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The Mahoning dispatch. (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio) 1877-1968, October 11, 1912, Image 5

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Gathered In Town County and
It will bu found prolltnble to doal
with DlBpnlch advertisers
Michael Carls who resides near
Atwntor colebrated his 9Bth birthday
last week and 1b still halo and hearty
Tho annual meeting of tho North
eastern Ohio Teachers Association
will be held In Cleveland Friday and
Saturday October 25 and 20
Wrn Gamble of Lisbon who serv
ed lour years In the 17Gth O V I
died last Friday of a hemorrhage Ho
was 79 yoars old and lived atone
It has been remarked thnt while
tho country seems prosperous It takes
a mighty lot of hustling to acquire
coin sufficient to make both ends
Warren has a socialist councilman
who Is credited with being disposed
to put a sprag in tho wheel of pro
gress the city Is anxious to keep
Warren hns received an auto Are
truck that took first prize at tho
recent firemans national convention
held in Denver where the contest
took place
There will ho a convention of tho
district missionary societies of tho
Presbyterian church held in Sobrlng
during the present month at a date
to be announced later
Officer Parks long a policeman in
Warren has been suspended the
charge against him being cowardice
and failure to carry out the orders
of his superior officer
it Is announced that Stnte Insur
ance Commissioner B H Mooro will
form a partnership with Gov Harmon
and practice law in Cincinnati after
the governor retires from office
M W Shaw of Damascus has as
sumed tho duties of Stark Electric
agent in ILoulsvllle succeeding And
rew Shrader transferred to Canton
to take charge of the new freight sta
The Leetonia Poultry Association
Which has been very successful in
capturing premiums on chickens at
recent fairs will celebrate on the
night of Oct 1G by feasting on a
chicken dinner
Azor R Hunt of Munhall Pa
general manager of the Carnegie
tteel Co a native of Canfleld will
deliver an address before the Mens
Club of Christs church in Warren on
the evening of Nov 14
The base ball season closed last
week the New York Giants winning
the pennant in the National league
and the Boston Red Sox in the Amer
lean This week the teams are con
testing for the worlds championship
At the annual Ohio Methodist
conference held in Columbus last
week the proof was furnished that
the Mormon church is growing faster
than any other in this country The
Mormons have 4000 missionaries at
-work and statistics show that one
person in every 125 is a Mormon
They control tne ballot in seven
John McDermott died in Alliance
last week Thursday after a long ill
ness Deceased was born in Smith
township 07 years ago last April Ho
was a farmer by occupation and lived
In Berlin Center until three years ago
when his wife died He has since
made his home with his children who
are Joseph of Ellsworth Station
Charles and Mrs B R Johnson of
Alliance Funeral services in charge
of Rev Garfield Morgan were held
Sunday morning and the remains
were taken to the cemetery of the
North Berlin church for burial
Soon will come the Indian sum
mer days tho calmest and most de
lightful period of the year The sea
eon is said to have received its name
because of the custom of the Indians
to avail themselves of the delightful
time to harvest their corn Its ear
marks are designated by Mrs Stowe
In Old Times Folks as follows
When the apples were all gathered
the cider all made tho yellow pump
kins rolled In from many a hill In
furrows of gold when the corn was
husked and the labors of the season
were done the late warm days of the
Indian summer came In dreamy calm
and still with just enough frost to
crisp the ground of a morning but
- with warm traces of benignant sunny
hours at noon There came over the
community a sort of genial repose a
sense of having accomplished some-
- thing and of a golden mark in the
calendar of lire
Tho Attorney General In a recent
address brought out a suggestion of
change in our political institutions
which Is worthy of careful thought
and consideration Ho calls attention
to tho fact now becoming patent that
under ho initiative referendum and
recall as adopted In flomo states con
stitutions can bo destroyed and Indi
vidual rights as guaranteed by thorn
trampled upon by tho action of a mi
nority and ho proposes as a remedy
for this that whoro those methods aro
in Use compulsory voting bo estab
lished with fines for negelct to vote
and for repeated offenses the loss of
tho right to tho franchise and to hold
Ho reasons that If our system of
government is to bo changed from a
representative self restrained democ
racy to an unbridled ochlocracy
which can do anything It pleases on
tho whim of tho moment binding ac
tion ought nt least to require tho man
date of a majority of qualified voters
There seems to be little ground for
disputing this position and tho
noy Qenural points out that compuiB
ory voting is already in force In Bel
glum whore it reduced tho proportion
of stay-at-homes from 25 per cent to
4 or 5 As Is well known In this
country a majority of tho voters fall
to go to tho polls not iuficquontly and
it is a condition of things which
ought not to bo permitted to continue
Ouht the proposed regulation how
ever to be confined to those states as
the Attorney General suggests which
have adopted the Initiative referen
dum and recall 7 To us it seems not
Every other civic duty a man must
fulfill or suffer for It Service on
juries or posses or in the army in
time of war if evaded carry a penalty
to those who shirk them There is
no higher civic duty nor any more
essential or important than making
the laws for the government of u
community and constituting the of
ficers to carry them into effect anu
the state clearly has the right to In
sist that every citizen do his share
which is by no means onerous or
submit to punishment
It may be said that It woulu be
wrong to compel a man to voto when
there Is no candidate presented whom
he approves of or when none of the
issues hi ought forward for approval
commend themselves to his judgment
Even so it would be no hardship to
require him to express a preference
as his abstention from voting might
affect the result aB much as his vote
Provision however might be made
that should the elector appear before
the local electoral authorities they
might in their discretion for valid
reasons given excuse him from vot
ing at a specified election record of
the transaction to be made
There would doubtless be many de
tails to be considered and worked out
to make a satisfactory law and there
may be objection to the plan which
discussion will bring out but no
harm can come and much good may
from taking the subject under ad
visement and looking at it on all sides
The Meat of the Future
When the secretary of the Depart
ment of Agriculture expressed his be
lief that there is little prospect of
beef getting much cheaper he spoke
with knowledge of prospects and con
ditions Apparently it was with an
eye on the far as well as the near
future that he spoke His opinion is
founded upon the disappearance of
the grazing lands The homesteaders
have practically dispossessed the cat
tle men who were wont to raise stock
in the great unfenced open and send
It to the farms for a finishing pro
cess The places where cattle have
been finished heretofore after their
start in the open is the place where
they will have to be started as well
as finished Beef raising will there
fore cost more After a vacation in
the west where this was impressed
upon him Secretary Wilson was also
impressed that relief from the high
cost of beef is to be found in turning
to mutton Not that there is an ex
cess of mutton in the country which
may be obtained at bargain rates but
the cost of raising sheep is less The
meat we eat is very much a matter
of habit We have become great beef
eaters because beef has been plenty
We turn to spring lamb as a del
icacy Mutton has its merits Much
is consumed under the name of lamb
There are vast areas in which sheep
may be raised in which cattle could
not thrive If they are made grazing
places for sheop through the encour
agement of tho department of agri
culture we may be happy yet
Too Emphatic
Then you wont marry me
No a thousand times no
You dont need to say no a thous
and times ratorted thef rejected
suitor resentfully I only asked you
f --
I if KUVal V f
m Baking if
f Powder IF
k taii JTvauiuiarruic ivir
vvl r mmx
M iheonly Bakingf owdermade Wa
t Isgc fromRIQrapeTrwnofTflrtir Ssjff
ft VKi Adds TwHtIwM
IWiM Healthful 1P
mfysJ luuiiiiMi y jp
In announcing his candidacy for
Judge of the common pleas court
Judge Griffith Is following a custom
well estaDltshod in this judicial dis
trict Tho men who hnvo occupied
the common pleas bench served two
terms In tho offices of probate judge
or prosecuting attorney Judge J U
Johnston served two terms as pro
bate Judgo of Mahoning county be
fore elected common pleas Judge
Judge J B Kennedy was prosecuting
attorney of IMnhonlng county two
terms and was elected common ploaB
judge before the end of his second
term as prosecutor The late lament
ed Judge E E Roberts was firs
AHt t IA
elected prosecuting attorney of Trum
bull county Ibefore his promotion to
the common pleas bench and after
wards elected to the circuit court
bench The honored and greatly trf
loved Ezra B Taylor lately deceased
served as prosecuting attorney of
Portage county before his elevation
to the common pleas bench Judge
T I Glllmer of Warren was prosecut
ing attorney of Trumbull county pre
vious to his election to the common
pleas court Our present common
pleas judges Judge Robinson Judge
Rogers and Judge Wllklns were hon
ored by their election to the prosecut
ing attorneys office uefore they were
elected common pleas judges Every
one of these distinguished men have
with signal ability upheld the integ
rity of our common pleas courts and
have preserved the judicial ermine
spotless and pure A clerk in an of
fice or store a workman in a factory
or mill who has served faithfully In
a subordinate position is usually
promoted to a higher one when an
opportunity presents Itself It is a
wise and sound policy in business and
In politics Adv
By gosh a fellow hardly knows
About his politics
Theres the Elephant and Donkey
Bull Moose and sich and sich
By darn you dont know whether
To stand right pat or not
They want us all progressives
But we dont know what theyre at
The Elephant moves pesky slow
iie Donkey kicks like fun
The Bull Moose has too big a nose
To keep It all at home
Teddy rides too goll darn fast
And Taft he riiles too slow
When Wilson gets the tariff greased
You dont know where well go
By darn theres things to think about
You bet your Sunday hat
A dub like me cant figure out
Just where things might be at
The whole confounded three are smart
They dont all think alike
Someones wrong and someones right
ihats just as sure as Mike
By thunder all of us know this
The times are getting swift
The Elephant has got to step
Or else hell sure get left
Teddy has the nerve to drive
With a little too much dash
Im just a little bit afraid
Hell knock things all to smash
And speaking now of Wllron
You know hes green and new
If he should hold the ribbons
You dont know what hed do
By gosh theres things to think about
The best man may not win
The bunch thats got the longest scrip
Will likely squeeze right in
canfleld Oct 8 1912
If smooth were the paths
That we journey along
And bright were the skies
And the air sweet with song
If never a cloud
Hid the light of the sun
Then winning a battle
Would not be much fun
If love were but wooing
And winning a maid
And no one of losing
Were ever afraid
If frowns never hurt us
And quarrels neer came
Then loving would really
Be dreary and tame
If life were all getting
And keeping for aye
If there were no losses
To meet on the way
No sadness to blend
With the gladness we know
Wed hunger for something
Our courage to show
Detroit FreovPress
100 REWARD 100
The readers of this paper will be pleas
ed to learn that there is at least one
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure In all Us stages and tnat is
Catarrh Halls Catarrh Cure Is the only
positive cure now lnown to the medical
fraternity Catarrh being a consttutlon
dlsease requires a constitutional treat
ment Halls Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
thereby destroying the foundation of th
disease and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing Its work The
proprietors have so mach faith In Its cur
ative powers that they offer One Hund
red Dollars for any case that It falls t
cure Send for list of testimonials
Address F 3 QHENBT C Toledo O
Sold by Druggists price 76c
Take Halls Family fills for constipation
Advert Issnent
It would be a mighty bard taicg t
convince a man that U dees not take
brains to pick out the ties he wears
London Oct 9 Montenegro hav
lng declared war against Turkey dip
lomatic circles are awaiting liko for
mal declarations from Servla Bul
garia and Greece
Constantinople is under martial law
and troops aro being rujjhcd to tho
front Several regiments havo de
parted and more detachments will bo
moving according to despatches
from tho Porto
A battlo Is In progress on the Mon
tenegrin frontier between the Turks
nnd Montenegrins supported by tho
Mallssorl tribesmen from Northern
Although tho powers havo not
ceased their efforts toward a peace
ful settlement they now regard the
task as hopeless Had Montenegros
proclamation been deferred a little
longer the result might have been
different aB the simultaneous pres
entation of peace proposals at Con
stantinople Sofia Belgrade and Cct
tinje wns to have taken place only a
few hours after tho tlmo of the pro
mulgation of the Montenegrin ulti
matum Bulgarians proclamation is
expected soon To hesitate now to
support his ally would not only cause
Czar Ferdinand his throne but prob
ably hiB life All the Balkan states
are swept by war enthusiams accord
ing to dispatches from the capitals
The Montenegrin charged daffaires
at Constantinople and his entire staff
have left tho Turkish capital
Although the population on Monte
negro Is not moro than 250000 their
army is probably moro feared than
any in the world of equal numbers
It is not believed they will fight far
beyond their own territory but will
endeavor to draw their adversaries
back to the mountains of Montenegro
where tho natives would be practic
ally unconquerable
International Congress of Archaeology
Opens In Rome and Will
Last a Week
Rome Oct 9 The third Interna
tional Congress of Archaeology open
ed here today to remain in session
till October 16 The president of the
congress Is Commander of Corrado
Rlccl director general of antiquities
and fine arts who is perhaps the lead
ing authority In Europe
Tho United States is officially rep
resented by Prof Arthur Frothing
ham of Princeton Prof George M
Whicher of the Archaeological Insti
tute of America and Prof Joseph
Clark Hoppin of Providence Other
prominent Americans attending the
congress are Dr lean M Llmforth of
the University of California Prof
Charles S Goodwin of Lehigh Uni
versity Dr Charles Peabody of the
Peabpdy Institute of Harvard and Ru
dolfo Lanciani the well known ar
chaeologist and writer of Philadel
phia There will be excursions to the
excavations at Ostla and Cervetrl
Pompeii Paestum Baiae Cumae
Magna Graccia and Sardinia
Baby Tries to Shave Cuts Face
Warren Oct 9 While trying to
shave himself like his father had done
a few minutes before Francis the
three-year-old son of Mr and Mrs
Charles W Montgomery of Fulton
street received a deep cut In his
right cheek which mny leave a per
manent scar
Negros Bite Proves Fatal
Stanford Ky Oct 9 Ed Alam 25
a farmer is dead here from the ef
fects of rabies -which developed a few
days after he was bitten by a negro
farm hand during a fight two weeks
New York Oct 9 Money on call 4
5 per cent Prime mercantile paper
5t6 per cant Sterling exchange
48550 for demand
Government bonds easy
Qraln Provisions and Live Stock
Cleveland Oct 9 Flour Minnesota
patents 600
Wheat No 2 red 110
Corn No 3 yellow 7Jc
Oats No 3 white 38o
Butter Best creamery S2M33c
Cheese Tork state 1819c
Ebbs Strictly fresh 27c
Potatoes Best grades 0c bu
Hnv No 1 timothy new 1860
Cattle Best steers 760800 calves
1000 1100
Sheep Choice wethers 400 425
choice spring Iambs 876 Q700
Hogs Yorkers 920 pigs 800
Toledo Oct 9 Wheat Cash 109i
Corn Cash 68c
Oats Cash 86Hc
Cloverseed Cash 1220
Buffalo Oot 9 Cattle Prime steers
9269910 shipping 750850
Hogs Yorkers 8500945 pigs 8259
Sheep Wethers 4750500 lambs 450
Pittsburg Oct Cattle Receipts
HitRS Heavy Yorkers 945 pigs 850
Bheep Top sheep 460 top lambs 725
Calves Top 1100
Chicago Oct 9 Wheat Dec 91c
Corn Dec 5SV4c
Oats Dec S24c
Pork Jan 1967
Lard Jan U1T
Cattle Beeves 55001100 stockers
and feeders 435776
Hogs Heavy 8400925 pigs 5003
Sheep Native 3858420 lambs native
J W Copeland of Dayton Ohio
purchased a hottle of Chamberlains
Cough iRoraedy for his boy who had
a cold and before the bottle was all
used the hoys cold was gone Is
that not better than to pay a five dol
lar doctors bill For sale by all
dealers AAr
A lazy liver leads to chromio dys
pepsia and constipation weakens the
whole system Doans Regulats 25
oents jper box correct the liver tone
the stomach cure coBBtlpation Adv
t a-
be Strousfbtrsbberg GoSepenbabttftE
the Probate Court or saia county AU
persons interested will govern them
selvos accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County O
July 3 1912 27 3
Write or phone Cor dates before
Residence Boardman P O Poland O
Nww Phone I oa 316
Rut your at la the Harp ot Vartav
Things cohiBn
t ikct
Direct from the Potteries in Japan and
Right off the Steamer Tacoma Maru
32 Cases of Beautiful Hand Painted
Nippon China
Truly a wonderful collection of practical and decorative pieces is
this unquestionably the largest selection Youngstown has ever seen
for it fills one entire center aisle of the subway
These beautifully artistic wares are from the celebrated Moriinura
potteries on the island of Nippon Japan The orders placed almost
eleven months ago were shipped in August on the Japanese Line
Steamer Tacoma Maru and landed less than four weeks ago in
Tacoma Washington
But again the collection thousands and thousands of dainty Ohiua
pieces are here revealing the almost inimitable handiwork of the brown
skinned sons of Nippon And by buying direct from the potteries such
favorable prices are possible that you can pick three four five and six
pieces for what one American hand painted piece would cost
The choicest of these choice things are sure to go first arranging
to come for its not a bit too early to buy up holiday gift things We
merely instance the complete price range here that is just hint at the
astonishing variety You must personally inspect this commanding
advance showing to have any fair idea of the remarkable values
Pretty Pieces for the
Dining Table
An almost endless variety of pleasing shapes
and attractive hand decorations
Bread and Butter Plates priced at 19c to
49c each
Tea Plates 25c to 65c each
Breakfast Plates 42c to 75c each
Tea Cups and Saucers priced at 25c to 75c
Tea Pots at 125 to 198
Sugar and Cream Sets priced at 98c to
198 set
Salad Sets 250 to 500 set
Chocolate Sets 398 to 650
Almond Sets 100 to 175
Hot Caho Dishes 125 to 225
Celery Sets at 198 to 300
Butter Dishes 125 to 150
Jelly Dishes at 39c to 125
Bon Bon Dishes 39c to 298
Mustard Pots at 29c to 75c
Ramlklns and Plates 300 doz
Marmalade Jars 98c to 150
Sugar Sifters at 39c to 69c
Ice Bowls at 75c to 150
Cracker Jars at 125 to 198
Spoon Trays at 50c to 98c
Cake Plates at 125 to 250
Useful Articles For
a Man
Japanese hand painted Smoking Sets excel
lent for den decorations at150 to 400 the
Japanese hand painted Tobacco Jars some
extra fine specimens priced at 175 and 200
Japanese hand painted Ash Receivers at
25c to 69c
Japanese hand painted Match Holders all
sorts of novel things at 25c up to 100
Dainty Things for the
Dressing Table
Dresser Sets Including hand painted Comb
and Brush Tray Hair Receivers Puff Box
Jewel Stand nnd Hat Pin Holder exceptional
values at 298 to 600
Dresser Sets including Tray Hair Receiver
Puff Box and Hat Pin Holder 0 different dec
orations just as dainty as can be wonderfully
special value at 125
Hair Receivers at 29c to 98c
Puff Boxes at 29c to 98c
Manicure Sets at 9dc to 150
Hat Pin Holders 39c to 50c
Cold Cream Boxes four shapes special at19c
Button Boxes priced at 15c
Ring Hands at 35c and 50c
Covered Jewel Boxes at 25c
For the Decoration of
the Home
Handsome Fern Dishes priced at 250 to
Wall Plaques of unusual beautv at 125 to
Coming to Vases therere here in suchmul
tltudinous array that youll hardly know where
to start your picking
There are nine special lots ranging from
29c to 1000
Special lot of Vases at 29c
Special lot of Vase at 59c
Special lot of Vases at98c
Special lot of Vases at 125
Special lot of Vases at 198
Special lot of Vases at 250
Special lot of Vases at 398
Special lot of Vases at 500
Special lot of Vases at 1000
The Strouss Hirshberg Co
Youngstowns Greatest Mail Order Store
Genuine Diamonds
Genuine Diamonds
We carry the largest line of
Diamonds in the Valley
No high prices
with us
Genuine Diamond Rings 500
Genuine Diamond Pins 500
Genuine Diamond Cuff Buttons 500
Genuine Diamond Brooches 500
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Genuine Diamond Studs 500
Genuine Diamond Ear Drops 1000
Genuine Diamond Lockets 500
Wholeiile and Retail Jewclen
White Front Jewelry Store
Having had 40 years experience
all I have to say Is before you adver
tise your public sale I would like to
contract with you and shew you that
I can deliver the fleods You have
don more than little te help make
me Thanks
The Auctioneer Canfleld O
WHEN I Examine Your
EYES YOU Get the Benefit
of Over 22 Years Experience
The most thorough examination
stripped of nil mystery I do not
put Atropine a deadly poison com
monly called drops In your eyeB
My patients are numbered among
the most intelligent and thinking peo
ple of Youngstown find vicinity
Dr Fred B Rebman
Neurologist and Eye Specialist
Fourth Floor Stambaugh Bldg
Central Square Both Phones
Notice Is hereby given that Mary
A Scott YoungBtown O has been
appointed and qualified Executrix of
the last Will and Testament of Jacob
Scott late of Youngstown Township
Mahoning County Oho deceased by
TV7HEN I say that the
W place to buy the best
2 Hat in Youngstown is
at my store Everybody
will soon be wearing one
of my hats so you had
best start at once tor my
26 N Phelps St
Notice for Service by Publication
The State of Ohio Mahoning County
ss In tho Court of Common Pleas
Winifred Flower Plaintiff ts Charles
W Flower Defendant
The defendant Charles W Flower
whose place of residence Is unknown
to plaintiff aad whose last known
place of residence was 582 East Ex
change Street Akron Ohio will take
notlco that Winifred Flower did on
the 16th day ot August 1912 file her
petition against him praying for a
divorce from him alimony and the
custody and control of her minor
child on the grounds f rst that de
fendant has been guilty of gross neg
lect ot duty Second that defendant
has been gttUty et habitual druake
nets for more than three years hut
past Said cause will be for hsarlnf
at any time alter tB publication m
this notice for six eoasecuMve week
Dated tUlsieth day efgepteaiher
1812 WlNrRBO FLfWW T
Burky ft Burky her attorneys K i
M l4
V 1
i mt w
Sfi i

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