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Famous SlRnntnrcs Which Show
Strange Lines When FoldcO
Nobody can deny that a persons
character leaves innumerable Inde
finable traces of its workings upon
the body the face the dress and all
material surroundings One need
not be a Sherlock Holmes to divine
tipon entering a mans room and find
ing pictures of ohoru girls arranged
along the walls that the occupant
hns no prejudlco against the theatre
nor Is any very deep Insight neces
sary to discover when all the chairs
in the living room are arranged In
mathematical order and nothing Is
eTer out of place that there are not
eeternl small boys in the household
Whether these small Indications of
character can be classified scientifi
cally whether the lines of the hand
the bumps on the head the form and
relationship of the features can be
bo studied as to afford a definite and
true Indication of the owner s char
acter Is a question In which evcry
oody Is more or less interested
Tho lllustrntious herewith repro
duced represent n new cult of character-study
what may be called
k How far these weird
SA n mtie ngures reveal
VS the truth about tho
v v
spirits who traced
their skeltonllke out
lines time and study
f w f may show
there Is really no
J reason to tuppose
that every
trait In the
1f ffylr cham cter
every motion of the heart every
thought of tho mind docs not some
how register itself In a corporeal
A well known Washington cartoon
ist once adanccdthe theory that the
two slues of a mans face repealed
his public and private character re
spectively Placing a card over one
side of the face of a well known pol
itician he proceeded to prove his
theory thus
Here jou see is a half closed
crafty watchful eye a determined
mouth a firm Jaw thats what this
man Is In Congressional debate Now
look at the other side The eye
opens frankly the mouth almost
smiles tho whole expression Is that
of decision tempered by geniality and
good humor Thats what he is In
the bosom of his family
In bis recent novo The Heart
Line Mr Golett Burgess makes his
hero ipalmlst say
Everything that is distinctive
muBt bo significant if only we hae
tho power of interpreting it
In some way or other wo arc nil
students of physiognomy Wo all
have our likes nnd dislikes based on
some physical pecul
iarity One man will
not trust a person
Ihose eyes are very
near together an
atli or has no faith In
a pointed chin an
other objects to
stooping shoulders
Gonenily speaking
however wo no
ff tooner mako up
y7y our minds that
TfCUCct certain
8cal attribute
goes with i certain char-
nntnr flinti wet 41ril
ll linns to tho rule The o d
y nrtnirn nhnuf rnrilm frnrt
people having bad tempers
may owo Its force to the
fact that a child continual
ly tormented about red
hair would bo likely to bo
rather hot tempered In any
Tho truth is thnt
every human trait has its
good side and Its bad side
The French rocognlzo th s
in saying that a man has
the defects of hs vir
tues Your innsiLTful
man who can Ipad men to
victory In nn emergency
may bo a tyrant In
Sj nary IlfJ Some
yp i
A tzttirtz
j n y sosomlsts
tlnk 1at a
Za Bh narrow
forehead with
eyebrows sloping upward from the
nose Indicates fanaticism or the ca
pacity to devote the whole energy to
an abstract idea Clearl tho pos
sessor of that sort of faco may be
come a martyr In the cause of relg
ion or a half crazy assabsin accord
ing to the possession of other ele
ments in his nature which direct his
energies rightly or wronglj
Astrology is another of the alleged
sciences which deal with the realou
between the spiritual and the mate
rial Each sign is supposed to give
the person born under it certain
general characteristics which are
modified moreor less by the Influ
ence of the various plnnets Presi
dent Rooseolt for example was
born under the sign of Scorpio which
is the most dynamic of a 1 influences
and the position of the various
planets was such as to indicate extra
ordinary political activity It would
seem therefore that the upres5m
Roosevelt luck Is mvo than u
There are people who road
ter In the way a person wearu out
-shoes There Is an old rhyme about
Wear at the toe spend as you go
Wear at the side live to be a bride
Wear at the ball live to spend all
And as for handwriting the ex
perts who read character in that arc
Topsy Turvy
I -have something novel In the
way af a melodrama
Mfrte your case
X4e blacksmith Is a rascal while
the banker Is as honest as the day
M long Louisville
Conscience Was Good
Mrs Jones you seem to have
ilclt confidence In your husband
Airs Smith Of courts I have He
sver turns pale when I tell blm he
n bis sleep Chicago News
Innumerable Certain definite in
ferences may be securely drawn
When you get a letter addressed In
a neat clear graceful feminine
hand It is safe to say the writer is a
woman who writes a good deal but
does not grow careless In the details
of her affairs It is not hard to dis
tinguish the rugged individual signa
ture of tho business man who rare
ly writes anything but his name from
the scrawl of the professional scrib
bler or tho neat hand of the clerk
Tho new art of spirit au
tography of which exam
ples aro hero shown is
akin to the science of in
terpreting the autograph
For the benefit of those
who may wish to practlco
this art which needs
neither complicated appar
atus or long study It may
be explained that any one
can do It with a sheet of
smooth paper a rather
coarse pen ana Ink which
flows freely For complete
and swift success with the
spirit autograph sit down
at your desk In a calm and
untroubled frame of mind
and fold the sheet of pa
per once Then open It
again write your name
quickly upon the line mado
by the fold double the pa
per and hold It for a
ute When it is opened tho spirit
autograph will appear
The Jokes of the Sen
Tho rays and skates aro the Jokes
of the sea Their bodies aro as flat
as the pancakes made by the man In
white on a grldddlc In tho window
of a bcef and restaurant Their
eyes look upward and they have tails
as slender and tapering as a whip of
a ringmaster of a circus
In the United States the most
common rays aro called skates
The whip tailed rays because of
their long slender tails with their
ercctilo spines at tho end capable of
Inflicting severe and dangerous
wounds aro frequently called sting
rays Tho common sting ray feeds
on oysters clams and other valuable
mollusks and in the Atlantic waters
Is known nB tho clam cracker
Of tho skates the commonest as
well ns tho Btnallett species on the
Atlantic coast Is known as tho tobacco-box
tho largest is aptly called
the barn door On the Western
coast of the United States Is found
tho big skato which reaches a length
ot six feet two feet larger than Its
Eastern relatives
Because of Its habit of rolling it
self up when caught tho common
skato has been called bonnet skate
It is also known as the hedgehog
On tho New Jersey coast tho trawl
Jlshermen cut off the broad fleshy
wings and they aro sold for sad
dies sometimes bringing fivo and
even ten cents n pound These men
call the fish possum sea pos
sum and bob tailed skate As a
rule anglers throw the fish back Into
the water as being of no value
A Valuable Invention
An Industrial novety of excep
tional Interest Is a new substance
celllte so named by Its Inventor
Dr A Elchengrun Elberfeld who
described It in a recent lecture de
livered before a scientific associa
tion at Dusseldorf While resem
bling celluloid in some respects it is
distinguished in being non-combustible
Moreover It is available not
only for the manufacture of haid
flnlshed artlces of all descriptions
but for elastic utensils In all
cases tho things made of celllte are
transparent as glass not breakable
and not affected by water The in
ventor is convinced that celllte will
bt substituted In many cases for
glass gelatine celluloid leather and
rubber First however means must
be found for reducing Its cost
In Afglmnstan
Tho primitive eye for an eye
code would still seem to be In force
in Afghanistan where the Amir
threatens to tear out the tongue of
every one of his subjects who shall
preach war against India and cut off
the feet of every one who shall cross
tho frontier Trust promoters In
Afghanistan arc probably strangled
The women of Bermuda eating
onions plentifully havo the finest
complexions in the world
Northwest Australia develops very
slowly Farmers grow maize in the
old fashioned way
The above la the name of a German
chemical which la one ot the many val
uable Ingredients ol Foleys Kidney
Remedy HexametbylenetotramlDe is
recognized by medical text books and
authorities as a urlo add solvent and
antlaeptlo for the urine Take Foleys
Kidney Remedy as soon as you notice
any irregularities and avoid a eerlouB
malady John Tabor Can field
TbU I An Kajy TmU
Sprinkle Alleai Foot Ewe in one hoe and not
in the othfr nsd nolle the dlffereooc J an the
thlac to cm when rubber or orenhoet bemue
euw where 35e Dont aocept ui luutitaU
A Bare Sign That It Existed from
Ikcys Point of View
Two old Jewish eggars wero trav
eling together through the resldenco
section of Pittsburg not long ago
in quest of contributions toward
their Joint capital
Presently they passed a hnndsomo
resldenco from whore sweet sounds
of music issued It was Ikeq urn
and hopefully ho ascended the steps
to the front door eagerly watched
by Jako who expected quite a hand
some addition to their funds
His consternation was great con
sequently when he beheld Ike re
turning crestfallen nnd empty-handed
Anxiously running to meet him ho
said Veil Ikey how did you make
out with the good people
Ach Jakey replied Ike there
was no use asking In there because
they are very poor people themselves
Just think two lovoly ladles play
ing on one piano Judges Library
Kate Oh Jack Mr Booro is sit
ting on that nowly varnished chair
over there on tho porch
Jack Well let him sit there Ho
certainly needs a little polish
The Dcnr Old Dnys
Touched by his sad story a Har
rlsburg woman recently furnished a
meal to a melancholy looking hobo
who had applied therefor at tho back
Why do you Btick out tho middle
finger of your left hand so straight
while you are eating asked tho
compassionate woman Was it
ever broken
No mum answered tho hobo
with a snuffle But during my
halcyon days I wore a diamond ring
on that finger and old habits are
hard to break mum Harpers
UN Finest Act
How was your speech received
at the club asked ono of Chuin
leyu friends
Why tliey congratulated mt very
heartily In fact one of tho mum
Lors came to mo and told mo that
when 1 bnt down he said to himself
It wjs the best ling I had ever
done Youths Companion
1 m gnttlnj careless
Whats tho trouble
Bill nger came Into tho office to
day to borrow nn umbrella and I
was Idiot enough to let him tako that
fine umbiella I borrowed from hlra
six months ago Cleveland Plain
IMIliTcuco In Age
You are looking seedy today
Yes i snt up with a girl last
night until 10 oclock
Why I sit up with a girl three
nghts n week until midnight nnd
Oti never bee me looking seedy
This was a baby girl Boston
Horns of u Dileinmn
Life sulci the surbanlte
Its problems for a mild man
How so
If wo raise hens they scratch up
the neighbors ilowers and If we
raise flowers they offer temptations
to tho neighbors hens Kansas
City Journal
Bad Symptoms
The woman who his periodical hoad
hes backache sees imaginary dark
tpots or specks floating or dancing before
her eyes bwnawlng distress or heavy
full feeling wtomach faint spells
In lower abdominal or
pelvic rpjjfun easily startled or excited
lrregulfror painful periods with or with
out jHvtc catarrh Is suffering from
weaknTffsanrlflerangements thatshould
havo eSJy attention Not all of above
ijrmptoiU ape likely to be present In any
case at onelme
Negloctijd or badly treated and such
casesSftn run Into maladies which de
man xxe surgeons knife it they do not
6 mpdlelne oxtant hjiS such a
tnu nurn roiai
rw an Dr Hlf
oA o
cures in suc li
tion jo rniOlcliw has siich a istrpng
professorial itmnrM mpni ol arh7it Its
uorlh morn i hupp
rrormYlTiiarv Tinpifrnfpnnl tr
Wttllalj I hfl Vdrv liir itinraHlniM
known to medical science for tho cure of
womans peculiar ailments enter Into Its
composition No alcohol harmful or
habit forming drug Is to be found in the
list of Its ingredients printed on each
bottle wrapper and attested under oath
In any condition of tho female system
Dr Pierces Favorlto Prescription can do
only good never harm Its whole effect
is to strengthen Invigorate and regulate
the wholo female system and especially
the iielvlc organs When these are de-
rnncvrl In funtlnn a afFn4nJ l Jt
the stomach and other organs of digestion
the i
it of
uuvuuiu oiuimiuuiicaiiy uerangea
nerves are weakened and a long Hat
bad unpleasant svmntoms follow 1
much must not bo pinortA nt Mo Va
vorite Prescription It will not perform
miracles will not cure tumors no med
icine will It will often prevent them If
tnlPn In flmo an9 ii a iIia
rrci r j i0
j Buitjcou o Kuuti may
Women suffering from disease of
standing are invited to consult Doctor
fierce oy texier rre All correspondence
u held as strictly private and sacredly
confidential Address Dr E V Pierce
Buffalo NT
ur pjercoa Medical Adviser 1000 pages
Is sent frc on receipt of 21 one ceni
stamps for paper covered or 31 stamps
for cloth bound copv Address as above
Try the DUjatcb i yar
Glimpse of the Days When Living Waa
Cheap In England
Old time hotel rates in England wero
low For Instance in the days of
Queen Elizabeth the charge at the
George Inn for a feather bed per
night was a penny Dinner cost six
pence 12 cents and offered choice of
beef mutton or plgge or fish In
Btuart times each room owned a name
instead of a number chiefly those of
inn signs such ns the Cross Keys
room the Bell chamber the Adam and
Eve room and so forth
Formerly the custom In Important
cities during festival times was to lim
it the price of food and lodging by
statute In Canterbury during the eel-
cbratlon of the bicentenary of Sockets
translation 1372 tho price of bread
was fixed at two loaves for a penny
2 cents a fairly high figure consid
ering the comparative Talue of money
then and now and wine brought 10
cents a gallon
A century or so later the scale of
prices in Edinburgh all the year round
was equally moderate sheep being sold
at prices ranging from 12 cents to 20
cents according to quality best hens
at 1 cent each and Rocbclle wine at 1
cent a pint Any vender dapartlntr
from these prices ran the risk of for
feiture of bis goods Chicago News
The Ingenious Manner in Which They
Disguise Themselves
Some species of crabs disguise them
selves in an ingenious manner They
deliberately bite up seaweeds and
plant them on tbclr backs very soon
establishing a growth which
nlzcs perfectly with the surroundings
and deceives many nn enemy Should
the weeds grow too vigorously tho
crab industriously prunes them with
his claws and every now and then
scrapes the whole lot off and starts a
fresh garden on his roof so to speak
Tho sponge crab behaves in a simi
lar manner nipping off Ilttlo bits of
living sponge nud sticking them on his
back where they grow vigorously
The same end is served ns In the other
case It is very amusing to keep crabs
of one or other of these kinds in nn
aquarium and depriro them of the
usunl means of concealment
They get very nervous nnd agitated
nnd try to cover themselves with bits
of paper or nnything else that may bo
provided Ono such captive Is snld
to have had a little greatcoat made
for him which he put on In a hurry
as soon ns It was handed to him
London Sphere
irlngorBol dollar wntchre nt Car
Queer Talismans In Malta
There are still to bo found In Malta
a number of small stones shaped and
colored like the eyes tongues and other
parts of serpents Tho superstitious
among tho Maltese connect these with
tho tradition that St Paul when ship
wrecked was cast on their island and
It was there that while lighting a bun
dle of sticks for a fire a viper fastened
on tho apostles hand St Paul calmly
shook the reptile off into the flames
and no harm followed The natives
wear these stones as talismans in
which character they suppose them
Bcrvlceablo in warding off dnbgcrs
from snake bites and poisons They
aro found in St Pauls cave Imbed
ded In clay and aro set in rings nnd
bracelets and when found to be In tho
shnpo of a tongue or liver or heart are
hung nround tho neck They are also
taken internally dissolved in wine
which method Is attended according
to some people by more Immediate re
Islands In New York City
I was showing an Englishman our
city a week or two ago said a New
Yorker and was surprised to hear
him express astonishment nt the num
ber of islands within our municipal
boundaries Is this entire island a
part of Now York city bo asked as I
took him on several trolley rides over
on Staten Island And all these is
lands too are they New York city bo
Inquired another day as he went up
the Bast river Ills remarks put me to
thinking and Ive discovered that not
one of the really great cities of tho
world has so many islands Within its
boundaries ns New York Staten Is
land In Itself would make a good sized
city Some of the other islands of
course are hardly moro than specks
but they belong to New York city Just
the same
The Darkest Hour
The proverb which tells us that the
darkest hour Is that before dawn is
Inaccurate for light increases In the
morning as gradually as it decreases
In the evening The saying should be
tho coldest hour etc which is per
fectly true and Is owing to causes
connected with the deposit of dew
HoarfrostB too usually take plnco
just before daylight nnd are an addi
tional cause of the peculiar chilliness
of this time London Scraps
The Salt In the Sea
A scientist has calculated after ex
tensive tests of tud density and salt
ncss of the ocenn In nil parts of the
world that thcro Is tho equivalent of
8051342 cubic geographical miles of
common salt In all tho known seas
This is more than fivo times tho mass
of tho mountains in the cntlro Alpine
130 West Federal St
The Dollar Savings Trust Co
Central Square
Pays 4o interest on savings deposits the
highest rate consistent with safe banking
Capital - - 150000000
Resources - - 925000000
We Now Give
- t 1 J
1 auJF J gg
jef dRS
On and after January 1 1909 our terms wifl be
By adopting the caali system we lose
no bad accounts and consequently can sell
cheaper than when credit is extended in
By fair square dealing and naming
the lowest living prices we hope to merit
a continuance of the very liberal patron
age that has been accorded us in the past
Callahan Neff
Canfield Ohio
We have an exceptionally large and comprehensive stock of Furs this season in Neck
Pieces Matched Sets and Fur Coats Were offering special inducements to prospective pur
chasers of Furs
F AA Special Childrens Winter Coats made of good
1 SIU heavv materials in brown blue and red aces
from six to 12 yea s
The Colleran Kane Co
Youngstown Ohio
Canfield O
Our Specials Stand Out Preeminently
To the Lady in Search of a Fall Suit Theyre of Special Interest
2500 the Suit
It was only by a very fortunate stroke that wo secured 20 high class Ladies
Fall Suits at a big reduction these aro sample suits from an exclusive Eastern
manufacturer of ladies garments They are all of the very newest art and
most exclusive workmanship the colors nro blue brown green black these
we will place on Bale at 2500 the euit theyre worth up to 54200
1500 the Suit
Twenty Suits left from our Suit Sale of a week ago in dark striped cloths of a
very good quality jackets of the very latest cut coats aro 34 30 and 38
inches in length and lined throughout with satin these suits sold at 2500
The Yankee Printzess
We are exclusive agents for the Yankee Printzess Coat in Youngstown this is
the newest creation in Ladies Coats and one of the prettiest designs created in
years we have them in blue black and fancies The price range is from 15 00
to 2500

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