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Terms 100 a Year
By Peter At Hcrold
Mrs Kate Roller offers for sale her
residence In Saurkraut
Did the thnndor and lightning Satur
day morning wake the snakes
Hear Dr J R Reltzela leoture at
the M E Churob Monday night
Charley Holt stuck a pick in his foot
Monday when digging for a skunk
Two more Btono crossings are needed
n Main Btreet west of the railroad
Howard Thompson spent Saturday
and Sunday with relatives in Salem
Mont Welkart expressed two pigeons
to the Cleveland bird show Monday
A daughter arrived in the home of
Wade Hileman and wife Sunday morn
Wm Bllger is home from Middle
branch 8tark oounty with slight lung
Mesdames Mary A and Minnie Her
bert of Salem visited relatives here
Alfred Ouohemand Clifford DaviB
end Fred Longbottom went to Alliance
Will Gilbert wife and child of Colum
bian spent Sunday at the home of J
E Gilbert
Mrs Elizabeth Bllger passed her 60th
milestone Monday In the onjdyment of
good health
John Simpson and wife of Cleveland
visited a tew days at the home of his
mother Mrs Geo
Elmor Bowman has tho ngenoy for
the Buffalo Express one of tbo beet il
lustrated papers In the U 8
This notice Is said to be posted in a
neighboring town Man Is made of
dust Dust Bottles Aro you a man
Mrs Kato Stophonson and sister Miss
Floroneo DoJano of Now Castlo Pa
days hero with their par
Mrs Wm Holt has returned from a
weeks visit with her son Robort at
Johnstown Pa and Jos Wilkinson at
Dorry Pa
Tboro will bo missionary services at
tho Lutheran Church Sunday night
when somo curiosities from India will
bo exhibited
Loon Vlgnon and Abel Tourdot woro
In Lisbon Tuosday securing a bank
muloand woro in Columbiana making
alosof coal
Miss Allco Glenn tbo court stenogra
pher at Lisbon has Introduced a pho
nograph to faollltato tho transcribing
of stenographic notos
Somo bad placos aro reported In tho
roads along our R F D Two routes
in Carroll county aro not being sorvod
on account of bad roads
Poroy Tntlow was summoned from
tho minors convention at Indianapolis
to attond tho funeral of his brother-in-law
Sunday returning Sunday night
Abo Stouffor is oroctlug a dwelling on
his farm north of town Isaiah Hileman
la doing tho stono work Tho saw mill
is on tho ground gottlngout bill stuff
EvangellBtlo services aro bolng hold
at St Jacobs Reformed cburoh cast of
Toogarden Ministers aro in attend
ance from Lisbon Alliance and Cleve
By recent computation It Is estimated
that there havo boon moro men killed
In tho mines In tho vicinity of Wash
lngtonvlilo than of all tho enlisted mon
from tbo same torrltory killed la all
tbo wars
Emanuel Stouffor Is homo from Lake
eldo hospital Cleveland and fools
greatly Improved by tho surgical oper
ation upon bis mouth and throat By
having bis head bandaged ho Is able to
be about town aa usual
Peerless miners have tquared up
and taken their loole out and the mine
has been olosed indefinitely for reasons
only known to tho bperators This
oomes at a sad time of the year for many
dependent families
Tbero -appears to bo an epldemlo of
school troubles throughout Columbiana
oounty The pupils evidently want to
run the schools and strange as It
may appear tho teachers will not have
It tbat way Whon log ecbool houses
wore built in the woods and hickory
withes were bandy and frequently used
by the school masters there was lees
trouble than since costly sphool build
ings have been erected and curiously
graaea in some nign iaiooun way
eome purely theoretical individual fresh
from college instead of the university
01 nara kdockb
The convention edition of the Unit
ed Mine Workers Journal published at
Indianapolis reached my table last
woek with 21 pages It is well printed
on good paper finely illustrated and
contains the annual reports of presi
dent T L Lewis and Secretary Ryan
and some ably written letters from min
ers throughout the world It is ably
dlted and well patronized with adver
tising Including an ad from Wash
lngtonvllle The Journal Is dear cut
Impartial and Bane and should be in the
family of every miner who desires to
keep posted on bis calling in life
Before me is a printed copy of the
minutes of the 20th annual convention
of District No 6 U M W of A recent
ly held n Columbus O in which la
given tbe report of special committee
on injunctions of whlohour townsman
Peroy Tetlow president of eubdlstrlot
No 4 is one of the Bpeolal committee
The report is on able and powerful pa
per yet was Issued too late to have Its
effect upon the recent national election
It arrays the 48000 mine workers of
Ohio against the action of Justice
Wright when sentencing Samuel Gomp
firs John Mitchell and Frank Morrison
el the American Federation of Labor
for disobeying a court made law
Compere favored W J Bryans ideas
on Injunctions but the labor vote turn
ed him down preferring an injunction
Through tbo efforts of Sub district
President Peroy Tetlow and the miners
and business men of Sallnevllle Mrs
Frances Skinner of that mining town
getB a Oarpegle Hera Medal pension of
40 a month lor herself ard 9 5 a month
lor her six children under tbe aire of 18
years Mr Skinner was about 82 years
old was a stationary engineer at the
Big Vein coal mine at Sollnevllle and
oa the 27th of June last year he lost
bla life altar rescuing several miners
caught In a gas explosion For bis he
roic aot hie young widow and children
Mttfca above reward Our townsman
C 1 Bolt aid a similar aot of heroism
waves Nktoulsg Cfaas Snyder during the
Uet oxptoskw at the Peerless ialne but
wUteMi a Medal yt hopes
EUvos will rmi him for his
The Y O cars now stop any place
for physicians
J L Fltzpatrlck and wife spent Sun
day with relatives in Salom
The Forester lodge of Salem will cel
ebrate Its 0th anniversary Friday night
Mrs A Mushrush of Dennleon visited
a few days at the home of her sister
Mrs Alonzo Culler
Tbe Columbiana school teachers came
here Tuesday night to see the Turner
Art Exhibit in our high school room
Cbaunce Vauehn and Mlsa Olive
JohDBton of YoungBtown spent Sunday
at tho home of their uncle Georcre
Harry Culler visited at tbe home of
his uncroGeoAshmanin East Palestine
last week and found him somewhat
O BosBert Installed a fine lighting
plant for his drue storo and residence
and after a months trial finds it to glyo
Mlsa Toots DeJane was bitten on the
finger by GW Allens dog Monday eve
nine and tbe wound was cauterized next
day by Dr Kennedy
unaa vignon Foul Matthoy and tbe
two Germans are working in tho eannnl
coal mines at Lovoland going and re
turning by tne jsrie
See tbo curios from India at tho Lu
theran church next Sunday night and
tho Devil and tho Turk at tho M E
Church Monday night
Ross Davis of room No S has drawn
creditable looking pictures of events In
American history Includlngltho Father
of his Country and bis hatchot
Mrs Mary Andrew oi this village and
her daughtor Mrs John Woodwardof
Leetonla called on Salem friends Mon
Tbo 100 minors drivers and helpers
at tho Peerless coal tnlno aro thrown
out of work by reason of tho mine
ing rairview minors aro working half
Job Matzenbaugh and Jerry Kondlg
havo reached their destination In
Washington stato attor a short delay
at Spokane on account of a washout on
tho railroad
Isaac Mondonhall tho first engineer
on tho Ft Wayno railroad died In Sa
lom Sunday aftornoon aged 80 Ho
sorvod in tho 11th O V I and was an
Odd Follow
A land slldo on tho Y fc O R Bouth
of Lisbon Saturday night puts tho elec
tric lino thoro out of commission for a
week A force of 60 men Is at work re
pairing tho damage
Two cars from a u doublo hoador
woro derailed and toro up tho track at a
frog near tho Erlo station Tuosday noon
and tho crowd of spectators enjoyed Boo
ing tho wreck train at work for moro
than two hours
Tbo Green township trustees will moot
tho county commissioners at Youngs
town Saturday on tho very important
question of good roads and other Inter
ests of mutual concorn to both tho coun
ty and tho township
Tho 5000 worth of hlstorlo pictures
now on exhibition at tbo scboolhouso
will go from horo to North Lawrence
Stark county Tbo rocolpts of tbo ex
hibition horo will bo usod in buying
conies of tho pictures for our Bcbool
Tbo following mombors of tho Ladles
Independent Club composod a trolloy
party to tbo bouto of Charles King In
Salem Tuesday night and woro joined
by a few Salom ladles Lunch was
eervod and an enjoyable time was bad
Misses Kato Simpson Cirrlo WoodB
Eliza Wilkinson Helen Wolkart Jen
nie Maxwell Froeda Paisley Lydla
and Mario King
Petitions aro bolng circulated for a
wet and dry oloctlon in Groon township
Fred Redlcgor of 8slcm started tho
first petition two weoka ago But the
propriety of Incurring tho exponso of
two elections ono for the townBhlp and
another for tbo county Is a useless and
out-of-pocket proposition to taxpayers
Tho vote on county option will settle
the matter anyway
Fridays Cleveland Press contained a
picture of Main street In Washington
vllle showing the wet and dry Bides
with arrows pointing to tbo saloons and
a somewhat exaggerated write up dated
at Salem Tbe picture looks as though
Gil Taylor had thrown a handful of
flint arrow heads at It and it has been
suggested that tbe writer might have
had a halt pint flask handed him
Domanlo Cambella a native of Italy
and better known here as Don Campbell
was Instantly killed by a fall of elate in
tbe Millvllle mine about 8 oclock last
week Thursday morning as briefly no-
tioea in tnese columns toe same aay
His remains were brought to town upon
a Bled bv Geo Crutohley assisted by a
few of the miners and taken to W E
Rollers undprtaklng rooms where Cor
oner D J Jones of LUbon held an In
quest as provided for by law in mine
fatalities His head was crushed and
badly disfigured by at least SO tonB of
slate Chas Rohrer was with him at
the time but escaped with the loss of
his cap and bank lamp to give the
alarm It appears that Cambella had
been a tin mill worker and had only
recently started at mining and on the
morning of tbe fatality was going along
an entry to get his tools to go to work
when about ten feet tquare of slate fell
Deceased lacked five days of being 28
years old Six years ago he waB united
In marriage with Miss Laura Tetlow
who with two children and his parents
survives htm Funeral eervioes were
conduoted oyer his remains from St
Patricks Catbollo ohuroh at 10 oolook
Sunday forenoon when Rev D B Klrby
took occasion to pay a high tribute to
labor and tbe debt of gratitude th
world owes to those who risk their lives
for the comforts we enjoy The funeral
was largely attended by relatives and
friends of the bereaved widow and by
the local union of miners who did not
work until the Monday following the
funeral Interment was made by tbe
elde ot the widows father Wm Tetlow
in Oakdale cemetery at Leetonla Don
Campbell was generally respected by
all who knew him and tbe miners where
he worked passed the following
Keeoiutloni ox Condolence
Adopted by Lacal Union No 43J United Mine
Worker ol Amerio WuHugtonville O Jan
25 19u9
Whereat It hu been Oodi will to remove from
oar inldjt one of oar worthy ind esteemed broth
er and olio miner brother Donld Campbell
therefore be it
Betolved Tht the unexpected removal of our
brother from his cftrthlj abode xoalUed by the be
reaved widtw and children and all the member of
hie organliatlon
Betolved Tbat with a superlative expreuion of
sympathy with the rrlof itrlcken widow and chlldv
ren in thu their ud boar of iKIotlon we would
commend her to him who doeta all thlncs welt
Bet Ived That with due re peat to oar departed
brother our charier be draped in moornUc for a
rxriod of thirty dari and a cocy of these resolu
tions be spread upeu our minutes and a oo y be
presented to tne torrowina widow ana D cabli
U in
Mi rter
Masonlnc Dlsfateh and tbe
Uliua Rnbrr Gearae jTirth Job Hutahittioa
J E Gilbert was in Columbiana Wed
O U Welkart shipped a uir ot dollar
wheat to Richmond Va Wednesday
John Woods Is working for the West
inghouee people at the Y O
in Salem
Village health officer Dr S V Ken
nedy has appointed Thomas Wilkinson
as sanitary policeman
Wm Detwller a natlvo of Washing
tonvlllejdled at his home in Salem at 6
oclock Wednesday morning aged 72
Mies Mae Hutchinson entertained tho
eoclety ot young ladles known as the
Smart Set on Tuesday evening when
an enjoyable lunch was served
Rev Kast was In Youngstown Tues
day night and heard Hon Seaborn
Wright of Georgia address the anti-saloon
people taking the Vindicator as a
The trial of Mrs Oretta S Reed of
WaBhlngtonvllIe against Goo B Baker
ot East Palestine was heard at Lisbon
Tuesday She sued her eon-In-law for
8110 for boarding nursing and oaring
for her daughter Mrs Baker for 11
weeks Mrs Reeds claim was allowed
with interest and tho case has been
JAM 27 ABhor Manchester and wlfo
were at John Rlloya Monday
Walter Cook and wife visited friends
in Locust Grove laBt Thursday
Mrs Ell Goodman of Applo Avenuo
Is spending a couple of weeks with her
daughter Mrs Frank Crockett
Belle Ewlng called at John Ewlngs
near Toots Cornora Monday
Isaiah Dustman of Hlokory Ailed at
Henry Hunts ono day last week
Mrs Lower Mrs Crockett Charles
Miller and wlfo woro Sunday visitors at
7alter Cooks
Edward Hull called at Charles Hulls
Mr and Mrs James Park ato dinner
Saturday with C A Goo and family
Aeber Manchester Is repairing Bomo
of bis farm buildings
Hugh Stuart and wlfo of CanQold and
Edith Hunt wont to Edlnburg Saturday
to attond tho funeral of their nunt Mrs
Sarah Stuart wlfo of tho late Hugh
Stuart Thoy woro natlvoB of Ireland
and resided In this locality for sovoral
years whoro thoy woro widely and fav
orably known
Sovoral from horo attended H J
Valls sale noar Paradise Tuesday
Charles Geo wlfo and dauehtor visit
ed frlonds In Salom recently
Mrs Frank Crockott was tondorod a
birthday post card sbowor Monday
Sho was tho recipient of about eighty
beautiful oarde
Henry Hunt and wlfo spent Tuesday
aftornoon at Mrs Mary Ewlngs
Charles Hull had aforco ot men busk
ing corn Monday
Locust Grove
Jan 27 P D Calvin was in Leeto
nla Monday
Miss Ella Compton of Lootonla visit
ed her cousin MIbb Emma Yodor over
Miss Maude Folcht roturnod homo
Saturday after a weeks visit with
friends in Nogloy
B J Calvin wlfo and son Erwood of
North Jackson visited frlonds and rela
tives hero ovor Sunday
E I Roller Is confined to bis room by
L M Toot and wife of East Lewis
town Harvey Calvin and wife of Clarks
villo spent Sunday at J W Calvins
MIbb Amy Calvin left Monday for
Darlington Pa to spend a few days
with her aunt Mrs Margaret Conkle
Homer Crumbachor of Maple Grove
will work for 8 W Yoder the coming
summer i
Anna and Maine Johnson spent Sun
day at H R Calvins
J B Calvin was In Leetonla Monday
School Report The following pupils
ot the Grove school Dlstrlot No 7
were perfect in attendance lor tne
month ending Jan 22 Erma Clay
Nellie Calvin Arthur Clay Oscar Clay
and Oscar Calvin Those attending
every day or being absent one day for
the first half of term were Erma Clay
Nellie Calvin Hattle and Martha D res
eel The only one attending every day
was Erma Clay
Maude MoClun Teacher
Jan 27 Mrs Sarah McNutt and
Mrs Alex Arbuckle are on the sick list
Among tbe visitors of the past week
were Mrs Gertrude Battle of Charles
town W Va Dr and Mrs Roth ot
Greenville Pa Mr and Mrs George
Henry Mrs Stafford and daughter
Mrs Ervln Tuoker of Youngstown
Mrs A O Pfau and Mrs C T Gel
ger vere Struthers visitors one day last
Several from here attended the funer
al ot the late Mrs Heck of Youngstown
Mr and Mf A Mileys new resi
dence will sooa be completed
OT Revival services each evexdng
aaxt week at the Methodist ehursfe at
7 oclock staaoaril
Spring fever prevails
Many people looking for bock beer
Caroy McNab has ths Scotch vote
Well pay for this mtld climate In
Religious revivals are on hut the
lockup Is full every night
Poor Nip Balnes 1 Statutory law fail
ed to help him on thlicarth
Nothing but a fire proof Infirmary
building will satisfy tbo people
There Is said to be a fractured femi
nine heart In a local candy store
Youngstown Is outgrowing every
thing but its bars and cemeteries
Are doctors the slaves of ethics In
other mattors as well as in advertising
The Mill Crook park commissioners
are glad Christmas comes but once a
The Mahoning la getting full but on
carbonated water according to Chemist
Tho slot piano mon aro not greeting a
clean up of the city with hilarious en
Prosperity has hit Glrard and tho
people are celebrating It with pop and
A robin has been seen hero He will
bo captured If possible and trlod as to
his sanity
It may be that hereafter It will bo tho
rulo to blro none but married clerkB In
tho city ball
That Burns banquet must have boon
ajtoast and a dratn n combined judging
from the menu
Youngstown Is too sen all to support
Maxles Send em all to tho work
house Judgo Tony
Wo need only a sun dial to make tho
confusion regarding tlmo In tho city ab
solute and comploto
City counoll should giro John Ruht
mans street railroad tho samo show It
gave tho other lines
Lamar Jackson will bo tho common
plena judgo candldatoof tho pastoral
plain plobolnn ponplo
If tax duplicate values woro adopted
by a jury Cboatnut stroot could bo ex
tended for a moro eong
Tbat mystrIous oarthquako couldnt
have boon our W H Park landing in
tho Holy Land could It Y
If Lamar Jackson was bald and woro
a white walet coat ho would pass for
Pickwick ovon in London
It Is Bald a prominent Flrst wardor
shows moro than n fatherly lntorcst in
his bandomo daughter-in-law
Itischooring to know that Earl Scott
can show those effoto Gothamltos what
a real crop of Ohio balr looks llko
Whon Senator David Tod gots
through with Cox tho great Cincinnati
bOBs may really rotlro from politics
Tbo water wagon la on tho bomo
stretch with only tbo drlvor and a few
tired and desporato paseongors aboard
If ProsldontTaft wants a good alert
preserver of tho forests wo can heartily
recommend Volnoy Rogers for tho job
Tho broworlos may glvo away suit
oases Instead of calendars noxt Christ
mas to tho pooplo ofTrumbull county
Mayor Cravor dont belle vo in pro
tection either by tariff or pollco and
Courtesy of the Youngstown Telegram
An Independent Family Journal Devoted to the Interests of All Glasses and Nationalities
Jan 27 Jeese Dickson Is quite 111 at
the home of a son at Salem though re
ports Indicate improvement Mr Dick
son was not well at his going to Salem
becoming so much worse a day or so
thereafter that for a time his condition
occasioned alarm
Frhods to tho numbor of about 25
gave Carrie and Mabel Walker a sur
prise Saturday the oocaslon being their
birthday anniversaries These eistors
are aged 13 and 8 yeara respectively
but onjoy tho singular distinction of
their birthdays occurring on the same
date though a difference of five years
Intervene All had a pleasant time to
gether Mrs Walker served a nice
A Bon was born Friday to Prof and
Mrs W R Williams
A meat market with George Ball as
proprleter has opened in tbe room ad
joining tho Strawn store formerly used
as an ice cream parlor
Tho Misses Bauman entertained a
number of Alliance friends at their new
residence homo Friday evening
W J West and wlfo wont to Wads
worth Saturday whore thoy took part
in tbe song sorvlco of a revival meeting
In tho Christian church The pastor of
the church 1b Rev Chas E Taylor
formerly of the church at Sebring and
brother to Attorney A W Taylor of
Tho revival meetings at tho M E
Church still continue tho usual inter
est bolng manifest At tho oloso of
theso a series of meetings will bo hold
In Friends church
E E Walker 1b serving on the jury
at LUbon
A tolepbono has been placed in the
residence of H W Carver
Revival fires aro glowing at tho Go
shen FrlocdB church northwest of Gar
field with excollent Interest and splen
did result Thursday ovonlng during
services word ot tho burning of tho In
firmary at CanQold camo and at onco
tho congregation knelt in prayor in be
half of tho Institution and its unfortu
nate victlmB
JAN 27 Tho shanty at W S Clays
coal mine burned Monday morning
Tho Iobs will bo sovoral dollars to oacb
minor in clothes and tools
Mrs Walter Callahan ot Clarksvillo
Bpent a fow days laBt wook with her
daughtor Mrs Elmer Sobnurronbor
Carl Clay visited frlonds in Youngs
town and Poland Saturday and Sunday
Mrs Ellas Konroloh and son Will at
tended tho lnstltuto In Salom Friday
Peter Wonsol movod to hie lately
purchased farm In tho oaBtorn part -of
tho townenip and Thomaa Grlodlo mov
od to tho Mary Rhodes farm
Mrs Elmor Scbourronborgor spent
Tuesday in Youngstown
James Glddlngs of Calla callod on
Sebastian Hlppoly Sunday
Telford Callahan and Nora Miller
epont an ovonlng at Wm HIppolys dur
ing tbo sleighing
Frank and Guy Rhodes of Egypt call
od on frlondB horo Monday
Carl Clay has a now gaeollno onglno
to run his printing press
Sohool Report Tho following pupils
woro porfoct In attondanco during tho
fourth month of sohool Fannie Smith
Jan 27 Chas Bortz Is preparing to
open a restaurant in the Ballou block
Revival at the Presbyterian churob
resulted in eeveral new names being
added to the membership of the eoclety
The stork paid a vUlt to the village
last week leaving a bouncing boy with
Mr and Mrs Marlon Benncr and a
winsome baby girl with Mr and Mrs
M A Sutherlln
Sebring people aro back of a new
pottery project for Columbiana
Hr Floyd Johnson of Gibson City III-
and Miss Zola Scott of Sebring were
married Tuesday evening at tbe homo
of tbo brides parents Mr and Mrs
J F Scott Rev McKnlght ot the U
P Church officiating Tbe homo will
be made at Gibson City tbe groom own
ing a farm there
About 25 members ot the Christian
ohuroh pleasantly passed tho evening
hours of Thursday at tbo homo of Mr
and Mrs Earl Hall at Alliance Mr
Hall formerly resided here and expects
to eoon again make hfs home with us
A sled load of young people onjoyed
a One oyster supper at the home ot -A
A Vansyoc and wife Monday evening
And they had tho sleigh ride just in
Rev Father Dean recently ordalnod
a priest in tho Catholic church at Lee
tonla Is now In temporary charge ot
tho church at Sebring Father Dean
has numerous friends of his boyhood In
tho village
Mrs J M Larklns had a hand severe
ly burned Saturday evening by acci
dentally getting it against a live electric
Frank Gilllouma teacher of Quaker
Hill school waa unable to take hie place
Monday by reason of Illness and Prof
W G Copo has temporary charge
A dccalcomanla machine haB been in
stalled at tho Oliver pottery This
machine is an Invention printing tho
color doslgn on tho ware somothlng
heretofore always dono by hand It 1b
as groat a novelty as tbo llnotypo ma
chlno of tho printing office and docs its
work equally as well Truly groat aro
tbo Inventions of today
Homor Fryfoglo a workman at tho
potteries was struck on tho head Fri
day by falling bricks In a kiln and so
voroly hurt
Now Albany
JAN 27 Georgo Fife ot Clovoland
visited relatives boro last wook
E S Zimmerman purchased tho C O
Rcdlngor rfroporty and will occupy It
April 1
Lowle BuBh ot Salom purchasod tbo
Zimmerman property south ot the vil
MIbb FIobbIo Coy of Calla visited at
Owen God wards ovor Sunday
Charles Williams and family of Lee
tonla visited relatives horo last wock
A sled load ot our young pooplo waB
ontortalnod at thb bomo ol Miss Ora
Vincent ot Salom lait week Monday
Ira Calvin of Groonford was horo
H L Rstzel and family of Clarksvillo
rocontly visited at J S Daugbortya
It was with deep regret that our poo
plo learned of tbo death ot Mrs Chas
Sbrlvor ot Salom Mr Sbrlvor was a
former resident ot Now Albany
Mr and Mrs Byron Smith epont
PvRjfCijH MiJiJaAfc s B PJHBifliiiLViXiitMfRktAlM Tij HmSsVJ flLsnLziaLil
Picture of Alens Building at he County Infirmary Destroyed by Fire January 21
dive keepers are beginning to find It
It 1b certain that thefall In ocst at liv
ing in Youngstown was not what affected
the seismographs ot the world the other
Can It be Mr Filter plant Chemist
that the oarbonlogoa In the river water
Is due to the soft carbonated drinks of
Nllea V
Tbe robin red breast is here and gen
uine simon pure new maple syrup from
Peoria Ills Is on the market Spring
Apparently the only people who have
any pulls In the East End are the po
lice and they are using them very vig
The local Chinese have celebrated
their New Year but none of them bad
the hardihood to swear off intimaoy
with suds
As long as Federal street property
quoted at 12000 a foot 1b down on tbe
tax duplicate for a hundred or two the
tax rate will be high
Gambling may be suppressed but our
poker players look prosperous Per
haps they have their surplus invested
in government bonds
An Imported revivalist la nightly
sending hordes ot worldy Youngeown
people to hades but the population
keeps on growing just tbe same
Tbe olty is economical in one furni
ture item it spends no money for up
holstered chairs for irate citizens who
come to kick about their Bpeolal taxes
Wheq rlp roarlng ranting raging
ravenous evangelists are allowed to dla
turb the Sabbath peace it la little won
der tha most sne men prefer to stay
at homo and read the Sunday papers
A local evangelist olaimed Satan tried
to pull tbe badolothes oS him the ether
eight Strange We thought the Old
Boy bad baoosm thoroughly aeaUnataa
to YeaagatowB weather aad aeald elsati
without wctr quilts in ratr Jms
Lizzie Yeager Ada Hlppely Lizzie
Hlppely Rena Getz Carl Homer Ray
mond and Paul McCave Everett Getz
Victor Kenrelob Raymond Yeager and
Charles Hlppely Total enrollment 17
Hattie O Calvin Teacher
Apple Avenue
Jan 27 J B Cox haB been appoint
ed road eupervlsor by the trustees for
the western half ot Green tqwnshtp
O P Wilms spent Sunday afternoon
at B L Manchesters
K R Paulln and family spent Satur
day evening at J J Paulins near Calla
A valuable horse belonging to Har
vey Dustman was kicked one day last
week and injured so bad tbat it had to
be killed
Wm Houts ot New Albany was a
Sunday visitor at Oscar Toots
B L Manchester and R M Justice
with their wives were guests of Mr
and Mrs Morrison Justice Friday
F H WilllamB and wife were guests
at John Gordons last Tuesday evening
Mr Hlner of Lisbon spent a couple of
daya last week with his brother Allen
Mrs J B Cox was in Greentord Fri
Mr and Mrs B Lr Manchester visit
ed D M Bare and wife one day last
A good driving horse belonging to
Emmet Justice was severely injured a
short time ago and there is little hope
of its recovery
Mr and Mrs Harvey Goodman and
Mrs Ellzibeth Goodman spent last
Wednesday evening at Charles Balrde
S3 You are Invited to the Evangelis
tic services in the Methodist ohuroh
each evening next week
Pao ole do not areas daath to nuch
but while they Uve they weuMI llk to
day evening in Gettysburg
Elijah Lelpper has sold blB Interest fn
the coal mice to his brother Robert
There will be a general move in New
Albany about April 1
Lelnner had a Columbiana coun
ty telephone Installed in his residence
TbeC E Society will render a special
program Sunday evening Feb 7
Joseph Redtngeiwas given a card
shower Monday his 14th birthday
Miss Grace God ward visited her sis
ter Mrs W H Coy ot Calla oyer Sun
Lyman Schnurrenherger and wife ot
Wasblngtonvllle were here last week
No mad dogs yet but plenty tbat are
Jan 27 J 8 Collar Is Blck
Charles Ramsey was home from Cleve
land over Sunday
Mr and Mrs L Miller spent a few
days thlB week in Salem and Masslllon
Ida Sohaal waB home from Canflold
lost week
I W and W H Coy wero In YoungB
town one day last week
Miss Mamie Miller is sewing for Mrs
Metzler of Calla
Ina Esterly spent a night at L Wei
lendorfs last week
Mies Grace Godward visited her sis
ter Mrs W H Coy over Sunday
R R Miller and family ot Youngs
town spent eeveral days lost week with
bis father
About 40 neighbors and friends gath
ered at the home of Lafayette Miller
Saturday night to remind him of his
Are ft specialty with The Mahoning
Dispatch A growing subscription
Hit is evidence that tfae efforts of the
paper to thoroughly please home folk
are appreciated
-- -
Invariably In AiTanc
North Lima
Jan 27 James Pickles and wife of
Poland visited Wm Snyder and wife
Mies Myrtle Wentz of Sharon Isvls
Iting relatives here
Jay Glenn wife and son Randall and
W E Glenn visited at the home of W
F Glenn In Brier Hill Sunday
Miss Allco Hick and Mrs Richard
Grove ot Salem were Sunday guests at
JameB Hahns
Miles WIneholt and family of Youngs
town visited here Sunday
Mrs Daniel Color visited rolatlves in
YoungBtown Sunday
MrB Kato Mentzer of YoungBtown Is
here visiting
Miss Nellie Habn and Miss Florence
Mentzer of Youngstown visited at Israel
Hahns Friday and Saturday
Mrs Monroe Beard and daughter
Bertha of Youngstown callod on Mrs
Lucinda Hasnese Saturday
MIbs Mazle Glenn visited at Rotzels
in Columbiana Sunday
MIbb Mota Llpp of tho city was the
guest of her mother here Sunday
Rev Abram Metzler of Martlnsburg
Pa preached in tho Mennonlte oburch
Sunday morning
Miss Dot Jordan of West Austlntowa
epont Saturday and Sunday at the home
of Orln Summers
Otto Entrlkon wife and son Edward
of Columbiana wero guests at Henry
Mentzors Saturday night and Sunday
Remember tbe locturo Frldav nleht
Jan 20 by Grlffls Tahan tho Indian
lievival moetlngs are In progress at
tho Evangelical church In New Spring
MIbb Ada Color Is visiting rolatlves
in Greenville Pa
Mrs Orln Summers spont tho past
week with relatives and friends in West
A waesn load of 22 vouncr noonlo had
an onjoyable time Friday ovonlng in
going to Raymond ElBors social at
Springfield Center
J ti imwortn naa an oyo injured last
Wednesday while unhitching bis horse
Ho has slnco boon boused up and F P
Crouso Mb assistant Is carrying the
East Lewlitown
Jan 7 Elmor Crumbachor has rent
ed tho Bloseor shop formerly occupied
by Mr Bakor and will do horso shooing
and repair work
Sleighing partloB wero numerous last
Mary Coy Is 111 with pneumonia but
at this writing Is slightly lmproyod
Potor Yodors condition remains ui
Nelson Lodwlck rontod tho Kohler
farm now occupied by Mr Burnotto
John Shank purchasod a horso from
Elmor Crumbachor
Frank Rohrbaugh attended church
In Columbiana Sunday
Midway rovlval mootlngs closed Sua
duy ovonlng with eight convorts
Mrs Mary Baro and son Warren
woro in Con field Thursday
Warron Baro of Groonford visited
Wm Hondrlcke Sunday
Frank Barger and wlfo of Pleasant
Valley vlBltcd H L Burns and family
John Shank has blrcd to C K West
for tbo coming Bummer
Local option discussions aro frequent
Wheat crop Is not promising a large
Isaao Rohror purchased tho Joel Leh
man farm for 865 per acre
Church services noxt Sunday ovenlng
at tbo usual hour
2rjyffiiKiriM Irom which
r a Vi JTT1 w wtou
hmiwvh nw4 eiii kmb mwm m a
ralgeo Uwe
Pv6Alae aliaaatoti aslvevtlBjis
Jan 27 Sumnor Mlddloton who vis
ited here tho past throo weeks started
Monday for bis home ln Indinna
Homer Greenamyor Bold his horse to
Fremont Middleton
Last week Wednesday night a slosl
load from this vlolnlty attended a sur
prleo party at Grant Burkeya In Berlin
Clyde Owens wife and daughter spent
Sunday atH JGreenamyers
Frances Stallsmlth was taken very
slak Saturday night and is not much
I Improved
Last Sunday Prof Williams of Damas
cus Academy gave an excollent address
at Bunker Hill church in the absence of
Rev Bright
Fremont Middleton and wife enter
tained L D Waters and wife at dinner
Cora Vonable after sovoral weeke
treatment at a Cleveland hospital re
turned home not much Improved
Mrs Elizabeth Middleton passed her
SSth birthday last Wednesday and Is In
fairly good health for one of her age
She makes her home with her son Will
Edith Gunder is boarding this week
with Mr and Mrs Keets on account of
bad roads
Grace Stratton has been quite sick
tbe past week
Jan 27 rCalvin Glass and wife of Sa
lem were Sunday callers here
Joe Caldwell ot New Garden spent
several days lost week with friends la
this vicinity
Emmet Justice has a Blck horse
Lewis Campbell and wife Bert Durr
and family spent Sunday with J B
Barnes and wife
Wm Hoffman has rented the Evans
farm vacated by Mr Glass
L T Pow and daughter Marjorle ot
Salem were Sunday visitors at A R
Mrs Viokers bad business in Berlin
Center one day last week
Master Delmas Cessna is 111 with
The O E Society of Salem took ad
vantage of the sleighing last week
Tuesday evenlnvr and waa entertained
at the home of Mr and Mrs John Gor
don An oyster supper was served atvd
the jolly party left for bomo at a lata
Isaiah Huffman was In Beaver Falls
on business Monday
S R Shaffer slaughtered five fine
porkers for jnarket Monday
The design of the flint arrowhead
1b to be Ohios trademark la aoeori
anoe with the wish of Gov Hartaosi to
have all state property tnveatoriad aad
marked when possible all such
ly win oe inaioatea in tne iuuinsi t
trruw uwiigu wttfmwr TV Jejwaw
tne Ohio Arcaaeoloetoal and
society has submitted a number
W Yoa are Uvltad to the
He sarvta to tfw
AMh AWMtaff eMBl IMqIe

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