
I 1 . , 'T without an ache or a pain, an.l sir
! "''jf' 1 ,m ' sprirhtest can on lfce Ilanl."
, "J- J- - n. "f Xew London, says "I hare
! " sjrnp an.l C,r,tc j , f3n.jij. for more tha
I ? consider it completely a.!apt.-.l to sustain
" V i -." uwi is ciainin i..r It. I have seen
it used in a r.umi.er of cases for Salt Uheuin and Kry
i-!:is. with ente succes..
Js!t Seth PriH'ery. of Tannton, M.n.. what these
medicines will .i.ask William Carl er. of Three Vile
Y .Cn- N V- the ?vrnn done for him- .
ak t. F ft IV II li..vl.tnn. of P-ikinsYille. Vt -ak F I.
Kent, of Chi.-H.o. lil. ask Wm if KeaMes. or Wm I
I! nj .ntin Eis. of X. w London ask IT M lnr.'ock of
1'uU.ki. X Y ask J C Sm th. of l'.r.Kklvn. N V. h.i
was cured of ?er..fnla. after l..in h. I. i.. ... rfi..
ease, and su-T.-ri:it f.,e r. .n h . ... . ,i ,
i ly "'' ."',!h v?'p "'Vcr..te. A,k curi:. K,.r-
.::"V 1 ' "as . eeti cure.1 of , serere
r.".'.V -. i " . . rr' n!":. "'! "' N V.
ill .lo for Fever Sores. In s rn..l -.v ..I. ...'..a 1...
hn ever used these wonderful medicines, and the an
snrr will be tte same. Tiikt Crait.
M innfactiire l by S. A V. eayer & Co.. Sole Proprie
tor. .New London. Ct-. aod for sale eyerwliere
J. X. Harris It. Co.. So. T, Cilere Bnil.linr. Cinein
na'i. (.ereral Aotu for the Western Stat-s. ?o!d by
E. A. Smith & Co.. Warren; W.lliams t Eatoo, Mes
o.otmia; J. Camp. ell. SVietop F,IU
jy'-'S-y W -L. PtlKTKIl.TraTelicr Ag-t
the I reyei.tii o and cure of Intermittent and kVmittel.t
fevers, ley. rand Ajue, Chills and Fever. l)uu.l. Airee.
t-eueral Lv .ility. .S.ht Sweat, and ai! other forms ol
..!eae wh ch have a coauuon origin in 3lalaria or Mi
asca. 1 his is a XA-rrr.il. AirrtDoTX which will entirely pro
tect m,y reso.ei.t or traveller even in the most aicsly
or swampy localities, from are A... n;i. :..,....
ease aliatever. or any injury froni constantly inhail-
intf Mabiria or M;atna.
It will instantly cheek the Aiue in person who has
suffered forany leiirtb of time, from one day to twent
...rj nee.1 never nave another chill, by
continuing its use according to directions. The pa
tient at once begins to recover appetite an.l stiength,
and c.intirues until a permanent and radical cure is
One or two brittle will answer for ordinary case,
some nuir eequirc more.
lii'-viuns printed in German Jrench and Spanish
accompany each bottle.
1'rice on dollar. Liberal discount made to th"
JAS. A. RHODES. Proprietor.
.,., . . Providence. K. I.
A'tESTS Cincinnati. J. D. Park; Colnml.ua, U Ro
bert. For sale by -Me.licine dealers generally
Xt York. June 1 1.155.
I hare made a chemical elimination of 'Rhodes'
sever and Aroe Cure,' or Antidote to Malaria.' and
have tested it for Arsenic. Mercury. Quinine, an i
Strychnine, hot have not found a panicle uf either ;
t. nor have I found any substance in its compositio:
tliat would prove injurious to tre constitution.
JH R. CuiUTaa. il. !.., Chemist-"
Llltmris, Union Co.. Pa., I
Jlay 2. IcaS. (
Ma J. A. Rhodes Dear Sir: The box of medicine
yoo sent me was duly received on the 11th of April,
and I hand you herewith, receipt for the aame
I have sold ai-out one half of it. and so far the people
who have used it are satisfied that it has cured thesa.
It has certainly stopped tbe Ague in every one who has
nseil it. anil sir of the cases sere of long standing.
My sister, who has liad it for five or sia years back, ami
could never get it stopped, except ny Vuinine.and thai
only as long as she would take it, is now, I think, en
t ireiy cured by your remedy.
If it thus continues to keep off tbe A me, as I think
it will, yon may expect from iie large orders.
I am, air. yours, very truly,
Take no more Arsenic. Tonics, Mercurs Quinine.
Febrifuffes. Strychnine, or Auti-Peliodies of any kicd.
The well known iretbeiency of these noxious poison
proves them to be the oftspriDg eijier of false medical
l-rinciple. or of mercenary quacks. The only rem-.lv
in eaiten.-e mat is totn sure and harmleasU RllMliE;
PAINTING. C. C. JJcNltt, House.
R Sign and Ornament il Painter. Main Stre t. (over
ioiii stein c othinr store,) Harren, 0. Dry and
tround zinc for rale. aa 13,
I -JlUn.'"- ChrFB!'r rvous.Debility, Disease
, ll, , ' ' 7 I ""V ,r?m
j t ' WT" or 9m:"b-ck " Constipation, inward
flies, fullness, or Ulood to the head. Aci.litv of the
Stomach. Nausea, Heartburn, Disrust for Food, Full
ness or Weight in tbe Stomach. Sour Eructations, Sink
ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach. Swimminr
I of the Head. Hurried and Difficult Breathing, Flutter
ing al tlie Heart, Choking or Sulfocatinr Sensations
wheu in a lying posture, Pimnesa of Vision. Dot or
ei betore tne sight, rever and Dull Pain in th
Head, deficiency of Perspiration. Y'ellowness of the
kin and fcyes. ram in the Side, Back, Chest, Limbs,
fcc Sudden Flushes of Ileal. Burn ire in the Flesh.
Constant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression of
spirits, can oe cuectuauy cured by
Dr. UoofliinJ's I'cltbratnl Ucrman Biltrrs,
Prepared hy Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Xo, 120 Arch treet.
rni laueipo.a.
Their power over the above diseases i not ex.-elled,
if equalled, by any other preparation in the L'nited
Stales, as the enrcs attest, in many case after skillful
piiysiciana had failed. These liitters are worthy the
attention of invalids. Possessing great virtues in the
I rectification of diseases of the Liver and lesser glands,
f exercising the most searching powers tn weakness and
I affections of the digestive orrana, they are, mui&l
; certain and pleasant.
I Joax HorFHiK, Jeromesrille, Ohio, May 25?S IS53,
fa'".: 1 7' '"'" sat siaction, and ai.o
l,.r trat 01 ointrt uui,.,ur utnass siUrrl .totyo.
' recommend it to i. a h.hiy valu.-il.Je meiiiciucwhich
""" ' '" . ' V ' J . . . ' "
entire titisfuction. All who have uaeii it j(ire the same
stKrtivL A. Mr alt. Canton, Ohio. May 11, 1-C.2,
aays: " Unviue hear-I your Oermtn Bitters hihiy
rrcommended Irom sources in wh.ch I pLaced much
cnnlideiice.I ontered four hollies from Cleveland. One
nf them I tf .ve t my daughter, who has dtrived rreat
he ne tit from it; two of the others I -w.ht tuimeiliately,
and 1 wuld like you to send me a rapply of it to sell.
jouw tLAKi., t.ruiiawicrL, uiuo, My -Jo, J-l, suys
, MerIDan Bitter, har.prored sueeessfnl in every
: ,. , , i,, . v
case that has come t- my knowledge, and has oncned
. I..r itself a great demand."
j Tuna.i Lrr. Hronn. Covington, Ohio, Dee. 2Tth,
I IM3, say : "ly wife has been aijected a ith the Liver
! t:oinplaintar.d Pj siieiwia fora number of years, during
! which linic 1 have spent a great deal fordoctorirg, but
f she- received very little benefit therefrom. and ni.ally
i the doctors said she could not be cured. Last spring
she eouclnded to try your bitters; she toob two bottles
; and ever since taking them she has ieen abie to attend
! to her business, until very lately she had a new attack
bat has again e mincnced the Bitters. I have sold
! ijuite a number ol o.-ttles through her recommendation,
an.l as far aa I can learn, it has giTCn atisfaction to
' all."
I D Asiorr, Amtinburjb, Athta'-ula county. Ohio,
i December 5th. IriX says: "Per.Vlit me to bear tesli
! rnony to tbe remarkable efficacy of your medicine in
j lhe cure of l.iver i'omplaiat. Per year previous to
I taking vonr Bitters, I was severely all) ieted with Liver
j Couiplaii.t ; o much so that I did not expect to live;
I but i.y a free nse of your medicine, thank to a kind
! Providence, I find tnyseif entirely restored to heaith,
! nn! able to resume my employment."
TTiese Bitters are .n-e.y ve;mrmoim ana Tree rrom
Alt.oholic st.mulant and all injurious ingre.lients.mild
,n their operation, they strengthen the system, never
1 M,e 1)T E. A. Smith Co.. and Porter Co
. G. jiIcU, tiustaius ; J. 8. Mears, Bloom
"7- J. Caapbell. Xewton Vail, and bv Dealers in
Medicines ereryahi re. fuov" 29, l.-54-y
' ...
T0TlCE Tile Copartnership of JollH
A . . . , . i
l ' L. Weeks dc Co.. is this diy 1 mutual consent
dissolve.!. Ail rsous indebted t the same hrm are
I re.,uested to call imnmliately and settle. Those by
. 1IO.JI. acvw.n... w wvum u. " ...... tut- -., uv
vat to A. W-i.ta.
Keh. HtQ '-"-
Notice. The subscriher will continue the l.caincsi
a ht'rittofnre at the nld sUnd. A eofd stock of eh-thi
and ready n.a le clothin-,-. aud r.Ua a --ooti a-ssorUne!-
of h it, and caps, couU.aly on hand.
tVh. Cl, Tj. JtHlX L. WEEKS.
nulLTER & Co.'s JfEW DRUG
1 STORK. T.tc proprietors of this est-Vdiahiaeiit
taki nh-asurt in 3rin.uncHr to tne pt uc.thtnotwuh
standing the lute tire w hich destroyed a hire portion of.
ttod. we are -i -rain -:eu aim in lull vvrntion,;i
No.3.larket:t..Vurrru,0., where we are uaily re
ct-iriiis r'sh Urups d.rect frooi ew ork and I'hiU
delphia. whi'-h we are o'i'ering for Casu at price thai
..mot .ail giving satisfaction.
1 AH
I'Ui.licare ber-. v iL'titi'..! that this . .-il-known r.ouse i
being fitted up by tl.e proprietor, II K.MlY I.UII, in a
stvle which will insure to a!i wie. may give him a call
ample tccoBunRd.tt.nii at: I po...l f ire. The furnitur.
and "ntlins a, " generally ' ill ei.e,ai.d of the bei
description. -No i.ains will !e spare.! in maitinr il
plea,al.l ai.d comfortable. The filiation of the bu.l l.ns
being line, an.l coi.vei.ieM f"r i-rsons who eie U
hn-ii. Mr. L. f-eN tl"t with a determination not to be
..ot.k'ue in his euorts to dease. he deserves s l-i.era-sbircof
thu !itr .:. ik-e lier -ff re vou.hsafr J hira !
the pu'die. Uirc the AMERICAN a call aud you wil'
eon.e a2ain.
W arren. April 4th. l.U.-tf
1 .-i Li-.'hts x ' Extra Quality, at - . - 3i4
ies ll " .lo " - "... ai..
lti "ii " "... ,..c
lla.fl " Itlxll " " " - - -.lc
Other s!2es in proportion. Order for minds and
rwtrs pnnct'iaily att- n lel to. All wirk warranted
stiiial to the best. PAl'KARO at BARSLil, Ag'ls
. Wsxran. Oh o. Dm. !
a ' xr
so m i: r ii I N rT
1 bs m it jr w-rfui Kitv lbs far of th rtoba ro
r-i;i r.iprt ti:j Pi lnt Auierbac bi-pjUic Tiie awtr
r-i tU rrows-iitni h:nt"f Lunx; i:ik into iraigultv-snaa
bt. t- n.f jrd uur Anrl'Tiu Kb.
Lkfopfii wsin.-n rtitp.- it.- powrr tested In them te
hrTMr t.ir tlw-tm f tu ri h au1 ii-riiy, sud to rod ana
ti rr ' i . .tr . r ajJ vp.rvsti'o. th p v and d-ir-n
.or .toe-t.-ai, hit 4 k - forth tin wtii w;.lliJ-
a.-- u
r u rj;v aiaiii-u a.l IU m; :tt, rw-tf
Ailkr in
-. I'-
iiii.isUr :-.a-f. mmi to eSr hi'.h and Hsbli
V io";v Aui ',
k.b and tl pore
ii:. joiin
V. . i. tJ - ,
,:" '
S -r.ifc and th. k-ratest
Liei:. r-r oi'. rt .1 IO l?t i. t.'l h iuuM.t'.. : V' ti-e SM
riu B.i!U..n tl.e l-t. r -jo ac. rt-ie-f ia at veur oltis.
auj. i..w hue t.dv fc tuw .a7l reiu-lT. A1J
u"t c-Ik stiil su::. r, :.! u--t a.ept lu. prufcrr..
n.U.1. d.st-rve n..t t:t e.r or thsir ttn.n.
11. woujrfui a:-l.ei -. -larii.x ta- l-rief perio-l slnra
ikm introdo-ti. .. Ii-is erriel b..p:iTefl. to tl.. h-arv of
tbouiuu'iA. ai: J his a cii irw to nians hanx
kir. rei-trited U oulv as a palafoi aaa luLicrabt. aU
To ti.s wiu'lswith ail Unioieut Eial.rora.tion rata
KiUrrs. ani I'.tiu r:ntra.-tr. at:d let trillions of s;is4
sancu.- pn rNiia ifce n.ibs of IUe real - Aiunriajs
kiri i-f I ail. ' a pr oar.ili"u eonipr.s.1 !ely ot" TrrfS
ail.-tLd r'Ms, pro.io.-eu ! Aaisrica s ow rieh and
oa.tr.us M-U.
Uew.x.i.i t!ie !. vtsx who are ai.a rompeteas
judges of hat tsar.'! . Ul r bt a .UuW fiiuilly ae-l-kat.
t. 0 ii a sh..:1 t...r be ivia tii. L.io f.-f laia
a rii'le Lri-.I. a.. i ;I -n:.ta t.r;.". e-ert tulr ii.-rttear.
I. its lb:.:i r.-.fai':i:.l p.. sp. Ka wU and ofl?a of ts.
and st. that il i. u.-J i.v th--ir alliited aethnrr.l. Th.
lA-liesarea..a' seLritol le. and h.c tu-v injueeth.lr
nsllerii.j frieu'is t use lois .jali.v Tual.i. Vtedicins
titer will be u-k aii a.-t of t.ner.4an- v taat tbey eaa
eU be ..iid i liiis is a p.werrul aui trul-iuai:ieai
SSDSwIy f.r J. esterr.al .iiMrnses. snre. sweilir-k- turoa,
Acaod pr m.ii iiitemai atl.Ut;..Djkit is a .rta. eura,
7t it is fs-r1K-tr harm is. and inrauaK. ot pro.tuetag
in. ssast injuri..u.. eoe-ts iu th. most d"lieata casn or
th weakest .-"uil.i:Ka.
it is entir. ir usel-Mi tn fdlow t!m old and worn-oat.
system l pul.!Littf u. the puMic thouMad w certi!
sales f woi.-i.;rs y r.r:l ov this medl-ine. It cost ,
but twtntv-hve cut U t.-) it. and Llr. ituil stakss hi.
weil-earu.d r-ouU;i. a vo the hautf of faia doia ad
wad m. re ttti Leet.iiius fir lt-
od!J sk h.te wu tbe KheuoiatLsin orttoat;
tbes. are t..-l .l-asnut eowpauiooH, and we kaow that
fou w.a: i U-e t.. drive Uieai away aa soon a posibla
SB.O Use
Would .ii I. eort-d alTLOfit ItEBieUtat'.ly cf Bowai
Obfflpaitit. l-.rutrrv. uiuns?r Oom)laiiit. Cholera Uor
kss. lr-mp t'.e.ii.-. i:ra-l Aroe. 1'.tU or any other wejkf
sr pain, Uie Teutruy u stiapUi and ths cur. certain,
Tfoold yoo bar your .es. S-s.U.na. Cut. Ban,
lesdd. Bruises, or "auv t;tb.r wouuis healed, w.
Would sou be enre-l ."eald ITrad. ttiff Jntnta. wr
Trroat, .Senral.'ia. ?.ire Breast, l.uiffv. Tetter or KiDg
W'irm. Salt bbeuto. r". . t-. . l'..iM.u...is msis'ts, .'nappd
Usdcs. and ail ether ors. ritli.r Pry or Huuuiut. sr.
say again and aaio. f Ski.t i It. John Boil
V.'wld voo bo cured of Kilg's kru Cauorr. Tumors,
Kruptu.'ns. it any dieae W the esln caused by ioipur
tMOfl. then Urm in. .bd.u Bh s Strsaparllla interaaiiy,
aswl the King cf 1 sin xt'.-mailv. notbiug oaa b ssos,
ssrtaia than a speed an.! sUvetual eur.
Tlila meii. in. 't iw-rt artTa-'rOinti lo uirw-rtlrOftxtL i
Vtii curw, without Uii :-
or Kinj
rn-fr, .rup:n
f the .-kin. i.r,i;r-li
Tum rt, sTir-nV- ?or l.ven,
Rlnc Worm cr lVit-nt. -aid Ib-a!.
Rbeunutiiiu 1 ': in ih l.ns or
jAtnta. dtl ire ard 1 .."rr. stwrnlin.; of
Untuiands. Sjihiiia. Iv'.vprHA. rait i.hiua.
DiKaM.'f tlM WUnr-. in--r ariin fron tk
saof Matrui.UiiMuf Appwtir?, 1'aiu in tb Mi and
Rioulders. tJeueral 1tIuiw. ln.ul-ar. Couh. Co.ua.
Dropsv, Jaundice. Coritivrr--ii. i'.roiirhili'. V-aivnet-a of
Cheat. Sor TircaT.. 1 uh:..:.r :l.Wti' i antiailotlMr
iiwawrti teudin-: w pr-!iiO.i.utiiFt: 'tt. laTCos
lainta, t'omals tm-;uLv;;iA Aod i.RipUinta. Low
Spirita. rtca and nrr-oan l!- i irh. N i at 5-t
ijijuurr. or Ir.pru 'lru in 1.1. t'hr-nte toar
atitutiAu.il I'i-.t' . an t aa a pprin anti
eis-mru-r triuk. and i-n-rl Tair for Um
vittetn. and a (itftntle nid i:a-tuit
l'urjstivflL,. it is auptivr to blua
Lica an.l Courtr-4 Wat,
fcAattr r-rUaita
II It a remarXaMa fict, that amru tli hanhrls of
amii-htmt phvsli-wnn 1k ha. eiaailne-l th reeipt by
which Bull's crprrlila U r I. iot on- boa or
njid it. hut all appf.-lt an-1 cocrj-d it In th
IkiKbevt Wm. !;v pi-, rtirlsn" ept- tbrQ-le
tmn-flv iu the l-li?i th-it it b dvci i Jl Ifw 14 prpa
ruiou of tfttrepir!1.'a tiitt has er 1-Jtta pI-nTl L-erw
Um public. Alihcnli tftfrr r nimnx pL- wt ios wuo
ftrl a ilurUtn b avnigr tair naits. app-ud-l U tba
tfsnMainan IdtV a of any pki-.i il-vr rraH-t., ntwiib
srtandinc th-y may apT-r.".i .-X it in tl hi-'l.t-'-t i-irr,'i:
thsatrw ar othri lw fr.tni;y ii'U ".hr-ir -ui'V- rt i tafuT
of a remeiiv which U.ry ir.yw - -ap:.i'U- of I iiu "
arh itxf in aa t-t-ti -rt. unity. A ju .v.ti.e.
rea.1 the iliiwia.- from H an4 rr-sp--uM puv-a'rtaia, '
of high Kticuinjc iu ti. cua.inui.itv w hi.:i. Uv
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W. De. Bull .-arsaparilla. n- well M,...n " I fetta
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bara perSs-tlv overwh-iu i-;. '
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NLW Y.-.HK. ! Li'ii-tlLLE
s.t ax '
CSrOaiFTS AND MFKI'llAXTS TI! :0r';ilaT Till
Till WlT INKliS '
The alve valuable medicine, fresh and rnre, jns
received and for sale by K. A. SMITH oi CO.. Drug
g.st. arren; II U Haaon, A tie: m. Bchmick. an
Beld. janlOy
-L BCILDEIId. The subscril era are now prepared
w mauufacture Ralston' Portal. le ilorizontal ar
Vill, with engine and iro.krr, all ready to run. and to
dispove of P rritorial and iiidiTiduai rij-hts. This Tal
ua le iarei.tion t eius; now hroni.Lt to a hijzh state of
perfection, oilers to purchasers tlir follow! nj important
advantages orer all other saw mills :
It cut n-ore lumber. It make, smoother lumber.
Il saws each ioard entirety oQ and learts no stub-ahoU
thu savins; really in okuitity.and itL-pruvea the iual
ity. It poii-refittes the same advai;Utfet .or sawing long
timber and ship plank as the pan!; saw, the aw running
horiuntalli, cuts plank from the tup of tlie les;, th
eiihl of the ltr. t laietiier with thefistetitiisa. pn-veota
all springing, lhe machinery, saw and carriage l-eins;
raise! oulya few inches ai ova tae surface, saves all
exiense oi drawius: up timber, and adds -Treat iy to the
convenience and safety of han.llins; lumber.
It requires fewer hands to work it.
It ia port ah le. an.l can he movr-d three miles at as
expense of forty dollar; thu the mill can be moved to
timher. It is 'equally applicable to large :.iit mall
machinery. The saw run faur.xoutalli...i..l in a Hash,
thus -fiviiifr the douMe advanM- oi the quick itrokc of
the muley saw, and tlie atrentrtti U the sash aw.
Thete mills are now fn onv-.f i: Warren. Tram
hull Co..O.. Caronsl or.-. . - i'-lv.r-' ns, Vtio, Wa,h
iiitfton fountv. Iowa. S ' i,.rM. ' u i.iin. n Iowa
tao in Wheelina. Va. T.'.e ii.il- iu Warren ill he r
moved ia a few weeks. ,
Any communications addressed to the sul servers a
!?ewtoa Falls. Tnimlmll Co., Ohio, wilt meet witli
prompt n'teuticn.
i b wni-M. i vri;: rKk n.4IGT
Ww. H. HinnT.t Jane P'.'ij y
X. Hayfrjr and Harvest To-t f.r 1 ."..
M-0 d 3; Hard's Cat teel H'Arrii.ted Scythes
H) - Silver
30 Ilarrla "
3 - Orri'.n
; 2 and 3 lined Hay and ?raw Forks.
3 zro !enuine lfuinn-au? ?cythf Staaes,
lu Indian Pond A fummir-ittou eythe Stones
5 forn. ?cvthe Kit.es. chenp.
5 Du-le dc trehle -cat ilnriite sharpners,
3 "Tirklrs, a new article. est in market.
1A) Hjnd llay Kilie. lilow p1ler price,
50 don Lihi!bB j pat. Scjthe Pneaths,
10 " pat. Iron Sr eiths these are k heavier thin
the woolen s:inth. and will uot tremM
In the hi.viri era.
50 Cm in Cniles, assorted pattern,
1 doz Jr'ckh.
2tis Hvr- . Urind Ptones. assnrte-l sizes.
The mi ovc for stile 10 the trade at eastern prices, anp
it rcuil it mall alvauce.
a celebrated and ponolar remedy for Samnier Com
plaint : the geneiae tr ' ' r

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