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Witsltxu guscrfct amcle.
Paying Debts,
just at tts juncture, it would be wen
it someof the clt-rjy wott!d preach from
.. the text, "Agree witk thine adversary
- quietly, whilst thou art in thewsr wiih
him." It wt ulJ be particularly appro
pfiale, in ibis riciniiy. .
- " There is Urge class of men, who,
lfnnnfrll lBwin(r imnU mAani at Inair
a 1
- 1 . . j ii e .i -
mnm m u 1111 I w Durn n 1 1 ! u r n I I ti ! v i n
. 4ebtedness, take advantage of aa occa
sion like the prerent, io stare oT all
; tmall debts by pleading hard titxu a, scar
' city of money, dee., tlus forcing the me
chanic tradesman, and the laborer
to wait for ' fib. 1 sums which to them
are of great importance alway particu
larly so now, and preventing them from
paying to their creditors, and they in
' turu urinble to pay those whom they owe,
and thus causing embarrassment and
distress through a larg circle of com
munity. This practice is not only sa
premely selfish and illiberal, but it is
in oa t dishonest. It deprives the laborer
and trader, of the use of that which is
hia rightfui due, at a time when he most
Seeds it, and thus actually robs him of
a part of its value. And for what, is
it done? Sometimes for the nu-re pleas
ore of carrying the money in one's own
pocket, but oftener (we are sorry to say,)
for the purpose of loaning the very mon
ey which they are thus withholding, at
exborbitant rales to ihe very men to
whom it might have come in the ordina
ry course of business, had it been paid
out when it should have been.
There is another class who owe a few
large sums and many small ones. They
will stra o every nerve to psy one large
debt on the day it is due, but pay no
attention whatever to the many small
ones. This loo, is wrong. Of course it
is right that one large debt should be
paid, but it is -not right, if in order to
pay it many smaller creditors should be
.'There is another class, who tale no
thought fur the morrow, but spend free
If, buying whatever appetite may crave
or fancy dictate, not really intending to
be positively dishonest, bat having an
unshaken faith in Mr. Micawber's doc-
.a . .!
it ice, pattenuy patting tor something to
turn up, running in ueoi wnerever iney
. ... i-. j
can ooiain ereau, ana never areaming
that their expenditures may exceed their
income, until tht-y are wound up with a
round ttlra by a sudden refusal of credit.
This class is gem-rally short lived, and
reach the end of their career before they
can do much damage.
V. " It r - . t .
u is win tor men not to De wise aoove
" what is written, but to take heed to texts,
and old saws, homely thcugh they be.
'If every man in the community were
faithfully to endeavor to wipe out as
mcch of Lis indebtedness as possible,
pec?ally his small debts, at the earli
. fn . . i
est. poss;oie time, me re mi which would
'be felt' woald be astonishing. There
-are very few men who could not if they
ebose,. do much towaids this desirable
end. If . they have not money, they
ihave piope.-ty, other men's notes,
. or - stocks of various kinds. No man
knows until hi tries how much can
be done, with other things than mon
y, to pay debts, and no man knows
how many debts five-dollars may pay in
the course of a single week, by passing
from man to man.
We conclude with the following aJ
vice. Pay all your debt, if you can,
but pay the small ones, at all events.
Within the last two weeks $2,500,000
i.ii r J . vr v i e
in goia nas arrivea ai iew ioik irom
California, and over 81,000,000 from
T : , e, t:
(. . a lie till ptuv cruciii. iu t-icmug iii3 m
New York has thus far had no effect
upon the market here, as the bills can
still be purchased at 90, or a discount of
ten per cent.
' In our own market to-day the price of
Uold keeps down to ctrly par in ex
change for currency. The brokers are
occasional buyers at 100100, and
sellers at lC0jI01. The Asia carried
back 8100,000 in Gold. The amount
Bent by the Black Warrior to New Or
leans 9353,000. A good part of the
receiols bv the Persia will ro in the
si me direction unless New York ex
change improves rapidly. The latest
transactit us wei e at 96 J 9 , short sight.
Some further sales' bills on London were
made early in the day at 10G10,
Canada drawn for the mail by the Aria.
Mosey grows easier at bank, and prime
sV.ort paper is wanted by three of the
large banks, which are well supplied
' svith currency. -V. Y. Timet
' New Orleans, Oct. 3. The money
market kr rntinup without am relief.
i and the eiisis is worse than at any former
period of the city's history.
. St.. Loots. The lightness in the
money market sti:l continues.
The money pressure serms not to be
eocficcd to the United States, but to have
spread over a great part of Europe. The
Bank of England has raised its rale of
interest to 7 per cent, and the Bank cf
France to 6 per cent. At Vienna the
rale of discount in the street is from 10
la 18 rr es-nL. and at llm'.rr it in 9
Blackwood's Maoazike: Terms 3
v.r" Rlrrriit an I uv fin rf
rw J V
the Reviews 85. The four lie views
and Blackwood 810. Published by
Leonard Scott t Co., 79 Fulton street,
N. Y.
. ' The October numbrr contains the fol
lowing, What wi.I lie do with It, 1 art
. 4; New Sea Side 8:udiee. No 5. Mod
era. Light-Literature-S;ciety; Oar Ila-
gWogy; Scenes of Clerical Life, No. 3;
Janets Repentance,' Part 4; Belochee
Traits; Teaching -and Traiuing; The
Haunting Face; From India; The Syrian
'. Route to (he Em.
Mr. Thomas Crawfoid, the dulin-l
guUhed American sculptor, who has'
been at the point of death for so many!
months ..died io London on the I0;U in
lit-, mi 4.1 years of age.' ;.j
The Republican Pyramid.
Here is the record of Free States that
have gone Republican in 1857. Look
at it:
And here is the
Democratic Pyramid.
V A N I A.
The base is not very broad, and the'
apex is not very high; but the structure
i Inn lit lliRl .itilt hj Knitt nnilir lliA
circumstances. Some how, the people
don t vote any more k as to allow qi the
builJing of Democratic pyramids, and
it is necessary to make the most of the
material thev can raise. Cleveland Lea
PxjfssrLHAstA Official We have
now the entire officii vnie of this State
at the l-tte election. We compare the
vote for Governor with that for Presi
bent, last vear a follow:
Prtadrnt, 1?5S. Governor, 1E57.
Hnchanan.D 2W.500 Packer. D
Fmnont, It 147.447jWilmot. R 146.147
Fillmore, A 62529 ' Hal lehurat, A 28,160
Total tote 460,176! Total vote 36J.197
Decrease in the total ote, 96 979
Decrease in the Democratic vote. 41.610
Decrease in the Republican vote, 1.300
D. cren8e in the American vote, 54.069.
Pitt. Gazette.
The Yankee Colony in Virginia.
Ely Thayer has located his Yankee
Colony about twelve miles above Iron
ton, but on the Virginia side of the Ohio,
where the new town of Ceredo is being
laid out. A correspondent of the Cin
cinnati Gazette says:
"As I approachrd, a busy scene pre
sen'ed itself on the oppsite shore. Work
men and learns were engaged in digging
down the high bank, and opening a high
way from, the river to the town that U to
be. The grade will be carried far back,
so as to be of the easiest and gentlest
slope to be found perhaps anywhere on
the Ohio. After reaching the top cf lhe
bank, some uf the advantages of the lo
cation were spparent at a glance. One
of the widest bottoms on the whole river
stretches away for miles above and be
low. The coil is sandy, eminently favo
rable lo dry cellars and basements.
There is a sufficient slope everywhere,
to carry nff all surface water. An excel
lent quality of building stone is close at
hand and in great abundance. This is
also the natural and most feasible termi
nus, we understand, ol the great Central
Virginia Railway, now being constructed
from Norfolk to the Ohio River, and
which .is already completed as fir as
Covington, between the Blue Ridge and
Alleghanies. The season was so far ad
vanced when eperationn were commenc
ed, that there can be little show of build
ings this winter. However, quite a num
ber of cellars are already dug, and foun
dation walls laid up. Forty thousand
dollars worth of steam engines, now Uing
at Parkershurg. will be floated down this
week, and set in operation as soon as j
suitable shelter can be provided;'' and
when spring opens, the work will go vig
orously forward."
Twenty Five Miles Trotting.
The trotting match between the Tay
lor and Dalton horses, (the same which
trotted 100 miles a few months since.)
came off at Bridgeport, Conn., on Fri
day last, and was won by the Dalton
horse in.1 hour 32 minutes.
Their first halt mile was made in 1:45;
while the least time was 1:39, and' the
longest 2:01. Mr. Dalton stopped his
horse three times for rest, but the other
kept on the track from the start to the
close. About 1,000 people, among
them many ladies, were on the grounds.
The authorities of Bridgeport, as a con
dition ol allowing the race, obliged
Messrs. Dalton and Taylor to make oath
that they had not and would not bet on
the result.
Tremendous Explosion and Loss of One
Thousand Lives.
The Slndian of August 16 h has the
following translation of a Persian letter,
received from Joudp re:
"On the night of the 20:h of August,
between twelve and two. heavy rain fell,
accompanied with heavy peals of thun
der and vivid flashes of lightning. A
few minutes after the scene was repeat
ed with tenfold violence. In the fort
belongiug to the rajah, situated on a
hill constructed of s'ones of various
sizes, and containing a passage subterra
neous, the magazine of the rajali had
been kept. This was struck with light
oing, and so.xe thousands of maunds of
powder were exploded.
"The shock was so great that the
walls of the !irt and a temple and four
ponderous gates were blown up in the air
into a' thousand pieces, destroying 500
houses and all the people living therein.
Up to the time of writing, the remnants
of the inhabitants were engaged in re
moving the dead bodies found under
these ruins. It was gleaned from the
Kotwal of the place that upwards cf one
thousand had already been taken out,
and that others were also b-ing remov
ed. The domestic servants of the ra
jah, ns well as some sepoys who were
kept to guard the plice. wtre all killed."
Such a dreadful occurence was never
known in JouJpore before. The mxjor
ity of the people were destroyed and
otherwise injured. A stone weighing a
maund was picked up at Soorsnnugger
Talao four miles from Joudpore. An
other large stjne fell at Chowpassauey,
six miles away, where falling on a housa
it killed three peop'e.
The News from Utah.
latest intelligence fiom the Mor
mon country is of startling significance.
There is no longer any attempt at con
cealment, on the part of the leaders, of
tlie-.r intention to resist with force the
United States troops on their way to the
Territory. It is boldly proclaimed that
such resistance will be made; the people
are openly called upon to get together
stores cf provisions and munitions of war,
and even women and children are inform
ed that they must arm themselves for eon
Gist. "We are the Kingdom of God and
the State." says ileber Kimball in his
recent discourse, "aiid we will have
Brighara Young for our Governor just so
lorg as he lives." B.righam himself has
also delivered another highly inflamma
tory speech, telling the people dial the
Government of the United States must
be resisted to the extremity.
Meantime, the newly -appointed Gov
ernor Cumminge, ig on his way to the
Territory. The troops accompanying
him are but a handful compared with the i
infatuated hosts which Brigbsm can ral
ly; though the discipline of the Gover
nor's soldiers will give tbem an immense
advantage ever the Mormon mob.
Sanduttg Rtgltte't. , . -
The Result in Minnesota.
We are indebted to Mr. Jas. S. Abel,
of Mecca, who has just returned from
Minneso a. for the following as publish
ed by the St. Pauls Times of the 28ih
Official returns from all the Counties
are received, with the exception of 14
Counties, which are not officia'. electing
Ramsey. Republican, for Governor, by
885 majority. The following are the
Ramsey's vote 18 110
Sibley's 17.225
Ramsey's majority
Scbxk i the Car A fine looking
and fashionably dressed man, apparent
ly about 25 years ol 1 was attacked with
the delirium tremens, on a last night
train going from this ciiy lo Lafayette.
He was accompanied by his wife, a
young and exceedingly beautiful woman.
A friend of ours, who sat in a seal im-
mediately in front of the couple, wa9
awHsened from a slight doze by a quick,
shrill cry "help!"' He turned and saw
lhe woman clinging to her hu-b ind with
all her might, while he. raving wilJIy
the while, was endeavoring to break
away from her. Her fare was white
with terror; and in attempting to cry
once more fur assistance, she fainted en
tirely away. The m in sprang from hi
seat, and rushed to the door. Our friend
immediately rushed alter him. and ar
rived at the platfoim just in time to pre
vent toe unfortunate young m-n from
jumping off ihs train, which was goin.'
at lightning speed. Our friend led the
man back to his seat, and succeeded in
quieting him. The woman was with
seme difficulty restored to consciousness,
and at Loganeport the couple alighted.
The fearfu' scenu created no little ex-ite
ment among the passengers. Furl
Wayne Com.
A Commercial i'anic has broken out,
not only in Great Britain, but through
out the continent. It has evidently been
brought about by local causes, and was
spreading rapidly and disastrously. At
all the great money centers the rates
of interest have advanced and shipments
of considerable amounts of specie from
England to Ipdia, the Cape of Good
Hope and other paints have lakeu place.
There were Iwo failures in London, by
the B-tl'ic's advices, sixteen to twenty
in the silk trede at Manchester and neigh
borbood, ten to twelve in Paris, one in
Marseilles, and two in Vienna. It is
also stated that, as respects commercial
losses, very heavy amounts have fallen
on Lyons and Havre. A Vienna paper
states that scarceld a day elapsed that
some bankrupt speculator lid not com
mil suicide in that city. Some of the
London journals affected to believe that
the financial difficulties would be of
short duration. They had not, however
received lhe news of the suspension of
the New Yoik banks, nor of the many
commercial failures that have occured
during ihe past month. The flow of
specie to America has commenced. The
Baltic brought 363.000. and S2 000.
000 are now on the way in the Persia
and Canada.
Sad Incident or the Latk Ch cxoo
Firk. The Cleveland Review, ol Thurs
day evening, relates the following sail
incident of the late terrible conflagration
in Chicago:
A lady passed through Ihe city last
evening from Chicago to her home, in
the vicinity of New York, now desolate
by the sudden loss of her husband.
They were at the Tremont House in Chi
cago, the night of the fire, and he. from
curiosi y. went lo it, and when there,
was crushed under a falling wall. So
mutilated was he, that it was only by
some remnants of his clothing thai the
agonized wile could recognize him, who
but a moment before was in the full vig
or of manhood. Their money was with
him, and was, we understand, des'royed.
The widow, almost heart broken, meets
with active kindness from all. The rail
road men pass her free, and others are
also attentive. She came from Toledo
on Conductor Ames' train and one Mrs.
Whitaker, wife of a merchant of Toledo,
interesting herself in her lehlf. went
through the cars with the kind Conduct
or, and obtained ouer 820 for her. The
corps is lo be' forwarded by the Express
The WavIt was Done is Kansas
Tt ?s related that in Marshall county.
Ksnsas, the judges and clerks sat in the
second ttvry of the houe, and received
tickets through a hole intkt fijor just
large enough for a man's hand to pass
through! Of course the judges could
not see the person offering to vole, and
one man could vote fifty times if he
choose! By this plan the judges and
clerks couM tireur that they did not tee
any illoyal voting- Marshall is a back
couuty on the Nebraska line, where a
she riff, who was recently ordered to
summon thirty rix freeholders as grand
jurors, reported that there were not
thirty six inhabitants in the county!
Yet a Democratic majority of four hun
dred was returned from this county.
The vote was thrown out. Pittsburgh
A Toccu CusToMia It is reported
that a man supped into one of the mills
at Brandy wine, a few days ag, and ask
ed for some flour. He was told by the
gentleman in charge that he was cot
the owner of any. The man replied
you have plenty of it stacked up here.
That is true, rejoined the other, but it
belcnus to o:her parties. The reply to
this was, I am out of work, you will give
us no barrels to make, I am out of mon
ey, and it will not do to let my wife and
children starve, abd I will take som
of thai flour at any rate. Suiting the
action to the word, he threw a large bag
on his shoulder, aud was suffered to
march out of Ihe store unmolested.
Wilmintf.on Republican.
A Qceeb Mixture A correspondent
of the Rochester Union, writing from
the West says: '-Anecdotes of Western
life are somewhat etale, yet I will ven
ture lo mention a real occurence which
took place the other day on board a
steamer as I came up from Prairie du
Chien. In the long saloon of the boat
a singular scene was presented. At one
end, a clergyman was preaching to a
small crowd gathered around. In the
middle, gambling was in busy piogress;
at the other extremity of the saloon
music and dancing! A practical exem
plification of Western freedom. Between
the several parties thu variously en
gaged, the most perfect civility prevail
ed. A Ccrious Will. The laty Rufus W.
GrWwold, a somewhat celebrated eritic,
died on the 12 h of August Ust, leaving
several children and two widows, one of
whom is said to hare been de.vorced
His will is a curious proluction, as nei
ther f lhe widows nor either of ihe chil
dren is mentioned in it. The will was on
Monday offered in the Surrogate's Court
for probate. The two widows were rep
resented by counsel. . The case jras fin
ally adjourned till the 21st, so as. to give -the
widows an opportunity to look into the t
wai. . . - ' i
A Domestic Tragedy.
The family of Mr. Philander Stevens,
residing in New Fairfield, has recently
been, and what is left of it still is, the
scene of ihe deepest sorrow and affliction.
A few weeks since the wife ami ihe only
son of Mr. Stevens visited the West, and
on iheir return stopped in New York
lity. During their stay there, the boy.
with some of his acquaintances, visited
a place of amusement, where it is sup
posed that he contracted the smallpox,
as that disease developed itself in him
about two weeks after he reached home.
Soon after the nature of the disease was
discovered, it look a violent and fatal
form, terminating in his death on Sun
day evening last. On Monday Mr S e
vens, assisted by his hired man. buried
his son on his own premises. On Tues
day the mother of the boy, her daugh
ler, niece, and in all probability, Mr.
Stevens himself, wtre attacked by the
varioloid. During the evening of ihe
same day Mr. S., overcome by ihe dis
ease and the melancholy circumstances
by which he was surrounded, fainter1
and fell to the floor. Recovering from
his swoon, and returning io conscious
ness. he retired, but arose again at 2 o'
clock on Wednesday morning and left
the house. . About 4 o clock his body
was discovered su-pended by a rope
from hi neck, under lhe cow house in
his barnyard. All signs of life had de
parted. It has never been our duty to
chronicle a case pres n in j more sadden
ing details. Danbury Tmes.
Failure or the Pot a toe Crop in
Enulasd. The London St irof October
6th rays that the anticipations which
bad up to that time prevailed of a plentl
ful crop of pola'oes in that country bad
been suddenly dispelled. The Star
Within the Iat lew week', however,
the rot has manifested itself in the most
extraordinary manner. Hundreds ol
acres will not pay for the digging, as the
potatoes ahhough looking Very well
when first taken out of the grou d. in
24 hour are unfit for use. Unfortu
nately this sudden manifestation of dis
ease is not confined to any paiticulardis
trict, but seems very trenen I. ihis is
very sad intelligence for the poor, as it
will practically put this valuable esculent
beyond their reach, fortunately, how
ever, we have had a plen iful harvest.
No Foreign Troops to be Emploted.
The rumor having become curent that
the British Government were enlisting
men of other nations in the Indian ser
vice, Lord Napier has caused a contia-
dictory statement to be published. He
is daily receiving hundreds of applica
tions from American citizens. a!l asking
mploymentin the British army in India,
but refuses (hem, and stales that his
government has resolved to employ no
loretgn trorps whatever in India, but lo
quell the insurrection by the foice of her
own arms. Lord Napier also denies the
report that he had issued orders for the
arrest of filibusters by the British squad
ron in the Gulf of Mexico. He says he
has no authority for issuing any such
der, nor if he had ihe power had he
dooe so Sandutly Rrgitter.
Tub Effect A correspondent of the
Cincinnati Gazette, writing Iri.m Quinda
ro, (Kansas,) on the 2 1 si, says oi Wlk
er's proclamation setting aside lhe Iraud
ulent returns of Oxf rJ precin -t:
I wish I could give you s. me idea of
the excitement produced in Qnndaro by
this proclamation. The fintncial panic,
the specula'ion in town lots, and in
claims on the Indin rei-erves, are all
no where. The nervous grasp of the
hand, the bright countenance wiih which
every man greets his neighbor as he
says: "Triumphed at last we are all
right now," wou'd almost inJuce .a
stranger to believe that these shrewd
speculators never did really care about
anything but the freedom of Kansas.
Send it Over The Boston Journal
says a correspondent of the Springfield
Republican has been writing from Stock
holm, Sweden, telling of a kind of Swe
dish stove, which he thinks of sending
home. The same form has been u-ed
one hundred and fifty years, without ma
terial change. Sayt the wri'.er:
"Only one fire a day i-t made in them
and then only a small quantity of birch
wood is used. One of common size is
capable of heating a room about 30 feel
square, as warm as you would desre it,
even in this cold climate. The amount
of wood burned in each stove in their
eight nvnihs of winter, is only one cord
Sweedish, which is a little less than out
Cuicaoo Morals A few days since
very pretty urirl, some-fifteen years old,
whose parents resided on Wabash Ave
nue. Chicago, visited some Iriends, and
left their house about dusk. That is the
last that is known, of her whereabouts by
her friends. The same nfternoon. a irirl
of corresponding description ws forcibly
inken to a house of ill repute by two men.
and her pleadings to be allowed to go
home were heard by other inmates in the
house. The next day the girl was not in
the house, and no further trace of her
could be found, although energetic meas
ures are on foot to dUcover the perpelra
tors of the foul wrong.
Tux Altar and the Grave The
Newaik (Wayne County) Courier pub
lishes, under the head' of marriages and
deaths, the names of Chapnun and
Brownell. Mr. Chapman was married
to Miss Brownell at five o'clock on Mon
day evening, and at eleven o'clock he
died. He has been for some weeks con
fined to his bed by illness. Knowing
that he could live but a few hours, and
having been engaged to the young Udy
for some time, he desired to have the
marriage ceremony perfoimed, and his
wishes were complied wkh six Louis be
fore he died.
We invite oar reader to the permal
of Dr. Ayer's advertisements which ap
pear in the columns of out paer. They
deserve attention as treating of wha" in
terests us all. and from a source which
all have long respected. The Doctor is
well known as one of the leading Chem
ists of this country, who devotes his
great acquirements lo lhe discovery and
manufaciure of remedies for. popular
use. The unparalel'ed success which
has followed his labors is too well known
in this community lo need eny cluciJa
lion from our pen. Washington Co.
The Johnstown Echo says lhat on
Tuesday moiniug. the 20th ult., the hills
around Johnstown, were covered with
snow. The Echo says the mountain,
are fu'l of Bears. Instances of them
being (rapped and shot have occured
almost daily for the last month. ' A lar
ger number of ihi m have been killed
this fall than was ever before known
They are very bold, and in many instan
ras have seized hogs within sight of
dwellings x.nd carried the an off.
This is a world of queer ups and downs.
John Thompson, the late banker, is super
intending a candle manufactory. It is to
be hoped that some of them will throw
light on lis lite banking operation.
News of the Neighborhood.
Sharon Steel Case. In the
case of Joel B. Curtis vs. the Sharon Iron
Company and George II. Smith, being
a bill in Equity, praying for an injunc
tion lo restrain the defendants Irom man
ufacturing steel. Judge McCalmonl. at
an adjourned Court in Mercer, on Fri
day ihe 9ih inst., read his opinion. The
opinion decides the following points; 1st.
That the manufacture of tleel is included
in the word iron as used in ihe General
Manufacturing Law of 1819. and that
uch was the int-nticn of the Legisla
ture. 2d. That the wcrd iron in the
certificate filed by the stockholders at
the lime of their organization, does not
include the manufacture of tteel. that
the words canting and nails in the cer
lilicale create ambiguity and render lhe
meaning of ihe word ion doubtful if not ;
restricted. 31. 'flint it is comnetent
for the Directors of the Company by a
vote oi the stockholders to extend the
business to the munufuc.iure of steel, by
following ihe requirements of the I9ih
and 2Jih sections of the G. neral Manu
fnclurin Liw. 4ih. That the Direc
tors of the company had full power to
estxhlish an offije at Erie. i. beini an
important point for the operations of the
company, is not its principal place of
hu-iness, without first taking a vote of
the stockholders, and that they have the
right to kep theOrignal Transfer Book
at that office, .' ih. That it was within
the power of the Directors of the eorop
nv ro enter into the contract with George
II. Smith. The Court issued a decree
injoining the defendants from applying
the funds of the company to the pay
ment of lUbillities incurred in lhe manu
facture of steel, until a vote he had to
ex end the business of that company to
that business, and awarding a writ of in
junction lo issue on special issue. It was
ordered 'hat each prty shall pay his
own costs. P.tt. Dispatch.
Robbert. 0b Saturday r renin?, the
1 7ih of last month, the house of Robert
Hodge, near Claiksville. was entered hy
thieves, and his Bureau taken from lhe
room where he was wis sleeping, and
carried about twenty roX. robbe 1 of
ever $500 in money, and a note on Ciias
Koonre, for about 400. wiih other
notes to the amount of 830. Two war
rants were issued for four men, who were
snspected. nimes not known. Two of
(hem were arrested here on the 2 1st.,
by officer Brooks and others; lhe other
Iwo left on suspicson. and were pursued
by R. Love, cf Claiksville. and J. A.
Leech, and others, of ibis place. After
running about a mile or more the thieves
were compelled to swim the Creek, and
thus escaped. Those arrested were
found to be well armed, and those mak
ing their escape swam with th-ir pistols
in iheir hands. West Qreenvill: Times.
Attempted Robbert. About the
first of September, an attempt was made
to rob the Mansion House in this place,
by four villains, wh't had taken lodging
fur the night. At 1 o'clock they lit a
candle and came down stairs into the
bar room, where the hostler wa sleep
ing; one of th-.-in clutched him by ti e
throat, and the noise made by the fra
cas, awoke Mr. Holler, who came out
just in time to save his life, he being
nearly stra.ig'ed to death by this lime.
Officers were sent for and shortly a pos
se of eight men arrived lo arrest the
scamps, who had decamped to the room
On consultation, it was thought advis
able not to attempt an arrest in the room,
for fear i hey might be well armed and
would resist. Daring the consultation
lhe fellows sloped through a window.
The affair was kept quit!, hoping lo
find out who they were,
Tiie two men arrested for robbing Mr.
Hodge, are of lhe same party and it is
hoped ih? others may be apprehended.
West Greenville Timet.
Thieves About. On Tuesday night
last, the Shoe Shop of Charles Schuyler,
in the second s'ory of the building ad
joining the Union House, was entered
through the window by means or a lad
der, a silvtr wa'ch and some half dozen
pairs of fine boots, were carried off,
amounting in all to lhe value of fifty dol
On the srae night, the cellar of the
dwelling-house occupyed by M. D. San
derson, on Federal street, was entered,
and sundry articles of provisions such
as meat, bultcr, miik. itc, taken away.
We advise people to look to the fasten
ings of thiir dwellings and shops. Ma
honing Reg:ster.
Store Enteked. The store of Mr.
Di nioud was entered by some bad char
acters on Sunday night last. They
reached through a window, and remov
ing the fastening uf ihe hnck door, when
they had free access to the s-tore. There
was nothing laken except some bottles
of choice liquor put up for medical pur
poses. It appewrs they were judges of
good liquor. Si to dst'e Journal.
The Republicans of Portage celebra
ted the election Ol Gov. Chase and 'hi
omie uc&ct uj a rvbiivni m Aiaveiiun uu
Friday evening,
A Urue number of la-
dies graced the entertainment by their
presence, a number of the townships
were represented by ladies and gentle
men, a salute was fired, and a determi
nation was manifested lo fight on and
fi-ht ever in the :"od cause.
CosTor American TkavelinEuropk.
Tne drainage of treasure from this
country lo meet the expense ot American
travel in Europe, is enormous. The
amount tXM-ndt.d annually is es'im tted
at S 10,000.000. The amount next year
will be reduced tens of thousands.
The hard times have ruined thousands,
who, when they left for Europe, consid
ered themselves independently rich.
Banks of Pkxkstlvama wnicu pat
Specie The Bnk of Pittsburgh. Pitts
burgh; Allegheny City B ink, Allegheny;!
Mouongahala Bank. Washington; Wy-T
oroiog Hank. Y ilkesbarre; Catasque
Bank, Calasqua; Honesdale Bnk. Kit
laniiiug Bank, Kittanning; Bank of Pol: s
town, Pottttown: and Farmers' and
Dioveis Bnk, Waynesburg.
During the last qusrer, S12.G5 was
received h about 2200 letters at the
dead letter office. Not quite $50,000 a
year is generally thus received in about
ten thousHud letters, or about, on an av
erage, five dollars a letter. Cf this it
is calculated lhat nine tenths aie re urned
lo the sender.
' The Mont we Democrat a flaming prc-
slavery locofoco sheeet says some cf
Wilmot s friends are claiming the in
creased majority for him in lhat borough
as evidences of Ins popularity, Republi
can gain. kc, but the fact was owing to
the vote east by those connected with the
S'ormal School.
Tub SoRGtiLat Seed Poisosous. The
Mcqile Mercury cautions lhe public in re
gard to feeding stock with the Chinese
Sugar Cane. It says the blade and
stalks are good forage, but that ihe seeds
aro deadly poison. A fine horse died
near Mobil a few days since from eating
News Items.
Last year "only one person in 16,168.
449 who traveled by railways wes killed"
from "causes beyond his own control."
Wm. L. Cory, a benevolent old gentle
man of Huron, Michigan, recently bought
a little blue eyed child from her drunken
parents, for 3,000.
The Post Master's son at Piereeville,
Wyoming County, has been held lo
bail in the sum of $2,000 to answer the
charge of robbing the mail.
Discharged. The Philadelphia Zedyer
men'iionscerlain manufacturing establish
ments in lhat city which usually employ
9.857 hands, ihal have now reduceJ their
f jrce to 4 919.
The Cleveland Plaindealer has a little
glorification article headed ''Payne at
Home." We shall not notice it at this
lime, further than lo ny lhat since it has
been ascertained lhat Gov. Chase is elec
ted, the "pain at hois';" ha been most
intense. OAi'o State Journal.
During the whole of the revulsion in
1837, the number of failures reported in
New Yoik was about Gve hundred, but
lhe returns under the bankrupt law, in
1844. showed that five thousand took the
benefit of lhat act, showing liabilities
amounting to aboul fifty million of dol
lars. The 6th of October, the day appointed
for a National Fast, all the churces in
London were opened and collections made
for the East India Relief Fund. The Rev.
Mr. Spurgeon preached in the Crystal
Palace, at Sydeuharo, to n audience of
twenty four thousand persons, from
whom $2,350 were collected.
Short Credits. The wholesale dealers
in silk and millinerv good in Boston have
come to an agreement no: t- give more
than four months' credit. There seems
to be a general disposition in trade to
shorten credit and gel nearer the cash sys
tm, the only safe system for business
hit our business men promptly aJopt
the same course.
Since the re election of Gov. Chase,
the Ohio State bonds have advanced in
price in New York. One of the lies pro
mulgated by lhe Locolocos dnring the
canvass was that the ''Black Republi
can" administration depreciated the
value of our bonds, and that the election
of Payne would bring the price up again.
One of the Hartford banks has sent an
agent west with some $40,000 of sus
pended paper, to get his pay in grain or
flour, which he is to bring East. A mer
canlile house in the same city has done
the same. A prominent banking house
of New York began this some weeks ago.
and undoubtedly finds its account in so
Reluming Emigrants. The clipper'
ship Dreadnaught sailed from this port on
Saturday for Liverpool, wiih three hun
dred and forty passengers the largest
number ever taken in a sailin? vessel
from this country to Europe. Most o'
the Boston and New Yoik packtls now
tike out a goodly number of emigrants.
who, alarmed ai the hard limes, return
home. X 11 Tiib.
New Carriages, &c.
Our frii-nJ Vtra Forut hat keen adding two
fine double carringrs and louie single luggiet to
hi Livery establishment.
Mr. E. SiioiMEBGEa has opened a Livery at
the Gaskill House, and h has new hones, (es
pecially the roan,) as well as sew vehicles.
D. Tubbs
Will be at the Hational Hotel, on Wednesday,
the 11 ill inst.
W 110 WILL BE WITIIOIT ITT (Extract f a let
ter. Concord, Sutea Island, N. T..
D . Tniui, Dec. 17. S.
Allow me to inform yon. after four years' personal
trial on man and neaat that I would not be without
ynor Vkkb-tisk Lisoskkt in my house it U. cost was
t-t per bottle. I bare never used anything of tin
I. in. I to equal it. Vnurs,
Price S3 SOctf. per bottle. Depot 56 Cor landt
street New York. Sold hy SPRING TUHNER. War
ren, aad JAMES WARD Co.. Nile, and others
throueb the coontv.
Fr tkt tun Fit. Stmwu, Crimps mud mil Ari
mad Cmmstilutimmmi Vimmt.
Perrons who are llnring und r this distressing mnl
PILLS to be ttie only remedy ever discovered for cur
iiift Epilepsy or railing fits.
Tnrse pills possess a SeciAc action on the nervous
system: and, although they are prepared e-ecially for
the purpose of curins I'll, they will he fouud ofespe
cial benefit fol all persons afflicte I with weak nerves,
or who-e nerv,ns system has been penetrated or sh:,t
tered from any cause whatever. Iu chronie com
plaints, or diseases of long standing, superinduced by
nervousness, they are exceedingly b ne&cial.
Price S3 per box. or two boxes for S Persons oat
of the city, enclosing a remiltance. will have the pills
sent them through ths mail, free of postage. For sain
Biltimore. Md., to whom orders from all parts of the
Vision must : he addressed, post paid
M. PEXciB's-'tlArBisil Pill. Ths Importer of this
reliable and safe remedy fir Female Complaints wou'd
respectfully call the attention of American ladies to its
as infalliable in removing obstructions and irregulari
ties of the menses. frmmpUi rmttmtmg them in all ca
ses. The pprt9imm so common, is Seedily relieved,
anil there will be no rscarrsacs of the complaint it this
reme-ly is used according to directions, which accom
pany each box and package.
Lmdiu EHrsigTK. r peetinf tkmmtlwim tm. mrt
tamtimmtd m?mint using tkem. ms miscsrnmgs wmmld
mmmmm. Lmdies desiring mm incrsmst mf fmmtlf skmmld
firs? thetr mst smtiretm. ms m Jem puts tmem msmim
mamld me smrm tm wrstoemt irc'issrs.
Proprietors importer, or a-ents cms be in no wis
resiMiiisible after this admonition. AUh.sugh certain
in effect, they are so mild as never to produc injury
to the health. Hail Packages, having the appesrsnce
of an ord:nary letter. Pr.ce ai.OO) are sold only by
our general agents, who will send them by ma I. post
ptid. on receipt of price, ltoxes Sl.-t Ualf Boxes S
cent. Messr.. V. II. ALDEN t Co.. Cleveland. O.. are
our general agsnu. All orders will b promptly filled
by them.
Sold by E A. SMITH A CO.. aad SPRING fc TURN
ER. Warrsn. and by Druggists generally.
In Fannington, on the 24th ult., ly Isaac
Lee, J. P.. Mr. ASA P. HALL, of Parkmnn.anJ
Miss PHEBE COE. of Fowhr.
In Johnston on tli 26th u't, by Rev. Oziat
Eells. Mr. EMORY W. liCRRILL, and Mis
MARIA P. BOVEE, both of Johnston.
In Hartford, on the 23th ult., by Rev. C. W.
Reeve. lion. ASA HAYXES, of Vernon, an J
Mi NAXCY A. COULD, of the former place.
Flour, rerbhl 56 00
Wheat V bush 100812;.
Corn. " ?
Flaxed " i
Clover " V-Vi-?
Bean " - 1 J0
New Potatoes... V
E,'5, f dux 8.
Wool " 30a2
Dried Apples ? a, isr-iiiS
Coffee - l2kV,
Su?ar Olean. ? Ib 101H
MapU " 12s
Molae Maple ?S1 1
" Orleans --
Flax dressed B - --'8
Hay per ton -' 56W
PcAi-side v a. ....Vo-.i2
Hams - " -- 124 "
BhrniloVs " ...Vii
Casual Advert ie meats mast be paid for
wrbea feaoded in.
MRS. C. W. MESSER. Ao't.
70ULD call the attention of the La
dle of Warren aad Vicinity, to her anlendid
stock of
which have just been received.
lier stock consists, in part, ot
Beady Mads Cloaks,
Jloanets. Cap.
flower. fc .
snd all Millinery article usually kept la a first rat
establishment all ml waica will b sold at Lbs lowest
cash prices.
bone on th shortest aotice.and in a style that esnnot
fail to pleae.
London. Paris and New Tork Fashion received
monthly. The latest Fashion in Dr PaUerna, con
slant. y on hand.
upplil with goods at Whnle.-alr.
Place of hasmoss ia Millikin's Mew Block. Vsia St.
Warren. Ohio. aov 4-4 v.
$5,H) Bottles sent by Express,
upon reception of the price bv wail or otherwise
Warren, Trumbull Co.. Obis.
CVRBS cured without blistering, by Bone Solvent,
which is a positive specific for young Ring Bone, Spa
vin. Spleut and Callosity. The 1'hotoix Drag Store
has secured a fresh supply ot this remedy, a see a by
th following corrspoudei.ca;
Warren .Oct. Sd. 'ST.
C. It U.SMos. New Tork Dear Sir We kave sold
the entire stoc of Solvent, and wish yoa to mak ap
a Maud send by Express, as w have freoacnt calls
for it. Kllae say oa most sen ! as much aa a grots .
a it aelt like hot eake. What is opium w.rth r owT
Yours, dec. SPKINO TL'R.SEB.
Xstiossl IIoTti , New Tork. Oct. Tlh.T".
Messrs. Srtijs A Tessas. -Tours of the d inst. is
at hand. Will send yoa some Solvent next Monday,
anless I leave for Ohio this week ia which event I
will cad at your store and pre,are yoa a fresh supply
am perlecting aa arrangement which materially as
sists in its pharmaceutical department Opium IS
worth t-I.UU tlorphine is high alia.
tti-h Respect, C11AS. R. DARMON.
FOR Ja!e at ihe New York Boofe'tore.
Wholesale or Retail. Conntry Merchant. School
Teachen aw1 other ia nnt of mm assortment, aro iu
Tiled to e-.ll aod examine oar stock.
SIcOutTej's and Wetsters 9iellers.
McitadeVs Header aol Primer, all kinds
Kay's 1st, ihI,3J ant Hither Aritlimetie
Thorni'Son's 1st. iod and Higher do
Adams. Smith, Oreenlear and Perkins" AritVcS.
Coiburu and Mar rib's Intellectual do
Pitinoe s. Smith, Greene', Corel, Clark's. WtZls1
and Hart Grammar.
ffeniih'. Mitchell'., Olnee, MeXaMr's. Morse's.
Mout-eth, Parley sad Colton's ox Pitch Geography.
Wright's Orthography : W us on Mind.
Mayh-Mrs' Fulton and Jatmans Book Keeping.
Pai nam's K locution; Cutter' Pbyaioloty.
J ino rayter Physiology; W ha ley's Khetoric and
Logic; Kane Elements.
laruomis, Kobisosu Paries and Greene's Algebra; Dsr
vies Bourdon.
Loom is aud Daries Geometry: Andrews and Stod
dard St Bullion Latin Grammar and Headers; An-
tnons Latm .series.
Webster's Inetionarieo; Wilson's Iltstories; Slates
f all kiatls. A jrood assortment of School Stationery,
and a largo snppljr of Toy Books for school presents.
PoRTta It 8UN.
Warren, Novembers'. 157.
l V CAL3. AmHroti nists will find at B. A. Smith A
Co's-, a fin assortment of goods in their line, sold at
eery low prices for cih.
Authonj' Iodised Collodion in 1 f and X bottle.
COUMtantiy on hand. K. A. s. dc CO,
t J SOAP, or Woman s Friend, bv the Sox or har,
at K. A. SMITU dc CO'S.
CIDER VINEGAR, it prime article,
a;tabl for table nse or pieklio. at
8BBLS LARD OIL. 10 do Extra. Tan
ners' Oil, jnst ree'd and for sale by
K. A. SMITII cfc CO.
URNING FLUID, wwranted of su
perior uaatity, for sale at
tO order, and will rfoguod serrice for ten years, at th
low price of 15U dollars, at
JL AnaWfts of Life; designed for the entertainment
l dociat Circles. A most intemtinc new hook prce
fl.Si, at All A MS" B4JJK-TUltK.
X sonified as a divine familv. an Illustrated all
eory. A beautiful new took, r-rice 9,1.00, at
HOLY LIVING, wiih prayers, con
taining the whole duty of a Christian, by Jere
my Tr lor. price l. mi. at ADAMS'.
IEV7c. II. SPURGEON. Lis lif, and
Xi Hicistry, pric 75 cents. Just ree'd at
4 NEW lot of Mu-ical Instruments of
J. V, all kinds; also Sheet Mosie. jnt ree'd at
MIE WAR TRAIL ur the bun! of the
Wild Uorse. price I,4S, at APAVS.'
STATE OF OHIO. Trumbull County.
Sotice is hereby given, that aa application will
ie mane to th-? tiovernor of Ohio for the pardon of
Rollin A. Leet. who was tried and convictrd at th
Uarch term of the Court of Common Plea. IS55. of said
Coatity for the crime of Poisoning, and sentenced to
the Peuitentiary for th period of afteea years.
Nov. 4, l:-3w
County. In Conrt of Probate la and for said
Daniel II. Higby. Kxr. on the 1
Xtale of John Cook, dec. I rsnnos to silw
v I Laaa.
Zaeheriah Long aod others. J
To Hul 'a Smith. Henry Smith, who live ia Wlseoa
sin. Zaeheriah Couk In Iowa. Bath Bennett and Blish
Benuett. Michiran. James Cook id Iowa. Th unknown
heirs of Louis Ann Oatman. and the unknown heirs of
Binice Sperry.
V..O are herel-y informed that on the Snd day of So
vetttber. A. D. 1-5". said Bxecutor Sle-.l hi petition ia
the Court or Prolate of said couuty. the object and
r-jver of which retition is to obtain an rlrr and
decree of sai l Court to sell said laa-l or premises of
hich the said John Couk died sei -d. aad n which
decedent reside., at the timeoi Ins death; aud petition
will biforheariuf Dee. Snd. IST.
DAN1KL U. IIIOOT, Executor.
Nov. 4. '5T-4w.
O Uumphr-y Harsh vs. - HcClsory es Hutchia.
By virtu of aa Venditioni Exponas issued sat of the
Court of Common Plea of Trumvnll County Ohio, ft.
me directed and delivered.) 1 will expose t. Public
Sale, at the residence l Joha W. McCleery. ia th.
township of Johnston, in said City, oa SATUB
DAY, the Mth day of .November, IKS", betwa th
a.nrs of 10 . clock A. at and 4 o'clock P at . of said
day. th following ..escribed property lo wit: two S
hors wsgons: one pair krowa oxea Sve year M; M
sheep; one brown horse Bv year old and on buegy.
II. R. HARMON. SheriS.
Bhsril's OfBc Warran. Nov. 4 'S7-tw l.tO
1. Thomas J-SIcLain, ria.
of W
Before Asor Abell,
Isaac Jacob. Deft.
Justice of the Pear
arrea Township,
Trumbull County, Ohio.
On ihe KM day o October. A. . 155 aid Jus tics
issued an order of Attachment in the above action for
the sum of JUS." 3. and that said cause is continued
for trial until the l'.th day f December, A. D. 1ST. at
9 o'clock A. M.
Warren. Nov. 4, 57-3w. '
i.s John Bain.) Before Isaac Lee. a Justice of th
v Peace ot the Township of farming-
Roheson Henry.) ton. Trumbull Coanty. Obi..
The defendant will take notice, that on the SSth day
of October. I57. said Justice issued aa order of Air
tactt ment in the above action for the Sam of Iss Hun
dred and Eighteea Dollars. Said cause stands contin
ue I until Saturday the ISth day of December. IfS. . at
one "clock P. M. J0US BAIS, Pitt.
November , i -J
IRS The subscriber will sell, at any time, at
Private Sale, for cash or credit. at very reduced prices,
any oral! ol hi entire stock. consisting of 8 Durham
Bulls and 40 Cows. Heifers and heifer calves, li rt
rste Jacks and Jennets. A superior lot ot South
Down Bucks and Ewes. A few Colts aud young Hor
ses, aud I pair Chester white Pirs. H months old.
Hartford. Trumbull Co.. P.. Oct. gi'.'ST-tf.
There will be an Examination r School Teach
er at Kmp:re Hall, in Warren, oa Friday th 13th,
also, on rriday tlieth days of November nexuoom-mencinx-
at 10 o'clock A. M. of each day.
U. H. lll'TCHISS. Cl'k of Board
cf Examiners for Trumbull Co.
Warren. 0-l. V. 'jT-Sw.
T v oor stock of Pianos and Melodeon. which will
be sold st th m rrice as they can b bought fa- at
the manufactories in Boston aad New Tork. and shall
he glad to a thoe wh are musically inclined, at .
L domestic animals hy Mon. W. Chartoa. ta great
Farrier aad Veteriaary lureoa. late proprietor of th
Royal Veterinary College at Pali, aad Ex. Vet. Sur
geon at th Military Sohool at West Point. Mob.
Chartoa has the pleaaorof announcing to thceitiaen
of Warren and vicinity, that he will remain in thia
town part of the Winter, t one rate oa all diseases
appeitaiiiiog to Horses and other domestic animals,
no matter what complaint. No hambur.
Horse pat up by th subscriber will he guarantied
good. Tail Nicking or Pricking eaa be well in three
weeks. He will also sell a book fr breaking and tam
ing vicia ta horses, eoataining receipts for Ihe cure .f
all diseases to which horses as liable. II will!
foaad at th Americaa Utl. w.rre.
-. - mOJi. r-.CIIARTOX.
t?L0UR By the barrel, Mtlf brrel1
L and smarter barrel, at . . ' ' IrWa"i
Warra. Oct. '37,
- No. 10 Market Street,
tttqt nv.crF.ivvn irnnxf
1 1 Tork a targe and varied stack t all srtfele la
the way ot Fmntf Of is, which are asw ottmrmm beta as
Caasisting la part of th Mlwwlaf artislsa: .
m nrs rat mocs or
11 prices, frost Sa t tJ.OS par pair. Also, t sales' aad
Childrsa' Wowloa
Habits de Opera,
Tippets, &c., Ace.
Gents' Buck Gloves, Buck Mitts,
do Goaatleta. Kid Uul
Tnder Shirt and Drawers, all price. Ladle wad
Sent Carpet Bags aad Satchel. Ladioa Rolieal.
all price from f 1 .00 to 1 10.U0.
Ladies and Gents' Fleecr Lined
Cottoa, Merino, Cashmsr aad Wool SMve.
Buffle Beads and Bu?Ie Trimming.
all sixes and style.
1 o ri
f all th mat, ineludiag LUBIS'S Osaaia
Extract for th HaaJkarchief.
' the best kinds, from th geaaiin "Jtmn Mmrim Tm
rsaa." dowa U cents per boUl.
The Franipanni, (or Eternal
PerlLmeJ ia all varieties f
Toilet Water,
&c, See.,
acknowledged t V th host la th World.
Rose and Bear's Oil, all prices and
qualities, from 1 1.U0 per aaittl d.wa la Sj, mat.
Ladies and Gents'
Cotton, Wool Sc. Merino Hose
and Half Hose; Cheap.
Childrens Cotton Ai Merino
Gloves. Children's Hose, all kinds;
Cap, Letter & Note Paper.
and Envelopes of all kinds.
PINS, all sizes and qualities, from
Kir'iy English Sul Pia,dwa to the commas Oaas
A few Pairs of Genuine
"Jet Bracelets,"
which w offer at mn precedents! ! pritts to els so
out ths lot, SMrroas. sasttas.
STEEL PENS, including Gillotts.
niaeka. Well da Co's. and ths Washington MdUia
Also, Pen Holders of all kinds;
Bone and Ivory Dress Buttons,, all
The best stock of Colognes in the
Hoops of all kinds, including Brass,
Battaa, Whalebone aad Cord ll.p.
J. it P. Coates Genuine Six Cord
White an I Color Spool Cottoa. at FOl'K CESTS
Linen Threads,
Linen Tapes,
and Bobbins.
Cotton Tapes, all Widths,"
Chenille Cords,
Elastic Head Bands,
A New Article,
Portemonaies, all prices fiom 121
eats to S3.M each.
Calf Wallets, the best assortment
ia th Canty.
Hair Brushes, all prices from 12
cent to Si.OO eaoh.
Elastic Bonnet Combs,
Memorandum Books,
Pocket Ledgers,
Note Books,
Copy Books.
Umbrellas, a fine assortment from
4 to 50 shillings ach. '
Ladies Dress Belts,, including
Moir Antique,
Patent Leather,
all Sizes and Colors.
Fancv Toilet Boxes & Cases, iust
tli thing fpr Presents the cost lag Holiday.
A good assortment of Ladies and
Gent Cott.a 4k Linen Handkerchief. Clrtt Bwt
dsrs. Hem Stitched aad Plain, all Tarietie.
And in fact everything in our line
that cmM bs wished for. aad all w aak la that -TOD
will giv as a calL Frimem mhrnil emit.
10 Vaa Gordon Block. Wama. 0.
P. S. Country Merchants are in
formed that owing to the PBESSCBB. they eaa get har
gaia hy calling oa at S. IO Market llmL
' PHE undersigned has opened a Milli-
gun' aew block, Jdaia St.. opposite Porter' Hook stores
1 tie tatties ox wim .v. ..j - "r----Invited
to call ael examine the foods kwfor purckaa.
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ami Headdresses always aa hand. Bonast Bleached
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lag done for tho wh desir it. with on ( Wheal
m Wilson naltut Sewing Machine.
Warrea. October IT. IS57.tr..
Term f th Batetta Academy wiU staassss
November S3d. and matina tr a term r IB
week. TriT.IOS:
Common Branches. ..... ... . ...... as.5
Higher - B,
Contingeneie.. XI H
Tb labacriner weald call th aartlcalar stteaUsn ot
ratrons, to th anasual advantage-aruiag from lb
length ot tha tvrat. Papil frequently snead several
terms in succasaion. ia esassa.n chMl.ia goiBBMap,
certaia portion of their text look, never beiag akla
toadvaac beyond that point. n aceoaat f th tasri.
ness of the term. That difficulty will b bTiatsd by
th lenxth of our term. Voaag mdiea falrBwiSf U
teach will bare a Teacher Class formed f.r Ibtie ornrn-'.
efit. which, with the length ot thd term, will h aa ex.
client preparatioa for teaching. th faiWwing
aad places for lf haardiag aa pealrlvsly V .blaiacj
ia th village ar aaar b;. a aa rsasonable terms as a
any scaoat ia ths th caaatry. Then klad frisada
wawaaaa lift.' . sj
CLARK RADBst.Pr'Bclpai.
aaaMta, 04. .- IVyw.

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