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. 5 V -
" hapgood & adaks. j SI tJfaklq araihj Scurnal, Dtuotrb io mbcm, irnltnr?, Xifrratarr. (Bfcurnfian, Xcral Sntelligrnrr, anb ijit ibtms of fy Daq. $1,50 pes AX2nrH.i3A7Asp
At "Warren Trumbull Co., Ohio,
IS now filled with ample stocks, and
replete with the latest styles or HOUSE TRIM
KINGS and molt desirable colon lor painting blind.
- Barnnraintendstosupply Paints,
Oil. Tarnish, fee., inclusive of A. No. 1, Tip Top, Ex
tra Zine Dry sod ia Oil; also, a superior quality ground
in WhiM Tarnish, for Parlor as
" Barxum will sell Merchants at
jobbing rates, and defies competition to marts oatside
- of New York, and he herewith sends hit compliments
to dealers that he it prepared to duplicate the prices
. of Kew York. II oases, including the transportation
ply on those classes of goods where it forms a great
. per centum of the cost. Kow on hand and shortly to
arrtTe Uoes, Scythes. Eickles (not Daniel.) Scythe
Stones, Kabhers. Hides, Bakes, K tires aid Forks,
Springs, White Lead, and Oil.
Barndm keeps a fresh stock of
8A.DDLERY. Notice this ye who want to buy goods
. low; Harness Trimmings sold low Patent Leather
sold low Brass Bands sold low Carriage Trin-mings
and Moss sold low.
Barntjm has some fine Pistols,
Fire Barrell Shooters, Rifle Rarrells, Locks. Triggers
and a general lot of Gun Trimmings.
Barnum would make further
mention of the Eaddleiy trae, by remarktng that he
has laid la his entire stock of that class of goods from
the head dealers and Importers, and he will tell every
thing in that line at lowest rates.
Barnt.u invites attention to his
Card herewith anexed :
Hardware, Nails, Paints, Oils, and
IN". B. Job Heavut is every Depart
On hand and to arrive
'', 8 setts Bujsy Springs
Si setts Axles.
40C0 lbs. Candy Tire.
J. G. BROOKS, is at the Anvil.
250 sell Brass and Silver Bands,
64 dot. Door Locks,
1600 " Latches old and new styles.
. 75 Tip Top Scythes,
. " . 46 -. Good Uaa4 Baku.
-..-' 19t Kegs assoried Sails,
Spikes, "
Sad Irons,
White Lead,
Enow Zinc
.000 . IROy OF BARNUM.
Birr TABSisn at the "astil,"
190 setts Blind Hinges.
'. 803 K Hires and Forks,
t . - ag fl. g. Tea and Table Spoons.
1UU , Good big Iron Spoons.
, L .Warren, O., Slay 26, 1S59.
To nardirarc Buyers
- Desirous of building up and maintaining a heavy
- ' Hardware Trade, I shall ever be found ready to sell
goods at fair prices, ani intend to keep choice styles
f goods so that my customers will be fnlly satisfied,
that, aa regards cheapness, quality and lateness of
i styles, their purchases at the Sign of the Atil"
- cannot be excelled by any rival establishment on the
C '" Reserve.
Dealer in SAILS, PAINTS, &c, &c
Leaves aee Chemists. Have you ever
considered the amount of surface a single
tree presents to the atmosphere? Measure
a leaf; take the area of one side, multiply
it by two, (the number of sides,) and that
product by the number of leaves on a single
tree ! This surface is all necessary to the
growth of the tree. If you take off a part
of the leaves, those which remain, grow
"broader; they separate from the atmosphere,
and swallow the food adapted to the wants
of the tree. Think of this, reader. Here
; is a suggestion for some interesting pencil
work. You have a pencil and a power to
Tisc it Burn a plant, and liow small a
portion remains as ashes ! AVhcrc is the
balance? In the atmosphere. Where,
then, does the plant obtain this organic
matter for its construction ? Not altogeth
er from the atmosphere direct But when
we consider that each square inch of the
surface of the leaves of some plants contain
from 150,000 t 173,000 mouths, which
absorb and assist in preparing the food for
the plant, we may form some idea of their
- . '"What makes you look so gram, Tom?'
'Oh, I have had to endure a sad trial to my
j feelings.' 'What on earth was it ?' . .'Why,
I had to tie on a pretty girl 's bonnet while
- her ma was lookins on.'
For the Chronicle.
Back from the road, there's a little eit.
Just aruun J the bend of the mountain.
Where a merry brook comes leaping down.
Till it reaches a brimming fountain;
And day by day, as you pass that way
Tou may notice a little maiden.
Tripping along o'er the dewy turf,
With a brimming ewer laden.
Back from the road, there's a stile that leads,
To a aJisadi-d river.
Where the moonbeams revel the live-long night,
And the w lute sails gleam and quiver;
And oft you may smile, to see at the stile,
In the shade of the dark browed mountain.
The maiden, leaning her dimpled arms,
As she comes from the brimming fountain.
Back from the road, thrv's a linden tree,
Where the wild birds sing and hover.
And where, in the hush of the dewy eve
Sits the maid and her dark -eyed lover;
His black lueks damp with the mists Uiat fell
As he sailed up the flowing river.
Her pure heart light with a joy that none
But the sailor-boy can give her.
B.iek from the road, there's a little mound
Half hid by a weeping willow,
Where the hare-bell waves, and the winds at eve
Bear a dirge from the lonely billow;
And oft-times there, you may pause to list.
How the sailor-lwy is weeping,
As his damp locks t-hadow the hare-liells pale.
Where his early love lies sleeping.
For the Chronicle.
Very early in the spring-time
Came the Goddess of the flowers,
Throwing fragrant buds, and blossoms
O'er the earth in heavy showers
Showers which fell u;n the tree-tups.
Sinking, mid their braneh. s down,
'Till their forms seem almost bending
Xoath the pressure of their crown.
And the w inds which stirred the leaflets
Bore the etdenee to our ear,
Of the promise, which they whisper 'J
That when autunm chould draw near
They would all le richly freighted
With fair fruits of tempting hue,
'Twas a promise which we cherished,
Would the future prove it true?
Tender soois were springing upwardh
Through the warm sun-gladden'd soil,
Bringing with them hopes implanted
" By the farmer's willing toil;
And the skies bent low and sunny
O'er our land so richly blest,
Soothing by their magic influence
Hopeful, anxious hearts to rest.
Oh, how lieautiful the spring-time
Came and passed liefore our eyes.
With a lavish hand bestowing;
Gifts we knew how well to prize.
But when summer treaelrerous maiden;
With a liounding foot -step came.
And the flower-strewn ascended throne
To assume her place again.
When she came in clouds and sunshine
With bright tear-drops in her eye,
O, we feared she'd grown ea;rieious
And would cause our hearts a sigh ;
But we deemed her not so heartless
As we've sadly proved her now,
With those golden tresses floating
'Round her halo-circled brow.
But perchance the queen of summer
In her regal, matchless pride.
Did not woo those chilling brex-zea
From the north lands to her side.
And it matters not from whither
Came the blighting fro-it which swept
All those buds of hnpe and promise.
From our earthland w hile we slept.
Oh, how desolate and dreary !
Half the joy of earth seem'ed fled.
While we gazed upon those leaflets
Which were drooping, withered, dead,
And we saw the frail foundation
Earthly hopes were builded on;
While we revel in their brightness
In a moment they are gone.
Though of earth the fruits and blossoms
Droop beneath the Ice-King's breath.
May the spirit-flowers we cherish,
Xever feel the glance of death
From the frosts of June be guarded
And by culture's training hand.
Be perf.-ctffd into beauty
Fit to grace fairrr land. .
Bloomfield, June, 159.
! i-al
From I.. O. Rncker, Es.., Superinten
dent of the C. & T. B. E., we obtain the
following particulars of an exciting race in
which the steeds were iron- horses and the
stakes greater than have ever Iieen known
on any track. Jlr. Buckcr had the 'facts
from Jolin D. Campbell, Esq., Superinten
dent of the IU. S. & X. LRU One day
last week as the eastward bound express
train reached Laporte, IniL, a passenger
stepped off while the engine was being re
plenished with wood and water, and walk
ed back and forth on the platform, and
continued to walk nntl the whistle sounded.
The other j asseugcrs got on board, and the
train passed off, but the gentleman still
walked on. A few minutes after the train
had gone, a station man saw the pedestrian
and going np to lum, asked in a surprised
tono-r"N"hat the h- 1 are you doing here?"
The man started opened his eyes, and
looked around bewildered. The fact was,
he had been fatiged and had droped asleep
while walking. Rousing, he asked-rr
"AVhy! where am I?"
""Where arc you? At La Torte."
"Where's the train I came on?"
"That left ten minutes ago."
"Ten minutes ago and left me! I must
go on that train. It is a question of life
and death with me. Can you get me to it?
Have you got an engine here? "Where is
the Superintendent?''
The section master had an office near by
and the two went to find that official and to
procure an engine. The traveler stated his
case lie must go on could not delay
and offered the officer S2."0, if he would
put him on bo:ird the train. This strange
demand and strange offer caused the sta
tion master to hasten to do v-hat he could.
The fii-e was not out in the engiue that had
drawn the train to that point the bargain
was settled a draft given on New York
for tin Ss?."iO. nml in tj-n minutes tlie trav
elcr Started Wltu an engine to overtake the
flying Express.
After rushing on for some thirty or forty
miles, some connection gave way and the
engine was stopped the engineer found
the difficulty, and in a very few minutes
had a wooden pin whittled out aud fitted to
supply the deficiency. AVith this, on they
flew. The train had, of eoursc, many miles
the start of them, and despite the wooden
nin tlir eniineer erowil.il on te Kfpnm nnd
tore through the country at a fearful rate,
Thirty miles of the distance passed was run
vitimi(gserei iiiimttes, but the engagement
was that they nhould overtake the train.
, , . , . ,.,
anu uo n mey must aim uo It nicy unt, 1
till more than one hundred miles I
Itcen run, and they were approaching j
Toledo, Having at length overtaken and !
0 I
stopped the train and hurried on board, the .
a. l., ,.! 4.. t,l. : 1
s J 1
ear, and took therefrom a carpet-lag j
. . co-- ii- !
anting 52,o,0U0. His treasure wasi,,,,.
i..i i..i : -..1 ,i: :
none had molested it, and dismissing'
Ids faithful courier, he went on his way re-
ioi. ill2 at the Success of his perilous and
s 1
., , ytW 1 1 r ,
t. aVC.ti.111 uutvuiiuu victrn'ina UCll'b 1.
rM ,1 1 . a
i 11c ioiiowiiig irom the great Amcncan
1mm.,Tm.,,,..aaauaJlu, caa..,..,. I"
ti?l iu letters of golI and linng up in cvciy
1 1 . 1 . 1- al. 1
Sa-itoot routii muc uy m.iu iMiii uic ''.
Llali, do Latin, and other nonsense with
wmouour ciiiiui-cn s minus arc cnimmeii.
and wliieil seems to lie tLe r.lle in our BlOiI-
eill SlfflLIU Ol ItllllOal.
Xlierc will come a time when a Trofei
Sirship of rolitieal Economy V.ill 1 C5n-
sideixanabsv.lutcnwfsifiFy to every sehooh
. . .
But that time irf not vet At present
wc have nothing but profusion and shameful
waste on one hand, while ahject poverty,
meanness of spirit, and total carelessness,
are too much ob.servable on others. Those
are tlie two cstremes which characterize
our present false state of things iu a phys-
point of view all laid to the score of
false training, from the. highest to the low
est But hear what Toor Bk-hard savs:
1TO 1 IMi 11 li
. How deep while sluggards s.ccp, and .
you shall have corn to sell and to keep.
2. Triilc is as loud a beggar as want and
a great deal more sancy.
3. Silk and satins, scarlets and velvet,
put out the kit-hen fire.
4. Diligence is the mother of good luck.
5. Tridc breakfasbjd, with ricnty, dined
with Toverty and supped with Infamy.
C. Extravag.tuec and improvidence end
at the prison door.
7. It is easier to build two chimneys
than to keep one in fuel.
8. If VOU WOulil know the value of money
go and hy to liorroiir some.
9. The eje of the master 'will Jo more
work than Loth his hands.
10. "What maintains one vice will hring
np two children.
11. He that goes borrowing returns sor
rowing. 12. Hathcr go to Led" supperless, than to
rise in debt
13. Sloth, like rust consumes faster than
labor wears.
14. A life of leisure and a life of lazi
ness are two different things.
15. Three removes are as b.t.1 as a fire.
1C. Creditors have better memories than
1 7. The rolling stone gathers no mos-s.
18. If you would have your business
done, go, if not, send.
1 0. It is fooli'a to lay out money in the
purchase of repentance.
20. r.uy what thou needest not, and it
will oblige thee to sell thy nccess.irie3.
as s P
Masquerades in IUilwaclek. A great
masquerade ball was given in Milwaukee
about a week ago. The JVeirs of that city,
tlie course of an article di-scribing it
says "One gentlemen fell in love with
his own sister, while another man danced,
talked, and proineuaded with a gentleman
iu woman's dress three hours, in the Vltiu j
hope of finding out who the dear creature
Une young man took his mother to :
the supper, and great was the suriirise of
11 te
both ou learning how matters stood. One
of our leading merchants gave his ring to a
young lady if she would raise her iua?k
that he might sec her features, when it was
his own sister, who he supposed was at
homo with the toothache ! Two gentleman
got in a warm dispute as to who a certain j
,auj rim a uiaien. uuiutuo was, auu tuicr
In.ler wsreas-1-. art I.I .1 Z I S
makingawager of two bottles of champaign,
. 1 .,l al , i i
found out the young lady was the younger ;
and mischievous brother
of the losino -
theallowance of a oeond trial, then the tmder
butuot "'!;"-' r"l"i'l ' '"' j ti,.,. ..f
stud act, as amended, shall he entered into witli
had in ihirtv davs niter thecntrv of said allowain-e.
f "I "' 0,"'rt s,.'a;!-'r
adverse to the allowance of lho secoud trial,
either party may appeal to the district court
blind .n-rcc.-iMv to existing siaiuics.
Si"c. (. Jl the order of the court a lv
nUwa,tcc n( ,,evond trial, shall
1 ... ,1... .!:..:. ,rt ..
Pttb'.UhrJ i' Authority.
N'o. 15(1. AX ACT.
To anieml section two of n: act entltlM ,4aTi act
to relieve the Di-trict Court a?i I to give great
er cSicienev to the Judieial system of the
Mate." j.a-il April VI, ISjS", a:id i;;h
meiilary to said act.
Section 1. 11- ii marled l;l thfi (imrrnl A
$ wW ') -f tli' Sl-tc f Ohio, That section two of
slid net be amended ,-o as to rend as follows:
Sie. Anv ierso:is il"-iro'.!s ol suen s-eo:m
rial, as provided f;ir in the preceding fvt ion,
hall, at the term of the court at which 'jiu'ff-
nient was remlercii. enter on the records ot tlie
co::rt itic;i of Ins tiempjid li.r such second trial:
and shall enter into a'i undertaking within the
time hereinafter llnnled wi'.h security t.i the
satisfaction of the clerk of tnu court, pavaole Io
the adverse pnrtv, in such sum as mav lie hxefl
l,v tl,i eniirl uti. I dmilit ioiic.l to tlie effect that
the t-art v cU.iiuing such second trial shall abide
an.l iKTtorm tlieorilera ul ii:l rnieiit ot inccoiin
and pay all moneys costs a id d.niiagiTwhicu
may be required or awarded nvainsi 111:11. con
s.iinent njoni such second trial; provided, that
in no case shall administrators, executor, guard
ians, who may have triven bond in this slate,
with sureties according Inlaw, lie com-iclled to
enter into an undertaking iii order Io ' enti
tled to a s-.eoiid trial as is :ilsve provided.
Nee. 2. That sai I original section two be
Slid the mine is hereby i'e;:ealed.
Siv. 3. That whenever notice is entered up
on the r.-enrds of the court el'a j..Hy's demand
of a second trial under the provisions of the ael
to which this act is amendatory
l snpiile-
1 1 ,,:..! 1. ..1 1. .-.,... 1
ci, ,'i,"P comi is of opinion that the'ea-e i
''i which a trial by jury may be demanded
hv either party.
,.,. . j Le opinion of the court alliwing
,,r disallowing a s,co..d trial, shail is,-ent.ivd
n;i.iM the journal ol the court, ami if 111 t.ivorol
t.-oin the ludgmei
nt rendered 1:1 uo case, oy giv-
ing notice lliereof a id entering into a:i
Iversc to
lie n
versedujum error by the district court, or if III?
action shad Is-ajq-aeil and me appeal ne:is
inisil 011 the ground tiuti a wcoml trial should
have lrn allowed, thci and in either case the
.. : ... "... .1 1 . ,.. !.. ! ,.. , I. . . .1
" lion Sliall tn. n ....i.iuiu i .i.t , . . . i
pleas, and tiie party or arties uu who-e pell-
lion the siii 1 1 order was revcr-ed, or the party or
rartiisi who mav ha.e atus-ahsl such a.-iion. a
the case may be. may. at ihe term of the court at
which th inand.-ito is receive 1. cnt.'r 011 llie re-
cords of the court I
for a s
1 '4i md trial: j
and thereupon such
all Ii
in. in all ivsiccts. as if said jiidv'inent, so revcrs-
avj. :al Usj,, rendered ft sfliU teriil.
sec. 7. if lho order of the couit allowing a
ml trial shall lie reversed fonr or therein by
t! district court, then said action shall be re-
taiiiiii for trial by the la-t name 1 court as nj
ixal. and the la-t meniioned court sliall fix tne
i.,1(llnit ,,, (.,;;5li.1 , . m,d.-rtakinr,to be
-iveu to obtain uch trial, for the party or 1 nr-
ti. it -ui ti.fte he r.H,it,t ii- n-i.l 1 !iar.'eiliin I lie
ties woo mav tie rs
party or parla-s desirin
ihiilv davs from th ti
sueli lral
ail. within
i1 of the entrv of the n-
, ..i . r . i -j.., . I. ..;. ,,..1, . , :-: -. I
.,.. udu a iuert::kiii:ri the simmnt and
condition pu--riiHsl h v t.ie district court. ...
the acc.'jilanceof the clerk thereof, which shall
Ik; tiled in the orrtce of the sanl cl -rl;: ana
thereujaei such action shall be proceeded in. in
all n-spects as if the same had been oriLrinally
ajijienli.il on notice rcirularly enlenil and under
takinir sriven juisuanl lo Ihe act reulatinij aji
peals ti the district court.
(s-c. r. In ail ca-s where the party against
whom judgment is rend -n'd ohlaius a H-cond
trial miller the act to which this act is nniend
atory a:id suj.j l.'inentary, tiie hen of the oj:
jmsiie j arty i. i tin- real" .s-t.-le of flie party- 'o
obtainitir such trial created by said jtniiriiienl.
shall not bo by the ohtaiuio!; of such second
trial, removed or va.Titcd, but the real isiiale of
aid parlr so obtaining such svond trial shall
Is im,iiikI in the s.-iuie ir.a'iuer as if said second
I l.f I n.1'1 not ii-ll .leiiiaaiiiea until uii; i.(.ta aae-
u.rm:!ia!:1!1 f . ,.
1 . - . .1 .1 I 1 all al. . a ..I .1..
See. !. 'j'his act shall take t Sect on Cue lji!i
day of April Hcxt.
ll.l.I..'.i li. OOies.
Speaker of the Moi.se of I.'eprevntalives.
i'ri-sident ".f Ihe Senate.
Mnr. 31,l?j9.
Xo. .".!. AN ACT
.Supjilenieiitary to the a.t n-Iatinp; to .Tnri s
jaasscd Kel.ruary 9th, JKrH.and to amend the
ninth strtioii of said act.
Section 1. lit it eiialnl hji the Grnrrol At
viitbhitf l,r Slate uf Ohm. That if it should be
made to apx-ar to ihe clerk of the court of com
mon plea of anv countv in this slate, after the
annual Octoticr election, and
Iti-tiuii, and preTKi-.is to tin1
jurors for isaid conntr as provided and required
niiiniui M.ri lir eui:iiuiis. iiini ine iiiiiina-r i.t
bv the tirst section of the act to which
.nis i
Mi piemeiitary are insulieiciit in iiuihIhts from
which to draw and .summons tiie re-tihir grand
and a-tit jnri.-s for the common pleas aud dis
trict court to be holdeu in said cnnty, previous
to tin- next succeedim? annual Vtobcr election,
it shall lie Ihe duty of such clerk, immediatcly
and previous to said anneal priii elections, to
apportion aii:;ii; the respective townships in
said ciiui.tr the iiuuilx-rof additional jurors re
.iiired to till such deficiency according to n-id
ii I xiii the basis of apportionment required by
Ihe s eo:id section oi the ru-t aforesaid, and noti
fy the trustees of the several townships in a;d
ixiriioiimeiit ol 1
a such addition.-d jurors, a id shall forthwith
.rnish such clerk with the list of the name or
n.-inies reipiired as contemplated br llie ai t. and
such proceedings sliall I hereafter fie had with
r.-lereiice to the drawinr, sumiiioiiiii!;, Jec, of
sn.'l. !.ld it ia.i.i.l inriini a ia T.ra.vi.lnal l.a -..1 -
for jurors selected at the annual Octolicr elec- j
Sec. 2. That scc'ion nine of ai act entitle.1
"an act reiattii!" to jurh's,' passed Kebruarr !'.
I.s.tl. lie soaineiided as to read as follows: 't hat
when a sullieient iinmlier of prand jwrors shall
not a-.pear w ho shall have been drawn and
siiii.iiioiie.1 airn-ealily to this act, lwfore either
of Ihe courts at the'u stated term, or if it should
so happen that all the pnind ji.rors siiiiiiuoiied
as aiori-saiusiu-iu Kin io aiien.i, u snail aim may
lawful for the court, in either case, to order,
Ihe sheritt or other oiticer to sunimon from !
among th( bystanders, or neirhlHiriiig citizens
so many good and la.vfwl men as are m-eessarr
... r....".M..i .i.u n. i ..r .1... A
..,..... ...... a. a.. , ,v. ...v. B" "
jury, or to issue a siceial rrn..-r facias to the
thenin named to allend forlliwith to serve as
nr ii citrii 111:1111 1 1 wr iiiiii in iiiniiiwin i iif Tjrsiitt
5l?.'''j"r',r;h, . .- . ri. ...
ri'-c. 3. i lint scclio-i nine of the ai-t to which
th is is an amendment be and the same is hereby
r,'l"'!1",V . . , . . r , .
Niiv -i. Tins net to lie in force from .m.l s.ter
its lrassage.
Siteakrr of th House of B.prrfhitatires.
i'resident of the !c-nate.
March 31, 1S.V).
N'o. 152. AN ACT
Relating tn the Lewistnwn Reservoir.
Section 1. Br il (nnrltil bit the General Aem-
. ... ,-, . . . . . .
ot;i oj the .MVif. of il,v, hat for the pnrtvose of ,
"'"Switlillie.Hianii hydraulic ami mauutac-
turing company for the construction of the en-
larseiuent ot tl.e Lcwistown reservoir, aud can-
i",,St0'0!Ii,ai.vetosaid enlargement
jlielwccn the state and said company, the sum of
ninety one thousand one hundred and sixty K-v. !
. r ,1- ' -.1 .1 1 IT. , I, ..... '..l .--.....'(" ....a a , aa ... - j j rfnU TVT A Ctrillltilie ill U.il.lU .11. , ?I.II1IH -"
conntr o. such insufhcieucy, wUl, the nunilnr twin and as0 j on? tIie a,wxmt charped on the tax duplicate of the
of additional lurors so nii'Hiiiited and rciuircd ! - --r.i i : i. - I ......... a. t , for the year
nfi, , . i :,. i ,. -.:! . ., t; t.l - ( t-erniaii iitwsp.-iH-r, 11 nnrv .-e ..iia.-iiis.nu,-..u.. - c-utv for each ot llie several pnris-ses lor wiiien iorthsyear
i T . . -,i i r r i .- 1V, at apneo not cxceeitiiit; sixty cenis p-r lMtS Rhal) have been levied, and also a certiii-l Fortheyear
edand ntumed by the sherifr..f such c.iui.ly; ',)tou,Je, s to he pai.l out of their nx.-cliVB1 ..ate or an abstract, in duplcate, of the taxes I For the, ear
the came as a summons is served and returned, .., 1r,r:. l r..i,.rt..r nr..vi.l...l. . i " i .1 .!.. ,...1 - l.;..i. For the year
and it Hlinll lie thedntr of such trusts nt their . v m .T- T..J' r .1 a w uie 1 iiaie .oiiiv ui aa,.u j.... Forth, year 1
, , ,1... r' ,:'.; ..." ... ,1.;. v- 2- 1 ,,!" UV " 'm- 1 . ren.niii mil ai l. I For the year li
: ,","""", I" almve referred tube and the same is Jierehr The comity audilftr sliall also make out and; Fur the year 1'
s.rv,ce of ?ch notice, to s.l,rt of g.Kjd.jud.cmus . J . ... ... - iur u ,w 1-
IH-rsons imrmir the ni..ii.lica.iii-i ..t el.-ctors v 3 T) nlmll take cff.t and be in ,,, , . m ami nnnni(i. hich I
en dollars and cisrhtv five cents ishcrebv direct
ed to be paid said company by the auditor of
talc and attorney general, in the niaiincrand
n;nm the terms in this act contained.
See. 2. The auditor of state Ls hcrchv direct
ed immediately upon the jasnse of this act, to
draw his warrant upon the treasury in fcvor ol
Boyle tt Roach, for the sum uf eighteen thou
sand one hundred and fitly seven dollars and
fifty seven cents, which sum, when so paid to
saiil I toy hi Coach, shall be deducted oi;i ol the
amount in I he fi rst sect ion of this act directed
to le ljxid Miid conijH!iy for such enlargement
and when mi paid, the receipt of said Bovle A-
la'oach to the State of i hio shall lie received by
saiil company as so mm-h money, and shall oper-
ate as an extiiiguLshnient of so much of the cost
ot the enlargement of sanl risrvoir, a;id shall
loreveracq' it and di-charge saul companv of ail
liability to said Boyle A ko.-i.-li for any cheinsor
demands 0:1 the part of said l!ovl.'t Koai h
against said company on account of raid cnhirge-
Sec. 3. If the said Miami hydraulic matin
facturing conij-anv shall not si-ltij with the state
and surrender all rights arqui el under tlie co;i-tra:-t
for th -enlargeiiient of said reservoir, and
to a id K-rfii-oni nil o! her acts required by
this act accordion to the lermsllienul' then their
right to collect water rents for surplus water of
s water of
riii Canal
of public
sanl reservoir ol the .Miami anil h
shall lie suspended; and the board
works arc hereby directed to collect anil pay in
1. 1 me state treasury uu water renls ot sanl res-
ervoir or canal, until sari rents so collected shall
li.-eou.-.I in amount In the sum vard aid liovlc
t koach, a?id thea.-cried iptcrcst thereon, coio
putetl at six pi'r cent per aunuiu.
Sec. -I. I ism tire settlement with said com-
jpa:iyfor the enlargement of said reservoir, and
company shaii Ik" cliari-il with all water rents
liy tlH'iu collected upon sa::l nss-rvoir and llie
-Miami and l:.rietanal and with interest there
on Irom the time llie sa no were received hv
said coin) anv, computed at the rate of six per
it. 1-er annum; and utxin ravment of the hal-
a:ic! due slid companv, after the pavir.cnt of
ltovle ak Koni li and t e deduction ol Ine water
rents, as i:i lh:s act dircrtnl, said company
sh.ul couvev lo the Ntate of Ohio .nil lauds
them owned and held in connect,
lection with said
en sad company
made under anil
reservoir: and the cunt raet bt-twee
and tlie board of tublic works.
in pursuance of tlie act of April 7, lr-olj, shall Ik'
void and of none effct;and all leases made and
rights acquired thereunder by said coin! any, to
nil intents and purposes, shall vest in ami be en-
ioveu iiv me niaie 01 unio. aioi ine o"arit 01
puhiic works, on iei:ig noiiii d ny me aiuirncy
general of the final setllenient of all claims as
heroin provided, siir-11 take Mnsessjon of said
reservoir and its nnpurtenan.'Cs, sliall contract
lor and collect all water rents n rasing out of lho
i(fl.-s) nf the siin lus water ol the same, or of the
Miami and Krie Canal, and the same as iP said
I contract l:ad never iieen made, wlwnever the
! t-ii.l nnm ariv shall Derform the inattrs and
j thing in I his section required, the si 1 e shall he
taken and liehlasa surreinier ol the sai l com-
panv acquiro.1 iindiT the contra; t for the eiilarire-
j ,eiit thereof, and the auditor of sla'e sliall
1 .
dra-.v his warrant for whatever I ml-
ance may be due them alter making the ded::c-
ti.ui in this act dii-ivtol.
isec. it. 1 he capital stock of said company .then the same penalty shr-.il be ndilct to such
i.eeot ated by 1!. S. Hamlin to William 11. (.Jib- ' nn; aid taxi-s. and the srne shall lie In-ated as
sou. and showii by the tesiiniony taken by the 'delinquent taxi's, ns provided i:i this act. nnd,
tnsisiirv invest itratiu connni'.t.-e to Is! in the with the taxes f tii.- current year, celhtted by
Itaudsof I'. 1. Johnson, is hen'br declared lo l- f sueh ical estate as aloresaid.
Ihe irojTty of thestate. and all liability of said I S -e. (i. The county auditor shall, annually,
conqianr to said llilisou. Johns. irany assign j iturin? the mm. Ill of August, make nut and re-
ees ol them oreitiivr tf thi'in. is hereby ieel:i:vd ; con!, in a Ixs.k to b.' provided for that purpose,
nniiuled and made void, and ihe pro rata divi- ' a j;,t of all 1 mils aud town lots returned hy the
d.'iid due said slock, on settlenieilt of said com-1 tr-asun'r delii..tieni at the j.rceedin;? s ttleioent.
ta.uv wiU it storkliolders. i hen-hy di.e-ti-d iiis.-ril.iin; such Ui:uls iwmI town lets, in -ael !':-!.
to be R'tained as the money of the State of ( hi: ns the same shall be descrihed on the tax dupli
a id the same i-liall be credited lo W. II. (Jibson cate, and chanriiiir t her. -on the uiqiaid taxes for
iisii wliatever aniotint l.n mar l' found toowe 11k- yi-ir next priveiiiH?. totrether with the jhii
the state on settleinent of his accounts as tr as- I ally thereon, as jirovided in this act, .m l also
tircrof St.ate. . the taxis of the current year; ami slu-.U c.-.-t.fv
See. 0. The auditor of state and attorney the correctness thereof, and the date nt w hich
general are hereby d invted and einpo Aensl to the same was ivcorded, and sign the s.;nie oili-si-lilew
ith said com; any. under ai.d inaecied- dally.
auce wiliitlu provisions of this set. All si'--j Sec. 7. The county auditor shall, annually,
iiK-nfs of money in this net direct.sl shall lie on or Is fo re the first !ay of t letols-r. deliver io
made on the warrantsi f the auditor drawn in ' the count .- tn-asnrer the duplicate ef taxes re-
c Hiformitv to l.-ivr; a:.d all exH.,iics incurred bv f rjnirt'tl bv law t e made out; nnd tl tn-anr- I a certain amount of such certificates of such debt so
iid auditor and arturm-v K"ral in the ex.-cu- e. niH.v shall In top! onen. for the rccrii.t tf j iaued shall be made payable nd redeemable ahsolate
. mi" i i e . a1 e trA j r - r.i, i.. Iy every year in each consecctire year, unul the whole
tiontf this art siiall ra imbursi'ii out of thi tax.-s, fnun the time of lho U livt ry oTVc tiu- of lte tieahxn i.epn.d. Aod on makinrand issaint?
tn asiiry; and tli
sact tshall l-e in lorve from and
after it pa-sa;
Speaher of the ll.nise nf .epresenlntives.
i'n.-ident id the Senate.
Mar. 3',lrjD.
. .a a e a. I-r,
to ante nil s-cinin is o ... an ne. , ...uu
11th. 11. to provide f...-the pnl.l.eatioi, of
the Se.,crnl laws ,., news, niHTs. ai.d to n pr.l
a., act entitled act to provide for an r.y
pntilieaiion .11 in. iaw. anu tor ouu-r I";r" , rl..ruary tllenient; and at caeh ofonch fcttle
plJii,lM. . in.tLeamlitor shall allow to the tnasnivr on
Sijtiox 1. Be it eunrltj h;i tltr Grueral A- tilo nionevs collected on the diinlicate and ae-
trmb!, of tAr Stale of OAm. 1 hat n-ciioii two of
an act passed March 1 1th. 1!-J.i. to provide t. r nu. r y.r ceutage allowed by law at a full set
the publication of the peneial laws in news- ; tl..-nt of the county treasurer. The full settlc-
a;iers. and torepi-al an net entitle 1 'an art to ' mt. f the county treasurer with the countv
prvidefran .-arly jiublieatio-i of the laws, 1 cominisi.i.Mii,r, now ri-quired br law to be matfe
and for other purjHwes,'' 'a-sed March -U2d, 1 the first Monday in June. Jiall h.-riafter lie
lt.ill, lie so ainemleil as to read as follow: .see.
' m. a i:.. . i ...... . ..a.......
., .,..... i rJ t.;1,I. nfi.r
,.., f , ,, .1 .m!.K-.-.t
ea.-h session, sliall select f.iiin the jreneral laws
as passa-d such as they sliall deem of jreneral
intens-t to the KHinle of the state, and the same
sliall 1 forwarded br the auditor of slate,
he earliest nracticable niouient. to tin- auditors
of the fvend count ies,a:i.l it shall lie the duly I ormt of each of the several taxes charted on
of auditor, probate judu'e and proset utinif at-, S1!f j, Juplicate. and the amuiit n-niaiuinir in the
turner fea-h county, toeoiitrai t lor the public-' Jia,rt the tn-afun-r beloiiKinif to each fund,
ation'oflliesaine. iii"two wwkly ordailv news-1 ani slmll j-ive to the tr.-asun-r x-parate certiri
f aper priiit.il tln-n in. if no many there be. liar- i fatc, j ,lupl:.-nte of the sepatate sums found to
in"; Ill" srreatest circulalion in the county: pro-' Ae )(jn collected br hi-". The county audi-
, ruled tiiat in no casesiiaii tne Kirne ue pumisu-'
force from and after its rassaire.
Pjx-aker of the House o-' Represi-ntatives.
Mar. 31, 1S5D. Tn-sident of the Senate.
135. AN ACT
To limit the operation of the act entitl.-d "an
a.-t to n-pe.-il the ten per cent. law. assed
March 1 1, IjO," passed Ftbrua-r vjth, l-j'.l.
P.-ction 1. Be il rnnrtrd bj th General A-viiibluoftlh-
Stale of Ohio, That the act entitled
-au rn-t to reix-al the ten tier rent. law. i-sid
: March 14. ltj-VI.1
passeti reoruary j. Ji:, snail
it applv to anr contracts now existing, or that
l - - , . .i u .e -.
,.. ,,. fci..-.'l l and remain
Ilia., .....uu "JV .... v. an.. ..amiia, .... . ... n..-.
a-.,-,, f, and tff. ct, an.l ui..n ail judtrments
, j. .i ,, -r i,J .r.ma. il -...,tr-,,.t
biterest shall be computed nntil payment at the
ra!e specified thtrein, not exceeding ten per
.Ht,,,,, per aiinnni. as
J.bniarr i2.". l -5.. had
thot-gh said a.-t, tia-ssed
d not Isvn lias-d.
Sec. This act sha 1 take efTeci and be in
foxe upon its rstssasre.
b.'-.-akcr of the House of Hepresentative.
rresident of the Senate.
March 31. 1659.
Xo. 157. AX ACT
To provide for thesemi-aiinual collection of tax
es. Sec. I . Ti il enartnl by I'i General Atnnh!;i
of th State o f Ohio, Thai each person ehargi-d
with taxes on a tax duplicate in Ihe hands of a
county treasurer may, at his option, iy the full
amonnt of such taxes, on or before llie twenti
eth dar of Deceinlier, or one-lialf thereof on or
uu in A'i VI lll'i 1 t
Vx-forc the twentieth dar of !.-ccmbcr. and tl
remaining half lliereof on or before thetwenti
ctnoar oi June neensuin;: proviuin. nowrv-
,hat all road taxes so ch-Wrf shall be raid
pTlor to twenti. th day of December, in the
Miani,er prescribed br law.
saf, when tax charged against the prop.
n.,,.1.. .. ..... i.,rlr il In-n j. i.nnnaiTA' . ..a:a; a- .1 1: ... ......i... .... H.i, th. v.i.r
erty of any person shall be paid by instalments,
a aforesaid, each of such joy limits, exclusive of
road taxes, shall be apportioned among the sev
eral funds for which taxi-s shall have been a---sed,
in their proper proportions.
Sec. 3. It shall lie the duty of the connty
auditor to set down the amount of taxes charged
agniiwt each entry in two separate columns; one
half thereof, exclusive of road taxi's, in ea.-h col
umn, and adding alt mad taxes to said first half,
with a stiilicient blank si a.c at the right of each
column to wr te the w old "paid,- and when
payment of ei'her half such taxes shall !e made.
tn-asurer shall write in the blank sra-e op-
j posite the same the word "paid," and tiie auditor
. of state is hereby authorized to prescribe such
other forms for comity duplicates as ivay see. 11
priqier to liim.and pron:4-i- iiiiuoniiiiy iiirougn
oiit the statc;and it sliall l the duty of county
auditors to conform thereto.
Sec. I. YV lien one-lial: llie taxes. a aforesaid,
charged against any entry oil a tax duplicate in
the hands "f a county treasury, shall not lie paid
on or Is-firc the twentieth day of December next
after the same shall have been so charged, or
when the remainder of such taxes shall not le
id on or liefore the twentieth day of Jm est
MlrTeafler, the county treasurer shall proceed to
f eoileet ll,.. umi lir ilitnss nr otlHTwise.as mav
'. at tlie time lie prescrilied by law. together wish
: at tlie time lie prescrilied by law. tisgether wish
'a ps'iialtv of five jut cetituni o the amount of
1 tlie taxes so fieliiiuuent. fwiiich renattv shall be
for the nso of the treasurer as a couiH'ii.sation for
such coi:.-.M;on.)and in ad rascswnere sum nan
of anr taxes. other tliati on n-al estate, shall
have Iieen paid 0:1 the twentieth day of lfc-cem-Ixt,
the whole auiomit of taxi's, otli T than n al
estate for the current rear, so charged, shall lie
due and delinquent, and shall bo collided in
tic manner and With the penalty- provided in
1 111s stvt ion.
When one-half of XW t;:s rl..ir' i
a'lanist anr entry of real estate shall not lie pam
oil or liefore the twentieth day of Jsreniher in
each rear. or colhvleil by distress or otherwise.
prior to the next Kebrtiarr setlleinent. as author-
hJ hr t!. n.. n iM'rinitr f tliirtv tht c-.-nt.
tlifnfti shn!l Ik? adthil to suclt half of taitl taxi's
on the d:,i:rate: and if the said taxts aol pen-
ahv, iiirludins the ren:aiiiiii! hail of such taxes
shall no! Ik- aid oil or U-fore the tn-eiitiith of
(June next thereafter: or collected by distass or
j otherwise prior to the next August settleiiient.
he same i.enaltv shall lie charged on said last
1 half of said lavs, nnd the
j ,gethiT shall constitute the delinquent taxi- on
such real estate, to lie collected in t'le manner
that is or mav oe pri-scriiiea nv jaw. nnu 11
the amount of such deiiniinent taxenaud penalty.
toei ther ilh the o:ie-ha!f of the taxi's charged
against such rial -slale firlheciirrent rear, shall
not ls aid on or iM'forethe twentieth liar of
liecenils r of the same yeiu-, the said delinquent
taxes and penalty, and Ihe whole ot the taxes of
the current year, shall In- due and ei.ll'i teil by
the sale of such nil estate in the manner thai is
or may lie a' thoriic-d hy law, and in case Ihe
first I alf of the tax r!ia-zcd npon any real es
tate shall Ive paid 0:1 or lctire Ihe twentieth day
of DtvenilK-r. as provided in this ait. but the re-
(eot'iMtrr l.ftlf lel-..f lnlM net luai nill ltl Or llC-
j f.ire the twentieth ilar uf June next theirafter or
be colhrted by distress or others' ise j.rior tothe
I next A uiit setlieioent as provided in this act.
i.hrnte to tlie tnMmT (except Trhen he mav be
S.-C. S. Knch conntr treasurer sr.r.1.. on c.r
before the tiltivnth dar of Fcbrrarr in each
ar, sittle with the auditor of his county for all
I tax. s that he ir.av have collected at the time ol
.... i.: i. ...i 1 i. i...n t..
lli;il.l!l Mil 11 !. Hi. incut, aim liau. ai.-.i, uil .1;
u.f( ei.;h of Aj jn
1e ,.;,,,,,, alilU.r of his tinnty for ill taxes
, , l,ave coil.-ct.nl at theti.neof makinr;
fa.lUl ttK.uVnt. not i..clii.K-.i in tl.e precedi.,?
f((I1t.j f,.rbv him, hi fees mrnxablr to the
1 u,n.c ou tlie jjr,t Moiidav 111 ti ptember annu
al I v
,ec. I. Jn nnkins: the fiilenieiit.s nvjnired
by the preccdiii;; section, the county auditor
shall carefully examine the tax: duplicate, and
ascertain, froiu the entries of taxes aud penalty.
r.-.pureil In he in tlie si-tit-.I totrnslnps to revise ' payment 01 me principal, ana payment 01 tne interest,
lax:-s) until the twcnlv-lil.il dar ..f .Taimarr. ! B Ste- al the rt t uteres., shall be clearly
I . . a; a i "r -i '.-i.i . .' expressed upon the fare of the cemucate. And each
I and f"i 'he hrt day of Jjiril uiuil the twenti- crtifieate siiall also hare conspicuously and plainly
etli !nv id .line. inscribed
"e . paid in w hole or trt, and from such other sour
at . ces of information as n jiv I within his reach,
n, tm.. nmor.nt coll.-cted bv the treasurer on ac-
jr j,all als make out and deliver to the county
sluill be .lenoniiiiau-a llie delinquent list. :
S.-c. 10. J-jteh tountv trcasuier sh.ial. within '
b-n davs next after lie shall have niadeea.-h semi- j
auniial si'tiienienl w in ine counir ami nor. as
i niptipil br this act, nresint I
stale and the comptroller of ll
to the auditor ol
Injure a-l.-lt
one of the several certili.-atesand attracts oi u-.e
countr auditor, required to be made out in th ?
titcciiliii!? section.
.sec.ll Iiiean.l:IoroisiRiesi:.ni.on n-nipt
. . ,., , . , ,, a
ol nu- ccriiiira..-s anu arac.so.oresiiii, fnnra ,
to settle with the county treasurer for the mini-!
evs in his Hands Ix loii.-ni!; Io iw star-, anu to
... ... -. . .. .i
ascertain the eract sum or snins avable by him ;
into the slate treasure, aud sliall certilv the same
to the comptroller of the treasurr, anecifviiii; iu ;
. .- - i
the rertiaicate or certificates the amount beloni?- j
nig to each fund, anil tlie total amount io !
paid into the. state tivasnry. And on tyeipt of;
full amount of all sums so found to he in Ins .
hands and lx lon.'ing to the state; and the t.eas- i
urer of state shall thereupon give to such county
" . . .t I
i.a.-.-isui. i a uit.i.. ... a.. aaa, o-a-a. t a.. ........
as mav lie required br law.
Si-c. 1
iach county tr asnrer shall, inline- (
diatel v alter each
semi-annual settlement with :
the conntr auditor of his conntr. on demand
and presentation of the warrant of the conntr'
auditor therefor, par over to the township treas- ;
.;i.h.a.l"iU ,..,.or ,.H.r
i 11 , n,a,.i;..nut ii. tliie i
snail so direct, me moneys mei.uo.ieu ...
section shall remain in the connty treasury, toj
he thence drawn br the Dorer local treasurer,
. lK. of the rountv and i tor in sums of
on the warrant of the eouiity anoiior, in sums 01
not 1ft than one imnured doUrs
I . . . 1 A" "aiaiitT
.... - ; ,, ,; ,. . r... 5" ! able semi aiuually. (every six monihs.) on Ihe erst T nen-oy expressly oecutrea I rutt tne Win Jo
same to Ihi correc.. I iii- roin;,tiouer of the. tri-a-- . of Tttmuirj Mj on ,h. day o( Acg6U in KKh nry ,u.,t f the crK,te, to r-iml.urse th
nrv shall issue a eertinvnte or certini-at.-s t- creel, j year, frt-m the time of their being issued. And the iu- the treasury bv the act of April 1 l'-Ge'
srifyi..;afafonsj.-ud; ai.d the countv l ainonnting toseren hun.Ir.dVhou.U doULrs.the
shall lorthw.th deliver tte mM to tte , payment 'of which being provided for by
jiuii iri iii-.tiix liT fn .ii(;iisai mill isiifiiii" i
..r1 i Oi i-iiMi, aa.iia -aa. ,i..v .... - ..... ... . 9l.ilSics..l hU Ka, v.. la. navakln hhii jima, .
in the county treasury b. lousiug to any ' ukin. cand also for ani fractional part of the i ,!.,. ,o!,..b c ,J ;,. ..l
nship. cii v. incorporated village or schisil sinking fnnd of any year. And there may be at- i .,,.:,,,.,, J ' i ,i, .. i a.JO
trir-t-on.ri.leil ll.it if a. iv townshir. treasurer, i tached to all such eertibcate so issued as a asiesie , . .. u.v ...a.v.a aa.uaL.j
.tnct. pr..vid. d.tliat il a ly towns ip d,it iatmtU or debenture, for every six should not be m s.-ssion at. the time that any
other proper orhcer al-n-aid, shall r.-quest. l jnttml dlKnB4 p,yaHe, from the time such report is made to the Governor, or if such
the trustees of any township, the council oi f lh(. , iBI h .BcM. M rioi , lh. m ghon! j h ,
y citr or incorporated villaice. or the board of; final redemp-.ion and f ayment of the same: which in- ... 'cion. to ih. -.), ,i,a rv.i
e , I I . a . . I annhMi, aa. tl ahanlHM, mm. Ka, .-.Van a.. ,a.. I -- , - .... -' - .. .. .Uu v.vu. iui
Sec. 13. If. at anr time, when the interests
on or anr portion of "the principal of the funded
deb, of t he state is fall due. the money
under the control ol tlie commissioners ol the
sinking fund, applicable to the payment thereof,
shall be insutiicient for that punste. said com
missioners sliall eive written notice to the comp
troller of tlie amount of such deficiency; arid tue
comptroller, mi the requisition of the auditor of
.. . L-il-l e -.t. . r ... .
ttt.t kliat II iln w 111 fai'nr ..1 tliaa ln .di.ni. of t.tu .
. i . a
on the -Ti'rnl eiMii.tr tn-nstjren. or on wich of
iiit-iti ami ?nm rniu tir wun cncii as fl t n.a v th tmkinir fnntJ, 11: therr cm -e. i ine wi ot jeotitw
! ilecm int CtivMi:itt. nt extfMtiir theainotml ! ia heaot the Jnj!ir-te py rl:s. as rcM'i n
by them n-spectiveiy cellect.sj f.,r the nuking
lan.l .u tlie lime and titmsi ol o drawing; and be , oirii.iaI it.ti of ,ae nA commission,
such nrafls if paid, sliall bo evidence of the pay- ; era to make soch rr.(iiition r.rewil: ami it sluil
iiK-nt of the sums therein specified into the state be a part of itie offici al duties or the ao-!itrr of state ti
treasurr. and shall, on delivrrr thereof ti t!:eidri"r loch on h ,re710"T0' "J"' ?'
. - a ... , , . p-ivicar over, as aforvsairl. of all such coupons or ue-
comptroller, l e credited and al.otred to t.ie j ,,.u.Mrl.s 0f.,n u onee in each a-eek. (atd ofiener if
eocnty tn-osnn-rs resiei-tive!v in nia'-cing t!? ' dwew-d essce-Ul to the interest of the sute by eiUr
senii-annual setiienM-iits. I'pou draair" such 1 th- auditor of s' .te or the said eou.misioner).i in
.i.-,. ,i... ...,.,.o . .'i ;i ..,:... MJ . . which any of said conpon or debentures siiall Iiaxo
drain. Me comptroller s.iad charge ti,c same ,o J,rtA icto thfrtM treasury as .foresaid
1 no trca-urer ot state on account i i monies (;- Ani) ,). treasurer or state shall also make out, ar,.
longing to the sinking f;:n'l, aud s:;:.u liiali:" ti;! ; reirist-r in his etSe, complete sehednles of all sacn
auditor thoierd in wrilin". ecu;vns or debentures so received by hiia from enaniir
,i .e i .i4 ta a a , j trvnrers. and taaid over to the corassassioners of the
rvr. 1 1. V Wver tbi-anchSor of skill I "tthe wwnt of the .iit r of r.,
.is.-irlaui that tlte monifs 111 Xtui slain tivasi-rv. ,irirn u for-.id; and also shall toniiih copirsof
ix-Ionirin to the sreriernl reremit. will nnha!Iv ail such arlieilnles to the comptroller of the treaiarj
to insufficient 111 ainom
nt to ray tmt at.priir:a-
tions from tlu-.t fund. In- shall notify the conin-
j troller of thi amount deeiis-d neccss :ry to make ;
luplhe delicienci' ill til the next svmi-annr.al
xiiienienis hi coiiniv irt-asiin'rs; ami tiuTecpon
the comj troll, r shall diawtii.-relo-, in favor of
the tn-as'ircr of state, on the several count v trias-
ttn-r or on sv.ch f tJT.i iViil fir snrli wtm or
sums t-ai-Ij as In- sha.l clm most o:,nveiiiont, not
i . . t. ,
xcwJi.is: tlte amount by thm. n-srHrtm-Iy.
4i.uTttl for gpiirral itTeniiG at time ami
tire's of so dratrififf, and sliall o!i.-.rre the saniP
to Xha LiiflmT of 1.ttf? on nccwini of rrcm-ml
j rweii tw; and in it.M-r np-ct the comiitni! r.
; treasurer au;i aieuior snail i-e govemeii tj t.ie .
I provL-ions of the next preciilin scclion. j
See. 13. County triisitrers shall take pos-;
I session ot tlieir off.ces on the first .Mondnv of.
' .Srotuiuwr mst aitt-r tli el-ct;in.and shnil inM
the Mime dr two years tik'rtafi r, ani nntiltlwir
j successor aw fKvUit and qi:nl lied; a;id if any f
, js-rson elti-tcd to said cilice shall tail to crive I
j Ixiiid and take the oath of oftice, as prescribed parti-s
j by law.cn or before the first Monday ol Septcm- ', m'""
j her next alter his cl.-ctioo, the orrice shall be'lfji1,
; held to lie vacant, aud shad be filled as provid-
1 suaii uc niioii as provii;-
amount 1 tlie Wliolcjeu o law. ;
S.1-. 1C. The set entitled -an act to provide ; ,lilU u- ' Uic? ,"-ti! ae"1 as i..re..i.
e,i. - , ii.- .a ' . , w.t'j.a the term cf s:x monJis as aiortsaii!. tiie anl
:,:r tl.e .nii-a.i!ir.a. colLcti :f taxes, passed ; eIBroij,i,ner cf tiie siukire fuad snail isnoe the rer-
-April 1Q. l.s., ishenby refM-aletl; btit not with- j li Scales th.-reof t sath party or parties irbo shall
standing this ri'peal, the txelfih se-t:i.ii of sa:j ' arree 10 take the same a-itl the pnntiril and tlie iu
act shall continue in force nntil the first Jlon- ! S"' '"'"on. payable in the ci.-- ot . New York, as
day in September mrxt; and provided that this
reis-al shall not ailed Ihe existinsr riirhts of ba
oilitiesof any person or persons, civil or crinu-n.-il.
but the same nvr.r be prosecuted as if tha
said act were not rejiealiHl.
Sec. IT. This act shall take effect and be iu
force ii tia and after its passa 'e.
Sjvalrr of thr I oh of R'-m-rmtMiitt.
' JlAHTl-N" WKl-KEli.
Trctidott of the OcnaU. -
April 21,13.
No. 153 AN ACT
To provide for the renewal, and to retmlate tlie
Coal payment of the Funded Debt of the State.
Sirv-no-f 1. Be it tnnrtei bf tit General .essssiftly
,J t, at.fff OS... Itat Iha commissioners of the I
sinkiug fn.1 for tne time being are hereby authorized,
fully empowered and re.rsired, at periods nrevions to
and near the time that any portion of the funded debt
of Uiij itate s.i.ilt
become payable according to the j
in the face ol the eertiUcates there-
wns exi-rewra tion tne face oi uie eeritncates there
of, to make out in doe form and insaner. and with all
tha sanctions renairei by lav for the making of crtifi
of the facdeJ icb; of ttits 3te, and issae duch
an amount and number of such certificates cf the fund
ed debt cf this State as shall be softicient in amount to
redeem so much of said debt then aboct eominjt paya
ble, as shall not have been paid or fal!y pro Tided for
by the application of the s.nktin land, as established
and nxfd by the constitution. And such an amount of f
to re'leem any part of the said debt coming payable.
Sis 111 UT xaj silt oil-r-ctual "It. as.iu ' 111 CKU SUCCtrtT'l
inp nd consecatire year after betns; issued, as tht
siukinfc fund estahtished and fixed by the constitution
appEicanle in such year, and described in and by the
s-jhtrduie herein, will pay; which schedule is hereby
made part of this act, as explanatory thereof, so that
aid certiCoates, the time and place of redemption an a
OTon its fare the words "Renewal of the
! Funded Iie-.t of tbe Stte of Ohio. And the said com
''"s o. ino n .'."VZ'" .
at interest, and the fi.ial redemption and payment of
the principal of the same.
The followinir schedule of the sinking fund
as established and fixed by the constitution of the State
of Ohio, and applicable yearly, commencinf in the year
eighteen hundred and fifty-two, (IKi:..) to taie payment
of the debt ot the State, and referred to, and made a
i part ol this act. as explanatory thereof, by the preced
j ins section hereof, to sit :
AHorxr or thi stuctsa rriro.
For the year IK J ? ino.OOO Oft
For the year Iri:! 1 u;.(Kl It)
For the year 1"M 1 i--'.:nk) nu
For t.'.e enr l-M 11!.I"J (K)
For the year 1-J;.i48 en
For the year ls.T... J33.rJ3Kl
For the year ln J -I !.-.' lio
For the year I'M l.l.3U3 UI
For Ihe year l"-!) I.VJ .1-5 (Ml
Far the year le6l li,!M8 M
For the year 1 IT'J 'J-i UO
For the year Ires 1 -.30 (10
For .he year 1-Ut.... .11..11110
For the year 1-ti... SI3!3 00
For the year li S-.1i.lltU 10
Fort e year Is.iT. .................. .. 31.-56
For the year IPC iH.ti3i 00
For the year 1B9 019.277 W
For the year l'TO ........... (Ml
For the year IhT I 3thfiuni
For the year I--" 3-11.TH otl
For the year 1H73. 3'M,!t,7 CO
For the year IS74 . 3iU.3l 0.1
For the year Is75 3s.Vil0
For tlie year ls;ti... 4iM.st Cll I
For the year 1-77 4-.-n.iss 00
For the year 1-CH 40l.'i:!j to
For the year l-C? 00
For the year .'B-so e 5I1.IIj9UO
-HI.. o4l,c3UUU
ISss 57, 343 00
IT3.... 6H.rIO(10
Ji". 6s4,lli9 IKJ
ISsti 7--'5.H3 OH
l-'ST TlisWil I'D
-tV fl-.720K)
-s SR-J 6,u M)
yt fl.,,7(K)
l-'Jl i3O.7b9:0
f fnnded foreign and
domestic debtors....
Deduct Sinkine- Fund for years lt-5
K indosite, already applied- PX,yi f O
SI3,e7t.2ti SO
ohvratory upon tl.e commissioners ol the sinking
fund, for the time being, in llie discharge of their ofii-
' - -. .. .
Cial duties.
C.r fl 111 a, an, Mrtiaa af anal nmlRM.aa al.l.a
funded del I of the state so to be renewed, as herein j
lanoin or.
deK.rit., .maybe made and iasue.1 with the principal
and interest payv.ie at ti.e treasury oi tne siate.at u.e
seat of government, nr at the office of theag-ncy of ihe ;
sf.aia in in, nor a.r am .or,, im a, nn aitnaap ra.-ara,
' ,... r ,h, rH ., , . !
b iurf
mm n.s
uv hi. I '
Stc 4.
'ihe interest on all the eeritticates of the
funded debt of the stile, so ti le issued as a domestic j
eeW to renew an, portion of the funded detof Ihe I
virauivF, pijas'ssc wvirtaiu, sFUsa.il vc nil it -tj I
(every six months.) on the first day of January and oo
lirst day of July io each year, from the time of thiir
being issued. And no certificate of svid funded debt so
issued as a foreign debt, ihe prineiaal and interest ol
whicfr ,11 be made payable in the city of New I orx.
shall be isiued nf a less denomination or amount than
one thousand dollars, nor for any fractional part of
one tnousana u..i ais above mat sum: out certincates
O. aim lunnn. uti. mt nuarwtna, au c iiiivi.i iu, ....arr
est of which is made payable at the treasury of the
,ut - . at ihe seat of governmeatof the sute, as a do
meaiic debt, msy be issued in amounts of one hundred
dollars, or of tire hundred dollars, or one thousand
eounty treasurers in liu of money in payment of taxes
duo the state, that is to say the Interest, eounons. or
debenturss coming due on the Srst day of February in
any year, may be taken for taxes due the preceding iOth
of December, and interest, coupons o debentures com-
S,,, for taie,dce the preceding SOU. of June, andbe
t received from them T the trwnrer of stale tn lien of
I money, sn.i pais over oa the warrant of the au.lif.r of
of the siDktns f
lav for the payment of the interest on the aoueu ae-t
of the state; bot no such eoowon or debenture shall So
taken by any ceoty treasurer, or be received of ai:y
eoanty treasarrr by the treasurer of st ile, or by tlto
eommissioners of the sinking fond, fur a Kreater son
or amount titan the simple interest esitre-tned therein.
! and all sacii eonpons or aehenuree so paid hv the
1 .hall h. MnrInl. rliMilliM. irrtnrihl and csr-
ittlly reco'tie'.i, ana nreaerTei in a ni or noocs. v
be fjtr tht ,nr the ftommif.ioner. of
' mZl i La .!Z
noseof has in ess on eaca a?j,m which lajniwa
cv :,ors or cenicrei oiaii oc w i"i nvcr j uuu-
Ki- It U h?re:y m-Je t! pecsol auty ol Lie
comlu:3iocrs of the siuliio run.i ta atlTerttte for
Drnrmoiff nr hi.! fcr the takiur of ail or Anr DorLion
the time
j nt trie funded debt of t'ie stte bo to ta tvwiul. aa
roThI"il, as a domes'-M? debt a herein descr:!-
the t-rm of at least six months next preceding
set for th" cloipz of tnrh hies or propoisaia
. '- te takio of such doaiTstlc debt, in mt leant one
' wPrt nCral circatatwo. poMUhsd in euch
eoao'.v m this sute. Aal vhJtterer itortion of the sat'l
dfttt toto be MoeTeJ, ,tsncb time as shall remain
irithoat Wing taien asiuch (iom- stic deit oo the tern
' hreia sy-ririeii, aftr the rxp:r.uion of the saiU terra
! Jf rx -'iiv in Vlch l-h,e f" 'TW
! ,1 wf CotQifonrs Jf the nn.m funj for the
j salt in the city cl Ne York as a fureia uet; and for
- that arpo?. the fart commissioners sha'l adTrtise
fur probata! or hisis tor the same in at two newa
pp rs of general eircjlutinn. pahsh-l ia the ci:y of
N -w Ynrt. for a le-rm uf At Ica.it SiXtir dan nXL ore
, ceHiow ibe stt tor the closing of the bidsor ptm.-o-
i w' the ta:ia?of the ame. And at) c-rt: ficates of
7 iThe isT
siid cosnnissiont-rs of tae sinking funai to tbe pairty or
vho scll take t:ie same as suc.-i aljm-jslac alent
res.titl, a: tlie lovest rate of iMerest at rxceed-
per ceiitnm p-r a'iuam. and at ear, tual beins;
t:f;cite tiwreo.. And for all such part or portion of
the l'.ia
ine l.ianea neot bi xae s:s:e so to ne miwra, in
I 1 U I -71 II wci'k. ia UfCIIB . J V.LH, . Mav n f, ' ' a -" .
! preraiom for such as shall bear interest a' the rate of
six per centum per annus), or at ine lowest rate ol in
terest, nnjer six per ceatusa per annum, at par. as ilia
said commissioners msy jsdge to be most for tbe inter
est ot the stale; provide-.!, that no bids or offers lo
uke either as a domestic or a foreiirn debt containing
fractional parts of one per eentnia other than one
qiartcr over half or three quarters shall be received;
anj in.no case shall there be any certificate of tlie fund
e! tleitt of this stale, issued so to redeem any portion
of the funded debt of this state eomiae; payable aaid
that stuail bear a higher rate of interest than six per
e.nt. per annum; nor shall any Bach eer.iiicate Near
iu; interest at the rale of six per cent per annum b
issued, sold, exchanged, or disposed of. in auy vay
whatever, by the said commissioners at a-price less
than par. Xorshatl there iaeany e-tnmissiona,exne-ses
or changes slloved on the sale and conversion,
thereof into money that shall retintre the net amount,
brought into tne state treasury beiesr the am oai t ex
pressed anon the face of the ecrtificate-so issued.
Slc. ti. That in all eases wkere there shall ho
m.ith, n l.l.f or nniranir tubUsnv
tion of tlie funded debt of the state s to b re
newed, either as a domestic debt, oraa-a. ioKigri
&eb. as herein described, at a rile equal to eactl
.l.- I ,f ,i.. n... .i..
corumidsiooera of tiie sinking iund 8 hull appor
tion llie amotint equally and frirly betwevu the .
parties mnkin such bids or propaaals: pro,? idrd,,
tliat bids fur the smallest ftittiutof the tiona
tic debt shall be .rekrrei to- bida for larger
amounts at the same rate.
' Sec. 7 Any holder of a eertiSeate of the for-
'gn delt of the state may ataay time surrender
the same to the eotnmisgiotveis of the si n kins-
fun. 1 and receive in lien thereof a certificate of
of equal amount of the domestic debt as herein
specified, and said commissioners shall mnk
the necessary registries and entries on their
books and cancellations and transfers thereof.
Sue. 8. The following schedule or stat-i
ment of the funded debt of the state exhibiting
tlie ainonnts and tli times when the Tarious
portions thereof eotus- pajable by the stale, to
wit : .
Of the foreitrn debt, tha prineiial and interest
of which is payable ia the .city of Sew York..
1st. SixsilIions.f"urimndredthirtea
thousand, threw hundred twenty five 'i
dollars, twenty seven cents, bearing
interest at the rate of six per cent, per
annum coming payable, at the pleas
ure cf the state, alter tao 31st any of
December. 1-, f5.tl3.Ja S7 '
3d. - One million and twenty See thow
sand dollars, bearing interest as the
rate of Bee per cent, per annom, eom
inir payaMt, ae the pleasure of the
state, after the 3ist day of IHcember, '
l-oo. 1.025,008 Mt
3d. Two mf!a1ons one hnndred sn4
eijthty three- theosand. nve hundred
and thirty on-edoHars and ninety threo 1
cents. hearinT-interest at the rate of
six per cent, pe? annum, coming pay
able at the pleasaro of ihe state, after
the 3 1 st day of December. 170, !.!83,53I 33
4th. One millioB.sixhundredtnousaBal
dollars, beariuft. inter at the rate ,
of six per cent, per aanam. coming -payable,
at the pleasure ol the state,
after the 31st day of December, 174. (1,600,000 00
5Llt. Two millions, four hundred thou- ,
sand dollars, hearing interest as tlM 1
rate of six per cent, per annua, cum
in e payable, at the pleasure of the -sute,
after thx 31st day bf Decealicr,
Isfti, J.tOO.Orio rfl
Amount of the foreizn deM, 913,62157 ill
6lh. Two hundred seventy fire thon
svnd. three hundred and eizhly 3rd
dollars, being the amount of the do
mestic debt. ihe principle and interest
ef which is payable at tne seat of gov
ernment. Total araonnt of the foreign and do-
ST31-S 00
mesne funded debtol th state on
the 1st day of January, IcsVU. thir
teen millions. e;?ht hundred and .
ninety seren thoaand. two bun-dn-d
forty t it'Ua.-s sad tatcuir
eenta. S.SIoes
is hereby made a Sfuide and a din-cti.m olH
trutory ujHn the eoiuinissioners of the sinking
fund, f.-r the time beinir. in the dischanr of
their otlieiul duties, and is also hereby made a
part of this act, as explanatory thenvi. And
tlie commissioners of tlie sinking fnnd, in e.ir
n ina: into etfa-ct the provisions and require
ments of this act are hereby required to issue
the certificate of renewal of the said funded
debt, and annually .pply the sinking fund to
the jaymtnttherof; rust, to tlie renewal and
pavuieut in full of the first debt coming psiy
able, which will lie on the first day of Janiuiry,
tiirhteen hun.lr.-d and sixty one, (IMiJ .) arid
th.-ntothe portion of the s:iid deli next eom-
in? parable, and so on ia order and in gncecs
ion, so that the rsfion of the said debt first
,..;,, ravaM,. hall bn first fullr redeemed
and paid; and the certificate first issued shall
i - ...
I. f- ,i1R co-li.-it T ri.l cf rAr-t;
. ...
of the funded debt last coming payable, until
i!jc entire amount and CTery "is.rt.on thereof
j,,,.,, , M .ja-emed and "paid. It is how-
. , , . .
is-eial tax , is not included in. tint is exnrctsilv
excepted from tlie operation of this act.
Sec. 9. The eommissioners of tlie sinklnii
fund ari hereby required to report to tlie gov
ernor at the time of making their semi-annual
rexn-t3, and at sueh other times as the eorern
or may requir.-; and also to tlie General Assem
bly, or to either branch thereof, if so lequired
by joint resolution of flie General Aseeiiilily, or
by resolution of either branch thereof, all and
singular their acts and pn-eeedings, done
Assembly U to m.s-t, at either a retrular sess.
ion, or at an aHjourrled or called session thereof,
then, and ip that ease; it shall be a part of the)
official duties of the Governor to cause anv such
oimiai uuvieaui mowwrrnor io.
R m g blished
(..nnnts. or! yoraru r.
in at least two

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