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Western Reserve
V M f tKikrp subiptios. A
Om Dotlttr nd Rfa Cnit, ia mdtenml Tuy DU
-r discontinued until .u mrrTr . 171
t at the opuoa oi the publishers. .
BntTfi r Avertinia.f
tT'TvelrelisMMiul to ant ineb in tny
. - l ' lwtaB lyr
1 Spaare Uf1.0Ul1.50 &50U 4.l 7.00
- 2 Squares l.QQl 2.ix. 3,5o f,,W
8 Squares 1.50 3.00 1 .1,00 7.00 10.001
H caluma -.50 f 4,00 1 8.00 S.0U 12.001
K column .00 7.00 1 9,00 1 1-00 I 20.00 1 35.00
j column w,00 ( 8.00 1 12,00 20.00 1 35.00 I 60.00
' Advertisements not Dder contract, mast be mark
ed the length of time desired, er they will be
continned and ehargod for until ordered ant.
Special Notices, and extra displayed Advertise
ments. 50 per cent more.
Deaths sad Marriages inserted gratis, but Obituary
Notices charred half price.
Transient Advertisements to be paid for invariably
in advance.
Yearly Advertisers will be charred extra for Dis
solution and ether NoUoos, not connected with
their regular basinets.
Basiness Cards, not exceeding 3 lines, $1,00 a line
per Year; each additional line, 5 seats.
JOB rilSTISfi.
Caving recently made large additions of the
latest stylos of type, to our assortment of Job
Printinc material, we are prepared to execnte in
the best manner, the different varieties of Plata
and faaey Printinc
Address Cards. Certificates, Labels.
Business Cards, Check Books, Manifests.
Bank Checks, Colored Printinc. Xotes,
Bills of Ladinc, Drafts, Programmes,
Ball Tickets, Form Books, Reeeipt
Blanks, all kinds. Handbills. Show Bills.
Ia fact ererythinc done in the shape of Print
ing at prices that cannot tail to suit, and with
disoatch. We keen constantly on hand a
assortment of Cards and Fine Stationery, from
which those m want ot rnnting can select.
Jfastirea' mm Constable' Blanks,
nammfce, Mortpnom and Qvil-Oaim Deeds, Sum
mom. EjxenHomt, Vipomas, etc.
Constantly on hand and for sale.
Town and County.
SSIIon. Samuel Quinby has been add
ed to the Committee on Finance, in the
State Senate.
Judge Chaffee has presided the past
waaIt in rmvewnrt linvirio- PYr-rianp-orl w?ri
Judge Gliddon, who is now holding court
in Ashtabula county.
- Hon. John Kutehins has sent us from
the Patent Office, a few packages of "fine
Cuba Tobacco" Seeds, for such of the sub
scribers of the Chronicle as desire to try
the experiment of raising the weed.
Peterson's magazine for April, brim full
of choice reading matter, and illustrated
with a number of beautiful engravings.
has been received. Peterson is worth sub
scribing for only $2 a year.
t3 We are indebted to our old friend
Dolph Graeter, who is now a leader in a
Band in an Ohio Begiment in Kentucky,
for a copy of the Nashville Times, a small
specimen of a secesh newspaper. It is a
. miserably printed sheet, and indicates
that secesh is about "out of sorts."
- 4mm
High Water.
The Mahoning has been '
hi"h" for the
last few days, and the smaller streams in
the vicinity have been much swollen.
- The frost seems to be almost entirely
out of the roads and the depth of the
mud is -ouite indefinite where the soil is
elav. ' Plank roads are at a premium about
these day.
From the 2d Cavalry.
The Leavenworth Times of ' the 13th
has a letter dated Fort Scott, March 8th,
T.1 S3.:. iL-w .-t.
thre hour. a?o, (12 oUock.) CoL Doub-
leony commanding. They number near
twelve hundred men. I
Important to Farmers.
By the card of Messrs. Camp & Boorum,
is this paper, it will be seen that those
gentlemen will pay the highest cash price
' the coming season, for flax straw. They
hare increased their manufacturing ca
pacity jyery materially by additions to
their machinery, and intend to do an ex
tensive business in their line of trade.
The Second Old Folks' Concert.
'The last Old Folks' Concert which came
off on Tuesday eyening, the 10th inst.,
like its predecessor was a perfect success.
The programme was somewhat different
from that in the first occasion, and sever
al new (very old) dresses were exhibited.
To attempt a description, would be almost
to reiterate what we said last week. The
proceeds were about ninety-five dollars.
Maple Sugar Making.
Large preparations have been made
throughout the county for the making of
maple sugar, this season. The number of
"patent pails" sold to the farmers within
the last two months is immense. The
weather of the last few days has been fav
orable and the sap is beginning to run
freely. The prospect now is that the ma
ple sugar crop will be larger than it ever
has been before.
A Dog Team.
An itinerate render of calve made his
appearance on our streets, a few days
since, with ' a light two-wheeled vehicle
drawn by a couple of large Newfound
land dogs, harnessed thereto, who drew
their load with apparent willingness and
ease. The team was Quite a novelty, and
drew a crowd around their driver quite as
readily as the lingo of the "soap-man"
was wont to congregate the multitude in
days past. .
From Capt Stratton's Company.
A letter from a member of the above
named Company was received in this place
yesterday, dated Nashville, March 11. It
brought the sad intelligence of the death
of Georgk Pauoxs, son of Mr. George
Parsons, jr of Champion. lie died at
Glasgow, Ky4 March 10, of . measles.
We are glad to learn that J. C Culbert-
son who has been seriously ill of fever, is
much Improved in health, and ut li e
date of the letter, there were no doubts of
his entire recovery.
The Concert this Evening.
We hope that our citizens will not for
get the concert to be given this evening,
at Webb's Hall, by Billson's & Segur'i
Band. The Band have generously tend
ered their services to the Soldiers Aid So
ciety, and the proceeds of the evening's
entertainment wilj be given to that Soci
ety. Several of the members formerly
belonged to Leland's famous Band, and
were out with the 10th Regiment in Vir
ginia,' and therefore sympathise deeply
with the soldiers who need aid. -. ; - '
They have the reputation of being fine
musicians, and the motives to listen to
them to-night will be two fold, ris., to
kelp the Akl'Societylted the pleasure of
livening to good rmric. . . ; :,
Deferred Articles.
of thinoth
Hogiment fc necessarily deferred until our
1 next )sper.
1 A cotuniun ication received from a mm-
I lr of tha flth ar.W i. nmitfftH for tha
reason xnai li u almost uiegiiue, naving
" -1 "a - 1 a T " f
bei. written in nenciL and so close, v and
irregularly as to require 'more pains than
would justify, to decipher it and put it in
Short, concise, matter of fact, articles
we are glad to receive, and it is only such.
as a general thing, that receive attention.
r a teller ironi x memoer
Eagle Caught.
A large eagle was captured Wednesday
March 5th, by A. II. Smith of Vernon.-
Mr. Smith had noticed trucks in the snow
near the carcass of a sheep, which, from
size and shape, he beliered to be the
tracks of an eagle. Finally, his conjec
tures was made a certainty, when he saw
the eagle perched upon stub near the
prey, and evidently guarding it from all
intruders. He, at once, set about devis
ing ways and means for the capture, of,
such a rare and unexpected visitor. Fear
ing that the size of the 'eagle's foot, the
impress of which he had seen, would ren
der the use of a common mink-trap of no
avail, Mr. Smith prepared a wolf-trap, and
soon had the satisfaction of finding the
object of his plans secure.' The "Bird of
Jove" was by no means disposed to yield
his freedom witnout a struggle, ana nis
captor found some difficulty in removing
him from the trap to a place of safe-keep
The captured eagle is evidently a very
rare species a sea eagle such as Audu
bon, in his work on American Ornitholo
gy, describes and calls the "Bird of Wash
ington." Its weight is 141b, and extent
of wings 7J feet. Alive and .doing well,
though somewhat injured by the .trap, it
forms an attraction to many visitors. That
an eagle of such rare species should be
caPt"re'? ? far from. ito
natural location
and food, is a very singular occurrence.
"Hark! from the Tombs."
WARREN, March 15th, 1862.
the Grand J ury may be correct in the enon
I my of transmitting that sacred institu
Messrs. Editors: In the Last number
of your paper, the writer noticed the arti
cle relative to the visit of the Grand Jury
to the JaiL in which that ancient and hon
orable body varied the usual report of
their predecessors, and say they examined
the jail, and found it clean and in good
order, and "exactly fitted for the accom
modation of those for whose use it is de
Since the above report, a friend of your
correspondent, (one in whose honor and
judgment he has the ntmost confidence,)
has also "examined the jail;" and he states
that he would not demur to the above re
port, except in one particular, viz: The
jury says that it is "exactly fitted for the
accommodation of those for whose use it
designed." Now it is in part "design
ed" for the keeping in custody of such
persons as may have been bound over by
Justices of the Peace, upon charges, the
train ot which are otten unknown, to
await their trial Court, and who cannot
or do not give bail for appearance; and al
for such as will not tale tufficlent eogni-
""f theUlegal proceedings of tome ttupid
magistrate, at to accept bail if offered. All in
such cases must abide the formality of the
law, until they can have a trial before
their peers. Now furthermore, though
Uoa unlmPalred to "posterity," yet
vugn. 10 ucar in minu uie great pni-
losophical fact that outward upnearances
are not always true indices; and that in
checkered fortunes of life, the words
the preacher EccL X, 7, are some-
times forgotten "I have seen servants ri
ding upon horses, and princes walking as
servants upon the earth;" and that as in
the case of.Ahab and Jezebel, conspiracies
against public justice have often (in spir
it) been reducable to this formula "And
set two men, sons of Belial, before him, to
bear witness against him, saying. Thou
llasphcmc God and the King, and then
carry him out and stone him that he may
die." Signed Naboth.
Niles Correspondence.
Death or a Weathersfield Volunteer.
We learn by a letter received from the
Surgeon of the Columbia, Ky., Hospital,
that David Vandermulen, a private in
Capt. Stratton's company, 19th Reg., died
the hospital at Columbia, Ky., Feb. 24,
Typhoid fever, after a lingering illness,
lie was about 22 years old, and much
beloved by his fellow soldiers, and all who
knew him. His parents reside in this
place. Although this township has sent
over two hundred volunteers to aid in sup
pressing the rebellion, this is the first
death we have been called upon to record.
Mcsical. Mr. G. W. Large, wife and
two daughters, have been regaling our
citizens with vocal music, one or two even
of the past week. Their selections
songs were not remarkable, neither was I
manner of their performance particu.
larly meritorious. .
Writing of concerts, reminds us that
Carr, an itinerant schreecher, favored
our community with one of his select
and purely original entertainments, some
weeks since. Perhaps the Professor's
singins was of too 6ublime a nature, too
Wh an nrtlor tn rtwh tho mpnfal mliVwr
nign an oruer, to reacn toe mental caiioer .
the good people of Niles; it may be
D x f . I
we are no JUClge Ol music DUt at any ;
... , , . -.
rate "we COUldn t see It.
SpiritualistsA number of Spiritual- j
V 1 .1 mAAflnnv. In t. a maVia,.
uuiu nccbii iuccii.jb iu luu uui.uv.u i
part ot tnis townsnin. ine tonauci oi
War", is the absorbing topic. They
hold communications with all the distin
guished deceased Generals from Fremont
down to Alexander the Great. We are
supplied with news from the war in ad-
ranee of the telegraph, and in fact before
events happen, ery often.
In view of the recent prohibitory order
Sec Stanton your readers will readily
that we are a peculiarly fortunate
community. Tours 4c,
From Brookfield.
BROOKFIELD, O., March 15.
Mettrt. EJUort: We hve no news of any
great importance, to communicate. We,
common with with all true patriots,
rejoicing in the success of our enemies
during the last few weeks. It is indeed
cheering, after so long a season of inac-j
tirity to find our cause advancing so rap-'
UrAnlrft ftlrl ltae a. nMn a-. i
j auwisv ill
affairs of the army. Many of her
brave sons hare gone forth; some of them '
have already laid down their Iiv in de-1
fence of ths glorious old flag. - '
- - The weather for the past few days has
uwu warm anu uie mua aeep, in conse
quence of which there is not. much busi
ness going on. ' Maple 'Sugar is being
made to some extent.. That read disease,
Diptheria, which at one time raged to
considerable extent, has almost entirely
disappeared from our midst. But one or
two cases remaining, and those but light
There are also one or two cases of typhoid
fever, in the town. Our citizens have
been favored with a course of very inter
esting lectures, the. past, week, on Chem
istry, Geology, and Ancient Egypt, by a
blind man. He is a very, interesting speak
er, and is trying in this war to make a
living for himself and family. His lecture
on Egyyt was particularly interesting.
In the Ohio Legislature the bill for a
ten per cent interest law was summarily
disposed of in the House, Saturday, by the
adoption ot a motion lying it on the table.
This may be regarded as test vote, and is
equivalent to defeat. It was thought, a
day or two ago, that the House would
pass either an 8 or 10 per cent. bill.
It may come up again in that body, if
the benatc should take favorable action
The second Continental Tea Party at
Painesville, Tuesday evening, "given by
the "Shippen Family," was a complete
success, the telegraph says, " artistically,
socially, and financially." Old songs and
patriotic songs were sang, and dancing in
the old style was participated in by many
present. The sum raised for the Soldiers
Aid Society was $08.
A refugee from New Orleans, lately ar
rived at I'aducah, reports that a number
of gun-boats have been built at various
points on the river, some of which are
iron-clad, while the greater number have
only iron-casing to protect their boilers
and muchinery. The same informant
mentions that "two battering' rams, on a
new principle 320 feet long and worked
by four propellers are about finished."
These are intended to operate against any
force that may be sent down the Missis
We have additional reports of a panic
at Memphis. Articles of merchandise are
shipping down the river, and the project
of burning the city is freely discussed.
General Bragg has arrived from New Or
leans, with 10,000 men, who Were sent to
reinforce New Madrid and Island No. 10.
Beauregard is at Jackson. Tenn.. construct
ing fortifications, upon which all the ne
groes are compelled to work.
President Lincoln, on Thursday, ap
proved ot the additional article ot war.
which goes into immediate operation, viz
All officers or persons in the military or
aval service ot the.UnitedMates.are pro-
niniteu irom employing any ol the locres
under their respective commands for the
purpose of returning fugitives from ser
vice or labor who may have escaped from
any persons whom such service and labor
claimed to be due, and any officer who
snail be found guilty by a court martial,
violating this article of war shall be
dismissed from the service.
Brownlow, has arrived safely at Nash
ville. He has been imprisoned for a long
time at Knoxville. a part of the time in
own house and a part in the common
jail, in violation of an express agreement.
lie will come JNorth and publish an ac
count of his sufferings end captivity.
Only two objections have arisen to a be
lief in the story that Gen. McClellan su
perintended by telegraph the fighting at
Fort Donelson during Sunday, Feb. It): 1,
that there was no fighting there that dayr
and 2, that the nearest telegraph station
150 miles away.
The Gloversville Standard hopes that if
bill to tax newspapers in proportion to
their circulation is passed, there will be a
section inserted requiring government to
take its pay bills against "delinquent sub
scribers. The Standard thinks it would
give the tax collectors a "sweat" to obtain
anything convertible from such a tax.
On Friday, the U. S. Senate, by a very
decided majority, refused to expel Sena
jroweii 01 li-entuckv. rne intemper
speeches of Mr. Davis operated in fa
ot tue accused.
From contrabands who have acted as
teamsters for the rebels, it is ascertained
that the main body of the rebels have
crossed the Rappahnnock and are making
stan at Fredericksburg in conjunction
witn tne army at uordonsvilie.
All the Hudson River steamers, and
everything at New York carrying steam.
have been pressed into the Government
service under charters of thirty to sixty
11th. ISoi by Rer. G. H. Brown, Mr. J0HX
TORRY to Miss MARY AXXE COX daughter or
Rer. A. Cox, all of Green, Trumbull county, 0,
23d. by the same. Mr. JOHS MAIXES. of
Trumbull county, to Miss MARGARET BEATY,
of Ashtabula county, Ohio.
March 4th, by the same, Mr. WANTON BURLIX-
GAME, of Trumbull county, to Mrs. UAXXAH
ELLIOT, of Ashtabula county, Ohio.
March 12th. by the tame. Mr. I. S. KETTERAGE
to Miss NAXCY M. DAVIS, both of Green.Trum
bull county, Ohio.
March 11th, by Rev. Wm. Kineaid, Mr. GRAXSAX
E. 111RD to Miss CLARISSA RICE, both of
South ingt on.
ACKLEY 4 DOCGLASS-In Warren. March 4th,
by Rer. Benjamin Exccll, at the house of the
Bride's lather, Mr. Thaddous A'ckley to Miss
Hannah Douglass.
WHITE & PEW In Warren, March 13th, by the
tame, at the house of the Bride's father, Mr.
James H. White to Miss Emma C. Pew.
GREEX k THOMPSON In Warren, March 18th,
by the same, at the house of Mr. Ritciel, Mr.
Jared N. Green to Miss Mary A. Thompson. The
above parties all ofMarren, Ohio.
MILLER & HIXE On Sunday last, in Warren, by
Rer. H. C. Zinck, Mr. Hermann Miller and Mb
Josephine II inc. all of this place.
Warren, on the morning of the 12th of March,
Consumption, ASIIBEL KING, in tho Thirty
ninth year of his age.
In the midst of life and usefulness he was taken
after a long and painful illnesr which he
willlout a ainltIe eomoiainins word. Although
( the time unable to speak aloud he whisper-
to his dear wife and mends, tho blest consolation
bis trust was in bis eiavior, and that to mm
had been robbed of his stinr. He said I have
fears for the future, two of his dear ones had
Ti.Yosl u "eepfeU. and t. hi. wir.and f,
wauih) is incurable hv earthly heln.
He only
- : , , . , . , , .
tempers the wind to the shorn lamb, can be a
Father to the orphan and the widow's friend.
Warren, on tho 11th inst, FRANCES CARO
LINE, infant child of Geo. F. and Frances C
Brown, aged 7 weeks.
Cots ix the Eae,...
0TS. ..
Writs Beahs...
..001 10
Flak fiiF.n J Z7&1 30
Flock. Bcckwheat m San, 1 00
" White Wheat, Habvct AWttt
Citt Mills, 6 25
" Kid Wheat, - i TofeJi 25
Cob Meal, bolted, ttl 100 taa 1 25
Pobk. PBtSSED,- . 4
II aiis.... 810
SrcAB Cubed Havs ,
Dbied Bur, ...10
Labd. ......
BrTTEB.. 12S
Cheese, -
Dried ArrLis,
Coffee, Kio at betajl
" Java "
... !
1 0001 25
Gbeex Teas,
KrcAK. White Coffee..
- Brows Coffee
B bo wit Scoab,...
Caxdles, Stebi.ve.
" ' . . Ta!.LO-,
rntCEEKS, AriECg,
Mousses, .,.
RsnxEo Mccca Oil, .
No. I Mackbel. -
H hit Fishv -.
8 .
- 40
,..$1 00
" i
. 'so
, Financial and Commercial.
' Sew Twrkl Mwsiejr Market. . '
MONEY In fair demand at7r; cent fnrloa
and call discounts on prime pai or ranee fromuts-iH
STERLIKO EXCnAXaK-Markctqniet at ina
112 for bankers' bills.
. tor iflukcii ui i is. - j.,
liOLU-Market for American fold is aCUre at Uf
rr cent; cold bars nominal at l!W- P eeotjn-
Cleveland Market.
nirRn,. Pt.l..v waarlutl and ou
chanced, with salt-s of 50 bbls double extra, red
4,;u, and At bbls double extra white at to.'U.
U'llVAT K-.n ....I . hAtfpr- bulcSOf!
car red at $1.UU from store; 1 car red from track It
the saine; and 1 car at We from track. ,
COKX Market 6rm and auram-cd let1 bush.
C. 1 . r 1 . -. , L. 1 .1., - 37l
OATS Market steady with sale of 2 ears at 23
SKKUS Sales of HW bush Timothy at
and 50 bush at -00.
New York Market March 17.
TT ni'I Af ...hot J, ,11 K...vv n,l Sc lower. $'
c5.75 for shippinr brand, extra round hoop Ohn
7.:vuU.75 for trade brand-s. .
LARD Marki-tcoutiuucs inactive, but mark
hardly so fi i in. Prices are without quotable rhaugt
Sales 230 bbls at 7!4S'.
UL'TI KK Market rules Terr arm, at lftftloC f
Ohio, and lW9i!c for state. .
1 11 r.tSh Market steady at o-.e. ..
SL'tlAR Ikw more active and without materia
riinm KMihii.u .i c, ju.sl j- for L'uua: T
8.S or Porto Rico; 63 boxes llarana at 7V.C
ew York Cattle Market.
Xxv Yobs. March li
Beef cattle were dull and heavy with the lara;
declioe of lo per tt ,'$ generally called the toj
Dried ranire is 5' iiac The ereater portion sold
be. the market dull.
Milch cows remain dull.
Veal calves are in uoderato demand at unchang
ed prices.
bhecp and lambs arc in rair request.
The total receipts of all sleeks this week and Ian
were as follows: llecvc 4:54: cows 121: real calves
6Hi sheep and lambs 5U; swine l:!.till.
Ttie cur.-cut prices for the week arc: Beef cat''?
of 1st quality iS per cwt; onlinaiy !r7.cJ!.Uk
com inou t,K . . -jO: inferior Sj.aXuo. jO. Micep a
lambs, prime to.Tfi.0 per bead: ordinary
0,00; common $l(j,i,s. inferior ismns,
corn fed 4-'s-4.50.
jTew Advertisements.
Important to Farmers.
V est cm Rrsr
Tons of green and rolled
mowed or pulled Flax Straw at the
which the hishest market price will be paid in cssk
Mrva 1-1. T Alill. HiirrMI. tmiO-l'T
on delivery. CAMP BOOKLM.
X. 11. 1 bee leave to inform flax rrowersacd fsr-
mers cencrally ot having entered into mo
tow business with John S. Bfrorum, of New lork.
and that with increased facilities and improved ma-
,k!ti,r. T am Ytnm rmn-i ri,i in mirrhfivfi all the flSX
straw that can be raised in this part of thcState: for
which the hieht market price will be paid lnessn.
Hoping that farmers will find it to their interest to
increase the quantity ol straw protuceo. nerctoiorj.
as it will be the best paying crop that can be raised.
March IS, lWJ2-oin V. . t. A.nrv
Cove-Dale Nurseries.
Ifmsman Street, Cleveland, 0,
T HAVE a vcrv torero stock of
trees. Grape Vines, including
CuTataoztM, Delaware, Concords,
and 40 other varieties. Bern- plants. Shrubs. Ro
ses, Dahlias. c. for sale very low especially reaen
trees. Call and see, or send stamp for Catalnimc.
For Spring Trade 1862.
No. 9, Market St., WaiTen, 0
Are now opening a well selected stock of goods a
We would invite all wishing roods to call and ex
amine our stock, beliering we can sell as cheap as
the cheapest.
I A AAA Y'di SJ fast colore
J J Prints, at one Shilllni pcryan
"VTEW Style Printed DeLaines, Mo-
ll hairs. Gray Goods, tc, at one Sbilline per
OOD Bleached and Brown Sheet-
incs now iclline at one Shillinc per yard.
A Largo Assortment of tho best
iX Hamilton, Manchester and Pacific DeLaines,
fopiins, V alencuu. Traveling Uoods, cic, at very
low firures. PECK & BROTHER.
ILKS Plain Black, Black Bra-
cade. Colored Brocade. Plaids. Stripes, cte.a
Teat variety of styles, from Fifty Cents to Two
Dollars per yard. rtLK s. I5ttuiue.it.
T7MBROIDEKLES Collars, Under-
l i t t?j:. ..j t.,.:.m r .11 l.;a.
M hcci ra, l.u. uinj ...... . u.-v 1 .inj v, a.i kuiu.
Black and White Silk Lace, Brussels Eiltrings, etc.
very cheap. s'r.CK UliOiUfcrl.
1BB0XS, Flowers, Trimmings o:
all kinds. Corsets, Gloves. Hosiery. Hair Xeti,
etcn in great variety. 1'LCh. X LiKOlUttt.
KIRTS! SKII.TS!! New Balmo
mis. the best makes of Skeletons, both Tajo
aud Tied, at all prices.
1'i.t h. 1suu.1nr.tt..
rpABLE LINENS, Bleached and
J. Brown. Wool Spreads, Toilet Quilts. 7-4 and
Sheetings. -and Pillow Case Muslin, and every
thing in the line of house furni-hinir rood.
PECK i brother;
iHAIiPETS If you want to buy a
J good Carpet for the least possible amount ol
money, come to tne arren ury uoous More,wuere
you will hnd the best assortment in tone.
f.h Shades, Curtain
Muslins, Em-
J broidered Curtain Muslins. Curtain Fixtures.
in great variety.
SHAWLS Brochea, Thibet, Silk,
Crape and Stella Shawls, in all colors and qual
ities, which wo will sell at prices to suit everybody.
SIIOES Ladies and Children's Bal
morals, Gaiters, Kid. Goat and Calf Shoes, 1
large and well selected stock, in which we are pre
pared to offer great inducements to purchasers.
r I LOTUS, Cassimeres, Vestings,
f P 1- T - ... r. f An mnA Unvm' W ( T
comprising all the desirable styles that tho market
aflords. PECK A BROTHER.
it arch I'J, IMii
Willard Crowcll "1 In Trumbull county .Court
n of Common Pleas.
Wm P.nn!man I liv virtue of an execution
issued to me in the above case. I have levied upon
shall expose at Public Sale on
Saturday the I9tb daw r April, 1863,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A m and 4 o'clock r
at the door of the Court House, in arren, the
heri Real Estate situate in the town
61 Bloomtield, in the said county of Trumbull,
being in lot No. VZi, and bounded as followsr
west, north and east by the lot lines and south by a
drawn parallel with the north line or said lot
far south as to embrace one quarter or said lot
127, and supposed to contain 25 acres ol land,
north half of lot of land deeded by Goodrich
Champion to Henry L. Austin, January 10th, 1S39,
tne same more or less. Appraieo ai iio,w jm
acre, xermscasn. j. u. di iictt, cnenii.
fcucriti s Otuce, arren, Alarch I'J, lbu2.
Flour. -
Sale at Rail Road Depot, in Warren.
fob. O. 1603-SW-
Xotiee is hereby riven that the undersigned
been appointed and qualified as Executrix on
Estate of William Pew, lata of Trumbull coun
ty, dee'd. -
Jlarcn 12, w-jw 4.Mjtu.t I tn.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
n anDointed and dulv Qualified as Administra
on the Estate of Isaac U. Clark, dee d, late of i
Blooinueld, J rumbuu county, Ohio.
March 12. 16u2-3w MART B. CLARE. I
pp. -.
1 W-IJ '
filed i
ay filed in the l'robate Conrt ot rrumbuii county,
petition praying for an order authorizing him to
the unsettled and unpaid claims belonging to '
creutiors oi iriiuam xew, law a jiorciuui.
ton Fall, in said county, which were assigned to )
uusviiin:! ut nam avw. iui ui ucuut
creditors by assignment, dated 24th Oct.. A. D. 1859.
T, . .
.u pem.oa wui oe ,or oejrinr TI"X'
March 12. 1862-sw
of Wm. Tew.
herohv riven that the suhsrriher has been
appointed Executrix oa the Estata of Alsoo Trun
ky, late of said county, doe'd, dated at Vernon this
day of Feb., 1W2.
March 12. iwi-3w AMELIXE TRfNKY.
r itrrr.ttriDTiT rrtV
JLS inggo
gone into the arm v. onr business relations !
arethereby terminated. All the notes, books and ,
accounts are left in my
i left in my bands for settlement tna ,
collection, a wouia eamesiiy requen an person .
knowing themselves indebted to the firm of Woods '
Woodworth. to call without delay, as the books
v.: : a ,vl : J
w li r.ninn .k.n k.r,.. .njnrf u nrfi,i
Al. V. Alu..o. who aTinK augpaw jneqicai uwk-
tores at the Iniversity of Michigan, and for some
practiced in Stars County, will be foond at our
ofttoa. - - i. B. W00l.
Jan. 3C, dt
. -ni l i TV - .
Mnations ill be held on V ridays,
Mh. and gth.and May Jiith at th
I L- onrt,lc"""0 punctually at Hi
J Special Examination .
rPhe Board of School Examiners, for
J TrunbnU eonnty, make the following an-
nouneoments, to applicants for Certilicat. Kxara-
, March 21 t, April
e Court House, and
ill n'.IL . u -
wuicn nour ail applicants should be irencnt.
All persons, who desire to obtain eertiticairs to
teach oomuioa schools, in Trumbull county, during
he eomiur summer, can attend some oue i.l the alor
said examinations. Private examinations cannot
be had. and no more public examinations-'wiU' be
held until next fall.
Keb. 2o. lSo.'-Ju WniTTLiaEYADAM.S.
I herohv riven tn Ttvnm A VI. .t nn.l A
u v. ie-s. non-reiHlcnts ot the Mate ot Oliio,
thatTheron R. Butler. John R. Cecil, Silas lUw
sou, and Albert W . Green, on the 0th day of Febru
ary, lsui filed their petition tor money in the Court
of Common Pleas of Trumbull eonnty, Ohio, and
procure to be issued in said case by the clerk of
said conrt, an order of attachment against said By
ron A. iets and Apollus K. Viets, upon which the
followinc land have been attached, to wit: situate
in the township of Fowler in the county of Trum
bull and State of Ohio, bounded as follows:
uio cw oy me norm ana soutn centre rona so call
eu, on tne norm by luuu deeded to Chandler tin
ley. and on the east by lands of Alpbcus Walters
and Andrew C Meeker, and supposed to contain 00
era, more or less, ocinit part ot lot 1 .
2d tract, situate in same township and county, and
oounited as follows: bemnninr 2 nxls caM from the
ouin wc-it corner o! satu lot o. la. at a post stand
lnr to the eat siil nf tho Ki.l.w uuH ..
original line of said lot 1 ii rods to a post, thence
n" h 1 and 30 2- 2HU0 ro.ls to a post, thence west
1 w south 105 rods to a tnt atnnaini. tlin i.it ui.l..
i 'I'? b'shway. thcuce south along the east tide of
lie uieuway :i roo ami a links to tho first men
Honed place, to contain 25 acres of l:in.l- m..
in lot 14. bounded as follows: commencing at the
norih-west corner of lot 14. thence east Hit rods to
I tanus oeionuniK to the heirs of Lyman Jlcckcr.
thence south on the west line of said Meeker's land
? , 1 . "ortn-east corner of land beloncinc to h.
uaniwin. t hence west on the north line i.f .1 lt .1,1
Juln lo e nor,n nl south centre hiitliway,
thence north on the highway to place of beginning,
,u muwii acres anu ni rous oi land.
:id tract, also a tract of laud in lot 25, bounded
ioiiows: commencing at the north-east corner ol
lands of Isaac A. .Smith, on the north and nmh n.
trc ruad. thence north on sntil nuil II nt ihw
"est ro-ls, thcuce north o rods, thence west par
allel with Isn.ic A. Smith's north line tar ennuirli In
vuiiiatii wuniii saiu Doumiarics i.yt acres ot land.
10 oe oounueci souin oy sam biuith t north line:
iso a iract in tot ao.it, bounded as tollorts: com
mencing at south-west corner of lands of Rob't
Morrow, on Holton road so-enl!) th.iu-A bauiK nn
said road 7 chains and 'JO links to the lands of U. A.
icts, thence east on said Viets' north line and the
north line or said Isaac A. Smith's lands to the above
described piece or lot of land in lot So. 25. thence
norm on the west line of said lands or lot A o. 25, and
the west line of lands of Byron A. Viets to the south
line of lands of D. Trowbridsc, thence west on Mor
rows south line to olace of htvrinnini. tt pAntain
2J 23-24K) of an acre; also a tract in said lot H5, bound
ed as follows: besinuing at the south-exit corner
of Isaac A. binith, running west 16 chains 71 links to
tne llolton road, thence north on said road 12 chains
and 71 links to lands owned by A. llummason and
V. Baldwin, to J. and A. C. Jones, tbenco east lti
chains So links to lands of I. A. Smith, thence south
12 chains 75 links to the place of beginning, to con
tain a 37-100 acres of land.
The Grt tract or 50 acres first described we ap
praise at ?ct5 per acre, or 1750,10. The second, or 75
acres at f-'SO, or 2250.UU, The third tract 3 pieces oS
acres at $25. or 1470.U).
The object of the petition is to obtain a judgment
against said Byron A. Viets and Apollus K. Viets
on a note of ha! Riven by them to said Butler. Ce
cil, Rawson and Green, dated the lUth day of Sep
tember, 1861, payable four months after date, for
the sum or SKWy.55. and to obtain an order of sale
of said land to pay said judgment. The prayer of
saiu petition is tnat a judgment be rendered on said
note for the amount of the same with interest after
aueat i percent. said Hyron A. Viets and Anol
lus K. icts are notified hereby that they are re
quired to answer said petition by the 'JCth day of
April. iw, or judgment wiu be rendered acainst
uicm by dPIault. U. V, CLARK,
Feb. 19, 1S62-0W Pl'fis Atty,
11 H.
arry BcacK Executor of 1 In Court nf
Estate of J unot Trobridge. plfL, I Common Pleas of
vs .i irutnDuii counts-
Byron A. Viets. Thomas Leonard ;
and Archibald McFarland, Jr j The above named
defendants. j Byron A. Vict!
and Thomas Leonard, defendants, of t ie Slate ot
n isconsin, will take notice that the p.'a ntiff. Harry
Beach. Executor, did on the 6th day of Febrnarv.
In'. ' ne his petition in the Court of Common Pleas
ot 1 rum bull county, against the above named de
fendauts, setting forth that on the 24th day of De
cember, 150, the said Trobridge became Surety for
the payment or a certain promissory note given by
the said Viets to McFarland for the sum or
that said Viets has removed from the State nf Ohio,
aud has not paid said note, and that said Viets has
conveyed fraudulently all his real estate sitnate
said county to the said Leonard, who now claims to
own the same. That on the day of the filing of the
said petitiou the plaintiff caused an order ol attach
ment to issue, which has been levied upon said land.
The plaintitV prays Tor an order and judgment a
iraiust said Viets, requiring and compelling him to
pay said note and the interest, or on default thereof
that an order issue to sell said land; to pay the same.
The said Byrmi A. Viets and Thomas Leonard are
hereby notified that they are required to answer
said petition on or before the 5th dav of Anril next.
or that an order will be given as praved for in said
petition. HARRY BEACH. Ex r.
r eb. IZ. b-'-bw uy lay lor X J ones, bis attys.
The subscriber would rent on reasonable
terms a blacksmith shop, dwelling, stable, 4 acres
of ground, and an orchard, if desired, possession
given immediately. Situate on the north road, 3
miles north or W arren. in Champion. Enquire ol
the undersigned, on the premises.
Champion, Mar. 5, 1862-4w
Notice ia herehv riven thai the .mra-wi irwr ha.
been appointed aud qualified aa administrator on
the estate or Daniel keck, late of Champion, Trum
bull county, Ohio, deceased.
March 5. l862-3w ISAAC LECHLEITXER.
l AH persons havingclaims against Henry Bar
nard are hereby notified that he has awigned his
property lor the benefit or bis creditors, and that I
nave been appointed his Assignee. Persons havinc
claims against him must preseut the same to me du
ly authenticated lor allowance within six months
from this date A. VEOM A.XS.
kinsman, March 5, 1&2 Ass'uee of H. Barnard.
Braman's Sewing Machine.
TLe Bra man Mac-bine ia in every re
spect mjiret elutt, simple, practical and relia-
Among the advantages it has over others, afe the
1st The works are so arranged that the Machine
can be run backward or forward, sewing equally
well either way. it can always be started with the
root alone, and is always sure to be right.
2d The needle is perfectly straight, thus enabling
to work through heavy roods without trouble or
danger of breaking by springing as with curved
3d The thread is ucd direct from the spools both
upper and lower, thus saving the trouble ef re
4th Its simplicity and non-liability of getting
out of oruer.
5th the ease with which it can be operated, and
the durability of its work, the seam is very elastic.
and cannot be ripped, although every fourth stitch
This machine will Quilt, Una. GATriE. Fell
and fcKBaotlER. flcasc senator circular. Agints
wanted to whom liberal inducements will be o tier
Address G.W.t'IlOUELI.a:t'On
Manufacturers and Deal or in Sewing Machines,
. yo. zii, Superior ou, Cleveland, Ohio.
March 5, 1852
NEIV YORK, Few. 24th, 1S62.
SIR: Tbo undersigned begs leave
to eall your attention to his large and well se
lected stock of
. Hats, Caps, straw Goods,
whieh he will dispose of FOR CASH, or on AP
The lonr eznerienee of those eonneeted with him
a sure iruaraniy mai m jroous are nr.Lu
LECTED. and will be sold AT VERY LOW PRI
. . i i i IIT1 I CL
CES. To the numerous eustomers of the late firm
DEMSON. WILLIAMS i CO.. (whom he suc
ceeds,) be need only say that Messrs. A. G. WlL
LIAVS and tiRASJVILLK t hittlesky. ot that urm
their principal employees, are with him, and'
be happy to welcome the old friends and patrons
that house.
The Stock is Xrw. FRESH, and FASHIONA
BLE, and. his expenses being light, be will be en
abled to sell CHEAP, and give very DESIRABLE
GOODS. Trusting to receive a call from you, I am.
Respectfully, yours,
0. WILLIAMS, 59 and 61 Rende St.
XlateDW . A CO.
In pursuance of the order of the Probate
Court of Trumbull county, 0.. I, shall oiler at Pub
lic Sale, upon the premises, on the 9th day of April,
between the hour of one and four o'elovk r. h., of
day, tho following Real Estate, situato in
Weathersfield, Trumbull county. Ohio: Beginning
the middle of the road leading from Nilestown to
Warren, called the River Road, opposite a tree
with three notches on. standing on the north side of
road, thence north to lands of A. M. Blackford.
thence west on said Blackford's line to the corner of
Blackford's and Draper's land, thence south on
line of said Draper s land to the Mahoning Kiv-
thence along said river, so far that a liue run-
ningdirectly nortb to said river roa4, thence down
road to the place of beginning, shall contain
t 1-..H l,nniMlttJitiu.,,nM
CHARLES VAN" WVfi F.v'r of
March 12, 1852-lw John A. Hunter, dec d.
- - -
. . ..
-- J"n oeu. n S
) Befnt
P. of
J hull C
Before Daniel Earle, J.
2ewton Tp- Irum-
James Mills. Deft
County Ohio.
renruary atn All lV)i SaiJ Justice issuea an
order of Attachment! in the ab action, for the
of Sixteen Dollars. Said cause is set fir hear
on the lvth day of April, A. D. 1& at oue
o'clock, P. M.
March. 12, 1962-3w
' On the 14th dav of Arjril. 1"2. I will sell at
Vnhlie Autinn t iKn Stnr, ltiiv necunied bv lien-
Barnard, in Kinsman. Ohio, the entire stock of
iQoods lately owned by him. Also, at the same time
Place, I will sell the following described Real
Kstate. to wit: About li acre of land in section No.
in said township, on which stands the Store afor-
also about 08 acres ol lana in loction jya. ,
w mwranip, iuiuiho , "t-VV Iv-j
March 12. 18C2-tw
TTOTEL For Stlo or Rent.
- The Aafftcu House, ( recently known as lha
. L -. . . . " u- i
thase House,) situate north side of the Square. -
". Ohio, n offered for salo or rent, f or partH-u- ,
niuir of U Butlilf, at Wfr Tern, i
'. - iMftreh li l)-3w . I
GUARDIAN'S Salo of Jlca! Estate.
In pursuance of an" order of the Prohsie
Court of Trumbull county, Onio, ma'le on the 1 ith-
of February.li io the case of Jbn U-Wa-
tera guardian of -Warren II. Waters again-d bis
ward, the undersiifned will on Friday the 2lh d.-ir
of Marrh'lHu2."at about 10 b'cl-k . on the
premi-e offer at public sale, the undivided fercntu
rart of the following describel real estate situate in
i'.iu. i..h;n Triinihiill ennntv. Ohio, to wit
being the east and west middle part or lot Xo. twen-ty-sig
in said township, and bounded as lollops, to
;. .,.,. n,i nt line of said lot in l lie
.i - ....i i: . L;-.... . thf uini't cir
c,cu. ,, . u,,..... ..r "r, " 77 -
ncr of lamtsownol by jnnn u. jonos. u:en.-o
on the south lioe of said Jones' land to the wesl line
orsaiillotNo. twentv-six. thence south on lot line
twenty-seven rods, tl.ence ca.-t sixty rotls. thence
north seventoen rods, thence cast to the centre ol
, h;.h ... nnrin in rUi i ii.l hiehwiiy
to the place ot tteeinninj,'. and eonlaiuiu wnnio
said boumls fifteen acres of land, more or less
Terms of Sale one third rash o:i the d:.y of sale,
one third in si v.ty days, one third i.l ninety dt.y
from the day of sale with itit'-rest. Appraised at
41.. . JOHN It- WAT KRS. tcirr'n
Feb. 26. S'C-iw of Warren II. H aters.
Ll John Kingloy. plff.'l In Court of Common
vs I Piezs of X ruuiLull Co.,
Byron A. Viets, Thomas r Ohio.
l.rnnbnl ami Archibald i
MeFarmnd. Jr., defi. J The aWe named By
ron A. Viet.s and Thomas Leonard, detendauts of
the State of Wisconsin, will take noti.-e that John
Kingslcy of said county, did on the lith day of Feb
ruary, 1S'2, file hi petition in the Court of C.muion
Pleas of Trumbull county, aeninst tho said defend
ants, setting forth that ou the ito day of January,
Ktf, the said plaintifi beeaine surety fr the pay
ment ol a certain promissory note nveu y i.rnn
A. VieU to the said Archibald McFarland. Jr.. f-r
ilio sum of .'XX), that Kiid Viets has removed to the
State of Wi-consin. and has not paid ini.l note, and
that the said Vit has conveyed fraudulently all .jt
his real estate situate in said county, to the saill
Leonard, who now claims to own the r-Aine: tliat nn
the same dav the plaintiff caused an order of at
tachment to issue, which has been levied upon sunl
land: the t.laiutilf prays lr
he plaintiff prays for an order and judirmcnt
"c ;'.'.! ' - . . , ,,. 1 .
against said Viets. rcquirin:
K ...a ....I lh i.,t. r .t or nn default there-
L. C. Jon
Aldrich A BL-ach.m if
In Court of Com
mon i'leru. nf Trum
Byron A. View k Apolliu
K Vict. lW't.
hull County. iSuitt: of
Th Hiiid Itvmn A. Vict 4 Mini Alh1Tui K. Viets.
of the State of Wbicoiisin, will tike notice that I
C. Jones as Assi-meeof Aldrirh A Ucash. did nn ihe
27th day of January. A. I. ISO.' file hw Petition in
the Court of. Common lMcas within and for the
County of T rum bull, and hute of Ohio, arainM the
said defenduntt: ettinv forth thnt the naid defen
dants are indihtd to the plitiutiffs in the uru of
One laundri-d and Eighty l).lhiri and. forty Cent,
with interest frmn thiit date, and that on the same
day the said plaint ill tiled his aLfiduviU in attach
ment, and that an ord-T of attachment has btcn w
sucd by said Court, which has been levied upon cer
tain property of the defendant Hyron A. Vieis, in
the said County of Trumbull. The said defendants
are hereby notified that they are required to appear
and auswer said petition on or before the nth day
of April next. 1. C. JO.VES.
Feb. 12, 'u0t By Tayler A Joul-s his AU'ys
11 John Kinsley, TVS. Ia Court of Com
r roon PIcai of Trum-
Byron A. Viets, Def'UJ bull County, Ohio. In
The said defendant in this action U hereby noti
fied that a petition against him waa tiled by the
plaintiff in said Court, oil the 7th day of February.
A. I. loJ, sctlinic forth that the defendant is in
debted to the idaintiif. upon a note executed and
delivered by defendant to plaintiff on the Srth day
of February A. D. lVit which note by its terms is
whollvdueand nnnaid. and that said not it ion nrava
judvment affainstsaid deftson said note for the sum
of Unertundred and f orty-oeven Dollars and nine
ty-one cents and interest from January 1st. IStii
Said defendant is further notified that be must an
swer said petition by the ath day of April next,
in dclautt ttiereol ju'iinent will be rendered
prayed for in said petitiou.
Feb. 12. 63-6t Att ys for Plaintiff
rpilE State of Ohio.l In the Court
1 Trumbull county, u. J of Coin. 1'lcas.
ClurrLisa A. Keitcr I
vs The said MiLnau Reiter t
Mans;sait Rcker. J hereby notified that rUrlt-a
A. Hciter did on the 7th day of February, lViii. tile
her petition in the omce of the Clerk of the Court
of Comiuou Pleaa within and for tbo county of
Trumbull and estate of Ohio, eharirins the said Ma-
nassttuj Heiter with havinc deserted her and havinjr
adulterous intercourse with women wIioms n:unc
are to her unknown, the ptixcieular timeaud places
ol wnicti auultcry sno ia uu;.ble to state, aal cuarr
inr him the staid Manassas also with extreme cruel
ty and errors neglect of duty, and pray in that she
ql' uivurceU troui tue said Manas.-ta-i ana be granted
alimony and the custody t their children. Mat in
injunction ha been granted retrainiufr the said
Manaai) Reiter from in any manner interterinir
with the said children now in her custody, and from
in any manner interfering with or disposing of bis
lands tttuate in the lliae of .Nile?, iu auto co:iuty
and State, aud restraining J. V. Stewart and Mor
gan Craul from puyin- over to said Manama any
nart of their indebtedness to him. which said neti-
hon will be for hearing on or after the th day of
March, lstj'A and at the March term next of said
Court, application will be made by naid Clarrtsa to
have alimony cranted her pendiuc this sniu which
said petitiou the said Manassas is required to ap-
pear ana answer ou or before the Rearing or Uie
same, L LA KISS A A. KbiltK.
Feb. 12m V2r$w l$y her Attys TutUe & fctuil.
Baldwin i Morrow. Pl'3k.1 Tn the Court
rv -or loin, flea ol
Ejtod A. icts, Def t. ) Trum. Co., Ohio.
In Atuu-hment.
The said defendant in this action is heredy noli'
fu-d tliat the plaintiff did on the 27th dsv of Janurry.
A. I. 1S2, filed their petition iu said Court scttinir
iorth that the defendant is indebted to the platnttns.
uoon a certain promissory note, made and delivered
by the defendant to the plaintiff on the 2Vd d:iy of
s?eDtemb"r A. 1. 11. for the sum or iwo Hun
dred Dollars payable in one day alter date, and that
the sai.l note is due and wholly unpaid, and tnat
said plaintiff demands judtrraent arainstsaid defen
dant for the sum of $Jt4.16. with interest from the
uiiuff of sai.l petition. And that an or-lcr ot attach
ment has been issued in said ease, whieh has been
served ou property of the defendant situate in this
The defendant is further notified that he must ap
pear and answer said petition on or before the oth
day of April next, or in default thereof, judgment
will lie rendered as prayed in said petition.
Feb. 1?. '63-$t By Taylor A Jones their Att'yt
Cleveland & Mahoning JL R.
Ob and after Friday, March 7. li trcins will run
Leaves Tonngstown at 6:10, a h: Warren st 7:23, a
h. and arrives at Cleveland at NMO, a a.
Leaves Cleveland at 4HJ0 r u; Warren at 6:37 r a.
and arrives at Youngstown at 1:J0 r h.
Leaves Cleveland at 6:50 a u; Warren at 11:19 A H,
and arrives at Young'town at 1M r M.
Leaves Youngstown at 1:40 p il: Warren at i-'J) r a,
and arrives at Cleveland at Trifi r M.
Superintendent's Office, CtlAS. L RHODES.
Cleveland, March 5, 1802 ' Superintendent.
scribers, having enlarged their Factory, adding new
machinery, buildings and klin, are now prepared to
manufacture tonrdi-rall kinds of tone Pumps. Pipe.
Tile aud Ware Ail kinds of these articles constantly
h ind. We invite the attention of old customers
and will be happy to see many new onen. Orders
solicited, and when received will have prompt at
tention. J.OV fcLfciS 11A1 AlAhhlt.
Warren. 0 SepC 5. 18n0.
The Partnership heretofore existing
between John Moser, Jr and Daniel W.
Camp, under the name of .VIoser k Camp, is dis
solved by mutual consent, Daniel V. Camp having
purchased the entire interest of said firm u author
ed to collect all claims aud pay all liabilities of said
firm. Those indebted are requested to call and set
tle their accounts. JollX MOSKR, Jr.
X. B. The business will be continued bv D. W.
Camp, and he would embrace this of-tortunity of
expressing bis thanks to bis mends lor their liberal
Latronage, and solicits A coatinixauro of the same
March 5. lSo-3w D. W. CAAIP.
Only Chance to Enlist
V7anted for the 7th Ohio Regiment,
now on the Potomac, able-bodied men, for
three years service unless sooner discharged. Pay
from 13 to 21 dollars per month.
Good Clothing.' wholesome Board, ate., free of
charge, tor further particulars apply at the re
cruiting office of the undersigned oyer E. E. ito t
Osborn's Store. River Block.
. fcir vr:R Kneucot.
Feo. $. 18$2-ur ndRECRLIUNOOFUCER.
Boots and Shoes for AIL
Tho undersigncJ having ng-.iin re
sumed business, respectfully informs the pub
lic that he is now prepared to furnish goods in their
line at the ehrapest rates. Having experienced
workmen he is prepared to execute all orders for
-tw-tw artv 1 mlf 4 Vtr5f 1Invin rw, a
larf lot of foods t'rom Uie k-t, tbry iir Jrtcrniin
d aot to be undersold by any in this biuinctt.
Will always receive prompt attention, and baring '
PXIKnirnrni ur,iiicii, w. uauri ourst-itsi ibai we t
give as good satisfaction as to work and price
any of our competitor. b. 11. W'AKREX. - I
. -
V -nn nnt I, l.nv Ihr, fini.t ami
you want lo
beet fitting Ladies' Gaiter Boots, call at
TP yoa
want to buy tho finest anJ
best fitting Oentlcmau's Boot, call at
:all at
Th you want anything in tho way of
.Youth's or Infant's Shoes, eall st
TF v(
i'ou want tn bur anv Miicle
llv kept in Erst class Boot and .hve Stores.
no Warren and save Jl per rent, by purohasing
ot that an oraer i.-snc to .sett aia mnns 10 pnv me
same. The Lid Bvron A. Viet.s and Thomas l.eoo- i
ard are herehv notifiesl that .they are rc.uired to i
answer said petition on or before the .".th day of
i;teiond onJcr wi" be fi:4
nS?V!ff22?S2t P i.' V V vtvr.?T VV
By Taylor A J..e. his attys.
J f
easn. w arren smpiors aone oat goo4 workmen.
eaa warrant his work to giro good satutaetioo.
.oeation no Market St., near the Dank. '
arms. Jan. e-tf. 1. U. w ARSEX.
tar hours ot ooesnd throe o -o.;ii in the aitcrnoon, ,
- at the premise, will b- sold n ihe highost bi.l.lrr .
thp following real csinto as the pr.perty-of 1-sac '
7 . - - -
-j'f Pr..tjry ,.te al. and ..v-tvered to t
'"' 'VJ.V'v f'"'' ,nf l" "1
1" j lye f mn of three Lundr.-.l anu
Z?ZUr?7& 'ZX
bundie-l aI;,l ei- htes-n dollars and rinrty cen's is
"h-w" WtNedatem' t m Baiig rud p.tiy..,.
anu thai llie i.'I.i.niitt-have ia;ixr! an or-tt-r of ai-
Q ALE tnitl Estate, by orjer of.
-k-Conrt. on tSc ?7th d:iv n . i
De(ri.k.dlas".t. to wit: situate in the township of
.S1itb,iw:on.iii tlic county ot rrum.iull and Male of
Hii. and is known ai part or lot -No. itty ..so in o-
rrrinal surrey, of said town-hip. and r bouudcl as
f-l!ow b.inning at the north west corner oi jai,
bH Xo. W. tlirT-.-s.oih on the west line nf sanl lot
V .-. -Jl a.... .,n.. wlt .11'.
ikt',.. riMls to a nost.
I W. .n .... ti... . i;.i.rirwn oarallf I with the
we.il line ol" the lor s tiit'.! contain
in tcu acre-, ot land
.: i. . i " i i:.. ..f I.,t
"" n i.. mj- o, ' .
t the north hne ot xai t lot .. J), tiienre we.-t on
, t:ic liorin line ol tne 1 .1 tne place of brguininir.
I and (-.nta-n t -n acr-s of 1:,.T. Arrit-.1 at two
. hundred d...lr. . Terms f onr tmrd to hand.
; one tliir.l in six tuoai , anl one thiM in mr year
from day of yi.
A im'r of lsW lcliu'k. d.'-..-;.L
1 eb. i.
i-man Merwin .-t si tn Con-t of C.m.mon
uso of Barney 0. Alien . Pluns r.1 Trumbull eoun-
1 Itv i in .. n ..f.n
: "..it!., ..'.1 Curt and t m- .l.-liv-
A.R. L-a.2l ) Uy virt.ic ..f anexeeu-
t'.on issued .ml of tl.e a:d Court and to in .l-livrr-
cd, 1 have li-ici ui"n nr.d shall expose at rubHc
Auction in l'roi,l of the Court-house in V a.ren.
Saturday the 15th ly of March, isaa.
at 1 o'clock r. v.. thr f.llowi" described property
to wit: lots X - f and -'1. in bii-k in the iliaxe
of Newton Falls, wiih dweliitis-house thereon
rn-eted. and hontidl on the south by Jay """t.
west bv ibe Presbyterian Chiin-b. on the north by
i-!-...erty nvrnvsl i.y II. . DuOoii. and 0.1 the can by
Mr. Sirilly. Appraiswl at $H' Terms cash.
J. U. UL'TLKU, Shciitf.
Feb. 12. lf-";-r,w
I 1
Iai.lwi?i & Morrow p!s
In Coor rf Cntn.
Plexs of Tniaibu.l
Byron A.Vi -is ai.l .'-. olios K.com.lr. t 'bin,
i.-ts, def -n!ar.t.. J In Attachment.
The said defendant? in this ation are hereby i-o-titied
thai the i, I i d;l ou tile Tth dav rl Jao-
uary. io. uie n.rir peiu m in sa.j eoun seitmr
.,rtU at.-lonr other tnlun. that t ie defendants are in-
o-il.sl JO lae .HBl-.lll...- in l.-e .i;m 01 two nuuure.1
tnehircr.t to le issued ii ea.i. whirh bs Imm-m
iterved uion pr'i-rty of T.ir d'-fendiints situate in
this county. The defendants are hrti notified
thar the.-.-innt alitor pidpfition by the oi'a day
of Anril ikxj, and in (it fault thereof judjrmrnl w;l!
be jiien a prayed ir in -iid petition.
Fob. 1?. C2-ir By Ta lor .1 Jones, at-ys for pli?.
ale of Ileal Ktato bv or Jorof (t:rt.
On tho 4th day nf Ap:
Lijit(itio'i'i-"S r.
on the premises in
. .. . .,, ,
arninston. "bio. will be
sold to the hiWiest bidder, lb a folSnm tvo fta
of Ueal K-jtaic xs the property of ra Ueldrn, de
ceased, to wit. sit in in Farminjrton tw.iship,
Trumbull cennty, uhi. The lirst piece beinp lor
tiea acred taken by parallel lines off the north si lc
of a Ltty are trm t, hich izid tract was tken off
rh- tf.ttith ?ide of original lot S'o, fifty-one in Mill
F;irmin?tn township. wLi-:h a:d fonrleen crcs an
enenmbcreit iy tuc aonr ct:i- aiiLMi t- Anna
Bcltkn, widows- of Josiuh W, lJuld ?r, de d. Thr
seeoad piee bin? alo part of the said fifty acres
aforesaid, and bounded enst and wrt by lot lines,
and on the corth by lands lat- iy st off to Joiih
W. Bldt n one of thchcirsat lawof Josiah W. B l
den, dee'tl. and on the south by a liue parallel to
said north bumlary and so far uutnrt therefrom as
with the other lines of boundary shall include five
a res. Th 6rst piece apuraiscd at .T,J5, the sec
ond piece appraise I at $VK Terms of sale: one
third to be paid ou the day of sale, the rcraainind
tw-thinls to be raid one wear from t!i? d.iy of sale
with mx per cent interest. Title deetls will be iv-4
en as ston ai ttie purcuase money ami interest are
paid in full or secured tn the satisfaction of th? nn
uudered. JOSKPli II. WoTXoTT.
A'lmlntstratorj of Or lieiden, dee'd.
Gilt iind Plain China Ware, Liver
po.l Ware, Britania Ware.Gls-M Ware, look
ing (llasses. Also. Mt-eca Oil ai d nil Lamps. Table
Cutlery, IVwulm Warr.and er.-rythingintbehouse-kcei-ine
line generally. If yon are in want of auy
goods above memioocd. call at the Crockery Store
opposite tiie Bank. i Feb. C-. Uv'dL
CHINA Tea Sotts nt tho
A Tvecii Oil Lamps cheap at tho
If 3-011 vrant a Sett of Dishes for Five
Dollars, call at tha CROCKERY" STORE.
rPo see yourself as others sec you
J. buy a Looking tilass of Fl'LK k WEIR.
Tf yon want a Selt of Dishes worth
X Twenty Dollars. cII at the
TTTash Tul.s, Wash Boards, Clothes
T f Pins Clothes Baikcts and Brooms at the
.Feb. 5. lfjj
Pjreelain and Parian China, manu
factured in Ohio, eiual to imported ware and
less ia price. F. k W.
1862, McLain& Son's 1862.
Twelve Million Dollars!!
TTrE again call the attention of the
T People to the fact that we are ready at all
times to insure their property a:rai.ist mm or damage
by Fire. e reorient Comfaiiin whose ioiut car-
ita 1 is upwards of
and whose reputation has been tried iu the firry
furnace and came forth outamishcL
IIE N E WEA IL Are yon iu-
surcd for 1&2 in a good Couiiany and for a
suthcirut amount?
and when Atmim offer to irwure jroo t haif price
we if there isn't 'cM uuuer Lbs tue-i.' "
PITAL. Een Franklin thought
the best Capital to begin life with was "a capi
tal wife, and a policy cf insurance in ft capital com
TE PLUS ULTii A Though cun-
nine mar sunnlv the lack of strength, noth
ing will supply the luck of good iusnraac after a
J The fir bell won! iar Your terre if too ?t
Mclamin A Son to ituur yon.
LL LUCK To get insured at a
low rat, and find after a fire that thn Company
a wild eat inntitutiosu better tmy aaoucd com
pany a fair rat. and b aecare.
UDEIi "Order is Heavens first
Law." Make it yoor standing order to keen
up your insarance-wua aicuis - oa.
PROTECTION. Be indastrioug.
economir-il nd nfln with McT-nia k Son and
wa iniurc yoa atitainfcC want. iiMiolvnee and dr,-
TTlRD T1AIES. "Money ia
scare to set Insured." Da yoa think yoa
would have more uv-ncv if your house should bam
I" iw1rTu.,b'"ld t"ro .
down wilsoat insurance
r l . t, .. J I
T EA V the aDOVO IlintS, and inward- ,
"JX) ly digest them. Then set upon them. A man :
Uowland read our adrertisemeat three months '
ago, got insured, burnt out, and is now one thousand
dollars better oft p. it. Tl I afford to loao !
vour property, se ret'use to run any risk, and eall oa
J. Mciftiu i Sod and get ft good Policy of Inso- j
Me LA I v - SOS. .
W arr on, Ohio.
T. J. MclAIN & SON,
T oakMoxxt, Discot iT Paub, Buy
and Sell Exchange no Eastern Cities, and Eu
rope insurance L.mpnntcs rei-rcscnrt-o wtra noci.
Twelve Million Hollars. Lrzal and t'ollcetia
UUMuess promptly attended to, lulereat paid on e-
Warren. 0.. Feb. 5l li t .
Cheese Vats! 'Cheese Vats!!
We are confident we :
JL ran fell yoa Hit h9i l'heM. Vat now offerrd
salr in il'is cwirnn unity. Nttice nru point-i of
atlvanUice over other vmtf. H e o-s aubsiKntial iron
lc4, and rotvBtrucltd m that, au matrer as to tha
sitv of vat. a but tourh tit the Tat to whrr
littiuK as ilb other rata, to relicra tha jointed
leffs, paten i id. The bottom of the tin vat i. sa
ported nith iron -lrsrp. instead of th nood ilat,as
ittht-r ral. Thi? allnwit tht fnlira vat to drv
each yx no rutin ont andt r tbt slats AKwiit.
otoer vatji, pateiilcl. t r introduce the beat at th
rcuim .t , ... ...... .....u ... u,u. vv
wear out: when Ihe milk hot enough w shnt
the heat with a simple movement of a levrr.
closing valves over tne opcninrs to tne at: at tha
.same tini. opcoiug a valve which communicates
from the heater to a boiler, made of iron similar to
clothes boiler. Thi is sooa set boilins. and af
fords a supply of hot water lo wash ap: in other
bas this arrangement. Also patented- The.
vats are substantially made, and nf the host of ma
terial, and for convenience and durability are pot
equaled by any other vat. Yua should see these
vats before buying elsewhere.
Agent. J. B. Curtis, Varmington: M:lo Powers.
Mecca: 0. Rewlur, fowler: Vernon. B.iker A Co
Hartford. WILKIXS A CI RTI. '
West Andover. Aihtabula Co Feb. 21, lS-tf
PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby given;
that an application will bo made to the Oar
ol Ohio, for the pardon of lUllin A. Leet. coma-ted
Ibe crime of poisoning, in the J.ourt of I ouiaoa
Picas iu Tiumbuil eonnty.".. ai im. -
U snd sentenced to li years imHris om,-r.t in
r..itottu-y. . tro. S. lw-w , f
. i-
1 1
r -
I etc.,
! lae
, if
-i w y
"day V
Will be in ......
nr. T1,nrlav. Jan. 2T-d. aps.a co- "DI
and a rain April ..I. lrs. W i i. tall the
attruu.m or thr aiUKteii tothe lact tnai uicy
been vi-itio W arren resuinrly fj'',mn,
nearly two years, thus showing that incy (
Drs. '. i i. tall the especial
lory u" .
monlh Mf
do aot
r ... u i , ... L.t-a ,lnne busioesa
farther, they c inert to visit regularly for the next
nve year to come, iiihv nava inaie ciniiw
eases their Mu.lv and have lr.-n.ted uieni aim.ni n
ciusneiy ir a uMtntx-r t. ye;r ana cia
im far better
1 k. m.,1,1 i.i. i,a viMM:ted from
LOCAL PUYSU 1ASS. Toey now Lave a large
number of cnes in ihij and the asijoining counties,
mjnr ef whom had fiortorrd fw yeors to no etTee t,
who they have successfully eure-1. msny of whora
are well known in liiis eomaiunity. Irs. Mortman
k Sliannon will Utll bo atnun.l together this trip
and esiwia!ly itvite the sBiieVcd to eall.
liyspepsia mux
. !i y..a ns with aeoa .en jongue "r"nj
''d ta-fe in tne raouio am. p" "J "
tar.dlanetii.1 von can scarcely get about ? l)o you
-".a lanstn-i y
have a .iuziocss ia tie ben.1 at times ana lte. a
nave a nuzinc
InUns,.. with headache oce.s.naiiy r Jour
h..wclse..ftivtand irr-ular and appetitn changs
able? Do vo reft np wind from the stomach. au4
do v..u bloat upoiieu? Do you frel fullne after
miinit ana a rnrnHf wn nm mui"
lo y..u have bran bum oceasiowally fo you leet
low .iritrd sn.l look . the dark aid. ef tlitns .
Are) on not unusually nervous at utiles? lo you
not b-s-oiM" retlu5a and often lay until Dinlniht be
fi.re t .iu ran ro to sUep? And then, at times, don t
yo-i fed dull and sleepy mot of the time? Is your
skin dry and s-aly ? also sallow? In short is not
yjur life a bnrther. full eiTnreoodines? Now. these
arr t'i- syniptouts e-nt-rlly present, but not always
all of liiem. and there r- thousands who are suBer
in d -iilv fioiu them. ar.d wj (,kd:e entselvra, ra
from tiirre'to Sve prescriptions, to driv. them ail
awav en.Ccs'lel-?y euro the patient, euanrinit
their wnolc t.l.i.-al ard mental aainre. and thus
make life a blessinc i-i plaee of a borthea. n aJK
tho-a who bave tried un'tl tind and duroorand I In
rire us one fair trial and we eau.Uuly eaa , do just
what is K.ve set forth. Try two prrsenptions and
w-oan in that time satisfy the most luereJulous.
U r e:.!l rspe-ia! attrnti.'Ti to nur rltnost lnyaluaeie
trrat:ncntintl.ealMvediscs,es. J'nue rtUtktnf.
Salt Rheuia and Scald Head.
We elaim positively to eire every ea.se of these
dira.cs. This is a positive Cict, ami we wi.l P'"
ourceii cs lo aive tn any ra-e of ibe kind thai w
er.tinoleure andwok-enetilly cure with one prcarrip-
'"liefcr to AuslTn Staler, r..wl. r: J. H. :f'",i';
liiMtn; Mrs. U Itlackb-trn. NewU-n i ail-S IWary
t'o-jk, Blosmteld.
CjUh S!air. As yon ro forth to battle, hv all
n,,,n. i.mvi.l Tonnseit' With a Vood SUOldy Ot 1
ry bavTs' Pain Killrr" i my Im-the means of av-
:.- ,,!....
our liw fro'u mcny wmw tociirT, .
)t, I... ... v f-1 ir"t nm n sure . . .... "-
j'V'":--u -L l Tii ;, n.rn.1.1. nreo-
rzi I y in m :u sv .
aration of the kind in ail eaes.
let me sa to voa in brotherly kindness, pat a Eib!
in one ei.d of the Sol.li. r's K it aud a bottle of tecnu
ine Wwrv iais Pnii Killer ia luo other, and it may
ne the lo'nu s of msariuff his safa return trurt to
no u.b.r prrparatioc
provide voarselvts wi h P.rry Davis Tsin Killer at
ihi- seasoaof thryesr when f'hoh'. tholera Jlor
bus. lientarr. DiatTho-a ie may disable your
i... -r if it niw-, not e!f.--l a siM-ely core bat be sure
aai;d,- nse it iu every ca 01 s.uc ain.
.m tro-d to no other remedy but the old long tried
llaris Paia Killer which -ha never to my
knowledge failed.
and especiallv mothers who have th more immedi
... ..r .i.:i n. tn v with ranuid
earne.-'ni-s never lay down to rest at niTht with the
health and happiness of yourchildren at heart, with
out hat ing the Verry Davu Paia Kil.er at bau.t
trust to no other pain preparations and pneeas
they may and often do tail in critical ease-but the
Perrv Davis never no nerer if you heed not this
titnr'ly warning the fault is your own. as Ferry Pa
ris l'ain Killer is in nearly every store throughou.
he land, aai all over tho oiriliaed worl.L
Having greatly increased my facil
ities fcr manufaetnring. by the addition o '
ew buildings, a steam encincaud machinery to my
establishment. I am prcrared to furnish vehicle, of
every description of tbo bt tuality, aud at fair
price. . . .'
In oleganee of finish, ijuality t materials, and ex
cellence of workman.-hip.t-e Carriage shall not be
surpassed in Ihe tate. .
Paiuling. Trunmincand Repairing done at tha
shortcid notice, ao.l in the best mnnin-r.
Kinsman, 0, Feb-. 5, &. -JW. &. GORTON.
DR. i K LY3I Al,
ENTI3T, of a"c wton Falls,, would
inform his frieadi of his return to hu resi
dence at the former place. His office will hereafter
nn in thfMn vho need the sonrice of ft skilllul
Dentist. licing truly thankful for favors in former
years, he still hopes to maintain, by a strict personal
attention to his profession, to merit the eonfidenes
aa enlightened public .
Sept. K laol.
and '
IN TJ It S IS-.ll J E a? -
OUK Stock of Plants for tha Sprirff
Trade is large, tine and thrifty, comprising
every article kept in s first class N urseir. and are
offered at uch prices as we think will compare fa
vorably with any other reliable eital rudiment, n v
would invite particular attention to tha follow uig
articles selected from oar ealftlOKU:
We have opened a Seed Store and Horticultural
Depot, at No. Ut. Fifth Mr-ret, where all articles be
longing to such an establishment can be had. Cat
alogue a&d f rice List cnt lo ail applicant.
Address, ' I.KXOI,
Fob. Jo. '6i .: Box 155, Pitts bur;. Penna-
MILS. -KING would inform her
friends and the puMie generally, that she
has opened her new rooms over Andrews k Weeks'
Store, on Market Street, where she is opening the
most desirable lt of goods iu hrr line, ever brought
this place. Thankful fur tavors receired during
her residence in timtfciwn. she hopes by keeping s
good stock always on hand, and by promptness in
doiug business, to ierU--d receive a continuation
DecUHh. tO. - - MRS. M. A. KIXG.
T A DIES Hats and Caps, of all kiuda
1tnt in.1,fll!f on hand and for sale at
ud. L-n-ii-a
K.k7 AA.U
sad d?sirahlB patterns and colors at
. MRA. KIa-S.
A DIES' and Jlisccs' Nets, and al-
lj most every thing usually kept in a Millinery
Store, at jms.ai.MiB
LIBERAL Discount made to tho
Trade. as nsuaL MRS. KIXQ.
STONE PUMPS of the very best
duality manufactured at the Union Factory, at
arrow, where purchasers can be supplied at all
times on as accommodating terms as at any other
shop. Pumps to wholesale dealer delivered at tha
Cars, No Irayage.
UPTON S. NEWC OMEU, Proprie(or.
lout Hotel is central, lonveuieui oy i-asseag"r
.i... Cars to all vrt of the City, and in every
particular adapted t. the comfort aud wants of th
Tmreling Public. Tersn, Slw per day. ,
Jsa. -J, Vly
- , V,
m FrSQeriCk CjIlSLZ,
1LEVELAND CITY. French l ye-
j lag and Cleaning Establishment Ko. 96. Fene-
Street, (near ftt. Clair I leveland. Ohio. Ladies'
ie.tlir's twrmrnts, silks, satins, merinoa,
dyed ami Snislied in superior style. Particular
attention given lo cleaning rrspeandhrochasuawls.
or daraaak eurtaine, kid glove.. plumes, etc.
Si Ik Dresses. Mantillas. Coabs Vesta and Pants.
cleaned without ripping. . Dec. 5. ul-otn.
drlph ftr the lleHef nf the .SVeoaf Jh-
trrni. njittcttfi Ma I tnttriU oani t Aruaic Lnmwce
the Sexual Orp.
Meoicul iirtTice .ivea oralis by tns Acting u-
aloahle RtrRT?? on M'hKMAl llliRllUIA OT
1 XA I. W EAK X Ki"!. anti ether Diseases of I he
Ecxual Cr.-an. and o fhe X E VV HEM KDiES em
oioyed in the iisoeniU7. sent in sealed letter enrel-
A Sk. aJB st 'J A .a u:'t.nil
ll0Tr&ri AsHKiation,
Not. 0. fit-tf
IllrkC'- i tlTBWT,
Matkct Strcrt, Empire Block. ai
oW r'ec-ii ihgVianos frotw fur different
. . . , , . i .:r..l -1-
r "zTTizL.VC,. ; th. actioa' a-
il - - . 1. .. . . . - ' - . e-
A we are not agents (l.r our. mnufVturr. bat
pwrrhas. all nr insfroments meetly foe t ash. w.
able lojrll them, in facr.cboaper than tl ey eaa
houuM HI retail in Vuw TV-v
All parsotis sri.hrDgMrehase a good Pis no. will
it to their own interest W call on as before pur
cusiinr at other ;TV-c. ...
All kind of ntuetral lustrameets lake a n sz-
change. jnstimenfs tune.1 and repaired by a
pfartit-al i'iano uuvkrr, ia (uod style, and all work
warranted. . - Dee. ift. '-
URIAL CASES A full atwort-
ment of MKTA1.IC RURIAT. CASKS just r-
Ihese teases (Kiug pcrfretiy ntr-tzffr.t. very
retard, deeumr-oirifiiur. aud entirely; prevens
escape of any otfci.sive ras a rut Are well adap
ted to Ihe prescrvstioa and transportation of tha
. - .-., . ;
Au assortment always on bind. Orders from a
IAt:,n. nhiDtblK4 tl.nAnl
Varrc, O., Jua 1 1.k

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