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"w.a.:e.:r,:e2s o. t
WEDSESDAT, AFtlCST 18th, 183.
(Election Day. 'October 13, 18C3.) '
For Governor, ' - "
Cuyahoga. County.
Lieutenant Governor,
Montgomery County.
. ' Supremo Judfte,
. Fairfield County.
Auditor of State.
Marion County.
' Treasurer of State,
Miama County.
Board of Public Worka,
Highland County.
tnnoir county ticket.
Probate Judge.
Clerk of Court,
Prosecuting Attorney,
Infirmary Director,
Van R. Humphrey at Butternut Hall.
That notorious political vaultcr. Judge
Van R. Ilumphrey, of Hudson, visited
Warren on Friday last,' to make a speech
in the copperhead den. As a politician,
the Judge is only noted for jacillation.
He has acted for a longer or shorter peri
od, with every party that baa bad an ex
istence, in this country for the past one-
third of a century. He has not usSre-
quently changed position twice during
one campaign.' And bas rarely, if ever
been liable to the charge r.f having been
m consistent as to have voted for tire mc
cesa'iv elections with the same party .-
His change of position, however, has rot
unfrcqucnUy beep more a matter of ne
cessity than earnest inclination, being
made on the same principle of argument
that carries conviction to the dull appre
hension of a bar-room loafer the judi
cious application of shoe-leather that hi
"room s more desirable than bis compa
ny.",' The fact Is, tbe Judge has been m
eftea and mo emphatically repudiated by
every respectable political orgatiUs.&'n,
that he doubtless finds solace to his lacer
ated feelings by associating with Others
rho are buried in the slough of despond,
with no prospects of resurrection. He
probably conjortswith the eo-called De
mocracy as much through the impulse of
pure cusseduoss as anything else, aud just
a soon as they refuse to flatter him in
om of his inordinate pretensions, he will
no doubt l urn on them with curses and
gnashing of tft)j.
Ia view of the Judgu's remarkable tor
tuosity as a politician, he is a very proper
person to follow in the serpentine course
of the Yallandighatn. copperhead. It is
trictly in accordance with bis principles
and character, for although.no one ac
quainted with him, will deny his claim to
talents, yet moral perception was denied
bun by nature, and education has never
supplied the deficiency; therefore be pot
surprised at any association with which
be may be found.
His speech on the occasion referred to,
consisted of two elements, eulogy and
falsehood. lie lavished the first .with
commendable zeal and eloquence on ma
ny of tbe departed fathers of tbe nation,
and used tbe latter with such brasen af
fronter that' bad "tbe devil been bodily
present, be would have yielded him both
bis bat and tail, and retired in disgust.
He stated that the present rebellion was
commenced by the Republican party, be
ing begun by John Brown at Harper's
Fiyv find that that rtArtv annmuni thA
coarse of Brown, which be knew was to
tally untrue. He told bis audience that
the war is and has been an abolition war,
that the intention is to destroy the insti
tution of slavery when he wall knew that
tbe only object which the government
ever bad in view, i the maintaining of
the nation in its integrity, and to this end
all things are made to yield. He blamed
the Republican party for not yielding to
tbe South on compromises, but failed to
tell them that bis own party bad u) the
Democratic Convention in 1800, (he being
at that time a supporter of Mr. Douglas,)
refused to yield principle at the bidding
ot their former Southern lords, and com
promise away their rights, but manfully
stood for Uiein, even to the breaking up
of the party. Xor has this gentleman yet
blamed the Douglas men for the bplJ
stand then taken, and intuted that they'
hould have compromised. But that'
svhicb exceeded all his other statement
t the time, was that the late riots in New
York City, were the creation of the war
Uien. ' Of this we jrojOi3 to say nothing,
(the utter falsity of it being too apparent
further than to put it in the same Viol
with a statement of Squire Palm, made
bv bim in a Fpeech at the Court House a
few years &ice. When dwelling with de
light upon tbe Constitution, and condemn
ing tbe higher law. said be. "there is no
higher law, unless )t w the la of God Al
mighty, which mut 1 subject to the Con
stitution," which we accounted for at the
time, on the assumption that the quire
(bought be must say something. Now as
to what particular time light was "bed in
upon the benighted mind of this enlight
ened teacher, we are not informed, but
happen to know that it pros$ have been
subsequent to June, 1SC2. for tLat flips
found bim at Columbus, an advocate of
(hd vigorous prosecution of tbe war, and
to tbtt end seeking a jjjace for bis son,
jCromtheJ5cvrnor.( . , ; .
it:. A. rl'JPatn fmm that nt other
. . . y
orators of tb sKt-aaI persuasion.
this, that lit Mid bwtiaiirers that the lead-
A g .rebels must be fc ung, and said Both-'
ing about the freedom jf the press ,tot thia
belie?e the Judge was never an advo.
cate. AUhoughmucfa mere might be said
of the aforesaid speaker, we i.ropoae to
him with the benediction bestow-
ed by the lion on the dead jaekass "re-
- . -
quiescat in pace.
The September Mass Meeting.
0n readers are generally, no doubt,
aware that the State Central Committee
had appointed a Union Mass Meeting for
Warren, on Friday, September 11th, to
be addressed by Ex-Governor Dennison,
and Col. Anderson, our nominee for Lieu
tenant Governor. At tbe urgent solicita
tion of several of the leading Union Men
of Portage County, the Trumbull County
Union Central Committee have agreed to
a transfer of tbe meeting from Warren
to Ravenna. This was done after due de
liberation, and upon the conviction that
the good cause in which we are enlisted
might be more advantageously promoted,
than by tbe first arrangement. We bad
bad a splendid meeting here to hear Gov.
Brough, and our brethren of Portage
were desirous to have a grand demonstra
tion in that County and felt, as we here
did. that Gov. Dennison and Col. Ander
son were the men, above all others named,
to draw the people, and ensure complete
satisfaction. We have no doubt our friends
in Portage will make every requisite ar
rangement for the success of tbe meeting
and the accommodation of the masses
who will no doubt attend. We feel sure
that Old Trumbull will send a rousing del
egation, yo man in the .Stat could draw
a larger crowd together in Trumbull than
Ex-Governor Dennison, than whom no
one is mora highly esteemed or beloved
by our people. Col. Anderson ranks de
servedly as an eloquent and convincing
speaker, who wins tbe heart of tbe peo
ple wherever he addresses them.
We have no doubt that some of our
friends in this County will feel disappoint
ed by tbe arrangements, inasmuch as spec
ial effort bad been made, in compliance
with a very general daslri, to. secure the
attendance of Mr. Dennison. But we
trust all will feel that it is a duty we owe
to the cause, to sacrifice even our .strong
personal preferences, when there is a pros
pect that it can be better promoted there
by. -We
hope that ail will remember the
Meeting at Ravenna, and that thousands
will turn out to it from this section! Let
us prepare throughout the County to go
over with cannons, music and cheers,
and have a glorious good time generally.
The Convention of the 8th.
That magnanimous and truthful sheot,
the "Warren Constitution," has been sore
Jy exercised on account of the Conven
tion of the .Sib inst. The tremendous
gathering of the people, th-ir pvldent de
termination and enthusiasm, were by no
means pleasant in the eyes of copperheads.
There is a kind of reptile which is said to
be bin4 in August, which is probably the
reason why the cdj'Pr fff the delectable
paper referred to, could not see mof.e jhsa
three to five thousand people at that Con
vention. His eyes will, be opened when
the copperhead Convention ef the 15th
of September, comes off, and the magni
fying potfer of the largest telescope will
be as, nothing to the spectacles tlirougu
which be will look at the few sprig$)r
that will assemble on that day,
[For the Chronicle.]
"Restoration of the Union."
fliturs Chronicle: In the "Warren Con
stitution" of Jujy 21st, under the above
caption, will be found tp fgjlowiug ed
itorial extract.
Reader, do you believe that tbe Ln
ion will be restored under this adminis
tration ? If you do, tell us why Mr. Lin
coln refused to receive Louisiana back in
to the Union when hf repreietfatloet asked
to come back with her present pofjstjtu.
lion. We were wJ! aware
that when a State desired to return, tbe
cloven foot of abolitionism would appear.
Let it then be written down.
so that any abolitionist may deny it if be
chooses, that Mr. Ljncojn refuses to let a
state return to tbe Union without eman
cipation that the party which supports
him, defiantly tells the people that eman
cipation is a condition precedent lo restoration,
and then go to the people and the ballot
box." The above Is a fair sample of the efforts
made by the Editor of the " CqntiiiUU-""
to mislead and deceive bis readers, the
greater portion of whom have no other
available medium than his paper, througb
which to inform themselves upon ques
tion 4i!i"yssed in his colum.
Nine tenuis iJ tba atrciisof the "Con
stitution" will doubtless titer readi&g tbe
above extract, suppose that the people of
Louisiana have held meetings and conven-:
tions, and have sent regularly chosen Rep
resentatives to Washington to make, in
their name and behalf, formal proposi
tions for letuinipg to the Upion: and that
jn reply thereto Mr. Lincoln bad tal.d
them they, could not return, until the
last vestige of Slavery bad been removed
from their State. Having given his read
ers liia information, the Editor embraces
the opportunity to launch forth into a
bj!ter denunciation of Union ifen and
Union papers.
Xow in writing that article the Editor
of the "Constitution" evinced an astound
ing degree of ignorance respecting the
facts in the case, that is in no way credit
ah? to bimelf, or, he U guilty ot willful
lajsapprpb.ension 'ft P'der to deceive bii
The following extract from aapeech, de
livered at Portland, August 10th, by C,fS.
SaKPLEV, .Viiiary Governor of LouUana, and
who is home on a short furlough, will fur
nish a true expose of t'ie case. He said.
The piocicf restoration did not oeetn
difficult to bun- Ignoro ts rebel Gov
ernment, put Uniop men in poiper, and
let them bring back the States into the
Union.. The rebels had no part in the
Government. The Erst gun against Fort
Sumter sounded the death-knell of the
institution which caused the rebellion.
H& was willing to trust tbe Union men of
the ioutb to settle tbe Slavery question.
He said. !?mibatipalfy,- f!,pt no offer kail
(ieen . matte by the Ctiate rj i.ouLttarut
return to the . two. -c pwbuc .:
inas had been ldd to uiMrae a Com
mitUe to applij to .tke . Presldtut, The
Louisiana Committee acted for a few
wealthy planters. The Government had
done everything in their power to wel
come Louisiana back into the arms of the
Union, tiisf. BrrtSR for a long time per
mitted the 'ew-JJrleaoj authorities to
govern tbe city, until all hopes were lost
of inducing them to return to their alle
giance. If Louisiana bad chosen sh
might have returned into tbe Union and
. never hava known the evUs of war. He
,wiabed to vindicate the Government from
the aspersion that anything but tbe most
cordial haajtj P welcome bad bean bald
I out to the return of any State to tlio Un
we I 'i Louisiana would return to the Union;
m"d,.h lhf 'nMloe could Uric
all tbe rebel States. First, put down tin
rebel, aruls. then dejose their? elf-ronti-dismiss
tuted Government, and give, time f.r llie
people to recover from the pressure to
I which they have keen subjected.
f , ... ,J. ,
alone. We must put the civil authority
in the lianas ol loyal anl pure citizens.
We must put down their evil combina
tion, and breathe into their atmosphere :i
brighter and purer nir.
Here we have the opinion of two men
as to whether this Administration can re
store the Union or not; and as to whether
the State of Louisiana ha made any le
gal application to return to the Union ;md
been refused.
The first is the opinion of the IMit.ir of
the "Constitution" who sits quietly in his
sanctum, abusing the Administration, and
glorifying his convict-candidate, Valium!'
igham; the latter, the opinion of the Mil
itary Governor of the State in question, fresh
from the glorious battle-fields of the South
West, full of patriotism for the cause in
which be has perilled his life, knowing
whereof he affirms from personal acuuint
anee tcith the leading men of Louisiana.
Having bi-ought into juxtaposition
these statements, we leave it to the com.
mon sense of the people to decide which
of these two men, the vist-arre of the
"Consn'hiftW, or the patriotic Sueplev,
is the best qualified to answer the ques
tion, "Can this Administration restore the
COLUMBUS. O., August 11th. 1863.
No. 239 vol 7. J
The several Companies of enrolled Mil
itia in Trumbull County, organized and
unorganized, and the districts mentioned
herein, and recognized as representing a
company, are permanently designated by let
ter, as shown in the margin of this order,
and will, until further order, constitute
the first Regiment of Militia in Trumbull
Co. A Capt. Ezra B. Taylor, 1st Lt. II. R.
Harmon, 2nd Lt. G. X. Hapgood. 1st
Co. district Warren, date of rank Julv
4 1363.
Co. B Capt. Joel F. Asper, 1st Lt. (.'has.
R. Hunt. 2nd Lt. Jas. G. Brooks. 2nd
Co. district Warren, date of rank Julv
4 1803.
Co. C Capt. Henry Bohl, 1st Lt. Van
tili Piatt, 2nd Lt. F. E. Hutchins. 3d
Co. district Warren, date of rank Julv
4 1303. '
Co. D Capt. Henry Ernest, 1st Lt. Eman
uel Baker, 2nd Lt. John Pew. 4th Co.
district Warren, date of rank Julv 4
Co. K Capt. Samuel F. Dickey. 1st Lt.
R. P. Gordon, 2nd Lt. Geo. Vanporder.
5th Co. district Warren, date of rank
July 4 103.
Co. F Capt. John P. kathbun. 1st Lt.
David 1. Marvin, 2nd Lt. Wm. Gaily.
Bazetta the date of rank July 4. 1803.
Co. (i Capt. George C. Gilbert, 1st Lt.
Isaac Phillipn,2ndLt. R. Bartholomew.
llowland, the date of rank July 4 18t"i3.
Co. H tiapt, Ichabpd 5. Payne", 1st Lt.
James S. Trusesdell, 2nd Lt. J . Bar
tholomew, Vienna Tp., the date of rank
July 4 1803.
Co. I dpt. Henry A. Weis, 1st Lt.
Morris Osborn, 2nd Lt. Wm. Daoney.
Champion, the date of rank July 4 G3'
Should the exigence of the public ser
vice require any act or acts to be doiie by
a commandant of aid Reginieut before a
Field Officer is elected and qualified, s-uch
act or acts will be performed by Capt. .1.
F. Ajer of Co. "H" who is hereby de
tailed to command, and required to per
form all the duties of cnniniaudunt. ami
especially thos required under Sec. 22a
of toe Militia l.aw." Mntil a J lelil l tfticer
is eluded by the Regiment and qualified
and will then turn over the cnmiuand and
proper papers, and report iu writing all
official acts (one by him under this de
tail to the Ranking field Officer of the
Regiment; and will Lso report his pro
jwdins in writing to thae Head Quar
ters. '
llv Order,
Adjutant General of Ohio.
Head Qcartcrs 1st Reui. Ohio I
Militia Trumbull Co.
Warres 0, August 17. 18S3. )
No 1.
t. tn pursuance ot vuekiat o;Jer o
239 the undersigned assumes cenimand of
said 1st Regt. Ohio Militia, Trumbull
County, from this date; all reports from
commandants of companies, will be made
directly to him.
II. lat Lieut. II. R. Harmon of Compa
ny A. is hereby detailed as Adjutant of
said Hegt. and will be obeyed and respect
ed as such.
III. Commandants of companies are re
quested to appoint forthwith for their re
spective companies, 5 sergeants, (one of
whom will be orderly), a corporals, Mu
sicians and 1 Wagoner, and report imme
diately to these head quarters a completq
roster, including the name and rank of
each non commissioned o racer so ap
pointed, with the date thereof.
IV. The attention of commandants of
companies is called to General Order No
13, current series, issued from Adjutant
General's J)3ioe, snd they will conform
to wb"t is therein required.
1st Regt. Trumbull Co. Militia.
Head Qcarters Provost Marshal )
19th District. O.
Wark.v, August 17th, 1803. J
't,jtcrn fiesene Chruaicle: Please pub
lish the following for the information of
all concerned,
Cap't and Provost Marshal, 19th Dis't, O
How States and Districts are to be
Credited for their Quota.
The following in relation to the credit
which districts ure fo receive in the draft
for men already enlisted, put at rest any
question in relation to ward and town
ship quotas. The credit niut appear ou
the rolls at Washington or it will go for
nothing until after the draft has been
WASHINGTON, Aug. 7. 1863.
TP. .V. Bromley. D. Ih T. Mxre, aJ
lleufv ffiUair, Loynirttiw or Common
Council of liocXesier. '
Gextlehev: The Provost .Marshal-Gen
eralof the I nilod Slates decide mat lie
will give credit for every man enlisted
from every town or ward in our Congress-
innal District in excess or the quota ap-
pointed to that town or ward upon pre-
yious call, and also all persons enlisted
subsequent to the JtUh day of November !
laai, (iri( nip ulfr Jiiuuuj vi"-
mittee to the Adjutant General of the .
State lars date. The name of every per- j
son so claimed to be" credited must appear ,
on the muster-rolls filed in the Adjutant;
General's office at Washington. He thinks'
it imprudent, on the score of public pol-'
jcy. to s jspend the draft in anv district,
ii)efe purpose of settlingthe num-
ber to be d scharued whicli ern he made as
before the uien are mus-.
provided the proof is
be time ther are re-
tered into service,
fnrniriliAd before the
Quired to report '
n-ell aflerwaritand before ri;e'i'.ienr;refnii's-if,r
Ass't Provost Marshal.
Ft ee at ArsTisToirx. Early on Mon -
dv tnorpiiig last, the house of ifr. Far-
rell, about one mile north of the villape
of Austintown. oaugbtfire aud burned to
i -vt
houiTaa consunTed. Z uL
be between 800 and 1000 dollars. Can
tod Herald,
j 1
The Original Copperhead
;Kroiu lii-nnlift Arnold's lriH-lra!tii'0 tu the
Ciiiti-n uii'i S Idii-rs of tbf 1 niii-.l Siaicf. ubucd
(K t. ;1. 17s 1. 1
'-m ar- I'ltdiiUttl liU-riy ly the lead
ers ! uiir iitl'iirs, but is there :-.n ind'.vid-
Ual III tlie eli'tiVlllellt ot It, SiVlll,; vour
oppressfis? Vlii aim 'Hi you tlaresjx-ak
r write w hut he thinks against the tyr
anny winch hit rtibltfd you o: your irii
erlv, iiiipri-t-iis your sons. Jrpjx lutt-ithe
Dt i.f . Ii.it.'i'-. ix n,u v tit in luii cimr f-
Tru trtfh Inttr h'lithl '
Yinir fiun'.rv once w:.s hip; y, and had
the M-oli'. r.xl retce been embraced, the
l.i.tt tut. ear- t.f iii! ry had Ih-cii spent
ill peace and plenty, ini'l io:t:i.r;ng the
desnhili'Mi til" a iiiiarrel that would have
s. i the interests of (ireat I'.ritain and
I A n. alien in true liht, anl ceinenied
their friendship.
I u if,t lo h-itd a chosen band of Ameri
cans to the attainment of '' '. fd't'i u and
Sttr'i '.. tin- first tii.ject ill takin: the field.
What is Anicriei but a laml of widows,
orphans and begsrs what iioe.l of ar
guments to siicii as ft el infinitely more
uiiserv than titiiiriix can tell? I give niv
promise ol most airectionato welcome to
11 who are di-osed to join n:e in meas
ures necessary to close the scene ot our
idllit'tion. which must If increased Until
we. are content with the lilioriility of the
parent country who still oilers us protec
tion and perpeinal exemption from all
taxes but Mieh us we .-hail think lit to
init"se ourselves.
Anxiety of the Peace Men and
Rebels to Negotiate.
The Northern peace men are- indeed a
peculiar poople. When our armies are
defeated, and the rjspects of immedi
ate success are discouraging, they say
"tho hand of !vl is uplifted against us;"
that "the war cannot succeed;" that "we
have been beaten ami caniiotconquer the
South." They then urge us to hlmndon
the contest, lav down our amis, and make
no further resistance to the attempt of
the rebels to destroy the Government.
But when thes? infamous assertions are
disproved by events when their prophe
cies come to naught, and the power of
the rebels seems just at the point of an
nihilation they attempt to stay the hands
of the Government, aud logivo theirallies
time to rccruito their strength for anoth
er eilort.
Learning, probaly, by some .rival
information, that the rebel leaders as a
last resource seek to get themselves out
of their present desperate strait, by spnd
iii2 forward proositions of ?oni sort to
Washington, the disunion peace men tell
us "this is the Nation's opportunity for
negotiation." Knowing that all sucn
expedients are mere tricks to doceivo the
Government, they deliberately attempt
to aid their rebel friends in making them
successful. Fortunatlv for the country.
their motives are understood, and their
inftiiPnce extremely limited. r Com.
Vallandigham and the Soldiers
A Question.
I wish to know it iillniidigliani -ver
voted to increase the pay of soldiers to
thirteen dollars per mouth! Please give
the tMiiwei' to tins in your pajier so that
all iiiiv lie-Miswered.
i i.ii Hi' korv. Wayne Co.
When a bill was passing the House in
detail. Vallaiidighaui moved, as an amend
ment to the clause tiding the "pay of sol
diers, that it be i'13 per month, tin the
final vote, on the passjge of the. bill, he
voted no.
Vallandigham also voted against author
izing the Secretary of the Treasury to bor
row "money for pay and subsistence of
soldiers in the field.
Vallandigham,- in a fpeech, made at
Dsyton. Auguit. IStVJ. saiili
1 have not voted lor miy Army or Na
vy Li!', or any Army or Navy inroj'rla
1,'on since the iiieeling of Oongrcs oil the
4lh of July. lM'.l." Y.c. U.r.dJ..
The Interview Between Rosecrans
and Vallandigham.
The liVlou .lounial li-iatcs the follow
ing, a i' of Yallalidighaui :
When Vallandigham arrived at Mur
freesboro. (ieneral Itosecrims .vent to see
him. "I wanted to seti vou." iiid the
General: 'T wanted to seo you, Valland
igham, to see w hether you had a rascal's
iacii." Then changing the subject rath
er abruptly, and briugiiig down tli fore
finger of his right hand iu thati.ipier-like
style which is a conspicuous feature of
his gesticulation when he is in terrible
earnest, he said : "Vallandigham. don't
you come back here. If vou do,
Vallaiidighiini I'll be d d and, and
may (Jod forgive me for the expression.
JTl'l-e ! d if I don't hang you!" Peo
ple will be pleased to remember that the
General says lie "never blasphems, but he
sometimes swears."
Takinu it Coor.i.v. The editor of the
Cuba (Alhghany potinty) :. Y- True
Patriot has drawn a p;ie, and the fellow,
hero that he is. says:
"Here we are! Having received a jo-
lite invitation from the Provost -Marshal
of this district, to attend a little select
nartv which is to come off somewhere
down South, we this week take leave of
the readers of the True Patriot for a long
er or shorter period, as God wills it. In
other words, we have been drafted into
the United States service, and 'we are
coniins Father Abraham,' one hundred
and . ninetv-seren pounds strong. We
have onlv" time to state that we do not
crumble because we have been struck
Not a bit of it! The draft is a bully thing:
ket t go. o,i i
Strick ii y Liuutxixo. A large frame
barn, belonging to Judge Newton, of this
place, on what is known 83 "Newton's
Section , about three miles soutn ot town
was struck by bghtninz on Monday last
and burned to the ground. The barn
Cintai-.)ed about thirty tor.? of hay, one
hundred bushels ol wueat and two nun'
tired bushels of oats, in the sheaf, which
was consumed. The loss is perhaps over
S2,0). lhe building was insured. At
the time the barn was struck there were
four men in it. and they were all pretty
badly shocked. but managed to make their
escape-..The lightning struck the corner
of a low shed adjoining tho barn on the
ivost side, and in a very few moments the
whole building was in names. Cuntii-ld
TOLEDO, August 7. 1863.
TleJu Hate: I am just informed by the
Captain of one of our propellers who has
been to the Clitw.n House. Canada, that
tJie reason why the traitor Vallandigham
left there loi't lef.i'etj ipto the country.
wa, liaise ,;. proprietor of the Clifton
warned hitn to leave his house for the rea-
,irt, iie nad iJ(VI1 lhl.re jje hftj
driven away the custom of all Americans
f unv siandln ' that those n ho rm in
s,,e lllu vvrc. 'r0achs" ami rowdies, who
injured th- reputation of bis house by
tiieir liuiikenes ana rowdyism, t hat
tl)e country may know how' much he is
jespised in Canada n$ well as at home, J
j,ope vou will let this fact be known,
' Your, W.
- x-ictcre. -ueaaerjust ttiinn ot a al
for'lbe bindighamer varying bis shouts after this
what other picture does every unmitiga-
ted allandighainer make but such a
" .... ....
luu " url uurrs.ii
Vicksbur'j! -V r is iMuninnl" Huz
r'--)'"'i'i- , """""'
lor Oettysburg! -All mr tl.n mpgeii"
en- Grant iorever! Would not such a
. . i . l . i ... l r.. :
pectacla lie eddying and give one Rome
!onf - , ,
, ti see alluir-n rejoice over
the triumph tl the In ion cause, but to
Jo ? with full oleiiceand rounded note
fit hpni'tr trtiimi.ii flip ivtrrv rarr ls-wArlK
Pj"- ?! Vallandigham must be
aiscarueu ana niniscii consigned tonisi
admiring friends ia Dixie.
Who Invited the Invasion.
The recent invasion of Pennsylvania
and Ohio by armed rebels, who j.lundeied
who murdered, who outraged women,
causes us to look nltout and -ce if
came uninvited We lind that tln-v I i 1
not. In a speech made at Newark. X. .1..
in April, ISti.'!. Clement I.. V.iilaiidh'ham
said :
It has Itccti proclaimed that it never
was tins Confederates' intention lo inva li
the Northern States V. if tint rear in
keil up, liattli tfiiiight, hn rilffti'ig .,',-.', i,
pi'V.fl-t t'f JH'llCl, ti'l SOUllil llf i'iHiI'hI'iI t I fV'.-'i
their ,'. tukv ornirr to i:i; in
duced to make THIS INVASION. "
How can men of Oliio. whoso State ha
jtist been invaded, who-e soil is wet with
the blots! of mill -it l t il victims. w!n.-e
property has lieon pluuder-dand destroy
ed, vote for this m ill for (Inveriioi? That
men can do thus is the most moii-t roils
development of ignoraii
and a blind -
ness that must be malicious, that the
ness that must be
American peoplo hav
ever seen.
- tm
A Mel xenoi.r Scene. A few days :
a lady living in this eiiun'v. a few miles!
from the city, brought a parcel to one ot
the Express officers to forward toher hus
band in the at mv. It contained somear-
ticies lliat she had i.repare.1 with herown
hands. Her two children were with her.
The clerk looked Ht the nanieatid addre's
and I timed nwav to hide his emolino. -
m, - e
1 uai very inoriiiug one 01 iiios, omiiiotts
boxes which crowd our trains fit.in the
South had arrived with the name niion it
which was upon the p ircl. The remains
of the husband and f :ther were at that
moment at the depot. The shock to ih.
poor lady was terrible. How many thou-
aand, heart-breaking scenes are enacted
every day similar in some respects to this.
Jiiinaiitipolis tviinxv.
Disturbance in Morrow County
COLUMBUS, August 10.
Some Coppeihe.ids in Morrow county.
owing the 3d Ohio boys a grudge, under
took on Saturday to clean out a party of
ten, who had assembled at Cardintnn to
take the cars for Culumhus. The Copper
heads, thirty in number, wero from Har
mony township, and . were armed-with
shillalahs, billies, c. ' After they had
commenced their . attack, tho .'id Ohio
charged on them with success. Several
of the Copperheads, weiv wounded, and
their leader so severely handled that he
has been unable, lo sjieak sineo the occur
rence. . The assault was unprovoked, and
is an example of the hatred a certain class
of Copperheads have for I'nion soldiers.
JudgeHufusP. Kanney. when in Raven
na a few days since, as we have good au
thority for saying, stated, that ho "wor.iii
bet S5ll that Vallandigham would g- I
mor votes in Ohio than tlohn llrongh.
exclusive of tho soldiers' vote." Jttdze
Ranney's faith in the statement was test
ed on the ?iot. a gentleman offering to
take that bet, and as many more as the
Judge desired on the same proposition
but the Judge did i.nl bet. Judge I'anney
does not greatly differ Irom the opinion
of Cox but he chooses Knottier way to
show he believes tho sama thiiig. There
is very little comfoit in being a Vali.ind
ighanimcr. llaceurut lUnioeraf
It is feared tho oyster crop this year
will be a failure. The beds in the Chea
peake are almost entirely detroyrd. and
as yet those in the Virginia livers cannot
be approached, fvl'iy half 01 the boats
engaged in the trade; have also been des
troyed since the war broke out. Tho lial
timore packers have accordingly declined
to make contracts, on specified terms.
New Lisbon. O., where John Morgan
was caught, is Vallandiirhani's birth ohVce!
So John was stopper! where Val. was ret
a going. AasAedfc ( Tenn.) f,;.
Special Xotices.
Inimitable Hair Restorative.
But reitoies gray hiur toiln.iriiir.nl culur, hy u'-
plyiat the ca:iliary tuUui wiih nataral su-tniiuite
impaired by age or disease. All imtoHlmicoiu Juts
are composed of lunar tauttic, destroying the vital
ity sad beauty of the hair, aud afford of them
selves no dressing, ilciuistrcet'i Illimitable Culor
inguqtquly rtifes Itiif to its n,m;il CHiur hx aa
easy prjecu, but gives llie bair a
promotes its growtli, preveuti its fulliua olT, ei aiii-
cates danJrufl', and iuiparti health atid ileasant-
oess to tbe head. It lias stood the test uf time, be
ing tbe original Hair Coloring, and i constantly in
creasing iu favor. Used by both gc-ntleaiau and la
dies. It is sold by all respectable dealers, or ean
be procured by tbem of the commercial spent, I)
S. Barne. 202 Broad w;y, Jf. Y. Two s!ic, 5t ecnt
and $1.
... -
Kor. 19. W2.
25,000 BUILDIXIJ.S have been
cleared of RATS and MICE by usinj Ilr. L. GofT"
Death to Rats."
lt neyer faili to kill, r'or Z1b
ty4. 4- U'qqdi.
Drake's Plantation Bitters.
They purify, strengthen and invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They at an aatMote tefcanre of water aa.i diet,
They orefcome effects of dissipation ikteiionrs.
They strengthen the system and enliven ihenihid.
They prevent mi&aomu and iuterniutent fevers.
They purify the breath and acidity of thesomacb
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipatitx
They ure Diarrhea, Cholera iZ... :
They cure Liver Complaint i Nervous Ileadache.
They are the best Bitters in tbe world. They
make the weak man strsiij. aud are eita j-tea na
ture's grts&t rostprer. Xhey are iuade of pure St.
Croix Rum, the celebrated Calisaya Bark, ruo's
and herbs, and i-ra takvl Hllh the pltauie of a
beverugo, without regard to a?e or time of day.
Particularly recommended to do icatc periou.-, re
Quiring a gentle stimulant. Sold by all Urocers,
Druggisut, JJotels, and Saloon;. P. II. Drake A:
Co.. tOi Broadway, New-York.
Nov. 10, 1SC2.
Dr. UEEU. AXr.REWS! Vliix.l fjutl,
Cures Dyspepsia. Vapor Gum cures Throat nnd !
Lung Complaints. Vapor Gum cures Nervous LUr j
axs. forwIebyJ.K, Woods, !
Lyon's Kathairon.
. This delightful article for preserving and beau
tifying the human hair is again put up by the orig
inal proprietor, and is now made with the same
.tar fllrill find ttenti.in trlii.!. ..... I
. ......-..iii . f :ik. . '
. r w, v. w v
bottles ii;niftiii' 1 Jt stulsuld st 2o tenti in bite
bottles. Two million bottles can easily be sold iu !
a year when it is again known that the Kathairon :
is not only the most deluhtful h.ir dreeing in the
wurns, ui u WMim tac scalp ol -eurl ana ;
.i i i.... ii...i ii .1. .. .i .
urf and
dandruS. gives the hair a lively, rich luxuriant ;
growth, and prevents it from turning gray. The.: '
are considerations worth knowing. The Kathairon
has been tested for over twelve years, anj is war- j
ranted as described. Any lady who value a beau- '
.:t,.ii..j ,fk.-. . n - . !. . .. '
tifulhd of hair aiil pia lu HatHircu. It ,
finely par Fumed, cheap and valuable. It is n.l.l ly .
all repewtat'tt tlealera throughout the norl-1.
1. Ht UAHSI.H A CO..
Xuv, Sew Vnk.
.. .. . .
beat known substitute for Tobacco, and Rcme iv f-r j
ervouj lisease3, Uyeijeia and Lung lomp.iiuiti
Ask agents tor circulars. For sale by J. K. 'woiL
... ..... .....,.. ........... M.,...,..,.,......
In Warren, on the I3lh inst.. nt the resi
dence of Mr. Geo. VanGorder. bv Kid.
Iienj. Kxcell, ilr. S. E. BKUWN and
Miss LUCY A., youngest daughter of
the !ate Geo. Iajgoo-;j. j
In Mansfield, on the lOili inst., Jlr. MA
RY S. MYERS, wife of Hon. Joel Mv- i
ers. and daughter of Rev. il. Par,?. f i
n . . . . .. '
arnimgton. agea oJyear; iiuiving lour.
01J !
InJVan. (North road.) on the 1st i-t. j
jir. t.aAKLu iisujs, agea seven-
ty-aur. years.
New Yoric Produce Pricos Current,
' him ii. Ihrp arrive fmm tk wniry. HrpnrXttl
r.rprrs,t,j tr n nrrix Kksfrvi CHsnsicLa, !
M.im,,. M.S. M" lure A Co., Urictlv Cummit
: Mi .i hiuit; jVo. St) fulto Hi., A' 1'urfc.
u ii'ioi.; lur llio week rn.liug An. 11. as lollowi
i:r rt'i;it-l-.t .inal X Y Slate 6rk' 'Zi P
; j it" a tui -i: L't
" " Western Kejerre Is -J "
Slid " Wrstcrn i State 11 Vi "
L liKi'-i: -1-1 " N Y State dairies 11 li "
, ' " Wes'ers Reerre In .' 11 "
L-n.l " Westera A Stmts.. V M "
follrC -NVw Mi-ss 13..T0 13.75 bid
HI I " ll.;K ll.i!
Old ud uew 1'f""" i . 1iii.. 10,87
blll.r - I 'l.i in iness 4.i.7a l:i,7."
EirDi li.y) li.'i
(TT ,IKA !'.s Siioulders.ilryi
I llauit.
1 1: A.-oN ..
, I.AHIl- ll.irrt-l.s slid tiiTi'tn
Kt-ir snd tulxs
:KLOL'tl' Kxlnt western
45; r.' i Ih
6 s "
' lu" "
loC 11 -S.i")
9.UU bbl
i l ..ai to m.k1 and Slate.. 4.7a
WHK T-Kii White l.:
! Hest.-ni inter Red 1.1
Milwaukee tlub l.MI
1. 'i
; i -s
2. )
i lut-ao Si.rine '.ir
b K-
.Nortaern and Western
.-ate .
. K.I
. tli
. I. to
. 1.40
- 67!
I 1.1 l.s-
, l: RLKY -
j t oKN We.tern tiiixtsl. suuud
1 etliiw and white weslern... 71
1:i:a.ss- lt naal unslium.1 3.4u
1! marrows ?.'"
' l"KA."Mairafail'.'.lII!I i',V
l anaiia . l.i.
. SKKIis
4 Infer :..
1 itit.t liv
4 :
. l.sll i& hu
Hat iw
' ',',,N"n'l"r" k " "'' by tx
; unKSU AX 'Ve';iow"V.V."'."Il 45
HK'li A 1' f 1 ,KS i.-t .iiiU St 4 wm'u. T
, " PI. I .MS " M
IS .1.1
is "
4rt 111
li 3
1 "
j - ( UK11KIES
i ASiil.s -puts
.ll',,'ai,, "'
1:a I li hits; Lire gewe
lior.s - It; s"rts....
Jn.1 -
w HlSKtV-
Wool. rli'.ii-o Saximy tleece
full blood Merino -
native "
ItAUs Mixed 4'4 Vi "
HoXKV iJnuiee lioxes 15 -J) "
X. I!. All rorrespnii'lcnee Jce, eheerfully answer
ed. W. S. M tLl'KK A CO.
Xew Advertisements.
X Wnr
KM AlNINtr in tho Tos-t Ollieo at
rreo, Aug. IStsi.
Anderstiu Soiibmnia - Leather Frederick
Arnett Jc Uallaitber
Morriam k Co
li.trd SiM'rates
lturliniranie Julia '1
lloyd Krini
Crown A II
1'urtis Leonard H
liauiilton W H
William i
llun.lv Klia S
H:ill 1 W
Hull Luoiu
Jons John X
,fu-iin John
Knix-tit Thomas
LUiiy M Mrs
.Merchant Sheldon J
Muster John
yeck Byrou
Kohler Mr
Sceddall Keller
Sehliier John l;
bepbard li C
Smith ilyron I)
Sturdephnnl Sarah S '
Kweet J 1
I'll. .nips.. 11 A J
Wooilward Joseph B
Wcihtnour Williaut
F.tj iu eallina for the above Letters, please say
1 .iir'WiVft, giving the month and number of Adver
tisement. ii:hie hours trout 7 A .M to s f M.
C.M.PA1C. p.y.
Alfred X". CnrtLt. Ex'r of "I
Joel 11. 1 nrtis deeeaaed.
In Probate Court.
t'laii.-u Curtis and othors.
L);'visi"s and leputecs of I
aiil Juel H. L'urtui. ilec'd. 1
The said Alfred N. uriis has filed ia the Office
..f .-..u i Court, his putitton to enable bim as execu
tor it HHircaiu to convey to Hiram Oibgon. tran-
i-is iiibson, Isaac M. iibson. and li i raw Watson, in
tee one undivided half part of certain lands descri
bed. situiUc in BaTrtta. in raid county, bounded
e i-t 0:1 the Sehotiel.lL-oad so estled. south on lanuspf
Ki'.vnoi.is. west on the highway, and north on lands
ol t riinkhn 11 eadley .containing fitly seres subject to
a contraet between said Joel ii Curtis iu his lifetime
:md ?ml Hiram, rrancis and Isaae .M. tubson. and
II ir.iui Wat son, d.-ued September lutsX Hid pe-
l,ti.,u bit) t,e ir hearing September via, ivjj.
tly bis Attorney's,
Kx'rsufC. U.Sutliff.
vs. S -
It. K". lubins. and P.easc. - I
i,y virtue of an execution issuet out of tho Court
of t'oiutn.m Pleas of Trumbull eouutr, Ohio, in the
above ea-e, and to me directed and delivered, I
have levied on aud shall expose to publie sale, on
Siitiirttny, lhe 19tli f September, 1S6&
at the south door of the Court House in Warren, in
tid county, and between the hours of lOo'clock A
.L and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day. the following
rent e-ttate to wit : All of lot No. 7, and the east half
nt' lot .No. S. in the rear of or south or lot & o. 7, also
ouol aud ti all lyiu.T in thai part of the Village oi
V K.-4en iu ii,e cuno of Trumbull, known an tbe
"pe;is ektentioii in the Village of WatTen," ia the
Ctiuniv of irumball. and stale ot Ohio, and known
as the - l.ue lots conveyed with others to Charles
P.V1,. I.v .l.teil rocorded on Daires72and T3of Book
t, ot' the record of deeds of said county of T.-um-
bull. said lots appraised as tollows: .
No. 'j at s-0. the half of No. a. St iH'OXo. 61 at
sCiXi. X o. il") at jjuil. Terms Cash.
juiitru u. iLba, Menu,
Siieri.1 OiUee.. Warren Aug. 1'.'. ltl.
The Krier Hill Iron Co., Myron
J. Abts Lemuel Crawford,
Ilusu Vcarh, and Fremont
Veaeh, and John 11. Veach.
The beirsof John Veachdec'd
and Mary Jane Veach wife of
Mni.l Johii Ye&eh.
) In the Probate
Court of Irum
1 bull Co- Ohio.
'. petition and an-
I plication for
I right of Kail
I Koad way .to
) Coal liant.
Tlie nn Uuh Veaeh. Fremont Veah and John
II. Veaeh, heirs of said John Veach. deceased. ai:d
Mary Jnna Veaeh wile of Jchs V euib. who are
nou-rosidenti of Trumbull county, will take notice
tint the lirier Hill Iron'Couipany. Myron J. Arms
ami Lemuel Crawford have this day filed ia the
Probate Court ol Iruuibull county, their petition
and application accordiug to law, tor the appropri
ation of a right of Kail Roadray ever the laruT
known as lhe Hugh Veach farm situated ia the
'own.' hip of li ub, bard, Trumbull county, Ohio, Said
Rail Road way to extend from fheir Col Bank, sit
uated on the land of Jcasa Veach, situated in said
llubi.ard iownsuip Trumbull county, Ohio, to
n. int on the Cleveland J Mahoning Rail Road.
nit on the Cleveland Jc Mahoning Rail Road.-
The defendants will take notice that a jury will be
selected to assess the compensation, to be paid for
fufh appropriation on the 17th day of September.
A. U. loeii. WLLSOX iLUSUB. '
Warren. Aug. 10,- ttj-s. rbr Pcfrs.
I- TRUMBl'lii COl'S'
UiVcd N'. Curtis Ex'r of 1
Joel Curtis, deceased, I
vs. V.
ClarUsa Curtis and others j
Legatees and devisees of I
In Probate Court.
said Joel B. Curtis, deed. J
Tbe said Alfred N.Curtis hs Sled, ia said Pro
bate Court, to sa&bl hi in as executor of said Joel
:. On ii-. tc eoavry to tieorge Boyee. in fee simple,
er.o ntidlvidcd halt ot all the stone coal, iron ore,
nr other Minerals that may be oontnincd in certain
iots ot land lying in Uruokuekl townfutp, in said
i:onii'.j, itiij known as lots Xo. So, (except that part
r.f mo muie lying south of Brookheld road.) and
Nos. Si and 57, (except the coal under eighteen acres
of laud, deeded to Thomas Coffey, deceased.) togeth
er with tho privilege of digging, mining and remov
ing the lame from the premises, and also one undi
ded half interest ia ten acres of ground, on aii.u
the present coal openings are sit'tated and euibra-
cine the buildings crapied by M iners, Jtc, Pur-
snant to and to performance of a contract in
ting between said
Joel B. Curtis, in bis life timeand
said George Boyee. Tbe same will be for hearing
"n the"tUday f pteiaber. la.
, ius, . .
"' 1")w ,
John M. Stall. V
Charles Buswutth.
Iu Trumbull CutM. f 'fas.
Mitrv K. BosWorth
Ey virtue of an ordur of aaie, issued out of the
j.umI u Common Pleas of Trumbull County, Ohio,
in the above case, and to me directed and doliveie.(
I have levied on and shallsell at publiosale, at the
su'!tl' of ,b C,TL "s .U,
talaj tUe 9th of ple-r, 1S6S,
:, ,.- , r ,i,v ,h tVtllnwiii. real iMtat.
.u .i. bViug part of lot No. ill) eleven, in the
ol i,orustown, in saia county oi lruin
J'VJ w
i Sili.l tuwuship, west by bit No. 12, tnd south ly i,
fnnillel vith tbt north iitij! cf the lot, and so
A.r therei'roiii to contain within mid limitsU'J.'
i",;-uii.e acres of laud. Also all the land lying
h-tween the said lot aud the highway leading from
arren to Anstiutown, be the sauae more or leas.
..Suppi.Ad tube Id and j-s acres,! the 49 acres ap-
pruned a ..-5l;tli; thirteen hundred and twenty-three
dollar aad the other at (j44U) five hundred andfor-
ty di.llnrs. lerraCa.h.
... n.- "'"iiVWi SUriS' I
To IiavidOhl. John Ohl, Charles Ohl. Samuel Ohl. j
i.ir,.,r nl,1 John O il. 2d. Eli Ohl. .Marr Ohl,
Rachel A. Crouse, Kthelbert Crouse. Angeline I
Cruuse. Almira E. Crouse, Hiram E. Cruuse. Sus- I
Himah Thrasher, Thcmas Thrasher. Soloiuau
ln-inan. bre tiusman, cyrus 1'usman, niram i
losni'ui.CabarineHood,Jesee Hood. fcveAyde
t.itt. l'rtcr Aydelott, Julia Ruse, Jesee Rose, and
Abial Mi-Donald. , ,
Von aro ii'isLy actiuco taat a petitisn has been
,'ilcd in 'theCcurt of Com man fleaa of Trumbull
' ujitv, (ihio, by Michael t'hl. making you defend
ants, asking a partition of 24 1-luO acres of land be
lunging to the estate of Michael Ohl. deceased, as
signed to Ere Ohl. now deceased, as her dowar, sit
uate in Weaihrrstield. township, county, and Slate,
Blurt-aid. Said petition will be beard on the first
dar or the next term of said Conrt at Warren, in
mid County. MICHAEL OH w.
; Aug. if ,-cw Zr C J: 4 b." A'ty.
....... . . . . . . . . . . . m , , . . . Tr,ir, 1 rr w. '
I ) b-N5A Lil'.AIC SilliU S LolAlfi
Uuve bceo appointed mad duly qualified Admini-
trator" on the estate of Rensalear Smith, lata oi
B.c i.a. Trumbol. Countd.
Xew Advertisements.
"NOTICE U-rvhy uiveii t ail jK-r-
11 sin coneernnl. that the YtntA, r!u:itioiu and
enuinr:itinni) rouble snJ taken within the County ot'
Truinlmll, in the Slattr of Uliiu. under the At etiti
tltnl "An Act to provide intumal revfinie t t!M.rt
the irovern merit and to pav interest on the puhlic
debt.' approved July 1, Wii. nnd tlie Act Hiiifiii:i
tory thereto, Mpprovetl Mnh 3. lvt. iry ly vx
aDiinet) ut theotliee of Jroh 11. li ildiriu. in tli
township if U arren. in snuid unty fit I ronionll.
for lift'4n d:iyn fr.m ntid inriudiii the l.'tli ol' Au
ur, Ii-J, between the hour of of 10VliHk A. M.
and -t o'clock P. AI. it turli day.
Apeai will bo recei-eU and ditertuit4ed r.-Iativ
to any erroneous or excessive vaiuaiions or ruiime
ratitMts by the a-i-t:nt A!ievr;. i theo!(i'--oI'Ja-euh
11. h.il'lwiu iu the tMWii-hip of U'rtrreu, toi tt.e
ZTth day o Auitu-t. A. L. iSri.
All appenU uiu.t 1 nt:ole in writitur. and jtM-:r
tlie puritculnr e:iuj. mutter or thutv rpei'iiot;
fthicti a deewion nijutt-ted, and hiu-t al.-o ?rnte
the ground or priori pi? oi in-o,itahty or error c:n
pluineil of.
litb C'oUHtin li.ntrht ot oUi.
iUvenni.. Oh i, Aujc. li, iHtVi.
I5url of S.-imol !vx: uiiii v'is
tor Trumbull County, will cum.nMi-t. !i'ir
rfiinlar Kxuiuiiiitliou f Tcat beri, tut t ti it d:;y
of AUBU--(t.
Appli.tu'-' i'r oertmiMte who r--.'le liultr-ard.
Li-rty. Vienna and BnMkti'ld. wrl! nttciol i)t i'.x
aiuinuttou on MondO't the :il t d y of Aa;a4.
Ao:diatit.4 rcsi-lirir m K'w!tr. Me-a. It.nrutfa. :
and Uartl'ird.ou VVeauUay tned d.iy of Soptem- i
Aoidirant4 rsi Uui in Kiti-mart.Oii-t.vii. .1 .an-
itoii and Vernon, ou Krid i 'he 4th day of Spttsi-
Applicants rwidiii in Maso;nt.im' i. UKxtnifidd,
Bristol and Greeue. ou Monday, the 7th day ut Sep
tember. Appliant.i reM;nfc in Newton. Lord 'town and
Brai-eville. ou WedDemlay. the t'th day of opt em
ber. AppliennU reeidirifr in Warren, Howlaml and
Weaiherdfield, on Friday, the lltb day of Septem
ber. Applicant reading in Fanninsrton. Sonthtmrton
and Champion, ou Monday, the Hth day of icpt em
ber. It Is expectetl that applicants residing in the m v
eral ditncu will attend on the day designated for
tueir district.
Applicants will brintt slates. No text book or at-
can be consulted by applicants during any ex
amination. Candidates for examination will remember that
they ean get certificates at no other time than at the
public examination.
In ordur to elevate the standard of vial i fixation,
it will be the policy of the Board not to graut cer
tificates of long duration, except to applicants who
prove themselves thoroughly Qualified, and to re-
jrrt entirely those who cannot pass a satisfactory ex
amination ars required by tho loth auction of tue
School Law.
Each applicant will be required to pay evjht ceiit,
for DO"ta.teand revenue atamn.
All Examinations will be held at the Court Houe
in Warren, and will commence punctually at 10
o cloct A. M., at watcn hour s.U applicants should
be preaent. JUTTLfcSfcl ADAMS
W arren. Aug. ly, 4w
lhe enrolled Militia of Trumbull Counir. hariu
been urganixail into regiments, as follows:
l he lxt regiment includes 'J companies, in the 1st
2.1. 3d, 4th and 5th company districts. Warren, iu
baietta. llowland. leuua and Lhami.ion.
2d regiment includes 1 J companies ia the lit and
2d corauany districta. Newton. Lonltown. Ut. .1.
3d and 4th company distriots in WeithersnelJ. the
lut and d company districts in Liberty, and Braee
ville. 3d regiment ineludos eumpanic in Drnokfield,
Ilar:tor J, v emon, ainsraan, (Hmavin, Jobnstou
Fowler Mil the 1st and 2d districts in Hubbard.
4lh reiment includes 4 companies in tne 1st anil
r I company aistricu. .uceca, ureen. llloombel.i.
Bristol. Southinston. Farminston and Me-onotaniia
The said regiments will hold their elections for
Field Otftcer. on
Nntaaday, the 29th of Angnst iut.,
between the hour of one and fireo'cloet p. Al
1st regiment at tbe Court lloux in Warrea.
I'd do at Town Hail, in .urdntowu.
M do ut liurghill.
4th do at Town House. BrUtulvi!!-
Tliese regiments will elect s Colonel, Lieutenant
Colonel and .Major. Tho elections to be conducted
in the manner pointed out in section 6. T and S of
the nnlitiatav. and the Foil llooks aud T llv .he..i
will be sealed up and promptly forwarded to this
Br order of the Adjutant General r.f the State of
Otiio. JUsfcl'K U.BUTLEH. Sheriff.
Iherirs Office, Wwren, -ug. la, lia.
At the last meetlnw of the Muhoninr Fire
Company .o, i, held at their Hall on Saturday,
August 1st, tbesubiect of noil tax wu brouirht he-
fore tbe meeting, and it was resolved by a full vole
of the meeting that the Secretary be instructed lo
give notice in tne Laroaieie and (bajriwiion. that
tbe members of the t ire Companies u cunsidered
exempt from poll tax. and we would esDeulallv re-
uueet that the officers, particularly the Supervisor
ana streei loinmisaianer ot ine incorporated il
lage of Warren, do qot reiuireor demand I be mem
bers of said Company to pay poll tax.
All members in arrearrs, for tines will take notice
that the .treasurer ut said company will be around
soon for collection.
The aannal election of the eomnanv will beheld
at the City Hall, on the first Saturday in September
at o oiock 1'. .U., a lull attendance is reoues'.ed.
A arren Aug. 19. lw. pevretary.
t"; EVERAL moral and sociable
1 " young iquu of the Army of the Cumberland
deaire to open correspondence wiih a number of in
telligent, handsome and uniabte young hulie. wiih
a view to pure frieuJsliip. love, any diiug. to relieve
tne monotony or ramp tile. 1'notographs exchang
ed if desired. Xow ladies write, as we pledge
prompt answers to erer one. Plene sddre
A. U. H.OftKNCK.
' t. Il, (Vth Keg. O. V. I., Wood's Division,
21st Army Con, via Jlurlres-ouro, Tenn.
Aug. 19. 3w.
Eard. plaintiff 1
Berore S. P. MeFad
den. Justice of the
Peaee. of Liberty
township, Trnm.. Co.
vs. 1
Lafayette ('rich, and .'
Luaelta L'rich. his wife. J
aid Justice issued an order of attachment in
theaboveaotion for the sum of ten doiU; and fifty
(.;., anaeosts. Sam action cqntinue.1 trom the lutii
of August, to the 1st of October. TS. at 2 o'clock
P. M. ft.r SnaUuigaienV L 1). SARD.
.US. 13. 1;3 ow
S. Sohneittaeher. ) Bcfor B. Barnes, J. P.
vs. f uf Uustavus Township
Wm. S. HubbclL ) . Trumbull County, t'hia
On the 25th day of July. Is63. said Jr.it.i-e issued
tn order of attachment, in ;ia above action, for
the sum of 2o2 u-l'41 aoilars.
Oustavus, Aug. 19, 3tv
"Stcam Sw Mill For Sale.
DESIKOU3 of going out of llie
Timber trade. I will now offer mv mill for
snle. I will sell the whole thing for 40o,(n). The
Mill is in rood running order, aud now ia tha time
to make money out of that kind o' p:pei ly.
The Mill is situated in llowland. Trumbull Co.,
one half mile frJ tne A. X ti. W. R. K.
Aug- i. 3w " c-14tt t5-
I Taken out of mv lul In the outh-wet eorner
of Mecca towohip, ou the night of the 11th int ,
a small dark brown caw, white snots on both sides
tine uaca norns turning in, wane siar iu ucp, legs
white from tbe knees down.
Any person returning saia cow, or giving mmr
maiion where she may be found, will be liberally
rewarded. JAMES PARKS.
Aug. IS, lii
Fresh Milch tows For Sale.
In Uowland.
Aug. :'.;
JUST rvreived from New York, a
large stM-k of
ALBUMS. In great variety,
BLANK BOOKS, of all kinds.
" arren. April 213C3.
J JL ixo.
A fresh supply, just rH-oi ed and tor il- bv
Y-"U UU UKt AlOllI-
hit ju :
Wi have just rec?;ei a few copies more of all
these ia.easely popular patriotic sons?. nt
100,000 Spokes Wanted !
fJMIE subscriber wisln-t to buy 100,
X (XiOoalt waeon Spokes, fur whiii the hitthest
MARKET PRICE will be paid- M any quantity
of different kinds, inch as Oak. Poplar. Cocnm-
Der. dim. I
eredat hisanop. wt of the river. Warren Ohio.
ber, e.lm, uum, Sycamore, cnesinur. c an aeur-
April 8. 1S63 15m.
D-iL. a -s,Ln. asa Ik:nuW .11
sfuedUBUHk iln and Women should read this w-ok.
Pensions k Bounty!
TiniOWS, Dependent Mothers,
T T "liii'TetiiMreo of officers and aoldiea
wiio have li en kilUU. r have r may die in th
service are ei.fi lie! (Hjni-ion, ttlall oifieera Of
vMi-rs tlisnhltl in the MTire from wounda ur
;.-r"fa are eutitl-d to invalid lVnion.
Wi.ljw?. minor eiiM.-t r, parntu and heirs are i
titleti tiall arrears vt fiy jmi ahowxnwrs of ailoifi
cen Hint J'iieT. tvhn uit tr arekiiled m.the sefrica
and all Mtldier- di-eharic-! by ra.Huu !" wound in
aiMion bvttrre TWl vkab.s service are now paid $luU
Itouuly. . .--- - - . .--
I Hiii Kt'en.iil hy th" fi eritr.eut to proneeuta
thee flaticj. aud :LtttIi-rrhiiruA airaint tbtfUov-emin-iii,
liuve hni ten years and more experience
ui h .: , have rrtet urce.-, and all pvr
-n having ciiitia .-luull plxe them in my hand
at iii"-. Tii 'iier tiled, tho courier the claims
may :f rxv-iM t. bepit tn roach. It reririr
.il nt ttirtf to t"tir Uioiuiu to vt ieu!4ton eertifi
e:t! and i To U in xi-i rtrrtitiirata tr I'ay aad
b.m.tv. -
S -Mi - i I a fcIiow-imiJIer ys.ur bu-uie t
l. oitly thared !
I'iill ;tt my i:llr. -irirr Ulvcr EI'M-k. over Iloyt'a
Sti.r . or wrile emlo4inir itaino. and your haaincaa
a-.;; I.. tr"iiiily attended to . J. F. A.Si'EH.
W urrn, .. Aw. lvt, tf.
25.VI.IST: EXlilST!!
This is the la.it. bet and only opportanity to Tol
uutecr before the eniorcement of the drmft, which
is inevitable. .
Rations. Pay and Clothing ' -Same
as in Regular Service ! !
I am nuthurize.1 to assure all who eulist that they
will nut be calltMl upon l. leave the State, make
lnan-hes. carry knapsa.-ks.do picket doty .subsist oa
hnrd tacit or t amp out. but will have comfortable
quarter. In shnrt. recruits have all the ad van.
tif.-fl with scarcely any of the disadvantages of th
survice, as thi'y are recruited solely to
Man tbe Fortifications ia aad a boot
f iurinaati.
$100,00 BOIJXTY !
$25,00 to be paid on the mustering of Hi
Company, and the remainder at th expi
ration of the service. ' '
Six Months Enlistment no Ex
emption. . ,; ;;
"Tho men who vi.lunteer under the Preiideafk
rei cnt Proclamation will remain liable tn enrolU
met.t and draft. , E. M. SXAX'f OX.
Secrowyof Wax."'
Let all trho desire lo serve their country enliat at
once in this inot pleasant and attractive branch of
the service. All nnn-commissioncd officers will be
taken from the rank;.
. vr. b. KiJfO,
Kes?raillns; Officer.
Oihce at King's Jewelry S;ore, TTarren, O, '
July . .
A P. "O AI E T li S
Aneroiil and MercarliU.
The undersigned, harini exclusive control of a
larue extcut of torritury lor the sale of the above
instruments, intends lo eentuiue in the trade until
cvciy prudent thinking wamwlioae interests aret
all affected by atmojj.heric chanirn,) is supplied
withariioil portable Barometer. No nriatioq Ih
prices. SEKrery instrument warranted correet.
fur a description f theinstrumenu see advertise-.
meats in another column, and for almos&A exic coat
diti.ins, showing the value of BaromMers ior Ari-
cultural purposes, also for enitravuijs and descrip
tions. see ?Lrteo..ih Annual Kepsrt ot the OhioState,
Board of Agriculture for the year lbOl, paces 23 to
275. Twenty thontaud of them nnght to be sold the
present senma in the otare of Ohio alone.
X K. A lew enterprising agents wanted immedi
ately, to whom a very lioeral chance and exclusive
awuvies will be siren. Those wishing agencies
will applysoun. Order fcrtheineeruinentsare d-.
staatly increasing for sale bv
Aent for the Maauiacituttiv
Varren, Truiuhull Co, Ohio, Julx 'iu Iboi.
Men of tho Reserve
Oar: IIailr4l and Fifty AMe-BwHti -
For the 24 Segixuent Heavy Artillery
Xow b in orsaniied for the Department of 0(i
Pay and allowance tho same aaTvoopa
in the Ficht.
All who are sulijert to drriii and arewillinc tods
lend the border from invasion, will repaid this a
rare opportunity. It will be in the vicinity of boiaa
with comfortable and permanent quarters. -. -
T.'ij is the last Company for the two Keariments
of Heavy Artillery now hem; raised forthe defence
ui our borders, ileu who thiuk themselves unfit,
on account r..f the regularities and exposure of tbe
field, raay thus render valuable services to their
country. ...
Ati-Xon-coiMuissiooeJ Oiflcers to be elected from,
the ranks.
Headquarters Ueneva, Ashtabula County, Oh to.
t'.nioient men are now canvassing Trucsuslt an.t,
Ashtabula Counties.
... Kej-ruitins Oifieee,
Recruits will he receive h the undersigned, at
Vienna. Trumbull Co. O.
Jury a9. 'W JACOB W. POUXD. ;
Suits consistin? of . ,
will be furoisbv 4 Companies. ai$7CtOt)
VTarrcu. 0., Aug 12
Clothing Halt-
Soldier's Claims.
PAT. collected for Soldiers, and. PEXSI0X5 .
procured for those entitled to the name, by
Office over McCombs A Smiths Store,
July ii l0J-tf Main St. Warraa. Whiov
The Draft Coming I
Tr.NTED.'.0O a Me Iwiied men to
T T hire as jnl'Stirul for drafted men. $300
Bounty cuu bo obtained. len from 13 to 20 and
upwards rccc-ired. Send ia tho names immediate
Corner Kiver Block over lioyt's
Aiv. li Sir. . . - i i
T'jiTlIE (illiL TILATS GAY Rn4
A splendid thing. . at
By Gail Hamilton. Price Sl.fO at
. article con be hd. at
Are ail )i'hl. rollicking, and amuaiug songs, all
causio sent by mail, postage paid on receipt of price,
U v
iolins and Guitars. Accordions, Flutes,
lamborines and tifes of all descriptions
U H0M1
l'liis i a mn-t sa-l aed .laintivs song, tbe words.
touching, and the mu,c sweet. Jut piibM.jhed.
A uew nuJ pristty turf. at ,
tevei: couirr uut one.
V H A T CO C LD IT M BAX-. - . .
This is
uod new sang, aud eoa tains good hits a.
uu ie men. just received at
some gf
Putman's Clothes 'WrintreT. with oahanlxel
Iron Frame, is the best. Any purchaser wtttbe giv
en tvro weeks to try the Machine, aad the nones
reiunueu it ii tioea noi piease.
Refer to the following persons :
C. A. Harrington, Cuunty Clerk, Warren, Morrta
Iddinjts. llowland, Samuel Uihe. Liberty, fctev
D. Bradfurd. Hanland and others, for sale by
Authorise Agents.
T3UTTEK OF AKTlM02r, ,. . .
II Extensively nsed for f mt rot in 'beea.
fr tale by S.YU1H & CATliKUSS.

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