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The Mahoning dispatch. (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio) 1877-1968, October 02, 1908, Image 7

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A Serious
The young woman -with tBe tlp tllted
nose surreyed the young man with a
perfect expression
of gad sweetness
1 cant believe
a word of what
you say you
know she said
Well I like
that exclaimed
the young man
reproachfully Id
Hko to know why
If I were Tike
some men I might
understand but
But of course
you are different
the young woman
He eyed her
narrowly but her
expression of
childlike inno
cence did not wa
Of course 1
am he affirmed
stoutly Thats
what Ive been
trying to Impress
upon you all
these months Jf
youve learned as
much as that Im
encouraged You
wont believe me
Just because you
are contrary If
youd stop to
think youd rea
lize that my re
marks are not In
the least
There You Anyone
with good eyesight would admit that
you aro the prettiest sweetest
There you go again- Interrupted
the young woman resignedly
The young man considered her for
A moment with his head on one side
I havo it he said at last You
lake this attitude Just to lead me on
and make mo say moro You like to
Irear mo say such things and it is just
your clovor femlnlno way of dragging
moro of them out of me Tell mo Isnt
that so
Jimmle said the pretty girl In
what seomed like frank admiration
how did you find me out I never
thought for a minute youd learn my
secret Now that youvo discovered
me I suppose there is an end of it
Youll never say nice things to me
Again Its going to bo hard
You dont doservo that I should
admitted tho young man severely
But Im frightfully weak minded and
I dont believe I can help doing It Ive
cot into tho habit you know nnd
when I look at you the remarks Just
cpmo without any volition on my part
I strugglo ngalnst it
Yes Ivo noticed you struggling
ald tho young woman And Its an
entertaining spectacle
Im glad you And mo entertaining
atd tho young man thankfully
Thats at least a start for mo Think
-what a hnppy homo you could havo
with a vlllngo cut up llko mysolf in It
as tho illuminating star Think of
that and then consider your cruel re
fusal of my heart and hand I
What exclaimed tho girl with tho
tip tilted noso How on earth did I
lot anything llko that escape my no
tice Did you actually proposo to me
Jimmlo when I wasnt paying atten
Youll loso something good somo
sday by being so absent minded
prophesied the young man Wqb I
proposing to you My goodnoss girl
what havo I been doing the last hour
it not that Did you think I wbb chat
ting about a new crochet stitch or the
fcest way to mako good bread
Well I wasnt suro admitted tho
lrl I never am perfectly sure JuBt
what you do mean So it seems safer
as a rule to think that whatever it is
you say you dont mean It
I never meant anything more in ray
life Insisted the young man
Possibly not said tho young
Still that doesnt prove any
thing either Why It I were to bu
JIovo you and get all excited and In
terested over tho fact that you seemed
-to be asking me to marry you it is ten
to one the conversation would turn- out
-to be an advertisement for a new
breakfast food You see I know you
loo well Jimmle
Cant you be serious asked the
young man forlornly
The young woman rested her chin
Jn one baud and surreyed him for a
tnomenU Im every bit as serious as
you are she said at last
Say this isnt a Joke he added
known all along that I was
head and heels
Ive known nothing of the sort
ibroke in the pretty girl sternly fluf
fing out her pompadour Did you sup-
pose I was sitting up nights wonder-
Jng what your intentions were Did
you suppose I was worrying for fear
J was going to lose you
Not if you have average human in
telligence said the young man In
-that case you have rested in peace for
y eeks knowing you had me cinched
WatJm Interested m discovering Is
whLt yon are going to do with me
Hoi t viu arent going to try to get
jilpag wl heut me are you
The gii and the young man gazed
Jong and v mostly into one anothers
ayes Hers fell first
To tell the truth Jimmle she ad
mitted I dont believe I could
Chicago Dally News
Not the Reason
Perhaps dolefully suggested the
-rejected suitor your refusal of mo
-was prompted merely by the fact that
J am a vegetarian-
Your inference is quite erroneous
replied the Boston girl As a matter
aof fact I invariably prefer herbivorous
ito carnivorous animals
Mljjht Come to Texas
If you continue as you are doing
now how In the world do you expept
get into heaven
I dont expect to not in the
orld Hquston Ppst
Scheme by Which State Provides
Cheap Protection to Settlers
Consul General John P Bray of Mel
bourne reports thai the government of
the Australian state of Victoria Is
about to undertake the experiment of
state insurance in connection with the
houses of settlers which the govern
ment has erected on a scheme by
which repayments by the occupants
are extended over long periods
It is estimated that the settlers will
have to pay the government for the
state insurance of the houses what Is
equal to an annual premium of not
much more than one fourth per cent
upon the value of the property where
as if companies did the Insuring the
men would according to departmen
tal estimates have to pay at the rate
of between one half per cent and one
per cent The government has al
ready accepted the responsibility for
the 250 houses which have either been
erected or are being built The houses
are wooden and many of them are
situated In localities where the fire
fighting machinery is not of the most
modern type The companies offered
to Insure the places at premiums vary
ing from 265 to 425 allowing ten
per cent discount This would have
cost the 250 settlers the price of about
two houses a year
The government program provides
for tho building of 500 new houses
within the next two years This will
bring the total number up to 760
houses According to the departmen
tal ostlmates if the government were
to accept tho Insurance companies
terms it would cover the cost of six
houses a year In insuring this num
ber The government hopes instead
to charge the settlers less than would
the companies yet establish a sub
stantial fund from which to meet all
8herlock Holmes Picks Out the Va
cationists and Labels Them
Sherlock Holmes seated on tho
board walk languidly injected a pint
of cocaine Into his sunburnt arm
My dear Watson said tho detect
ive let us beguile an hour by picking
out the occupations of these vacation
ists In their cheap white flannels they
all think they look llko millionaires
but ha ha what a delusion
There goes a waiter Walters aro to
bo told by tho size of their feet and
tho Boft careful way thoy set them
Tho man in the Imitation Panama
hat is a tanner His clear and ruddy
complexion gives him away Tho tan
ning trade Imparts to tho fnco a pe
culiarly healthy look Why shouldnt
It What Is good for dead skins must
bo good for living ones
Sho is a cook tho stout scarlet
lady getting weighed Her Are of
course gavo her that unmistakable
color but it was not tho eating of
food that made her so fat No cooks
havo notoriously poor appetites It
was tho inhalation that filled her out
Cooks Inhalo their fat That Is cheap
er for tho mistress Isnt it
Tho little thin chap In tho largo
bathing suit Is a groom All good
grooms are small and bowlcggod and
they all wear tight trousers and are
partial to brown
Do you seo my dear Watson tho
stately man whose overtures tho girl
In white Just repulsed Well ho is
an actor Tho muscles in his face
show It Actor you know by tho
continual practlco of expression de
velop faco muscles as marked as tho
arm muscles of a baseball pitcher
Where the Octopus Abounds
Tho rocky coast of Brittany said
a llfo guard abounds In octopus
tho plcuvro ns they say down thero
Walk a Breton beach at low tide
the beach or St Lunalro for Instance
and you will easily find in a half
mile a score or moro of porfect cut
tlefish of thoso friable whlto bones
that birds love
Thoy are from six inches to a foot
or more In length snowy and very
prettily shaped they mako nlco ash
trays Tho peasants gather thom for
bird food for ash trays and also I
believe for cigarette cases
They are bones of tho octopus
and their abundance is a convincing
proof of the octopus In thoso rock
strewn waters of France Minne
apolis Journal
More Important
Ah Mrs Newcomb said the up
pish Mrs Subbubs my many social
duties have prevented me from calling
upon you ns I should However I will
surely return your visit somo day
Oh that doesnt matter much
replied Mrs Newcomb promptly but
I do wish youd return tho groceries
youve borrowed from time to time
Catholic Standard and Times
Asked to Stay In
In Changsha the other day all tho
foreigners received a communication
from the Taotal requesting them to
remain within their own doors for a
period of four days as a religious fes
tival was in progress and tho Taotal
could not hold himself responsible for
the safety of foreigners who would
venture among the crowds Hong
kong Dally Press
How to Fish
On many occasions one might im
agine the fish saying to the anglers
Take me while I am in the humor
but thoy take no notice of it and
often attempt the feat when they are
not It Is little use trying to catch
fish either in the sea or fresh water
when they are not In the bumor to
bite Fishing Gazette
Stomach troubles would more quickly
disappear if the idea of troaUaR the
oauBe rather than the etfect would
come into uractlce A tiny inside
hidden nerve bays Dr Shoop governs
and gives strength to the stomach A
branch also goes to the heart and one
to the kidneys When these lnBlde
nerves fall then the organs must fal
ter Dr Snoops Restorative 1b direct
ed specifically to these falling nerves
Within 48 hours after starting the Re
storative treatment patients soy they
realize a gain Sold by F A Morris
Pati onlze Die pat oh advertisers
fct xL i
mSffiintfeWwtifam T wssm
XT - a J
Words Engraved on Silver Dollar
to her and she began showing me the
relics herself I recognized some of
the uniforms and spurs that the gen
eral had worn at Fredericksburg
where I was stationed very near him
and when Mrs Grant opened tho cabi
net in which they were placed she
confirmed my recognition She then
showed me souvenirs of he generals
trip abroad in which there were gifts
from 19 different countries
When she had shown me these
things I was about to leave but I
thought I would tell her of my wish to
see the general so I said Mrs Grant
did you know that no one has ever had
such a grieved heart at not seeing
Gen Grant as I I am going to see the
Boys la Blue soon and I wished to
see the general and take back a mes
sage directly from him
When she heard that I was going
to camp Grant she told me to wait a
minute went upstairs and then came
down again with the words The gen
oral wants to see yju upstairs
So overcome v as I at the thought
that I was to see my commander after
all that I could hardly climb the
stairs but at last I was ushered Into
ii i i
There wilt be wide variety In the styles In college boys this fall says the
current Issue of a fashion Journal The prevailing college student style how
ever will show coats worn to the knees with five or six vents and cuffs to the
elbows Cuffs wilt also be worn on the trousers the object being to expose
the calf of the leg from the knee down affording a cunning little peek at the
garter Stripes wriggles and spots will constitute the modest patterns Green
and pale lavender hats with trimming In the back and floppy brims turning
up and down back and sideways will be popular to cover the collegiate craiv
It Was Given Comrade Holbrook for
the Doys In Blue
Tell them I love them as ray own
children and they aro engraven on my
That was Gen Grants last message
to his Boys In Blue and it la
stamped in tho memory of a Dorches
ter man says the Boston Globe Noth
ing but death can effaco it for It was
to this Grand Army veteran that tho
beloved hero of tho country gavo tho
words from his bedside during his last
A J Holbrook tho retlied postmas
ter of tho Muttnpan branch of tho Bos
ton post office who lives at his old
homestead at tho corner of Dorches
ter avenue and Fuller street Ashmont
is tho person to whom tho message
was given
That it may survive forever ho has
had It cut in tho back of a silver dol
lar of tho date or 1885 when tho Inter
view took placo and this medal is tho
most treasured possession of tho old
man Ho would not pari with tho me
mento ho declares for many thou
sands of dollars
Mr Holbrook saw tho general in
Now York shortly befofo his death
when in tho metropolis In referenco to
tho publication of a history of Grants
llfo In which ho was interested Ho
tells of his visit to tho general as fol
I went up from tho hotel to Sixty-
fourth street whero tho general had
his homo at tho time and was ushered
Into tho waiting room where I was
rocolvcd by Col Fred Grant who
much to my dismay said Im sorry
you cant seo tho general to day as ho
Is vory sick and the doctor has given
orders that no one can see Win
I expressed my great sorrow but
inndo tho best of It and nsked to seo
the souvenirs that had been presented
lo the stato by tho general and Col
Brant was pleased to extend this
courtesy to mo as soon as somo call
ers upon Mrs Grant had been dls
Mrs Grant was in the back parlor
tnd when wo came iu I was introduced
1- I 1 - V
r 68 StL l2
the generals room where he was ly
ing In bed and was taken to a chair
close to him
Calling me Comrade Holbrook he
asked mo how I had served and
where When he found that I was
under Gen Isaac I Stevens ho
laughed and then went to telling anec
dotes in which Stevens figured when
he and tho general were West Point
cadets Ho told me how Stevens had
had the nickname of Two eyed Ste
vens fixed firmly upon him In an ad
venture when the boys were outside
the academy without leave one night
and had attended a colored meeting
where tho negro preacher had an
nounced tho text as from tho one eye
chapter of two eyed John
Tho general also showed mo tho
manuscript uf his memoirs which ho
said ho had written himself although
thero were some people who hail tried
to make It appear that it was not tho
generals own work
Then I asked tho general If ho had
no message to give mo to take to tho
encampment of tho boys at which he
took me by both hands raised himself
in bed and then with a sob in his
voice snld
Tell them and then ho broko
down Tell them I loo them as my
own children nnd that they aro en
graved on my lieartl
This Man Has Prepared Monuments
for Himself and Wife
Tho contemplation of ouos last rest
ing placo Is not nn agrccablo pastlmo
for tho normal human being Ho pre
fers to prepare himself for llfo rather
than death
This Is not tho caso with John S
Cook n prosperous farmer of Nowton
county Georgia who has Just com
pleted at a cost of 1800 monuments
to himself and wife nnd a walled tomb
In which their bodies are to bo placed
after death Mr Cook has taken great
delight In tho work nnd goes out to
tho cemetery frequently to contem
plate tho shafts Each shaft bears an
appropriate Inscription tho dato of
death only being left blank
Mr Cook is related to prominent
families In tho section in which ho
lives Ho has soernl married chil
dren and he and his wife nro living all
nlono in their little homo in Coving
ton Ho Is a member of tho Primitive
Baptist and also of tho Missionary
Baptist church
A Cowboys Breakfast
T B Sweet a Topeka capitalist
stopped at Abilene in tho early days
at the best hotel In tho city relates
tho Kansas City Journal He asked for
his breakfast The waiters took no
special notice of his appearance or
at least did not guess that his appe
tite was different from the average
Give me somo eggs said Mr
Sweet and waited
In a little while the waitress came
back In a bowl she had a full dozen
eggs all hard boiled
Sweet gasped and ate what he
could protesting that she had brought
him too many and that he didnt
just know how bnrd boiled eggs would
strike him for his first meal of the
Why thats a regular cowboys
breakfast responded the waitress
Poisonous Nettles of the Tropics
In the tropical regions there are
nettles far more powerful than that -of
our own country
The one called Urtlca stlmulans
which is found in Java and that called
Laportea crenulata found In Hindu
stan when bruised emit an efflvlum
which poisonously affects the ey js and
mouth and It handled produce con
vulsions and serious swelling and pain
in the arms which may last for three
or four weeks and In some cases cause
Scandinavian Dinner Custom
A strange custom obtains in Norway
Sweden and Denmark At dinner par
ties it the guests are not evenly
matched as re0ards numbers It is a
custom for one man to offer hia arm
to another it the ladles are not suffi
ciently numerous and in this strange
manner the guests go to dinner
The fashion we are told always ap
pears grotesque to the foreigner and
Is without charm and without grace
- Try tho Dispatch 1 a year
M -
mm nr
Marjorle regarded her companion
with frank curiosity It was her first
ride alone In an English railway train
and she had heard many stories of
seat across from her did not appear
to bo dangerbus and she settled her
self to the book It was less than
two hours to Graham Towers Surely
nothing much could happen
Then there came the nolso of doors
being shut and a porter in leather
waistcoat held the door of her com
partment invitingly open Another
porter threw in a kltbag the door
was shut and the train started Tom
Hadley sprang In the carriage
When he saw Marjorle he turned
to leave again but the door was now
locked and the train was slowly
pulling through the yards Tom went
over to the other side of the com
partment leaving a wide scat be
tween them and became Immersed
in tho morning paper
My young friend did you ever
contemplate matrimony
Marjorles book fell to the floor
with a crash The clerical gentle
man was staring at her from across
the narrow passage with gleaming
What is more beautiful to con
template ho went on than the
union of two loving hearts
Toms paper was flung Into tho
opposite seat and he moved over be
side Marjorle
You are annoying this young lady
ho said savagely Sit back in your
seat and be quiet
Tho clerical person regarded him
with a sorrowful air My dear young
friend ho said shaking his head
sadly Not for the world would I
cause this fair daughter annoyance
but I cannot seo her sit sorrowing
when it is in my power to bring her
great Joy For it Is written that it
is not good for man to be alone You
aro married
I dont see what that has to do
with it said Tom
You aro destined to bo tho spouse
of this bride explained the other
Behold sho Bits weeping I saw tho
tears in her eyes They are for her
sorrowing single stato Here and now
wo may mako her happy My chil
dren take each others hands
Tom looked up In search of tho
emergency call but Marjorlo caught
him by tho arm Dont sho whis
pered It would mako such a Bceno
Wo must humor him until wo come to
a station
Tlmo passes reminded tho mad
mnn mildly You delay tho serv
ice my children
Wo havo decided to wnit until
wo reach tho next station began
Tom pleasantly If you will wnit
until wo arrive thero you may marry
us In tho waiting room
The mild bluo eyes blazed and tho
placid featur6s wero contorted by
anger With a snarl ho clergyman
precipitated himself jpon Tom
Tho attack was so sudden that
Hadley was taken unawaro nnd his
arms were kept at bis sides while
tho long slender fingers closed about
his throat
Marjorle could not pass tho two
mon to reach tho bell cord and for a
moment sho coworcd in her seat
then eho shook tho clergyman by tho
Wo do want to get married now
sho said Please let him go so that
tho ceremony may bo performed at
once Please please Btop
Tho light of madness faded from
tho watery eyes and tho suavo pro
fessional manner returned as he sank
into tho seat opposite and drew out
a well worn prayer book and opened
it at the marriage service
Once he begnn the words of tho
ritual his entlro manner changed
His face gained a new dignity and
ho read tho beautiful words of tho
ceremony as Marjorlo had never bo
foro heard it read
Sho loved Tom Only a foolish
pride was kooplng her from confess
ing her fault and grouting forgive
ness This coremony seemed so real
that It affected her strangely
The madman closed tho book and
beamed upon them
You will kiss tho bride he said
For a moment Hadley hesitated
but Marjorle raised her full red lips
to his and his arms went about her
at their touch One arm remained
around her as he raised his head
and the clergyman regarded them
That is better he announced
It makes my one thousand five hun
dred and fiftieth marriage We wero
just in tlmo he added as the train
began to slow down for a station
Men in uniform appeared at either
door of the carriage and one of them
sprang Inside to grapple With the mad
man There was a sharp tussle and
he was borne struggling from the com
A man with an air of authority lin
gered for a moment
Broke down from overwork he
explained Balmy about marrying
Hes married the cook at the asylum
to more than ona hundred men Its
all right A marriage without license
or witnesses donJ go so dont bo wor
Im not worried any more ex
plained Tom as his hand closed over
Marjorles and the smile she gave
him assured him that all was well
Offers a Reward of 10000
New York Sept 30 Firm In his
belief that evidence exists which ii
brought to light would bring about the
arrest and conviction ot his sons mur
derer Henry Dexter multi millionaire
announced Tuesday that he would pay
a reward of 10000 for such evidence
Mr Dexters son Orlando was shot
from ambush on the Dexter estate In
the Adlrondacks In 1903
When a prisoner prefers to go to
They Are Too Tiny to See but Air Can
Work Through Them
Ordinary tumblers will hold water
because the globules of water are too
big to squeezo through the glass But
glass is as full of holes as a sponge
and air blows right through It because
tho specks of air are smaller than the
rut a bell into a big globe of class
seal up the vessel pump out all tho
Benl emany mwug punoua nlr m ring tho bell Inside and you
muroereu men ana women xor ui heflr nothIng There js not alr cnouga
vaia t8 in tho globe to carry n sound Bnt lay
was Clerical lOOKing man m mo thft lobo flBldo for monr or Rn nm
no matter how carefully you have
sealed up tho neck you will find that
you then can hear tho bell when you
ring it Air has got into that globe
Enough anyway to carry a sound has
leaked In through the substance of the
Tho ordinary Incandescent lamp Is a
glass globe with tho air pumped out
nnd after a few months sufficient air
leaks through to dim tho light which
comes from the thread of electrified
charcoal Inside
Wo can mako plenty of vessels to
hold water but nothing has been made
which will hold air without any leak
age The air sneaks in through holes
which aro -too small for the human
mind to imagine
In fact everything leaks London
A Theory That It Will Come by Fire
Caused by Friction
As to the length of time tio earth Is
likely to last tho calculations aro that
it will not cease to be active for a good
many millions of years such activity
not however necessarily supposing
that llfo as wo know it now will al
ways bo possible the eventuality of a
universal ice age being always a con
tingency that may occur again in the
history of tho globe
It is interesting to note that in this
connection n Swedish mystic called
Strombcrg has declared that tho world
would never know another Ice age but
that it was now running out its
to the end Us existence he declared
would endure ns long ns fire burned In
the earths bowels that Is until the
whole mass shnll have become solidi
fied Tho internal Arcs ho said pro
vided tbo link which maintained tho
earth in the suns sphere of attraction
When this attraction shall fall Jbo
earth according to the Swede will
cease to revolvo nnd will fall away
only to disappear by fire caused by
friction thus verifying tho Biblical
prophecy As however tho process ofj
cooling down entirely will take somo
billions of years the nervous person
will noto thnt there is really no imme
diate cause for alarm Now York
Pepsin Saliva and Gastrlo Juice
Pepsin tho principal agent in tho di
gestion of food Is a powerful solvent
stored up In tho walls of tho stomach
nnd only poured forth when Its assist
anco Is needed When pure this fluid
Is perfectly neutral neither acid nor
alkaline mid appears to bo unablo to
exert any action without tbo presenco
of an add Such acid is supplied la
tho gastric juice secreted by tho gas
trio follicles covering tho coating of
tho stomach Tho saliva is merely for
thopurposo of moistening tho food
thus preparing It for tho action of tho
pepsin and gastric fluids Now York
An Indian or a Persian shawl used
to bo considered ono of tho finest feml
nlno possessions in tbo world and they
wero handed down from mother to
daughter as prized heirlooms But now
If you gavo a young woman even a
Tery elegant shawl costing possibly
hundreds of dollars as many did sho
would turn up her beautiful noso at It
and If sho used it at dl would mako a
portiere out of it for her cozy corner
Sho would never think of wearing It
even If it wero tho only thing sho bad
That Voice
Beforo Marriage Oh my darling
your volco is as musical to mo as a
vesper bell whoso tones fall softly on
tbo perfumed air Speak again and
say thoso words my beloved for I
could listen to your volco until tbo
stars aro extinguished Into everlasting
After Marriage Ivo had enough
of your clapper old woman and ii
sou dont shut up Ill leavo the house
London Globe
His Glasses
Onco that genial comedian Peter
Dalley consulted nn oculist about his
eyes Hl3 noso was small and he
couldnt keep on tbo glasses with
which the oculist was trying to fit
him You are not used to glasses
Mr Dalley said tho oculist Oh
yes I am replied Mr Dalley but
not so high up
Wearing Apparel
Customs Olllcer to woman traveler
from the continent I thought you
sajd madam there was nothing but
wearing apparel In jour trunk What
about these three bottles of cognac
Oh those said the lady are my
night caps Tlt BIts
Ladles and gentlemen tald an
Irish manager to an audience of three
as there Is nobody hero Ill dismiss
you all The performance of this night
will not be performed but will be re
peated tomorrow evening
Without danger danger cannot bo
surmounted Publlus Syruz
iVuuiun JutvrruU lulltlial bjieuker
A well dressed womau Interrupted a
political spaaUor recently bv continual
ly coughing If Bbt bud taken Foleys
Honey and Tar it would bnve cured her
couch qulcklv ard t xpHfJ the cold
from her eytem The eeuuine Foleys
Honey and Tar comalcs no opiates and
la in yellow ptokape IWuea
John Taber dcSeld
Ooal for Sale
Coal always oa ibd platform at the
nuiimu mine 21 miles weat ol Canfield
Quality Is KiftruuactJ m class Pat-
prison in Ole own romor miui iu a
clan nnnntri It fihnnra that his I roCfCe Solicited
iem survives at least 1 JOHN Muxes Sox
As Wei as Do Most of the Fannwortt
In Eastern Cnncda
The ox as a beast of burden na
about Lad his day with the American
farmer He is raised by wholesale
killed by wholesale and distributed
through tho world as beef but h
doesn t have to work
Up in eastern Canada however
ho does a big stunt of work before
he Is eaten In Nova Scotia espec
ially oxen ara still used for all sqii
of farm work
They plough the fields haul the1
hay and apples and potatoes and cart
In the firewood from the forests They
are slow it is true but there time
and to spare in those parts
Of ltte the ox has been helping to
build the railroads In Nova Scotia
He is found to be very useful In grad
ing the roadbed which calls for
lot of short haul work The oxen
ire yoked In pairs end as many pairs
can be used tandem as are neces
sary to any given Job They ar
patient nnd untiring
Iiong Honcynoon
Marriage among Moslem In India
Is followed by other ceremonies Tbe
bride with the bridegroom Is taken
back to her fathers house after four
days then again she comes back to
her husbands bouse after ten days
stay and then after a stay ot twenty
days returns to her fathers house
for at least six months Thus ln
stpad of having a short period of
honeymoon hey make it last almost
a year Near East
A Jury of Women
A Colorado womap ordered a dress
nnd then refused to pay for it on
the ground that It did not fit her
The dressmaker brought suit for the
recovery of the amount and the de
fendant evidently sufferl ig from a
p omeoiry attack of mental aberra
tion demanded a jury of omen Of
course she lost her case San Fran
cisco Argonaut
Mind nnd Matter
The power of ideas In producing
and dissipating functional troubles is
being mora and more realized and
thus the treatment of such maladies
Is being attacked by tho psychical
route already long trodden deviously
by tho patent modlclno vendor and
mesmerist Hospital
Uclglnn Fowls
Tho Belgians have a breed of fowls
tto feet of vhlch they havo short
ened in order toleBsea their powers
or doing damage by scratching in
gardens They havo another va
riety which havo been denuded of
Ull feathers that they may have a
butter chance ol escaping from foxes
A Curious Coincidence
It Is a curious colncldcnco that
Cnnadas grcatost railroad man Sir
William Van Horn Is a natlvo of tho
United States and that tho greatest
rMlroad builder of tho United States
James J Hill Is a natlvo of tho Do
Here la an excellent rulo to follow
tcnt swap secrets Novcr trust
anyone with a secret who communi
cates one to you It you do you
may calculato upon yours being di
vulged to somo other person
Long Tlmo Undergrourd
Electric hnulngo has supplanted
animal power In Comstock lode
and 12 ot tbo mules which were
brought to tho surface bad not Been
daylliihtfor 20 jvars
Glass Windows Scarce In Mexico
Glass windows are still scarco in
tho City of Mexico
Executors and
Fiud a deposit account with this
institution the most desirable in
vestment for funds in their care
This company is a legal deposi
tory for such funds
We Pay S0 Interest
On deposits of any amount
The Equity Savings
and Loan Company
16 N Phelps Street
Resources Over Half a Million
Administrators Notice
The State or Ohio Mahomio Cocmv bb1
in me uouri oi rrouaie j
U hereby given that the uoderftgned
NOTICE appointed and qualified AdiulnUtra
tor with the will annexed of the estate of
deceased by tho Probate Court of Bala county
All personi intereitedlwill govern themielTM
n d iv rAl i n
Administrator with the will annexed
September 12 lJOS 3 3
Administratrixs Notice
Tiik briTK or Ohio Mauomno Covir es 1
in tne uour oi rrosaie j
U hereby etren that the undenlxned
NOTICE appointed and qualified Adminis
tratrix of the eaute of John Aisbitt late cf
Mahoning oounty Ohio deceaied by the IrobaU
Court of aaid oounty All penoni lctexeated wUl
EOTern theuneWea aooordinelr
September H 1806 25 3
Administratrixs Notice
JU Bill wltw -- Vvve V v
In the Court otProhate J
ii hereby giren that the undenurnM
NOTICE appointed and qualiBed Admloitra
trixof the estate of William E McCoy late el Ma
horing County Ohio deceased by tbo ProfeeJ
Court oi said County All persons interested vm
govern taemselveiaoooMlnElT
annn m iuwwv mmu
bet os sAterilttM Will sjraags r Hx j liatftt
at FMtMt yam JiiWi il

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