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Traveler's Register.
f:alns leave from stations as follows:
, A. t G. W. IU K. West.
' 1 BlllX
I Hill.
I burg. I
ken. Brace-
Ki press
Mail j
4:t5oni 5.-13p.ra
Accom n..i :S.pni
Ex pres , 10:2iam
Mail I
:50aml (c25am &ltam
I 8:(ipu)j &37pm
v 9: loam f
Accum'u 7:40pm
:5"pTh! ftlnpmj 5:12pra
Aocow'n . l:Supro;12:pm ll:4uam;10:loam
t- Malioninr Division. West,
ijlrard t NUea Wia'jri Lev'b'g Phal'x
NoS." 413pm: tPpml 440pm I SKRpm
KM! 7:Smi 7:5uam! SKijam &2&am
Ac ilrcuaul'12:10pmjl2M5pm
Ae 1 " I :3aam fc&am i(H-am
r.x 4pml 6:2Tpral S:10pml 6:0(pm Ixtupm
KM -.Sm.cu. 9:42am! 8:2. mm 9:16am
K't ( aWipml 42ipro fclvpm! 2ipmi L50 "
The 445 p m. west, and the fci5 a m, east
- -
NHcs ami Sew Lisbon E.K. Time Table
' ' 1 KOVEMBER 11.1871.
Train Coin Sestli. Mall leaves Nlles at
t-.M a. m., arrives at Leetonisi at 11:07 p.m,
and at New Lisbon at 11:55 a.m. Express
leaves Nile al 6:35 p.m., arrives at Leetonla
at 7-50, and New Lisbon at tfcoa. -
Truss Ueis Korta. Express leaves ew
Lisbon at 6:45 e.nu. arriving at Leetonla
at 6: a.m., and at Nlles at 7:47 a.m. Mall
leaves New Lisbon at fcOu p.nu, Leetonla 2:50,
andarrivesal Mlesat4:10.
Mails Close at the Warren Post Office
as Follows:
New York City and points East 8:45 a. m
Way no A. & G. W. R'y " &4 "
town. East :. "
W Ay CAM. R'y to SharonAtO
Warren to Sharon. (Stage) 1.-00 p. m
Cleveland, and points west Asouth4:05 p. m
Cleveland Way 4:U5 p. m
New York and points east, via Lake
Shore ivy :"? P-
Way via A. G. W. R'y.
- - . NORTH.
teflerson. Way (Stage)
Wy, rin Nlles A K. L. K'y.
.2:uu p. m
7:O0 a. m
..9:00 a. m
Tour attention Is especially directed
to the advertisement of Adams t Co,, in
this number. One of the oldest houses,
doing a large trade. They have the con
fidence of the people and they really
merit success. Their manner cf doing
business cannot fail to please the trade.
Their stock, is immense. Go and see
The chronicle.
Buyers here are paying fifty-five
cents per pound for wool.
-Mr. Lyman C. Howe will hold meet
ings at Union Hall, Farmington, the
last three Sundays of August. '
Mr. Jos. Boyes, last week, purchased
the property of Win. Porter, on South
street, for three thousand five hundred
dollars. ...
The Rev. T. J. Taylor, Rector of
Christ Church, will (D. V.) reach home
on Saturday next, and will officiate on
Sunday at the usual hour.'V-
Oar thanks are due John W.Taylor,
Esq., of the U, S. Treasury Department,
for statements: of the national debt and
other valu tble statistics. 1
Webb's Hall, under the supervision
of Mr. Graeter, is being improved by a
new suit of -dressing rooms, besides new
scenery. : .; i .-.
On last Saturday evening there was
a beautiful display of the Aurora Bore
alia. It was the finest ever seen in this
locality. - -j '
The young Ladies of the IS. E.
Church hold festival in the basement
of the Church. next Friday evening.
This season of enjoyment is open to all.
Trumbull County Lodge, I. O. G. T.,
meets at 'Mineral Ridge, on Thursday of
this week. It is greatly desired that the
various lodges throughout the county
be largely represented at this meeting. .
Simon P. Carlton, of Springfield.O.,
will preach in Ira B. Mackey's Grove,
at the center of Vienna, Sunday, Au
gust 10th. Services at 1O.30 a, m., and 2
o'clock p. in.
Our esteemed townsman, John M.
Stall, Esq., whoso health for some time
past lias been jirecarious, left the city
Tuesday last, with his family, for Avon
Springs, N, Y. He has our best wisbes
for a speedy restoration to health. '
An advertisement in this paper an
nounces that the Trumbull County Mus
ical Association will hold its next semi
annual meeting in Kinsman, commenc
ing Tuesday, August 27th, and continu
ing four days.
Mr. Chas. Anjrstadt has purchased
the property of Wm. Min Young, on
Canal street.. Mr. MinToung bought
the residence of Mr. D. B. Gil more, sit
uated on Market street. Consideration
.five thousand five hundred dollars.
Ground was broke Monday latt on
the land owned by the First Rational
Bank, situated between the bank build
ing and the Thompson House. It is
purposed building a three story brick
block to be divided into three store
. Rev. Henry Mansell, formerly; of
this county, but for the past ten yean a
laborer in the missionary field in India,
preached in the M. E. Church, of this
city, on Sunday morning last. Rev. E.
H. Yingling, of Cleveland, occupied the
pulpit in the evening.
Mr. T. C. Sherman, of the Hum
boldt (Kansas) Union, was in' the city
during the forepart of the week, visit
ing his friends in this part of the coun
iry. Tom is a graduate of the Chbok
iclk office, and represents one of the
best papers, and liveliest towns in the
The Probate Court lias been in ses
sion in this place for some time. Last
week the case of A. M. Jewell, living
on East Market Street, and the Ashta
bula and Youogstown" Rail Road, was
disposed of.' The jury ' allowed 'Mr.
Jewel) one thousand bur hundred and
fifty dollars for right of way through his
lot on the above street
Geo. Clement's brewery, on Vine
street near the (anal, came near being
the scene of another fire on Monday
morning. The roof cangbt from the
. iron smoke stack which was not pro
tected from the wood. A steam primp
connected with the establishment was
brought into use and extinguished the
flames before any general alarm was
The Painesville and Youngstown R.
R. has been initiated in the accident
hue. - Last Thursday an engine jumped
the track between Painesville and Char
don. . The engine was on, its way to
Chardon to get a passnjrer train.. The
cond uctor, A. P. Jefiries, of Westch ester,
Peon.f- was instantly killed, and a fire
man named Green, of Painesville, seri
ously injured. .The accident was caused
by a high point in the track.
The ikll term of the Xewton Falls
Union Schools will commence on Tues
day, Aug. 27th, and continue twelve
weeks. The schools will be under the
superintendence of Mr. A. C. Wilson,
a teacher of experience and reputation.
The corps of teachers are well known
for their efficiency and thoroughness.
Any information respecting the school
will be cheerfully given on application
either to H. S. Rubbins, the President,
or Albert Fower, Clerk.
We hope every readerof the ChroN'
icls will take the time to give the able
speech of Gen. J. A. Gsrfield, published
in this paper, a thoughtful reading. We
consider it one of the most telling
speeches that has been made during the
present campaign, being such candid
statement of facts and arguments as to
enable every voter to think, judge and
act according to truth and justice, and
in no wise calculated to fire the preju
dices of men.
- The funeral of Mr. David Camp took
place in this city, on Monday, from his
late residence, and was largely attended
by the friends of the deceased, who
deeply mourn his loss. Mr. Camp had
been in ill health for some time and had
taken a trip west to seek a restoration
!rom Lis illness. Finding ' that his
strength waa fast failing him he started
on his homeward trip, but was only able
to reach St. Louis, where he died on Sat
urday morning.
A lively runaway occurred on Main
street last Sunday evening, which re
sulted in the demolition of a buggy in
whioh two gentlemen were riding. A
piece of waste paper blown along by the
wind frightened the horse, causing him
to start down the street at a breakneck
pace, throwing the gentlemen from the
buggy, but fortunately in such a man
ner that neither sustained injury. Re
frain from throwing waste paper, ao
matter how small a piece, Into the
street; it is justly censurable, in that
the ttreet is not the place for it, and it
may cause serious accidents,
On Tuesday evening of last week,
three men named respectively, Geo.
Erics, John Miles and Richard Lloyd,
narrowly escaped an untimely death.
Upon entering a coal mine at Mineral
RidgA, which had not been in operation
for some time, for the purpose ef light"
ing a flue to ventilate the mine, they
were suffocated by the foul air. By
timely assistance they were taken out
of the mine alive, but in an insensible
condition. They were removed to the
office of the Coal Company and attended
by Drs. McEinney and Barb. At this
writing (Saturday) the parties are all re
covering and will soon be able to re
sume work.
i The Trumbull County Sporting
Club had a match yesterday on the
grounds of B. Lane, south of Warren.
A number of birds remaining from the
Youngstown tournament were purchas
ed by them. The day was fine and a
large attendance of sportsmen and spec
tators were on the ground. Mr. D.
Swindler, of Xiles, carried off the first
prize, sixty dollars. The second, twenty-five
dollars, was awarded to Mr. K.
Ackley, of Youngstown. The third,
fifteen dollars, was given to Mr. Ed.
Hoyt, of this city. Everything passed
olT pleasantly, and the affair was of con
siderable interest to those persons who
were fortunate in hearing of the match,
as no general notice was given.
HowlandSprings,last Thursday,was
the scene of a couple of lively sensations,
Number one was an assault upon i
colored barbre of Warren, named John
Peck, by a Youngst6wn man of the
same profession. Their tools razors
were tho weapons. Peck received two
cuts one in the face and hand, which
bled freely, but were not dangerous,
Number two occurred about four o'clock
in the morning, as the party weie about
to start for home. The carriages were
all " up" when some persons took ad
vantage of the ' absence of the owners
and appropriated the robes and whips
of every rig. ' Fortunately the guilty
parties were discovered before they
could get off, and the goods recovered.
One of the thieves will probably exer
cise a little caution hereafter, in view
of the sound thrashing be received by
one of the celebrators.
An Incendiary Fire.
A fire occurred last Saturday night
about half past 11 o'clock, which re
sulted in the destruction of two build
ings on Market street. The flames
were, discovered issuing from the
building . formerly occupied by and
known as Spear's sash factory, by a
party of serenaders, who gave the
alarm ; but owing to the inflamable
condition of the building the fire
gained such headway that it was be
yond control before the arrival of the
steamer. The fire communicated to
the paint shop of Messrs. Chrislannar
& Martin, which, after most of the
contents had been removed uninjur
ed, was rendered worthless. In the
former building were stored the tools
and some stock belonging to Messrs.
Matthews tr Moffit, of Sharon, Pa..
who had taken contracts for the erec
tion of several dwelling houses in
this city.
Everything indicates the fire to
have been the work of an incendiary
as it is known that there was no fire
on the premises during the day pre
ceding the fire. The property own,
ed by Mr. Peterson, valued at $1,500
be had purchased some time since
with a view of remodeling it into a
tenement house. He had been re
peatedly offered more for the property
than it cost blio, but refused to dis
pose of it His insurance was for
$000, In the Sun Co., of Cleveland.
Messrs. Christiannar & Martin esti
mate their loss t $1.500 ; insured for
SG00. The loss of Messrs. Matthews
& Moffitt will reach nearly $3,000 :
no insurance. Their workmeu sus
tained severe losses all their tools,
estimated to be worth $1,000. on
which there was no insurance. The
time selected by the incendiary was a
most favorable one, insomuch as little
or no wind was stirring ; bad it been
otherwise the tesult would have been
tenfold as disastrous. The act wa a
most reprehensible one, and should
the perpetrator U. discovered, the
probabilities are that V say the least,
our reporter would , .t the material
for an interesting an perhaps sensa
tions local article.
A. Y. & P. Rail Road.
- I am instructed by the President of the
above road to inform the subscribers to
the Capital Stock, that heir subscrip
tions are'aTl dae, and must be paid on or
before the 14th day of August, instant,
to meet liabilities for land purchased,
and Iron and ties already delivered to
said company.
The iron for the whole line has been
purchased, and nearly, if not quite, all
delivered. The track is laid from Ash
tabula south as far as Rock Creek, and
track Jaying will commence immedi
ately at Girard.
Grading is going foward rapidly all
along the lino between Niles and Bloom
field, and it is expected the road will be
running early in the fall.
A series of lectures, under the auspices
of the Order of Good Samaritans, Lodge
No. 1, Vienna, will be commenced on
the evening of August 20, 1872, at the
M. E. Church, Vienna. The first of the
series will be delivered by Rev. M. Mil
ler, an eminent ard well qualified speak
er. , The public are cordially Invited to
attend. We insure satisfaction to ail
who will give us their attention. Lee
lure to commence at 7 o'clock.
The County Infirmary.
Last week we visited the above in
stitution, which is situated two aud
one-half miles from this city on the
"turnpike." The location is an eligi
ble one as regards the advantages of
land and water. The farm is well
stocked aud contains three hundred
and seventy-six acres, a large portion
of which, perhaps two-thirds, U un-
der splendid cultivation, a fact which
is manifestly apparent from the fine
looking wheat and oats which were
being harvested. The building and
farm are under the supervision of
Wm. Lodwick, and at present the
occupants number sixtyperson8. The
largest number of inmates which at
any one time was In the institution,
was eighty-five. Of those at present
there, thirteen are insane, some of
whom will soon be sent to the Asy
lum at Newburg. Among the latter
number only one, a inau, is in close
confinement. Here are all ages from
that of the child of one year to the ven
erable centenarian. One "Old Uncle"
when asked his age quickly responded
ninety -two. An old colored lady,
confined to her bed by sickness, could
not tell her age, but was undoub edly
older than the above.
The building is a fine two story
brick, painted a light drab color ;
the interior is divided into halls and
rooms. - These apartments are all
kept neat aud clean, and the occu
pants are comfortably and neatly
dressed. ' The inmates are allowed
the privilege of wandering about the
premises as they choose. More or less
recreation is indulged in by all, ex
cept in avery few instances where soli
tude and inactivity are preferred. The
work about the house and farm is
performed principally by the Inmates
of the Infirmary. Under the effi
cient superintendancy of Mr. Lod
wick the affairs of this home for the
poor and afflicted are being most suc
cessfully managed. ' The buildings
and grounds are, we believe, open to
visitors at any time. Inconsequence
of the illness of the manager, we
were unable to obtain more detailed
information relative to the affairs of
the institution.
Auxiliary Committee.
The following persons have been ap
pointed committee men in the several
townships, wards and . precincU of
Trumbull county, as auxiliary to the
Republican County Committee :
Bazetta, N A Cowdery, A Id is Gilbert
Bloomfield, A V Crouch, Isaao N Parke r
Bracevtlle, Elisha Walker, E H Bene
dict, Seth M Lee
Bristol, A E Fenton, J B Ramsdell,
Alonzo Willey
Brookfield, Geo Willis, Thos R Thomas,
Evan Edwards
Champion, Amos Weiss, Edward Pierce
Farmington. Milo W Griffith, WW
Wolcott, W C Caldwell
Fowler, H C Williamson, W H Clawson,
A Leonard
Greene, R C Kice, R R Bascomb
Gnstavus, R B Barnes, John C Smith
Hartford, T A Bushnell, L W Clark
Orangeville, G W Snyder
Howland, Q S Perkins, Charles E wait
Hubbard, Addison Randall, M C Hart
Johnston, H D Holcomb, R A Bartlett
Kinsman, n K Hulse, Geo Baldwin
Liberty, Evan Morris, Samuel Granger
(Church Hill P O), Timothy Case
(Girard P O)
Lords town, John Lauder, Wm Piatt
Mecca, N W Palmer, N. B. Cobb, C J
Mesopotamia, C N Bates, Stephen Laird,
C A Brigden
Newton, Dr W L Hosier, T J Gilmer'
C J Graham. Wm Bronson
Sonthington, J P Herrick, Arthur
Vernon, Geo S Cise, A J Vannes
Vienna, Robert Stewart, Robert Stran-
ahan, Philip Clement
Warren, Isaac R Reeves, W A Baxter,
Morris Davidson
Do 1st Ward, Henry Bohl, Chas P
Kinsman, Calvin G Sutliff
Do 2d Ward, Lewis Lewis, Walter
Do 3d Ward, Eli S Hoyt, Warren Finn
Weathersfield, Josiah Bobbins, Jr., A J
Dyer, W A Mason, Thomas Burney
Mineral Ridge Pr Joseph Stewart.
David D Morris
By order of the Committee,
T. J. McLa.ur, Jr., 8ec"y.
Hartford Institute.
Editor Chroxicle : By some
means your regular correspondent has
not written lately ; let no one think
we are all dead. Almost every one
has worked in the hay field except
when our frequent showers have pre
vented. But with all our rains, the
ground is still dry and many wells are
The trustees of our Institute have
been active in making arrangements
for the coming year. When it pioved
to be impossible to continue the servi
ces of our former Principal, they totk
hold of the work, determined to se
cure a Principal who would in no
respect allow the school to fall below
the high standard to which it has at
tained. I am happy to learn that
they have secured the services of
Prof. W. J. Bowen, of Wisconsin.
He has been among us a few days.and
we have seen that he is & man of high
culture, of abundant tact and energy.
He has given especial attention to
preparation of teachers for their work,
and will thorouchly organize the nor
mal department of the Institute. A
special class will be organized of those
desiring to prepare for teachiug. .
Iu respect to vocal music.Ianguages,
de., the Bchool will be continued in
about the same manner as last year.
TkeSviiool commences Aug. 20th.
Citizen. .
There are six ordained women pas
tors in the Universalist Church in
the United States.
The fall term of Allegheny College
Meadville, Pa., commences Sept. 17th.
The Crawford Journal aays that a large
number of ladies are expected to attend
the coming term.
Scientific men are troubled over the
question "Are the Andes really disap
pearing?" An Eastern paper answers,
that one of the smaller Andes, formerly
very prominent, has almost entirely
gone out of sight namely, Andy John
son, of Tennessee.
The expulsion of Jesuits from Germa
ny is producing a stir all over Europe.
England, aa represented by the House of
Commons, now suddenly recollects that
she has had a law on her statute books
for the banishment of Jesuits since 1829.
This law haa never been enforced; but
it is now brought to light, donbtless to
give a bint to the Jesuits of Germany
that it is not best to take np their abode
In England. The United States seems
to be the only place left for these re
ligious exiles.
Tbe Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
will meet In the basement of the M. E.
Church, next Friday evening. All are cor
dially invited. L. M. SMITH, Sec'y.
Kindness to Kindred.
Wantofthe necessary means to supply
the necessities which usually press upou
people lu the more moderate walas of life,
may bean excuse for neglecting a disease
which, like consumption, has often In limes
past been esteemed as incurable. But the
common ties of nature, which ought to bind
man to his own, overleap all these brriers
in the estimation of right thinking people,
and when we see a medicine like Dr. Key
ser's Lung Cure, caring hundreds of people
all around us, we feel it not only a pleasure
but a duty to point out to our readers such
a valuable acquisition to medical knowl
edge. In the earlier stages of lung disease.
I)r. Keyser's Lung Cure Is a pec i tic. The
cough and chill, the spittle streaked with
blood, all give place to mat neauny equili
brium nrtheelrculation which Is induced by
that all powerful remedy, and every bit of
peccant and disorganising material is ex
pelled from the blood, and removed from
system by the natural ducts and excretory
organs of the body. The tens of thousands
oflunss clogged with mucus and seething
with corniDtlon can be madeto perform the
omceor respiration by a timely use oi ur.
Keyser's Lung cure, umce ana store, 10.
Liberty street, Pittsburgh.
Chicago Tribnne, Nov. 1-Hh.
The Babcock at Work Again.
At about noon, on Monday last, a tar
boiler caught fire at Bowen 11 roa.' establish
ment, corner oi aiicmgan avenueava jiuui
son street, and had already spread to the
adjoining sheds, when Edwin Hunt 4 Sons,
of No. 147 Michigan avenue, sent down one
of their Babcock Extinguishers, and the fire
was immediately exuuguisneu. anua large
amount oi property saved.
Csstsrls. Is a scientific vegetable prepara
tion; a perfect substitute for, and more
effective than Castor Oil, and is pleasant to
take. It cleanses the system In a most re
markable man nen does not distress or gripe,
but operates when all other remedies have
laliea. Jl is certain to superseue nils, cas
tor Oil, Narcotic Syrups, and all other pur
aatlve and ezcitlnz medicines. The Canto
ris contains neither Mlnerals.Morphlne nor
Alcohol. By Its emollent, soothing effect.
It assl-nlllMtes the food and produces natu
ral sleep partlcnlajly adapting It to crying
and teething children. It cures Stomach
Ache, Wind Colic, Consumption, Flatulen
cy, Croup and kills Worms. Jlake your
Druggist send tor it; ne win always Keep iu
it costs dui tuirty-nve cents a Dome. .
A Fragrant Breath and Pearly Teeth
Are easily attained, and those who fall to
avail themselves of the means, should not
complain when accused ol gross neglect.
The Sozodont will speedily eradicate the
causeoiaioui Dream, oeautitying and pre
serving tne teetn to me oldest age.
Spaulding's Glue Is useful in every house.
Be Cariftl. In these days, when tight
hats, hot air, and sedentary occupations,
cause the hair to fall ont.lt is a matter of
no little importance to know which of the
hair preparations are of any value. The
majority, as has been frequently proved by
the first dermatologists, or hair doctors, pos
sess little or no merit. Such being the fact,
it is consoling to those who are atlllcted to
know there Is real lyoijc pood article, which Is
recommended and nsed by tbe first medical
authority, and baa stood every test, many
years. This preparation Is Hall's VEGE
truly scientific compound, which is unques
tionably the best preparation of the kind
now before tbe American public. It will
restore toeravbatr ltsoriglnal eolor.cleanse
the head thoroughly, cure all eruptions of
me scalp; and win always restore tne nair
so long as any germs remaln.as they almost
invanaoiy ao, nnin extreme oiu age nas
destroyed tbe roots. The original article is
made by a.f. nan a co., .Nashua, ti.
Forney' Pren, Jan. 25, 1868.
Davis Sewin? machine.
Mrs. Tew, of Newton Falls, has nsed a
Davis Sewing Machine for the last 17 months
la the "tailoring business" and has earned
within that time MuO.OO besides her family
sewing (for a family of four) and the Ma
chine nas never been out or repair, call
and see tbe Davis at Ho. 7 Main bt.
Aug. 7. Agents.
Pror. A. A. Clark,
Of Ravenna, will have charge of the wrl
ting and pen-drawing department of the
Western Reserve Seminary, during the
Fall Term. In addition to a course under
Prof. Hpencer.IroL Clark haB had considers
ble experience in teachlng.andis well quali
fied to impart Instruction In this depart
ment. Duly 7,
Mr. Sumner's
Position no longer
He evidently feels that he liss discharged
a great duty, and is willing to leave the re-
sun wim ine people. Dut in declaring this
to the people the result will be national and
not confined to Trumbull county and vicini
ty, aa In my case, when declaring that I am
on the side of good work andatr prieet, and
no change of basis.
P. 8. Farmers and their families will do
well to remember that they can get Jtut at
gotd work in cloudy or rainy wea'her as lufair
flease don't forget this, but harness up
your teams and start at once for the New
England Gallery where experienced bands
will be found ready to wait upon yon.
Call at the sign of Revolving Pyramid.
Down, Dowo.
Pricers lower than ever, to make room for
fall and winter stock, at the Buakio cloth.
Ing House.
Bargains, Bargains.
Now Is tbe time to buv every thins- In tha
line of summer goods cheap for cash, at the
Buffalo Clothing House,
Trunks, Trunks,
Of the very best make and at low figures,
at tbe Buffalo Clothing House.
My Gallery which has been closed on ac
count of illness and Inability to procure an
efficient operator, is now re-opened, having
uwuj rcgameu me lormer, auu Deing so
foitunate as to procure the services of Prof.
Lew H. Bradley, who Is a aood and wturrti-
ul Photo. Artist, havi ng carried on the busi
ness lor years in otber places. Our former
patrons will accent thanks lor oast favors
and be assured that we are more than ever
determined to excel inourline, andgrealiry
all who sit before our camera, desiring a
perfect likeness. Our work shall be as good
as is done anywhere, and in every case sat
isfaction will be guaranteedt Potter's Star
Gallery, East side Main St.
Best and Cheapest Clotliin?
Can be bought from D. M. Lazarus.
We Make a Speciality
Of the Jobbing Trade.
We Sell Tobacco
Bv the bbl. or nail aa low as anv Cleve
land or Pittsburgh house.
City Express
And Baggage Waaon. All kinds of deliv
ering done to order. Baggage taken to and
Irom an trains, orders leit at Porter's Book
Store, on Main St., or Adams' Book store .on
Aiaraet su u. A. itb.h.HKJw
July iu.
ITyou want to be
Well dressed for a small amount of monev.
call on D. M. LAZARUS.
Wanted !
Two good Cabinet Makers and one Turner,
to whom will be given steady employment
and good wages. Apply personally or ad
July 3I-4U Brookfield, Ohio.
The long cherished theory that a boiler or
steamer could not be so constructed as to
wash clothing without hard rubbing or yel
lowing them is successfully exploded by the
introduction and use of "the titeam Watlirr
ami h oman .friend." now bet ng sold by
Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Bartlett, of N lies. Send
$lo,0u for sample -Washer," and be con
vinced. Give the "Washer" a fair trial and
then if you are not satisded that it is as rep
resented, return it, and your monev shnll
be refunded. Mr. A Mrs. N. N. BARTLE IT.
July 31.
. . .
For Sale.
A house and Lot on Liberty Street, the
firoperty of C B. Darling. Possession given
mined lately. Price tjuO. ApDly on preru
nibses, or to L. P. GILDER.
July Sl-3t
For Coats, Pants, Vests,
Hats, Caps, Trunks. Valices and other
goods for men and boys.of the best quality,
and very small profits, call on
roilet Articles.
New stock Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, tc
Turnip Seed
At Stratum's Drag Store.
Ladies Jet Jewelry.
Something nice, call and see, at Hull's, on
Main St. June2D-tf
Dayton Rakes.
Who sells the genuine t We notice Mower
and Rake advertisement In last week's
Chronicle, of Park A Patch, and deem it
worthy of correction. We feel It disgraces
our machine to have the wooden pitman,
wire spoke, stiff bar machine oom pared to
the old reliable Buckeye. They had due
notice of the BlocmHeld trial but with their
past experience, thought they bad better
eep their machine in the dry,so that when
they come to carry them over the winter
again they might not look quite so rutty.
As regards 1 takes, we sell ten to their
one. Our Rake being 5 Inches higher wheals
than theirs, fourteen tpokes.and theirs only
twelve, twenty tooth, and a much better
constructed rake. If theirs is what they
call genuine, deliver us from such Rakes.
To show farmers bow P. A P. appreciate our
rakes, we will. If they will come to our
store, show them a letter from them to Day
ton Machine Co., ordering a lotof rakes, and
telling them they can sell a very large
amountof them if they only hurry them
up. We think this alone will settle this
rake qnestlon. Tbey quote Dayton, bogus
rakes, at fai.UO. and Alliance at 13U.00, and
do not keep either one of them, nor can they
get them. We could follow pattern and
quote their low wheel rakes at J2S.U0, but
would not be mean enough to do so,
How to' go West.
This Is an inqnf ry wnlon evry"on Rhonld
have truthfully answered before he starts on
his Journey, and a Ultlecure taken ia ex
animation ol Routes will In many cases
save much trouble, time and money.
The "C, B. A Q. R. R.,"runnlnc from Chi
cago, through Gulesbuigto Burlington, and
the "I., B. A W. Route," running from Indi
anapolis, through Bloomington to Burling
ton have achieved a spleneld reputation in
the lost two years as tue leading Passenger
Routes to the West. At Burlington they
connect with the B. (H.B.K. and from the
great llurliugton Route, which runs direct
th ro' sot hera Iowa to Ne brass a and Kansas,
with close connections to California and the
Territories, and passengers starting from
Trumbull County, on their way westward,
cannot do belter than to take the Bcmjso
ton it OUT K.
This Line has published a pamphlet called
'How to go West," which contains much
vnlunble information; a large correct map
of the Great West, which can be obtained
free of charge by addressing the General
Passenger Agent It. M, H. li. Eurlington,
20 Cents a Pound,
Fresh Green and Black Teas received last
week. We are selling them at 2 cents a
pound reduction from old prices. Uoyt A
Spear, No. 5 Main St.
Bonnets and Hats
Sold at cost for the next 30 days, an Gun
lefinger A Rro's. i i '
m - ' ' 1
A Sew Departure
From old prices. We have reduced tha
price of all our Teas, from lu to 20 cents per
pound. HOYT A SPEAR.
The office of the New Wheeler A Wilson
Sewing Machine Is now In King's Block.
No. 4 Main St.. Warren. Ohio, where par
ties an Instructed. Machines adjusted; W.
W. needles and the best of thread lor sale.
We challenge the world to produce so du
rable and llgltt running machine as ours.
Examine the New Wheeler A Wilson before
you buy. No 49 Main St., Warren, Ohio.
July 21-Al N. M. LINTON, Agent.
$3,50. '
First class Croquett at Tyler's Gun Store
and Sewing Machine Rooms at t3.su per set,
8 Balls, 8 Mallets and Box complete.
July 21-lt
Town Lots for Sale.
We have laid out over thirty beautifully
located town lots, east of Red Run, on the
Vienna Road. Will be sold at fair and rea
sonable prices, on long time and easy pay
ments, to suit purchasers. Enquire of
and T. J. McLAlN. JR.
To the Retail Trade.
We retail the freshest and best goods In
the market. GATES A DELIN.
The Entire Stock
Of Dress Goods sold at cost for SO days, at
Gunlcflnger A Bio's.
For Sale!
A good family Horse.
July 17.
Enquire of
Accidents !
Insure against accidents In the Accident
Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn.
Cash Assets one million dullart. Apply to
WHITTLESEY ADAM)-, Agent, Warren,
Ohio. loct. 27-tf.
Cold Soda Water,
The best and coolest In the clty.at McCon
nell's. .
Best Canvassed Sugar Cured Hams
12 cents. Best Dried Beef 17 ets. per .
Timothy and Clover seed low as the lowest.
Ice Cream Parlors
Ooen every day and evening, at McCon
nell's. Main St.
Maltbj's II. & M's.
And all the other popular brands, at Mc
Con nell's.
Call at the City Bakery " - -
For your premium bread and blscnils.
Oct 25- H. WALDECK.
0 Crises
Fresh Cove Oysters, lust received and for
sale by ttie case or can, at way uowu prices.
at James Alcionneirs.
'. :"' . WAEBEN,UHIO,DeC.20, IS7I."
Insurance Ageucjof n hlttlesey Adams,
Market Street.
PANY," of London extamisned isua.
Paid nn canital and accumulated funds.
Eieht Million Dollars. (Gold) unimpaired
We are Jut, titled in saying that there la
no stronger purely r ire insurance nun
Danv In this country than the " IMPERI
AL ; U'lin nn Lira liabUitv. its lam
Lanital and Asset ts are solely and only lor
protection against Are. We present It for
patronage, with assurances that any losses
occurring under our Issues, will have that
roil) pL attention wniu iu cm. umm
een a marked feature of this Agency. 1
Managing Agent for Trumbull Co.
Fine Lot ol . a - . -
Oranges and Lemons, fresh and nice,
McConuell's. - . - ' .. .
AH Goods Delivered . ,- ';"
Free of charge, by McConnell. '
Caution. . "'--r
Every gerutne box of Dr. AfcLatn'i "Liver
Pills bears the signature of flemrnff jiro t.,
Pittsburgh Pa,, and their Private United
States Stamp. ,"Tako so otUeT."- 'Ihe
market Is full of imitations. ,. .
Soda Water ! Soda Water 1
Best In town, at Allison Drug Store. '
Ice Cold Lemonade
That can't be beat, at McConnell's.
Trusses! ...
Best assortment In Warren, call and see
Allison's Drug Store. ...
Christ Church, Warren. . . .
Divine service every -Lord s Day,
morning and evening, at the usual
and on Thursday evenings. Skats frkk.
Tn all who will worshiD with ns a cordial
welcome Is extended. The ushers -wUl
cheerfully provide seats for all who come.
April 17-lf
Bargains at King'! ; ,
Now is the time to buy everything In the
way of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Plated
Ware, cheap, at King's Jewelry Store, 7
Main St. Call and see.
Base Balls and a Bat,
Steel traps for a rat.
Fine guus for the Boys, ... ,'.'".'.
Oirpet Sweeps, for the Ladles, -
And swinas tor ine uaoy s, -Sewing
Machines, that are very neat, - -And
we are sure tbey can't be beat.
Certain to suit tbe various minds, .
For we have all the different kinds, ' '
At Tyler's, No. 3, Main St., Warrec, Ohio
Aug. . 1871-tf. '.-. ' .
Fresh Tegetables
Can alwars be found In their season, at
For a Good Square Seal
Go to McConnell's Main .St Restaurant
and Bakery,
. o J
Every Tiling .
In the eating line to be had at JTcCon-
neii s. ... i
Jubilee Song.
Dame Fashion has Issned her latest decree.
And the long looked for style. Is the Grand
Jubilee; .
Come all who are planning to go to tbe
To attend Mr. Gilinore's mnsleol club, . -And
those who are elected at home to stay.
Come look at our styles, without any delay.
And ding your old haU to the moles and
bats. : -1
And buy our lofly Jubilee Rats; ""
And In the words Ol the famous H. G. ' :
"That is what I know'' about Ihe great.
Jubilee, JS.POITER A.CO..
WABEEJf, O, June 25. 1872.
Mowing Trial : -
Held on the farm of Jas. Cottle, on June
24, 1H7J. the following Machines were In the
test, viz: Buckeye, Wood, and Champion.
After a careful test with the dynomometer,
the following result waa obtained
Buckeye, two tests, let lagfeM. 106
Wood. - " - '. 1st MI8B2d. Hi
Champion. isi uib
Tbe test was taken by men drawing the
Aiacnuiea, ana no one on tne same. -
June 28. 1872. . .. ,
Bartlore, Kegan & Co.
Genuine Baltimore Cove Oysters, at less
by the dozen or case that Cleveland prices.
Kotlce. -
For sale a ten acre out-lot situated a short
distance outside of the corporation, on the
lenna road, t or terms, enquire or
July 31. L. J. 1DDINGS.
A small, nice office room on the 2d floor
for rent. In Iddinz's Block. Enaulre at la
dings A Morgan's Store .
Dr. LlTlng-ston
Would hava been nerfectlv hannv If Stan
ley had ouly bongtit some of H. G. SI ration
Ce's splendid 'leas. They sell tariff off.
Market St., Drug Store.
Grass Seed, Grass Seed.
Timothy. Red Ton and Blue Grass Seeds.
H. G. Stratum A Co s.
Sprliijr and Summer Clothing;
For Men and Boys, at greatly reduced
prices, to make room for winter stock.
It. Ol. kUAKtH.
$20,000,000, $20,000,000.
If JG. k$TIUTT0:Y ivCOl
Offer their New and Fresh Teas at
We are now receiving tbe finest line of Teas
we ever opened In this city. Four lloesol
extra- choice
Two Hoe of Good Sweet drawing do do.
GuapowderTea that can't be beat.. Two
Choice Oolong Teas,
One choice Souchong Tea; one good Old Hy
son, and more of that extra Japan.
Fresh Layer Raisins.', i. f. T O
Fresh Box and Drum Figs,
English Currants.
Turkish Prunes.
N. B. Go where you can bny AVi Teat at
the bottom prioea.- We wllL give a sample
of any Tens we have, confident they cannot
, ,,. . be beat In quality and price.
Market St, Drug Store. Yellow Front.
- r :
Ladles' French Kid Button, "JhtrU.".
: do - do do Lace, do
Fine Serge do do
Curat oa Kid Rnttmv , , T, ,., .,
. 7,M
. 6.00
do do Lace
Kid Foxed Serge Top, Button.
do do do Lace
do do do do
do do do do ,
. 3,75
, 3,00
. 20
Fine Serge Lace Galters
do .
do .
do .
do .
Congress Gaiters.
Old Ladles'" Borne. Lace and Congress.
low cut, broad sole.. 2,00
"Old Ladles' " Goat and Kid low Bals,
broad soIe.
Serge Gored Slippers, Heeled-
do . , do - do . - do .
do do do do .
. 1,00
do do do do ,
do do do no heel .
Main and. Market Streets.
Many young men
are so improvident
that they cannot
keep anything but
late hours. - r u
J 3
i 1
Warren, O.
Are Ton Going-Tf est I
If so. take our advice, and pu retime yonr
Tickets over the old reliable and popular
luoirt Pietflr kailrssd, whlcb is posuivetg,
tbe only Line that runs three Dally Express
Trains irom oi. lduu u jvbubm iny anu
tbe W-t! and Is, positively, the only Line
which runs Pullman's Palace sleepers and
fine DayCoalthe(ejperfcijreriorrri)julp.
ped with Miller's eaeiy plutvrm and the
Fatent t-leam Hrsne, frost si. lssis to Kansas
City, Fort Scott, i'arsona, Lawrence, Leaven
worth. Atchison. St. Joseph. Nebraska City.
Council Bluffs, and Omaha, without change I
Forlniormatlon In regard to nine 'rabies,
rates, Ac, to any point in. Missouri, Kansas,
Nebraska, Colorado, Texns or Calllornia.
call opun or address S. H. Thompson. Agent,
Missouri Pacific R. R. Columbus, Ohld, or E.
A. Ford, General Passenger A gen tSU Louis,
Mo. Ao. trouble to aiisuer quettuAi.
March , 1872. ,...;' . . x , TO 0
For Mowing-Machines. . .. . .
Caster Oil, Lard Oil. Crude Mecca OIU
HOYT A fc i EAR,
Teas Retailed .. .
Almost as low as they were before Horace
Greeley went rrasy.- Prices reduced HI to a)
cents a paund July 1st.. Hoyt A Spear, No.
OrrtrtWrrmn aiwim cwaowicxx.1
Wajulxh Ohio, August (1872.
BEANS 12.00 per bushel.
FLOUR a,7j toiOJS
HAY 110
Oats oc
CORN (oldv-Ear S5c; Shelled 65c.
DRIED APPLES 8 to We, - - r H
BUTTER Fresh Roll 12U ;' " ' "
TAIXOW ;S to7 "'
CHEESE Factory 8a lO
HAMS. Country cured Be
KGGl 16
LARD Con utTy rendered. He
PORK $).5Xg5.oO percwU : U' , .
Turkeys live 10c
" dressed 15c
Chickens live 7c
" dressed 10
HIDES Green, W' 07e; calfskins ITA '
Pelts 46,M
Flour white Wh'UOo Syrup,extra75to 1,00
do Amb. Wh'l 9.50 'elder Vinegar . 25
doSpr'gWa't- 8 5". carbon Oil 2435
Buckwheat Hour per Lard OIL 1.M
sack- , junseed Ofll 0
White Lime l.50 BoUed Oil V gal. 95
Bait. XJU short cwt , Lll)
... Umrn Meal, bolted
Rntternertk " Ll9 CWt. 2.00
cur rwt.ul AiiCornMesvl.nnboit.
RiiniHn, riiMwT" lmA Cd CWt 1.5
j Ar. ioii Choo Feed $lm1.75
Sides do do iil!pllMeal ewt.lJM
Sugar, Brown lOtoIlMI " bite Lead .--S.W
.. iutm .. . i Q, Potatoes new -I 70
Sugar, Crushed.
' . . I ... 1 l V.
G.B.Cod Flsh
l do unpealed . 1012S
R Prone. Turkish' Id
White Fish.
la'vlMolasses gl... 75
12k do N.O. Ugal-UUl
t i Maple Syrup,
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
MONDAY EVENING, Aug. 5, 1872.
Flour The market is fairly active
and prices are firm.
. Citv-made XXX white 19.50; XX am
ber 9,00; XX red No 1 I860; X red
No 2$3 00Sfc5; spriDg 7 25aS 00.
Rtb Flour The market is quiet
and steady. We quote $5,50a6,00
Mill i kko Good demand and prices
firm We quote: Shorts $16,00; coarse
Middlings $18,00; second fine; $20,00;
fine $24,00.
WHEAT-Marketdull and no-sales made
at the Board. No. 2 old offered at $1,60,
No. 2 new $1,33 without bids.
Corn Id moderate 'request. Bales 4
ears low mixed held at 50c; high mixed
held at 61a
Oats Quiet at 30c Sale of I car at
that figure. .
Ryu Demand light and few sales.
Prices are standing nominally at 70c
Barlbt Prices are nominal, the de
mand being very light.
Poke Prices are steady with good de
mand. No. I mess $13,00 ; No. 2 do $12,75 ;
extra clear $14,00; extra short clear $15,50.
Lakd The demand is moderate at
9 Jo for city rendered ia kegs; 9o do in
tierces. Country rendered 8a8Jc.
Smoked Meats The market ia very
active and prices are firm. City sugar
cured Hams 16c; do Shoulders 8c; do
breakfast Bacon 9c; Dried Beef 17c ; Beef
Tongues $4,25 per dozen.
Beef Prices are steady and un
changed at $11,00 for Extra mess.
Bctteb Market fairly active, and
choice in good request at 19a20c; - fair to
good 12al6c; Inferior nominal. - '
Chbbhe Quiet with light receipts and
few orders. Dealers are billing priu.e
factory at lOal la
Eggs The demand Is fair and prices
are firm. Fresh are selling at 15c
Ohions New are in lair request at
$3.504.00 per barrel. $L25aL30 per
Oils Dnll and weak. We qnote Lin
seed 88o for Raw and 93o for Boiled in
small job lots. Lard, extra 75a80c
Potatoes The demand for new Is
improving, and prices range from $2 ,25a
2,50 per barrel, according to quantity.
Green Apples Dull at merely nom
inal prices.
Dried Apples The market ia weak
and demand light. Males are backward
at 6a8c for best quality.
Dried Peaches In light request at
nominal prices.
(Beans Prices are steady at $2,00a2,25
good to medium ; $3 ,00a3.50 for hand
Feathers First quality 85900; com
mon 65a"0o per pound.
1 1 Limb White is in good request at 1,30
per barrel. Water is firm and steady.
We qnote: Akron and Oswego $1,80;
Louismile Cement, $1,80.
Brook Cork Market dull and prices
ranging from 5a8o per pound, according
to quality. '
Plaster Land Plaster in good de
mand and selling at a range of $9,50a
10,00 per ton; Calcined riaster ranges at
f2.50a3.00 oer barreL
Salt In trood request and prices firm.
Coarse $1,90, fine $1,90 per bbl. Leader,
New York Live Stock Market.
NEW YORK, August 1.
9,350 or the largest since last April.
Fat cattle are not plenty, and prices are
keptatlSio for a few of the very best.
Medium declined about c The Texas
ottered were of a fair quality and sold at
9ial0c ; poor Illinois at 10c. tbe market
averaging 12c. Sales of 9 cars of fair Tox
ans o( oaoj cwt at 10c ; 4 cars of fair Mis
aourls of 61 cwt at lOallc ; 7 cars of Illi
nois oi Oi cwt at 12o : 10 cars or Kentucky
oT7 cwt at lla!2c ; 6 cars fat Illinois of
74 cwt at 13al3ic The offerings to-day
were 156 cars at Cumminipaw, 107 at
Hundredth street and 41 at W eehawken.
Sheep and Lambs Sheep remain at
51a7c, but lambs are lower, orli iuc
Hogs Receipts to-dav 86 cars, and
27,800 head for the week, against 31,400
the previous week. The uiarkot is less
active and i rices 4alootf. or 6c for ex
treme heavy ; 6Jc for pigs, those of 100
lbs selling at bjc, nee
East Liberty Cattle Market.
PITTSBURG, PA., August 5.
Cattle The market is dull; arrivala
fair. Best $6,50a6,75; stockers f J,Ja4,oo.
Prospects dull.
Sheep Market dull and arrivals fair,
Best $5,6015,80; medium $5,10; common
$4,oua4,50. rrospects auu.
Hon Market bad aud arrivals heavy,
Philadelphia $4,80a4H) ; Yorkers $4,30a
4,50. Prospects slow.
Butter and Cheese Market.
Niv York. Ansr. 5. Butter Dull!
Sales western at lualoo. Cheese Un
settled. Sales at 10al2ic
Cimcikxati. Aug. 5 .Batter Good
demand at full prices for choice at 20a!
' Pitts burou, Aug. 5, Butter Strictly
uriiua is wuw auu v
- . ......... ...... . n r, m t nn i
anote crime backed at 16al8o cJ t; infe
rior dull sale. Cheese The market is
dull and drooping. New York Goshen
oommands llalic; Ohio Factory lOallic;
Dairy 9al0c
[From the Zanesville (Ohio) Courier.]
General Thomas going for Greeley.
From different parts of the country
we hear that Democratic local politi
cians are circulating stories to tue
effect that this prominent Republi
can citizen of Zanesvilie, or that one
bas come out for Ureeley. We sup-
Dose tbe circulation of just such lies
is authorized by the Democratio Ceu
tral Committee, and is in accordance
with tactics to be rigidly followed up
during tbe campaign. J?or that re'
son we arise.
From a half a dozen differentscurcea
we learu that the name of General
Thomas is mouthed about as being for
Ureeley I
Good ! The General is for u reeley I
Understand . us!He ia i going for
Greeley! going for him with all his
might and main. And in order to do
ao in such a manner that he shall be
more likely to fetch him, the General
was among the first to enroll his name
in the Grant Club organized here last
evenine. . . , .
The Dolly Vardens have the story
hot that Gen. Wiles ii also "going
for" Greeley, we nave been asked
whether this is true. The query doubt
less comes in good faith, aud therefore
we reply in good raitn mat it is fui
true. uen. w ues ior ureeley : uo
ahead, gentlemen, if you think you
are gaining anything by this kind of
work. Gen. Wiles is one of i lie tru
est Republicans in the State, and his
name stands among tne nrst oi loose
who have enrolled themselves in the
Central Grant Club, of this county
all of which looks as if the General is
hot aud still a hotten for Greeley !4-
Tow, don't it? - "
.Next ! I
A trood natured traveler fell asleep
a train and was carried a few miles
bevond his destination. 'Prettygood
joke, this, Isn't it ? " said he to a fel
low passenger. "Yes, but a little too
fetched," was the rejolnner.
General Thomas going for Greeley. CAMP, RANDALL & CO.
Retail Price Current, Corrected Weekly,
WARREN OHIO, August 6, 187
Wheat, White , ,,, $
do . Amber- m ,
do No. 1 Red
do 'o. S do
Rye, No. 1.
OO 2..
' Corn, shelled. Ha. 1
do do do 2.
D. W. Camp's Snow Flake, Ky.
White, per barrel ,
tar Mills XX White Michigan do..llV
Western Reserve Mills, pure Amb'r do S.iO
Superior Mills XXX Red do... .W
do XX do
do XX Spring do
Kin Hire do Common do
b. W. Flour do per sack
itye r ioarflo.
. t0
. l.dO
. l.W
. l.SO
. L60
Corn Meal, per hand red
do do bolted do..
Chop Feed. O.AC pure do
do ao common ao
Midlings (fine) do
do (coarse) do
. 1.50
boons uo .
Oil Meal do..
Corn, per bushel old shelle
Salt, Saginaw per bbl..
do York State, do
do F. F. D. do
do New Lisbon-
White Lime Der bbl.
. lju
. 20
Lou lsvl 1 le Cemen t
Water Cement do - 2J
The above prices will be suhjee to fluctua
tions with other markets, always aiming to
pay the highest price for grain, and sell as
cheap as the cheapest. Remember tbe place,
next door to McLaln's Shoe Store, In room
formerly occupied by Trumbull Nat. Bank.
API our goods warranted aa represented.
Gome and see os. A liberal deduction al
lowed to parties that bur large quantities.
Ta AHarleu Overlaal AH Sail Stmts ts
Lawrence, Wilson,
Topeka, Bunker Hill,
Wamego, Fossil,
Manhattan, Hays,
Junction City, Ellis,
Abilene, Wallace,
Solomon, Carson.
Ballna, Denver.
Central City,
Colerses Ssriaas
Idaho Springs,
Plaits villa,
Bait Lake City,
Hrookviiie, tieorgeiown,
Golden City,
And all Points
Kansas, Colorado, the Territories
lilies tbe Shortest Line from TTsniss
City to Denver. . ,
Miles tbe Shortest Line to Pueblo,
Trinidad. Santa Fe. and all points In
iew juexico and Artsona.
Tbe Great BItcfi are all Bridged.
Only Line running cars through without
change from tbe Missouri River to Denver.
Only line running Pullman Palace Cars to
Only lice upon which you can see the
Don't fall to take a trip through Kansas,
and view the great advantages uttered for a
Everybody In search of health or pleasure
should msks an excursion over the Kansas
Pacific Railway.
Close connections made In fnlon Depot
at Kansas City and Leavenworth, with all
trains to and from tbe East, North and
Sooth. KDM'D S. BOWEN, Gen. Supt.
Uen. Ticket and Pass. Agent.
July 31, l7i-lyr
Oity, 3VIo.
jjThe undersigned has been duly appoin
ted and quatided as Executor on the estate
of Samuel Ferguson, dee d, late of Trumbull
county, umo.
Liberty Jnly 24, ISTWt
the supervision of Mr. J. F. Bacon, will
bi opened August 3j, lHTi, In tbe Academy
at Gustavus Center. Mr. B. will be happy
to meet as many of the aspiring yoang men
and women as may think proper to avail
themselves of such educational advan
asesasare usually sought la an Academy
r Normal SchooL. lJulyl7-6l
Ladies ! Ladies I Ladies!
125 per week In CSfiTand expenses found
will be paid to any lady who will engage
with us at once. Important to every wo
man. Address
DR. A. B. COULTER, Charlotte, Mich.
Aug. 7-4t
Springs & Axles,
b vaa y woods complete
Saddles andTrnnks
II All. NESS, tScc.,
at mi otD
InJySl.lSTi ' '
Tvust Xlocolvod
29, 29, 29, 29,
Autumn Styles,
The Slate ol Ohio, Trumbull County, as,
Wilson Boyd.) In the Court ol Commoa
vs. Pleas.
Lacstta Boyd j
Tbe said Wtlsoa Boyd haa Hied tn said
Court, bis iMtltioa for a divorce from said
Luce Ua Boyd, epoa the ground of wlilfu
absence lot more than three years. The
eause will be for hearing at any time after
six weeks from June 10, 172.
Atty's for Plt'ff.
Jnly 10, 187MC
"rrXETT-2TIXE OUT OF every
J. 1 hundred are Ignorant of tbe fact
luat Drags and Medlolnsaare adulterated
to an amaslDg extent, end yet nearly
every oae is aware that things taken In
to tbe system for the aurpoa of eradica
ting disease sbooid M free from all Im
purities. For goods of partly, and full
strength, go to
7 2r. o. rose,
City Drug Btore,eaat aloe Mala street,
Warren. Ohio. .- (June 14-Ut
JA. Notice Is hereby given, that a petlUon
will be D resented to toe Commiseioners of
Trumball connty at their aext session, to
be held on the first Mexday ef September.
A. D. l"2, praying that the eaet and ?M
center road may be re-aorveyed, commen
cing at the Intersection ef said road with
the Trumbull and Aahtabila Turnpike
Road, (so called) at the viliaae ef Bristol.
and running east to the tow a uw road be
tween Bristol and Meecswand establish the
width of said center road to afty leet.
July 7.172-4t
Western Reserve Seminary
TIES this year. The rail term of is weeks
opens August IJth. Tuition M.0O to Sx.iiU
per quarter. Club Board from $IJO to ti,W.
Board In families from tV to ti.0. Supe
rior advantages effered those desiring les
sons in Instrumental Music for informa
tion address
Q. W. BEATTY, Prln.
July S4-St West Farmington.
Are sow receiving their stock of
Comprising an extensive assortment of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Including many novelties of the season la
And a fall line ef
all of which have been purchased at
and will be sold on as fltvorable terms, and
at prices aa 1
than can be foaad at any bouse la this city.
A careful examination of tbe
qyAJJTKS aid
Al 1HB
We are recelvlag a large stock of
At the New York Store salted u the wants
of the people consisting la part of
Crockery, Glassware, &c,
la these days we have a good deal of talk
about higher prices for goods those whet
wish to buy their goods cheap are invited tm
call at the Niv York Store and beeonnneeo
uubt prises are ao aigaer, wiut us.
t-All kinds of country prod see taxed 1
exchange for Cash and Goods.
Wanes. Ou AJPT. 27. 1871
m pi
3 5

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