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Tho Fordyce Osbornc Co
Epitome of the Most
Important Events
Gathered From All
Points of the Globe
iiriririritirCrlrCrirtririfCrtrii diritiritft
Tho Importance of the preservation
of the homo Intact was tho central
theme around which tho discussion re
volved at the confeernco on tho Care
of Dependent Children which formallj
was opened by President Itoosevelt at
tbo White House
An agreement has been reached be
tween Secretary Root and the British
and Canadian and Newfoundland gov
ernments through their representa
tives on the Newfoundland fisheries
question to be submitted toTbe
Hague court for arbitration
Tbo interstate commerce coinmls
tlon ordered material reduction in the
rates on cream in deciding tho cases
of several creameries of tho middle
west against a number of railroads
By the decisive voto of 103 to 42
the house refused to increase tho pen
sion of Julia D Coghlan widow of the
late Rear Admiral Coghlan U S N
from 50 a month as recommended
by the committee on pensions to 100
The house passed the naval appro
priation bill adopting the program
for the fiscal year 1910 Just as It was
reported by the committee
Dr P Rltter the Swiss minister to
Japan has been named to succeed
Leo Vogel at present minister of
Switzerland at Washington
The bouse of representatives de
clared vicant tho seat of George I
LUley now governor of Connecticut
Mrs Carrie Nation was egged and
hooted at when she tried to lecture in
Dan Liberty Hyde Ballej of Cornell
announced that he was not a candidate
for and would not accept the position
of secretary of agriculture in the cabi
net of President Taft
Joseph L Brlstow was elected to
the United States senate by the Kan
sb legislature
Former State Treasurer E P Shaw
of Massachusetts o fallroad financier
Bled a voluntary petlon in bank
ruptcy with liabilities ot 1023305
and assets of 275765
When John Mitchell former presi
dent of the United Mine Workers of
America appeared before the annual
convention of that organization in In-dl-or
polls the 1300 delegates cheered
till bey were hoarse and many of
them were affected to tears
John G Robinson a millionaire oil
operator of Smlthfleld W Va was ar
reted on a charge of forging his
wifes name to a ball bond
J Plerpont Morgan bought the
word Washington wore when he re
signed as commander-in-chief of the
Rear Admiral Sperry arrived at
Villefranche and was received with
salutes ayl entertained by officials
The liner Republic rammed by the
Italian steamer Florida la a fog off
Nantucket lies under 5 fathoms of
sea oft No Mans Land near Marthas
Vlnavorfl lelnnri nff Hia M nBKArhuflAtta
- - - -- ------
coast The Republics captain and
crow were taken off at the last min
ute before the great ship went down
y the revenue cutter Gresbam Tlje
imstdreds of passengers first takes on
Youngstown O
Muslin Underwear
Begins Thursday January 28 By far
the greatest of all Muslin Underwear sales
of the past And well have the biggest
one weeks selling in this stores history
We have planned for the largest number
of specials yet offered in Corset Covers
Gowns Skirts etc
See the Special Corset Covers at 15c 29c 25c
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As the quantity of these specials is limited youll
have to come early for choice
t The FordyceOsborne Co j
Greatest Exclusive Dry Goods House I
board the Florida following the col
llilon and later transferred to the
liner Baltic were landed at -New
York They owed their safety to the
wireless which called vessels to the
aid of the cripple steamers Two of
tho Atlantics passiiigers and four of
the Floi Idas ciew were killed In tho
SovernI hours after the Baltic ar
rived nt Now York with the 1650 pas
sengers of the Republic and Florida
the derelict destroyer Seiiccncnnic in
with Capt Sealby of tho Republic hla
oUmtcer crew nnd Jack Blnns the
wireless operator who stuck to the
rammed liner until she went down
Tho Floildn badly smashed nlso
icached port
Tho announcement was made that
the Canadian Pacific railway will elec
trify Its whole system through the
mountains of tho west
Tho Union Tobacco society after
months of preparation nnd preliminary
meetings received tbo final touches of
tho promoters at Louisville and as a
leuulu the tobacco growers of Ken
tucky Indiana and Wisconsin are
welded into one body with a central
The business portion of McCracken
Kan including tho hotel was
dusliojed bj fire
A plot to assassinate Detective Ga
briel Longobardl of Chicago becauso
of his activity against tho Black
Hand was exposed by an Italian
Over the veto of Gov Patterson
both houses of the Tennessee legisla
ture passed the senate bill which pro
hibits the bale of Intoxicating liquors
within four miles of a schoolhouse in
Tennessee and is In effect a state wide
prohbltlon act It is effective July j
On tho eleventh anniversary of the
arrival of the old battleship Maine on
her Ill fated mission to Cuban waters
the new Maine with the still more
modern Mississippi following in her
wake tailed into Havana harbor to be
present at the inauguration of Gen
Jose Miguel Gomez and the new Cu
ban government
Two men were killed and several in
jured by a gas explosion in a coal
mine at Boswell Pa
Walter Zeller 18 years old convict
ed of murdering his grandfather at
Vineland N J was sentenced to be
electrocuted March 8
Delegates from 35 countries includ
ing the United States have voted In
Paris to establish a permanent inter
national refrigeration association
A general reduction in the number
of employes at the Philadelphia navy
ard has thrown nearly 600 mechanics
of the vailous departments out of
Insurance Commissioner Pell of
Kentucky revoked the license of the
Southern Fire Insurance Company of
New Orleans now in the hands of a
Brooding over financial troubles R
L Hillborn a well to do farmer killed
his wife and then blew his own brains
out at their home near Charlton O
judge Hunt or the United States
district court at Helena Mont hand
cd down a decision In the so called
smoke case in which he denied the
application of farmers for the closing
of the Washoe smelter at Anaconda
Gov Magoon reported on the excel
lent results of the American occupa
tion of Cuba and denounced the leav
ing of the wreck of the Maine in Ha
vana harbor as a disgrace to the
United States
President elect Taft and party sailed
from Charleston for Panama on the
cruiser North Carolina
Severe earthquake shocks recorded
oa European selsmographlc instru
ments were believed to have occurred
In Russian Turkestan
That benzoate of soda used as a
fqod preservative is not Injurious to
health is the judgment of the referee
board of consulting experts of which
Dr Ira Remsen president of Johns
Hopkins unlverslt is chairman This
conclusion which has been approyed
by Secretary Wilson reverses the
findings of Dr H JV Wiley chief of
the bureau of chemistry
A fortune from one of the most -valuable
estates in Germany and the title
of dowager countess of Marbroeck con
stitute tho reward which will fall to
Mrs J II Voelker of Wallace Idaho
as a result of a five year legal battle
In the courts of Germany
Three persons were killed and two
fatally Injured by a snowslldo at the
Cnmp Bird mine Ouray Col
Stephen T Hood of Kansas City was
shot and killed by his former friend
James W Blanon after a quarrel
A new worlds record of 138 feet for
ski jumping was made at the North
western Ski tournament nt Chippewa
Falls Wis by Oscar Gunderson
An insane convict in the peniten
tiary at Pittsburg Pa fatally stabbed
a nurse and a guard and wa3 killed
by the latter i
Two Russians in an attempt to rob
the pay wagon of a factory in Totten
ham a London suburb killed three
persons and wounded -about 20 after
which both shot themselves one dying
Tho Swiss Aero club has selected
S urlch as the starting placo for tho
International balloon race for the
James Gordon Bennett cup next fall
Floods that oro general throughout
tho Transvaal and tho northern part of
Natal caused 173 deaths
Several persons were killed and
many hurt in a collision between two
sections of a Pennsylvania railway
train near Johnstown Pa
Tho death sentence of Herman BI1
Ilk of Chicago convicted of poisoning
Mary Vrzal -was commujed to life Im
prisonment by Gov Denecn
A large pier and quantities of mer
chandise burned at Galveston Tex
the loss being 425000
Ruth Bryan Lcavltt daughter of Wll
Ham J Bryan filed suit for dlvorco
from William H Leavltt in Lincoln
Neb alleging non support
The first nntlounl convention of the
unemployed met In St Louis
San Francisco business men who re
cently made a trip to tho Orient sent
a strong protest to tho California leg
Mature against the proposed anti
Japanese legislation
Whnt nie believed to have been
earthquake shocks wcro felt In
Cincinnati and Its suburbs
IprFons venturing on the unusual
forms of amusement devices at
Coney Island do so at their own rlBk
atd cannot expect to recover damages
for Injuries sustained under general
conditions according to a ruling of
the appellate division of tho supremo
rotut of New York
Jny Gould champion nmatetir court
tennis plajer of tho world and son of
tho millionaire ralhoad director
George J Gould Is likely to become
a piobntlon officer In a New York po
lite court
The number of dead In the crib fire
horror nt Chicago was estimated at
70 It was believed tho disaster was
caused by a workman dropping a
torch on dynamite
An alleged conspiracy of Blockmcn
to drive a stock company from South
Dakota was revealed by tho confes
sions of men under arrest
Mrs Stislo M Hurdette widow of
the late Joshua Burdctte a wealthy
pioneer merchant of Creek county Ok
lahoma who was the victim of a mys
terious assassination at Eufala Oltla
In 190G filed suit for the recovery of
500000 lnsuranco upon Burdettos
Alvin Bollnc of Ottawa 111 shot his
wife and fatally wounded her mother
In the lattors homo at Galva 111 and
then committed suicide
It Shows a Decrease In Earnlnns but
an Increase In Unfilled
New York Jan 27 Earnings of the
uimia mates steel Corporation for
mo mbi quarter or yu nnd for the
wholo of that year together with the
USUal dividends on tho nroforrn nnrt
common stock were made public Tues-
uay ine earnings for the quarter
ending December 31 wn oit
225485 compared with 27106274 the
luuviuus quarter and 32053005 the
corresponding quarter a year ago
Thft flnnnitnpninotit una t it
wrna in iiua Willi
expectations in the financial district
wuere tue interest was largely in the
i unfilled orders on hand Thnan fntniin
3603627 tons against 3421977 three
inunius ngo ana 4624553 a year ago
For each quarter there was a steady
increase in tne amount of unfilled or
The earnings for the jear 1908 were
9182C520 a decrease ns mmniKj
with 1907 of 09138153 The surplus
ior me year was 10497925 a de
crease of 4681902
Kleran Is Arrested and Released
New York Jau 27 Patrick J
Kleran vice president of the Fidelity
Funding Co whose affairs are in the
hands of receivers was arrested ai
his home here Tuesday on the ground
that he was a fugitive from Justice
and that he was wanted In Pittsburg
where charges of grand larceny had
been lodged against m Kleran was
taken to police headquarters but had
been locked up only a few hours when
word came from Superintendent oi
Police McQuade of Pittsburg stating
that Kleran had glyen bonds there and
requesting that he be released This
was done
Guffey Gains a Victory
Harrisburg Pa Jan 27 James M
Guffey the Pittsburg oil magnate was
on Tuesday unanimously chosen as
tho Pennsylvania member of the Dem
ocratic national committee to succeed
James Kerr deceased Mr Guffey
was defeated for the position at the
Denver convention William J Bryan
dictating the election of Mr Kerr
No Ohio Troops at Taft Inaugural
Columbus O Jan 27 It was an
nounced Tuesday night at a meeting
of brigade and regimental command
ers of the Ohio national guard that
because of inability to obtain low rail
way rates not a Blngle Ohio regiment
or battery will be represented at the
Taft Inaugural
Strikers Will Resume Work
Sandusky O Jan 27- Three hun
dred striking employes of the En
terprise Glass Company wilf go back
to work in the factory here within
ten days Iab rjsht they agreed to
accept the sliding scale for which the
-- bnld out
Police Do Not Believe that Any Evl
dence Against Him Will
be Found
Dayton O Jan 27 Elwoot
Weimer who was arrested at Hamll
ton as a suspect th the Mary Forsch
ner murder case arrived in Daytoi
Tuesday evening in custody of Pollct
Chief Allaback Weimer admits drink
lng heavily for the past six weeks and
assigns this as the cause of his sliat
tered nerves
He claims- Ottawa 0 as his home
The police have little confidence Ie
their ability to fasten the crime on
him Further examination of the
scene of tho tragedy develops th
fact that the victim was ravished In a
field and then led to a shed 75 feet
from the scene of tho first outrage
where the assault was repeated anf
the girl killed
A complete description of the man
who nccosted and pursued Mrs Bar
bara Schaff 65 minutes before the
tlmo Geppart claims to have seen the
man in the field has been furnished
tho police and from several minor
facts they are confident that ho Is the
murderer of tho Forschner girl The
funeral of tho girl was held Tuesdny
when her three sisters acted as pall
Local Interest In the case shows no
signs of abatoment and every man in
Dayton is Industriously explaining his
The detective who Is probably best
Informed on tho case has firmly set
tled In his own mind that tho guilty
man Is a negro and offers many sub
stantial facts in support of his theory
Moving Pictures are Submitted as Evi
dence In a Damage Suit
Now York Jan 27 Novel evidence
was given in tho Brooklyn supremo
court Tuesday when a strip of motion
pictures showing small boys at play
was flashed on a whlto canvas The
evidence was oITercd in n 50000 dam
ngo suit brought against tho Coney
Island Brooklyn Railroad Co by
Stephen McGorty 10 years old
through a guardian for Injuries that
brought on hip trouble it was alleged
Tho pictures showed the boy ac
cording to F A Dobson a moving
plcturo mnchlno operator running
around as lively as his comrades Tho
pictures were taken laBt fall while
tho accident occurred In 1905
Judge Asplnall who tried tho caBc
readily admitted tho motion plcturo
evidence and left tho bench to tako a
polstlon whero ho could aeo tho
pictures when they wcro thrown on
tho screen In a darkoned court room
Tho scene was ono of the oddest ever
given In a court room
The Jury returned a sealed verdict
Labor Leaders Must Pay 6osts
Washington Jan 27 President
OompersT Vice President John Mitchell
and Secretary Frank Morrison of tho
American Federation of Labor who
wero recently adjudged in contempt of
court and sentencod to terms of Im
prisonment In the District of Colum
bia Jail were on Tuesday ordered by
Justice Wright of tho district bu
promo court to pay tho costs Incurred
In tho proceedings which resulted in
tho sentence for contempt Tho costs
nggrcgate about 1500
Sustains Roosevelts Decision
Wnbhington Jan 27 That tho sen
ate has no right to call upon
dent Roosevelt for Information he
may liavo obtained from the United
Stntes Steel Corporation when he
countenanced that concerns absorption
of the Tennesbee Coal and Iron Co la
tho opinion of the special committee
on Judiciary appointed to- Investigate
the merger
Soldier Killed His Friend
Fprt Robinson Neb Jan 27
Jokingly daring his comrade and sup
posed friend to fire upon him Private
Parry of the Eighth regiment was
shot and killed Tuesday by Private
ThomaB of tho same regiment The
men had been bantering each other
but the language was thought to be
friendly Thomas Is In the guard
Slot Machine for Newspapers
Chicago Jan 27 A slot machine
that will bupply newspapers is to be
given a trial In Chicago Negotiations
are under way for installing the ma
chine on stieet can and elevated rail
way stations One of the features of
the device Is that It will return the
proper change automatically
Alleged Night Riders are Indicted
Waycross Ga Jan 27 Fifteen In
dictments were returned by the Ware
county grand Jury Tuesday against
five alleged Night Riders for taking
part in the recent shooting up of tho
towu of Beach this county In the
trouble Miss Maggie Taylor was shot
and seriously wounded
Brlstow Is Elected Senator
Topeka Kan Jan 27 The house
and senate here Tuesday In separate
session elected Joseph L Brlstow
United States senator to succeed
Chebter I Long for the terra begin
ning March 4 next
Passed a Local Option Bill
Boise Idaho Jan 27 A local op
tion bill passed the bouse Tuesday by
a vote of 44 to 9 Jt is believed that
the bill will pass the senate with a
tew amendments
Fire Fatal to Four Men
Fort Worth Tex Jan 27 Three
men were burned or suffocated toi
ucaiu ouu uuuiuer isiuiiy uuruea acre
i uesay in a nre whlca destroyed the
Southern hotel
If you will tal e Foleys Orlno Laxa
tive untlUtbe bowels become regular
you will not have to take purgatives
constantly as Foley Orlco Laxative
positively cures chronic constipation
and elopelet liver Pleaant to take
John Taber Canfield
Patronize Dispatch advertiser
19 1309
Would Have Been Repealed by a Bili
that was Up for Final Passage by
the New York State Senate
on Tuesday
Albany N Y Jan 27 Keen
scrutiny of the consolidated law bills
by Dean Alden legal adviser to Gov
Hughes prevented tho legislature on
Tuesday from passing what In effect
would have been tho repeal of the
Now York City 80 cent gas law The
bills have already passed the assem
bly and wero on the oftler of final
passage In the senate when the dis
covery was made by Dean Alden that
In the consolidation of the transporta
tion corporations acts tho general
transportation law of 1890 under
which a maximum price for ga3 in
cities of over 800000 inhabitants was
fixed at 125 per thousand feet had
been re enacted inasmuch as in the
consolidation of the general statutes
special acts such ns the 80 cent gas
law Inadvertently were not taken In
to account by the statutory consolida
tion commission
Dean Alden at onco notified Gov
Hughes who sent for Senator Davis
chairman of the Judiciary committee
which reported the bills and notified
him of tho Importance of holding up
tho passage of tho bills In question
Meanwhile the senalo had taken up
the measures for consideration and
had It not been for tho prompt action
on tho part of tho governor tho hills
probably would have passed As It
was thoy wero referred back to tho
committee for amendment nnd Sena
tor Davis said that tho 80 cent gas
law would be Included In the hills
when tho committee meets to day
Tho re enactment of tho laws might
have meant the loss of tho millions of
dollars held up In tho courts pending
a decision of the 80 cent gas law lit
igation but even bad tho bills passed
it 1b probable tho error would have
been discovered by the governor as
measures arc being carefully ex
amined by the governors legal de
To Prevent Explosions of Mine Dust
Pittsburg Jan 27 Government ex
periments inado at the testing labora
tory of tho geological survey hero
seem to havo solved tho problem of
preventing dust explosions In coal
mines The method employed is to
force steam from an exhaust plpo
through tho air curronts cnuBed by tho
ventilating fan in tho mine and tho
experiments havo proven successful In
overy instance
A Train Robber to Convicted
Helena Mont Jan 27 Qeorgo
Frankbauster was on Tuesday found
guilty of robbing a Great Northern
train extracting 40000 from the
Lmalls and placing the lives of tho cus
todians In jeopardy Ho will bo sen
tenced Thursday Under tho law ho
must servo tbo rest of his Jlfo In a
federal prison at hard labor
Our Catholic Population
Milwaukee Jan 27 There nro 14
235451 Roman Catholics In the United
States according to tho 1909 Wlltzlus
official Catholic directory published In
this city Tho statistics are furnished
by the archbishops nnd bishops of tho
United States
New York Jan 27 Money On call
easy nt 1W per cent Prime mercantile
paper 3H4 per cent Sterling exchange
H873S for demand
Government bonds steady
Grain Provisions and Live Stock
Flour Quiet but steady
Wheat No 2 red J108J elevator
Corn No I at 70c
Oats Mixed 605 Ho
Hay Steady
Catte No trading- Yeals G001000
- Sheep Steady at 00Q500 iambi
Hogs Firm at M0r 70
Cleveland Jan 27 Flour Minnesota
spring patents 560C8 SO
Wheat No 2 red IJ07H
Corn New No 3 yellow CJc
- Oats No S white
Butter Best creamery 82c
Cheese York state J5Hc t
Eggs Strictly fresh 30c
Potatoes Best grades 90c
Hay No 1 timothy J1300
Cattle Best steers I575Q025 calves
9009 25
Sheep Choice wethers 1500525
lambs J725740
Hogb Heavy Yorkers 1640 pigs 3560
Chicago Jan 27 rWheut May 10S
Corn May 6214c
Oats May 61TC
Pork January S16S0
Lard January 952V
Cattle Steers H60Q716 heifers 3300
Hogs Choice heavy shipping 3650
660 ptgs 34 75660
Sheep Steady at 34250560 lambs
Toledo Jan 27 Wheat Cash J107U
Corn Cash 62c
Oats Cash E2Vic
Cloverseed Cash 35471-
Buffalo Jan 27 Cattle Export rattle
6006650 fulr to good S 7CSE0
Hogs Yorkers 6300670 pigs 585
Sheep Wethers 5006560 lambs 8 00
Pittsburg Jan 27 Cuttle Choice
teera 6156635 good 5506585
Hogs Heavy Yorkers 65066 60 plgM
5 75585 s f
Sheep Prime wethers 5106 30 lambs
1500 6760
Where Fortunes Topple
The demand for employment by ed
ucated women is greater proportion
ately in England than In any other
country Nowhere in the world Is the
dilemma of a woman accustomed to
luxury and suddenly thrown on her
own resources so distressing as in
The Comfortable7 Home
A comfortable home Is like a well
managed rampaUn on the batileflejd
No ode does what he wants but hat
h ought
i Per CentCom
pound Interest
Article Kaslly Prepared and Likely
to Be Popular
In making article or bazars a
suggestion of something that is
it nronared attd Is likely to sll
Saving has been advised through
all the ages The c u ran 1 a t i v e
power of compound interest has
often been told We dont hope
to tell the old fadts in hotter -words
but do hope to remind you of the
necessity of getting into the habit
of saving and banking a fixed por
tion of your earnings
In our Savings Department your
savings earn 4 PER CENT com
pound interest
The Farmers National Bank
Canfield Ohio
Tho South African Young Woman
lias not Yet Arrhctf hut She is on
ller Way Her Out door Mfo
The day of tho South Afriuau girl
has hardly arrived jet but when It
says a writer in the Queen
let the Americans tcc to their lau
rels for they win have dangerous
competitors in the field
The Dutch women of the TianB
vaal aro tall and splendidly devel
oped and thcro are tho two distinct
types tho purely Dutch lth golden
Irown hair grayor hazel ejus nnd
creamy skin and the brunette of
French descent with dark cjes and
hair and rich dark coloring But
lioth types aro on a larger scale than
their European antecedents The
sun of South Africa Is a gicat vital
izes and tho children of that laud
of vast spaces havo moie room to
grow and develop In and they load
from their infancy such an out of
doois lifo that they aro bound to bo
an improvement physically on their
sisters of tho northern hemisphere
Dutch women of South Africa al
ways accompanied thulr husbands in
their large hoodeu alow moving
wagons their nomadic existence ex
tended to carclobsnuss hauits and
of dress but It developed In tlium au
Infinite capacity for pci bcteriug ef
fort a strength of character u stub
bornness as Well us great vlutlit
all of which excellent iiuuntlo go to
tue making of a stioug nation
Tho present generation can be di
vided into two distinct classes tho
inhabitants of tho veld auu Uoa of
the towns and village and whil
the fundamental chaiactcrlstlis uro
tho same grit tenacity
independence still tueru U
a wide difference between tue iloer
woman of the c untry and tne edu
cated Dutch woman of tl towns
Tho former on reaming the age of
30 uro large fat and iieuo iney
niairy very young and have putnnr
dial families and oer husband aud
children they wield a great swuj an
Influence very much ki eater tunn
that of the English woman
x To a stranger the Doer vrouw ap
pears stupid aud bilent stie shut
her mouth determiuualy uud sits
btolldly through tils vibic out in
reality she is takinr a detailed uiein
oruudum of his appcarauce wuu
and manners and uotnlug cscupe
ber notice If she is perduaueu or
his friendliness and good Inieuyouu
she may relax a little but hue UuiUi
never by any chance tell jou any
thing more than they wish you to
The Boer women have alwujb beeu
accustomed to a good supply of
Kattlr sen nuts on their farms and
they are not yuite the energetic
housewiveb one imagines but ine
generally preail on their bervautb
to et luo woik done to their batio
faction and mere is one bruian of
Housewifery in which the J
the nmKlng of komfyt or pre
berves whether jam making of the
ordinary kind or a more elaborate
met vi of preserving the delicious
fruit of the land
Wide as the poles asunder are the
educated Dutch women of the towns
or those Indeed of the country who
have been bent to Cape Colony or to
curope to scuool As adaptable as
the Americans with decided mental
ability they aro full of common
A girl who has beeu to a good
school in outb and after-
wardb iu Europe has bonietbIn most
ciiaiiuiug and funnatliig about her
liuiidso yhaclous capable with
u clear she wants and
how to get it she carves a pleasant
and usefil nay for uerbelf through
Her out of doors life but made her
rong auj health and t l tee- the
advantage of a certain auwnt of ex
ercise Since tbe wur If - before
she has taken a great Interest in
politics as well as in the work- of
her father or hubband and In phil
uuthroplcal t she displays
strong organizing ublllty bhe aa
not jet developed the female bache
lor ways of independent English
womanhood for lu South Africa lu
every colony there is a large sur
plus of men and the Dutch girl in
variably marries young aud rules
husband and family ever after
well la worth rjmemDennK fretty
little Japanese cups and saucers can
m Vv yQ Wis
WBllBKjyy Tf
be bought vcry cheaply and they
can bo filled with chocolate creams
and covered in at the t with silver
paper nnd then tied up tastefully
with colored ribbon In the manner
shown in our sketch IT preferred
tho chocolates cah bo wrapped in one
of those Japanese pap serviettes
which may bo purchased by the
Tho bright colors of tho cups and
saucers and ribbons win make a very
ttractlvo Bpot bn a stall and they
should sell easily
A Womans Heroism
lilstpry haB presented few exam
ples or groater herolBtn than that of
Mrs S J Rooke the telephon
oporator of Folsom N M who when
warned by a resident of tho hills to
fleo for her life from the flood speed
ing to engulf tho valey rejected the
opportunity to sae herself and em
ployed tho hour that Intervened be
tween the warning received and her
own death by drowning in calling up
subscribers by telephone and ac
quainting them of their danger More
than 40 families havo already ac
knowledged tholr lives saved through
the magnificent courago of ono frail
woman whoso lifeless body with
tho telophone headpiece still adjusted
to her cars was found 12 miles down
the canyon
Decries the Midnight Oil
Peoplo talk about tho midnight
oil as If it had some virtue attached
to It writes Dr Hale In Womans
Homo Companion In truth four
times out of five tho midnight oil
means overwork or it means that
jou havo neglected some duty which
should have been attended to before
the sun went down
Unless each night recovers the
ground lost in tho exertion of the
day before you are committing sui
cide by inches and you have no
right to commit suicide at all
Old Peoplo Make Slerry
In recently published reports of
the fair which took place at the
Homo of the Daughters of Jacob
New York mention was made of tbo
chief usher a lad age 10S years
and of the glrlB who sold candy
and lemonade although they were
only 108 and 107 years old Some
doubt was expressed as to the ages
of these Inroatfes of the home Al
bert Kruger the superintendent
said that tbee was no exaggeration
For Memorial to John Dunyun
Negotiations for the erection of a
memorial to John Bunyan in West
minster Abbey supported by peers
bishops statesmen and literary per
sons hate issued in a proposal by
the dean and chapter that the tribute
shall take the form of a window to
be placed in the north aisle of the
Abbey The archbishop of Canter
bury promises to preside over the
An Ironical Disposition
Women love to cry at the the
ater said the observant person
Yes answered Mr Groucher I
wsh somebody would write a play
-about a man who had to mind the
children and set his own dinner be
cause his -wife was at a matinee I
wonder if my wife would shed tears
of sympathy when sho saw it
A Comenlent Disinfectant
A bandy disinfectant for house i
liold use is made of chlorate of lime
moistened with vinegar and water in
equal parts It may be kejJt In tho
cellar all thotlnje and in case of
sickness a few drops scattered about
-will purlfythe air In the room
New Yorks Costly Kire Department
There is a difference between the
Are departments of London and of
New York city The London depart
ment costs ten cpnts a year for eaqh
Inhabitant while the department of
New York costs l7B for each New
The Search for WisdoiH
In seeking -wisdom thou artr
in Imngialog that thou htHfi
it thotart a topi Confuciu T i7
fTr tn toll hei ypll
tdkr eat brul barn or 1b5
w W UW wou

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