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Youngstown Ohio
The Geo L Fordyce Co
Superb showing of the now
stylus In Mens Sweater Coats
Byron collar or shawl collnr light
or tlniK grey price rango from 75c
to 350 each
Such Sweaters as these havo
that real quality which means dur
ability the men like
Unboxed today for Fall selling
our full complement of tho seasons
styles In Mens Flnnnoletto Night
Shirts and Pajamas all sizes tho
new stylo collars Display at
Mens Furnishing Goods Section
Night Shirts priced at 50c 75c
lO0 and 150
Pajamas priced at 100 the suit
About 100 dozen of Childrens
fine ribbed medium weight Merino
Underwear vests and pants white
and natural an extraordinary val
ue for the garment 50c
Theso differ fiom the everyday
kind theyre made better and
better quality than regular 50c
Smartest of the seasons Suits
wide wale Serge rough Serges and
Whipcords cutaway jackets many
braid bound new skirts plain or
Short Chronicles of a Days Happen
ings as Told by Telegraph
for Our Readers
Bandits Kill and Malm
Cleveland Oct 9 Two men cook
ing their supper in a boarding car in
A lonely spot in the woods 500 yards
from the plant of the Hydraulic Press
Brick Co South Park O were shot
down by three bandits who appeared
jat the car dodr and opened fire with
44 caliber revolvers One of the men
was robbed of his two week pay
pmounting to 35 which he had
drawn in the afternoon Joseph Kla
til one of the men who lives at 3718
W Fifty fourth street died in an am
bulance on the way to St Alexis hos
pital an hour after the shooting The
other Michael Majowski is at the
hospital in a dangerous condition
from a bullet which tore through his
jcheek and ripped away part of the
bone of his upper jaw A freshly
broken buggy thill the tracks of a
nuggy and the torn turf under a
chestnut tree 200 feet from the car
are the only clews that the sheriff
and the posses of men from the brick
yard had to work on
Decides Against Progressives
Columbus Oct 9 The supreme
court refused the application of Pro
gressives for permission to bring a
piandamus suit against Secretary of
State Graves ordering him to allow
the names of candidates to be printed
on the ballot under more than one
party designation The supremo
court decided that it does not have
thev authority to change the ruling of
the secretary of state on election as
the secretary of state is made the
last court in Buch matters under the
statutes The ruling of Secretary of
State Graves that the names of a can
didate can appear on a ballot only
once will mean that in many counties
the Progressive county tickets will
be vacant The Progressives had
hoped to have the case1 settled in time
to place their candidates on the ballot
by petition but last Saturday was the
last day for filing petitions Judge
William T Spear did not participate
fn the decision of the court
Chosen Ohio Moderator
Bellefontaine O Oct 9 Itev Ed
ward T Swigatt of Cincinnati was
elected moderator of the Presbyterian
eynod of Ohio in session here Rev
Mr Swigatt has for 25 years been the
stated clerk of synod and his election
was made by acclamation in partial
celebration of the silver anniversary
of his service as clerk His name
was presented by Rev Frederick Mc
Mlllen of Cincinnati and the nomina
tion was seconded by Rev Arthur
Ludlow of Cleveland A discussion
of plans to bring more young men
into the ministry a commendation of
the boy scout movement and a mo
tion to reorganize the committees di
recting young peoples societies so as
to give the members a definite Chris
tian aim wero proceedings that mark
ed the opening
Woman Dies Husband Held
Cleveland Oct 9 With a bullet
bole In each breast the body of Mrs
Hazel Halllwlll lies at Shepards
morgue In Colllnwood and her hus
band Oscar B Halllwlll 39 Is under
arrest on a charge of murder as the
result of a mysterious shooting afTair
that occurred at night at Holmes
avenuo N E and East 155th streets
While the husbands story gives sui
cide as the explanation of the shoot
ing the police point out that one of
the wounda on the womans body
could hardly have been inflicted by
her with the weapon in her own band
After closely questioning the man
Lieut Doyle decided that the mystery
wu one for thejeorqner to solve
Mr Jas V Churchill 90 Wall St
Auburn N Y has been bothered
with serious kidney and bladder
trouble ever since he left the army
and aaya I decided to try Foley
Kidney Pills as they had cured bo
many people and I soon found they
-were Just the thing My kidneys and
bladder are again in a healthy
tlon I gladly reeemmend them F
Jl Morris Canfleld Ad
L4 J1z1l
Dry Goods News
with foot pleats on sale each
Theres a charm of exciuslvcnoss
In theso Suits that will bo ap
Better Suits of tho higher class
finest fnbrlcs In a splendid assort
ment of styles all new colorings
exquisite workmanship new skirts
a suit of character priced at each
The particular women who de
sire smart garments will roVel
In these style Suits
This offering of suits made of
high grade serge navy blue long
jacket four button front guaran
teed Satin lining new Skirts a
very special alue for each 1500
Just such a Suit as the women
can live In adapted for gen
cial ubc
1230 1500 1750
Coas hi the various new styles
lengths 48 inch and full lengths
handsome materials rough fabrics
and plaid back fabrics styles a
little different fiom the ordinary
kinds and the values are better
heie 1250 1500 and 1750
This lemarkable showing of thc
new Coats will please the most
Declares Act Constitutional
Columbus Oct 9 The constitu
tionality of the salary and chattels
loan act as passed by the last legis
lature was affirmed as a valid exer
cise of the police power by the cir
cuit court here in a decision of the
cases of F J Lane against the Peo
ples Salary Loan Co and Homer H
Sharp against the state The law was
attacked as discriminative because it
exempted building and loan corn
companies and banks from provisions
respecting loss and also that It re
strained contracting because it com
pelled a husband or wife to join in
a request for loans on salaries
Scent Dynamite Plant
Columbus Oct 9 Three men were
injured and a three story building was
partly wrecked by an explosion here
The fire chief believes that the ex
plosion was caused by gas The po
lice as a result of an investigation
assert it was a plant of dynamite
Two of the men injured are Greeks
Thomas Pirt 38 a fireman was hurt
while fighting the fire which followed
the explosion Detective Gordon and
Policeman Hensel who were in front
of the building when the explosion oc
curred ran into the structure and
were showered with flying debrih
They found one Greek under a bed
covered with lath and mortar
Moons Son Promoted
Ashtabula Oct 9 E B Moon son
of D C Moon general manager of
the Lake Shore has been promoted
from the position of trainmaster at
Erie to assistant supeiintendent of the
Franklin division with headquarters
at shtnbula He biicceeds F F Roll
el who was promoted to the superin
tendence of telephone and telegraph
Famous Animal Trainer Dies
London Oct 9 Frank C Bostrek
the foremost of nnimnl trainers died
hr re Bostock besides training ani
mals with greit rucffss managed
miny animal shows in various part
of the world He exhibited at Coney
Island for manv Fr ons lie had
many narrow escapes from death
Steamer Goes to Bottom
Cleveland Oct 9 Shortly after
midnight the steamr Cadillac struck
an obstruction at the Bide of the
guard lock of the Welland rnnal at
Port Colborne nnd settled on the bot
tom She has a small hole on the
starboard side near the bilge -and an
opened seam
Wife of Leper Secures Divorce
Tacomn Wash Oct 9 Mrs John
II Early was granted a divorce from
John It Early the leper now at Dia
mond Point hospital She was given
the custody of the three children and
55 of Earljs salary of 95 a month
for acting as keeper of another leper
Keep the windows closed all the
time especially when jou sleep fresh
air would keop jou healthy
Keep the sunshine out of your home
germs dont like sunshine
Never take a deep breath that
would give your lungs some needed
exerclBe and besides you might rip
a button off your vest
iont disturb the tiles youll miss
a lot of filth if you do
Cat any kind of food regardless of
its nutritive value sawdust and ex
celsior are good fillers
Suit and
Thursday Oct 10 1912
650 850 1000
Distinctive Dresses of the better
sort splendid quality Serge smart
tiimnilngs now effects with con
trasting color In evidence youll
like them too and priced most
reasonable 050 850 1000 each
Heal fashion edicts nro empha
sized In these new Dresses ev
ery one a perfect model
Ladles undergarments corset
covers chenilso night gowns com
binations etc all ready made
nicely stamped for embroidering
each garment put up In package
with materials for embroidering
priced at 75c 100 and 150 the
This new idea is meeting with
popular favor with ladles who
do fancy work
The laplil selling of Comfortb
hole the past two weeks has been
very unusual so early in the sea
son more new values to follow
Good quality Comforts cotton
filling well made of fancy cov
erings priced at 100 150
200 and up to 350 each
Wool and Down filled Comforts
priced at 500 to 150u each
English Expert Recommends Use of
an Elastic Skin on tho
A lecture was recently delivered by
a member of the board before the
Royal Institute of London on The
Road Past Present and Future ac
cording to Consular and Trade Re
ports The lecturer said the problem
was to find tho best mode by -which a
road should be constructed eo that its
surface would not bo broken by traf
fic so that the transit might bo easier
for both passengers and goods a road
which would form neither puddle
holes nor exude mud from vehicles
and create no dust when the weather
was dry
One thing -was universally recog
nized that the road of tho future
should be a truly bound road In which
Whatever kind of stone was used the
stone should be held together so that
it would form a crust The lecturer
suggested that what ho called a car
pet or an elastic skin should be adopt
ed as the covering
The carpet he thought should be
made of bituminous material mixed
with sand and placed on the roads la
various thicknesses according to the
nature of the traffic It 6hould go on
in liquid form solidifying quickly but
always remaining resilient and com
pressible and so integrating with the
crust of the surface below
The advantage of such a carpet It
was said would be to permanently
protect the crust and just as a carpet
on the floor softens tho step so would
this carpet for tho roads silence tho
noise and reduce the shock of rolling
vehicles It was admitted that the or
iginal cost of a road so laid would bo
more than that of a mud bound road
but spreading the cost over a series
of years it would probably not bo bo
great since the crust of the road It
self would not have to be renewed
Institution Common on the Rivers of
China Has Been Copied by an
Jens Soebys floating farm is one
of the famous sights on the Columbia
river writes a contributor to the Wide
World Magazine All the buildings
are supported by three rafts made of
huge pine logs Soeby a veteran of
the Spanish American war got the
Idea of a floating houseboat when trav
eling in China and Japan and when
he returned home after the war ho
built three rafts on the Cumberland
river and on these be erected a bouse
and a warehouse to keep nests and
boats chicken pens and so on be also
made a garden In which he raised
enough vegetables for the use of his
family Soebys farm and Inn float
ing serenely on the waters soon be
came a favorite headquarters for fish
ing parties Here they were housed
and fed and at night Soeby would play
his old violin for their entertainment
He also gave music lessons The
farm was moored In front of the
property of C E de Long who
charged Soeby 50 cents a month rent
al When Soeby did not pay his rent
for two years De Long secured a judg
ment and a writ of ejectment from
the judge of the superior court but
when the sheriff attempted to en
force the order the water was too low
Mwauow your rooa witnout to move the rafts Recently after
ing it your stomach has no teeth j a frefmet the water rose and George
vatZar K UeP Johnson deputy sheriff was sent to
Never take a bath soap and water
are enemies of disease
Never exercise in the open air let
a game of cards In a room filled with
foul air be your most violent form
of exercise your body craves exer
cise and fresh air
Get very little sleep jour nervous
system will soon collapse under tho
Drink any old water tho dirtier the
better youll very often find typhoid
m water
Keep a dirty house dirt and dis
ease go hand In hand
If you get diphtheria dont use anti
toxin anti toxin will cure it
If you want smallpox diont get
Dont be particular about your milk
supply thats a good way to get sick
and to keep the baby elck Chicago
Health Bulletin
Most of us get what we deserve but
fall to recognize It
remove Soebys property He hired a
river steamer and crew of half a dozen
men pulled up the anchors of the rafts
and towed this unique floating habita
tion half a mile down the stream
where It was anchored and where
Jens and bis wife still Jive
Mrs T A Town 107 3th St Water
town S D writes My foil child
ren are subject to hard colds and I
flways use Foleys Honey and Tar
Compound with splendid refill
Some time ago I had a severe attack
of la grippe and the doctor prescrib
ed Fnl yy Honey and Tv Joiniif iml
anl It si oil otercame the h prlpae
i can always depend upon Foleys
Honey and Tar Compound and am
sure of good results F A Morris
Canfleld Adv
To feel strong have good appetite
and digestion sleep soundly and en
Joy life use Burdock Blood Bltteres
tho great system tonic and builder
IL A Manchester was In Youngs
town Monday afternoon
R J Neff who was ill with typhoid
fover Is able to bo out
Miss Anna Noll was home fromJ
oungstown over Sunday
Albert Bradley spent tho first of
this week with rolntlves In Nlles
Dr L A Wagner of Youngstown
was In the Hub Tuesday afternoon
Mrs C A MoMahon of Austlntown
township was In Canfleld Wednesday
Hamilton Harris of Youngstown
spent a few hours in Canfleld Tucs
Mrs E E Neff who has been ill
for soeral weeks Is rapidly recov
Allen Patch of Laport Ind spent
Sunday heie with Dr Campbell and
Mrs Coy Toot and Mrs Ernest
Scott wore Youngstown visitors last
Squire Gels of New Buffalo ming
led with Canfleld acquaintances last
Mrs Albert Bradley and Mis Eliz
abeth McClune were In Youngstown
Dudley Hartman is attending the
Cnrrollton fair where he has the score
card privilege
Dallas Everett of Austlntown gave
the Dispatch ofllce a call while In the
Hub last Saturday
Attorney and Mrs L A Manchester
of Youngstown spent Sunday with
relatives In Canfleld
G fover Fosnacht has Paul Messer
lys fast pacer Bessie M in the races
at Carrocon this week
M B Bush of Greenford was in
Canfleld Wednesday afternoon shak
ing hands with old friends
Mr and Mrs C H Kennedy have
returned home from Youngstown
where they visited several days
Mr and Mrs William Allen and
daughter Gladys of Ellsworth spent a
short time In Canfleld last Friday
I T Rohrer one of Beaver town
ships most progressive farmers was
a Canfleld visitor Wednesday morning
Mr and Mrs M J Crothers and
Mrs Stltlo spent last Sunday with
Mr Davis and family In Beilln Cen
Paul Fitch general manager of the
John H Fitch Co Youngstown was
in Canfleld a short time Sunday aft
Mr and Mrs G E Lechleitner of
JacKSon township spent last Sunday
here with George Hollis and daugh
ter Hattie
B S Andrews Is spending a week
at his old home In Mechanlcstown and
attending the Can oil county fair at
Aaron Wiesner spent Tuesday and
Wednesday hi Cleveland pui chasing
goods for his clothing and furnishing
goods store
liss Mamie McConnell of Pitts
burgh spent several dajs tho past
week with friendsin this place her
former home
Mjss Elsie Osborn who teaches In
the Youngstown city schools spent
Saturday and Sunday at her home
west of the village
Mr and Mrs Edwaid Fisk of Ash
tabula spent a few days the latter
pan of last week with E H Graves
and family webt of the village
Rev Robeit E Pugh and Alleu
A Manchester are attending the
meeting of the Synod of Ohio Piesby
tcrlau chuich at Bellefontaine
Alneit Piatt one of the oldest res
idents of the village has decided to
give up his home on East Main street
and will live with his children
Mis Maitha Fowler who resides on
West Main street exhibits a peach
ot late variety that measures ten and
one half inches In circumference
Edward Swanston of Boardman was
in town Monday Mr Swanston Is a
firm trlend of the Dispatch and has
done much to extend Its circulation
Fred Bryson came home from
Youngstown Monday to assist In the
htore dm lug the absence of his fath
er W L Bryson who Is serving on
the federal jury In Cleveland
Mr and Mrs John Bartholomew jr
of Geeburg entertained Sunday Mr
and Mrs Peter Yeager Mr and Mrs
Frank Crum Earl Yeager Mr and
Mis Ezia Yeager and sons Donald
and Leroy of Canfleld
Prof G W Alloway and L U
Hulln of Youngstown and M A Kim
mel of Poland composing the board
of county school examiners favored
the Dispatch office with a call while
In town last Saturday
Homer Schermerhorn and mother
Paul Tobert sister und friend Miss
Klrkbrlde E W Floyd wife and son
William of Suleni Herman Coy and
aunt Anna Coy of Washlngtonvllle
visited at Arthur iSchermerhorns In
Dublin Sunday
E A and S A Arnold of Canfleld
have been advlBed of the serious ill
ness of their aunt Mrs Hannah Mc
Cain at her home in Schoolcraft
Mich Mrs McCain Is well known In
this place where for many years she
has spent several weeks every sum
Joseph Hollis of Chelsea Mich
visited here with his brother George
from Saturday until Monday Long
ago Mr Hollis was ongaged In the
dry goods business In Canfleld but
for nearly half a century has been a
traveling salesman for a Chicago
wholesale hardware firm
Itoscoe C McCullough of Canton
republican nominee for congress In
company with his campaign manager
Walter S Ruff spent a few hours In
Canfleld last Saturday Mr McCul
lough was on an automobile tour of
Mahoning and Columbiana counties
getting acquainted with the voters
whose support ho hopes to have at
the November election
Judge D F Griffith and daughter of
Youngstown visited Canfleld relatives
and friends last Saturday afternoon
The Judge Is still suffering from an
attack of blood poisoning In one of
his feet and is only able to get
around with the aid of a crutch This
has prevented him from making an
active campaign for common pleas
Judge for which office he was nomi
nated by republicans last summer
Jncob Harroff was In Youngstown
Tuesday afternoon
Mrs Thomas Scott was In Youngs
town Thursday afternoon -
Mrs Nettle Edwards was In
Youngstown last Saturday
Mrs J C Kirk of Youngstown Is
tho guest of Canfleld friends
L C Skelton is slowly recovering
from nn illness of several weeks
Misses Millie Lolo nnd Frankle Hlhe
are visiting relatives In Clovelnnd
Charles and Frank Agnow of Board
man wero In Canfleld Thuisdny after
Mr nnd Mrs A Klrkbrldo nnd Mr
and Mrs Peter Weaver of Patmos
visited heie Sunday with Mr and
Mis A K Osborn nnd Mrs Laura
R W Gerrard travollng represent
ative of the Realty Guarantee Trust
Co Youngstown Is In Canfleld for a
few days Ho expects to visit every
part of tho county
Trouble Is That They Cannot Be
Made to 8ult the Physical Make
up of All People
Cleveland is the homo ot tho new
est fad The Ohio city has a Keep
Well club composed of persons who
believe in restricting indulgence in
food They fast now and then from
a week to a month One apostle of
the cult declares he has found abound
ing health in a diet of eight quarts of
milk dally for eight months
It may be that this foodless llfo is
beneficial to some Clevelanders It is
probably also true that many people
In other cities perhaps even some in
Detroit eat too much particularly in
the summer time But it is equally
probable that many imitators of the
cult will starve themselves beyond
the endurance point of weak hearts
and so commit virtual suicide
It is Just at this point that so many
health beauty and nostrum fads be
come so deadly and so damaging
Every well Informed person knows
that a wise medical practitioner -when
called to attend a sufferer must try
to adjust his remedies to tbe physical
powers and idiosyncrasies of the pa
tient The remedy which acted like
magio in the case of Jones who had
la grippe may prove useless and actu
ally dangerous to Smith owing to
some disturbance of Smiths digestion
weakness of his heart or what not
So with health fads Hence before
becoming any sort of a faddist see
your family doctor Detroit Free
Pres -
Bowed in Defeat Before Her Womans
Nature Though Probably She
Never Knew It
In an article on A Woman and
Her Raiment in the American Maga
zine Ida M Trrbell has the following
to say about bloomers
The story of the bloomer is pi
quant It was launched and worn It
became the subject of platform ora
tory and had its organ Why is It
not worn today No woman who has
ever masqueraded in mans dress or
donned it for climbing will ever for
get the freedom of it Yet the only
woman in the Christian world who
ever wore it at once naturally and
with that touch of coquetry which is
necessary to carry it off as far as this
writers personal observation goes
was Mme Dleulafoy and Mme Dieul
afoy was protected by the French
government and an exclusive circle
Bloomers proved too much for
even the courage of dear Miss An
thony For two years she wore them
and then with tears and lamentations
resigned them In that resignation
Miss Anthony paid tribute uncon
sciously no doubt to something deep
er than she ever grasped In the wom
an question Her valiant soul met
Its master In her own nature but she
did not recognize it She abandoned
her convenient and becoming costume
because of prejudice she said What
other prejudice ever dismayed herl
She thrived on fighting them she met
her womans soul and did not know
Flr6t Picture Pbstal Cards In 1870
In Nuremberg tbey have been mak
ing arrangements to celebrate tho
thirtieth anniversary of the picture
postal card with a congress and ex
position this year Unfortunately for
their plans however it has been dis
covered that the first picture postal
card was not made in Germany or
sent from Nuremberg nor was it born
In 1882 as they had supposed The
distinction of making and mailing the
first is now claimed by Leon Beanar
deau a book seller of
near Conlle department of
Sarthe France in 1870 during tho
war with Prussia he printed pictures
on postal cards be was mailing to
clients M Besnardeau is still alive
and there are many of his old cus
tomers in France who have jthe cards
he mailed them The Germans adopted
the Idea for the Nuremberg exposition
in 1882
To Reclaim 1000000 Acres
The Egyptian government has begur
one of the most coBtly and comprehen
Blve drainage nrolects for the reclama
tion of lands ever attempted by any
government in tne world Its objeel
s to make cultivable 1000000 acres
of fertile land Jn Hie delta of lowei
Egypt It Is estimated that the work
will require four years and 1600000
will bf required for drainage and i
like amount for Irrigation Ninety pet
cent of the land redeemed will b
owned by the government The prln
olpal object of the project Is to re
deem a fertlje but now worthless re
gion of tbe delta under cotton cultiva
In what respect do you complain oi
Ittlas overtaxed asked tbe persua
sive campaigner
Well replied Fanner Corntossel
handing blm several pages of litera
ture chiefly in Ttpeyt
Read the Dispatch advertisements
The Peoples Turn Now jf
V i V
Sollcts your Support at the Election
Nov 5 1912
Teachers Examination
pUK Board of Examiner will hold metUOf i U
I the Kxunloatlon l Ttuheri u follow i
Elimination begin at Soalook A M andolot
tMoolook PM
YooiOiTOm Fint Saturday Id Stptemb
ovemUr Paoembar Yabruarr March Mm
PAjuriixD fylrit Saturday in Ootobtr Janoaj
prll and July
PapUfojamlnaUon YouoMtown TairdBam
Ur In April and UVrd Saturday In May
Applicant who have bad any axitarianM I
uoUug art raquliadtobrlns Uithnonlali hoi
So DliMton ot tn 1000011 wEloh they hut taub
Utinc their mootJi and their ability tog own i
lohool All who art not personally aoaqalut
with the examiner out hare oertUeaUi offore
APIiUoubu wui be required to uaejH
t ft
reenter d
Murpby lr 1urtiuud O e Journal
Having ibeen asked time and time Mgiin byur custcmiirs and
our competltois customers to handle a line of 1847 Roger Bros
Silverware so that they need not go to larger towns for their
silverware wo have consented to do so at once No matter what
you may need In this line we will be ready to accomodate you in
ten days or two weeks with nothing but the best that money can
buy Remember we do not give Premiums or Coupons at this
store Wenever have Our goods talk for themselves So you
see we have nothing in our line that we must dispose of ata rebate
or a discount
We quote you a few prices below
Six piece Teaspoon Set 129
One Cream Ladle in Satin box 58c
Sugar Shell and Butter Knife 68c
Six Teaspoons Sugar Sholland JJutter Knife 130
Cream Ladle Grape design 135
Berry Spoon Grape design 110
Come In and look over our line and see if you are not convinced
that we mean business
Yours for u square deal
Good houses cost more than poor ones good
meat costs more than poor meat safe investments
cost more than risky ones This is the rule of
business If you mant your money to be safe you
must not expect it to bring a very high return
The two things do not and cannot go together
This Bank pays four per cent on Savings
The Dollar Savings Trust Company
Capital and Surplus 216000000
4 Per Cent Paid on Savings
Central Square YOUNGSTOWN O
The State of Ohio Mahoning County
ss in Court of Common Pleas
M Mabel Heckman Plaintiff vs
James E Hecltman Defendant
James 13 Heckman whose resi
dence is Greenville Pa will take
notice that on the 9th day of Oc
tober 1912 M Mabel Heckman filed
her petlton in tho Court of Common
Pleas of Mahoning County Ohio be
ing cause No 31237 praying a di
vorce from the said James E Heck
man on the ground of wilful absence
for more than three years last past
and for gross neglect of duty for more
than three years last past and be
restored to her former name and that
said cause will be for hearing on and
after the 30th day of November 1912
I B Miller Atty for Plaintiff 29 6
Notice is heroby given that Leon
E Mlnck West Austlntown O has
been appointed and qunllfled Admin
istrator Of file Hnthtft nt T
Mahon late of Austlntown lownshlp
lunuuumg uounty unio deceased by
the Probate Court of said county AH
persons Interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County O
August 3 1912 27 3
Notice In linrnlur Mvpn Hinf Tin
J Dickson Canfleld O has been ap
pointed and qualified Administrator
of the estate of Alexander Dickson
mm oi uanneia xownsnip Mahoning
County Ohio deceased by the Pro
bate Cour of said County All per
sons Interested -will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of MEhonlng County O
July 18 1912 27 3
Notice Is hereby given that Oliver
Good North Lima O has been ap
pointed and qualified Administrator of
the estate of David Good late of
Beaver Township Mahoning County
Ohio deceased by the Probate Court
of said count All persons Interest
ed wlllgovern themselves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County 9
July 27 1912 27 3
d il
fi Kl

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