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When the
Tide Turned
By Oeorge Harvey
Copyright by Shortstory Pub Co
The following story Is true In all
Its details real names alone bslng
omitted for obvious reasons
Henry Bradford left his Old Colony
homo on a bright summer day to seels
his fortune in New York
He had the best -wishes of every
body for ho was a decent boy and all
who know him liked his manly ways
But ho found the metropolis a tough
proposition The flerco pushing
workseekers jostled and
crowded him beyond all his previous
conceptions and he not having the
faculty of retaliating In kind found
himself pushed to the wall
He got employment It Is true but
be could not hold It for any length of
time owing largely to his lack of
knowledge of urban conditions and
Also to much bad luck
So nfterfour years struggle he
rave it up and acknowledged himself
beaten The struggle had been con
tinuous and altogether onesided and
as ho sat upon the strlnppleco of an
East river pier It was borno In upon
him that ho had made as good a fight
as he know how And lost
And now when Failure had com
pletely enveloped him In her somber
cloak he felt there was nothing else
to do hut to return to the old town
There at least ho could lhe and he
among those who knew him and would
ympathlzo with him Of the two dol
lars which ho possessed ono dollar
would pay his faio to Providence and
It would bo a small matter for him to
walk the Intervening miles to his old
This plan ho carried Into effect and
the evening of an early October day
found him In Plymouth which adjoined
his homo town Ho was tired footsore
and discouraged Plymouth always
held a fascination for him and he be
took himself to the Burial hill and
there on a lonely bench ho looked
down upon tho lights of Market
Quare to tho rldlng llghts of a few
craft lying at anchor In tho harbor
and further to that great light on
tho Gurnet whoso effulgent rays
guided and warned local nnd coast
wise mariners Long ho fiat and
brooded Ono by ono tho lights wcro
extinguished and as tho town went
to sleep ho felt tho necessity of doing
llkowlsc He stumbled down tho nar
row path to Market square across tho
main stroot nnd as though drawn by
eomo magnet to tho wntcrs edge
Thoro tho gray canopy with Its iron
eatc hicli shields Plymouth Uock
from tho vandnl nnd tho relic hunter
reared ts head Everything wob fa
miliar to Henry yet his cyo dwelt
longingly on each object Hero was a
Bhort strip of pebbly bench nnd drawn
high up on It was a fishermans dory
Tho boat contained a pair of oars a
eprlt sall and mast a coiled seine and
in tho Etorn a small breaker of fresh
water Without hesitation ho stepped
aboard nnd adjusting tho Uiwnrts nnd
oars nnd arranging tho sail so that It
would act ns a cover for him ho lay
down and In two minutes was sound
Henry nrndford was a sound sleep
er a very sound sleeper clso this
etroy might noer have been written
He knew naught of the stealthy rise of
tho tide nor of tho lift of the dory as
ho became water borne nor did ho
know thnt In his earlier arrangements
he had loosened the noosed painter
from tho bowlder oer which It had
been slipped He did not feel tho
Impact of tho gentle southwest wind
which wafted tho dory slowly but sure
ly to tho point of tho beach
Tho outgoing tide In Plymouth har
bor Is much like a mlll raco as it hur
ries to lhe greater waters of Barn
table bay
Henry Bradford slept tho sleep of
utter weariness Tho dory Is per
haps the best sea boat cut designed
and will stand moro wind and weather
and sloppy seas than any other small
craft If he was somewhat jostled
and shaken It only served to accentu
ate a deeper sleep But there aro
lomo happenings of nature which no
I man sleeping or waking may allow to
pass unnoticed As ho slept a giant
hand seemed to reach from infinity
end grasping his frail boat carry It
and Win- up up up till all the world
became dark and then without warn
ing dropped him into an abyss so deep
and awful that it seemed ns though a
cleft In solid earth had been opened
to engulfhlm forever
Henry Bradford awoke with chat
tering teeth and staring eyes to find
bis boat being lifted again by the
mighty hand of his dream Hlf rudely
aroused senses apprised him of the
situation Ho knew himself to be In
the dory and he also realized that the
dory was afloat and contending with
a phase of ocean disturbance with
which he was not familiar The next
uplift was of much less olumo than
its predecessor and nftor three or
four minor fluctuations he felt that
bis boat was rising and falling to the
normal Atlantic swell The air was
heavy damp and clammy and was
filled with many odors difficult of de
scription but all of the briny sea Ho
cautiously raised hmself to a stand
ing1 position and surveyed the horizon
The arc of sea and sky before him
was utterly blank As he slowly swung
his body to complete his view of the
horizon he saw on his starboard quar
ter and well astern of him the well
known gleam of Race point light At
the same moment there burst on his
ear a thunderous reverberating roar
such a sound as might be caused
by a mighty wind devastating a treat
forest or by the discharge of a thou
sand field pieces In a mighty cavern
Tense and strained Henry sensed
everything which came to ear eye 01
nostril He realized that there had
been a mighty upheaval of the ocean
That thunderous sound was undoubt
edly the Impact of a tidal wave upon
a distant shore that strange clammy
smell the tang of which was still In
his nostrils was no doubt caused by
the depths of ocean being hurled to
the Burface by this marine cataclysm
It was -very dark the clouds ob
scured the sky and a light wind came
from the northeast Henry had now
got hla bearings His dory bad shipped
but little water during the awful tu
mult He was in the act of stepping
tho mast when a new sound broke
upon his ear It was the slatting ol
a vessels sails and in his Immediate
proximity His strained eyes dis
cerned a blotch upon tho blackness
of tho night slightly on his port bow
and becoming momentarily plainer to
his vision A moment later he was
ablo to make out a schooner with all
sail set riding deeply in the water
and nearly hove to Henry dropped
the mast and shipped the onrs a few
strokes of which brought him on taqr
weather quarter whence he lustily
hailed Schooner ahoy which be
ing repeated and marled with Aboard
the schooner bringing him no reply
he again seized his oars nnd brought
tho dory alongside Ho leaped lightly
on board painter In hand He trailed
his boat astern and secured the paint
er firmly Tho schooner was on tho
starboard tack with all sail set Includ
ing foro and main gaff topsails fore
topmast staysail Jib and flying Jib
About 20 feet of her midship bulwark
was torn away and her deck3 wcro wet
and slippery from recent Inundations
A hasty Inspection of tho cabin
bertha and Its single stateroom dis
closed no sign of life An Inspection
of tho deck forecastle produced similar
mmjrrrrrr aeoom I BMW
1 A V fp
A Hurried Examination of the Papers
results and Henry Bradford realized
thnt ho was tho only living being
nbonrd thnt ill fated schooner
II Is mind was now intensely alert
and ho was on famlllnr ground As
fast ns hnlyards could be handled ho
clewed up both gaff topsails nnd
hauled down nnd furled tho flying Jib
jib nnd forctopmast staysail Then
after stoppering both gaff topsails ho
returned to the deck and in a few min
utes had the schooner upon tho proper
courso for Boston light
Daylight had como and tho wind
had freshened slightly A hurried ex
amlnntlon of tho papers in the cap
tains stateroom disclosed tho vessels
manifest which gave tho information
that tho schooner Clara Hates 450
tons register owned by Bates Joyce
of Boston commanded by Capt Ezra
Perry of Salem and a crew of flvo
men was carrying C30 tons of coal
consigned to tho owners of tho vessel
In Boston A small sum of money in
the captains desk and the usual in
struments of navigation were tho
things of most value which caught
Bradfords eye during his hurried ex
amination The demands of the inner
man wero satisfied with a substantial
breakfast consisting of ham fried po
tatoes and hot coffee
Tho wind held true nnd Bradfords
mind had already worked out a plan
of operations He led his jib down
haul nnd jib halyards secured by a
slip nooso aft and once in smooth
water he made ready his sheet anchor
secured by a cat stopper only and
overhauled a few fathoms of chain
At four oclock that afternoon he
brought the Clara Bates into the wind
on South Boston flats hauled down his
jib and as the vessel lost wny slipped
his cat stopper and anchored
Tho res is mere detail It was in
the fall of the great coal strike and
coal was coal Henry sent word to
nates Joyce by the harbor masters
tug and an hour later the corpulent
and genial Mr Joyce was on board
and had heard Henrys wonderful
story At 11 oclock tho next day
Henry Bradford signed a release and
accepted a lump sum of 5000 in lieu
of all services rendered and salvage
expected There Is ono more happy
detail The 20 feet of bulwark that
was torn away from tho side of the
Clara Bates acted as a life raft for the
members of her company who were
swept oerboard at the same time
They were picked up a few hours later
by an ocean going tug with a tow of
coal barges and bound Jor Salem
At the earnest request of Henry
Bradford his name was suppressed
from the newspaper accounts of the
sahing of the Clara Bates and his
appearance among his townspeople a
few days later was received as the
home coming of a man who had gone
out done battle with the great world
and returned successful
A Days Record of Accidents PollUi
cal Events Eta
Destructive Forest Fires
Toledo O Oct 21 Forest and
brush fires are sweeping through sec- J
tlons of northwestern Ohio doing I
much damage In Williams county
the flames In the woods are creeping
nearer to the fields and many farm
houses aro threatened Much timber
and several buildings havo been de
stroyed In Sandusky county Farmers
are fighting fire near Bucyrus Three
largo tracts of woodland and several
houses aro barns havo been burned
near Defiance
Is Not Allowed to Run for Office
Bucjrus O Oct 21 Joseph H
Jlollenkopf Republican candidate for
county commissioner In this county
has been iSced to withdraw from tho
race with victory at the pools prac
tically assured Last election Molten
copf came within CO votes of being
elected In a strongly Democratic coun
ty He Is postmaster at ChatOeld and
the postofflco department has notified
him that postmasters will not bo al
lowed to become candidates for elect
ive offices
Wets Won by 123 Majority
Lorain O Oct 21 Complcto re
turns of the Lorain county local op
tion election on Monday show a vic
tory for the wets by a majority of
123 votes A total of 14791 votes was
cast Of theso 7457 were wet 7334
dry Tho largest majority for tho
wets was given in Elyrla where tho
liquor forces led by 413 votes Lorain
followed with a wet majority of
358 nnd Amherst with 159 Oberlln
gave n mnjorlty of 711 to tho drys
Standards Stockholders Must Pay Up
Cleveland Oct 21 A large number
of citizens who own stock in tho
Standard Oil Co havo been immune
from taxation In Clovelnnd Tax In
quisitor Guy Warson has secured a
completo list of tho stockholders of
tho Standard Oil Company of Now
Jersey and such of them as live in
Cuyahoga county will bo compelled to
anto up not only Tor their taxeB
for this year but for several years
Locomotive Engineer Suicided
Toledo Oct 21 With hla wlfo fol
lowing closo behind begging him to
stop Charles Drager 48 formerly lo
comotive engineer on tho Ann Arbor
and Cincinnati Hamilton Dayton
roads upon hearing nn cnglno whistle
rushed from his homo Tuesday to tho
Wheeling Lnkc Erie tracks n block
distant whero he threw himself under
a passing freight train and was In
stantly killed
Steamer Damaged by Fire
Toledo Oct 21 Tho wooden steam
er David W Rust was badly damaged
Monday night by flro of mysterious
origin while lying at tho Lnko Shoro
docks here Tho loss on tho vessel
and cargo amounts to 20000 The
causo is being -Investigated by Firo
Chief Mayo who believes thoro were
suspicious circumstances
Vehicle Makers Convene
Columbus O Oct 21 The annual
convention of tho National Associa
tion ot Agricultural Implement nnd
Vehicle Manufacturers opened here
Tuesday One hundred and fifty del
egates wero in attendance This as
sociation represents an annual pro
duct of moro than 400000000 Trade
conditions are reported good
A Convention of Baptists
Newark O Oct 21 Several bun
dred delegates from all over tho Btate
arrived in this city Tuesday to attend
the eighty third annual convention ol
Ohio Baptists A notable feature ol
tho convention was tho laymens ban
quet given last night
Woman Burned to Death
Cleveland Oct 21 Mrs Mary
Staallk was burned to death when hoi
clothes caught firo in an explosion ol
kerosene at her kitchen stove Tues
day Her husband and two men board
ers were badly burned in an effort to
save her life
Refused to Enjoin a Merger
Cleveland Oct 21 Judge Ileacom
on Tuesday dismissed the petition ol
Dr G A Ehret for an injunction re
straining tho supreme lodge of Path
finders from transferring- business nnd
property to tho American Insurance
Quarreled with Parents and Suicided
Upper Sandusky O Oct 21 Ro
Tourney aged 21 killed himself Tues
day afternoon with a reroher lit
had quarreled with his parents at
dinner Leading tho table he went ur
stairs and shot himself through the
Alleged Pickpocket Is Arrested
Lima O Oct 21 Lewis N Morllr
was arrested hero Monday night aftei
identification by C V Ellis secretarj
of the Hauger Klbler Co of Dayton
Merlin is charged with picking tin
pocket of Ellis In Dayton
Ten People Injured in a Wreck
Springfield O Oct 21 Ten per
sous were badly Injured Tuesday nigh
whwn an Erie transfer car left thi
tracks and toppled over on its sldi
while rounding a curve just nest o
the city
We Now Give
CanfklJ O
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JUa -
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papers is sure to know of the wonderful
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Kilmers Swamp Root
the great kidney liver
and bladder remedy
It is the great medi
cal triumph of the nine
teenth century dis
covered after years of
scientific research by
Dr Kilmer the emi
nent kidney and blad
der specialist and Is
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lame back kidney bladder uric acid trou
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For Safety
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pany are invested in
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Youngstown city prop
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The Home
Savings and
Loan Company
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5o on Savings Accounts
Stomach trouble it but a symptom of and Dot
In Itself a true disease W think of Dyspepsia
Heartburn and Indigestion as real diseases Tel
ther are symptoms only ot a certain speclno
Nerve sickness nothing else
It was this fact that first correctly led Dr Bhoop
In the creation of that now Terr popular Stomach
Remedy Dr Ehoops BestoratlTt Going- direct
to tbe stomach nerves alone brought that success
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out that original and highly vital principle no
such lasting accomplishments were ever to be had
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breath and tallow cxnoplcxlon try Dr Sboopi
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self what it can and will do Ws sell and choeiw
fully recommend
Dr Shoops
r A MOKItsK Cunflejia
Teachers Examination
rpHK board of Examiners will hold meetings ft
X the Examination of Teachers as follows
Examinations begin at 9 oclock A ii andoloa
attoolook PM
Youobtowk First Saturday in Beptembej
November December February March Ua
June and August
Oak riHD first Saturday in Ootober Jannarj
April and July
Pupils examination Youngstown Third Sattu
day in April and seoond Baturdaylin May
Applicants who have had any experience L
teaching are required to bring testimonials iron
the Directors of the schools which they last taught
stating their success and their gbllity to govern i
sohool All who are not personally aequaintu
with the examiners must have certificates ot mora
Applicants will be required to use pen and In
a W ALLfHVAYyouugstowj
L U HULIN dreenford
Coutr Examiners
A Blue Cross on tho margin ot this i
per Is a sure Indication that your sul
lariytion is past due and that payment i
leilred When the mark appears do nv
Jelav hut attend to th matter at ooo
Canffcld 0
Eyes and Their
Relation to Health
If you had been told a few years ago
that eye strain was tho cause of not
only eyo trouble but Epilepsy St
Vitus Dance Vortlpo Nausea so-call-ed
Valvular Heart Disease Spinal Cur
vature Headache Hysteria apparent
ly stupid children incorrigible children
and adults Insomnia Impaired Mem
ory Stomach Liver and Kidney Trou
bles all Obscure Nervous Affections
as well as troubles peculiar to women
vou would bavo thought it ridiculous
If you had been told that relief and
permanent euro could bo nffocted by
properly fitted glasses together with
instructions ee to dlot habits eto and
without the uso of drugs you would
taato declared it impossible Many
peoplo do not believe It yet but that of
course docs not alter the fact that such
is actually tho case Facts aro stub
born things and aro in no wleo affected
by ouraUltude toward tbem It is al
ways wise to Investigate before con
demning and I can prove every asser
tion made
402 StambauRli BIcIr Central Square
Both Phones
12 Years In Youngstown O
ooooooooooooo 0000000OK00OK
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Ladies wool Vests and Pants non shrinking at each 100
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Misses and Childrens Vests and Pants each 25
imams nn wooi vests eacn tsju v
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Mens heavy wool Shirts and Drawers each 100
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General Alerchants CANFIELD O
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- 4i

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