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by assisting in extending the circu
lation ana usefulness of The Mahon
ing Dispatch A word from you will
probably Induce your neighbor to
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Varms 100 a tfoar y
y Peter M Herold
Anthony Wlalera family north of
town Is slowly recovering from a
Blego of grip
Aside from colds and grip this
community is not troubled with any
thing serious
The Methodist choir will hold a box
social in mo cnurch basement Satur
day night when home mado candy
Will nlcn hn
Johnny Kaylor has my thanks for
yum uuru views oi w ec J college
buildings including the Memorial Li
brary and the gymnasium
Dan Hcaster hail th nnll nlron nff
the middle finger of his left hand
wuen moving a mining machine In the
Millvllle mine last Saturday
An old lady writjng to one of our
business men for a bill of goods ask
ed to have It aent by partial post
She got the goods Just the same
Itov J E RusBell a former minis
ter oi mis piaco is contributing a
lew fine tone poems and other liter
ary matter for the church Advocate
The total appraised valuation of the
city of Salem both personal and real
Is only 989G4 Could the Buckeye
engine works alone bo bought for that
This village Is fortunate In having
hourly service with Salem Leetonla
Youngstown and other places whero
our superfluous labor can be accom
modated with places
St hauls Lutheran church in Lee
tonla has been incorporated under the
laws of Ohio I F Melllnger and the
other members of the church council
are the Incorporators
There will bo a congregational meot
lug in tho Lutheran church Sunday
forenoon Jan 26 to elect ofllcers and
trnnsact such other business as may
properly come before them
All tho quarantine notices In Lee-
tonia have been llftedf and tho scare
doctors still live Dr Harmoh has
taken tho place of Dr Zurcher who
died there during the scare
The American sewer pipe plant at
Lisbon shut down for nearly two
years will resume operations about
Feb 1 Tho plant employs 76 men
and mines its own coal and clay
Fred DeJane and family of Mahon
ingtown Pa spent Sunday hero with
his parents And on Monday Mrs C
O Stephenson also of Mahonlngtown
came here for a few days visit
Wee Lebby the three year old son
of Hamp Senior anu wife was badly
scalded aonut the body last Thurs
day when tho mother had a pan full
of water prepared to scald a chicken
Tho little sufferer was laid up for
several dayB
Robort Nichols a familiar figure
about this -village when Columbiana
county WAs dry died of delirium trem
ens in tho Lisbon Infirmary Friday
evening His age was 40 years and
was buried at Franklin Square Satur
day afternoon
Elden Holt bought a new edition of
Shakespeares complete works and
presented it to our now school li
brary A competent committee will
likely be appointed to solicit funds
and books for that purpose and re
placo tho library that was lost In the
school house fire
Robert WellB who for nine years
nas new me omco or deputy sherirl
of Columbiana county then defeated
for sheriff by a democrat then ap
pointed county commissioner has
been employed by sheriff elect Urn
stead of Mahoning county to assist
mm udouc ms omco until no gets
onto the ropes
Dandelions are blooming in pro
tected spots and caterpillars are
seen crawline alontr the Y O truck
west of town Houbo flies have not
all disappeared and some migratory
birds are still with us Wo are not
linvlnir nff nnvprn wpnthnr fhla vani na
we did last or these condltons of an-
imai ana vegetanie me would not
Political Wis and rlnca In the
southeastern part of Columbiana
county must be awfully rotten if
one half that is being told about con
ditions there is true And If current
talk can be relied upon there is
greater need for legal investigation
under the Corrupt Practice Act than
there Is over -the line in Jefferson
county County officials who have
been proven to have overdrawn upon
the county treasury and actions
brought against them In the name of
the state Temajn untried and
and thoir cases may be nollied
by a change in county officials
Old Governor Allens motto was Turn
the Tascals out Injunctions have
been sustained to prevent the county
treasurer from collecting 100000
worth of saloon taxes from bootleg
gers Eugene V Debs recently said
that Government Ty injunction leads
to government by dynamite Let us
hope that this will not be the case
Representative Percy Tetlow was
ho Tie from Columbus the past week
an will return In tlme for the nog
gertlon of Governor Cox Before
the colso of this session Mr Tetlow
will lrtfrKritlnnL n ft pnaphnnlhnnlr hill
which is but the logical outgrowth ot
me state printing cmuee in me new
constitution Thp session laws of
Oliln lorcni tlinn nnv enhnnl Hnnb fa
furnished free to every office bolder
in we aiaie ana requires jnany tnou
fcands of copies to supply the demand
and Abe surplus is sold for 30 cents
ench These laws are published but
once while text books are stereotyped
and printed in ten thousand editions
every year ana retailed at frora 26
cent to 126 each Children are
compelled to attend school in houses
PUllt1 andkept up by the taxpayers
antfJt la only Justice for the plate to
furnish iU books free for our free
flchdols Ab associated press dispatch
from Columbus says In making
RegregenUtfye Tetlow of Columbiana
county aud Representative Crlswejlof
Morrow members of tho judiciary
committee Speaaer Swain has violat
ed all HeeieBta Tetlow Is a miner
and Orlswell a forme The hereto
fore Inexorable custom has been to
appoint only lawyers pn 4s commit
tee The speaker tfld W puf these
two men pa the committee tqsee that
ao legal - are used uueir as
reader laws hsrd to underetiadv
Miss Emma Fcicht Is vlBitlng rela
tives in Cleveland
Miss Mary Balrd entertained a few
lady frjonds from Youngstown over
The Salem Poultry Pet Stock as
sociation Is 25 In the hole from Its
last exhibit
Prof H A Iledfleld one of tho
school examiners of Cuyahoga county
was here Wednesday calling on Su
perintendent J L Gray
Dr James Gruber of Guilford has
been appointed infirmary physician
Ho agrees to furnish all medicine and
give his services for 725
t ranK stouners 4 horso team pulled
the hoisting engine used at tho new
school building Into the railroad cut
north of town TUesday morning
J M Davis is Are bo3s at tho Peer
less mine and Jacob Moss fires tho
shots Tho miners received their pay
at the mayors olflce Wednesday night
It would hot require much effort on
the part of property owners to con
nect up with adjoining sidewalks and
havo dry walks from one end of Main
street to the other
Quaker City Court No 89 Forest
ers of America Innlllntnrl iwni
years ago by Court Roso of May will
meir iziu anniversary on
Word reachorl tntvn Tnonrlnv --
ing that the village had been
uuuiiea against live cases ot delerlum
tremens mo last one having crawled
Dart Of thn WJIV from Tnptnnto
Henry Getz and wife were at North
iuiiu on weanosaay attending the
golden wedding of 8olomon Baird and
wife There werofiK i nontc nrmnni
who brought suitable gifts for tho
uruuie couple
The verdict of 2600 given Mrs
Gertrude B Frederick against tho
Buck Coal Co two years ago for the
wrongful death of her husband Lem
uel A Frederick was set aside by
the sunremo court on Mnmiiiv
There was to have been an adjourn-
cu wueung oi mo village council Tues
day night to arrange for transform
ing tho old M E church building In
to a town hall but thnro win nnt n
quorum present and the matter waa
ien io me committee on public build
iodge Deputy C E Bortolette in-
Biuuuu mo ioiiowing omcers of Orion
lodge 390 I O O F Monday night
N G Edward Yoder V G Elmer
Warner recording Secretary Wm
E Roller permnent secretary C E
Bertolotto treasurer J L Fitzpat
rick trustee O C Wcikart
Tho morning train on this branch
of tho Erie waa considerably late
again on Tuesday This branch haB
como to be as much of a Joko as is
Peter McCavos gasoline motor road
Even tho Btate railroad commission
er dont appear to pay any attention
to it as his map locates our depot in
Mahoning county
Tho following named French peo
ple from hero attended tho funeral of
Mrs Marshal Gurirfn ntVnnnrrctn
Tuesday afternoons August Molle
Eugene VIgnon Mrs Louise Vlgnon
Sirs JOS Tourdot Mm rhna Tiivlnl
Ed Luxleul and wife Leon Luxieul
Prosper Molle and wife Mrs Emil
Guchemand and her sister Mrs Rosa
uirura ana xuiss Alary Luxleul
James Snell died In Rnnf Poiominn
Just a year ago leaving an estate
vuiuuu m near iuuuu ho t whit
has been probated as his last will
leaylng his entire estate to his moth-
er Elizabeth Snell during ner life
time and nrovlded thnt nt hor rlnntVi
all of the money and property left
should be given to tho Salvation army
Tho will was executed some time be
fore his death and his mother dying
before hlm tho estate will now go
to the Salvation army in the event
that tho court allows the will to stand
Action was filed In court Saturday
by Alfred Snell nnd other heirs
against L M Kyes administrator of
the estate and the Salvation army
It appears that Frank Williams the
new blacksmith at the Peerless mine
and who recently bought tho Charles
Snyder farm Is in a streak of hard
luck wuh one of his cows About
nine weeks ago a neighbors dog bit
the cow and shortly afterwards the
dog died The dogs head was sent
to tho state veterinary at Columbus
who pronounced It a case of rabies or
hydrophobia and ordered tho cow
milked recularlv for nino mnntin
the milk to be boiled and burled This
of course is attended with fruitless
labor besides the medicine to be ad
mlnlsted to the cow costs 1 a dose
So Mr Williams has applied to tho
Columbiana county commissioners
for aid out of the dog fund to help
compensate him for his time and mon
ey expended
Rev L W Gross preached a very
thoughtful and timely discourse from
the Lutheran pulpit Sunday night
from the last chapter of St Lukes
gospel Mr Gross Ib a close student
of bible history as well as current
events and those who fall to hear
him miss a good literary treat as well
as a practical discourse He does not
Beek to popularize himself by trying
to be a sissy but Is a plain every
day Christian The services were en
Hvened by a voluntary piano duet by
Misses Rhea Gilbert and Marie Weik
art closing the service by the congre
gation singing that soul stirring hymn
Rock oi Ages The C B society
will hold a business meeting in the
Lutheran parsonage this Thursday
evening at 7 30 and a good social
time Is anticipated All Interested in
the cause wll be made welcome
Max Crawford a conductor on the
Y O electric line who for a few
days acted as brakeman on tbp steam
train met with a fatal accident about
4 oclock Tuesday afternoon when
passing the Deming works in Salem
it appears that he was in the act of
boardlncr thn Incnmntlvn nnH tno
caught and rolled so as to catch the
projecting piatiorm iDreaiung Ms legs
and arms crushing Tile splno and re
ceiving IntnrnRl inlnrlpn TTo -urns
placed In an electrlo car for
pyrmwon io me uoBpuai at niast Liv
erpool but died at West Point on the
wav His home vas In Tlnhnn nnH lo fo
survived by a young widow and an
Sjnonth old child Ha won nhnnt
years old and waa well respected by
an nm HBttoGitties anq mo ygg
force alt wore tho badge of mourn
hltr the dav following hla untlmoW
When a girl crflU a fellow a miitf
does she wan him to hold her hna
Jan 16 The sick in this locality
are Improving
William Baker Is opening a coal
mine on his farm
M M Melllnger threshed his grain
John Sauerweln Ib building a wagon
for Grant Calvin
Seth Baslnger butchered a beet
George Harter has rented his farm
land to Ferd Wcllendorf reserving
tho orchards
Lot Turney is employed at tho
Oesch coal mine
Frank CrutnhiLrher will ntrnln nron
py his residence here in a short time
- vjwbu wmhui UUCUUVU a BU1U 1U
Columbiana Friday
John Sauerweln and family viBlted
John Cook Friday Mr Cook Ib re
covering irom pneumonia
iwcster Burns is ill with grippe
The recent death ot Dr William
Shank at Burton Ohio was a shock
to his manvfrlnnilfl in thin rnmtnun
Ity where he spent his early life
There is yet corn standing in shock
In llelds of farmers in this locality
Mrs E Crumharhpr nnrl ohlhlron
visited friends hero Saturday after
Sam Burkholder of Confederate
Corners was a recent caller in tho
David Shank is off duty on account
of grippe
Dr Hulln of Grcenford made many
proiessioiiai cans nere last week
Theodore Bare was homo from
Springfield a few days laBt week
William Hendricks was home from
his employment over Sunday
Tho new paved road between hero
and North Lima waa highly appreci
ated during the recent stormy weath
Water In tho Mill Creek bottom
has been very high too past week but
so far tho road bed has not been sub
The scarcity of young- men and
young ladies is very apparent In this
locality Box socials spelling schools
literary societies and entertainments
are seemingly things of tho past due
largely to city attractions marriages
and indifference And tho problem
of how to retain our young peoplo lu
thn rural Hlntrlptn -cull nnni vni
a matter of serious consideration
While our village does not provide
much employment for its inhabitants
there is not a house for rent in town
or near it All but two families are
owners of tho property they occupy
nnd there Is more demand for proper
The many copies of the Dispatch
distributed In this vicinity give evi
dence of the nnnrpplntlnn nf thn nulilln
and a desire for a clean local paper
at a low price
Jan 15 MrR Rnlnmn Siimmm ci
who was confined to bed -by sickness
ib uuiu io ue up
Lester Burns Is on the sick list
Mrs Henry Blosser Inst Saturday
visited Mrs Maggie Crumbacher of
North Lima formerly of this place
Mrs J R Sauerweln visited a day
last week with her father John Cook
Who is ill with nloilril nnnnmnnfn
Mrs John Bradley and Mrs Homer
Lynn ana cniidren were guests of
Mrs Henry Blosser Sunday afternoon
Warren Bare of Youngstown visited
here with his parents Mr and Mrs
Theodore Bare over Sunday
Arthur Burns Is nhln n ho nimnt
again after his Illness
C W Engler of Salem visited his
uncle John Bradley Sunday
Jan ll5 MrB Hpnrv frnmmVioi
and daughters Flossie and LaRue of
East Lewlstown snnnt nnvnril rinva
last week with her mother Mrs Ly
uiu necKman
M C Callahan nf DranfrcH io
snendlnir soma Hmn nt Rnnnra nin
leys near Boardraan
Mrs win Gels is on the sick list
Georco Grovnr nnd wlfa nun in
Youncstown Mondav
Mrs Frank Clabaugh and daughter
wimireo cauea at n nrnnnA Miciniio
8unday afternoon
Carl Clay of Gettysburg called at
v ruujuuu iLuiinunr n Nnrurrinv
Albert and Charles MQff were in
ouium oaiuraay
Bertha Kreuger Ib assisting Mrs
D Camobell In
Archy Heckman of McKees Rocks
yus ai nome over sunday
Freeman Rupright and wife spent
Sunday at Curt Swanks
Miss Ethel Hixson visited Nora
won ounday afternoon
There will be preaching in Paradise
Reformed church beginning Wednes
day evening and continuing until Sun
day if the weather Is favorable Com
munion services Sunday morning at
the usual hour
Mrs Clark Pnnlln in HnonHlnir emmo
time with her parents Mr and Mrs
Qievenson in Vienna
Charles Meeker and family spent
Thursday at Adolnh MpnlfArn
rrank Moff who spent a week with
remuvea nere returned home to At
water Saturday
Alvln Thoman Is serving on the
Jury in Youngstown
Allen Weaver was in NJles Satur
Jan 15 Sunday visitors at the
home of C Cool were Mrs J A
Felcht and daughter Edna Frank
Crumbacher and family Charles and
Hazel Engler of Salem
MrB O DavlH Mrs VA 1ranrtnrA
and daughter Mildred visited vMrs
AiiBii vuiy iuuuuuy
John Cook who was very sick last
week is much better
Mrs Emma Calvin spent Tuesday
with Mrs Mary Calvin
Mrs U D Calvin spent Sunday
with her parents
Bennle Cover called on Albert
Felcht Saturday
Miss Iva Clvln visited her aunt
Mrs J Moore one day recently
Ira Bradley called pn Jphn Cook
Mrs Geq Grlndle was In Washlng
tpnylile Saturday
O XI UsllM I t T
er Mentccl
j -v K r tj Tflfpr t Mjj
- -- - ---A f 5 K 1 --
Jan 16 Peter WenKcl bought 50
bushels of apples fronftT L Knauf
S M Burkholder sold some fine
hogs to Walter Johnston and Geo
C S Lesher lost one of his register
ed Holsteln cows Stfn nnt fnnt In n
sliding door in his largo straw shed
anu strangled to deatu Mnc loss is
several hundred dollars the cow be
ing the head of his registered Hoi
stein herd f
C Bover Hpnrv H finln nnd V V
Fornpv havo lipnn nnfmlnfnrl lv tlio
court as appraising ommlssloners of
jnnsuan suuerweins freai estate
Ferd Painter and family visited In
Wayno and Medina counties for sev
eral weeks and returned home Friday
evening f
S W Yoder can bdast of having
as fine If not the best dairy herd in
this community It woQld be well for
some of our dairymen to call on him
and get tips
Nora Boyer who is Buffering with
bone disease and has had one leg in
a plaster cast for two months is not
Improving as fast as her friend would
like to have her
Wnile our good farmers have been
enjoying prosperity and rural mall de
livery and now have been given the
convenience of the parcel post they
should not forget to return some good
for their blessings A few are ex
pressing their feeling fby saying ev
eryone should get outjand drag tht
roads A very good suggestion but
no good If not put Into practice II
the farmers would appreciate thb
kindness as does W AiCool by drag
ging the roads for several miles tho
life of a rural carrier and others
who havo to use the roads every day
In all kinds of weather and under all
conditions It would mearija wonu of
good If farmers dont take steps and
try and Improve the rural roads the
time Is coming and not far distant
when they must digldown In their
blue Jeans and forkovor tho solid
sixteen to one or longgreen and pay
to have it done S
Boyer School Report1 Pupils pres
ent every day for tho fourth month of
school- were Stelvfn Sdosser Emma
Blosser Adln Brubaker Owen Cook
Grant Culp Grace Gulp ThelmaCulp
Ethel Frankford Elwood Forney Earl
Kurtz Elmer Kurtz Paul Nichols
Ansel Sauerweln Those missing one
day or leas were Harvey Blosser Cora
Culp Doris Felcht Gilbert Fitzpat
rlck Kenneth FItzpatrIck Sara Metz
ler Number enrolled 61 Ernest L
nolben teacher
Jan 15 Mr and Mrs W F Ren
kenberger and Mrs Vern Thorpe and
son Richard visited at Jacob Helsels
Miss Esther Eckls and Albert Keel
er called on their grandparents Mr
and Mrs as WIesner Sunday
Homer Helsel Frank Porter Chas
Bryan Walter Keeler and Earland
Force attended a prize flght in
Youngstown Tuesday night
Zella Kale and Wilbur Heiser have
been home from Canfipld alnrn lnnt
Thursday suffering from severe cases
of grippe Both are improving at this
Mrs W J Force visited relatives
in Youneatown n fnw dnvn lnet wool
Mr and Mrs Elton Force visited at
the latters parents Mr and Mrs Jas
Medley fit Baldwins Corners from
Friday until Sunday
John Porter Laura Onstott and Or
ris Mead are not improving as rapid
ly as friends would like to have
James Weasner was In Deerfleld
Ira Balrd and Mr Jones of North
Jackson called on Jacob Helsel Tues
Ray Renkenberger visited H E
Kale and family Sunday
Mrs Elmer Kllngeman called on
Zella Kale Tuesday
Earl Orr of Frederick was here
Monday night
Mrs W F Renkenberger and Theo
Cattell were in Youngstown Wednes
Mrs G W Swank was In North
Jackbon recently
Mrs ern Thorpe waa In Alliance
a jew days the first of the week
Wm Onstott was In Diamond Mon
Geo Stoltz was a Blanco caller
Marie Williamson and her grand
ma Smith of Stansburgh called on
Zella Kale Tuesday
Elmer Yeagley is suffering from
uiooa poisoning
Jan 15 Mrs Fred Detchon and
daughter Inez spent Thursday with
Mrs Clara Parshal
Mesdames Snook Kllngeman and
Detchoif attended the Aid Society
meeting at Mrs Monroe Kllngemans
Mrs Martla PIpher spent Monday
in Youngstown
Carl Kllpgeman and wife of North
Jackson spent Saturday evening with
his parents Mr and Mrs Ephralin
Ephraim Kllngeman Is spending
some time visiting frlendB and rela
tives in Lodi
The Ladies AW Society of the
Orrs Corners church will give a
pyBter supper Friday evening Jan
17 at the howe oi Mrss Scott Van
Winkle All are cordially Invited
MM Delia Datehna war I- Mn tT
Jaeksoc Frdy
tWMWiWWBWWWiilWMfil Pit riiiTiiiWrrirritlTWr iMitara
An Independent Family Journal Devoted to he Interests of All Glasses and Nationalities
Bfl ISC l
Jan 15 Rev C M Hartmnn last
Friday night closed a series of reviv
al meetings which were held here for
two wpeks
Whlfe a car of tile was being un
loaded on the switch at the Marquis
coal n last Saturday the car In
some wa started io move and going
down grade It gained sTich speed that
when it came to the derailer it was
turned completely over and badly
wrecked The Erie wrecking crew
was there Sunday and Monday clean
ing up the debris The tile was be
ing unloaded by cj G Moff of New
Roy Knauf was In Youngstown Fri
day His sister Miss Hazel Knauf
of the City hospital nurse staff accom
panied him home whero she visited a
few hours returning to her wutles the
same evening
will Houts and family spent Sun
day with relatives In Marquis
MisscB Marv Watson ot Wnnlilnc
tonvllle Ota Paillln Inp7 Mlllor nnd
Mrs Anna Miller of this place are
employed in tho Templln Seed Co of
Mrs M B Templln and son Lester
were in Youngstown Friday
W P Mellott unloaded a car of coal
the first of the week
Lester Cook was In Youngstown
MoildaV Mr nnd Mra Hnnrv Unlln
baugh of Marquis visited their daugh
ters and iamuies here a few days last
Misses Inez and Elti Junior iwm
In rfalem Friday
MISS Nora Cook wnn In Yniinrrdtnwn
Miss Lizzie Osborne is spending a
tew days with Mrs Lewis Greasel of
inuw uuuaio
John Oesch of East Lewlstown was
In town one day recently
Roy Metzler was in Canfleld Tues
Miss Ella Rice our teacher spent
Saturday and Sunday at her home In
Whilo little Thelma Bogner and
brother Lylo were throwing stickers
as the kids call them In their homo
last Sunday the iiiIrrIIp failed to
In the wall and -struck Miss Thelma
in tne eye painiuiiy Injuring It
Owen Cook of Maple Grove was a
Sunday visitor in the homo of his
brother Lester
A number of men are out of work
as a result of the temporary shutdown
of tne coal mine at Marquis
Jail 15 Harrison Zlmmprmnn enpnt
Saturday and Sunday at IiIb home
Meetings at tho church are still In
procress but the attpndnncn Is Htnnll
friday Saturday and Sunday nights
we uospei team oi rour young men
of Mt Union will be here to assist
Mrs Stanley Howard spent the past
few days at tho home of her parents
near Salem
Frank Wack and Fremont Middle
ton were home over Sunday
Born to Mr and Mrs Sam Weln
gart a boy and to Mr and Mrs Har
ry Thomas a girl last ween Wednes
WeBley Ovlngton is seriously 11
wvh a complication of diseases
Homer French Is In Youngstown
serving as Juror
Ed Riley and mother moved to the
Campbell farm last week
Fred Welngart spent Sunday with
hlB parents near Llmavllle
Joseph King Is In a critical condl
tlon from the effects of a heavy cold
Lester1 and Roy Haldeman of Red
Oaks Iowa visited Stanley Howard
Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Will Venable met with painful acci
dent Saturday evening While stand
ing before one of his horses tied in
its stall the animal bit a piece out ot
his lower lip about one inch long and
three fourths of an inch wide Dr
Minor dressed the wound nine stitch
es being required to close It
Mrs Joe Cronlck and Ralph Bow
man are suffering with grippe
Pedrson Ware worked in a Sebring
pottery last week
The third month of school here
closed Friday with one regular attend
ant Paul Mlddleton Stanley How
ard teacher
Jan 15 A son was born to Mr and
Mrs Alva Linn last week
Mrs George Thomas and daughter
urace were in youngstown Saturday
Mrs A S Goehrlng and children re-
turned from a two weeks visit In
Mrs Goehrlngs mother Mrs Grif
fith accompanied them home
Laverue Jeffries who haa been very
sick of pneumonia is able to sit up
Mrs John Bickerstaff and Mrs Dan
lrwin wim tneir children spent Tues
day with Warren friends
Mrs John Miles is still confined to
her home by sickness
The Ladles Aid society met Thurs
day with Mrs A S Goehrlng
Mrs Amanda Fields died Sunday
fojlowlng a short illness She is sur
vived by her husband and one son
Funeral services were held Wednes
day Interment being made Jn the yll
lage cemetery
Preachlne Service iipy Hnndn
evenlug at 7 oclock by the pastor
wcv ivmiurB
Ha Is Still Single
You are the first girl I have ever
And youd be tbf last man Id ever
love Houston Post
Jan 14 Rev Miller is conducting
a series of meetings in Rosemont
Mr and Mrs Bardo were In Alli
ance Saturday
M J Barnes was in Youngstown
Mrs John Myers recently viBlted
her daughter In Alliance
W C Cllno and James Shilllday
were In Youngstown the other day
Irwin Harmon Geo ge B Shrader
and Joel Mlddleton were In Alliance
Andrew Leyman is Improving
Mervin King has been called to
Youngstown as a Juryman
nev Pike of Troy was In town laat
Mr and Mrs Robert Lafferty have
moved to Youngstown
Mrs Fred Day has gone for an ex
tended visit with friends In the weBt
Mr and Mrs Jerry Wllsdorf are ex
pected home from California In Feb
Martin Hoover has returned home
to Ravenna
Emerson Woolf was thq guest of Al
liance rricnds last week
Mrs Anna Whlteleather Is visiting
ner son Howard Woolf and family
Ora little son of John Diver is
ill with pneumonia
A shoemaker now occupies the Beck
man Btore room
The Ladles Aid received nearly
thirty dollars for meals during the
Farmers Institute
S A Renkenberger was in Youngs
town me otner day
Joshua Heiser Is preparing to build
a new house on his farm east of town
The M E school has elected the
The M E Sunday school has elected
the loiiowingolllcers Superintendent
H M Gunder assistant superintend
ent U T Stanley secretary Miss
Hazel Hoyles treasurer M W King
organist Miss Lila Cover librarians
Wallace Heiser Mary Smith The
teachers of tho classes are Mrs M
W King Mrs B T Stanley Miss Llla
Cover Mrs L E Hawkins L C
Stanley L E Hawkins M W King
The teacher of the Blblo class Is Mrs
W T Hawkins
At the iarmers Institute held here
last week the following officers were
chosen for the ensuing year Presi
dent M J Barnes secretary Allen
Dickson executive committee R S
Eystor Harry Hammond Ezra Shill
ing J P McNellly W T Galbreath
You may have a neighbor who
would be Interested in the Dispatch
A word from you might induce him
to subscribe and every new name
added to the list helps to make the
paper stronger and better
Jan 15 Mrs J V Chambers and
Mrs Newton left Saturday for Cleve
land As soon as the doctor Is able
to travel- they epoci tagotOrJSI
Paso Texas to remain an Indefinite
time for the benefit of the doctors
health George Bloom and family of
near New Springfield occupy their
Rev G H Graf is spending six
weeks In Johnston Pa canvassing
the Lutheran -congregation there in
the interest of Thiel college Rev
Shanor of Greenville Pa preached
In the local church Snndnv Tho mil
pit will bo filled each Sunday
ib we jjubiutb ausence uy some vis
iting minister
Rev L J Rohrbaugh Is conducting
protracted meetings In the Reformed
Miss Ruth Wagner has resigned her
position with the Beaver Telephono
Co and accepted one with tha Bell
Co In Youngstown Miss Pearl Ack
erman of Woodworth takes the posi
tion vacated by Miss Wagner
The nf Minn Rdlth Hum
mel of Woodworth and Mr Beard of
New Buuaio Is announced to take
placo at the Lutheran parsonage
Thursday morning
Jacob Elser and family spent Sun
day with Oscar Elsers north of town
Mrs Wlllard Kirk of Salem Mrs
Harvey Mentzer and J H Ruhlmau
and family of Youngstown have been
guests of Israel HahnT the past few
Jan 15 Mrs F C Hunt of Dublin
spent a few days last week with her
motner Mrs Rebecca Manchester
W S Baird spent Tuesday at Hor
ace Clays near Canfleld
Seth and Earl Paulln of Canfleld
were guests of their parents here Sat
urday and Sunday
B F Campbell is ill with grip
Gus and Martin Kenrelch and sis
ters Marv and Rprthn nf nnmnrnni
and Mr and Mrs F C Hunt were
Buesia at me nome or Mrs Rebecca
Manchester Sunday
Mr and Mrs F fi Wllllama nnd
daughter Alleen vlstled D M Bare
and wife last Thursday
Mr and Mrs Lewis Campbell call
ed at B F CamnliollR Rntnrdnv
W S Balrd and Roy Blott are as
sisting N S Kenrelch getting out
timber for a new barn
j F McFeely had business in
Greenford Friday
Jan 15 Carl Florence of Milton
township and Miss Mabel DeHoff
daughter of Mr and Mrs O rn
Hotr of this place were recently unit
ed in marriage The happy couple
have the well wishes of the people of
me vuiage way their pathway
through life be strewn with many
Literary will be held in the school
house Saturday evening
Quarterly conference was held In
the United Evangelical church last
Saturday and Sunday Rev of
Akron presJdlng elder had charge of
the services
Vord comes that Daniel Blott of
Lone Beach Gal lone- n roHlrtont
here has much Iruprpved in health
A rough estimate figuring on a
sandpaper contract
Virjue Is Us own reward and truth
Is one ot the greatest virtues
Column Harp of Various Things
has been used to advantage by a host
of people It you hare anything o
sell exchange or want to buy you
will accomplish the desired end at
small cost by using thlB column
t a-
P MUHerdld
Invariably In Advance
I NO 43
Jan 16 Jessie Klingensmlth
varrnn was here over Sunday
D V Eckenrode and Charles James
are working In Niles
Will Witherstine bought a new
Word was received here from Ken
tucky of the death of Elmer Osborn
formerly of this place He was the
son of G W Osborn and a brother
of Mrs J Moore
Mr and Mrs David Maurer ot War
ren visited at L Snlders Sunday
Clarence Pierce Is staying with his
grandparents and attending school
Rev Moore who has been preach
ing at tho Christian church and Rev
M G Jerrow minister of the Presby
terian church preached their hut ser
mons here last Sunday
The editor was greatly mistaken
when he mentioned In the last Dis
patch that Miss Nellls McMlllcn Is In
the corn trrnwlnt nnntoot It la
Nellls McMIllen a lad about 1G years
old and ho says he would rather bo
called Mr than Miss
Will Witherstine and wife are en
tertaining their brother and brothers-in-law
from Medina county
John Osborn Is on the sick list
Blaine Shrader the blacksmith Ib
not able to work all the time on ac
count of a lame back
Tho deliberation with which the
president elect is proceeding in tho
preliminaries of his forthcoming ad
ministration must be regarded with
favor His open mindedness is cal
culated to lessen the chances of mis
takes when he takes over his now re
sponsibilities For more than two
months he has been onstderlng tho
multifold duties which ho Is soon to
assume There has been much talk
most of It unnecessary about his
probable cabinet selections and ac
cording to our view much advice that
was totally out of place Ho has lis
tened but after two months of listen
ing he tolls ub he has made no offers
That means he Is going to select
his council of advisers strictly with
a view to their fitness and with an
aim to secure for these Important sta
tions men who can co operate with
him Intelligently and harmoniously In
evolving the policies of his T
tration There Is no reason why ho
should do otherwise for no man has
ever entered the presidency freer of
personal obligations than Wilson and
being footloose hlmBelf ho is free
to exercise his Judgment and to fol
low his convictions
In saying that he might specify oth
er subjects than tariff for congression
al attention during the extra session
it Is easy to Infer that ho is deeply
impressed with the necessity for an
early reform of the banking and cur
rency system and that he Intends not
onlyHo strongly emphasize tho need
of prompt action but to make defin
ite recommendations to that end
Such Is tho countrys view of his
purposes and such Is its confidence
in his determination to solvo for
years to come what has become a
problem even greater than the tariff
Probably three fourths of the busi
ness men of the country consider
banking and currency reform as of
greater imminence than tho tariff
Not that tariff readjustment Is not
necessary but that tho banking and
currency situation presents a menace
In the midst of unparalleled prosper
ity that ought to be removed Ever
since the election there have been fi
nancial rumblings We are begin
ning to see that a rigid currency is
not consonant with expanding com
mercial and Industrial activity and
that a system that curtails tho power
of tho banks to meet the demands of
business at a time when tho banks
can be most useful Is a great handi
cap upon progress
It is tho existence of condltons like
these that call for the measure of
calm deliberation which is the mental
habit of the president elect Ana ho
can not be too careful In tho selec
tion of the men who are to perform
such Important parts In carrying for
ward his policies and purposes No
doubt he realizes that it Is not a
question of who Is entitled to party
rewards for an administration based
upon that theory must fall It Is not
a question of fitting his policies to
his cublnet selections but rather of
fitting the men to the policies he ex
pects to stress durjng his tenure ot
That is of course tho true attitude
of dependable statesmanship Hous
ton Post
Portajje County thecBell Wether
The co operation of the federal de
partment of agriculture and the Ohio
experiment station in the improve
ment of farming in this state has
reached the point where the appoint
ment t county counsellors has begun
Portage county Is the first county
through its Improvement association
of 1000 members to meet the local
requirements and Becure a counsellor
The appointee Is H P Miller who is
widely known as an authority upon
the breeding and feeding of livestock
and general farm operations He Ib
a graduate of Ohio State university
and after the completion of hla
course fifteen yffcrs ago returned to
tlje farm where he was reared Since
then he has been employing the Im
proved methods of agriculture and
with voice and pen has been urging
others to follow in the same path
This appointment of course gives
Mr Miller no authority and he will
nrobablv not nvpn nffr ti
it is not aBked hut tho Khiniuo
are that with a county assocIaUon of
1000 members tn him rx
counsel and helping to pay his salary
he will not lack for occupation The
selection of men for this work is not
easy for they must have not only
knowlpdge but industry and the tnct
and personality pf the leader The
Compliment to Mr MillavjW
wuu iv ivusraiuiauonB zonttte en
terprise of Its farmers Wo --
they and Uieounsellor 1U eSr3
of trnnli T
a n l j
acres rnnrn nn uluHu
inonliu -4-a- l a ia
uuiKr euuiinaw to fpuKir
- s w vi i t nymi
i It
r fM

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