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U i
jTrayeIer Hegirter. "
fralns leave from stations u follows
A. G. W. K. -.West, .
I Burs
I Hlil.
I burg.
War- i
us, j
Express, I
; Fpnaa. ,f ' "I
- M-il..-.. M&pm
Express 7: Item
-j 4.4.iom &12p.n
7:im il-JiSpjn
Aocom'n 1 fc&pml 7:26pm
, Acc'B jppa; l-topm
k27pm fcgpja
Ei pTe-s. 1U: : SiiOaml fc25m! Ifciuem
MaU i J fcoopml &.37p
n,xpras-f.f I Kuamj
Acoom n 1 T:4Ypm! 6:50pm A: 15pm 5:12pm
Acoom'l-.l L-upm! 1240pm ll:4uam ( lOclun
Ma-oaing Division. West.
Glrard I NUee Wab'wi LevVg PhaT
' Kal' 4-llr.mi 4.-2Swn 4:40pm! fcttpm!
EM 7:3a 7:3oa fcOo-m, a i fcS4am
Aa lU.-4ea'llCn 12:45Dm 10:311
Ae I 8.-U5 " 1 tt.1ot.zD i :' jlbO-ami (WTprn
4 Ex i e-40pm; e-27pm fclOpmj fcOOpm 5:40pm
EM .vmm Kmmi nm iriaam
, ! kotoa'. Am, fctopm! 2pm L50
.kl rTba4aBS.aat.aad the fc a n.eest
- "Kllei and Sew Lisbon R.R- Time Table
,, i . NOVEMBER li, 1ST1.
c.i.. .i. Will leaves Nllea at
., arrives at Leetonia at 11:07 p.m
and at New Lisbon at ll:SSa.m. xp'wKe
lean Nllea at u p.m smveB a ieu
at T:Se, and New Lisbon at
. - TraiM alar a.i. PvTireas leaves Kew
toosi -fc-t nk. arriving at Lee ton la
. - t V'llatfrtm. Mail
leaves New'aboe at 2:00 p.m-,Leetonla 60,
and arrival at N He un.
Kills Close at !h Warre Post Office
' :J ' Follows:
Nsw York HIT and points East, 8:46 a. m
War rA.G.W.B'y &15
Plttbrgh,Phllaelphi,t Youngs-
loara, tae 5
Vu-ni II. A M R'r to Sbaroa hi0
Warren to Sharon, mt.tr) L-tiO p. m
Cleveland, and points west A soall 4:05 p. m
Cieveiana ay ..i p.
Nitv Y.irk and fiolBli euLvia Uk
Shore K'y- 4:06 p.m
WlT-rta A. tt w. fvy ou p..
Jeflerson. Way (Bute) - 7: a. m
0 - - SOUTH.
Way, via KUea K. L. B y WO
- .Yonr attention ! especially directed
to the advertisement of Adams A Co., in
: this number. .One of the oldeat house.
i doing a large trade. Tbev have the con-
v r- ptideooe af the people- and tnev reauj
2 ii Umrit auoeess. Their manaer cf doing
business cannot fail to please the trade.
"J '" Their atodt is immenae. Oo and see
hem. ; -i-
mTDIBIT, St, 1ST!.'
Mr.' J. T. Trier to building
a neat
reaidauiee ea 'VTashingtoa! Avenue.
The Cokn-ado potato - baoa have
'made their appearance in this vicinity,
HorC John Eussell, of Michigan,
" i trill leetare oa temperanoa, in the Meth-
- -odist church, pf this city,' on to-morrow
, ,, i,-jjerm- Kincald will preach at the
tTnion church, on Park man road, Snn
. r, siay, 30th uiaL. at 10: 3C a. m. .- r
TharaJsy and Friday last were the
. hottest dsya thus far this rammer, the
. BMrcury, ia the shade, being- amay np
."Z" , amoDg the "nineUea." . .
- - -rb stockholder of the Atlantic &
Great Western Kail way, at a meeting in
- - New York City, on Tuesday of last week,
IS ?tIS1 fte le by lhat road af the Nil as
jl ew luoon itauway.. .
Five beys wars arrested Saturday
,''.r- last tor violating the ordinance prohibit
, V-T ia bathing within the city limits before
-jjaark.".'They pajd, in the aggregate, fi
. tTlamd anata amoanting to fla.S.
'L. ' . - - 'Xha Stockholdera of tba Mahoning
Talley " Aarrlcultnral Asaootodnn are
: Aereby reqaested to meet on the Fair
7 -Grounds the Isttisy of July. Important
boaineasto batrsnaaeted.-' H. 8. Rob-
M tara, Preaidant
t Tba new Methodist church at Or
4 'anpsville, was -dedieated yesterday eve-
hin. Rev. Moses Hill, br Cleveland,
? r . F Lyilerxf OreanrtUe, Pa, offl--J
iciating. Xoa .building is said to be a
model in structure, and beautiful in ep
pearancaer" f fr r-'
Mr. E. G. MeOmber, for some time
fT past identified with , the rnT of Osborn
ctTBroUier, has severed bis connection
with them and formed one with Messrs.
. Stair A Co, f Clareiand. He carries
with- him the best wishes of a host of
-The citisana pf Kewton Falls and
am rounding eountry are invited to meet
'. a the new Fair Grounds July 4th. to a
Basket Ffcnte, -Good music, trotting,
and other nsnaitmtnM arill be provided.
Gate open and bo charges. A general
good timenay be expected ,
I- fVokaeywaabaidn Has street
i Batarday niaiia aaoanalamt eaDdition
induced by a toe liberal patronage of the
O 'cup ILsi oheacs hut fnabraataa.- Bis fine
r , and costs amounted to $8.65, but fceipg
insolvent he was allowed three weeks
in which to liquidate the amount. ;
' .Messrs. Howe Smith, of Bloom
- field, have fitted np a part of theirWare
iL -t(asa'ln which to eell Ice Crean, Berries,
Cake, and Lemonade, for the benefit of
the Sunday Schools of their town. The
J jplaoe "mentioned will be opea on Friday
vaning, Jane 24th, and Wednesday and
Thursday afternoons and evenings, July
.3rfand4Qi.X; Vi .r
- The- ytrong ladies of the .Methodist
enurea oi uus city, wiu noia a atraw-
.-.fcerry '.and tea cream festival at - the
,t eSjUTch, on Friday evening of this week.
The pilaiahle psatima and social enjoy
. aaaaX derived from ; well aoodxusted af-
- aaiiw f this- kini, eoapled with that
' peace ijl anind and gratification of soul
always arising from a sense of having
contributed to a worthy cause, will make
'- this the festival of the season. None will
', '' be denied the pleasure of participating.
. ftolf-KaraerxInteasperaBee the Caose.
Oa Monday, of last week, James
-; r Crawford, who, for the past winter haa
been a resident of Warren, attempted to
commit suicide by cutting his arm with
; a 'razor.; Oa the day above named, he
left the house of Mr. James Culbertaon,
of this city, who is.ananola of the
. Zs messed, and went to the bun of Mr.
Laney, residing in the northern part of
1 this iowaahlp, where he auide the fatal
' ' attempt at self-murder. Shortly aiter
be had insisted the wound be was found
K by Mrs, Ia, in aa baasoaibietoaadition.
Help being summoned, he was conveyed
to the laaaea, when he revived, and hopes
-were entertained oAhls recovery ; but on
. . Taaaday be grew worse, sad at night be
died: The. daceasad avaa about fifty
-- ajsrea years of age. ' He wsa born ia
County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to
'i the i United states nearly - twenty-fire
. jeers aiaee. - A. naturally fine mind, im
" jwowed by taeatloa, became impaired,
, by the use oflntoxioating liquor, to such
a extent, that frequent fits of insanity
' occurred, daring which ha imagined
svm enemy in pursuit of him, . During
the past winter he haa boarded in the
farallyoT James Xaney ia the Norther
part of this township, but more recently
haa made bis borne v with blsnncle,
James Culbertson, of this city. ' He
j seemed sans enough through the spring.
- atad "worked steadHy at his trade of
' Loose-painting tusUl the lt two weeks.
-4Sondsy evening, of last week, b '
A teiatptes to awarder Ma, and Mrs. .,b4
the timely interference of neighbor pret
" .. Tented, ' lie Jeayfa two toothers, Hving
June 22d, 1872.
EDiTok CheosiclE : I write for your
paper the following alngular ciroum
etancea which has just transpired In this
place. A boy about fifteen years old
named Frank Frazier, living with J
Gardiner, a farmer of onr place, has been
complaining of being unwell fur some
weeks, often leaving the field, telling
Mr. Gardiner that he could not work,
and that at times something seemed
come np in his throat. Thursday
this week, while in company with Mr,
Gardiner, hoeing corn in the field, the
boy was suddenly taken aick and Imme
diately vomited np a live frog about two
inches long by one inch in breadth. The
froaT made three jnmpa before he was
caught by Mr. Gardiner. The boy in
sis ting that the frog should be killed, but
was finally persuaded by Mr. Gardiner
to let it live. They then made a pen of
lumps of dirt ia which they put the hog.
designing to bring it to the village when
done work ; but when tbey went after it
they discovered that they bad not bean-
thorough enough in building there dirt
barricade: their prisoner bad jumped
them and escaped. That evening the
boy was about the village aaying that he
felt much better than he had fur a long
time. Friday, the 24th, Mr. Gardiner
came to the village leaving the boy hoe
ing corn. But he soon went to the
house saying to Mrs. Gardiner and other
ladies, who were there, that be was sick
again and eould not work. He aoon
vomited np a live tad-pole about two
inches long with legs and feet plainly
yisible, and in the interesting condition
when about to be promoted to a full
fledged frog. This frog, by brevet, can
be seen by calling at the office of Dr.
WIUcox of this place.
Yesterday, Willard Day, of Uiia vU
lage, waa assisting about loading a log
in the mill yard wben a lever struck him
on the aide of his face knocking him
down, breaking his teeth, and bruising
him severely. He was carried home
unconscious and at this writing seems
Enrro Chbokiclb: Our farmers are
feeling hopeful in view of the present
prospect for fair crops. Wheat is look'
ing well : oats fair and a large amount
sowed ; corn, though generally planted
late, looks hopeful ; meadows are grow
ing finely; fruit prospects excellent-
Considerable is. being done in building.
D. Smith Jt Co. are buildings fine dwell
ing house ; so also Mr. Luclan Rics en
his farm at the.oenter. Our three etorea
have a large supply of goods and are
doing a thriving business. Are planted
ana sure basis ; not liable to break dowa
with the first adverse wind. Dairying
returns so far good; the best returns
however, so far aa beard from, are from
the dairy of our old friend, G. P. Curtis,
which consists of one cow; average
amount of milk per day, for 76 days, 42
pounds, ending June 7th. Fed two calvea
about three quarts of new milk per day
for four weeks ; used all the milk, cream
and butter that was required in the
family; and as onr friend very justly
believes that true piety consists in part,
in taking good care of the physical sys
tem, keeping it In a healthy and vigor
ous state; and being rather oorpulant
and extremely fond of milk, it has
entered largely into his supply of rations.
But with all these outlays have sold 76
pounds of butter in 76 days, with no ex
tra feed, with the exeeptioa of a few
potatoes when she first came is.
Our cheese factories are in full blast
and are represented, I believe, by seven
different denominations on the Sabbath.
But aa we are not in sympathy with such
practice we leave them to settle their
own account, but think however that
ehriatians who thus desecrate the Sab
bath will have a heavy bill to settle at
D. R. B.
P. S. We do not know of any of our
citizens who have raised the Greeley
flag. An old life long Democrat said to
us a few days sgo, "when you write just
tall your party that Greeley will not. be
(.laoted, for J shall not vote for him. I
am not ready to join hands with Jeff
June 19, 1872.
Prohibition Convention.
Citt Hall, Wabbbn, June 18,1872,
According to the call, a goodly num
ber of Prohibitionists met and were
called to order at 10 o'clock, A. M. R.
Barnes temporary chairman. A perma
nent organization was effected with the
following officers, C. Williams, Presl
dent; H. P. Turner, Secretary and Z.
Kline, Assistant Secretary. A Commit-
tae on resolutions, consisting of M. Mil
ler, Rer, Tait snd Z. Kline, waa chosen.
Also a comauiUaW on nominations, con
sisting of Messrs. Parnaa, Mnrry and
Ketterfield. A motion waa adopted that
none but thorough Prohibitionists be
noauicaied for office. The Committee on
Nominations also nominated a Central
Committee. Convention adjourned to
meet at U o'clock, P. M.
. At the appointed hour the Convention
was sgain called to order by the Presl
dent. The Committee on Resolutions
thon reported and the report was adopt,
ed as follows:
Whbbkab, Intemperance is the most
gigantic among the evils of our nation,
because jt effects all rank and condition
of aooiety, old and young, male and
female, and ruins the soul as well as the
body, and whereas it ia admitted on the
part of all good citizens of both the lead.
ing parties to be the question and that it
must be decided sooner or later by the
American people at the ballot box and.
srhereaa we have petitioned again and
again for principle, and have remon
sirs ted against the present oonrae with
out success, and have waited patiently
for the initiatory step only to be disap
pointed, and whereas the Republican
Convention at Philadelphia remained
entirely ailent on the mementous ques
tion, and the saloons had banners on
which waa seen "Republican Grant
Whisky, therefore we, the Prohibition.
lata of Trumbull county, In Convention
assembled declare and adopt the follow
ing resolutions: -.
lUtolmed. That we reiterate and adoDt
the principles oouohsd in the preamble
ana resolutions adopted by the .National
i-romoiuon uonvenuon at (Joiambas,
February ffld. 1872.
Jtctolved. That we consider the teach
ings of the past sufficient to justify ua in
believing that parties should be founded
on living principles instead of policy.
Ecsolvcd, That bavin examined the
issues of the now existing parties and
found them principles of the oast not in
accordance with the spirit of this pro
gressive age, taerefbre we are compelled
to adhpra to a party founded on the
issues of the day,
Rttolvtd, That men be designated to
organize Leagues in the various town
ahipa of the eounty.
fiesolved. That the county papers,
Youngstown Courier and Prohibition
Era be requested to publish and copy
the proceedings of this Convention.
The Committee oa aVominaiinns then
reported and their report was adopted as
followst For County Clerk, Z. Kline,
Liberty. Probate Judge, L D. Bradley,
Johnston. Commissioner, H. R. Turner,
Fowler. Surveyor, Milo Holbert, Qua
tavas. Director of Infirmary, Henry
Clark, Mesopotamia.
I. D. Mackbt, Vienna.
Johs Bbidlb, Warren,
P- P""18. Bazetta,
i Oentrnl Committee,
Man Drowned at Girard.
GIRARD, June 24, 1872.
Enrroa Cbbobioxb : This little vil
lage was thrown Into a fever of excite
ment on yesterday morning by a report
that a man was drowning. On reaching
the bank of the river wa learned that
Cbas. Randall, in company with two
othera named Chaa. Lots and Noah
Pound were visiting their fish lines
which were set the evening before along
the river. The young man feeling like
play, began rocking the little akiff, but
before they were aware it capsised;
throwing its Inmates all into the river.
Lota and Pound were good awimmei
and would have had little trouble in
reaching the bank, but while doing so
they were called to by Randall for help,
Pound immediately returned to the
drowning man while Lots got the boat
into condition to assist. But Pound,
upon whom the drowning man bad fixed
his grasp, found that their united weight
waa too much for his strength and that
both were fast sinking; he therefore
struggled hard to free himself but In
doing so was taken nearly to the bottom
of the river, which, at this place, is about
fifteen feet in depth. He finally suc
ceeded in getting loose, and on reaching
the surface waa very much exhausted
himself. Alarm was given and immedi
ate search waa made by dragging the
river with hooks in every direction,
until about three o'clock, P. M., when
two young men from Youngstown
arrived at the scene and offered to dive
for the body. In ooupany with two
young men of this place they dove in
every direction from a large raft, until
the bo iy was found. The deceased was
a married man about twenty-two years
of age; a resident of this place, and the
son of G. W. Randall, or Hubbard. He
was a workman in the foundry and was
respected by all of bis acquaintances.
This very sad accident ia the third that
has happened in this place. in a similar
D. P. T.
Commencement of Orwell Normal Institute.
Among our neighboring edueatlona
institutions, the Normal Institute of
Orwell, Ashtabula county, occupies
prominent position. To be convinoed
that this fact la universally recognized
one need only to have been present at
the commencement exercises of this
eohool, on Thursday hut, and witnessed
the number of people who had coma
from all parts, through clouds of dust,
and the mercury "up among the nine
ties," to participate in the enjoyments
of this time-honored day.
The western portion of the Fair
Ground, -being thickly covered with
beautiful shade trees, affords a grand
puce for holding these exercises. Here
the necessary accommodations had been
made for the performers and audience.
By half-past tan o'clock a Urge number
hsd congregated in the cool, refreshing
shade of the friendly monarchs of the
forest despite the rays of a burning sun,
The following programme was observed :
Music by the Gustavus Silver Cornet
Prayer By the Rev. McGinnia. of
Salutatory Intellectual Culture :"
Warren W. Sharp, Richmond.
Essay "Who Shall Roil the Stone
Away T" Florence C. Tinker, Rome.
Oration "From Sea to Sea;" Evelyn
L. Gi bos, Orwell.
Esasy "Popular VIoes:" Geora-is
una, v inosor.
Declamation - from "Our Girls :"
manes jr. .Kasioa, Mesopotamia,
Essay 'Floating or Rowing ;" Km'ua
M, aoland. Greene.
Oration "What Wa Need :" Decatnr
Stephenson, Colebrook.
Essay "Love of the Beautiful;"
Julia E. Brigham, Orwell.
Oration "Italy r" Will A. Johnson.
Essay "On the Voyage ;' Alferdino
. Bedell, Orwell.
Esaav "Ooen the Shutters and let in
Light ;" Stella Tattle, Cherry Valley.
V aledietory "If you nan lor frotra. be
not oon tent with taking Poiliwogs;'' Jo
aepb F. Bacon, Colebrook.
Anpuat A.aareea tier. . is. rage, or
ew Lyme,
Conferring of Diplomas.
The programme included music at In
tervale, and refreshments at the proper
hour. The latter, both in quantity and
quality, showed that while Prof. John
ston 10
1 untiring In bis efforts to store the
jnind with useful knqvledga, be does
alight the equally important demands
our physios! being.
Onr space will not allow us to eom-
ment upon each particular performance;
and were we at liberty to do this, It
would be s difficult task to bring to no
tloe the qualities wherein one production
excelled another. Suflice It to say
that the entire corps of performers ac
quitted themsaTf-as in a manner not only
highly creditable to the itgdegts but
also to the accomplished instruotors.and
displayed the gratifying results of syste-
mstio stndy and efficient mental train.
ing. We can not refrain fram making
special mention of the Valedictory,
which, although delivered near the close
(be exercises, and at an hour when
the audienie began to grow restless, was
listened to with flattering attention. The
subject matter was excellent, and the
distinct enunciation and animated spirit
which it was delivered hsd a grand
effect in impressing its truths upon the
minds of the hearers.
Rer. Page being called upon for the
annual address, responded in a abort,
stirring speech, at once eliciting the
already over tasked attention of the
audience, whioh, after more than five
hours sitting, jigd naturally become
weary. This fact, and the excessive
warm weather, induced the speaker, as
afterwards informed us, to "pocket
bis speech," and make but a few re
The graduating class consisted of
three: Miss Stella Tuttle, Joseph F.
Bacon snd Wat. A. Sanders. The latter
named gentleman waa recently appoint
to the Naval Academy, at Annapolis.
We pongratulale our neighbora upon
having in their midst an Jnstitpfion of
learning, though comparatively yopng,
with a history so encouraging and whose
future prospects look so bright. To the
ability and undaunted energy of Prof.
Johnston, and the able corps of instruct
ors with whichbe is always surrounded,
the eitlsens of prwell Indebted for
the advancement made by thi school,
and the notable position it now occupies
the minds of those seeking a practical
education, It has become proverbial
that educational institutions are the
glory of the Amerleen people, and we
think onr Orwell friends can boast of
fair share.
Commencement of Orwell Normal Institute. 14th O. V. V. B. Meeting.
BLOOMFIELD, June 22, 1872.
Esitob Chboniolbi Please allow
me to correct a wrong Impression
through your columns. It baa coma to
me from different sources, that the 14th
0. V. V Battery will mast Mesopota
mia on the 4th of July. I should like to
correct the mistake. We decided at our
last meeting in Warren, to meet the
resent year at Mesopotamia, on the 10th
ay of September, and hope the lath
Battery will meet with ua. -
Secretary 14th O. V. V. B.
THB JCLJT b"PHBB of BaiLorr'a
Maoazibb. The July pumber of Bal
lou'a Magazine commences a new yol
nme, the Both of this popular and proa,
peroua monthly. It is so good and so
cheap that it should be in the hands of
s million people, for its great mission Is
to enlighten and amuse, to instruct and
delight. The contents of the July num
ber are excellent, and we do not hesitate
to call our readers' attention to iL Fur
I chase a copy and sea what can be
obtained for 15 cents, or f 1.60 par year, j
EorroB CHaoaict-a: Yesterday and
to-day have been decidedly the hottest
days of the season. If corn doea not
grow now it is not the fault of the
Last evening we were permitted to lis
ten to a lecture delivered by Miss Mary
Neal. Her notices which were posted
up, snd her own announcement giyen
out at a meeting the evening previous.
announced a lecture on temperance, but
after a few preliminaries in her lecture
she mentioned her subject as Prohibition,
snd she gaye us a regular political
speech, advocating very etrongly the
election of the nominees of the Prohibi
tion Party. She appears to be pretty
well posted, and bandied her subject
very well ; but whether she succeeded in
converting any and bringing them into
the Prohibition ranks or not, I am not
informed. The meeting was better rep
resented by ladies than gentlemen, which
aha stated was the bet at nearly all of
her lectures. She said she did not know
why the gentlemen did not turn out bet
ter, for she assured them that she would
not hurt them, nor carry them off, nor
run off with them.
As announced in this week'a issue of
the Chbosiclk, an adjourned meeting
of our citizens was held last Tuesday
evening to take into further considera
tion the Re-union of Soldiers hero on the
4th of July. Present indications ahow
that our citizens will give the "boys in
blue" a hearty reception on the occasion,
We wish it understood that although the
re-union was appointed by Co. D., 2nd
O. V. C, yet all soldiers of different
regiments, are cordially invited to be
present and enjoy the meeting. A feat
ure which wa think will add interest to
the occasion is that, in addition to the
address, an opportunity will be given to
any and all of the soldiers present to
talk, and give some of their experience
soldiers of the war. Tell briefly the
name of the Regiment to whioh tbey be
longed, the names of commanding offi
cers, the places they visited, the battles
they were engaged in, etc., or any anec
dote or incident that came under their
observation, or anything else that they
might think would interest. We wish
to make the meeting a tocial one, as far
June 20, 1872.
Jubilee Song.
n.m.Va.hln.h..luJ h nw l.tn.l In.i..
And the lone looked for style. Is the Grand
Come all who are planning to go to the
To attend Mr. Gllmore's musical club.
Ana (nose woo are elected ai noma to stay,
Coma look at our styles, without any delay.
And fling your old hats to the moles and
And bay our lofty Jabllee Hats;
And la the words of the famous H. G.
That ia what I know" abont the great
Jubilee. E. POTTER A CO.
WARREN, O., June 25, 1872.
Mowing Trial
Held on the farm of Jaa. Cottle, on Jnne
M, 1K72, the following Machines were In the
feat, vis: Buckeye, wood, and Champion.
After a oareful test with the dynomometer,
the following result was obtained :
Buckeye, fwa teats, lt 10SB2d.l081
wooa. - in xieavxa. jiaav
Champion. 1st 11
The test waa taken by men drawlnc the
Machines, and no one on the aame.
June 26, 1872.
Forcible Facts.
Two or three well substantiated facts are
worth doaeas of theories. Any one can get
np toe latter, wnitai me loriner are tna re
sult of long and tried experience. In no
aotenee is this of more value thaa In that of
medlolne. The medicine that haa eared
hundreds of cases of consumption. In every
stag of Its prcgress, wltathellvlngtnbjects
of Its beneficent work thronging tae streets
daily befere onr eyes. Is entitled to be credi
ted witn mora waa ail uia uieories wnicn
ave been recorded in the books and have
been met with failure after failure. The
cores of consumption made by Dr. Keyser's
Lang tars alone, win oatweign am tnose
enres that have been recorded In the boeks,
and then besides, they are light here In oar
midst. Furthermore. Dr. Keytar's Luna
Cure Is a specific in all incipient lung dls-
a. ana nips mem in tneir Dua. in mat
way stopping the tubercular deposit on its
way to toe lungs, aa It courses Its way
through the blood. Dr. Keyser's Lnng Cure
dissolves the tuberculous mattery ndstlma
lates the eliminating emunctoiies of the
system.to carry It away with the effete mat
ters Of me noay. 1 ne L-ung vure, wita tae
Doctor's personal attention, will rarely fall
In any case where there la a reasonable
hope of cure, tt.40 per bottle, four for $5,00.
ur. a.eyser a wmmuoi uiuoa, of uiwnr
street, Pittsburgh. Lung examinations
dally, except Bunday and Tuesday, from
a. m. to 1 p. ao, and from I to p. m.
Dayton Rakes.
Who sells the genuine f We notice Mower
and rtaae advertisement in last wees s
Chronicle, of Park Patch, and deem It
worthy pr correction. Wa feel it dUgraces
our Machine to have the wooden pitman,
wire spoke, sUfrbar machine compared to
the old reliable Buckeye, Tbey had flue
notloe of the Blocmfleld trial but with their
past experience, mougnt tney nad Detter
weep their machine In the dry o that when
theyeometo carry them over the winter
again iney bukdi not too uuiw so riwjr.
Aa rewards Rakes, we sell ten to th
one. Onr Rake being i Inches higher wheels
than theirs, fourteen inokes. ana theirs only
twelve, twenty tooth, and a much better
eonatrncted rake. If theirs rs what they
call genuine, deliver us from such Rakes.
To enow farmers how P. A P. appreciate our
fakes, we will, if they will come to our
store, show th! a letter from them to Day
ton Maeblne Co., ordering a lotoi rases, ana
tailing them they can sell a very large
amount of them If ther only hurry them
np. We think this alone will settle this
rake qnestion. They quote Dayton, bogus
rakes, at S4S.U0. and Alltanoe at a,w, and
do not keep either one of them, nor can tbey
set them. We could follow pattern and
quote their low wheel rakes at SJSi), but
would not ne mean eoouKa to ao so,
Stray Horse,
' A dark bav Mare came to my stable on
Sunday, 23d Inst., which theowner can bavfi
by calling, proving property and paying
charges. a. r. BAUJtix
Warren, Jane 2t-tt
e ,i '
For Mewiar Maehlaas !
Pore Castor OIL No. 1 Lard Oil. Crude
Mecca OU. Hoyt Spear, No. e Main eu
For Salel
A fine dark brown Mare, seven years old,
a good traveler and perfectly gentle for
wemen and children to drive. Will be sold
cheap. AJdress ha; igj. Warren, O.. or en
quire of R.H.Barnum. CjunelW-tt.
Caswell, Hazzard Ce.'s
Depot for all their Unrivaled Preparations
at H. O. Stratton A Co. a
Fruit Jars I
At H. G. Stratton at Co.'s. Mason's Im
proved Poreelaia Top the best.
Fear B reads
Of choice Cigars Just received at the Mar
ket Street Drug Store.
Greeahense ReruoTed.
Wm. F. Porter has removed his Green
house to the corner of High and Baxetta
Streets, where hs would be pleased to see
his friends. A fine assortment of planta on
hand. Uune2s-3t.
- Can and soma very pretty Roll Plate Jew.
airy at HulVa. am Maui St. tjune Jfrtf
"A aUeai- r
Without pictures ia like a room without
windows. Pictures are loopholes of escape
to the soqI. lea flint to eihaf acwnea and
other spheres. Ploloree are consolers of
loneliness; utr are dooks. may are:nia-
tonea and sermons, which we ran read
without lbs trouble of turning over the
aroma over the
0 ail this must b
must be rail o?
leaves." au
of no ordinary kind, they
111 and meaning, and such, kind reader,
tuw iuj Mwra . hi. pw aufiana uai
rr, at the sign of Revolving Pyramid of
RICE Artist.
Ladies Jtt Jewelry.
Somethtns nice, call and see. at Hull's, on
Main St. Uune-U
"PCe., fd Ohio yol. t:Tf
Sscond Aapual Reunion will be held at
Mesopotamia. July 4, l7i. Come, oomradea,
and let ns have a good time totrethar. -au
toldiert are invited to meet with ua. Bring
along the ladles and coma early.
WM. W. WILCOX, Vice Pres.
Gao. B. Kxsjracr, Cor. See.
June lB-'A
All Who Hare
Not seen the new Patent Self-actlBr
Spring used tit Truuke would o well to call
at the Buffalo Clothing gtore and examine
their great superiority over the old fash
ioned straps formerly, and still used.
Etopt Thing
rn we eating una to he 64 at Oan,
Bay Tour Cletkiag,
For Men and Boy's, of D. M.
I sarus, he
vill aiva to
makes no false promises, bat
one and all their money's worth.
It lor
Important ' ' '" i -
To all who use or self Clears! Too can see
the largest and best stock on the Reservejtt
Gates A Delia's. Market Bt, Warren, Ohio,
Yon can lake the ticks all off your Lambs
by getting a few tobacco stems of Gates 4k I
Delin's, and make a wash for them. No
charge for stems.
Fans a Speciality
And found in great variety, at
Accidents I
Insure against accidents In the Accident
Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn.
Cash Assets one muuo atMlaru Apply io
WHITTLESEY ADA Mr. Agent, Warren,
dofara. Apply to
at, n arrei
Coct. 27-tf.
The KIcest Klau
Of Ottoman and Paisley Rhawla, sold at
Great Yariety
Of French and Hamburg Embroideries, at
Sew Market St Greea Hease.
We have on hand a One assortment of
all kinds of Green House and Bedding
Plants, cholca and beautiful, for which we
kindly solicit the patronage of all. Planta
delivered free In the city. Three squares
east of Court House, Market BC Warren, O.
April V3mo Florist.
All the Latest
Shadea of Kid Gloves sold, at
Cabbage Plants.
Best varieties, any qnantity. at low
figures. Also Tomato and Sweet Potato
Plants. Hoyt A Spear. No. 5 Main St.
Sweet Potato,
Cabbaee and Tomato Plants, large, strong
plants. Hoyt A Spear. No. Mala St.
In white Galpare Laces, at
Just Received,
A large assortment of French Bonnets and I
flala, ai uuAiiruuinsAnu,
Clothes Wriagra
Repaired and for sale at Tyler's. Ko. S
au tureei.
All the Latest Styles
Of Dress Trlmmlsgs, consisting of Fringe.
Tnrguoise Velours (limps and Laces, at
The Largest
And most select stock of Fashionable I
Clothing ever seen m Trumbull county, and 1
at prices that all will acknowledge to be
lower than the tow eft, la at the Buffalo i
Clothing House. No. 2 Main St.
Cola Soda Water,
The best and coolest in the city, at MoCon-
neu s.
Best Canvassed Ssgar Cured Hams
12 cents. Best Dried Beef 17 eta. per .
Timotny ana Clover seea low as me lowest.
naruuuu at cnuwrv.
Ice Cream Parlors
Ooen everv day and evening, at McCon-
neii's. ataiu ou
The Dachees Cersett
Which can't be excelled In beanty or fit.
ULNLlv iNUKU a BtU..
For Guipure Laeei. at
Maltby's H. & TIL'S.
And all the other nonular brands. At Mc
uonneu a.
Call at the City Bakery
your premium bread and biscuits.
Fire Hundred Thousand.
Sw-500,000 Bottles of Gbskx's AuocsT
FLOwxahave been seld in this State In three
months. We only adt you toeo to the drag
stores of Warren, and get a Bottle Frrte of
cnarge, or a regular else at 76 cts. very
Bottle warranted to cure Dyspepsia or Liver
Complaint, Slckbeadache, Costlveaess,
tieariourn, w aterurawu, uour etomacn, in
digestion. Impure Bood. and all disease
caused by Impure Blood,or deranged Stom-
acn ana Liver, iry jt. tmays-u.
80 Cases
Fresh Cove Ovslera Just received and for I
aaie uj u caaw w caa, a., way uuwB nrtceo, I
values jaotvunu I.
Waxxxx, OHIO, Dec 20, 187L.
lB8BranceAtnejol Whittlesey Adams,
Market Street,
PANY." of London established louS.
Paid no eanltal aad accumulated funds.
Eight Million Dollars, (Gold) unimpaired
recent losses.
We are Justified la aaying that there la
stboxgcb punly Fire Insurance Com
pany in this country than the M IMPERI
AL." With no Life liability, lla lares
Capital and Assetts are solely and only for I
protection againsl fire. We present it for I
patronaae. wfth assurances that any loasea I
oceamng anaer tor isspea, win nave mat 1
prompt attention which in the past has
a marked feanre or mis Agency.
Managing Agent for Tram bull Co.
The Finest Display
In Youths' and Children's Clothing to be I
seen in xramouu county, is at me nuuaio i
t,iwUicg unpofium,no. 4 Main ttu
Fiae Lot of
Oranges and Tismont, fresh and nice, at I
Goods DeliTerei
Free of charge, by MeConnelL
ia Want
Or a Dolly Varden or Grand Duke Hat,
should go to the Buffalo Clothing House. I
next uour to iiuidoul national nans.
Every genuine box of Dr. MeLain't titer I
run uears tne signature or flemtng 2ro ..
Pliuburgh Pa., and their Private United
States stamp. Take no other." Thel
market la fuu of Imitations.
Soda Water I Soda Water I
Best in (own, at Allison Drag Store.
Cpid Leinonnae
Thaf can't be beat, at McDonnell's.
: - o. :
Trasses I
Best assortment in Warren, call and see
auiaon a vms iwu,
Christ Ckareh, Warren,
Divine service everv Lord's Day.
morning and evening, at the nsual hours.
on Tnorsaay evenings, saais rasa.
all who will worship with as a cordial
welcome Is extended. The ushers will
cheerfully provide seats for all who come.
Bargains at King's
Now Is the time Jo buy everything in the
01 w ateuca, uocas, .
Ware, onaap, at Klng'a
oclts. Jewelry and Plated
jeweiry Biore, ? i
call ana
Base Balls and a Bat,
Steel traps for a rat.
Fine guns for the Boys,
Small Guns, that are Toys,
Carpet Sweeps, for the Lad
And Swings for the Baby's,
Sewing Machines, that are very neat.
And ws ar snre they can't be beat,
CertalB to ult the various minds.
For we have all the different kinds.
A t Tyler's, No. t, Main St, Warren, Ohio
US. a, LOiA-U.
Fresh Vegetables
Can alwara be found in their season, at I
atcconneu a
New Top Bnrglee.
New Open Burcle.
Second band Tod Burr.
Car load 1 Inch No. 1 Hemlock Shingles,
ao u ao ao do
do- 14 do do do
do do do Pine No. 2
Prices and terns, on above will be made
My stock of Clothing, Hats, Caps, Trunks
Trimming Goods, is rail la every de
partment. l oo cast leave without baying
fyoa will call oa yours trot;
yea dontK bow
What yon want in the way of Clothing
at toe nuuaio uuvhidr ntore ana wiey
sna i. ior you. aiua si,
a Good Square Meal
to MeOonnell'a Main 8t Bestaurant
Bakery, .
Cut Mia
substitute for Castor Oil a
family physio which is pleasant to take and
not distress or gripe, but Is sore to
operate when an otner remedlea have failed
- Vl.hU -dn..l A-
tinlna-r neither -Micerar.. Morphine nor
Alcohol, tne result or fifteen years experi
menting by vector Bsmur nicier. it is
perfectly hsrmless and tar more effective
Pltls. Narcotic Syrnps or Castor OIL
soo mg me system it produces natural
and is particularly adapted to crying
teething ahilaren. Jfklils 'Warms, eurei
Stomach Ache, Constipation, Flatulency
Derangement of the Liver, No family
afford to be without this article. It
bat 60 cents ask your druggist to get
you, ana ue wui always keep it.
uuw - h
I call
Caswell Hazzard & Co.'s
0. G. STP.ATTM & CO.
Have been appointed Aaentaforthe above
for Trumba 11. Portage A Manoning Oo a, can
give pnees to u trade and rnyaioiana aa
low aaCleveland or PlttabnrKbu
Caswell, Haasard Co. s rare Cod Liver
Pure Cod LlverOtl with Phosphate of Urne.
Caawell. Haasard 4 Oo.'a Como. Byruo of
tne jxypopncspoais.
caawen. naxzara ex vo.-v Line ana soaa.
Elixir valerlnaleof Amonla.
Elixir Iron Quinine and fttryehnlee.
Elixir Papain Blcouath and Btryehnla,
Eitxlr Verro Phosphate Elixir Callaaya
Elixir Ferro Phosphate Elixir Callaaya
with Rtrvchnla.
Elixir Ferro Phosphate, Elixir Callaaya
witn riismntn.
Wine of Pepsin.
F.llxlr Beef U lna and Iron.
A Greatful nnrtahment for consumptives
and eonvalescenoe.
flnlphate Quinine. Sulphate Morphine and
Standard Chemicals only used In our store.
Tllclon. eft? Go.'ss
Concentrated FliurJ Extracts.
H. G. Stratton sells only the best A purest
Medicines, prtcet aiwoyt lorn.
S. L. niiM & SON.
Ladies' French Kid Button. ".Barts.".
do do do Lace,
Fine Serge do
Curacoa Eld Buttoa
do do Lace
Kid Foxed Barge Top; But
. 4,25
do da do Lace.
do do do do
do do do do ,
, 3,00
. 20
Fine Serge Lace Gaiters
do do do do
. 3.00
. do do do .
Ccod do do do .
do do do do .
, L60
Best do Congress Gait.
-Old Ladies' " Serge. Laee and Congress.
iow cut, unnu "' , irj
-O.d Ladles'" Goat and Kid low Bala.
oroau soie . 235
8erge Gored Slippers, ffeeletL.
, 1.50
do do do do
do do do do .
. 145
do do do do
, 1JM
do do do no keel .
Main and Market Streets.
I have been to Barn um
Show, and did not get
my pocket picked,
you see I am going
boy my old man some
more of that good To
bacco of Gates & Delin
Who elwayi Keep on
band the beat Tobacco
in the land.
No. 16 Market Street,
warren, o.
Keep the eelehrated Imperial Chewing
Touaoco; It has more body and will stand
more cnewmg man any w
Brand of Tobacco Made.
also keep the Plain Cherry, which ia the
best brana 01 low graae looacco maoe.
UA1U ST r.L.n,
We have A A Smoking which our trde
la superior to any oth
otner a a maae.
Our A A A is the delight of all who use It.
UA1 ta at lla LiN.
Our Naryi are all made by the oldest and
most reliable houses in America.
UAita a utuvs
The most exanlslte tastes esn be Blessed
onr stock of CI Kara, at lower prices than
any otner noose in unio.
aneajloTs. uinoer arjc.
Toa Going West t
Tf ao. take our advice, and purchase your
Tickets over the old reliable and popular
Blasean r arise Bailreas, wnicn is powtveie,
thnniw Una that runs three Dally Express
Trains from RL Loots to Kansas City and
theWestl and la, pontwelu. the only Lin a
which runs Pullman's Paiaoa SleepeTs and
ly ticntiipeCT4iuor ytrqBip
with MllIW's 2ntv PkHorm and the
Patent MfliwflriM, rresi at. i .a
ran Boott.rarsona,.wTvnowjTeu.
worm. Aicnison, du -uweu, v. , .j ,
Council Bluffs, and Omaha, iriMout eAunos I
information in reirard to Time Tables.
Ac,, to any point In Missouri, Kansas,
Nebraska. Colorado, Texas or California.
apon or address S. H. Thompson. Agent.
Missouri rciuc tv. r t,inuui,uuiu.w ,
Ford. General Passenger Agentit. Louis,
Ao. trouble Io answer quetUon,
March 27. 1S7-
-tf.-,-- v. --
Mornlnc and Evening Dally Cincinnati
Cleveland papers, at the City News
Depot, one door sooth of the Pos Offloe,
Warren. O. ,
Wholesale House In New York. Phila
delphia, Rochester or Buffalo. My clothing
rndotbergoodaare bought from good re
table first class bouses, at the lowest mar.
prices. Come and buy, yon must be
convinced. Tickets free, open at all hours
the day and evening. D.M.LAZARUS.
OmcxWsJTTxiiw imasTi cbtbowicxs. 1
Vi AaaxB Onto. June 2.1b7 2.1
BFANa-gaooperonshel. .
FLOUR SS.75 teilUa . i
HAY tie. ;
OATS 'e - y .
CO R.N (oid)-Ear SV ; Shelled fSe.
BUTTER Freeh Roll UK '
TALLOW 6U to7o
CHEESE Factory 12c.
HAMS Country cured 9c
LARD-Countrr rendered. Be
PORK tt..Vs-5iO rercwU
Turkeys live 10c ,
dressed 15c
Chickens live 7c
dressed 10
HIDES Green, 073 sair skins 12
: . . . Pelts l.UUoiUU 1
H atTaCaT.TitBaoCB.
Flour white Wx llOO ft7TurieTtTsT8tl,
do- Amb. Wh't 10.00 elder Vinegar
doSpr-gWh't- CO'(srbon Oii24.V5
Buckwheat floor per1 'Lard Oil, 1.00
KLanaeeo OU . .. as
White Lime 1,50 Bii led Oil gai. luf)
Salt X lorta ewt 1,10
www Mim
itjorn aieai, ooitwa
Batter per a..la I ewt
Beet Dried A.WornMeaL Bnoolt-
Hauis Sag. Cored. 14! Ij ad cw-J.75
(mnnLrr noi2rChop teed
Sides do da lu Timothy Seed
Sugar. BnrwBlOtoU'IRedTop 2,m
Hanr. rfia 14 iC'lover seed- .tO
Sugar, Crnahed!011 Meal a cwt ljt
G.B.Cod Fh WblLad M
White Fish K Fotatoea s bus a
Mackerel 12'T Psacnea, peal'd Bf
fi - 'l donnpealed 101 V,
Lard rronea, 1 urklah U
Candles. Tallow. la Moiasses a ral.
stearine Jtl do N.o.ga.0
H:Mple Syrup.,,.,. 10
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
MONDAY EVENING, June 24, 1872.
Flocb Is weak with very 'moderate
demand. W note a slight decline in
country-made XX red and amber. ;
City-made XXX white 310.-5; XX am
ber $9,50 ; XX red No 1 39 00; X red
Ho 2$8 508 75. -
Rtb Flocb The demand ia moder
ately active at 3o,7oG,00.
Mill Fbkd The demand ia light, but
prices remain unchanged. We quote :
1U,00 for Shorts ; 20,00 for coarse Mid-dlins;f-3,00
for second fine; J2S.0O for
Whbat Market dull and prices nom
inally unchanged ; No. 1 red winter held
at $1,63; No. 2 do !, .
Cobb Prices were unchanged to-day,
but the market was weak and inactive.
Shelled held at 51c, without sales. .
Oats Prices unchanged; offered at
38c ' -
Rtb There la very little demand, and
prices are steady at 80a
Bablet Prices are rsna-lna- steadily
at from 70c to $1,00 for fair to choice.
oat ok En At bats Prices are ataady and
the market ia active. City sugar cured
llama 12c; do Shoulders 7ic; do breakfast
Bacon 9c ; Dried Beef 17c ; Beef Too roes
$6,50 per dozen. Country-cured meats
are scarcely saleable.
Utter we ao not chance Quota
tions. The demand la a shade more ac
tive and prices are ranging from 12 ia
15c for good to fancy Western Reserve :
10al2c for fair to good central Ohio and
Che is The market is very dull and
receipts litrht. aithouzli imDrovinc-.
Choice factory is freely billed on orders
at lie.
Eoos Market duller, but prices still
stand at 15o per dozen for fresh.
oils The market is active and un
changed. Linseed is firm, selling in 1 to
barred lots at trie for Raw and 97 o for
Boiled. Lard steady. '
Hat The market is weak and de
mand very moderate. Baled Timothy
is selling; $18,0OaL00 per ton. according:
to quantity.
Potato B9 There is little demand, and
prices are scarcely quotable, ranrinz so-
cording to quantity, from -s80o for
Peaohblowa. -
Seeds There is little doing but prices
are steady. Clover is held at $5,60-5.75,
and Timothy $ 75a3.00.
Dried Apples The market ia abund
antly supplied and the demand is only
moderate. Sales are being made at eta
9c. for nice quality.
ukaxs Prices are nrm at iU.(Xl.i
good to medium $3,0ua3.&u for band
picked. ,
uablby malt unoted at Il0al5
per bushel.
ime wnite Is steady and in fair de
mand at $1,30 per barrel. Water ia stead
at fi.ou ior Akron ana oswego; Louis
ville Cement, $1,60.
Pistbb Land Plaster in good de
mand and selling at a range of $9, 50a
10.00 per ton: Calcined Plaster ransea at
$2,50a3,00 per barrel.
Salt Steady and in (rood demand at
auotations; Coarse $1,S0, fine $1,70 per
bbl. Leader.
New York Live Stock Market.
NEW YORK, June 24.
Total recelDts of beeves for the wv
Just ended 9,300, of which 5,100 were on
saie to-aay, viz: liw crs a vommunt
paw, 370 cars there for the week, lis at
100th street, snd S at Weehawken.
Trade bad foa owners. atrtAfe- wa K in
about io lower than Friday or fully
average below prices tbia dav WGek.
when cattle declined more than 1c Tax.
ana going very slow at 8ialOo; Xllinoia
steers iiao ior poor to pretty good, and
12Jal3o for (rood to choice : market aver
aging about lljc Good many Tezans on
sale and other cattle generally thin grass
steers, the few fat droves suilered less I
decline : several stale lots on sale: 11
cars Texsna, 5j to Si cwt, sold at Battle ;
cars good Texans, M owt, at loc, 56 fba
per owt a oars tiuncua. o cwt. st llal i
car prime, 8 cwt, at 13c: 6 can Missouri.
cwt. llislUc : very finest cattle aelacs-
ea at 134c xteceipts StLSuO for this week.
against 38,000 prevlons week, with 102
ears to-day; market further Improved,
ureasea selling st otsoic
Philadelphia Live Stock Market.
Beeves Dull and favors buyers.
Sales 3,000 extra Pennsylvania and west
ern steers at x7.ouaa.0u i fair to irood at
ao,oua,uu; common at t,uuao,uu.
SHEEP Dull. Sales 15.000 head at
$5,5ua6,00 for good fat, and $3,00-3,50 per
neau ior biock aneep.
Hoos Firm. Sales 5.823 head at $6.50
a per cwt.
Butter and Cheese Market.
New York. June 24. Butter dull at I
10ai5o for Western. Cheese heavv at I
10al3ofor new.
The Way to Kill a Town.
The Huntington Journal telle it in
this way: If you have a house to
build, send off for all the material.
and even employ workmen awav from
home to do the lob, while your home
mechanics lay Lile foj1 something to
Send what money you have to
pen a away from home. 1 ou will
probably get it back again bat woe to
mecnanio ana laborer. II be must
wait until it cornea. It may do for
wno can stand it, yet it will
never do for the Poor Mas, as he
must go somewhere to get his bread.
If you aee a straneer come imonni
you, just pick and fieeoe him of all be
ii wm mug you ncn. dux it
aoea not give the people or your place
good name abroad, and noone would
wish to settle where they were in
danger of thus being robbed of what
they nave.
t row a down every attempt to im
prove and advance the in t areata of I
place, because your taxee are to be
raised a mill or two, to make the nec
essary improvements.
If you hare a newspaper in the
place, don't support it, fcy, "it will
pay to subscribe for a dadci .times
too naru,
A storm of rain, such aa Eurone rare
experiences, haa visited the north
western portion of the Austrian Empire
disastrous enact, i or three days
rain descended more in the form of I
water-spouts than aa we are accustomed
consider it. and whole districts, ariv
promise of a speedy and abundant
harvest, were covered with, water and.
ruined ; wnue m 4toumania. and some
parte tutrvaata are suite Fin? equal
bfit mora slowly, by continued
drouths and, scorching aun. In some
places in the valleys the tops of trees
peepea out, ana in onemta people
over tbelr farms in boats, though
serious dam aire was done there than
other places. By this sudden calamity
thousands were rendered bomeiaas snd I
honseleas, and bereft of all their goods,
nunqreae lost tnetr tiyea in. de
of their property,
The la teat advices relative to the
Alabama treaty controversy substantiate i
, , , - r ii, . . I
wnicn some uuie aiiiue inuicaieu I
early settlement of the matter.
Retail Price Current. Corrected Weeklr
Wi-XXXK. OBlo, Jans Tt 1872
v ' BuTTjia. "
Wheat, White ' ' $
ao A a.ber
do . No, 1 1 , 1 .,
do No. I do n ,
Eye, Ko. ' -
- do , , 111 1 T
I " aKallarf al 1 SO
do , do do a mt s
Oats, 4a
e-xxrwo, i -;
fi W. lani'i Hbow rar.
White, per h 1 , n." f
Magnolia .
Star MUla XX White Michigan do lu !
Western Reserve Mills, para A it) r dolu.W !
en per
r lor Mills XXX Red dew
do XX do do.
Florence ' do XX PprlDg i
Empire do Coauaon do
a. w. Flour do.
ye riourdo.
Cora MeaL aer hundred.
do - do bnl ri A
Chop Feed, O.AC, para d
o ao uonnaii ao.
Mklllna rnne) do.
do tneerss) do.
Bbarts do , ,
Oil Meal do.
Cora, par boahel old shelled-
. 76
Salt, Saginaw per bbl
do - York State, do
do F. F. Dt do
. 2.4U
i 75
White Lime per bbl.
Miisviue cmnt
Water Cs ant do..
, 1
The above prices will be snbtectioflaetaa-
ner market always aimine-
pay the hlgneat price lor grain, aad sell
aheap asm chaa put. Rexueaabwr the place,
next door to McLaln's Shoe Store, la room
formerly occupied by Trumbull Nat. Bank.
AU our goods warranted as Tepi ueeuted.
Come aad as aa. A liberal dad action al
lowed to parties that buy large quantities.
Original Union Churn
f f to salt ls every partiealar. Partlas
baying the Union Churn may re tarn it If it
aoea not suit, ana ge. tacir money oaeav
OarCharahaaa SOLID BOTTOM,
and will not leas: cream. We guarantee
onr Churn to .
and in less time, than Lbs Dash Cham.
" . . FEX SMITH'.
AprU3.r , ,. , . ,
- Independent Wheel and -
rons: & hoe -jjurcus s.c.
Sawing, Planins &. Tiiniiiig
Done to order st ths Eake Factory of
: J. J. GILLXEB,. .
West Warren, Ohio.
June ", IffTfi mr
T7STATE of Jomea
I has bee, duly
JLJuec'd. The naderaigned
appointea ana aaaiiaed as
on the estate of James G. Calender dee'd
late of Tr-ashffll Oo., Ohm. u'ua,T f
Newton. June 12. 72-t ,
Io, i s.tQj
. . gt t
. I
' , ,1.71
TESTATE of Eve Goodhart, decd.'
XJThe undersigned baa been duly appota- '
ted and qualified aa Administrator on the'
state of -yeGoodrtoh.d-e' laaaaf Trnm.--
buu eounty. Ohio
Warren. Jane W wBHA8T.
5 5
"4:2 i
i i
' I i . i ' t- :
We earnestly invite attenUoa
spR i ri c ;A'n
Suitable for MES'g, BOYS 4 CHILDBES'S
uie varieties new ana novel.
- .-
Goodaand noted vaxPRICES.
. r v
Larte, Fat, Corpulent men, weighing
be fitted from out Btocjrith
: . ' .
, .
- - - - .1
tHLLDHES S SCITS, worth from t2,75
1 - j -. : 11
GESrs SILK HATS, all airea.
- ' ' ' 1 ' ' ii fl . iiMH-mi-
New and Nobby deeigna In TIES, BOWS
" "' . ..
If you want a lUE. ware. SIUBT,
-. -2-s - ;-i.-j'
GEyrS G10TES of ' deecripUona and
, ., . ,,.,"
UMBBELLAS, warranted to be water-proof.
'"'' .1
i l 1 ' if, -
Onr goods are aU marked in PLAIX
-.'-.'--' .
And desire to ahow
And weaUodeelre toaellto
' '-'' - :--.-...
. 4
4, r
(a i.
I , I ' f
WEJLE, for lS7,.mbrnB- all
. ' .
-; AWDou't to see tt,
antllyoa verefJy levied, ot our
v -
JH- " --X - -
tram 200 poainaa to 300 aiide, can
5 1 w-They are well siada.
j . Desirable and cheap.
Fea-e toacA
,;,'";."'.: a.Can and see them. - '
W We think they will please.
ttt.-w.l4 ,..., , .. ..
a-rSpTlBf styles.-ia y . i .-
-SCABTS. Z-T'."l.
wfr JwStoutandPret,y,i '
'v. 'a Theyw-lflt and please
". : .". " ' : .;V
ta. Try one.
. .. . . . .
. A com pleta Stock. , :
FIGUBES. ,' "' ""
aa roany people aaftre',", . :
4 . -
C .-assay --
-p:--,p p: p
C0THI- u , .
' 1
- A
tSfZatetl in Hats and Caps, always
on hand.
r 41
ripienv nv iaro
1 WU1 I HQ QBr!D U.
If season of UTt, ending Ao
wgust first, as follows:
Satur a- s at me 8- Thomas Stable. Green
ville, Pa., the balance of tne ti eat Lyaan
der Pelton's Stable ta Guetavne. Ohio.
Description and Pedigree : Young Boston
la a bright bay, no white on him, lo'-i hands
high, four years old the 25th day of j one
next, weight
pertor style i
xt, weicnt i'OO pownaa, aaa poeeawses sa
rtor style and action; his dam was by old
Boston, and he by Ttmoleon, and he by Sir
Archey, and her dam by Woodpecker, all
tuorougn Drea; sne was orea in nentucay.
Young Boston was by Flying Wasrner. and
he by Gleneoe, he by Areola Llgatloot, be
by Sir Archie of Trans port; Gleneoe a dam
by Beaohe's old Cadmus, he by old Ameri
oan Eclipse; he by Da;uc. Wagner's dam by
Cinclnnatus; he by Strottenoorough's old
Shakes pear, of New Jersey; he by Valerlns,
and ha by old Bager. Wagner's grand dam
by Blossom, great grand dam by old Mes
senger. Young Boston haa taken first pre
miums at every piace shown, and also
sweepstakes over ail at 11 loss where ever
exhibited at the -airs. Call and ae him for
yourselves. We ex pect to show a finer lot of
colts from Young Boston than any other
stallion ea n show In Northern Ohio.
Terms, 310.00 will secure toe services of
the horse until the mar ia with Jo 1. or
some other mare la bes wisest J
- - & 8. HOWE. .
May 3, ISIS, - ' Owners.
I( 0NS with Sun Shade, at ADAMS' Book
StOWa- T -J H- S it
r I 'I SI .'H Im
- r ;- a'-'v-'.- ; .iyr
i. a
to our nnrlvaled atoci of
:.' r
d s u m'Y.i e r
to $13,00.'
I ! I A
a.Nobby aad Stylish,
come to oa ad try a GESTLS- STAR
tl , i ,- ca. m.,l
. - '? i a i --
"FlaeL lea and Wamsatta Collar
, ,
. a-i t a atjM a.
eolora. . -V
1 -
-i -
..- -. i as-jTe Blind Mark-, -
- - . . -..:, .,-!
our Goods to ,
Ue. L U -
' j. ' i ,: '. t
' - ( "i
Fi-'BWc-Tf Ifi
CO., Agents, ' -

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