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The Mahoning dispatch. (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio) 1877-1968, October 11, 1912, Image 8

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Head the advertisements In to
days Dispatch
Delolt had a great home coming
celebration last Saturday
Leaves nro rapidly turning nnd
falling Indicating the near approach
of winter
James Clark of Lcotonln 41 years
old fell off a culvert Monday evening
and was killed
Schools In East Youngstown clos
ed several days last week on account
of diphtheria having made Its art 1
penrance among tho pupils
Tho Walsh paper mill at Cuya
hoga iFnlls burned early last Saturday
morning causing a loss of 125000
partially covered by Insurance This
made tho fourth time the mill has
been wiped out by Are
W K Klnsoy of Alllanco was 91
years old last May but ho still takes
such a lively Interest In public af
fairs that ho appeared at a booth and
registered so that ho may vote In
November He has always voted the
republican ticket
i Mrs Elizabeth Chambers of Bay
ard Columbiana county is said to
be the oldest Sunday school teacher
III the United States Last Sunday
ehe delivered two addresses before
Sunday schools In Alliance She was
94 years old In July
Ohio Insurance men are starting
a movement to have the cities of the
state pass ordinances prohibiting the
manufacture or sale of matches of
any but the safety kind The ordi
nary match Is declared to be the
cause of many disastrous fires that
would be prevented by the use of
the safeties
The Erie railroad water tank at
Mosler was being repaired one day
last week when it suddenly fell from
Its support and went to pieces Steve
Shestock an Austrian was caught
In the debris washed down by 2000
barrels of water and was killed Sev
eral other men working ne ar the tank
were injured
Jacob Handte formerly employed
by the Templin Co at Calla who Is
now located in Asheville N C where
he has charge of the agency of the
Atlantic Pacific Tea Co recently
made the record of selling 928 cans
of baking powder or 404 worth in
two months The company refers to
him as a real hustling representative
Margaret olllday the 18-year-old
Lisbon Miss who caused the arrest
of a Lisbon business man some
months since on a serious charge of
which he was acquitted the other
day had Charles Wilson a Lisbon
widower arrested charging him with
being the father of her unborn child
Wilson gave bond in the sum of 400
for Jais appearance In court
Robert Holloway of Hubbard
heard some one prowling about his
home last Sunday morning and rais
ing a window thought to frighten
away the supposed burglar by firing
bis revolver The Ibullet struck Jamqs
Sullivan a teamster in the heart
klHing him It is presumed that Sul
livan thought he had reached his own
home and was trying to get in when
Forty or fifty years ago nearly
every well regulated family had a lye
hopper somewhere about the prem
ises People in the country nearly all
burned wood and the lye was leached
from the- ashes Along about this
time of year the frugal house wife
busied herself boiling soap using the
lye she had leached and the grease
6he had saved Not much home made
soap is used now and when anyone
wants lye it is bought at the stores
The greater portion of the cloth
ing worn by women comes under the
beading of the cotton goods schedule
A brief history of this schedule to
gether with a few figures will be In
teresting to those women who desire
come accurate and interesting infor
mation upon a question or vital import
to them The cotton schedule under
the Dingley law which was in force
from 1897 until It was superseded by
the Payne Aldrich law in 1909 car
ried an average duty of 47 per cent
This means that every article of cot
ton cloth and every piece of cotton
yarn that came through the custom
bouse had 47 per cent added to Its
foreign price The fact that the Im
porter must add this tariff duty to
bis price makes It possible for the
home manufacturer to add approxi
mately the same amount to what oth
erwise he could have secured that
being the Intent of the tariff
The Lisbon Journal Bays one of
the largest wooden trestles In this
part of the state has been completed
at the Card Prosser mines at West
Pittsburg Just west of Lisbon The
structure is 205 feet long and from
the ground to the top of the struct
ure it is Just Gl feet The treBtle
was built to enable the hauling of
coal fropi the third mine opened by
the company In the vicinity of the
West Pittsburg tipple The coal is
bauled over a mile on the surface
by electric power the long strings of
cars resembling a miniature freight
train as they rumble past The struc
ture was planned by J F Spence and
about two months wore occupied In
the construction The structure con
tains 55000 feet of lumber and most
of It was cut and sawed within a
short distance of where the trestle
was built from the woods which cloth
ed the hill sides Two tons of spikes
were required to nail all the pieces
Ju position
An Old Tlme Printer
Lisbon Journal
James K Frew veteran newspaper
tnan proprietor and fpunder of the
vVeekly Journal afterward merged in
to the IBuckeye State on Wednesday
celebrated lus eigjity nrst wrtnuay
Mr Frew appeared at the office of the
BucKeye State Wednesday morning
and in company with his son D H
Frew and two grandsons proceeded
to get out the weekly edition of that
paper Mr Frew explained to visit
ors at tljeofllce that as it was his
elgbty flretblrthday he thought he
would come back from his retirement
gnd show the boys how to get out
the paper He took charge of the
mailing table and with practiced fing
ers disposed of the single wraps
and bundles Mr Frew founded the
Lisbon Weekly Journal in 1867 and
later disposed of it to his son D H
Vrevf who later merged It with the
Buckeye State The aged publisher
has been In feebfe health for some
time past hut lately he has regained
bis strength somewhat and is able
toT walk about and visit bis frleads
i 11 i
By Damon RUnyon
New York Oct 9 A stripling with
a braided arm and a fighting heart
carried the Boston Red Sox through
to victory over the New York Giants
in the opening game of tho worlds
Smoky Joe they call him al
though when ho mndo his appearance
in the land of the living 23 years ago
this month his fond parents thought
the world would know him only as
Howard Emerson Wood and Smoky
Joe It was who emerged from that
fierce fight up under Cogans Bluffs
with tho lions share of the glory
Let them analyze the game with ex
pert skill down to the last flung ball
let them take it up play by play move
by move and show how a crashing
attack by Heine Wagner Forest
Cady Harry Hooper and Steve
Yerkes In the seventh Inning broke
through the pitching defense of big
Charley Tesreau the hope of Goth
am but when all is said and done it
was the chilled steel nerve of Smoky
Joe that lifted the Sox across to a
4 to 3 victory
You have been told of Joe Woods
diamond deeds in columns of type
you have read and listened to specu
lation as to his prospects in the cham
pionship tilt for many weeks and you
know that men esteem him great in
his calling but never will he be great
er than he was In the last half of the
ninth Inning
A quick shift In the Giant attack
engineered by the master mind of
baseball brought the big town pack
snarling at the heels of the young
Kansas City boy True he held a
two run lead as he faced the Giants
for that final Inning but In a moment
his advantage was reduced to a sin
gle point with runners on third and
second base and but one out
jra six -
Slightest Slip Meant Disaster
The roar of 40000 voices beat about
the ears of the wonderful young
pitcher as he faced Arthur Fletcher
the long shinned long chinned short
stop of tho Giants crouching across
the plate like a sprinter set for the
gun Squatting on his haunches in
the coaching box off third base Mc
Graw the Giant chief was snapping
Staccato commands to Herzog who
nervously Jookeyed back and forth
along the base line while Beals
Becker running for Big Chief Mey
ers pranced around second base
From the coaching box off first the
voice of Christy Mathewson rolled In
unceasing chatter that could be heard
above the mad din of the human
bowl In which the scene was set A
mere single meant defeat for Wood
and Boston because the fleet Herzog
and Becker would surely score The
slightest slip of any sort meant dis
aster even a long fly to the outfield
would bring a tie score and Smoky
Joe knew all this as he fingered the
ball He took his time He made one
or two flngs to second to make the
agile Becker keep close to the bag
be walked around In a small circle
Just behind the box picking up loose
dirt and rubbing it on his hands
And then when he wes ready he
pitched to Fletcher and pitched with
all that blinding speed which gives
him his name and his place among the
great right handers of baseball He
struck the Illinois boy out for the
third time of the afternoon making
a total of ten men he had fanned
with the dazzling smoke of his de
livery The next man up was Otis
Crandall the wide shouldered Indiana
farmer boy mightiest of pinch hit
ters who had succeeded Tesreau In
the box In the eighth Inning
Woods Mighty Heave
Wood took his wlndup long circling
sweeps of his arms as he swung the
ball above his head and then lashed
out with a motion that seemed to
carry from his heels to his head a
pitching motion that baseball men call
the follow through Once he lost
control and the ball swished past
Crandalls head so close that Otis
fell flat on his back on the ground
The count was finally three balls and
two strikes on Crandall and on the
pitched ball might depend the result
of the game
The young human catapult drew his
arm far back and then let fly a ball
that men will tell you was one of
the swiftest pitched balls they have
ever seen delivered and which was
as straight as a foot rule
Crandall swung his bat around
with mighty fury and missed
The gme was over A great splash
of livid coloring against a background
of brilliant green rolled over the field
In the wake of the ball players as they
raced toward the clubhouse while
the jubilant Boston rooters paraded
with their band and sang and cheered
their good game Red Sox and for the
defeated Giants too
That startling shift made by Man
ager McGraw In the ninth inning
produced a finish to the game which
will be remembered as long as they
play for the championship of the
world Squatting on his haunches
inning after inning the cold eyes of
Mrs Paul Wehling S16 Smith St
Ieoila 111 bad kidney and bladder
trouble with terrible backache and
pain across the hips Just imagine
her condition She further says
was also very ueivous had headaches
and dizzy spells and was fast gett i
worse when I took Folev Kfdnoy Pill
and now all my troubles are cured
Foey Klclney Pills have done so much
for me I shall always recomraeid
them F A Morris Canfleld Adv
Every man is the hero of bis pipe
-V i
Boiton AB R H O A E
Hooper rf 3 1110 0
Yerkes 2b 4 0 10 10
Speaker cf 3 1 1 0 1 0
Lewis If 4 0 0 2 0 0
Gardner 3b 4 0 0 110
Stahl 1b 4 0 0 6 10
Wagner st 3 12 5 3 1
Cady c 3 0 1 11 1 0
Wood p 3 10 110
Total 31 4 6 27 9 1
New York AB R H O A E
Devore If 3 10 0 0 0
Doyle 2b 4 12 3 7 0
Snedgracs cf 4 0 1 2 0 0
Murray rf 3 0 1 10 0
Merkle 1b 4 1 1 12 0 0
Herzoo 3b 4 0 2 110
Meyers c 3 0 16 10
Fletcher ss 4 0 0 2 11
Tesreau p 2 0 0 0 2 0
Crandall p 10 0 0 10
McCormlck 10 0 0 0 0
IBecker 000000
Totals 33 3 8 27 13 1
Batted for Tesreau In seventh
tRan for Myers In ninth
Two base hits Doyle Hooper Yarket
Three base hit Speaker
Sacrifice hits Hooper Cady
Bases on balls Off Wood 2 off Tes
reau 4
Struck out By Wood 11 by Tesreau
4 by Crandall 2
Double plays Stahl to Wood
Hit by pitcher By Wood Meyers
4 runs 5 hits off Tesreau In 7 Innings
Umpires Klem and Rlgler OLoughlln
and Evans
Total paid admissions 35730
Total receipts 75127
National Commissions share 7513
Players share 40568
New York clubs share 13523
Boston clubs share 13523
the Giant chief had studied every
form that had made him the sensation
of the American league He was
manifestly nervous and at times a bit
Last Half of Ninth
The Giants under Instruction from
the Little Napoleon tried waiting
him oift crowding the plate and
working desparately for bases on
balls but ever Wood maintained the
advantage of keeping them In the
hole Tho Giants are famous for
their ability to wait It Is the Mc
Graw creed that a base on balls Is as
good as a base hit And so man after
man went to the plate and waited
while the eyes of their leader search
ed iverv move nf Wnnd fnr n wpnlr
11 COO
In that last half of the ninth with
hope apparently dead McGraw sud
denly switched his mode of attack
against the Wood pitching and every
man that went up swung at the first
ball Smoky Joe presented Time
and again that shift has brought vic
tory to the Giant forces In many a
hard fought game Jack Murray the
ged thatched right fielder of the
Gotham crew wfib was bitterly roast
ed for his batting Inefficiency in the
series last year but who redeemed
himself lifted a long fly to Harry
Hooper Fred Merkle whose bat had
seomed Impotent against the crack
ling speed of the Boston hurler all
afternoon singled over second Char
ley Herzog orowdlug the plate to the
last half lnoh of room allotted the
batter dropped a single In short
right field
A storm of cushions rained down
over the diamond from the wild en
thusiasts in the stand as Big Meyers
smashed a single to the right field
barrier scoring Merkle and taking
second himself on the throw hi while
Herzog pulled up at third Becker
was put In to run for the heavy foot
ed Indian and then It was that Wood
had to prove his worth
Buckeye Widow Slashed by Husband
Who Killed Himself Takes Un
to Herself Another Mate
Sandusky 0 Oct 9 Still nursing
wounds inflicted by her first husband
Frank J Nath who committed suicide
August 24 after slashing her with a
razor until he thought she was dead
Mrs Ada J Nath became the bride of
Roy Berman friend of Nath until
Mrs Nath left him
Nath attacked his wife and killed
himself within an hour after he had
been served with summons in a di
vorce suit instituted by Mrs Nath
Commenting on the divoroe case
with friends while on his way to the
scene of the tragedy Nath accused
Berman of breaking up his home and
threatened to kill him
Police and Detectives Fall to Gain
Satisfactory Solution to Double
Murder Near Fair Grounds
Indianapolis Oct 9 With police
and detectives working on the case
no satisfactory solution to the dou
ble murder near the state fair grounds
has been found Frank Foxall 30
and Philip Lepper 35 bartenders
wer shot to death after a picnic in a
grove with two young women One
of the women Daisey Baker left the
party before the shooting and the
other Myrtle Williamson told the
police the men were killed by a negro
who had attacked her Lepper who
was not dead when the police arrived
also said they were attacked by a
Mexican Troops Slaughtered
Washington Oct 9 Information
was received at the state department
from Ambassador Wilson at Mexico
City that a force of 100 or 150 fed
erals soldiers was surrounded at Ague
Blanca in the state of Mexico by Za
patistas and ttiat nearly all of th
soldiers of the federal force wen
Mrs Peter Holan 11501 Buckoye
Rd Cleveland O says Yes indeed
I can recommend Foleys Honey and
Tar Compound My little hoy bad a
bad case pf whooping cough some
times he was blue in the face I
gave him Foleys Honey and Ta
Compound and It Jiad a remarkab e
effect and cured blm In a short Urn
Contains no harmful diugs F A
Morris Canfleld Adv
Its the man who can afford a tax
icab that is never ashamed to o to
a dinner in a street car
J -
Attorney John Bchlarbs Name Will
Appear on Non Partisan
The Non Partisan Judiciary Law
passed Fob 8 1911 and npproved by
Gov Harmon Feb 8 1911 provides for
the election of all Judges upon a sep
arate independent ballot called Ju
dicial Ticket
Tho full text of this law is as fol
To provide for tho election of Judi
cial olilccrs by separate ballot
Bo It enacted by the General As
sembly of tho Stato of Ohio
Section 1 The election of Judges
of tho supreme court judges of the
circuit courts judges of tho courts
of common pleas Judges of tho pro
bate courts Justices of tho peace and
Judges of all other courts which are
or may be established by law shall
bo governed nnd controlled by the
general election laws of the state ex
cept as Is otherwise provided by this
Sec 2 Tho names of all candi
dates for election to any of the Judi
cial offices specified In Section 1 of
Jhls act whoso nominations have
been duly made and not withdrawn
shall be placed upon a saparate and
Independent ballot entitled Judicial
Ticket without any designation
whatever except the ofilco or offices
M Sites f Hsr
to which said candidates are to he
elected and the number of candi
dates required to be elected to each
such office and such directions as
win aid the elector as vote for
one vote for two and the like
and such certification of the election
officers upon tho back of the ballot
as Is prescribed by lawv There shall
be separate poll books and tally
sheets used for the election of all
such Judicial officers and the ballots
of the electors shall be deposited in
a separate ballot box
Sec 3 The secretary of the state
at the time he certifies to the boards
of deputy state supervisors and In
spectors of elections a form of of
ficial ballots for the general election
shall alBO certify to the several dep
uty state supervisors and inspectors
of elections a form of official ballot
for such Judicial ticket and it shall
then be the duty of the several dep
uty state supervisors and inspectors
of elections to proceed with the
printing of the poll books tally
sheets and ballots for such Judicial
election and to perform all and sing
ular tne duties prescribed by law for
the conduct of the general elections
in so far as the same are applicable
Sec 4 The ballots shall be print
ed and prepared as follows the whole
number of ballots to be printed for
the election of persons to fill each
of said offices respectively shall be
divided by the number of candidates
for each of said offices respectively
and the quotient so obtained shall be
the number of ballots in each series
of ballots to be printed as follows
The names of candidates shall be ar
ranged in alphabetical order and the
met series of ballots printed then
tho first name shall be placed last
and the next sories printed and so
shall the process be repeated until
each name shall have been first
Thse ballots shall then be combined
in tablets with no two of the same
order of names together except whn
there Is but one candidate for any
of said offices The names of candi
dates for the same office but for dif
ferent terms of service therein shall
bo arranged In groups according to
the length of their respective terms
Blank spaces shall be left at the end
of the list of candidates for each of
fice equal to the number to be elected
thereto In which the voter may In
sert the name of any prson not print
ed on the ballot for whom he desires
to vote for such office- The ballots
shall be so printed as to give each
elector a clear opportunity to desig
nate by a cross mark In a blank en
closed space on the left and yefore
the name of each candidate bis choice
of particular candidate
Sec 5 A cross shall be placed at
the left of tho name of each candi
date for whom the elector desires to
vote Tho person having the largest
number of votes for each office voted
upon shall be decided elected to such
office and the next highest and so
on until the number of candidates
rfinulred to he elected shah have been
Belected from the number having the
highest number of votes
Sec 6 All acts and parts of acts
In so far as tbey are inconsistent
herewith are hereby repealed
Under this law I submit my candi
dacy for the office of Probate Judge
tn h voters of Mahoning county
As I have been a resident of
Youngstown for fourteen years anu
have been practicing law during all
that time I would kindly ask every
voter before he decides for whom he
will vote to investigate my acuity
nnA fitnPBB for this Important posi
tion Many eminent lawyers and
Judges consider this office the most
important of all county wihucb
die stole a kiss from his little pearl
As they strolled through the
limn wnnrlft
He was naughty of course for It
made the girl
A receiver of stolen goods
October Upplncotts
Itch dtdi Itch Scratch
Scratch Schatchl The more you
scratch the worse the itch Try
Deads Ointment It cures piles ec
zema any skin itching All drug
gists sell it Adr
-v -- 1i
t vATt jmrr xr
lfe jjttn
Prompt and
t j
Luke McLuke Says
Some one ought to tell the women
this so here goes A hobble skirt
znikes a skinny girl look like a bono
und makes a fat woman look like a
pillow with a belt strapped around
tho middle
A mau may marry In haste and re
pejit at leisure But by the time a
woman has dressed the children iron
ed a few things washed the dishes
scrubbed out the ice box cleaned the
beds dusted the parlor gossiped with
the woman next door and read the
bargain sales she is too tired to re
pent of anything
The women sometimes forget their
rubuers on rainy days but the men
never do
Lots of men wjth soprano voices
like lo pose before the ladies as
base deceivers
No girl who has a large sized mir
ror in her room ever gets lonesome
After r man haB been married five
yeais he doesnt worry much about
the vows he made at the altar but
he gels mad every lime he thinks ot
the promises be made In the love let
ters his wife has stowed away some
Lots of men who brag about their
push never expend any of it on a
baby carriage Cincinnati Enquirer
Are you happy In the sub
DuBtlng partridge
Theres the gun
Are you happy in the brook
Dace the gudgeon
Theres the book
Are you happy in the oats
Nimble rabbit
There are stoats
Do you suffer any shocks
Gawky gosling
Theres the fox
Does your heart go pit-a-pat
Gray Bilk mousle
Theres the cat
Is your breast ab light ag ork
Dapper hedgeblrd
Theres the hawk
Are you happy in Gods plan
Subtle woman
There Is man
Did I hear you catch your breath
Sinewy Caesaff
There Is death
Westminister Gwette
Ju ajil
Best Local
Long Distance
Now is the Time for Women and Children
to Secure Their Fall Supply of
Hosiery and Underwear
Best quality and best values are to be obtained at the McKelvey store
Every garment must pass a rigid value test before it can enter here
A Few Values Named
WOMENS STOCKINKS Black tan and white full
fashioned plain embroldered and other kinds in
cotton plain lisle silk lisle and silk manufacturers
Imperfects values up to 100 per pair special pair
19c 3 pair for 50c
tan the tans have double sole heel and toe the
blacks have double heel and toe all splendid qual
ity pair 25c
WAYNE KNIT STOCKINGS Medium full weight
full fashioned and shaped to fit made of Indestruct
ible yarn double sole and high spliced heel black
oLly pair 25c
INGS Three weights light medium and heavy fin
ished like silk made with double sole extra high
spliced heelB and too with garter welt 29c
HOSIERY Spring and Fall weight extra service
able 3 pairs 100 pair 35c
LISLE HOSIERY High spliced heels double solo
und toe finished like silk garter top pair 50c
INPANITS STOCKINGS Finest cashmere with
silk heel and toe colors are black white red tan
sky and pink sizes 4 to 6 25c
tra fine quality black white and colors 3 pairs
100 pair 35c
Lisle finish spliced heel and toe black and white
all sizes 122c
ribbed high finish black only every size 19c
BOYS STOCKINGS -Fine or heavy ribbed su
perior quality stainless dye two thread double
knee 12J4c and 15c
top finest and best stockings over sold nt the price
black white tan red sky and pink pair 25c
Made with extra spliced heel and toe to insure
extra wear all slaes up to 11 Inch pair 25c
LIANT LISLE STOQKINGS HMade from finest in
grain yarn black only fine or heavy ribbed 50c
to 65c
WOMENS UNION SUITS With fancy hand cro
chet yokes fine quality lisle thread lace trimmed
sizes 7 8 and 9 125 values 79c
WOMENS UNION SUITS In fine Swiss ribbed
silk taped neck and arms nicely lace trimmed 100
value 69c
WOMENS VESTS Fine gauze ribbed taped neck
and arms fine elastic quality 19c values 11c
fleeced pure white sizes 4 5 and G 25c values 19c
long sleeves light weight pure white large sizes
- 50c values 25c
neck and long sleeves sizes 6 to 6 50c values 39c
DRAWERS White and grey ribbed nicely fleeced
25c f
COMBINATIONS HGrey fleeced ages 2 to 12 50c
Youngstown Ohio x
It Is French In Origin and Was Orig
inally Pronounced
The celebration of the Columbus
centennial has created a widespread
interest throughout all Ohio of events
and incidents pertaining to the state a
history even to minutest details
Among the matters of interest ana
especially ito students and antiquar
ians is the history of the origin ot
Ohios name an account from official
archives of the worlds original or
thography and pronunciation The
most reliable and authentic data on
the subject was obtained by a writer
of the Magazine of American His
tory then published at Buifalo N Y
who visited Paris France in the sum
mer of 1877 where he had access to
the official archives of the Depart
ment de la Marine in the writers
researches he found the original man
uscript journal of Capt Bienville de
Celeron a chevalier of the order of
bt Louis who was sent by the King
of France on an expedition from Mon
treal Canada to explore the region
of what Is now the Ohio country and
lay claim to it in the name of France
by discovery and occupation by the
process of Jurying leaden plates at
important points
In his researches he also found In
the grand archives of tho Depot de la
Marine the manuscript diary of Fatn
er Bonnecamps the chaplain of the
expedition who styles himself Jes
ultte mathematlcan and kept a diary
record of the courses and dfstances
traveled the latitude and longitude
of the principal geographical points
with notes of important occurrences
In another department called the
Blbliotheque deDopot de la Marine
there was found a large manuscript
mnn Qtlt hv 9111 inrlino ennnro nf
the country explored the lakes and
the courses of the rivers down the
Ohio from the source of the Alle
gheny to the mouth of tho Great Mi
ami The Journals of deCeloron and
Fatner Bonnecamps and the map ot
the latter contain facts that do not
agree In some respects with the his
tories of Vralg Hlldreth DeHass and
other authors and compilers of west
ern annals yet being official manu
scripts in the French governments
archives tbey must be accepted as
absolutely authentic
As the effort of France to estab
lish a great empire in America after
a most determined struggle resulted
in a disastrous failure and the loss
of much of her former prestige
throughout the world these docu
ments and many others were never
published tut have been securely
kept on file obscured among the mus
ty archives of tho Government de
In his journal DeCeloron calls the
Allegheny River the Ohio or La
Belle Riviere which he states is in
accordance with tho usage of all early
French writers since the discovery
of the river by La Salle 1679 Tho
Seneca Indians always considered the
Allegheny as the Ohio proper and
their pronunciation of the word was
which meant Beautiful
ffUver Fathefl Bonnecamps who
wrote It Ohio on his map notes
the word In his Journal as of Seneca
origin derived from that nation by
the French and written by the latter
Its pronunciation by a
Frenchman would exactly represent
the word as spoken by a Seneca In
dian the letter 1 being sounded like
o and pronounced
De Celoron found with the Seneca
ludians who dwelt on the upper Al
legheny River a talented Frenchman
named Joncaire whom the Senecat
had adopted and who possessed great
Influences over them The French
gave him position and he rendered
them valuable service durngtne per
jod that they held possession of this
great Western territory under the
name of NewFrance He was met
Tiv WnshlnetniTnt Vennneo four vears
later where the General then Major
was sent by Governor Dinwiddle of
Virginia on a mission to inspect the
French posts In a letter subsequent
ly written to Governor Dinwiddle
Washington explained that the
Frenchman Joncaire corrected him in
the pronunciation of the word
by repeating It
A writer in a publication entitled
Craigs Olden Time published at
Pittsburg about 1845 related the fact
that the Seneca Indians who were
the dominant tribe of the region for
many years considered the Alle
gheny and the Ohio as all one river
and pronounced its name as if it
were spelled in English
This writer made a little explanation
of the manner in which the first Eng
lish explorer and pioneer frontiers
men who first occupied the Ohio
country forced the pronunciation from
the French to English
long sound of tho letter 1 In the
This is the history of how the
word was Anglicized from the French
pronunciation and this Is the reason
why the grand old word Ohio is pro
nounced with an English long i
Ohio State Journal
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Notice is hereby given that Bu
gene Kirk and Carrie L Kirk R D
1 xoungstown O have been appoint
ed and qualified Executors of the last
Will and Testament of Letltla Mackey
Kirk late of Coitsville Township Ma
honing County Ohio deceased by
the Probate Court f said county All
persons Interested will govern them
selves accordingly
Probate Judge of Mahoning County O
July 26 1912 27 3
Rebecca Bolotln vs Geo Bolotln Iu
Mahoning County Common Pleas
Ego Bolotln residing in the Village
of Charnlvka a country of Russia Is
hereby notified that Rebecca Bolotln
his wife has filed her petition against
him for divorce in case No In
the Common Pleas Court of Mahoning
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15tfi day of November 1912
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i t

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