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Traveler's Regiiter.
" A ft ! W R. B ,
Train leave Warren ma follow :
' riKsr Class t.8 a m ; 8:07 m 1 12:53
a m ; 1:17 p m ; 6:18 p m.
Second class &00 p m ; 10:32 p m.
Fibst Class &57 a m ; 9:9 a m ;
p m; -wxs p m.
Second Class 2:45 a m ; 11:55 a m.
Train arrive at Baeonsbnra. Mtollowi
Eastward Mall at 10:10. a. m.; Accommo
dation 7;1 p. m. Weetward Mall L-) pjo
AeoommodaUun, 7;4a. a. m. Train at :
n m .
Bun Hill Eastward arrive at 10: Si, a-m.
&0I) p. m. Westward Mall 12: S8 p. Ae
eommodaUou 7-L a. m. Train a M ;-
Eastward Train leave Warren aa follow:
-fci. a. ni., a. n-; a-au, p. n-; a. p. m.
Westward Train leave Warren aa follow:
&!, p. n; to, a. lw, p. m- KHfc m.
AocostwoBATioir. Leave Warren at 6:25
a ii !rri vim at Plttab-rzh at ttt a.
Returning North, the Aacommodatlon
leave Plttaburgu at 4:34, p. a-4 arriving
J.. n n m.
Eiraata-Going Sooth, leave Warren
few. a. m4 arriving at Plttabo'h at 1,10 p.
Returning It leaves niMDon" i.vw,-. m.
arrlvlnc at Warren at 11:24. a. in.
FaaisHT. Leave Warren all, p. m- ar
riving at Young town at 6, p. m. tiding
Norm It leave arren at :, a. nu; ar-
rive at Mortn Brutoi at ixi. p. m. ,
Leave Kile at h!;U a.m arrlT at Leaonia
at ll:S a. mal New Lisbon at lxrW n.n
No. 8 leaves Nile attaup. arrive at
Letonla at Itu6 p. nu at New LUboa at fccti
p. m. Train leave New Libon at SS
ro and fct a. n: train arriving at Nile at
4.-45. p. m ; and 7:fl a. eonneetlng then
with train on the Mahoning Plvlatoa.
Kails Close at the Warm Port Office
. as Follow! J
Sew York City and point But, di
rect, sneciai poucu.
Way wa A G. W. Ry -
, 8:17.
I .... n 1 1 k)alnhla ftndlBt.
7. All p - ch.wai It-Ill
Warren to Sharon. (Stage) lil&p. m
Cleveland, and point west oU
els. eaM -kLTs. R-y -7:Ja- m. p,m.
War A. S. W. By hi. p. m.
Way, Kii ! K'y-
Stag to refferon.O-
!: p. ra
We have received the Bpring atyle
ofSilk Hata. Also, newBtyle in Men's,
Yooth' and Boy' aita. - Come and see
them, and tell as what yon think of oar
916.00 suite. Be sure you are right, then
mak tout purchase for cash.
Adams 4 Co.
The chronicle.
WEvb1T. JILT . 187.
The HIch street naTement was fin
Isbed last week.
Farmers have oommenoed their bar'
rest work. Grain is reported as yield
ing well this season.
Out thank are do Mr. Thoa. Chin
rjock, of Champion, for some delicious
berrie of the mulberry variety.
On Sunday evening there was a re
markable ehaoxe in the temperature of
the atmosphere. An overcoat or
: bright fire were comfortable.
Tbe Colorado potato bng oontinue
to grow Cat and lazy in this section, so
lazy in fact, that he la liable to stay
with us for some time.
A certificate of incorporation of the
Hubbard Barings Bank, of Hubbard,
wa flliul with th RjwrAtarv nf Stat Jane
. Kessrs. a G. -Sutliff and B. F.
Camp, of this place, have this week gone
Into the floor and feed business ia
Sharon, Pa. We wish them saooess.
A contract has been closed with the
A. T- l T Tt Tt riw tha Poet Orflaa De
partment, far the carrying of mails. It
will go into effect on the 15th lost.
We are pained to learn that Mrs.
Warren, wife of Rev. R. M. Warren,
formerly pastor of the it. E. Chnrrb of
thia.plaoe, and now at Jameetown, . Yn
is so seriously 111 that her recovery is
beyond hope.
- Mr. B. Bogers, of Vienna, Informs
us that on the third of July, he weighed
two lambs from his flock, ope weighing
ninety-four, and the other one honored
and six ponnda. They were from a full
blood Cot wold ram, and grada ewe, the
oldest lamb being three months and five
days old.
' A brakesman on a freight train on
the A. ft G. W. R, B. was killed st Johns,
ton Summit, this county, on yesterdsy
morning. Sis train had stopped on a
aide track to allow the express train west
to pass. Haying some time to watt, be
sat down upon the main track, and It ia
apposed fell asleep, and was struck by
th express, we ua not learn nu name.
"Old Bin," Whose faithful bead has
bees daily heard upon oar streets
through the heat of twelve summers,
and the storms of as many winters, bid
farewell to cats and bay on Sunday
morning last and baa gooe where all
good horses go. Keeks mourns, and
will not be comforted except, like Job,
bis last stock is made op.
The most interesting shooting tour
nament of the season came off last
Thursday at the grounds of the Buckeye
dob of this city. The dsy was fine and
the crowd was large, and all Interest
ed. The prizes were awarded aa fol
low : W. G. Turner, Sharon, Pa, 1L
Thoa. Brown, Toongatown, 2nd. J. W.
Farrar, Cleveland, ftrd. B.O. Swindler,
Hiles, 4th. - -
Those of our subscriber who have
been receiving the Cssomou at the
Warren Post-offloe, are required, by the
new postal laws to psy postage upon the
same, viz t Flye cents for each three
months. Those of our readers who de
cline to comply with this requirement
of the law, can receive their papers at
the office of publication, by calling for
the same on and after Wedneeday of
each week."'
We bar received a letter dated
Fairplay, Park Co, Colorado, and bear
ing the signature of CapL E. Stine, who
says he formerly resided in Soatkington,
this county, bat has been absent 16
years- He expects to visit Ohio this
JUL The writer ssys he live "right ia
the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 12000
feet above .the eea level." Aa be says
his relatives .think he is dead, we refer
to the letter in order that they may know
be still liveth and kicketh.
- a ooupio oi petty onrgianee are re
ported a having oooorred on Wednes
day night of last week. The resldenc
of Mr. T. K. Hall, on llaboning Ave.
nne, was entered through a window.
A shawl was gone the next morning.
The same night Gen. R. W. Batliff's
dwelling, on Basettaatreet. was burglar
ized, the thieves stealing basket of
eggs which the General bad brought
borne the evening pre vioua.
A man named Thomas Richard was
drowned near Kiles, last Ssturdsy even
Ing. Ha, ia company with three com
(anions were boat riding on the Mahon
lng. Richards in trying to pass from one
end of the boat to the other, capsized it,
the three falling into the water. It is
believed the party waa intoxicated, as
hie eompanionc were powerless to give
the drowning men any assistance. The
body was recovered Snndsy even
ing, having been in the water about
twenty-four bocrs.
The Fourth in Warren.
The fourth of July, 7S dawned In
city Just as It has for many years past.
Long before the son appears above
horizon, the air is filled with smoke,
reeonnds with the explosion of every
riety of firearm, and the wrath of cynic
al Individuals at the authors of their
ken sleep. A fine programme bad been
prepared for an "Old Fashioned Celebra'
tlon." The first item was thirteen gnns
at sunrise ; whether the parties in charge
of the matter construed sunrise with
meridian high th of old Sol, we are an
able to say, but it was late in the morn'
ing before the air resounded with the re
port of the cannon. The next was
grand parade. At 10 o'olock the proces
sion formed on Market street in the fol
lowing order : Warren Cornet Band,
cupying the beautiful band chariot be
longing to Dana's Institute, I. N. Daw
Don steamer with boee cart, Kiles Mar
tial band and Neptune Fire Company
No. 2. The ba od was composed of some
of the youth of the city whose agee
ranged from fifteen to seventeen. They
plsyed extremely well for their years
and practioe, and won considerable
praise from their hearer. Theateamer,
drawn by four powerful gray horses,
and carrying the engineer, fireman and
driver, waa tastefully decorated. Af
ter the steamer came the hose cart,
drawn by the company, who were onl
formed in their fatigue dress. The
Kiles Martial band wss the next In or
der. The music by this band was of the
stirring, patriotic sort, and they filled
Dlaoeonthe nroBramme that no other
music could. The Neptune Fire engine
trimmed with evergreens, was drawn
by four horses. After marching through
the principal streets, the procession pro
ceeded to the park where the oration and
other exercise were to have taken
place, but was adjourned until 2 o'clock
on account of the threatening shower.
The afternoon meeting was called to
order by the President of the dsy, Judge
C E. Glidden : the exercises were opened
with prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. N. P.
Bailey. The Declaration of In
dependence was read by Judge
A. Yeoman a, and lastly came
the oration by T. J. McLain, jr. (The
oration will be published In our next
issue, not having sufficient space in this
week's paper.) It was a fine effort and
well delivered.
The next item was the boat race, on
the Mahoning, for a purse of ten dollars.
Three hosts were entered, the coarse to be
from the machine shop up the river one
half mile, around the a take ant back.
The race did not savor of much excite
ment, being won easily by C A. Kessar,
who pulled a light "scolL"
At three o'clock, came the foot raoc.
by far the most laughable diversion of
the dsy. The oourse.waa around the
park, dlstanoe about one half a mile, a
"single dash free to all," for a pane of
ten dollar. , After come trouble in
keeping the crowd back, the contes
tant were started, the Marshal riding
ahead, and clearing the way. The race
was won by a young man named Mar
tin, prize five dollars ; the second best
was Mosier, prize three dollars ; the
third, Stewart, prize two dollars. Some
colored gentlemen in the crowd were
confided t that they coald oat run their
white brethren In every respect. Accor
dingly a puree of five dollars was
raised. The fanny feature of this race
was coming down the "home stretch'
one of the contestants wss well ahead.
when a rival, by an extra exertion, ehot
ahead. This incident excited the laugh
ing powers of the crowd considerably,
and the ha! he's! that filled the air show
ed that the risabiUties of the people
were uncommonly moved. The first
prize was .taken by Soott ; the second
by Armes.
The crowd In town was quite large
considering the fact that the day was ob
served on all aide of us ; but it seems
everybody waited for the fire-works, for
daring the evening the streets were filled
with vehicles coming from every ave
nue leading into the city.
The display came off on the west aide
of the river, giving the crowd a fine op
portunity to witness them from the east
bank, and the bridge.
For the smooth manner in which ev
erything connected with the display
went off, the people are Indebted to
Messrs. MeNutt, Dray and Darling.
This display ended the programme and
the festivities of the day. It was most
remarkable that during the whole dsy
not a runaway occurred, as the air was
filled with a continuous flz, bang and
crack of fire crackers, torpedoes, horse
pistols, and yells of pain from unfortu
nate urchins who bit the wrong end of a
cigar or stepped, bare footed, upon a
warm fire cracker. But no one enjoyed
It more than "Young America." It ia
his only dsy In the year when be can
lawfully burn powder, salt-petre and
sulphur, to bis heart's content. For an
old fashioned celebration the day was a
success, bat Judging from the facet of the
hucksters, and keepers of lunch stands.
It was for them a failure.
The Shipler Case—Correction.
In the report cf the Shipler matter las
week our reporter was In error In ssyt
lng that "the Prosecuting Attorney be
ing oi the opinion that only a case Of
manslaughter could be established, the
prisoner waived an examination," eta.
The prosecutor gave no opinion aa to the
grade Of crime that could be established
against Shipler, nor had any opinion
which be. may have entertained any
connection with the waiving of the ex
amination by the defendant, -
Editob Chbokiclx : Mr. Thomas,
only son of John B. Millican, of Gusts-
voa, while passing through our neigh
borhood en last Saturday, was thrown
irom nis none and badly hart, xle la
now at Mr. W. W. Cowdry's, receiving
all the oar that willing hands can ad
minister. A few evening since the Mecca Band
stopped in front of th residence of J. W,
Dyson and played some of their choic
est piece, which brought J. W. to the
front with hat in one hand and the
Cbbohicu In the other. He thanked
them In an appreciative manner for the
compliment paid him, and again, the
band played as bat few bat the Mecca
boys can play. J. W. D.
On Sunday night, 21st ulL, at
about 11 o'clock, several lawless persons
coming towards Warren on the Youngs
town road, when opposite the residences
of Messrs Jacob Grove and Amos Dun
ap, discharged shot guns toward the
booses, one load struck the transom win
dow over Mr. Grove's hall door, break
ing the glass, some of the shot lodging
near the top of the ball stairs. The load
fired st Dnnlsp's house, penetrated , the
window of a chamber where a lady waa
sleeping, but fortunately did not go in
direction of the bed.
The annual catalogue of Felton A
Blgelow's Union Business College of
Cleveland, a copy of which we have Just
received, should be in the hands of every
young man who reads this article. While
we hsve long known this College to be
the leadLig Business School in Ohio
and one of the largest and very best in
this country, we must eonfess to consid
erable surprise, upon learning of Its
present size and popularity. No doubt
the large n amber of young men and wo
men who have received their bnainees
training there, were attracted to the Col
lege by the thoroughness of the course
of study an d the superiority of tha instructors.
Mayor's Court.
Business before the Mayor's
was unusually lively last Saturday
morning. To the notion of a certain
class of people the only way loobserve
the Fourth is to get gloriously drank,
consequently the demand for stlmu
lanta was good, as was also business
for the police. The first disturber
was Patrick Downs, drank and
Patrick plead guilty
charges, and was let off after paying
$6,70, the sum total of fine and costs.
Jas. Latimer, for same cause
above, plead not gulty, was tried
F. E. Leiby payed In $7,65 for prlvi
lege of drinking patriotlo whisky,
and was discharged.
Edward Hayes, same cause, fined
$5 and costs, with privilege of leaving
Michael Flnan plead guilty,
the bill for his spree amounted
Just $6.25.
T. Vantaasel, drunk, plead guilty,
Bill $3.15, stands committed until
George Fulton, of a quarrelsome
disposition, will have bla hearing
July 7th.
Patrick Barry, used his fighting
powers to bad advantage, cost him-
ln the aggregate $6.00 ; stands com.
In addition to the above, there were
several others whose time of hearl
has not been set
S. S., Fourth—Institute—Church Repairs.
Editor Chronicle ; The Sabbath
Schools of Hartford, one from the cen
ter, one from Burg Kill, and one
from Orangeville, assembled on the
Fourth at Mrs. Austin's grove for a
basket picnic Fifteen buggies and
wagons went from the Center, and
more I think from each of the other
schools. A martial band from near
Sharpsyille and a brass band from
Greene were present, and each gave
us very fine music. A short address
was made by Kev. J. B. Davison on
"Fun In its lelatlons to the Fourth."
After this the crowd scattered to their
abundant supplies of cakes, pies, Ac.
Merry groups filled the grove eating,
talking, and rejoicing. Moet excel
lent order was preserved, excepting
that two young men had been drink
ing something that made them silly.
After dinner we had two stiring ad
dresses, Kev. D. H. Higbee urged
the duty of love to the country, and
celebration of thj Fourth in order to
cherish that love. .Lawyer Jones,
from Youngstown, oeing present was
called to the stand, and with eloquent
impromptu words portrayed the first
historical Fourth, and the blessings
growing out of the words and deeds of
those noma men., in tne eve at
Orangeville square there was a sac
eessfull baloon ascension, and a fine
display oi nre works.
Sabbath eve the 29 ulL. the Sabbath
school at the center bad a concert,
It was mainly a review of the life of
Joseph. With this exercise were con
nected appropriate aingiDg and reci
The nroenects of our Academio In
stitute are brightening. Two teachers
from Austinburg, most highly rec-
comended by trrol. Tuckerman, whom
they nave been assisting for some
time at Grand River Institute, have
taken tne school for the coming year,
with a determination, and fair pros
pect of bringing it up to higher suc
cess than . heretofore. The teachers
are Mr. PJ D. Dodge and Miss Hat-
tie Lilnn. The school will commence
Aug. 19. There seems to be a deter
mination to persevere in the work of
furnishing at this point a first class
education. If the people combine
with the unanimity that seems now
probable, success is sure.
The Methodist church at the Cen
ter has long been dreary and cold, but
it is now being thoroughly repaired.
The gallery baa been removed, also
tne windows, it is being rentted in
beautiful modern style. Success to
all who thus beautify the town, es
pecially to those who Improve places
or religious worsnip.
July 7th, JS73. J. B.
Editor Chronicle : Southlngton
"lives and moves." On Wednesday
evening, July 2, our streets were
thronged with children small and
great, children young and old, gath
ered from the four corners of the
township, and from other townships,
because it had been said, a few days
previous, that the H. E. Sabbath
School would give a concert enter
A few minutes before eight o'clock
the seats in the M. E. Church were
well .filled. Seven teachers were
present with their classes ready for
duty, also a number of individual
performers, (one original oration.)
The exercises opened with a "greet
ing song." Prayer was offered by the
pastor, and then the good things were
brought in without delay or compul
sion. For more than two hours mor
sel after morsel was swallowed with
increasing appetite. Muslo served ns
well to soak our crusts and wash
down the dry bits.
Some of our every day food was bo
richly dressed and well seasoned that
it received tne nearry applause or aiL
The complimentary expressions that
passed between guests alter tne least,
ed us to think that tha host and hos
tess were very fortunate as well as
Judging from the compliments
passed, this Sunday School Concert
must have been very nearly a "Per
fect access." The educated bave
called it a grand entertainment, and
of some of the speakers it has been
said graduates could not bave done
better. Parent hears swalled within
them to see their sons and daughters
do so nobly, and it has been hinted
that husbands were heard to say of
occasion and appeared upon the ros
trum, tnat tney looKeu "as gooa ss
new." Tne audience was nt pleas
ed and then imnressed. This was the
first Sunday School concert ever held
in Southlngton and as the first it can
be said "well done." 'mere is room
however for improvement, and one
thing among others that ought to be
whispered ia that the class of gray
haired boys and girls who sit in the
"amen corner" snouid oe represented
In the next concert.
Our school ia much larger, It Is said
than ever before, numbering all told
about one hundred and twenty. We
have been using the "lesson leaves"
since April last and are very much
interested In them. Much credit due
officers teachers and scholars. But
The best of ail Is God is with us."
J. H. M.
Wood's Household Magazine for July
is ahead of any previous number, and
when we consider its usual standard ex
cellence, this is rare praise indeed. It is
houteMotd, not only in aoate bat in eAar
aeter, and its table of contents shows a
wonderful adaptation of articles to the
individual members of the family circle.
"Sim's Little Girl," a temperance story
by Mary Hartwell, " Weather-too gh
Block," by Karl Kaae, "How The Vow
is Kept," by H. V. Osborne, "Luna
tic at Larire." bv Bev. F. W. Holland
and "The Declaration of Independence,"
by J. AS- wakeiey, u. v., are among the
more noticeable articles. The Children's
Deparment is crowded full, and contain
a Doem. in baby talk, which without
doubt, will be very acceptable to the lit
tle ones. The price of the magazine is
one dollar a vear. Address,
Wood's Househodd Macazihb,
Newburgh, N. Y.
orderly. to
Editor Chronicle: Being pre
sent at the Annual Commencement
of Western Reserve Seminnry, I send
you a notice of the same. I do so the
more readily, because I feel certain
that yon will not refuse an oppor
tunity to enlighten the community
upon the ever Interesting and mo
mentous subject of education.
This time-honored institution
yet In vigorous and successful opera
tion, aa was abundantly shown by
the many and graceful orations of the
day. The Western Reserve, though
called a Seminary, really possesses
university powers, having a charter
that is not surpassed in the State;
and the Phllomathean Society an
adjunct of the school, produces annu
ally some of the best orations of the
time. The flourishing condition
this valuable auxiliary to the cause
shown In its financial exhibit as also
in Its oratorical display, the mem
bers furnishinir the orations for
the occasion, and the treasury
handsome present for the retiring
rancipai. rror. lieattv. wno has
occupied the highest chair in the
Institution for the past two years and
given entire satisfaction, now retires
to other fields of labor, and is suc
ceeded by Prof. Reeve, a graduate of
mount union ana a gentleman of
superior mental ability, under whose
care we leei assured tne well earned
laurels of Western Reserve will not
be permitted to fade.
isy the tenor of some of the orations
we were induced to believe that the
science of Geology was a favorite
study with the students here at this
time. Upon inquiry we found that
such was the case, and that the num
Der and variety of geological speci
mens necessary for the successful
prosecution of that proftnd and
manly investigation, were not ex
ceeded, if indeed equalled, in any
school in the country. The laboratory
is iurnisuea aisowitn extensive appa
ratus for experimenting in Natural
Philosophy and for the study of As.
Of the orations all were so good
would seem invidious to distinguish.
out we were paiucuiany interested
by one from Mr. J. M. Crouch, en
titled " Science and Revelation." It
was evident that the original mind of
me youtmui speaKer bad taken hold
of the great question of the day with
an Herculean erasD. and we nredict
for him a prominent place In the
records of the future.
The moral atmosDhere nervadln?
this institution is moet encouraging.
and aiiurds to the Christian parent
who may send a pupil to it, a guaran
tee that such will be benefitted, not
oniy as regaras mental improvement,
but also in the cultivation of tho
attributes of heart and character that
make men and women valuable to
Bociety, an honor to their friends, and
meet oi an, louowers oi tne blessed
Savior. Quite a number of students
during- the pasfe year have declared
themselves on the side of Christianity
by becoming members of the Church:
and the students' prayer meeting held
weekly and conducted by themselves
is one oi me most interesting and
moraiiy proataoie regulations oi col
lege life.
The meeting of the Alumni Asso
ciation in tne evening was large and
interesting. Feeling proud of and
grateful to their " Alma Mater " the
members voted a prize to be awarded
to superior merit at the next com
mencement. This annual award is to
be enhanced In value on each succeed
ing year as the members of the asso
ciation increase in number. All
honor to whom honor is due.
June 26, 1S73. An Observer.
Council Proceedings.
WARREN, June 30th, 1873.
Adjourned regular meeting of Council1
Present, Messrs. Hoyt, Jameson, Smith
Truesdell and Wheatley. Minutes o'
previous meetings were read and ap
proved. The following bills were or
dered paid :
P. Dougherty, lamp-lighting for June....
120 00
I. N. Dawson, salary to July 1st 1S73
1S7 SO
E. W. Hoyt, salary to July 1st, 1673 25 00
J. W. Brooks, salary to July 1st.
1873 75 00
Henry Parker, trimming trees on
public grounds 100
Levi Gas It ill, work cleaning Pa.
4 O. Canal 16 50
W. N. A W. F. Porter, stationery.
tc, to April 10, 1S73 8 65
Wm. Ritezell, Printing to Jnne 18,
1873 20 50
A petition for numbering bouses, and
for posting the names of all streets at the
corners, was referred to the committee
on ordinances with instruction to report
an ordinance In accordance with the
prayer of the petitioners. On motion,
the City Engineer was instructed to es
tablish the grade of the street south of
the iron bridge on Main street to the
City limits. The assessment of dama
ges by the committee, for the sewer on
Monroe street, was confirmed. Ayes,
Messrs. Hoyt, Jameson, Smith, Trues.
dell and Wheatley. Kays none. Mr
Jameson was appointed a committee to
purchase lumber for cross and side
walks. The committee on streets were
authorised to have constructed all nec
essary cross-walks. On motion ad
journed to Saturday night, July 6th
1873. ;
E. W. HOYT, City Clerk.
Every Class of Customers.
Can be accomodated at the Btar Q&llerv.
Bo yoo want a picture suitable for framing.
anywnere oeiween an vxiv to zzxst oo
there, the only place In this city where large
work la done exclusively withla them
selves. Would you like an Ambrotype
suitable for framing, at a low flgnre T Go
there. Do you want card Photograph of
tnennesi muse irom re-ionenea negatives!
Go thera. Do you want a Kood ordinary
card picture at a lee price T Go there. Do
ou want a iew cneap Don ions r uo mere.
lave voa pictures you desire to have
copied, enlarged and nnlsned in Ink or
coior? Go there. Do you want to be dealt
with In a fair square way f Jiv ail meant oo
Otere. No. I River block, over Trumbull
Nat. Bank. . W. B. PEARSON, Operator.
Wanted t
09 men and 20 teams to work on the
Paineavill. A Youngstown R. between
Farmlngton and bViutnington. for which
tbe highest wage will be paid.
j my a. lota-iw. J.
For Sale.
A House and Lot for sale, on Main fit-
Baeonsbarg, Ohio.
jaiy -- un. tr. w. asAnAU.
Oas XXX, O- Jnne 28, 1873.
RrmbUtvmtof TrumtbrnU County .We would
respectfully offer the name of CapL, R. C.
RICE, for County Auditor, subject to the
action of the Nominating Convention.
hoping that his record as a soldlerand citi
zen may meet with your favorable coaaid-
eration. citizens of trreene.
W. Lattih, Dakiki, Shite.
Q. W. iTAKttl-QTOM. ,
Sever Did,
Neither do I snorjose I ever shall boast of
making better Ukeneuem than my neigh
bors, but the public will please bearlnmlnd
tbat Ukenen means one thmg and picture
mean quit another, and while It la derira
bie that the wo qualities should be happily
combined In a photograph lo production,
the majority of people at the present day
are bettor prepared te Judge of the Wcenea
than or the workmanihtp. Hence It la we
hear persona speak of a certain pet picture
In their possession, "It is natural as life,"
while It may be. and often la, decidedly In
ferior In point of execution, ao that to cov
er the entire eld the business means some
thing more than a mere tembianee of the
human face. It mean posing, lighting, a
proper rendering of lights and shades, with
certain views for certain faces to correspond
to, and the proper development of certain
characteristics belonging to those individu
als ana no one eise. -i o poee a ciown in
mlnlsterlai position and aurround
witn dooks, paper, ., or to make
dent appear aa the clown by improper sur
roundings, would be decidedly bad as a
work of art, wnllethe expression of the face
might be perfectly natural. It Is hoped that
none will fail to see that there la beauty in
the art, and that It require a vast amount
of study and experience to make firH-ciat$
went. I Invite now, aa I have ever done, a
comparison between my every day work and
that made at first-class Galleries In large
dues, and respectfully submit the verdict,
I BICE Artist.
Threshing Machine for Sale.
No. t4 Separator, MasalUon, 8 horse
power ; in good running order.
June IS-tow (J. A. McC LEERY,
Fowler. O,
The Only Remedy.
Those who suffer from foul breath are
open to the charge of carelessness. It la
offence that can be apeedlly abated, aa
Ingle bottle of the fragrant Sosodont wlU
unmistakably accomplish the work.
toilet table shonld be without It. It wlU
preserve and keep the teeth white, and the
uieuku pure ana aweet.
8pa Hiding's Glue, who would be without
Thirty Tears' Experience of an old
Mrs. Wlnslow' Soothing Byrup Is the
prescription of one of the best Female Phy
sician and Nurse in tbe United Stateaand
has been nsed for thirty year with never
falling safety and success by millions
mothers and children, from the feeble In
fant of one week old to the adnlt. It cor
rects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind
colic, regulate the bowels, and give rest,
health and comfort to mother and child.
We believe It to be the Best and Surest
Remedy in the World in all eases of ywn
tery and Diarrhira In children, whether
arises from Teething or from any other
cause. Full directions for using will ac
company each bottle. None Gennine un
less the fac-slmlleor CURTIS PERKINS
Is on theontslde wrapper. Bold by all Medi
cine Dealers. . July S-lyr.
A first class Cook, to cook in a Restau
rant. Steady employment and good wa
ge. Also, a good boy to wait in dining
room. Apply at or address
Main Street, Warren, Ohio. July X. "73 tw
f 50 Reward.
Lost on tbe 16th or 17th of June, 1S72, three
Bonds of the Northern Pacific Railroad, ore
of $lwu, and one of foOO, and one of f 100.
coupon au on out nos. i, a, ana t oi eaco
Bond. Lost within five miles of Vernon
center. The above reward will be paid on
their return to rxaiaa Clara, vernon.
July 2, 1873-itt. KALSA C'L AKK.
One, Two, Three lit ,
King on Main Street has been making
some important cnanges in nis watcn de
partment. He now keep three watch ma
kers at woik and ha experienced work
men, and la prepared to do all kind of
watch rerjainne on the shortest notice.
Any person having watches that have giv
en .hem trouble can have them properly
aoctorea at oig ru. I, jaaui eireew
July z. , fw
For Sale.
A stock of Dry Goods. Groceries. Boot it
snoes; all new. Jjoing a gooa Business, in
quire ai n. W.TUHA&H.
jupnopouimiB. inunDou unia.
July 3, 1873-Sl'
Children often look Pale and Sick
From no other cause than having worm
In tbe stomach. Brown' Vermifuge Com
flu wlU destroy Worm withoot Injury to
tne cniia, oeing penecuy wnue, ana rree
from all coloring or other Injurious Ingre
dients usually nsea in worm pre pa rations.
tUrtns s nuuaii, proprietors.
No. 215 Fulton Street. New York.
Bold bv Druggist and ChemUtund deal
ers in Medicine at ueni a .box.
July s-lyr .
2 Cakes
Palm Soap
for H,0(- at Alii son' Drug
One Dollar ' .
Young Hyson Tea can be had for SO cents.
at Allison a Drug store.
4ct9., 4cls., 4clS., Acts.,
For Laundry Soap, at Allison's
Try that 4c t. Soap
At Allison' Drug Btore.
William Hap food
Keen at the Allison store, the lamest and
t k H HWU Oh"... Ul 11M , JK"K'
and Ladle and Gents ShtuUicr Brace ever
In the city of Warren.
Corpse Preservers.
Truesdell A Townsend bave Taylor
Corpse Preservers, by mean of which
bodies can be kept any lengtn oi time in
the warmest weatner. i.une & tu
White Shirts.
A. I. Frank, of the Buffalo, Square Deal
iz One Price Store, mas.es all styles of
w nite amrt to oraer.
Hachine Poetry.
Oh, come into the garden. Maud,
And ait beneath the roses,
And aee me put on heavy style.
Dressed In my bran new clothe.
Oh, cornel bring your brother, Maud,
our uncles and your aunts.
And tell them where I got my coat,
My Jacket and my pant.
A.I. Frank, he frame oat
In stylish gear all over:
And now don't yoa think, my sugar
You've a handaome,-well dreaaed loverf
And everybody else will be well-dressed
ho purchase their Cloth In at the Bufialo.
one race store oia.1. ranK, stain su
Deeliue In Wheat.
Owing to the decline in wheat we have re-
duced the price of floor one dollar perl bar-
rei on an graae, see price iifc.
june.ie. liALr a rwvr uaaa
Fairban-'f Standard Scales.'
Mew na-ter-s. Over 300 modifications.
Size adapted to all uses. Court of Justice
have decided them to be the Standard
Scales. JOHN JOHN8TON, Ag't,
Mam St- Baoonsburg, O.
June 18, lS73-6mo
To all Interested In Horses. .
Messrs. Park A Patch, of Market street.
t, In u f .u. tr .-) ,hnl. aol. on A tall
large Quantity of fixtures for the cure and
help of diseased and Injured horses. They
have every kind of a Pad or fixture known
to the trade, consisting of article aeldom
seen except in tne largest cities.
J on -,-im i-Aim. st rAXCii.
Ecal Bargain
For all who are In want of Clothlng.Hata.
Cap and Furnishing Good, don't forget
tne place, on -tain at- waere you win uua
Does the Business
White Helebore and Whale Oil Soan. for
Currant worm and slugs, on Rose b -she.
t or bale at bliAAlMO.N 'U Drug Utore.
It will be to vonr Interest to call at tha
store of 8. ltt hryst 4Co in Warren, before
you dispose or your wooL Don't fall to
give them a call. Jnne A
Quick Sales and Small ProHU"
Is the motto of the New York Clothing
House. D. M. LAZAKU8.
Miracle I
Bull A Meaae are selling Boots and Shoes
aa cneap a tney aaveruse.
If you Want
A nice fitting Boot orShoe call at
hull a ausAaicu.
The World Wasn't
Made in one day. neither is a pair of One
French calf sewed boots for 111, bat two days
will do lb Leave your oraer at
The best
Hemlock Sole for 30 cents, and cornelian
calf for I2,(n, best, at HULL A MEASE'S.
Go to Mrs. Messer's "j
" For Hats, Bonnets, snd all kind of ladles
maey gooaa, - -
Money Can be Sated
By purchasing your Clothing, fbr Men and
Boy, at tne New York Clothing House.
Ir ft A ri1
US. '
Good and substantial made Clothing vou
can ueav uujr Ul v. aa, ia-uuo.
A Card.
We scarcely deem it necessary to contra
dict the many false and libelous statement
made by certain lying Agents, in reference
to the "failure of the Cli pper Oo." for the
refutation of these Agents are so well
known In this community that their false-
.. ... II nw ki.1. n I
they are obliged to resort to any meaa to
sell their old style, heavy arafl, and Acrst
killing machine; made fifteen year ago.
The fact show for themselves. We are
receiving and selling the Clipper aa usual.
and hope to be able to supply all who may
want tills -via neiiaoie m en inc.- w e guar
antee to furnish all and everybody with a
mac tune wno win leave tneir oraer now.
and can furnish REPAIRS at a moment's
notice. PARK at PAICH.
June 18, isra.
To Kansas and Colorado !
During tbe summer aeason of 1873, the
Missouri Pacific Railroad will sell Excur
sion Tickets from St. Louis to Denver and
return, at very low rates of (are. and a rare
opportunity is thereby offered, for lovers of
nature to view tne Deauue oi txMoraao
and enjoy thedellghtful scenery and health
Inspiring climate of th Park of the Rocky
Kansas, with It broad and fertile plain.
directly on the route, and together with
all the other Western State and Territo
ries, is reacbed by the Missouri Pacific and
lis connections.
The Texas connection of this road ss now
eomnleted. and Daasengers are offered a
Orst-elaas all rail route from St. Louis to
Texas, either over the Missouri, Kansas A
Texas R. R.. via. SedaliA. or over the Allan-
tlo A Pacific R. K via Vlnlta. For map,
time taDie. information a to rate, routes,
Ac, we refer our reader to 8. H. Thompson,
Eastern Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ohio,
E. A. Ford. General Passenger Agent, SL
Louis, Mo. Questions will bt cketruily and
promptly antwend.
The old Headquarter.
For Paints and Painter's
In addition to the Immense stock of Paint
In (tore and on the way. I have Just opened
we nnest toca oi
Paint and Varnish Brushes
ever opened In Warren, all Whit Stock,
and aa large a 8-10.
Paris White & White Glue,
MARSALES GREJ2N, for the Blinds; the
only green that will not fade.
White Load
ia large kegs, just In. All kind of
OILS, Aa., in great variety.
Mixed Paint, beautiful shades. Just what
you want for the bed-room.
Go in and see Btratton' stock before closing
for your bill of Paints, and take a look at
hi splendid (lock of
VitiUJus, ail onerea very low, at
N. B. Buy Boyer' Cholera Receipt for
Poultry and Stock. It will aave many a
One hog or chicken ure cure.
Attention Farmers.
B. R. Cbryat dr Co. are always clad to meet
you at tueir store in w arren auu rt lies, to
agree upon a satisfactory cash prioe for your
surptua rors, neei, ma, felt, xauow.
Butter, Egga, Ac.
N. B. Don't forget to examine our nice
line of superior Groceries before you leave.
ana u yoa are in neea oi any we wouia ne
happy to wait upon yoa at any and all
times, at a low prices aa any other estab
lishment in either city, duality of good
considered. We still adhere to our old mot
to. Live and Let Live dec. 4.
The Household Panacea ,
And Family Liniment. I the best remedy
in tne weria ior tne loiiowmg complaints,
via: Cramp In the Limb and Stomach.
rain m tnemomaco. tsoweis.orsiae.unea.
matlsm In all its form. Billion Colic, Neu
ralgia, Dysentery, Colds. Fresh Wound.
Burns. Sore Throat, Spinal Complaints,
Sprain and Bruises, Chills and Fever. For
Internal and External us.
Its operation 1 not only to relieve the
patient, but entirely remove the cause of
the complaint. It penetrates and pervades
system, restoring healthy action
tae otootL
purely Vegeta-
to all parts, and quickening the blood.
The Household Panacea Is
ble and all Heaunz. Prepared by
lUKllt) tl BltUWK,
No. 215 Fulton St- New York.
. For sale by all urugit. July -lr
Four Cent Soap
Five Cent Soap,
Six Cent Soap,
Seven Cent Soap,
Eight Cent Soap,
ig Cent Soap, at
STRATTON'S Drug Store.
Will bring money next falL Bave them
from theColoradoes by using Paris Green.
At biaii(A s auuaet su, Drugstore,
Tomato Plants
Bweet Potato Plant.
caooage riant.
Leave order with
HOYT, 8PEAR A Co. No 5. Vain t
Attention, Farmers t
We have on hand about twentv-flv tons
of middlings, which we will sell during this
month In lot of 1,000 lbs. or over at t-S per
ton. now is your ume to Day.
Just Received
Two ear load Louisville and Akron
merit, fresh Irom tbe works, at
LA-trat tULXU&UL. B.
Accidents !
Insure against accidents In the Accident
Inauranoe Company of Hartford, Conn.
CaHh Assets one million de-ors. Apply to
WHITTLESEy. ADAMr1. Agent, Warren.
Ohio, (oct.27-tL
We offer
Ladv'a Eld Glove at II
pair, ehean at
GU-NL-U-'LNUilri at BRO.
Millinery Goods
Of all description, and in all th latest
sty lea, at tun i-cf ua z u o.
Howe and Singer,
Old and reliable sewing Machine on the
beat of terms al..B. 1 jler's.I-ia. ii -tain St-
warren, unio.
12 Pwelllng Houses
For sale. Mostly new. in the village of
rtuea. for terms, c, enquire or
June IL 1S78. 3m
Wblte Lead,
Linseed Oil, Brushes, at low fleures.
im L. T : 1 in.
V a . ox r.i . a, v
Spring- Styles
Of Millinery, latest and best, at
at-. At rnr.- o.
Dress Goods. .
Our stock of Dress Goods is complete, and
price very low. UCNLEFL-UER A BRO.
Good Lire Arents Wanted
To sell the two best Sewing Machines
made. Apply to or audreaa N. B. Tyler, No.
auo ob.. w arru . uum,
Wanted! -
The most liberal Inducements offered to I
good reliable Agents, to sell Hewing Ma-
cmnea. Appiy tort. B. Tyler, ao, Main
o. warren, unto.
Tbe Best Sewing Machines r
Made, eaa be bought In large or1 mall
quantities of N. B. Tyler, No. J Main Sk,
wanvn, ujuo.
HoOD Skirts.
Agents Wanted
In everv town In Porta-re. TrnmbnTL Ma-
honing and Columbiana oountlea, to sell
the Original Howe Sewing Machine Im
proved. Adores n.-t, tyicr, no. -tain si
The Orirlnal
Howe Sewing Machine Improved,ean only
oi W. u. lyier, or nis Agents.
be obtained
A large stock always on hand at No. S Mala
st, warren, unio.
New tyleJustrec'd at
If Ton Want .
Arrow. Aegrette. Bonnets. Barbe. Bor
ders, Bustle, Braids, Combs, Coiffure,
cnignona, caps, curls, crape, -laiaiea, iwlg-
Fringe, Frizzes, Gimp, Hata, Hair, Infanta
1 1 1 1.. I ..t . l"n ir.MnA. It n.
ties, K'orraand'y Caps, Nets, Oxydlzed Oraa-
ments. Ostrich Feathers, Orange Blossoms,
Pomrjona. Pendant. Rl boons. KuaecRuchw.
Switches. Satin. Silk. Taffeta. Tarlelon.
Turquoise SUk, uncut Velvet, Veils, Velour
wreatna, w u-ga, ana every ming eise.
call at sua, js. rui i -u m uul d.
Oar Best Tea
I still the best sold In Wsrren. It can't
be beat. If you don't beileve It .try one
pound and be convinced.
xlu 1 zx, or an m u.
Emigration Tnrning. Cheap Farms
In sooth-west milsonrl.
The Atlantic a Pacific Railroad Company
offers luu.lWO acres of land la Central and
Booth west Missouri, at from 13 to 111 per
acre, on aeven years time, wltn Ire trana-
portotion irom st. ixkii to an purcnasera.
Climate, soli, timber, mineral wealth.
schools, churcqea and law-abiding society
lnvsteemlgranta fro l all points to this land
of fruit and Mowers. For particulars ad
dress, A Tuck, Land Commissioner, St,
lOuia, -to.
Ornr Wmia mgtavrwKJSrcT..l
- V ... w , v wm
WOOL 40 45 """"" '
BEANS tt 00 to 225 per bush aL '
FLOURs.7S to i(US
HAY 1&Y18
OATS ,( s
OORN(old)-KarS5e; Shelled Me.
BUTTER Freeh Roll IS
CHEESJB Factory 10 all
HA Ma Country cured lOto lie
LARD-country rendered,! to e N
PORjf fcxaa pere
POTATOES 0 to 750 .' '
Turkeys live I0e.
dreased UK
Chicken live 8 to 10c
" dreaaed 10
HIDES Green , 07 Je; calf skin 10
- AaM.W
rniiinn, arrscaxumoca.
nour wniie wn-wiirfxiEgie per do
c TvZ, i'V !2rTOP'etr .KMOL00
fiv t-ui . ...... wvu'i in trr v niwu
Buckwheat flour per carbon Oil
sack - , IS Lard oil 90 to
wane iiinm ii i LdDgeed OU
Butter per"
Beef, imea
do Country aa i'
Bide do do 14
Sugar, Brown, 10to--Sugar,
Coffee,- , ViA,
Snicar, Crushed.
G-B.Cod Finn
White Flail
Cheese Hi
Lard 12U
vanaiea, a auow to
do BKsartne
dc Star ,
iW! Boiled OU gal.
a JjCorn M,
2 e-rI
1 4 Corn MesL nnbolt-
Chop Feed
oil Meal ewt 1.80
iwniieeaa s,w
Potatoes SO to 100
Peaches, peal'd
'Prune, Turkish-. UH
Molasse V gat
Hn I), m
Maple Syrup. IJS
Cleveland Wholesale Market.
MONDAY, June 30.
Flour The demand oontlnues fairly
active and prices are firm,
Citv made XXX White S10.00: XX
amber $9.00: XX red No 1 (3.50 1 Xred
.No 1W,50.
Wheat Prices firm. No red winter
held at 11,53. No 2 red winter 1 car at
-Cork Market steady. Hale of 4 cars
low mixed held at 45c; High mixed at
4tc Cars on track 4r(44c
Oats Firm. No 1 Stale held at 41o
No 2 do at 39c.
Rtb Prices are standing- nominally
at 75c for No 3 State, and 80S5c for No
Barlxt The market is steady and
demand fair ; held at ct)ca$l,00 fov West
ern, and prime Canada.
Smoked Meats Prices are active in cer
tain quarters. We quote : City suirar-
eured llama, canvassed, over Id ns,
14c; under IS lbs, llaloc ; do Shoul
ders, 9c; do Breakfast Bacon, llallio
Dried Beef, sugar cured, lac Beef
Tomrues. S6.00 ter dozen. Canvassed
meats ia higher. Country cured hams
nominal at laljc; do oho aiders tsai c
Bacon 9al0c
Lard We quote at 01 10c. for city
rendered in ketrs 91(al9ic do in tierces.
Country rendered 8o In tierces, and 8ic
In kegs.
BnrTEJt Market stiil active and pri
ces nrm at the late advance. We quote:
strictly cnoiceltub at 18a20a in lots with
about the same figures by single packa
ges'; good to prime at 15al6c ; inferior
qualities at 10al2o. with good inquiry
ior tnese grades.
Cbkbbb The market ia moderate
ly active bnt weak. New factory fail
cream selling at lOalOJc, ss to quantity.
bkimmea auu ana nominal.
Eoos In fair request, and unchanged
We quote fresh at loo. in crates and
in Darreis. at loc
Oils Prices of Linseed are firm and
high. -We- quote: Job lots at 93()99c
ior itaw ana i.ua for uouoa.
Potatoes Movement steady, stock
err light and prices weaker to-day
reaoh ttlow. prime northern Ohio sel
ling from store at Sl.75al.80. Western
at S1.40aL60. Car lota of Northern Ohio
on track, Sl,-0aLS ; Western and mixed
lots nominal.
Dried Peaches Dull and market
weak. Prime un peeled at 8adjc ; peeled
at l4aioc
Dried Apples Fair inonirv and sel
ling at 3a4c in large lots, and 5c in a
smaU way.
lime w nite is in good request at 1,50
per barrel. Water ia firm and steady.
w e quote: Akron and Uswego f 1.90 :
Louisville Cement. 11.90.
x'LAster Land riaater m good de
mand and selling at a range of $9, 50a
10.00. per ton: Calcined Plaster ranges at
,oua3,uu per carrel.
Salt The inquiry is steadily active
and prices are firm. We quote: Fine
per bbl S1.B5 ; Coarse, diamond V 280 lbs
12, 40 : Ground solar 338 lbe 12.88 Dairy
salt per bbl (2,60; do i bbl 81,45 do 28-
10 lb Dagss3,aa; do tso-o- id bags; ss,w,
Ash ton peraack leaner.
New York Live Stock Market.
NEW YORK, July 8.
The prices tor native steers ranged at
1012o. Texansat7110c The trans
actions include 15 car loads of Illinois
steers, 61M81 cwt average, at I0f (ai2c:
4 cars, 6i cwt, at lOjc ; 6 cars, S cwt. at
lie. 4 cars. 7 cwt, st 111 (2 12c: 8 car. 61
cwt, at lie-12 cars Missouri cattle, 7 cwt
at lie: 8 car, bi ewt at IMailo : Stars.
6i cwt, at 10ic ; 6 cars Texsna, 6 cwt at
ao ; s cars, ot ewt at 8ic ; s cars, 5 cwt,
at 7Jc
dhkep Takd Lambs The demand
was better and a large business was
done at 4aoe for sheep and 7al0 for wes
tern and Canada lambs; beat state and
Jersey lambs st 11c. snd a few choice
aheeo at 5i5Jc The sales Include S cars
unio sneep, i. ma average, at 4is4jc ;
6 cars, 96 lbs. at 5a5i.
Swing Quoted nominally at 5ia&ie
for live. City dressed are in fair de
mand at baoc.
Pittsburgh Live Stock Market.
Cattt.s Some dealers assert that at
the first of the week cattle sold lower
than st any time since 1862. Good cattle
are hardly in supply aa wanted, and of
course ware more reaauy sola than com
mon stufZ, Following are the rates cur-
n, . I.- , 1 Jl Ul . , rnn I k.
1C1I.1 1,,UV M A. lUhi UUO auu
smooth, V35 ; extra 1,300 lbs. & ; prime
L-uu ids. so,7ao.uu : lair liuu id. So,oa
Hooa Tbe supply fully up to tbe de
mand, and market steady at the follow-
ins: rates: Extra Philadelnbia 14.85:
prime Philadelphia Ji,75; prime Yorkers
dhekp Market slow and prioes very
low. Feeling; anything bat encouraging,
and trade winds up at the following
rates: .uxors luo ma, nne wool, w, prime
90 to 95 lbs. t4.50a4.75: prime 80 to 65 lbs.
For Sale.
GotoMeConnelPs - '
For Ioe Cream. Boda Water and Lemon-
ce. -
I have two houses and lots which I wlU
ell on very reasonable terms. Possession
given immediately. If desired.
All Shades
Of Sash Ribbons, beat qaal'.ty, 11,00 per
yaru,at Ai-a. usejt s.
Iflco Fresh ; . ' " V
Raisins, Prunes, Peaches and Cherries, I
just received at -t-jyt, spear x co.'a.
Stj our
Oranges and Lemons. Hoyt, Spear 4 Co.
Big Stock of Sugars
H. Waldeck has re-opened hi Ice Cream
Parlor. Call and try th i favorite luxury.
Ice Cream.
Fine flavor, everr da--, at tf Walttork1. I
Take Kotlce.
On and after tbe Id dav of Jnne. n ntll the
15th of October. H. Waldeck will sell hla
nne ice cream, various flavor, at the low
Price of two dollar per gallon, at the City
The Supreme Court of this State. In
case originating at Cincinnati, and
Involving the question of the right of
Boards of .Education to either nrnhlh-
or require tha reading el the Bible
the public Schools, has decided
the Boards have full discretion to al
low or prohibit religious instruction.
New York will have no more Snndsy
beer drinking. By a late decision of the
Excise Board, Sunday Jnly, 13th is the
set spart for enforcing the law. The
Board with all doe leniency for the peo
gave them a few days of grace, pend
ing which time they can it in their con
cert garden and "guzzle" to their stom
achs content.
Retail Price Current. Corrected Weekly
. r , .Wuixi Ohio, July S
Wheat. Wbi
no Amoer ,
do No.lBed.
do No, J do
By, No. 1
V ba 11
Corn, shelled. No. 1
do do do J.
. iiurai,
W. Camrj'a Snow Flake, Ky. '
White per '
M IVglKMia
Star Kills XX White ichlgan do
I Western Reserve Mills, pure Amb'r do
I superior Jill la XX A ited o-
AUantia do XX
do do
Empire ' do Common do
B. W. Flour do.
Rye Flour do
per sack
Corn Ueal, per hundred
ao do ooitea nn .
Chop Feed. O. AC. pur do
do do Common do
"ii" "g. (One) do-
da rrR do...
Shorts do .,
Oil Meal do-
Corn, par bushel old shelle
Salt, 8aglnaw per bbi
ao i ore Htat, do
do F. F. D. do
- do New Lisbon..
do ho - New Lisbon .
White Lime per bbl
Louisville Cement-.
- S5
Water Cement do.
Th above price will be snbjecttofluctua-
tlons with other markets, always aiming
ljr mi. uijuct, " - .., uia
cheap asthe cheapest. Remember the place.
next anor to sici in-s ooe Biore, in room
formerly occupied by Trumbull Nat. Bank-
All oar gooaa warraniea aa represented.
Come and aee us. A liberal deduction al
lowed to paxtlea that buy large quantiuea.
(Sacceaaors to Hoyt & Spear.)
No. 5 Main Street,
Also RED-TOP and
The best assortment cf Garden Seeds in.
- - : . . . .
Good Goods ! Low Prices ! I
- . - Ivemember tha PIaosw -
No. 5 Main Street.
r.8beldou O. Morford, PitTf-vs. Joseph
ciarey, jfert. seiore manes r itcn , jw x'-
aunainan townsnip. Trumbull county, u.
On the eleventh dav of Jnne. lars. said
Justice Issued an order of attachment In I
this action for the sum of tblrty-etght and I
83-100 dollars; and said eanae la set for hear- I
ing on me aecona any or Auguat, vsi, at I
ten o oioca in tae rorenoon or mat day, .
Kinsman, O- Joue 26. 18TWI
Self-Fastening and Adjustable
Make tbe most perfect aprtng-bed rn use.
t to i dozen in a aet. They are com plete la
fcii-i sives, ana can ne applied in a lew
momenta to any slat bed-stead. J. FLI.N .V.
Patentee and Manufacturer, Cor. S. Water
and Champlains St.. Cleveland, Ohio. i
Eastern Branch 218 A. 2nd SCFQiladelphia,
. . u a A h.
Thaae Spectacles are manufactured from
M-I.at. I V..t.l Pal' niMll 1 --,-11,. I
er. and are called Diamond on a-eo-at of
tneir narunesa ana brilliancy.
They are ground with great acleatlfle ae-
euraey,ar free from chroaiatle aberration.
and produce a brightness and diatincu ies
of vision not before attained In spectaclea.
jiaawacn-ea on w opencsr wneat A tanm
fachmring Co., yew York. For aale by respon
sible agents In every city In tbe Union.
Jeweler and Ontlclana. are Sole Aaenta
ior r arren. uaio. irom wnom tnev can
only be obtained. No peddlers employed.
Oo not buy a pair unless yoo see the trade
mark. May 7, IsTO-lyr.
McBertj & UlcCormacla
Proprietors the dow town -
Announce to the publle that their new
establishemnt la now In operation and
applied with the beat machinery,
' and are prepared to fill orders for
SASH, D0QE3,;:,. ' .
And also House Furnish in Material, annta I
and hemlock lumber. -c. A. ;. - 1
No pain a will be spared to give our ens J
tomers enure sauai-ctloaw rr
1 T- 1 'I
We r manu-tcturinx a full line of goods, I
We will not be undersold for the
Same Qcalitj of Goods.
Everything In cor line, not on hand, will be
Feet of Walnut Lumber Wanted.
CALL J.3D look at ocs goods.
Mala 8t Warren O Ju. L5.1S7
f ' I . ( I
4th. of 'July.
... . - 1
On and after the above
date we will offer our entire
stock of Spring and Summer
Cflothing, Cloths, fiats, &c- at
percent REDUCTION.
"This-'is HTJMBTJG imt
an effort to close out the
above stock to make room for
new stock for autximn trde.
J. goldsteix & s6x
Curtl3'lron Beam, $12C0.
New York Preninia, $10,00:
J. LongVNo. 4, $9,00.
xo-asr Points 7So
Y. & P. POINTS?; 75c.
; i r
CTJITTIS 65 Cents.
11AND-SII)ES,75 Cts.
East Side of Cain St,
April 30, 1873-tf
LI aOOO Rolls Of Sf-W Wall Pana-a -.
eelved. and several th-nnH t.
Also, Shades. Paper Curtains, Futures, Tas
sels, Hollands, Picture Cords. JJo charge
for Trimming Paper.
Feb.. IS. W.jr.POBTEH.
AaT, luw-Boi mm, CLiTr-i-is, a.
b. mecoaiMELL. M. D.. r,.n.
T va-a aa-ti-aiUthhnu-i ma. b. -
-iinii-ii.ita-aa,---v-f ma
-A20- ': '
... A ,
JIM J 1!1L.
i i
"iTv . linn i- $
Maia zni Harket ; Streets,
Marble .Works.
Manufacturer of Italian
and Amertoaa Marble
mrnitur. Slabs, c, tc I
ean alee- furnish Scotch and
American. .
Qranlte) Monuments,
rift Vi raw ..-. i ww
- k ' i"ve, Aw.urs
T 4 St septn hand or made tour
fcL r rdeTnorttab3iiatofco-itoni-
APSL WAl4,..nlJ. (
T " WMtSllCA wsivs
StluD OD LlbrtT ALrwt nn
door oaUi- oXKlxst 'aUuiiai
Coal and Slack.' SeUvered te any part tt
the city at the lowest eurrent rate.
OrTloe on west side of Main
nortn of Mahoning Depot. Also .agents for
MM, . i,m tt nujh oa ir A-i U J LU. .
St-Sd door
w-Ternn Caah on Delr-yery.
FabL lsrx ....
Of Wall Paper and Borders of all styles
..., . . .ADAMS' Bookstore '

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