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tho Interest in it and how groat
tie need for it Your teooher or your
aowspaper will give you the names of
four senators and congressman The
icssagog should be sent at once And
appeal is big enough and lm
tant enough to extend to all the
f wn up children who are out in he
ater sohool of life men and worn
who would help conserve one of
the countrys most valuable and inter
j i ting resources
Man Servlno Term for Vagranoy In
California Jail Confesses Mur
dering New Yorker
Boa Francisco Jan 22 Gilbert
Gray alias Farnum Da Hoy now serv
ing a term of vagrancy in the Ban
Bernardino Jail confessed that he mur
dered Frederick Hollls a New York
Gambler In this city on Dec 28
According to Gray he met Hollls
whom he had known in the east on
the streets of San Francisco Hollls
he says offered him a position ns
lookout man at a gambling place he
was conducting here Gray declares
he refused the offer explaining that
lie wanted to quit the crooked game
He said Hollls made a threatening
move and to protect himself he
stabbed Hollls through the heart He
claims be took the body to the ocean
beach and threw it into the breakers
where It was swept to sea
Competition Has Been Started by
Theatrical Dally Newspaper
Among Its Readers
London Jan 22 A theatrical news
paper dally The Comedla has start
ed a competition among readers for
the most sensational headline Here
are a few of the offerings
Marriage of the Pope
-Abdication of the Kaiser
Members of Parliament Vote Abo
lition of Their Salaries
A Negro Becomes President ot the
United States
Aeroplane Hits a Star
Theft of the Eiffel Tower
Failure of the Rothschilds
To Close Out Dishes
China dinner plates 5c desert
plates pc tea pot 15c sugar bowl
10c other dishes 10c supply limited
J3uy Quick H J Dickson Canfield
For any itching ekin trouble piles
eczema salt rheum hives itch scald
head herpes scabies Doans Oolnt
ment is highly recommended 50c a
ioi at all stores
Price - w w ww - price
Youngstown Ohio
Dry Goods News
Denies Favoring the Stand
ard Oil Company
Washington Jan 22 Secretary of
the Interior Walter Fisher of Chicago
answered the charges brought against
him by the deposed tribal council of
the Osnge IntViins of Oklahoma and
the Uncle Sam Oil Co that ho had
Because they have had
with the poBtofflcc department tho In
dlnn ofUce the assistant secretary the
secretary and the president they have
come to the conclusion they have been
treated unfairly said Secretary
Willingness to make charges Is the
first asset of this company he said
The secretary quoted contradictory
sentences from two advertisements by
tho company You cant win you
cant lose gentleman If you play with
such disregards of facts Its better
than tho three card monto gamo
Explains His Actions
Wilson took exception to Fishers
criticism of tho companys methods
A moment later Secretary Fisher
said angrily I dont know whether
you are fooling yourself Mr Wilson
but you are not fooling me I dont
think It would help tho Indians at all
to have tho Uncle Sam Oil Co In that
Why not shouted Wilson
Its methods are not such that tho
Indians could get much benefit re
torted Fisher
Fisher said ho oppobed granting the
company one lease on zooooo acres
because In tho past when compan
ies have found It to their financial in
terest to consolidate they have found
a means to evade tho law and get to
Why He Removed Indians
Earlier In tho hearing Secretary
Fisher said he had bad an investiga
tion made of the leases and the re
port had been sent to the United
States attorney in Oklahoma with
the recommendation from the Indian
offices that there should be criminal
action against tho members of the
council and certain outside persons
who wero interested in the leases
The secretary said ho removed three
men from the tribal council because
they had confessed six years before
that they had been paid by other In
terests to vote for leases These men
were Bacon Rind Bed Eagle and
Thomas West Fisher said he was
convinced that If tho IeaBes were
granted nil four of them would gravi
tate to tho Uncle Sam Co
Listens to Stories of Hardships of
Grls and Young Women Who
Manufacture Wrappers
New York Jan 22 Ex President
Rooseve drawn by the pitiful stories
he had heard about the hardships of
the girls and young women who manu
facture wrappers and kimonos in the
dingy East Side factories made a
personal tour of inspection He vIb
Ited two of the meeting places of the
strikers and Interviewed several score
of them listening with Interest to the
stories they told When he came
away the colonel sadly shook his head
and was heard to murmur Its ter
rible to see the way the lives of the
future mothers of our country are be
ing crushed out
The visit of the colonel to the strik
ing wrapper and kimono makers was
brought about by the Child Welfare
Committee of the Progressive Service
which has interested Itself in the
Btrlke because so many of the strikers
are children
How It Happened
He is very wealthy isnt he
Indeed he is
And yet everything he used to try
would turn out a failure
It was one of his failures that
made him rich
How in the world
He invented a new style submarine
and gave to the world its first unsink
able boat Houston Post I
What makes gossip look like the
truth is for it to be impossible to be
Fur mi m v n - Furs
a I h lupn L horrlvr irb
Thursdayjan 23 W3 J
Hundreds to choose from all styles all kinds
of Fur all qualities
Beginning Saturday Morning
January 25th
All Furs in our store will be sold at just
Half Regular Prices
No reserve
Naturalists Appeal to Pupils
in American Schools
New York Jan 22 John Burroughs
and - Ernest Thompson Scton the
Worlds most widely known natural
Ists have Just issued the following
fjolnt appeal to tho school children of
Measure Before Congress
An urgent appeal we make to you
In behalf of our native birds many
species of which are In danger of ex
termination To you is now given the
opportunity to render substantial help
toward tholr preservation A meas
ure Is now before congress the pur
pose of which I to place all migra
tory birds under the protection of tho
federal government Such a law Is
tereatly needed It Is not passed our
birds will contlnueto decrease to the
great and evorlastlng disadvantage and
Bhame of the American people The
destruction of bird life Is costing
American farmers millions of dollars
pnnually through the constantly in
creasing devasations of harmful in
Beets upon which tho birds fivd Dut
la greater loss their slaughter Is bring
ing to all who love Gods groat out-of-doors
The measure now before
congress Is non partisan and non-political
It should havo the hearty In
dorsement of all patriotic and nature
loving Americans But It isin danger
of being lost in the great mass of less
Important legislation now pending In
Appeal to Sohool Pupils
We thereforo appeal to the school
children of America to help In this
Vitally important matter We ask you
to get your parents teachers and
JrionilB to write or telograph to the
congressman of your and the
two senators of your state now In
Washington urging Immediate action
jupon the pending bird protection bill
-that they may understand how deep
Trouble Is Precipitated When Attempt
Is Made to Eject Deposed Insur
ance Commissioner
Madison Wis Jan 22 A riot was
precipitated In the state capltol when
an attempt was made to forcibly eject
H L Ekcrn deposed Insurance com
missioner from his office
During tho melee Superintendent of
Public Property H L Essman sus
tained a severe cut on his wrist and
Taft to Ride With Wllson
Washington Jan 22 It was an
nounced at the White House that Mr
Taft has decided to ride with President-elect
Wilson to the capltol and
back on inauguration day
Will Educate Policemen
Lowell Mass Jan 22 Lawell no-
troublo i Hcemcn are to bo schooled
in tho
primary knowledge of physicians and
lawyers Members of thoso two pro
fessions are to glvo the police dally
lectures so that they may bo ablo to
give first aid to tho injured and to
decide without consultation such mat
ters as when does a mans home con
stitute his castle and when does It
not This is the order of Mayor
Shoots Sleeping Woman
Indiana Pa Jan 22 Mrs Belle
Clark an artist was shot threo tlmos
and probably fatally wounded by
Harry Spense while asleep In her
apartments Spenso EO attempted to
escape but was arrested six miles
from tho city Mrs Clark is the wife
of a Dubois Pa hotel proprietor and
Spense it is said was Infatuated with
Mrs A R Tabor of Crider Mo
had been troubled with sick headache
for about five years when she began
taking Chamberlains Tablets She
has taken two bottles of them and
they have cured her Sick headache
is caused by a disordered stomach for
which these tablets are especially in
tended Try them got well and stay
well Sold by all dealers Adv
Send your orders for city morning
and evening newspapers to Ralph D
Fowler Any paper desired will be
promptly delivered by carrier
dhjini Hi f --
F A Morris was in Cleveland Wed
John Delfs and C S Dodd were in
Youngstown Monday
Willis Hotzel of Greenford had bus
iness in the Hub last Saturday
Mrs Richard Clay returned homo
Monday evening from Cleveland
where she visited her sister Mrs
Kittle Ryan a few days
Ms Henry Wilson of Youngstown
who is Just recovering from a severe
Illness was given a birthday post
card shower Friday by Canfield
Erie Agent F R McClusky was
confined to his home a few days the
past week by sickness His assist
ant Irving Kublc was taken sick but
Is now recovering
Miss Mildred Tabor Is confined to
her home suffering from a severe
case of tonsllltls which at first it
was feared was diphtheria Her con
dition was reported Thursday after
noon to be steadily improving
U W Yeager of Ellsworth town
ship was In Canfield Friday Mr
Yeager reported that two weeks be-
I fore eleven valuable sheep belonging
to him got out of pasture and he had
failed to got any trace of them
Miss Anna Noll was homo from
Youngstown from Friday evening un
til Sunday afternoon Miss Noll is
one of tho active1 workers In Christ
Mission which Is doing a world of
good for the poor and Ignorant of the
W Jarvls Smith came here from
Pittsburgh Monday night and is look
ing after tho Altlmo Culture Co im
provements and the business of tho
Altlmo Gas Co It Is expected gas
will be struck on C R Wetmores
farm south of tho village within a
few days
W J Dickson who returned Sat
urday evening from Columbus where
ho In company with Ewlng Gault of
North Jackson attended the annual
meeting of the Ohio state board of
agriculture reports that great Inter
est has been created throughout tho
state by the boys corn growing con
test last year and that this year
many different lines will show their
Interest In booming the state by pay
ing the way of one or moro corn
growing boys for the trip to Wash
ington next winter
Geo F Lynn of Cleveland was in
town a few days thla week
Mrs Golst of Pittsburgh Is here vis
iting her sister Mrs Anna Osborn
Mrs Euphemla Maxwell has about
recovered from her recent illness
Mrs Thos Mcintosh Is housed up
with heart trouble and other compll
fS Q WTnnAa flca Portitn V Wnnilo
Laura Fogg and A K Osborn anA their sister MrB O Bosesrt at-
spent last Sunday with relatives in
Mrs R J Crockett and daughter
tended the funeral of Joshua Woods
in Alliance Wednesday
The Methodist ladies hold a quilting
Mrs W S Cook were In Youngstown eo at tho homo of Mrs Jos L Fitz
Miss Annas Sonnedecker was homo
from Youngstown Saturday evening
and Sunday
S M Raymond of Youngstown dep
uty stnto on Inspector was in
flrld last Friday
John Follweller of Cornersburg
called at the Dispatch office while In
Canfield Tuesday
Miss Winifred Campbell a nurso In
the Youngstown City hospital was
at her homo here Tuesday
J L Frock of Jackson township
was in Canfield Monday and favored
tho Dispatch office with a ball
W Mi Gartner has returned homo
to Warren after spending several days
with Geo Kimerle and family
J M Yeager of Ellsworth township
was In Canfield Monday and gave- tho
Dispatch office a pleasant call
Mr and Mrs John Rico visited in
Cleveland from Friday until Monday
evening when they returned home
Mrs A K Osborn has suffered in
tensely the past week with a bealcd
ear but she Is now more comfortable
Misses Helena Dejfs and Kir il
Schnaf spent Monday and TuoaJay in
Youngstown with Mrs L A Manches
Mrs Sarah Howard D A Allen E
A Bunts and S B Brooke of Ells-
hostilities ceased only after the office afternoon
ooor naa uccn aemousnea anu nKern s
attorney appeared on tho scene with
a temporary injunction issued by the
favored the Standard Oil Co against
Bftde ono of tne defonlant8i
iuu liiuui iuiiuuisib in mo mailer oi oil
and gas worth 800000000 Tho secre
tary denied everything and wound
up by expressing his personal and of
fllclal and official opnlon of tho Undo
Sam Oil Co His sentlmonts were
such that he freqnently clashed with
Attorney A L Wilson of Kansas City
general counsel for the company
Opinion of Uncle 8am Co
Patrick Wednesday night
This village is about ous go spieled
so far as mining Is concerned but is
good for 100 years yet bo far as farm
Ing is concerned We raise better
hoes better nrittltrv and better noti
Can- J toes than any other town in this con
gressional district
Mrs SBIaemlre nnd her dadghter
and husband all of Salem and Glen
smedloy of Sharon Pa spent Sun
day at the homo of Herbert Smedley
and wifo
Henry Simpson of Pittsburg was
here Monday visiting his mother sis
ter and brother Henry is a faithful
employe of the B O and stands
well with tho company
Miss Carrie F Woods was called
to Alliance Wednesday to attend the
tunerni or Joshua Woods a relative
arid during her absence Fred Culler
taught In her room In tho school
Misses Clara and Besslo Welkart
wore Sunday guests at tho homo ot
Mr and Mrs Elmer Johnson in Lee-
Percy Tetlow introduced threo bills
In tho Ohio legislature Tuesday ono
for an 8 hour a day for all public
wont ono tor larger cabooses on rail
roadB and ono for mine rescue cars
Dr E M Downing of New York
City was in Salem Monday to perform
an operation on a patient for double
curvature of the spine by the new
Abbott method
Tuesday evening Mrs Hannah
Stouffer completed the Installation of
Pythinn Sisters officers by installing
Mrs Eflle Holland as S C of Pride
of tho Valley Temple After the
lodge session an oyster supper was
served and a general good time waB
had by all participants There were
about forty members present It is
said that tho ladles branch of tho
lodge Is always well attended while
the male branch frequently uns littlo
more than a quorum
Ex Mayor Longbottom and wife
spent the paBt week at tho homo of
their son Fred in Canton
Miss Amanda Bllger Is still bedfast
with pleurisy
When Al Carllle of Salem was in
Columbus attending tho InauKuratlon
of Gov Cox ho Invited the governor
to speaic at tho Harvest Homo picnic
at Sheltons Grove this year and If
formally Invited to do so by the pic
nic committee he will likely put on
a new record and deliver a speech
Martin Van Buren Dickinson of Tee
garden a member of tho present
grand jury at LiBbon has served in
that capacity for twenty nine years
If not drawn In tho regular pannel
he has been chosen from the bystand
Tho man who served a term In tho
Ohio penitentiary for trying to burn
the house now occupied by David
Summeryllle is serving a term In tho
Lisbon Jail for non support The man
Is 60 years old and his wife is only
24 Ho goes to tho Canton work
house for one year to work out his
Special Clothing Sale
Tho Klivans Clothing Co 321 W
Federal St Youngstown is having a
special sale of high grade clothing
which should not bo overlooked by
careful buyers Tho company has
an announcement In this paper which
you should read Adv
Tho Rapid Transit Co has received
a new taxlcab and same is now In the
service between Canfield and Youngs
town Charles Krlner being In charge
Traveling in this new machine Is com
fortablo In winter The public pat
ronage Is solicited For service tel
ephone 16
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exaggerate to you We are dependent upon your patron
age To get It we must have your trust and confidence Wft make tie
following statements with a full understanding of what they mean to us
You are safe when you believe In these statements
FOR THE BOWELS time unusually make unnecessary the
If you only knew as much as we continued use of Physics and purg
and those who have used them know Jive thus tending to stop such been un-
nbout nnxnlt nrrlerllnn vnn wnnrt neauny iiudub as iuj
be as enthusiastic about recommend- formed
Ing them ns we are They taste Just
like candy They act so easily and
Is a pleasure
Even children like Rexall Order
lies and you know that if a medl
clno appeals to a child it will appeal
to grown ups
Ho Is tho most disagreeable man I
know i
Yes ho told me he had to aBk you
threo times for five dollars you had
borrowed Houston Post
A Joke isnt necessarily funny be
cause a woman with dimples and
pretty teeth laughs at It
at this Bank and
tize your financial affairs
Wo rtn Tint nHk VOU to tOKO Our
so pleasantly that tho taking of them f thls We want yoU to make
in nmrn It nnrl nt nn cost to VOU
Buy a box of Rexall Orderlies at
our store Use them once or use Up
the whole box Then if you are not
thoroughly satisfied Just come back
empty handed and tell us Without
niiliirnflnir vou or ouostlonlng you wo
help chaso gloom dispel blues and will return the money you paid us for
make you feel happy by their them
did tonic cleansing and strengthen- Doesnt that Indicate that Rexall
ing Effect upon the bowels They Orderlies are at least worthy of trlal7
act to freo the system and keep It Doesnt it prove our faith in thcm7
free from tho distress and 111 feftllna Doesnt it merit your confidence
that naturally results from irregular Could any offer bo moro fair to you
and Inactive bowels We particularly recommend Rexall
Rexall Orderlies do this quietly Orderlies for children delicate and
Without griping or causing nausea aged persons Rexall Orderlies come
purging or excessive looseness They in convenient vest pocket size tin
act to overcome and remove the boxes 12 tablets 10c 36 tablets
cause of bowel Ills and In a short 25c 80 tablets 60c
CAUTION Plense bear in mind that Rexall Orderlies aro not Bold by
all druggists You can buy Rexall Orderlies only at The Roxall Stores
You can buy Rexall Orderlies in this community only at our store
There Is a Rexall Store In nearly every town and city
JOHN DELFS President
AJm UVLlJ HX Jjafeftui
Sr iiJ r jlylf jjgtf4i
D C DICKSON Asst Cashier
In tho United
States Canada and Great Britain There Is a different Rexall Remedy
for nearly every ordinary human 111 each especially designed for tho
particular 111 for which it is recommended
The Rexal Stores are Americas Greatest Drug Stores
Im oldera wholo lot today
Than what I ever was before
Im most too old to run and play
With little children any more
Im most too old to climb up trees
Or go a wadln in the brook
Or to poko out tho honey bceB
Or to beg doughnuts from tho cook
Or to make littlo boats to sail
Or make a squawkcr of a can
Or gather tadpoles in a pail
Its tough to bo a grown up man
Im too old to hang on a gate
Tho gate whereon I oft have swung
And show the grocers boy my hate
By slyly sticking out my tongue
And too old to show my delight
Tho way that I was wont to do
When he would dare mo out to fight
And I would dodge tho rocks ho
Im too old to steal mothers buns
Thoso buns for which I used to long
These days I tell my littlo ones
That antics such as those are wrong
Too old to see a sweetheart home
Scared half to death lest Id be seen
Walking besido her in the gloam
ihe wholo width of tho walk be
Too old for all the joys I knew
Too old to run away from school
And to go scarcdly hiking to
Go swimming in the swimming pool
Too old to try to learn to smoke
Beneath tho sunimer kitchen hid
And to get sick tho way I did
Those were rare days of joys untold
The days I used to do thoso things
Tho night and morns were ruddy gold
My glad feet wero cquipped with
But now I am too old to do
The things that so appealed to me
Too old to go a rambling through
Tho pleasant ways that used to be
But not too old to sympathize
With boys that swim and climb tho
Nor to plaster tho snoots and eyes
Of those that poko tho honey bees
Lewis In Houston Post
Watch This Space
It beloDgB to
Tho fact that I havo Qlted h groat
many speotaoles and eye glasses
whoro tho Spoolalietand tho Travel
ing Optlolnn havo failed will oer
tainly Justify mo In asking for your
patronage Tho traveling man does
not contribute to tho suoporl of our
town Why not spend your money
hero and you can got bettor sorvioo
Phone 107 Canfield O
All Work Guaranteed
Augustus T Coleman whoso last
residence was street unknown Har
rlsburgh Pa -will take notice that on
Jan 20 1913 Annie Coleman filed her
petition in tho Court of Common Picas
of Mahoning County Ohio asking to
bo divorced from him on the ground
of -wilful absence for seven years last
past Said cause will bo for trial on
and after March 7 1913
Geo Swanston Attorney
Jan 23 1913 44 6
Notice Is hereby Blvon that Fitch B cf
Sltler Columbiana O has been appoint
cd and qualified Executor of tho last
111 nnd Testamont of Aaron Sltler lato
of Springfield Township Mnhonlnc Coun
ty Ohio deceased by tho Probate Court
of Bald county All persons Interested
will govern themselves nccordlnRly
Probate Judge of Mahoning Countv O
December 30 1912 43 3
Licensed Embalmer
Phone 107 Canfield O
Send your orders for city morrlng
and evening newspapers to Ralph D
Fowler Any paper desired will bo
promptly delivered by carrier

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