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Youngstown Ohio
The Geo L Fordyce Co
Entirely new fnbrlc having nil
the daintiness of plain Chiffon re
lloved by a small Satin stripe self
colored 27 Inches wide all the
new evening tints for the yard 10c
An evening frock from this fab
ric will bo most pleasing to
the exacting
A fascinating weave for grace
ful drapery rich texture woven
similar to Chiffon except square
mesh for this cloth delicate bines
pinks lavenders and hosts of other
now effects 27 Inches wide for the
yard 50c
This Is a perfectly plain weave
and would bo handsome made
over white silk
Worthy the consideration of the
most particular connoisseur most
beautiful Satin stripe effects su
perb quality comes In white and
all the delicate tints as well as
more substantial colors
The observing woman when she
sees these will wonder at the
low price
It is reported that J PierptSnt Mor
gan Is negotiating for the purchase
of the Strozzl palace one of the most
splendid and historically famous build
Inns In Plnri nce
atteIpted assassin
ofteddy arraigned
Milwaukee Oct 16 John Schrank
would be assassin of ex president
Roosevelt is resting In a cell in the
county jail having been transferred
there from the Central police station
after being arraigned before Judge
Neelan in the district court on the
charge of assault with intent to kill
He is resting as quietly as he could
if he were a normal man in an ordi
nary hotel
I am guilty as charged he said
In answer to the formal question
and I am willing to waive prelimin
ary hearings Set the case for trial
any time you like for I am not in a
hurry I am quite indifferent
As this most remarkable man was
led away to his cell he stretched his
arms yawned and remarked Im
all tired out now I hope they will let
me gut a good sleep tonight
District Attorney Zabel announced
that Schranks trial will probably be
postponed until after the November
election for the district attorney is
deeply engaged In a political cam
The most careful secrecy was used
Jn taking Schrank from the Central
police station to Judge Neelans court
The move was not announced to any
body in advance excepting the police
the district attorneys staff and attach
es of the court In spite of that how--ever
nearly 200 people who had seen
Schranks picture in the papers recog
nized him as he walked between two
detectives to the courtroom and so
there was a crowd present at hla ar
raignment Schrank chatted with the
detectives as he walked He seemed
anxious to create a favorable Impres
sion of himself He brushed his hair
carefully demanded a clean collar
brushed bis clothing and with his
handkerchief flicked the dust from his
shoes r
You see I am a national character
now he said and I want to look the
Do you want an early trial asked
Assistant District Attorney Reitman
You are entitled to have one If you
want It
Theres no hurry said Schrank
In that case said Judge Neelan
you are bound over to the next term
of the municipal court and your bail
will be fixed at 17500
Mr Jas V Churchill 90 Wall St
Auburn N Y has been bothered
with serious kidney and bladder
trouble ever since he left -the army
and says I decided to try Foley
Kidney Pills as they had cured bo
many people and I soon found -they
were Just the thing My kidneys and
tladder are again In a healthy condi
tion I gladly reecrhmend them F
A Morris Canfleld Adv
And woman can tell you that seH
preservatlon 1b the first law of nat
Dry Goods News
A smart fabric for good dressers
very genteel and conservative In
tan navy blue black and white
grounds with exquisitely fine sil
ver thread stripe rich and dressy
27 inches wide for the yard 50c
Refined elegance would more ap
propriately dtscrlbo this fabric
Now weave new colorings one
of fashions newest productions
white grounds with Oriental effect
stripes will make a dressy frock
and not cost much either 27 Inch
es wide 35c tho yard
This fabric launders beautifully
colors absolutely fast
This much asked for fabric Is
conceded the pride of the Poplin
world Pine closely woven with
the daintiest of stripes some self
colors others two toned and some
with harmonious blendings 27
Inches wide fashions newest ef
fects for the yard 50c
Theres true evening elegance In
this cloth
la a Natural Imitator and Responds
Quickly to Training Its Mem
ory 8trong
Tho blackbird which belongs to tho
thrush family has strong Imitative
powers and has even been taught to
speak There Is not much variety In
its natural song but Its voice has a
pure flute like tone and full volume
The bird is very susceptible of being
trained and when reared by hand
from the nest is capable of forming
strong attachments and makes itself
a great favorite
When a blackbird is six or eight
weeksold his training should bo be
gun Take him to a quiet room away
from any other birds and each night
and morning whistle the portion of
the tune you wish him to learn or
play it on the flute Feed him before
you begin and put a fat lively worm
where he can see It After yaw have
whistled or played the air say twen
ty times stop so that the bird may
have an opportunity of Imitating it
If he should make the attempt give
him the worm at once praising and
caressing him meanwhile He will
soon begin to see why a reward was
given to him and will not be slow In
trying to earn it When once he has
learned the tune ho will never forget
It and it will pass into and become a
part of his song
After the blackbird has completed
his education he should bo placed
near some other singing bird whose
notes he would soon learn and blend
with his own
Put his cage out of doors whenever
tho weather permits and he will tell
you how pleased you have made him
But during the hot days of summer
let him be well shaded and kept cool
as heat and dry air seem to affect his
voice He will begin to sing In tho
end of February or the beginning of
March and will continue until the fall
if the summer is not too hot
Species That Abound In Mexico and
Central America Attain Large
To those readers who may pnly be
familiar with the average sized wood
peckers found in this country it will
he interesting to know that there are
species of this famous group of birds
in existence which even when com
pared with such sizable species as tho
well known flicker appear in pro
portion like great ravens placed by
their lesser congeners the garrulous
Our common plleated woodpecker
which ranges over North America at
large may attain a length of nearly
20 Inches while the handsome black
woodpecker of northern Europe tho
pic nolr of the French averages but
three or four inches smaller
Both of these however undcrslzo
the true giants of this interesting
race of birds for our ponderous ivy
billed woodpecker now found only in
the wilder timbered districts of the
gulf states has a length of 21 inches
and a wing extent of nearly a yard
Tho magnificent Imperial woodpecker
of Mexico and Central America is
even larger by an inch or more than
the last named species and is truly
a most remarkable bird
There is one very peculiar thing
about these big woodpeckers and
that is In their general coloration
they are all of a glossy black with
white markings and the males have
brilliant scarlet crests or other color
areas of the same on their beads
The Imperial and the ivory billed
have powerful white cjiisel cuttlng
bills capable of making great havoc
with the partly decayed trunks of
forest trees where they search for the
pine destroying Insects which consti
tute their chief food
Underwear Display at Wlesners
The greatest line we ever had o
ton or wool single garments or union
suits In all sizes from the small child
to the large person and the best
goods made for the money
To feel strong have good appetite
and digestion sleep soundly and en
joy life use Burdock Blood Bitteres
the great system tonic and builder
Put your ad la the Harp of Various
Things column
Thursday Oct 17 1912
High Class Mixture Costume Fabrics
The advanced ideas of perfection in cotton mixture weaves has culminated
in producing for this season the handsomest high class conceptions of artistic
ability in Dress Stuffs known to the trade Those new Dress Fabrics have the
appearance of Silk weaves in fact the color blendings and styles are in many
eases more stylish and distinctive looking tis a revelation of the weavers art to
see them Special sale and display this week
Takes tho place of Ratine so pop
ular last season this now Oat
Meal cloth shows an absence of
that seemingly rough effect so ap
parent In Ratlno destined to bo
very popular comes in tnn or Flax
color 27 Inches wide for tho yard
Fabrics of this homespun nature
will be In demand more and
more each season
Fabrics of the sturdier sort
which one may wear with a sat
isfaction of knowing that they will
look just as nice later as they did
when new weve had our second
shipment of them this early In the
season dozens of new colors and
assorted stripes 27 Inches wide
for the yard 35c
A gown of this fabilc will be ap
preciated by the practical wo
Republican Nominee
Probate Judge
1 Was bom and reared in
ing County
2 From early boyhood earned his
education by working on the farm and
in the mines and mills of the our val
ley v
3 Taught school for five years on
leaving the Cinfield Normal Colege
4 Graduated in law fiom the Ohio
State University at Columbus and was
admitted to practice law in the State
and United states Conns in 1903 since
which time he has been an active
member of the iMahoning County Bii
5 In his association with tho
noticing men as one of their num
ber and five j ears experience in
the tiainlng and leaching of children
together with his many years prac
tice as a lawjer should well qualify
him for the duties of Probate Judge
which has to deal with the estates of
oiphnns and widows and the care of
unfortunates and as Juvenile Judge
the refoimation and piotection of
wayward and neglected chlldrn
C Although nominated at the Re
publican Primaries his name will ap
pear on the separate JUDICIAL-
TICKET under the new law In
stead of on the Regular Ballot at the
election November D 1912
Republican nominee for County Com
missioner now Nserving his first
term respectfully solicits your sup
port for a 6econd term at the eleo
tion Nov 5 1912
Literary Note
Price Colliers Germany and the
Uermans from an American Point of
View begins in the November
ner with an aitlcle on the Kmperoi
which he calls The Indiscreet Ii
Is a remarkably candid study of one
of the most picturesque and Influen
tial personalities of the world It will
be interesting to learn what Germans
will think of the authors character
ization However they may differ
with regard to details they will no
doubt appreciate its acuteness and
The world likes to be amused This
Is the reason why all the world loves
a lover
wnwP3WW ifrrrifF
G F Bush of Greonford was In tho
Hub on Monday
E Y Kirk is spending a few days
in Chardon
Mrs Robert Byerly spent Tuesday
in Youngstown
C s Dodd was In Youngstown Mon
day afternoon
Mrs Homer Clapp Is visiting
friends In Youngstown
D B Fowler Is homo from Youngs
town to spend a short vacation
B A Duvall of New Buffalo was
In Canfleld Tuesday afternoon
D H Johnston of Youngstown spent
a few hours In Canfleld Wednesday
B Prnnlr TMinmnn nf Vnnnnatnwti
spent several hours in Canfleld last
Mrs F H Hill and little daughter
spent Wednesday with Warren
H IM Donaldson of New Galilee
Pa Is here visiting his son Harry
and faml
J W Fullwller of Cornersburg call
ed at the Dispatch ofllco while in the
Hub last Friday
A D Hart and wife of West Farm
ington spent Sunday hero with n H
Hlgglns and family
Miss Buelah Brown of the Normal
college faculty spent last Saturday
with friends In Boardman
Ben Clark and C Coffman of Green
ford called at the Dispatch office while
In Canfleld Tuesday morning
iMrs F W Fowler of Boonevllle
Mo visited relatives from Saturday
evening until Monday morning
Mrs Frank Ramsey daughter Effle
and son Walter and Miss Angle
Mentzer were in Youngstown Tues
B S Andrews returned home Sun
day after a visit of several days with
relatives in Carroll county his old
Mis Solomon Barrlnger and Mrs
A R Schafer of Ellsworth township
called on Canfleld acquaintances last
Mrs W J Gee went to Cleveland
last Saturday morning and spent a
few days with her son Frank and oth
er relatives
Mrs A C Howard and grand
daughter iMlss Mildred Howard of
Rosemont were Canfleld visitors
Tuesday afternoon
Mrs Elizabeth McClune is in Cleve
land with a number of friends attend
ing the annual conclave of Ohio
iKnlghts Templars
Miss Ethel Mentzer Miss Alice
Parker and Miss Martha Frye of
Youngstown spent Sunday here with
F E Ramsey and family
L F Wellendorf of Boardman town
ship was in the village Wednesday
afternoon and favored the Dispatch
office with a call Mr Wellendorf for
twenty years resided in Beaver town
ship and went to Boardman about a
year and a half ago
Mr and airs John Clay of Green
township were in Canfleld Tuesday
morning on their way to Youngstown
which city they hall not visited for
27 years While1 bdth are well along
in life neither had ever ridden in an
automobile until they took TuesJays
trip to tho metiopolis
r i
D M Skolton and family of Mi
nerva and Mrs Hattle Reese and
daughter Elizabeth of Alllanco spent
Monday hero with L C Skelton and
Airs Lillian Fosnacht has moved In
to tho Broad str cot residence lately
vacated by Mr nnd Mrs Casper Krln
er who now have apartments over
Neff Bros store
Mn nnd Mrs J H Shields of
Youngstown were In Canfleld last Sun
day Mr Shields who Is one of the
democratic nominees for county com
missioner has been sick for sovoral
weeks nnd consequently unable to
lo k after his cnmpalgn Ho hopes
dmlng tho next two weeks to visit
most parts of the county
Russian Authorities Seek to Establish
Communication From Its
Paclflo Ports
Contrary to previous reports It now
appears that tho plans of the English
captain Webster to establish regular
steamship communication between Eu
ropean ports and northwestern Siberia
by way of the Arctic ocean and Kara
sea have been disapproved by the Rus
sian government obviously for the rea
son that this bold undertaking which
appeared to be entirely feasible would
have diverted considerable traffic from
tho Trans Siberian railway On the
other hand the Russian authorities are
furthering In every way the establish
ment of communication by sea between
Pacific ports and northwestern Siberia
via Bering strait says a writer In the
Scientific American A surveying party
under Captain Grunfleld has proceed
ed from Yakutsk to Nlshnl Kolymsk
at tho mouth of the Koyma river to
make a thorough Investigation of that
port and the geologist J P Tolmat
Bchew will Btudy the conditions of
navigation between the mouths of tho
Kolyma and the Lena including an
examination of the Lena delta with a
view to establishing a sea route to tho
latter region The icebreakers
Taimyr and Walgatsch were to leave
Vladivostok in May for a surveying
expedition along the coast of Kam
chatka after which they will proceed
via Bering strait to tho arctic coast
of Siberia for a cruise at least as far
west as the Lena If ice conditions
prove favorable these vessels will at
tempt to pass Cape Chelyuskin and
accomplish the northeast passage to
the European port of Archangel
Money Well Spent
During the last year 1G4 brides re
celved the 50 due them by the wll
of Oliver Smith the fairy godfather c
the Berkshlres Oliver Smith was th
uncle of Sophia Smith founder o
Smith college and on his death lr
1S45 left his property amounting tt
370000 to be used for various chari
tleB one of which was the giving ol
50 to every bride who was a resl
dent of Northampton Amhert Hadley
Hadfleld Dearfleld or Whately Slnc
1845 282000 has been distributed tc
brides In many Instances the bride
groom received 500 because of a pro
vision In Mr Smiths will giving thai
amount to a young man when he com
pletes learning a trade Another pro
vision of the will helps poor widows
provided they are residents of th
towns named Already upward of 2
000000 has beei paid to widows ant
young men who have learned a trade
Prosecuting Attorney
Election November 6th 1912
Mr Henderson was born In Youngs
town Ohio and has lived In Mahon
ing County all his life having re
ceived his early education in the
Youngstown public and high schools
Was admitted to the practlco of Law
in 14
Mr Henderson Is n self made man
having been compelled to make his
own way in life whllo Assistant
Court Stenographer ho prepared for
law by burning tho midnight oil His
ability was soon recognized and he
wos appointed Official Court Stenog
rapher In which position ho acquired
valuable and practical knowledge as
s 9mbbbb
If wt v
Hr sf1
r - ii svT
i 5 4
iN J o
H rl A i t
i wrfz T v
Andrew M Henderson
to the duties of Prosecuting Attorney
both in his attendance upon grand
jury sessions and In the trial of crim
inal and civil cases In open court
Since resigning as Official Stenograph
er he has engaged himself and now
is In active practice of the law
Mr Henderson is a fearless and well
qualified trial lawyer Buch as is r
quired in the office of Prosecuting A
torney Ability honeBty and fearless
ness are the essential requisites of a
prosecutor all of which Mr Hender
son has and he invites the voters of
Tahoning county to Investigate his
Childrens Food
The children especially boys are
a hearty race of people on plcnlo days
l In most cases and they want a lot of
i food of the more substantial nature
such as fried chicken corned beer fish
or clam chowder and other fqods in
which they can have a liberal hand aa
to providing as well as the eating
Johnnie wants to catch the fish and If
properly flattered will find great de
light in digging the clams or at leaBt
picking them up as father digs them
from the beach The girls will enjoy
picking berries if there are any to
pick and then in helping to cook the
food in the camping erudlty which
helps to make a true picnic of tho
best possible kind
Its better to read dime novels and
have sense than noble fiction and be
a fool
ttsincu iKitfi
v- li
R A BBAnp Attorney at Law and No
tary Public Court House Youngstown
HAimY A ERNST Attorney at Law
Ulno Block 6 Bast Federal St Youngs
town O
JOHN B MORGAN Attorney at Law
1103 1104 Mahoning Bank Bldg Youngs
town Ohio
F R MATTHEWS Dentist 16 Broad
way Snlom Ohio Col phono 473 K
Bell G07 It Residence Columbiana Coun
ty phono 463 11
D Campbell Carl II Campbell
CAMPBELL SON Physicians and Sur
geons OfTlco anil residence oast sldo
of Broad street Canfleld Ohio Tele
phono 49
W R STEWART Attorney and Coun
selor at Law Diamond Block Youngs
town Ohio Practices In all courts and
beforo nil tho departments In Washing
ton D C
ItOY J NEFF Canfleld for Insurance
llcprcsonts some of tho best Insurance
companies such as the North America
Philadelphia Fire Insurance Co Phila
delphia Underwriters
WHEN I Examine Your
EYES YOU Get the Benefit
of Over 22 Years Experience
The most thorough examination
stripped of all mystery I do not
put Atropine a deadly poison com- T
monly called drops in your eyes
My patients are numbered among
tho most intelligent and thinking peo
ple of Youngstown nnd vicinity
Dr Fred B Rebman
Neurologist and Eye Specialist
Fourth Floor Stambaugh Bldg
Central Square Both Phones
No 30958
William Robinson vs Simon Burgess
et al
By virtue of an Order of Sale in
partition issued from the Court of
Common Pleas of Mahoning County
Ohio and to me directed and deliver
ed I will offer for sale at the East
door kof the Court House In Youngs
town In said county on
Tuesday Nov 12 A D 1912
between the hours of 1 oclock P M
and 3 ociock P M of said day the
following described land and tene
ments to wlt
Situate in the -City of Youngstown
County of Mahoning and State of
uuio and is known as City lot 4973
on the east side of Darrow street and
fronts thereon 33 feet and Is 132 feet
Said property Is known for street
purposes as No 17 Darrow Street
Appraised at 105000
Terms Cash in hand on day of
Sheriffs Office Youngstown Ohio
Oct i 1912
George Swanston Plaintiffs Attor
ney 29 5
Mass Meeting
Saturday Eve Oct 19
Roscoe C McCulloch of Canton
Republican Nominee for Congress
Mayor R J Jones of Sebring
Attorney E NL Brown of Youngstown
Turn out everybody and hear
the live issues of the cam
paign discussed

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